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Reformatting dell Inspiron 1501 laptop $quick responses

Q: Reformatting dell Inspiron 1501 laptop $quick responses

Dell Inspiron 1501 with windows XP. I work with computers this shouldn't be as difficult as it's being. Only have one cd with the name "drivers & utilities ; For Reinstalling Dell Inspiron Computer Software" which has been useless it just tries to give me info. The normal 'cntrl+F11' won't boot recovery from the dell splash on boot up. I reformatted a while ago but messed up and want to start fresh. I fear the piece including recovery on the partition was deleted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the run on sentence, I'm on my iPhone, as well as failure to introduce myself to the community. I will come back and help others the best I can. I feel like this problem is small and tedious so I come to you guys looking for a quick answer. Beggars can't be choosers, but at 2am you guys can help, and I'm willing to reply quickly. Like I said any help will not go unnoticed. Thanks!

A: Reformatting dell Inspiron 1501 laptop $quick responses

I apologize for the double post, I would like to offer indulgences to anyone that can help me ASAP. Google is surprisingly not helping yet, it's a race between the both of you. Please excuse the fact that I'm new to the community, but I am not someone just looking for help, I feel like receiving help, especially with this problem, should result in me helping 10 others. I will do the best I can and give anything reasonable. This problem should be extremely tedious and I hope you understand my frustration. I thank you even if you cannot help, the fact that you read this still means something. Looking for a quick fix, once again apologies for the rush I've been pressed on time. Thanks a million!!

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The right side of the keyboard only shows the keys in the <function mode. Letters m,j,k,l,;,u,i,o,p,/, and 0 all show up as if the function key is locked on. What should i do?

I have no idea how this turned on and I can't get it turned off! Please help.

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop

You may have to replace the keyboard.
What operating system. What connectin. On what were you working when the change occurred.

You might try turning the computer upside down with the screen open flat, and use a can of Dust Office to clean out all the debris embedded under the keys. That often works. Do not just untreated compressed air.

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Hi everyone, I am having problems with a Dell Inspiron 1501. The screen was doing ok, but it has recently started acting funny. The power button for sleep was pushed on the dell and ever since then the screen is extremely dark but it will display on an external monitor. What could be wrong? Thanks

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop LCD screen is dark

sounds like the backlight or the transformer that powers the backlight has gone out

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I have a DELL Inspiron 1501 about 5 years old and CD/DVD player opens and closes but doesn't work when I put a CD or DVD in it. Just spins and trys to read the CD or DVD but doesn't do anything? Does anyone know what the problem could be or what type of troubleshooting I can perform on it?

thank you. I'm new to this site.

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The right side of the keyboard only shows the keys in the <function mode. Letters m,j,k,l,;,u,i,o,p,/, and 0 all show up as if the function key is locked on. What should i do.

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop keyboard problem

Hey, Welcome to techspot

I think i had this problem once before on my 1501 i forgot how i fixed it exactly but i would try hitting the function key and see if there' an f lock or something like that that will take function lock off.

Ill look on my laptop later and see if i can replicate the problem

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I have a Dell 1501 Inspiron. All of a sudden I cannot access the internet via wireless, even though it lists the modem with excellent connection; or via ethernet

A:Solved: dell 1501 inspiron laptop no internet

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Is there a way to fix this issue I re installed it dell quick set, and the icon stays till I shut down the computer or restart it then its no more I want this to stay I did the msconfig already, and its not on there and how would I work around this to keep it staying on permanently? 

A:Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop Dell Quick Set icon goes away after start up

Where are you placing this icon?
How are you creating the icon?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. I bought a Western Digital 320GB Scorpio Black with Free Fall Sensor SATA 7200 RPM 2.5IN 16MB to replace my old 120gb hard drive...I installed the WD HDD, popped in my Windows Vista 32bit reinstallation cd & turned on my laptop. I got a message saying:
Broadcom UNDI PXE-2.1 v2.1.

Copyright 2000-2006 Broadcom Corporation
Copyright 1997-2000 Intel Corporation
All Rights Reserved.
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.
Operating System not found

I check BIOS & the drive is being detected. I thought the problem was due to a fresh hard drive so I went ahead & installed my old drive & I got ?Operating System not found? again. I don?t know what to do. I would like to have my new HDD working. Does anybody know what I can do?

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Thank you for taking the time to read this...

I friend of mine left his laptop on the floor and their dog pissed on it frying the motherboard. Took it apart and found the board corroded and dead.

Bought the whole bottom part from eBay which included the board, CPU, casing, etc.. it did not however include peripherals & RAM.

Assembled unit and here's my problem.

1) The unit fires up OK.
2) As soon as it does, there's no display on the screen.
3) The CAPS, number & scroll lock indicators start blinking rapidly... over & over never stopping or shutting down.
4) System stalls here and won't do anything else.
5) No beeps or anything else for that matter.

I'm currently waiting for new RAM but was wondering if any of you have any idea what the problem could be...

The only components from the old unit I'm using are:
1) HDD
2) CD-Rom
3) LCD
4) Wireless Card
5) RAM

I've tried reseating RAM & using different slot, powering without power adapter/battery & booting without HDD... to no avail.

Any input or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

A:Help with Dell Inspiron 1501

try with new ram.

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Hi all,

i have got a Dell Inspiron 1501 and have just done a reinstall using the Vista Premium dvd that came with it. I have also downloaded and installed the drivers from the dell website and SP1 and SP2 for vista.

im not sure if my usb is installed correctly as some times when i plug in a device it tells me it would preform faster if plugged into a 2.0 port. also when checking the device manager it says "Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller". should this not say 2.0 or enhanced?

my SD card reader (built in) also appears to be running slow, with a max data transfer of about 2.4MB/s. the same card used on my brother in laws laptop, preformed a lot lot faster.

any help would be great


A:Dell Inspiron 1501 usb 2.0?

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So, just under a year ago I had bought a Dell Inspiron 15-3552 laptop and it has mostly been a reliable and durable computer. However, I've had an issue with the charger (or charger jack) twice now. The first time was pretty straightforward. It was an issue with the jack (had to plug the charger in at a certain position, computer lagged with it in, "plugged in, not charging", etc.) and I got it repaired relatively quickly. But this time around, I had an identical problem (except now the charger has stopped working entirely) but the place that I usually go to for this kinda stuff was persistent about this being a charger issue.So like anyone would, I went to best buy and bought a charger. Despite the fact that the moron said that it would work with my computer, it didn't (and the dude didn't even allow me to return it). After that whole thing, I decided that I'd just look on the dell website for a compatible charger. However, as shown by this ( ), there was no option for an Inspiron 15 3552, leaving me very confused.TLDR, I need two answers.1) Is this an issue with the charger itself, or the charger jack?2) If it's the former, is there any way I can get a list of chargers compatible with this computer?

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My dell inspiron 1501 laptop is a bit over 2 years old. My 1st power adapter broke after about 2 years. I bought another one ( a dell one on ebay) which broke after a month. I am now using a 3rd party one. It worked fine for a few weeks, but now the battery won't charge, the laptop will only run on AC power. I get an error message during boot up saying the Ac adapter type can't be determined and that the battery will not charge and I will not get optimal performance. I am running winXP home, and I also have ubuntu 8.10 installed as a dual boot. Any help resolving my issue will be greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 won't charge

99% cases of "unknown AC adapter" issues are connected with wrong or broken PSU. 1% is max8731 faulty(i repaired 2 laptops with this warning, and the problem was with faulty PWM-charger).

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Hi,im using windows Xp laptop and when I on it,it says operating system not found.Should I call computer admin?


A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Windows XP

It's either booting to the wrong drive, or the hard drive has failed or become corrupted.

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I keep getting back to this message.
Your cd/dvd drive during this boot cycle is f :

A RAMDISK drive is available for this boot cycle as C : It contains several Hard Drive setup tools. Please use these tools only under the direction of Dell Support Staff.


what do I type in at the prompt after F:\> ???

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 won't start-up

Is the a disk in the CD/DVD drive? If so, remove it and try again.


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When I was using my Dell today something happened to the screen: first green zebra-like stripes, then white, then I completely lost power. When I've tried to turn the power back on, the computer lights up for a couple of seconds and then disappears.

Any idea what caused this? Should I just take it to a local repair shop now?

(I have a second Dell inspiron, a little cranky and old. Can I remove the HD from the nonworking computer and insert it into the other Inspiron?)



A:Dell Inspiron 1501 just died

That sounds like a dead or dying power supply. Smell anything burning? If you take the power cord out and swich it off on psu(if that crap has a switch) then press the power button for 5 seconds. Then sit for about a half hour and plug it in and try to start again, what happens?

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Hi... just got a laptop from a friends, friend and I want to restore it. I restored it to an ealier time but, now wen it comes on it'll try to start. Then it goes black with the mouse just there. Is it compelty done for? Or can I restore it another way? (By the way, the guy never gave me a password it. But he gave me a downloaded cd of windows xp reboot(if that even works)) any help would be helpfull! Please and thank you

A:dell inspiron 1501 restore

Using "Factory Recovery" is probably the best option. Basically, it will re-install Windows XP as it was when the laptop was first purchased, using the factory-installed recovery partition. No CD required. Go here for instructions:
How to Restore to a Factory Dell Inspiron 1501 Without a Disc |

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[insert arguing here]

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Information

My original question is what method does Dell use to provide password protection on this Inspiron 1501. Why is that considered asking for a password? If I asked where the CMOS is stored on a (you pick a name) motherboard, I bet someone could answer that. I am interested for a purely technical reason.

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My Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop can only support 2.4Ghz.

Is it possible to upgrade the hardware so I can support 5Ghz or with it being a laptop, is it impossible?

P.S. Referring to Wi-Fi

A:5Ghz Dell Inspiron 1501

You can purchase a dual band usb adapter...

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Im looking to add more memory to my Dell Inspiron 1501, what reccomendations do you have? I need to have at least 4 gigs, Right now, I only have 1 gig. I will eventually replace, but need help adding more memory.
Thanks in advance!

A:Add memory to Dell Inspiron 1501

I always run the Crucial scanner to see what slots I have, what the maximum is, and what size chips can be added. Having low confidence in my ability to buy the correct product elsewhere I also buy from them, but I understand that they are far from the least expensive.

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Please help me:
I had 2x 2GB sticks of Apacer RAM, than I wanted to upgrade to 2x 4GB Crucial. But after booting  I had problem with noise and lines all over my screen...  I tried also 2+4GB mode, everything works fine, but Everest benchmark has shown not as good results as in 2x2GB mode. What should I do, to make it work with 8 GB of RAM?
My specs are: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, 263 BIOS, AMD Sempron 2000 MHz, 480 GB Kingston SSD, ATI Radeon Xpress 1150, latest possibe graphic card driver (10-2_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc) 

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 - problem with 8GB RAM

No, there are some users of Inspiron 1501 with 8 GB here in this forum...

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Recently, I am having issues with my Inspiron 1501 (running Windows XP Pro with service pack 3) blacking out the screen and locking up the computer while I am in the middle of doing something or doing nothing (computer sitting idle). There is no rhyme nor reason that I have been able to determine. The computer could have been on for hours or a relatively short amount of time. The only way to get this to clear is to hold the power button down until the computer shuts down. I can then press the power button again and the computer comes right back up with no errors or messages or hard drive check for shutting down improperly. There is nothing there, it isn't a matter of it just isn't visible (some threads have suggested looking at the screen with a flashlight or hooking up an external monitor, neither changed the issue). I have checked power management settings and it isn't set to go into hibernation, do anything when the lid is closed, and to ask what to do when the sleep button is pressed.

Also, when I shut down (Window logo key -> Turn off computer -> Shutdown), it starts out as normal and then gets to a point and freezes/locks up. I seem to recall this at the final step before the computer should shut off. Again, the only way to shut down is to hold down the power button. Same thing applies...I can press the power button and the computer comes right back up with no errors or messages or hard drive check for shutting down improperly.

I have tried doing &q... Read more

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I started by having my screen suddenly waving up and down constantly and blowing the icons
up double their normal size.....I have been able to stop all of that by running SUPERANTI SPYWARE
and finding and correctly issues there. I have decided to uninstall XP and install VISTA on this
machine. I have 1.37 RAM and just think that is the best solution. I have backed up the information,
But I keep getting a message saying that I have a HARD DRIVE problem. Any thoughts or help
that you anyone can lend ...........I truly need this computer before I go back to school.

thanks in advance for any and all help

A:Terrible Dell INSPIRON 1501 Problem

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop - the original Dell AC Power Adapter crapped out and was replaced with a universal Targus adapter. This powered the laptop well for approximately two weeks, however the laptop stopped working overnight and now refuses to boot.

When I plug in the adapter, no lights appear. The laptop does not respond in any way when I push the power button, it doesn't matter if it's plugged in, not plugged in, battery in, battery out. The charging port on the machine does not appear to be loose. The adapter comes with a handful of different tips, and was tested on my Acer Aspire and is in good working order.

I've read that this model laptop (or maybe just Dells in general) has issues with universal/aftermarket chargers, but in those cases the laptop will generally still run off AC power even if the batteries won't charge. I read somewhere else that these symptoms point to a fault with the internal power supply board, but I don't even know what that is or what it looks like.

If anyone has any information on this problem, or on troubleshooting and repairing a PSB fault (if that even matches my symptoms) it's very greatly appreciated.


A:Dell Inspiron 1501 no charge, no boot, no nothing

Yes, you probably damaged the charging circuits/motherboard by using an after-market AC adapter... These charging circuits may be part of a $300+ motherboard. Good luck

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My Dell Inspiron 1501 (out of warranty and running XP Pro if that matters) has stopped recognizing the AC adapter. The adapter is a recent genuine Dell replacement for an older one that would no longer charge the battery, the second one I had had to replace because of the "AC adapter not recognized" error. It worked fine for a few weeks, and its green LED still goes on when plugged into the outlet, but now the icon in the system tray is the battery icon, not the AC icon, and the remaining battery time keeps decreasing. There is no error message; it just acts as if the AC adapter isn't there. The plug feels wobbly in the socket, so something is loose.

Googling around for information suggests that depending on what's wrong, it could be fixed with a bit of soldering, or the motherboard may need to be replaced (i.e., time to get a new computer). I've done minor repairs inside desktops, swapping out memory, drives, etc., but nothing that involved soldering. I'm also considering getting a spare battery and an external charger and swapping between batteries to keep it running -- it's a decent machine apart from its power problems and I'd rather not have to replace it just yet.

- How can I tell whether the socket can just be re-soldered or the motherboard really would need to be replaced for the AC adapter to be recognized again?
- If it may be relatively simple to fix, are instructions available online? Pictures or diagrams would ... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 not recognizing AC adapter

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 and i cannot connect to the internet from wireless and dsl line. It says the connection has limited or no connectivity. I have already called the guys from my internet service provider, and everything is working on their end , they suggested that i call dell but i'm out of warrenty and was wondering if anyone could help me here.

A:Dell inspiron 1501 not connecting to internet

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For those of you looking for missing x64 drivers for your Dell Inspiron 1501 (and possibly other) notebooks, here are two sources that work:

Synaptics Touchpad driver:
Synaptics :: Drivers

Ricoh MMC memory card reader driver:
Ricoh 5-in-1 Card Reader Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)*&



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i think it's when i tried to install windows vista service pack II, my dvd drive dissappeared. i bought a new drive and installed it. still nothing, so it has to be a software problem. i tried the regristy upper/lower filters delete. there was only the lower filters there. still nothing. i still havent been able to install service pack 2 either. always and error. i tried the readyness updater installer tool too. that wont work either. the drive doesn't show up in my computer nor the device manager. HELP!!!

A:My dell inspiron 1501 DVD/RW drive isn't recognized.

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Before I start, I should mention this. My battery is dead, so I rely on my charger to keep my laptop turned on. If it gets unplugged, it shuts off without warning. Also, I'm using a third party ac adaptor.

A few hours before this happened, my laptop shut off randomly. Apparently the metal part on the charger itself got waaaaay too hot. Now, when I try to turn it on, it won't even light up the green light saying that the ac is plugged in! What's wrong with my laptop? Thanks for the help.

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 won't recognize AC adaptor

If you're lucky, the AC adapter is bad. Worst case scenario would be a bad motherboard. My advice is take it to a shop that has a universal AC adapter and a tip that works with your Dell and have it checked. Otherwise, you really have no way of troubleshooting the problem.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop, yea its pretty bad but it does the job.
and it was operating on vista. until its started screwing up so i thought i would just format the whole computer to have it how it used to but it only made it worse! so i don't know what i did but it started working again but now i had 2 operating systems(both vista). But the memory would fill up so fast so i had to keep erasing files. and i had to reboot one day and a black screen showed up saying BOOTMNG MISSING..i tried to get help online but all the working fixes included the vista installation cd which i never had so i don't know what to do and i can't lose all of my files! so help! plz

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 BOOTMNG Missing

Try going here and create a recovery disc. Boot the cd you create per their instructions and see what happens. Now you will need a working comp with internet access to do this but......

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when i turn on the laptop it says "please enter hdd password"????
DELL wont help! can anyone else generate a password for this system???
it would be greatly appreciated....
service tag: 4xgvkc1
dell inspiron 1501

Moderator Edit:
Free Help Here:

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 and the right-hand side of the keyboard types as if it's in <function> mode. That is, the j, k, l, ;, m, u, i, o, p keys, when typed, come up with the blue function numbers. Only on the right-hand side of the keyboard, though.

I bought a new keyboard, swapped out the old one thinking this would solve the problem but it did not. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 keyboard problems

Re-check the connection from the keyboard to the mobo

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I have a dell inspiron 1501 laptop running windows vista. I would like to format the hard drive and bring the computer back to its original condition. I do not have a copy of the operating system on a cd but there is a partition on the hard drive labeled "recovery" The manual I have tells me to hold down the <ctrl> and <F11> keys at boot up when I see appear. I have tried this several times but it does not work. Is there another way?

A:system recovery dell inspiron 1501

F8. See step 3.

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I just installed Windows 8 Release Preview. I tried to install the AMD ATI Catalyst Legacy Display Driver, which installed fine, but I have no display settings in the app or the ability to change the screen resolution normally through Windows. I also cannot plug-in my external monitor. I plug it in, select Devices from the new Windows sidebar on the right side of the screen, and nothing shows up. I also try connecting through the Windows Mobility Center, and it says "Your PC can't project to another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different video card." Can someone help? I am using a Dell Inspiron 1501 with the 32 bit Release Preview.

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Graphics Driver

Someone asked about this just the other day - you MAY be in luck, but it's hard to say as Dell stopped releasing drivers for the 1501 right after Vista released:
Microsoft basic display adapter

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i had this computer for a few years now but
i only used it for about a year then i messed up the os..
eventually i go to ficxing it late last year but it only worked for a few days
then it never turned on again...
its not the battery because
i plug in the charger and no charging light comes on the computer
but the light on the charger is on
help? what could it be?


A:dell inspiron 1501 wont turn on?!!

It could be a loose power jack on the laptop. If you move the power connection around while plugged it, can you see the battery charging light come on?

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Hello all,

I received a trojan horse dropper bravix B and had to reformat the hard drive. I used the OS disc and the drivers disc provided. I loaded the drivers in the sequence advised by dell. Following this the machine did not work properly so i downloaded the drivers using the computer tag. this included a BIOS update. All now appears ok except the screen. The screen appears to have gone to wide screen ( the bbc web site used to have to blank strips either side and now it is on the whole screen distorting the picture.)

The screen I have is a 15.4" wide screen XGA TFT with truelife 1280X800

When i go into display properties on the control pannel this is what I see

Screen resolution (I am unable to adjust this other than to either min 800x600 or max 1024x768. There is no middle adjustment like on my wife's laptop.
General- Normal size (96 DPI)
Adaptor- Information
Chip type, DAC Type, Mem Size, Adaptor string, DIOS info (all have unavailable next to them)
PROPERTIES- General tab
Device Type-Non plug and play drivers
Manufaturer- unknown
Location- unknown
The device is working properly
Drivers tab
Service name- VgaSave
Display name- VgaSave
Status- Stated
Startup- System
Resourse tab-Resourse settings
I/O Range 03B0-03BB
I/O Range 03E0-03DF
Memory- 000A000B-000BFFFF
(all these 3 under resourse appear to have a "No entry sign to the left)

Conflicting device list
Include all listed in the resourse set... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 screen problem

Okay, I'm new to this forum and only moderately computer literate. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 that I had to completely reformat after a failed Vista update completely shut down my computer. After a good friend help me get my stuff using DOS, we had to completely reinstall with the CDs that came with the computer. Now when I view something like a video the screen will either go black or look like wallpaper and not come back on. I have to completely shut down and then turn it back on. Can anyone help me with this problem? I have updated the graphics driver.

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I have a dell inspiron 1501 for about a year but now when i turn it on it says begining physical memory dump preparing for crash. After a wile it says physical memory dump complete.
I am wanting to know if there is a way to fix this problem or if i can just make my computer start all over and put all the cds back in it? plz help

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I am working on my Fiance's Dell Inspiron 1501. It came with vista, and I downgraded to XP several months ago. Since then, I have been connecting to the internet via wireless connections both at home and on campus. However, I just recently moved into a new apartment, and do not have the money to spend on a new wireless router. So, this is the first time since the downgrade trying to connect to the internet via the Ethernet adapter. My problem is this:

I'm getting stuck at "Acquiring network address." After a few minutes it gives me the error saying that it wont work because an IP wasn't assigned and such.

I've tried many, many things. I tried using the ethernet cable the computer I am on now is using. No luck.

I've tried switching ports on the hub I'm using to known working ports. No luck.

I've tried release/renew, no luck.

I've tried releasing the IP of the computer I am on now, and setting that IP as the static IP on the laptop. Here it says "connected" but I still cant connect to anything.

Note: I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Dell's website for the ethernet adapter (obviously this was the first thing I tried).

I've done lots of fiddling with TCP/IP properties, to no avail.

Can anyone help me?


A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Ethernet Adapter Problems

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I just want to start off by saying thanks to all of you at

I also want to say it's been a long time since I've been here, which in a way is a good thing seeing as I've been able to diagnose and solve all problems on my own...until now.
I have a 2007(?) Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit installed for quite a while now and it's been working fine. However, a few days ago the wireless stopped working.

I've checked the Device Manager to see if there was anything wrong with the driver, and there wasn't any red X's or yellow exclamation points. I uninstalled it anyway, shut down my computer, and rebooted. Driver is reinstalled but wireless card isn't picking up any networks.

When I hit Windows Key + X, it brings up the Windows Mobility Center and under the Wireless Network box, the button to "Turn wireless on" is greyed out. Weird.

As it stands now, the ethernet port still works and when I have it unplugged, the icon shows the wireless bars with a red X in the corner.

I've disabled my Avast! anti-virus program as well. It is not running after I rebooted my computer again.

Also, going to cmd and typing ipconfig shows the "Media State....Media Disconnected".

I have also taken my laptop apart using the Dell Support Guide, checked the connections, and nothing looked any different from previous teardowns (when I have had to clean the fans).

If anyone has any more ideas I ... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Windows 7 Wireless Not Turning On

what happens when you press FN+F2 key?

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First things first, Dell Inspiron 1501 NOT 1505. Ok? Now, this computer is pretty used, and long lived somewhat at 3 years, one battery. Last year, it completely accpeted no charge. I am on it, using AC power. I wouldn't mind AC power too much, but the power cord providing AC power, is sooooo mucked up. (will it stay in long enough to post this message???) I COULD buy a new battery (100$!!?!?), yet my dad has no job ATM. Any suggestions? PLEASE!

A:Battery problems, not charging Dell Inspiron 1501

If the Charger is in bad shape, dell sells the factory replacement charger for $59. here

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Ok im not very smart at computers but i know where to locate Run on a computer, you go to start then run, but i for some reason cant find the Run link in the start menu on My Dell Inspiron 1501...this is so i can type in things to lower ping plzz

A:Where to locate Run on Dell Inspiron 1501 Windows Vista

you can hit on your keyboard the following combo to make it pop up:

Windows + R

I've used that on both Windows Vista home Prem and Ultimate

I think if you right click on the start menu and access its properties you can enable the run icon..I'm not really sure on that one though

hope that helps

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Hey guys,

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop today and I'm having trouble connecting it to my wireless network. I have a D-Link router and it lets me log onto the network and says I have an excellent signal, but it won't let me access the internet.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem?


A:Dell Inspiron 1501 + Vista + D-link router

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My friend has a Dell Inspiron 1501 that works fine on Battery Pwr but when you plug in the AC charger to run it, the screen goes black with no warning. Unplugging the AC pwr does not return the screen. He must reboot the computer to get it back up. Any ideas on what could be causing? We have checked all the power settings and sleep settings and everything seems to be fine. Help!

A:Black screen on Dell Inspiron 1501 on AC Power

Try another AC adapter

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Hi, I have an old Dell Inspiron 1501 lap top that has Vista. (I also have a Desktop with Windows 7). I have several old Iomega Zipdrive disks that have info on them from years ago that would be fun to resurrect. However, the laptop (I am assuming that Windows 7 cannot be used with the Iomega external zip drive) does not have any printer parallel ports - only a monitor port and several USB ports.

I purchased a cable on Amazon that transitions from the male end on the Iomega cable (the other end is the "Zip" end attached to the Zip Connection on the Iomega Drive)to a USB connector. I have hooked everything up and plugged it into a USB port on the Laptop, but the drive is not being recognized by the laptop. When I click on "Computer", the device is not there (although when I plugged it into the Laptop, it did show downloading the drivers).

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any/all help!

A:Hooking Iomega Zipdrive 100 to Dell Inspiron 1501

I've never had any luck with "conversion" cables. So it doesn't surprise me that it doesn't work. And even if it does recognize hardware connected, I doubt it has the drivers needed to interface with hardware that is not natively USB.

I'd say you need a PC with a parallel port and an older OS with the proper drivers for it to work properly.

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When powering on the laptop the caps lock button is the only thing that shows any signs of life. I tried booting it without any ram and heard no beeps. I'm convinced that the motherboard is shot. Is there anything else I should try?

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Caps lock stays on

Is your screen shot? do u hear it loading?? if so try plugging in a screen.

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Thanks for reading my post!!

College son dropped off the laptop (xp media edition) saying since he dropped it, it hasn't booted up. Testing reveals the laptops boots to various points and hangs. Once I got into the bios and it froze. mostly it hangs before bios (set up) or boot menu. But its strange inconsistant.

Its also hung on DOS screen 'battery cannot be identified System will be unable to charge' and also some Broadcom/ PXE messages.

I've tested the power supply (cord and adapter) and it works on another pc. I haven't checked the hard drive.

My research has found some sketchy information indicating this laptop has problems with the power connector on the chassis. This makes a little since since he dropped the computer (and possibly damaged this part).

Does anyone have some information to share conserning the power connection issue for Dell 1501's? Could the above symptoms be related to power?

Thanks again.

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 1501 issues (Power?)

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Please let me know the best way to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance!

A:My cd/dvd player on my dell inspiron 1501 stopped working

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Iam experiencing problem with SLOW KEYBOARD INPUT on DELL Inspiron 1501
new system WIN XP sp3 installed. Could not find solution..

A:slow keyboard input DELL Inspiron 1501

I've been looking so much and than I found...
run msconfig --- services --- and uncheck ATI hotkey pollar service -- reboot and everything works as should ,)

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ok well i have a very poorly condition laptop but at the moment it is what i have to deal with

it hasnt had many problems really =/
it is 2 years old now and is running xp proffesional

i tried to install vista but when i got it running i installed the drivers for my wlan card and was told the hardware didnt exist
so i reverted back to xp proffesional

anyway i installed xp (for like the hundredth time) and the setup was flawless. i turned it on and everything was working fien
i used the CD drive to take the drivers from a dvd i made prior to the format
anywho after this i had to restart (for the drivers) and then it took literally about 30 minutes to start up and get to the log in screen

after this my CD drive has dissapeared from existence. and i cannot reach it
i downloaded the drivers and whent to install them and i was told that the disk drive wasnt found

i know there is power goin to it because when i set the laptop to shut down after the logout the drive will open if i want it to

so now i expect your all as confused as i am lol

i would be most grateful for any help xD

oh i almost forgot the drive is a TSST TS-L632D slim 8x DVD+/-RW

A:Solved: CD Drive disappeared (dell inspiron 1501)

*UPDATE* there has been a change in circumstances, the cd-drive now opens when ever i push the eject/load button, but is still not part of the setup and the driver package still says that the drive does not exist ??

this thread has been open for a while now owuld really appreciate a response as it is urgent, even if its just to tell me im a noob and that i need a new laptop lol

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My Dell Inspiron 1501 recently encountered a resolution problem. The native resolution used to be 1280x1024, but now i only have a choice of either 1024x768 or 800x600. Can anyone tell me which driver I would have to replace, or where I would have to look to fix this problem?
A friend told me to find my start up disc and just reinstall the drivers through there, that is now my first choice plan of action.

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Resolution problems


try going into device manager and removing the entry for the video card, then reboot, windows should find and reinstall the drivers for it, do the same for any monitors listed in device manager.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. I need to install a new OS for it. I never did like Vista. And, Win 7 isn't compatible I read. Would Windows 8 be compatible? ---Thanks...Linkup99

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II Dual-Core M300, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2812 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon 4100, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294513 MB, Free - 181828 MB; E: Total - 1499 MB, Free - 1295 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Bitdefender Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Compatible Operating Systems Dell Inspiron 1501

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I am a novice to repairing hardware but have been expanding my skills recently... tried repairing a broken dc jack on my mom's Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. I had no previous soldering experience but thought I'd done enough research and watched enough YouTube videos to get the gist... problem is I tried out 3 different soldering irons and couldn't really make a dent in getting the existing soldering off of the component and board! The 3rd iron I used was an Elenco 40-watt soldering station, temp turned to max. I tried soldering wick, Chipquick, adding new solder... you name it I tried it. Nothing would get this stuff to budge like in any video I'd watched. What am I missing? In doing research for a better iron I have only seen suggestions to NOT go over 40 watts... yet this didn't do the trick. What gives?

I did eventually get the solder off and attempted to solder on a replacement jack, but when I plugged in the laptop it tripped the circuit on the AC adapter so obviously there's a bad connection. I threw in the towel and ordered a replacement board off of Ebay which ended up having a bad RAM socket (ARGH!!!). I'm now mustering the courage to attempt a repair of the original board (if it's even still good at this point) but I don't know where to go from here regarding the right soldering iron, solder, etc. Any tips or advice for working on this type of board? I did read something about motherboards with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU or af... Read more

A:Need advice for soldering Dell Inspiron 1501 motherboard

Can you post an photo of your soldering?I'm not sure if I can help, but an image might help us understand what you are looking at.

I solder quite often, and have done repair work such as you are attempting. I do know it is easiest to when there is only one solder joint to contend with. One joint such as a wire you can pull the wire as you heat and once hot enough the wire will pull free. Several solder joints are a different ballgame. There are two choices, and one choice I've never had the equipment to do so. Heating every join at the same time, can be done by blowing hot air across the component. I've never had the equipment for it, so I've been left with the choice of cleaning each joint one at a time. I noticed this is how you were attempting solder removal.

Solder tips must be clean and prepped for use. A trashy tip can cause an insulated barrier and prevent heating of the solder joint. Always tin your tips with a tad of solder before you ever use it the first time. If you don't tin your tip, you will always have trouble using it.
Pre-heat the tip so you are not waiting and possibly causing damage to the solder joint and/or component. Spending too much time on a solder joint is never a good idea. You want to heat the joint as quickly as possible without heating everything else.
On removal with the wick, the wick needs to be just as clean as the solder tip or it will not absorb any of the solder. A little bit of soldering flux may help the wick... Read more

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I have an inspiron 1501 that is less than 3 years old. Suddenly, all 4 usb's stopped working. I've done everything but toss it out the window and it has been deteremined that it is a hardware issue. (between 2 dell techs and an indpendent I took it to who swapped hard drives and reinstalled os to no avail.)

Rather than replace the motherboard, isnt' there some kind of external attachment that I can buy that will give me power for usb's so I can print and back up data? The local computer store has sold me 2 different ones, neither one worked. One I saw in an old string was for a pc not a laptop. The place I was told it would be inserted is where there is a small blank plastic tray that pops out.

Next time, rather than spend an extra $500 on a Dell, I'm just going to buy a cheap computer since they only last 2 years no matter what. But for now, I just want to be able to back up my files on a chip and print.


A:Dell Inspiron 1501 external USB Port attachement

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i've been trying to read forums and help websites to solve this issue with no avail. the other laptop in my house and all tablets, ipods and phones connect to the internet so i'm almost entirely sure its my laptop. i have tried connecting the router cable to my laptop and still had no internet. my laptop use to connect to the internet fine when we had our previous modem but with this new one it doesn't connect at all. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:dell inspiron 1501 connects to wifi but no internet connection

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i did some searching before hand and came up with nothing...even the Dell site is helpless.

i am currently working on a family members Dell inspiron 1501 Laptop.
i just formatted and clean installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and everything runs just fine, did all updates and the computer runs great, but i cannot get the video card drivers to work or the ATI Catalyst Control Center to "work" right. It keeps saying that it installed the drivers and everything works but the display does not have the Aero capability...its just annoying. Im not sure if he even cares if it has the Aero option, but i have it has to be done right...

Im not sure what info is needed to help, so please ask all the questions you can. i really wanna get this figured out, this is the only thing left and his computer will be fresh!

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 no video drivers for Win7 64bit

Visit this site and choose drivers for your OS:

Dell Inspiron Drivers | Dell Inspiron 1501 | Free Download |
PS: read the green lines before downloading.

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Hello everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 that is currently hanging at boot. I've done a bit of researching and only found these two bits of information relating to the problem I'm having. (RS485/M BR#22568 , AMD Processors Forums - DELL Laptop flashes boot message: RS485/M BR#23931) the owner said this had been going on for some time now, he would have to manually shut it down and start it up many times before the laptop would actually start up.

From what I've found it seems to be something with the video card, possibly a driver? Thanks for your help!

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Hanging at Boot (RS485/M BR#22568)

Sorry for the lack of information, I was at work. The Operating System is currently Vista Home Premium. I managed to get it past the frozen bios luckily when it gave me a 'battery is critically low, press F1 to continue'. It booted past the login screen and is now showing me a black screen with a white movable cursor.

Edit 1: I drained the battery again and managed to start it in safe mode. In safe mode, I can access the desktop and all files.

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Hey i was on my laptop last nite and it froze so i turned it off then back on and went to start it in safe mode. I did that then shut it down when it loaded up turned it back on and now a black screen comes up after the welcome message.All i can see is the cursor can anyone help me out please?

A:Dell Inspiron 1501-Black Screen after Welcome message at startup

i just wana get it to factory settings sick of it being so slow and its full of junk

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Hello all, from hitek,

Wow nice forum!
I was searchn on the net for Dell Inspiron 1501 help.


Subject of help needed:
Dell Inspiron 1501 onboard wifi card not working with Windows 7 Ultimate and NEED help getting a working driver.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 currently using XP w/SP3 as I'm typing now.

I have made a Acronis backup image of my Dell 1501 laptop so I can quickly within 30 min.s pop back my Windows 7 Ultimate back on when I can either find and get a Dell Inspiron 1501 onboard wifi driver that works OR buy a 100% sure Windows 7 USB wireless adapter with driver.

I have freshly formatted hd and fresh full install of Windows 7 Ultimate and seems to load and work great BUT.....

I went to Dell support / Driver download website page and I entered in our Dell Service Tag number and in the drag box, they are NO Windows 7. So, I'm guessing they do not support and offer a Windows 7 driver for my onboard wifi card?

I currently have stinky dialup internet and live in a rurual country area but sometimes go up in town to visit a spot that has cable wifi connection. My onboard wifi card with XP works great.. I have installed Vista and the drive for my onboard wifi card works fine. I went in to town to connection to cable with wireless router high speed connection to get Windows 7 updates but this onboard wifi card seems to recieve and reports wifi signals fine but trying to get it to connect and go is another. I have tried many many different wifi signa... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 onboard wifi adapter driver help

Quote: Originally Posted by hitek

Hello all, from hitek,

Wow nice forum!
I was searchn on the net for Dell Inspiron 1501 help.


Subject of help needed:
Dell Inspiron 1501 onboard wifi card not working with Windows 7 Ultimate and NEED help getting a working driver.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 currently using XP w/SP3 as I'm typing now.

I have made a Acronis backup image of my Dell 1501 laptop so I can quickly within 30 min.s pop back my Windows 7 Ultimate back on when I can either find and get a Dell Inspiron 1501 onboard wifi driver that works OR buy a 100% sure Windows 7 USB wireless adapter with driver.

I have freshly formatted hd and fresh full install of Windows 7 Ultimate and seems to load and work great BUT.....

I went to Dell support / Driver download website page and I entered in our Dell Service Tag number and in the drag box, they are NO Windows 7. So, I'm guessing they do not support and offer a Windows 7 driver for my onboard wifi card?

I currently have stinky dialup internet and live in a rurual country area but sometimes go up in town to visit a spot that has cable wifi connection. My onboard wifi card with XP works great.. I have installed Vista and the drive for my onboard wifi card works fine. I went in to town to connection to cable with wireless router high speed connection to get Windows 7 updates but this onboard wifi card seems to recieve and reports wifi signals fine but trying to get it to... Read more

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i have followed all the ipconfig resets and netsh resets on other posts but i still get local access only. i have tried to hard wire to modem but it still says local access only. please help.

A:local access only on vista home basic dell inspiron 1501

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As stated above, I have a Dell Inspiron 1501, I tried to power up last night, and it froze that the BIOS loading screen. I left it alone to see if anything would happen, 15 minutes later i held down the power button, and it didn't shut down like it's supposed to, i held it down for more than 10-13 seconds. I tried to start it up, I heard the fan start up as it usually does, but nothing comes up on the Display and the Caps Lock LED flashes continuously. I began searching online for possible problems, did some troubleshooting because i refuse to call Dell(Always get problems), and came up with it being a possible RAM problem. I unscrewed the back, and removed both sticks, and tried starting up with each stick in a different slot, then with just one stick on each slot. no luck. Then i tried to see if i could get the two LEDs to show up for the POST, by removing both sticks, and now the caps lock doesnt even flash, nor does anything come up on the screen.
Please Help.

A:Caps Lock Flashes Dell Inspiron 1501 Doesnt Boot

Did it give you any beeps when both sticks of memory where out following your turning it on?

If it doesn't beep while having no memory then it is likely that your motherboard needs to be replaced.

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My windows xp inspiron 1501 laptop won't start up.. well the screen is smashed so i used vga to use the computer, one day i wuz playin a game (gothic 2) and it froze so i held the power button and it shut i have done this many times. Although when i turned it on it wouldn't go to the login screen and i can't see the screen on the vga and i have no idea what to do please help me i really need tha laptop!

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I have a vertical red tinted stripe about 2 inches wide on my dell inspirion 1501 (windows xp) it popped up this morning out of nowhere. Computers functioning fine no blinking and I'm not sure if I need to get a new video card or a new laptop screen. or if it's something else. Also if it's one of those two things how hard is it to repair yourself? I've done software repair and basic big tower repair(changing harddrives adding memory) but when it comes to laptops the smallness has always daunted me but I'm pretty broke now and I can't swing the services fees if I buy the equipment

A:Red stripe on laptop monitor inspiron 1501

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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and none of the USB ports will work..

Anyone else have known any issues like this and have a fix for this issue?

A:Dell Laptop 1501

When you go into device manager, are there any yellow ! or ? there?

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I own an older dell inspiron 530 desktop pc,running windows xp home sp3,manufactured in 08,i use it for work.It has no custom parts or modifications.I somehow was given a virus called pc optimizer,it wouldnt allow me to do anything without agreeing to purchase the software.I did not.I then called dell or iyogi,what a joke,they wanted 149.00 to walk me thru recovery with my own windows recovery disc.I hung up.I noticed inside the tower where the power plugs into the hard drive,theres a second plug just like it not being used.I could not use help/support,because the computer said the files were missing.I could not find a way to reformat,or restore,as it would not recognize the cd in f12 boot mode.Then I decided to take a chance and switch out thos plugs on the back of the hard drive and turned it back on and boom,im at the format screen.Reformated drive c and reinstalled windows and my drivers.My question is,at what point do I switch the plugs on the hard drive back?And I believe this is a sneaky dell money maker.And why couldnt I find this info online?Has nobody ever encountered this before?Thanks jerry

A:dell inspiron 530 reformatting with installation cd

Older HDD's may have the older Molex power plug to the far right as well as a SATA power plug, next to the SATA Data port. Either way, it shouldn't stop you from reformatting the drive and would have nothing to do with allowing you to boot the CD rom drive. You can move the power plug at any time.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501, I get the following error code 2000-0146 when I ran the diagonistic test (I have windows vista basic).

When I start up my laptop, it tells me it cannot find the operating system. Anyone know what the problem/solutuion might be for this, and the approx cost to fix?

Also, If I can somehow preserve my data on the laptop I would love to know..

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Hello all,
New guy with an unusual problem.
The machine in question is a Dell inspiron 1501 notebook with an AMD processor running XP 2005 media edition.

The machine started acting strange a about a week ago after I was searching for information on VW electrical systems. The first thing I noticed was it no longer would back out of the yahoo mail account after sending an email. Then a line appeared across the screen just above the toolbar that looked like another page was open. This line did go away sometimes. The machine also started taking a long time to come up from standby, and was taking a long time to respond to commands such as those used while searching in and out of ads on Craigslist.

Now it has lost its Internet options. I can only access the net by going through Google chrome. Anything that has to do with Internet explorer, or Microsoft is no longer functioning. No tool bar, no Internet option files in the control panel, no Internet security settings, no live updates,or access to the live update web site, nothing! The icons on the desk top and in the control pannel are still there for explorer,but when I click on the icons, the search wheel comes up for a few seconds and that's all it does. Its like the only part of the file left is the icons.

And,when the computer is started,a message window comes up for the windows installer that says its installing a program,but doesn't say what the program is,and then a message box for TRAYAPP comes up. Then a win... Read more

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Greetings. Hoping someone can help with reformatting a Dell Inspiron 1721; 3 GB RAM; 250 GB HDD; Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor; Vista Home Premium 32 bit OS.

Reformatted and clean install of Vista 2 months ago. Afterward, everything worked perfectly until a couple of weeks ago. After automatic updates installed Vista SP2, suddenly Windows Media Center (which I've never used and am not at all familiar with and have no plans to learn it and use it in the future) began opening by itself over and over.

Also, a little window popped up on boot up that said something to the effect that my new hardware needed intalled; however, I have not added any new hardware. Have no idea what it was trying to install.

Also, intermittently, programs I'm using just exit out even though I have not pressed exit. And, the mouse intermittently jumps around by itself or won't respond to the touchpad - - it opens programs, opens the start menu, types gibberish into the 'Start Search' line, closes programs, opens browsers or browser tabs, closes browser tabs, etc, etc, etc.

Also, sometimes an odd looking exit menu appears top left screen in a different resolution than the screen is set at. AND, sometimes, when I'm working, all of a sudden the keys won't type but the computer issues a loud beep every time a key is pressed.

When problems first started, I immediately ran system restore. No change.
Tried another date in system restore. Still no change.
Went through all restore points and... Read more

A:Need help reformatting a Dell Inspiron 1721; 3 GB RAM; 250 GB HDD; Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor; Vista Home Premium...

Hi Sharon.

If your game then so am I.

All the things you stated sound like a possible infection or operating system corruption due to unknown reasons. Although none, or a questionable one, was found. I am in total agreement with Garmanma. Also the fact that the rootkit scan is disabled in AVG causes me some concern.

Seems you already have a pretty good idea how to format the drive and reinstall your OS and drivers....... But would like to take it one step further in this case though. I would like to have you wipe the entire hard drive to zeroes prior to formatting and installing the OS. This would include what is called the MBR = Master Boot Record, the partition the OS is on as well as the restore partition. Of course this would leave you only the option of reinstalling via the CD. All pre-installed software will be gone for good. Complete restore CDs are usually available from the OEM for a nominal cost.

The only reason I suggest this manner is, 1)The problems you are describing does somewhat resemble infection symptoms. 2)Depending on the possible infection type a simple reformat may not get rid of it. I have also read that it is possible for the restore partition can become infected as well.

The procedures are really pretty easy, the program(s) to wipe the drive to zeroes is free and we will do our best to get you through the whole procedure as painlessly as possible.

Let me know what you decide.

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I have the software I just want to reformat the hardrive , how?


A:reformatting a dell laptop?

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I have a dell inspiron 1501, ati radeon 1150 xpress, 3 gb ram, 150 gb hdd windows xp sp3.

I havent had any problems with playing games on it until just recently. upgraded bios, dfraged, ran crap cleaner, memory and video stress tests came back ok. what it does is it will run just fine, sometimes I can play for hours with my external fan on and spraying the dust out, but the screen will blink black then come back, once I do something it will crash. I redid the heatsink with artic silver and it helped a little. im thinking this is a software problem, but if I knew I wouldnt be asking if someone could help or have had something similar happen to them.maybe its the catalyst control center? I dont know where to go now.

A:Inspiron 1501 problems

Sounds possibly like a graphic card or driver problem.
So I would uninstall the graphics driver, and re install, see if it helps, and at worst won't be any different, so nothing to lose.

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My hard drive died and I took it to a computer shop where he put in a new one and windows XP, as no one had a vista disc. Since I got it back the blue Fn key doesn't work. Numbers lock works, but all the F keys, volume controls, brightness controls and my crt/lcd don't work at all. Dell doesn't seem to have a driver that I can find. Does anyone have one that would fix this? Is there another way to use the F keys, especially the crt/lcd without having to use the Fn key?

A:Fn key not working on Inspiron 1501 with XP

Be sure you are the registered owner, then call Dell Tech support, and ask them to send you the install disk set... It is usually free for the original owner, if not supplied at time of purchase.

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I have a 2 year old Dell Inspiron laptop 1501 and my dog chewed the end off my old wall charger (the part that connects to my computer) He basically only chewed the white end piece off the end of the charger! But it still wouldn't work. I just got a new replacement charger from an online company and it will not work! It doesn't seem like it doesn't seat in the charging port correctly. I have inspected the charging port and blew it out with compressed air, but still no luck! The charger is a model: ST-C-075-19500334CT ; replacement ac adapter.
Any ideas on what might be wrong or what I need to try? I was trying to keep from paying the high dollar money to dell for a replacement charger.
Help me Please!

A:Inspiron 1501 won't charge

Welcome to Techspot!
Do you know anyone with a dell laptop that you can try the charger with?
Was it plugged in when your dog did this?

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My Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop, which is about four years old, won't turn on. I was away for 10 days and left it off and unplugged. The battery has been dead for about a year, so it always has to be plugged in when I use it. When I plug in the adaptor to the wall, the light indicating activity turns green, but when I connect it to the laptop, the light goes off and nothing happens to the laptop. I've tried using different adaptors and different batteries (that work) and the result is always the same.

If it matters, the computer runs windows vista, and has had some issues with graphics in the past.

Anyone know how to fix this? I really need to get information from the computer. Thanks!

A:Inspiron 1501 Does Not Turn On

Have you tried removing the battery and trying to power up on the AC adapter only?


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I'm thinking of buying a Dell Inspiron 1501. Here are the specs..

AMD Sempron Technology 3500+
1GB Memory
ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 256mb Hypermemory

Now I know about how its shared and it's not the BEST graphics card, but it DOES look reasonable. I'll probably use it the most for music, maybe some video editing, and text files and so forth. The only game i'll probably play on it is World of Warcraft.

My question is for those that might know about the card, you think i'll be able to play WoW and perform any of the other tasks?

Thanks in advance.

A:Thinking of getting a Inspiron 1501

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Hey, im having some issues. I have a DELL inspiron 5100 laptop and i just recently removed a virus that almost destroyed my hard drive, I got it to work fine but after a few days of use it started to freeze up on the DELL loading screen on the start up, i accidently pressed the F12 key and it took me to a screen with different ways to start up XP, like through the Hard drive or a disk.
i selected to run offthe hard drive and it froze up any help?


A:[SOLVED] Dell inspiron 1500 laptop freezes after DELL loading screen

hi, after you hit F12 did you see the diagnostics program at all? Ordinarily I would say It may be worthwhile running a scan on the hard drive if you can. But, I see you removed a virus, can you tell me if it was with the help of the antimalware section on this forum? or did you just remove it yourself? I need to know if you are absolutely sure you removed all traces of the virus - if you had the help of a forum they would have given you the "all clear". Have you tried starting in safe mode at all?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop and have recently done updates from Dell but since then now when I turn the laptop on its running extremely slow and nothing seems to load up.  I'm on Windows 10
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U Processor,
Inspiron 15 5000 Series

Could anyone offer any advise?


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My home desktop is connected to a wireless router through AT&T U-verse and it's broadcasting just fine. I can see the name and everything when I try and connect on my laptop but there is always an error that brings me to a troubleshooting screen. I've made sure the password is correct by going to Start-Run, IPCONFIG and then typing my IP address into the address bar in my browser. I dont know what else I can do, I feel like I've tried everything! Help please.

A:Laptop (Win7 Dell Inspiron 1525) won't connect to desktop (XP Dell) wireless router

Sometimes, you need to replace the router.
Sometimes, you can call your service provider and ask them to take a look on line to see if the subscription needs to be refreshed.
But often, all that is needed (despite the fact that it is a lot of work) is to uninstall your existing system, then reboot, and reinstall everything.
You might also find success by looking at your device manager in Windows to see if you have any grey, red, or yellow flags by any related device. That may show you have a permanent hardware failure if you cannot restore it, then you are off to the store or your provider for a new cable modem or router.

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My mom has an Dell Insipiron 1501 with the AMD Turion processor(i belive thats the dual core) 1024mb ram 256 shared ATI x1150(i think?) Graphics. Im looking to buy the same exact laptop she has. Is this a good rig for playing games. If so what games on what graphic settings do you think i would be able to play? Right now i have a gaming desktop rig setup as follows

HDD:80gb Seagate SATA
MB: Asrock P4Vm890
CPU: 2.4ghz P4 HT(800mhz FSB)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce FX5500(Pci;256mb)
PS: Crappy Dell 250w Power Supply.
OS: Windows XP MCE
How would this laptop compare to my gaming rig(that i would sell on ebay to pay for new laptop). i would Probably run XP MCE until the Vista SP1 comes out.

Any answers to my questions would be greatly appretiated.

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I have an Inspiron 1501 laptop the light comes on when I open and close the door. It no longer shows up on My computer and I checked Device Manager it no longer shows up so no exclamation points requiring attention. Any suggestions on how to get it recognized again?

A:Inspiron 1501 DVD not recognized in My Cmputer

Try removing the drive from the laptop and then reinserting it, it might be a connection issue. It may be help in place by a latch or a screw on the bottom of the unit.

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My g.friends laptop Dell Inspiron 1501 was riddled with viruses to the extent she could barely use simple applications, so i the wannabe hero wiped her whole computer, put on XP 2002, got a few drivers to get her started from the net on my computer.... but thats where it ends!!!

The wireless drivers fine but the audio drivers recommended from the dell website are not working, everytime i try installing them her computer says not compatible on this system???? i seriousley dont have a clue, ive installed drivers on many laptops as its an easy process but using her computers from badlands!!! i dont have her original driver CDs thats why im downloading them HELP HELP Please!!!


A:Inspiron 1501 Drivers NIGHTMARE!!!

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Ok my girlfriend has an Inspiron 1501 Laptop and the Dvd +- RW Drive has gone out. I know how to replace it already so thats not the question here.
Question. Will any Dvd slim drive work in the 1501 wor will I have to use an exact part number from Dell. Either way can someone give me a suggestion on a part that will work for this? Thanks in advance.

A:Replacing a DVD drive on Inspiron 1501 [Help]

There could be some differences in the drives soi you need to know it will work in your laptop, but there are 3rd party drives available:

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Hey guys, I just installed win 7 32bit on my inspiron 1501 and I cannot conect to the internet, it seems that the driver doesnt install properly, it just unzips the file and then nothing happens, I got all the other drivers already (video was a pain in the ***) plz help! :(

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I think my Inspiron 1501 is dead. It starts up normally, then it shows me the "Windows failed to start" screen. I've so far tried starting normally, starting with the last known good configuration, and safe mode, all with the same results. It displays a black screen for a few minutes after this, finally flashing the BSoD and rebooting, after which the whole thing happens again in an endless loop. I can't find my Vista disk, so what should I do? Should I just throw it away, or can it be fixed?

A:Solved: Inspiron 1501 is dead

UPDATE: I recorded a video of the screen when it flashes a BSoD. The STOP code looks like (hard to read because of my camera's small screen) 0x00000024 (0x00190444, 0x86029380, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000).

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Recently a friend gave me their supposedly 'dead' laptop since her parents bought her a new one. I'm not convinced the laptop is dead, and seeing how I need a laptop for collegeI would like to get it running again. Supposedly it is riddled with viruses but I plan on installing a fresh copy of Windows anyway. The problem I'm running into currently is that when I press the power button, it doesn't boot as it should. Incidentally, the laptop in question is a Dell Inspiron 1501 Windows XP.

For the first second or two after the power button has been pressed, the fans whir and the power light comes on as it should. After about two to three seconds, however, the fan stops and the only thing remaining is the power light. If I press the power button again the power light turns off.

A friend told me it might be the ram so I took it out and put it back in but it had no change. Another common suggestion online was to start it up on AC power (the laptop's battery was really low when I received it, possibly a contributing factor) but neither AC nor battery power makes a difference.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

A:Inspiron 1501 startup problem

Its either some sort of a power supply problem or possibly the motherboard is failing.i also have the same computer and i believe that model is at least 5+ years old. either problem isnt going to be cheap to fix and it might not be worth fixing. id suggest taking it to a qualified computer repair place and get an expert opinion and then you will know for sure how you want to proceed.

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I am trying to troubleshoot this laptop. The dc power jack must be ok, because the battery meter shows hot (all 5 lights) It will not power up at all with or without the battery. Is there a fuse somewhere on the MB? I have removed the hd, keyboard, optical drive and partially removed the palm rest and back. and see no obvious signs of burnt connections...It could be the power switch, but I don't know how to test that. Any help is appreciated..

A:Inspiron 1501 won't power up with hot battery

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Hi Guys and gals,

I have an Inspiron 1501 laptop with a Dell wireless 1390 WLAN mini card adaptor and cannot get it to communcate with my new D-link DIR 615 N series wireless router.

The wireless connection seemed to be established until I noticed a message within the toolbar telling me the laptops adaptor is not compatible with the router (plus I cannot get onto the internet - which does work when hard wired). I've had problems with trying to set this up over the past week, e.g. it keeps remembering the name of the wireless routers initial name??? Even though i've reset the router.... Tried disabling the network and wireless cards and even reinstalled but no joy.

The router has WPA-PSK AES/TKIP encryption and so does the wireless card.

Is it a case of replacing the network card or can I configure something on the laptop to avoid this.

I'm just trying to get a faster internal wireless network. Thinking of getting a hammer to the damn thing and switching on my old netgear router

Please help...if poss


A:Inspiron 1501 not communicating with DIR 615 router

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i have a dell inspiron 1501 that ive had for 2 years. when i press the power button the power indicator comes on and fan powers up but then stops and its just a black screen. please help

A:inspiron 1501 wont turn on

Sounds like your power supply could be going bad but it could be other issues such as:

1. Corrupt CMOS (bad battery or bad ROM)
2. Memory problem. (do you hear any "beeps" at all before it shuts down?)
3. Something is disconnected inside the PC such as the video card

Does your PC completely shut down or does it stay on with the fan running and black screen (no P.O.S.T)?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. I've had it for about 2 yrs now.
Just recently [I'd say about a month ago] My harddrive started clicking.
My laptop continues to run; but yes, much slower.
I can't use Google Chrome as a browser because my harddrive starts ticking like mad and the pages wont even load.
When using Mozilla Firefox theres no ticking noise [aside from like 1 or 2 ticks here an there]

The ticking noise isn't constant. I suppose only when my harddrive is doing too many things. Typing this and on AIM-- absolutely no ticking.
Opening up multiple tabs in a browser--tick tick tick
I have that notebook hardware control 2.0 thing because i read in another forum that it might stop the ticking.. no avail.

I heard it could be the "click of death."

To add insult to injury, now my laptop thinks my headphones are permanently plugged in. The computer says the sound is working fine. which it is, because when i DO plug my headphones it- perfect sound. But I unplug them and the computer still thinks they're plugged in.

any help would be fantastic.
I know I'm supposed to put down my specs and stuff but I'm completely computer illiterate so I have no idea.
If you need anything else, tell me how to find it and I'll get the information for you.

Heres the system information part of my Dxdiag:
System Information
Time of this report: 4/2/2009, 22:32:56
Machine name: Inspiron Laptop
Operating ... Read more

A:Inspiron 1501 clicking noise in the harddrive

Yeah that doesnt sound good at all. The spindle may have become slightly off centre and as it spins faster the edge of the disk hits the wall of the drive case or something else. I sujest that you save what you can onto pen drive or external hard drive and buy a new hard drive for it. It would be a good chance to upgrade it aswell.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop, and I have had problems with it for a while, a few months ago I had a problem with it not turning on, I was using it one day turned it off and the next time I went to use it, it would not turn on, this lasted a long time, and then one day it just turned on, it was fine for a while until a similar problem occurred, so I sent it in to get fixed and the motherboard was replaced, it worked fine for about a week or so and now I am having problems with it again, I was using it one day and I got a blue screen that I couldn't read because it was shaking up and down. The computer started up again right away, and then it started running memory tests on itself, and some system tests, the next time I turned it on, but while it was doing the system tests it shut off and I haven't been able to turn it back on since. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Inspiron 1501 unexpectedly shuts down and won't reboot

"so I sent it in to get fixed and the motherboard was replaced"...

You did this once, now it's time again... or save your money for another computer

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My keyboard spontaneously starts typing '=', but only in certain situations. Most programs (Word, Firefox, Excel, etc.) have no issues whatsoever, but those that do are starting to drive me nuts.

The programs where I've specifically noticed this problem include flash apps (will auto forward through some options), screensavers (will immediately quit after starting), preview options in programs like MSPaint, certain games including Lego Universe (autoforwards through options and types the '=' in the login option). The real kicker was when I realized that I cannot develop anything for the Google Android as the emulator/virtual machine will immediately start filling in the search bar with '='s with no chance to open up any apps that I'd like to test.

As you can see it's a wide variety of programs, and most are completely unrelated to each other. Any idea as to why this might be the case?

Computer: Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop
OS: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-50 1.60 GHz
Using built in touchpad and keyboard.

Note: Windows 7 was added well after I'd bought the original computer and after the factory installed Vista had spontaneously stopped working one day... The current keyboard issue did not exist for about a month or two after this fresh install, but then spontaneously appeared at some point and has been wrecking havok ever since.

A:Inspiron 1501 keyboard autotypes '=' but only in certain applications

Never mind. I just found out the solution. Long story short: if you're having the same issues I was-

1. Remove your battery.
2. Press the Power Button for about 4-5 seconds.
3. Wait 4-5 seconds
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 about 4-6 times.
5. Insert battery.
6. Be very happy!

Not sure why this works, but it does. Thanks go to the people here at this particular forum post... Never mind. It appears that I'm not allowed to post links. The thread was called - "Tech Support Forum > Hardware Support > Laptop Support > typing problem with my inspiron 1501" at Tech Support Forums if you desire to find the source of this information. Hope this helps!

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I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate in my Inspiron 1501 and found out that the brightness is very dim. I can adjust in in the BIOS, but not by using the Fn key once in Windows. I have the most recent BIOS update, or so I think. My BIOS date says December 7, 2007 Version 2.6.3 and does not have "A16" after it. I tried installing the download and it won't work. Any suggetions would be great.

This is the info from the Drivers page on the Dell site:
Release Date: 12/24/2007
Version: 2.6.3, A16
Download Type: BIOS Other Versions
File Format: Windows/DOS
File Size: 3 MB

I assume it needs to be run from within Windows, but not sure if it needs to be run in XP or if 7 is ok.

Thanks in advance, Jeff

Driver Home Page for Dell 1501

Drivers & Downloads

A:Inspiron 1501 Brightness Adjusts in BIOS, but not in Wi

Most brand-name software drivers needed for the function keys you have to call up and ask for in my experience - its a dedicate drivers suite that initiates most, if not all, touch-pad and function key support. It goes big time for Acer multi-touch pads as well... if you accidental uninstall or re-format, you have to get a hold of them for access to the proper drivers.

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I have an Inspiron 1501 that drank a few beers last night. Alot had been spilt. I left it to dry, then used the hair dryer and tried to get it going (i know this is a big no no)
Anyway, later that day I got it not only to turn on, but got it to the desktop. Since then however, the laptop turns on to a white screen and shortly after turns back off again.
I know the general way to deal with water damage is to give it time. I just want to know whether my baby's gnna be back to its old self -_-
Thanks in advance,

A:aftermath of liquid damage to inspiron 1501

A water Spill, would be one thing, but a Beer spill, would require disassembly for cleaning. Water doesn't leave sticky residue after it dries. Beer does though. Turning the laptop on when you did less than the amount of time forthe liquid to dry actually even using hair dryer, may have caused damage. If you are not comfortable doing a deep cleaning of the laptop your self, I would suggest taking it to a competent Shop to have it cleaned and possibly repaired. I would avoid the Geek Squad though.

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