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VISTA Ultimate Upgrade Reboots with Memory Upgrade to 3 GB

Q: VISTA Ultimate Upgrade Reboots with Memory Upgrade to 3 GB

I have a home built ASUS A7N8X2 Deluxe MoBo with an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ CPU. I upgraded Win XP Pro to VISTA Ultimate with no problems other than upgrading a few drivers. It went smoothly. At the time I had 1 GB in one of 3 available slots. I attempted to add 2 GB more to occupy all 3 slots. This produced a reboot after POST as VISTA started. I rotated the the modules through all slots and finally realized that when I went beyond 2 GB it produced a reboot. During post it tests 3 GB and the BIOS displays 3 GB. I have 512MB of RAM on the video card. Any suggestions ?? I am running the latest BIOS and if I remove one GB the machine boots and runs great... ???? Ron

A: VISTA Ultimate Upgrade Reboots with Memory Upgrade to 3 GB

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As seen here at with the title "VISTA Ultimate Upgrade Reboots with Memory Upgrade to 3 GB", I have the same exact problem.

I have an nForce2 chipset motherboard and it can handle 3GB of RAM (1GB in each slot). I put in 2GB (1GB in each slot) and it was fine, but when I put anything over that amount, such as 256MB or 512MB more, then Vista won't boot. It just gives me the black screen of death and the next time it just reboots. It also won't enter safe mode.

I have tested my memory with Memtest overnight and it is fine. I have no power supply issues. No overheating problems. All temperatures are fine.
The only thing I see is that Vista does not have the driver for the "SM Bus Controller". I don't see how that would affect the RAM issue though as that is only for "standby" and "screensaver", which I don't use.

I tried Windows XP and it works just fine with more than 2GB of RAM, but not Vista.

If I use only 2GB of RAM, then Windows Vista runs just fine.

I had read that nVidia warned people not to use 3GB of RAM if it is pc3200 (DDR400) and the remedy is to either use pc2700 or slower OR lower the speed of the memory to 266 or 333MHz in the BIOS.

I always run my memory at the same speed as the FSB of my Duron processor, which is 133MHz (266MHz) to keep the 1:1 ratio and get better performance as it is recommended not to run... Read more

A:VISTA Ultimate Upgrade Reboots with Installed Memory Over 2 GB

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Hi... Am trying to install AN UPGRADE TO ULTIMATE on a 32 Bit System running Vista Premium & SP2. My brand new UPGRADE is REFUSING to UPGRADE IN PLACE!!! It says "Upgrade has been disabled. The upgrade cannot be started. To upgrade cancel the installation, then choose to upgrade to a version of Windows that is more recent than the version you are currently running". HUH??? This pc is 12 months old & running Windows 6 Home Premium. I am SURE I MADE NO MISTAKES, The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor has confirmed ULTIMATE for this pc. BOTH Anti-Virus Programs were disabled...etc. BECAUSE I could NOT INSTALL, I am NOT ELIGIBLE for the FREE 90 Day Support Feature... This is a BRAND NEW SOFTWARE PURCHASE & WAS EXPENSIVE... I HOPE SOMEONE AT WINDOWS CAN HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM... Thank-You p.s. {I do not know if the "Clean Install" works or not... ONLY THAT THE UPGRADE INSTALL WILL NOT... I NEED the UPGRADE INSTALLATION, & according to the package & all other data- MY PC IS ELIGIBLE TO THE UPGRADE... So I am very concerned- to say the least}. . .


Hello goldenDragon1,
The best way to install any Windows is a clean install, i would backup all the bits i want to keep to another HDD or disk and do a clean install, there is less chance of encountering any errors. The reason you cant "upgrade" could be because the Ultimate disk, although a better version of Vista, is an older copy than the one it's trying to replace. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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This was an upgrade not a wiped custom install.
Machine is Intel desktop, ASUS P5Q motherboard, Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83 GHz. Install from USB flash drive using MS dlownload manager executable, because I have not received the backup CD media as yet. I ordered online from MS Website because local retailer did not have it.

Install attempt on evening of 11/18 froze at point of requesting entry of Product Key, as I learned of the next morning. USB wireless mouse and keyboard became non-functioning. Forced power down so I could go to work. Next evening, power on to the same frozen display. Powered down again and removed and disconnected all USB devices and audio connections. Power on to reboot, but boot is not successful even in Safe modes nor last known good version of OS.

Attached is my documented sequence of events and hardware details. What is my next move? I do not want to have to do a clean install! Continue Win7 install, but wait until I receive CD from MS? Revert to Vista by reloading from Vista CD?

A:upgrade from vista ultimate 64 to win7 ultimate 64 froze

The latest: here it is Geb 20th of 2010 and I have long since abandoned attempting to resolve this failed Win7 upgrade. I have lost too much of my valuable time and lost the use of my primary business PC. It has been sitting in powered down state since mid-december. I even requested a refund from MS but they said no, more than 30 days had passed. To continue the business, I purchased a laptop with XP Pro and rebuilt or reloaded everything from backup storage.

Who has time to monkey around with software that does not work and or won't even install!!!

I was very dissatisfied with the Vista Ultimate OS I had been using for the previous year, but even more disappointed when the Win7 upgrade failed to even complete the install!!!

I plan to stick with the proven XP Pro OS on the new laptop plus the iMac for as long as possible; I'm done with Microsoft and their troublesome faulty software.

My patience has run out!!

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So my motherboard fried and i had to get a new one and when my board failed it crashed my hard drive. After I installed my new mobo, it was bsod looping on startup and wouldn't repair so I tried reinstalling 7 as it was my current os and it wouldnt work as it is an upgrade cd. I tried installing vista which came with my pc and it gets stuck at 0%. I then put xp on and upgraded to vista from xp. Now i have a working vista ultimate 32 bit os but it wont upgrade to 7 and yes it is compatible as I had it before my hard drive crash. It goes up to copying files at 35% and freezes for a while until I get an error code: 0x80070017 Please help!!! Thanks!

P.S. I bought my windows 7 cd not downloaded it.

A:Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit upgrade from vista ultimate gets stuck on 35%

Bump :( I really need help plz!

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I've tried to upgrade from Vista Ultimate 32 bit to 7 Ultimate 32 bit numerous times now, all with the same result: a BSOD during the install process, which I get during (what I think is) the final step called "Transferring files, settings and programs."

The installation compatibility test warns me about my Nvidia drivers, which I've attempted to both remove and upgrade to the latest version, but that doesn't seem to make a difference (I still get the warning during the compatibility check, and I still get the blue screen). I'm not sure that's even the problem, either. I can't (easily) remove/replace the video card, since my mobo doesn't have onboard video, so I'd hopefully be able to avoid having to do that.

The error in the blue screen is a nebulous "REFERENCE_BY_POINTER" message. The technical information is "STOP: 0x00000018 (0x00000000, 0x86478030, 0x00000002, 0xFFFFFFFF)."

As a zip file, I've attached the setup log, error log, compatibility report, and what I think is the setup dump file, all of which I found in C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther (I believe that's the right place to look). The logs complain about BthMig problems, which I think has something to do with bluetooth, but I don't have any bluetooth peripherals. I've uninstalled things that I thought might have some bluetooth things in it, like MS Intellitype (maybe a stretch), but again, no difference.

System specs: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, on an Asus M2N SLI Deluxe, wit... Read more

A:BSOD During upgrade from Vista Ultimate to 7 Ultimate

Greetings! Moskie and Welcome to the Se7en Forums!

On one quick look at the "REFERENCE_BY_POINTER" error that seems to go back as far as Win 2000 there. STOP: 0x00000018 (parameter, parameter, parameter, parameter) REFERENCE_BY_

Error Message:
STOP: 0x00000018 (parameter, parameter, parameter, parameter) REFERENCE_BY_POINTER

This is a Windows 2000 Executive character-mode STOP message. This indicates that a failure occurred while referencing an object by what should have been a referenced pointer.
User Action:

If this is the first time you have booted after installing new hardware, remove the hardware and boot again. Check the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List to verify that the hardware and its drivers are compatible with Windows 2000. For information about the hardware, contact the supplier. If you are installing Windows 2000 for the first time, check the Windows 2000 system requirements, including the amount of RAM and disk space required to load the operating system. Also, check the Hardware Compatibility List to verify that the system can run Windows 2000. If Windows 2000 is loaded and no new hardware has been installed, reboot with recovery options set to create a dump file. If the message continues to appear, select the Last Known Good option when you reboot. If there is no Last Known Good configuration, try using the Emergency Repair Disk. If you do not have an Emergency Repair Disk, contact your technical... Read more

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I'm trying to upgrade a computer from Vista Ultimate (32 bit) to 7 Ultimate (32 bit) and I keep receiving this error message:

"This installation disc isn't compatible with your version of Windows. To upgrade, you need the correct installation disc. For more information, check your computer's system information. To install a new copy of Windows, restart (boot) your computer using the installation disc, and then select Custom (advanced)."

Now, I double-checked all the system requirements and the system is compatible with 7.


A:Trouble upgrade from Vista Ultimate(32) - 7 Ultimate 32

TS, welcome to the forums
What is the origin of the disk you are using? Can it be corrupted?

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Is it worth upgrading to Ultimate? I currently have premium. If its worth the upgrade I don't mind paying the $160.

A:Vista Ultimate Upgrade

for the most part - no. I have both and imo, there was no need to get the ultimate. see this for the extras. If you think you need them, get it.

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I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron that came with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit. I purchased the upgrade for Windows Vista Ultimate and installed it (64 Bit) without realizing that some of my important software will not run on the 64 bit version, but will run on the 32 bit version. My question do I replace the 64 bit upgrade with the 32 bit upgrade? Is that possible? new system, when rebooted, says that my parameters are incorrect. How do I fix those?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A:Vista Ultimate Upgrade

It's my well-considered guess that there is no going back to 32-bit after the 64-bit installation since you essentially did a compete install of a different OS. I think you're going to need your recovery DVDs or an image of the 32 bit version you may have made in order to go back to 32-bit with a new install.

As far as the parameters error goes, did the drive letters for the hard drives and removable storage drives get switched around with the upgrade? If so, that may be what its complaining about. I had something like that and I had to chage the drive letters back to what they were previous to the changes I made.

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Ok I'll try and make this short. I originally purchased Vista Home premium 32 bit upgrade waaaaaayyyy back when. I then purchased an update to ultimate online. Then I decided to order the 64 bit dvd's from Microsoft and this is where the fun began. With home premium the ultimate upgrade i purchased installs fine no problems. I install x64 vista (home premium) and it works fine but... I cannot upgrade it to ultimate .IT makes it about 75% then chokes and says something could not be upgraded. I have tried stripping the system to just a video card and a hd nothing helps. Does anyone know a way i can use the upgrade i payed way too much for? And before you ask i have the 64 bit upgrade dvd.

Asus Formula Mb
Intel 2.6 gig duo
4 Gig ddr2 667
sb XI-Fi Fatality
Hauppauge 1600 tuner
Nvidia 8800gt 512 meg
2 asus dvd burners
assundry hard drives all sata as well as the dvd burners

color me lost

A:Ultimate upgrade in Vista 64


It sounds like the x64 Ultimate upgrade disc is damaged - get a new one from microsoft here is the link

How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and product upgrades, and replace product manuals

Hope this works for you


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Would I be eligible to receive a Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade? I know if I were to buy the Vista Ultimate full version, I'd be eligible for a W7 Upgrade but what about the Ultimate Upgrade version? I'm currently a student and I can get Vista Ultimate Upgrade for $65 via Microsoft's ultimate steal deal. I'd get that now if I knew I could get W7 Ultimate Upgrade free (or $10 shipping/handling). I'd also like to know if I'd actually get the boxed version since I hate disk sleeves.

A:So if I were to buy Vista Ultimate Upgrade now...

No it does not qualify for the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program

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hi all,, i got third prize in the 1 mil draw (thanks bc),,, now,, i have vista home prem sp1 installed,,, my pc is a HP with a recovery partition on the hdd,,,,
do i have to format and install the ultimate
or will it install over the top of home prem
will i still have the recovery partition and will it be now ultimate
or do i have to create a partition and clean install ultimate and make a recovery partition on the hdd,,,
i have all my stuff backed up to my external hdd, i have reinstalled the vista and xp os on pc's many times but never upgraded one,,, its always been the same os going back into the pc,,, im stumped,,,lol
i would be very greatfull for any help,,, thank you all.


hi,,,me again,,, it seems that you can do it,,, an in place upgrade from home prem to ultimate,,, will this also change the recovery partition to ultimate or will this still be home prem, and you have to do an in place upgrade again after a recovery i's a link to a forum i found,,, intresting bit by Orev about all vista discs being the same,,, its the product key that decides which version to install,,, never knew that. intresting link here by the same fella,,, would be glad of any help or info about the recovery partition as mentioned above,,,,,, thanks all.Ian.

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Hi to all I am deep in it was upgradeing to 7 ultimate just got started and the dvd opened for some reason so all i'm left with is the screen lights up thats it do not know where to go next even if i could do a clean format would be great as i backed up before trying to upgrade please help
thanks Snippy

A:I was trying to upgrade from Vista Ultimate

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I hope these help you..

Clean Install From Upgrade Vista

Clean Install with a Full Version of Vista

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Hello all,
I'm new to this forum as well as Vista,but my Toshiba lappy came with home premium installed. MS had a program that asked users of Vista and Xp to allow them to track user's web travels to help improve the OS. I agreed in return for a free copy to upgrade to Ultimate. They sent me both 64bit and 32bit versions. In trying to upgre to Ult32bit, my lappy grts half way through the upgrade and fails with no explanition given. I cintacted MS and found I had to unistall Vista SP1, upgrade and then re=install SP1. I tried this and the upgrade still fails...Can anyone give me a suggestion?

Thanx, Cyboid

A:Can't upgrade to Vista Ultimate!

So, you manually uninstalled Sp1 from you Home Premium and the upgrade fails?

It might also be driver related. Honestly, I'd back all your data up, then revert it to factory installs, and upgrade.

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Is it possible to upgrade my Vista 32-bit to Vista 64-bit without a reformat? I really don't want to have to go and deal with the PITA backups and reinstallation of programs... I looked around the net and got distracted by my 64-bit version of Windows 7 (which got me thinking "Damn it, now I need more RAM) before I could find any answers...

A:Upgrade Vista Ultimate 32-bit to 64-bit.

You cant upgrade from 32 to 64bit

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Hello everyone,

I am new here in the forum. I just bought a new desktop with a Vista Ultimate x64 Operating System. I am just wondering if anyone can answer my question if I can upgrade my RAM from 4Gb to 8Gb.

I am using:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor.Intel Desktop Board DP35DP Media Series with Intel P35 Express Chipset and 4 slots for PC-6400 RAM (I already have 2 x 2Gb PC-6400 RAM Card).Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit Operating System.I would really appreciate if someone help me on this matter. Thanks.

A:Can i upgrade my RAM from 4Gb to 8Gb with Vista Ultimate x64 OS?

you can if your motherboard will let you.

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Help Please!!!
Can I upgrade/reinstall Vista Ultimate OEM 32 bit to Vista Ultimate 64 bit using the Upgrade CD's that I purchased? What are the steps that I need to follow?
Thank you,

A:Upgrade Vista Ultimate 32 Bit to X64 ???

It is easy, you must format and follow these easy instructions, which include the format procedure
Clean Install From Upgrade Vista

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I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron that came with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit. I purchased the upgrade for Windows Vista Ultimate and installed it (64 Bit) without realizing that some of my important software will not run on the 64 bit version, but will run on the 32 bit version. My question do I replace the 64 bit upgrade with the 32 bit upgrade? Is that possible? new system, when rebooted, says that my parameters are incorrect. How do I fix those?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A:Vista ultimate upgrade

hi and welcome i dont think you can use an upgrade disc as you need to do a clean install of 32bit

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Will Win7 Home Premium upgrade a Vista Ultimate install? If not, what is the next upgrade version will work?

I have Vista Ultimate and will not purchase Win7 Ultimate or whatever it is called.


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About 2 hours ago I started the Vista Ultimate Upgrade from my previous XP Home, and all was going dandy until I hit the 'completing upgrade' part. I hit about 58% and then it went for the normal restart but nothing happened, it just kept on restarting again and again. I tried messing with the BIOS and making it boot from the CD or HDD and apparently my keyboard doesn't load when my computer is starting. This poses quite a problem, as I can't boot from the CD (Answer to my initial dual-boot situation, as I couldn't access partition utility, but decided to go for it and just fully upgrade). So now I'm stuck in some wicked loop of constant restarts, and I have no idea what else to do, I've tried to enter the 'Easy Boot Sequence' deal where I can choose CD/HDD/Removable, but since my keyboard doesn't work on boot, I am now frozen and must again restart. I tried another USB keyboard that didn't work, and also tried my old Dell PS/2 keyboard, which also didn't work. Is there any way to fix this at all myself, or do I need to get a new keyboard or something?
Please help!


A:XP to Vista Ultimate Upgrade

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I imagine I can get the Vista Ultimate Upgrade version and upgrade my XP Pro OEM installation, but when I build a new PC, will the fact that my upgraded copy of XP being an OEM version prevent me from using the Vista upgrade? I know that OEM copies are SUPPOSED to be tied to one pc and never be transfered, but I will only be using my Vista license on a single machine, and when I build the new one, my old machine will be getting the XP Pro reinstalled onto it. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks in advance.

A:upgrade to Vista Ultimate from XP Pro OEM

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We see prices for windows 7. The thing i'm wondering is how much does it costs to upgrade vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate?
I already have vista on my notebook, if price is fair why not to just upgrade to windows 7.
I couldn't see any threads about it that's why i'm asking

A:How much to upgrade vista ultimate to windows 7

I've been wondering the same thing for a long time now, but apparently MS isn't going to do a major discount for genuine (and conned) owners of Vista Ultimate.

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i was wondering was there ever an windows vista ultimate sp2 upgrade iso or no? i been looking around and all the window vista ultimate sp2 iso are full versions.

A:windows vista ultimate sp2 upgrade

There were upgrade disks around for a while if I recall. But you can do anything you want, repair install, upgrade install from the full ISO or do you mean just the service pack alone? It needs SP1 installed first. Copied from my instructions on another forum:

Vista SP1, if not already onboard, should be installed first following the same principles laid out below. The standalone download for that is HERE (x86) and for x64 - HERE. (Change Country at bottom left if necessary)

Vista SP2 Standalone is HERE (x86) and for x64 - HERE. (Change Country at bottom left if necessary)

Or are you asking if Microsoft ever issued an ISO download for Vista including all service packs, no they didn't, only including SP1. To the general public anyway, but they did make available to their MVP's ISO's of the entire thing, Vista including SP1 and 2 and I have it stored in my Cloud storage.

If you care to post your email address, disguised as in abc AT xyz DOT com, I can email you the link. You can then come back here and edit out that information once done. For obvious reasons I don't post it in public.
BTW there's an entire very long thread about this here: Vista ISO download

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This info is for Vista Utimate Upgrade Only!! ( but "MAY" work for other Vista Versions )

1. Install XP
2. Activate XP ( Vista Checks to see if your running a Legal Copy Of XP )
3. Install Service Pack 2

Thats all you need to do!

Issues I had and the fixes!

Ok I just got off the phone with Microsoft Because I was getting this error message "0x8007045d" Cant find required file to complete installation. So this is the fix!!

Microsoft Sez:

Create A Folder Called Setup! Copy you Vista DVD to the Folder Called Setup. Run the Setup.exe in the Setup folder!

To get rid of the error copy the full Vista DVD to a directory called "Setup" on to your hard drive. If you cant Copy the files to you hard drive because you get an copy error of 'ANY KIND!!" Its your DVD Drive. Microsoft DVD's media seems to have a problem with some DVD Drives Thats why you get the

"0x8007045d" Cant find required file to complete installation error message. Some people may gave the same problem while making backups to DVD disk.

I was running a BRAND NEW Sony 16x DRU-720a DVD burner was getting that error. So just for fun I had and old NEC 4X dvd burner and I was able to copy the Vista DVD files to my hard drive with no problem.

After I copied the Vista DVD to my hard drive I ran the setup and completed the Vista Ultimate Upgrade with no problems.


Microsoft told me If you select a Clean Install" instead Of "UPGRADE" you wi... Read more

A:How To Install Vista Ultimate Upgrade!

There is actually an easier process that I used and you can try it out. Don't bother installing XP if you want a clean install of Vista. Simply boot from your Vista upgrade disk. Proceed with the installation. When you get to the point where it asks for your code just skip it. After you are finished installing Vista open the DVD and run the install program again. Vista will run the upgrade process but this time use your activation code.

In essence you will upgrade a copy of Vista with a copy of Vista. This was featured in a PC Magazine article recently. The end result is a completely new install of Vista with no left over anything from XP.

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Before I throw up my hands in horror and kiss the MacBook Pro can anyone shed any light on my upgrade from Vista to 7 ( Ultimate ) ?

Ignoring all the sane advice to do a clean install.....50 apps to reinstall....couldnt face it I opted for an upgrade.

1. Ran CHKDSK on all OS & Applications partitions.All OK. No bad Sectors.
2. Defragged everything.
3. Ran Tweak VI to check/optimise Registry.
4. No OS tweaks.
5. Disconnected all external eSATA/USB data stores.
6. Ran Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - highlighted iTunes (de-authorise), IntelliType/Point drivers and RAID driver ? for Adaptec RAID (1225A) 2 channel card (not in use but installed)

Have MS Student Upgrade DVD. Opted to install upgrade in existing partition C: 56Gb with 50% free.

Booted from MS Win. 7 DVD, it started & I guess set up the install partition with required files then downloaded some files to update Vista from the Internet and asked me to boot back into Vista OS and run the upgrade from there ( weird I thought). Followed the localisation instructions and left the upgrade to run overnight.

My Vista OS is some 26GB, the Apps. (some 50 applications) are 10GB and located in Disk Two are the User Profiles/Data of some 30GB. The rest ( 250Gb on Disk 2 and 400Gb on Disk 3) are static data files, iso, avi, mp3, mp4.....cannot see how they'd be relevant to the upgrade process/time.

After 12 hours ( yes 12 hours ) the Dell G2410 is in Energy Saver Mode so cannot ' see ' what's happening. Disk activity N... Read more

A:Ultimate Vista to 7 Upgrade - how long ?

I have heard of Vista upgrades taking up to 20 hours... Yes, it works, but I would always recommend a clean install over an upgrade... stability over expediency wins every time..

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I currently have Windows Vista Ultimate on my Sony Vaio laptop. My company offers 64 bit Windows 7 Enterprise for free but not Windows 7 Ultimate.

I don't know much about Enterprise but can I upgrade my OS with it? Or do I need to shell out the $$$ to buy Windows 7 Ultimate?

A:Can i go upgrade Vista Ultimate to 7 Enterprise?

I assume that your company offers the full version. If so you can install it on your machine.

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I have a laptop, Thinkpad T42, 2GB ram, and a lot of storage space added. I upgraded from Windows XP to Vista Ultimate,

I got 2 backups, ran and followed the Advisor suggestions, and then upgraded doing it be 'fresh install' because that's what was recommended.

Now - how do I get my programs back, files, Firefox 2.x bookmarks...?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I can see all the files and Programs, just as they were before, however they are shown in a blue color, instead of the new files which are listed in a black color. I tried to restore them, but it seems to be of no luck. Also - the migwiz tool I am having trouble getting to re-install on the same disk - to same disk.

Again - thanks!

A:Vista Ultimate Upgrade - no more old files?

This was Microsoft's answer:

All your files have been lost. Re-install the programs.

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Great site, I just joined and think this is a wonderful support system for my Vista upgrade.

I just purchased an untimate Vista upgrade, and intend to upgrade my XP pro SP2 system, which has become unstable due to a recent malware infection. It was my choice to go with Vista as a remedy instead of reinstalling XP Pro, but I am concerned that the XP pro dirving system for the Vista upgrade is compromised and unstable due to the malware. How much of the upgrade process relies on the functionality of the driving system? How should I poroceed?

Thank you,

P.S. the malware is gone but there are services and functions that are inoperable.

A:Ultimate vista upgrade from an unstable XP

Not 100% sure what you are trying to say so this is what I got out of it.

You have XP Pro but you are having problems with it because of a recent malware infection, but the malware is removed. So your wanting to know if the problems from XP will carry over to your Vista installation?

If that's the case then the answer should be no, Vista keeps personal files but as far as I remember program files are not kept. I assume you bought the Vista Ultimate upgrade edition, do you currently have the XP Pro installation disks?

If you have the XP Pro Install disks you could do a new clean full install, wiping everything. Then immediately install Vista over it once the setup is finished.

If you don't have the XP Pro disks you could do a few things:
1) Go ahead and install Vista over XP, although I'm not 100% sure, I really don't think that the problems will carry over unless its a hardware related issue.

2) You can install Vista Ultimate as a trial and then install the Upgrade from the trial and bypass XP entirely. This is kind of a work around for the upgrade disk to get a full install, so I'm not sure if Microsoft fixed it in recent releases. If you decide to go with this option and need instructions let me know and I'll give you a link.

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I am attempting to upgrade my system from Vista Ultimate x32 to Windows 7. Can anyone assist me? The problem I am having is a conversion from the Spanish version of the upgrade disk to English. Somehow I received the Spanish Version and because it is over the 90 days I cannot return it for a replacement. The Microsoft store tells me that there is a "languages" program written by Microsoft that will allow me to change it. Does anyone know anything about this? I cannot find it.

A:Upgrade Vista Ultimate to Windows 7

Originally Posted by splabombard

I am attempting to upgrade my system from Vista Ultimate x32 to Windows 7. Can anyone assist me? The problem I am having is a conversion from the Spanish version of the upgrade disk to English. Somehow I received the Spanish Version and because it is over the 90 days I cannot return it for a replacement. The Microsoft store tells me that there is a "languages" program written by Microsoft that will allow me to change it. Does anyone know anything about this? I cannot find it.

3 points I want to make sure I understand correctly ....
1. You want to upgrade from Vista Ultimate 32-bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
2. You received a Spanish upgrade disc.
3. You want to know how to switch to English version.

Here is what I know .....
1. Use the Spanish upgrade disc and do the installation.
2. You'll need to install the Windows 7 languiage packs which will enable you to convert from Spanish to English.
Here is the Official Windows 7 Language Packs download links :
Download Windows 7 MUI Language Packs (Official 32-bit and 64-bit Direct Download Links) ? My Digital Life
Note : make sure you pick this link :
English: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-en-us_22ee3397a02372681b375ddabf6ffa33662fd500.exe

Officially, this is what Microsoft Support says: Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise
excerpt .....
Windows 7 language packs are available for ... Read more

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Windows Update has stopped installing updates. Download is fine. My Vista installation is an upgrade from XP Pro. The problem is that 4 modules have failed to load (at least two are in Security Services). The four (gpkcsp.dll; initpki.dll; sccbase. dll; slbcsp.dll) are resident in XP; NOT in Vista. However, they are apparently necessary for Update to work. The threads I have found all tell me that these .dll's are not in Vista but don't tell me how to solve the problem that these missing files are causing IN Vista.
I have done/tried the following with limited or no (mostly no) success.

I have run 'sfc /scannow' from the command prompt and no integrity violations were found.
I have Restored to the earliest point allowed without correcting the problem.
I have gone to the 'windows.old' folder and found each .dll in system32.
I have tried twice to start Security Services but have been unable to do so.
I installed a batch file of all the .dll's affecting Security Services; that resulted in 1 of 25 uppdates installing; the remaining 24 failed to install in two further attempts after rebooting.
I have reinstalled the Vista upgrade over itself which wiped all previous settings and files and entitled me to an hour and a half talk with an extremely courteous and helpful Microsoft tech in India to reset the install key.

It seems to me that somehow I have to access the original XP Pro installation and install the four .dll's. How to do this I have no cl... Read more

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I have a computer that originally had Vista Home Premium, until I installed a Vista Ultimate upgrade over it. I just got another computer, also pre-installed with Home Premium, but I would like to move my Ultimate upgrade to this new computer. Since I won't need the VU on the old machine anymore, I am thinking of taking it off the old machine and installing my original upgrade disc onto the new one.

Is it possible to uninstall the Vista Ultimate upgrade from the old machine, so it will be returned to Home Premium, without completely wiping the computer?

A:Uninstalling Vista Ultimate Upgrade

Hi Pizzor2000, and welcome to Vista Forums.

If you still have the C:\Windows.old folder from the Vista Home Premium on your Vista Ultimate computer, then you may be able to restore Home Premium. This MS article will show you how to. I would strongly recommend backing up anything that you do not want to lose in case something goes wrong while doing this.

Hope this helps,

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I just prurchased the vista ultimate upgrade to upgrade my xp version. The xp was a sp2 version and i tried to install the upgrade 32 version. the install started fine until the computer had to restart. once the restart happened the screen went blue with ***stop: 0x0000005c (0x0000010B, 0x00000003, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) showing. What do I do?

A:vista upgrade ultimate problems

It might be you need a bios upgrade from your manufacturer - see this thread - last post

0X0000005C eeeerrrrrrr this makes my head hurt,help.

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I have a Vista Ultimate OEM currently installed on a PC, I am getting another Windows 7 retail soon.

Can I use just the Windows 7 upgrade as opposed to a clean install?

A:Vista Ultimate OEM upgrade to Windows 7

You want to always do a clean install, an upgrade just hides the old problems with a new OS. You will have problems with an upgrade.

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Hey all,

This is my first post here...

I have a dual boot machine with XP Pro & Visat Ultimate 32 currently. I bought the rig from a self-build guy a year ago, Looks like Vista was a bogey copy and I'm being prompted to buy a key (which I have no problem with)

That said, does anyone know WHEN seven becomes available for the public, will there be an edition available so I can just upgrade my Vista 32 and keep all my files / settings etc... ie that I don't have to scrub my hard drive.

Sorry if it's a dumb question!

Thanks in advance!

A:Upgrade from Vista Ultimate 32bit?

Hi Sticker and welcome to the Seven Forums,

Sorry to hear of your problems with the source of your vista, I believe MS do offer assistance to genuine victims of counterfeit copies so you may wish to check that out

back to topic, when is the question on everyone's lips at the moment, but public release is expected towards the end of 2009 or start of 2010. The upgrade path from vista Ultimate to Windows 7 ultimate is a supported upgrade path.

Hope this helps

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Hi Guys !
is there anybody who can suggest me how to solve this ... drama ...
Windows update My Vista 32 Ultimate PC with Sp2 and after that it did not start anymore only he gave the error 0xC0190036 which is a well known error ... to solve it they say I have to put my original CD and run upgrade ... that way all system files will be restored without deleting any program or setting been made ... but ....
unfortunately my CDs, which are one from MSDN and the second is OEM, does not have any upgrade choice on other hands the upgrade button is greyed ....
In a forum somebody says I need a Vista anytime upgrade CD ... but I dont know where to download without paying for it !!??
Is there any possibility to enable the ugrade feature in my CDs ?
or ... may I have a link from somebody to download the Vista Anytime Upgrade ... I dont want to have any serial or any key only the original CD ISO ...
or ... ???
Please I am very close to start screaming ....
Many thank to everybody who shoould help me ...
from ITALIA ...

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I recently just upgraded from window premium vista 64-bit to ultimate 64-bit vista. WHich took hella long and had tons of restarts. Once it was done all of my old stuff and documents were gone. Also a lot of my programs dont work such as window defender,window colloboration, window movie maker,window dvd maker. When i try to open the file it says the .exe of the file isnt located and i dunno where the file went as i was upgrading. I tried to reinstall defender but it says it doesnt need to since its vista and it comes with it. PLz help i'm not very good with computer stuff .

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I'm trying to find out the easiest way to go about upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) to Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) and what issues I might run into.

I don't want to reinstall everything (Or anything if possible) so am looking for the easiest option to upgrade.

Anytime upgrade offers the upgrade at $139, a bit expensive.

I found a seller on ebay selling "Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Full Digital Download Key " for a lot less (He has about 1500 feedback at 100%)
My question is, can I use the key from this and enter it into the 'Enter an upgrade key' box during the Anytime Upgrade? Will I run into problems doing this?

Alternatively, I could get a copy of Ultimate from Digital River, burn it to a disk or thumb drive, use the key from the ebay seller above and try to do an 'upgrade' install over the top of my current Windows 7 Home Premium install (I don't know if this is even possible?)

Any suggestions are welcome.


A:Upgrade to Ultimate from Home Premium - Anytime Upgrade or reinstall?

The best way for any install is ALWAYS a clean install. Believe me you will have less problems and headaches than an upgrade. It would be worth your while to reinstall your software.

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I recently obtained an upgrade for Vista Ultimate (I'm currently running Vista Home Premium), dated 2007. According to the upgrade chart, it's supposed to be perfectly fine to upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate. However, I get past the product key dialog and the next one indicates that my system is not capable of taking an upgrade, but can perform a clean install. Strange.

I went on-line and ran into a blitz of different answers to this problem, but finally found something that might look like the reason:

Q. Could this problem be occuring because I have Vista Home Premium SP2 applied, and my Ultimate Anytime Upgrade only includes SP1?
A. Yes. you would need to uninstall the Windows Vista SP2 and then upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate.
Note: An upgrade always begins at the desktop. After uninstalling Windows Vista SP2, boot to the Windows Vista Home Premium desktop, then insert the Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade DVD disc in the DVD drive.

Is this right? Do I need to roll back SP2 in order to do the upgrade to Ultimate, then re-apply SP2 once it completes?
Also, side note question: I entered my product key and then the installation type dialog came up next after a few moments. Does this mean my product key passed the validation? I just want to be sure that my product will activate, as I bought this 2nd hand and was assured that it wasn't activated.

A:Ultimate Upgrade won't upgrade--only Clean Install option given

I am not going to answer your question, directly, but will say that a clean install is always better. Go with the clean install. You do not save time with an upgrade if you take into account the multitude of problems that may occur.
Back up your stuff, use Windows Easy Transfer and all you need to do is reinstall your software and you have the very best installatio, a clean install.
Enter your key after you have used the system for a few days, your software is all installed and you are satisfied, you have 30 days, which can be extended.
Clean Install From Upgrade Vista
Would you want your old car after being detailed or a brand new 2012 car, it works the same with the OS.
If you choose not to use my advice, you need to have SP1 with an SP1 install.

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I'm about to buy a new laptop from Costco with Win 7 Home Premium. On my old (now smashed) laptop I have a Win 7 Ultimate install. Can I just use the Ultimate serial key to do the Anytime Upgrade on the new machine? I keep reading that I need to buy an "upgrade key."


A:Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade with non-upgrade Ultimate license?

You will need an upgrade key to initiate the ultimate download, but if you can manage to obtain an ultimate installation cd your serial should work, also if you use this winisoutils - Windows ISO Disc Image Utilities

you can change a windows install cd (if you have one) into a universal edition one, very handy.

to answer your question an upgrade key is not the same as a serial, the upgrade key is just to download the installation while the serial activates it, and a serial from one edition will not work with a different edition.

hope this helps

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Hello. Im running now Vista Home Premium. I would like to change it to Vista Ultimate. Is there any disc upgrade ava for that??? I would like to go for the Ultimate 64(now Im on Home premium 32) so I think I will have to do fresh new instal but the ting is that I dont want loose my recovery partition on my hdd. So how can I do it withoute loosing that?? I mean install Ultimate 64 and keep the recovery partition?

A:How to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Ultimate

First of all, is the hardware 64 bit ready?

If you install a different OS, you will NOT be able to use the Recover method, but the partition and data is still there just no way of getting the Recover program to work. Why would you want this to be protected?

Also, make sure that ALL of the built in devices and external devices have 64 bit drivers available for them.

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My Notebook comes from the U.S. with Vista Ultimate. Now I want to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate here in Europe.

I heard that an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 is only possible within the same language (e.g. EN-US). Now I worry that I'll buy the wrong Win 7 version.

I know that my current Vista Ultimate is English, but how to find out which one (could be British as well)? Ist there a native OS language at all besides the language I set in the "regional and language options" in the control panel?

And is this important at all? As far as I know Windows 7 Ultimate supports 35 languages, so does it matter at all as long as I accept to install Win 7 in the same language like my Vista is?

Sorry, maybe I'm a bit confused *ggg*. Thanks so much for any enlightements!

regards, Wolfgang

A:Upgrade Vista Ultimate -> Windows 7: OS Language

Hi Drachenstein, welcome to the Seven Forums.

If you want to do an in-place upgrade, you have to have exactly the same language version. Info about the pre-installed OEM version with activation key can normally be found in the sticker in the bottom of the laptop.

If you ordered your laptop from the USA, the OEM Windows Vista most certainly is English. So for in-place upgrade you need an English Win7. To my knowledge Windows 7 is available only in one universal English version; no EN-US or EN-UK versions exists.


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A friend of mine is running Vista Home Premium 32bit. He had bought a Vista Ultimate upgrade disk (Student edition). He has a turion x64bit 1.9gb cpu in his laptop. 4gb of ram. He is having troubles installing he program. Error is "install failed. returning to previous os". Do you think it might be the ram issue that I been reading about. or is it the 64bit ultimate that has that problem.

A:Vista Ultimate Upgrade (Student Edition)

Hello AlienMenace

I believe it would be becuase he is currently running a 32-bit version.
If you are currently running a 32-bit version of Windows, you can only perform an upgrade to another 32-bit version of Windows. Similarly, if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows Vista, you can only perform an upgrade to another 64-bit version of Windows Vista. The only way to get upto 64bit is to perform a clena install (deleting Everything!) then installing Vista 64-bit

You can go from 32-bit XP upto 64-bit Vista because it is effectively a different operating system.



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Hello (newbie),

Could you please provide me with some assistance for the following issue.

We currently have the Windows Vista Ultimate package running on our pc and have today purchased an online upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate.

We are currently running a 32-bit OS and want to upgrade to a 64-bit OS.

Following this we then downloaded the following three files:
Part 1: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (64-bit ISO)Part 2: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (64-bit ISO)
Part 1: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (32-bit ISO)Part 2: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (32-bit ISO)
Part 1: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (64-bit)
Part 2: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (64-bit)
Part 3: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (64-bit)
Part 1: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (32-bit)Part 2: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (32-bit)Part 3: Download Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (32-bit)

After the third download had finished we selected "launch". After the pc had attempted this we were given the following message:

Unloading the Box
We are unable to create or save new files in the folder in which this application was downloaded. Please check the folder properties to make sure that you have security permission on the folder to write files and that the folder is not read only.

We checked the folder properties and found out that the folder was indeed read only, so we changed this but ended up with exactly the same message on running it again... Read more

A:Vista Ultimate to W7 upgrade install problem

Looks like you have a situation similar to the provided link. You may have a choice of burning the .iso to a DVD, or unpacking the other files and update using those. The student downloads normally came in 3 files, 2 box files and one unpacker. The total size of the files may be around 14 gigs if you have two copies of each one.

You may just want to give the file name and extension as opposed to a link.......

If you are going from 32 to 64 bit, you have to boot from the DVD and do a custom install. To burn an .iso, burn the image, and not just a data disc.

You should be able to burn the .iso file to a DVD, but I don't know why there are two parts, unless just for quality assurance. But there should be instuctions included.

Make sure you store those files where an install will not overwrite them.

Make bootable iso from student d/l[3]=Installation and Setup

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seems to have hung at Regathering Files and Settings stage at 72% (410509 files of 410619 files have been reinstalled)

Friends laptop - Xmas eve ... bugga

Been at this 72% for about an hour.



A:Vista SP1 Uptimate upgrade to WIN7 Ultimate

Give it overnight. In-place upgrades can take days sometimes.

Hope files are backed up, as these can fail.

If you wait long enough it is spose to give you a rollback if it can't complete.

Otherwise, you'll need to boot from the DVD and do a clean install, which is a much better install anyway.

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OK, they say there's no such thing as a stupid question, but this may be the exception:

I've got a single-disk RAID setup (sort of an oxymoron, I know) on my Asus MB with ICH6R SATA drivers installed during Vista install.

I would like to move the drive and a second data drive, also on the ICH6R controller, to a newer Asus MB that has an ICH10R chipset. Will the SATA drivers get updated automatically or not? Or will ICH6R drivers function on an ICH10R MB?

Can that be done WITHOUT a clean install of Vista 32-bit Ultimate? I've never had this scenario before.

Thanks for any help.

A:32-bit Vista Ultimate, ICH6R, and ICH10R Upgrade

if you swap the motherboard you will need/should perform a clean install. it is possible to do on similar motherboards but it's always better to reformat and start from scratch. you could of course try uninstalling all drivers for the existing motherboard and then do the swap... but you still might run into some problems (i.e. Windows may not boot at all). you will need ICH10R drivers on the new board but it's not a big deal... new motherboards ship with the needed drivers on CD/DVD-ROM.

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I purchased a Dell Studio laptop (1737) with Vista Home Premium SP1 (x64) preloaded. I upgraded to Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED SP1 (x64) - don't ask me why - and, since new computers don't come with OS CD's anymore. . .I was wondering if I could use my 'Ultimate' disk to perform a clean install (I have tried - a little - and can't seem to find any "link" (button?) other than "Install")~lvl477 sUx~(Moderator edit and note: post moved to more appropriate forum. jgw)

A:Using "Vista Ultimate" upgrade CD for Clean Install?

The way I understand it is you have to start all over or you will have activation problems

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The instructions for slipstreaming Vista SPs is excellent in Sliptream Vista SP2 and presumably utilizes Full Retail versions of the OS.

Q1. Would the above procedure work with an Upgrade disk? It contains the ability to install several versions of Vista.

Q2. In the alternative, just making a backup of the disk would be of some benefit in case of failure or AOL.

Thank you for any help.

A:Slipstream Vista SP2 with Ultimate Upgrade Disk?

Hallo ITPheonix, I am not familiar with Slipstreaming But your second option of backup you may find this short tutorial put together by one of our members valuable
I hope this is of some help it is what i use;

Image your system with free Macrium

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I have a Sony VGN-CS110E, new laptop that came with Vista Premium, I bought the upgrade disks for Ultimate, but it will not work. Sony site doesn't show that it supports Ultimate with my model. Is there a way to make it work? Help!

A:Sony Vista Premium upgrade to Ultimate

Hello Herman....

What do you mean by "it will not work" ?

Are you getting an error when you try and upgrade?

What exactly is happening.

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i have had vista ultimate 32bit successfully installed from the get go via upgrade disk. at first i tried to install 64bit but it would freeze up. i later tried again to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit but it wont let me do it from boot up, saying i need to do it while in windows. i tried that but all i got was a window saying i cant run the disk from windows and to do it from start up! i dont know what to do! any suggestions?

my specs are:
mobo: evga 750sli ftw
ram:4GB corsair dominator (only 3gb recognized in 32bit)
gpu: 7950gt OC (i need to upgrade lol)
HDD:1TB, 250GB, & 160GB
CPU: Dual-core 2.13 OC'd to 2.7

any suggestions would help greatly.
thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Cant upgrade to Vista Ultimate 64bit

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About a year ago I bought Vista Ultimate upgrade; unfortunately my Sony VAIO laptop was only compatible with Vista Business, so I couldn't use it. About a month ago I bought a HP desktop loaded with Vista Home Premium 64-bit with SP1. I learned from Windows Anytime Upgrade that I could upgrade Vista to Ultimate, but when I tried it wouldn't let me upgrade, it only gave me the option to perform a clean install. I really don't want to do this because all of my HP software is on factory image on my hard drive and if I perform a clean install Vista will erase the partition and I'll lose it. I've already burned a backup copy to 2 DVDs but I still don't want to go through all the hassle of performing a clean install and then updating everything -- if I don't have to.

The problem is that my Vista Ultimate upgrade is the original version of Vista whereas the Home Premium is SP1, which is why it gives me the error message that it can't upgrade because my current version of Vista is newer than the version I'm trying to install.

I tried calling Microsoft support but they're closed at this time of night and I tried sending a message to Microsoft but it's giving me an error and to try again later.

Does anyone know if there's a way around this problem?

Ideally I'd like to be able to use my product key from Vista Ultimate upgrade to obtain or download Vista Ultimate SP1, which should resolve the problem.

A:Trying to Upgrade Vista Home Premium SP1 to Ultimate

Try uninstalling SP1 from your current system.

1. Click Start, type Appwiz.cpl in the Start Search box, and then click Appwiz.cpl in the Programs list.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

2. Click View installed updates.
3. Click Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB936330), and then click Uninstall.
4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the uninstall process.

If you are unable to uninstall it that way for whatever reason, roll back with a system restore.

Once you have Ultimate loaded, load SP1 once again.

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Just a success story I wanted to post here, anyone who thinks to upgrade instead of a clean install (I don't know, I was quite reluctant...) , it all works fine!

Applications were checked for compatibility, the compatibility report showed what is NOT going to work after the upgrade, (and so it didn't) and except that , all drivers/software worked fine afterwards.Ofcourse you can install the updated drivers from Windows Update in Windows 7 afterwards.

Only thing, after the first compatibility check, it asked my Vista to be restarted in order to be able to proceed. I thought it was going to loop-asking that, but on the next restart, I was able to proceed with the upgrade.

A few incompatible software I noticed:

Daemon Tools:
Windows 7 found out the Virtual SCSI controller installed by Daemon tools (SPTD.SYS I think) was incompatible and reported it might not work properly. Indeed upon the first boot, errors came out about Daemon Tools, and I had to remove its startup entries manually from the registry.
However, it's not quite needed, cause to my surprise , when you right click an ISO file, Windows 7 gives you the option to Load this as a virtual drive!

Antivir Personal Edition:
Blocks write access to many folders/blocks IE file downloads!

Compatible/verified software:

Photoshop CS3
Office 2003 (duh)
Firefox 3
Flashget 1.96
Auslogics Registry Defrag
F.E.A.R. Combat
VMWare 6
Avast Free antivirus



A:Upgrade from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 6801

Yes. I was VERY well impressed with 7 being able to mount images. I really hope that feature makes it to the final version.

I have a long list of stuff to still install:

K-Lite CCP including Media Player Classic
Microsoft Office 2007 (Hopefully Office Ultimate if I can find it)
Convert X to DVD, I will play around with Windows DVD Maker a bit more though
LimeWire Pro
(also I have to check compatibility with Home Server 2008, since I will be setting up a spare machine with it)

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Hi All

I've bought a copy of Vista Ultimate Student Edition Upgrade, the DVD is the 32 bit Copy

Am I entitled to the 64bit copy of Vista Ultimate? (Does my CD key work for an 64 bit install?)

So far I haven't been able to speak to any body that can help me!


A:[SOLVED] Vista Ultimate Student Upgrade


Originally Posted by David Spackman

Hi All

I've bought a copy of Vista Ultimate Student Edition Upgrade, the DVD is the 32 bit Copy

Am I entitled to the 64bit copy of Vista Ultimate? (Does my CD key work for an 64 bit install?)

So far I haven't been able to speak to any body that can help me!


i think so go to there website or contact them to send you a 64 bit edition you will only have to pay for the shipping cost though like 7 dollars but thats it...
hope it helps.

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Ok I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate for work related reasons. The thing is most everything runs but when I open I text file in notepad then right click to select all or what ever before the context menu comes up I get an error that shuts down what ever program I was running. This also occurs in Sidebar, Task manager , and just about every exe that is part of windows. Third party apps don't seem to be affected (that i can remember anyway) Jest now I ran Paint to paste a screen shot and went edit>paste but as soon as I opened the edit menu Crash! so i tried same thing. I then right clicked the short cut and hit "run as Administrator" and I could paste the screen shot into a file no sweat.

The account is a local admin account that I am logged into at the moment. so I really do not understand. the same with the windows sidebar and a few other apps if I right click anywhere in them they crash then I right6 click the shortcut and run as admin and they work. I even tried going into the properties of Windows sidebar shortcut in the star menu clicking properties>shortcut>advanced>and checking Run as Administrator but Still get the crashes when I first reboot Vista until I specifically Start it by Right clicking and hitting Run as Administrator.

If anyone knows how to fix these problems PLEASE please help me I'm beyond frustrated and can no longer think straight on this issue. I hated vista before I even had to install it now I truly d... Read more

A:Problem with Vista Ultimate Upgrade over WinXPsp3

Maybe a CHKDSK?

And maybe do a virus/spyware check, because they can make everything fail.
Use Spybot-Search&Destroy/Ad-Aware.

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I'm trying to upgrade from Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. When I run the setup the Upgrade option is not available and a message says "Cannot upgrade from staged to non-staged version".

I've tried this with and without SP1 installed (the Ultimate DVD has SP1 and refuses even to get as far as the above unless SP1 is on Home Premium). I'm running 32 bit and upgrading to 32 bit.

I've seen lots of similar complaints on various TechNet and other forums. Anyone here have any experience / ideas? I am on the verge of doing a complete new install, but can't face the amount of work that will involve.

A:Cannot upgrade Vista Home Premium to Ultimate

You need to do a clean install, you can NOT upgrade from on Home to Ultimate.
That said, on most OEM built machines there is a link to BUY, a upgrade from Microsoft. This is a file that will install the higher version.

Go to "Start, All Programs, Extras and Upgrades, Windows Anytime Upgrade".

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I recently bought and downloaded the Vista upgrade pack for Basic 64 bit to Ultimate 64 bit, and I have encountered some problems.

I have tried multiple times to install the upgrade, but to no avail. Every time, it gets through 4 out of the 5 installation steps, then an error occurs at the 5th step, named 'Completing upgrade'. The error message reads: "Windows installer has encountered an error and cannot continue. Your computer will now restart and be reverted to your previous operating system version" Or something along those lines.

I was wondering whether anyone may be able to shed some light on the situation, as I cant think of any way around it, and I haven't been able to find anyone experiencing a similar problem on the internet.

As a bit of extra info, If it makes a difference, I downloaded it as part of 'The Microsoft Ultimate steal - UK', and the download website was called 'Digital River'.

Many thanks for reading,

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I have a Compaq Pasario Notebook, with a preinstaled vista home premium x86.
And I have a HP-Compaq Windows 7 only Ultimate x86-x64 disc.

I once tried upgrading with a normal 7 home premium PC disc, but afther the second part of the instalation when the PC needed to restart the setup didn't continue, pc just started up and normaly loded in Vista. And it all most destroyed the keyboard and mouse quik lunch butons driver, or may be it was an eror becouse I had an whirles usb mouse and keyboard connected to my notebook.

So now I'm trying to upgrade to a superior version and using a 7 designed for my type of notebook. I what to know if I must have my wirles mouse and keyboard usb device conected to the notebook in the instalation proces, and can I upgrade from 7 boot menu or I only must upgrade from vista desktop, and allsoo do I need to move anything from Documents folder or there will be saved during upgrade?

I already run the upgrade advisor, and it says that I can upgrade to ultimate, but on soome microsoft videos pepole said that vista home premium must be upgraded to home premium , busnies to profesional and ultimate to ultimate.

A:Can I upgrade from vista home premium to 7 ultimate?

Note that you can only upgrade to the 32bit version using the inplace upgrade option. IMO I would do a clean install, especially if you are going to be using the 64bit version... Good Luck... ;

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I'm a firm believer in clean installs of operating systems, but I wonder if that belief should be extended to upgrades in versions of operating systems???

I have upgraded all of our pc's to new ones with Vista. All have Home Premium except one. I'm thinking of upgrading the others to Ultimate (mainly for the backup program) so they will all be the same and I don't run into some glitch that puzzles me due to differences.

any advice or thoughts on this appreciated.



A:Upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Ultimate?

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So I have money to spare and want something fun and something that makes life easier. From what I've researched, I'm thinking of upgrading to Windows Vista.

My only concern are its disadvantages.

I'm a computer-savvy person and am willing to resolve problems as long as they are problems that can be fixed. I spend most of my days (12 hours) on the computer browsing websites, playing video games and editing in photoshop and adobe premiere pro. I'm planning to upgrade to the Conroe chip pretty soon and with that upgrade I want Windows Vista.

My computer specs are 2.8ghz p4 , 2gb ddr ram, 512mb video 7600gs.

I'm assuming the Adobe series won't have any problems with vista right? Thats my only concern. Of course I also play Warcraft 3 and C&C 3 and those should not be a bothersome for vista right?

A:Upgrade to Windows vista ultimate? (From windwos xp pro)

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Hi people, I'm having trouble upgrading my dell xps m1330 from Ultimate vista to 7 pro. I realize that I probably purchased the wrong version but it won't even allow me to do clean install. It goes into 'copying temporary files" forever, then finally to install option screen of either upgrading (which it won't allow me to) or custom which I tried several times after a while it tries to copy files then error message saying "some files corrupted of missing" etc then stops the process, ive installed the upgrade advisor and did what it asked until it passed. Please any advise would be of great help! thanks

A:problems with Windows 7 upgrade from Vista Ultimate

Quote: Originally Posted by Arebeekay

Hi people, I'm having trouble upgrading my dell xps m1330 from Ultimate vista to 7 pro. I realize that I probably purchased the wrong version but it won't even allow me to do clean install. It goes into 'copying temporary files" forever, then finally to install option screen of either upgrading (which it won't allow me to) or custom which I tried several times after a while it tries to copy files then error message saying "some files corrupted of missing" etc then stops the process, ive installed the upgrade advisor and did what it asked until it passed. Please any advise would be of great help! thanks

Very good start with the upgrade advisor. From that point, I would suggest, disconnect everything other than mouse, monitor and keyboard. Try to clean install again, do not enter your key number, if you get to that point. When installed, try it and enjoy it for a while. Install your programs at that point and use it again. If you are satisfied, at that point, enter your key number. Make a system image and put it in a safe place.

Other suggestions, make sure that your bios is set to plug and play. This is a common problem, hit f12 contiually at start up) F12 works for Dell, other computers use another f key or even delete, check your manual.

If you are using a ISO, reburn at 4x speed.

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I ordered a Vista Ultimate Upgrade disc to get rid of the Windows 7 RC 32-bit. Since 7 is newer, they say it won't work, but I've heard from two sources that booting from BIOS would overwrite 7. Is this true? I don't care if it cleans my HD, I already backed up.

A:Will a Vista Ultimate disc upgrade overwrite the 7 RC

I think you will need a vista or xp install disc to make it work. Not sure about installing from within win 7 rc to upgrade to a vista ultimate. Good luck to you.

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Good evening,

I have Vista Home Basic 32-bit running which I have done for a few years.
I have a genuine Vista Ultimate 32-bit disc which includes Service Pack 1 and also includes Windows Anytime Upgrade.
My question is, how easy is it to upgrade my laptop and will I lose all my documents and settings and programs that I have downloaded etc.
Thanks very much in advance.

A:Upgrade from Vista Home Basic 32-bit to Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Although this is for Win 7- Windows Anytime Upgrade - Microsoft Windows - I think it answers all your questions.

On the other hand, this applies to Vista- Windows Anytime Upgrade: frequently asked questions. As a result, I don't know if you can still use the anytime upgrade.

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In Computer Properties, there is an option allow upgrading Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. Could any body give me ideas about this? Is it free? Does it influence installed softwares? I mean, will we lose all of them when we do upgrade?

A:Upgrade Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate


Windows Anytime Upgrade is just a way to order and pay for just a license (Product key number) for a version of Vista that is higher than yours. You install it from the Vista DVD you already have, but you use the new product key number you ordered instead. Yes, it can have a affect on the software and you could loose your data. I would recommend backing up anything you do not want to loose. See number 1 and 3 (which versions you can upgrage to) at this link for more information.

See this link to compare the different versions to what you already have.


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Hello people! I am having quite the time over here with a Vista machine of mine and I honestly think it's out to get me. My job is computer support for my college campus and I would like to think that I am fairly good with computers. With that said, let me give you a rundown of the situation :

The computer is an Optiplex 755 (with standard core features) that has a BFG 850w power source, 8 gb RAM, and a nice Nvidia GTX card. I am running Vista Business x32 on it and finally decided to take advantage of all of my RAM, so I bought Vista Ultimate x64 (Red Edition if that helps) and popped it in. It said that it could not read the media (and I read the MS article on why that was so) and then decided to boot from the disk. I did so, and got fairly far up until I had to select the drive. I selected C, and then next to the "Next" button, I got a funny message that read:

To use the product key you entered, start the installation on a computer that is running a genuine version of windows.

For the record, I purchased this computer/OS is the most legit way possible (through my college). I am stuck in what would appear to be a Catch 22. It's asking me to install it via a method that just brought me to what I am staring at now. This situation quite honestly, is beyond me. I have already taken out all my RAM, save 2 GB, and all the PCI cards, save the GTX, like other guides suggested and that doesn't seem to be working. If you need any more information other than what I have s... Read more

A:Vista Business x32 - Vista Ultimate x64 upgrade issues

Isn't the red edition a cracked copy?

Either way, go out and purchase a standard 64 bit Full version of Vista, wipe everything and do a clean install. Then back up the registry with Erunt, and do a complete disk image with Macrium Reflect Free once the updates and drivers are installed, as a backup, if those installs go smoothly.

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Do I Uninstall Vista Premium to Upgrade to Vista Ultimate?
And if so how?

A:Do I Uninstall Vista Premium to Upgrade to Vista Ultimate?

No, you don't have to, just pop in the upgrade DVD, follow the prompts to upgrade it to Ultimate.

Back up Important data before upgrading.

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Hey guys, I currently have Vista HP x64 installed on my laptop

If I buy W7 Ultimate x32 would I be able to 'Upgrade' Install or would I have to clean install?

Is it even possible to go from a 64bit OS to a 32?

Any advice would be appreciated

A:[SOLVED] Vista Home Premium x64 Upgrade to W7 Ultimate x32?

You would have to do the Custom (clean) install to go from 64 to 32 bit.
If you have 64bit I would stay with 64bit what issue are you having with it?

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hi there, im new here by the way, i have a vista home basic 32 bit, what do i need in order for me to upgrade it to vista ultimate? what are the procedures? hehehe.... thanks and good day

A:Upgrade windows vista home basic 32 bit to ultimate

by the way, it's in SP2

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This might be a silly question, but I need some advice. I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit, and since the release of windows 7, the price of Vista Ultimate has dropped dramatically. My questions are these. What would be the benefit of upgrading to vista ultimate on a home PC or should I just upgrade to Windows 7?

A:Upgrade Vista Home Premium to Ultimate or Windows 7

I would go with 7.

Vista was never very popular. It would be my guess that support for the OS is ended as soon as possible, without any extensions.

7 has better security

Although mostly eye candy, 7 does have a lot of nice features.

Of course a question like this is very subjective, there is no right or wrong.

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When attempting to upgrade from Vista Home Premium (32bit) to Vista Ultimate (32bit) can an upgrade error - upgrade fails. The Vista Upgrade advisor tells me that the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT will not work in Windows Vista:-

"This device will not work in Windows Vista. For more information, please go to the device manufacturer's website, Windows Marketplace, or contact your retailer."

How can I proceed to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate?

Is this just a Vista Ultimate upgrade issue or is this display adapter truly not supported on Vista (even though I have a HP Pavilion laptop with one installed running Vista Home Premium).

Any help or advice appreciated.

A:NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT cannot upgrade to Vista Ultimate the way, I have just updated driver to latest version from NVIDIA ( Dated 30/04/2009) and tried upgrade advisor again - still no good!

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I upgraded my Gateway All in one Gz7108 computer from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. Now the "Eject CD Key" on the keyboard no longer works, except during bootup before the Windows progress bar, then it will work. I can still go to eject in the right click menu for the CD drive. Anybody have any suggestions?

A:Vista Ultimate upgrade now eject key doesn't work

You need to install drivers for your hotkeys to function, I know because my Dell Inspiron 9400 and ASUS A6Je hotkeys (volume, eject, brightness and wireless) dont work without drivers.

My suggestion is to go to the Gateway site and download all drivers for your PC specified for Vista. The name of the package may be: "hotkey drivers", "chipset drivers", "Utility drivers", "Function drivers"... OR look for your driver cd.

Hope this helped.

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My friend just gave me his Vista Ultimate upgrade disk key to upgrade my vista home premium to ultimate version. Now, I have the key, but no upgrade disk. What I have however is a x86 Vista Ultimate disk, that I downloaded from microsoft MSDN website. From what I know, this disk is for a brand new and clean install of vista ultimate. Can I use this disk to upgrade my home premium to ultimate. I certainly dont want to loose my programs/files on my current laptop, so I absolutely dont want a clean install, and am afraid to mess things up if I accidentally use wrong disk. So can I use the MSDN downloaded vista ultimate disk to perform the upgrade or should I buy a upgrade disk from somewhere???
Thanks for help folks...

A:Upgrading to Vista Ultimate... Do I specifically need a upgrade disk???

Hey Taylormah,

The setup file located on every Vista DVD can upgrade the current version of windows only by running it from within the current windows version, it doesnt matter what version dvd you have if you start the install while your using windows so your safe to use the setup dvd you have.


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Now I upgraded to Vista Ultimate.
It does not start, right after splash screen when it shows a desctop it crashes into a blue screen says about problems with Video Scheduler.
It also gives an eror number :
DOes anyone can tell me what is it related to?
What is that video scheduler?
Maybe I can somehow disable it in safe mode because safe mode runs ok.

Thank you.

A:Vista ultimate upgrade crashes constantly after install

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I've tried this twice now (on the same machine) and each time Control Panel won't work; it doesn't open. If I change the start menu to show links to Control Panel applets only some of them work; User Accounts, Display, Power Settings, Windows Update and others just do nothing. This means I can't adjust my display properties to get the correct alignment of my dual monitors, among other things, so I've given up on it meantime.

Has anyone else had this problem, or any suggestions on how to overcome it?

A:Vista Ultimate upgrade to RC - missing control panel

Ok, did you upgrade as in just standard install or a clean install that reformated your hard drive?
If you just didn't do a clean install, do it. If you just upgrade over vista or xp, it causes a heck load of problems.
If you did do a clean install, then maybe reinstall it if all options run out.

If non of this works, see if there's any more information and i'll see what i can do.
Good luck

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Well I broke down and bought the upgrade from XP Pro to Ultimate I didn't have any issues just one with a SB driver which I downloaded and the sound works. The problem I seem to be having one of my drives clanks every so often. I did the drive check with the western digital software data life tool (the long check) and they came back good. What could possibly be going on, I checked the abit site thinking it might be a voltage thing but the PS I have is way over what I need. Bios is working fine the updates for the AW8-MAX were nothing worth flashing it for just some more memory capatibility updates and voltage features for the 8000 series Nivida's. I don't know what else could there be a problem with voltages I am stationed in Korea but on a US base that uses 110v. I checked numerous forums and one person had the same problem and someone was saying it might by the prefetch within Vista itself, but I am not to familiar with the new prefetch vs the XP one. Part 2 of my question I might do a clean install to see if that clears it up but I have a G15 that is USB and anything on boot in dos I have no KB because it doesn't boot the USB ports. Any work around besides getting a PS/2 Keyboard.

Pentium D - 3.2 Mhz
BFG 7800 GTX
2 GB Corsair XMS
2 -WD SATA Hard Drives 250/350g
Sony DL Burner - DRU series
Power Supply BFG 800 W
NZXT Nemesis Alum Case
Sound Blaster Audigy 2

A:Vista Ultimate Upgrade Drive Clank Problem

A clunk from a HDD doesn't sound good, though I wonder if it's a power management thing - turning off the HDD after a certain period of inactivity. You can check the settings by going to Advanced Plan Settings in the Power Options section of the control panel.

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Hi, im trying to upgrade my vista home premium to vista ultimate. However, although the upgrade advisor sees no issues, the upgrade will not let me upgrade, i can do a complete install but will loose all my program settings etc. I get this message:

"The upgrade cannot be started. To upgrade, cancel the installation and then choose to upgrade to a version of windows that is more recent than the one you are currently running."
How can I upgrade to more recent version 1st when that is what i am trying to do.

I checked in microsoft, and they report that i need to uninstall SP1. I was able to uninstall SP2 from add/remove, but i cant find SP1.

So can anyone tell me how to find it? some of the methods in the microsoft article are to advanced for me.

Heres my specs:

Computer System
Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Model: M52L-S3P
Operating System
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium (Service Pack 2)
Version: 6.0.6002
Build Number: 6002
Install Date: 06/02/2010
Install Directory: C:\Windows
Locale: English (en) - United Kingdom (GB)
DirectX version: DirectX 11
Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Model: M52L-S3P (vx.x)
Manufacturer: Award Software International, Inc.
Model: F1
Release Date: 31/12/2008
1.AMD Athlon? 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ (AuthenticAMD)
Max clock speed: 2.60 GHz
Socket: Socket M2
Version: Model 11, Stepping 2
Total Current Physical Memory: 3.00 GB
Tota... Read more

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hey peps is there any way i can upgrade my wifes laptop from Vista HP X86 to Vista Ultimate X64 with out doing a clean install?

or do i have to do a clean install cause of the KERNAL?

would really not want to do a clean install if i do not have to to much crap on here laptop to re-install would take 8+ hours to do.

i know i can upgrade to X86 version of Vista Ultimate but would like to have it be a X64 version if i could.

A:Upgrade Vista HP X86 to Vista Ultimate X64 Question.

Originally Posted by fadedrs

or do i have to do a clean install cause of the KERNAL?


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Do I Need To Erase My Old Vista Home Premuim After Upgrade To Vista Ultimate?
When I Did Upgrade I Choose To Keep It On C Drive ,now I See It Take A Lot Of Space Under Old Window Do I Still Need ? Or I Have To Keep In Order For My System To Work.
Thanks In Advance.

A:Do I Need To Erase My Old Vista After Upgrade To Vista Ultimate?

If you are using the "Upgrade" Option not a complete install than yes you must leave the premium on the hard drive.

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I've been trying to upgrade from Win XP to Vista Ultimate. I have tried installing several times. The first time, the computer got hung up on expanding files at 21% and I rebooted. After that I have been getting the msg "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed. I've check on a few forums and someone always says to restore the default value for the UpperFilters registry entry and then restart computer. In the steps that follow, it says to modify UpperFilters and to type PartMgr and click ok. This seems to work for some people, I however already had the PartMgr value on there. Can someone tell me what I can do, besides doing a fresh install?


A:Vista Ultimate Upgrade wont Update Boot Configuration

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I ordered a Vista Ultimate Upgrade disc to get rid of the Windows 7 RC 32-bit. Since 7 is newer, they say it won't work, but I've heard from two sources that booting from BIOS would overwrite 7. Is this true? I don't care if it cleans my HD, I already backed up.

A:Will a Vista Ultimate Upgrade disc overwrite 7 if I boot from BIOS?

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From what I understand, you can't convert Vista 64bit to 32bit, it requires a clean installation. So with that said, if I have a computer with Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 disk and then a Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade disk, with both 64 bit and 32bit, how can I convert it to 32bit?

A:Converting Vista 64bit with 32bit Ultimate Upgrade Disk

I would think your only options is a clean install.

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Hi all, I have laptop HP Pavilions dv9720ea , oryginaly with Vista Home Premium 32 bit -now with Windows 7 Ultimate. i like to come back to original state, because windows 7 is not working proper with my laptop model

hard drivers C: System Win 7 9gb free of 40gb
D: HP_RECOVERY 2gb free of 12gb
G: add on 179gb free of 180gb

when I m opening partition D: I have one folder RECOVERY(which is right),but when opening this folder(RECOVERY) I have no files in this folder -they are invisible

mu Question is: How to uninstall system Windows 7 Ultimate (i have it on C: and working on this now) , and replace by Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit(i have it on D: RECOVERY-as a recovery and it is not visible)

laptop came with C: Vista Home Premium and D: Recovery partition (it was visible when i had Vista installed)
many thanks for any help ...

A:invisible recovery files after upgrade from Vista to Win7 ultimate

If D has 2gb free of 12gb, then it is not empty. Did you try to open the folder on D (it may not be possible). The size of the folder and the name 'Recovery' is typical for an HP recovery partition. It may be fully operational.

I would make an image of D and then look at the VHD (if you cannot open the recovery folder). Easiest would be with the Wbadmin command which is:

WBADMIN START BACKUP -backupTarget:f: -include:d:

Where "f" is your drive/partition to where you write the image. That will create a VHD which you can Attach with Disk Management. Then it will show up in My Computer.

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ok, please read and dont hit back cause its too long

My PC is fairly new (bout a year) and works quite well. INtel core 2 duo, 2gb RAM, nvidia 7600 (thinking of upgrading), 300gb HD and so on. I am running windows xp home edition x86. I got windows vista ultimate x86 and decided to upgrade. I followed all the instrucions and all was going well. It was only when the install got past the Completeing Installation part (before vista did its first time boot) and restarted i got a problem. It reset, loaded through the flash sceen then when it was about to load the login screen (i think) it flashes for a bit, i get a wierd arrow symbol at the top of the screen and it resets. it kept doing it every load so i got it to stop and show me the error screen b4 it reset (blue screen of death) i got an error :


with the stop code:

STOP:0X00000050 (0XFFAD7000, 0X00000000, 0X818834F3, 0X00000000)

Rolled back then tried again later and exact same result. I've looked all over the internet but to no avail. You can understand, i'm sure, my frustration getting so close

I am currently running my previous OS (xp home)

Anyway, any help at all would be MUCH appreciated
Thanks for taking a look

A:Solved: Error at End of Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade! Blue Screen! PLEASE HELP!!

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I had a copy of Ultimate laying around the house and decided for some stupid reason to upgrade the OS yesterday. It's been a nightmare. After 10 hours I've reinstalled many, many programs and have been able to get the to launch all of them with the exception of Outlook. I've searched for a solution and have had no luck following a solution to the problem I'm encountering.

I'm getting the following error message:

>>> Cannot open your default e-mail folders. An unexpected error has occured. MAPI was unable to load the information service mspst.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.<<<

I have successfully used Outlook 2007 for the past 6 months on my home PC. The problems I am encountering began immediately following the upgrade to Ultimate (32 bit--I thought I'd have less problems with drivers going 32 bit route than trying 64). I am hoping to salvage my contacts and calendar if at all possible (I have them backed up on an external drive but it's not current about 6 weeks old...I see an Outlook.pst in Windows.old but I cannot open it). I've had to reinstall Office Ultimate 2007 and I have run repair three times. All the Microsoft Windows Ultimate updates are installed. Not sure if this is related but the Office Ultimate Disc 2 will not install properly.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Outlook 2007 no longer working after Vista upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate

This problem was solved. I will detail the steps in case they may help anyone else who has a problem with installing Office after upgrading their OS.


Uninstall OfficeClean the registry...I used cc Cleaner and cleaned up 30 items from the registry.RebootCustom Reinstalled Office 2007 and selected "Run All From My Computer" (not sure if this was a necessary step but again, it worked for me)Rebooted and viola everything including Outlook worked.One final step to configure Outlook; I had to import the PST file that was in the AppData Folder (must unhide hidden folders to see AppData) located in
C: Windows.old>>Users>>User Name>>AppData>>Local>>>Microsoft>>>Outlook. Note Outlook is a pst file. For whatever reason, Search did not turn up this file and I was a bit worried, however, trust that your old .pst file is in this directory. In my case, I didn't care about the mail file but wanted to import my contacts and calendar. There is a way to target only the items in your outlook.pst file using File>>import/export and then select import from program/file; click next and select the Personal Folder (.pst) near the bottom...when you get to the final screen if you don't want everything to come over (you probably do) then you can select just calendar or just contacts but only one per import. In my case I did one import for contacts, and one for calendar.

If you have this problem or a similar one, I hope th... Read more

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I currently have a system with a core 2 quad chip xq6700 intel that was installed with XP then upgraded to Vista Ultimate 32 bit and now I'd like to upgrade the whole system to 64 bit Vista ultimate. Is this doable, Will Windows Office 2007 still work? I'm ultimately wanting to install some video software editing program like Avid Media Center, should I try this or set up a dual boot system or what?

Gypsy Nick

A:Can I upgrade from Vista ultimate 32 bit to Vista Ultimate 64 bit?

You cannot upgrade from X86 to X64, you have to do a clean install.

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When I purchased my Dell XPS 420 computer I chose to have an option for 4gb of DDR2 PC-6400 800mhz memory installed, as I ordered the Vista 32 bit Home Premium OS and had read that there was a 4gb limitation as to what a 32 bit system would recognize.

I now have installed a Vista Ultimate 64bit OS and then I put in 2 each 4gb Kits (filling all four slots) of Crucial PC2-6400 CL6, (CT2CP25664AA800) 800 mhz, 240 pin, unbuffered, non ecc, kits onto the Intel X38 Express Chipset TP 406 motherboard. Initially, I first installed 1 each of the 4gb kits and the system ran fine, and the system recognized the new total of 4gb of 800 mhz that I had installed, filling two matched colored slots. Then I installed another 4gb kit giving me a total of 8gb of memory for my system.

When I started up the system with this new memory configuration it gave me a memory error code, as I remember it; Code 0123 or Msg 2000-0123?

Anyway, It would not boot up, period. I then took these two (4gb) kits out, and reinstalled the 4ea 1gb memory (filling all four slots) that came with my system back into the computer and it works just fine. The memory that came installed with my system is marked; 1GB1Rx8 PC2-6400U-666 manufactured by Elpida. I was wondering if this is actually 800mhz memory, referring to the -666 marking??

It is my understanging that this Dell TP 406 motherboard has a limit of 4gb of memory for a Vista 32bit OS, and allows for 8gb of memory for a 64bit OS.

Does anyone have any su... Read more

A:Memory Upgrade Problems on a Vista 64 bit OS

Hi win95,

Have you checked the spec as to how much RAM you can build in, I suspect 4gig is the limit.


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I have an eMachines T5230 that came with Vista Home Premium and 1024MB of memory. I was having occasional freeze issues, so I upgraded to two 1024 MB sticks from Crucial. After the upgrade I got more frequent freezes with Evt 5 (parity error on RaidPort0) & Evt 11 (Driver detected error on Hard Disk 0) in the event log. Rolled all drivers back to original versions (had most up-to-date ones before memory upgrade) and freezes became more frequent but previous events gone--replace with Event ID 129 (Reset on RaidPort0 issued). Have scanned for viruses (even swapped virus scanners and scanned a second time). Have run checkdisk, MS Memory test (no errors on regular or detailed scans), have turned off power mgmt for disk (always on), ran with Knoppix to copy off files--worked flawlessly.

A:T5230 Memory Upgrade--Vista Freezes

Shortly after posting this I got a BSoD and decided that a week of my life was enough to invest. I put the old memory back in and used my 4Gig SanDisk as a ReadyBoost device. Needless to say, I will avoid eMachines in the future.

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Hello together !

For your information:

Did a memory upgrade today at 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 (1,9 GH, 256 MB DDR-RAM originally), both up to 1 GB, all fine and not problems.

Just wanted to end rumours about "only 512 MB all together" or even less.

If searching for it, remember to think of the specifications:

DDR-266 (PC2100)
200 PIN
CL 2.5

concerning RAM frequency, building form etc.



P.S.: Don`t think a discussion is necessary, thread could therefore be closed...

A:Satellite Pro 2100 - RAM Upgrade - Memory Upgrade

According the notebook specification Satellite Pro has two memory slots and can be upgraded up to 1 GB. It is very useful to have your confirmation about RAM upgrade for this old but still good notebook model.

Have a nice day.

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I am trying to upgrade from 2GB to 4BG at 1GB sticks. I recently got 2 Transcend 1gb sticks #TS128MLQ64V6J   (2 x 1GB = 2GB) 240-pin DIMM DDR2 PC-5300 RAM memory module for desktop PC
240-pin DIMM, unbuffered Non-ECC memory.
and they don't work, the 2 in my cpu now that work are Hynix 1GB 2rx8 pc2-5300u-555-12. I am trying to figure out why they don't work?

A:Windows Vista Home Premium (Memory Upgrade Problem)

Looks to me as if those modules should work.  Remove the old modules, replace them with the new in the same slots.
Does system boot?

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AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE...the cause of media no longer playing on Windows Media Player and iTunes and all other media players was linked on my PC to the download and installation of AIM 6.5. It also caused my network icon in my system tray show i was no longer connected to a network, and it was an unknown network.

To fix these problems use the system restore program that Vista comes with and restore your PC to a saved version before your installation of AIM 6.5.

Hopefully this helps everyone having these problems.

Note: Aim will no longer work after doing system restore, so you have to re-install in, and if you dont have the install package for 6.0 saved somewhere on your computer do not re-install 6.5, go to the aim site and look for the classic version 5.9.

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AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE...the cause of media no longer playing on Windows Media Player and iTunes and all other media players was linked on my PC to the download and installation of AIM 6.5. It also caused my network icon in my system tray show i was no longer connected to a network, and it was an unknown network.

To fix these problems use the system restore program that Vista comes with and restore your PC to a saved version before your installation of AIM 6.5.

Hopefully this helps everyone having these problems.

Note: Aim will no longer work after doing system restore, so you have to re-install in, and if you dont have the install package for 6.0 saved somewhere on your computer do not re-install 6.5, go to the aim site and look for the classic version 5.9.

A:AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE

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Hi All,
I have a lot of programs and data so I recently upgraded my Windows XP SP3 setup to Windows Vista for Business with the intent of upgrading all the way up to Win 7 and Win 10, but I cannot get Windows Vista SP1 to upgrade.  I have tried many ways including
all of the fixits, through Windows update and through the stand alone.  I have also tried all of these steps, all to no avail:
You can't install updates in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008 R2: KB 2509997
You receive a "0x80246002" error code when you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates: KB958056

Error message when you try to install updates from the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web site: "0x8024000B": KB958040
Error message when you try to upgrade Windows Vista to a more advanced version of Windows Vista: "Windows could not configure one or more system components To install Windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation": KB 946078
In Windows Update, it says successful installation sometimes, but then just keeps offering the Vista SP1 update.  Please help!
Thanks very much.  I have my CBS.log and Windowsupdate.log and I can post, but don't see how to do that.   Barry

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I currently have Vista Home Premium. I accidentally overwritten a file on Nov. 27. Before that, it was last modified on Nov. 26, which is the version I need. I tried using the System Restore Point, Shadow Explorer, and Recuva, but they only go back to Nov. 10th/11th.

If I upgrade to Vista Ultimate now, will the "Previous Versions" option on that same file have the last modified date (Nov. 26th?). Or is there a better way to get the version I need with Vista Home Premium?

Thanks in advance.

A:If I upgrade to Vista Ultimate, will "Previous Versions" option apply to older files?

Hello, you could try this : Repair Install For Vista
Here is something worth checking out, not sure if this works for Vista or not, but, there are related tutorials at the bottom to read. Extract Files from Windows 7 Installation DVD - Windows 7 Forums
Edit : I found the vista tutorial : Extract Files from Vista Installation DVD

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