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System Profile Folder Issue

Q: System Profile Folder Issue

Hello all,

It rarely ever gets to the point where I need to consult outside for PC related issues but here it goes..

I restarted my PC after doing a standard hard disk defrag, I when I got the vista load screen I noticed it was indeed slower than usual. After finally getting to the desktop I noticed only the recycle bin icon was present and the windows start menu was in "Classic" display mode. The error message popped up as following: C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop could not be found The paragraph below instructed me to look for it manually on C:\ I quickly went to the SYS 32 folder and opened up the desktop folder and it was totally empty.

I already tried doing a system store via the start up disc (because I am unable to load any services while in the desktop) and it failed. Second thing attempted was the Vista CD's repair tool and it found no errors.

All my programs still show up on the drive but load very very slowly. Even surfing folders. results in a almost a 30 second wait.

Likewise, any services that require the manual security authorization fail because the security service itself is down. Attempting to access the system tools fails due to the same service error. I even tried opening REGEDIT.exe and it would not open.

I am totally clueless, I don't have any backups and the last thing I want to do is a full Windows clean install. It seems without that desktopfolder no services will run and the PC is barely usable.

I Was unable to generate a HIJACK THIS report because the PC is now unable to load from flash drives. Hopefully I have explained this problem in reasonable detail.

BTW I believe this is the first time I restarted the PC after shutting down services recommended by I am not 100% sure if this was my only restart. Perhaps this had something to do with it!

A: System Profile Folder Issue

Any ideas :-/

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Hey, sorry if I am posting in the wrong place, but I recently fixed my constant BSOD problem, and now when I log in like normal, apparently the profile loaded is found in the directory "C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile" how to I get it back to the Owner account? Its not a huge deal, but I WOULD like it back to normal again.... Thank you in advance. You guys are great :)

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I am trying to rename a user profile under C:\Users (I am logged into the Administrator profile on my computer), and am getting an error that the folder or file is in use, so I cannot rename it.

I have tried multiple options to fix it after researching online:
I tried ending the "explorer.exe" process, and then restarting it via "new task" in task manager. It was suggested that this would "unlock" the file or folder for a short period of time. It did not work for me.
I tried clearing both my recycle bin and my "Thumbnails" folders from Disk Cleanup. That also did not work for me.
I was going to try to disable thumbnail caching temporarily by following instructions online, but the computer was unable to locate "gpedit.msc".
Could anyone advise? This is a very important step of a process I'm being worked with on in a separate thread and I cannot proceed until I have renamed this file, and am afraid to restart the computer since I've just done a "takeown" command on this Administrator profile.

A:Unable to rename user profile folder under Administrator profile

Boot into Safe Mode and try again.

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I have seen multiple question and answers in forum regarding this GPO to Delete User Profiles Older than a Specified
Number of Days on System Restart not working or some hotfixes, in my environment it is working on all required systems in one OU. But in some PCs it is not deleting the parent folder and some folder under appdata.
like c:\Users\DomainUser\Appdata\local\abc\efg\
so the profile data like my documents, pictures, desktop etc are deleted but folder structure "\DomainUser\Appdata\local\abc\efg\" in efg folder is empty, which creating confusion during Audit and physical check.

Thanks, Anuj.A

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HELP! I've accidentally moved my Documents Folder into my user profile folder by mistake and now i have a mess. basically I now have a folder that goes something like this: c:\users\documents\ and it contains a duplicate of everything that was already in the desktop\username\documents folder except now I can't rename or delete my user profile I don't have a restore point to go back to what can I do? any help would be very much appreciated please!! Thanks!!

A:Moved Documents Folder to User Profile Folder

You could try to open another user account. I think that would be a possible way to solve your problem.

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we had a windows server 2008 Domain network.
now we have deployed a brand new windows server 2012 R2 forest.
so we must disjoin client computers from previous domain and join them to this new domain.
when users of this new domain login to their computers, new profile folder is created for them (e.g. c:\users\u1.newdomain.lab, but this folder definitely doesn't contain their previous profile folder contents (desktop, documents, App data....)
what is the best solution to migrate user profiles from each previous user to related new user without any problem ?
i tried copying the entire profile folder of each user & replace it on the profile folder new user, but some problem arises, when this new user tries to login using this replaced profile folder.
i am not sure is it right forum to ask user profile related question?
thanks in advanced

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A twist on the creation of user folders on a drive other than C: in Win 7 Ultimate. Does anyone know if one could designate a user folder location such as E:\Data instead of using the users name and being a subdirectory of "Users". I am the ONLY one on my computer - and it would seem much easier to look to the top folder in the E drive than clicking thru E:, users, name, documents, project. I fully realize that I can set up shortcuts, but when you are in an application that wants to place a file somewhere else and presents you with an explorer windows it is a pain. The only method I thought of is using redirection with symbolic links. Every time I try to use symbolic links, I end up with something other than I anticipated. Any ideas would be appreciated - setting up new machine so anything goes!

A:User Profile folder - static folder instead of created by user signon

User Profile - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Forums

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OK, i have a win7 installed on main drive, added a mirored array as d: and pinted windows to store my docs and everything on that drive in case of failure.

I did have a c: drive issue and had to reinstall windows 7 again, on completion i found that the "my documents" folder on the mirrored drive had just disappeared.

I'm not sure if it's a security feature or something, but my username is different now since reinstalling. Of course this data is important, i've tried showing hidden folders but to no avail.

Any help appreciated.

A:Profile folder gone!

Hi introuble and welcome to SF!
Try Recuva. Select drive D. In the end of scan process, select only what you want to recover. Let us know the results.

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I need help to restore my user profile and also delete files that are not appearing
Now what happened was that my 60GB SSD drive C disk was almost full and I didn't know why since I do try to keep it as empty as I can.All folders were nearly empty except I saw that in my users folder,specifically my profile folder there is 21GB of space taken in it,but when checked,all of the folders inside there barely all sum up around 4GB.
I did not know where to search or how to find the hidden files.After I right-clicked and went to Properties on the folder to search for any kind of settings or advanced tools to help me find what I am looking for,I really thought it was a good idea to mark "Hidden" in atributes and click "Apply"(big mistake)witch afterwards all folders disappeared except "Documents" and "Favorites" and most of my desktop icons also became invisible. Nothing was deleted since my profile folder still has 21GB of files in it along with the Desktop icons that disappeared but are still there(when I try to put a folder back to my Desktop it says it already exists there).
A bit later my profile folder also disappeared but the general "Users" folder still has 21GB of files in it.

So my question is,how can I retrieve my profile folder and retrieve all of my desktop icons that are gone and also how can I find that 16GB of files I can't see?

A:Desktop Profile Folder gone

Hi, welcome to the Forum.

I assume you can still get your computer started. Click on the Orb Button (the Start Button) down in the LH corner of the screen & select Computer. When that opens click on Local Disc (C. This should open a list of files, so double click on Users, when that opens double click on your user profile name that may have a small padlock on it. That will open a list of files & one of them should be Desktop. Right click on it & select Properties & under the General tab untick hidden.

You may need to do that with any other folders that you may have hidden.

If you want to find out what is taking up space on your SSD down load & install TreeSize free. I use it & find it very helpful for diagnosing what is taking up space on the hard drive.

JAM Software - Windows Freeware

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Can anyone help me access a folder that is protected. I had two hard drive in my pc, and the one with my operating syetem Win XP crashed some how and I was unable to run the operating system again due to some error message that was not fixable. So I took the main drive with WIN XP on out and formatted and installed XP on my second drive. So my second drive is now the drive with my operating system on. I put the first drive back in my pc and it still gets picked up with all my files on it, although I am unable to access the ones I require, ie. the ones in my profile id as it was password protected. Anyone know how I can access this folder, I know the password and security question answer but I cant copy or paste it and it doesnt ask me for a password, just says "Access is denied". Any help would be greatful as its got loads of documents on it I dont really want to lose. Thanks

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Hi, if someone wants to change the name of user account, I think it is only logically that he wants also change the user profile folder name, isn't it? But how can we do that? is it possible?

A:User profile folder

Hello Zuu,

You could use the tutorial below to also properly change the name of the C:\Users\(user-name) profile folder. The procedure is the same in Windows 8.

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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Just upgrded my systen to a PZ77 v pro mobo with 3770Kproc. on doing a clean install on a new HDD I am getting a user profile folder with a lock symbol on it. I am unable to install many third party s/w including mcafee.

Please help..

A:Locked user profile folder

for those who are going to tell me that i need to get ownership of the folder and so on, I have already tried to and failed. The biggest question is why was it created read only while doing a clean install of win 7.

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Long story short, I got a virus last week and received terrific help from CatByte. The link to that thread is below. Everything went well and my computer was running better than it had in years. CatByte suggested I do some further cleanup and maintenance to help keep me from getting another virus. I ran TFC cleaner and after that I couldn't open Firefox. I get the message that Firefox is still running and to close it before trying to open it again. There are no Firefox processes running. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox to no avail. When I did some investigating as to what the problem could be, I read that the profile lock could be the cause and when I went to find the profiles I discovered that the Mozilla profile folder is empty. I think the profiles are somewhere but they aren't in that folder. Any help in getting my Firefox up and running again would be most appreciated. Here's the link to the previous thread:

Thank you!


A:Mozilla Profile Folder is Empty

Don't use Registry Cleaners! See if yours is reversible or try a system restore if you have a restore point between fixing the problem and using the cleaner. If not, you can build a new profile without "hunting" for the old which is probably easier.

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Hey Everybody am new here, and desperately need somebody's help with this problem, anyways 2 days ago my computer was acting up pretty bad so i decided to reinstall Windows XP without formatting the hard drive by just deleting windows XP folder and reinstalling it again, anyways before i reinstalled it my user account was password protected, after i finished installing windows i tried to go in the user profile folder of my old installation but it was inaccessible, access denied!, and that is where i had my important files. is there anyway to remove the password protection or to make windows use this folder as my current user profile folder. any feedback would be appreciated.

A:Reinstating user profile folder

more info...OS, what profile folder are you talking about? Have you tried creating a new administrator account, logging in with that, and then accessing the folder? All you might need to do is go into the folder properties/security, and give either your new account, or an administrator account priveledges to that specific folder.

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Hello All,

I have suddenly started to get the error message "can't find user profile folder" when I try to login into my DB Manager.

I am using Vista.

Any help appreciated.


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[C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect\s-1-5-19]
has over 900,000 files....

I have noticed, once I could see all the files (little over 900,000), that the the first filename datestamp goes to 11/23/2006 and the last one is 11/04/2007. Now, I have had this laptop two years prior to the first file and the file writing to this folder stopped about 3 weeks ago.
I can not backup my drive using Ghost because of failures scanning this folder. I can't virus scan because it takes over 10 hours. It is driving me crazy. I have renamed, changed attribute, moved this folder some where else and I am still afraid of deleting this folder due to the known reasons. It is related to the localservice account / group and I definitely don't want to loose all my installations.
However, a friend of mine at work recommend imaging this laptop and installing the image on a vmware and then deleting this folder and see what happens. However, I am afraid that the initial image processing may fail too.
Has anyone got back to you on this issue with some kind of a direction at all???
Any information will help.



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I just got my Sony tablet back from repair through the Microsoft store. In fact, it is a replacement unit, so the system is completely fresh. However they didn't use my preferred user name. The profile is located at C:\Users\Stephen, while I prefer C:\Users\Steve. Renaming the local account from Stephen to Steve didn't change the profile folder name.

What's the best way to fix this?

A:Rename user profile folder?

Hello Steve,

The best and safest way to do this would be to create yourself a new account named Steve to use instead, and delete the old account later while signed in to the new one.

Hope this helps,

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(we have roaming profiles set up and usually when i create a new user i just copy an existing user and then i create a profile folder and copy a profile over but sometimes i forget to create the folder and when i log on as the new user, a folder is automatically created.

my question is how do i delete that folder? when the folder is automatically created even if i have the administrator take ownership i am still denied access.

we are running a windows 2000 active directory integrated domain.

thanks in advance for your assistance.)

A:(unable to delete profile folder)

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I'd like to set Firefox Profile Folder as an item in Windows Places Bar.

Common File Dialog Box - Customize Places Bar

The folder's name includes random characters assigned by Firefox.
Is there a way to set the item in the Places Bar to "Firefox Profile" (i.e. NOT "xyxyxy.default") without changing the folder's name?
Thank you.

A:Set Firefox Profile Folder in Places Bar

Hello Yaron,

You might see how it'll work by creating a shortcut of the folder with a name you want, save the shortcut to where you want to keep it at, then use the shortcut's path in the places bar to see if it will display the shortcut name instead of folder name.

Hope this helps,

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First let me provide a little background... The computer I am using was previously a university laptop and because of that it remained a member of the university domain long after I left the school (and the physical network). Last night I decided to separate my machine from the domain by changing it to a Workgroup instead. After doing this (which required I clear the 'administrator' account password from the machine) my primary user 'ntaylor' which was imported from the domain was removed from the list of available users on the machine and I became unable to log into it because it did not represent a valid local profile. I have since created another 'ntaylor' and Vista created a profile folder for it called 'ntaylor.V2' under 'C:\Users'.

If at all possible I would like to remap the profile directory 'C:\Users\ntaylor.V2\' to 'C:\Users\ntaylor' so that I may resume using my account with all of my settings. I haven't reformatted in almost a year so manually migrating my settings would force me to reconfigure a completely unreasonable number of applications.

I read this guide: and it is kind of the right idea except for the fact that I am not moving any directories and I am only remapping registry data for a single user. I'm thinking if I just do a find and replace 'C:\Users\ntaylor.v2' with 'C:\U... Read more

A:Changing the Profile Folder of a Single User

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Hi there everyone.. something crazy happened with my computer about 2 hours ago. I tried to log into the main user profile (Kelly) I use, but upon logon Windows gave me an error stating that the profile was already being used? Which was definitely not the case since I had just restarted my computer. After this happened, I was able to log on but all of my settings, etc. were gone! I found that all of my files where in the "Documents and Settings\blank(i dont remember what the name of it was)" folder and that the the profile Kelly was running off of the "Documents and Settings\TEMP" folder.After creating a new account and logging off of Kelly, I changed the name of the "blank" folder to TEMP, logged back onto Kelly and saw that everything was back to normal.Now however, I'm scared to log off of Kelly for fear that the files in the TEMP folder will get deleted, because isn't that what windows does? Somehow I need to change where the Kelly profile is storing it's files, and then rename the TEMP folder to whatever it needs to be, but I can't do this without logging off the profile because then the files in the TEMP folder will delete and I can't have that happen. Basically I have no idea what to do! Maybe if I could stop the TEMP files from automatically deleting upon log off? I would save the files in the TEMP folder, but because my music, etc. is stored there that would be saving over 30 GB somewhere and... Read more

A:Help! User Profile Files In Temp Folder

Use Windows System Restore to reset your system state to an earlier date such as yesterday or any date before the problem began.

You access System Restore by clicking start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore.

It will not affect your data but if you downloaded any update since the restore date you will have to do it again.

Let us know.

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Today after I woke up I tried to log in using my laptop and it gave me a message saying "corrupted profile" or something like that, after a few seconds I logged in using this temp user folder

I need to fix this thing, I have tons of important files in this user profile

things I tried:

1. check disk, it just doesn't work, I tried running it under safe mode(Which doesn't work as well, as it gives me a temp user again), I tried doing it from the properties, and nothing worked, I restart and it just starts up as if nothing has changed

2. I created a new profile, now when I went to the users folder under the C: folder I couldn't find the profile's name that got corrupted

3. when I search for the name, and try to click on it I get the following message

4. I tried using the recuva program to find out if it's possible to restore all the files, but it just doesn't work

5. I have a system restore point from 9/9/2011 when my computer was working fine but I can't do this because it just doesn't work

I get the following message

it suggests me to do a check disk, but as I said this doesn't work

what are my options guys? why would windows 7 allow something like this to happen?


I went to this folder

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\

and there is a key named


when I click on it, it has information about my corrupted profile, can this help?

A:Corrupted profile now I'm using a temp folder to login, how to fix it?

I runSFC /scannow, booted using safe mode and opened the cbs log file, after searching for autochk.exe I found these things


2011-09-15 13:41:23, Info CSI 00000034 [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:22{11}]"autochk.exe" of Microsoft-Windows-Autochk,

2011-09-15 13:41:24, Info CSI 00000039 Hashes for file member \??\C:\Windows\System32\autochk.exe do not match actual file [l:22{11}]"autochk.exe" ::

and tons of other errors about this executable file

can this be the reason why the chkdsk is not working?

i searched for this file and when i try to run it i get this message

guys please, i really need your help, i need these files...
edit: i run chkdsk in read only mode and this is what i get

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Hi there,

I recently downgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 and on installing Windows 7 I made a spelling error in the name of my profile. I followed a tutorial thread on this site that help me change my profile folder name in directory C:> Users>"User Name" which was a complete success however now I have an issue where the folder of my old profile name gets recreated constantly when I install new software like Dropbox or anything.

How do I fix this?

A:Old User Profile Folder Being Constantly Recreated

Run: netplwiz
See if you can rename with this.

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I have problem after rename users profile folder like c:\users\ABC change to c:\users\XYX. The problems are :
1. can't search from start menu
2. can't bookmarks in google chrome
3. many program missing in start menu
4. after delete the shortcut which i don't want in start menu, it's still there

I already rebuilt system indexing, delete registry key but the problem still can't be solve...
Please help me to fix all this problem...

A:How to fix the problem after rename users profile folder

Hello Suzik0n, and welcome to Seven Forums.

How did you rename the user profile folder?

If you are able to, log on to another administrator account (step 4 at link below), and see if you may be able to pick up at step 9 to change the registry settings to match the renamed folder since you already renamed the folder.

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

Hope this helps,

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OK, I'll try and cover everything leading up to issue to give complete idea, so bear with me here as it started with a snowflake and now this giant snow boulder is barreling out of control.

Originally Win 7 Ultimate started having issues that could NOT be repaired regardless of method. Decided to wipe a Win XP HD and load a fresh Win 7 there, as this allowed me to keep all old info which I can access from the "New Win 7" OS. For the record, I have TWO HD, both with Win 7 (New and Old) Ultimate loaded, and BOTH drives are partitioned.

While on the "New" OS today, I had to access the "Old" HD via selecting the drive from the New OS as I needed to manually copy a text file over. So I had "Users" folder open, then selected my old administrator folder. While in there, saw a bunch of files that weren't familiar (I've show hidden files active for years and not sure why I never noticed them before). I clicked the rename option on the 1st NT.LOG file and opened Chromodo, pasted it in there to do a quick search on what it was, then when I went back to the "Users" folder, my old Admin. folder was completely missing? It's supposed to be locked (folder with lock icon next to it), so NO idea how it was even able to get moved or how it was moved/deleted? Even if the LOG file was inadvertently renamed, I'm completely BAFFLED how that would erase the entire Administrator folder.

Anyways, tried reopening the drive thinking maybe it was... Read more

A:Missing Administrator Folder profile Win7 Ult.

Also, while copying the Old Admin. folder from the Default folder BACK to the Users directory, while the copying was commencing, a popup appeared asking me to "Back up your file encryption and key"? A quick search suggests something was encrypted in the admin. folder, which caused the box to appear. BUT, since the encrypted files are presumably on the old OS folder, how in the world is the "New" OS able to decrypt them? Let alone encrypt them?

The box is still open by the way. If I click "Back up now" and save to a local media, would that corrupt anything? Meaning if it creates some kind of key for the old OS, will it get confused and NOT work with current OS?? Does that make sense?

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Hey, All.

I was just browsing with firefox yesterday and then a blue screen occurred. Blue screens were not new to me since my hard drive is getting really old and I believe the blue screen was caused by my deteriorating hard drive.

Anyways, after rebooting windows ran check disk but as it was running I saw something new from my normal check disk blue screen recovery runs. It was doing something called "File cross linking" I did not know what it was so I just let it run. But after a while it stopped the cross linking thingy because hard drive space run out (my hard drive had only 4 gb of free space remaining).

It then exited the check disk and after I logged in to windows, I ran firefox. To my surprise all of my tabs, addons, bookmarks, etc. Were gone! But I was not really affected of this since I keep a back up folder of my profile folder so I just simply copy and pasted the back up unto the profile folder. I then ran firefox again and all off my things were back in order. So my problem now is that windows was telling me that free space remaining was really few. I cleaned with ccleaner, and then looked for the mysterious file or folder that ate up 3 gb of my remaining 4gb remaining.

I found out that the folder that ate up the memory was the firefox profile folder. I then uninstalled firefox and then the 3gb that the folder ate halved.

I tried deleting the whole Mozilla folder inside my application data directory, but I couldn't. I kept getting a "C... Read more

A:Cannot Delete Profile Folder after Uninstalling Firefox

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The keyboard settings in my user profile are corrupted, so I have tried to follow the instructions I've seen here and on MS for creating a new user account and copying files into it. The problem is that I cannot open the old user folder in Windows Explorer if I am in another user account. In fact, I can only see the folder from opening the hard drive, but I can see (and open) the other user account folders just by opening Explorer. All accounts are ADMIN, no passwords on any. Windows XP Pro SP2 - was updated from 98. When I try to open the folder from any other account, I get "Access Denied." How to get around this?

A:Corrupted User Profile - Can't open Folder

I would run a chkdsk/f and see if it fixes any corrupted files.

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I just had to reinstall windows. But before that I took a copy of my Users\[Username] folder. Is it dangerous, may cause instability if I directly copy and overwrite files in the fresh user folder with my backup? I'll install most of the applications on my old windows so those programs may use data and settings stored in my old profile.

A:is it dangerous to copy user profile folder?

It's OK to backup by copying User folders or named User Account folder, however to copy the files back in, open each individual User folder (Docs, Pics, Music, Downloads, Desktop, etc), from the Organize tab Select All, then drag the group to the corresponding User folder in the Explorer bar at left.

Make sure you don't release left click while dragging until the Explorer bar stops unfolding and it confirms in the hypertext your destination folder.

The reason you must do this instead of paste the actual folders in is because these are System Shell folders and the fresh install will have it's own set which cannot be overwritten.. So it's best simply to copy the contents over instead.

Someone else may know a workaround that will replace the shell folders with the ones you copied, but I wouldn't want the hidden AppData folders anyway since these are a corruption path into a fresh install.

Other tips for getting a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I am networking, among others, 2 Win7 machines and 1 Win8 machine. One of the Win7's used the same user name and password as the Win8 machine. I wanted to fix it so that the two usernames and passwords were different--specifically I wanted to alter the Win7 user name and password. I though first about just changing the username on the Win7 machine, but recalled that doing so would not change the related user profile folder name in C:\Users. I could not recall how to do so. I found this tutorial on our Windows 7 forum. From a thread on the our Win 8 forum, I learned that the procedures of the tutorial also apply to Win8 (maybe there is a related Win8 tutorial that I didn't find).

After reading through the tutorial, I was uncertain about a few things and also could not figure out why proceeding as described would be advantageous in regard to what seemed like an easier way to get at least mostly the same result. So, instead of using the tutorial,

1. I added a new (administrative user--the level I wanted) having the user name and password I wanted.
2. Copied the files and desktop items (shortcuts and a few folders) I would need from the old account/desktop to the new account/desktop.
3. Did minor desktop customization on the new desktop (I usually don't do much theme-wise.
4. Deleted the old account, and all was good once I joined my HomeGroup and shared a few not HomeGroup items. The stage now is set to do an a Win7, Win8, Lion, and Mt. Lion networking experiment that I am i... Read more

A:Change User Profile Folder Name in C:\Users

Hello znod,

I agree that it is best and safer to create a new account instead of trying to rename the old user profile folder.

The tutorial is just how to do it if one really wants to, but I do have the note at the top of the tutorial that would be best to create a new account instead.

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Hi everyone!

I really changed the default location of all my Existing, newly,public user account's profile folder to another new location.
However, there is a default user account's profile folder is still in the default location '%SystemDrive%\Users\Default'

*This user account is for what?

Besides, the most strange is that the modified date of this folder as the screenshot below shows is very old, although I have installed the windows very recently in 5/01/2013.

Also, all the files and folders inside main folder 'default' are dated as '17/03/2009' as the screenshot below. However, the one highlighted is dated recently.

Even my laptop wasn't purchased at this date '17/03/2009'; however it was purchased in about 2011.

Finally, is it recommend to change the default location of this user account to another locations then I delete this and all its content?

A:What is the default user account's profile folder for?

This is a last resort user profile if any other profile will fail to load.
Do not worry about it. Moreover, it is better not to touch it.

In case of any hardware or software failures with your newly, public user account profiles that Default profile will help you at least to login into your computer. The date is off because it was copied from the one when that particular version of Windows was created.

Recommendation: keep it and DO NOT change it's location.

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I had an install of XP that became corrupt so I installed XP ontop of the same partition [without formatting] hoping to retreive my data. Unfortunetly, when I boot up, I realize that my user profile folder [c:\Documents and Settings\JASON] is still intact but I cannot access it [message="[dir] is not accessable. Access denied"]. I cannot open the folder, search it's contents or even delete it. I cannont create a new user profile with the same name / password on this install either.

At this point losing the data isn't even that big of a deal. I'd just like to get the space back since my hardrive is full. I've tried booting the computer from another install of XP on another drive. Both opening and delteing the folder was not an option.

Does anyone know how this folder is protected and how to defeat this protection? I know that I could back up data and format the drive and reinstall the OS but that is such a hassel.

Any ideas?


Try following the same procedure outlined here:

see post 8

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I've recently re-installed windows, leaving all files the same appart from c:\windows.
I want it to use my old account folder (c:\documents and settings\adam), it is currently using "c:\documents and settings\", is there any way to change my profile folder back to my old one?

A:Solved: How to change you're profile folder locations?

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I am puzzled why, as far as I can tell, everything else seems to be there except this one single folder.

This is what happened: I run registry cleaner section in Ccleaner, and following that it was giving me an error message that the locally stored profile can't load, and it could only log me on with a temporary profile. Needless to say, I could not access any of the things in my profile.

I took my computer to the service place, but first nothing was done for 3 days (3 very painful days without my computer and being worried about the fate of my things on it...) and then the IT guy did work on it some, but I don't know what he did and I don't think he did much or didn't get far in any case, because when I picked my computer up there was no difference.

After that I was searching for some answers or suggestions on various forums etc. I tried system restore but it could not restore it. Then I ran chkdsk and it worked, it repaired one file (ntuser) and then my profile loaded back, looking like it always did before, except that as far as I was able to remember, one single folder is missing.

I looked in the hidden files and folders (by doing: windows explorer : tools : folder options : view tab : check show hidden files and folders : uncheck hide protected operating system files : OK) but I don't see it there.

The folder I am talking about was probably quite large, containing many sizable word documents and a number of pdf files. I think it was in "my documents&... Read more

A:After restored profile, one large folder is missing

Have you tried using Windows' search tool to search for the folder or files found inside it?
See if this software reveals anything...

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Hi All,

I just recently got a new bigger SSD to use as my boot drive. I wanted to move my User Profile over to my secondary HDD to help save room on the SSD. I used Brink's tutorial User Profile - Change Default Location (which was great by the way) in order to do this. Everything worked out smoothly until I went to delete the old user profile folder.

When I go to delete the folder a window pops up warning me that the file is shared (which it isn't) and asks me if it is OK to continue. Once I click continue another window pops up and informs me that the action can't be completed because the folder is open in another program. I can't seem to figure out what is open. I have tried using different administrative profiles and rebooting the computer multiple times but nothing seems to work. I was however able to delete the folders inside the user folder (Documents, Pictures, Music etc.) without any problems.

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there is a way to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated and please let me know if anymore information is needed.

Thanks in advance,

A:Cannot Delete User Profile Folder in Previous Location

The C:\Users folder contains hidden critical folders (and files) that cannot be moved or deleted.

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Just joined this forum recently, so this is my first post. Anyways, I've been looking online for a method to simply delete the folder of an old user profile in C:\Users. I have yet to come across a successful method. The message that appears when I try to delete the folder is "You require permission from ('computer-name'\Administrator to make changes to this folder". Any proven methods or tips? It's not a big problem or anything, just a mere nuisance.

I also wish to rename my active user profile folder to something else...

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Hi guys,

I hope you might be able to help?

I recently had to reinstall Windows XP Pro after my PC crashed.

I can see my original profile folder (the profile I used before the crash) under 'C:\Documents and Settings' but every time I try to access it, I receive the error 'Access is Denied'. This was my primary profile & I'm very keen to get at the data contained in it's 'My Documents' folder.

I can access other folders I had created before the reinstall without problem, including that of another profile I created.

However, I cannot access that of what was my primary Admin account.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I really do need to get at the data because, like a complete idiot, I'd forgotten to backup for 3 months prior to the crash.

Thanks very much for any help,


A:Reinstalled Windows - Can See but Not Access Original Profile Folder

Because you've re-installed Windows you are now using a different account (even if it may have the same name as the old account), so Windows now thinks your old profile belongs to someone else, hence "Access Denied" to protect that person's privacy (Windows has no way of knowing you are that same person). What you need to do is take ownership of that folder by editing the security permissions:

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Hello, one of the user profiles in Windows XP Pro has disappeared. I cannot recover the files because the folder in Documents and Settings has disappeared too. I am running a virus scan now. Any help in how this could have happened?

A:User profile on XP Pro disappeared, folder in Documents and Settings gone

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My older xp computer's power supply went bust and destroyed the motherboard. Thankfully, the hard drive was ok. When I bought a new computer I put the old hard drive into an external enclosure and connected it to transfer files over. When I opened \Documents and Settings\profile I got some message about needing permission to open the folder but after a minute or so the folder opened. After disconnecting the drive, if I open the user folder on my new computer and turn off "hide protected operating system files" there are shortcuts to the profile folders on the disconnected drive. Any idea why this happened or how I get rid of them?

A:Opening old xp profile folder leaves hidden files

Assuming that the new computer is running W7, it does not use Documents and Settings like in XP. Where you see Documents and settings in W7, it is merely a junction, rather than a folder. It is not clear whether you actually transferred the files to the new drive or not, but I suspect that you didn't, and that is why it is still pointing to the old drive. How did you transfer the files, where did you put them and what kind of files are they in general?

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I created my profile after changing:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/ProfileList/ProfilesDirectory
to "D:\"
therefore my profile is now D:\username.

while everything else works as expected, all metro apps crash immediately after starting (I click, animation: colored fullscreen with logo in the middle, and back to the tile screen again).

I can replicate this every time with contacts, mail, weather, messages, etc.
changing profilesdirectory back to C:\users, removing my profile folder (via extended system settings, not removing the account itself), fixes the problem, but I need my stuff on D:, for small-SSD-reasons.

any ideas?

eventlogs, all apps have the same error. I can't find "Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log" though...

Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Immersive-Shell
Date: 18.08.2012 00:53:24
Event ID: 5973
Task Category: (5973)
Level: Error
User: desktop\Veit
Computer: desktop
Activation of app Microsoft.BingWeather_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App failed with error: The remote procedure call failed. See the Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log for additional information.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Immersive-Shell" Guid="{315A8872-923E-4EA2-9889-33CD4754BF64}" />
&... Read more

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I know this seems like a trivial thing, but just curious if anyone can figure out why it broke.

Originally, I went into C:\Users and went into the Properties of my profile folder. Went to the Customize tab, then Change Icon and chose a custom icon.

After doing this, when I would click on the start button and hover over my name in the upper right part of the start menu, the icon would change to that of my custom icon (visual explanation of what I mean:

Anyway, now the problem... it worked fine for several months, then it suddenly stopped showing my custom icon. As you can see in that picture it went back to the default generic icon when I hover over my name.

So I go back into the Properties of my C:\Users\David folder, back to Customize, but then beside the Change Icon button, the sample of what it will look like still shows my custom icon, yet it's not displaying anymore. For giggles, I click change icon and again browse to my custom icon, and hit OK on everything. But it's just not working.

I've tried choosing to restore the default icon option, and then change it to something custom again. I've tried different custom icons, Ive tried using native windows icons. In the GUI it appears as if my choice was taken, yet on the start menu the icon continues to just be the default one.

Just curious if anyone would have any suggestions. TiA!

A:Cant change my user profile folder icon anymore.

Hello Club,

You should be able to change your user profile folder's icon using OPTION ONE in the tutorial below through the Desktop Icon Settings dialog instead.

User Folders - Change Default Icon

Hope this helps,

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First of all: I am familiar with that my thread should have been asked in the Win 10 Forum. However, since I don't like now to sign up a new account in Win 10 Forum and also this thread is related to both systems Win 7 and Win 10, I posted my thread here.
I always prefer this partition setup:
First HDD:
- C for the OS
- D recovery partition (often hidden)
- E for personal files (so you have to move your special folders 'Documents, Pictures, Downloads etc. there and preferably your mail etc. Anything that can change on a daily basis).

- I was having Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed on C:
- In windows 7, I moved all existing user account profile folder from the default location(C:\Users) into (D\:Users) in both the Windows explorer and in the registry. by following the Brink's explanation

- By following Brink's explanation, I moved all newly created user account profile folder from the default location(C:\Users) into (D\:Users)

- I moved public user account profile folder from the default location(C:\Users) into (D\:Users)

- I was working well with this partition setup.
- However, I have now installed a new fresh of Windows 10 Home 64-bit in-place the old Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit(in the C partition).
My question is: Can I do the same thing with the Windows 10?

A:moving all user account profile folder from the C:\ to another inWin10

Could anyone please reply to me?

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i am using a limited profile on the computer

i guess i went to the wrong website because a bunch of virus files got put into the computer

and 73 others got put into WINDOWS and system32 and some other folders

i fixed the problem by creating new files with the same names and overwriting the virus files with my madeup files

but i dont understand why a limited account is able to create files in these locations?

A:> Limited Profile INSTALLS Files Into system32 folder

Welcome to TSF

To get Expert Help with malware removal:

I recommend that you read this article… "Simply, click on the links to be re-directed.

"Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? - First Steps";

Please follow the instructions very carefully; then, post all the requested logs and information; as instructed, in the
HiJackThis Log Help Forum.

Please ensure that you create a new thread in the HiJackThis Log Help Forum;
not back here in this one.

When carrying out The 5 Steps,

if you cannot complete any of them for whatever reason, just continue on with the next one until they are all completed.
However,it is extremely important to make mention of the fact that you could not complete any of the steps in your post to HiJackThis Log Help Forum.

where an Analyst will assist you with other workarounds.

Once done, please be patient, as the Security Team Analysts are usually very busy; one of them will answer your request as soon as they can. .

After your system has been verified as clean, if you are still experiencing those problems come back here and we will assist you further.

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Hi All,

Im trying to install AT&T application which is a profile based application. Means it installs in the user profile directly instead of other location.

My Problem is user dont have the admin access, either i need to use my ID or administrator ID. Which installs application into Appdata\Local folder which wont be accessible by other users.
How to i enable the application for other users as well without providing admin access

A:Installing profile based application in other users folder

What ATT app is this? If it's for accessing the internet then that doesn't require any installed program, just plug in the wire or access wireless signal via icon in SYstem Tray. Any installed program beyond this for this purpose is bloatware.

But once we know what the program is for exactly we can help you better.

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I have installed an NT box in place of a 9x box for a user. when I log the user in to the domain, i lose drag & drop functionality with the mouse. If I log the user in locally and then connect to the domain, I have drag & drop. I tried deleting the network roaming profile and letting it create a new one but had the same results. This is about the third time I have come across this issue. Does anyone know what it is that can cause this within a profile?


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I installed Virtual Earth on one of our notebooks (WinXP). I installed it with my local-admin account and then placed it in All Users.

When other users log on, they cannot access Virtual Earth though. Is there something else I should do? I'm pretty sure the users all have the same permissions.


A:Profile issue?

Hello honkanen

It should work if you placed the shortcut in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs

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I have an issue with 2 profiles on my XP pc. I share my PC @ work and when this LOSER installs applications that I don't want it come on my profile. He as well sees the programs that I installed before his profile was created. He says he uses the "INSTALL FOR THIS PROFILE ONLY" during the install process. But still I see yahoo tool bar etc in my profile. We are both part of the administrators and authorized group when I checked in computer management. Can anyone help me or know why this happens ?

A:Profile Issue

Anyone ?

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I have a user that says he received "some sort" of profile message when he logged in and now he has been reverted back to a default profile. I have copied his local profile to the server and verified that it is indeed there, but when I log him in he gets the default profile like he is logging in for the first time. He is on an NT4.0 workstation logging in to an NT4.0 PDC. Does anyone have an idea what is happening here??

A:Profile issue??

Do you have any BDCs? If so, you will need to replicate the profile to all BDCs as any of them could autenticate the logon. Just a thought, any more ideas out there?

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I Mistakenly Deleted My Mozilla Default Profile Folder (the only one) - I was following someone else's advise regarding a different Mozilla issue in which they said by doing this it would go away, and everyone else had thanked him, so I trusted it, but I didn't back up my bookmarks at the time. It asked me if I was sure that I wanted to delete my profile folder and that it couldn't be undone, but I did - My major bad :(
It happened 11 days ago and I haven't used my computer very much, but have tried using 3 different Data Recovery Software Programs. It still hasn't found and recovered the actual Mozilla Default Profile Folder with all my original bookmarks. I have tried several other routes but no can do. Yesterday, I switched back to Mozilla 2.0, and now in the profiles section there are 3 folders, and one is called wp16zhbp.Default User, but there is no bookmarks.html in there; Yet, it's 212 KB (I think that would be about the size of all my original bookmarks), and it said it was created on July 7th at 3:44 pm, which I believe was around the actual time that I accidentally deleted it. There are also 2 other folders in the Profiles section, and one of them does have a bookmarks.html, but it's new, and not the original one. So far, I have recovered several times what I have thought was my original default profile folder, and have saved them in the other different drives but of course not C drive, and so far, non of them are it.

Maybe the most important question is: Is... Read more

A:Mistakenly Deleted My Mozilla Default Profile Folder (the only one) Any Hope?

do a search on your computer for the file bookmarks.htm or bookmarks.html . Hopefully one of them would be it.

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I Mistakenly Deleted My Only Mozilla Profile Folder called Default - I was following someone else's advise regarding a different Mozilla issue in which they said by doing this it would help solve my initial browser issue, and everyone else had thanked him, so I trusted it, but I didn't back up my bookmarks at the time. It asked me if I was sure that I wanted to delete my profile folder and that it couldn't be undone, but I did - My major bad
It happened 2 weeks ago and I haven't used my computer very much, but have tried using 3 different Data Recovery Software Programs. It still hasn't found and recovered the actual Mozilla Default Profile Folder with all my original bookmarks. I have tried several other routes but no can do. A week ago, I switched back to Mozilla 2.0, and now in the profiles section there are 3 folders, and one is called wp16zhbp.Default User, but there is no bookmarks.html in there; Yet, it's 212 KB (I think that would be about the size of all my original bookmarks), and it said it was created on July 7th at 3:44 pm, which I believe was around the actual time that I accidentally deleted it. There are also 2 other folders in the Profiles section, and one of them does have a bookmarks.html, but it's new, and not the original one. So far, I have recovered several times what I have thought was my original default profile folder, and have saved them in the other different drives but of course not C drive, and so far, non of ... Read more

A:Mistakenly Deleted Only My Mozilla Profile Folder (Default) - Recoverable?

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While logging into another admin user account I tried copying and pasting the exiting user account.
First of all: Windows CardSpace was working well while the existing account's profile folder was still in the default location 'C:\'.

I was intending to Change an existing account's profile folder from the default location C:\ to another one. However, while pasting the existing account's profile folder from the C: to D: for instance, I found that 'Windows CardSpace' was a folder access denied as shown in this screen shot below.

I had to choose 'skip', then the copy process completed. Next, I continued changing the user account in the registry from C:\ to D:\

However, when the existing account was completely(in the Registry, and in the Windows explore) moved to the new location, I found opening Windows CardSpace gave me this error below, since it looks corrupted.

When changing back the existing account's profile folder to its default location 'C:', then Windows CardSpace' returned opening well.
What is the solution of the above problem? In my humble experience, there is no solution other than creating a newly user account. But, I don't want to do a newly user account I need to fix this one.
However, for Changing any newly user account's profile folder from default (C:\) to another one, no problem at all with Windows CardSpace since the account's profile folder is not yet created, and it will be created on the new location.
In addition::: This fault is fo... Read more

A:CardSpace is denied while pasting an existing account's profile folder

Could anyone reply to me please?

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I have roughly 20 windows 7 machines on a domain. i also have roughly 300 XP machines on the same domain. all servers are running server 2008. the problem is that on all windows 7 client machines when you go into c: drive and users the profiles have duplicated. for example i have one user under there. (jonesk) and another profile just appeared randomly called jonesk."domain".

sure enough people notcied and complained they could not access their data. i thought it was simple enough as logging in as admin, go into their old profile and copying the data across. this did not work and now alot of data is missing. does anyone have any ideas? i cant find any sort of solution online and no trace of this issue before, this is only affecting windows 7 machines. i have checked the event logs on all machines and found nothing to suggest what happended.


A:Windows 7 profile issue

Sounds to me like some users are logging on to the "Local" machine instead of the Domain, Hence to 2 profiles, Along with that when they log onto the local machine they can no longer access data on the Domain.. You should make sure that users lo gon to the Domain all the time


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We have Windows XP(SP3) workstations in a W2K3 Domain. Recently several, but not all, of our client machines (Lenovo ThinkCentre 9702) have been having profile issues. It seems to happen when they are coming out of sleep mode, and a restart fixes the issue for a while. The following is the event and userenv logs. We have tried uphclean, and deleting and recreating all profiles. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Event Log:

Windows Operating System
ID: 1511
Source: Userenv
Version: 5.2
Message: Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off.
Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 1515
Source: Userenv
Version: 5.2
Message: Windows has backed up this user's profile. Windows will automatically try to use the backed up profile the next time this user logs on.

Source: Userenv
Version: 5.2
Message: Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator.

Windows Operating System
ID: 1508
Source: Userenv
Version: 5.2
Message: Windows was unable to load the registry. This is often caused by insufficient memory or insufficient security ... Read more

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I'm pretty familiar with fixing PCs and I have come across a problem I can't seem to get by. This computer is running Vista Home and it was completely bogged down with viruses/spyware. i've gotten rid of all them, but it started always relaoding the last known working configuration on every restart. I shut down system restore so I could finish the cleaning without having to reload all the cleaning programs every time. When I start it tells me the user profile cannot load and a temporary profile has been loaded. I followed all the advice in this thread:

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums

When I did this, the user profile wouldn't load at all, so I went into safe mode and changed it back to the original configuration (put the .bak back where it was). Now I'm back at square one. Any ideas?

A:user profile issue

No one has any ideas?

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I have a Dell Latitude laptop which is having an issue with my Westinghouse monitor. When docked, the colors (specifically contrast & brightness) randomly seem to change. A maximized application fills more than the monitor space.

I've played around with the monitor's settings, but that doesn't seem to correct things. I cannot get the color correct. What's weird is that it was fine a few months ago. I've pretty much just dealt with the issue for a while, but I'm ready to fix the problem.

Any idea how to reset the profile or get it corrected?

Using Windows XP SP3.

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How to recovery temp profile data s

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Im working in an organization where my PC is used by different ppl and all login to roaming prifiles.

When logging in it gives me the message as Roaming profile is not loaded completely.

Pls advice

A:Roaming profile issue

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I have a Windows 8 machine that only has one profile on it, which is corrupt. When I log in, I get an error message that says, "There was a problem starting C:\users\patricia\4402196.dll, the specified module could not be found. (or something to that affect) Then my screen goes blank with nothing but my mouse arrow. This is a customers PC and I'm not 100% on Windows *, so I could really use some assistance. Thanks so much!!

A:Windows 8 profile issue

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I screwed up. Big. Here is what happened:

Last week I get a call (I work on a helpdesk) from a user that is reporting she is missing files from her My Documents folder. Having seen a similar call a while back where somehow a user's ProfileImagePath in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\<SID> was pointed to a folder besides C:\Documents and Settings\<username> I took a look. I found 2 entries on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList with the same SID but one ended in .bak.

I see that the .bak version of the ProfileImagePath key is pointing at C:\D&S\<her username> and the non-bak entry is pointing at C:\D&S\temp. With her signed in, the My Documents folder is also currently pointing at the temp folder instead of her username folder. Her files are intact but her profile is just pointing at the wrong place. I decide to try what I think, at the time, is a clever fix - I will switch the values from the 2 ProfileImagePath keys so that when she reboots and signs back in, her My Documents will point to the folder with her correct files. Mistake #1 obviously is not immediately copying her files to a network share, something we try to hammer into everyone's head as much as possible. Mistake #2 is trying to fix from the registry 1st instead of trying simpler fixes. Anyway, I make the change and have her reboot. In the registry, the .bak entry is now gone. Her My Docs sti... Read more

A:User profile issue - please help

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Hope you guys can help me out here;
Im having issues with a laptop that is connected to the domain. 
The problem is as follows:
Every users profile is located on \\*domain*\dfs\***-RDFolders\%username%
Now this laptop has the issue that it says not having rights to open the profile directory. So it doesnt load the profile.
When i go there with explorer it does say access denied. 
When changing the path to \\*domain*.local\dfs etc it does open it up!
Also the DATA map (shared maps) are all accessable.. just not the Redirected folders.. 
This is the only machine having this issues. Hopefully one of you knows whats going wrong here.
Do i need to add the .local in the GPO for folder redirection? Doesnt that skrew up the working clients?

thanks in advance

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I was uninstalling windows live essential on my profile and added ms office outlook 2007 for email. For some reason, when changing users to my wife's profile, the desktop has to be prepared each time - as a temporary profile. The folder location has moved from Users/wife to Users/Users/wife and has a lock icon on it. I have tried moving the entire folder as administrator and received a not responding message.
Short of a restore in which I will lose data is there a way to 'import' her profile under a new user and then delete the corrupted profile?

A:LOST a USER profile (folder location has moved + lock icon)

Hello Redjack, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could try using the tutorial below to see if you may be able to fix her profile.
If not, then you could create a new administrator account for her to use instead. Afterwards, log into the new account, copy anything (ex: shortcuts, files, etc...) she wants from the old account to the new account, and delete the old account.

Hope this helps,

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Hey guys,

This is my first time posting, but it's a doozy. I built a computer for the first time about a year ago, and was able to get everything up and running just fine. My main hard drive is an SSD, and I used robocopy / symlink to copy my users folder to a different drive with more space, and to create a junction to it from the SSD.

This setup has been fantastic 99.9% of the time - however - Shortly after getting everything working I ran into this problem while installing software and was able to fix it after a week long freak out and lots of obsessive research....but it's happened again (installing the same software) and for the life of me I cannot remember or find any information that I used previously.

I started to install all of my 3D software (I am a 3D Designer and use Maya / 3DS Max, etc.) While installing VRay for Maya, I start getting errors that windows can't connect to my Users folder. I minimize my windows and nothing on my desktop will open. Upon reboot, I am informed that my User Profile Service won't let me login.

Troubleshooting so far:

I used safe mode to login, and of course everything on my desktop was gone. I used system recovery to the most recent date, which allowed me to login, however my desktop / users folder is still missing. I ran a registry fixer and found all kinds of errors, "fixed" them, then I couldn't login again. Recovered again, booted from my windows 7 CD and attempted to move my actual ... Read more

A:Windows can't find users folder / User Profile Service can't Login

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

2. On reading your post - and I did so three times, the first thing that jumped out at me was
I ran a registry fixer and found all kinds of errors, "fixed" them, then I couldn't login again.Click to expand...

You can run most registry fixes on a computer with a clean install of windows and they will find errors.
The problem is 99.9% of the time, they are NOT errors, they are simply errors that the program considers exist.
It is accepted by many people that registry fixes should not be installed and again many of them will sooner or later cause more problems than EVER they solve.

I do appreciate that this is probably NOT what you wanted to read in response, but it would be remiss of me if I did not warn you of the situation.

3. NOW to the actual problem
As far as I know, there is no sure fire way of moving a user profile in its entirety to a different drive, than that which it was originally installed on.
YOU can of course establish a new account and move the personal data from the corrupted user account OR you can move simply the personal data to another location

HOWEVER please see below

By changing the default location of the user profile directories or program data folders to a volume other than the System volume, you will not be able to service your Windows installation. Any updates, fixes, or service packs will fail to be applied to the installation. Microsoft does not recommend that you change the loca... Read more

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I have an issue where the user will log into their normal profile, but then the computer says, "Preparing your profile..." and when it finished and they are logged in, it's like their profile has been reset.  We restart the system and log-in again and it's back to their normal profile.  After another restart when they log-in their profile has be reset again.  There is no error generated, and nothing other than the "Preparing your profile..." message to set it apart from a normal log-in, other than everything seems to be gone when the log-in is completed.
This has happened with two different Windows 7 machines and an XP machine.
Does anyone know a reason why this would happen?  We are speculating it could be malware related.  We have not ran any scans yet, but we are set to investigate this deeper this afternoon.  We haven't had a chance to look at the logs, either. 

A:User Profile Log-on Issue (Hijack)

Profile corruption is common.
Can these systems boot into safe mode?
Has any user tried to create a new Admin account/user to see if the problem persists?

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Hey gang;

Sorry if this post is a little out of place here; but Im really stuck onsite on an issue.

In the process of swapping one 03 SBS with another one.... don't ask...

Currently users have roaming profiles; which is up and running.
I can log as the user; and the profile will move no problem; (shares/desktop/my doc's etc etc)

But when I log off; I receiving the following message

Windows cannot update your roaming profile. Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient security rights. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator.
Click to expand...

I don't believe the issue is network related; I think its some ownership issue with the profile folder.... I've tried making the user owner of the file; tried sharing with everyone; etc etc with no success....

Technet and Experts exchange have no real detail on my issue.... any help appreciated.


A:win2003 sbs Roaming Profile issue

Since your "swapping" them I am assuming you have gone through every single users group membership and all directories share settings and NTFS settings? Also ensure you don't ave any kind of disk quotas enabled that won't allow for you to update due to disk space....

I am thinking this will end up being permissions related.

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Hey guys, I bought a Z 570 series laptop a couple of weeks back. Immediately it had issues which are troubling me a lot. I've had a horrible experience with most customer service and thought it may not be a bad idea to get advice from people at the forums. There are few issues with the laptop, not really severe at the moment but they are still pretty annoying and do get in the way of my work. For some reason my profile does not get registered when I boot the laptop. It boots fine till the user selection screen. I click on my name and it displays 'Preparing your desktop' for a while and then starts window under a different profile - the default one, I'm assuming.I tried checking the $Users folder but my profile is nowhere in sight. I googled and tried a command prompt based solution but does not work.Any tips on how to fix this? It's not letting me install some new software because they need admin access and apparently the default profile does not have it.If I make any changes (to the wallpaper etc) it reverts back to the default one after I reboot.Another issue while booting - when my desktop loads, Windows displays an error saying the Recycle Bin is corrupted. I tried to delete the file Recycle.Bin as Windows creates a new one when but again I don't have the privileges todo that.Recently I'm observing some crashes. The Blue Screen is displayed, memory dump happens and it reboots. I've saved the error info which is displayed if it makes any senseProblem signatu... Read more

A:Profile and Blue Screen issue on Z 570

can you upload "072911-23337-01.dmp" file?

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I have a Dell Inspiron N5040 Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. When I attempt I get an I\O error saying there is an issue with external device or internal HDD, nothing external on it, so issue is with HDD. I get same error when I attempt to boot in safe mode and can't do a repair or a restore.

I plugged the HDD into another laptop and ran a chkdsk, didn't find any issues. However, I did notice in the users folder, there are two folders, public and default.default,pc. The default is the original user and and only user, no admin user, so this looks obviously corrupt. My question is there anything I can do having access to the C: drive as I do on another laptop to create a new user in some way or repair existing one, actually I don't really care about data, just want to boot into it.


A:Corrup profile issue windows 7

chkdsk does not test the actual physical health of the drive to warn you of impending failure, you need to use diagnostic software from the drive manufacturer to test for that. The links are here:

A failing or failed hard drive is not repairable in any sense that we call "repair". It can be stripped down and refurbished given the right tools and in the right environment, indeed that's what happens to drives which are returned under warranty (though they are rebranded and sold cheaply).

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I have a strange issue with my local user.

I rebuilt my OS, mostly just to clean up my system. After I completed the re-install I setup a local user, UserX, then I joined the system to my home domain. So far everything went fine. So I changed the name of the default Administrator user for security purposes.

When I got to work I logged on with my local user, UserX (I have a laptop that I use as my desktop for both home and work). We also have a domain at work, but I usually just logon to a local work group and map drives as I need them. When I logged on with UserX on to the local machine everything seemed to be running fine until I ran my first download.

I downloaded a file to my desktop, but when I looked at the desktop it wasn't there, so I did a little searching on the system and discovered that the downloads were going to the Adminstrator's desktop and not UserX's desktop.

Opening Tweak UI, I modifed the download path to go to UserX's Desktop, but now whenever I make a change to the desktop, say delete a file, I have to do a manual "refresh" of the desktop to see the changes.

Any thought on what would cause this, a corrupt profile maybe ?

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I?m having the a problem but on Windows Vista Business X64. I installed an Acer LCD
(X223w Q) yesterday for desktop expansion and updated its drivers automatically it installed the device drivers from God knows where and since then the Photoshop has gone all crazy it always asks to select color profile when opening the file. Claiming that "The RGB document "try.bmp" has a file format that doesn't support embedded color profiles".

I?ve tried your solution from the following link

Photoshop Colour Management Reset | :: l a l o r d o t n e t ::

but the the OS doesn?t allo me to remove any color profile claiming that its system profile and can?t be removed. I?ve un-installed LCD drivers but it color profile Acer X223W is still showing in the advanced panel in ICC profile along with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 both have a file name and a class name display written against them..

I've uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers as well as photoshop but nothing seems to be working. No matter what profile I select the photoshop opens it in a dark tint. How ever when I press Ctrl + Y to switch to Proof Colors its gets back to normal colors (My proof settings are set to Monitor RGB)

I?d really appreciate if anyone could look into this issue..

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Hello I have a user that is connected a domain that is running Windows 8.1 Pro and when he changes his password it is forcing him to type in the old password to log into the network drives but his new password it taking effect for him to log-in to the computer itself. We have tried resetting the password from the server directly and has the same effect. We are running windows server 2003. If we are not able to fix the password issue is there a way to migrate the data to a new profile?

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I installed Virtual Earth on one of our notebooks (WinXP). I installed it with my local-admin account and then placed it in All Users.

When other users log on, they cannot access Virtual Earth though. Is there something else I should do? I'm pretty sure the users all have the same permissions.


A:Virtual Earth - Profile issue

Are the other users Admin accounts too.

Also can you just install it on another account (not entirely sure how that works, does it add to, or wipe the programfiles Virtual Earth folder)

Actually if you right click on the all users shortcut the properties, what do all the lines say?
You may be able to adjust in there too.

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I have a vista laptop that I'm woking on. When you log in it gives the message:

C:\\WIndows\system32\systemprofile\Desktop is not available.

The desktop is black aside from the the recycle bin.
There is also a message that says the windows failed to connected to the User Profiles Service.

I checked in Services and the User Profiles Service is running and I can't restart/stop it. As are it's dependencies and the services dependent on it. Other things won't work as well, like I have a limited account. Whenever you try to run something from the "run" box it always opens "Search Results in Indexed Locations"

I've restarted multiple time, there was one time, and only once that it work seemly perfectly. Everything was fine except IE would hang immediately. So, I installed firefox. I also checked event viewer and there was a Kernal Error from 3 days ago. I should have written down what it said but I didn't, I know it mentioned the system registry. I did some reading and I know that the User Profile Service is linked to the SID in the registry and some other minor details that didn't help me. Could anyone tell me more about this relationship, any advice on what to do? As well as maybe a way to get to the registry with out using the "regedit" line.

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Hi Guys,

I would have to say I am at a loss on this one, hope someone has some insight. We are running AD on a win2k3 SP1 box, the clients are all xp SP2 machines. We are using roaming profiles, they work well, but occasionally users profiles revert back to older forms.

For example, one user was on the phone for about 3 minutes, her computer logged her off, when she logged back on it appears like her profile merged with an older version of itself.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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After login to window profile to load the profile it takes around 10 minutes to load if i login to another profile within fraction of seconds the profile gets load whether any registry issue will be there nothing is there in desktop but still the profile takes long time to load please guide me how to solve without creating another profile



A:[SOLVED] login profile issue

Go to Start/Run and type control userpasswords and press enter. Create a new User with Admin rights. Log out of the profile you are in and login as the new user. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\ open up your old user profile folder and copy the My Documents, Desktop, Start Menu, and Favorites folders and paste them into the new profile overwriting the empty ones.

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We're currently trying to configure some new machines for the Boys & Girls section of the library that were donated to us. They run Windows 7 (which in itself means we are doing a bit of learning).

Our problem is when we download and install Google Chrome it installs ONLY on the profile that we downloaded it on, meaning the path to the program is something resembling this:


rather than the expected

C:\ProgramFiles\Google\Chrome etc...

Anyone else encounter this? Am I doing something wrong? Its a little annoying (though not horribly time consuming) to have to install Chrome on each user profile that we are configuring.

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I installed Virtual Earth on one of our notebooks (WinXP). I installed it with my local-admin account and then placed it in All Users.

When other users log on, they cannot access Virtual Earth though. Is there something else I should do? I'm pretty sure the users all have the same permissions.


A:Virtual Earth - Profile issue

honkanen said:

I installed Virtual Earth on one of our notebooks (WinXP). I installed it with my local-admin account and then placed it in All Users...Click to expand...

When you say, "placed it in All Users," did you place it in the proper place in the folder. Go here,to the MS KB file and read the specific directions to see if you have to modify what you have already done.

Please let me know if this solves the problem. If you've already done this and the shortcut is in the right folder, we'll look for another solution.

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Issue is Commonly seen when we Un Join and Re Join a PC on DOmain, 
I know the Fix for this However would like to know the cause?

Is it because the system fails to overwrite the Old Profile?

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I have an Adm account (which i'm logged right now) and i can't create any other accounts. I mean, i can create then, but if i log on then from the system startup i just got an "welcome" screen, and nothing happens and i try to log on the other account going into "switch user" i got the User service profile error. Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

A:User service profile issue

I think it should be match here:Rob Brooks-Bilson's Blog: Fix for Vista's: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

from blog:

My problem boiled down to this. I could log in to vista using my (Admin) account and create as many new users as I wanted to via the User Management tools in the control panel. In the User Management tool, I could see each and every one of the new accounts. When I booted up the system or choose to Switch Users, all of the newly created accounts showed up on the log in screen. However, any attempt to log in using any of those accounts resulted in the same "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded" error.

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I am troubleshooting a users's LT again for this issue, the profile created does not load and it loads a default/temp profile.

The error messages I noticed in Event Log is:User Profile Services Event ID 1505. Cannot load user's profile but has logged you on with default profile.
I noticed in the C:\Users folder there were a few different folders created in addition to the users correct profile folder. There were:user.domain name.000
user.domain name
user (correct/original folder)
Temp.domain name
I tried to rename the newly created temp folders but every time i'd reboot hoping it will associate user logging in with the correct user folder, it would load a new temp folder.

I checked a few websites on technet, link from Brooks-bilson, deleting the .bak file in the registry and other tech forums but none resolved this.
When this happened before, I recreated the users profile and configured the users appropriate settings. But now that it has happened a second time, i'm not sure where to look and how this is happening?!

What I did try and seemed to work for the time being is in RegEdit go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-1-....
to view the current temp profile created and change the path in ProfileImagePath to the correct folder: instead of c:\users\user.domain name.000 -> changed to c:\users\user
After setting that, I rebooted the computer and the correct profile loaded.

Now with that solution I don't know if this i... Read more

A:Windows 7 64 bit User Profile issue

I would at least wait and see if it is going to work or not... have you tried doing a repair install to see if that helps??
This will show you how to do a repair upgrade install to fix your currently installed Windows 7 and preserve your user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers.

Repair Install

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I turned on my pc today is it said Cannot find locally stored profile. I immediately rebooted and after some wait time my old profile came back with nothing missing or corrupt. But now every time I turn on the pc this happens. Nothing has changed - no new software or hardware.

How can this be repaired? Thanks.

A:Local Profile cannot be found issue

You should probably download something like Combofix or Ccleaner and repair the registry, if that doesn't stop your problem, save everything you can and reinstall!

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I'm having a situation where a user logs into a win2000 machine and for some odd reason he is loaded with a TEMP profile. When I went into documents and settings to check why his orginal profile had been renamed to <username>.bak.

I removed the .bak on his username and had him log off and when he logs in it still loads the temp profile.

Can anyone help me out on this.

A:Windows 2000 Profile Issue

I would guess that his user profile is corrupt -- probably the registry. Have you done anything with his profile lately?

Log in as an admin and open regedit. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. Click through each of the keys (the long ones starting with S-1-5-21-...) in there and look at the ProfileImagePath value in the right pane. Find the one that shows the path including his username. Is it pointing at the regular profile, or the ".bak" version?

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I am kind of new IT girl to manage window 7 users with GPO.

We have 6 branch offices and one head office so that we have 7 Domain Controllers on each site locally but all 7 DCs are synced. If the local DC is not available , users can reach others.
We manage user desktop by group policy, like desktop icons, C drive access etc.
Recently we got an issue that when user log into the pc, they cannot see their desktop icons and all other GPOs are not applied. I found the solution to clear the client side cache by hotfix "MicrosoftFixit50561.msi", it fixes the issue right away
after reboot. I don't understand why it resolves the issue. If the user cannot get the settings from the first DC it tried to talk to, user will automatically try next one, why it used the offline cache and why the offline cache is not working properly.

Also, I am not sure if the computers is 100% talking to the local DC first. Is there anyway we can figure out that which DC the computer was trying to talk to at first time?

I have completely no clue about this, hope if there is anyone can help me?

Thank you

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The issue is simply everytime I've used Etrust virus scan when in Internet explorer (have to be) I minimize it, and when I bring it to normal it's fine, but minimize it and bring it up when it's in the Java folder it freezes, should I do an individual scan on the Java folder to see if it has viruses or just make it a special do not scan folder and un-click it when scanning?

A:Solved: Etrust Viruscan does not like Java Program folder: not virus issue but scanning issue

Hi, Often the applets stored from Java usage will trigger either a detection or an issue as you are seeing from antivirus scanners.

I'd suggest clearing the Java cache: see the attached screenshot, your version may be slightly different but you should be able to see where to look, and what to do. (The attached pic is from a slightly older version of the Java...the steps below are up to date, though)

Control Panel> (Switch to Classic View)> open Java

Find the Settings tab/button, and open that...then find the Delete Files button and click that.
It's just deleting the temporary files left from Java applet usage.

Then, after clearing the cache, run your scan again and see if it works correctly.

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I have a number of folder shortcuts in my user folder.
Recently I have noticed that when I open a folder via those shortcuts that two copies of the folder appear.
Have tried deleting and recreating the shortcuts but to no avail.

The shortcuts behave normally from the desktop but as soon as I move or copy them to user folder the problem occurs.

A:Issue with folder shortcuts in User Folder

I've tried it and could not produce what you are experiencing. You can try to run from elevated command prompt:

- dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
- sfc /scannow

To make sure that your system is clean.

You can also try to create a junction link instead of a shortcut.
For example: mklink /J C:\Users\yourUserName\testFolder X:\somePath\someFolder where X is any drive in your PC.

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The entire profile folder with all subfolders, files, etc is duplicated under c:\winnt\system32\repl\import\scripts\ on both my notebook and desktop computers. Does anyone know why this is and do I have a settings turned on that I am missing or something malicious going on here. Thanks

A:Why is the entire Profile Folder dupliated under \winnt\system32\repl\import\scripts?


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Hey everyone,

I have an issue I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I installed Photoshop CS6 a few days ago and everything is working fine, except for Bridge CS6 which comes with Photoshop. When I try to open Bridge, I get the hour glass for a few seconds and then nothing, no app, no error message, no nothing.

I see that my CrashDump folder shows that Bridge crashed and put a dump file in that folder, however I can't read the file for the life of me. I was searching the net a bit and found that creating a new user profile may fix the problem.

So I created a temporary user account through windows. Logged in and what do you know, it now works. So is there a way to fix this issue with my current user account profile? Anyway to rebuild it or recreate it without having to start a new user account and setting everything up again to the way I like it?

Second, If I am forced to create a new user account and I give it full admin privileges as my current user account, can I safely delete the current user account without losing any applications installed on my machine. And will my new user account have full access to what I have now.

Sorry for the questions, just never had to deal with this before so I want to make sure before I make any final decisions on what to do.

Hope to get this solved with your help.

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I don't know if anybody out here wil be able to help - but I hope so.

I have a windows 2003 PDC which has clients connecting to it and using Mandatory Roaming profiles for each user. The only problem is that the wallpaper for the user will never stay applied after logoff. (clients are all running windows xp pro)

The display control panel remembers the option and opening Display and closing it again will apply it however, as you can imagine, opening this each time you login is annoying just to set a background.

Does anybody have any ideas about how to get it to apply?

I've read things about permissions which seems likly however have tried putting it on the local machines, in a mounted drive letter and on a standard file share (all with everybody access) - all with little joy.



A:Windows 2003/XP Roaming Profile Issue

You just stated what your problem is, the mandatory profile setup leaves the desktop wallpaper in it's original state, if you change it it will always return to the original. You just need to change the profiles from mandatory to normal roaming profiles.

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A friend bought a new tower to replace the old one he had that quit responding altogether. New Computer:

COMPAQ Presario
256 RAM
2.53 Gig Intel Celeron
Win XP Home came with the computer (no disk available)

Old HD is XP Pro
New HD is XP Home

he asked me to install the old HD into the new tower so that he would not lose his old documents, files, pictures etc. Not sure If I could do it but I thought I'd give it a go...

Problem 1. I set the old HD as the slave and booted the computer. Everything went good and the old HD was recognized as D:/. When I tried to access the files on the old HD under My Documents an error was generated and said something to the fact that Access is denied. I assume it is a profile issue, since what he logs in on the new machine is different that what was on the old HD. Does that sound right?

Thinking that I needed to boot with the old HD and log in under the old profile I set the old HD to be the Primary and tried to boot but it wont and im assuming it conflicts with the Compaq since it is a Dell HD??

Problem 2. I went back to what I originally had (New HD is the Master and Old HD is the slave. When I boot I get an error that the Primary HD is undetected. If I remove the Slave it boots fine. Ive checked and rechecked the jumpers and IDE cables to make sure that I didnt forget anything.

Any idea?

If I cant save the files, he will be sad but he can live with it, but I at least want to be able to Format the Old HD so he can u... Read more

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We are facing issue with some of the user accounts that wherever they login temporary profile is created. These are Domain user ID's created in AD. If the issue is there in only one desktop/laptop then we can easily troubleshoot using profile rename or deletion
from registry and other methods but the issue is happening with some of the users in all PC's.

We have tried making them login to PC's in different locations and subnets but the problem is not resolved. The ID's are created as fisrtname.lastname. If we delete and recreate those ID's with some different name like lastname.firstname for those users
then the issue gets resolved.
What are the parameters I need to check for User account as to what is the issue

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I have a user that works for a subsidiary of our company. He is not on our Exchange server, but uses a Business Mail account through 1and1. The account uses POP3/IMAP, unfortunately.

Now, his Outlook has two Profiles created for the same address. One is for in the office, using our Exchange server for outgoing messages. The other is the same account, but for being out of the office using 1and1's SMTP server. Apparently, there was some issues sending messages through 1and1's outgoing server from within our network.

The problem he is having is that he as a second Calendar showing, called Calendar - This Computer Only. Any meeting requests he accepts go here, and not his "online" Calendar. He can drag them over to Calendar, and they will sync to his phone, but is there a way to change the default Calendar without having to create/specify a .pst file?

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Bought a HP Pavilion 15-au077sa (8gb ram, 256 ssd version) instore last week 14/09/2016.  Today the user profile service issue (which I've seen on multiple forums now!!) has occured, the screen is flickering and the system is a lot louder than it should be. I've read restoring the laptop will work, but for this fault to occur so soon on a new laptop is ridiculous.  What actually causes this to happen? Seriosuly considering getting a refund and going with a different brand. Any expert advice would be greatfully received.

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Hello Techies !!

I have got a strange problem !!
I am running windows server 2008 for a small office with 14 computers which are windows 7 professional 64 bit .

The Problem : Two computer are not loading any users profile on them ! no matter who logs into them they always load temp profile ! and users profiles are working fine on other computers without any problems.

I have gone in to registry and deleted entries from hklm\software\microsoft\windows nt\current version\profile list and profile guid and rebooted computers still the same temp profile issue .

i have deleted user profiles from c drives as well still the same issue.

Remooved computer from domain and added those two computers to domain - still loading temp profile .

i am not sure what else can i check now and need your help !

many thanks

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 Temp Profile Issue

It's a bit more complicated to delete and start profile over. See: Deleting a Local User Profile - Not as easy as one Might Assume | sepago

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I'm using Windows XP. I have one user account with administrator rights.

When I boot up, my desktop is blank except for the desktop background. In other words, no icons, no start menu, start up programs don&#8217;t load, etc. At one point, I got this error:

"Windows cannot find '/idlist, :400:2196,c:\'. Make sure you typed the name correcttly, and then try again ..."

(I haven't been able to replicate this error, though. It showed up once.)

I can restore everything to normal (all desktop icons, start up programs load, etc.) by going to Task Manager > Shut Down > Switch User. There&#8217;s only one user account to click &#8211; it&#8217;s the same administrator one I&#8217;ve always had. When I select it the desktop and everything loads properly.

I&#8217;m inclined to think the computer is loading the wrong or a corrupt user profile. As far as I can tell, the problem started happening after I enabled File and Printer Sharing (so I can access our main computer via the one laptop connected wirelessly to our home network.)

Any ideas how to fix this? I&#8217;ve seen lots of posts on the &#8220;blank desktop&#8221; issue, but no solutions for me.


Other details:
The mouse responds with movement, but if I right click on the desktop nothing happens;
I can launch Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Del. From there I can launch most applications using the New Task button. However, when I try to launch rest... Read more

A:Desktop blank - user profile issue?

From some googling this type of error could be connected to some software for wireless (specifically from Intel) - have you got a wireless network? If so, the solution seems to be in updating the software/drivers to a newer version.

And you should be able to stop it from running at startup in msconfig. You can also try booting to safe mode.

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