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Copy File: Can't read from the source file or disk.

Q: Copy File: Can't read from the source file or disk.

I have the game 'Crysis' on two backup DVD's. I had to put the installation files in a .rar and split them so I could back it up (I downloaded the game digitally from EA)

So when I insert disk 1 and try to copy 'Crysis.part1.rar' to D:/Crysis (D: is my data drive, C: is strictly the OS and maybe 2 or 3 applications installed on it) it copies most of it, but when it gets to '5 seconds remaining' it comes up with this error. It takes like 6 minutes to copy it and then it errors out when it's almost done! I've tried 3 times and the error popped up every time. The disk is spotless... I mean it looks brand new. Not even a speck of dust or any smudges at all.

Why am I getting this error?? I don't know what to do! If I can't copy it I'll have to redownload the entire 6gb installation package from EA, which will take probably 4-5 hours.

Please help!

Additional file info from within the error window:
"Can't read from the source file or disk."
Name: Crysis.part1.rar
Size: 4.37gb (4,588,544KB)
Date Modified: 11/2/2009 12:25PM

Other additional info:
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64
I have all the latest updates via Windows Update
There is only one account on this computer, mine, and it has full administrative privileges

A: Copy File: Can't read from the source file or disk.

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When I use the XCopy command in Windows 2000, I can copy any file I like; however, when I use copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop in either Windows Explorer or PowerDesk, I get the following error:

Cannot Copy File: Cannot Read from the Source File or Disk

I searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base and came up with only one article, Q224378. This article seems not to apply to my situation because it applies to Windows 2000 Server. I am running Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2. I did attempt to install the fix that article Q224378 suggested anyway; but, I got an error message that I was attempting to upgrade a program that didn't exist on my system.

I have also learned that this error applies when copying from either of my SCSI CD-ROM drives, not when copying from hard disks or floppies.

Any Suggestions?

A:[Solved] Cannot copy file: Cannot Read From the Source File or Disk

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I got an error message when trying to drag an attachment from outlook to paperport: Cannot copy file: "Cannot read from the source file or disk".
It works fine if I drag from Outlook to my desktop, then from desktop to Paperport. But it does not work from Outlook to Paperport directly.
Can anyone help? Thank you

A:Cannot copy file: cannot read from the source file or disk

Sorry, I can't answer your question directly but as an alternative can you copy and paste using Control + C and Control + V or other method?

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since about 10 minutes, I do get the error-message, "while trying to finish a dowloald and after it reached 100% and tries to write the file on the harddrive"

cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

Anyone any ideas what the problem could be? It;s my C drive and everything else works wihtout problems.

OS WinXP Pro


A:Cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

What are you downloading with? Do you have any history cleaner? Like HistoryKill or Windows Washer?

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How can I work around the following rror message "cannot copy file. cannot read source file or disk". I'm using Windows XP on a Gateway GT 4016

A:error message "cannot copy file. cannot read source file or disk"

Get a new disk or provide a whole lot more details about what you're trying to do and what program(s) you are trying to do "it" with.

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Problem: A while ago I emptied the recycle bin. After emptying, a folder remained that had 4-5 files in it. I don't recall exactly what the files were.

I tried to delete the folder, and got the message in the title.

No problem I thought, and I got out a handy file shredder and shredded that file to pieces. It was gone.

Except it's not. When I use CCleaner or other aps to clean my system, the "cannot delete file:..." message in the title pops up.

If I go to the recycle bin and empty it, I get the message. When I look in the recycle bin, it is empty, but if I tell it to empty itself I get the message.

So the folder is in the recycle bin, invisible. It was "shredded", but still remains.

I have entered safe mode, but is still get the message when I try to empty the recycle bin or use CCleaner.

I have read things that reference deleting the entire recycle bin (which then recreates itself), but am not clear on this or if it is a good idea.

My system runs fine, it's just an annoyance.

Any ideas from the experts here (you solved a big virus issue I had a while ago, and this is nothing in comparision, but hopefully somebody has seen this issue before...)



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Hi friends,

Suddenly one files has appeared on my desktop which i am struggling to delete. On each action it gives me same error i.e. Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.


If if try to cut/move the file it shows - Cannot move file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

I have performed following troubleshooting steps
1) CHKDSK on my C: drive, but no luck.
2) Windows repair 'chkdsk /r' but file still exists.

Please help me a way to get rid out of this issue.


A:Solved: Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

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Why, after a search, when I click on a file and try to delete it, do I often get a msg. saying:

Cannot delete file:Cannot read from the source file or disk

If it found it for the search, why can't if read it from the source file or disk?


A:Cannot delete file:Cannot read from the source file or disk

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I've got a 4gb pen that i use for school work.

I put a file with images in it and i want to delete it now but it keeps coming up with:

'Cannot delete file:Cannot read from the source file or disk '

I have tried various ways to delete it but still i can't.

Can anyone help me?


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Whenever I try to delete my temporary internet files in bulks or by selecting all then deleting, it gives that "cannot delete file bla bla bla" message. HOWEVER, I'm able to delete them if I delete them one by one (ANNOYING!). I could also delete all the files the other way: choosing "delete files", but that's irrelevant.

I use IE 8, Windows XP SP 3 Media Center Edition.

A:Cannot Delete file: Cannot read from source file or Disk

First off why are you attempting to delete temporary Internet files manually? Internet Explorer has built in tools to make this easy. Windows XP has disk cleanup which also makes removing Temporary files easy.Should those two methods not suit you, I'd recommend this free utility pick what you want, and it will do the rest.The reason you receive "Cannot delete file" is the index.dat file is always in "use" by Internet Explorer and can only be deleted on reboot.

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Can someone point me in the right direction. I've been searching and attempting to fix this for a couple of days without luck.

My Problem
I have a file that I can not delete. When I try, I get the message "cannot delete file: cannot read from the source file or disk"
The file extension ends with a space and is reported a 0 KB in size.

Here is what I've attempted:
1. Normal delete and well as "Shift+Delete". I get the above message.
2. Tried to scan the file for a virus. Got the error message "Scan was completed with error. Error:The system cannot find the file specified."
3. Virus scanned the folder. Scan completed - no virus found.
4. Attempted to open the file in Notepad by opening Notepad then dragging the file. Got the error message "The system cannot find the file specified."
5. Attempted to create the same file name in the same location using Notepad. i.e. Hoping to replace the file. I got the usual message that the file already exists and I granted permission to replace it. However, I still cannot delete the replaced file.
6. Booted in Safe Mode and attempted to delete. Same result.
7. Ran "CHKDSK" No problems - still cannot delete.
8. Opened a DOS window. Closed Explorer.exe using TaskManager. Then attempted to delete the file in the DOS window. Got the error message "File cannot be found"
9. One post suggested deleting the file in a DOS window but prefacing the file name with "\\?\&quo... Read more

A:cannot delete file: cannot read from the source file or disk

Please refer to this article:

Perhaps it may provide insight and a solution.

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Hi all. I searched this but found nothing that is the same as my situation or recent either.
I have over 37000 files of duplicate songs I would love to rid my pc of. I did a search using *(2) and all the files show up but i get the 'cannot delete file:cannot read from the source file or disk' error.
I searched duplicate music files this way once before and it eliminated a ton of dupes in seconds but now it wont work.
I have a dual boot system. XP and 7 and since I couldn't get the search to work like xp in win7( every file with a 2 in it in any configuration or location in the file name, dupe or not, was listed) , I copy and pasted the entire music folder(317gbs) to the xp o/s hd and tried the search there and am where I am now. My search page with all the files listed with a (2) and ready to delete...
I haven't tried a safe mode attempt because I have read from many who've tried it didn't work.

It's driving me crazy seeing all those duplicate files just sitting there and I can't delete them!
Please help
Thank you

A:Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

OP wants to know if there is a way to do this in Windows 7.

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Hi all... Recently my laptop's startup kept popping out this message:

Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

It appears few seconds after logging in to windows XP. I think this happened after a registry cleanup from using one of the programs...either ace utilities or Ccleaner...can anyone help me on this? Thanks.

A:Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

Hi lostinspac and welcome to TSF !

Good registry cleaners have a way to restore the changes you made. Try that and see if it helps.

Check the start => all programs => startup folder for related shortcuts, move them to another location and see if it helps.

Go to start => run and type msconfig. Check the items you'll find in the startup tab against bleepingcomputer's database. If you make changes there (and each time you'll make changes there) you'll get a warning about being in selective mode when windows restart. Tick the box and click ok so that it stays in that mode and doesn't bother you again. Make sure you don't untick your antivirus or firewall.

We're not big fans of registry cleaners at TSF. See post #2 here. you don't always know what they do, there's no way they know everything about all entries your programs need and they can do worse than good. Cleaning minor problems in the registry won't speed up your compter noticeably anyway.

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Yo. This is my first post lets see what happens...

Here's the deal.

My buddy accessed a shared folder on my PC and uploaded some production tools to it. He uses a MAC.

So now I have this file called "._spooky tambo shake "

The problem is, if I try delete, rename, move, or do anything for that matter to the file I get an error message "Error deleting file or folder: Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk."

I've tried using command prompt to delete the file but it doesn't even show up if I type "Dir"

Properties for the file are zero everything.

I've tried a program called KillBox but even that can't do it.


A:Cannot Delete File: Cannot Read From The Source File Or Disk.

But before you delete that we need to know about the file firstIm not sure if its malware or a system file So now I have this file called "._spooky tambo shake " Just want some more info on that file (for a close up) what does the icon look like?On what folder is it located?(And if possible,give us a screen shot of it)Also where did you get this file in the first place?What type of file is it (If you go back to properties)It really sounds to me more likely renamedAlso searched it in the internet,I can't find any info about it

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I uninstalled Vampire The Masquerade Bloodline and now in my start menu it left the Vampire folder and I can't delete it. It says Cannot delete file:cannot read from source file or disk. Any help would be appreciated.

AMD AnthlonXP 1600+
Windows xp Pro

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I have 7GB Iso File in C and when i try to copy/cut it to the D i got this message:
Can't read from the source file or disk.

What's the best solution ?

A:Can't read from the source file or disk

Does the file transfer start ? or are you prompted with the error straight away?.

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I can't copy or cut and paste anything from my HDD onto my external drive; I get the error "Cannot read from the source file or disk." How do I fix this? Someone told me my HDD is probably dying, but I'm hoping there's a way around this

A:Cannot read from source file or disk

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Right, I created the EICAR test file to see if my antivirus is working. However, I can't delete that file now. It gives me the error "Cannot delete eicar: Cannot read from source file or disk". I can't move or rename or do anything to this file! It's stuck on my desktop.

I've tried restarting in safe mode, using Killbox, etc. None of that worked. I used "chkdsk" at the command prompt, restarted, still didn't work! Asking the techs now........

Please any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Cannot read from source file or disk

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I am trying to copy a file from a widows vista machine and getting can not read from the source file or disk error,

I have run chkdsk and found no errors on the NTFS drive e: and taking ownership off that drive.

There are several files on that drive and only one seems to being an issue.

Thank you.

A:can not read from source file or disk error

Hello, chances are the file itself is corrupted bad enough that even though the allocation table has an entry for it, it is really not there (so to speak), thus the error. Run a free data recovery software ( and see if by chance you can get your file back that way.

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I'm trying to take files from one place on my computer and copying them onto a DVD RW and this is the error message I'm getting. How can I fix this? Thanks so much!

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Hello I have run into several files on my system I cannot get rid of no matter how hard I try.

I'm running windows 2000 and the files in question are:

"My Pics" in the favorites folder
many MySearch files and zip folders throughout the system.

All file give this error upon deleting.

Cannot delete: cannot read from source file or disk.

I have read about many ways to correct this by using the *.*del command? but this has never fully been explained so I haven't tried it. Also there has been suggestions about gaining full ownership but I'm not sure how that fully works either.

Any further explanation or suggestions would be very helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

A:HELP! cannot delete file. cannot read from source disk

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Im running Windows XP home edition. When I try to empty the recycle bin, this message comes up, it tells me there are two files in the recycle bin, but with the above message. Does anybody know how to correct this problem, I am running Bit Defender, Adware Away, Lava Soft Pro, Spybot, Spyware Doctor. Spyware Blaster, Microsoft Antispyware.

A:Cannot Delete Dc8 Cannot Read From Source File Or Disk

Have you tried deleting them in Safe Mode (mashing F8 when the system first starts to load Windows)?

Are the definitions for your antivirus and antispyware up to date? Have you scanned with them recently?

I wouldn't recommend running 2 antivirus programs at the same time (nor would I recommend 2 anti-spyware programs at the same time - but this is a lesser problem than the antivirus programs) because of conflicts that can arise when both programs compete for the same resources and files.

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I am never sure what I do to cause a problem but, suddenly I cannot move an icon into a folder or delete a folder or icon on my desktop...I get that message. Won't drag and drop into trash. Same message.
Thank you for any solution.

A:cannot move file: cannot read from source or disk

Go to Start > Run, and type:

chkdsk /r

Answer "Y" to checking at boot and then reboot. Let chkdsk run when you boot and record any errors and bad sectors mentioned.

Your drive may be going. But we'll need to check to be sure.

Does this happen with all files and shortcuts? Does it do the same thing in other folders? have you had any other problems with your machine?

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I have Bit defender pro 9. Now whenever i download a key logger or any other type of p2p or malicious program i can't open it, but i can't delete it either. This is the meessage i get. I tried FXP delte and GSO but they said the device attached to this system file is not functioning correctly. So how can i delete it. I think it is bit defender causing the problem but i don't know for sure. Can anyone help me delete these files and also run them AND also when i try to run or delete or even click on it will pop up and bit def will say virus alert pc not affected. Also tells me the path mostly it is in my application data. But when i go there and try to delete i can't either. PEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

A:Cann't read from the source file or disk?

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I have a problem with my USB its a 16gig model but when i go into the folder
where the dubious files are i cant not delete them or cant copy files from the USB itself anyway
usb is now 116gig because if this how

cannot delete file:cannot read from the source disk

plz help me i need my USB urgently

what software can i use the lose the error so i can delete

I already have unlocker doesn't work

A:cannot delete file:cannot read from the source disk

Does a quick format work?

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I am encountering this error when copying a large number of files from one external hard drive to another. I have Windows XP. A number of files will copy prior to the error occurring. The error occurs when the copying process reaches a file that my Trend Micro security software had identified as a virus and had quarantined.

Instead of simply skipping the file that cannot be copied and moving to the next, Windows Explorer displays the error "Error copying file: cannot read from source or disk" and aborts the copying process, leaving the copying process only partially complete. Copying each folder or file individually to avoid encountering the error would be very time consuming.

Does anyone have a resolution?


A:Error copying file: cannot read from source or disk

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hello. i am facing two kindsa problem with my ext hard disk!

1. there's a folder in my seagate 1tb goflex external hard disk, which am unable to delete. wen i checked the properties it showed that the space occupied by the folder is 1.5PB!!!! its ridiculous n strange at the same time! if i try to open the folder it says "you need to format disk before you can use it".

2. every time i try to copy some files onto/from my hard disk it says "can't read from source file or disk". i have some valuable data worth 700GB on my hard disk and am unable to transfer em onto any other device so i can format my hard disk. somebody,anybody please help me out. thanks!

A:unable to delete folder and can't read from source file or disk

You might want to give Unlocker a try. It deleted a folder I was unable to delete any other way on my Win 7 Pro X64 system.

If you have Win 7 X64 then you will need the 64bit version of Unlocker.

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I would like to create a .bat to copy files from source folder to destination folder.
Some files in source folder already exist in destination folder (Same name)
What I would like is that files existing in destination folder to be rename to f.eks filename_BAK.extension.
Source folder include. FileOne.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt
Destination folder include. FileOne.asp - (NO FileTwo) - FileTree.txt
Result. FileOne.asp (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileOne_BAK.asp) - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileTree_BAK.txt)
Now in desination folder.: FileOne.asp - FileOne_BAK.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt - FileTree_BAK.txt
Files in source folder are placed in different folders, but in same structure in destination.

Kind regards
Sψren Kromann

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Okay, I'm on Vista. I just got a new external hard drive, and was trying to move some movie folders to it. Trying to move a whole directory of similar files, most of them moved without any problem. However, some files would be unable to move. I get a message that says "Cannot read from the source file or disk" and have to skip the file to continue.

After the move of the whole folder was complete, I would try to do it again to the individual files that were left behind - the move would seem to begin, and it would tell me that the file was being moved, but at a certain point it would stop, and give me the same error message again. I would have to cancel the move.

There is nothing obviously wrong with the files. They seem to play with no obvious problems (I haven't watched any all the way through, but skipping around seems to work). I was also able to delete one of them without any problems, as well as to move them to other folders on my hard drive. I just can't seem to move or copy them to the external hard drive. I ran a check disk which did not seem to solve the problem.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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How can I move/copy a file from one disk to another without changing the file's creation date?

A:Copy/Move File from One Disk To Another w/o Changing the File Creation Date

You can use a utility called "Set File Date" to change a file's creation date to whatever you want.

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i have issue with whenever i m trying to download any file it's get upto almost 95-98%,but after suddenly stop.
this issue with firefox, chrome browser.
please let me know solve thhis issue.

A:Source file could not be Read:-

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OK, I have Windows 7 64-bit installed. Whenever I try to install a program called Auslogics Disk Defrag or Auslogics BoostSpeed, en error message pops out which says an error occurred while trying to read the source file.

I am using Download Accelerator Plus and I can download these files with no problems. But whenever I try installing them, this error message pops out. I tried to click ignore or retry but it did not install these programs.

What is the reason for this?

A:an error occurred while trying to read the source file

Hello Blanchflower,

In my honest opinion, I think it's time to start looking into a clean reinstall of Windows 7. Considering your previous problem with viewing video, it sounds like there is something just not right about your PC at the moment.

Sometimes you invest a lot less time starting over from scratch than getting to the root of multiple problems.

Please listen to me as others would suggest to you just as well... Image your new installation of Windows. When you start having problems like this, you could just reload the image and everything will be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Just something for you to consider.

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Dear All,

I am currently facing this problem with both Firefox and IE -->

"rar.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read"

it doesn't matter which type of files (.avi or .mkv and so on) I tried to download, but this problem keep on showing up.

It happens only to my this recently bought computer and I tried it with my old computer, downloading using the same link but everything is ok......

Could anyone please help?? I am sure it is not my ISP problems but my computer problem, and I am living in a student hostel and connect my LAN cable to the hostel's network adapter.
Thank you......

A:rar.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read

What anti-virus? Does the problem persist wit the anti-virus still active?

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I'm trying to download a powerpoint but everytime i try it says this ppt.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.
I don't understand why? I've tried different browsers and even different computers but this still happens, yet my friends can download it without any hassle and when they try sending me it the same thing comes up, Does it have something to do with my internet provide (Virgin) It's really annoying as i need to download powerpoint for my college work.

Thanks, will appreciate any help and advice. x

A:Ppt.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Really Annoyi

If anybody is tempted to reply to this be aware that the same question is posted elsewhere.

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Hello everyone:

I have 2 computers, all those has excel 2000 pro. I need to copy a spread sheet to my other computer and went a do that I can't correct any information because message coming sad: "read only not to make corrections allow"
so I try different ways to copy that file however always I open in the other side and still came with read only statement, I can't make corrections or add something to the file won't allow me to do nothing.
Anyone knows this problem how I can copy the file and able to do my work.

Thanks for you help....

A:Need to copy file from Excel 2000 pro with write and read

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I'm currently in the process of copying files back from the cloud in the exact same location where I had them before and now it says that the file name is too long and prompts to see whether I want to skip the file or not. The error message given does not
give the full file name or the path so it is impossible to see which files were copied successfully or not. This never happened with XP! Then afterwards I found that some of the files with long names did copy successfully whereas others didn't. I find this
to be a very user unfriendly process and I'm totally confused! These are critical files and I'm sure I haven't exceeded 260 characters or whatever. This is soOoO frustrating!!


A:file copy error message not sufficient + file name too long will not copy

Hi ,

There is a limit of filename length within Windows Explorer. In the Windows API (with some exceptions discussed in the following paragraphs), the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which
is defined as 260 characters.
The shell and the file system have different requirements. It is possible to create a path with the Windows API that the shell user interface is not able to interpret properly.
This means that your long filename can only be handled at the command prompt level and you cannot drag and drop an illegal length filename within Windows Explorer.

Please simplify your folders and titles.

More information, please check the part of Maximum Path Length Limitation in the link below. Cai
TechNet Community Support

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I'm having a problem "finding" my music files after I moved some files around on the computer between users.

My simple solution was to copy them to an external HD and the re-load them so I searched for all music files then selected all and attempted to copy them to the external HD, but I got an error message: "cannot copy file.cannot read from the source file or disk".

What have I done and how do I solve this?

Thanks for any help or suggestions

A:"Cannot read from the source file" Problem copying multiple files

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Equipment: HP Notebook G56-WM129 Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition Issue: HDD Crashed, after 1 year and 1 month of use the hard drive up and quit working, the computer doesn't even recognize that it is installed.  Ran the test from BIOS and it confirmed that I have a dead drive.  Unplugged cleaned and repluged connection cable produced the same results. A dead Drive.  Now that we have determined that the drive is dead, inoperable, and unusable we'll move on to the part where my other issue lies. To replace the HDD I purchased a new 60Gb SSD. (More expensive than a HHD, but is supposed to be awesome on speed)  Went with the 60 Gig because it is costly and I didn't know at the time Windows 7 uses 25 Gb's of space (WOW). I never created any recovery disc, so I purchased a set from this website using my computers information.  I went ahead and decided to upgrade my ram at this time as well from 3 Gb/s to 8Gb/s.   All the stuff came in and I was excited to say the least.  New toys and all, just like Christmas.   I put the new SSD and RAM in, boot up the computer the BIOS recognized them both (Great).  I put in the 1st recover disk and proceeded to boot from it.  The program runs and wants me to reformat drive (enter no ends the program). So, I enter yes.  Reformatting goes quickly and moves on to the next phase of copying the files.  Then I ... Read more

A:Recovery Disk "Copy File Fail"

Usually replacing the hdd with one that is smaller than the original will cause Recovery to fail.A work-around that many use to replace with an SSD is to use Imaging software to make an Image of the hdd to restore to the SSD. The Imaging software must be one that has capabilty to shrink the image to a smaller hdd/partition. That is the one flaw in my favorite Imaging app,Macrium. I think Paragon Backup has the capabity to shrink, and possibly (not free) Acronis True Image. I have also used Disk Management in Windows 7 to shrink the C: partition before Imaging to allow it to be restored to a smaller hdd or partition. Any of these would require a working SATA hdd to install Win 7 on to do the Imaging. As for the alternate install of Windows 7, you can usually get it activated using your key and the phone activation method. Tips HERE

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Hi all,

Any idea how to write Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting to local directory.

Current the File Sharing & FTP Hosting is SMARTFILE.

I don't want to use WINSCP as the connector.


A:Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting

Hi Chacha,

Give this batch file a try. All text in red, you should adjust before running.

@echo off
echo.lcd C:\Some\local\directory /Some/server/path
echo.get Some_file_to_download.txt
) > "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"
ftp -s:"%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp" ""
del "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"

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I have windows vista, and i could play it, but i unnisntalled for some reason. and now i cant copy the file "simcity4.dat" file, please help! it cant contact the source file of the date file, for some REASON!

i love this game and i really want to play it but i jst cant! PLEASE HELP

A:Sim City 4 Data file source file wont load!

Are you re-installing from a the disk?

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My hard drive in my ENVY dv7 died for the second time in two years (it was under warranty last time and I was able to send it in to be fixed). I bought the exact same hard drive (Samsung, 1TB), tested it in BIOS, passed everything. When I try to do the image recovery with the HP Recovery Disks I received last time my hard drive died, I get an error while at 58% on recovery disk two that says: Reducer Copy File Fails From: d:\preload\base24.SWMTo: c:\RM\Image\BASE24.SWM Press OK to retry. I press OK and it does the same thing over and over again. The folks who have asked about this same type of error seem to get nowhere in here, but what choice do I have?! The hard drive is the same size, same manufacturer, same model, so it should have the issue of reimaging the system on a smaller hard drive, right? I am just out of luck on this? So frustrated.

View Solution.

A:copy file fails error on HP recovery disk 2 at 58%

englejas Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about problems doing recovery and wanted to help.Here is the link to the win8.1 media creation tool:  Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help Understand, though, that you might run into a problem installing using the media created from this tool. You have an HP OEM version of Win8 installed on your PC and that means that the product key embedded in the UEFI firmware of your motherboard is OEM, not retail. While the media created from this tool SHOULD activate using that key, there is no guarantee that it will do that.  If it does not, you can use this tool to retrieve your product key and try entering it manually:  Download Windows OEM Product Key Tool - MajorGeeks IF that still does not work, then your only recourse would be to order a new set of recovery disks from HP. You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entty and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US... Read more

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For the past few weeks or so I've been getting occasional crashing from the file explorer. The process will time out when I'll try to right click a file on my desktop, crash, rinse and repeat, and the problem is not fixed until I restart the computer. 
The second issue I'm having is that on start up, I will get the 'disk read error' message, press ctrl + alt + delete to restart, and generally after one or two tries this will clear up the problem. I am wondering if these two issues are related, however, and want to nip them in the bud before anything breaks for good.
I use Windows 10 64-bit, if this makes a difference. 
Thanks for your help in advance!

A:File Explorer Freezing and Disk Read Error on Startup

Please tell us you have made restorable full image backups of your OS partition and data partition before this all began happening.  Get the hard-drive specs, from manufacturer's web site [if not on your hard-drive already] - download and run hard-drive tests.  BC regulars might ask you to download and run both MiniToolBox and Speccy -- when they ask, do that, follow their lead.  Meanwhile, I highly recommend making at least one if not two full images of your OS and data partitions onto at least one if not two usb external platter-driven hard-drives.

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When I install Perfect Disk it keeps saying "FAILED TO READ STATE FILE, EXITING" during windows boot...?

Boot-Time defrag isnt activated as it severley crashes the system if I try to run it..

I have SP1 Vista Ultimate 32bit

can anyone help with this?


A:Solved: Failed To Read State File , Exiting... (Perfect Disk)

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Since yesterday, I've been getting the 'Can't read from source or disk' error when trying to move a .BIN file (252kb size) from my E: internal hard drive to any other internal or other external drives.

Unlike the other problems I've seen when searching the forum, the file I am trying to move CAN be renamed and deleted. Problem is, I can't open or move it. Attempting to open the .BIN file with notepad will give me the 'cannot open the ~ file. Make sure a disk is in the drive you specified' message.

I have tried the dskchk and it did not work. It seems the problem lies within that file and not the drives because every other files were transferred successfully.

I would be appreciated if anyone have a fix for this.

A:'Can't read from source or disk' error message.

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Personally, I would do an offline scan first:
What is Windows Defender Offline?

If that comes back clean, then try unlocker to move the file - but see the bottom of this post first:
Two TEMP Folders

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I'm trying to copy a VHD (22g, dynamic I think...)

I tried richcopy. It says copy started, but then stops....

I saw someone mention xcopy /j, to achieve the unbuffered I/O perf. you get with richcopy...

it's running, but no indication as to how long it takes (EDIT: just finished, > 10 mins),

what's the syntax for single files?

Can't you just paste the path into the source?

(starts, and stops... any logs?)

A:how do I copy a BIG single file (using richcopy?) big file copy

Use this command if the VHD is sitting on C:

robocopy "C:\Users\yourName\VHD Folder" "S:\Storage Folder" *.* /COPY:DAT /E

Change yourname and replace VHD Folder with the name of the folder where the VHD resides. S:\Storage Folder is where you want to store it.

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I'm in the process of repair/recovery of my machine (Dell Inspiron 8500 with Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2). I'm following exactly the instructions in:, but a problem has developed. The "software" file (which is the file that the original blue screen error message says is "corrupt, absent or not writable") will not copy to the new tmp directory to create the backup. My understanding from the article is that this backup file (software.bak) will later be used to restore correct settings for various software applications. Since I can't copy it, it appears that I am screwed, no? Or is there a way out somehow?

Thanks to anyone who's been there and can help...

BTW I have the XP installation disk that came with, and a diagnostics disk which I have not yet run.


A:Blue Screen: Registry File Failure; can't copy corrupted file to tmp directory

Never mind, I had it wrong--didn't read the document referred to above carefully enough. The procedure worked like a charm, and the document is very easy to read and entertaining to boot! (pun intended).

The document describes a procedure that closely follows a Microsoft KB document (which I now can't find) but does not contain any warning regarding whether the OS is an OEM (original equipment manufacture) install or not. The Microsoft doc says not to use the procedure on an OEM-installed OS, but I just did it on my Dell, so that warning seems to be incorrect.

Many many thanks for the help provided by this document and this site.

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I cannot copy or paste jpeg files from my computer to my SD 2GB cards. Also, I get this msg when I try to print jpeg files. Using Adobe Elements I am able to archive these files. Oddly enough I can attach and send these jpeg files via email. Prior to August '08 was able to do these tasks without a problem. I suspect that there is a software compatibility problem since this problem came on suddenly (maybe iTunes?). No problems importing jpeg files from SD cards. I've looked at several sites on the internet but none seem to have the right solution for my problem. THANKS for any help that you can provide! -Stu

A:Error copying file or folder; cannot copy img the directory or file cannot be created

This has caught me more than once.

The problem is a limitation on the number of files and folders allowed in the root folder of a FAT16 file system (as for a memory card) of 512. (Note, this number is reduced much further if longer file names than 8 characters are used, as most people will want to).

When transferring the files onto the card, new files will be rejected when you hit this limit.

So keep your files in separate folders, so they are not all in the root folder.

For files and folders in root it might be worth keeping your filenames under 8 characters in length so you can use the full 512 files on root folder.

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Does anyone know how to write a script that would specifically
copy a file "File.ext" to the clipboard and paste it to this
"My Script.vbs" file?

I do not mean editing the VBScript file. I currently right click
"File.ext" select "Copy" then right click "My Script.vbs" and
select "Paste".

I would like to know if I can do that with a script. I have included
an example of the code used in "My Script.vbs" I have chosen these
file names and directory paths to use as examples for my post.

I thank you for reading this.

My Script.vbs
On Error Resume Next
Const OverwriteExisting = True
Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If objArgs.Count < 1 Then
End If

For I = 0 to objArgs.Count - 1
Arg = objArgs(I)

objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "C:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "D:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "E:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "F:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "G:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting

objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "C:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "D:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "E:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "F:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.C... Read more

A:Solved: Script to copy and paste a file on to a VBScript file.

This is what worked for me:
I converted the vbs file to an exe file using ScriptCryptor.
I use a script to open the file I want copied using that exe file.

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Hi Guys,

I want to make one batch file which daily copies yesterday's files from one folder & paste it to another folder.

C:/111 folder has following files. had yesterday's date had yesterday's date had last sunday's date

now, when i will run batch file today, it only copies & & move to another folder C:/222

So C:/222 contains following had yesterday's date had yesterday's date

Please note , i have to run this batch file daily which should not require any changes.

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I have Windows XP-Pro SP2 installed on a P4 1.8GHz CPU with 768MB RAM

I would like a script that opens a commamd window and calls for a file (icon file) to be copied to a specific folder on 5 different drives. I would like to be able to either paste in the file path or drag and drop the file onto the command window. The icon file will always come from the same folder "C:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders" and be copied, sometimes replacing a file with the same name, to these 5 folders:

"W:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"X:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"W:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"N:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"D:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

I apologize if I am using incorrect terms. I don't know if a batch file could do this or if it would have to be done with vbs. I would appreciate the help. I know nothing about writng vbs script and only a little about writing batch files.
Thank you.

A:Script to call for a file then copy file to specific folders

My question was answered on a different site.

Here is the link:

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Hi all,

Please help!! I'm having a problem to copy some files from a folder.
My folder have lots of files and is there any way for me to write a batch file to copy only files according to "date modified"? For example last week files or yesterday files.

Please help!! Urgent!!!
Thank you.

A:Urgent!! Copy file by date modified using Batch File.

Take a look at XXCOPY:

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Hi All
I have a rather large file system with lots of folders & subfolders. When I want to save previously on Xp operating system I'd search in explorer open the folder I want then copy the address (e.g c:\customer records\client name\job address).
In windows 7, when I copy the folder address i get this "search-ms:displayname=Search%20Results%20in%20electronic%20files&crumb=location:S%3A%5CSEQ%5C011_Estimating %5Celectronic%20files\CHERMSIDE , 17 smith ST"

As you can imagine I cant paste that into a save as field and expect it find the folder location.

Does someone know if it can do what I want? keeping in mind this is about time saving and productivity exercise so I need a simple solution. It is also on a work computer so a lot of settings are locked.

Appreciate any help

A:Copy file address after doing a file search in windows explorer

Find solution myself
Hold down shift right click and select "copy as path"

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Dear All,

I need to create a batch file which can read the size of file(e.g. 1kb, 2kb...etc) from specific folder and detect 0kb file and convert it to text file (showing 0kb file size) with alarm.

I am not really sure how to write command for this batch file. Please help :-(

A:How to create a batch file to read size of file on specific folder path

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I've been searching the web on how to accomplish this but am coming up empty handed so I am hoping someone here can help...

I want my batch file to read a random line from a text file into an environment variable - can this be done?

I am using Windows 2000.

A:Batch File -- Read Random Line from External File into an Environment Variable

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If the image files you're unable to open were obtained via download to a folder name that includes certain special characters (for example, the symbols seen in "&#12304;Pictures&#12305;") this creates a file path that, although acceptable to the operating system, is not recognized properly by IrfanView (or other apps), yielding the somewhat misleading "Can't Read File Header, Unknown file format" message (should really say "File Not Found"). Simple solution is to rename the download folder, or move the image files to another directory with a name that's recognized properly by IrfanView. Hope this helps some who are encountering this confusing error!

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If the image files you're unable to open were obtained via download to a folder name that includes certain special characters (for example, the symbols seen in "&#12304;Pictures&#12305;") this creates a file path that, although acceptable to the operating system, is not recognized properly by IrfanView (or other apps), yielding the somewhat misleading "Can't Read File Header, Unknown file format" message (should really say "File Not Found"). Simple solution is to rename the download folder, or move the image files to another directory with a name that's recognized properly by IrfanView. Hope this helps some who are encountering this confusing error!

A:IrfanView: Can't Read File Header, Unknown file format

closing duplicate, please don't create duplicate entries for the same issue.



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i have a .jpg file attached to an email: can i copy the .jpg file to a file/folder ? someone took a picture of me using an iphone, then he uploaded it to my email; i'm trying to make a backup copy, get it into a folder, so i can upload it to facebook; thanks

A:copy .jpg file (email attachment) to file/folder?

Save the attachment to what ever folder you want.

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I'm currently using Richcopy to move about 4TB worth of data from our colo facility (1000 miles away) to our office. And that data also gets routed overseas first before coming back (don't ask). Needless to say, connectivity while not bad, could be better.

The small files are zooming right along, the issue is the larger files (the ones that are hundreds of MB or even several GB).

From time to time, I briefly lose network connectivity for a second or two, when that happens, the files currently being copied abort and once connectivity is restored, Richcopy just moves on to the next files. So when Richcopy advertises that it 'resumes', it seems it is talking about resuming a file copy queue, and not resuming partially copied files. Those have to start over from the beginning.

Is there a tool similar to Richcopy with the functionality I'm looking for?


A:Need a file copy recommendation with partial file resume

I'd look at some of the Download Manager choices on this list found by Google Search:

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• I have a network directory that stores photos of individuals in jpg format. There may be only 2 pics of each person, or there may be 7 pics.
• Each persons pics are stored in a randomly named directory / subdirectory. dont have any control over the original program, it's just the way it was written, does not seem to follow any logical pattern, possibly a HEX naming structure based off the date & time, who knows (I will include a sample directory tree at the end of the post).
• Included within each of these created directories, along with the pictures, is a standard text file (filename "B.TXT") which includes the date the picture was taken, the persons name, and other information.
• Each time a person comes in and their picture is taken, the program: (i) creates the random directory (ii) stores the pics (iii) creates the "B.TXT" file with the persons information (iv) generates several other program specific files that I have no need for.
• The program names each of the pictures with the exact same names, which is why they are stored in different directories, so they will not overwrite. The retention period on each individuals directory, pics and files is approximately 40 days.

MFXX0000.jpg (Forward facing)
MLXX0000.jpg (Left facing)
MRXX0000.jpg (Right facing)
STXX0000.jpg (Identifying marks picture 1)
STXX0001.jpg (Identifying marks picture 2)

• As stated above, sometimes there is only the MFXX0000.jpg and MRXX0000.jpg files,... Read more

A:vbs or bat file copy / rename based on txt file in that directory

Wow, no takers yet ? I see there has been a few lookers, but no one - just a bump on the thread to get another look

many thanks to anyone that will give me a hand

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I am new to batch files and have read up a little on xcopy and robocopy. 
We currently have a folder which new builds are copied and compressed to .zip files and stuck in a  folder. Dozens of zip files are created every day
What I want to do is the following:

I want to copy the newest zip file from folder 1 to folder 2 and extract it. 

What is the simplest way to find and copy the newest zip file considering multiple zip files are created each day?

A:using a batch file i would like to copy the newest file to a new location.

Try this:
@echo off
for /F "delims=" %%a in ('dir  /b /od "d:\My Files\*.zip"') do set Youngest=%%a
xcopy /y "d:\My Files\%Youngest%" "Folder2\"

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I have a text file located at \\thedrive\a folder\another folder\log.txt. This file contains several lines of this kind of data "jdoe upgraded 09-20-2011 13:42:49.62".
I have a batch file located "d:\folderName" that needs to read the "log.txt" file and obtain the local computer user username if it is in the file. If it is not in the file then a file is to be copied to the d drive from \\thedrive\a folder\another folder\ to "d:\folderName" and then run the file. This is what I currently have
@Echo Off
SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
::This line is just in case n has been defined before the batch file is run
Set n=
Set _InputFile="\\thedrive\a folder\another folder\log.txt"
For /F "tokens=*" %%I IN (%_InputFile%) DO (
Set /a n+=1
Set _var!n!=%%I
but the log file is not read. If I move the "log.txt" off the network it works just fine. I cannot move the "log.txt" file as other processes use it nor can I copy it.

A:Batch file to read from a network text file

Because you have Quotes around your file name you need to use the USEBACKQ option.

Please use CODE tags when posting code.

@Echo Off
SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
::This line is just in case n has been defined before the batch file is run
Set n=
Set _InputFile="\\thedrive\a folder\another folder\log.txt"
For /F "usebackq tokens=*" %%I IN (%_InputFile%) DO (
Set /a n+=1
Set _var!n!=%%I


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Okay, so basically, I have a whole list of links in a plain text Notepad file, each link on a seperate line. All I am wanting to do is to add a bit of text before each link, specifically: and a couple of spaces.

So this...

becomes this...

By now you've probably already guessed what I'm trying to do here and what it's for.

So I am wanting some batch file code, executable in a .bat file, which basically reads a Notepad text file, and then add " " at the beginning of each line with text on it. I am guessing this is probably a very simple piece of code for someone with some knowledge of MS DOS and batch file code, but that most certainly isn't me, and the only batch files I have ever written have been with help like now.

Thanks for any and all help in advance with this, much appreciated.

A:Batch File To Read And Modify Text File

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I'm having a problem with a very long (125+ page) and extremely crucial Office 2007 Word document. Two strange things have started happening: First, when I try to close the file I get an error message that says: “Cannot close file. File is open in another location” (which, of course, it isn’t). In order to close the file, I have to do a “Save-as” and rename the file. However, when I open the newly created file, it only opens up as a "read-only" document which can't be saved or edited. To make matters worse, when I close the new file and reopen it, the new file becomes read-only as well. And on and on ad infinitum with every new file created from the original file!!!

When I check Properties for both the old and new files, “Read-Only” is not checked, so I'm really stumped. I've tried every method I know to correct both the File Open in Another Location and the Read-Only problems. I tried going to Task Manager to see if either the original file or the new file was actually running in another program, which they were not. I went into Event Viewer to see if there was any error in Microsoft Office, and I couldn’t find one (although, I’m not really sure how to find this exact kind of error). I tried to reopen both files from Windows Explorer, which didn’t help. I tried shutting down and rebooting which didn’t help. I even tried copying the contents of the new file and creating a newer file with a different... Read more

A:File Corruption: 'File Open in Other Location' + 'Read-Only'

It would be an interesting experiment to save the file as an RTF (Rich Text File), rename it, and then open it for editing in Word and see if the same problems happen.

The reason it would be interesting is, when you save Office files as Office files, they're written with Visual Basic code. VBA code is used in lots of applications and it affects "system" features like your ability to edit and save.

So, save the doc as a "Save As..." and in the white box at the bottom, click it, and a list will show up with the various other formats you can save as. RTF does not contain Visual Basic or VBA code.

RTF keeps formatting information, though special indents and numbering systems may look a little funny afterward.

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I've got Excel 2000. (Win98)
The PC froze / hung-up while in excel. Could only power off to restart.
Now when you access the file you get a message that the "file is in use" and can only be opened in read only mode.

"When you open a file that is in use, you'll get a message that tells you the file must be opened in read-only mode. In some cases, you may get this message even though the file is definitely not in use. This can be caused by an Excel crash, in which the file was not released."

The file was being accessed on another PC via a basic household network.
Our work around at present was to access the file in Read-only mode and save it as a new file. The old file still exists. I can't delete it as I get the same file in use message.

But, I'm still working on the older file to see if I can unlock it some how.
Tried the following:
1) Check/deleted temp files on the editing PC.
2) Checked the file attributes on the file (Note: the file did not have the "Read-only" attribute ticked)
3) Now checking the source PC for temp files.

Any direction greatly appreciated.

A:Error caused excel file to file in Use and read-only

Save yourself some time.
Open the old file.
Right-click a sheet tab and hit Select all sheets.
Right-click again and hit Move or Copy.
Choose the create a copy box, and from the dropdown, choose New book.
Save the new book. Make sure all is well. Delete the old book.

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My son plays basketball for an out-of-town college and I can download the radio broadcast games from the audio streaming over the internet into asf files using software called WM Recorder and WM VCR. The broadcasts can be as long as 3 hours and the asf file for a single game can be over 120mg. I want to burn this file onto a regular CD that I can listen to on a normal CD player such as a CD player in a car. I used software called Riverpast Audio Converter to convert the asf file to a wav file but neither the asf or wav files work in my CD player. I can playback either file (asf or wav) through Windows Media Player on my computer and they work fine. How can I listen to these downloaded broadcasts on a normal CD player? (I understand that I may have to split the file as I was told that a normal CD can only play back up to 80 minutes of audio).

A:Convert ASF file to a file that be read on a normal CD player

fow3 said:

I used software called Riverpast Audio Converter to convert the asf file to a wav file but neither the asf or wav files work in my CD player.Click to expand...

Your half way there with the wav file. Now burn it to a CD in CDA (CD audio), Nero or a freeware burner program will do that for you.

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Can anyone tell me how to get part of a bacth file to read a line from a text file and then set it to a variable.

For example the file contains computername =computer1

how do i get the batch to read that and set computer1 to a variable that can be used within the batch file.

If possible what i would also like to be able to do is once set that to variable, compare it against the correct computer number and if incorrect go back into the batch file and set the line to the correct computer name

Any help is appreciated.


A:Batch File Read Line Of Text File

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I have a user for whom shares and permissions on the server are working just fine.
I have another user for whom something is screwed up somewhere.
I've taken a directory that is shared and I've looked up the share and permissions for both. Identical.
But do this for 3,000 files/directories in a tree, no can do.
I'd like to take all the share and privilege information for Suzie and give them to Tom.
Can do?

A:Copy shares and permissions on file x to file z? Is this possible?

What usergroups are they assigned to? Also you say you have a server? Is it a domain controller?

I would copy the usergroups that are assigned to Suzie and give them to Tom rather than editing the share permissions themselves.

Just my opinion,

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Help me make a batch file that copies a file from one computer to another computer in a network...

PC1 = Source
PC2 = Destination

I want to copy a file from PC1's Drive E: to PC2's Drive E:

A:How to copy a file from 1 pc to another pc in network using batch file

Yes I want to copy files from PC1 to PC2 over the network...

PC1's Drive E:\Online Games\Battle of Immortals\Battle of the Immortals
PC2's Drive E:\Online Games\Battle of Immortals\Battle of the Immortals

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Hi, I have a file with no extension called simply, D:\file

I want to copy this to multiple locations, eg e:\file , f:\file

sometimes there will already be an older version, so I would like it to overwrite the file.
Is this possible with a bat file?
I tried a simple copy command in a bat file, but it wouldn't copy at all.


A:BAT file to copy file to multiple locations?

Have you tried 'xcopy' with the /y flag. This should copy the files and overwrite without it prompting you.... Would this suut your needs?

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System: Windows 7 Home Premium
Scenario # 1: I open a Word document. The document is not read only. I save the document - no problem. But occasionally when I save the document, the document suddenly becomes read only and I need to go to the document's properties and change the permission so that the document is no longer read only.
Scenario # 2: A folder contains 20 files, none of which are read only. I move the files to another folder - this works fine. But occasionally when I do this, one or two of these files will have their permission changed to be read only, and again I need to go to the file's properties and change the permissions so that the files are no longer read only
Why does this happen?

A:Saving file sometimes makes the file read only

What version of word are you using? Where is the file path you are saving and opening files from?

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In Excel 2010, I opened a Read-only file, made a lot of changes, and tried to File-Save As.

Nothing happens.

A web-search I got some info, maybe the MS Office update tool was recently installed? Not in my case.

go to explorer, the read-only file and check off Read-only in Properties. Can't, its not saved to anything, and Excel gives a message the file is read-only, please save under a new file name.

I tried File Save As, but nothing happens, no dialog box to input a new file name.

BTW, this is a large excel file, around 27 MB.

A:Excel file read-only, but can't File-Save as

Offhand, wondering if the Save As dialog box is opening behind the Excel program window. Maybe reducing the size of the excel window, then trying save as again? (it may be visible if that is happening) Also a possibility is to just try Save. That should produce a message and also offer the opportunity to Save As. Any additional info you can acquire will be helpful for resolving this.

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Hi, I would like to read text file e.g. abc.txt from batch file. There will be only one line in abc.txt file as given below... InstallationPath REG_SZ C:\Program Files\XYZ\My SoftwarePath\I would like to read the path i.e. "C:\Program Files\XYZ\My SoftwarePath\" with blanks in it.Please guide me to solve this problem.Thanks.Regards,Mukund

A:Need to read a text file from a batch file

Not very clear, but if you want to set a var try this:[email protected] off & setLocal EnableDELAYedExpansionfor /f "tokens=1-2* delims= " %%a in (abc.txt) do (set var=%%c)echo !var!=====================================Helping others achieve escape felicityM2

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Have HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
P7450 @ 2.13 GHz
6.0 GB RAM
64-bit OS
No Pen or Touch Input is avail for this display
I have Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1; MS Office 2007

The message I get is:
"You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of MS Office. This file is blocked from opening in this version by your registry policy settings."

I have tried to run "Fix It," and it failed.
The old Word file from 1994 is before Windows 95; probably Win 3.1 or Win 3.11.

I am hoping someone out there can help me read my really old files! Thank you!

I also have some old database files I need to run (not Access); but are Borland's Visual dBase Pro 5.5 or slightly older (1992 .dbf files). I actually have the CD-ROM for the Borland program. Do I dare install it? (The CD cover says it "supports Windows 95 & Windows 3.1, and the Crystal Info Report Builder program that goes with it). Or, is there a way to convert these to Access, and the old Word files to 2007 (without having to buy the 2010 ver of Word)?

A:Attempting to read (1994!) Word file on 3.5" disk using MS Word 2007

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So, I was reinstalling Vista, from a folder on my PC. The folder is on Z:\, and I'm installing to C:\. I installed previously from XP to Vista the same way. This time, I got a disk read error on reboot. chkdsk found a problem, I used /r and let it work. Still got the error. Booted to my Ubuntu drive and opened GParted, where it shows a warning saying it's unable to detect file system, etc.

I'd just like to get some of my files off my C:\ drive, but I am unable to see it from Computer, though I can see the other partition on the same drive. Any tips?

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Hi Ladies and Gents, my first time here.

I am trying to solve a problem where on 2 different machines refuse to open downloaded pdf's when this is selected at the open/save option after downloading. The 2 machines are both Win XP SP2. 1 is running Adobe Acrobat 7.0 (full) the other is running Reader 8.1.1.

On both, if an already saved file is clicked on it opens immediately. It is only on files being downloaded that the problem occurrs.

Any and all ideas gratefully received.


A:NEWBIE: Adobe Acrobat not opening pdf file unless file saved to disk first

Maybe a description of the error would be helpful?

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Hi Guys, can you please help. I have been loosing data in MS word files- I get an error saying- @disk you are using has a media problem that prevent Word from using it. Unrecoverable disk error on file WRL3369.tmp.

Can somebody please help me in finding my data again. It is present in the recovered items but unreadable!

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Whenever I try to drag and drop files from one of my music folders to my "removable disk" (mini mp3 player), i get this error message: Cannot copy >file<: cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name. This used to I have no idea what is going on with it. Could someone give me a heads up as to what the crap is going on?
Thank you!


A:Cannot copy >file<: cannot find the specified file...

Have the names of any of the files been changed?

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How can I move/copy a file from one disk to another without changing the file creation date?

Windows Vista

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 12:00:54 PM, on 12/10/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Panda Software\PavShld\pavprsrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\pavsrv51.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\PsImSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\TiVo Shared\Beacon\TivoBeacon.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\AVENGINE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\apvxdwin.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apntex.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\PCMService.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\WebProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dell\EUSW\Support.exe
c:\Program... Read more

A:need log file read - please hijack my log file

Being addressed here:

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I was wondering how to make a Word File into a Read-Me File.
For Word I have Microsoft Office Word 2003
For the Read-Me files I have Acrobat Reader 5.0 and Adobe Reader 8
So how would I convert my Word File into a Read-Me File varriant

A:Word File into Read-Me File

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I have a question  that how to copy file from remote desktop user drive to my local machine using  xcopy or any other protocol.

This is my server path "\\Trail01" and here is the file location "c:\Users\ashique.sheikh\Desktop\Day2.R"
How can i give this is in my batch file. I have used this
net use "\\Trail01" "[email protected]" "/USER:ashique.sheikh"
XCOPY /Y \\Trail01\c:\users\ashique.sheikh\Desktop\Day2.R  "D:\VMI"
But its not working. It is give path error.
How can i download this or is there any other way to do it?

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Hello all , i am new to batch programming.

I wish to have a batch file to read .apk file from folder and then copy it to another folder. Then it should rename the copied apk file to test.apk

i have a file in folder e:\apps\angrybirds.apk , I want to copy this angrybirds.apk to d:\apps and rename it to test.apk

Here the file names in the e:\apps\ will be changing. So what ever may be the name , it should read the name of the file from e:\apps\ folder , copy it to d:\apps\ and rename it to "test.apk" . Test.apk is a fixed rename

A:Solved: Batch file to copy a file from folder and rename it in another folder

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I've been using in the past.....just wondering if there is a better source.

A:Where do you source a hosts file?

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My clonedvd has stopped working. It was telling me that the source was not in dvd format. I uninstalled it and now it will not let me put it back in when I try to install clonedvd it gives me an error message that says my source file is corrupted. Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

A:source file corrupted

Unfortunately we are not allowed to assist users with applications that can be used for copyright infringement and since the most common use of an application of CloneDVD is copying DVD movies I'll have to close this.

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I keep trying to use my clonedvd, but when I do it tells me that the source file is corrupted. I have uninstalled it and tried to put it back in , but I can even reinstall it now. it says
an error occurred while trying to copy file: the source file is corrupted. I have no idea what to do I have contacted cloedvd, but they do not respond.

A:source file corrupted

You may not get a lot of CloneDVD help at TSG.

From the TSG Rules Page:

Category IV Offenses
Serious Crimes

... Furthermore, we do not allow instructions on how to complete illegal activities, such as pirating. Please don't ask for advise on using illegal software, as it will be removed.​
EDIT: Multiple posting of the same question is also frowned upon.

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Does anyone know I would be getting an error that reads your source file is corrupted?

A:corrupted source file

Dupe to this closed thread

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Hi Guys, Please could someone advise how I search for and find this missing source file on web:
Its to do with not being able to open outlook.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, x86 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238464 MB, Free - 140798 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-M56S-S3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:reinstalling a MC source file

Just look for the file name M4561403.CAB. The rest will likely be different every time.

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Hi, Can you pls help me put with this Issues D:\HP Loadrunner 11\HPLOAD11\lrunner\MSI\AppServer\webapps\site.war\images\gui\treeicons\color\RecycleBinEmpty.gif_1.tmp

A:Source file not found

This is the wrong company for Servers, Storage, Software, and Networking. Please use the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community: correct company for LR is Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

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hi techies,

Is there any way to view the source of an SWF file,as we see the source of an HTML through browser.


A:View the source of SWF file.

I don't think so. A swf is a compiled file. It is not like a html or even a script. I

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Windows 7 Professional Dell Vostro Desktop

In short, paint is refusing to open a file and it's baffling me.

The file is a 14400 x 9662 8.62 MB black and white cemetery map saved under the .jpg extension. We have a bunch of other maps that are exactly the same setup; .jpg extension, black and white, and roughly the same size (some are larger some are smaller). All of the other maps open in paint perfectly fine, and - additionally - they open properly in every other picture viewing software we have. The reason we like paint is because it's black and white and basically all we are doing is typing names into boxes and drawing lines here and there; it's extremely simple and straight-forward, and, until now, has worked exceedingly well, and it's free.

The file is not corrupt. It opens properly in all of our picture viewing software. I have tried resaving it as .jpg, .png, .tif, and .gif in ms office picture manager and windows photo viewer to no avail. I have even tried importing the picture into MS Word, then copy and pasting the picture into a blank MS Paint window. From that point we can view and edit as needed as though the file had been opened properly to begin with without even experiencing lag. Then I can save .jpg, .png, .tif, .gif, etc. (in order to use the .bmp extension without quality loss it winds up creating a HUGE file that paint won't open anyways. so .bmp is out). Then after paint itself has resaved the exact same file to a file... Read more

A:"Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file..."

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I have a file in my start menu and I would like to find the source of this (shortcut) file. I tried right-clicking, viewing properties. It does not say where the shortcut comes from.


Also, the file is Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, but I can't find the original file .exe where this is launching from. I checked C:\Program Files, but that only has the initial set up files. Where are the actual files?

A:How do I find the source of a shortcut file?

Hi go to start, and search for the file name and it will bring you to the source of the file

Hope this helps


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