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Screen does not shut off but stays in screen saver

Q: Screen does not shut off but stays in screen saver

OK I have vista home premium on a gateway desktop model# GM5483E and I have in the power settings for the screen to be shut off after 45 minutes but it never does it just stays in screen saver the video card is an EVGA 8600gts with a DVI cord to an lcd monitor and this started a few weeks ago any ideas on how to trouble shoot and solve this thanks

A: Screen does not shut off but stays in screen saver

Silly question, plvness, did you make sure to hit "Apply" and then "Ok" when you were updating your Power Settings?

Let's start there and see if we can track down the source.


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Hi all, I've had this problem for a few weeks now. My auto sleep function of either my monitor or screen saver won't work well, soon after a computer restart. Right after a restart things are working normally, but after say 5 hours it doesn't work. It seems that my computer won't idle then.

However, after several hours of computer activity, it stop working!

Things I've tried:
1) Deleted lots of processes in my task manager. Compared a list of programs running when my comp will idle with a list of programs running when my comp won't. Deleted all the ones (I think) that were different.
2) Turning off my mouse and keyboard
3) Trying different options...i.e., monitor sleep, and screen saver. 4) Switching from DP to DVI D.
I have a ASUS PB278Q and a GTX 660. Wireless mouse. Wired keyboard.

It seems like #1 above, has to be it...but so far no luck. Maybe I could use some sort of alternative program. I tried using a screen turn-off .EXE file, but after 1 second the monitor pops back if the mouse were activated. I often fall asleep to movies or forgot to turn of my monitor when I leave my room, so that's why I'd really like this to work normally.This program -- click here -- allows a blank screen saver to activate on click. However, the auto activate doesn't work cause, again, my system won't idle. Also, a blank screen saver isn't as dark as a monitor auto-shut down.

Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

A:Computer won't Idle -- no screen saver or auto monitor shut off

I would take a look in Device Manager. Go to the device for your network card/interface and look at the Properties. See if it is set to wake on network activity.

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Hello guys, i recently got infected by some nasty something.I ran malwarebytes full scan and combofix (which deleted some files in SysWoW64 and SimpleScreenShot.exe), after having done a system restore (restored to state of 4 days ago).Before all that, my PC opened CMD after booting for a sec, then closed it again, 5 to 10 mins later, the screen went blank and there was no sound anymore. As neither screen nor sound got back, i forced the pc to shut down, but it's light still remained on. Most off that is gone, since i restored system and used combofix, but i read, that i should post my log, so one of you could review it and make sure my pc's clean again.Hope it's not that bad and,Thank you very much in advance, greez.ComboFix 12-05-05.05 - pc 05/05/2012 13:53:09.2.8 - x64Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.9207.7187 [GMT 2:00]Running from: c:\users\pc\Downloads\ComboFix.exeAV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Disabled/Updated* {9765EA51-0D3C-7DFB-6091-10E4E1F341F6}SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Disabled/Updated* {2C040BB5-2B06-7275-5A21-2B969A740B4B}SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}..((((((((((((((((((((((((( Files Created from 2012-04-05 to 2012-05-05 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))..2012-05-05 12:00 . 2012-05-05 12:00 -------- d-----w- c:\users\Default\AppData\Local\temp2012-05-05 11:43 . 2012-04-13 08:46 8917360 ----a-w- c:\programdata\... Read more

A:Screen goes blank, sound away, no regular shut down possible, pc light stays on after forced shutdown

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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XP Service Pack 3

Screensaver is enabled and so is 'Display welcome screen when coming back from screensaver'.

This works most of the time, however on a regular basis the screensaver will resume to the following screen and just stay there forever.

The only thing to do is to press the power button, at which point a popup alerts that a user is logged in, do you still want to shut down.



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I have been trying to find a good utility screen saver with things like: cpu usage, ram usage, cpu temp, etc etc.

I've found only one so far, Nafkak (spelling?), and it is terrible.

Does anyone know of another that I can try?

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I am aware of the Screen Saver setup and modify capabilities in the Personalization menu. I am also aware that there is a Preview button there also.
There is a program in the Windows system files that you can put on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. You can then click this Icon and manually start the Screen Saver.
I however (in my infinite stupidity) have forgotten the name of this program and where it is located. Can someone please tell me what its name is and where it is located?

A:Screen Saver, I want to start the Screen Saver Manually.

Welcome to the Seven Forums

This thread may help you Pin screensaver shortcut to taskbar?


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I recently bought 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D-138 laptops; one for me and one for my parents. I have been setting both of them up. They both came with Vista, and as Toshiba instructs, I made recovery discs, and then I downgraded to XP.
It appeared to go smoothly enough, but then when I shut down either computer, they would automatically restart. The only way to shut either down completely is to hold my finger down on the power button. What I have taken to doing is allowing it to shut down, then as I hear the fans re-activate, I then hold down the button and it shuts down properly.
At first I thought this was a Toshiba problem, so I checked their website, and I rang them a couple of times. They talked me through a couple of different options, and in 'Toshiba Modem' in the Device Manager, I unchecked a box that said 'restart on standby' or something...
This didn't solve the problem. I rang again, we did other things (sorry for lack of information, but as I now believe it is a Windows problem, I don't really think anything they said or did for me was of much help.)
Anyway, both computers still restarted when I shut them down, so I googled it, and on a Microsoft forum came up with: Right click on My Computer, go into Properties; click on Start up and failure, uncheck box that says 'automatic restart'. I don't claim to know much about computers, but I imagine the point of that little system is that when something is going wrong, the comp... Read more

A:Computer restarts on shut down OR blue screen- 'stop windows has shut down to protect' screen

Hi .Ati2mtag.sys is a video driver, installed for any system possessing an ATI video card/chip. possessed various ATI cards previously...I can attest that yours is a fairly common situation. I suspect that the driver has been somehow damaged and needs to be replaced by an undamaged version.What I would do is, once the system boots, remove the installed video drivers (using Device Manager)...then reboot and reinstall the drivers.How to update a Windows hardware driver - The STOP0X0000007A noted in the error message...indicates that this is a hardware error. Component drivers are considered hardware, so I would try the uninstall/reinstall for the video drivers.As for shutdown problems...every version of Windows has those. Some have solutions, others are more obtuse. You might take a look at Troubleshoot XP Shutdown Problems (MS) - AND Troubleshooting Windows XP Shutdown Issues - If you read through the links provided, you will see that the suggestions made by Toshiba personnel...followed a known, logical sequence.Louis

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when I last powered on my machine It stayed on the screen I can use to enter Bios for 2 hours maybe more. I am afraid to turn my machine off again but I know I will need to eventually. I used trend micro and did a online virus scan that found no threat then I used hijack this here are the results.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4Scan saved at 6:48:10 PM, on 5/24/2010Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.17023)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgchsvx.exeC:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgrsx.exeC:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgcsrvx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXBCES.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXPPS.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\PackethSvc.exeC:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgwdsvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXEC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\pctspk.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\UStorSrv.exeC:�... Read more

A:when I power on my computer it stays on the Bios enter screen for 30 mins before it goes to the choose os screen

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below I will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions... Read more

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my screen stays black and shows the mouse icon and won't load my home screen?

A:my home screen won't load up my screen stays black and shows the mouse


Try booting the PC into Safe Mode. Start your computer in safe mode

If successfully able to boot into Safe Mode try running a System Restore back to a date when it was working properly

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Hello everybody, today my laptop has become blind. Let me explain:

My laptop was purchased in 2007
Alienware m9750
Dual nvidia 7950 go
Dual core 2.0
2 gigs of ram
80 gb harddrive

So here's what happened, today I was watch s movie on netflix when suddenly my screen goes black. Though I had crashed but my laptop was still on and the sound was still going. restarted, and the initial screen was slightly pixellated and garbled. Which has now made my laptop permanent garbled and pixely. After the windows logo. My screen goes black, but I am still hear the windows start up sound. I found that I am able to click on some music files on my desktop that are able to play, so this is a video issue. I reboot in safe mode which works this time figure to disable and uninstall the videocard drivers. I restart and I'm able to use my pc somewhat normally( still garbled). Reinstalled the nvidia drivers then halfway through says: error install failed or something, it happen really fast then crashed, tried restarting atleast 20 times in safe mode but it freezes up after it tries to load partition(1)\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys

All of the other options for start up(even last settings to work) the screen goes black after the windows logo. I have tried tinkering with the bios but it doesn't help. Its basically being blind using a computer. So I'm wondering if there is anyway to possibly blindly open up command prompt and possibly disable or uninstall the drivers from there, I'm ab... Read more

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Whenever my laptop wakes up from sleep and shows the lock screen, I click and type in my PIN as normal. But on the lock screen at the top right, there's a Cortana box usually giving an example of what I can do, like 'tap and say remind me to water the plants when I get home'.

The problem is this box stays on the screen after the computer is unlocked, and displays semi-transparently in the top left over all other windows, with the only way to remove it is to double click, have a Cortana window display full screen and then close it.

I'd like to find a way of either fixing this or disabling Cortana from the lock screen altogether as I never use this feature. Any tips would be appreciated.

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? OS - Windows 7 SP1
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? Windows 8
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Retail Version
? Age of system (hardware) 4 months
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? 1 week

? CPU Core i5-3330
? Video Card Nvidia GT 620
? MotherBoard
? Power Supply - brand & wattage 300w

? System Manufacturer Dell
? Exact model number: Inspiron 660
Added Samsung 830 128gb SSD + 3TG Seagate in replaced of the original 2TB Seagate HDD.

I have tried reinstalling Nvidia drivers, currently use the older version 310.90
Previously used 314.22.

A:[SOLVED] I get black screen after coming back from screen saver/idle

The following may be helpful when reading the remainder of this post:Beta and Legacy Drivers | GeForce

NVIDIA Driver Downloads

Advanced Driver Search

Product Type: GeForce
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Product Series: GeForce 600 Series
Product: GeForce GT 620
Recommended/Beta: Recommended/Certified


Name Version Release Date
GeForce 314.22 Driver WHQL 314.22 March 25, 2013
GeForce 314.07 Driver WHQL 314.07 February 18, 2013
GeForce 310.90 Driver WHQL 310.90 January 5, 2013
GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL 310.70 December 17, 2012
GeForce 306.97 Driver WHQL 306.97 October 10, 2012
GeForce 306.23 Driver WHQL 306.23 September 13, 2012
GeForce 301.42 Driver WHQL 301.42 May 22, 2012

BugCheck 0x117
These crashes are DirectX/graphics card related. DirectX comes installed with Windows, so this may indicate Windows corruption. It may also be that you have corrupted drivers or a graphics card hardware problem.
If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

Run a system file check to check Windows for corruption: Click Start Menu
Click All Programs
Click Accessories
Right click Command Prompt
Click Run as administrator
sfc /scannow
and press Enter
Once it is complete, make note of the message. If it says Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations., restart your computer and post back
If... Read more

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I did an upgrade from Win 7 , and Screen Saver / Turn off display after 5 mins was working under Win 7 64 bit
As my title suggest Screen Saver / Lock screen Slideshow / Turn off display after 5 mins are not working under Win 10
The Lock screen Slideshow is there when Win 10 starts but only shows ONE image, never moves to another.
THINGS I've done so far to get any of these working ...Screen Saver / Lock screen Slideshow / Turn off display after 5 mins
I’ve turned off all the Wake on lan functions
Tried different folder/ images for the lockscreen Slideshow ,window spotlight and picture
Tried to set new power options , was able to get SLEEP to show up in "Start" as it was not there before, but once click , the display DID turn off, but wouldn’t turn back on with mouse movement keyboard presses, had to do a hard reboot. Win 10 started without issue and the SLEEP mode was no longer aviable via the power "start" menu.
Anyone have a clue how to get all of these working. Really would like my display to turn off after 5 mins , and the Screen saver to work , the Lockscreen I'm not fussed about

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I have a Dell 1750 Inspiron laptop that I use "as a desktop" as every piece of hardware is connected to it.
It runs with Windows 7 Home Edition. It has a 4gb memory and a 450gb hard drive which is less than half used.

I have the screen saver set to Photos and usually have a cut-in time of 1 hour idle.

The screen saver cuts in exactly when it should and scrolls through my photos for as long as the laptop is left idle.

However, as soon as I touch the mouse/keyboard, instead of reverting to the "normal" screen the photos disappear, the blank screen fades for a few seconds and then a message appears in a box, saying that the Photos Screen Saver is not responding, and gives the options of either close the program or wait for the programme to respond. Waiting doesn't seem to work so I have to click on close the programme and then cancel the statement that Windows will try to find a solution, because it doesn't!

I have tried to vary the time before the screen saver kicks in, anything from 1 minute to several hours but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can anyone help please?

A:Photo Screen Saver wont revert back to live screen

Have you checked the timing for when the HDD turns off or Sleep or Hibernation kicks in [I disable both of those and lengthen the time on the HDD to several hours], Control Panel, Power Options?

The reason I mentioned the HDD is the symptoms you mentioned seem to apply. The screen saver could be in memory and not affected by the HDD until it's asked for something.

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My user account is password protected and "require a password on wake up" is turned on .

But when I resume from hibernate it return to desktop instead of log on screen. The same think happens with screen saver -on resume display log on screen-.

A:password protection, log on screen, hibernate & screen saver problem

Originally Posted by vassoulas

My user account is password protected and "require a password on wake up" is turned on .

But when I resume from hibernate it return to desktop instead of log on screen. The same think happens with screen saver -on resume display log on screen-.

Hibernation in it self saves everything thats in RAM at the time the system is put into that mode. It should not lock the PC as that wasn't the state it was in before it hibernated. perhaps lock the PC before you push the hibernate button!

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I have set up my Win 7 Pro 64-bit screen saver to bring up the password logon screen upon activation of the mouse/keyboard/whatever.

Late last week, whenever I moved the mouse or clicked the keyboard, the screensaver would go directly to the desktop, bypassing the logon screen. I went to the screensaver utility and unchecked and rechecked the 'On resume, display the logon screen' box, selecting 'Apply and OK' each time.

This would work for maybe two or three times and then go back to returning to the desktop.

I've run MalwareBytes, IOBit, and Norton and all come up virus/rootkit free.

Any ideas?

A:Screen Saver to password logon screen failing

There are a few seconds of "grace" time, meaning when the screensaver launches you have a few seconds to "wake it" and go back to your desktop without locking it.

I guess I can assume you're not talking about that, right?

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From Windows 7 logon screen how to run screen saver slide show.
Try the hack here but it didn't work I have a lab of 30 systems and try it again on another two systems but it didn't work. I'm runing Windows 7 64Bit.

Log On Screen Saver - Enable or Disable

A:Screen Saver Window 7 Logon Screen Slideshow

Hello ZMan, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You will not be able to have a slideshow with the logon screen saver. As in the tutorial, it can only be a blank black screen if enabled. Anything else, and you get that message in the NOTE box at the top of the tutorial.


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This is what someone else wrote in another topic:

"I booted my computer up today, and saw my background wasn't available anymore. Then I see the message, "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install an antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer". It says that Win32/Adware.Virtumonde and Win32/PrivacyRemover.M64 are on my computer."

I had the exact same problem but i followed the instructions that someone posted in that topic, these were the instructions posted by "drdrew1469":

"I just got through fixing this (I hope). What it did here was change the background and set the screensaver to the sysinternals bluescreen screensaver (which you may be seeing) while at the same time setting policies in the registry to disable the two aforementioned tabs in the Display properties window.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System \NoDispBackgroundPage and [same]\NoDispScrSvrPage (they are both set to 1. Delete both entries.

Then check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run for any funky alphanumeric filenames (I'm pretty sure it's just a random string anyway so posting the string probably won't help you much). Delete these keys and the associated file(s). (Doesn't hurt to check msconfig either, but I found nothing there)."

I thought that it had bee... Read more

A:Solved: Blue Screen of Death as screen saver

I removed two files on my harddrive, lphc1gbj0ecft.exe and lphc1gbj0ecft.scr, and now the bluescreen-screensaver is gone!

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I am having a very wierd issue with vista's screen saver. So basically when I leave the comp idle it goes into screen saver then turns off the monitor after 15 mins. Sometimes, more often than not, I come back and move the mouse and hit a few keys on the keyboard and nothing. The monitor wont come out of standby I try turning it off and back on, and nothing. I have the latest drivers for everything in my system and I checked the power management settings and they both are able to wake the computer up. I have a G15 keyboard and I keep the leds on and when this happens the leds are off and the lazer for the mouse is off too. Any suggestions as to what my problem is would be fantastic!


A:Screen Saver to black unresponsive screen

/me makes "lazer" airquote gestures

Inability to successfully complete power state transitions (awake<->asleep<->hibernating) is almost always caused by driver or BIOS issues. If you're confident that all the drivers are on their latest versions, have you also done the same for the BIOS?

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I installed update for windows 10. When attempting to return to an active screen from screen saver the screen does not return to an active screen but goes to a dark screen. The cursor moves, but will not return to an active screen. Pushing the power button resets and runs the startup and returns to the computer to an active screen

A:What suggestions for a black screen after screen saver?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! IMHO screen savors are no longer necessary. I would turn it off. Here's link from HTG. If you need more help, please join the forum. Why Screen Savers Are No Longer Necessary Join the Windows Central Community!

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I use my pics for my screen saver but they do not cover the screen;how can I fix them so that they all cover the screen ?

A:how can i make my screen saver pics fit the screen?

"Turn off the screensaver. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), turning off the screensaver can save you from $25 to $75 a year on energy costs."

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I have a very strange problem, I'm stumped and would appreciate any help.
On my new HP6910 laptop, when my XP Pro SP3 (system default XP) Screen Saver comes on, the screen has a partial heavily corrupted copy of the bottom taskbar at the top of the screen (!) and when I ctrl-alt-delete and enter my password the taskbar at the bottom is missing all of its text but otherwise looks reasonable. The Oulook, Word, and other started tasks in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen have their icons, just no text, even if there is a group of them and you hover the mouse over the group and they expand. Most of them still work, but Windows Desktop Search (WDS) doesn't work and I have to close them and restart them. This seemed to start a few days after I installed WDS, added a DVI monitor to the docking station and the same day I installed Activesync 4.5. I've reinstalled WDS and removed my wallpaper but this didn't help, I'm about to reinstall Activesync but it takes a few hours to sync for the first time so I thought I would see if anybody had any other ideas before doing this.
All help is greatly appreciated!


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hey fellas

i was wondering if i can see any of my screen saver as my boot screen !!!
or do any thing to achieve that !!!

i really want to see my matrix screen saver when i turn my pc on !! i hope some genius of u can crack that !

A:screen saver to show on boot screen !

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Hi. I want to have slide show show on 2 screens, also be nice to have screen-saver show up on 2 screens, pics on each or alternating
I have a 64 bit Win 7 Porfessional,, 8 core AMD processor, two Asus cards in an SLI rig, 8 gigs of ram. This is a home-built rig I use for flight simulator, and streaming YouTube
My Win XP machine I use as a map computer, does not have a problem using both screens for screen - saver pics slide show. And this is an ancient machine.
Any help or point me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks.

2 LCD screens, one an ancient Apple 15" the other is a 42" Vizeo

A:Screen Saver or Slideshow Help W/ Dual Screen Rig

This should do the trick

FREE Wallpaper Slideshow LT - Automatically change your desktop wallpaper

A Guy

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I am having a problem setting a screen saver on my new Windows 10. When setting a screen saver and selecting "Preview" or setting a screen saver and having it go to it at the appropriate time limit, the screen saver displays properly.

However, when hitting a key or mouse move or click, instead of returning to Windows, it displays a black screen and locks. I have tried everything, at the black screen, to return to windows without any luck, other than manually turning the PC off and rebooting.

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I downloaded a free sample of a screensaver from just to have a look - and then uninstalled it. Now I constantly get a pop up window telling me I'm running an unregistered Buddy Saver screensaver. My husband reinstalled and uninstalled for me, but I'm still living with this Buddy Saver annoyance. How do I get rid of it ?? (I also sent them an email weeks ago to ask what to do but no response). Thanks

A:Buddy Saver screen saver

It is probably running at startup. Go to start > run and type in msconfig and enter. Go to the startup tab and uncheck the item for it listed there.

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Neither work after the allotted time....
Running Vista home premium Svc pack 1
This is my first question so I apologize if I'm not in the right section.

A:Screen Saver/Power Saver

If you manually click sleep, does it go to sleep and stay asleep? It doesn't wake up on its own after 10 seconds or so?

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Hi, first post here by a rather happy Lenovo Yoga 13 + Windows 8 user.

As the topic says, is it possible to have the lockscreen turn on automatically after a few minutes?

As it is now I can only get to the lock screen after waking up the computer from the screen saver. I would like to have it configured so that the traditional screen saver is bypassed and it goes straight to the lock screen and stays there forever until I swipe it up.

I think the lockscreen is a very beautiful feature and it's great to see all these small notifications. It would be wonderful to just be able to glance at my computer and seeing these notifications without actually having to touch it.

I feel it's kind of useless to only see the lock screen while you're actually logging in, because then you'll see your notifications anyway on your start screen.

A:Can I use the lock screen as a screen saver?

The easiest way is to right click your account icon on top right of Start Screen and Lock it.

Don't know of a way to auto lock.


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Screen saver works on each profile.
Screen saver will Not activate at lock screen or login screen.
Have used gpedit.msc to enable screen saver and to set screen saver time out.

have resorted to sleeping my monitor after 5min.
I would like to use the screen saver instead.

Any Ideas.

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Slowly but surly I am getting the system up and we are in the fine tuning stage...
I now have the screen saver working, but there is one slight catch, after the screen saver has been on for a while and I move the mouse, the screen clears and what is left behind is the log on logo and I have to click on that to get back to the primary screen,
How do not have to go to the log off screen and just continue with my screen/window that I was on before the screen saver kicked in.

A:Screen saver takes me to log out screen

There is a checkbox in the screensaver settings that needs to be unchecked, see image below.

Screen Saver Password Protection -Enable or Disable

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While the Windows 7 desktop background pictures fill the screen, the screen saver photos do not.

Is there a way to have the latter fill the screen as well?

A:Can I Get Screen Saver to Fill The Screen?

Welcome Rambling One,
Are your pictures big enough to fill the screen? I can get mine to fill the screen but the pictures I'm using are also Wallpaper size.

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Screen saver works it shows reception battery n time but that's it on Microsoft code is 059w9N5 model-rm1034

A:My phone screen is black but it shows screen saver on my Microsoft phone

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Screen saver works it shows reception battery n time but that's it on Microsoft code is 059w9N5 model-rm1034

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ok like tha title says yes i logged on but the login screen wont go away i can hear all my programs runin but still the saMe screen and if u dont already Know i cant reboot cus it does somethin but im typing on my psp so.... alls need to do is logg off i did sleep and windows L so i need to know how 2 do keyshortcut Tototaly logg off

A:Log On But Screen Stays The Same

Hit the Windows key - then U (for Turn off computer), then R (for Restart).

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I have had a recurring problem for months on my HP desktop. Often when I walk away from my computer (and occasionally while i'm sitting there using the darn thing!), I'll come back a while later and my monitor will have gone black and does not come back when I move my mouse or anything else i've tried. I end up having to shut down using the button on my CPU in order to restart and get my screen image back. Is this a Vista problem, a hardware (video card?) problem or an old-duffer-with-his-head-where-the-sun-don't-shine problem? Is there an easy way to prevent this and/or an easy way to get my screen image back without shutting down the whole kit and kaboodle? thanks in advance for any help.


A:Screen goes/stays blank

I think this is Vista, though it may just be for laptops. Anyway try looking at "Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Change when the compuer sleeps." Incidentally will a wake up button on your keyboard do anything in this situation?

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well, I think some files are lost after I improperly shut down the laptop by hold down the power button. So when I start up computer, it stays at Window XP welcome screen, the bar keeps moving continuously, but it goes nowhere. It's a Toshiba Satellite and it comes with a recovery disc, but after it finish loading the disc, nothing happens but black screen and a mouse pointer. I also tried to reinstall everything from that recovery disc but can't...(also tried to hold down C key when laptop is powering up to reformat). When I try to go to safe mode, it shows blue screen then restart again after it stops loading the file. so.... anyone got any other ideas? .. it always stays at the welcome screen.. .. so i can't even login..

A:It stays at Window Welcome screen

You could try a low level format with killdisk and then try to reinstall the operating system from the recovery disk.

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Ohai all, again.

My laptop screen stays off when I close the lid. I set the laptop to 'do nothing' (turn off the screen), when I close the lid. When I open it, the screen stays off. The only way to fix it from here is to either turn it off or to put it in sleep mode (with my designated button). Everything still works, its just that the screen doesn't turn on.

Any ideas?

A:Screen stays off after lid is opened

Hi. Did you find a solution? I have the same problem.

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Recently, I was surfing on the web and my computer froze on me (Everything froze besides my mouse). So when I restarted my computer, everything was fine until I got to the loading screen (screen with the windows logo and the loading blue bar). I've waited for the longest time ever but the blue bar would keep moving while windows doesnt even bother to load up.
I've tried running Windows in safe mode but its still stuck at the loading screen.

Any ideas or help?
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A:XP stays on loading screen

Hi, The usual advice is to choose the "Last Known Good Configuration" to boot to, when you try to start up, use the F8 key to get to the Advanced startup menu (in the list where you would usually pick Safe MOde) and select that line with your up/down arrow key, and press Enter. If that does not work, you should have System Restore to try. Sounds like neither is going to work for you, but you can try.

Just shutting everything down will sometimes help, if you leave it off and unplugged for 10 minutes or so, I mean the main power cord so no power is available to the motherboard or power supply.

Sometimes, just restarting a few times will help. Could be you picked some malware up, too, and restarting then can make it worse. So, you are at some risk and should try to rescue any really important files if there are any. When things go bad, there can be as few as one or two good starts to Safe Mode or normal before you are really crashed and can't do any backing up data.....

Is everything plugged in OK, what I mean is, did you perhaps shut down and move any cables or plugs or open the case to look at something?

Let us know if anything you try works or not.

And> Do you have the install disks for the computer handy in case you need to use them?

Running a chkdsk from the Recovery Console is one thing you can try after you try the above.
You need the XP installation CD, or one provided with the computer like the Dell or other manufacturer CD with XP on it. (U... Read more

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hey i have just been given a computer and when given was working but would freeze nearly all the time, so i formatted it and it still froze alonmg the way, i have just recently changed the ram and it has not work so i put the old stick back in and it wont work at all now, the screen just stays black, please help

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Hi there. Recently upgraded to Windows 8.1. I have been experimenting with changing the Lock Screen. I know how to change it manually. The point is, I put the setting to 'Play slide show'. I even told the system to use a picture folder. Maybe I am misunderstanding. I was expecting the lock screen to be different each time. But no change. I even installed Lock Pic. But I noticed it's working with the actual windows settings. It just gives me a different choice of pictures. So what am I doing wrong?

A:Lock Screen stays the same.

Hello gallicbear,

In Windows 8 and 8.1 there are two "Lock" screens. One is set by the user that is displayed only when they are signed in. The other is the default Lock screen image that is displayed when there are no users signed in.

The lock screen slide show only works on your lock screen when you are still signed in, and not the default one.
Lock Screen Slide Show - Turn On or Off in Windows 8.1
Hope this helps,

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Can anyone please tell me why my laptop screen turns white and stays that way when i start up?

A:screen stays white

Hi steveicw

Just guessing here but it sounds like the LCD screen isn't working. Basically you are getting the backlight on with nothing in front to change the display. Is there anywhere on the laptop that you can plug in a external monitor and see if the system is booting? I had one laptop like this where the external display worked fine but the screen was all white. Replacing the display fixed the problem. Laptops are expensive and hard to fix. You may need to take it to a repair shop. BOL

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I dont know wat this would be called really but when i right click file at the top of the browser and select print or whatever i select print will just stay on my screen untill i right click on the desktop and it is very aggrivating becaause it goes through other windows so i constantly have to go to the desktop and right click please help

A:what i select stays on the screen

Hi .You might try running chkdsk (Graphical Interface) and then doing a defrag of your boot a start to solving it.Running CHKDSK -

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I have a Dell 620. This morning when I turned the monitor on I got.a blank screen. Mouse worked. Asleep? No idea.
(I'm on my little phone). When no logon screen I powered down. Power up, says resuming windows and goes back
To blank screen.
Try F2 and do diagnostics. Everything is ok. When in diagnostics mouse and keyboard work.
I've tried ctl alt delete but nothing. I would like to get that start up choice to start normally.


A:screen.stays blank

After pressing many ctlaltdels while restarting I get: the last attempt to resume from prev location failed.
Attempt to resume.again? And the choices are:
Continue with system.restore
Delete and proceed to system boot menu

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ok here's my problem. I loaded windows 7 32 bit about 2 weeks ago on my laptop. Well i never had any problems. Now today after having used it maybe 20 minutes before i get stuck on welcome screen. The blue circle is still moving, but it stays there. Also it does same thing when i try to go into safe mode. The hard drive is fine bc had somebody take some files off it. Oh and i slo trying repairing to find it saying nothing is wrong. ANy ideas bc I think as myself as pretty computer savvy, but i cant think of nay solutions beside re-enstalling windows 7. Oh if this helps i upgraded it from a Vista set up. Computer is only a few years old and when i checked compadibility. It saide it was fine. Any ideas?

A:Windows 7 stays on welcome screen.

Did this start happening after you had someone take files off of it? Did you do a backup when you first installed it?

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After the screensaver automatically turns off the display (after 20 minutes), the screen STAYS black, no matter what I do it won't turn back on. I have pressed buttons on the keyboard, mouse, and turned the display on and off. I have to hard reset my computer... it sucks man! What is going on? I looked in the power options and sleep is on 'never' and turn off hard disk is on 'never'. I was looking for hypernation, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I deleted my hybernation files a while back because they were taking up space and I never had used it.

This has just started fairly recent, when I got my new video card (eVGA 9800GTX+ 512MB) it started doing it, but that is around the same time I deleted my hybernation files, that is why I suspect it, but I can't find anywhere to enable or disable it. I checked in power settings under advanced and it isn't there.

I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit

What's going on? I need help, this is driving me nuts, I am hard resetting my computer almost every day because of this. I don't want to shut off automatic display shutoff because my Acer X191W monitor gets hot and I like it to cool down when the screen gets shut off. (In the past I had this same model of monitor burn up on me, don't know why, but I suspect heat. This thing gets really warm after a couple hours. They sent me a new one for free then, but my warranty is up now.)

Help please,


A:Screen stays black after screensaver

I would have to agree that deleting your hybernation files is probably the cause. Since they are only needed if you allow your computer to hibernate, there must be another step to shutting it off. It does seem like you checked the right places though. I would assume it would be in your power settings.

You might want to check you BIOS though. If it's disabled there, I'd think you'd be ok.


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OK. So my laptop doesn't start. It just blinks 3 times (1 long and 2 short). The whole laptop is shut down and doesn't start.message edited by blacklakk

A:screen stays black and i don't hear anything

"It just blinks 3 times (1 long and 2 short)"You'll need to post more information than that if you want advice on what to do.What blinks? The screen? One of the lights?Do you mean it blinks or it makes beep noises?Make & model?

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This is a minor nuisance, but I'd like to get to the bottom of it!
Every week I get a pop up balloon message from sys. tray warning me anti-virus needs updating - no problem there but...after I close the reminder PART OF THE BLACK OUTLINE REMAINS ON DESKTOP! Only solution is to reboot - what could cause this? It's a tad distracting... ALSO - How do I insert an animated gif as my signature? When I click in insert pic it asks what text is to be formatted??


A:Solved: Pop Up Outline stays on screen

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Iv just installed a new CPU into my vista PC and now my screen says black. The PC sounds as if it is loading up like usual but my PC screen stays off as if my PC was off.

I even turned my screen off and on again but said it wasnt reciving a signal.

What should I do?


A:Iv just installed a new CPU but my PC screen stays black

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Hi. My computer was running fine and then suddenly the screen went black.  I turned the power off and on and it came up with error message "Unmountable Boot Volume" and then tried to fix the problem but it just stayed on the black screen and never fixed the problem.  I turned it off, done the hard reset where I take out the battery and hold the power button for fifteen seconds but it is still the same. I have gone into the mode where I can try to restore the computer but it does not allow me to do that. It say's it is restoring and then just stays black.   I have also ran a report where it says the problem is "Hard drive Short DST Check: Failed" and gave me a code of 0SNHWW-7N987K-MFPWMG-60WF03. If there is anything that can be done to help me I would really appreciate it as I use this laptop for work and really need to get it back up and running urgently with minimal cost.  Many thanks for your help

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hello, this is ecobill. i am new in the neighborhood. I know a little about computers (enough to be dangerous); so, I need help once in while. Whenever I have trouble it is never the normal problems.
Because I lost the printer drivers and USB drivers on my present computer when I updated to XP Service pack 2 and I have been able to install them from any locaton.

I have received a used, but more updated computer. I was told it worked, but there was no rack for the hard drives that matched the screw holes. I adapted an old rack and when I turn on the power with the monitor attached, there is nothing but a black screen. The power supply appears Ok, because some of the lights come on; the hard drive is running; and the fans come on the motherboard and video card. The monitor is OK because I used it on another older computer. Also when I just unplug the monitor from the video card, the screen comes on. I tried another older video card in one of the shorter card slots, but it did work either.
Any ideas out there? Thanks

A:Monitor Screen stays black

Monitor stays black

I don't know how to reset the cmos unless you mean to pull the battery. I don't know about the BIOS bus for the video (I can't see any BIOS) settings. I removed the original AGP video card that I thought might be a problem and I put an older working video card (Trident) in another PCI slot and this made no difference. I pulled the RAM chips to clean the connections and reset all cables. I disconnected the CD drive, the floppy drive, and later the hard drive after checking each situation indiviudally, but this made no difference.

Another problem (may be related) is the on-off switch does not control anything. I have to use the toggle switch in the back. I checked the wire connection from the switch to the motherboard (Intel D845BG) and it looked OK.

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I own a Toshiba laptop. In the past week, everytime I've turned it on, it first goes to a black screen with an underscore blinking in the upper lefthand corner. Then it goes completely black. Then it goes to the XP loading screen, but stays on that for over an hour until I decide to turn it off by holding down the power button. What can I do to get my laptop to work? Thanks.

A:Laptop stays on XP loading screen

Immediately after Power On, start tapping the "F8" button once per second until you get to the Safe Mode Menu screen.

Then select "Use Last Known Good Configuration". Report results.

If this fails, do this again, and try to get into basic "Safe Mode", and report results.

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ok I willtry to explain this one as best I can . when copying a word or website I have this problem . I copy then a box comes up asking what you want done and I click on copy . everything goes away except the word copy. I then haveto log out of everything and then click on A EMPTY SPACE AND the word copy disappears . how can I change that to not do that. hope you understand . thanks Roz

A:Copying word stays on the screen

bump bump

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I have an Asus Eee PC that I got last year for my birthday. It has Windows 7 as the operating system. When I turn to computer on it seems to be working normal. When it comes time to log into a user profile and I click on the administrator profile (which is the one I use) and type in the password. The computer logs onto the profile but the screen stays completely black. I can still hear the computer running but the screen doesn't change. This has happened before but the toolbar was always visible at the bottom of the screen and now it's not. The only thing I can do with the screen black is type in Ctrl Alt and Delete to get the menu. Nothing on the menu seems to be helping with the issue.
I decided that I better see if the same thing was happening with my guest profile too. When I logged into my guest profile everything is working fine and that's what I'm on right now. However, the administrator profile has all my documents that I need for school and work so factory resetting or the possibly of wiping the computer isn't really an option.
Thank you for your time.

A:Computer Screen Stays Black

Is explorer.exe running when you look at the processes?
If it is, end the process.
Next press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up Task Manager, and then go to File \ New Task (Run) and type in explorer into the run box.
Does your desktop appear?

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So, my computer has had this as a recurring problem for about a year now. After suffering some form of trauma, (a small child running into, someone tripping over it, etc.) my computer screen will turn a solid color, usually gray or blue. After shutting it down the monitor turns black and attempting to boot up the computer causes the monitor to stay black, though the fans in the case turn on and machine makes various clicks and whirs.

Every time this has happened in the past I have gone into the case, disconnected all outside cables, the video card, the battery on the motherboard, and occasionally other things as well, sort of haphazardly. I let the thing sit for a while and then plugged everything back in and after maybe one or two iterations of this process the thing eventually booted up.

After it's most recent trauma (having a laptop dropped on it =_=; ) it hasn't booted up properly after several unplug-and-replug-everything routines. The fans still start up, like before, but I haven't been able to get video to work. I have tried disconnecting the video card and plugging the monitor into the built in graphics on the motherboard but that still didn't work. While "on" I tried pressing various "locks" on the keyboard and found that numlock caused a light to light up, but neither caps nor scroll lock did ( I don't know if this means anything, but I figured I'd throw it out there ). No sounds are emitted by the speakers, but ... Read more

A:Screen stays black at all times

Yes replace the old power supply and back up everything important to you. Get those old hard drives replaced ASAP. They are slowing your system down at the very least

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YouTube Buffers but will not play
Youtube vids worked last year. Then they only worked each time I logged on. Now they show the loading screen and I hear bytes but when they get to the end, they won't replay. They just start buffering again.
I removed and reinstalled Adobe Flash. I cleared Internet Explorer cookies, browsing history, and temp files. Removed Quicktime. Youtubes still go to loading screen only.
W.XP... Dell4800... Aol.... Dial Up
Please share your knowledge. Thank you

A:Youtube stays in load screen.

Which Browser Do U Use?

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I go to turn on my laptop (gateway NV56RR38u) and two lights turn on near the mouse (hard drive light and power light). The screen does not turn on. After a few seconds the hard drive light near the mouse goes off. I can hear the fan turn on and stay on. I have removed the battary and held the power button down for 30 seconds, that did not work. 

A:why does my laptop turn on but my screen stays bla...

Have you attempted to connect an external display to see if you can get some sort of display? That will help make the determination if it is the motherboard itself or if it is the screen or a cable that could be having an issue.

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My screen seems to have a loose connection. It turns off when tilted back. Just a gentle touch to the back of it turns on again but then shuts off. I have to tilt it forward for it to remain on. The computer remains on, just the screen goes blank.

View Solution.

A:Screen turns off, computer stays on

 Hi @HPEnvyuser1, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums!  You have come to the right place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! You said your HP ENVY 17t-n100 Notebook is having issues with the LCD screen connections. Here is a link to your service manual, page 19 to check the connections of the Display screen.  If you are in Warranty, please call us.  Please get back to me how this goes.  You can say thanks easily by clicking the Thumbs Up below!  Thanks.  

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Well, here's my problem; I've recently upgraded my Graphics card, Ram and Motherboard, and whenever I switch the power on, all the fans start up, but nothing appears on the screen. I unfortunately have no other DDR2 ram, PCIE cards or a motherboard that TAKES PCIE >.< So I can't test any of the components on their own, plus the motherboard has no on-board graphics.

I've had a look at the POST guide, and nothing from there appears to work. I've also tried disconnecting everything except the ram, graphs card and CPU, but again no change. Could it be that my Ram is faulty/incompatable? Fauly Graphics card? I know my CPU works because I've tried it in another computer, and it runs fine.

Any help would be appreciated. (It might take me a while to reply, sorry if that's the case.)


MotherBoard: Asus P5B SE

LGA775, intel P965 + ICH8, Intel Core2 Quad-core CPU FSB 1333, Dual-ch DDR2 800, 6x SATA 3Gb/s, Gb lan, 6-ch HD audio, crash-free BIOS3, EZFlash2, Q-fan.​
PSU: EZCool ATX-450 JSP (450W)

CPU: Intel P4 3.2 Ghz

Ram: LD 1Gb PC-800 64*8 16c

1 GB DDR2 PC2-6400 DIMM 240 PIN 800Mhz​
Graphics card: ATI Radion Para-Souls x1650

PCIE 512mb 128BIT DDR2​

A:All fans come on, but screen stays black.

HDD seems to be active, and the drive reads the disk. I tried clearing the CMOS, no luck. Sorry, RMA?

Also, I have a 20 to 24 pin extention on my PSU, would that effect it?

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2 months ago,my HDD IDE died because of "the click of death" thingy and now, recovers itself (its kinda weird),the windows starts normally,i couldn't hear any clicks from my HDD anymore but after a few days,when i restarted my PC properly (i restarted it from the "start menu") goes the "new" problem...i restarted my pc,my system info appears (the RAM and the video card thingy),then,the ASUS motherboard logo appears...and after that...a blinking underscore appears in a black screen...after a few seconds,the "blinking underscore" finally disappeared BUT my screen remains in blank and black and stays there forever,it didn't even reach the windows loading screen.I did tried to disconnect and connect my cables from the motherboard,i even tried to disconnect and connect my HDD from the motherboard and did the same with my video card and RAM but it didn't solve the problem.


any help will be appreciated,thanks.

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compaq n610c laptop. mouse will move up and down and try to come off the left side of screen but won't. tried with mouse pad and with ps2 mouse and usb mouse.
any ideas

A:mouse stays on left of screen

what was the result with the ps/2 mouse and the usb mouse? if they all do not work correctly there's something going on with the operating system itself.

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Hello, I got a question. I just bought a new hard drive and windows 7. I installed the new hard drive and tried installing windows 7, but I dont get any ''pictures''. It goes up to picture 2 where I got to put in my language, but I do not actually get this screen. The screen stays empty and only my mouse comes up so I cant actually do anything. Any ideas?

A:Screen stays empty and only my mouse comes up

Got the same problem but i got XP already installed and when im trying to install W7 by booting it i get it. I hope someone can help us

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i turned on my laptop starts up then it goes to a screen that says "we are sorry for the inconvenience" then it says

safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode with commmand prompt

last good configuration

start windows normally

highlight one of the choices or the windows will start normally: 25

i tried safe mode and it just puts a bunch of letters and numbers.
i tried using last good configuration and it just stays on windows xp loading page with the blue dotted bar going back and forth.
does the same with the windows starting normally also.

i left it on over night and when i went to check on it, it was still on the loading page.

please help. i dont know what to do. anyway i can erase everything and it will work. please any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:stays on windows xp loading screen.

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i have a dell inspiron 1525, and months ago the laptop started an update and it comes on with configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 and just keeps restarting, i gave up and i am using my sons laptop i would like use mine again lol, can anyone suggest what i do as an alternative to throwing out of the window PLEASE
thanks in advance for any help and advice


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I just got a Dell Studio 15 with Vista Home (32bit) and have noticed that if I leave the computer open until it sleeps, I can't get it to wake up unless I close and re-open the lid. As far as I know, all the default settings are still set regarding power, sleep/hibernate, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a setting I can change to work around this?

- Bill

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Ok so about a month back my lcd just stopped working. It has a lit background but it stays black. I called hp and they had me do some troubleshooting but it didn't work and they said my display was no good anymore so we left it there (I didnt want to pay all that money to fix it). About 3 days after that it magically worked again but one day it seemed like it was trying to go out again the picture got real grainy for a second then it went back to normal. Now I'm back where I started. I've tried everything, when I hook up an external monitor it works so it has so be lcd related. Any help/advice??

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I've had this before but can't remember what I did to stop it
It Is exactly like you pull the dvi/hdmi lead out of monitor/gpu everything still working i.e. if playing video on youtube it carries on playing just no picture.
I think it was something to do with Intel's built in gpu, but I have disabled it everywhere I can think of bios, device manager etc.
Can anyone through some light on this please as it's startingto annoy me now

My rig specs in sig.

A:Random black screen, rig stays on !!

When does this occur? At random? Only when videos/games are playing? Also, what is the exact behavior? Is the monitor giving off behavior as if it has lost its video source, like an error saying the source was lost or it is switching through different connections to find one? Can you tell if your system is locked up, or if it's still accepting your input? The best way to determine thsi is to have the display lost when playing a video, then pressing a key to stop/start playback.

If the monitor is acting like it's not connected to the PC, then it can be a bad video port on your card, a bad/loose video cable, or the monitor itself has a bad port or is just plain bad. You will want to start with potential physical suspects before dabbling with software. Have you tried actually running the video through your onboard video (make sure to enable it and stuff of course) instead of your graphics card and see if that worked?

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I got a new graphics card today (GTS 450) and I slotted it in, when I start it up the screen stays black, however, if I leave it for 20 seconds or so I can hear the windows start up sound.. I know my screen isnt gone because I've connected it to my laptop and it works fine. I have the Blue and White cable plugged in my monitor and my computer and still nothing, thanks.

A:Computer screen stays black

Do you get any signs of "life" (like the BIOS Info screen etc)
If so it's probably a driver issue (did you remove the old drivers before the switch) ?

If not, there are IMHO only 5 possibilities:
#1 The card wasn't seated properly -- reseat it
#2 The card draws more power than your PSU can handle -- get a better PSU
#3 you forgot to connect the extra power cable --connect it
#4 you bend one or more pins in the video cable -- replace
#5 The card is defective -- RMA


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i was wondering of anyone can help me fix this problem i usually canrepair it myself but this one i can't seem to fix i also have an unknown process pop up saying "chrome" muluitple times

A:pc locks up and stays on a purple screen :/

Hello and Welcome -
Have you been through any of the usual programs yet, and included sfc /scannow at the end ?
We need to know how long the computer will stay on for, and are you posting from the "sick" computer now ??
Thank You -

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When I boot-up my computer, it takes about 2 seconds longer for the monitor to turn on then usual, and right before the log-in screen the display will disappear, and stay off. The PC continues working normally, as far as I can tell.

What precluded this issue? Why, I haven't the foggiest. Windows update isn't set to automatic, and I hadn't updated any programs/software etc. in two weeks.

Timeline of Events
3.24, morning: PC booted up fine.
3.24, evening: 6 hour car ride with PC in box, cushioned by clothing, buckled in.
3.24, later in evening: Upon boot-up, issue was first discovered

Here's what I've been doing to try to rectify the issue;
-Did a clean install of the newest graphics driver, twiceBoth times, upon restart after installation, PC booted up normally, but I got constant 'The display driver has stopped responding and recovered' notifications.
As well, upon shutting down the computer, the next time it booted the original issue returned, and I had to boot into safe mode to use it.

-Restore the system to it's 3-21 statusWhen viewing the prompt to let me do this, I was there had been no changes between that restore point and present day. The system restore was unsuccessful.
-Tested the original cables with an older CRT monitorSame result, the monitor blanked before the log-in screen.

-Updated and ran malwarebytes and MSEThey didn't find any issues

-Went into msconfig, disabled all startup processes, and restarted the PCAgain, monitor went blank before ... Read more

A:Monitor goes blank before log-in screen, stays off

Hi HannahH and welcome to sevenfourms.

When did this problem start? Did you do any updates or install any new hardware or software?

Is this the built in graphics or is it a graphics card? If so the type of graphics card installed?

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Hey so I recently installed Windows 7 on a family members computer and it is taking a long time to boot into windows. Its hanging on part where its got the animated windows logo for like 10+ minutes. I did notice that after installing the OS it flashed a error about SAM and I'm thinking i may have to do a repair install from the disk but that is going to be fun as well as i have tried many ways to make the computer boot into the disk but had to load the previous OS (XP) and start the install from there. I have tried using a Bootable USB drive as well and it didn't work either. It only seems to be windows 7 disks that it doesn't like to load in that manner, i can load Ubunto from disk as well as memtest.

Before i installed the OS i made sure the system could handle 7 as i ran the windows 7 upgrade advisor on it and the only area that it failed at the time of the test was free space on the partition but uninstalled a few programs and fixed that issue.

Installed 7 on the computer because the family member was wanting to play a game that required DX10 and XP only supports up to DX9

computer specs are as follows:
Gigabyte G31m-es2l
Intel Celeron E3300 dual core @ 2.5 GHz
3GB DDR2 ram
running Win 7 Ultimate
EVGA NVidia GT 620

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 7 stays on loading screen

Do you have all of the drivers installed? How much space is left on the HDD?

Are you on SP1?

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So yesterday, I was on my Dell computer and when I go to click the orange X to exit or "-" to minimize the internet window, the window stopps running because the little internet tab on the bottom across that blue bar goes away but the screen display stays up and it is frozen, the computer itself isn't frozen because you can click the lower left "Start" button and open another window and it goes right to the homepage just fine. It is almost like the background desktop, without the icons and you can't left click. I didn't know what to do so I panicked and hit the "Q" and restarted it but the problem stays. It doesn't seem to run any slower or anything like that but I did notice a pop-up came up that said Adobe ShockPlayer or ShockWave or something like that that I could either "download now" or "remind me later" it looked a little phony and I just clicked remind me later. It only does this on one of the users for the initial sign in for Windows.

A:Screen closes, window stays


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I go to turn on my laptop (gateway NV56RR38u) and two lights turn on near the mouse (hard drive light and power light). The screen does not turn on. After a few seconds the hard drive light near the mouse goes off. I can hear the fan turn on and stay on. I have removed the battary and held the power button down for 30 seconds, that did not work. 

A:why does my laptop turn on but my screen stays bla...

Have you attempted to connect an external display to see if you can get some sort of display? That will help make the determination if it is the motherboard itself or if it is the screen or a cable that could be having an issue.

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I just reformatted and installed Vista Ultimate x86. Whenever I shutdown my lappy via the start menu or press the power to do so, vista appears to be shutting down as the open windows close, but then my screen goes black and the power light, wlan, and bluetooth lights remain on. Those indicate the laptop is still running and to completely turn it off I have to hard-shut it by pressing and holding the power button.
I have a ASUS Lmaborghini VX2S for reference.

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This morning, Windows installed 5 updates, which I had postponed from yesterday. It told me to reboot but when it did, it got stuck at the Press ESC point. There was no disk activity. I turned off and rebooted again several times with the Windows Repair disk in the DVD drive. I was able to run the startup test but it said it couldn't repair it. The log said the the fault was caused by a critical update.
I went into System Restore, but I am unsure of the options. It showed a screen with all my partitions already ticked, including the Windows boot partition which was greyed out.
Am I supposed to leave all the partitions ticked, or if I don't, will I then lose those partitions?

I currently have the Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 DVD running but I'm not sure what option I need to use. Recover MBR, Recover Boot Sector, or Recover Boot files, or all of them?

I I'm really hoping someone can give me advice with this as I'm stuck, not wanting to do the wrong thing!

Thank you.

A:Screen stays at 'Press ESC for options'

Problem solved!

I made the choice to use Bootsector Recovery option and that fixed it.

When Using the Wondershare Liveboot disk, if I had used _any_ of the three recovery options (Recover MBR, Recover Boot Sector, or Recover Boot files) would I have caused more problems if I has used the wrong one?

And if I had used the System Restore from the Windows 7 repair disk should I leave the ticks in all my other partitions?

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I recently bought a used computer from my work (a gateway). I'm sure they remove a lot of stuff before reselling them. When I hooked it up, it makes the music likes it's coming on, but the computer screen stays blank. It's like it's putting itself in sleep mode or something. I can't get to the control panel or anything. Does anyone know what is causing this? My place of business sold several of these, and I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing problems. Is it possible I need to run some kind of disc if they removed something vital? Thanks for any help.

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i have a dell 2400 using a viewsonic vg500b....i rebooted the whole system and reinstalled windows xp everything was working except i didnt have the driver for the monitor so the resolution was bad i think like 640x480 or something but i could still use everything...when i shut down the system and turned it back on the screen went black after the windows loading screen. I can hear the welcome music but nothing appears. I also tried starting in safe mode and still nothing?? Any suggestions???

A:Screen stays blank for windows

Hello, naspat99, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

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Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, try reinstalling Windows again and going straight to the Dell site and downloading your graphics drivers. I can't help you any more than this at this stage because i know nothing more about your system.

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Hello. The Hp envy 20 Touch smart Aio Pc, model 20-d001la, does not enter the bios and stays on the screen hp after show black screen with this: processor Type: intel pentium cpu g645 2.90ghzprocessor speed: 2900Mhzl1/l2/l3 cache size 64kbx2/256kbx2/3072kbmemory size 4096 mb ddr3/133mhz/dual channelchanel 1 A: xmm1 2048 mbchanel 2 b: xmm2 2048 mbBIOS Revision/date: v8.15 06/12/2014 and I coulnt do nothing. I try everything that I found on Hp forums, nothing working, please help, I have this problem 1 months agoI am trying to call hp but I cuoldnt have any helpThanks for helping 

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I've tried getting rid of this SS from drop down list but its still there..ive deleted the .scr file from system32 & uninstalled it..heres link to screen shot show what i mean its 1 highlighted called united airlines saver

A:cant get rid of screen saver

Did you install it? Sometimes you have to install it again to remove it. You might try thisRevo uninstaller To Use Revo Uninstaller: Please download Revo Uninstaller. Extract the ZIP file to a folder and run revouninstaller.exe from there! (You can copy that folder to an USB Mass storage drive and use it without any installation required!) There are two ways to uninstall programs with Revo Uninstaller:
Important: Please, try to close the application you want to uninstall first! Select the application in the list of installed applications and press the Uninstall button in the toolbar. Right-click the application and click the Uninstall command in the displayed menu. Follow the instructions.

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Normally when my computer is idle for about 10 minutes the screen saver will come on and then shortly after the screen saver with stop and and the screen will go dark, like it should, and the computer will go to sleep. But since last night that has not been happening. the screen saver does not come on and after maybe 20 minutes or so, the screen goes dark and the computer goes to sleep.

A:No Screen Saver

Try a system restore to before the problem started. If that doesn't help, you might try this fix from kellys-korner. Scroll down to line 51, ScreenSaver Disable/Enable. Instructions to run VBS Files at top of web page.

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how can I make a screen saver that opens various photos from my files in a random or set way?

A:diy screen saver?

What Opperating System are you using. I know that Vista comes with one, and I thought that XP did too.

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Do I need this?

A:Screen Saver

You didn't like the replies you got on the first thread you started today on this subject? I THOUGHT you indicated you did. You used your Murphy69 log on for that one though........Why are you wasting our time? Bored?

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I reformatted my wife's computer last week and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. The computer uses a Gigabyte motherboard and I used the driver disc that came with the Gigabyte motherboard. The Display Adapter is a ATI Radeon HD4250 with the ATI Catalyst Control Center. The resolution is 1280 X 1024. When I try to set the Screen Saver, the apply button is greyed out. After pressing OK I go back to the display, but the screen saver never comes on.
Any suggestions?

A:Screen Saver does not come on

Go to to get your video drivers, download and install them, restart the pc and see if the screensaver will run.

Never use video drivers off the cd, always go to the manufacturer`s website. In this case

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How can I find my screen saver, I want to install a new installation of xp on my computer. But, I want to save the screen saver.

A:Win xp screen saver

Files for your screen saver could be all over the place there is a place that part of the screen saver is or might be located but the best way to get your screen saver if you do not have the original file is the manufacturer's site that made the screen saver.

The one way you can start to find it would be to do a search for scr this is the extension for the screen saver but when you find it do a right click on it then properties and look for the web site address for the file.

I wish you good luck.

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well a screen saver was downloaded to this computer but it also had this whole other thing with it (i think it was like my web search or something) but i deleted that did a virus scan and several spyware/ad-ware scans and got everything off i could, i did notice that those programs would slow down my computer and my computer seems a little better but it still doesnt seem as fast as it once was so i am not sure if everything is gone or not, but anyway here is the log file

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:38:52 PM, on 4/15/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\TopSpeed\2.0\aoltsmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\1122001514\ee\services\sscFirewallPlugin\ver1_10_3_1\aolavupd.exe
C:\Program Files\ewido anti-malware\ewidoctrl.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\\personal firewall\MPFService.exe
C:\Program Files\Pure Networks\Network Magic\nmsrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Pure Networks\Router Se... Read more

A:screen saver

Hello and welcome to TSF

I reccommend you Subscribe to this thread so you are notified of any replies via email. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

There isn't much showing in your log, so we'll try a general cleaning and see what turns up.

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad in order to assist you when carrying out the following instructions.

Downloads(make sure to save these in a permanent location)
Cleanup! (Alternate Link)- Install it. You will use this later.
*NOTE* Cleanup deletes EVERYTHING out of temporary folders and does not make backups.
Ewido Security SuiteInstall Ewido Security Suite
When installing, under "Additional Options" uncheck..Install background guard
Install scan via context menu

Double-click the icon on Desktop to launch Ewido
You will need to update Ewido to the latest definition files.On the left hand side of the main screen click update.
Then click on Start Update.
The update will start and a progress bar will show the updates being installed.
If you are having problems with the updater, you can use this link to manually update Ewido
When you have finished updating, EXIT Ewido.

Next, please reboot your computer in SafeMode by doing the following:Restart your computer
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, press F8.
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu... Read more

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Should I use one or is it not needed?

A:Screen Saver

Depends on your personal preferences. I personally do not use one, and I just let my monitor go to sleep or I turn it off.

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Removed by poster. Wrong thread.

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How do I add personal files to the screen savers? I have had it there and had to reload win 7 and now I can't remember how I did it.

A:Screen Saver

Here you go:

Use pictures as your screen saver - Windows Help

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Can i change the screen saver that comes on from the welcome screen in Windows XP, I have no problem changing ss from any of the users screens. BEH

A:XP Screen Saver

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Hi, on one of my PC's running WinXP Pro, all of a sudden the screen saver doesn't work. It works when I preview it, but no matter how long delay I leave it for or how long i leave it for. It fails to start.

Any ideas ?

I'm stumped

A:Screen Saver

Is the screensaver a generic xp scr saver or a third party one.

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here goez...

When I am in Half Life and I step away... My skreen saver kickz in az it should. When I return to play, I move the mouz to WAKE UP my rig, but when I do, I get an MP3 song to play...

I think for the few timez I have noticed, it iz da SAME SONG...

I do NOT want to delete the song, nor stop screen saver...

I go to Task Manager and I do not see WinAmp Playing and evryteeng ELZE iz normal...

What kan I dooz???

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Just an annoyance BUT when I click on " Personalization > Screen Saver" it take the settings window 30 to 60 seconds to open up. What's up with that ?

A:Screen Saver

Do other programs and windows take this long to open as well?

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My friend has two drives in his is the boot drive with windows 7 as the OS and the other is the one he stores all his photographs on and other data.
How can the screen saver  for windows 7 use photographs direct from the storage hard drive?  or will he have to copy all his photographs onto his boot drive  to facilitate this.
Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

A:screen saver

RIGHT click an empty spot on the desktop.Choose Personalize.Choose Screensaver.Click the drop down arrow under Screensaver, select Photo Gallery.A preview will be shown in the box. Since this will be from the default setting, pictures on the C drive, he will need to click Settings/Browse in order to choose the storage drive pictures folder.After he does that, click Save.If he does not want to use all the photos, he can create a folder and copy the photos he does want to use to that folder. He can then navigate to that folder using the method I described.

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