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WinXP - Dell Optiplex 700s - Dual Monitor Issues

Q: WinXP - Dell Optiplex 700s - Dual Monitor Issues

Good evening,

I work for a law firm that uses Dell Optiplex's ranging from 745's to 790's with all inbetween [745, 755, 760, 780, 790]. Our NJ satellite office also has these Dell model ranges, but all of them have Windows XP SP3 installations. These machines generally either have the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Drivers or the ATI Radeon HD 3400 series card/drivers for those models that do not have an available display port. With that said, all machines have dual monitor setups as well.

The issue, put simply: almost a 1/4 of the PC's in our NJ office lose their second monitor on almost a daily basis, where we either have to re-extend the desktop to the other monitor or we have to play the unplug/shutdown/re-plugin game with the display port adaptors.

We're about to run a report containing the following information for the affected machines: OS, BIOS, Video Chipset, Connector Type [VGA2DP, DVI2DP, DP2DP], Power Save Settings. However, I'd like to throw this forum post out there to see if anyone knows any specific Windows XP Pro SP3 issues that exist with utilizing dual monitors on these machine types and/or how to resolve them. Thanks in advance for those who can assist me with any information.

A: WinXP - Dell Optiplex 700s - Dual Monitor Issues

bump - if this is more of a hardware-related issue, I can move this thread as needed but I'm not sure how to

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Good evening,

I work for a law firm that uses Dell Optiplex's ranging from 745's to 790's with all inbetween [745, 755, 760, 780, 790]. Our NJ satellite office also has these Dell model ranges, but all of them have Windows XP SP3 installations. These machines generally either have the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Drivers or the ATI Radeon HD 3400 series card/drivers for those models that do not have an available display port. With that said, all machines have dual monitor setups as well.

The issue, put simply: almost a 1/4 of the PC's in our NJ office lose their second monitor on almost a daily basis, where we either have to re-extend the desktop to the other monitor or we have to play the unplug/shutdown/re-plugin game with the display port adaptors.

We're about to run a report containing the following information for the affected machines: OS, BIOS, Video Chipset, Connector Type [VGA2DP, DVI2DP, DP2DP], Power Save Settings. However, I'd like to throw this forum post out there to see if anyone knows any specific Windows XP Pro SP3 issues that exist with utilizing dual monitors on these machine types and/or how to resolve them. Thanks in advance for those who can assist me with any information.

A:WinXP - Dell Optiplex 700s - Dual Monitor Issues

I'd suspect an issue with the DP adapters being used.

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Everytime I reboot the computer, skype (since it launches at start up) tells me that there are no sound devices. I go to the device manager, but the sound device is listed. It doesn't work though. I try winamp/wmp etc, no sound. So I do a uninstall, and redetect and its all good.

Now if I reboot the computer, I have to repeat this whole process. Now, I thought this had something to do with the onboard audio, so I diabled that in the Bios, and added a pci sound card, but the same thing happened.

Does anyone know whats going on??

This computer also has issues with WinXP sp2s firewall. I can't turn it on, but thats an issue for some other thread..


A:Sound Issues with WinXp on a Dell Optiplex

Did the problem start after installing skype or was it there before?

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Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums. I have a new Dell Optiplex 7040 tower and have connected two monitors to the DP video connections in the back. Yes, I have two separate DVI cables into the adapter. (Second came all the way from China).  I'm getting a signal and picture from the primary monitor but no signal from the second monitor.
I looked at the BIOS settings but saw nothing there.
I'm using Windows 7 OS.
Can someone point me to the right place or command for the desktop to "see" and second monitor?

A:Dell Optiplex 7040 and Dual Monitor

Which form factor, mini-tower, small form or micro?
If you have an add-in video card, do you know if it supports 2 DVI monitors at the same time?
Look in BIOS setup for an "Intel Multi Display" option and Enable it. Manual doesn't show BIOS screens so I don't know if this option actually exists.
Have you gone to the Windows 7 Display settings screen and clicked the Detect button to see if it will detect the second monitor?
Keep in mind if you have an add-in video card, the onboard video ports will be automatically disabled so you can only use the ports on the add-in card (unless there's an Intel Multi Display option in BIOS).
What other ports does the PC have (on the add-in card)? Have you tried using one of those with the second monitor, assuming that monitor supports other inputs, such as VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort?

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I am in college and we are Diagnosing a Dell OptiPlex GX270 with Win Xp. I know that 270s are known for bad capacitors but this is not the problem. It Boots REALLY slow and will randomly boot

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I have a Dell optiplex GX270 desktop running Winxp Pro OS . My issue is, after my computer was returned back to me from a friend, it was unable to boot to windows. The error message indicated that the following file is missing or corrupt:


I have reset the bios, then I inserted the original Dell reinstallation cd for Windows xp professional . Then, I tried the (ASR) method first; but the problem with that is, it prompt for the ASR floppy disk. (In which I do not have a floppy drive.) Is there another option? Is there a way I can aquire such file and possible download and burn a bootable copy onto a cd? Run it that way?

Please help..... Thank you in advance.

A:System Recovery for Dell Optiplex Gx270 Winxp Pro OS

Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the newly created CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Drive Fitness Test in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn and boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and extended tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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I picked up a couple Dell Optiplex 745's that are almost identical. A friend of mine has the same machine that runs Windows 7 flawlessly. I, however, can only install it and run the OS when disabling one core of my Pentium D 2.8GHz (Presler) CPU. When I go into the BIOS and re-enable the 2nd core the system becomes completely unstable.

Some basics:

x86 (32-bit)- Windows Home Premium retail (Came from Dell with XP)

System close to four years old, with format and clean install of Windows 7. Machine does run OK on Windows XP with both cores enabled. Both machines seem to perform exactly the same so bad CPU or memory seems to be a longshot.

Zip file attached. Thanks for any help!


A:Dell Optiplex 745 crashes on dual core only

You uploaded the wrong file, the .EXE file was uploaded not the .ZIP file

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I have an Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower with an i5-2400 and integrated Intel HD 2000 video.
The case has both a VGA and Display Port connector, I am presently using the VGA port. I am investigating going for a Dual Monitor setup and am confused whether I can do so without having to purchase a discrete video card. I am reading conflicting reports that some say yes and others no. Can some kind soul please confirm one way or the other ?
I do not use the PC for gaming, it is work only with the occasional video and web browsing. Mainly I need dual monitor for multiple file editing, scripting, database programming etc.
Many thanks, Fin.

A:Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower Dual Monitor ?

Hi Fin,
OptiPlex 790's onboard video solution supports both VGA and DisplayPort at the same time. You can connect two monitors to the computer without adding a discrete card.
Please let me know if you need further information.

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I recently imnstalled Windows XP professional in my PC. Currently my monitor is flickering and at the bootup time I see an error that Horizontal sync is below the specified limit. I have installed S3 ProSavage DDR graphics driver that came with my motherboard and I tried various modes in Adaptor settings but didn't help much. I continue to get same error message and the flickering continues.

I downloaded the driver for my LG 700s monitor from the internet but when I go into Controlpanel/Display/Settings/Advanced and select the monitor tab, I cannot load it as the "properties" button is greyed out. It says type of the monitor is plug and play. I do have administrator rights on the PC. I would be greatful for suggestions how to get around this problem!

A:Problem with LG 700s monitor after installing XP

if the driver you d/l is an exe file click on it,if ir is a zip or rar file open it up look for a readme file for any special instructions and click on setup or install
the refresh rate on an lcd compared to a crt monitor is lower,when i installed my lcd i reuced the refresh rate from 85 to 60 before swapping them over

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hi all!!

i have a problem with my Stuioworks 700s 15 inch Monitor,when i turn my pc on then the the monitor, its just blank, the led comes on and there is no picture. it is the monitor the vidoe card and the pc is fine. does any one have and input?? or know off a way to take the back off it?? iv only had the monitor for a year, os its not that old.
thanking you in advance

A:Stuioworks 700s 15 inch Monitor

I would try the monitor on a different computer. Did you change refresh rates or display settings before this happened. I've seen this happen if you set windows to use a refresh rate or screen size that the monitor can't handle. If it works fine on another computer, try hitting F8 on start up to get into safe mode and change your display settings to the lowest they'll go and restart. Or borrow someone elses monitor and try to get into windows. If so then lower the settings and try again. Unless you are good with electronics testing, I wouldn't take the monitor apart. Take it to a shop to get looked at. They can give you a nasty shock if you poke around at the wrong things.

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Hello - we just updated our Optiplex 745 from Win7 to Win10 and we cannot get the dual monitors to work properly.
Prior to the upgrade, we were able to run dual monitors (1 primary & 1 extended screen) without a problem. We used a dual DVI splitter to make this happen.
After the Win10 upgrade we have both monitors displaying the same thing and the system settings no longer sees the second monitor in the Graphic or Display Options windows.  Additionally, the VGA port is not recognized so I can't run a 1 VGA & 1 DVI combo.
Any ideas why this might be happening?

A:Dell Optiplex 745 Win10 upgrade now can't run dual monitors

Dell hasn't tested this model for compatibility with Win 10, so there might be some compatibility issues.
Did you install the latest Intel Chipsets and Intel Graphics driver for Win 10? Go to the Intel Download site and let their wizard scan your hardware for suitable drivers.
If you have an add-in video card, go to that manufacturer's site (eg, NVidia or AMD) and look for a Win 10 compatible driver for your specific video card.
And keep in mind that an add-in video card disables the onboard video ports. So make sure both monitors are connected to the add-in card, assuming you have one.

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I have a brand new Dell OptiPlex 3020m. It has one VGA and one Display Port connector. All the drivers are up to date, yet it will not work with the Asus monitors I have setup.  I have one monitor connected directly though VGA with no problems. I have the other connected though a Display port to DVI adapter and that's the the one that will not connect. Tried different Display Port to DVI adapters, different DVI cables.  The monitors have no auto connect, So I had to set them manually, One is set to VGA, other is set to DVI. 
Also checked the Bios for that Multi Monitor setup.  If it's in there, its ether hidden or not available. 
Any thoughts, Ideas? 

A:Dell OptiPlex 3020m not working with dual monitors

I have the same problem. But tried with other brand of monitors. The display port does not work.
I saw on a differente topic about 3020 model (whithout the "M") and the solution was update bios to A09 version. Then apears a Video option on Bios Setup. But the 3020m has no such option.

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I have recently bought an Optiplex 760 and I am trying to set dual screens up on the graphics card. Using the VGA and DVI ports on the card, both screens will work separately on the VGA port but not on the DVI port. It seems not to recognize the monitor when plugged in to this port.
the card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 with 2GB it has the port I mentioned and a HDMI 
any advise on how to remedy this would be grateful as I can not seem to find a solution 
I have tried all the suggestions I have found up to now 
I have not tried the HDMI as my screens don not have the port on them to use this connection


A:Optiplex 760, Nvidia GeForce GT 610, VGA/DVI, dual monitor setup?

I am having the same problem with my monitors. I have 1 with vga, and 1 with DVI. The VGA works on both monitors, but the dvi does not on either. Windows recognizes the monitor attached to dvi, and allows me to extend the display, but the monitor with DVI connection says no signal, and remains black. I can even drag windows from one monitor to the next and back, but nothing appears on the monitor. The problem is not the monitor as both work just fine with the vga connection. Unfortunatly there is only 1 vga on the video card. 

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Hi Andstino,
If it's okay, I'd like to ask you some questions regarding this as I want to make sure that we get to the bottom of the problem for you. Some of the questions will ask you to remove components from the system so please make sure that you remove the power cord from the back of the system before attempting these.
1) Switch the system on. Can you tell me if the power button is flashing amber or a solid amber? Please also tell me if you notice any diagnostics LEDs staying lit - these are labelled 1,2,3 and 4 and are near the front headphone sockets
2) Please remove all peripherals at the back of the system and switch the system on. Does this affect the power button LED or diagnostic LEDs
3) Have you added any components to the system e.g. video cards, sound cards etc...
4) Please open the system and remove the following components:
a) Power and data cables from hard drives and optical drivesb) Any PCI/PCI-Express expansion cardsc) All memory from the systemd) The system fan
5) With the above removed, please reconnect the power cord to the back of the system and switch the system on. Please make a note of what happens with the power button LED and the diagnostic LEDs
6) If there are no changes to the power button LED or diagnostic LEDs, please remove the power cord from the back of the system and remove the following components:
a) I/O panel cableb) CMOS battery
7) With the I/O panel cable and CMOS battery removed, please connect the power cord to th... Read more

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Hello all,
We just received a shipment of Dell Optiplex 7010s with Core i7 3770s @ 3.10 GHz with 16 gigs of RAM and the Intel HD Graphics 4000 chipset.
I am trying to setup 3 monitors, as I had with the old Optiplex 755s and I am having an issue.  All three monitors are detected in Windows and by the Intel configuration utility.  However, when I enable the 3rd display, one of the 3 displays randomly turns off.  As such, I cannot use the 3rd display.
I have 1 Dell E228WFP hooked up via Display Port to DVI, 1 Dell P170S hooked up via Display Port to DVI, and 1 Dell P170S hooked up via VGA.
Has anyone had any luck getting this working?  I have updated to the latest Intel Graphics driver to no luck.
Appreciate any advice you all could give me.

A:Dell Optiplex 7010: 3 Monitor Setup Help

Hi msantangelo, The 023NVR are passive DP->DVI adapters and were around before the 7010 was released. Seriously, Dell have no idea! I bought some Sapphire eyefinity DP->DVI adapters to prove to my Dell rep that 3 monitors work on the 7010! Then I had to show my Dell sales rep which active adapters I wanted from their catalogue! Hope this helps getting 3 monitors working for you. cheers

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I turn my OptiPlex on and I have the vga connected to the monitor and everything but it wont display on the monitor, its not the monitor because I tried to use it on my dell OptiPlex 745 but I have that blue screen thing and I cant use it. Can anyone help me please? (

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Hi. This 24pix MINI atx power connector is basically the same as normal ATX connector (bur smaller of course)? At the pin settings is different? Where I can buy 24pix ATX to 24 pin MINI atx adapter that will work with those boards? Thanks.

A:Dell OptiPlex 760 (GX760) SFF and Dell OptiPlex 780 (GX780) SFF mainboard power connector?

Moddiy makes this.
Dell 980 960 780 760 PSU 24-Pin to Mini 24-Pin Adapter Cable (10cm)

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This machine worked fine until the user decided to shut down and reboot. When she shut down, the pc never would turn back on.
I have check the power supply up against another pc and it works fine. I figure it is something in the power button itself or some other function I am not seeing or thinking of.
Can someone, please, send your thoughts on this issue? The machine will simply not power up at all, no lights,etc.
Please respond asap to my email. [email protected]

A:Dell Optiplex sx280 issues

dshirley said:

I have check the power supply up against another pc and it works fine. [email protected]Click to expand...

When you say 'against another pc ' do you mean you took the power supply module/unit out of this pc and put it in another? Or do you mean the wall outlet?

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I have 2 Dell Optiplex GX300 dekstops. Both of them have problems. 1 of them makes the error alarm sound that theres no memory when it boots even when it has memory in it. I've got four different sticks of the correct 128mb memory for it that I have tried and still it will not boot. I am certain all the memory is good because the other exact machine boots fine with it. The problem with the second one is that I can't seem the get a display on it. There is an AGP video card installed which I have taken out and put back in. I've also replaced it with a PCI video card and still I can't get any visual. I've checked every cable on everything and I'm pretty sure its something to do with the motherboard but can't really tell. Just to clarify I have not seen these machines in action nor were they my personal pc's. They are two of many desktop systems I won in an auction. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Dell Optiplex GX300 Issues

You can get a Dell manual for your PC here. Then use the beep codes section and see exactly whats wrong with the one PC. The other PC may not be booting up so any memory you install in it as a test may show nothing.
Also I see that your computer uses RIMMs not ordinary SDRAM memory. Ususally Rimms must be installed in identical pairs. So be sure that both slots are full and that the same speed and size of Rimm memory is installed in both slots.

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Im dealing with this dell pc and the issue is that it wont power up anymore, you would first suspect that the psu is blown. so I then ordered two different dell psu for the pc and still no luck. When you plug in the power cable to the psu, you get the motherboard light to come on, so then when you press the power button nothing comes on at all, no fans , cpu fans nothing,,,how else could I test out these dell psu"s...

A:Issues with a dell optiplex gx50...

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I have a dell optiplex 380 which i purchased about 3 months ago but now it starts but nothing is displayed on the monitor. When i insert the ram chip in one of the slots, it beeps and for the other slot, it doesn't beep but it still doesn't display anything. Please help me rectify this problem. Thank u

A:Dell Optiplex 380 starts up but doesn't display on the monitor

A lot of the recent Dell Optiplex computers... well most of the Dell Optiplex desktops have been trouble. Since yours is still new, contact Dell. Do not let anybody else work on it until the warranty work is over. They will send somebody to your house.

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Hi,First of all - English is not my first language so I`m sorry for grammar mistakes.I have the following problem:When I use a set of dell optiplex 9020 with dell monitor E178WFP they seem to be incompatible - monitor is entering power save mode and computer is not booting up. Exactly not booting - after turning 9020 on even if I change monitors computer is not responding. Everything works fine with other non-dell monitor though, hp monitor for example. Best part is that when turning 9020 on with monitor cable unplugged (which is D-Sub) after windows finishes loading then plugging dell monitor it displays everything fine. Monitor is ok - works fine with dell 7010. Computer is ok - works with hp monitor. Problem appears only with dell 9020 and dell monitor together. Monitor is quite old (2008 year) so I think if there is some compatibility issue of it with new machines. It looks like this monitor is causing that computer cannot run through POST. Computer has only onboard graphics. Tried updating bios with no results.It`s a serious problem for me because I have replaced 8 dell 7010 computers with 9020 and now any of them 'isnt working'. Buying new monitor for every computer would be quite painful. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hello. I am new to this forum so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I was wondering if I could have some help with Floppy drives on a dell Optiplex 466/l from 1994. I am trying to install a hard drive and I need a Windows 95 install 3.5" 1.44mb floppy disks. I got an image online but when I put it in the floppy drive it says "diskette drive 0 seek failure". So I got a floppy drive from my sell dimension 4600(which I used to make the image) and the Optiplex said " diskette read failure". All the posts online for these errors say to disable floppy drive but I can't do that because I need both the floppy and hard drive. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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We have had a handful of Dell 7040SFF monitor issues. The user will be in the middle of something-online, email, reading documents and their monitor or monitors will go completely black for about 30 seconds. 
Windows 7, 64-bit, 8 GB ram, Intel i5-6500 CPU
I have updated the bios, chipset, and installed the video display drivers and control panel. We have Dell monitor P2014H Flat Panel. 
I even went so far to have a user's motherboard replaced. STILL that did not fix the issue. 
This investigator with the issue(we are the sheriff's office) figured out the problem...
His 800 MHz police portable radio was the problem. If that radio is less than 4 ft away from the 7040 the monitors do not blank-out. So fortunately that is an easy fix.

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I am using a 22" screen for my primary screen and the laptop lid open for a secondary screen. The main screens resolution is 1680x1050, I can set it to anything I want and it's always using the full screen. The laptop screen on the other hand will only use the full screen if it's at 1400x1050 resolution (max for that screen, IBM Thinkpad T43). With the large 22" screen I have no trouble reading the screen at high resolutions, the screen is huge, with the little 14" screen though I have to strain to read the screen at 1400x1050.

The problem is when I set the laptop screen to anything lower than 1400x1050, it uses less of the screen. Preferrably I want it at 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (I dont know which I want yet as I can't see the freaking screen at that resolution). At 1280x1024 for instance the useable screen is just a box in the middle, so the "1280x1024" is still barely readable for me cause it's shrunk from full screen, plus it's just annoying only using a portion of the screen.

I have played with the ATI Control Center, the Thinkpad display settings and windows display settings and just cannot get this thing to go full screen at lower resolutions when docked and using the external monitor.

Anyway to resolve this?

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I am picking up the XPS 15 this week and currently have two P2815Q monitors I am using with the Microsoft Surface Book.  Currently these are connected to the Surface Book via a single mini-display port cable with the 2rd 4K connected to the first via mini-display port.
So my question is how do I connect these monitors to the XPS 15.  I understand the XPS has Thunderbolt and a single HDMI 1.4 port.  While HDMI 1.4 is not capable of driving 4K at 60hz, I'm also wondering what the new Dell Dock is going to bring to the game here.
Would love some help, so thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 and Dual Dell 4K P2815Q Monitor Hookup Question

Did you find out the answer to this? I'm killing myself trying to find a solution.

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I have been trying to dual boot winxp and win7 on two different hard drives but no luck.
c: = Win7
d: = Winxp
I have added winxp entry using easybcd but on booting i get the following error (pls refer image)
bcdedit entry from win7
Windows Boot Manager
identifier {bootmgr}
device partition=C:
description Windows Boot Manager
locale en-US
inherit {globalsettings}
default {current}
resumeobject {db4ad8e3-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
displayorder {current}
toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
timeout 10
Windows Boot Loader
identifier {current}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description Windows 7
locale en-US
inherit {bootloadersettings}
recoverysequence {db4ad8e5-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
recoveryenabled Yes
osdevice partition=C:
systemroot \Windows
resumeobject {db4ad8e3-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
nx OptOut
Real-mode Boot Sector
identifier {db4ad8ee-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
device partition=D:
path \NTLDRdescription Microsoft Windows
Using win7 recover manager i tried
"bootsect /nt52 d:"
and winxp boots up
"bootsect /nt60 c:"
"bootrec /fixmbr"
"bootrec /fixboot"
"bootrec /rebuildbcd"
... Read more

A:Win7 and WinXP dual boot issues

Having two HD's allows you to configure the cleanest method of Dual Booting via the BIOS. This leaves the HD's independent to come and go as you please, whereas a Windows-managed Dual Boot interlocks the HD's and makes them harder to extricate later.

To set this up, run the "bootsect /nt52 d:" command again to start XP. Now unplug the XP HD and set Win7 as first HD to boot in BIOS setup, after DVD drive. Boot the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots to write the System MBR to Win7, which will work providing it is also marked active.

When Win7 starts up, power down to plug XP back in. Now set preferred HD to boot first in BIOS setup, then if you want to boot the other HD, use the Fkey given on first bootup screen for one-time Boot Menu to trigger it instead.

If you want a Windows-managed dual boot, then start Win7 and install EasyBCD 2.0 beta after doing quick registration to use beta. Remove XP listing, then Add it again, accept boot files, autoconfigures, Save, restart.

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i had the partitions setup before installing any os's:

winxp installed to ntfs partition (1)
eeebuntu installed to ext3 partition (2)
leftover partition is fat32 for shared data

i installed win & eeebuntu thru usb drives, then had to repair grub so ubuntu would boot.

now everything works but after i choose winxp from the grub bootloader, it takes me to anothermenu that ask me to choose from winxp & win7 rc. i used the same usb stick before to try out win7 but didnt like it on that computer, so went back to xp.

is there any way to get rid of that 2nd menu so it just goes straight to xp?

A:dual boot winxp & eeebuntu on netbook, issues with xp can probably use EasyBCD to remove the Win 7 bootloader files from XP (install EasyBCD in XP, read instructions). used it for this purpose (to remove Win 7 beta boot files) eariler this year.Louis

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I recently purchased another monitor so I can run dual-monitors on my newly upgraded-to Windows 8 desktop. I set the monitor up last night, and I haven't had any major issues so far... One issue that I've run into, though, is the secondary monitor (regardless whether it's the monitor I owned first or the one I just bought) flashes randomly. Last night, a restart fixed the issue, so I didn't think anything of it. Today when I started it up, it was fine again for about 5-10 minutes. Then it began to flash randomly. It's not a constant steady flash, it only happens once every 3-10 minutes, but it shouldn't be happening. Does anyone else have the same problem and/or have suggestions on how to fix it?

Add'l info:

Monitors (both connected via HDMI, primary to primary gfx card, secondary to secondary gfx card)
1x Asus VW246H 24"
1x Asus VE248H 24"

Both set to 1920x1080p resolution, left as primary, right as secondary.

2x EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 Ti's in SLI Configuration

Most recent stable Nvidia drivers are installed. I'll test the beta ones later and update this if anything changes.

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Need help with dual monitor setup. First time trying to do it.

2 Problems
Second monitor does turn on, but is only showing native resolution (1024 x 768) but it has the ability to go up to 1280x1024.
I want to to be able to set it to 1280x1024.

Second monitor will not boot up along with computer.
I shut down my PC, the monitor is still plugged in, and it doesn't wake up automatically.
Things I've tried
- Updating drivers, obviously. (Nvidia, etc.)
- Uninstalling default driver of second monitor in Device Manager then rebooting computer, then plugging out and replugging the monitor back in (so it reinstalls) because it doesn't boot up on its own.
- My Power Options is set to "High Performance" so that's not the reason why my 2nd monitor isn't booting up with my PC.
- I have tried plugging in the VGA cord of my second monitor into the mother board but it didn't come up.
General Information
- The second monitor is an HP Compaq LE1711
- The second monitor is plugged into my GPU? via a VGA cord into an HDMI to VGA Pigtail Adapter (company: ATIVA), into an HDMI port.
- The main monitor (1920x1080) is plugged into my GPU?, via a VGA cord into VGA to DVI-I Dual Link Adapter, into a DVI-I port.

Picture of what I'm seeing:

I'm pretty sure I've got some of the terminology wrong (I'm not a computer expert).

Any help is appreciated!



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Hi, I might be able to buy a second hand Optiplex mini tower and I would like to install the motherboard etc. of my Optiplex 755 SFF.

Wilt thi fit?

The idea is that with the Mini Tower I can buy a better GPU.


A:Does motherboard of Optiplex 755 SFF fit in a Dell optiplex 745 dualcore mini tower?

No it wont fit.   The board layout, number of slots etc is different.

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We're encountering scrolling issues with Excel 2013 (and 2016).
What we mean by that is graphic distortions (blocks of black) appearing on the worksheet during the scroll action.
It happens almost exclusively on the externally attached monitor.
Even after the scrolling action is finished the blocks of blacks will persist and will obscure the data in the cells. Generally only opening the worksheet anew will correct the issue (until scrolling is once again initiated)
This is on a new Dell XPS 15 (9550) running Windows 10.The monitor is a Dell U2717D connected via the HDMI.
We've done quite a bit of troubleshooting but before describing in detail we wanted to know if anybody had seen something similar?

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I recently moved my studio downstairs, and the only thing that has changed is that I now use a Wacom Intuos 6" x 11" tablet. When running Corel Painter 11 the right monitor is sluggish, but the other one is fine.

For example if I drag any painter window around on the right monitor it is really sluggish, but if I drag it to the left monitor it's fine.

Monitors on same ports as before, and I did not have this issue before I moved my studio.

Driving me crazy, and I need to get back to work! Any help, suggestions greatly appreciated!

A:Dual monitor issues. One Sluggish monitor?

Moving the rig around could have loosened a connection, or the video card itself. Check all connections, and reseat the video card.

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I am temporarily trying to use an old HP Pavillion Monitor which was on a windows 95 system on a pieced together Dell System running windows XP, it begins to load as if everything is fine, then the self diagnosis alert comes up asking if the display settings on PC are correct.. Before I can input any information, the screen goes gray and of course won't accept any information at all. Can someone help me with this ? We are in a very small / remote town and need this until we can replace it. if this is just incompatible, can anyone tell me if the monitor we were using Dell 2007WFP(b) can be replaced with a Dell S 2009 W - what changes would be necessary ? Thank you for your assistance.

A:trying to use a HP win95 monitor on a Dell winXP system settings msj. goes gray

Any VGA monitor should work it doesn't need to be a Dell. The monitors Default resolution may be too low for XP, when Windows tries to correct it, to a higher Resolution, the monitor fails. Try booting into Safe Mode and use the monitor controls on the front of the monitor to see if you can change the default resolution to something higher. Then boot into Normal Mode, Right click a blank spot on the Desktop./Properties/Screen Resolution and try pushing the bar to the right.

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I'm trying to get dual monitors hooked up to my docking station. The blue hookup works. The white doesn't. I can't download nvadia. Now the one screen that worked is a black screen with a mouse arrow. Have win 7 enterprise, downloaded win 7 vista updates though the disc that came with the monitors.

A:Dual Dell Monitor's

Closing duplicate thread too:

Please be careful to only post one thread per issue.

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First off, hello to everyone.

A friend of my dads, his computer had been infected with spyware or viruses or something and he had it taken care of by some other group of people (I do not know who he asked to help resolve the issue), and he said that he is no longer getting sounds from it.

I did some looking around at his request and noticed there was a few other errors and things wrong.

Needless to say, now I am just stuck on aspects of trying to resolve the PCI Card error which is displayed as a Yallow ? on the device drivers page. I did some searching around, went to Dells Support page, and tried both of the audio drivers as well as the COnexant PCI card drivers it mentioned, but nothing seems to be working.

It makes me wonder. If they indeed formatted and had to reinstall the OS, could it be possible they installed things in the wrong order?

He has a Windows XP Home Premium Computer. It is Service Pack 3 as well. It is known as a Dell Vostro 200. He still has the Driver Cds that came with it, and it seems to mention the PCI card could be some form of communications modem. But, I get the feeling that is not the case as he is not getting sound, so I assume it could be something more.

I tried installing the Conexant Drivers, as well as the Creative Labs and Realtek Audio drivers as well for it, but unfortunatly, nothing seems to work.

Could it be possible that I may need to format the computer, install the Windows OS, then the Core Drivers and then the individual driv... Read more

A:PCI Card/Sound issues on WinXP SP3 Dell Vostro 200

What is this "PCI card error" that you refer to?

FWIW: There is no order to install drivers.

If there is a device reflected in Device Manager as requiring drivers...I would simply insert the original drivers CD and allow it to self-install, rather than manually trying to install random drivers.

The Dell drivers for that system can be downloaded from the Dell website, if you choose not to use the Dell CD.


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I was planning on buying either a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or an Dell Optiplex 980 SFF but I would like to know which one will work with Windows XP 64 Bit.

A:Will Windows XP 64 Bit work on a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or Optiplex 980 SFF?

For Windows XP 64 Bit its best to use the somewhat hidden (old ftp website):
This has the old drivers listed of multiple versions including the XP x64 drivers not mentioned on Drivers and Downloads. The new ftp website is slightly broken at present.

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i have AMD Radeon HD 6950 video card. I'm trying to connect my HD TV as a 2nd monitor. The TV is recognized by CCC but marked as disabled. It will use the Tv as the monitor if i disconnect my main monitor but not both at the same time. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Dual Monitor Issues

Hello and welcome to SevenForums,

Have you tried using the Windows Dual screen, Clone and stretch options.

Right Click on the desktop..... Screen Resolution

or Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution

How to Change the Screen Resolution in Windows 7

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Hi everyone, didn't know where to post this, so went with general hoping someone can help as small stuff like this really bugs me.

I've just setup a 2nd monitor, a shiny new 30" dell, I'm using my old 28" hanns.g as my main, with desktop icons, start bar and everything on it, thats on the right hand side, with the 30" on the left. The trouble is, is that when I changed the monitors around so the mouse could go from left to right within windows, the icons where shifted to the left hand monitor the 30". I've managed to drag them back accross, but there is now a space above the startbar where I can't place any icon's, those that are placed there are moved to the monitor on the left. I also can't scroll across to the lef hand monitor at the bottom of the right hand monitor. I have placed the right hand monitor on a stand so the top of the monitors match close enough in height.

The monitor on the left, the 30" is on max resolution of 2560x1600 and the hanns.g on the right is on max resolution of 1920x1200, is there any fix for this?

Ideally I'd like to be able to scroll across from the bottom of one monitor to the bottom of the other monitor and be able to place my desktop icons at the bottom of the screen, which I can't do on the 28" atm.


PS: I'm using dual link dvid for the 30" and vga for the 28"

A:dual monitor issues

I've just saved a file and it was automatically saved to my right hand monitor, instead of the left hand monitor, this might be at the root of the issue, is there anyway I can change this behavour, my left hand monitor is my main, and I'd like it to behave as such regarding these issues.

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Hi guys, I've tried searching the web for the issues that i've been having but i can't seem to find a clear solution. I have a laptop with a GeForce GO 7900 GS video card, and my secondary monitor is a 19" samsung LCD TV (not a legit computer monitor). I understand that things won't be perfect on the TV because TV's are simply don't have resolutions like computer monitors. But anyways, i got the dual monitors to work with an s-video cable but i'm still running into some problems. Say if i wanted to watch a movie on the TV, i would drag winamp or WMP onto the TV, but when i make it fullscreen the video becomes fullscreen on the laptop display not the TV. At the same time while the laptop is fullscreen with the movie, the TV now has some of my icons that were on my laptop. Is there a way i can fix this problem?

Simply put:

How can i make a media player stay fullscreen on the TV and not the laptop? How can i stop the media player from swithing over?


A:Dual Monitor Issues


Media Classic



They work better, but I must warn you that doing like your doing above does not always work all the time. I've tried it myself. Then you run into problems. Does the 19 LCD HdTV have VGA? If it does then use it as a Monitor Extender. So this would give you wrap around view.

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I recently tried hooking up a dual monitor setup, but am having issues... I dont know alot about computers and nobody is telling me anything that is actually was working. I figured i could update my video driver. I have NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT, and i did update it. The issue is coming from where i go through Personalize>Display settings, you should all know this... But it registers both monitors running through it, and when i click on the second monitor, then click on the box that says "Extend the desktop onto thin monitor", it asks if i would like to keep these changes? I hit yes, but nothing happens. The box is unchecked, the power light on the monitor is still orange, and i cant move anything onto it. If anyone could help that would be great.


A:Dual Monitor Issues....

Hello Adam, and welcome to Vista Forums.

We need to know a few things before we may be able to give a more accurate answer for you.

What brand and models are the monitors?

What type of connections are used to connect the monitors to the computer at both ends? Any adapters used?

Did you select the correct input signal for the type of connection in the monitor's onscreen settings?

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ok im running windows xp on a crap emachines... with a crap sg prosavage drr onboard video card.... just out of general curiosity i wanted to try to setup dual monitors... so i found an old ati rage2c 8meg agp card

i installed the ati and booted the computer

the computer boots and uses the rage as the default card so i went into the device manager to switch the sg to the default card and noticed that the sg isnt listed in the device manager
i tried to reinstall the drivers for the sg and they error... with no code or message

i rebooted and went into the bios and could not find a setting of any kind for the onboard card.... im at a loss...

and very tired...
thanks for any help you guys may be able to give

A:dual monitor issues....

I am not a 100% positivie but I believe the rage is one of the few cards that won't run dual monitors in windows, could be wrong

Here is a list of supported cards for dual monitors in xp;en-us;296538&Product=winxp

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Hey guys, first thread/post what have you. Only doing this because I'm completely out of ideas and have pulled out all of my hair. Those are my basic specs.

I know enough to have fun with PC's but i'm sure you all leave me in the dust. I have always ran two monitors on my desktop up until about a year ago, one of them broke and i never bothered to buy a new one. Just used the one i had, which used to be my secondary monitor.

Now when I plug in a secondary monitor, I can't get a signal on it. They both plug into DVI-D ports. And I'm sure both ports work, cause i've played around with the settings to make the display show up on both (individually) The second monitor is a brand new RCA with DVI to HDMI cable that has never been on this computer.

I've seen posts about deleting display setting for vista because i've had about 6 different monitors on this PC in its lifetime, but nothing for windows 7 that seems to work. Do i have to factory restore. I've gone through the right click screen resolution option and the Nvidia control centre option, i've updated my nvidia driver and my AMD driver.

This used to work just fine with 2 monitors. I thought this might be the issue. My original secondary monitor became my primary monitor. And now won't switch over properly. ( i've changed the monitor to make this my main monitor in both windows and nvidia control centre )

Is there a way to delete previ... Read more

A:Dual Monitor Issues ( please help )

Can i reset all monitor footprints without factory restoring ?

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okay, im running vista 32 bit on a dell inspiron 1521 with an ATI Radeon x1270. i recently wiped the HD and did a clean install of vista using the OEM Vista cd.
before i wiped the hd i was running the same vista that was installed at the factory.
i always used to plug my laptop into my plasma tv using the VGA port on the side of the laptop and plugging it into the VGA port on the tv. i've always been able to use it as a seperate desktop so i could drag movies over to the plasma screen and still use the internet on the laptop screen. i was also able to use the native resolution on the laptop screen and change the res on the plasma to a higher res.(i dont remember what exactly)

now ever since i wiped the hd and did the fresh install, updated the drivers for all devices including the radeon x1270 (to a driver that is newer than the one i was running before) when i plug the laptop into the plasma and i try to use it as a dual monitor i just get a black screen unless i set the res to something tiny like 640x480 or 800x600. the only way for me to get a semi decent resolution on the plasma is to go into the windows mobility center (right click desktop>personalize>connect a projector or other external display) then i click "connect display (after i've plugged the plasma into the laptop) and it asks if i want to use them as seperate parts of the desktop or if i want the same thing to show on both screens. i have to select same thing on both screens then it shows up on th... Read more

A:Dual monitor issues.

use the catalyst control center. make sure the catalyst recoginzes both displays. then you can set up the resolution for both or either display interdependent of the other.

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I recently upgraded to a EVGA 6800 video card and have dual monitors. With the old video card everything worked fine, but as soon as I installed the new video card the second monitor stays on until I install the driver, then the second monitor shuts off. When I look in the display properties only one monitor shows up. I cannot figure out how to get the other monitor to show up. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Dual Monitor Issues

What type of monitor are you using (comptuer monitor , tv e.t.c) and what connections are you using DVI(around 20 pins) or D-sub(15pin)?

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Hey folks, I just got myself my second monitor, a Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW, and I'm having it alongside my old monitor, a Samsung SyncMaster 173T. Anyway, I've been having some odd issues I'm at a fault to understand with this. Basically, every time I turn off my computer and boot it up again, windows starts up in the lowest possible graphical mode, meaning, what 8 colors(?) and a *very* low resolution. On top of this, it's only displayed on my old monitor, and the new one is completely blank. And when I try to alter any graphical options under windows desktop preferences, it says that my graphical driver is out of date. Sure, no problem, I download the latest driver for my GPU and install it, restart the computer like the installer prompts me to, and everything just works after that.

Or atleast, until the next time I turn off my computer. Then everything repeats, except that I install the exact same drivers again, having it overwrite some files (which doesn't surprise me) and it works yet again. So basically I'm having a hassle having to install the same drivers I already have installed and restart my computer once before I can use it. So, please, I would really appreciate any help as to how to avoid having to do this every single time I boot up my computer

I've tried setting my my dual monitor status with both NVIDIA Control Panel and the inherent Windows Desktop Preferences, both of which work in and of themselves, but made little to... Read more

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Hi all,
i always had a dual monitor system. My Previous setup was a 1920x1080 main monitor, and a smaller 1300x... monitor as my 2nd monitor. I had no issues at that time.
Now i bought myself a new Monitor, a BenQ RL2455HM in 24". And here my problems suddenly starts....

1. if i scroll up and down on websites (using Firefox) it feels wrong, it's not very smooth and sometimes i get a "flickering" issue while scrolling.

2. my desktop doesn't work like it should. It seems like windows doesn't know when the taskbar ends, so that the name of the icons are unter the taskbar, and therefor not readable anymore.
Also on the last row of desktop icons (the bottom one) aren't working like they should. I can only use the First 4 and the last icon slots. The other slots aren't useable (can't place any icons there.
I really really hope that u guys can help me out.
Here are my computer specs:

GPU: 4096MB Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X
Windows 7 64bit
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Blue DDR3-1600 DIMM CL10 Dual Kit
CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K 4x 3.50GHz So.1150 BOX
Old 2nd Monitor: LG W2443T
New 1st Monitor: BenQ RL2455HM

I tested with 2 cable layouts,
First Try: Both with DVI cable.
Second (and current) Try: 2nd Monitor with DVI and the new 1st Monitor with a HDMI connection.

I also already completely uninstalled my AMD Drivers - and installed the newest stable version 14.12 Omega with CCC.

Both Monitors run with native resolution 1920x1080

A:Dual Monitor Issues

Is the problem now on both monitors, or just the new one ?

Test with just the new monitor, still problems ?

Return it.

A second monitor and your resolution setup to extend these displays should not give you any problems, and there was no need to change any drivers.

Run windows update, there is sometimes a monitor driver, it may help.

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I have issues getting a second monitor to work.
At startup I get a picture on both ( Window starting up... 4 little dots circling..etc)
But as soon as I reach my "Log-in page" my second monitor goes black.

At monitor settings it does not even show the option of dual monitiors.

The computer this concerns is a Acer Veriton N281G (cheap and cheerful). It has a Intel GMA 3150. I run a split cable from the computers VGA to both screens VGA`s.

The fact that I do get a signal on my second screen at start up brings me to think the problem is within Windows. Am I correct and WHAT is the solution???

Many thanks!

A:Dual monitor issues!

susidus, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Hope you're not trying to get the monitors to run in extended mode, as when using a VGA splitter all you will get is clone mode (same thing on both).

And no it isn't a Windows problem, the Intel graphics in that thing likely can't handle running both off of a single connection. It is also the Intel driver that is stopping both from running once it is loaded.

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hello. ive had win x for a while now but just recently got a new motherboard. so when i tried to plug in both monitors it doesnt work. i did have it working before with dual monitors before the new motherboard. but when i turn the computer on it starts on one monitor. it posts and loads windows but then switches to the other monitor. it wont detect the display even in the nvidia control panel. and i do have updated drivers.

A:Dual monitor issues.`

YOur Mobo has 1 Video port and then the GPU has several
Which ports are you using? I suggest pick two on GPU card.
Then tell BIOS to use PCI for display rather than onboard.

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I realize dual monitors should be pretty straightforward, but I've run into some interesting issues that I would appreciate some insight on.
I am running a Windows 7 computer with An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 video card. The video card has two DVI outputs.

Running a two monitor set up, the 1st an 6 year old 19inch AOpen monitor with VGA or DVI inputs, the 2nd a 5 year old Samsung LCD TV with VGA and HDMI inputs.

I was running a DVI cable to the 1st monitor and a VGA cable, with a DVI converter at my computer, to the second. Everything worked fine. Then I moved my set up to a new room and had to move the second monitor further away. I decided, since I needed a longer cable anyways, I would try some other options.

I bought both a 15' DVI to HDMI cable and a 15' DVI cable.

I started using the 15' DVI to HDMI cable to the Samsung TV and everything worked fine for about 2 months. Then one day my TV stopped recognizing the input from the computer. It would not even allow me to select the HDMI port as if nothing was plugged in. This is particularly strange since my computer still recognized the TV and acted as if it was working fine. I tried ever variation of rebooting I could think of, TV on first then computer, Computer on first then plug in TV, and so on. Nothing would recover my picture. (I also verified plugs were properly plugged in an all the basic stuff)

At this point I'm thinking, good thing I bought that 15' DVI cable... unfortunately my... Read more

A:Dual Monitor Issues

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I have an unusual problem I hope someone may be able to help me with!? I have 2 AOC monitors 1920x1080 - I have just installed an OCZ vertex 2 SSD - taken from another PC and I am unable to set up the monitors - one is okay and the other keeps reverting to the size of the smaller monitor on the old PC - and the icons keep moving to the right -- further every time I restart! I am unable to change the home monitor as well.
Asus P6X58D-E - i7 930 - Sapphire HD 5870 PCI-E -- DDR3 - OCZ SSD - WD Caviar Black 1TB - WEI 7.3

The PC I changed the SSD from is a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R - similar specs.
Both Pc's Catalyst C.C. 11.4 - so everything has been installed - reinstalled - swapped graphic cards -- all to no avail???

Any suggestions really appreciated,

A:Dual monitor issues

I'd boot into safe mode and remove the video card driver then run a driver cleaning program, then boot into normal mode and reinstall the driver you want. will have the cleaning tool to use...

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I am trying to work out the best configuration on setting up two external monitors on my laptop.

The Dell sales department keeps try to sell me a hdmi splitter instead of a docking station. I searched this for a while and couldn't find any case where it was used for a dual monitor setup as opposed to mirroring the same screen on both displays. This is not possible, right?

I know I can set up dual monitors just using the VGA/DVI/HDMI outputs on my latop, but don't want to mess with the cords each time, thus the reason I want a docking station. But I will see quality loss connecting to the docking station with a USB, right? I want to maintain the 1900x1200 resolution on both screens.

Can I connect to a docking station with one HDMI cable and then connect the docking station to the monitors using a DVI cable for one and an HDMI cable for the other?

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ok, i have a dell with dual monitors and it keeps just changing the layout of the desktop on its own (putting the second monitor above the first). it will just do this out of the blue and im really confused as i cannot find anything about this


A:dual monitor dell dektop layout

Have to tried installing updated drivers for you video card. This may help your problem

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Firstly i'd like to say i'm not sure if i'm the correct section but anyways.

My computer only has 1 HDMI port so for me to use dual monitors ive got

HDMI port from pc to HDMI port on monitor

Then I have got DVI from pc to HDMI monitor (DVI-HDMI Cable)
But my audio sounds very low at times and very dis-orientated
can anyone help me with a solution as its a pain not to listen to music or watch videos etc

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Dual monitor problem with ATI Radeon 3000 card on Windows 10

A:Dual Monitor issues with Win10

Not much info to go on? A more detailed explanation of the issue would help.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, wasn't sure if it should be in the forum for GPUs or Hardware or not.

I have 2 monitors (1920 x 1080) connected to my Nvidia GTX 770:

BenQ XL2430T (Primary)
BenQ E2420HD (Secondary)

I currently have my XL2430T (Primary) set to 120hz and my E2420HD (Secondary) set to 60hz both connected by DVI.

This is the first time I have had more than a single monitor so sorry if this is a stupid question.
I have noticed that if I have a game running on my secondary monitor (60hz) while I have anything else on my primary monitor (120hz), I get FPS drops for that game.
If I play the game on my primary monitor (120hz) while having anything else on my secondary monitor (60hz) there are no FPS drops.
I also get no FPS drops if I play a game on my secondary monitor if I lower my primary monitor from 120hz to 60hz and have both monitors running at 60hz, and I know that it seems stupid to be playing a game on the secondary monitor but I am still curious.

So in short it seems I only get FPS drops with games on my secondary monitor (60hz) when my primary monitor is set above 60hz.

I guess my main question is, should this be happening? Is this just the limit of my GPU or is there something else possibly at play here?

extra specs incase you need them:

Processor: i7 2600 3.40GHz 3.70Ghz
OS: Win7 Home Premium 64 bit

Currently the only real game I have tested this with is Shovel Knight and being that it isn't really a graphic intensive game, I figur... Read more

A:New monitor (Dual Setup) FPS issues

My guess would be that the graphics card has to work harder when the refresh rate is set to 120 Hz. Two different refresh rates probably causes the GPU to work even harder, resulting in lower frame rates. Also, the secondary monitor is most likely not given priority by the system, again leading to lower frame rates.

Is there a specific reason that you need to run your primary monitor at 120 Hz? Does your frame rate on the primary monitor increase if you run it at 60 Hz? Myself, I would run the monitors at the same refresh rate to avoid potential stability problems, and situations like the one you are describing. But that's just me.

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Hello. I actually have 2 issues I am dealing with. My OS is XP. Here goes..

I was having trouble while on-line. Internet Explorer would close because it kept encountering problems. I called Earthlink, they checked on their end and said things were fine and we went through the wizard and it had grayed out the option for dial up and defaulted to broadband. I have dial up. When we try to add a number for dial up it comes back with error 711: a configuration error on this computer is preventing this connection. So Problem #1 is, I cannot get on-line as the Earthlink is not seeing I have a modem installed. Earthlink concluded it must be an OS error and suggested I re-install my OS. I tried to do this and got 2 error messages along the way. One said c:\windows\sisagp is needed. The other said GET IUMS could not be found and said MSDART.DLL. I had to cancel to get by those 2 messages but it appeared as though it had installed but thank goodness it must not have installed because it didn't wipe out everything I had on there. I should never have done the reinstallation because I hadn't backed up. The Earthlink gal made it seem like no big deal and I hate to say I am a little bit beyond a beginner. I did try to reinstall the Intel modem but no luck with the problem. I did not uninstall it though.

Problem #2: Now my computer will not recognize that I have a dual VGA monitors. I have a business with software installed where 1 screen is only to show 1 view for this particula... Read more

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I'm currently running two samsung 23" wide screen monitors on an ATI 4870 (windows vista), however every time i restart my PC, the monitors work through the BIOS and boot sequences, however my second display turns off before logging to windows. I have to disconnect the display and plug it back in for it to recognize it.

THis hasnt always been an issue, as they have worked normally after reboot before. Something must have changed in the software to cause this?

Anyone have a fix for this?

A:Dual monitor issues on restart??

I've never ran into that one before, but multi-monitor configs seem to be the most readily breakable video setting.

I would probably try uninstalling your ATI drivers and upgrading to the latest version. When you uninstall, make sure to use Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from or some similar application to completely clean out the driver settings.

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I have Dell Inspiron 7460 laptop and it has a HDMI port. Does anybody know if the HDMI port can be used for dual monitor purpose ?

A:Does Dell Inspiron 7460 support dual monitor ?

Thank you for writing to us!
Yes you can use a HDMI cable and connect an external monitor.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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So I have a few issues with my Dual Monitors with Windows 8.1.

Drivers are all up to date, it's two ASUS Monitors, and I have some odd quirks I want to fix.

1) When I press the Start button to get to the Live Tiles, If I do it on one monitor, and then try to do it on the other, it switched the start screen with the tiles to the other monitor. I want to be able to have the start screen and live tiles open on both screens. It was working fine, and then it stopped all of a sudden.

2) Is there any way I can make certain programs load to certain screens? As I stated with the above issue. If I have IE on the right screen, and then open start screen on the left screen, and then try to open start screen on the right screen, it moves IE to the left and puts the left back to my desktop.

3) I know I could search for it, but I figured I'd ask for a simple response while I'm typing this, how can I set it up so that both of my desktops have different backgrounds?

4) When I put my cursor into the top right side of either my left or right monitor, the charms show up, and the same if I put my cursor in the top left on either monitor it shows what apps are running, is there any way to make it so the charms only show on the right monitor and the apps only show on the left? So I can go either all the way to the left or all the way to the right, I find sometimes I accidentally hit the charms when trying to go to my right monitor and it won't let me, it's annoying

A:Windows 8.1 Dual Monitor issues/questions

Welcome to Windows EightForums, Airhoodz.

There may be others I’m sure, but I know member alphanumeric is one king of multi-monitors. I don’t see him on at the present moment. You may want to leave him a message with a link to your thread here.

View Profile: alphanumeric - Windows 8 Forums

In the mean time I found this via WinKey/Q.

Connect a second monitor or projector - Microsoft Windows Help

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After I had updated my drivers ~2 days ago I started experiencing a strange problem with my monitors. After turning them back on one or both of them would say DVI- NO SIGNAL. To attempt to fix this I rolled my drivers back and then updated them through the device manager instead of the GeForce GUI since it was having issues. I have also removed the latest programs that I believe would be causing issues with regards to drivers this being nGlide (A driver wrapper used to run older games meant for 90s era graphics cards). Currently my main monitor (ASUS VG248QE if it matters) is working fine but if I hit the change source button on my second monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 220WM if it matters) to attempt to get it to draw properly, my main monitor will stop drawing and then only if I hit Source and the up arrow button on my second monitor a few times will the main monitor start to draw again. The only thing that I can see on my second monitor is the blue power light flashing in a somewhat random patterns so I have no idea what it is trying to set as the source. I have tried reconnecting both of the monitors to see if there was an issue with connection but they both seem to be fine and when I open the display manager windows is recognizing both of them correctly. If you could offer any advice it would be appreciated. Also if more information is needed please let me know what I should provide.

Thanks in advance

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Hello everyone!

I've recently bought a new rig and decided to go with Vista Enteprise 64-bit version on it.

I currently have a 30" Dell monitor and a 19" Packard Bell Maestro 190W setup that I used on my previous XP rig.
Now, when I try to use my PB Maestro 190" Screen on the Vista machine, I get no signal. I can detect the monitor through the ATI Catalyst program but it cant it to work.

The monitor works and shows stuff when I reload the computer, but it goes "No signal" just when Vista Loads...
I have downloaded Powerstrip and another monitor program to try and force it to 1440x900 settings, but still no signal.. Even wrote my own drivers for the screen with a fixed resolution 640x) but no luck.
I plugged in my LCD TV instead and it worked like a charm! So i quickly switched the cables between the second 19" monitor and the TV and bam! I got the second monitor up and running!

But I had to reload the computer and I lost the output, tried several times again to repeat the procedure with plugging in the TV and then the monitor.. no luck...
The only thing I havent tried yet is to use a VGA cable instead of the DVI one..
I'm running the lastest ATI drivers (9.3)..

Just find it strange that it can detect the screen, just not send the video signals to it..

Vista installs the second monitor as a "generic pnp monitor".. And I cant seem to find any drivers on this packard bell monitor on the internet.
Anyone got a good advice ... Read more

A:Dual monitor issues.. Ati HD4870.. no luck

Maybe it's your motherboard
Asus has a bios update for this problem

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I've recently updated from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on my Dell XPS 15 laptop. I normally run a dual monitor setup with my 33" monitor and I am quite fond of watching netflix on the secondary monitor while gaming/doing school work/blogging/reading news/etc... however I'm noticing two things that I would like help with:

1) there is no way to run Netflix on the non primary monitor.

2) there is no way to allow the netflix app to keep playing while running another program (non app). It just exits out.

Are there app settings to get around either or both of these? Some help, please!



A:Issues running apps with Dual Monitor Set Up

can you describe your monitor? is it VGA? is it HDCP compliant? the Windows Store Netflix app requires that the graphics card driver AND the monitor be HDCP-compliant. VGA is considered an "unsafe" connection (unsafe in that the contents can be copied) and most VGA monitors are not HDCP-compliant. And none of the old VGA monitors are considered HDCP-compliant. Part of the reason why VGA monitors are extinct in this new DRM world.

in fact, this HDCP compliancy is breaking a lot of systems that have older VGA monitors where the streaming content is encrypted and fail to start. If you have DVI or HDMI displays, they are most likely HDCP compliant and you see less people having issues with Windows Store apps with these monitors.

I have a 3 monitor system. 2 of them are DVI and the other is VGA. I can choose any to be the primary display and have Netflix on any of the other monitors. However, on the VGA monitor, the Windows Store Netflix app will not run any material. The app will run and I can choose the show. But when it gets near 100%, it stops at the security checkpoint and errors out. With a web browser or with Windows Media Center, the VGA restriction is less (likely because copying the content is less than desirable from these sources) and they will allow the content to play.

Windows Media Center is the best way to play Netflix on a VGA monitor. Especially if you have a nice Windows Media Center remote. You can browse Netflix like a TV.

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NOTE: I placed this in windows 7 forum issues because I believe this is a Win7 issue and not a video card issue. If I am mistaken, I'm sorry.

Alrighty, I guess I'll get this started off with what my issue is in it's most basic form. I have a dual monitor set-up on my system, a 24 inch widescreen dell LCD monitor, and a westinghouse 32 inch LCD tv, using it as my secondary (movies, etc).

My issue is that when I'm playing a game, like WoW on my main screen (24 in) and I have a video or movie playing FULLSCREEN on my secondary monitor (32 in tv), My video will completely cut out on both monitors. My system isn't locking up, because i can continue to hear the sound from the movie and game. It is random on the amount of time before it cuts out, I may be able to watch a whole movie, or it may cut out after 5 minutes, it just varies, and when it does I have to hit my reset button to do a hard reset on my computer and let it reboot. I have no idea why this is occuring.

More background info: I've always been an nVidia fan, and was using a geforce 8800gtx in my system, windows xp, running dual monitors, NO ISSUE like the one described above. I could full screen and never have an issue at all. Since then I upgraded to windows 7, and the issue started happening. After rebooting and checking the event log it stated that my video driver stopped working. Well, I assumed maybe my card was starting to die, and this was the cause. I wanted to buy a more powerful card anyway, so I dec... Read more

A:Dual Monitor Issues running full screen


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Good evening!

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for me to post this, but I had a couple quibbles with dual monitor support on both Win10 and Win10 Insider preview. There was the nice addition in Windows Insider Preview of having a clock on both your monitors (whereas that wasn't the case in Win10) but not having the option to have the tray icons on both monitors is KILLING me. I am a gamer, and generally use my second monitor for generic stuff, i.e., Steam friends/chat, web browsing, and launching games or other things from the tray, using my second monitor, while I am in a game. Now, my problem arises because I have to set my second monitor as the main monitor. That makes games launch on that monitor by default, and I use DualMonitorTools to do things like lock my cursor to one screen, switch windows quickly from one screen to another, etc. Those functions may be rolled into Win10 by default, but when I was using 7/8/8.1, I needed to use third party software to be able to launch what I needed on my main monitor while still having access to my tray icons and taskbar. The games I play, I launch on the smaller, second monitor (which is my "primary monitor" in Windows settings) and then use DMT to flip them to my REAL primary monitor. This doesn't work with all games, not to mention it is pretty clunky - when it should be easy.

I am not sure if I explained my issues well enough but in summary, how about an option to have dual splash areas for tray icons?

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I just got myself a second monitor and am having issues setting it up. My original monitor is an HP 2311x with a resolution of 1920x1080, and the second monitor I just got is a gateway something-or-other with a resolution of 1920x1200. My graphics card is an ATI 5770. I have the HP monitor's source as DVI off of the graphics card and the gateway as HDMI off the graphics card. When I set both monitors in extended mode to their native resolutions I get this weird color/resolution issue seen in the picture.

When I set them both to 1080p the gateway monitors color turns correct but obviously the resolution is wrong. Any help? Thanks in advance.

A:Dual monitor setup resolution/color issues



Just saw your post and hope you resolved it already. But have you used the Calibrate Color feature?
start > control.exe > display > Calibrate Color
Note: this requires admin priv's.

Are you sure DVI and HDMI are supported simultaneously? On the GeoForce there are issues there and some HP monitors have seen mixed results with that. D-SUB and DVI or D-SUB and HDMI is common.
Clock rates have to independently correlate on each output connection. I would suggest digging into the ATI specs a little more.

Sorry if I am misreading what you mean by "obviously the resolution is wrong".

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I have a Dell M6500 precision laptop that has 1 DELL monitor hooked up to it so that it is in a dual monitor configuration with the laptop.

Everytime I undock or reboot or power down the laptop or take the laptop out of the docking station, the laptop would always forget it's dual monitor settings and clone my other monitor rather than keep the "extend the desktop" settings. After I check I can confirm that the laptop always unchecks the Extend my monitor unto this laptop checkbox automatically.

The laptop also seems to reverse and move my icons around the screen and I would have to manually move them all back again. This is frustrating to have to keep doing this and moving my icons back to their original location as well as redo the dual monitor settings again every morning.

I read that a lot of people think it can be a drive problem but I did download the latest drivers from DELL's site and tried both the ISV and the latest driver version to no avail for the nvidia driver.

I also tried reinstalling the drivers but that did not help. Does anyone know how I can make the dual monitor settings stick permanently? Again, I am using a Dell Precision M6500 laptop with docking station and 1 standard DELL flat screen monitor in a dual monitor configuration. Does someone have a more recent driver perhaps or is there some setting that can fix this?


A:Keep losing dual monitor settings, Dell M6500 Precision Laptop

I forgot to mention the OS is Windows XP not windows 7. Anyone have any ideas or things that I can try? Thanks!

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Hi Yall,
So I have successfully (I think) installed my new Radeon R7 250 "low profile" graphics card on my Dell Optiplex 9020.  I plugged it in the motherboard, started up the computer then went to Device Manager to update the drivers--which I did.  Side note: Ever since plugging the graphics card into the motherboard, some tasks like starting programs or starting windows take 2-10X as long as they used to.  Anyhow, it then asked for a restart, which I did.  The computer still took extra long to start any program, and when I plugged the monitor into the graphics card all I got was a black screen. 
Take two:  I then read that I should have uninstalled my current graphics driver (Intel integrated HD graphics) before I installed my new graphics card, but failing this, I could uninstall my old graphics card and change the default graphics card in the bios.  I uninstalled the old card and went to the bios, but could not change the default...can't remember exactly what it called it, graphics controller or something.  I could see that intel HD graphics was still the default (this is after uninstalling intel HD graphics and then restarting) but could find no way to change this.  Supposedly dell will make the switcheroo on its own...but it doesn't seem to have. 
Take three:  Next I physically removed the graphics card, restarted the computer, then physically inserted the graphics card again, then started the comp... Read more

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Hi All
My DELL XPS 2720 has started to blink, every 5 mins or so, my monitor just switches its self of for 3 seconds or so at a time, this is really annoying.  Any advice?


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Hi Guys -

I just bought a Samsung 2253BW LCD Monitor and the problem I am having is that there is no DVI connector on my CPU - i.e. I can't connect the DVI cable from the monitor to my CPU because there is no bus.

I have a Dell Dimension 4500, P4 -2Ghz, 1 GB RAM, running Windows XP. The rest of the specs are:

Expansion Bus
Bus types
Bus speed
PCI: 33 MHz; AGP: 66 MHz
AGP connector
AGP connector size
172 pins
AGP connector data width (maximum)
32 bits
AGP bus protocols
4x/2x modes at 1.5 V
PCI connectors
PCI connector size
120 pins
PCI connector data width
32 bits
Ports and Connectors
Externally accessible:
9-pin connector; 16550C-compatible
25-hole connector (bidirectional)
15-hole connector
6-pin mini-DIN connector or USB connector
6-pin mini-DIN connector or USB connector
two front-panel and four back-panel USB–compliant connectors
front-panel miniature connector
three miniature connectors for line-in, line-out, and microphone
Internally accessible:
Primary IDE channel
40-pin connector on PCI local bus
Secondary IDE channel
40-pin connector on PCI local bus
Floppy drive
34-pin connector
1 Present only on computers with integrated audio capabilities.
Video controller

So can I upgrade my video card (do i need to upgrade ?) such that I get maximum mileage out of my monitor. If so, what video card do I buy (type, pins etc). If I buy a video card, how would ... Read more

A:LCD Monitor - Dell Desktop Compatability issues.

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My HP monitor comes with a program called My Display - Windows 10 did an upgrade about a week ago & I can no longer run this program.  I have tried reinstalling it twice with no success.  My monitor also came with a backlit option & this is also no longer available.  I contacted HP today & they will not help me as they say it is a Dell issue, unless I want to pay.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks so much!
June E. Hudspeth

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I have just gotten my 3415W screen and so far its quite itneresting experience. Few issues I have are:

I have 5 screens + 3415W.
When I drag a window to the edge of screen A (that is not 3415W) I can no longer maximize half size of the window. In the past if I dragged it to edge of screen the window would just take 50% of screen. If I drag it to top it goes 100% etc etc. DDM seem to be dissabling that critical windows feature.

Can we pelase get it back ?

Ignore below found out the custom button!
Further more the spacing of pre-made layouts do not really work for me. Is there a way to specify custom layouts and their sizes? 

Also when I click>drag window. There is a 0.5 second lag. Can we get rid of that lag please? Have the dell position drop down overlay drop in a separate process so it don't affect our windows experience?

Another issue I have is that not all window are detected. If I start Maya and open hypershade its a separate window from main window. It would be great if DDM can recognise those windows. Or if I can manually add them in...

Hopefully some of the things above could be addressed and corrected? Its a nice DDM application but bit counter productive at the moment! Please tweak it :- )


A:Dell Display Monitor Manager - Issues

Further more if I just want to drag an window over the desktop and NOT want to stick to any of the layouts... can we just have an option to do :
Left click & Hold> Drag to new position > Right click to drop window without snapping it to any of the layouts? Or give us a hotkey option to specify what key we want to press... I have lots of buttons :- )

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Two drives on system 265GB Samsung on motherboard and 1TB drive internal bay.
Dell installed OS on drive 0 (C) 1TB (slower drive) and the SSD drive(fastest) drive 1 (E) blank empty.
Make no sense to me.

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When the PC starts up, the dell loading screen begins. Normally this takes around a few seconds but this time it didn't end. We've tried all the diagnostic tests and they all came back fine. Also tried disconnecting all external cables (ie headphones, ethernet etc). Powered on and off multiple times and no change. 
By the way, I don't know if this is related or not, but last night before the issue occurred, I was randomly logged out. Once it logged me back in, everything was closed and there was a small square of like TV static towards the bottom right corner. I restarted and it fixed the issue there but I don't know.
Thanks in advance, Sean

A:Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO stuck on Dell loading screen

Unplug the system and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Then try powering up again.

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I have had nothing but issues with Windows 10 on my work and personal laptop. This post is about my personal laptop the Dell XPS L702X. Since upgrading my screen flickers and will go to an unreadable state and I have to wait for it to change back to its normal view. Has anyone found a fix for monitor issues. I've tried Microsoft chat support but they want me to pay and I refuse because my computer was fine until I upgraded. I've also googled with no fixes that work.

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Hi all. My Optiplex 780 had Windows 7 Pro on it, and I needed to step down to Windows XP.  On installation, I get to the Windows XP Install page, then about half way into the device drivers loading, I get this BSOD error. I've tried to go into BIOS and tweak a few settings, but to no avail.  I've taken all of my cards out and still am having the same issue. The system was working with no issues when it had Win7 on it, so I don't think that there are any memory issues.
Any thoughts how I can go about getting past this error?  I've seen some posts about loading additional Dell drivers, but not really sure how to do that.  My Optiplex does not have a floppy drive.

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The other day, I started having a problem with the screen on my latitude d610 laptop. After awhile of being on it would turn off. Not the laptop itself, just the screen (I know this because I can hear the audio coming from the task I was working on). This problem got progressively worse and now when I turn the screen on it only flickers on for about a fraction of a second before going back off.

I'm not entirely concerned with getting that fixed (although, if you know what the problem is, please do let me know). My main concern is the fact that I cannot get an external monitor to work. I have plugged in the VGA cable into my laptop and the external monitor and then I hold down the "fn" key and press the "CRT-LCD" button, but nothing happens. There is no problem with the VGA cable I'm using or the monitor I'm trying to use, because I tried troubleshooting with another laptop and was able to get it to work on that second laptop. The only thing I can think of is that maybe my d610 is not recognizing the VGA cable/external monitor, because after plugging the VGA into my d610 I do not get the "device is connected" chime that I would normally hear after connecting a device.

If you have any advice for me on what my problems could be or anything you think I might be able to do to try to correct the problem, I'd certainly appreciate it.


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Hi All, Can I connect two monitors to an Acer Aspire X desktop? I know they have one VGA and one HDMI, so can they have dual displays? Thanks.

A:dual monitor support - Acer Aspire X Dual Monitor

Specifically what desktop are you asking about?  Do you have a part number?

Important Links: Global Support Pages | Knowledge Base ArticlesRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information. Use the Give Kudos button to offer a thumbs-up for good post content and a pat on the back to the author.

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Hi All, Can I connect two monitors to an Acer Aspire X desktop? I know they have one VGA and one HDMI, so can they have dual displays? Thanks.

A:dual monitor support - Acer Aspire X Dual Monitor

Specifically what desktop are you asking about?  Do you have a part number?

Important Links: Global Support Pages | Knowledge Base ArticlesRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information. Use the Give Kudos button to offer a thumbs-up for good post content and a pat on the back to the author.

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I tried to add a PCIe 16x video card to this machine and plugged a monitor into the card as well as the on board VGA in an effort to setup dual monitors. When I booted after that, I was given an error message after POST that said that is in incompataible configuration. I checked with Dell and they said it was too. I've done this exact thing with a PCI card on an older Dell machine and it worked instantly. Are there any work arounds or BIOS settings that I can change? The add-on card is a Dell ATI Radeon X600.

Thanks in advance.

A:Dual Monitors Optiplex 760 Tower

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My work PC was just reimaged (10 days later) with Windows 7. Now my onboard video card is not working but the PCI Geforce 4 MX is working as a Standard VGA Adapter. I am only seeing 1 monitor and updating the Intel Q43 display driver does not fix the issue. I went into BIOS and the Primary adapter is set for AUTO. I am going to change this to Onboard tomorrow to see if that makes a difference. Other than that I am extremely happy with Windows 7 being on my computer. It is so much faster.

Please Help!!!

I am afraid that my work is going to need to buy another video card but I am sure there is a way to get this working.

A:Optiplex 760 dual monitors to work in 7

Welcome to the forums AaronZ,
Have you check to see if it gives you the option to extend your current desktop?

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This happens with two batches of 7040s, one with hard disk drives and the other with solid state drives and two different model displays, U2414h and U2417h. The systems are running Windows7.
In each case the display flickers from time to time and, in the worst case, both monitors freeze, one with no display and the other with a few scattered white dashes on the black background. This has NOT been noticed on earlier Optiplex models from Dell. 780s, with a different display model, or 9020s with the U2414h monitors. As far as I know this occurs once or twice in a five day working week.
I have run the built in diagnostics on both the monitors and the monitors without any faults being found.
The 7040s have had the BIOS upgraded and the latest drivers applied as well as the latest Windows updates. I have scanned the event log without finding anything, although I am unsure what to look for.
Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to test the systems, other the built in diagnostics.

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I have a Dell Optiplex 754 computer and just bought a pentium E5700 processor. The socket type for the PC and the processor is LGA775, bios version is latest but when i put the new processor in the optiplex, the fans speed up to max and nothing appears on screen.

Can someone help me at all?

I thought it would be incompatible but according to some users of the same PC, they have quad core processors in them.

Thank you.

A:Optiplex 754 Pentium D exchange for Dual-Core

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I read many posts about the opportunity to upgrade an Optiplex GX620 from a Pentium 4 to a pentium D. upgrading up to a D 930 or a D 960 seems good (according to the feedbacks).
Intel developed a lot of Dual Core processors. For example Pentium E 5500
When we look at the specs we can see that the socket is the same (LGA 775), and the FSB (800 mhz required) also. The voltage of the E5500 seems to match with the voltage of the D or 4 . I understand that E5500 has a smaller TDP (65 W) than a pentium D and should not give problem with heat..
My question is : can we upgrade an optiplex GX 620 from a Pentium 4 to a pentium E 5500 ? and, if it is, does it worth it?

A:Optiplex GX620 upgrade to dual core

Short Answer NO you cannot.
The E5500 will not work in the 620.
Bios MUST BE UPDATED Before changing CPU.
Max CPU is the Dual Core Smithfield D820 or D840 CPU  Pentium D 
Intel Pentium D 840 HH80551PG0882MN
(BX80551PG3200FN / BX80551PG3200FT)

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I am trying to connect an Optiplex 3040 with a 2Gb dedicated video card (AMD R5 340X is only option) to two monitors. The AMD card only has 1 x DP and 1 x DVI digital video ports, while the P2317H monitor (current "standard" business monitor) only has 1 x DP and 1 x HDMI input on it.
My question is:  when is Dell going to release a dedicated video card option that we can actually connect directly to these monitors without having to use converters/adapters etc??? This is nuts.

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Hi guys I need some help please my dell optiplex 745 sff will not boot up just amber light at points abcd and real loud fan

A:dell optiplex 745 sff

my guess would be that this was after some kind of storm or power surge. can you see the bios loading? in order to diagnose this you will have to have parts that are known to be good and go through the machine one piece at a time. The main suspects right now is the power supply, CPU, or the mother board. Do you get any audable beeps when it is trying to start up?

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I need information about the following:
I owe a Dell Optiplex 745 sff running Vista Business,
hard disk is a 80 Gigabyte sata
The hard disk is almost full and I wish to take it out and replace same by a 2.5" sata hard disk.
Can anyone tell me whether this is possible and if so how to go about it?
Because it's a small form factor it can only hold one hard disk.
Your advice will be highly appreciated and thank you beforehand.

A:Dell Optiplex 745 sff

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Hello,I purchased an Optiplex 380 a couple of years ago which came with 2x2GB RAM @ 1066Mhz and now I think time has come to upgrade to at least 8GB. So, I tried a kingston value ram of 4gb @ 1333Mhz and unfortunately it beeped with 1 and 3 diagnostic LEDs lit. I know that the Dell manual says a maximum of 4GB ram but I have seen people here on dell forums running 2x4GB without any problems, so according to my thinking, maybe the bus frequency is the problem? shall I try 1066Mhz? Crucial's site also suggests up to 1600Mhz so whats the confusion here?P.S. I have latest BIOS A07 flashed.

A:Dell Optiplex 380 max RAM

Thank you for reaching out.
Did you try 8GB(4+4) or Does it beeps even with a 4GB stick in one slot? 
Try each stick on both the slots, If that fails, you may try 1066 mhz.
P.S:  We haven't tested 8GB configuration on this motherboard from the factory, If none of the steps works, You may have to revert back to 4GB. 

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Does anyone know if the Optiplex GXi will work with an 80 GB HD? If not what can I do? That is the size of my extra drive.

A:Dell Optiplex GXi

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Hi everyone,

I have been looking up about getting a replacement for my existing CPU which is an Intel Core i5 (Version: 2400) and upgrading to the new Intel Core i5 4460 which does support HD better for what I needed, such as movies and gaming (I only need up to 60FPS).

But other than that, I have been looking either at a portable GPU. The GPU is called a Zotac GeForce GTX 960 4GB (from NVidia). I just want to know if this will fit and will it work well with my PC?

I just want to know if the new Intel Core i5 4460 will fit in the Optiplex 390's motherboard, the same for the Zoatac GeForce GTX 960 4GB GPU.

But I would be interested to see what you have come up with any other CPU/GPU recommendations for this Dell Optiplex 390 Desktop.

Many thanks,


A:New CPU/GPU for Dell Optiplex 390

Because the optiplex comes in three form factors, which one is it? The Desktop ones? or the smaller one?

Anyways, to be able to upgrade to a Haswell processor you'll need a new motherboard aswell (Those with H81 chipset will do). The Zotac GTX 960 will work provided you have enough juice from the PSU to be able to supply the graphics card

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It's an older dell (Optiplex 320 3mhz single core w 2 g ram) with onboard graphics. Want to put a 256 or 512 mb pci e card in as an upgrade. Any economical suggestions?

A:dell optiplex 320

Do you have the Mini tower or the desktop model 320?

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