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Q: Dell computer issue

JohnWill said:

I always make the recovery disk as the first step. Then if there's any question about the configuration, you can always knock it flat and start out with the factory configuration again.Click to expand...

hey JohnWill,

I also have a Dell Dimension 2400 with XP-home on it. I bought the PC almost new at a yard sale last summer. The lady that owned it Even transfered the warranty for me. When I got it home (came with all the disks), the first thing I did was was remove all of the Norton's software from it.

A BIG MISTAKE I found out later. Dell has a "PC Restore for Window XP" that I found out later.

Here's the link:

Basically, "When the Dell splash screen appears during the computer startup process, press and hold <Ctrl> and then press <F11>. Then, release both keys at the same time.
NOTE: Some systems like Inspiron Mini 9 (910) do not support System Restore as they do not have <F11> nor any substitute."

In the Dell PC Restore by Symantec window, click Restore. Alternatively, press <Tab> to highlight Restore, and then press <Enter>.

I didn't know this !!!

I right clicked on "My Computer" icon to the "Microsoft's Management Console" window and I have 3 portion's.

The first one is a "Healthy EISA Configuration" that is FAT 31MBs., the 2nd one is "healthy Unknown Partition" that is a FAT32 3.49 GB's. And the 3rd is a healthy System
79.97 GB's. ( I have a 80 GB HD..

I wanted to restore my system to the factory settings ( I have all important file, music, pictures backup.

Is their any way to do this. I have tried the "system restore" , but I can't get back that far. I can only got back to May 4 2009.

Is there a "registry crack" I could do. Yes, I know the registry vert well. The worst that can happen is ......I reinstall XP !!

JohnWill, if this is in the wrong forum, you can move it.


A: Dell computer issue

So you are saying Ctrl+F11 does not work??

If Ctrl+F11 is broken it can be repaired sometimes but is not easy, lots of reading to do.

Your uninstalling Norton Software while in Windows did not break it, the most common cause of this problem is Installing XP from the CD, Dell uses a proprietary Master Boot Record (MBR), when you reinstall XP from the CD, it replaces this MBR with a generic one and breaks the Ctrl+F11 functionality. If the Dell image is still on the ""healthy Unknown Partition" that is a FAT32 3.49 GB's", then you can repair it in most cases following Dan Goodells instructions.

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So, my issue that ive looked everywhere for a solution to is this.  I was about to give this laptop to someone and I reformatted the hard drive to clean it up before doing so.  After this I went to dells site and loaded up the drivers for this machine.  All is fine up till this point.  Then I updated the bios to the newest version a12, and all went fine.

Well, later that day I needed to unplug the laptop and go to a different room and It just turned off after I unplugged it.  It wouldnt turn on with battery power either.  Plugged it back in and it loads fine but the battery is stuck on 36 percent charge and says not charging.  Now im getting a message saying the battery needs to be replaced as well, which is *** because I know that the battery was working just fine before this day.  Not only that why wont a battery with 36 percent charge turn on the laptop?  Its got the flashing red battery symbol when powered on with the ac adapter but without the computer on, but still plugged in, the battery doesnt charge or have any lights. 

I have already tried the uninstalling of the acpi trick, as well as the taking the battery out while its running, or taking it out purging the power and reseating.  Ive tried all the common tricks to no avail.  Not sure whats going on but I know this battery was good, and it still says 36 percent but wont charge and wont power the laptop on.  Hope someone can help.

Thanks Gary

A:DELL VOSTRO 3500 BATTERY ISSUE (not charging and wont power on computer with charge) HELP!

First check:  make sure the BIOS (F2 at powerup) recognizes the AC adapter.  If it does not, the battery will not charge. 
If the AC adapter is not recognized, try another Dell OEM adapter.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the DC jack:
And if that doesn't solve the problem, replace the mainboard.
If the AC adapter IS recognized, but the battery will not charge, unplug the system, remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Try again -- if the battery still won't charge, odds are the battery itself is bad.
If the battery is original to the system, it's about four years old - well past its expected lifespan.

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Every since windows 10 upgrade i have been having issues with my audio. When i start a video for the first time i will hear crackling and poping noise then it will catch up after i pause the video and play again.  Then the audio slowly goes out of sync.  At first i thought that were my speakers, but it was happening over headphones as well.  I tried the latest version of driver along with switching to the windows 10 generic audio drivers.  Anyone else having issues with this?

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I am on a Dell Inspiron 1100 and when I boot the system, most of the time, I get an error before the BIOS loads that reads as follows:

"The Device in the system modular bay cannot be identified. It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem. Please read and complete the following steps.

1. Press the device completely and firmly into the bay.
2. Press the ESC-key -- wait for the system to power down.
3. Press the power button to retry detecting the device."

My BIOS version was just recently updated as I ran into the problem to BIOS Revision A32. I called Dell Technical Support and the support told me to remove the optical drive and reinsert it. I did as told. I booted the system up and before the BIOS loads, bam, error once again. The technical support didn't even know what to do. The support said that I may have a failing mobo. Now, how would one go about seeing if their mobo was failing? I'd really love to check this before actually going to purchase another mobo, Hell, purchasing a brand new computer or building my own considering I am sick of Dell's erroneous electronics.

A:Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue

You should first try a second hard drive with a full install. That usually fixes the problems with the 1100, 1150, 5100m, 5150, and 5160 which all seem to have the same problems.
Remember that this optical drive is fragile, and has a history of failure. New models are available with DVD RW that are quite reliable, on eBay. They range from $72 to $85 to $89 to $95. If you are good with tools, you can get the generic one, then revise the hardware to make everything fit just fine.

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So over the past 2-3 weeks I kept noticing that my battery kept dying even though I would shut it down (yes window > shutdown) the computer with a full battery. The next evening I would power up and see that the battery was at 20% from full charge. This is a BRAND NEW as in <2 months XPS 9550. I checked my event log and WHAT THE [email protected]#$??? It is absolutely filled with Dell Foundation Service and Dell Product Registration events all saying  " Power event Handled Successfully by the service." Clearly it is not.. The stupid things run every 10 seconds. So when I think I am powering down my computer, it is being blocked by these services and actually just going to sleep... but it actually isn't sleeping. Its waking up every 10 seconds. Can anyone PLEASE help me determine the issue. Apparently according to update service everything is up to date. 
Dell XPS 15 9550 Win 10 Dell Foundation Services vers 3.1.330 DFSSvc.exeDell Product Registration  vers 2.2.38 PrSvc.exeDell Update Service vers 1.8.114
Log sample: (note the time... yes i was asleep) 
Information 5/21/2016 6:42:06 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:42:06 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:41:56 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:41:56 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:26:31 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:26:31 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformati... Read more

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The short version of my question is exactly what the topic says-- Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer?

But, here's the wordier version giving context, if anyone's interested.

About 10 months ago, I guess, I got a Dell Vostro that came with Windows Vista Home Basic. However, I had no interest in Vista (because I already had a Windows machine) and the very first thing I did was install Ubuntu on it. I still have the Vista reinstall disk, though, which, to my memory, hasn't been used.

Now I'm planning on getting a barebones system and upgrading what I see fit. For the time being, I'm going to use the Windows 7 RC, but I'd like to get the uber-great upgrade deal that they're having to pre-order either the Business or Home Premium version upgrade. So, to do that, I'd need an XP installation or a Vista installation. Is there any reason, legal or software-related, that I wouldn't be able to install Vista using that disk that came with the Vostro?

I heard somewhere that sometimes if you try, it'll say something like "This is not a Dell computer, you evil, evil person" and refuse to install, so I wanted to make sure before I pre-ordered the upgrade. I don't want to get the upgrade and have nothing to upgrade, of course.

A:Solved: Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with Windows Vista OS. I have a Dell 926 printer interfaced to it via USB. Printer driver is installed and the printer does communicate at times with the computer and does a good job printing. However, intermittently when trying to print a document I'll get a message on the computer that says that communication has been lost and print job failed.

I've checked all connections to make sure they are solid and no debris that might cause this.
That has not corrected the problem.
The other thing that happens is that the document I want to print will stay in the print queue/spooler and if I shut the computer and printer down and restart both it will print the job. And it may continue to print jobs but it's just a matter of time.

Needless to say this is frustrating. I can print several jobs in a row with no problem and then I'll get this "communication has been lost between printer and computer". And I have to go thru the procedure above to get the last job printed.

My wife doesn't understand how this works and will try to print the same job several times with the commo problem and then complains when it won't print.....and then they all print when the above procedure is followed.

Any ideas what is going on??? Any fixes??

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Two months ago bought a Dell 8900 from Best Buy. After 20 days, it would not start, same with the next 8900 replacement... only fewer days. The first gameware as a replacement did not start at all. The Alienware Aurora worked beautifully for 3 days and then would not start. In the 8900's,,, got the blinking amber lights on the start button. Tech is coming to replace motherboard. What the heck is happening? Could it be the monitor... or the external hard drive or what? Come on Dell,,, what's up? I have a Dell XP Laptop as a back up using the same external hard ddrive.

A:Dell 8900, Gaming Computer, Dell Alienware Aurora

There is a power issue with the external hard drive.

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Dell Audio doesn't work on my Dell computers but Realtek does. Why is Dell Audio on my computer if I can't get it to work? It looks like a better program with far more features.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530, XP PRO, SP3, about a year and a half old. Almost since I first got it, every few months or so, when I boot up it hangs on the Dell screen. When I turn it off and reboot, it is fine. I use Rebit to back up everything on an ongoing basis and have an extended warranty from Dell. Is there anything I can do about this, or should do? Thanks for your help.

A:Dell computer occasionally stuck on Dell screen

I would run a memory tester

Download the prebuilt ISO, burn it to CD as an Image, boot from that CD and run the memory test for a couple of hours or overnight to stress test the memory.


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Was given a Dell Optiplex 360 that I found out after getting a nasty virus had a bootleg XP OS
I also did not have any disks with it. I had older disks for a Dell 4600 that I used to wipeout the hard drive and install the new OS. Everything works fine except that I can not load any of the drivers from the second disk, (it was a 3 disk series)
thus at least at this point not able to connect with my cable internet. Cable people told me I needed the drivers.Any suggestions or can it just not be done.
Thanks, Al

A:Loading Older Dell OS To Newer Dell Computer

You will have to go to the dell website look under support and then drivers and downloads for your model of computer.If you use the service tag number on the computer it will make sure you get the correct ones you need. For future reference so you wont have this hassle again burn all of the drivers to a cd so you will be all set the next time.

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My battery for the above computer has expired and needs to be replaced but I do not know who sells replacement batteries XBT9E1 or compatible ones.

A:How do I buy a battery for my Dell computer Mod. Dell DE051

I believe the replacement battery you are after is a CR2032. If in doubt take the flat battery to your electronics store and ask for the equivalent. They're not very expensive.

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ok I have windows XP On Both Off my computers but my other one has a dell monitor and I've tried to get it to work so many times I got lucky I think twice first time it worked but then I shut it off for the night then I had a hard time to get it to work but I finally did and after that I can't get it to work it keeps saying to set it up through the disc drive I think I haven't turned it on for a bit I'll have to check it,
but can anyone help with what I said?

A:Does A Dell Monitor Work With A Non-Dell Computer?

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So i'm having a bit issues with my inspiron 530 desktop. My computer has been working fine until I decided to switch my current power supply. I got the other power supply from my other pc which I do not use anymore. After plugging cables in my pc turned on by itself and then turned off after a split second. After that it didn't turn on. I switched back to my other power supply which was working fine. My results was that my pc turns on itself when the power cord is plugged into the wall. Now there is no display shown but everything was working fine before. Also, the power button does not work either after. Im not sure if everything is plugged in properly. Can anyone show me the inside of their inspiron 530? Please help!

A:Dell Inspiron 530 issue

Hi itsmetri,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
Is there any other activity on the system like fan spinning or hard drive been read?
Do you have another monitor to try?
please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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Hi, Have a Dell A940 printer am trying to fix for a friend. Have solved one issue, but it's the second issue that has me stumped. I've tried this printer on two different computers with the same results. If printing from Wordpad, Wordperfect, or Word, nothing prints. Printing from my yahoo account results in the yahoo header being printed but not the rest of the email. It also did print a .jpg graphic. So, it seems not to want to print text (unless it's associated with graphics) for some reason. Have checked the basics like margins, set up, paper, etc. And again, tried this printer with two different computers. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.

A:dell printer issue

This may be a cartridge issue afterall. Seems I can print color, but not black, but any other thoughts are welcome. Going after a third cartridge to try.

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I purchased a Dell for my daughter 6 months ago. She forgot her password and has locked herself out. I tried to reset by moving the pins on the motherboard to no avail. As soon as the system boots, Windows XP askes her to login with a user ID and password that we no longer know. She does not have any disks that came with the system. Is there a way that she can use her PC now? I called Dell and after 3 days of runaround, they told me that for a price of $99, they could reset her password. I think NOT!

A:Dell Password Issue

actually, there are a bunch of threads on the password for Dells, but the $99.00 they ask for may be byfar the easiest way for her to have a computer unless u want to build one and that is going to cost more than $99.00.

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I am working on a Dell inspiron 1525 laptop and diagnostics showed the 120gb hard drive was bad so I bought new 500gb hard drive, I have tried to re-install windows but when it gets to the install windows screen the message appears that there is no hard drive installed. I hooked up the hard drive to an adapter and formatted it and can see the drive. I also put the hard drive in a different dell computer and used the same windows cd and the install starts. I took a another hard drive out of a laptop and put it in the problem machine and I see the windows logo and windows loading and then get a blue screen but I think that is normal due to the drivers being different as they are different models of laptops. I did the dell diagnostics and everything is OK. The time and dates is not staying set in the bios but that should not be related, I do not see anything about the hard drive in the bios and I was wondering if there might be an issue of this laptop being incompatible with a larger hard drive? Any ideas?

A:Dell Laptop issue

when a mb fails partially, it is hard to tell. If no laptop drive is recognized, check the pins on the drive and the adapter (part of the caddy) and look for cold solder on the pins that connect to the MB. You may have to completely remove the mb to check the underside.

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Hi, and Hello All

New to site and this is the last resort to go to and i really need the help of all the tec support team and members.

2 months ago a bought a new dell dimension 9200 desktop computer as a upgrade and also a treat for myself. took me a while to save up and cost me 100.00 short of a 1000.

Within those 2 months i had a complete system failure and had to send the computer back for repair. dell tec supoort informed me that the system needed a new mother-board and also a hard-drive had to be replaced. My system is on a raid set up. On the hdd was my (DSR-dell system restore). They basically told me that the DSR will no longer be available anymore on the hdd.

Just could not believe it within those 2 months system failure and no more DSR functionality. Also to my disbelief i asked dell support for help and told them that this was my back-up facility that you are wiping and not replacing. Did not get a chance to back-up the hdd as yet cos did not expect a system failure so early. they replied with cannot help with this issue and it will be no longer available. They offered no support at all and also a complete shambles trying to explain to them the situation.

The system has been repaired and i have now no DSR FUNCTIONALITY on my hdd. I've searched the internet for help, some have said that the DSR partition can be created but will no longer be the origional one and have to install thier own ghost image onto it. These sites offered no links or indept vie... Read more

A:Dell Dsr Partition Issue

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This is my second visit to Love you, love the show.I have had a number of issues with my Dell machine running XP Pro. Let's begin.The problems seemed to begin some months back when I would be on the internet visiting normal usage websites such as my e-mail (from my paid domain) or perhaps the local news website. A web browser window would open unexpectedly and without my prompting, directing me to various websites offering generic search links, college info or shopping. Each time the URL at the top of the browser would begin with "" (only characters inside quotations). This happened especially frequently when I would perform a search on Google.After a period of time these new browser windows stopped appearing, but a new symptom replaced them. When searching on Google, if I clicked on any of the links provided by my search I would be taken to web pages that resembled the ones in the unrequested browser windows mentioned previously. Copying the link and pasting it directly into the address bar was the only way to visit a site from the search page.Some time after this began to happen, but not immediately and not coinciding with browser issues, McAfee Security Center began to act squirrelly, sometimes shutting off for no apparent reason. Only the Virus Scanner and E-mail protection would fail. The Firewall would remain on. At the time this began it was very sporadic, and seemed potentially an issue with McAfee or my aging computer and... Read more

A:Possible Rootkit Issue On XP Pro Dell

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:CODEmsconfigsafebootminimalactivexdrivers32netsvcs%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.exe/md5st... Read more

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I just bought a dell dimension 3000 from the gaming section of, it came with a ****** on board video as i expected, but what i didn't expect, when i opened it was that all it would have are pci slots. does this mean i just spent 800 dollars on a system i cant play games with?

A:dell/pci video issue

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I recently got a new Dell XPS 13. I like it very much but I have one single issue with it.
It gets hot when plugged in. I installed latest drivers and bios firmware but it's still annoying.
The main problem is that I searched for fan problems over net, I saw people are complaining about fan being too noisy on XPS 13 but I hear absolutely nothing from laptop. and now I'm wondering if it has a fan and it's working.
How do I know that the fan is working?
Thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS 13(9350) fan issue

Hi Mohsen,
We?re listening. We?ll surely try and assist you. To isolate issues with the system, we request you run through the hardware diagnostics. Please click here to find the steps to run the hardware diagnostics.
Please let us know if you see any error message and validation code.

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Hello to everybody
somebody of my family has give me this "old" laptop because my one was stolen.
To delete all the data i RE installed Win 7 and now the installation Stops after 5 minutes and tells something about emrs Problems .
Can somebody help me if not i search to kill all the data with nuke and try again.
So i really wait for your help or advice
Thx to all from Munich

A:DELL D 630 Win 7 Installation issue

You can click the link below for information installing Windows 7. There is also a link to download drivers for your computer.
Windows 7 Support
Latitude D630 Drivers and Downloads

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I have a Dell XPS issue that is very strange, and I couldn't find the answer, or anything like it for that matter, when I googled it. First of all, as soon as I boot up the machine, There are little green dots going horizontally up and down the boot card. Also, some of the letters have been scrambled and replaced with other letters. There is also random quotation marks all over the screen in other parts of the boot sequence. When I try to boot normally into Windows, the Windows Logo is messed up as well, and it blue screens on me. I have been able to get into Safe Mode, but I have no idea what to fix. At first I thought it was a virus or hard drive issue. Now I'm thinking it's the BIOS, CPU, or video card. I ran diagnostics, to no avail, everything passed. When I boot into Safe Mode however, the letters are no longer scrambled, and everything appears as normal.

I've even attempted to post a picture of one of the scrambled letter "Windows did not boot correctly" screen.

Could anyone tell me what might be wrong?

Thank you

A:Strange Dell XPS Issue

I'm checking out for the evening shortly, but that sounds like something hardware related. To start the Dell diag boot, turn the rig off, plug it into a power source, hit and hold function and hit the power button. That should start the Dell diagnostic check; if you let it check ram (which I'm not sure it is, but can't rule it out) it will take a bit longer.

Curious to see what the vid card reports.



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Hi there,

I have recently had to format my Dell Dimension 2400 desktop due to the fact it was full of viruses (parents opening emails they didnt no about)

I used an XP home sp2 disc to format and reinstall the operating system no probs, but now the screen resolution won't go above 640x480 pixels, and everything is massive, I'm guessing this is a driver issue but not got it online yet and unsure how to fix the issue? anybody had similar prob or any ideas?

A:Dell Reinstall Issue

The Dell 2400 should have come with a Drivers and Utilities cd. If you don't have it or can not find it you can dowload the drivers you need from the link below.

Dell 2400 Drivers

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I upgraded to Win 7 ultimate 32 bit from win xp. mu keyboaed acting strange while pressing Shift+2 button for @. It instead type ".

Pls help...

A:DELL keyboard issue

Hi pavithrannair and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

There's nothing wrong with your keyboard, other than it is set up for English (UK) rather than English (US). To correct it, see here: Keyboard Layout - Change

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So the unit when you plug it in you get a flashing power light. No power. No diag codes.

When you press and hold the PSU test button on the back the machine powers up into windows without issue.

CMOS battery tests 3.06v
Tested all ram, reset bios, still the same.

Cant find much info online about it. All capacitors look great, no swollen or corrosion.

Anybody got any suggestions? PSU tests fine on the tester and it does the same when I install a brand new 600w evga psu.

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Just the other day my Dell 720 printer stopped working. It can turn on, and it's still listed in the printer section of the control panel. However, when I try to print a document, it just remains in the queue and nothing happens.
Does anyone know what could be wrong and any potential solutions?
Thanks in advance!
Also, it might be worth noting that I think it started happening when I tried to print something and got a message from my virus software (Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2007) asking if I'd like to approve or deny some software function, it might have said spool...and I could have sworn I hit approve, but I might have accidentally denied it. Do you know what something like this could have done, and if so, how to correct it?
Thanks again!!!

A:Dell 720 Printer Issue

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I had a dell engineer come to fix my laptop as it was overheating and he replaced parts for me.
He fixed the issue of overheating. But now I have found that I am unable to plug my headphones into the headphone jack and there is a rattling noise inside the laptop when I move it. (like a piece has fallen off) 
I've been searching for a number to call dell premium support from Ireland. The old number (used just before christmas last year) 1850 434 334 that was open Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm doesn't seem to work any more and any other number seems to only be Monday-Friday. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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It shows on the mixer that there is sound coming out however, I can't hear any. I know that the Dell XPS 420 has problems with this since this happened to me last time I reformatted. This time I can't seem to find a fix as much as I've searched. I think I finally found the right driver version but still I can't hear any sound.

Dell XPS 420
Windows 7 64 bit

A:Dell XPS 420 Sound Issue

Your problem is not a "common" problem. I do a lot of support on the Dell users forum.

Assuming you have the correct Dell sound driver installed (R157052 for the SigmaTel integrated audio), to to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound panel, Playback section. Make sure your "Speakers" are set as the default playback device. You can also configure the speaker type and test the speakers from this panel.

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i have dell inspiron 15 5559 i5 6th gen after resting my windows 10 then i tried to install dell audio driver, it installed but maxx audio pro not show
what can i do ?

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I am six months out of warranty, and am having the same issue. My wife called two times during the warranty and she downloaded drivers to fix it. I wasn't using the laptop at the time, and didn't know it was a continuing issue.
Now I'm the one who uses it and its a constant issue. 1,q,a,z, cap lock, and the others on the left side just don't work at random times. It seems to happen most of the time on wake up (for me).
I have read the forms, and am blown away that Dell seems to be ignoring the issue. I wonder if this is way my job stopped using dell products. 
Anyone who has replaced the keyboard themselves had the issue after?

A:Does Dell really ignore this issue?

What issue? Only Replies to posts will make any sense. New posts need to have all the info to get help. 

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I have a dell monitor, with a dell dimenson 2400 tower. When I turn off my computer, or monitor for 30 min + it will not turn back on. When I turn on the monitor, or computer the screen will come on, and quickly turn off. I can still see the screen, but it's VERY dark. My monitor's power button from green to orange. This is my strategie to fixing it, by turning it on and off untill it stays on. But this takes about 10 minutes. I need some immediate assistance! If you guys need some more info please let me know.

A:Dell Monitor Issue

LCD (flat thin screen or CRT like a older tv?)
The LCD's crap out after several years, they can be fixed but the fix's cost more than they are worth. If its a CRT I would replace it anyway - really obsolete and not worth fixing either.

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I have a Dell Optiplex on the way from e-bay and I would like to go ahead and order some more ram so they get here about the same time but I am having a hard time finding out what ram chip to get for that model.

I normally don't have a problem looking up the correct ram but I am getting suggestions for PC-2-5300 and PC-2-6400 as well as some others. I know that it uses DDR2 but the rest is confusing me. I understand the chip speed such as 667mhz or 800mhz but the rest I am unfamiliar with.

Could someone please tell me what type of ram chip I need to get? I am going to get 1mb sticks so I don't care if they are exactly the same as what comes with it because it only comes with 215mb of ram so if I get one with a faster speed then it won't matter cause 215 mb is nothing for ram. Please help me with what ram chip to put in this unit if anyone can and thanks.

A:Ram issue for a Dell Optiplex

I could help you out with that. But first, I would need the exact model of the computer.

E.g. Dell Optiplex 360

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Hello all,
 I just installed a new sound card in my XPS 730x. I must of loosened something because it will only boot while holding down the PS reset button. While booting up I get " Alert! M/B I/O plug not connected. Could some on point me in the right direction on which plug this is before I start opening things up again. Thanks all. Josh

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I have connected my old Dell printer AIO 924 to my new Dell XPS 8500. I can't seem to figure out how to scan. I had no trouble with my old computer, but can't scan since connecting to my new XPS 8500. Can anyone help me please? Do I have to get A new driver? If so, where do I get it? Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:new Dell computer/old Dell printer

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Can anyone suggest a way to get a dell 770 printer to work on a non dell win98 system?

My friend was given the printer from his friends, but it's a dell and it's pretty muh brand new so he doesn't want to throw it away. It's also better than his current printer

Anyway, he uses the dell install disk but once it begins and runs the setup app it gives a message akin to pirating. Saying something like -this computer does not support dell , or something like - this computer is not a dell.

Can anyone offer advice. I did a search on google and dells' site and here.
I couldn't quite find anything that might lead me to an answer..?


A:dell printer for non dell computer??

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My dad was putting some paper into his printer and had apparently put the paper in too far. When he tried to print something it jammed up and the printer had abruptly shut off. I have tried leaving it unplugged for a while and plugging it back in however, the printer WILL NOT turn back on at all.

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Since upgrading to Windows 10 last week I haven't been able to print from the internet. Seems to work printing from the computer, although I get a message saying there is a problem with the printer and will not be able to print...then it prints! Anyone else having this problem, and if so is there a solution to it that I can try. Thank in advance.

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But icver been lurking here for two days and I can not find a pass, or a proper means for me to short it...

I've taken off the back modem panel...

the is a battery looks like a bios rom barttery....

I need a password, or a means to short it, that is fairly simple...
There is this black film there, I assume I should just tear it off right?

It says this computer is protected by a password authentication system.

And my service tage is


A:Dell D610 password issue (I know, I know)

(I know I know)Click to expand...

What is it that you know?

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I have had the system for a few years now and it has sat a while with a virus. Yesterday I redid the OS (windows xp) and installed 4 gb of memory up from the 2 it came with. All went fine. I also wanted to upgrade the graphics card and bought this one off dell...ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB Low Profile PCIe Graphics Card with Displayport.

This is where I ran into problems and I am not very computer savvy...I can do the basics, but when it comes to this stuff I'm very new.

The book said to uninstall the old GC driver so I did and to disable any onboard video (not sure where to find this, it didn't come up in the device manager). Then swap cards and install the new drivers.

I did the unload of the old GC drivers (it was a GeForce card 128, 7300, Low Encryption, MRMGA10), took out the old card, put the new one in (in the PCIe slot) and went to turn it on and nothing. Sometimes it would give me random error codes on startup, other times it would show a colorful snow screen that would scroll down the screen. I could hear the computer running like it was loading windows like normal, but there was just no picture.

No clue what to do next. I've read that I should reset the BIOS, no idea how to do that. I tried hitting F2 on the load screen, but not sure what to look for. I did find the section for Video and Primary Video and there it just let me select PCI or PEG. It was on PEG, but I switched to PCI and that didn't work at all.

Any ideas? If you need ... Read more

A:Dell XPS 410 new graphics card issue

To get into most bios you need to only hit "del" key on boot up. You can also try starting up in save mode(f8) to see if it is in fact a driver issue.

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I purchased and received my new DELL XPS 13 I5 intel laptop two days ago.
I opted for 8gb RAM and 256 SSD, I was torn between this and the macbook pro for university. I have never had apple and decided to stick with microsoft just for ease of use with onedrive and what I know.
I have always heard negative things about windows 10 but have had a chromebook up until now. After researching Dell's laptop I thought surely a 8gb RAM and SSD would mean I would not have any issues..
unfortunately after onyl two days of using it I am getting slow responses. Some examples:
just clicking on cortana it seems to crash occassionaly.
I opened a 3rd tab on Microsoft edge and the screen lagged and crashed for 4-5 seconds.
Opened a PDF from gmail which had 50 pages..laptop froze for 10 seconds.
Opening microsoft word takes way too long and loads for a while.
My internet is fine this the laptop? Windows 10? or a mixture of both? I really thought a laptop of this quality should manage to run windows 10 with no issues. Has anyone got any ideas?

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I have a 7450 which suffered some liquid damage. The good thing is it still works and when plugged into an external monitor everything is hunky dory.
However, without an external screen the picture is barely visible. I thought the backlight had blown so I changed the screen however the replacement screen had the same issue?
I've read it is something to do with a fuse on the motherboard, is this correct? The replacement screen had the electronics bar (invertor?) as part of the screen but I did not change anything else.
Any help/advise would be much appreciated!

A:Dell 7450 Backlight Issue

Hi Windowscrashedagain
Thanks for writing to us. 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message

Please provide us the LCD part# you replaced? 
If the issue is still the same with new LCD, probably the LCD connector on the motherboard is gone. In which case we have to replace the motherboard.


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I have a Dell Latitude 810 Laptop.
Windows XP SP 2
ATI Radeon x600

A software recently told me that I needed to update my driver and the video BIOS. I did so, only to find that the most recent game that I was trying to play wouldn't work anymore (TrackMania Nations.) I rolled back the driver, only to find that I cannot do resolution shifts anymore. Whenever I manually shift or a game shifts resolutions, the screen has a black frame around it. The FN + F8 shows CRT/LCD, and that usually does the trick. It is not working or it is not the solution. Is there a way that I can manually do the function of that key. Maybe that is not the solution at all? The FN + Up arrow does make the display brighter, so I am assuming that the FN key works. I've gone into the BIOS and switched the Expanded LCD setting to off and enabled. Neither makes a difference. What should I do?

A:Dell Laptopm Resolution Issue

When it comes to video card drivers(or any driver for that matter) do NOT roll back the driver or update the driver without un-installing the old driver first.

Go into 'add/remove programs'. Uninstall the ATI display driver using the ATI uninstall utility that comes with the later drivers. Otherwise just uninstall the 'ATI display' driver as well as 'Ati Control panel'. Reboot. Install latest drivers and you should be good to go.

Rather then trying the quick resolution shift you might just right click on the desktop. Click 'Properties' then 'Settings' and switch the resolution there.

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I recently got an older dell laptop, and i have been having a problem during boot. Right before the BIOS finishes loading, i get a white screen that reads- "unknown device in system modular bay." I cant proceed beyond this point, so i just keep rebooting over and over until i get to my desktop. I unplug everything from it, and i still get this problem. any thoughts?

A:Dell laptop boot issue

"sounds" like you have a new hardware device or input device without the drivers installed. Is that possible?

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Second Thread on this issue as I have not resolved yet.

My issue is that I have removed the Symantec Antivirus v10
- I then went to Restart - and now I cant get back to my sign-on page.

This is what comes up on the Black Screen:

Starting Dell Symantec Recovery Environment

Then it starts a new page stating:

The file \minint\system32\hddrvr2\nvraid.sys could not be found.
Press any key to continue.

I have put in the XP Reinstallation CD to run a Recovery but the CD
would not boot.

Any suggestions?


A:Dell Symantic Issue with Removal

did you us norton tool to uninstall ?? why not try system restore if you can get it to boot.

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I inherited a Dell GX60 that was foul with malware, so I scrubbed and installed a clean copy of XP2 now updated to 3. The issue I am having is no Dell drivers, I managed to find the driver to get the network going. I have been updating and downloading all afternoon, I have a video issue I can not change resolution due to no driver. I found the driver and downloaded it but due to the size of the Adobe authorization applet I can not scroll down far enough to hit ACCEPT!!! I need a copy of the video drive then I am home free.


A:Dell GX60 Perplexing issue!

If you're having problems downloading the drivers because of the resolution, why not use another computer to download the setup file/driver file and save it to a flash drive?

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Hi all,
My new (3 months old) Dell Inspiron laptop is having a pretty bad time. Until Sunday, I'd never had any problems with it, not one crash, freeze, not one thing. Now, everytime I start it up, give it 2-3 minutes, and it will BSOD with a stop 0x00000050 error.

I hadn't installed any new drivers, software or hardware on the Saturday, so am unsure as to the cause of the error. I can't run any checks, as the computer will BSOD, and cannot restore the computer, as again the computer will BSOD, even in safe mode.

I've backed up all my documents to CD's, but am reluctant to re-install Windows.

Here are the mini-dump files. Hoping someone can interpret them and help me out!

Any help would be fantastic!

Thanks, Tom.

A:Dell Inspiron - BSOD Issue

All 18 minidumps are the same:
Could be a memory or hard drive problem. The laptop should ave some recovery or hard drive/ memory checks built-in

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Dell XPS L421X 
with intel i5-3317u cpu
8 Gb RAM and Windows 10
I have serious issues with overheating ,CPU reaching 96 degrees and idle temp around 65 degrees...
(updated bios, ran multiple checks for motherboard and cpu, hardware cleaned from dust, changed thermal paste, new OS, no viruses)

Please, help

A:Dell XPS 14 (L421X) overheating issue

First try cleaning out dust bunnies inside. Can blow out with compressed gas and remove some of the access plates to do a better job.
If no help, to inside and make sure the heat sink(s) is properly attached. If it's OK, remove the heat sink(s), clean surfaces and apply new heat transfer paste (Arctic Silver) or new pads. Search the web for procedures and refer to your manuals.

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I'm SURE there is a very simple step I'm overlooking but I tried using my laptop wirelessly last night on my home network, and the Google (and I tried others, no luck) home page wouldn't load...Windows XP, service Pack 2.

XP pops up a window to show I'm connected to my wireless router at home, but it won't load the page.

OK: Background. I traveled to Dallas this weekend to visit my sister and had to enter a password to use her wireless network. I believe the problem has something to do with that, but here is what I have tried since then.

1) Went into Network Connections, and looked at all the wireless networks, did a refresh, set my home network as the top one in the list--still didn't work.

2) Opened a DOS prompt, cleared the DNS using the command: ipconfig /flushdns.

3) Released and renewed the ipconfig a few times....(It's connecting to the router, just not loading the page, so really I was banging my head against the wall, metaphorically.)

4) Checked Windows security settings, but it appears the firewall is turned off, although I never really found where I could change the settings, so I'm not 100% positive about that.

Any ideas what's wrong. It has to be something really simple I'm overlooking...

A:Wireless and Dell D505 Issue

My wireless shows a strong connection even though my cable modem is in standbye mode. Try resetting your cable or dsl modem whichever you have.

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Hey everyone,

So I run a Dell studio 1558. About a month ago I got a virus which corrupted my computer pretty bad, which eventually turned into the computer to stop booting up the operating system. I tried making a repair disc on another computer, but that made matters worse as well as that the recovery partition is corrupt/not working! Meaning I can't find the option to revert to factory settings. Then I called Dell to send me recovery disks (which when I received was a windows reinstallation cd and a drivers cd), and I tried doing that, but they didn't give me any instructions at all and refuse to help me without paying them $120 or some absurd amount since I am out of warranty.

So now I'm stuck in a serious issue I don't know how to fix. I tried using the reinstallation CD that Dell sent to wipe the main drive completely, but it gives me some weird option to load from one of two Windows 7 operating systems. It also shows me this weird BIOS utility screen every time I log on, which hasn't shown before when my computer was functioning properly. (I have included pictures to show what I'm talking about)

I really need some help here. I'm not sure what to do at all in this case! If anyone can tell me how I can fix my recovery partition or make it so my computer functions properly again, I would be very grateful


A:OS issue with Dell Studio 1558

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Hi everybody,
So today I installed an update of PowerDVD 12, but now I can't play any Blu-rays. So I wanted to download an earlier version from My Dell Downloads, but I can't access it because it says "service tag not supported". What should I do? I have an Alienware x51 R2. Thank in advance and sorry for the bad English. 

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I opened my new Inspiron 7559 today, after updating all the drivers including the NVIDIA one, so I installed league of legends, upon playing the first game, I noticed my FPS was around 130 and would cap around there, I found this odd as the laptop I had returned before this was an older model by Dell and it ran the game completely fine at 215 FPS another thing I noticed is the game would freeze randomly, overall it feels like my laptop isn't keeping up even though it has really good specs, what is the possible issue?
EDIT: Last night the game completely froze and I had to manually turn off my laptop and back on again.

A:Possible GPU issue on Dell Inspiron 15 7559

I have the same problem with my Inspiron 15 7559 playing The Division. Game hangs with fans at full speed and laptop won't turn off even when holding down the power button for more than 10 seconds. How do I manually turn off the laptop? It's still running as i type...

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Hi, I have a dell latitude d620. My daughter had it a college and the wireless was working fine. She came home this weekend and the wireless and direct connect do not work. When I do an ipconfig /all nothing happens, the radio or the network indicator do not appear in the task bar, however, when I look at the device hardware, the wireless card shows as enable and no issues. Also, the wireless switch on the left side is in the on position but the light does not come on. Any ideas?


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I have recently upgraded my system from windows vista to windows 7. Everything seems to work fine except the printer - Dell all in one printer 922. To solve the issue, I have followed several solutions from different forums. For e.g., according to one solution (this solution seemed sensible), I have deleted the printer from my system, uninstalled all the printer driver software and have tried to use the vista 32 drivers to get my printer working. But all in vain. I have tried the process almost ten times now and I am tired. That's why I have come to this forum. Please could any one of you help me resolve this issue. Thank you in anticipation.


A:Windows 7 - Dell aio 922 Printer Issue

I had the same problem with my Dell AIO 964... Try downloading the the Patch/Upgrade .Zip file from the Dell website. When it finishes downloading open it and run the DellCleanUpUtility.exe this will delete the driver that Windows 7 automatically installed. When the Utility completes it will ask to reboot, allow it do so, then procede to install the windows vista version of your printer driver from the Dell website. Cho Yung Tea

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My Xps One screen will not stay lit. It is on and if I repeatedly hit the on button I can see my work but risk epileptic attack. So we know the screen is working it just will not stay lit. Also the monitor is set to notebook. I do not know if this has anything to do with the problem or not. Maybe it has always been set this way. I contacted Dell and they suggested I update my bios and drivers. Did as they suggested but it remains the same. Anyone have any idea what to do?
windows vista ultimate - service pack 2

A:2008 Dell XPS One Screen issue

That sounds like a physical failure.
Before you get it replaced, try changing the screen saver setting that sets the time till the monitor is blanked/turned off.

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So, I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 9550 i7 Skylake model, and the problem that bothers me is with the sleep mode. It's the 3rd day when i watch a movie on battery, close the lid with 70% of battery and wake up after 7-8 hours with 5-10 % of battery remaining. IT IS ABSURD !!! I paid a lot of money for this product, and I think this can be solved with a BIOS update. (i have .19 version of BIOS).
Please give me an answer of what I can do, and does anyone else have this problem??

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) SLEEP Issue

This is a known Windows 10 issue. You can use the Power > Shutdown buttons and you think that it is totally shutdown, but it is not. I did that with my laptop which I did not have plugged in and a while later when I brought it back up, I discovered that the battery had almost run down. What you can do is shut off "Fast Startup". That should solve the problem. The XPS 15 will still come up fast enough without it.

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I have Dell 3420 and accidentally formatted my C drive ... now how can i retrieve my factory setting from the recovery drive.. kindly help me

A:Dell 3420 recovery issue

Hello waqarazam

Try to press F11 as the laptop is booting .

If that doesn't work try these steps below

Turn the laptop on and tab the F8 key, until you reach the Advanced Boot Options menu

Using the ↓ Down Arrow , select Repair Your Computer and press Enter

Select your language and click Next

Log in as an Administrative user, and click OK ( if needed )

Click Dell Factory Image Restore from System Recovery Options

From the Dell Factory Image Restore window, click Next

Click the check box that says: Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory

Click Next. Wait while your computer is restored to the default factory configuration

Click FINISH once done .

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What happend with my Dell Xps 15 9530 surface issue

A:Dell Xps 15 9530 Surface issue?

Anyone don't know?

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This is my first post to this site, but I've been reading for quite some time. Hopefully someone will know what's going on here.

I've got a Dell 435MT, it's the Core i-7, 6GB RAM, 3450HD Raedon video card.
I'm having a problem with a fresh install of windows 7 x64.
I've tried this with both professional, and home premium.

Here is what happens.

1.) Boot to CD follow prompts, choose "custom" for installation.
2.) Choose primary partition
3.) Click Install.
4.) the machine works, and reboots once, then comes back for the "completing installation" portion.
5.) At some point here, the monitor goes dark (and into powersave mode)and shortly thereafter will reboot.
6.) From here, when the machine comes back on, I see the "starting windows" screen, and then the monitor will go dark again (into powersave).

There are no further reboots after this, the machine just sits there. Powered on, and not responding.
Has anyone else seen this issue for this particular setup? Is there a known driver issue with this machine?
Any input is appreciated!


A:Dell 435MT OS reinstall issue


Any changes to the hardware configuration lately? More ram, etc. ?

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HELLO I bought this pc for my wwife (we are poor ) for 80 bucks no hard drive it was county surplus ,. it worked fine at fist but now it turns off unnexpectedly and sometimes when triying to start it freezes on first screen (dell optiplex 760 screen) wat i need expert advice on is should i buy new power supply ( it looks like a giant ac adapter ) its 200w power supply or does it sound to you like a mother board problem ,. also it some times spins h fans at high speed for a second then its fine also no BEEPS IT DOES THIS HIGHSPEED SPINING ON STARTUPS OR SHUTDOWNS NOT WHILE RUNNING WHEN ITS RUNNING EVERYTHING SEEMS FINE ITS FAST (DUOCORE 64BIT 4 GIGS RAM SO EVERYTHING SEEMS FINE EXEPT FOR THESE ANNOYING SHUT QOWNS AND POST STARTUP FEEZES SO WHAT DO YOU THINK POWER SUPPLY OR MB??? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANSWER

A:issue with dell optiplex usff 760

There is no way to know for sure. Typical causes of shutdowns, as you noted, are the power supply and motherboard. The only way to truly "test", is to swap one or the other and see what happens.

The fans "buzzing" (ie: running at full speed) is common for some PC's as the PC boots.

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It started out with my call of duty 4 crashing on MP. i read online that it might be a sound driver issue. i went to dell and i d/l the driver but when it installed, my speakers just stopped working. in device manger, its says it is working properly, but in the sound menu, its says that there is no sound device!! i have tried many thing from many different forums but none seem to work. now i have no sound and i hope that maybe someone from this site can give me some advice on how to fix this. ( it is not a sound card, its is a sound device on the mobo). i have also uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times.


A:Help!! Sound driver issue with Dell XPS 410!!

Never mine i found a driver for a different system and it works now. if anyone wants help on this issue the site is . if you have a xps 410 get the R182475.

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A few months ago, I began to have a problem where the laptop would not power on. When plugged in, the charging light is present. When the power button is pressed, the lights will turn on, but right after, all except the first light?and charging light if plugged up?will go off, then a second or two later, the first will turn off and there will be a clicking sound followed by the laptop turning back off. The screen is at no point responsive and the DVD compartment will not open. There are no beeps, the only sound (other than the single click on the right side of the laptop) is the fan as the laptop attempts to start up. I'm hoping to be able to resolve the problem on my own to prevent the eminent crying and depression of buying a new laptop. Only joking, but I do hope to be able to fix my laptop, as it always works well and laptops are expensive!

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I'm having an issue with my Dell XPS 15 laptop (i7, 4K Touch, 512GB SSD, Windows 10).
- the laptop instantly wakes up after I put it to sleep (by pressing the power button or closing the lid);
- this happened after the laptop failed to hibernate from sleep and now it's happening every time I try to put it to sleep and it just wakes up instantly after the sleep starts;
- there are no waking devices or scheduled tasks, nor is the wireless card waking it;
- the issue seemed fixed after I updated the BIOS with the November firmware update (01.00.07), but it started again after another failed attempt to hibernate from sleep.

Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) sleep issue

Even with the latest BIOS update 01.01.19 (05 Feb 2016), I still have this issue.
I was able to further explain the issue on this thread:
I will transcribe it.
Some notes:

the expected behavior is: put laptop to sleep by pressing the power button > wait 1 minute (I configured it that way) > the laptop wakes to hibernate > the laptop hibernates > the laptop stays in hibernation until I boot it up again
the bug is: put laptop to sleep by pressing the power button > wait 1 minute > the laptop wakes to hibernate > the laptop hibernates > the laptop instantly wakes up afterwards
when the bug happens, the laptop is in a state where it wakes up instantly after every sleep, hibernate, and shutdown (even after restarting it)
to "fix" this state I have to prevent windows from booting up when the computer wakes. I usually shutdown the laptop, wait for it to wake automatically and hit the power button again, making it shutdown for real.

Steps to trigger the bug (default 'balanced' power plan with 1 minute to hibernate from sleep):

the laptop is plugged to the charger, with only a usb mouse connected
put laptop to sleep by pressing the power button
while asleep, unplug the power changer and disconnect the mouse
at the scheduled time (after 1 minute) the laptop wakes up to hibernate, and a sound is play... Read more

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I have DELL A2010 (aka DELL One) running Windows Vista Ultimate. I have the following issue. When I power on PC the fan starts to work but PC is not booting up. There is not error messages on the screen and there is no light above the power button. I have to wait 5-10 min for fan to work, then turn the PC down by holding the power button, wait 10-20 sec then turn the power again and at that point the PC would boot without any issues. Once it is started I can shut it down and start again without any issues. But if I let it stay shut down for 2-3 hrs it will start again in the "fan mode".
I noticed that colder it is in the room the longer I have to wait for PC to run in the "fan mode" before I can start it up. In the summer when I had 72-74 F in the room I could wait only 1-2 min in the "fan mode". But now when I have 68 F in the room I have to wait at least 5 min. When I wait less before powering PC down it will start again in the "fan mode".
I updated bios but it did not help. I have feeling that this is a hardware defect but wondering if anybody else had similar issue with Dell A2010, any other Dell system or any PC in general.

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Hi All,
Interesting problem with this POS Dell 1520. My classmate sent it to me from NY, it arrived in fine shape the issue is that it had no hard drive and no ram missing the hinge cover all that's doable, he sent the oem adapter. I had a known good working 2.5 sitting around and a couple sticks of ram. The unit is cosmetically fine. So I drop in the ram and the drive plug it in wait a few hours walla battery is fully charged so I hit the power button and power light comes on, tic toc tic toc that was then the power light off. So I was ok I will run through the motions. I pulled the battery did the cycle routing blah blah. Shoot no go, did the shine the flash light thing on the screen, nothing.
So I ran through the memory thing, swapped slots confirmed the fan comes on, popped in a brand new drive checked the keyboard, checked all the screws undid the keyboard everything is good. So I put all that back together hooked up my test monitor (yes I know about the F/N key) still no video. So I took the ram out of my personal laptop nothing. I called him and told him were looking at a new mobo he is like ok find out and let me know. I found one but this morning I decided to strip it down and see what if anything was going on inside. I stripped it down and too my surprise I would eat off the inside of that machine......yes it has integrated graphics the power jack is independent of the mobo and it isn't loose in its mount. In fact for a laptop that age damn thing is in exc... Read more

A:Dell 1520 start-up issue

I believe at least some Inspiron 1520's have a discrete Graphics card. If that one does you could try just replacing that. You might need to replace the motherboard as well but I would try the card first if the cost is reasonable.

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Hello! I have a issue on my laptop anyone know this issue please help!
My dell Dell Inspiron n5050 having a issue when i press power on button it shows the dell icon and loading win8 also displayed but after that display blank screen with beep sound,I ran dell diagnostics, and it stopped with this error code:
** Hard drive 0 - dst short test** Test results : fail Error code 2000-01 42 Validation 14321 Msg: hard drive 0 - s/n S2W1BA6Z, self text unsuccessful. Status = 7

A:Dell Inspiron n5050 issue

Answered here

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I am getting unwanted pop-up window titled "No firewall is turned on message" and Dell wireless connects only after 4 to 5 minutes once the windows system starts and If I check task manager under user name section no user names appears for 4 to 5 minutes and nothing loads/works.

system - Dell Vostro 1400 - windows xp professional
Windows Firewall is turned on.

Ran/scanned with Malware bytes, Combofix, Symantec antivirus and scanned both C and D drives using CD ROM media AVAST Bart PE Windows bootable CD and AVAST antiviurs scan - BUT NO LUCK.

Tired to uninstall dell wireless but not able to remove the program from add/remove option.
Unistalled wireless device from device manager but after re-starting the system drivers didn't loaded and showing Yellow '?' mark under Network Adapters and wireless switch to turn wireless on/off is not working (stuck not moving).

Manually removed - C:\WINDOWS\system32\wltrysvc.exe file and C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jp2ssv.dll file - after running security Task Manager free tool.

After deleting the above files - Wireless stopped completely.

Anybody had similar issues or any Guru's can help whats going in the system is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:Dell Wireless & Firewall Issue Help !

1. Fixed Yellow key question mark issue in device manager list- Re-installed drivers

But still firewall alert issue ballon in the system tray appears after starting windows and dell wireless connection takes long time to connect and system is slow.


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I have an issue with my computer in which when I connect two different pair of beats, one being powerbeat wireless and my other beats which are beats solos. When I pair the devices through Bluetooth, 1 minute into a song or just after pairing the sound cuts off. When I go into playback devices, the sound bar moves up and down signalizing that there is sound playing but nothing is heard through the headphones. I believe there is a connectivity issue between any Bluetooth devices and my computer. I have tried updating the drivers and repairing the devices but with no luck.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 and I believe the HD has went bad....or at least I think it has. I totally washed the HD clean with a program call Boot and Nuke. The reason for doing so was that the computer was having problem in all sorts of areas. Me being a worry wart, thought it was infected with a virus.

So anyway after wiping it clean I tried to install Vista. Before it will install it asks "Where do you want to install Windows?", and it gave me two options...Disk 0 Partition 2 or Disk or Partition 3 MediaDirect. When I highlight Disk 0 Partition 2 for the install location a message appears at the bottom of the screen saying..."The disk may fail soon. If other hard disks are available, install Windows to another location". Well I have no other locations so I tried it on this disk and it would only get to 2% on the Expanding files step. But instead of getting HD error message I get the following message...."Windows cannot install required files. The files does not exist. Make sure all files required for installtion are available, and restart the installation. Error code 0x80070003". I tried this 4 times, all with the same result.

So now I'm really confused as to what the problem is. Is the HD bad? Is the the Vista disk missing files? or is it both. If it is the HD, do I have to use a Dell HD or can I just go to Best Buy and purchase one there?

Any/all help would be greatly apperciated.

A:Solved: Dell Laptops HD Issue?

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Dell Printer A940 and Vista I am using my old printer (Dell A940 All-in-One printer) with my new Vista operating system. I have downloaded all the drivers from the Dell website and still the printer will not scan. The printer works fine, but when I try to open the All-In-One center, I get a runtime error message saying the application has requested Runtime to terminate the program in an unusual way. Basically, I just want my printer to scan pictures the way it did before I got Vista operating system. Is there anything I can do??

A:Dell 940 AIO Printer issue with Vista

See this thread


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Need to replace original 80 Gb IDE HDD in Dell Inspiron E1505. Based on Dell's comment that it was compatible I purchased as WD 320 SATA HDD (WD3200BEKT) from NewEgg since Dell was out of stock. Tried cloning the HD using Acronis True Image Home 2009 and a USB External Enclosure kit. Now the 320 Gb HD only shows 80Gb available and that won't boot when installed. Without any documentation from WD with the HD, no warning from Acronis and no word from Dell that compatibility might be an issue. I guess I'm just supposed to intuitively know stuff. Now that I've vented a bit, can someone help:

a) Tell me how to restore the WD HD to its original state and start over.
b) What migration software should be used or, if it is supposed to be done with manual partitioning, how do accomplish this?
c) What, if anything, I need to do to the E1505 to get it to accept the full capacity of this HD

A:Dell E1505 HD upgrade issue

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I just received my laptop back from Dell after having the motherboard and touch pad fixed.  But now. Even when I go into the settings to shut off the touch pad. The led light on it does not come on like it did before. I have checked the drivers for it. I have from Dell's site. Even though the current one on the site says when installing I am trying to install a older version.  Anyway I installed it. And when I reboot. The touch pad is active again. So I go into settings and shut it off. And then it doesn't work. But again if I shut down or reboot. it's back on!  And the LED light on it is not on!  What can I do to resolve this issue? I am on Windows 10. And having no other issues other the touch pad. I hate that I have to make a desktop short cut to the settings just to shut it off when I turn on cause I don't know how else to turn it off.

A:Dell 17R 7220 Touchpad issue

Have you tried contacting your case owner again regarding the issue? Since you have mentioned that you have just received you laptop from the depot of Dell. Is this correct?

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Hi there. I have a Dell 3721 running Win 7. Occasionally when I press the Off/On switch, the unit  will not power up and there's a clicking noise. The screen remains black and the clicking sound remains until I power down. My unit is under warranty and I want to replace the hard drive and Ram. Anyone else ever have this issue?

A:Dell 3721 startup issue

Unplug the hard drive from the system.  If the clicking stops and the system will power up, you've found the faulty part.
If the system still clicks on startup with the hard drive removed, it's the mainboard that's bad.

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Short description: I cannot print.

Long description: After installing Avast! and ZoneAlarm my computer has stopped printing. I have the Dell AIO 922 Printer and everything was working fine before this. Whenever I try to print anything it just hangs in the queue and I eventually get a Dell Error stating that the printer cannot communicate with the computer. It's interesting because it never gives an "error" in the print queue just hangs on "printing" and never does anything.

I have a red error under "Application" in Event Viewer that looks like this:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Hang
Event Category: (101)
Event ID: 1002
Date: 12/31/2008
Time: 3:15:40 PM
User: N/A
Computer: COMPUTER
Hanging application dlbtpswx.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat
0008: 69 6f 6e 20 48 61 6e 67 ion Hang
0010: 20 20 64 6c 62 74 70 73 dlbtps
0018: 77 78 2e 65 78 65 20 32 wx.exe 2
0020: 2e 37 30 2e 30 2e 30 20 .70.0.0
0028: 69 6e 20 68 75 6e 67 61 in hunga
0030: 70 70 20 30 2e 30 2e 30 pp 0.0.0
0038: 2e 30 20 61 74 20 6f 66 .0 at of
0040: 66 73 65 74 20 30 30 30 fset 000
0048: 30 30 30 30 30 00000
And two under "System" which look... Read more

A:Dell AIO 922 Printer Communication issue

Crisis Averted

Well, after some more digging I found a rather helpful troubleshooter on Dell's Support Page:

Dell Printer Troubleshooter

I'd recommend using it if you are having similar problems. Interestingly, it seems as if the uninstall was not completely successful before, even though I used Revo. I had to go into Device Manager and click on Show Hidden Devices under View and uninstall it there as well. This may or may not have been the final trick to get it to uninstall but the printer works successfully after using this step.

Also, after going through the troubleshooter above you will find the latest driver for download on one of the steps. Currently the driver is located here:

Dell AIO 922 Driver

Now, I think I actually had the latest driver...BUT after you unzip/install the driver I found an uninstall file in there located here: C:\Dell922\install\dlbtunst. This may or may not have been the final trick to get it to uninstall but the printer works successfully after using this step. Then I rebooted. [Note that when you unzip the driver it will ask you immediately if you want to start the process of installing the driver, but at this point you want to cancel out of that. You'll do that later...see below.]

Now, upon reboot I actually got the found new hardware balloon which is what you're hoping for to show that it was completely uninstalled previously. Note that during this process of finding and installing the new hard... Read more

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After six years of putting up with all the bloatware Dell preloaded on my laptop I decided to reformat. The laptop is a XPS 1330M currently running vista sp2 with an Intel duo core T7250 at 2ghz.

I followed step by step the guide which can be found here Dell Vista Laptop Reformat and Bloatware Removal Guide and had no issues.

After reformatting and updating to Vista SP2 I ran the Windows Experience Index which as far as I can tell is some kind of benchmark/diagnostic for your system? I never put much weight into its results but was curious to see if their was a difference after bloat removal. Turns out the processor and memory bombed the test (2.9, 2.8).

The only thing I could think of was the AHCI driver, which I did not install during the reformat was somehow decreasing processor speed, but on checking my device manager, it appears windows loaded one while updating.

Many programs I had run before reformatting seem to be running at similiar speeds yet I can't get over this low benchmark and am worried I missed something during the reformat process.

Is the Window Experience Index score a bunch of garbage or is something potentially wrong with my system? Thank you in advance.

A:Dell XPS 1330 Reformat Issue

and welcome to the Forum

How much memory do you have? What anti virus are you using?

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hi guys,
i'm wondering if dell's motherboard could affect ati 4850 in-game performance(low fps on any settings and serious lags after 30 minutes of gameplay)?
i've made some sort of investigation and it seems that:1)after video drivers update there's still issue with ingame performance(fps mainly).it doens't matter what settings i play,it's still there;2)i've compared my gaming system with some other more or less similar ones which are owned by my bro and friend.they could play any 09' game on max settings with high fps.their systems are custom built ones;3)i've read through different tech forums and it seems that some xps owners are not happy with their systems,at least with motherboards.

A:Dell motherboard/ATI 4850 issue

I presume that card is on a PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot. The issue could well be your PSU. What are the exact specs of your PC?

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Dell XPS 410 running Windows 7 32 Bit (upgrade from Vista).

Desktop came with a built in Card Reader.

If I recall, the card reader will only take SD cards up to 2GB. Does this sound right?

I think that someone brought over a digital camera with a 4GB card (with only a few pictures on it) and the Dell XPS 410 built in card reader would not recognize the 4GB card. Card Reader does recognize all SD cards 2GB and less.

Anyway, to read a Secure Digital/SD card above 2GB - do I need a new and different card reader or is there something else that I can do to get the desktop to read above 2GB?

If I buy a new external USB SD card reader - will my XPS 410 be able to read anything abover 2GB?

I guess my question is - is it the card reader or the desktop that limits the ability to read an SD card above 2GB in size?

A:Dell XPS 410 32 Bit - Card Reader Issue

I've never heard of a card reader only reading a specific sized card.

It could be a driver issuer from the upgrade of Vista to 7. Go into device manager and uninstall the driver and then reboot. This will reinstall the 7 generic driver for the card reader and then check the card reader. If that doesn't work then go to the PC manufacturer site and check there for a windows 7 driver for the card reader.

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I recently received my 9630 and it is just gorgeous.
However, today I was doing some typing on a Microsoft document when I notice something strange.
In my old laptops, when I need to dim down the brightness I would press the FN (function) key + F11 to lessen the brightness. But this time round I don't need to. All I need to do is just press F11. Then, when I am using Chrome or Internet Explorer... the F5 key is the refresh key. But it won't work unless I press FN + F5. 
Even when it comes to renaming documents or files. The shortcut is F2, but I need to press FN + F2.
Then here's what gets more strange.
If I were to type my email, for example, [email protected], that @ symbol isn't SHIFT+2. But it is SHIFT+" key.  And Shift+2 produces " instead of @.
Is this some sort of hardware issue?

A:Dell XPS (9630) Keyboard Issue

Oh wait, nvm, after updating Dell Chipset the issue has been fixed.
Thanks! Love Dell!

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I got a dell Inspiron 6400, when I turn it on it's turning off immediately after the bios loads..

Sometimes it loads to the windows and if I try to load a CD it just turns off or if I try to boot with a CD it turns off, also I managed to do a diagnostic test and got the DST Fail error code: 1000-0146

You have any idea what the problem could be?


A:DELL Inspiron 6400 Issue

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Hello, I have a Dell Dimension B110 which had been working fine, until I set it out for a while. I have recently hooked it back up and got a 1-3-2 pattern with the beeps. And the diagnostic lights on the back are D,C,B are yellow, and A is green. I read on the Dell website that it is a memory not being detected issue. I tried reseating the memory and moving them around. I also tried different RAM that I know works, and same thing. I am also getting no video output. I am wondering if it is a problem with the memory sockets or the whole Motherboard itself.

Can anyone help me? I am hoping not to buy anything, but if I have to, I will.

-Alex (ajwolfe)

A:Dell Dimension memory issue

DDR 400 LOW Density INTEL Compatible ram may be hard to find.  If its more than $40 for 4 1 gig sticks its not worthwhile.
Carefully Blow out the dust from the inside and the power supply.  Remove all ram and reinstall 1 stick at a time.
Dimension 1100/B110 is an ancient system.

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I have a Dell D610 Latitude notebook. It had some troubles powering up. I went to the Dell website and tried the Fn-Power trick and it worked for a few times. Now, the power lights do not come on at all and the computer is dead. The battery power lights blinks occasionally.

Is the mothermoard dead? How hard is it to change a motherboard?


A:Dell D610 Power Issue

The problem could be anywhere... bad memory module, bad hard drive, dirty cpu cooler, defective CMOS battery, bad optical drive. Is the computer still under warranty, because there are certain things we should not try if it is?

Have you tried booting to a CD or DVD install disk?

Have you talked to Dell tech support?

Doesn't sound like the motherboard is dead, but rather that some other component may have failed... We need to know more about your system.

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I'm having some charger problems. I had my charger plugged into and outlet and into the computer and it was working fine but once I unplugged it and moved my computer to a different place with a different outlet it stopped working. In the past, the light on my charger has stayed on even when not plugged in to an outlet or computer. The outlet is not the problem as I have tried plugging it in to multiple outlets. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for not giving much information; if any other information would be beneficial please let me know. Thanks.

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I have accidentally uninstalled Dell webcam from my computer (a Dell inspiron 1545). I have since then installed Dell Webcam center, but find that I apparently am in need of a driver to work it again. I keep getting this message:
"no supported webcam driver detected. Please install the webcam driver using the Dell Resource CD and launch webcam center again".

However, I no longer own my Dell Resource CD.

What do I do? Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

A:Issue with Dell webcam driver.

Hi and welcome to TSG

You could probably download it from Dell's website

Go to their Support section:
Enter in your Model # and it should list all the drivers there.

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I have a dell latitude d630 running windows 7. The screen has a horizontal line running through the middle and the same screen shows at the top and bottom. Any help is appreciated.

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Recently I noticed that my computer was plagued with viruses and was running extremely slow. I decided the best fix would be to use the Dell PC Restore option (I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop). I began running this when it suddenly stopped and said Abort 32000 and also something about GenralException... Now when I turn the computer on it says "Disk Read Error press CTRL+ALT+DEL to Restart" and every time I do I recieve the same message. I tried running the restore again and to no avail. I've ran diagnostics and it appears there are no hardware problems. Came here hoping for a little guidance... Thanks in advance!

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In October of last year, I helped my son purchase a laptop for University. I recommended he purchase a Dell product because of its reputation for quality and good customer support. He purchased an Inspiron 7558 Model. From the beginning it started having internet connectivity issues. The problem was intermittent and random and gradually became worse.
I used to work as a computer technician and I am fairly knowledgeable about computers so I tried various solutions to try and fix the problem myself. I spent hours if not days on this, researching support groups and tried updating software and drivers but the problem persisted.  Since he needed a working laptop for his school term, we decided to address matter with Dell in the summer. We contacted Dell and again I spent hours with Dell Tech Support and they had me install propriety diagnostics software and remotely accessed the laptop to attempt to resolve the problem. Lastly they had me replace the wireless modem, which still did not resolve the issue.
The internet connectivity issue remained unresolved and Dell recommended that we send in the laptop for them to look at. Support emailed us the Purolator shipping label and I used the original box to ship it to Dell.  About a week later we received notice from Tech Support that the laptop had arrived “damaged”, the screen was cracked and as a result they would not honour the warranty and fix the internet issue until I paid them $400 to first fix the damaged s... Read more

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Status: 0xc0000e9. " this error be caused by unplugging a removable storage such as a external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware..."
I don't have any USB plug into the computer and pressing the f8 doesn't work. Help please!

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Hey guys,
I just bought a Dell ST2410 monitor and am very pleased with it.
However, I noticed that when the refresh rate is set to 60Hz, the text and graphics on screen seem to be a bit blurry and not quite as sharp as they should be.
When I turn the refresh rate down to 50Hz, the graphics and text are crystal clear, however I have lost some of the refresh rate to accommodate that.
Why is the picture not clear when set to 60Hz? (1920x1080 resolution)


PS: I have the latest Windows 7 Drivers installed and am running an ATI Radeon 4850.

A:Dell ST2410 60Hz Issue

nvm guys,
I figured it out, turns out theres a phase setting on the monitor, and playing with that fixed the problem

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I have a real wierd keyboard issue, Im using a Dell Inspiron 1420, for almost 2 years, updated the HD, and the RAM, so it?ll being working nice, until the day before yesterday. The problem started like this. I started the system and asked me to select the prompt device, never done that before -I know you can configure it, but I did not mess with that -.
So all goes Ok and then I find out that some number keys didnt respond, from 1-4 <that, I could type since there?s also a Fn key that allows me to type them using the proper key <Fn+j, Fn+k, Fn+l and Fn+u> respectively, and the numbers from seven to nine, that I could type them using the on screen keyboard. So I thought it was a simple issue, but as I continued working, some other keys began to open random programs <like the one?s in the quick access bar o another random programs>, then the systems locks off by itself, locking more keys, so its impossible to log on again. Lately, I found out that switching the user resolves this issue, but the numerical issue is not solved. Because Im out of the warranty time, I sent the computer to a technician, he firstly tried to change the keyboard membrane, not a change was made with the new keyboard membrane.
I found the same problem posted in here Keyboard Virus? BIOS Virus? - TechSpot OpenBoards, but they don?t seem to find an answer for it.
I run several antivirus and anti-spyware programs in my computer, none of them had found any threat. I also checked if this probl... Read more

A:Dell Keyboard Strange Issue

Hi megapaco, welcome to the forums
The technician changed the membrane, but not the keyboard, right? Have you tried a completely different one? I think yours might have gone bad, the electronics, not only the membrane. Is it a wired or wireless keyboard?

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Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Laptop issue... I bought this laptop in the month of December 2014 and I have warranty up to December 2015. Last week I noticed a damage at the right side corner of the laptop just below LAN port. Its just because of a screw. There was no screw and I din't noticed it till last week. Yesterday when I called customer service they said like they will not cover it under warranty and we have to pay for it in-order to get it repaired. I explained them it was damaged because there was no screw.When I went through forums for this laptop in dell support website, every post is regarding this issue.I don't know what to do. If I get this laptop repaired what if this same issue arise again. They will not give any warranty for this. This is not a physical damage. This is just mistake by the DELL. Why does DELL doesn't care about their customers? 
As we purchased DELL products, do we have to face this?  

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Issue

Hi samrat2252,
Thanks for posting.
From what you are posting, the damage does sound like normal wear and tear, and not something that would be covered by warranty.  I'd be interested in looking into this further, so please contact me privately and send your information.  Thanks.

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Hi all . I'm working on a client's computer who had a Nvidia Geforce 3 TI card that wasn't working properly. The system recognized it, but the display properties said it had an error loading. The latest Nvidia drivers did nothing to reconsile the situation, so I thought he had a bad video card.

Upon receiving a brand-spaking new 5700 card, I installed it with the same problem. Drivers seemed to install fine, but upon reboot,. it's using a standard Win VGA driver. I've checked through the BIOS of the Dell 8200 desktop, and switched IRQs around a bit, but still no go. I'm insalling SP2 as we speak - not that I believe that'll have any bearing, but with as many files as it replaces, I figure it's worth a shot. I didn't think the AGP prot could be bad, as it displays graphics in about 16 bit color, but even surfing the web is choppy. A dxdiag reveals that direct draw works fine, but of course it can't do any 3D, as it doesn't know how without the drivers. I'm about at wits end, as now I know it's not the AGP card. Any suggestions?

Oh - one mor ething. It's an Interl Borad, otherwise I would've downloaded the latest motrherboard chipset drivers... can't seem to find them for this MB, though. : ). thanks again!


A:Dell AGP/ Video Driver issue - bad AGP?

Open the device manager, click view "show hidden devices" and look for any video adaptors showing up hidden.. Just a thought..

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