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recurring message to install "base system device"-unsuccessful & low disc space

Q: recurring message to install "base system device"-unsuccessful & low disc space

After our Dell Inspiron E1505 recently crashed , Dell talked us thru diagnostics and finally sent us a replacement(refurbished) Toshiba hard drive to install in our computer. After installing it, and reloading all of the software for Windows XP, MS Office Small Business 2003, drivers and utilities, using the discs that came with the computer, we have a "Found New Hardware" window that pops up - Wizard trying to install a "Base System Device" everytime we turn the computer on. It asks for a disc but none of my existing ones seem to be the correct one. I've given it permission to connect to the Internet to "find" the software but nothing works.
Also, since the crash/re-install, our C drive only has 12.4 GBs of total disc space, and of that, only 1.2 is still free space. My D drive has about 37 GBs of disc space. Could these two problems be connected? The computer was running so slow and we would periodically get a message "low virtual memory". This weekend, I moved as many of our documents as possible to the D drive to try and free up space. It's a little better, but why do I have such a small amount of disc space? Help!

A: recurring message to install "base system device"-unsuccessful & low disc space

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First let me tell you about my system.   This is an Inspiron
E1705/9400 laptop with the T7400 Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.16
GHZ.   It has 2 GB of RAM and a brand new 500GB Hitachi Travelstar hard
drive (7200 RPM).   It also has the GeForce Go 7900 GS video card.   
It previously had Windows XP Professional (32 bit) and worked fine.  
But, I have three computers in my home and home office and would like
them all to work better together on my wired home network, so I am
upgrading all three to Windows 7.   My two desktops (one is Dimension
XPS 420 and the other is Dimension XPS 430) seem like they will be no
problem to upgrade to Windows 7.   But, this laptop was not listed on
Dell's Windows 7 Compatibility List.   However, the Windows 7 Upgrade
Advisor that I downloaded and ran seemed to say that it was OK to do a
clean install of 32 bit Windows 7 and it only had a few minor concerns,
where it said to check for updated drivers from the manufacturer.   The
laptop originally came with a 100GB hard drive.   For my use, that is
getting very small, so I decided to get the same exact 7200 RPM drive
in the 500 GB size.   This will allow me to do a clean install of the
32 bit Windows 7 OS on the new hard drive and not have to wipe the old
drive to do it.   I can just hold onto the old HD and stick it back in
whenever I might ... Read more

A:Minor Problem with New Windows 7 Installation on my Inspiron E1705/9400 - two entries for "Base System Device" under "Other Devices" with yellow exclamation point

BTW, I just downloaded and installed the driver pack from that ftp location and it worked, even for Windows 8.1 - 64 bit.
Thanks Steve!


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There are 2 devices in the "Device Manager" that do not have drivers installed.

I just did a clean install of Window 7 SP1 32-bit to a Dell Latitude E6500. I have uploaded all the Windows updates and all seems to be performing well. However, there are two devices in the "device manager" that do not have drivers installed, and I can't determine what the devices are nor how/where to find the drivers for them online or elsewhere. The driverless devices are "Base System Device" and "Broadcom USH". When I look at the properties page of both devices, it says that the Base System Devices location is "PCI bus 3, device 1, function 3", and the Boradcom USH's location as "0000.001a.0002.".

The laptop did NOT come with a drivers installation disk.

QUESTION: How can I identify what these devices actually are and, more importantly, how can I obtain the driver for them?

A:Can't ID driverless devices "Base System Device" and "Broadcom USH"

Well, as for the second part of your question......... have you tried using windows own driver update utility? Right click on the yellow exclamation point in Device Manager, choose update.

I'm thinking your "boradcom ush" is this, drivers for it are here too, :Broadcom USH - USB\VID_0A5C&PID_5800 - awdit - The driver, software, & hardware database

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Dear Experts,

I have created windows image on Drive F: but delete it after some time manually due to some space prob.
But while backup shows about 40 GB only few GB space got free after deletion. When i try to again take the the backup using windows 7 backup & restore option, its still shows 35 Gb of System Image in drive F: when i brows the Manage Disc Space option but i cant find it on the same drive. (Plz see attached pic)
Plz help me to locate this and delete the same.


A:Cant find "System Image" of 36 GB but its shows on "Manage Disc Space"

Hello sattyaji, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It may still be showing if the system image was created as part of a Windows backup. Using the tutorial below to reset Windows Backup should clear it for you, but you will need to set up your backup again afterwards.

Backup User and System Files - Reset to Default Configuration

Hope this helps,

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My HDD crashed and I didn't back up my drivers, I got all of them from the lenovo support site for my Lenovo Y570 and still remains "Base System Device" drivers. I've tried the Lenovo Update scan thing and searching google for people with similar problems, I came up with nothing.

So I ask here, what are these drivers? Where can I find them?

Pic below is device manager; in properties it states location as PCI Bus 10 (I have no idea what this means or if its relevant)

I can't notice anything wrong with my Laptop as it is now, everything works (I haven't tried gaming, except I can no longer scroll with my touchpad, the sides used to allow me to but now the whole area of the pad is touch to click)

Thanks for your help in advance would be a huge help if you could help me work this out.


A:[Request] Lenovo y570 "base system device" drivers

Have you looked here?:

Try the chipset drivers.

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Hi all - I keep getting this message

"Low Disc Space" . When I click on the message it is
"D" drive, and the only thing in it is "the Recycle Bin" with 0 bytes in it!!

Can anyone tell me why I am suddenly getting this message? I am confounded

Thank you in advance. lennon

A:[SOLVED] "Low Disc Space" constant message!! Help -

Can someone please help me???

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Recently my computer's driver would stop responding for a minute or 2 then resume back to normal. I get the error that my driver stopped responding. So I click on it to see why and troubleshoot it. But its unable to automatically fix it .
It says "The driver for Base System Device is not installed. Install the latest driver for the device" . I googled it and looked around this forum to see what I can do...I still dont know .
The PNP device ID is

Any helps or point me in the direction of where I can get help would be great! Thanks!

A:How do I fix my "Base System Device" Error?

camspam19, welcome to the Seven Forums.

That would be the Ricoh card reader in your laptop. Hit the Dell download page for your model,

Drivers & Downloads

and you will find it listed under Chipset.

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I have just upgraded a 4 year old Dell 1420 inspiron laptop from:

80 gb, Intel T5250 CPU, 2 gb ram, Win Vista basic to 500 gb, Intel T7300 CPU, 4 gb ram and W7 64-bit HP.

Everything works. Windows update knows where to get the driver. The only drivers not working are the Sigmatel sound card driver which luckily for me could be loaded from the vista CD. I have found this "Base System Device" under "Other devices" in the device manager and have no clue what it is. I googled online and someone said it was a card reader thing. I saw W7 update the SD card reader drivers under one of its downloads and I can see the "SD host adapters" in the device manager. The creative webcam driver was also updated by win vista.

A:What is this "Base System Device"?

Its the card reader, update the driver
Dell doesn't provide any new drivers for Windows7 x64 since your laptop is old l=en&deviceid=13405&devlib=0&typecnt=0&vercnt=1&catid=-1&impid=-1&formatcnt=0&libid=27&typeid=-1&dateid=-1&formatid=-1&source=-1&fileid=188377

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Hello all,
I opened the Device Manager and i found there "Base System Devices" Checked with a question mark.

I tried to fix with Windows Update & Updating Drivers .
I dunno ..
Nothing helps .

What can I do ?

A:"Base System Device"

Hi Kathy. Did you just install W7 on that laptop (or did it come pre-loaded with W7)?

Quick guess answer:
I had the exact same issue on a laptop I installed W7 on and the 3 Base Devices were taken care of by installing the single device driver from HP downloads for the 6-in-1 Card Reader. Did you install yours yet?

Longer answer:
Right click on each of the devices and choose Properties.
Go to the Details Tab > from the drop down menu > Choose Hardware IDs.
You will see a list of codes like this: PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_82C61043&REV_02
Write the top one down.

Now go here:
PCI Vendor and Device Lists
And enter the PCI/VEN_ code into the manufacturer box and "Search" and you will get the manufacturer name. (eg: 10EC)
Then enter the DEV_ code into the Device Search box and "Search" and you will get the type of device. (eg: 8168)
With this information you can determine what kind of driver and where to look for it.
If you need more help just post the info you find here.

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a friend of mine has a sony vaio laptop with windows 8 on it,but she wants windows 7(plus there is a problem with the laptop,the internet eplorer doesnt open,the window opens for half a second and then closes,and no internet-related application works).i first used a boot usb,configured the bios so that it boots from external devices first and then used the assist button on the laptop to make it manually boot from an external device.the message"operating system not found " came up.then i extracted the iso to an external hard drive to boot it form there and the same message came up.i even burned the image to a dvd and made it boot from the optical drive,but the same message came up.what can i do?or is there some hardware problem which also explains the internet applications not opening?thnx in advance

A:"operating system not found" message when trying to install windows 7

It requires disabling Secure Boot first to upgrade a Win8 PC to Win7: UpDowngrade Windows 8 to Windows 7.

Then follow these special steps to install to UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Forums

or Bypass UEFI to Install WIn7.

To understand UEFI better so you can choose, watch this video: Technical Note: UEFI BIOS vs. Legacy BIOS - YouTube

You need a bootable DVD or flash stick installer which is provided in these same steps that will show you how to get and keep a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. To use flash stick installer there are also these special steps for UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

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My computer recently crashed; I didn't pay attention to the first message because, like most people, I'm constantly getting an error message of some type so I didn't pay much attention to this one - until the screen requested the installation CD to be run. When I did that, setup began, running through the initial processes until the "installing windows" segment - when I received the following message:

Fatal Error: An error has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing. Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information. Press OK to view the setup log file.

Pressing OK, I read:
Error: The signature for Windows XP Home Edition upgrade is invalid. The error code is fffffdda. The system cannot find message text for message number 0xfffffdda in the message file for syssetup.dll.

Fatal Error: Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information.

Error: (same as above)
Fatal Error: (same as above)

Fatal Error: One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed. The operation was cancelled by the user.
Fatal Error: (same as immediately above)

The error and fatal error messages then return to the initial two messages listed above - repeated several times.

Pressing OK restarts the system and the process happens all over again. I do have a valid copy of WinNT which was preinsta... Read more

A:Fatal Error message: "failed to install product catalogs" - complete system shutdown

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Ok, now I get another problem... When I click "install now", I get a msg box that is saying 'no device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK'

What should I do now?

A:When I click "install now", it's saying "No device drivers were found"

Is the HD showing in BIOS?

Can you post your specs.
Filling out System Specs
Dont Know What Hardware You Have..??
VistaForums SysInfo Tool - Vista Forums

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Hello, i have read up on this error, but i can't seem to find the solution . I know this post is common, but i feel i really do need assistance. The message comes up as "no device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK". I have no clue on what to do, and everything i've tried hasn't worked. I'm open to all solutions. Also, here is my builld: AMD Athlon II X4 740, HIS Radeon HD 7770, Apex SK-393-C - System Build - PCPartPicker. I also have a 500gb seagate harddrive.
This message occurs after the first screen, after "install now".

A:"install now" on windows 7 home premium provides me with "no device.."

Where do you buy your Windows 7 DVD from?

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Hi all,

I burned an MP3 disk with Nero about 10 days ago, and lately when I try to burn anything it's giving that message -- insert empty medium. Nothing I seem to do works, restarting, with and without an disk in the drive. Both my drives are doing this, both show in "properties" that the entire space is used on the disk it THINKS is in the drive even when there is no disk in the drive. Anyone know why it's doing this and how to correct it? I reinstalled Nero. Grrr....

Thanks very much!

A:"device not ready -- "insert empty medium" message

I had a similar

I had a similar problem with Nero goosing my writers. THe only way I managed to get it fixed was to system restore to the last point before Nero was installed.

I checked the drives and got a newer version of Nero - No probs for the last 5 Months now.

Hope this helps.

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We just pulled Vista off and put XP on an Acer Aspire 4220. Audio, video, LAN, Wireless, SD card slot, modem, touchpad, chipset (nVidia) and CPU (AMD) drivers have all been installed and work perfectly. However, Device Manager still shows three "Base System Device" entries with yellow question marks and I cannot figure out what they might be. Suggestions?

A:Mystery "Base System" devices on Acer laptop

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Hi, new user here.

Well, bought an used notebook with some car diagnostics software on, and a hardware USB-interface.
The laptop though, runs a Windows 7 x64 Enterprise, which i believe is a "copy". The machine got a OEM Windows 7 x64 Pro sticker underneath.
Did try the downgrade trick, mentioned allover this forum, but for some reason it does not work.
I had to uninstall SP1, as I didn't have a SP1 DVD ready on hand.

When running the compabilityscan, I get the following error; (roughly translated from Danish)

"There is not sufficient discspace in partition (G . There must be at least 15 MB free space."

Note: Partition G: is a partition on 100 MB created by the Windows installation. Theres ~200 gig free on my SSD, which also held the G:, when the installation is started.

Any clues what to do from here?


A:Windows 7 x64 "downgrade" - Insufficient disc space.


Is it really possible, i'm the only with this problem?

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My HDD shows 21GB+ free yet MS Word will not save and says "Insufficient memory. Not enough disc space". Norton AV and Trend Micro scans detected no virus, Add-Aware and Spybot found nothing either.

Had a quick read about [email protected] or [email protected] on Symantec's site and their fix warns that I may have to re-install Word afterwards.

Is there any way I can confirm this is the problem before I try their removal tool?

I have Word 2002 btw, any help will be appreciated,


A:Solved: MS Word says "insufficient mem. not enough disc space"

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Several times a day I get a message "Outlook Express. To free up disc space, Outlook Express can compact messages. This may take up to a few minutes" which is preceeded by 10 minutes of my PC being very slow. I have 50% disc space free (37GB out of 74). I run Windows 97. I have defragmented my disc several times. I have used RegCure regularly and it has made no difference. At other times, I try to start Outlook Express and a message comes up saying it is already running, followed a little while later by the above error message. Any ideas, please?

A:Outlook Express "To Free Up Disc Space"

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Some new phones are doing away with the virtual HDD and switching to MTP for transferring files to/from the device. Because of this every time I want to copy MP3s to my MTP device I get a Windows message saying "Your device might not be able to
play or view this file" forcing me to click "Ignore this error" every time I start a new copy. I am VERY grateful that there is an option that says "Do this for all remaining files", but it's still really annoying because each time I start a new file copy
it pops up.
To be clear, this is not a device or driver issue. This is a windows prompt that is specifically tied to MTP devices.
Is there a registry key I can change so Windows will automatically assume the answer is "Yes, your file will be copied, but you might not be able to play or view it on your device"? Or perhaps a key where I can change the file types this prompt is
tied to?

A:warning message "Your device might not be able to play or view this file" when copying MP3s to MTP device


Based on my research and test, I?m afraid that this feature is by-design. We cannot simply disable or change the feature by editing the registry.

I think you can use the transfer tool from your phone manufacturer.

Hope this helps.

Jeremy Wu
TechNet Community Support

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"no audio device" "no playback device" "No Sound Card was found"
ok.. I'm stuck.. puzzled...

I recently had a professional computer fix it company wipe my computer and now I do not have any sound. I do not have even the little icon on the bottom left hand corner to turn volume up or down. My keyboard does not allow me to turn the volume up or down, it seems unresponsive to volume but does light up on the screen showing VOLUME... but of course, there is no volume... I am computer illiterate and thirsty for answers...

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600)
Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3

System Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061

System Model
Enclosure Type: Desktop
RC663AA-ABA a1640n

BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG

Intel(R) Core (TM)2 CPU
6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs)

Memory: 2046MB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Volume
indicates "no sound" and Device Volume is all the way to LOW and everything is GREY and untouchable/unchangeable

Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio
indicates "no playback devices" on Sound Playback

Sound recording is working fine as I use skype many times but I can not hear the other party but they can hear me just fine.

Starting with the BIOS, I went into Audio and made sure this was enabled.. it was...

downloaded/installed Microsoft... Read more

A:"No audio device" -- "no playback device" -- "no sound card was found"

STLj said:

after RUN>
typing in "dxdiag"
it reads under notes,
"No sound card was found. If one is expected, you should install a sound driver provided bv the hardware manufacturer".

This is where I get fuzzy and lost. Do I need a new sound card installed? Is that the problem?Click to expand...

That dxdiag "no sound card" message is misleading as I've found it says that if no driver OR sound card. I think you're missing the right driver

Also, it would seem from your post you have High Definition (HD) audio. Which means you'll need to find the right High Definition audio driver. (AC97 pre-dates HD audio so the Realtek AC97 couldn't be right)

Try starting on the HP support website HERE and enter your model number or they have a button where they'll try to identify your product and drivers for your model. They should list an HD audio driver there

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If your machine won't read CDs (but can eg, play DVDs) and gives a "prepare this blank disc" error message, there is probably a driver conflict. After several warranty calls to Dell, much good advice, updating drivers and firmware,and installing a new CD Drive (Optiarc) it would work for a bit then crash again.

After a bit more research - see the closed thread at 'Prepare This Blank Disc' Problem, which is useful but failed, I decided to uninstall Roxio 9, which unfortunately came preinstalled.

Make sure every reference to Roxio is deleted. Search the computer and registry. Maybe uninstall the CD drive and reinstall, reboot, then it may work. Mine did! I then installed ImgBurn which does a fine job of copying CDs.

All other options (eg, relating to upper and lower filters) failed in my case. I think the problem started with Vista Business SP1 install. Good luck.

A:"Prepare this blank disc" DVD drive error message

thanks dude...i tired all options except this gad not worked...this did...:P

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Hey All,

I was downloading a driver from the website, it was going incredibly slow (just another reason I wouldn't get an Acer) and then download stopped half-way through, probably just a connection dropout. Now when I browse to the folder on my USB key where it was originally going to go, it throws up an annoying message saying "Please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click OK to continue" - Even though the file has been erased from my USB drive, it still asks for the multi-volume set

Any Ideas?


A:Annyoying Message "Insert Last Disc/Multi-Volume Set"

Hi Rome,

Seems you have autoplay enabled. Not a big deal, but whenever you insert your usb drive it will try and read the contents of the files on it. You can temporarily disable autoplay by opening control panel and typing autoplay in the search box at the top right. Click on the line that says "Stop or start using autoplay for all media devices" The next window that opens will give you an option near the top left to stop autoplay. Clear that check box!

Next insert your usb drive and erase the offending files!!

That's it. Hope I helped

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Having a problem burning to (dvd) disc, renders ok, creates disc ok, but the setup box tells me there is no burner installed. I have used the program exactly the same on other occasions without a problem, the burner is ok and working from other programs. any idea how to "wake it up " would be appreciated.

Program is Studio 8.8
Windows XP

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I started getting the message ""disc burner or software not found" when I try to play or burn a CD.

A:getting message "disc burner or software not found"ge

This thread suggests the problem is with Itunes, and you may need to change your account type, or uninstall/modify Daemon Tools:

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My comp was messed up so I decided to clean reinstall xp pro, my hard drive was split into 3 partition, C, E backup and L photos and bits, at the point of the install were you decide,delete our make partitions, I decided to delete L as it was not needed and clean install onto C, leaving E with my docs and data, the install went fine, when I looked at my drives in admin tools the C is marked boot and E system, I was going to delete E and make new partitions, but because it marked as system, can not delete it. How did I do this and is there away to put it all back onto C, without reformatting.

A:Solved: partitions "boot" and "system" after xp install.

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On one system I am getting this error message once every day or two. The hard drive has over 300GB available. The verbatim error message shows nothing in Google.

It reads:
"The space on the hard drive is running low. Currently only xMB is free. Please free space by deleting unused files."

Now it shows 71MB free. Any thoughts?

A:Error Message "The space on the hard drive is running low" isn't true

so do you have 300 gb? or only 71 mb? because if its 71 mb, u have got some major cleaning to do. I doubt that though, some viruses clutter the hard drive. If you have plenty of room, and your still getting the message then you can follow these instructions to remove the annoying message.

Low Disk Space Warning in Vista - Vista Forums

1. open regedit
2. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
3. Right click explorer and then select new then DWORD (32 bit value)
4. name it NoLowDiskSpaceChecks
5. right click it and press modify
6. change its value to 1 in hexadecimal form then press ok
7. log out and back in and message should be gone.

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I know this question has been asked before as I've read about it all over the Internet. In order to get rid of the 'Low Disk Space' message it says to go to the registry and locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer, type a new value, etc. The only problem is I don't have an Explorer key. It ends at Policies.

I've tried everything. I've tried creating the key myself, and I've tried inserting the value into the policies folder. Nothing has worked. Can anyone help?
Thank you

A:Solved: Can't get rid of "Low Disk Space" message on my recovery drive

I guess no one else is having this problem. Do you think this is a problem with HP?

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Hi there!
First of all thanks for the great toturial and the forum.

I tried to do the in-place upgrade from Windows 10 (build 1607) in order to "repair" my system (there are some quirks I want to get rid off) using a freshly created USB (as per description), but it fails with the message "make sure that there is enough disk space available in your PC" (rough translation from german; see attached screenshot) without any further information.

It then automatically cycles back to the question on how to install (i.e. with keeping data and apps or without) and then back into the above mentioned error message.

This is what I already tried or made sure of prerequisites needed:
I have made sure that there is definitely enough disk space available.My C: partition (where windows resides on) is 106 GB large and has currently over 58 GB of free space available.The system partition that is supposed to be 350 MB is still 350 MB (I read something about this potentially being reduced to 100 MB by other tools ...).I have deinstalled the Kaspersky anti virus tool (reinstalled it now after several tries with no success).I have disabled (i.e. fully decrypted) the disk encryption bitlocker on all disks.

My partitions (as seen from "Mini Tool Partition Wizard" and "Disk Manager"):
Do you have any ideas on what else could be wrong?
What intrigues me most is the fact that there is no further information in the error message on what or where is missing... Read more

A:In-Place Upgrade fails with message "not enough disk space"

Hi, Mark and welcome to Ten Forums.
Have you tried to mount the ISO in File Explore, instead if using an USB stick?
I just download the current ISO here: Windows 10 ISO , mount it in File Explorer and run the setup.exe.

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I receive daily a "Low Disk Space" error message which is incorrect and in my estimation fradulent. It goes on to give an alternative to rectify this situation by offering to "Speed up your computer and remove all viruses that are on your computer." Of course all of this is for a price. If you opt in and then change your mind before you totally commit they offer the same package for half price. I refuse to be "sucked in" by this fraudulent company.

I have gone to the internet to try and find out how I may get rid of this enemy. I have used Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsofts Security fix program all to no avail. I am at my 'wits end' trying to rid my computer of this plague. This is the url that the message comes through as. I cannot find out any source that will identify its origin:

I need help.


Doug. Bell

A:Fake "Low Disk Space" error message

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I`ve got the problem with the sharing network printer, when i share the printer on the another computer, when i try to print, its came out the msg "pls check trailing space" ....remove and contact the networks administrator...bla bla like that...

now the printer on the pc with Windows ME, and another one is Windows the printer connect to the Windows ME... the msg came out in Windows XP....

how to solve that probhlem..??
anyone can explain to me what is the "trailing space"??

A:"trailing space" message when sharing printer

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I saw a similar thread on these forums about this but it as it was solved the mods closed it. Anyway, my problem is I cleaned out my system 2 wks ago and must have removed something I should have bec now whenever I have my iPod plugged in and I move a file from it, etc a window pops up saying "no disc in drive E, etc.." with 3 buttons (cancel, try again, continue). I push any or all buttons or right click and close to get rid of it. It's becoming very annoying. I read on the net it is sometimes associated with Norton or iTunes and bec I don't have Norton it must be iTunes related.

I did a scan with HijackThis and I think it's just a matter of clicking on the proper file and "fix checking" but I don't want to make it worse so I'm a little hesitant. I've attached the logfile hoping someone can actually make sense of it. Has anyone had a similar problem? Sometimes when I turn off my PC I also get an error message saying "no disc exception 000000013...." are they related? Anyway the logfile is attached below. Thanks in advance.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:20:15 PM, on 17/05/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.... Read more

A:"No disc" error message-Windows XP

I did a scan with HijackThis and I think it's just a matter of clicking on the proper file and "fix checking" but I don't want to make it worse so I'm a little hesitant.
Click to expand...

That's not the way HijackThis works. It's not simply a matter of clicking a file and checking "Fix". "Fix" actually deletes the entry. It doesn't fix anything. You should avoid "Fixing" anything in HijackThis or you may end up with serious problems. Only do so when advised by an expert.

As for your problem, read the following for suggestions:

Windows no disk

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I'm getting the Low Disk Space message in Windows XP. Well, DUH...I knew that I was running out of room, so I bought an external hard drive with more space than I'll ever fill. Like an idiot...when I got the external.....I just went to folders...sometimes programs and used "send to" the now G: drive. Yes, I know, that was STUPID! Many of the same files are duplicated, etc so that they were copied and sent....not actually MOVED. Some of my programs don't even work correctly anymore.

I know that I can do a system restore....but I'm almost afraid that it might crash my pc. What is the easiest way to fix this problem and put everything else, except my bare essentials, on the bigger drive?


A:The dreaded "Low Disk Space" message

bumping this hoping to get some help

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Hi, I'm trying to reinstall my sister's scanner driver because XP has decided that it's not there any more. This happens occasionally and usually reinstalling the driver fixes it (I think that's what I did last time), but this time i just can't get it to work.

If i unplug the USB cable then plug it in again, it comes up with a message saying that the device has malfunctioned and it doesn't recognize it. I have the driver CD but windows always manages to install it as "Unknown device" before i can tell it to search the CD. I've tried telling it to reinstall the driver from the CD but it says that there are "no better matches for this device". I've also tried uninstalling the program form the CD and reinstalling it then restarting the pc but that didn't help either. I tried plugging it into another USB port (as suggested by Windows Help Center) but that still didn't work.

It's not often that something like this gets me in a circle and scratching my head but I'm really starting to run out of ideas.

Any help would be very appreciated, i just want to get this thing running again

A:Stubborn Scanner Driver - "Malfunctioned Device" and "Unknown Device"

Could it be that the scanner really did die?

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I have a laptop with a USB 1.1 sockets only running Windows XP SP2.

Whenever I plug-in my USB flash drive or wireless card (both of which are USB 2.0 devices), I get the annoying ballon/message pop up stating "This Device Can Perform Faster" (if plugged into a USB 2.0 port etc).

Both devices work fine at 1.1 speeds, and I don't want to be reminded of the fact that I only have a 1.1 socket every time I plug the bl**dy thing in!

Is there any way of making a registry entry/edit or some other way to stop this popping up? I've found plenty of info on how to turn pop-up ballons/messages off altogether, but I only really want to stop this one.

If anyone knows, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

PS: I've searched on TechNet but that only returns the usual un-related crap.

A:Disable the "This Device Can Perform Faster" balloon/message in Windows XP SP2

In Device Manager, click on the USB host controller, click the Advanced tab and then check the box on the bottom of the window that says "Don't tell me about USB errors." I think you need to do this for each USB controller listed under USB in Device Manager so that the error message will not appear no matter which controller the device gets plugged into.


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Hello there so i have the No audio output device is installed message from vista and need to get rid of it. Im not for sure what happened when i upgraded to windows vista ultimate from windows XP it for some reason messed up my speakers?

A:Solved: I Have that awesome.."No audio output device is installed" message...

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Hello All,

I booted my machine to find it present me with two things I never encounter.

1) It booted into ASUS Express Gate (EG), which I believe I disabled when I first built the machine several years ago.
2) Upon exiting EG, it displays the main splash screen for my mobo. It then displays text regarding my SSD, that it's connected to Port: S0. After that, I get the "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key" message.

I don't do anything out of the ordinary with my machine. Web browsing. Photo retouching using Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. Some music (iTunes Store only). I don't play games (Diablo III very seldomly) or download anything other than music.

When in Setup, I see:

- Both WD drives appear in Main screen. SSD is "Not Detected"
- CD-R/DVD-R drive also appears in Main screen
- System clock time/date/language all correct
- Under Boot HDDs,
-- 1st Drive: SATA WD 1.5TB
-- 2nd Drive: SATA WD 750GB
-- 3rd Drive: IDE: INTEL SSD (Why is this IDE?)
- Boot Device Priority has changed. SSD is no longer in there. Options are now only removable device, WD 1.5TB, and CDROM - in that order.

Machine specs:
- ASUS P6X59D Premium motherboard
- Intel Core i-7 950 (OC to 4Ghz)
- 12GB RAM
- Intel 510 256GB SSD (SATA III)
- WD Caviar Black 750GB (Data drive)
- WD Caviar Black 1.5 TB (Backup drive - no updated backup for quite a while)

It looks like my BI... Read more

A:SSD - "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device" message

I assume that the Windows 7 OS is on your SSD. Have you tried resetting the boot order so it is first boot & also I assume it was originally set to AHCI, so try resetting it back to that from IDE & see if that fixes the problem.
If not post back for more assistance.

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I was trying to play Neverwinter Nights 2 on my laptop. The install went fine, but when i tried to play the game i gave me the error message "no direct3d compatible device found". I updated direct X and the driver for the video adapter. My best guess is that i need to get a better graphics card to get it to work. I looked around a little, and from what i hear the best choice for this laptop is to get a Nvidia geforce go 7400. the problem with that however, is that i have yet to find anybody who actually has one. I checked newegg, amazon, ebay, and of course with Nvidia themselves, but the only one i've found is already installed in a laptop.
My computer is a dell xps 1210 running windows 7 pro. The processor is a Intel core 2 duo T5600 1.83GHz. The video is onboard (Mobile Intel 945 Express Chip Set Family). It has 2 GB of RAM. Let me know if there is any other information about my specs you need to help me with this. Any help or advice you can offer would be appreciated.

A:Error message "no direct3d compatible device found"

Double check your laptop manual but when I checked it, I saw no way to add or change the graphics. You will have to live with what you have.

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windows xp on dell dimension 4600. very slow, then last nite i had to shut it down by holding start button on...Now, i get green screen w/3 numeric error codes...Ran test from bios and got the 0f00:133d message. learned its a registry problem and that i can download a registry fix via internet....ONLY, how do i run this fix to the desk top computer since i can not get the desktop computer to download anything or run? Any help will be much appreciated...!

A:error message "0f00:133d ide device faiiled, incompatable cd for testing"

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Every time I download a winamp skin from their site it comes up with the error message stated in the subject after it has downloaded 99% of the file!

When downloading, the file is temporarily placed in here:

"C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\6j8XMZO1\filename"

Is it just because I am not logged in as an administrator, or is it something else???

How can I overcome this problem???

Cheers )


A:Error message "Access to the specified device, path, or file is denied" when download

It is indeed probably because you are not logged in as the Admin. When you download skins for Winamp, they self extract and install to the proper directory. Sounds like the skin is coming down OK but when it goes to extract and install, it stops as you don't have access.

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Hi Everyone,

My computer started to freeze up a lot and now I receive the following error message on startup: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device. Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press any key."

It is a Windows XP OS.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



A:on startup error message "Reboot and Select proper Boot device"

The boot sector on the hard-drive could be corrupted.

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I have a client who was haing issues with firefox. yesterday he attempted a system restore on his Lenovo k410 (win 8 64bit) desktop (without my blessing). it then got stuck in the infamous windows repair loop. the lenovo screen starts then it says attempting repairs, screen goes black and then it briefly flashes "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collect info, and then we'll restart for you".

Well I assumed (and google told me) I need to enter advanced startup options. the problem is nothing I do will get me there!

I've tried to boot to a retail iso just to do a repair install. I've also tried to boot to win 8 repair media created on my win 8 machine (both x64). when attempting to boot with either one the win 8 blue square "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collect info, and then we'll restart for you" and then it gets stuck. it then returns to the original screen, rinse and repeat.

and no luck getting into safemode!

I've found many folks with the similar issues and the only answers revolve around getting into advanced start up options. obviously I can't do it via windows and again I'm unable to boot properly from repair disc (cd or usb) or retail iso.

once at the clients house I was able to hit f2 to get to lenovo's one key rescue. I did not start it because I had not yet backed their data up. I booted to ubuntu and got the data off. now I am unable to even get to the f2 options!... Read more

A:stuck in "repair" loop, can't boot to repair disc or install disc...

Run Seatools long test. Remove all but one stick of RAM and run Memtest on each stick of RAM separately. If you get any errors (Red) that stick is bad and needs to be replaced. Tell us how you get along.

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I want to install Win7 64 bit from legal retail MS disc.

My computer is highly specified 7.4 rated.

I previously had Win 7 32 bit on it, but have formatted the 37GB SSD partition.

My difficulty is that I am getting the message below, whether I select the 37 GB partition or any other partition up to 500GB free space.

" Setup was unable to use the existing system partition because it does not contain the required free space"

There is very small 100MB partition on the SSD drive, named 'System Reserve' which I did not create, and do not know what it does. Do you think that this is causing the problem?

Many thaknks,
Roy Mayo

A:Please help with message "does not contain enough free space"

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Hi guys,
I have a machine here with XP home installed on it (appears to be SP2, I can't find KB936929 in the C:\WINDOWS\$hf_mig$ folder though i may be looking in the wrong place) which pops up with the error at boot up saying "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Press r to repair etc, so i thought ok no problem, pop the disc in, set bios to boot off cd, boot up & when I hit enter at the first prompt, it starts spinning the disc up, when the second prompt "press any key to boot from cd" comes up, it won't boot no matter what i press. I've tried different KB's (usb & ps2) but no joy. However, I did have some sucess when i pulled the hdd out & tried to boot into knoppix live disc, no problems. So i tried to boot off the XP disc (with hdd out) & it booted. Put the hdd back in & no boot. I popped a new hdd i had in the shop in just to check I was on the right track & it started to boot, so I'm thinking it's got to be hdd related. Does this sound to anyone like hdd is unservicable? Should I just replace it? or does it sound like something that can be rectified on the hdd?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! cheers!

A:XP Install disc won't boot past "Hit any key to continue"

Hey!... I know my suggeston sounds a little wierd...Do you use an USB keyboard to press the keys ?... Cause if you do Most of the time it does get accepted..I have had the same trouble in going to the Advanced config menu while windows boots up

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I just got bf2142 for xmas and it installed fine and everything. I even played it online for a couple hours. Then one day i tried to play it and it said please insert the install disc into the drive and click ok to restart. I did it like four times and yet the error persists. I reinstalled it and it worked for a couple times then it did it again like last time. I have alcohol 120 and power iso but neither are active and the game is legit! What should i do?

A:BF2142 "please insert install disc error"

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I'm doing a win7 64 bit install w/a new hard drive. When I grabbed the recovery discs, I didn't see "disc 4, supplemental disc." As a result, i clicked "no" when asked whether I had a "supplemental disc." Is this going to completely kill my install? I'm an hour into it. What have I screwed up by failing to include the supplemental disc?

UPDATE: My install completed successfully. I remain interested to know if I've missed something important by not using the supplemental disc.

A:64 bit install, but erroneously clicked "no" re: supplemental disc

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... I think its a Driver Disc with specif files for your system that accompanies the operating system recovery discs ...

You could of course done a Clean Install and got rid of all the bloatware ...
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Windows 7 Ultimate/32bit. iTunes 9.0
Each time I dock my iPhone, I get a pop-up message "device driver software was not installed successfully". I want to stop this message appearing.
In fact, Windows 7 *is* locating the correct USBAAPL driver (which is seen to load in Device Manager) and iTunes works fine.
However, since the detail on the error message relates to "MTP USB device" it seems that Windows is triggering the error too soon.
I recently reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch and latest iTunes etc (for other reasons) but this problem remains.
If I delete the driver then the default that Windows looks for is the MTP driver (which fails) and then I manually point it to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers and it reinstalls the USBAAPL driver it had before.

A:Plugging in iPhone generates "device driver software was not installed successfully" message

Try go to Device Manager, if there is any “Unknown MTP device”, uninstall it,  then plug in your iPhone and scan for hardware changes to let Windows Update automatically find and install the correct driver.  
BTW, I found the following similar issue for your reference:
iPhone and Windows 7 RC don't work - DELL USB Chipset Issue
Topic : iTunes 9 on Windows 7 x64 Has Problems with iPhone
Please note: we provide the third party link for technical use only. There may be some changes without notice, Microsoft doesn’t guarantee any accuracy on contacting information.
Best Regards

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop, purchased a few months ago. It is running Windows 7 and has a 500GB SATA hard drive (which neither Sony nor device manager gives any further details about).

Intermittently (2 or 3 times since I bought the machine), I get the following pop-up message:

"A storage device was connected. If this device is a port multiplier, only port 0 of the port multiplier will be active."

When this happens, I'm given the option to open Intel Matrix Storage Manager/Console. The version on my laptop is 8.9. If I do so, it tells me that "all hard drives are okay" and the "system is functioning normally."

I apologize, as I'm not sure if the message is appearing specifically at start up or when resuming from hibernation, though it would be hard to call it a pattern anyway with only a couple of occurrences.

I did some Google searching, and found references to this problem on message boards for Dell & HP as well, and I think in all cases it was a laptop computer. The Dell forum thread I read indicated that someone had talked to tech support and been told that "it has something to do with how intel storage manager is interacting with windows," and that Dell ultimately published a patch.

My computer is functioning normally, and chkdsk doesn't find any bad sectors or files. Can anyone clarify what might be causing this "issue"? Is there something I can/should be doing about it?

A:[SOLVED] &quot;a storage device was connected&quot; message?

I would suggest visiting the Intel Download Center and getting the latest copy of the Intel Storage Manager from there (They recently changed the name to Rapid Storage Technology (RST)). Here's the link:

You may want to use the "Automatically identify and find drivers" link in the middle of the bottom of the page to find it.

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I'm getting the "USB 3.0 This device can perform faster. This USB Mass Storage Device can transfer information faster if you connect it to a Super-Speed USB 3.0 port" message even though the external disk is connected to a USB 3.0 port with a USB 3.0 cable.
Any hints?

A:"USB 3.0 This device can perform faster" message even though connected

Try a different port or cable. A USB port has different pins for USB 3 and USB 2, so if there is a problem on the connection for USB 3 it will try the USB 2 circuit. Could also be a driver problem.


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Last January I got that error message on this Windows 7 program and ended up taking the new computer offline for a year and using my old XP for another year so I could print again. I bought a new Hewlett Packard All-In-One Inkjet printer, sure it would work, and put my other computer back online, downloaded driver recommended by Hewlett Packard from Hewlett Packard (after I uninstalled the driver from Windows) and got the messages that everything was working properly and tried to print a test page, but still got the error message above

What can I do now to get this frustrating error fixed?

I should change my OS to Windows 7, but I don't kknow what the Service Pack is right now.

A:I get a message "Error initializing output device"


Originally Posted by funnierthanme

I should change my OS to Windows 7, but I don't know what the Service Pack is right now.


This question and others were answered in you other thread back in March 2012.

How do I fix "error initializing output device when I try to print?

Windows 7 is still on SP1 which you will get when you visit Microsoft Updates site if you install Windows 7.

If you continue to run XP, you should be aware that SP3 was released 4 years ago and your system would have many security vulnerabilities without it.

Do the compatibility check again as suggested by pip22 and if you decide you want to install SP3 for XP, let me know and I'll guide you through it.

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Pops up every time I plug in a USB - I've got two different flash drives and an old mp3 player. Message is the same for all devices. Been using 7 RC1 since it came out (flash drives and mp3 player for a lot longer) but this message box is a relatively recent thing. Gives me a list of all my USB ports but I have no clue how to make them faster or how to get rid of this message.

Any advice?

A:USB - annoying "Device Can Perform Faster" message

What are your system specs? You should fill your specs in because I think this issue is system specific. I have had a similar popup on a Dell XPS 420 desktop and as I recall it turned out to be the chipset drivers. Once updated, Windows saw the USB devices correctly as hi-speed USB 2.0.

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I have a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium. I suddenly get the "This device can perform faster" message in all the time. I also get the message "You need to format removable Disc" when I use a certain flash drive, which works perfectly everywhere else I use it.

I have many USB devices, and two hubs I plug them into. They are 2.0 hubs; both the same model. I got them from Amazon about a year ago, and they each had almost a thousand good reviews.

Any ideas how to get rid of the darn messages? I've researched a Device Manager, I see a couple dozen hubs, roots, etc, listed....none have yellow ! on them. All say they are "working properly." But it sure does seem like there's a ton of devices listed......somehow could things be showing up twice, or unnecessarily? Anything I can do to clear this up? The messages are constant.

Should I upgrade to USB 3.0 hubs?

thanks for any help.

A:Solved: USB "This device can perform faster" message won't go away

Try deleting all the USB devices from device manager. They will be re detected, and hopefully reset. You will need to reboot at least twice.

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Hi all,

All my USB ports (which are suppose to be 2.0) have been giving me
"this device can perform faster" notifications. This has resulted in
very slow transfers - for example, 700MB of data takes 15 minutes.

What I've tried but still received "this device can perform faster" notifcation and slow transfer each time:

- checked that "enhanced host controller" is showing under devmgmt
(see screencap: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet)
- checked BIOS that all USB settings are high speed/2.0
- tested on every port
- tested more than one USB 2.0 device
- checked for conflicts by removing all USB devices and then only testing one device at a time
- checked for updated drivers (notification that latest is installed)


- Windows XP SP2
- Intel D865PERL motherboard

Not sure what else to try. Any help would be very much appreciated - thanks in advance.

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I accidentally ran a device driver install for Windows Mobile device.

Now, it runs on every start up, and of course fails, because I do not have the device.

How do I get this to stop running every time I start up?

Dumb mistake on my part.

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated.

A:"Installing Device Driver" error message

hi rdvista.
try this tutorial Startup programs enable and disable of our Adminstrator Brink.
Startup Programs - Enable or Disable

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Hi all-

I just had to put an old USB hub on my system to correct some problems that the USB 2.0 devices were causing.

Now I get the old " This device can run faster if you connect it with usb 2.0 connectors etc"

Is there any way to stop this message from coming up?



A:Solved: stop "this device can run faster" message?

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Although my printer worked with Windows 7 about a month ago, suddenly one day, I got the above message. A Dell technician, himself, installed the driver to make the printer compatible with Windows 7 but it only worked for a few days after that.

My printer is probably about 3 years old. I still have the installation disc, and had installed it on this new computer in January.

It had worked fine with XP before.

Dell says this is my problem and not covered under my warranty.

A:I get a message "Error initializing output device"

Please tell us the exact brand and model of your printer so we can see if a proper driver is available for Windows.7.

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"Disk boot failure insert system disc" every time i get up

I have done a format c and installed windows xp again. My pc worked just fine a whole day long and i could restart the pc without problems. The next morning i want to boot my pc and i get the message "System boot failure please insert system disk" I couldn't get it fixed so i reinstalled my pc again. I worked with my pc the whole day without any problem i went to bed. The next day i had the same problem as the day before "System boot failure insert system disk". Now my question is how it comes that i cane resart and boot my pc a whole day long and if it is turned off for 8 hours that i get the message "system boot error..." anyone a suggestion?

A:"Disk boot error insert system disc" every time i get up

That could be caused by 1 of several problems.

First (and most likely), it could be a flat bios battery. Does your system loose the date and time too? If so, fit a new bios battery.

Check all your boot options in your bios to see if any of those are the cause.

If you have any spares, try a different data cable.

Scan disk your hard drive as it could be a drive error.

If none of this helps, let me know and i will do my best to help further. Rik

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My brother is working on his first machine. I have helped him a lot, but this stumps me. Upon power on, everything works alright until it starts to boot, where it displays "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter." I thought that this meant a dead hard drive, the thing is he doesn't have an OS on the drive, he is trying to install xp. I have also gone through the bios at least a dozen times to make sure it is set ONLY to boot from the cd. Does the system disc mean the OS or the motherboard utilities disk? (I don't have the utilities disk, i could find one online) he is also using an asus 18n sli mobo, a board that i have heard is very prone to this problem. Any ideas on solutions? thanks a lot!

A:"boot disk failure, insert system disc..."

go into BIOS and ensure it looks for the CD rom first. Then put your windows installation disc in the cd drive when booting. It is looking for the OS installation disc, not a utilities disc.You will also need all your drivers readily available. If you have SATA you will have to install SATA drivers when windows asks to.

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This error happens every time I try to boot my PC.

First sign of something going wrong was the wireless internet not connecting to any network, after rigorously scanning fr viruses there was a trojan my anti-virus software could not get rid of. Occasionally, my system starts up if I'm lucky, but having this problem I have left my PC off for quite some time, came back to it today and it turned on fine although being very slow. Also, when the computer starts it makes a little beep noise but being on the desktop it kept repeating the noise over and over as if it was stuck in a loop, then after around 5 minutes the blue screen error message came up, after this it just keeps displaying the disc boot failure message.

I have no idea how to fix this as I am no computer boffin, any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks, Sam.

p.s im using a different computer to the one im trying to fix if this isnt already obvious

A:"Disk boot failure, insert system disc and press Enter"

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Hello im unsure where to place this thread. " Disc boot failure, insert system disc and press enter " Is the error i get after i took out an IDE 80GB HDD. The primary boot drive is a OCZ vertex 2 120GB. Somehow my pc will not boot unless the 80GB HDD is in. Im unsure how they are related so could anyone help me out so that i dont need the 80GB HDD to boot up anymore.

A:Taking out IDE harddrive error "Disc boot failure, insert system..."

When you installed the OCZ drive, it sound like you had the 80gb HD connected. So the boot up files got written to the 80 gb HD. Do you have a Win7 install DVD ? If so run startup repair 3 times in a row with the 80gb disconnected.

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So I bought this computer off a friend and immediately noticed it was already infected with malwares... sometimes when I click on a search result I get redirected to a random website. If I drag the link to create another tab in Firefox it usually opens the right site though. Sometimes I get popdowns as well.

In safe, safe with networking, and regular modes I've ran ESET caught a few files and deleted them, ran Stopzilla and caught a few more files so they both saying i'm clean now. Unfortunately it didn't seem to fix much and now Stopzilla tells me that there is a 'Vundo.y' infection and when i delete the files they just show back up on the scan after every reboot. I also can't install or use Mbam. I could install it a while ago, but the desktop shortcut would stop working and say that it couldn't find the .exe file. Trying to open the mbam.exe started to load it and then did nothing.

Figured I'd just re-install Windows 7, but now when I try to install it I get a error saying "There is not enough free space to store temporary Windows installation files. Try using Disk Cleanup, uninstall old programs, or move files to an external location such as a CD, DVD, or external hard drive. "

I have an Acer Aspire 5517
running Windows 7 32-bit
140Gb HD
1.6 GHz processor
3Gb of RAM

I have access to a windows boot disc

I have no idea what else to try, I'm totally stuck! Any help that you guys could give would be very very much appreciated!

DDS (Ver_10-0... Read more

A:Search engine redirects + windows 7 install "not enough free space" error bs

just did an in depth system scan with stopzilla and caught a bunch more malware files, plus went back and uninstalled utorrent so these reports are probably better than my previous ones. would have just edited them in but you can't after 30 min. apparently.

DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Tristan at 1:47:17.70 on Sun 06/06/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_13
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.2812.1950 [GMT -7:00]

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\ekrn.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k imgsvc
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\syste... Read more

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Hi Guys, any ideas how to access my external hard drive [TOSHIBA MK3029GACE] device manager can see it but it does not appear in disc management.

I use this HDD perfectly in my car HDD player. But when I try to connect it to my Laptop, it does not show up in disk management.

Please check the attached screen shot..

Thanks for the help....

A:HDD shows in "Device Manager" but not in "DiskPart"or" Disk Management

Specs show that drive has a ATA-6 interface (P-ATA, or IDE). How are you connecting this drive to your laptop? Does the laptop have a PATA or SATA connection? Does it use an adapter?

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I am hoping to completely wipe my system, so that it runs faster and has less clutter. Frankly, I enjoy the process and love the peace of mind that comes with having a completely new and clean system. My system is a DIY (built by myself). I have a key for Windows 7 Enterprise (that I validate through my university). I do not have a Windows ENterprise CD.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to achieve my goals here?
Can I make my own reinstintall CD from my current system? I think probably not.
Is there any way I can buy a Windows 7 enterprise disc (without a key)? Any place online. Ebay was sellling one a few weeks back but now it's gone.
Thanks very much for the input. I might need to spend $90 on a Windows 7 Home edition (I dont care which version of windows I get).

A:Want to reinstall Windows (or "wipe" my system) no disc, have key

You can download the iso file from here, but I don`t think you can activate it.

Try Windows 7 Enterprise | TechNet Evaluation Center

Why can`t the University help you ?

Enterprise is designed to be used in a work computer provided by an employer.

Found this:

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Microsoft Windows Repair Disc refuses to work. What should I do to allow creation of a System Repair Disc?

I created (I think successfully, as the Finish window seemed normal) a System Image on a USB hard drive. The image was created overnight.

After the image was created, while still inside Backup and Restore, I received the sub-window, asking if I wanted to Create a System Repair Disc. I inserted a new DVD, and clicked to start the process.

The "Create a System Repair Disc" subwindow opened, to allow the drive selection.

Immediately thereafter, (with the drive selection window text greyed out) before the I could even see the drive selection drop-down arrow, a failure window opened on top of it:
Microsoft Windows Repair Disc has stopped working
A problem caused .... please close the program.

If the debug option was chosen, the same window appeared, but without the Debug option, leaving only the Close the program option.

I rebooted, and via Backup and Restore, again tried to Create a System Repair Disc. This failed the same way. I rebooted, and used another freshly unpacked DVD. The same failure occurred.

Following forum post suggestions, I have subsequently successfully burned and verified a DVD on the DVD drive.

I use Windows 7 Professional on an Asus U50-F.

Yesterday -- maybe a coincidence -- before this failure I also installed (successfully) all of the most recent Windows Updates.

A:"Create a System Repair Disc" fails

Follow these instructions, carefully.
If they do not work, look at step 7
System Repair Disc - Create

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I'm trying to restore my computer to a previous point in time (earlier today) using the "System Restore" utility. After I select my restore point and click on "Next", I'm noting in the next screen ("Confirm disks to restore") that my C: drive is showing a "not enough space" status (as opposed to the expected "Ready to Restore" status). Do I need to do something as simple as clearing out files from "temp" directories?

To complicate matters slightly: I'm unable to boot into the Windows GUI. When I power up the computer, the "Startup Repair" window stating "Your computer was unable to start" appears and attempts to correct the problem. After a few minutes, it reports that it cannot repair the computer automatically and presents me with a "System Recovery Options" window. Since the initial Startup Repair was unsuccessful, I'm choosing not to select that option I thought the "System Restore" option would be the next best approach. When I try to perform the System Restore, I run into the scenario that I detailed in the first paragraph of this post.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'm more than happy to post additional information as required.


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Hello, my system disk is an Intel X25-M G2 80Gb (74.4Gb) and I recently discovered that there is a rather huge discrepancy in used disk space.

According to disk properties I have used up ~73.7 of the 74.4Gb, but the actual files on the disk are only 51.7Gb if I show all hidden/system files, mark everything and check size and WinDirStat report the EXACT same thing.

I have no pagefile on my system disk, no hibernation file and no system restores (it's actually disabled).

So any ideas whatsoever what this could be? It's starting to become rather annoying to "lose" 25% of my system disk. I've run diagnostics and haven't been able to find anything, I've googled it extensively and found others with similar problems, but the only solutions I've found are pagefile, hibernation file, system restores and of course disk cleaning - all of which I have checked already.

A:Approx. 20Gb of system disk space "missing" - Intel X25-M G2

Hello Zeilon, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below may be able to help you ID what may be using the SSD's space. Option 1 with WinDirStat is a good starting point.

Hard Disk Space - Free Up and Recover

Hope this helps,

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Hello everyone,

I am currently a new registered user and was wondering if this was the correct place to post my problem. I have a issue with my Local Disk (C:/ Drive) and was wondering what was taking up so much space. I have a 1TB hardrive, currently on my Local Disk I have 136GB free of 454 GB. However, when I add up what I can find when opening the drive, it doesn't add up anywhere near the 317GB that it says has been used.

Now, I have currently installed...CCleaner, Eusing Regcleaner, AVG Free 8.0, and TreeSize, all of which I have run various times (still learning about TreeSize).

BEFORE I was getting scared because I had even less memory free (approx. 74.9GB of 454GB). But after running a Disk knocked it down to it's current state. It still doesn't explain how I have so much memory used.

My only thought now is that there are extra copies of my folders and files. Or most likely this has something to do with Vista's "System Restore". I am not very adept at using this PC. Whatever advice you guys can give...try to dumb it down for me and tell me where to go (e.g. Control Panel>Systems>etc..)

And my System Specs are incomplete because I don't even know where to go to get all that information! So if you need to know something about my PC tell me where I might find it or just look at what I have for my System Spec.

Thank you very much, I'll be checking my post at least once a day so I'll try to respond quick if any of you pros have an idea... Read more

A:Local Disk/System Restore/"eating" up space

Hello Mike, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This tutorial will help you see how much disk space is being used by System Restore and how to adjust the MAX size it can use. With a 1TB drive, it will have a high MAX by default.

System Restore - disk space

Hope this helps,

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Using XP SP-1, 40GB HDD
A folder named "System Volume Information" has been created in each drive (C:,D:,E:,F: )
and consuming significant disk space day by day. Whether deleting these folders will create any problem. Any other technique to stop increasing the size of these folders ? Please suggest.
Presently consuming more than 3 GB in total.
Sometimes I need system restore to speed up the PC (besides other registry tools ) ..therefore this function is enabled in the system.

A:Too much disk space consumed for "System Volume Information"

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I am using a 120GB portable hard drive for back ups and additional file storage. When defragging this drive, you are able to see how much space is actually "reserved for system files". Since this is not a bootable drive with no operating system on it, is there a way to recover this space that is reserved for system files? On this drive it amounts to about 10GB of space. If possible, how is this done?

A:Portable Hard Drive "reserved system space"

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Hi there,

I am facing a problem with the backup program of Windows 8. My computer (Asus with 250SSD) disk is new and I just installed my programs. Now I want to create a System Image using Windows. The image should be around 50go. Everything works fine until I get a message error saying my external disk does not have enough space, which is impossible since it is completely empty (500go).
Did anyone have ever meet that problem and/or have advices to help me? I would like to solve that and not be forced to used another way to backup.

Thank you,


A:Create system image failed - "not enough space on disk"

Is your second disc formatted NTFS?

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We just upgraded our office desktop from Windows XP and Windows 7. We used to scan driver's license IDs into our accounting program on XP. It worked pretty smoothly. But now on Windows 7 (the same hardware, except the desktop itself) when someone tries to scan a document we get the following window (see attached) that says,

"Which device do you want to use?"

With only one scanner in the list. That is kind of stupid, isn't it... Plus this window doesn't just popup, it becomes hidden behind other windows and the only way to tell that it's there is by its flashing icon on the taskbar, which is very confusing for most of our office workers.

Does anyone know how to make this window not show up and go directly into that scanner (like it used to work on XP)?

A:Windows 7 scanner message "Which device do you want to use?"

Is it a dedicated scanner or part of an all in one printer scanner? If you go to the Devices and Printers screen and right click on its icon, is there a set as default device option?

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Hi Everyone,

i am using CRichEditCtrl::GetLine() function to read the text from a dialog.
If my text contains any space character then it is throwing improper argument error and the application getting closed in vista only.....
What is the actual problem ????? why it is happening with vista only...?

Please suggest

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I updated to windows 7 premium and in device manager where it says other devices it shows Base system device with a yellow mark next to it. I tried to install it all I got was the message Windows unable to install base system device.Could someone tell me what it does or what is it for?Do I really need it? If so where can I get it?
Thanks for your help

Never mind I finally got windows to update it. It is sp 45112 which is Ricoh Media Driver.
It enables the integrated media card slot

A:Windows unable to install base system device

Welcome to Seven Forums: Good deal. Yes the base system driver is your card reader.
Now in case you have any other issues please fill in your system specs it will help a lot.
Just go to the top of the page to user CP scroll down on the left to edit system specs and fill them in.
If you need help their are several programs avalible to show your specs. Please also include 32 or 64 bit windows. Speccy - Download or |MG| HWiNFO32 3.55-815 Download are a couple. Thanks. Fabe

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I've been battling this for a while now. I have run SuperAntiSpyWare, Spybot - Search and Destroy, AdAware, Microsoft Defender, and SmitFraudFix. Things have gotten better, but I still have a couple of problems that I suspect is related to some form of malware/trojan/virus.

1. When I start up IE, I occasionally get a message in my system tray that says "System Message - Click here for details", and then an Explorer window opens and I get a Windows Popup that says "PCPrivacyCleaner may find dangerous traces that need to be cleaned. Don't let your privacy and reputation to be ruined by them. Making your private information public can cause problems with your boss, family, or friends. Click 'OK' to start PCPrivacyCleaner scanner to remove compromising traces and setup controls to protect your privacy by cleaning or removing dangerous information" then it opens a window and goes here:

Then when I try to close the window another Windows Message says "NOTICE: You have not completed the scan. If your computer has tracks of all adults sites you have visited and files that got installed while you were browsing, it may violate your online privacy and compromise your career and your marriage. You need to clean up all the temporary and history records on your computer to remove these tracks. Would you like to install PCPrivacyCleaner to scan for ... Read more

A:Redirect/Jump on Google Searches as well as "System Message" in task bar system tray

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Vista system restore attempt throwing "not enough space" status

I'm unable to boot into the Windows GUI. When I power up the computer, the "Startup Repair" window stating "Your computer was unable to start" appears and attempts to correct the problem. After a few minutes, it reports that it cannot repair the computer automatically and presents me with a "System Recovery Options" window. Since the initial Startup Repair was unsuccessful, I'm choosing not to select that option I thought the "System Restore" option would be the next best approach. When I try to perform the System Restore, I run into the following scenario . . . after I select my restore point and the restoring files activity is complete I recieve and error 0x80070070 and a message citing not enough space. My C: drive has 19Gb free so is the lack of space in a partition and if so how can I change it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'm more than happy to post additional information as required.


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I recently had DK8 do a boot-time defrag/chkdsk and consolidation of files and folders. As a result the "Reserved System Space" seems to have disappeared. (It's normally fairly large and white with a criss-cross green grid as per the legend left lower side.)
Why is that and need I be concerned?

A:Solved: Diskeeper 8 Pro and "Reserved System Space"

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Forgive me, but I?m new to the forum and relatively new to [rebuilding] computers (compared to some of you, I?m sure?) I do have a tech background.

Having said that, I had to do a re-install of XP (SP1) on a Dell Optiplex GX620 that I have. While at it, I upgraded the HD to 1.5TB (Seagate Barracuda)

The XP install went well. I did not have a restore disk for the drivers, so I went to Dell?s driver download website and downloaded the correct drivers for my model/service tag.

I put the drivers on a USB flash drive and moved them/loaded them onto the Dell. I installed the drivers in order and most installed fine. A few however, such as the Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Divers, are telling me that I am out of disk space. I get the error and a dialog box says that the volume on the C: drive is -650GB, and I have -655GB Available, with 2328KB Required and Differences of -650GB? I have no-idea what?s going on here, but I can?t seem to install the driver(s).

I did Disk Clean-up, defrag, chk disk, Ccleaner? blah, blah, blah? I am only using 1% of the available drive capacity.

Any ideas?

A:New O/S and driver install "Out of Disk Space"???

BUMP... Does anyone know whats going on with this? It's a simple re-install and driver install problem; not a virus or anything weird.

Someone has on this forum has HAD to have seen this before.

Please help.


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--Love the website motto: [stupid questions are easiest to solve.]

I am running Win7x64 on a newly installed (non-laptop)
MSI ZH77A-G43 motherboard with i5-3570

I spent a couple of days ensuring that I had installed all of the drivers
including the chipset, facilitated by MSI's LiveUpdate5.

I have a simple USB thumb drive.
I take it to my roommate's (VISTA) computer--it plugs in just fine. I cleaned, rewrote, read.
I did a check for errors scan; in properties, it is FAT formatted with default allocation size (2056).

I plug it into my computer (detailed at top). I am not even getting a common problem--"unrecognized USB device."
It does not even know that it is USB apparently--I get an error box from the system tray:
TITLED: Driver Software Installation
Device driver software was not successfully installed.
unknown device (fat red) X Device unplugged
unidentified device (fat red) X Device unplugged
[nonsense help links from MSFT] CLOSE box

There is a small led on the thumb drive that shines steady.
(assumably indicating something is wrong; nevertheless power is present)
(normally, it flashes on and off a couple of times when recognized on VISTA computer.)
(yes I tried multiple USB plugins, on front and back of tower-case)
I hear an audible "g-dunk" sound every 1 second.
The Device Manager window, though functional and operational, briefly flashes
in response to every g-dunk (a 1/2 second later.)

I finall... Read more

A:Thumb drive "unknown device" "device unplugged"

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Please can somebody help with this minor but annoying matter. When turning on my business computer one morning, the space bar and return/enter buttons are visable when i type emails, but when i send them, they are not. I know its a setting, but can anyone tell me what setting and how to turn it off?


A:[SOLVED] &quot;Space bar&quot; and &quot;return/enter&quot; are visual on emails! Help

You need to tell us what email client you use as these days not everyone uses the built-in one.

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I'm glad that the Windows 10 drivers for Dell Precision M4800 have been out. Unfortunately when executing different installer files, I've always got "The update installer operation is unsuccessful". Below is an example of the log files.
Any ideas please?
Thank you in advance!

[08/02/15 19:24:29] Update Package Execution Started[08/02/15 19:24:29] Original command line: "D:\Software\drivers\Windows 10\Video_Driver_DC3V0_WN32_15.200.1045_A00.EXE" [08/02/15 19:24:29] DUP Framework EXE Version:[08/02/15 19:24:29] DUP Release: DC3V0A00[08/02/15 19:24:29] Intializing framework...[08/02/15 19:24:29] logo.png[08/02/15 19:24:33] User Command: attended[08/02/15 19:24:33] DUP Capabilities Value: 39845887 (0x25FFFFF)[08/02/15 19:24:33] DUP Vendor Software Version: 15.200.1045[08/02/15 19:24:33] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[08/02/15 19:24:34] Local System OS Version:[08/02/15 19:24:34] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes[08/02/15 19:24:34] Local System OS Language: EN[08/02/15 19:24:34] Language Compatible with this Package? Yes[08/02/15 19:24:34] Extraction-miniunz path: C:\PROGRA~3\dell\drivers\VIDEO_~1.104\miniunz.exe[08/02/15 19:24:34] Extraction-arguments: -x D:\Software\drivers\Windows 10\VIDEO_~1.EXE -o -d C:\PROGRA~3\dell\drivers\VIDEO_~1.104[08/02/15 19:24:34] Extraction-GetExitCode: 1[08/02/15 19:24:34] Identified Behavior : attended[08/02/15 19:24:34] Temporary payload log file name: C:\Pro... Read more

A:"The update installer operation is unsuccessful" - Windows 10 on Precision M4800

I'm having the same issue when trying to install a Video Driver on OptiPlex 9020:

[11/15/15 11:31:43] Update Package Execution Started[11/15/15 11:31:43] Original command line: "J:\Video_Driver_GXPVY_WN32_10.18.14.4170_A16.EXE" [11/15/15 11:31:43] DUP Framework EXE Version:[11/15/15 11:31:43] DUP Release: GXPVYA16[11/15/15 11:31:43] Intializing framework...[11/15/15 11:31:43] logo.png[11/15/15 11:31:44] User Command: attended[11/15/15 11:31:44] DUP Capabilities Value: 8388607 (0x7FFFFF)[11/15/15 11:31:44] DUP Vendor Software Version:[11/15/15 11:31:45] System ID: 05A4[11/15/15 11:31:45] System model description: OptiPlex 9020[11/15/15 11:31:45] Match found: 9020 (05A4)[11/15/15 11:31:45] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[11/15/15 11:31:45] Local System OS Version:[11/15/15 11:31:45] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes[11/15/15 11:31:45] Local System OS Language: EN[11/15/15 11:31:45] Language Compatible with this Package? Yes[11/15/15 11:31:46] Identified Behavior : attended[11/15/15 11:31:46] Temporary payload log file name: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Video_Driver_GXPVY_WN32_10.18.14.4170_A16\DUP8CF9.tmp[11/15/15 11:31:46] Translated Command Line : setup.exe /report "C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Video_Driver_GXPVY_WN32_10.18.14.4170_A16\DUP8CF9.tmp"[11/15/15 11:31:46] Path : C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Video_Driver_GXPVY_WN32_10.18.14.4170_A16[11/15/15 11:31:46] Identified Behavior : attended[11... Read more

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I've 11 people expecting various concert DVD's (legally recorded) from me. I received these from a friend and have tried to copy one and image one without success.

Here is error #1:
User Name : HP
Company Name : CyberLink
CDKey :
OS Version : Windows 7 Home PremiumService Pack 1
C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\Power2Go\Power2Go.exe : Version
CBS.dll : Version 7.7.5307


Total physical memory : 3893MB (3987312KB)
Free physical memory : 1172MB (1200828KB)
Memory load : 69 percent

Number of CPU : 2
CPU Name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6100 @ 2.00GHz
CPU Speed : 2000 MHz


Task Type : Save Disc Image

21:00:56, File(cl_DiscCopy.cpp), Line(8431)
-> Begin burning process
Current drive: <Cyberlink Image Drive>
Current writing speed(x): Maximum Speed
-> Burn SDE
Current reading speed(x): 8.0

21:00:56, file(cl_DiscCopy.cpp), line(8854)
-> Prepare writing disc
Burn option: w/ buffer underrun protection
Burn option: w/o simulation
Burn option: w/o close disc
Burn option: w/o verify disc

21:00:56, file(cl_DiscCopy.cpp), line(886)
-> Begin new track: 1

21:09:59, file(cl_DiscCopy.cpp), line(1055)
-> End write
Last write LBA: 1917056

21:09:59, file(cl_DiscCopy.cpp), line(1095)
-> End new track: -286331154

21:09:59, File(cl_DiscCopy.cpp), Line(1248)
-> Burning Fail, ErrCode: 0xeb020ba0
-> ... Read more

A:Forum search for "0xeb020ba0" was unsuccessful. DVD burning help please.

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Hello everyone,

My system freezes occasionally and I get the informative "system failed CPU test" message. I also hear an annoying beep which is probably coming from the cpu fan but I am not sure about that. I think my computer is quite old, so it might be the case that the CPU is dead but I hope there's still a way to fix it.

Of course the first thing I did in order to solve the problem was searching in the manual of the motherboard to find some information about the above-mentioned informative message. ASUS suggest that I should check the CPU if it's properly installed. I removed the CPU, heat sink and fan firstly. After that, I cleaned the cooling paste from the CPU and heatsink, added cooling paste to the CPU and I assembled all the parts onto the motherboard.

I also tried to find out more about the minidump-files generated by Windows, but I couldn't find anything interesting.

If anyone could help me fixing the system freezes and the other above-mentioned problems, I would be glad to hearing a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Greets, goalie99.
The last minidump-file is attached to this message.

A:"System failed CPU test" message, system freezing occasionally

Below is additional information from your duplicate thread that was held for moderation:

The system created some minidump-files as well and I investigated those, but with no result. Maybe you could find those files useful, so I attached the most recent minidump-file to this message.

System specs:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz HyperThreading
Motherboard: ASUS P4P800-E DeluxeClick to expand...


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I recently installed Windows 10 Enterprise Eval build 10240 (64bit) on my Inspiron 15 (5547, Early 2014) but when I try to install drivers all drivers give me this error: "The update installer operation is unsuccessful".

Without drivers laptop is useless and I am in so much trouble.
So please fix your drivers for Inspiron 15 (5547) and check them on same laptop with same version of windows before uploading on your database.


A:"The update installer operation is unsuccessful" - Windows 10 64bit on Inspiron 15 (5547, Early 2014)

I upgraded my window to Windows 10 pro but error is still exists.

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I formatted my computer, installed winxp sp2 and the driver for my multimedia device was lost, i ran everest to check what it was and its SiS 7012 audio device, an odd thing was when it said my motherboard name is unknown, its a laptop.
I downloaded different drivers but non of them were succesful, i tried installing one and a failure error pop up, "failed to install driver for windows xp" (check link or thumbnail), i tried installing winme.exe for windows ME driver but it didnt work, tried changing install directories but didnt work either. i donwloaded drivers from SIS home page but didnt work either. please help, i am most concerned about my sound device rather than the mother board, here are my specs.

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 2600 MHz (13 x 200)
Motherboard Name Unknown
Motherboard Chipset SiS 648FX
System Memory 512 MB (PC2700 DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Type AMI (01/12/04)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
Video Adapter ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 (M10/M11)
3D Accelerator ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 (M10/M11)
Audio Adapter SiS 7012 Audio Device
IDE Controller SiS PCI IDE Controller
Disk Drive TOSHIBA MK602... Read more

A:SiS 7012 audio device "failed to install driver for Windows XP"

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go to your laptop manufacturers website. You should be able to get your drivers there.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I have a Yiynova tablet monitor and its been working fine for about a month. I recently tried to download the beta version of a NVIDIA GeForce update (bad idea) and had to reinstall a previous version. After that, things started to go south for my tablet.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the tablet driver, and tried to plug it in a different USB port and it came up with the same message.

Is there a step that I'm missing?

I have dual screen setup, and that's working fine, but the driver that senses the pen just isn't installing, even though I installed the driver program.

I appreciate any ideas on how to fix this.

A:Yiynova tablet monitor "device driver failed to install"

The problem wasn't solved, but I believed I narrowed down the problem. The driver doesn't seem to fully install.

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Hey all!

I have a wweeeiiird problem. It started with that my screen looked all messed up after booting up (once past the win xp logo, when the video card driver kicks in i suppose). It looked like horisontal lines all over the screen (not moving, frozen...) and i had to restart. Once restarted everything worked fine. This happened a few times (two or three i think). But finally it didnt help to restart, so i started up in safe mode and uninstalled my video card. I actually removed the card (ati radeon 9800 pro) and put in my old one (3d prophet 4500) just to be sure nothing happened to my expencive radon card. Then it worked booting up normally. XP found the card and tried to install it. It didnt work properly, it said. So I had a look in the device manager. There I found that the AGP bridge to pci or something had one of those yellow bad-signs on it. Two other devices (also under "system devices") named "PCI Standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" had the same yellow sign. Looking under properties it says this:

"This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system."

I uninstalled the AGP bridge (whatever that one was called) so that one isnt in the list of system devices any more. Now its just two of the other type I mentioned above.

I've tried to find info about this problem by surfing around, but I haven't found a... Read more

A:Can't install ANY video card driver, it says "not enough resources" in device manager

Hey man


Lol, this comes from runnig a Ati card on a Nvidia nForce chipset! no just kidding ...
Anyway seems like you screwed windows up beyond recognition :blackeye: ....]
There is an easy solution and a difficult one..
The easiest way to fix your problem and establish if you don't have any other combinations of problems is:
1) Find a loan hard drive to reinstall a fresh copy of windows with your new display card inside, or plunge right into it and reinstall windows on your current HD... remember to install the nForce drivers before anything else. While you at it remove any other pci cards that might be the cause of your problems.
2) If your PC crashes during the reinstallation you definately have a hardware problem, try your original display card again.
3) If you have two ram modules, remove one, test, swop them, test.
4) If your problem persists after this I recommend testing the card on another pc... if available. It could be a faulty display card...
5) I presume your pc worked fine before the new display cards installation.
6) If the display card works on another pc you have a compatibility issue (very nasty) on your hands, take it to a pc vendor near you to sort it out.

Good luck!....

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hi guys, i just reformated my computer and installed all my drivers except for "high defition audio device" i went to device manager and saw an exclamation mark on it, my speaker built in with my monitor doesn't work. can anyone help me get it working?

thank you.

A:[PROBLEM] Cannot update or install my "high definition audi device"

What happens when you try to install it? What is the error message?

Where did you get the driver and do you know if it is Windows 7 compatible?

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anyone please help me before this i'm able to format my laptop into windows 7 ultimate x64 bit but now when i'm trying to format using the same dvd windows installer a message prevent me from format "required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing". i also downloaded a new iso and burn it into a new dvd and also usb but both with the same results. then i borrowed my friend dvd installer and it works i can install windows. now i want to format it again download a new iso but that error still prevents me from installing new windows help please

A:"A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" error install win

What operation system did your Laptop come with?

Where are you downloading the ISO for Windows 7 from?

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I'm having this problem since few months ago. before I had installed a software named VMWare for my college's assignment in order for me to use Linux Ubuntu. but apparently it gave me a lot of problems until I decided to uninstall the software. after I uninstalled, all NEW USB devices such as external HD, flash drives and etc cannot be detected and windows always prompt "Found New Hardware" pop up message and require my windows to install driver software for my USB devices. I tried clicked the "Locate and install driver software (recommended)" but it still prompt out again the message. it happened for all new USB devices. I don't know why. maybe it happened after I installed the VMWare, I guess?

can someone help me with this? I cannot use my new flash drives and external HD for me to transfer my works. it's so tiring

A:Always prompted with "found new hardware" to install driver software for any USB device

Have you tried reinstalling the chipset drivers, which would generally be responsible for USB support?

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1st noticed when I plugged in my iPhone & instead of the ususal little popup box asking what to do with pictures (can't recall what it's actually called) it now comes up with New Hardward Found.

The iPhone syncs ok with iTunes as the "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" is ok in Device Manager & I can transfer music & videos etc

However the "iPhone" shows an exclamation mark in Device Manager - which is the camera drivers, meaning it doesn't show as a drive in My Computer.

Whenever I plug my iPhone into the USB it always comes up with new hardware found & tries to locate the drivers, it does this ok but when installing them it always come back with the message "access is Denied" I have tried reinstalling them from within Device Manager as well but get the same message.

I have also plugged in a USB card reader previously unused on the laptop to check if it was just my iPhone & again it finds it as new hardware & tries to install the drivers but again comes back with "Access is Denied" So it's not related to just my iPhone, it looks like is related to USB devices.

I have tried using a different USB port (There are 3) one of which has the mouse plugged into & the mouse works ok, the other has a bluetooth dongle in it & that works ok as well.

I have turned off User Account Control & this has made no difference.

I have got Avira & Comodo Firewall installed & have also... Read more

A:Windows Vista is saying "Access Denied" when trying to install drivers for USB device

Download the driver EXE file & save to desktop. RIGHT-click on desktop EXE icon, select "Run as Administrator"

That might do it, but COMODO either is or will be a problem. It's firewall does not play nice with Vista and causes system services to crash. All 3rd party firewalls have this problem if not completely configured properly for NETBIOS ports in particular. If 1st suggestion does not work - remove comodo.

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The hard drive is a Western Digital 320 GB that I've had plugged into this computer before (and worked). Then i got a virus and had to do a recovery of windows.

Ever since then I can't get windows to recognize/show it in my computer. I just "disabled" and "enabled" it in device manager to no effect. I have a C, D, and E drive which are: two partitions on the hard drive, and then the CD drive (respectively).

So i'm stuck, not sure where to proceed since it's obviously not the hard drive itself, I use it on my xbox all the time. What next?

A:External Hard Drive doesn't show up in "my computer" but does in "device manager"

Does it show in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Manage...then Disk Management.
Find the drive...right clik it and select Properties.
Report back with your findings.

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I've a samsung with some extra samsung features (samsung update plus, speed up manager, recovery system etc.) and they bug me. Therefore I wanna do a clean installation on my laptop but when I boot up on my USB (works fine) I get the following message "No device drivers were found ..." instead of having access to the partition manager.
I've done a lot of research on my problem but haven't come up with any solutions yet. Does anybody out there know what to do?

Btw., I've tried the to boot other laptops with the USB stick and it works like a charm. I read somewhere that the problem could be that my laptop didn't load the SATA drivers, which is needed for the partition manager, that might be the problem but I don't know where to find the drivers though.
Furthermore I've noticed that I can't see my USB drive when I browse for files only C:/ (system disk), D:/ (primary), E:/ (some recovery disk) and X:/ (boot) and that might be the problem I guess!? Strange this that I boot from the USB stick though

A:"No device drivers were found ..." when trying a clean Win7 install

Format the USB stick using Universal USB Installer with Win7 in dropdown menu. Boot under USB, Removable or HD's in one-time BIOS Boot Menu. Set HD to boot first in BIOS setup.

I would first make sure your Samsung Recovery is not set up like in this thread, which is the worst nightmare I've seen here in thousands of successful clean reinstalls. The OEM software didn't work correctly when downloaded from webpage. Samsung claims the apps which work are stored on the Recovery partition which only enables the use of an image user is to save to external or DVD's. However if a small Recov partition is accidentally deleted during reinstall there is no access to this or the Recovery image - ever - and Samsung won't ship Recovery Disks. Apparently the only way to reinstall the Recov partition is if the image is saved to DVD's which will boot and run, but many save it to external instead.

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