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Data Traveler 2.0 Driver Not INstalled In WinXp!!!

Q: Data Traveler 2.0 Driver Not INstalled In WinXp!!!

Hi Guys i am facing one problem here with Usb Data Traveler 2.0 Device. I have installed Windows Xp Sp2 and when i plugged in Data Traveler 2.0 device i have been told that no driver exist relating to this device..Well before that i used this device without installing any driver but this time i dont know what to do...Can any body tell me from where can i get Data Traveler driver for Windows Xp Sp2???Any help would be appreciated..Thanks.

A: Data Traveler 2.0 Driver Not INstalled In WinXp!!!

If you Google datatravlerdriver you might find what you want?

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I have pii 233 lx chipset running win98se.I am not getting driver for my kingston data traveler512 mb. I even went to kingston site and downloaded the driver.even after doing this it is not recognising my usb pen drive.If anyone is having this driver for win98 se,can you please send me.


A:driver for kingston data traveler 512mb

Hi Paddy,

Is this the page you are downloading from?

Silly question - have you selected the correct product to download drivers for?

What specific one is it e.g.KUSBDTE/XX ?

Kingston give this information:
Kingston has discontinued Windows 98SE support for recently released DataTravelers. Unless your packaging states that Windows 98SE is supported for file transfer, via Compatibility Table, Kingston cannot guarantee compatibility with these drivers on Windows 98SE.

If you are experiencing problems installing your DataTraveler on Windows 98SE, CLICK HERE to view the DTI Win98SE FAQ.

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I went to the site they had one for what appeared to be 32 GB flash drive. I got the error message when trying out that drive it wouldn't pop up and then when it does is this drive is not authorized to run this software.

Any who I would like the proper driver I have googled and googled and cannot find it.

Windows 7 64 bit home premium(currently having problems windows updating receiving help for that in virus removal)

A:Kingston Data Traveler 2GB flash drive driver

Win7 shouldn't need any extra drivers for normal USB sticks. I have a 2 GB Datatraveler here too, works out of the box. Maybe your stick is defective or some virus is interfering?

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I got a Kingston Data Traveller and i waz working fine till yesterday..
and today when i try to plug it into ma PC....
da following message appear!!

One of the USB devices Attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message!Click to expand...

Please if anyone can help me?

A:Prob with Kingston Data Traveler

Try plugging it into another computer, if that doesn't work the drive is shot. If you care about the data you can send it to a data recovery company.

Make sure the place your send it to works on the NAND flash and/or PCB level, many DR shops only recover deleted files from flash drives. ~$175 (shameless plug for my data recovery company) ~$450
OnTrack ~$3000

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i recently bought two of these, i know stupid expensive...
one thing i do, is always format thumb drives when they are just bought
i do this because i have had thumb drives be corrupt in the past straight from the store...

the first one went fine, i formatted it as a exFAT, quick format

the second one however asked me for my administrative password re-input (a VISTA favorite :P), after keying it in and hitting continue, it then said "could not format, disk is write protected"

i have tried the registry editor solution, but i have no "storagedevice" in the list, just storage....

i have tried the disk(something) through the comand prompt solution....

i see no evidence of an external write block switch....

is there something else i am missing?

A:kingston data traveler 200, 128gb

Or you could send it to me and I'll do it for you! I promise to return it (eventually!) :)

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Every time I go to remove a USB thumb-drive (Memorex Data Traveler, SanDiskCruzer-- or even a full sized external drive like LaCie external 250 Gig HD) I get the following error- even thought the "Remove Hardware Safely" applet tells me it is safe to do so.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening
I would appreciate your input- I would hate to go back to burning CDs for every file I transfer
Thank you for reading this

A:Solved: Memorex Data Traveler causes exception error

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I have recently installed Windows 7 on my HP Notebook 15-AD129DS.  In the Device manager I am missing the driver for the PC Data Acquisition And Signal Processing Controller.   There is also an unknown device with no driver listed right below it in the "Other Devices" section. I understand that this ususaly installed with the chipset drivers.  But it didi not install in two different tries at the Win7 installation.  The Intel site appears to be of no help, nor is their Driver Utility. Can you lead me to the correct drivers? Thank you in advance, Mark  

A:Installed Win7 on 15-AD129DS -Missing Driver: PC Data Acqui...

Hi: Did you try this driver? This package contains the driver that enables the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework firmware. Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework provide system temperature and power utilization information for the system thermal protection to function properly. This package is provided for supported notebook models running a supported operating system.

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I recently built a system (not exactly state-of-the-art) to replace the aging box I had been using for a few years. I got a mobo that would support a SATA hard drive so I could enjoy the faster access and high volume. I bought a 160Gb SATA drive and got a sealed OEM version of XP Pro from the internet. I put it all together and loaded the OS, activated it online and loaded up all the updates. I slaved the old hard drive and transferred all my data to the new drive and life was good for a couple of weeks. Three nights ago, I was at the computer and got the proverbial BSOD (blue screen of death). I shut down and attempted to least 10 times with every joy.

Enough's the problem:

I have a legal copy of WinXP on a HD that won't load Windows and is slaved as a data-only drive. My emergency 60Gb backup drive (new master) has a copy of WinXP that is of "questionable origin" and that has never been activated officially that I got from a guy at work.
I want to "legalize" the current XP installation by booting from the legal XP CD and repairing the installation from the menu........Can I do this without losing data?? Or, is there a better way to get legal?

A:WinXP Pro bogus to WinXP legal without losing data

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Hello. Does anyone know if USB drivers written for Windows XP will work with Windows XP Embedded?

A:WinXP / WinXP Embedded USB Driver Interoperability

XP Embedded is supposedly a componentized version of Window XP. It's intended for OEM's developing an embedded computer, usually for some industrial or large commercial application, rather than your run-of-the-mill PC.

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I don't think this is a driver problem per se; I think it's Windows. Every now and then my WiFi stops working, and if I go to dev mgr, the General tab tells me that "No drivers are installed for this device" for device status. On the other tabs, however, I have all the details on the installed driver, and if I ask Windows to update the driver, it tells me that the best driver is already installed. The problem is solved by rebooting, but I find that annoying. I'd like to figure out WHY it does that. I've saved earlier versions of that particular driver from over the last three years, and the problem occurs with all of the drivers. This is a Win7 Ultimate 64-bit system. The driver is an Intel driver; the one installed at this moment (it just happened again, and I have not rebooted, since I had a powerline enet outlet handy), and the version of the Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN is 14.3.1. I have other versions of that driver saved, from to 15.1.1_Ds64. I had reverted to the 14.3.1 because the more recent versions seemed to be worse about the driver disabling itself or whatever it is doing. Coincidentally with this, the event viewer shows that mmc.exe was terminated because it was hanging. I had just run sfc yesterday, and there are no corrupt files that Windows cannot fix, and there weren't even any corrupt files that it DID fix.

A:Device status - no driver installed, but driver IS installed
second from top is 64 bit version.
It's nearly a full version number higher than the newest you have.

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My system runs perfectly and the only problem I ever have is for my MOTU Traveler firewire interface.

Occasionally, I get 0xD1 bsod from it. See attached. It works very well in all the software I use it for, but sometimes it just randomly crashes the system doing basic tasks.

I am using the latest driver they offer. Same one for 7/Vista.

What I want to know is, would I be "in the right" to tell MOTU to fix their driver while giving them this .dmp file or is there something I could possibly do on my end before "accusing" them of faulty driver?

(For some reason, my symbols never work well for this MOTU-specific bsod.) Thanks.

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [D:\Windows\Minidump\111009-26375-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\SymCache*
Executable search path is:
Unable to load image ntoskrnl.exe, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntoskrnl.exe
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (2 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x8303e000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x8317d570
Debug session time: Tue Nov 10 15:16:57.162 2009 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 1 days 6:33:03.818
Unable to... Read more

A:MOTU Traveler bsod

Short: It is entirely legitimate to ask MOTU to explain why their driver appears to be crashing your machine.

Medium: If you zip up your ntoskrnl.exe, upload it somewhere, and PM me with the link, I might be able to provide more debug spew


Whenever symbols are being problematic, it's a good idea to enable "noisy" (verbose) symbol loading, and thus hopefully get more info:

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntoskrnl.exe
0: kd> !sym noisy
noisy mode - symbol prompts on
0: kd> .reload nt
SYMSRV: c:\symcachepub\ntoskrnl.exe\4A8CB33C400000\ntoskrnl.exe not found
SYMSRV: not found
<...omitted for clarity...>
DBGHELP: ntoskrnl.exe missing debug info. Searching for pdb anyway
DBGHELP: Can't use symbol server for ntoskrnl.pdb - no header information available
DBGHELP: ntoskrnl.pdb - file not found
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntoskrnl.exe
DBGHELP: nt - no symbols loaded

The bit in red is highly significant. When symbols for a particular executable are required, in this case NTOSKRNL.EXE, the debugger attempts to scour the dump for what's called the "image header" section of that file - a sort of ID card - in order to make s... Read more

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Hi, I've been lurking a while and just registered.

I'm glad that Windows 7 running System Protection, which it does by default only on the Windows partition (usually C, lets me access previous version of files (file Properties, Previous Versions tab) or deleted files (folder Properties/Previous Versions on the containing folder), though these are only created roughly daily, when system restore points are created. This is a lot easier to inspect and possibly more frequent in time that typical incremental backups, so serves as a useful supplement to a backup strategy.

I'm aware of Time Machine on the Mac OS X that can revert to any previously saved version of a file.
I've found that has release their first product, Time Traveler, for Vista or Windows in 32-bit or 64-bit versions. It appears it will create a new version any time the file is changed.

Although nobody has mentioned it in these forums to date and there seems to be only one review of any note on the wider web, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions of it yet?

If I were to trial it (10 day trial), do you think it might be possible or wise to set up a virtual machine (something I've never tried, but expect I could accomplish) as a sandbox to test it in without affecting my everyday Windows environment and requiring a full system restore to revert to normal?

Best regards,

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XPS13 with Windows 10.  See screen shot below.  Dell Support Assist program says the two driver updates are recommended.  clicking "install" it shows progress to install, then says installed, but on refresh or re-entry to the program it still shows them as needing to be installed.  No errors generated.  Other driver updates done the same way without issue.  Suggestions?

A:Dell SupportAssist - says driver updates are installed but still showing need to be installed after refresh?

Don't use Dell Support assist with windows 10. Windows 10 will install generic drivers if Dell doesn't have win 10 drivers. You should mention the full model name of the computer. Does Dell support your model for upgrading to win 10? If so, get the win 10 drivers from Dell Drivers and Downloads.

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I use Microsoft Outlook for my email. When I travel, I can often send and receive email at hotel rooms and public places. Once in a while, though, I have a problem. In such instances, I can usually receive email ok. But when I try to send email it is blocked.
This has happened at some hotels, bed and breakfast places, and when using the public Internet at AMTRAK train stations (and also when I was in the Canadian Rail train station in Quebec City).

Most recently I received the following error message when trying to send an email:

"Task '[email protected] - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC80) : 'None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.'"

By way of background, I use Earthlink for my ISP, provided through Time Warner Cable, New York. My outgoing mail server: I have checked "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and entered my Earthlink username and password in the appropriate text boxes on Outlook's Outgoing Server tab. All of this is unchanged from when I am in the office.

I have developed two workarounds:
1) Webmail. I use a service such as Gmail or Yahoo, or Earthlink's own webmail site.
2) Verizon's VZaccess. I tether my cell phone to my laptop, using Verizon's tethering data service.

Both of the above workarounds always do the trick. There is a slight inconvenience, though, since emails I send using those methods are not consolidated in my Outlook... Read more

A:Traveler's woe: Outlook won't send email in some locations


Outlook 2007 Error: None of the Authentication Methods Supported By This Client Are Supported By Your Server | The Pursuit Of A Life

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I was wondering if this would help?
Fix - Catalyst Control Center - CCC - will not open/install

I see no evidence that the AMD driver installed at all.
Right click desktop does not show ccc, and ccc is not in the lower right panel.

Windows shows an amd driver 8.5 and driver date from 2009??
And the program says it is an install manager??

A:installed HD 2600 pro card, installed AMS driver, but no ccc software?

I just installed 'hydravision' and got not software complaints.
I still see nothing about ccc or AMD driver etc...

Site where I got the driver

card is visiontek hd 2600 pro AGP

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Hi guys,

I Have a laptop, HP Pavilion dv2135LA. As you see it's a Latin American Version and it means it has all its Restores CDs in spanish. I got tired with this and I wanted to install a WinXP-PRO in english. After booting and starting the process to install through CD, I always get a blue scree that says the following:

"A problem has been detected ans windows has been shut down to prevent damage in you computer"

It also recommends to check on disk space, drivers and also update BIOS.

I have a great deal of space and also I have enabled and disabled the SATA option in the Bios SETUP and additionally I have Bios latest version.

I really don't know what the hell is going on, due to the fact that WinXP in spanish and Linux in English and Spanish install without any problem.

Can't believe that a company like HP, configures these kind of pc for Latin America just to be installed windows in spanish.

Anyway I would appreciate any idea from all of you......


A:WinXP-PRO can't be Installed

Be sure to boot into the Bios and change the HDD mode from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility mode. Or Slipstream the SATA drivers from HP into your XP Disc using nLite

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Hi ive just re-installed windows xp service pack one. At the moment i have no wireless, no internet or anything. I want to know how i get everything back working, i need to get all the drivers for my stuff. Can someone help me with a guide as to how to reinstall everything again. Thank you

A:re-installed Winxp

Your wireless device should have come with a drivers disk, which you can use to install the drivers for the wireless device. After you have done this you can either use device manager to find drivers or you can use the internet.

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Got a new system.

* My motherboard has 4 slots.
* I put in 4 x 2gb RAM chips, all the same
* When I right-click on "My Computer" and check, it says I have 3.25gb of RAM
* When I run ASTRA32, it says I have 8gb installed
* Am I not using the full extent of my memory?
I have this motherboard: ECS (Elitegroup Computers) A780GM-A Desktop Motherboard - AMD 780G Chipset

I am running WinXP SP2.

I have 4x NANYA 2GB Ram Chips. 2Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-13

A:WinXP says I have 3gb of RAM, but I have 8gb installed??

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ok so i just installed windows xp. I'm not really sure what I need to do to get the internet working. There are 2 computers in this house and mine is connected through the router.. plz help plz.

A:Just Installed winxp

Is your router showing in device manager? If it is you may need to configure it - the manual will tell you. Or you may need to troubleshoot with your isp.

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A laptop computer with WinXP installed on it currently won't run in the WinXP OS. I think that my little brother might've installed Ubuntu incorrectly on it and it perhaps overwrote some of the vital XP OS files and whatnot. Is there a way to find out if this is the case? I haven't even been able to boot it up in Ubuntu. Though my dad says he was able to boot it up in Ubuntu. What should I do?

Thanks for your time,

A:Ubuntu Installed Over WinXP????

Install the hard drive as a secondary drive in a different system...then use Disk Management to see just what lies on it.


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After suffering a virus/worm/whatever I had to reinstall my operating system, i.e. start from scratch. I had no problems until I went to reinstall WinXP SP2.
After installation, I logged on to the net via ATTWorldnet dial-up. I got my homepage fine, but when I tried to view another page they could not be displayed. The fellow at ATT said this was not an unusual problem but his only solution was to uninstall SP2. Before I had to start over I had ATT Worldnet v. 6.2 and had no problems with SP2, but v. 8.0 seems to hate the thing.
Any suggestions? (Getting a new internet provider or cable/broadband is an impossibility)

A:IE freezes when WinXP SP2 installed

that is strange , you could check thru MS's own litle checklist here

do any other browsers suffer the same symptoms?(only if you're weird like me and have 5 browsers installed)

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I have a friend's laptop which WinXP appears to have failed on. I've copied her files using Knoppix, but now wondering if it's possible to install XP using my CD and her key, as she doesn't have a key?

I'll copy the drivers onto a USB stick before I start. I already have SP3 on a stick.

Many thanks.

A:Can WinXP be installed if have key but not original CD

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I am upgrading a PC with a new MB (and new RAM, processor). The HD still has all the data and WinXP home on it. I suppose XP will detect the new hardware so will I need to do anything special?


A:Will WinXP work if new MB installed?

G'Day nz man, and Welcome to TSF!

You may need to contact your local Microsoft Office to explain the reason for the hardware changes, as it might detect that you have an "illegal copy" of Windows?XP installed.
This occurs because of the Windows? Genuine Advantrage Tool detecting the hardware changes.
Having said that, Microsoft? will not accept a mere 'upgrade' as the reason for your change, because under the EULA (The Agreement) you cannot just change the hardware for the sake of changing it.
A quick telephone call to them will resolve the problem if in fact you have any at all.
Not knowing the precise area of New Zealand that you live, here is the listing for Microsoft in New Zealand.Hope this helps to answer your query.

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Hey Guys,
I need your help. I accidently installed ok not 2 But 3 WinXP, when setting up my HDD. I made 3 partitions and when i did i thought i was just formatting them but i loaded an operating system on each one. Now when i start my computer I have a choice of 3 WinXP Professional to choose from
and i hate that delay when i have to choose one !! So,,,,,,,How can i delete the other 2 . I went into MSCONFIG, and chose Partition 1, and did
something to make it load off the one. So far, after the ASUS A8V screen
it loads Windows normally. But i would still like to know how to get rid of the other 2. Thanks Guys. If anyone can help let me know.....


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You all were a tremendous help to me in getting rid of a particularly nasty piece of spyware a few years ago. I hope you'll be able to help me again.

I've searched the forums to see if my problem has already been addressed, but I've been unable to find anything. I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

I run WinXP Home SP2. I keep Windows Update set to notify me when updates are available, but not to install them.

Well, the other night, my firewall sprang to life and told me Windows Update was trying to access the Internet. I denied it permission.

The next thing I knew, a box popped up that said SP3 had been downloaded and that a reboot was necessary to complete installation. It asked if I wanted to reboot then or later. I clicked later, because I'm definitely not interested in SP3. I've heard too many bad things about it.

When I checked my Windows Update setting, I found that it had been changed to download updates automatically. I hadn't touched it, and I'm the only one who uses this computer.

I then went scrambling around looking for help. I found a Microsoft Knowledge Base article that said to disable reboot via the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-->Software-->Microsoft-->Windows-->CurrentVersion-->WindowsUpdate-->AutoUpdate, delete Reboot key. (It might have been the AutoReboot key -- I don't exactly remember -- if was after 3am when all of this started and I was very tired.) Anyway, that's what I did.... Read more

A:Getting rid of a WinXP SP3 download before it's installed

When SP3 first came out in May there was a problem related to computers that had certain AMD processors. They have resolved this issue and I haven't seen any problems related to this quirk since then. I have a AMD CPU and SP3, and I haven't had any problems with it at all. I would go ahead and let it install, there are some advantages to the SP3 that make it worth while.

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Just re-installed WinXP (Home). Runs OK but dont seem to have the
speed it used to.
Would appreciate any input available.

HijackThis log posted herein.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 8:44:41 AM, on 5/11/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zapro.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lanovation\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYS

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll
O3 - Toolbar: &Radio - {8E718888-423F-11D2-876E-00A0C9082467} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\msdxm.ocx
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [PRONoMgr.exe] C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS\PROSet\PRONoMgr.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [CTHelper] CTHELPER.EXE
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [UpdReg] C:... Read more

A:WinXP re-installed. Need checkup

these are the only two:
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [UpdReg] C:\WINDOWS\UpdReg.EXE - the filename has been reported as spyware / trojan, but this one may be legit, will check on that

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I've just reinstalled WinXP and during the installation I've received several "Could not find smth.dl_". The only way to get past them was to click Cancel. When I selected "browse", even though the file showed up on the CD, it couldn't install it.

Anyway, Windows works ok, although there are no styles available, etc. The worst problem I've seen so far is that I can't open the "New connection wizard" or the Windows Firewall. When I try to open WF it says that "Windows Firewall cannot be displayed because the associated service is not running. Do you want to start the Windows Firewall/Internet ConnectionShraing (ICS) service?". When I click Yes it says that it couldn't. I'm pretty sure this is because the Win installation wasn't complete and I'm missing some .dlls. How can I find out what I'm missing, and where can I get them from?

A:WinXP not fully installed?

You may have a virus or some malware on your pc. Ive never seen a file extension .dl_ before

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Here is a copy of the HJT logfile.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:03:21 PM, on 6/19/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Security Center\SymWSC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\WinFast\WFTVFM\WFWIZ.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktopIndex.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDeskto... Read more

A:Installed winxp SP2, now all kinds of spyware

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This computer had Win2000 server on a 1 hard drive. Was dual boot capable to winxp(pro sp3)on a second disc drive.
Despite the rewriting of the boot.ini showing that the winxp pro is the only operating system on any partition. With the Disc drive that had win2000 (not even accessable) removed, I get the error that Windows 2000 can't boot due to a missing "WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\ SYSTEMced error (albeit it reads WINXP instead of WINNT). Have tried deleting and rewriting the boot.ini, and to fixMBR. Still getting same error. (These were done on winXP recovery console). I am not sure if I should be looking for a WIN2k recovery console or ?

A:computer HAD win2k HAS Winxp pro sp3 installed

Despite the rewriting of the boot.ini showing that the winxp pro is the only operating system on any partition.May I please have a look at the content of the boot.ini file. Copy and paste into a reply.Please also confirm the indication that currently there is just one hard drive attached to the system.

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Ok Well I had Windows XP Home Edition before the WinXP Professional install. And when I boot from CD and went to choose which hard drive to install Windows on it only detected 150GB of my 250GB harddrive (Exactally 132GB from 232GB) I've been using this computer for about a month now with the Windows XP Professional on it and it RUNS GREAT !!!... But I am running out of space and I want to use my other 100 GB but I can't cuz it's not being detected. Also I don't really want to lose all the data I have (Work Files). If I need to Reformat then I'll go out to buy another Hard Drive just so I can save those files and transfer them... Any help Will be Appreciated.

Thank You,
Adrian T

A:Installed WinXP Pro and 250 GB is Only Detected as 150GB

If you've installed Windows XP without Service Pack 1, your computer will not support drives larger than 137 Gb. This service pack adds 48-bit logical block addressing which allows the operating system to support larger hard drives. Be sure that SP1 is installed.

If it is installed, then it might be a BIOS problem with your motherboard. It may not have 48-bit LBA support which would mean you'd hit the same 137 Gb limit. Check with your motherboard manufacturer to see if there is a BIOS upgrade available.

Microsoft has a document on its support site that describes some of the steps you can take if your computer does not recognize all the available disk space. Check it out at



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If I added a 2nd hard drive and installed Win XP on it (it is my D: drive at this point), and then at a future time my C: drive fails (it is older, running win98)... if I then remove the C drive and only have the XP drive in place, won't I have problems? Then the pc is going to think of the XP drive as C: and won't that mess everything up - all my installed apps etc.? Or is there a way to lock in the D for that drive so it doesn't get renamed?

A:Solved: WinXP installed on D, then C removed...

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Hey its me again,

I'm just trying to find the easiest way to wipe all the personal files and data from a windows xp machine but keep the OS in place. Is that possible?

A:Looking for a way to wipe the data from winxp

The most effective, because of all the nooks and crannies where personal data/information lives, is to do a complete re-install of XP and then use a program like eraser to wipe the free space.

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Hi Everyone, 

I have a customer who has a Xerox WorkCentre 5890 which is currently installed on a server and shared out .. Normally you just browse out the server double click and it installs , but this I got the following error .. "Printer Driver was Not
Installed Unable to Find a Core Driver Package Site" .. 

I have checked add / remote programs and found no other printer let along Xerox installed .. I have even tried logging into the computer in question as the admin and same error .. I even ran chkdsk, tried to install it by ip address, downloaded
the latest drivers from Xerox and every single time I get that error .. 

The funny part is its only this one computer that is giving me the trouble , all the other computers it install fine with now trouble .. I have ran windows update and all the updates are installed, its running SP1 .. vaild copy of windows .. 

So i am at a lose other ran doing a wipe and reinstall .. Any thoughts ??

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but I keep seeing MS warning me that I need to have XP installed last. Problem is I already have it installed and dont wanna lose all my files just to have a dual boot system.

Now I have 2 seperate hard drives, If I install Win98 on the other HD, will I bypass whatever issue ms is warning about?

Oh yea, The hd with WinXP on it is NTFS.

A:I want to multiple boot Win98 with WinXP already installed....

I think that only applies if the 2 Operating Systems are on seperate partitions of the same hard drive.

If you want them to be on different drives I think you will need a third party boot manager.

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I recently installed my new motherboard and CPU -- after installation, I booted, went through a bunch of trouble which can be found in a thread I posted here, got everything working -- Now, every time I reboot, WinXP (SP2) prompts me in the task area that I have "New hardware installed," telling me that it has found a new PCI Device. Now, my sound card went out yesterday (great timing, I know) so I have since removed it. The only thing remaining is my nVidia 8800 GTX in a PCI-E slot. Is there a reason it continues to prompt me, wanting to install drivers for whatever PCI Device it sees?

WinXP (SP2)
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Intel Core2Quad Q9400
4GB Crucial 1033 RAM
nVidia 8800 GTX

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

A:WinXP prompts with New Hardware Installed every reboot

Check Device Manager, also did you remove the software for the sound card?

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Just loaded WinXP after reformating my dicks (due to some crazy virus). My intial intention was just to repair my OS then it became clear I had to reformat it which took all day yesterday, and I know before doing this I would lose EVERYTHING saved on the disks. I just dont know how to get drivers and programs back.
I have no Wireless Network Connection....only 1394 Connection.
I think that if I can get online from that computer, I should be ok.
Help me get online please!


A:Just reformated and Installed WinXP and dont know how to load everything again

Use another computer with a cd burner to download and burn the drivers to a disk and you are golden.

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Since I was having some problems with a few games in Windows 7, I decided to reinstall Windows XP. I had Windows 7 installed on the first partition on my first hard drive, and then installed Windows XP on the second partition on the same hd. Naturally I can now no longer get back into Windows 7.
I have Ubuntu installed on a second hard drive. When I try to boot into the Windows 7 partition from Grub, it boots into XP. I'm guessing XP changed the boot loader info.
I'm completely stuck and would greatly appreciate any help.

A:Installed WinXP on seperate parition cant get back to 7

Look around here:
Method two!
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

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One of the reasons I hesitated to download and install SP-2 is that it alters the flash screen during boot up by removing the version (“Home,” “Professional”). Now I've done it on my personal computer and sure enough, the flash screen after posting no longer shows "Professional." I also just loaded Windows XP Media Center Edition, and once I updated with SP-2, the same thing happened. The flash screen shows "Windows XP" but the words "Media Center Edition" below that no longer show. These systems are both legitimate.

Is there some way I can fix this?

A:WinXP Flash screen altered after SP2 installed

That is be design, as decreed by Microsoft. Its an indicator that SP2 is applied. The actual version of XP is still shown under Control Panel correctly. The boot screen image means nothing.

The "image" is not a separate replaceable image in the normal sense, its hard coded into the Kernel of XP, so trying to mess with it is prone to having a nasty outcome.

Other than using one of the Boot Screen modifier programs that some people have written, no way to change it that I am aware of. I have had to recover several systems where the add-on boot screen loader failed as well, so its not a modification I would recommend for a few seconds of visibility on boot up.

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I just built a new system and installed WinXP Pro on a brand new Hitachi 1TB hdd. BIOS recognizes the drive as being 1 TB. During the installation, XP asked if I wanted to partition the drive on which to install the OS. I wanted XP to reside in a 100GB partition (100000MB) The install went fine, but when I started XP and clicked on START|My Computer, I discovered three things:

1) That the drive was enumerated as 'e:' instead of 'c:' (and cannot be changed) I never specified this as I assumed it would default to 'c:\'
2) I screwed up and defined the size of the OS partition as 10GB (entered 10000MB instead of 100000)
3) The drive formatted to 930GB (which I think has been reported by others (no biggy for me)

The obvious cure is just to reformat and reinstall XP. But how does one do that since you can't format the drive on which Windows is installed...or can you?

I'm dead in the water until I figure this out, so any advice much appreciated!

A:Solved: New Build - Problem w/ WinXP Pro Installed on e:\?

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I have a Samsung V25 laptop with windows XP home edition SP1 installed and there is no volume icon in the taskbar.
I went to Contro Panel/ Sounds and Audio Devices to see that all the controls are greyed out and on the Audio tab it shows that there is 'No Playback Device'. It is the same for Sound Recording and MIDI miusic playback... No devices.
I have made sure that Windows Audio service is running and is on Automatic, and all the drivers are installed with no yellow exclamation nor question marks in Device Manager. I am at a loss and now don't know what do do next.

A:No mixer devices installed WinXP Home SP1

I have decided to do a re install of xp, but when I tried, it complained of not having enough memory to format the HD. The machine currently has 256mb installed so I am going to put at least 512mb in.

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I recently had to do a recovery on my HP notebook due to a boot registry malfunction. As a result I lost all my programs and data files. The system was reset to the original factory settings. Fortunately, several months ago I backed up my system using the Windows XP backup utility. The backup was accomplished on 18 CDs. However, I can't seem to get the Win XP restore feature to work as it doesn't recognize any data in the CD drive. In addition, all the instructions I have read discuss backup from a file or tape. Did I error in backing up to disc? I also get the following error message:

"REMOVABLE STORAGE NOT RUNNING. The backup utility cannot connect to the removable storage service. This service is required for use of tape drives and other backup devices. Please exit and start the removable storage service using the system services function of the management console"

Each of the 18 CDs has three folders labeled "1386", "preload", and "master"
Any help would be appreciated

A:Need WinXP restore data procedures

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I'm receiving this error when I attempt to boot up my Notebook:

Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

It then prompts to insert the system disk and press "r" to repair.

I did so and went through the installation process hoping i would be able to reach the prompt to "repair" the installation so i can recover the data on the HDD. I read somewhere that you shouldn't repair through the recovery console as that would cause you to lose your HDD data.

Anyways, I did the installation selection, pressed the "F8 to agree" key and immediately got a "BAD_POOL_CALLER" error on the BSOD. GREAT!

Googled that. Seems like RAM issues potentially. Opened up the Notebook, removed RAM modules, swapped slots. Still the same error. Downloaded the Windows Memory Diagnostic software and ran that. Memory checks out fine according to the app.

I'm stuck.

Can I do this instead? purchase a 2.5" External HDD enclosure. Remove the Notebook's HDD and install in the enclosure. Plug it into my desktop via USB and attempt to extract the data from the drive as an external HDD? Will that work? The problem here stems from the inability to boot-up from the HDD but the data should still be intact theoretically.

My question is, will this work? Opinions? Thoughts? Your help is appreciated!

A:Recovering Data from Laptop HDD (WinXP)

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Hi guys I need your help, I got WinXP PC, External HDD & SystemRescue CD, my PC already crash not any more booting WinXP.
Now I like to know How to get my Important Data from crash PC, with out connecting to Network/Offline (or not connect to Internet)on my External HDD.

My PC HDD is fine, but not booting WinXP, so I want to get my data back on External HDD, with out connect to Network.

Thanks for your answers

A:How to BackUP Data from the crash WinXP PC

Do you have some way to boot an OS to be able to access your HDD? If not, you can download the UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) which will allow you to boot your system and then recover data from the HDD. However, you'll need another working system to be able to burn the CD.

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I am running a AMD Athlon 2500+ on a Abit NF7-S Rev1.2 Board, with 1GB Ram. I just recently bought me a ASUS v.9999 GT board. Removed old drivers, replaced with new ones( even though the old card was a nvidia ti 4600 card) Everything worked fine for a couple of days, well almost, the card demanded asus's original drivers to work properly, but ok.. It worked. For three days.

Suddenly the thing froze on me, and stopped working. When I rebooted, it hangs on the "blue background" in winxp, before the logon dialog appears. Sometimes the mousepointer will be mobile, and sometimes not. This only happends when I have the drivers installed, not when I run the card as a standard VGA card as now. I installed the newest mobo drivers, but I am hoping to avoid having to flash my bios, I had to do it the last time I changed graphics card, but now I have tossed the floppydrive out.

It does seem that my card is allergic to the drivers. I have absolutely no idea what it can be. I have tried the drivers that came with the card, ones from the ASUS webpage, and standard nvidia drivers to no avail. I have a 350 W powersupply with the two molexes on the board being the only ones there. Does anyone have an idea?

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Hello. I've spent the last month reading topics and getting help with some malware removal. I am seriously impressed with the detailed instructions and knowledge. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me in similar fashion.​​I am working on my neighbor's boss' laptop as a helpful service. While updating the software as part of the final step to the malware removal assistance that I received (, I ran a Java uninstaller called JavaRa as recommended by Broni, the TechSpot malware annihilator that helped me.​​I ran JavaRa and it appeared to delete all Java versions. I went to the Java site and reinstalled the latest version. The installation process appeared to conclude successfully, but the Java version checker doesn't recognize any version of Java installed. I ran JavaRa again to try and start from scratch, but the exact same thing happened - installation appeared to be successful but the Java site does not recognize any version of Java as being installed. Java applets are showing up as empty boxes wtih a small red X in the upper left corner.​​I decided to take a different tack and follow the uninstall directions from the Java site, which indicates that uninstallation should take place from the "Add/Remove Programs" section of Control Panel. In the Add/Remove list, the previous version of Java (Java 6 Update 29) was l... Read more

A:Java thinks it is installed, but it isn't, preventing installation - WinXP Pro SP3

Go to hhtp:// You should be able to download the latest java from there. I had the same problem with all three of my computers on java site. This site is safe . Hope this helps. As far as java still showing in your add and remove. It will show even if it was removed due to it was remove by a different program not the add and remove in windows.

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I have WIN XP Home Edition on hard disk one. It is formatted NTFS.
I have a 2nd hard disk formatted FAT32 partitioned for 30 G.bytes.
I have WIN 98 on CR-ROM. I cannot figure a way to install WIN 98 on 2nd hard disk. I cannot get the compatibility routine on WIN XP to work with some old software. If I could get to the 2nd hard disk, load WIN 98 and run the old software on the 2nd hard disk it would be a big help.

My other option is to get another computer and load it with WIN 98 and the old software. It seems such a waste not to use the 2nd hard disk.

Thank you, HMSchmitter [email protected]

A:Install Win98 on 2nd harddrive after winXP installed of 1st drive???

Win98 can only be installed on the first partition of the first disk. I suspect that you'll be unable to install winXP on this second hard disk, unless you use the second hdd as a stand alone master to do so, and swap disks when you want to swap versions of windows. It's usually pretty highly recommended also that when dual booting the two, win98 is installed first to prevent problems.

If your winXP drive is formatted with the FAT32 filesystem, you may be able to install 98 alongside it on the same drive. If it's formmatted with the NTFS filesystem though, you won't be able to install 98 on the same drive.

Merry Xmas to you also, and welcome to techspot.

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I installed WinXP on a Dell laptop that had come with Vista. Now the old Vista system folders/files are taking up 10 gigs of disk space. I'd like to delete them (have NO intention of EVER going back to Vista!!!!) but want to be sure it's safe. Am I forgetting something?
Thanks for your thoughts.

A:safe to remove Vista files with WinXP installed?

Yes...the Vista files replaced boot.ini as the bootloader when it was installed.If you try to delete it, you will either find that you cannot...or may shortcircuit your ability to boot., see Removing Windows Vista from a Dual-Boot Configuration.The link I posted also includes a more explicit explanation of the points I alluded to about the boot files.Louis

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My HD in my Laptop Failed somehow (Wont boot. Gets to WinXP screen and then HP Screen. Hangs at HP Screen. Even Safe mode, just shows the "SAFE" words in the corners on a blank screen). So I pulled it out and stuck it in an enclosure so I could use it as as Data Drive and will get a new HD. I don't recall if I had any important files I wanted, still on it. So I plugged it into my desktop to pick off any files before I wiped it and I cant find ANY personal files at all. Works fine otherwise, but No Docs, no JPG's, no vids, no personal files. I clicked on a folder for Admin and it said can't access. I then remembered I had a WinXP Admin Logon Password! I guess thats the reason? Any way to disable that? So I can access the Admin files?


A:HD Failed, Now using as Data Drive, but WinXP PW Protected!

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I just installed my audio driver and I am using asus m2npv-vm, so when it rebooting it is asking me to make a disk. and it comes up with 4 options. the 32 win2k, 32 winxp or 64 winxp SATA and Dos. Mind you I just installed XP.

So then when I choose 43 WinXP SATA it asks me to "please insert your formated floppy to A:/ Press a Key to continue"

I don't have a floppy drive and I do not know what to do. Can someone please help me out here.


A:Solved: Installed Driver - Now asking to make a driver disk

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Hi everyone.

I am nii from Ghana.

I am trying to update my graphics to run a 3D program which requires it but i keep getting the error "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer"

The accelerator in use the Mobile Intel (R)4 Series Express Chipset Family
Current version is
The version is the 1508

I downloaded the 32 bit version for windows vista but can't seem to update to the new version.
I keep getting the above mentioned error report.
I tried the update utility online which keeps telling me the same.I hope there;s a way to get around this .

Hope to hear and thanks is advance.

A:Driver update error: driver being installed is not validated


The error means that you try to install an driver which is not compatible with the graphic card.

What notebook do you have and what graphic chip does this notebook support?

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Hello ,

I need help about my Webcam here , I already Installed The Driver of My Webcam CYCLOPES WEB CAM 8.0 MEGA PIXELS(WC-035-M) . When i Plug in it , Its says " Device Driver Software was not successfully installed"
But i already Installed the Driver Software of My Cam ,, , i really want to fixed this problem , i hope someone will help me about this...

i need reply asap... thnx

A:WebCam Cant Installed , Driver`s not installed

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Where did you get the Driver from Disc or Manufactures Website ? ..

I take it you Installed the Driver before attaching the Webcam ? ...
Is there no Driver Utility on your Desktop ? ....

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K I have a dell dimension 5100 here to do me untill I build my own PC ren outta funds so kinda have to use this 4 a bit ughh, now mint works ok. Wht my question is I want to remove XP Home for a XP Pro black editon and stick it on a small partition. Can I remove the XP Home I have and install the Pro XP without interfering with my Mint install?
Also I want to install 2 more linux distros elementry and Tor... How would I go about doin that?
If I have to il wipe d mint I have.
Hope I get some help... Thank k all :-) have a good day.

A:WinXp Home installed on 1 partition Linux Mint 17.1 on another, question?

from here

XP Black isn't an official Microsoft release, it's pirated. As a result, you're not going to find one standard Black Edition, nor are you guaranteed it will be free of malware.
The nickname is derived from its black or very dark desktop theme and the fact that it's an illegal version of XP, usually XP Professional.
There is no standard version of Windows XP Black. Not only is the OS pirated, but so is the software that's crammed with it. XP Black comes loaded with programs that would cost you thousands of dollars if you bought them properly. Depending on who puts the package together, you can get multiple versions of: browsers, CD/DVD burning software, business software--even security programs, which is ironic since it's almost impossible to find a Black Edition without malware.
Among the hacks in XP Black, it requires no serial number and it bypasses XP's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) security measures.

Since you are asking about how to use pirated software, we will not be able to help you with your Windows question. If we did help you with this we would be encouraging you to use it.
Bleeping Computer rules, found here, state (bold red mine)

No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such... Read more

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I installed Winxp Home Edition upgrade over Win 98 SE and after it installed and rebooted I got a message that the hard drive needed to be checked--press any key to cancel. I could not cancel the disk check and it went through the process and "fixed" some errors. After it finished I was asked if I wanted to convert some file yes/no and it had already answered yes. My system rebooted and the check disk screen came up again and again I could not cancel the disk check. It went through the process, "fixed" the same errors and asked if I wanted to convert some files yes/no and again it answered for me. The system rebooted and it all started again ad nauseum. I rebooted into safe mode and rand cmd prompt and ran chkdsk and the program went trough the process, found no errors but when I rebooted it went through the same thing again. How do I get out of this loop and into my computer? Thanks

A:Installed winxp home over win 98se and am in a loop for check disk

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This my question is much a WinXp, as it is a Win7.

Starting point:
A (tablet) notebook Lenovo comes with Win7 pre-installed. The HD (Sata 2.5 by WD, 250MB) has three partitions, two of them hidden. I understood they are the default for a Win7 installation.

A lot of software that I use does not run in Win7. XP mode is too slow. I'd like to install win XP (in my specific case Win TabletPC 2005) side by side Win7, so to make a choice in which one boot up.

My understanding:
I discovered that such a dual boot is not a very easy job:
a) WinXP will destroy the Win7 boot sector. So as a consequence,
b) after installing WinXP, I will not able to boot in Win7 (that should be repaired with Win7 DVD that I do not have). Plus:
c) Probably there will be problems with the first (hidden) partition, that sometimes WinXP installation treats differently by putting it as C: drive. Plus more, such as:
d) the boot.ini is not part of Win7 that uses a complete different technolgy, so there is the need to adjust within Win7 the booting phase using often EasyBCD.

My attempt:
I do not want to mess up my HD, with a *direct* installation of WinXP (TabletPC in my case). So I thought the following. 1) Make a new partition in my HD. 2) Remove physically the HD and attach a different external USB HD. 3) Install WinXP in the external USB HD. 4) Make sure it works, add SATA drives, etc. 5) Remount the original Sata HD, 6) Copy (or is it necessary to clone with Acronis/Gho... Read more

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Let my brother borrow my comp, and this is what happens. Now I need to uninstall it without killing my system, and i think its caused a lot of unstability in Windows, including moving my internet explorer into a different folder. What do I do? Also I believe I have a trojan or virus but I can't seem to find them. HEEEEEEEEEELP!

A:Windows XP 64 trial edition installed on same hard drive as WinXP Pro

Well, if the data is not of critical importance, I guess the best solution is formating and reinstalling the version of windows you want.

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Long story short - My sister has a dozen CD-Rs full of photo images, written using WinXP. That computer is now gone (ie. we don't know what utility was used). Now she's trying unsuccessfully to access any of the disks in a DVD drive (different computers) with Win7 home & pro and gets messages of:

a) (white x in red circle) D:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable. Or,
b) Window says DVD RW Drive (D:) / Disk title (ie. "Summer Trip 2007B") / Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer. But attempts to open directory ... go back to a) Not accessible.

Plays audio CDs, DVDs, and DVD data disks fine.
I was thinking it was a UDF issue but found that Win7 should read any UDF written by XP? I don't have a list yet of what software she has/doesn't have (but again, would that matter in Win7?)

Anyway, I'm confused. Of course she's 500 miles away, but I could access her PC if details are needed... Any thoughts? Many thanx!!

A:[SOLVED] Can not read CD data disks written by WinXP

What is the format of the photos? The files could be corrupted. You could try 3rd party software to try to open the files like Irfanview or xnview.

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First of all, let me introduce myself as a newbie to the board, and say thank you to everyone for the fantastic info on this board.

I am trying to install WinXP Pro on a HD, and I am getting the above error.
Here are the specs:
Motherboard: intel Desktop Board D845EPI
HD: Seagate U6 Model ST340810A Ultra ATA 40GB

The HD is not recognized in the BIOS IDE Config, nor is it recognized in the Boot Device Priority list.

Any help is appreciated!


A:WinXP Pro Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

Have you set the jumper on the hard drive to the correct Master or Slave configuration?

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Recently, (if two years is recently...) I removed a piece of software from my laptop that was required for it to use the internet (don't ask what it was). Long story short, I had to get a new thing for Windows. I just re-installed it, but Windows isn't recognizing my laptops built-in speakers, as well as the scrolling function that the touch-pad used to have. The scrolling button in the middle of the mouse-tabs doesn't work either. I'm pretty sure it's just me being inexperienced with computers, and that I just didn't do something with Windows to allow it to recognize my speakers.

Just to elaborate on the speaker thing, my computer has all the codecs and drivers, it just doesn't see the actual speakers. The scroll-bar stuff is pretty moot, but I'm used to having them and it's just annoying, my main problem is the speakers. I've tried everything I could short of shoving out $50 for someone to answer what's probably a really simple problem.

If you'd could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.

A:Solved: Newly installed WinXP Home won't recognize built-in stuff.

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Not entirely sure what you mean by 'I had to get a new thing for Windows'?

Have you formatted and reinstalled windows from scratch using a new Windows CD or have you just reinstalled a set of drivers?

What make and model is your laptop?

Are you sure all the drivers are installed correctly? You may still have devices that do not have drivers which are linked to the sound.

assuming your using Windows XP
1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
2. On the System Properties Window select the Hardware tab
3. Click the Device Manager button
4. In the window that comes up look for anything that has a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in it. It will automatically expand any areas that have these in so there is no need to click the + to look in all the areas.

If there is anything like that the you are likely missing some drivers. If you need help finding them let us know your laptops make and model and we can help you find the correct ones.

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My Bluetooth Driver and Copy Driver is not installed. Any suggestion??

A:Bluetooth driver and Copy driver not installed

Hi Faiz
did you visit this site?:

Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 4736Z

Good luck

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Hi BC community!
-  CPU:   AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 955, 3200 MHz
- Motherboard: Asus M4A88TD-M Evo
- GPU: Sapphire HD7850 2GB GDDR5  -not OC version-   - Have no idea about the product number unfortunetely.
- OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit
Right now i have 14.12 and the only reason why my system is stable, because i have pre Windows update restore point. Whenever reboot happens after driver installation this welcomes me:
I tried reinstalling 14.12, even that doesnt work. I tried 15.7.1, 15.11.1  and 15.12. All of them give the same error. This screen also happens pre Crimson drivers: . Reportlog for that is here:   where the lastline translates to: "Driver Installation: The given parameter is invalid"
What i tried:
- Tried uninstalling via safe mode + DDU
- Tried uninstalling with AMD Clean Uninstall Utility
- Tried installing before drivers Windows updates, except KB 3004394
- I made sure i downloaded the proper crimson drivers
What i didnt try:
- Fresh Windows install. This is not an option, since i cant clone my system, for the moment if even that doesnt work.

A:"no amd graphics driver installed" - Error for every driver

The only thing I can think of is if you have the latest .NET Framework and all updates installed. I would install 4.5 if you do not have it. 

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So the other day i was trying to update my pc as i was a bit behind on updates ,so i updated everything on my pc. it was after this i encountered a problem with the driver signing saying this:

Program Compatibility Assistant
Windows requires a digitally signed driver.
A recently installed program tried to install an unsigned driver. This version of Windows requires all drivers to have a valid digital signature. The driver is unavailable and the program that requires this driver might not work correctly.
Uninstall the program or device and check the publisher's support website to get a digitally signed driver.
Driver: ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver
Service: amdkmdag
Publisher: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Location: C:\Windows\System...\atikmdag.sys

now my pc screen has gone to a very low resolution and nothing is working nicely, and it been a real pain for me for 2 days now i hope you guys can help thanks .

my pc specs:
amd fx 4100
xfx radeon hd 6870
windows 7 ultimate x64

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My old computer was dieing, so I backed up the harddisk and bought a new computer. The old computer ran Windows XP, the new one is Vista (because I wouldn't give another $200 to get it with XP and "Vista ready"). Now that I've reinstalled Microsoft Office 2003, I cannot get my emails, address book and calendar to load into Outlook. I've copied the .pst file into the user/app data/local/microsoft/outlook folder. Based on web searches, I've also tried using the user/app data/roaming/microsoft/outlook folder. I tried importing, I tried opening a new file. I checked the Microsoft site and did google searches to get other ideas. I've done this before when I've had to wipe out a hard disk and start from scratch and got everything (but I didn't change OS then). Now, I get nothing. But the file sitting there is 257K, so it must contain some data.

Is this an XP->Vista problem? Would upgrading to Office 2007 help? I need my emails, my addresses and most importantly, my calendar! Any help will be greatly, eternally appreciated.

A:Restore Outlook 2003 data; old computer was WinXP, new one is Vista

I can think of no rerason why you cannot "import" the old .pst using file-import.
Look for all .pst files, you may be using the local one and not the roaming one?

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I did it before on a P5WD2-PREMIUM---see this thread:

but there is no SATA controller listed in the Device Manager under the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller to update--there was one listed in the P5WD2 I successfully converted.

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I've read that data is recoverable from a HDD even if the partition is deleted, even if the drive is quick formatted, and even if a new partition is created in its place. But I also read that data recovery is "very difficult" if anything has been written to that new partition.

That's my quandry. I've done all of the above on my 40GB HDD, including re-installing XP on the new partition, and now I need to recover extremely valuable data that was(/is) on the HDD. Can the old partition be recovered?

If the partition can't be recovered wholesale, how about some of the data? Since XP overwrote only about 3GB, I'd expect at least some of the data to be there still.

Please advise and recommend a few programs that will work well for my needs. Thanks!

(Note: I had a similar post earlier, but I wanted to explain my problem much more precisely in this post.)

A:Is data recoverable if I've re-installed XP?

Hi there

Yes, you should be able to recover some files off the "free space."
Check out this post for a list of programs that can be used for this purpose:

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I have configured and setup ATA, but I don't have any data (Users, Computers etc.) I can only see (Entities recently Learned = 1 domain), nothing more?

What is missing in my setup?

Nb. No error in the Center folder but this in the GW folder:
2015-11-03 12:38:53.4862 1860 5   00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Error [KeyedObjectPool`2] Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.ContractException: Contract exception
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Utils.KeyedObjectPool`2..ctor(IReadOnlyCollection`1 keysToItems, Int32 maxSize, CancellationToken cancellationToken, Action`1 itemRemovedCallback)
   at Microsoft.Tri.Gateway.Resolution.DirectoryServicesClient.OnStart()
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.Module.Start()
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.ModuleManager.OnStart()
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.Module.Start()
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.Service.OnStart(String[] args)


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Hello all,

I am running Windows 8.1 Pro and have just installed an 250gb SSD and also have a 1tb HDD. I have put the OS and various programs onto the SDD. I want to be able to have all data, for all users, pointed to save onto the HDD. (I will then get a 1tb USB3 HDD to back up the 1tb HDD - next step!).

I am getting very confused about how to make sure all documents/pictures/music/videos automatically get saved onto the HDD, rather than defaulting to the SSD. I also have user accounts for the family and I ideally want all photos/videos/music (but not documents) in just one location, so I end up with don't multiple copies of the same files saved by each user; they should all be access the same files.

Can someone point me to some simple instructions I can follow to make this happen? I browsed the tutorials, but could not find what I needed ... sorry, if it exists and I missed it).


A:New SSD installed , how to set up for data to save on HDD

I did the same, I just moved the user folders I wanted to move over to my hard drive and off the SSD that my OS is on.

I believe this is what you are looking for:

User Folders - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums

Look at option 2 as I believe that is what you want to do - just move the user folders rather than the whole profile...

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My roommate used my desktop while I was away and installed Windows 8. How do I recover my data?

A:New OS installed;lost all data.

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Once Upon a actually... I tried to reformat my WinXP Pro version with a new WinXP Pro version, having lost the first disk I purchased.
In a first attempt at reformatting my machine with WinXP PRo I accidentally installed a parallel version in a different partition. I searched the net to find out how to delete one of the OS's from my computer. I found out that by going to the start menu>Run and typing cmd in the open line that I could then delete any additional OS versions according to the ID #. When I restarted my system and pressed any key to boot from my CD Rom with the New WinXP installation disk in the Drive...I saw that the computer recognized both of the WinXP OS's that I had running on my machine(one in the C: partition and one in the D:). In an attempt to delete the second system ID 2(BOOTCFG /Delete /ID 2...residing in the D: partition) came up with " ERROR: Wrong Boot id specified ...and when I tried " BOOTCFG /Delete /ID 1"(WinXP OS residing in the C: partition) I got "Cannot delete the OS entry, since there is only one OS entry" when actually there are two. "cmd.exe" running in my machine, only recognized the one in my C drive, ID 1. In this amateur attempt to reformat my machine I have lost my 90 gig F: partition and I'm not sure how to get that back. The C: partition shows 20 gigs total in the properties menu and the D:partition shows only 17 in total. There should be 120 gigs all... Read more

A:Accidentally Installed Paralel Versions Of Winxp Os And Lost 90 Gigs Of Hard Disk Space

Reboot with the cd into the installation of windows xp, and when it says what partition youd like to install it to. Delete both partitions, and create one. Or if your drive isnt partitioned, just format the drive.

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Hi all,

Im new here has you can see , if you guys can help me it would be great.
I had an XP pro on NTFS, backuped my data and quick formated the disk in ntfs.
Then i deleted the existing partition and instaled Win7 pro.
When i went to retore my backuped data it had severel erros and couldnt recover a lot o pictures and documents.
I ranned a recovery software on the drive but it only found win 7 files .
Can you help me opn how to recover my XP files???? im desperated.

Thanks in advanced.

A:Installed Win 7 in NTFS and cant recover XP DATA

Can you be a bit more specific about how you made the backup

As you say you deleted partition and formatted disk all info on that disk will be gone so i hope you backed it up elsewhere.

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Can I fax (send and receive) faxes through the installed CXT PCI Soft Data Fax Modem w/Smart CP installed in my new HP media center desktop? If so, how do I set it up?

Computer is running Vista Home Premium (so no Windows fax option).


A:How to FAX w/PCI Soft Data Fax Modem Installed

I don't know Vista to well yet but...
i use a program in my business.... Mighty Fax...very reliable and good.
the only downside is that it cannot be minimized to the tray...just the taskbar
Very cheap and lightwieght
Freeware....look here

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I have HP G42 laptop ...recently it showed up a msg called bootmgr is corrupted n was redirecting to ctrl+alt+del to i didnt format the drive but just installed windows again in the same drive ...but i didnt find the other data previously i had stored...please help me recovering from this......Now i am going to try with I care Recovery tool....any alternatives..??

A:How to Recover Data from Re installed Drive

Did you find a Windows.old folder on the drive? It might be a hidden folder, I can't remember, but if it is, you will need to set the folder view options to show hidden files and folders.

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November 20, 2002

<b>Important Notice</b>

If your computer is part of a managed network, please contact your organization's system administrator before making changes to your computer.
<b>Why is this update needed?</b>

An identified security vulnerability could allow an attacker to compromise Microsoft® Windows®-based systems and then take any of a variety of actions, such as changing Web pages or reformatting your hard disk. You can help eliminate this issue by installing this update from Microsoft.

<b>Who needs to apply this update?</b>

Anyone using Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98 SE, Windows 98, or Windows NT® 4.0 needs the update. Windows XP is not affected by this issue. At greatest risk are systems that operate Web sites using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and anyone who browses the Web using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

<b>Two types of computers are at particular risk. If either of the following describes your computer, you should install the patch immediately:</b>

Computers that are used to browse the Web or read e-mail. Most workstations and laptop computers fall into this category.

Computers that host Web sites using IIS.

<b>Which versions are eligible for the update?</b>

Updates are available for the following product versions. Earlier versions than those listed below are no longer supported and may or may not be affected by the vulnerability:

Windows ... Read more

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Please Fellas I need a help........I appriciate any help. Thank you
When I attending to share folder on my desktop computer ( win xp pro sp2 ) I got following Sharing Error Message.
> In Shared Documents Properties
>> Sharing
- Network Sharing and security
I select " Share this folder on the network "
Click apply & I get following Error message :

" An error occured while trying to share Documents. The data is invalid.
The shared resource was not created at this time. "


Please if you know anything about this problem let me know. Thank you

A:Sharing doc error in winxp-sp2: The data is invalid.The shared resources wasn't creat

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I own a second hand Mesh computer and I have none of the official documentation. Recently I reformatted my pc to Windows XP Professional SP3 and did my best to collect drivers and so forth. The problem I am having is installing the correct driver for my Ethernet Port.

I found that I needed the driver associated with the motherboard -- ASUS P5N-E SLI. Went to the manufacturers site and located the LAN driver here -- SLI

I cannot work out how to install this driver. There is no .EXE and after a closer investigation I found it to be a Remote Installation. I did a google search but with my little knowledge of the topic, nothing seemed to answer my installation query. The documentation included speaks of a RIS image and an unknown directory to me -- RemoteInstall\Setup\Language\Images\Dir_name\I386

Any help on installing this driver? If there is any extra information needed, I'll do my best. Thanks in advance, I know how useful this forum can be.

A:RIS driver for WinXP

I would like to announce a result Did a little more research and found that the driver is included in the NForce package (doh). Sorry for wasting a thread.

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Hi anyone,

I'm looking a Driver for winXP-SP3?
my notebook specification are listed below:

Model : ASUS K50AB-SX021L
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 QL-64 2.1GHz
Hard Disk: 250GB
Graphics: ATi Radeon HD 4570

Can anyone help me?

A:Driver for winXP-SP3?

Hello Yunks,

What Driver are you looking for? (Graphics,Audio,Network,etc)

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I have a fairly old notebook that I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping on life support. I've updated and upgraded everything and everything else works just peachy except now I have a problem with WinXP and the CD-ROM drive.

The notebook is a Toshiba Satellite 2250CDT with a TEAC CD-224E-B CD-ROM drive. In Device Manager there is a yellow exclamation point on this drive. The Device status is "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupt or missing (Code 39)".

I'm guessing the TEAC driver is incompatible with WinXP and there is nothing on the TEAC or Toshiba websites. Is there such a thing as a generic driver? I've scoured the web looking for an answer and you may be my last great hope. Any ideas?

A:Need WinXP CD-ROM driver

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I accidentally installed windows on partition where I had my data. So can I somehow restore those data?

I would really appreciate any help!!!!

A:Restore data from partition Ive installed windows on?


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I installed fresh OS Vista on the same HD. How I can transfer data (files, folders) from old OS to new one. I?m not able to startup the old OS Vista in normal mode, but in safe mode I cannot do upgrade installation. It was the only one option I have and I did "Custom" (advanced).

Next window gave me option to install fresh OS and old one will not be deleted.
All data will be saved and accessible. But how??
I appreciated any advice.

A:How to transfer data to fresh installed OS Vista.

When I put my previous computer's hard drive, the motherboard died, into an external USB case, I had to use the 'Take Ownership' tutorial in these forums.

In order to connect to the hard drive, try Safe Mode with Networking.

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I am new here, and I hope someone here can really help me out of this dilemma. My wife somehow downloaded and installed a certain driver she thought it was to be upgraded for Window XP Pro. After she rebooted it, she got as far as just before the log on, everything freeze. I ask if she remembers what the driver was she downloaded and installed, she didn?t know for sure what it was. I try booting into WinXP Pro Safe Mode, and it did the same thin, mouse and all. I cannot log onto Safe Mode. Believing it may have been a certain driver in conflict with something incompatible ? possibly the USB ? I unplug all the devices using the USB including the mouse. The results are still the same, if froze as before. I use the command.exe to run chkdsi /r to see if it can repair it. That one fails. I try using the WinXP CD in an attempt to repair the Windows without losing the data. That didn?t work either.
My only option is possible reformatting the hard drive, but I do not want to reformat the hard drive until I can figure out how I can retrieve the important data (My Documents). I remember I can easily do that with Windows 95 using the DOS command by coping most of my files to the floppy disk. It was time consuming, but it was worth it before the invention of the Flash. Now I can?t figured out how I can retrieve the data to be copy to the Flash since WinXP doesn?t work like Windows 95. The hard drive, by the way, is healthy. It?s just like I say, there is a driver conflict that... Read more

A:WINXP Driver Incompatible?

Using the Windows Installation disk, did you try running "chkdsk /f" ? If so did it report and/or fix any errors ? Run chkdsk multiple times and get several clean scans before moving on; the HD may be getting ready to fail.

Also, in Recovery Console, run "fixboot" and "fixmbr".

Try Safe Mode. When booting to Safe Mode, disconnect ALL hardware except for the keyboard.

If all of these fail, you may need to run a Repair Install.

Is the WinXP disk you are using the correct one for you installation ?

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will upgrading to xp resolve the driver issues that I am encountering while trying to install a ati AIW Radeon 7500 on my gigabyte 'GA-7VKMP' with onboard video, audio,and network, running a duron 1.3 ghz processor with 256 mb ddr ram and win98, and a panasonic s15 monitor.

For some strange reason no matter what advice I follow I just cannot get the drivers to work. I have even formatted my machine, reinstalled all drivers, the most recent that I can find, and still no success.

Any advice will help.......


A:WinXP driver issues

Hi, Your motherboard has a chipset from VIA, and usually you must install motherboard drivers from an install CD, or download from the support site for the Gigabyte board...did you do this?
You have an onboard video adapter/chip. May need to disable it in the BIOS....I am not sure as some allow you to just install an added in card and load new drivers, some do not.
You may have to load the Standard VGA adapter drivers, then after that is loaded and running in 16 color (yuck) you can install the right drivers for your OS and the Radeon and it will install.
I would review the instructions from the mobo manual for installing an add in video card- the manual, if you do not have one, is here::
manual found in the list on the left.
Reading the FAQs might be quicker than opening the manual online with Adobe Acrobat.... but, it says "Coming soon" for them...oh well, manual is best I can do, unless you or someone can hunt for details on how to use add in video card easily.
Might be just the standard step by step, uninstall all video drivers and switch to SVGA, then install new ones. Safe Mode can help with this.

Note that there is a 7VKMP-P version of this board.

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I've been having a slight problem with my SATA controller drivers. The nvidia drivers that I was using would always cause a bsod pointing to nvgts.sys in system32/drivers. While trying to figure out which driver to install as a replacement, i found the nvgts.sys file and deleted it from system32/drivers folder, just to see what would happen... Now Windows XP can't boot up because the driver is missing lol; I can't even get into safe mode. So, is there any way to reinstall the driver from the Windows CD-ROM or something? The black screen says to insert the said CD and start the recovery console but I wouldn't know what to run. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Reinstalling Driver WinXP

Assuming you used a floppy to install the Nvidia Raid drivers, start a Repair Install and when it asks for you to press F6 do so and re-install them.

edit: btw, if you Google that driver there are LOTS of people experiencing issues with it.

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I recently installed win xp pro on a couple of friends pc's after the dreaded BSOD and noticed that most of the video, audio and modem drivers were missing( showing up as big yellow question marks in device manager) so I got a corporate edition of xp pro with sp3 slipstreamed into it. I used this disk on a pc the other day and same thing happened(Is this common?) anyway I downloaded all the drivers from the dell site and checked the pc, played cd,played video and connected to the internet all ok. problem I'm faced with now is the owner uses a usb dongle ( from his mobile phone company) to get on the 'net but it wont work on the pc yet if I put it in mine it works fine, I was thinking it was something to do with the usb ports but then how come the keyboard and mouse still work.
next idea was maybe it something to do with the wireless driver, I checked device manager but can't find anything wrong, so I guess I don't know what I'm looking for, so I came here for enlightenment
Thank you

A:winxp pro driver issue

What is the make and model number of the computer?

Did you install the motherboard chipset driver?

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Hi ,
I have dual booting OS. WIN98 in C \drive &WINXP in D\ drive
I cannot use my Dial up internet connection while working in WINXP. Can any one help me?(I am very new to this type of forum,also toWINXP OS)

A:modem driver for WinXp

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Im an IT specialist first  year trainee and student in a Company.
My boss said me to find out how to install Windows 10 in PC without losing any Data and Pre-installed apps, Favorites, Documents.....

The problem is that the PC is connected to the domain server and the currently Windows 7 is also installed from Network and I have to install Windows 10 from a USB device and connect it again with domain and log in with my user and the data should be there
like windows seven installed from server had pre-installed Lotus notes and much things and they should be back. I think they are installed Automatically when a user connected to domain signs in.

Any solution or my boss is crazy?

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hi my frenz....i am trying to re install the window 7 with the system image disc. but i have a confusion that when i reinstall then only c drive data will be erased or my D and E drive data will also be erased?so please suggest me......

regards thank you

A:which drives data will be erased when installed with system image

When going to restore a full system image backup of the main drive if that was the only drive included in the image you select the drive it will be restored to. The drive selected will be wiped clean in order to unpack the image there and not touch anything on any other drive.

There are two ways to see C restored. 1) Simply go into the Control Panel>Backup & Restore section and select the "Recover system settings on your computer" option just as if you were going to use the System Restore feature but instead select the "Advanced recovery methods" option found on the next screen.(refer to image attached)

Once there you will see the two options for restoring a system image or the need for the 7 installation dvd. Once you select the System image option you may have to browse to the WindowsImageBackup folder depending on where it was originally saved to especially any drive letters were changed inbetween.

2) The second option is seen when booting live from the 7 dvd or USB Install Key many use and right as you reach the Install Now screen look below that button for the repair tools. One of the repair options will be the one for restoring an image backup.

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Like many other users on these boards, by X205 is refusing to boot.

My question: How can I recover the data on my hard drives, since there are two of them?

I ran a search to find all of the files I wanted (*.jpg in this case), and the search came back with hundreds of files (photos) that I am trying to recover....but it won't let me open them up.
I'm guessing since the drives are installed in series in this machine, somehow I need to find a way to read them both to access these files?

Any help is appreciated!

A:Data recovery from serially installed hard drives

Remove each HDD from the machine, connect using 2,5? SATA box to other PC as external device and you should have access to all saved data.

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Through r connect data card
I able to browse the net and NOT able to replicate Lotus Notes Version R 7.0.1. in windows Vista 32.
Can you please please help us.

A:R-connect data card installed in windows Vista

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A minor issue...

Windows 'Backup and Restore' treats the installed Windows Update list as temporary and something that should not be included in a disk image. This means that any restore process returns a 'no updates have been installed' message and the list is blank. Of course all the previous updates are still present and correct and things pick up correctly from this point on.

Question. Is there a simple .text file etc that stores this data ? I'm thinking that if there is, then a copy could be made prior to running a restore and that this file could then be transplanted back thus restoring the full update history.

As you can see in the image. I have only this months updates installed despite running W10 since last year. Why ? Because I restored a disk image last week. The list has been reset.

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I did a hitmanpro scan and had a result for a sector 0 MBR infection and had it delete it.  It then had me reboot the sys.
When I rebooted there was only 2 old users.  I logged into each of them neither of which had any files and most (not all) programs are gone.  By "gone" I literally mean they are gone.  For instance Mozilla thunderbird was installed before the virus reboot.  There is no data file, it is not listed in "add/remove programs" there isn't even a directory under the Program Files(x86) and that goes for a lot of other programs that were installed.  It's crazy...I don't even get a result for hitman when searching the computer nor is it in \program files  or add remove programs and it was the one that asked me to reboot so I now for sure it was there before the reboot.  Not sure if hitmanpro has a portable app but I did the download from bleepingcomputer and installed so I know it's not just a "missing" file it was actually installed.
I checked c:\Users\  and went through all the users desktop folders and they are all empty.  It is like it did a system restore and removed personal data files as a rollback.  However the reboot didn't take long at all.  It was like a regular reboot not like a roll back or system restore which can take a while and for all the programs that have been removed.
There isn't another windows partition or a \windows.old that it's booting from either.... Read more

A:Sector 0 Rootkit Removed installed programs and data

Update:  I just did a scan on a 2nd system and have the same infection.  I have not cleaned it and here are some of the details:
Master Boot Record (sector 0) - Bootkit
Windows disk signature: 8B6AC2E5
Partition Type LBA Number of sectors
0 07 2048 40960000
1* 07 40962048 447432704
2 00 0 0
3 00 0 0
following that is a bunch of hexidecimal in 2 seperate tables.  One showing the info in sector 1 and the other table showing the info that will replace it.
I did have a thought.  I notice another partition called recovery.  Inside is a tool called rollback by horizon-datasys.  Is it possible hitman has confused the sector 0 virus for something from the Rollback program and when replaced the 0 sector it effectively undid anything after rollback was installed.  This might explain why some programs are still on the system like adobe reader and flash player yet others are completely gone.  Trying to figure it out and any help would be appreciated.
Thanks...would like to undo what was done.

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Ive been using my pre-confingured Vista notebook for awhile now but a few days ago, i decided to dual boot...but some drivers i installed were not capable and some gave me errorsI cant find a workable wifi adapter driver and i get an error like this from my graphics driver: Pic of specs: Pic of specs: exact model for my video card is for my Wifi adapter is....well just look at the vista pic of specsThanks

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A week ago my computer crashed. Something wrong with one of the coolers. When I tried to re-install WinXP, but it failed. Something to do with a NTLDR-failure. I brought my pc to the retailer. They fixed all problems.

Yesterday i discovered my sound isn't working anymore. When i use Winamp to play any sound, the following message appears: Bad DirectSound driver. Please install proper drivers (...). Error code: 88780078.

Strange, 'cause everything worked fine under the previous install of WinXP.

Another strange thing: my computer seems to recognize the hardware, but 'there is no device installed'.

I want to try to install the Audigy-software again. Maybe that'll work, but my 'installation and applications cd' seems to be damaged. I can't read antything from it.

Help me.

A:Bad DirectSound driver after reinstall WinXP

drivers and software can be downloaded here.

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