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Solved: Dell laptop wont startup-black screen!

Q: Solved: Dell laptop wont startup-black screen!

I have a Dell Inspiron E1505, Windows Xp home edition
I got attacked by malware and virsus 2 days ago...and i had a fake antivirus program and stuff.
I killed the fake antivirus program using Malwarebytes Anti-malware and another malware removing program. I was going to use my AVG but, the components were not working.
The next day, the laptop would lock up randomly(usaly 5 min. into startup) and would make a beep sound.
I was installing Avast antivirus and i got a blue screen and it kept restarting my computer and would not let me in.
Now, I have a black screen right after startup and i cant do anything!
Please help me. Thank you

A: Solved: Dell laptop wont startup-black screen!

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My laptop inspiron 14z couldn't start and got 3 beeps and black screen, I had windows 10 installed and Bios A13.
The BIOS update A13 seems to be the problem. With a downgrade to A12 I fixed it. And you need to do that in ms-dos mode cause the bios executable doesn't let you do a downgrade on windows) I first thought that the problem was windows 10 but the computer had the same problem once I installed windows 8.1.
The difficult part was to start the computer again, I followed a youtube tutorial (portugues) to disassemble the laptop and it started, so you can flash the bios. Go youtube and search for inspiron 14z 3 beeps. (notice that in my case the laptop started some times at the 3rd time I pressed the power button, some times I needed more that 20 attempts but finally it booted. You don't need to press any F keys convination or whatever people says, it will eventually start and I don't have explanation for that)
Once in windows make a bootable MS-DOS USB using for example Rufus app. (MSDOS, not FreeDos, I couldn't flash the bios with freedos option) and put the bios in it. BMWZ4A12.exe, can be downloaded from dell website.
Then boot UEFI setup restarting de laptop and press F2 at dell's logo. Maybe you can't access the UEFI when you restart, if you can't, you can access the UEFI using the Recovery setup in windows (search recovery, click recovery setup, go advanced options, troubleshooting, change UEFI settings, restart) go to BOOT section an... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 3 beeps black screen on startup (SOLVED)

.....very good research MONSTERTRICK and thanks for sharing your solution for others to see. 

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Hey everyone I have a Dell laptop running windows 7 pro. All has been fine till this morning. The screen went black. I do get the dell start up screen and then it goes black. I also notice if I close the lap top and reopen it I well get the user (locked screen). I have also noticed if I stick a zip drive it will make that little beeping noise as it recognizes the zip drive so I know windows is running. Also it works fine in safe mode (I am using it now in safe mode). I have tried taking out the battery and holding power for 30 seconds. I tried a system restore and ran a boot up test and all the tests passed.

I am now lost as I did everything I know to try (which is not much my computer skills would have to improve to suck)

Please help

A:[SOLVED] dell laptop with a black screen

never mind I seen someone else just had a similar issue and tried system restore a couple times, so I tried restoring to an older restore point and presto laptop is back. Good thing I have a 40+ page term paper on here thats due tomorrow time to break out that trusty zip drive. I am sure I will be back soon with more questions as I have 2 desktops that dont want to work.

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Edit - Solved. I had to delete all the partitions (instead of installing over an existing Partition) before reinstalling Windows.

I have a laptop with a similar problem to this.

Dell Inspiron (Windows 7 installed).

On startup, a similar error message to this:
Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 083)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

This Product is covered by one or more of the following patents:
US5,307,459, US5,434,872, US5,732,094, US6,570,884, US 6,115,776 and

Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.19 (08/10/09)Click to expand...

Things I tried:

1. Hardware diagnostics (both the short and "full" tests). No problems found.

2. Loading windows disc (sent from dell) and doing startup repair. Doesn't find any problems.

3. Using command prompt and using all the bootrec commands including following instructions on Microsoft website on how to rebuild the MBR, etc.

4. Doing a system restore to an earlier date.

5. Pressing F8 or ctrl + F11 - Doesn't work.

6. Finally, attempting to reinstall windows.
When reinstalling windows, I picked the partition with the biggest space (where the OS was installer formally). After reinstalling, the computer restarts and nothing happens (still a black screen with the vague message above regarding PCIe FE Family Controller series).

Tried formatting again (the partition) and formatting again, same problem (windows restarts and acts like windows install didn't go through).

Anyone have any ide... Read more

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron Laptop (Boot to Black Screen)

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Dell N5030: W7 wont start. Dell logo > black screen. How to restore?

Hello friends

Please could you advise me. My friend has asked me to help with her Dell N5030 Inspiron laptop. She has had it for about just over a year now. Dual-core Pentium, 4GB RAM, W7 64bit. She is not computer savvy and I dont know how shes managed to do this but heres the problem:

1. You press the power button
2. The Dell logo appears along with the F2 & F12 options for Setup & Boot Options
3. This is followed by a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left. Thats it.

All this happens in the space of 6 seconds (power-up to black screen). Nothing else happens, no Windows logo screen, no Microsoft logo, nothing. Screen stays black with the cursor and the laptop instantly turns off when I press the power button.

My friend was desperate because she had over 740 family photos and some important documents she didnt want to lose. I was able to recover all of those using a Linux Mint live CD so at least shes all smiles for that

Using Mint made me realize that the hardware was working perfectly. The hard drive was good, no mem faults and of course the optical drive was fine. So its something with Windows 7.

Also while using Mint I could clearly see the Dell Recovery Partition. The problem is I dont know how to get the Inspiron to fire it up - because I cannot even get into Safe Mode where the "Repair your computer" option is.

When I pressed F12 al... Read more

A:Dell N5030:W7 wont start. Dell logo + black screen. Factory reset how?

Dell states that the Factory Restore option should be visible on the F8 screen.

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Hi Everyone.

As the title says about, i have a Dell Vostro 1520 and im running Windows 7 with a 32bit. It is only 2 years only. It started about a month ago. I was on my laptop viewing and deleting some unwanted photos i had. A few minutes later i realized that i deleted a photo that i wanted. So i went to the recycling bin and restored that photo. When i went back to my photos and went into the album, it said something like i do no have permission to access this folder. Please press continue to get full permission. I clicked continue and i got the access i should have. Now i tried many more random folders and the same thing happened. Also when i came out of the folders, the folders had a big pad lock sign on the front of it. After that i shut down the laptop and went to turn it back on. The laptop will power on like normal. I can press f12 for the boot options. which i have already tried many times. I also tried it in safe mode and what-not, but still nothing. I can hear the fan and stuff spinning up like normal. I have also put and CD into the CD ROM and that spins up fine. So after the Dell logo on the screen, it goes black and stays that way with the cursor. You can move the cursor around no problem. I should also add that the battery light is and has been flashing for a good wile. Its flashing orange and blue. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the battery. Because my laptop will not charge with the AC adapter in it for many months now. It will only stay... Read more

A:Dell Vostro 1520. Black screen. Wont reach login screen

Since its a laptop the harddrive is easy to pull out and remove.If you have or can get a usb sata/ide connector hook the drive to that and then to another computer if you have one so you can save all of your important data like pix, music, etc.The laptop battery is going to have to be replaced since its no longer charging properly.It sounds like there might be a short somewhere or a power supply problem along with a bad battery.Or possibly something might be wrong with the screen or video or graphics card.

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please can you help with this .my computer wont start in any of the options set out on the screen at all, no modes whatsoever .

A:Dell xps black screen wont start

Do you see anything on the screen at all, like the initial screen when you turn it on? Describe where it hangs at and describe what is on the screen

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I was wondering if anyone would have some sound advice for me on this problem. I have a Dell Vostro 470, with Intel I5-3450 @ 3.10 GHZ, Nvidia Geforce GT 620 video card and 6 Gig of ram. When I start the computer, it begins normal startup, then just before the windows desktop appears...I get a black screen that shows only the mouse pointer. Sometimes it will show the mouse pointer and the taskbar but no icons. From there, I cannot shut it down unless I push the power button. Im using Windows 7 64 bit version. Usually it will startup normally afterwards that but not always. At first I thought this just happened when the computer is cold, but it happens either way. And sometimes it just starts normal. I did a full virus scan (using Norton 360) and no issues there. I used malwarebytes and it shows clean. I switched monitors and same problem and I also switched out the video card with another and still have the same problem. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

A:Black screen on startup - Dell Vostro 470

Oh, and I just rermembered, I used the Dell hardware diagnostic program included with my computer and it passed all tests, including the thorough test.

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Hi, I just joined here and Im having a really abd problem with my computer. The specs (that i know for sure) are:

ECS k7SEM motherboard
Nvidia GeForce 6200
192 mb of ram DIMM 168-pin (not sure what brand)
AMD Duron 855 MHZ

I booted my comp a few dyas ago and out of nowhere I get a BSOD before that screen with Windows XP comes up. I say to myself "ok, maybe its just one time" and reboot. I get it yet again and reboot. I finally get to the windows log in screen and I get ANOTHER BSOD after it finished loading. Restarted again, worked fine. I analyze my minidumps and it said the most probably cause of these crashes was hardware.

At this point I recall a computer technician saying the capacitators on my mobo were bursting, but this was a good 8 months ago, so Im not sure if its FINALLY giving out or if my RAM thats failing.

Well, everything goes well and I turn it off. I come home the next day and I get another set of BSOD's, only this time, theyve gotten worse. Im now getting 3-4 BSOD's and my system completely freezes over causing me to reset. Wierd thing is, when I reset without turning the comp off it goes by fine. Its when I turn it off and turn it on that I get this BSOD's. It seemed to me that the BSOD's and constant hang ups would get worse by day, like if something is slowly dying.

I eventually got tired of them and stop using my computer for a couple days. Today I try turning it on and the screen stays on standby, like if its not even... Read more

A:BSOD's on startup, screen stays black and wont respond.

Blue screen error messages are one of the most misunderstood error messages out there in regards to windows.According to Microsoft, only 5-20% of these errors are actually caused by the OS. Only 10% are hardware related. The other 70% are the result of faulty drivers or software incompatibility. Based on those numbers, less than 15% of blue screen errors can be permanently resolved with an OS reinstall.

So we can correctly solve this issue we need to get the minidumps. (if the computer is bootable)

To get the Minidumps do the following

1 > create a new folder on the desktop and call it "dumpcheck" or whatever you like
2 > navigate to %systemroot%\minidump and copy the last few minidump files to that folder.%systemroot% is normally c:\windows. They are numbered by date. You can paste that address in address bar to get there.
3 > close the folder and right click on it and select Send to Compressed (zipped) Folder. Please do NOT compress them in .rar
4 > use the "Managed Attachments" option under "go advanced" upload that zip file here as an attachment.

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A family friend of my has a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop she got in 2007. She had it in the trunk of her car for an entire year! When she turned it on, everything worked fine but she accidentally knocked it off the table on to a hardwood floor. Ever since that happened, the computer starts up but sits on a black screen. I don't see a Windows Logo or anything. Just a black screen.
However, when starting it up. There's a very faint beeping sound(like the sound you hear when the car door is open).
And after about 10 seconds, there's a beeping noise(a lot louder than the constant beeping before).

Any suggestions as to what it can be? Is it a damaged hard drive or is it the screen?

I pulled the hard drive out and it sounds like a babies rattle. So I assume the hard drive was shattered.
Theres no damage on the outside, but the damage must be underneath. But the screws are too tiny for me to examine the damage.
Unless this is normal for a hard drive to sound like it's filled with beads.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 Stuck on Black Screen at Startup

Sounds like the HDD is ruined. The beeps you hear might indicate more hardware problems. Take note of the order of the beeps, (the number of beeps and if there are long and or short beeps) then search Dell Support for info on beep codes.

You should try using a bootable CD or DVD disc to see if the laptop will operate at all before spending money or the time fixing it.

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I resetted the BIOS and computer restarted, however, it now reads Performing IDE configuration. Under that it reads; Primary Master: IDE configuration.....
Secondary Master: CD-ROM Reader
Secondary Slave: CD-ROM Reader
After that, I can't do nothing. What do I do next?

A:Getting a Black Screen with a flashing indicator, after the DELL intro at startup.

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Hey i was on my laptop last nite and it froze so i turned it off then back on and went to start it in safe mode. I did that then shut it down when it loaded up turned it back on and now a black screen comes up after the welcome message.All i can see is the cursor can anyone help me out please?

A:Dell Inspiron 1501-Black Screen after Welcome message at startup

i just wana get it to factory settings sick of it being so slow and its full of junk

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hi my laptop screen is set to turn off after 5 mins, when it does i cannot wake it, no matter what buttons i push or using my mouse. this black screen also happens when i restart my computer, it logs me off the the screen goes black and computer power lights are still on and it does nothing HELP! haha thanks


A:laptop screen goes black when i restart, and screen wont wake up after it turns off

Boot the computer and press F8 in the Advanced Boot menu choose Last Known Good Configuration.
What is the make and model# of the computer? Go to the manufactures support/download drivers site and download the Chipset and the Video driver for the computer.
Go to Start/Search and type powercfg.cpl. Right click the powercfg results and Run As Administrator. Click Change Plan Settings/change Advanced power settings. Reset your power settings to your liking.

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First of all, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section. If not, please guide me to the correct section.
I have a Dell Inspiron 17r SE Laptop and my problem is that every single time, I have to turn my Laptop ON twice in order for it to boot up successfully. The first time I turn it on, Dell logo appears for a second and then, black screen shows up. Then, I have to turn my laptop off and start it back again. Second time, it boots up without any problem. I am fed up of turning it on twice everytime, and also concerned that it will affect health of my Laptop . How can I fix this Issue, please help.
I don't have a Recovery CD or Windows 8 CD. Windows 8 was pre-installed on my Laptop.

A:Laptop screen goes black on startup, have to turn laptop ON twice for it to boot up s

If it's still under warranty, call Dell. The unit or parts might be covered for replacement.

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my dell xps laptop is making four beep sounds continuously and then pause and then it again starts making beep sound four times and then pause again and this happens continuously until i power down my system.the screen is also blank,nothing is being displayed on the screen and even the fan seems to be running vary fast.what could be the problem please help me.

A:dell xps l502x laptop makes 4 beep sounds and wont startup

Hi Raj,
4 beeps is the indication of memory failure. Please reseat the memory & check. If the issue persists, place one memory at a time and check. Try both the memory modules in both the slots. This will help us to isolate which memory slot or memory is causing the issue.
click on the link for service manual: 

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Hello, today I encountered a problem with my Dell XPS Laptop, running Windows XP.

I restarted it because the screen looked pixilated. But, when I clicked the restart button the screen just stayed black, but continued to boot up.

I shut it off again and tried to reboot but the laptop seems to boot up, it the screen just stays black. For example, the red lights in front and on the sides of the laptop are on. The green lights on the keyboard are on, the screen just never goes to the windows screen. Nothing comes up.

I tried connecting to an external monitor but that didn't work. Perhaps I wasn't doing everything correctly? I just simply plugged the cord into the back of the laptop (perhaps I need to press a button on the keyboard?)

How can I work to solve this problem? I don't know a lot about computers and I can't find my windows disk. Will a boot-disk help? If so how do I make one?

Thanks for the help

A:Dell XPS Laptop Black Screen

try using the F8 key at boot and then select the low resolution option from the menu

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop with XP Home. A few days ago I unplugged it for a storm. When I started it back up again. I got the opening screen with the Dell logo and progress bar. As soon as the progress bar reaches the end (just before the "welcome" screen), the screen goes black.

With a flashlight you can still see the computer booting up.

I changed the inverter but it still does the same thing.

My question is, if it is the backlight, would I still get the normal bright Dell logo screen and progress bar. It's very predictable when the screen goes black.

It's set on full brightness and I can use an external monitor with no problems.

Any ideas.

A:Dell laptop screen goes black

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Hi....I posted this earlier but I think it was on the wrong forum....I am a little "green around the gills" when it comes to this site, as I just joined and this is my first posting.

I have a Dell Inspiron 600m which I have been using for just over 2 years with virtually no problems....but about a week ago I was on a plane playing solitaire and my screen showed a few green, blue, and red squares and then went black. It sounded like it was still running, though. I turned it off and tried again a few minutes later, and it was still black but sometimes if I moved the screen back and forth I would get a brief view of my desktop. I hooked it up to an external monitor, and all of my information is still there and the whole thing runs normally. I have spoken with several repair places, and I get different answers every time so I was hoping to gain some insight via this forum. I no longer have a warranty for it, and so far no repair organizations will fix it, but they will diagnose the problem at a hefty price. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated, thanks so much for your time!!


A:Dell laptop screen went black

Your lcd inverter has gone bad. You can buy them on eBay for about $50 - $75, or have it repaired in a shop for about $150.
If the screen is also bad, the total cost could be $225 to $300...
Best to get a new computer.

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Dell vostro laptop running win XP home sp 3 about five years old, was working fine and then about two weeks ago screen when black. Powered off and restarted no problems then the screen when black again a couple of days ago, machine appears to be operating as I can see shadow of windows startup screen and desktop. Have done the F2 and F12 on startup but no access and it continues to boot into black screen ville, was going to upgrade to win 7 have some stuff on C: that I'd like to move to other partions thanks for any help

A:black screen dell laptop

If you can still see a shadow or picture it could be the inverter that drives the backlight or the backlight itself that failed. Try using a bright flashlight hold it very close to the screen, can you see a picture? If so, it is very likely to be the inverter or backlight.
Some indications of a failing backlight are a red tint to the color.
In rare cases before an inverter fails, it may take longer than normal for the backlight to come on, it may flicker or go dim.
Inverters are cheap likely around $20 U.S. The backlight would require replacing the lcd panel. The older screens are often more expensive than the newer led panels running somewhere between $60-$200, sometimes you can not find new panels. Always use the exact part numbers when ordering replacements. Use the part number directly on the part you are replacing not just the dell computer make/model. Best of luck!

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hi,hopefully somebody can help me with my problem.

I have a Panasonic Toughbook Cf-29, System a 512 MB and 80 GB. It has a intel pentium processor 1200MHZ.

My computer was having some problems before it got messed up. As long as the computer was on the internet ever 15 or 20 min a audio advertisement would pop up out of no where. There was no window to exit it out and i also tryed CTRL+ALT+DEL and it would show no window was up.Also everytime id go to and search something it would redirect me to another web site.

Well i was on my computer today and it froze so i restarted it.
The blue Panasonic screen comes up and then a solid black screen comes up and nothing after that.

I tryed F8 and clicking "Last knowin good configuration" and after the screen turns black but the computer is still on because the light is green.

i tyed safe mode also and it stops going at:
and then it wont go any further than that.

i also tryed debugging mode and the black screen comes up and nothing after that.

I tryed putting the system recovery disk(1 of 3) in but nothing comes up. For some reason the disk never starts up,even when its working..I can go to "my computer" and it says recovery disk and once i click on it theres tons of folders in there but for some reason it never works...

A:My laptop wont start up. Black screen

try updating your bios/firmware and also if that dont work then go into bios on startup (if possible) then reset to manufacturer defaults

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HP ENVY 15-j140naProduct no: J0B97EA2 years oldwhere I try and turn on my laptop, the screen does not come on at all.The fan comes on full power for a second or two then drops out entirely. After about 10 seconds the fan can be heard slowly increasing to a normal level. All the while no activity on the screen.The power light is on along with the wifi ledThe caps lock led flashes in a 2 flash pattern with a long gap betweenI have tried:hard rebootBIOS reset by holding down win + B keys when the power button is pressed but it doesn't seem to do anythingAny help would be appreciated

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My Dell Laptop was given to a technician to change the screen frame as it was broken.
The hard disk was removed to copy some urgently required files for office.
I connected the hard disk to hp laptop, copied the files, chose the Hide option of Pictures folder in hard disk inorder to hide the Pictures folder, and gave back the hard disk to the technician to fix it.
After fixing it, he told the Windows is corrupted. I got the laptop back to check it.
After booting, it goes to a black screen. I tried in safe mode also. It still goes to a black screen.
Startup repair runs for a while and it again goes to a black screen with cursor.
Kindly reply me, if you have any solution.

A:DELL Laptop after booting goes to black screen

Are you saying...that an IT point of contact...gave you back a system that isn't working properly?  Take it back to the IT department, they are responsible for any "solutions" to said property.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Windows XP installed. I have the laptop since April 2007.
Yeasterday I left the laptop in stand-by for about 1 hour, when I got back the screen was black and could not be revived in any mode.
I have switched off the PC by pressing the power button until power went off.

When I tried to start the laptop the Dell logo would come on with a weired pattern of green dots in the back ground, then the usual XP logo would come on, still green dot pattern all over the screen and then the screen would go blank.

I have run all the available system diagnostics for Memory, Harddisk and system componenents at start-up and they all passed.
Then I have run the genuine Dell-XP CD Rom and run the 'Repair Installation' Option.
This would run with a correct screen until the first Boot request. Then rebootet the PC and configuration would go on for about 10 minutes ... then the screen just blanks out again.

Please HEEEELP ... I need some fresh ideas on what else I could do.

A:Dell Laptop Black Screen at Boot

post in the correct forum: mobile computing

also read:

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 that is about 4 yrs old. About a week ago, the screen momentarily and quickly flashed random sequence of colors and went black. The computer itself did no turn off. I restarted the computer with no issue and it continued to work for another day before the same thing happened again. This time I left it alone for a few minutes. After about 5 minutes the screen turned a bright, grayish, inconsistent light starting from one side of the screen. I turned it off manually.

Since then I have not been able to use the computer for more than 10 minutes, usually only about 1 min, before the screen turns black. I have not seen the white screen or such a colorful sequence before going black since. My harddrive is fine, as I have been able to access nearly everything on it with no problem during these intervals. The symptoms vary. Sometimes it flashes a repeating sequence of 3 red vertical stripes initially upon start up. When this happens the screen goes black very quickly. Sometimes the start up screen is visible, but runs at a slower rate and small patches of short, pink vertical lines are just visible in random places across the screen. Sometimes the startup runs as normal and I can use the computer for a while before it turns black, usually this occurs when the computer has been off for a long time, such as overnight.

I am pretty sure the computer is still running when the light goes out, I don't hear any suspicious noises. When it goes dark I usu... Read more

A:Dell Laptop Black Screen Problem

Have you cleaned the vents so the cooling fans have some air?

After 4 years, it may be time to actually clean the fans and heatsink ribs also (a take-apart).

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When I start the laptop up, I can see the Dell and XP logo just fine. Then the screen goes black and stays black. The computer sounds like its running, and I can see the external network card blinking normally.

Could I be looking at a hardware failure? I'm also wondering if I could have picked up a virus over the weekend. I was away and used the hotel's wireless network. I know McAfee wasn't up to date. When I tried to update it, it just wouldn't update. So I reset it to automatic update and it did update today (Sunday) before I left the hotel.

Any thoughts? Hardware, software, virus?


A:Dell 600m laptop has black screen

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I bought a new Dell Studio laptop a few months ago and when I went to turn it on last night the screen was black. When I go to hit the letter keys and the spacebar on the keyboard, I hear a sound (error sound?). It was working perfectly fine before. This is my first laptop and where I use it there is WIFI. Not sure if there's something that I pressed on the laptop or hit a switch somewhere. What should I do? It can't be pooched already. =(

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I have a dell Inspiron 15 N5010 which is about 4 years old. It was working properly, but suddenly it went off and when i restarted it, there was nothing which appeared on screen, but  there was a beep sound which went on until i turned my laptop off. Even the startup screen didnt appeared during this. The power button lights up, fan is running, but the screen is not coming up.
I have noticed one thing also, if i put it on for long time, so that it gains enough heat due to constatnt running and then I restart it, the screen will come. and after sometime, the screen distorts and after few seconds, the laptop screen turns black and the beep sound appears which start crying until i turn laptop off.
Thanks in advance for any help that is actually helpful.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 N5010 Beeps on startup continuously and wont show screen

Hi letsrock35 ,
I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check if you are able to switch ON the system properly without beeps.

Switch off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
Remove the battery from the computer.
Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
Then connect back all the peripherals and check if you are able to turn on the system properly without beeps.

Also, I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned in the video below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.
Please let us know the number of beep codes you receive they should beep in a pattern. In addition, connect an external display to check if the issue reoccurs.

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My laptop is a Acer aspire 5738z running windows 7 home premium 64 bit and my problem is my laptop will not start. When I turn my laptop on it starts to run like normal: GPU fan starts, Disk drive kicks in, and the LED for the on button is working but nothing on the screen. I've tried too do alt + f10 for a restore, nothing happened. I've also tried to plug it into a monitor and my tv. Before this occurred it had been turned off during boot (don't ask why, I cannot answer that) and I preceded to take it apart(to fix the overheating issue due to acer not putting fan holes on the bottom of the laptop ((thanks Acer -.-)) and I didn't realise something was wrong with it until I reassembled it and tried to turn it on. So I'm not sure whether is corrupt BIOS, a hardware problem, or corrupt MBR (my own personal diagnosis, don't know whether it's right or not). Also I have tried turning the laptop off taking the battery out letting the motherboard discharge then pressing the power button for a minute, leaving it for a minute, putting the charger in then turning it on.

Thanks. =]

A:Laptop wont boot Black screen no BIOS

You may need to take it apart again and make sure everything is connected properly. Did you follow steps to keep yourself grounded while working inside the system?
As you add and remove hardware, follow these steps for ESD safety:Shut down and turn off your computer.
Unplug all power supplies to the computer (AC Power then battery for laptops, AC power for desktops)
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and ensure all power drains from components.
Make sure you are grounded by using proper grounding techniques, i.e. work on an anti-static workbench, anti-static desk, or an anti-static pad. Hold something metallic while touching it to the anti-static surface, or use an anti-static wristband to attach to the anti-static material while working. If you do not have an anti-static workbench, desk, or pad, you can use your computer tower/case by finding a metal hold in it, such as a drive bay.
Once these steps have been followed, it is safe to remove and replace components within your computer.

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I recently broke the LCD screen on my acer aspire 5332. I have replaced it with a LED screen and a converter cable bought off eBay. The screen works fine for the first few seconds of booting but goes black after the windows initialising display. The usual startup sounds still happen and the computer appears to run normally, apart from the fact that the screen is black! (No backlight or graphics). It works fine when loaded in safe mode, and I have tried adjusting the display settings through safe mode but it doesn't seem to help when I reboot in normal mode. I assume it is a problem with a driver but I have no idea which driver to reinstall. I would really appreciate any help! Cheers

A:Laptop screen replacement: goes black on startup

Hello again Alexf.

All laptop display screens are LCD. The difference is in the backlight. Older models use CCFL (fluorescent), newer models use LED backlights.

When you replaced the display, was it an exact replacement (same type and model number)?
Also not sure what a "converter cable" is. Can you post a pic or link?

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I've had my ASUS K55A laptop for just over a year now.

I was using it fine one night, turned it off correctly and went to sleep.

The next day I went to use it and when I turned it on it only displayed a black scree (no display).

I can't even hear the fan or eject the disc tray.

I've tried it with the battery and without, with the charger plugged in and without.

All the LED Symbol lights flash green apart from the battery light which flashes orange when the battery is connected and even when it's disconnected.

I've tried the holding my finger on the power button to drain the battery but it didn't work either.

I've ordered a new battery as I've read that some laptops can only function properly with a battery....

Anyone got and advise or diagnostics?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.


A:ASUS Laptop, black screen on startup [HELP]

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Hi tech guys, hope someone can help here...
I have an HP pavillips dv6 that I frequently hook up to my TV with my HDMI cable to watch videos, play music, etc. My problem is, the only way the computer will extend the desktop to the TV is to have it plugged in and charging. I also have the oposite problem when I am trying to use my computer without the TV; I cannot boot my computer while it is plugged in or the screen goes black after the welcome screen. Now I am no computer geek over here, but I am guessing it is because of my graphics card it is a RAEDON GRAPHICS AMD.
Can someone help me??

A:Screen goes black on startup when laptop plugged in

How old is this laptop?

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Whenever I start up my laptop now, it immediately goes to black screen with a blinking "_". I've been able to boot into the Vaio diagnostic by holding F10 on start up. Through here, I've ran the hardware diagnostic and found no errors on the cpu or hard drive. I then reformatted and restored the factory settings through the diagnostic. The laptop still boots up to the black screen. I'm out of ideas, so hopefully some of you out there would be able to help me.

Sony Vaio VGN-FW510F
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 Processor
4GB DDR2 800MHz Memory
500GB Serial ATA 5400RPM Hard Drive, DVD±R/RW Optical Drive

A:Vaio Laptop - Black Screen Upon Startup

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I have black screen with cursor same thing in all safe modes I can only asses
system recovery tool
Startup repair can't no fix
System restore any restoration point I chose no restor complete
system image recovery no helps
windows memory diagnostic no helps
Command prompt usable but I can't use sfc /scannow when I use cmd from system recovery option
I have no recovery cd and anyway my cd driver no work
Some genius can help please?

A:Black screen with cursor win7 dell laptop

Hi pavelmilwaukee,

My name is Tapan. I am from Dell Social Media Team.

I would suggest you to please run a test on the hard drive of your system and check if the hardware of the system is fine or not. In case none of the resorts are working its either a hard drive failure or OS being corrupt beyond repair, you can run the hardware tests using following steps

1. Please push and hold the power button for 10 seconds to confirm the system is completely powered off.
2. Then, press and hold the <Fn> key, and then press the power button to power the system on.
3. Now, release both buttons. The Pre-Boot System Assessment screen appears and the PSA diagnostic test begins.
4. Document any error codes displayed by PSA diagnostics. After the error tones, or completion of the PSA diagnostic test, the Dell 32-bit Diagnostic screen appears.
Let me know of the findings. Glad to be of assistance.

Thanks & Regards
Dell Social Media Responder

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Alright, my friends laptop is a Dell Inspiron about 3 years old and she said she received a blue screen with error codes, it then restarted and started to load and then it froze during the process.

after that they couldnt get it to turn on, the laptop itself would turn BUT the screen wouldnt.

after a couple hours they managed to turn it on, but it froze again

also the laptop has had issues with the battery/charger

it wont function unless the charger adapter it plugged into an outlet.

if not the screen will go into a dark haze then it would shut off.

maybe this has to deal with it or not, im not sure...

so i tried to put in my windows operating cd, to repair it, but the screen is still black when i insert it. i can here it loaded but i see nothing...

much appreciated

A:Dell Inspiron Laptop Screen Display is BLACK!

Does it work with an external monitor?

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Laptop: Vostro 1520 Dell.

On bootup screen remains black but Hard drive make snoises and clear normal sounds are heard. I presume all else is working but the laptop screen does nothing.

I tried hooking up to an external monitor but it acknowledged an input and said "Monitor going to sleep" then remained blank.

I have also taken the panels off and cleaned the inside as well as removing the battery and using just a plug. No luck.
Any help would be neato!

A:Dell Laptop Screen Black (blank) but working otherwise.

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I turn on my laptop and the keyboard lights up, optical drive spins up, fan spins up, and nothing appears on the screen. i tried plugging it into my tv but that didnt do anything

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop with Windows XP. When I try to start it, it goes to the Dell screen then straight to a Black screen with a flashing dash in the top left. I do not have the CD for my Windows XP. Please help. Thank you

A:Black screen on Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop

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Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me. My wife's laptop (Dell Inspiron E1505) won't start windows XP. It goes from the dell startup screen and then just goes black. It doesn't seem to be a monitor issue. She told me that the day this happened she got a warning about a trojan virus. I downloaded the XP recovery console on another computer and was able to boot it directly from the cd drive. I've only run chkdsk on it and that's about as far as I got. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Also as a note, I cannot boot in safe mode either.



A:Dell Laptop won't start windows XP - screen goes black

Do you get an error when you try to boot into safe mode, or does it just go black? When you say it 'goes black' does the drive still turn?

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Alright, my friends laptop is a Dell Inspiron about 3 years old and she said she received a blue screen with error codes, it then restarted and started to load and then it froze during the process.

after that they couldnt get it to turn on, the laptop itself would turn BUT the screen wouldnt.

after a couple hours they managed to turn it on, but it froze again

also the laptop has had issues with the battery/charger

it wont function unless the charger adapter it plugged into an outlet.

if not the screen will go into a dark haze then it would shut off.

maybe this has to deal with it or not, im not sure...

so i tried to put in my windows operating cd, to repair it, but the screen is still black when i insert it. i can here it loaded but i see nothing...

much appreciated

A:Dell Inspiron Laptop Screen Display is BLACK!

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I have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop. Its a few years old. Recently the screen has started fading to black after a few minutes of use. I can hook up an external monitor and it works fine. In fact when I plugged in the video cable from the external monitor (even though the external monitor had no power cord and wasn't turned on) the laptop screen popped back up for a couple of minutes and then went black again. There is still a very faint image on the screen but you can only see it if you shine a light directly on it.

I've read that this could be a problem with the invertor or the backlight. I guess the inverter is cheap and relatively easy to replace but the backlight is neither of those.

Would anyone know by these symptoms what the issue is?

Thanks for your hellp,


A:dell inspiron 1525 laptop screen goes black

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I have a DELL Inspiron laptop (not sure of the model) but recently (in the last 2 1/2 months) the screen keeps going black it happens nearly everyday now, the laptop's still on as i can hear the background noise and the light is still on. I have turned sleep mode off so it can't be that, and i have to press the on button repeatedly for about 1-2 mins until the screen comes back on, and i then have to log back in.
I'm really worried it's the screen, but ive only had this laptop for 1 1/2 years, surely it can't be the screen in that short amount of time? i hope you can help, and please answer me in lamen terms i am not computer savvy at all!
I'm on Windows 7 if that will help anyone, is there anything that i can do so my laptop will tell me the exact problem? i've tried trouble shooting but it doesnt come up with anything

A:My DELL Inspiron laptop screen goes black but my computer is still on, help!

and welcome to the Forum

Shine a flashlight on the screen and see if you can see the desktop . . if so, the backlight has failed

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My dell m140 laptop is having dark circle spot..yesterday I kept my laptop on my bed under my blanket & wen I saw my laptop it was having a dark circle..... Can I repair d screen

A:Dell laptop having black spot on display screen

The LCD screen will have to be replaced

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Dell Studio 1558 (i5 2nd Gen, 4GB, 500Gb, 1Gb Graphic)

My laptop screen suddenly shows some small color boxes and goes black but laptop still on.

when I restart, screen shows nothing but Hard disk, CPU fan are running normally.

than I tried this:

1. Power off the computer.
2. Press and hold the "D" key on the keyboard and then press the power button and wait for the computer to start.
I just heard only loud beep sound continuously, but screen remain black.
than I tried this:

1) Unplug the power cord --> Remove the battery --> Hold the power button for

60 seconds --> Connect the power supply then try to switch ON the laptop

and It Worked and laptop start normally.

but after 2-3 minutes, it happen again screen gone black(it shows small color boxes and go black)
than I tried above method once again but this time It's not working.....!
Than I connect the laptop to the external monitor and start, It shows nothing on it. First 10 sec monitor run like working mode(green light) then it goes to offline mode(orange light).

It's like something is resist in laptop to startup.

I don't know what's happening.

Please help.

Mod note: Please do not spam the boards with posts of the same problem. One time in the appropriate forum is sufficient. Thanks.

A:My dell laptop Screen wont turn on

Sounds like the graphics processor on your laptop is on the way out, if even an external monitor didn't work.

Does BIOS work? F12/DELETE when booting up to get in.

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lenovo g510 laptop i7
when i turn on my laptop, the power led indicator turns on and i could hear the fan running for 1-2 seconds then it stops and absolutely nothing shows on the screen, this keeps happening randomly and i keep force shutting down then turning it on again till it boots up to normal
also sometimes some random freezes occur (i dont know if its related..)

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Hi.I hope everyone reading this is having a better start to their day than me. My Toshiba laptop (satellite L850-166) has stopped working and i know nothing about computers. After an hour looking on the net for a solution i am even more confused, so any help offered will have to be in noob language please.
So here goes.
I was watching a youtube video and my computer froze.
I left it for a bit to see if it would sort itself but it didnt.
I tried to start the task manager but that wouldnt open.
I then held the power button down and shut the computer down.
When i restarted the computer it showed the Toshiba screen (as usual) giving me the F2 and F12 options for setup and boot menu.
It then went to a screen saying windows was loading files (not seen this screen before) the progress bar underneath the message then filled up.
After about 30 seconds a new screen showed with a coloured progress bar with  microsoft corporation  written underneath. This bar only filled to a quarter then the screen went black. There is a mouse cursor on the screen that i have control of.
I have left it for half an hour and nothing changes. I have also tried to start the computer a few times but its the same every time.
If anyone knows what my problem is or can offer advice on it i would be most grateful. We have some family photos on the computer and i need to get them 
Also Minecraft is calling and all my saves are on the computer.
... Read more

A:Laptop wont start. I just get a black screen with the mouse cursor on it

Hi, can you get it to boot into safe mode?
To do so, from start up keep tapping the F8 key, that should give you the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the up and down keys to highlight Safe mode, or safe mode with networking, then press the Enter key. If it boots into safe mode, or not, let us know, whoever comes next will help further.

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when i turn on my Toshiba Satellite L5050-s5965 laptop, it comes on then goes black screen w/flashing white curser. However i can i can go to boot menue and set up F2 ,F12.It is windows vista . Can i fix the problem using one of these methods

A:trying to fix Toshiba laptop black screen wont boot program

I would try F8 first & choose Last Known good configor safe mode.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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I have windows vista installed on my laptop.
all my drivers are updated yet i have the problem of whenever i
close my laptop screen and open it later on it will not return from a black screen

i've tried the workarounds microsoft gave and none of them work

Mainboard : HP 30AE
Chipset : ATI Radeon RS480M
Processor : AMD Turion 64 ML-34 @ 1800 MHz
Physical Memory : 1024 MB (2 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )
Video Card : ATI Technologies Inc Mobility Radeon XPRESS 200
Hard Disk : ST98823A (80 GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : BB0420H ZHO561L SCSI CdRom Device
Monitor Type : 20 inches
Network Card : Broadcom Corp BCM4309 802.11a/b/g
Network Card : Realtek Semiconductor RT8139 (A/B/C/810x/813x/C+) Fast Ethernet Adapter
Operating System : Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium Home Edition 6.00.6000
DirectX : Version 10.00
and those are my system specs.. everything there cept vista came preinstalled on my laptop
any help would be appreciated

A:vista laptop screen going black when lid closed and wont appear when opened.. help

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Hi all,

I hope someone can help. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 with Windows XP. When I try to start up, after the toshiba welcome, it goes straight to a black screen prompting me to either start up normally or last config. Once entered, it goes to the Windows Welcome page with the green boxes flashing across at the bottom, then briefly goes to a blue screen with white writing, switches off straight away and re-starts.

It does this with all option in the black screen (safe mode, with networking, etc.). I have tried to tap F7 to get into DOS and this didnt work. Neither did F2 or F12 at start up.

I am sure I have not loaded any new software recently and cannot seem to even get to a point to do a system restore. Admittedly, my recovery CD is at another location. Is there anything I can try to solve this?

Many thanks,


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Approx three weeks ago, I experienced a screen lock-up on a rather old Dell Laptop (Model 1450) using Windows Vista. I spazzed, tried to hard-boot (realized that a DVD was in there, poss the cause). Then reached for the Windows Vista software CD (was the wrong one - license was for other laptop).

To date, I can see the Dell Banner, the Windows Vista banner and then blackness. Nothing. No lines...I hear the fan briefly....

Have tried to reboot in Safe mode (no luck). Pressed F2 and F12...can see both screens but Im lost.

Can't locate the orig Windows Vista cd to reload.

Is this computer dead? Any recommendations on how to revive? Lots of info on there I was hoping to extract. Thanks in advance for any advice....I'll start diggin the hole to toss the laptop into...

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Using a Dell Inspiron 15 N5050 Laptop (Product Support | Dell US )

I've been running Windows 10 without an issue for around 6 months now. After a recent update (Thursday), now when I boot up my computer from shutdown/restart I get a black screen. I can hear the sounds. To remedy this, I close the lid and wait for the fans to go off (Sleep). When I open it again, the screen is displayed without a problem.

I had a look at possible remedies and came across this following microsoft QA:

I therefore turned off fast startup and still didn't rectify the problem. I checked for updates and confirm that BIOS and all drivers are up-to-date.

It's clearly something to do with display drivers. In device manager, my display driver is: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (ver:

Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to try next?

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Hello. I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ISK. It runs windows 10 and I recently installed an update for Windows 10 (Anniversary Update 1607). Everything was working fine for a day. Today, I double clicked on FIFA 15 to play the game when I received an application error. I searched on the net, and found that restarting the machine easily solves the error. So restart I did. And the problem started.
The first Lenovo screen appeared. And after it, a black screen appeared. Not fully back, but with a gradient, and I could move my mouse arrow. Nothing happened after that, it just got stuck there. I tried to press shift+F8 while starting and the repair menu came. I tried to go into safe mode, but the same problem persisted. I haven't tried opening the battery and pushing it back in again, because there is no separate battery chamber that can be opened in my laptop. To take out the battery, I would have to unscrew the whole of my back panel, which I am not touching since, the laptop is still in the warranty period, and I am afraid that opening the back lid may hamper with the warranty.
The laptop is only a few weeks old. What should I do?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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I have a Samsung notebook that I have had for a couple years I have done a few restores but nothing major The other day I turned it on logged in and it brought up my start up screen but when I go down to clink on something in my task bar it starts acting like its loading something and it stays like froze it isnt doing anything but this and I have hundreds of pics on it actually all the pics I have of my kids and I really need to fix this so I can keep my pics does anyone know how I can get to the system restore or something so I dont have to lose everything?

A:Laptop wont go past startup screen

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I have dell inspiron Windows8 pdc laptop
After login by Microsoft account showing black screen with timet n mouse click arrow
I can move arrow. I can go to taskbar

A:dell Windows 8 laptop showing black screen after login

Please help me I m really worried I bought thislaptop last month only

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Hi, (I use Windows 7 and Window+P doesn't work)

Sillilly, as I often do things, I have bought a Dell U2410 monitor to rig up with my HP laptop to use as an Extended Monitor. I hooked them up and no problems ensued. The default 'Duplicate Screen' option came into play and I had the same screen showing on each monitor. So, I changed to 'Extension' setting and the Dell went blank.

This is where it gets silly. I (for some reason) clicked on 'Show Monitor 2 only' (The Dell monitor) and after that, both screens went black. I unplugged the HDMI lead connecting them, and the laptop screen came back as it would. Now however, every time that I plug the HDMI cable to connect the 2, both screens stay black.

My question is; can I change the default setting to 'Duplicate Screen' BEFORE plugging in the HDMI?

OR... Can I simply delete the Dell monitor (driver?) from my laptop so that it forgets my choice and resets to the default Duplicate Screens setting on it's own?

The problem is that when both screens are blacked out, that I cannot change anything as I can't see anything!!!

Thank you for your awesomeness and replies.

Kind regards,


P.S. Windows + P doesn't work. If I unplug the HDMI from the laptop, I can use Window+P. But it doesn't matter what mode I choose before reconnecting, both screens still go blank. If I try Window+P when they are connected, nothing happens.

A:Black Screen on Dell U2410Extended Monitor when connected to HP Laptop

194 views, and nothing!! For anybody who may come across the same problem, I figured it out. Plug in a VGA at the same time as the HDMI is connected and change the settings. Quite easy really. Though I did lose several hours before figuring that out... I hope I save you guys some time. Also, the screen didn't show up because the HDMI port on the laptop is faulty. Test that too if you are having problems. It can be repaired at any computer repair shop by re-soldering. Thanks forum for your immeasurable help!

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Hi. I'm basic computer user posting on behalf of my grandad who lives several hours away. I've been trying to help him by phone but no success so far.

He has Toshiba Satellite L350D running Windows 7. For several days he's met black screen on startup. He's tried a few online suggestions (that I found via Google) that didn't help (hold power 30 secs, hold power 60 secs, remove battery, external monitor, several function keys). A couple of times he found tapping f11 during startup enabled him to use laptop, but that way has since failed to work.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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So I know this isnt a big problem, but my parents got new laptops and I figured id hook em up with windows 10 since I have loved it. Well they have had nothing but problems blah blah blah, they just dont like change. One actual problem my father is having though is when he starts up his laptop.

Normally on his laptop it shows the hp symbol, than immediately the Win 10 lock screen that you click and than sign in. Since upgrading to Win 10 the laptop shows the HP Symbol, than sits at a black screen for 15 or more seconds until the mouse shows up, and than the lock screen.

He using an HP Envy 17 so its a decent laptop, pretty brand new only a couple months old, with Win 8 it used to be instant lock screen from the HP logo. Already went into the power settings to make sure the quick startup option was enabled and I upgraded the video card to the latest build. Any clue on how to fix this?

A:After win 10 upgrade, laptop sits at black screen upon startup for 15+ seconds

By "upgraded the video card to the latest build" do you really mean you updated the video driver to a Windows 10 driver? Did you also upgrade the chipset driver as well?

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My laptop randomly shut off, now when i turn it back on it just loops on the start-up loading screeb. I tried to do a factory reset but it said the data was locked or something? Please help and fast!!

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Hi,I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series laptop around about November time last year, and after a BIOS update a couple months ago or so it now will randomly go to a black screen, but the backlight is still on. The BIOS update being near the time that this began to happen may be a coincidence, but it was the only real change during this period.On this black screen, I have no cursor and none of the buttons on my keyboard do anything. The only solution I've found is to hold in the power button to shut the whole system down. 
There doesn't seem to be a particular pattern as to when this problem occurs, it will just randomly go black.
This has happened around about 6/7 times in the past few months. All the events did occur late at night though (past midnight). However, this could just be because I usually sit on my laptop longer at night time, and therefore that increases the chances of it happening.
Due to many "Black Screen Crashing" problems with Windows 10 - that aren't the same as my problem - a google search did not help. 
System Specs are as follows: 
System Model Inspiron 7559
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
Ram - 8GB
Graphics Card - GeForce GTX 960m

A:Black Screen with Backlight Still On - Dell Inspiron 15, 7000 Series Laptop

Try system diagnostics to see if it finds any problem in the components:

Press F12 after power on
Select diagnostics.

You can also check Windows Event Viewer for any error message that was logged when the black screen crash happened.

Window-X => Event Viewer

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I'm able to get to a command line from a Win 7-64 retail install disk - and have tried sfc /scannow but it hasn't fixed it - 'Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations'
If this is in the wrong forum please advise
- not sure if that's because it's started from outside the original OS - awaiting delivery of recovery media shipped from Dell -
- farbar recovery scan tool log below
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 15-04-2015 04
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-MM3RG1V on 16-04-2015 13:57:09
Running from F:\
Platform: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 9
Boot Mode: Recovery
The current controlset is ControlSet001
ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST must be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the registry item will be restored to default or removed. The file will not be moved.)
HKLM\...\Run: [Apoint] => C:\Program Files\DellTPad\Apoint.exe [611192 2011-07-20] (Alps Electric Co., Ltd.)
HKLM\...\Run: [SysTrayApp] => C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM\sttray64.exe [525312 2011-01-25] (IDT, Inc.)
HKLM\...\Run: [Broadcom Wireless Manager UI] => C:\Program Fil... Read more

A:Black screen of death on Win7 64 dell latitude e6520 laptop

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I have had the Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop for 3 and a half years now and it has developed some serious problems. On start up it takes to a white screen and asks for my hard disk password. I have had it since new and never entered a password and have also acquired the master password from dell and still it will not accept the password. In order to get anywhere I have to press enter three times to get to a black screen with ?F1 to reboot, F2 to setup". Pressing F1 results in a beep then the same line comes up again. I then press F2 to get to the blue screen where all I can do to get past it is to go to maintenance then load defaults then after pressing save and exit it reboots again. Sometimes it will then load the normal windows screen but mostly it takes me back to the start again at the white password screen.

Also whenever I try to download anything or open the disk drive a killer blue screen appears with the message " KERNAL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR" and "STOP: 0x00000077 (0xc0000185 0xc0000185 0x00000000 0x06bf3000)"

I would really appreciate anyone?s help on how to correct this problem or if I need to replace any parts or the whole laptop as at the moment it is my only computer and I am struggling without it functioning properly.

Thank you for your help, Dan

Dell inspiron 2200
XP professional
service pack 2
version 2002
intel celeron m
1.40 ghz 504 mb ram

A:Help with Dell laptop blue screen and startup problems

You can try the steps there.

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I've been working on a dell inspiron 1525 today and cant figure what is causing this problem.

The laptop boots, displays the post screen, and then the screen goes black.
You can boot into BIOS,
You can boot into the Boot menu.

You cannot boot into safe mode, the f8 key does nothing,
when using the boot menu, u can't boot into a windows disc to reload the operating system, it just goes black.
I did however manage to boot into a linux cd i have and run a HDD test (what passed) and a memory test (what also passed).

It does exactly the same on an external monitor aswell so I am lost with this one.

Any ideas would be appreciated

A:[SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 1525 - Screen goes black after POST screen?

Which OS is on the computer?

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Hi, thanks for checking my question. I haven't found an answer to my particular situation:

Dell xps m1430 laptop w/vista (32).

It all started with a blue screen w/scrolling text after the fated restart. The blue screen text said "if this is the first time you've seen this message..." and then comp restarted, again showing the blue screen, then restarted into windows repair mode, after repair mode tried to fix the problem comp restarted, then the screen went black / blank right after the little windows loading animation (where the bar keeps moving from left to right and there's a small windows logo).
It all happened fast, so there may have been steps I forgot, but that's the jist of it.

Now screen always goes black / blank during startup after the windows loading animation, so I can't start windows in normal mode.
I can start in safe mode if I manually force shutdown by holding the power button, so I'm not imploding with fear... ok I am.

Possible causes:
1. This occured right after installing 11 vista updates (that restart was when I saw the blue screen)

2. Also occured the restart after running a patch called "Vista TCP/IP and UAC AutoPatch 6.0" I downloaded it from softpedia, the developer was listed as defcon, and their website listed was, but the site is down(I found this out after the problem occured). The patch had lots of positive reviews, and lots of people on other sites also suggest using it to re... Read more

A:Solved: Black screen of death at startup, all began with a blue screen

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My Dell Inspiron 15 laptop repeatably beeps on start up with black screen and does not boot the only way to stop it is remove power and battery then try again.
After several failed attempts it will boot
Any ideas on how to fix this?


A:Dell Inspiron 15 laptop repeatably beeps on start up with black screen and does not boot

Hi Gary,
I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check if the system switches ON.

Switch off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
Remove the battery from the computer.
Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
Then connect back all the peripherals and check if you are able to turn on the system.

If the system is not switching ON please connect the external monitor and check if the system is switching ON then I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.

Turn on or restart the computer.
Immediately at the Dell logo screen, starting tapping the <F12> key once a second until the One Time Boot menu appears (if the computer boots to Windows turn the computer off and try again).
At the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down> arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, PSA+ or Enter ePSA, then press <Enter> to begin the hardware Diagnostics.
Write down any error codes listed. Reply to us with the error codes.

Since the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop computer emits a series of beeps during start-up if the LCD cannot display errors or problems. Please let me know the number of beeps you are receiving during startup as
Let us know your findings.

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Hi I really hope someone can help me!

I have a fujitsu lifebook with windows 7 on it
I had an error message pop up when i tried to click on google chrome this morning, so I closed it and attempted to re-start my laptop, then AVG pops up telling me I have a virus so I allowed it to "clear" said virus. I then restarted my laptop and it would not go to the login page.

I attempted system repair to no avail, I then allowed chkdsk to run and there were a lot of "security ID repairs", I have also tried f12 and booting from my windows 7 installation disk. Non of these options have worked

I get the fujitsu screen, then the windows loading screen then instead of the log in screen which would be next, I get a black screen with the cursor visable and you can move the cursor but nothing else works and no keyboard shortcuts work

someone please help.
I've been told to restore the OS but i cannot afford to lose all the files on my laptop

A:Laptop wont load past windows page, stuck with black screen and cursor

Since AVG 'cleaned' a virus - all bets r off as the problem could be a leftover from the virus. apparently, a (some) system files r damaged. Going forward, u might not want to run normally as an admin user. That helps keep malware from invisibly installing if the AV does not catch it. 1. have u tried booting to safe mode? If u can get there try this clk Start - type CMD -- rt clk cmd.exe and select Run as Admin when the dos window opens type 'sfc /scannow' let it run retry boot when done. 2. If u can't get there or that doesn't work put ur windows CD in and boot to that. Run the repair install - or it might be called upgrade. Just do NOT do a CLEAN install. That will not erase any of your data. 3. If that does not work If u get a Hiren's boot disk, or something similar. U can boot to that and most likely copy ur data from the drive prior to doing a clean install. This assumes the drive isn't corrupt which appears to be true since it gets to the Windows screen. 4. If not u will have to remove the drive and connect it to another computer as an external HDD to copy the data. 5. If none of the above works - u have come to the complete understanding of the word BACKUP................ good luck

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Hello Experts…

My laptop is completely crashed and I am soooo looking forward to your help and support.

Windows continually reboots after showing a blue screen at Startup. It happens very quickly and I cannot even see what is the message on the blue screen.

All as well when suddenly I got a lot of malware popups when I tried to open internet explorer.
Next thing, my system crashed with a blue screen and not would not start-up in normal mode at all…. Not even using the last known good configuration.
The only way system would start is in safe mode.
So I started in safe mode a few times with networking and tried to fix but nothing… it still has problems.

If I even try to open in safe mode with networking after searching on something like fix blue screen error or online support / virus scan… on clicking the link there is some malware that overrides and open and advertisement page every time….

I had SUPERAntiSpyWare Free edition… but when I start and try to update the virus definitions… I get a message that a firewall or setting is blocking the access for SUPERAntiVirus to the internet.

I did run HijackThis and I tried to fix some of the registry problems myself --- ones it thought were causing this problem. Nothing got fixed and in hindsight I think I should have just got some help here. Nonetheless it did run… but I got an error that registry updated is not allowed by the Administrator.

I also ran chkdsk and nothing happened. It ran succe... Read more

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Hi just wondering if anyone can help, my pc wont boot, it powers up but just sits on the black screen with no signal to my monitor when i remove the ram the motherboard beeps at me, thinking its either my cpu fan or psu. cheers

A:Solved: PC wont boot black screen

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Hi, I recently installed DesktopX a Stardock application, which I didn't find to my liking so I uninstalled it... ever since, each time I start up my pc the following happens:
normal boot up
sign in to my account
my normal desktop background is gone
its now a black background
my documents window appears
NOTHING else happens... no taskbar... pressing windows logo key doesn't bring up menu... no nothing

What I have to do to fix this, is to:
bring up the task manager (thru ctrl+alt+delete)
choose to run a new task ''explorer.exe''

just THEN do I get a normal boot of my desktop, applications, taskbar, etc...

I used spybot to check which applications ran when i started my system, none that I didn't have before... I also ran a scan on spybot, nothing...
Scanned with AVG8 Anti-Virus... nothing but cookie files.

I also made a Hijackthis scan and heres the log, one never knows:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:42:39 PM, on 5/18/2008
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16643)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lock My PC 4\lockpc.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\MediaDirect\PCMService.exe
C:\Program Files\DellTPad\Apoint.exe
C:\P... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Black Screen Startup

Problem Fixed!!!!!!!

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read a lot of posts re this. i was not updating anything. just removing programs that had not been used for years from friend's computer so it would free up some space. shut down computer, restarted, and black screen with a flashing dash in upper left had corner. tried pressing f8 on startup but that did nothing. any tips will be appreciated. thanks.

A:Solved: black screen on startup

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I own a Dell M90 Duo Core laptop with XP Pro installed. Recently I have encountered a strange problem. On occasion the screen is black at startup. Shutting it down and trying a second time did nothing. For no particular reason I removed the battery and rebooted with the AC adapter only. The laptop started normally. I'm stumped on this one. FYI this battery is not one of the Dell recalled batteries. Any information you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks.


A:Solved: Black screen startup

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5800 @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3036 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset, 1294 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 466780 MB, Free - 412690 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 018D1Y
Antivirus: PC Cleaners, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

Greetings,I have been experiencing the "black screen" during startup, when I start the pc, it starts to boot then the black screen will hang for a few than it boots normal.Safe boot shows nothing,so I was wondering if my monitor may be going? Anty help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Solved: Black screen during startup

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I would appreciate any advice on the steps to fix the black screen of death occurring at start up. It is just a blank black screen, no cursor or anything. I cannot boot into safe mode. Placing the hard drive in a different computer does not fix the problem. I also tried making an XP boot disk. This allowed me to boot and attempt a system restore. However, the screen went black after a couple of minutes and before the restore could finish. I removed the hard drive and attached it to a different computer and am scanning it now with Malwarebytes. I don't have an XP installation disk but I do have an XP Upgade disk. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Solved: Black Screen at Startup

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I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on my laptop.

Today I tried to power on my laptop and the normal BIOS appeared and then went to boot the OS. After Vista finished loading, all I saw was a black screen. I can hear the hard drive spinning.

I tried to power it down and try again but I get the same problem.

PLEASE HELP! Thanks...

EDIT: I tried starting Windows using the Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) and that didn't work. I just saw the screen flicker once and then the same old black screen.

A:Solved: Black Screen on Startup

Problem solved. Restart > F8 > Repair Windows > System Restore.

It was Motorola Phone Tools that caused this.

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Hello All....HELP!!!

My 8 year old dell Dimension 8400 has been going swimmingly, until the other night a program I was using started to slow down, then the computer froze. After a reboot, it will show the splash screen, then says Loading PBR...Done!...then will go to a blinking cursor with a black screen...lastly to just a black screen.

I tried to boot into safe mode, as well as all the other boot options given when I hit F12 for setup, but everything just goes to the black screen. Is there a way I can get to a c: command prompt to do a chkdsk? I ran the boot diagnostics from the BIOS screen and it said the hard drive passed inspection. I reseated the ram, made sure all internal hard drive plugs were tight, etc.

It runs with Win XP and all the latest updates and service packs, Avast anti-virus, spywaredoctor, etc. I have 4gigs of patroit ram. About 9 months ago I changed power supply.

Are there any boot disk diagnostics I can download to check the hardware, software, etc?

A:[SOLVED] BLACK SCREEN!! Dell Dim. 8400

Try to repair you're Windows XP software with the cd. I'm pretty sure it's a software problem. Cause if you tell me that you're see the POST. You may try to reinstall Windows with all the newest drivers and updates with a different Hard drive, and you gonna know if it's a Software or a Hardware problem.
By the way do you have a beep signal ?

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I have a Dell Desktop that once you turn it on the system goes through the POST with no problems, it then has the Windows Vista loading bar on the bottom of the screen. The the screen turns black. Nothing.

Do you think I can restore this and it will fix it?

Please advise.

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Hey, im having some issues. I have a DELL inspiron 5100 laptop and i just recently removed a virus that almost destroyed my hard drive, I got it to work fine but after a few days of use it started to freeze up on the DELL loading screen on the start up, i accidently pressed the F12 key and it took me to a screen with different ways to start up XP, like through the Hard drive or a disk.
i selected to run offthe hard drive and it froze up any help?


A:[SOLVED] Dell inspiron 1500 laptop freezes after DELL loading screen

hi, after you hit F12 did you see the diagnostics program at all? Ordinarily I would say It may be worthwhile running a scan on the hard drive if you can. But, I see you removed a virus, can you tell me if it was with the help of the antimalware section on this forum? or did you just remove it yourself? I need to know if you are absolutely sure you removed all traces of the virus - if you had the help of a forum they would have given you the "all clear". Have you tried starting in safe mode at all?

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HP Pavilion m7480n desktop with windows xp wont start after its failed power supply is changed. When I switch on the computer at first every thing goes normal until the starting logo of windows xp. It goes until the xp logo finishing all the boot start steps. When the xp logo comes we all know there is a scrolling bar under the logo, it takes it's time to scroll that bar, but finally instead of opening the windows it goes to a black screen and the green light of the monitor goes amber and flashing. Please send me your experience on this matter.


A:Solved: computer wont start up / black screen

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I have a AMD Athlon XP Processor.

After noticing that the speed wasnt preforming right - i.e. 1.25 GHZ instead of 2.25GHZ i went into the Bios on a MSI motherboad and went to CPU Speed and it was set as 100MHZ but i put it it up 200 thinking it was that or it could of been the CPU Frequency as 100MHZ and i put that up to 200MHZ.

After doing that it rebooted with a black screen nothing comming up.

I inserted a floppy disc to see if it was booting up as i would be able to tell to see if it accesses it - but no.

What has happened - is there anyway of doing anything, as the keyboard doesnt work either as i would of been able to change it in the Bios.


A:Solved: HELP AMD ATHLON XP wont start up - black screen

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Hi all, I'm running a nice Dell XPS M1530 that I've had for about 18 months. Everything was fine until about 2 months ago, when I started noticing that my Windows Updates couldn't check for updates. I was told to run chkdsk, but didn't because it was in "read-only" mode.

Now, when I boot up my machine, all I see is my cursor (which I can move) before the Windows Vista log-in page is supposed to show up.
--I have tried starting in safe mode, and the same thing happens.
--I've tried to restore to "last known good configuration" and the same thing happened.
--I've tried removing the battery, pressing and holding the power button, and trying again.
--I ran the Dell Express Test, and I received one error: Error Code OFOO: 137B. Msg: DVDRW_32 - Drive media is missing or blank.

One time, I got the blue screen of death that I believe said "Driver Power State failure". Then my machine shut down.

I'll post some pictures later on, but can't right now because I'm on an ancient computer. If you know of anything I can do, please help me.

Thank you graciously in advance,


A:Solved: Black screen at startup, all I see is cursor. Help please!

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I have a 2008 Dell Inspiron 530 with Vista. after doing a hard return, computer would start up with a Black screen.
Start Repair results:
System files integrity, check & repair
Result: Failed Error code: 0x490
boot status +

ran Memory repair and computer came back up, very slow, and worthless

now will only boot with F8 to SafeMode/Networking

any help appreciated!

A:[SOLVED] Vista startup Black screen

Hi see if this will help Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

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Dell Dimension 8400, Win XP Professional, 4gb RAM, new motherboard 2 years ago, HD pulled and works when connected to other machine, RAM checked OK.

At startup, get splash screen and goes to black screen with prompt. No message at prompt. Nothing happens. On startup, if hit F2 or F12, goes to black screen and prompt with no error message. It hit F8 to go to Safe Mode, states keyboard failure. No beeps when push power button. All four (4) lights are green. Pulled and replaced battery.

Any ideas? Total business files on this machine.

A:[SOLVED] On startup, Black screen of death

Two things I would check is power supply, and video card. If you have any known good working power supply, and video cards from another computer preferably from a dell on the power supply as they may use a proprietary unit.

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Hello my wifes dell inspiron 6400 has died.
Running XP.
When pressing the power button the 3 green lights on the left come on.
Each light looks like a mini breifcase
the first has a number 9 in and stays on
the second has an A in and is flashing
and the third has an arrow pointing down which is also flashing.
the lights go out after about 20 seconds.

There are no other noises or lights coming on.

The laptop has for some time not worked using just the battery,and only worked plugged into the mains.

A:Solved: Dell laptop wont switch on.

It could be any number of things but i have a feeling its either a power supply problem or the motherboard is going or its gone.its a 5 year old laptop so it sounds like its got some problems that you might want to have checked out.

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My Dell Inspiron 530S froze up, the screen went black and the CPU fan came on. I powered off by holding the power button in. Upon trying to restart, all I get is the CPU fan on high screen is black. I removed the video card thinking that was the problem got no change. CPU fan on high. Windows7

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Dell Freezes screen goes black, can't reboot

After searching all opinions seemed to point to the motherboard. The amber light on the motherboard was on steady. I had to order a refurbished G33M02 mother board. I received the replacement yesterday, installed it and.........same thing. It won't boot. When I push the power button the cpu cooler fan and all fans run, the power button stays amber and the monitor stays black with its power button also amber. That was a waste of $170. Could this be a power supply failure?

Thanks for any replies

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Starting up XP Pro, either in normal or safe mode, I wind up getting a black screen instead of the desktop. I can only see (and move) the mouse pointer.

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Can't figure out how to delete, sorry

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop with an upgrade to windows 7 from vista. Yesterday my computer was really slow so I reset it to try and speed it up. I got passed the Vaio screen but then came the black screen with the blinking dash on the top right corner. The only thing I can enter is BIOS with F2 nothing else works. I can't enter safe mode or anything else. I've tried a few things, but nothing works.

1. Reseting default values in BIOS
2. Removing everything but internal Hard Drive in boot menu.

I have a windows & start up disc

3. Ran Startup Repair: Says couldn't detect a problem if recently attached device then remove it. ( Nothings Connected)
4. System restore ( was successfull but still no go)
5. Ran chkdsk & chkdsk/r from command prompt option

I also contacted Sony Support and with the 15 minutes alotted

6. Reseated memory

I just want to be able to get into the computer one more time so I can transfer my music and some other important files to my External Hard Drive. Please HELP!!! Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

A:Solved: Black screen & Blinking dash on Startup

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I have got a dell laptop on xp, I have got it back to factory settings using a disc that came with it.. It will not connect to the internet at all, it is wireless too and have tried connecting direct to router...

On my network places I click on view network connections and it says 1394 connection then connected under it then 1394 network adapter, Am at a loss!
Any help would be appreciated!
Also there is no icon in the tray!

A:Solved: Dell laptop wont connect to internet

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Dell Laptop Inspiron N4010 screen has a big black splotch and the screen has lines all over it when I try to use it. It was working fine till day before yesterday and I've no idea what happened to it. Do I need to replace it? How much would that cost me in India? Is there any other possible solution to this

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron N4010 screen has a big black splotch!

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when i start my computer the first screen load fine then a black screen appear and its getting stuck there, there a small line in the corner but its wont go past that, what the problem?

Tested it on another computer but same problem.

i tryed to repair the HardDrive but its still didnt change a thing.

A:Solved: computer wont start, stuck at black screen before loading.

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I built a pc last year and i've had many problems. the latest problem came along when i changed pc case and installed a new PSU. When i turned it on all i got was long repeating beeps and the monitor wouldnt turn on. After hundreds reboots, crashing, switching off, restarting it finally booted and worked normally. Ive had it again perhaps once after then and now im getting it again. Ive noticed this happens when i change/remove/add a piece of hardware or just switch the psu off for a while which is odd.

Last night i heard my psu had a slight buzz which has happened before with no problems turning it off at the back, thinking it would disturb my sleep i just switched it off at the back. I got back from school today and switched it on and im stuck with the deeps from hell again. I switch it on, i get the beeps i have to hold the power for 4 seconds to crash it. I can push restart, this leaves me with either the beeps again or no beeps at all with the system still on. I then managed to get it to load up windows, after 2 mins it just froze, couldnt do anything, i had to hold power for 4 seconds again, turned it on again and the beeps were back, tried again, loaded, 2 mins, lockup.

after the repeating process of beeps it loaded to the winfast logo at boot, stopped there, tried again, loaded windows and i took the chance to back some things up. I then ran CHKDSK and that worked. Then i went into hardrive properties and tools and told it to check the disk on the next restart,... Read more

A:[SOLVED] long beeps on startup, black screen, lockups

Beep codes vary depending on the BIOS that is installed. Beep codes in general mean either a main componant such as processor, motherboard, ram or video card are defective or not pushed in to the slots completely.

For this issue reat all circuit cards in motherboard. If beeps continue than remove all ram except one card and boot. If the beeps are gone than you can use that ram slot for process of elimination to test each memory module.
If all memory cards work in slot 1 than try one memory stick in each slot while leaving the other slots empty to determine which memory slot is bad.

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Hi all. I have Hp pavillion Windows 8.1 It takes forever to boot up from the black screen. It has been freezing too. I ran the Scannow it says some files are corrupted and I saved the log in my documents if you want to see it.

Also for some strange reason my pointing keeps circling like my computer is downloading something. Weird!
I would so appreciate help from a professionals here.


A:Solved: Black screen on startup and takes forever to start!

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I have scanned through the other posts and the closest thing that I could find to my problem seemed to involve a video card going kaput. I'm just hoping maybe one of you can confirm this for me before I take my pc up to the repair shop and they try to sell me something I don't need.

So, here's what is going on. Yesterday my Dell Dimensions (2500 I think?) was working just fine. I noticed the fan was running for quite some time so I got up to check and just as I suspected virus scan was performing a scan of my system. After the scan was completed I exited out of virus scan and figured the fan would stop running shortly. A few hours later I notice the fan is still running, so when I go to check my pc all I see is a black screen. The button on my monitor is flashing between yellow and red, so I restart my monitor and the test page comes up. It says my monitor is working and to check pc connection. After that I manually restart and the windows logo comes up but then we're right back to that black screen. I am currently in safe mode with networking which is obviously working just fine.

Now -- about two weeks ago the monitor that came with this system died. I snatched an older monitor from a spare pc in the house and attached it to this system. I don't know if that has any bearing at all on the events that have taken place but I wanted to let you know that I had infact made a change recently.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Solved: Black Screen on startup BUT Safe Mode works

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