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Solved: saving images to My Documents folder

Q: Solved: saving images to My Documents folder

simple question but i forgot how to do it - all my saved images are suddenly going to my "downloads" folder and i need to make them all go automatically to "my Documents" folder. how do i switch that?
thanks everyone.

A: Solved: saving images to My Documents folder

You have to change the download location in whichever browser you are using.

How to change download location in Google

How to change download location in IE8 & IE9

How to change the download location in IE10
Open Internet Explorer 10.
Press the CTRL + J keys simultaneously to open the View Downloads window.
Click on the Options.
Click on the Browse button.
Navigate to and select (highlight) Desktop in the left pane, then click on the Select Folder button, click on OK and shut the remaining window.
Close IE and re-open it for the changes to take effect.
How to change the download location in Firefox.

Open Firefox and at the top of the page click on Tools > Options
Under the General tab, click on the Browse button and select Desktop in the left pane so it is highlighted, then click on Select Folder.
Click on OK and the window will close. Restart Firefox for the settings to take effect.

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I'm attempting to change my default Documents folder to a separate folder I set up on my External Hard Drive, but having a lot of difficulties.

The way I wish to set it up is essentially just have my documents folder located on my external instead of the default, so that games/video recordings/anything else that auto-saves there will be saved and loaded from the location I want. I've tried using Symbolic Links and Hard Links, which may be able to solve my problem, except I'm not very educated on them and not sure if they're what I need. I've also changed the save folder in the documents properties to it, but that also didn't seem to achieve my goal.

If possible/necessary I'm okay with having things saved in both folders, I'd just like to be able to delete things off of my internal without worrying whether or not they're on my external. Saving to the external is the important thing, loading from it is wanted but not absolutely necessary.

A:[SOLVED] Multiple/Alternative Documents Folder Saving

See if this can help Redirect a folder to a new location

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I've experienced this problem twice in the past week. Here is my current problem:

New Windows 8 computer
Moved Office 2010 install from old computer to new computer
Copied all documents to new computer by installing the old drive in the new computer (NTFS to NTFS)

When trying to open any DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, or PPTX files that are stored in the Documents folder I get permission errors. Word will open an RTF file just fine. If I try to use any Office programs to save a file to the Documents folder, I also get permission errors. I can move the file to the Desktop and work with it just fine. I can then move it back to the Documents folder.

Here are the errors when trying to open files:
Word - Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges
Excel - 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Book1.xlsx' could not be found
Powerpoint - The path or file name for C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Presentation1.pptx is invalid.

When I try to use one of these programs to save to the Documents folder, I get the following error:
You don't have permission to save in this location.

I tried copying the files two different ways to eliminate any lingering NTFS permissions. I used a linux box to copy from the old drive to EXT4, then to a linux formatted FAT drive. I plugged this FAT drive into the Windows machine and moved the files over but got the same errors. Next, I copied the files from the old drive to a FAT32 drive using another Windows box. Then I tool the FA... Read more

A:Solved: Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder

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I am trying to save some pictures i see on the internet for my myspace group. the problem is when i right click it and hit save it says the file name is a .gif or .jpg file but in the save as type i only get .art and there anyway i can save it as a gif image or jpg image? Its already a gif or jpg image when i click it to save it.

A:Solved: saving .gif and .jpg images

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When I attempt to save an image while on a web page or in my e-mail, I right-click and select "Save Picture As"... My problem is the "save as" type in the drop-drown menu only shows "Bitmap" and not ".Gif" - even if the image IS a .gif image.

How do I change my Windows settings so ".gif" is part of my "Save As" type in the drop-down menu?

A:Solved: Windows 2K And XP: Saving Gif Images

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Let me apologize in advance as this is my first post:

Windows 7 Ultimate(no service pack yet, read below) 64-bit
AMD Athlon II X2 215
5.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz
HP 2159 ([email protected])
HP 2159 ([email protected])
256MB GeForce 9100 (HP)
HP machine, not custom build

I find a 1920x1080 wallpaper I like (this happens with all images, not just wallpapers I find), I right click, choose "save as", save to desktop (or anywhere else). When I try to set that image as my background, the image is distorted. So I go into properties, and the image is no longer 1920x1080. This happens with all images I try to save like this, and the size they change to seems to differ from picture to picture. This happened after testing one of my monitors for dead pixels with "Dead Pixel Tester".

To troubleshoot, I had no clue what to do. I verified that my display settings are the same, that is resolution and DPI settings. I looked online for some time, but wasn't able to find anything similar (I'm sure it's out there, my search terms were probably wrong as I have no idea what causes this). I have now reinstalled Windows. I have installed several programs (Chrome, Thunderbird, 7 Zip, and a few others) but no themes or additional OS changes have been made. The problem still persists.

I have installed Speccy as per the sticky, but I'm not sure what info someone may want. Please forgive me for anything I have left out, tr... Read more

A:[SOLVED] When saving images, they re-size themselves?

What resolutions is your desktop set at? Right click on your desktop select resolution then look to see what the resolution is set at.

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I saved a Jpeg image from a well-known wallpaper site recently. But now when I try to open the image, instead of image automatically opening with Windows Pic & Fax Viewer, my Nero programme opens it instead. When I was about to save the image in the first place I normally see all the other images I've saved. This time there was nothing, presumably because none of my images are saved using Nero.
So, how do I get this image to open with Windows instead of Nero ?

A:Solved: Saving Jpeg Images

Managed to solve this myself.

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I really need to save or convert an image to a PDF file. This is for an advertisement I'm placing, and the newspaper will only accept files in .pdf

I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X. It can read .pdf but cannot save as .pdf. Is there any way to convert my files? If so, how? Or will Adobe Reader support any other file types (.bmp, .jpg, etc)?


A:Solved: Saving images as PDFs

Cute PDF is freeware and works great.

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I'm having problems saving images to My Pictures, although they will save, they dont show as an image but a windows folder icon instead, this happens with any recent image I've tried saving and I just can't get them to show like my other saved gifs etc, I have the setting to show images and the rest of my saved pics are fine, any ideas would be welcomed

A:Solved: problem saving images to My Pictures

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Good afternoon,
     I use exchange online a lot (OWA) and a few days ago Internet Explorer started defaulting to OneDrive Documents Folder instead of my local Documents folder. It was running fine before that. Not sure what changed. I have since changed
settings in OneDrive to save locally instead of on OneDrive and even disabled OneDrive completely. However, every time I try to add an attachment from Internet Explorer, it defaults to my OneDrive folder and not my local folder. Anyone know of a fix? Yes,
I know I could just use a different folder and copy from my Documents folder to the new folder, but there's obviously an issue that I would like to fix. Thank you all for your help.

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Hi all.

I have a problem with ZENWorks. I know that the images can be saved to a FAT32 partition, but FAT32 has a file size restriction of 4GB, and the images I need to create are larger than that. Is there a way to save these images to an NTFS partition?

Thanks everybody.

A:Solved: Saving Novell ZENWorks images to NTFS - Is it possible?

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I opened an existing, frequently-used Word 2003 document which has images inserted, and they had disappeared, only the text remains and a box where the images used to be.

To test the problem I tried to insert an image into a new document (Word 2007, so that was .docx), and that did the same thing - placed a box the right size, but no image.

Any ideas why the documents are not displaying images when they did before, and how to get them back? Some setting has obviously changed but how to find out and rectify it?

A:Solved: Missing images in Word documents

Check out the Options, View tab and make sure the "Picture Placeholders" is NOT checked.

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In Word, everytime you save a document it saves two of them, some one once told me that had something to do with it but I lost the notes I had, Can some one help, getting tired of deleteing on doc everytime you save one.

A:Solved: Windows XP SP2--Can someone tell me why Word is saving two documents everytime?

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ok so my boss enjoys giving me random meaningless tasks that keep me busy all day and today's quest is to find out how to save a document by somehow inputting a file path for it to be saved to rather than selecting file after file from a list... Does this make sense? Is this possible?

A:Solved: my boss wants a quicker method for saving ms word documents

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I created a simple word file with some visual basic elements, with Word 2003: two text boxes, a command button, and two labels. The user is supposed to enter information in the text boxes, and watch the information appear in the labels when they click the command button. I got everything working with this simple code for the command button:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Label1.Caption = TextBox1.Text
Label2.Caption = TextBox2.Text
End Sub

I was happy. I saved the document, closed Word, and went for a coffee.... When I returned, I re-opened the file. I entered text into the textboxes, and hit the command button, though nothing happened. The labels stayed blank. I tried adding new functions, and editing the old one, and nothing worked. Do VB functions work one time only, when you create them? Or can you create them, save the file, and have it work in the future (I hope)?

Edit: I have attached the file I created.

Thank you

A:Solved: Word documents with VB objects, not working after saving and closing

Actually i am new commer in visual basic .so i gain a little bit.but from today i continioung to read your thread.thats why i am very pleasure to you.


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My scanner suddenly started adding a brown tint/hue to images and documents. The printer sees this and prints that way. The printer prints web pages and documents that haven't been scanned just fine. Is the bulb losing it's luminosity?

HP Photosmart Plus B209a Print - scan - copy



A:Solved: Scanner adding brown tint to images and documents

I am going to call this solved for now (I can't delete) because I do not know what is going on with this equipment. I will come back when I have consistent symptoms of the problem.


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Q1. When I look at the folders in C:\Users\User-Name , I can see a [My Documents] folder. I double click on [My Documents] and the location now is C:\Users\User-Name\Documents , why is the folder name different from the exact folder location? (I notice all other folders that have the word "My" has the same situation)

Q2. If I want to move the My Documents to another drive D:, I should create a new folder in D: as [Documents] (without the word "My") or should I create a new folder [My Documents]?

Q3. I intend to follow this article User Folders - Change Default Location to move My Documents folder, in the article it says
"OPTION TWO 3. Create a New Folder by right clicking or press and hold on a empty space in the main window there, and click/tap on New and Folder. Name the new folder without spaces (ex: "Music" for My Music) for the user folder that you want to move there. (See screenshots below) NOTE: The name that you type in for the new folder will be what you see as the user folder name in the Start Menu (shell:UsersFilesFolder) location when finished with all of these steps. It would be best to use the same name as the user folder to avoid confusion."
"OPTION TWO 8. Navigate to the same location as in step 2 and 3 above, then select the renamed new folder (ex: Music), and click/tap on the Select Folder button. (See screenshot below)"

Is the second screenshot at OPTION TWO 3. and screenshot at OPTION TWO 8. wrong... Read more

A:Why User folder shows My Documents but folder location is Documents?

Hello pcwin,

The user folders that have "My" in the name are not actually named with the "My".

These are symbolic links, so when you name the folder "Documents", it will automatically rename and display as "My Documents", but in reality is still "Documents".

It can be a bit confusing.

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Hi All. New user, first time post here. I've got a problem with Windows XP. So a friend of mine gave me a copy of norton ghost 2003 to try out. Well, it must have been a bad copy because when I tried to run it, the program just hung up and did not start the dos ghost, despite waiting for an hour. I shut off the power to the computer, and then it was stuck in this loop of going to pc-dos whenever I turned on the computer. It would not bypass this despite picking the option to skip ghost and go straight to windows. So, I had a new hard drive to put into the computer (which precipitated this whole ghost business in the first place), and i reloaded windows, which went fine. Everything is great now on my new larger hard drive, except that I can't get to the documents on my old hard drive. I put the old drive into an enclosure I had laying around, and I mapped to documents and settings, and then my user name, and it told me access is denied. I had the account password protected, and I know the password, but windows is not even asking me for a password. How do I get around this? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Getting old documents folder

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Okay, here's the rundown as best as I can remember it...

Several years ago (around 10, if I'm approximating), I purchased a slew of components and built my first computer from scratch. Since that time I have run through four power supplies. It seems as though some other component is causing these power supply failures. This is not the purpose of this post, however (but some back story).

Now, I am not the most technically savvy person in the world, and after the second failure, I took the computer to a "professional". While I don't know what he did in its entirety, I did notice a change that confused me. However, as I had decided to be an end user from this point forward and not a techie person, I didn't question it. The change... I could access the user account "Documents" folder from the "My Computer" window but not from within the "Documents and Settings" folder under the root directory.

In other words, if I were to double-click the "My Computer" icon, I would be given the usual options of hard disk drives and CD drives as well as the "Shared Documents" folder and the "_Username_ Documents" folder for the user logged in. (That would by Ahr Neely's Documents for the Ahr Neely user, and as there was only every one user created on the computer it was the only documents folder that should have existed.)

However, if I were to, from the "My Computer" window, open the C:\ d... Read more

A:Solved: Missing User Folder from "Documents and Settings" Folder

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I'm having a problem saving pictures to my personal folder with Windows 7. I never had a problem with Vista solftware. I was given options as to where I wanted to save the pictures. I'm not able to do this with my new computer since the name of the folder doesn't come up.

A:Solved: Saving pictures to my personal folder on Windows 7

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Just finished deleting the Dell partitions and programs from my laptop and using Easeus Partition Manager, resized the primary C:/ partition and created a second partition for data storage. (Now I know why they call it Easeus... It really is easy to use.)

OK, so having done all that, I rebooted and did some final cleanup, then went to the My Documents folder/properties and clicked "Move". designated the new target to be my new E:/ drive partition. Windows proceeded to move all my files to the E:/ drive. All went well and the files were there on the E:/ drive. The shortcut to My Docs in the Quick Launch tool bar also changed the target to the new location.

Now, what has me confused is the entire content of the my Documents folder is STILL on the C;/ drive as though I didn't change a thing I can open the documents just like always on either drive. Basically, the process didn't move the folder, it copied it. Kinda defeats the purpose of the whole process.

Any ideas???


A:Solved: Moving My Documents Folder

I guess you meant on win XP

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I am new to Windows 7 so am still in the process of learning all the features. When I click on "Start" and then select "Documents", the Documents folder is listed under "Libraries". The computer defaults to the "Documents" folder and in the right pane is all the documents files I have on my computer ie, graphic photos, tax returns, business letters, ITunes music, pictures, Excel worksheets, Word Documents and on and on. It is as if someone took all of the documents out of their folders and arranged them side by side.

When I click on the arrow to the left of "Documents" then that folder expands to show "My Documents" and "Public Documents". When I highlight "My Documents" the same files appear in the same order

When I click on the arrow to the left of "My Documents" then the "My Documents" tree expands and each folder that I have in "My Documents" is listed. I keep all files in their own folder so nothing is loose.

I don't know why all the document files I have show in the right window pane. So what is the purpose of this type of view in the "Documents" folder where everything is shown? It certainly isn't convenient to scroll through 500 files to locate a document. If I want to view a business letter, I just go to the "Business Letter" folder in "My Documents" and view the file letter.

A:Solved: Documents Folder Is A Mess

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Problem I've not seen. I have a folder I use to collect files for a program. It is subordinate to My Documents. Three days ago it disappeared. It is not, however gone! I can put the path into the address line of Explorer (the files version - not the browser) and it magically appears. Also I can search and find all the files/folders in that folder individually by name with 'search'. I've set cursor on My Documents and opened >Tools>Folder Options>View and checked "Show hidden files folders and drives". I've tried this at various levels as well. I also ran a batch attrib e.g.:

@echo off
Echo This script will unhide all files in the current folder and all subfolders.
Echo If there are a lot of files, it may take some time to complete.
Attrib -H /S /D
echo Unhide Complete

This obviously ran for a few minutes from C:\

Wierd. I can get to the files, but the folder does not show up under My Documents as it should. I've tried to recreate the folder directly subordinate to My Documents, and get a warning that the folder already exists.
This is not a total loss since I can get to the folder, but would be nice to simply open My Documents, scroll down and find it.

A:Solved: Missing Folder in My Documents - Win 7

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I m using Windows XP in my Acer 4710z laptop,
the problem started 3 days before....when i started the computer a Black Screen came with no mouse cursor....i googled for the solution but that couldnt help.....
so i reinstalled the XP Professional in another drive "E' because my old windows was installed in C Drive and there were some important documents and pictures in "my documents" folder in C drive and i didnt want to lose them....
when i installed the XP in E installed successfully...but when i checked and opened the older "My Documents" in C Drive "Access Denied" message box came....
The properties of the folder shows "Folder is Empty"..........but when i scan it from antivirus, it scans the full my documents folder with all the files and shows 1.4 GB disc space inspected...

Plz help...

A:[SOLVED] my documents folder not opening

Hello and welcome.

Please do this:

How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP

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Today I partitioned a hard drive for the first time. After partitioning, I tried to put some folders to the new partition by editing their Location in Properties. I did My Documents first, clicking move > E: instead of creating a new folder named My Documents, so E: became My Documents. I also moved My Pictures, My Videos, and Downloads folders inside E:, but remembered to make new folders for them inside E:. I decided I didn't want E: to be My Documents, and wanted it to exist inside E: as its own folder, so I did the following: right click E: > Properties > Location > Restore to default. After doing this, all of the folders inside E: went missing.

There is no My Documents folder inside the original user folder in C: drive. There is a Music and Videos folder, but when you try to click them, they say that they are not accessible, and say Access Denied. They also display 0 bytes of size when you view their properties. When I open a program such as Wordpad or iTunes, however, they can still access these folders through the Libraries tab. Even more confusing, according to the Libraries tab, these folders exist inside the original user folder in C:, but when I open this folder with windows explorer, I don't see them.

I've also tried right clicking the entire user folder and restoring a previous version of it. It didn't work.

My question is, how do I get back my folders, aside from copy pasting from the library?

A:[SOLVED] Problem with My Documents folder

Okay since I cannot find the edit post button, I will just update here:

I was able to change location of the Music, Picture, and Video folders from the Libraries tab. I successfully moved them to the E: partition. I did the same thing to Documents, and it said it did change location from C: to E:, but the folder is still not visible in E:. I even changed folder options to show hidden files, but My Documents is still "missing" even though it's there in Libraries. The weird "Music" and "Videos" folders with 0 bytes of space are still in the C:\Users\Admin folder though, and when double clicked they still say Access Denied, so that's weird. The Location tab in their properties don't exist, and I can't delete them either because I "require permission from the computer's administrator."

Main question: How do I make the My Documents folder show up again?
Sub question: How do I get rid of the "Access Denied" folders?

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When I'm trying to access my Documents and Settings folder through the explorer, my computer says I don't have access even though I'm logged in through the only user account. I try to change the permissions and it gives me an error and then still prevents access.

How can I get rid of these stupid security measures that I don't need?

A:[SOLVED] Can't access Documents folder

Hi, sounds like you are trying to access Documents and settings, that exist in Vista\Seven.
Actually, those "folders" are Junctions, or reparse points. You'll notice they have the Shortcut arrow on them. Their sole purpose is to redirect old programs that have the old locations hard coded, rather than using environment variables, to the new locations.
Open a Command Prompt, navigate to any folder containing a junction point, and type Dir /AL, and it will list the Junctions, and the location they point to.
If you want a list of all of them, run Dir /AL /S from the root of the hard drive (i.e., C:\)

You can't access them because the Everyone group only has permission to traverse the folder, and has a Deny permission set for reading/listing.
(thanks to Outcaste)

For these three in particular:
C:\Users\ Your User Name \Documents\My Music is now C:\Users\Your User Name\Music
C:\Users\ Your User Name \Documents\My Pictures is now C:\Users\ Your User Name \Pictures
C:\Users\ Your User Name \Documents\My Videos is now C:\Users\ Your User Name \Videos

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I've had this problem for more than a month and cannot get out of it.
At the beginning the Documents Folder started do duplicate and appeared in the explorer next to my real Documents folder, but inside there was a file called Update5. I kept on deleting it but it kept on coming back. Then I did a research on the net and found how to remove it
I finally deleted the Update5 (it desappeared) but the Documents folder keeps on duplicating next to my real Documents folder. The first, though it's empty. I delete it but after a while it's back there.
Is it Adobe Reader's fault? How can I solve it?

A:Solved: Documents Folder keeps on duplicating


This is more of a work-around than a solution, but it may be better than nothing. If you have your system set to not show hidden files, you can right-click on the folder, select properties, and check "Hidden". The folder will be still be there, but since it's empty it's not going to do any harm there, and as long as you're not set to view hidden files, you won't see it.

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I built my new computer last night with the hard drive from my old one. I reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition on the C: drive. The My Documents folder on the D: drive was password protected under my old installation and now I can't get into that folder. I've tried setting the password on my account to the same as it was before with no joy. I know that Windows uses SID's and that the SID of my new account doesn't match the old one so that's likely the reason that I can't get to my files. I really need some help here. Both partitions are NTFS.


Pentium D 3.4 GHz
ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe Motherboard
1 GB RAM (2 x 512 MB Dual Channel)
120GB Seagate SATA (150 mbps) hard drive
8x Sony DVD+-RW
Diamond Multimedia ATI Radeon X1600 Pro PCI-E Video (512 MB)

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: New Computer + Old Documents Folder

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I am not sure what caused it but one day the documents and settings folder in the 'C' drive just dissapeared. I then scanned for viruses, and it found a few adware files, and 2 viruses. I got rid of everything. It still is gone. I have no restore points or any of that. I even tryed reinstalling XP and it still is gone. And for example if you look for music through musicmatch, and you go in the 'C' drive. It shows that the doc & settings folder is really there. I tryed formatting the folder to show hidden files. It is still not there.... I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!

A:Solved: The documents and settings folder is gone??

Does anyone have any ideas at all??? I've tryed using spybot and ad-aware SE and removed all they came up with... but nothing helped

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Hello. I am running Windows XP SP2.

When I used to double click on the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop, 2 folders would appear at the top of the page when it opened.

1 folder was called 'Shared Documents' and the other 'My Documents'.

Problem is, the 'My Documents' folder has suddenly disappeared.

It is still on the desktop and I can access my work from there, but I would like it to appear back in 'My Computer' again.

I tried to copy and paste the 'My Documents' folder into 'My Computer' but that didn't work.

I also tried to drag it from the desktop into 'My Computer' but that didn't work either.

I am only a novice and would appreciate any advice.

Thank you...

A:Solved: 'My Documents' Folder Disappeared

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whenever i click on an image or file to download, it automatically goes to my Downloads folder. where can a change the settings so it goes to My Documents folder? im using windows 7.

A:Solved: downloading into My Documents folder

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I have Windows XP Professional and am trying to copy images from a card reader to a folder on my desktop. I have been doing this for nearly 2 years, it is my job, and have never had an issue. Today when I went to load these images, the images numbers had completely changed. The normal format is DSC####.jpg. However, they now show up as 0001.jpg. EXAMPLE: I have image 6659, per the screen on my camera. This would normally show up as DSC6659.jpg when I open the folder showing the images on the disk (at this point I have not copied them over to a new folder). However, being that is the first number on this memory card, it renames itself to 0001.jpg when I view the images in the card reader.

My question is: Is this a Windows issue or a camera issue? What settings could have possibly been changed for this to happen? The camera is a Sony CyberShot H7.

A:Solved: Images copied to folder on desktop rename themselves

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Hi, I'm having grief with the MS Hotmail security/linking email address thing. (Separate thread.)

It looks to me at least, that I'll lose access to my email address as MS want to link it to one I have
no idea what either the address or passwords are!

So, can I export all my email addresses, (friends etc.) from my Hotmail to my computer, or another email address, without having to type them all out?

Much appreciated.


A:Solved: Saving email addresses to external folder/file.

You can use outlook or a web client to sync it with your email account and save it there.


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I have a 100 GB external hard drive that I use to store all my personal media like music, photos, and movies. I have about ten different folders. In my music folder, I have about 67 GB of music stored in it. When I tried to put more MP3's in it, it wouldnt let me. I dont think thinks its the amount of space I have because my external hard drive has about 20 GB left in it. I tried storing other media like photo's in the the music folder and it worked. I dont know if theres a certain limit to how much music you can have in one folder? Can anybody help me, thanks!!

A:[SOLVED] How to make a folder increase in size for more space saving

Hi and Welcome. . .

No, there is no limitation of storage pertaining to a particular type of file.

Go into Disk Management via Computer Management/ Storage - right-click on My Computer, select Manage. Look at the area for the external HDD. What is the total size of the drive it reports? Does it have any partitions? Is it FAT32 or NTFS format?

Regards. . .



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When I try to delete jpg images from 'my documents folder', the system makes a copy of the image I am deleting/have deleted. I have tried moving all the images to their own file, but the same thing keeps happening - the system just makes a copy of the image. I probably have about 100 jpg images that I want to delete. I am highlighting 10 to 20 images at once prior to deleting/moving the images.
I am using windows XP. Can you help me with this issue please.

A:Solved: can't delet jpg files from my documents folder

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Recently my Shared Documents folder has vanished. All references to it now point at a generic folder named Documents in the C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents however whenever I try to access it, it tells me it cannot access it and that access is denied. I'm using a desktop with Windows XP SP2. Any ideas how I can get my documents back?

A:Solved: Shared documents folder problem

The links below may help

Shared Documents Folders Are Missing From My Computer

"Shared Documents" folder renamed to "Documents"?

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Hi all,

A quick one for you, I have a folder called Updater5 that keeps appearing in My Documents folder(My files being the one that contains: My music, My Pictures, My Videos etc...)
Not sure why its there and it never has anything it? Also I deleted it but it keeps coming back... Do I need it there and if not how do i rid of it for good????

Running windows XP SP2

Thanks Dax

A:Solved: Updater5 file in My Documents folder.......???

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I'm new to windows 7 and having a hard time navigating the file structure. When I try to open documents and settings, access is denied. Under libraries-documents there is a folder named My Videos.....access is denied to that one as well. How do I get access. I'm the only user and an administrator. Why can't I see what's in these folders? Thanks.

A:Solved: Can't access Documents & Settings Folder

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Please answer fast!
Yesterday at night I upgraded to Vista (it's not the first time I do this), then I found that I can't open my documents folder.

I only see a shortcut at my user folder called "My Documents" (I think Music, Pictures, and Videos are inside there) with a generic folder icon, if I open this, I get that I don't have access to that folder, then when I try to get it, it says "Access denied- go to the Security tab". No, the Documents folder is not there. Only "My Documents" shortcut.

Well I open the Security tab, and I try to get ownership, but it says:
"You don't have permission to see the security properties for this object, you must try to get ownership, etc."
Below, it says:
Current owner:
and then It says below:
New owner:
Admininstrators (MHK-MACBOOKNANO\Administrators)

Well then I try to make me the owner again, but I can't, as it continues asking me the same, like:
1. I select Mhk from the New owner list, then I 'OK'.
2. I click 'Edit' again at the Security tab
3. I get the same window as before, telling me that I do't have the permission.

How can I solve this????

A:Solved: Can't open Documents folder after upgrade from XP

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Running Windows 7, home premium version.
None of the Documents and Settings folders will allow me to view, open, or modify them - for any user.
I am logged on as Administrator.


A:Solved: Documents and Settings folder not cooperating

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Searching in my documents does not work. I can enter the search term, hit enter, and instead of displaying the result page, nothing happens, ever.

The "arrange by X" option does nothing as well.

All other folders work just fine.

On win 7 64 bit.

A:[SOLVED] My documents folder has weird behaviour


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Hi girls & guys,I have done this many times but right now I have a brain malfunction & can't remember how to change the my documents folder icon.Searched google for an answer but not getting what I want.Searched TSG threads & not finding answer there.I have changed the icon many times because I have a custom icon that gets replaced with default icon when I make a system change.
But today I just can't remember how to do it.
It's such a nice day that my brain decided to take a walk & hasn't come back yet

A:Solved: change my documents folder icon

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Short version of a long story. Due to multiple BSOD on friends laptop, I decided the best course of action to a non-destructive OS recovery. It is an HP DV6000 laptop running XP Home SP2 with 2 GB mem and a 100 GB HD.
The only thing he had on the machine that he didn't want to lose was about 32 GB of songs for his DJ business. Just to be safe, I copied then onto a networked pc for safe keeping. Hitting PF11 during reboot, took me to the OS restore screen. I proceeded through the restore and choose a different user nane than the original one he had used. This saved the files in the Documents and settings folder for the old user (that no longer existed). After the restore was done, I tried to copy the My Documents folder from the old user to the new user directory. No matter what I tried, I received the Access denied. I tried from a CMD Prompt. I tried using the ATTRIB command to look at the attributes. The only thing I could see was, on each directory (My Documents and below) the Properties window had the Hidden check box filled in, not checked, but filled in. I could not turn it off. I even tried to boot to safe mode and log on as Administrator, and got the same results. I ended up, going back and doing the destructive restore (format drived and factory reload) and then copying the files back from my network.

My question is, why couldn't I copy or delete these files even as administrator, and how can I correct this situation in the future, as I know this sam... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Access Denied on old My Documents Folder

He probably had the "Make my files private" setting enabled for his account, which restricts access to the files for that account, even on a new XP install. In the future you can take ownership of the files to gain access to them.

Hope it helps,

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Ok, I need some help..

I know that the documents library is a "library" and when I save anything there it really saves the file to the default location(my documents).

I teach a basic PC course usage course to seniors and some of the PCs are now listing the "My Documents" and the "Public" folders above their respective files when they click on "documents". In the past all the files have been there but never a separation by folder in the listing. There are 8 computers in the LAb and 4 show the "my Documents" and Public location in the listing....

How can I get this back to where they only see the whole list of files without the folder separation in the listing...

Thanks for any help, this is confusing them...


A:Viewing the documents library displays my documents folder

Hello John, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It sounds like the default Arrange by, Sort by, or Group by folder view of the "Documents" library has been changed. You might see if doing what's in the yellow TIP box at the top of the tutorial below to click on Clear changes in the "Arrange by" (on toolbar) drop down menu may help.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Hope this helps,

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When I want to copy a group of images to another folder it often leaves behind a set of Copies of those images. I select first image, press and hold Ctl key until all are selected. Then select the group and clk on "copy to folder."
I also use same routine with Shift key. It seems to happen only with Ctl key.
Question: What causes "Copy of ....." images.

A:Solved: Copying images to new folder leaves behind Copy of image.

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This is really annoying. I open up my documents, and this pops up everytime. It seems that I need a "desktop" folder in my documents.. I dont know, I'm getting a headache over this I cant even explain it but heres a picture that might help..


A:Solved: Vista Desktop Icon in My Documents Folder

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.My problem is in my documents folder. I can see all of my files as well as pictures but I cannot see the titles of each file unless I run my cursor over a file and then the title appears. The titles also show when I am attaching a file to an e-mail. This is a problem especially with word files because the only way I can tell which file it is is to run my cursor on it to show the title. Luckily I did not lose any files, I just lost the titles. Can anyone help with this problem? Here is my system info; Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-55, x64 Family 15 Model 104 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1270 , 192 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 225602 MB, Free - 60965 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 1184 MB; F: Total - 1329 MB, Free - 1279 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0UK441, , .GFRW2F1.CN486437AG1131.
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Lost the titles of every file in my documents folder.

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when I try to move documents from my documents (C:\Documents and Settings\user01\My Documents\my_data) folder to another destination (D:\my_data), why is it that aside from documents in my_data folder get copied, the Documents and Settings folder are also copied ? How can I prevent that (I just want to move my_data folder) ?
I've already read about changing My Documents target to point to another destination, but it's not quite clear for me.. does that mean that we can move existing documents already stored in My Documents folder for future documents ??
I use windows xp sp 3

A:Solved: Moving data in My Documents folder to another location

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I just did a non-destructive restore on my system, and I am trying to retrieve the files from the 'my old disk structure' folder. But, the 'my documents' folder is set to private, and now I can't access the folder. I was wondering if there is any way I can get around this, or can I basically kiss those files goodbye?

A:Solved: I restored my system, but am locked out of 'my documents' folder


If you follow this link it will tell you how to get access again.

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Hi - I found your forum while googling for an answer as to why this folder - C:\Documents and Settings\Lisa - with just "Local Settings" folder in the window - comes up every time I start Windows XP...

I ran HijackThis and have pasted the log below. (I had HijackThis on my PC from some Virus help I received a year or so ago - so since I noticed that's usually what you guys request - I went ahead and ran it now! )

Can you please help me figure out how to get this annoying window to go away on StartUp?

Thanks a bunch!


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:40:06 AM, on 3/7/2012
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Antimalware\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\HitmanPro\hmpsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Broadcom Corporation\Broadcom USH Host Components\CV\bin\HostControlService.exe
C:\Program Files\Broadcom Corporation\Broadcom USH Host Components\CV\bin\HostStorageService.exe
C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASCORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Comm... Read more

A:Solved: Documents and Settings Folder opening on Startup

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Hi guys. Im not very skilled at computers and i wanted to save an image from bing images to my computer so i can set it as my screensaver. I have done this before but this time i have ran into some difficulties. When I right click/ save image as it asks me where i want to save it. The problem is i want to save it to pictures but i cant seem to find that!I need help asap. thanks in advance yours truly, Emma

A:Saving images

It might be easier to save it to your Desktop ... Where you can edit it if needed ... Then save it (Drag n Drop) to your Pictures folder.
And Welcome to the TSG Forum

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Hey guys, When I save a picture someone emails me, it saves as JPEG image and I have problems opening it with any program but microsoft photo editor. Pictures I have had for quite a while are all JPG file. These JPG file images I can send to and open with most all programs. How do I get the JPEG image to change to JPG file. It does not give me option to "open with" , only open. Thanks

A:saving images

You may have to "associate" the JPEG format to the program you want. Assuming you are on PC platform, follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Explorer
2. On the menu bar, select tools, folder options
3. Click on the file types tab
4. Find the JPEG extension
5. Click on "change" button
6. Select the application's exe file you want to use i.e. photoshop.exe

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Whenever I try to save an image, be it in a graphics program or saving an image from the net, the screen freezes and the image wont save, when the 'save as' box comes up it sticks and can't be cancelled.
Thanks if you can provide any help.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't saving an image, particulary one you might want to enlarge or edit in some way, as a BMP give you some advantages?

It seems that way to me at least. Any opinions?

Thanks in advance


A:Saving images as JPG. or BMP?

If you are talking about saving it from the web I don’t think your analysis is correct. It usually defaults to the kind of image it is. If you save a jpg as a jpg there is no additional loss as you aren’t really recompressing it. If you convert it to bmp you don’t get more quality in that case – just a larger file with some serious content limitations.

If it is saved on the web as a gif or bmp there would be some loss converting it to jpg, but you usually don’t have the choice. If it is on the web as a gif or bmp you can’t save as jpg. So the question is really moot for files that are in those formats.

There is a loss in versatility if you download a jpg as a bmp though. You get a bigger file with a lower color depth and no print size imbedded. There are many operations an editing program like Photoshop can not do with a gif or bmp. As a general rule I would say to always download as jpg if it is a choice between jpg and gif.

If you are talking about saving from an image editor or viewer then either format is bad. Save as tiff or png.

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Whenever I try to save images from the net..they come up as .bmp rather than there anyway to save them as .jpg files? Bitmaps are space consuming..someone help me out

A:Saving Images

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For the last few months when i save a JPEG something is altering them into BITMAPS and its doing my head in, i was told to clear my files via Internet Options, i do and it goes for a while but then returns, does anybody know whats casuing it? and more importantly how i get rid of it without the aid of a lump hammer? any help would be much appreciated.

A:Saving images

The cause is that your Temporary Internet Files get too big, and need regular clearing.

The fact that it works when you do this suggests there is no other problem.

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When I am saving an image online, I right click on the image and 'save picture as'.
The only options I have are save file type as BMP or ART file. Most of my saved images have automatically saved as ART files. They have the blue explorer icon next to them. My problem is that I can't send any images via E-Mail because the recipient can't view them.
How do I get them to save as JPEG or GIF and what should I use as the default to open them. (How do I do this)
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Jay

A:saving images

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Hey everyone

I have a problem, its not a big problem, but its quite annoying. I regularly look at pictures on the internet and save them to my hard drive. Lately when I am trying to save the pictures, instead of the save dialog box coming up with the name of the picture already in the filename spot and the picture type selected, I am getting untitled in the filename, and it's always saving as a bmp. I can't change what file type I want to save it as, as there is only bmp in the drop down list. I can't remember when this problem started, but it is really annoying, and I have a feeling it's something simple that has been changed.

Any information/help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.



A:IE 6 and saving images

Open IEClick ToolsSelect Internet Options...Click the Delete Files... buttonPut a check in the Delete all offline content boxClick OKClick OK

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Following a crash, I put in a new hard drive, reinstalled Windows, re-created the User accounts. Well some of that I had help with!
I made three User accounts and the folders appeared in Documents & Settings, no problems.

A few weeks later I decided to add another User account. The account was created successfully but its folder never appeared in Documents & Settings. That was about a
month ago and it's just never shown up. The account itself works fine, as far as I know. This morning I created a second User account for this person, to see if it would place a folder in Docs & Settings. It still didn't.

Before the crash, I had all four people with four separate accounts, so having four User accounts has not been a problem previously. It's not a reboot issue, as I've rebooted numerous times since creating the person's first account.
Is there a way to force the User account folder to appear in Documents & Settings since XP won't place it there automatically?

Edited to add:
When reinstalling HD, it had to be named "F," not "C."
That didn't affect creating the original three User accounts, though, so I don't know what to think about that. Also no problem with downloading programs, it always defaults to the correct location. Just thought this might be important.

AHHH..., nevermind, I figured it out. User accounts must first be logged into before the folders appear in Documents & ... Read more

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Win xp sp2. My computer crashed and I had to use the recovery disc supplied by the manufacturer. The recovery process erased the HD but offered me the option of backing up which I did. When I try to open the 'owner' folder or any of the users folders it says 'Access denied'. How can I open my owner folder to recover my files. This is only happening with the users folders and not with other folders on the C: drive.

A:Solved: Denied access to c:\documents and settings\owner folder

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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Does anyone know if limited accounts have read/write access to the LOCAL "shared documents" folder by default? Or do limited accounts have only read access to the "shared documents" folder?

This is for Windows XP Home Edition (SP3).



A:Solved: Question about shared documents folder and limited accounts

Depends on how the different user accounts were setup. If you look at the "Properties" of each of the user folders, you may see that they may be checked as private, if NOT any or all users other than "Guest" well have read access.

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This seems like it should be an easy fix. Say I go to Yahoo image search and get a list of results. I see one I like and click on it, then View Image next to the preview. If I right-click and "Save Image as..." it ALWAYS has it as .bmp by default and gives it the default name of "untitled". Obviously the image is not a .bmp file but it doesn't let me save it otherwise. I'm tired of having to copy and paste the image's link into Netscape or Firefox just to save it. Any ideas?

A:Problem With Ie Saving Images

Hi kchaple, to BCSounds like you need to clean your temporary internet files. The behavior you are describing is what happens when your temporary internet folder is full. Go to Tools and on the drop down menu select Internet Options. On the General Tab in the Temporary Internet files section click the Delete files button then place a check mark in the Delete all offline content box and click the OK button. You may also want to clean out any old cookies while you are cleaning the rest of your cache.

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When I right click to save an item, it saves it, but automatically opens it up. Is there a setting to stop it from doing this? I have WIN7 and use Chrome. It just started doing this and it is getting annoying! I have reset my browser to default, but, it didn't help.

A:Saving & opening images


You can try this ,

go to chrome settings and then scroll down advanced setting and then Downloads
and you should see a button called "clear auto-opening settings"

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I'm having problems saving jpeg images. Whenever I save them, then end up getting skewed/distorted. This happens in Chrome and Firefox. I tried clearing cookies/cache etc. but that didn't help.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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why is it that everytime i want to save an image, i right click and save image as and it always only saves it as a bmp?

even animated gifs, they save as bmp
anyway i can change it so i can save the images as what they are

A:Saving images in browser

When posting, always state your OS and version numbers along with names of programs involved in your problem. Always better to post too many details than not enough.

Sometimes it is as simple as keeping your Cache empty.

Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Options->General Tab.
Click Delete Files and Also Delete All Offline, unless you save offline for a reason.

Also, here is a MS article that might apply:
810978 - IE Saves Images As Bitmaps;en-us;810978

There could be more, depending on your OS and versions.


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i am using canon's software "photorecord" to create a collage of photos. the collage is referred to as an album and the file extension default is .alb I am wanting to save this 'album' as a jpeg so I can save on a disc take to a photo lab for an enlargement. Any suggestion to convert from .alb to .jpeg?

A:saving images to jpeg

You cant---thats a Canon format---whomever wants to print it will have to have the CAnon program on their computer.

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I know Windows 10 is pretty okay and anyway inevitable .... but I do want to prolong Win 7 on my two main machines.
This sounds like a reasonable approach - has anyone done it? or do you see any traps?
- Backup Windows 7 with an image backup
- Upgrade to Windows 10
- Make sure W10 is activated
- Do an image backup of W10 and keep it safe (!)
- Restore Windows 7 and use as long as required

That should give me a backup with Windows 10 that I can install anytime, even after the cutoff date, right?

A:Getting best of W10 and W7 ... Will saving images work?

Use Macrium Reflect Free to create backup image.

- Backup Windows 7 with an image backup
- Upgrade to Windows 10
- Make sure W10 is activated
- Re-install Windows 10 Fresh to eliminate all remnants carried over from Windows 7.
- Do an image backup of W10 and keep it safe (!)
- Restore Windows 7 and use as long as required

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Likely this is actually something obvious that I've missed somehow, but its currently got me confused and I can't find answers.

I want to save images from the internet. It doesn't seem like it should be a problem. Maybe its just that I've only just moved to 7, and thus I'm noticing all the little things that are different to XP, but I find it annoying.

Firstly, if I right click and save as, the dialog no longer seems to remember the 'last' folder I saved an image to. Which seems inconvienient.

Then I thought I'd just drag and drop the images to the files instead. But for some reason, that causes every file name to have a [1] added to the end of it.

So I was hoping someone could help me out, either to return 'last folder' or get rid of the [1] adding behavior. Or possibly sugest an entirely different way that will avoid the problems that I just haven't thought of heh.

A:Saving images from IE8 behavior


Apparently it happens because IE treats every tab as a separate process, so settings of one tab may not be carried to another. Although, one wonders why that happens for images only.

Try the fix on this page.

Fix IE8 Does Not Remember or Save Picture or Image Folder Location or Path Correctly ? My Digital Life

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Hi, I'm using Mozilla (recently updated), which I really like. But a while ago, I stopped being able to save images into files either on my desktop or in my documents. I click on 'save as', and then a window comes up and I select location. But when I go to the file--no image?
I put a message in the XP forum a few days ago, but I think it has something to do with firefox. Would be grateful for any help you can give me.
I recently had a bad problem with spyware--but this particular problem with image saving, precedes that by a long time.

A:problems saving images

I also have the StumbleUpon add on--if that helps.

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I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium. In both Fiefox and IE when I right click on an image and select to save it, many of the times, it doesn't save. I check it afterward, and the file is not where I set it to save, or anywhere else. I have checked my internet options and didn't see anything out of sorts there, or a setting that needed to be changed. Any advice on this matter would really help.

Thank you,

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Ok here goes hope this makes sense. when i used w98se and saved a something to my doc it was saved in internet exp which i liked because it would give me a page count when i used page setup.

But now i am trying out w2000 on a borrowed pc until my better pc gets fixed i don t see what the big thing is for using 2000 but oh well, now when i save a document to my documents it doesn t use internet exokorer it uses my isp provider nescape browser which turns out to be worse then notepad, i have no drop down thingy to click on to get print setup on the file command, so how do i get w2000 back to saving to internet explorer -
- thanks

A:Saving to My Documents

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When trying to save a Word or Exel file to My Documents I get a message that it cannot be saved at that location without Administrator permission.  But I am th Administrator? Any suggestions.........Thanks

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I usually try to fix these things myself but I don't even know where to begin searching on Google...

I was playing Mass Effect 2 (game) last night and the nvidia4 driver crashed (second time it's happened overall from this game...). I closed as many apps as I could, then told Windows to reboot. On rebooting, disk check ran and decided to delete about 12 files (it might have done other things, not sure). When I got back into Windows, all my preferences were gone and I realized that a new set of "Documents and Settings" files were created (called "Owner.MASTRPC", mastrpc is the name of the computer on my network) and even though Windows automatically logs in as "Owner" as usual, it points to that new folder instead of the usual "Owner" folder.

So basically all my preferences, shortcuts and passwords are gone, everything looks like a fresh install, and there are a ton of other inconveniences. Thankfully, the files from my Owner account are still on my hard drive. I think I need to point Windows to the correct Documents and Settings folder (Owner instead of Owner.MASTRPC).

Also, a second new account (ASP.NET) was created, which I've since deleted. But now I think that might have been from Windows Update awhile back. Not exactly sure what that's for.


A:Solved: User Account pointing to wrong Documents and Settings folder!

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hi i am having this error every time i open MS works history, Photoshop or Bridge. possibly there could be more programs to that this error pops up. I have looked all over Google and other websites and i just can't seem to find out how to fix this. I have uploaded an image of the error call error 1
also I have been wanting to reinstall Ms works and every time i try to uninstall or repair it i get an error:

error 1324 the folder path 'my documents' contains an invalid character
the image error 2

Please help

A:Solved: error 1324 the folder path 'my documents' contains an invalid character

Go here

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Last week my computer, out of nowhere, started saving internet images as bmp's instead of jpg's. Images that should be jpgs or gifs. The "Save As Type" setting at the bottom of the Save Picture box doesn't allow for changing it to anything.

On top of having to save them as .bmp's, I can't open the images in Photoshop. I have to open them in Paint, then there I can save them as jpgs, then open them in Photoshop.

I looked for a setting in iexplorer under the Tools, Internet Options menu. Nothing there that I saw. I upgraded from ie5 to ie6 and it's still doing it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Win2000 Pro + SP1 / PIII 933MHz

A:[Resolved] Iexplorer Saving Images as .bmp now???

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I have a question about the technical quality of DVDs compared to CDs. I'm going to be having a large number of photographic slides scanned to TIF files. I want high-quality lossless images to leave the door open for possible edits or large prints in the future. The various scanning services generally offer saving the files to CD or DVD. For a given image (no videos), does saving on a DVD result in any different quality of image than saving on a CD? It would be nice to use DVDs to get more images per disc, but not worth any sacrifice of quality. I would also be open to any other tips or suggestions for things to consider in a project like this. Thanks.

A:Saving images to CD or DVD--Any difference in quality?

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i'm new here and in need of some help, i wasn't sure where to put this so i opted for "other things"...
when i try to save an image to my computer it only allows me to save it in bitmap, so any animaties such as smilies that move can't be saved properly, once they've been saved they no longer move. before i had the option for what to save an image as, but all of sudden i can only save them in bitmap... i tried to convert them into jpg, gif after they've been saved but that ofcourse doesnt help once they've been saved as a non-moving image... how do i fix this?

A:problem with saving images in bitmap only

If you're using Internet Explorer then your problem is caused by a corrupted downloaded file. You have to delete the corrupted file to make it save bitmaps properly again. This explains how to delete the damaged file.

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Currently I capture images using Snaggit, then copy and paste them into Photoshop to save images as PNG or JPEG files, using Photoshops's Save for the Web feature.

I use PS as it lets me preview an image before I save it, as well as fine tume what size the file will be.

However, I think PS might be a bit heavy duty for my laptop as it keeps displaying an error message that PS is using too much RAM (I only have 8GB).

So is there similar software that has a good Save for the Web feature, that will let me preview my images before I save them in either PNG or Jpeg, at a range of different file sizes?

I don't need to do any edit or work on the images in PS, its purely used for saving the files.


A:Best Software for Saving Images as PNG and JPEGs?

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I was trying to save pictures to my computer and I got an I/O error. There are over 100 images, and apparently there is something wrong with image #4. When it gets to that image, I get the error message and the process aborts. My media storage is an IBM 1GB microdrive. These are senior pictures and I don't want to lose them! I can view all the images on my camera except image 4. I can see it, but the hourglass never stops turning, which is what happens when the image is finished doing its thing on my camera. I use Fujifilm finepix viewer, and could see all the images on the computer. No problems until I tried to save them. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have!

A:I/O error when saving digital images to PC

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I use Firefox 3.6.10 and Windows 7 Ultimate (7600),and when I want to save some pictures from internet,i go: right click,save picture as, and when I choose the location,sometimes I got this.
It's says to me,that I have no permissions to save the pic. but I'm logged as administrator.
What could it be?

A:Problem with saving images on Firefox

I love the irony of someone named Stalker having difficulty saving pics off the internet, made me laugh. Can you save to another location? Does the error pop up if you try to save to c:\temp for example?

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It's my husband's computer which is a Dell and uses XP. He's not even as computer savy as me and asked me to see if I can find out what is wrong with his computer.

When he right clicks in a website to save it on Desktop, it looks like it does but when he next time clicks on the icon on Desktop it comes up with My Documents in front of it and is not up to date but still at the time it was saved.

Clicking "Refresh" doesn't up date it either, although once he's into an up to date website, then Refresh works.

When he saves it in "My Favourites" then it comes up, up to date. So he has to go into My Favourites every time.

As well, if he receives an email without the URL (i.e. click here) it won't come up. He has to copy and paste it into the address, then it will open.

As well, he has Power Point installed but it won't open in an email?

He says that it is driving him crazy, so any suggestions for these things would be much appreciated.

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How do I save e-mails (Windows Live Mail - Windows 7) on my computers Documents?

A:Saving e-mails in Documents

Quote: Originally Posted by John G

How do I save e-mails (Windows Live Mail - Windows 7) on my computers Documents?

Upper left corner of your screen "file" go to save as, while using the mail application.

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I'm using Win7 Ultimate, Office Pro 2007, and have an older (but perfectly functional) HP PSC1200 all-in-one.

I have some documents I want to scan and save as documents (preferably as .doc). Is there any streamlined way of doing this? Fax & Scan only gives options to save scans as a few different image formats - .gif, .jpg, .bmp, and .tif - no other image formats, nor any document formats (.pdf, .txt, .doc, etc.) are available.

As of now, after looking online in various places for over an hour, from what I can see, the necessary process is to save the scan as a .jpg, convert it to a .tif, open it with the Office Document Imaging program, and then send it to word.

Is this honestly how this is supposed to be done? I find it hard to believe that with 7 Ultimate and Office Pro that I'm going to have to buy third-party software to be able to scan documents and save them as documents.

Does anybody know of a more streamlined process?

A:Scanning and saving documents?

I am using Office 2010. So my help is going to be limited. When I was using 2007 I found on the web (I don't remember where you will have to search) a key stroke that you could make and Word would insert a scan. It seems although MS took the insert scan feature out of the menus they did not remove The code from the program. It was something like ALT+I+S. You can find it by searching.

Read far enough down in this one.

The correct key-stroke is Alt+I+P+S.

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If anyone can help me feel free to speak up. I am running windows 2000 and office 2000. I recently installed limewire and a cd burner. I'm having all kinds of problems with music but thats not the reason I'm typeing this. I also recently accidently deleted my learn 2 player. I believe I got the right version downloaded now but have no idea how it is suppose to be set. I'm telling you all this because I don't know if it has to do with the problem I'm having. The problem is, whenever I try to save or save as with my microsoftword I get a debugging error and the screen freezes. The drive does not keep running but the screen does. The only way I can stop it is by shutting the computer down manually with all programs left on, and I know thats not good for the computer. I have spyware and virus protection. Have scanned and have not found anything. Again it only happens with microsoftword when I am useing save or save as with a 31/2 floppy. Please help me. I have a final paper due and I have no idea what is wrong.Heather(moderator edit: split original reply so it stands on its own and moved it to a more appropriate froum.jgweed)

A:saving Word documents

Close word, then search your hard drive for the files called Rename the ones found to normal.orig and then start word. Does saving work properly now?

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I have all my documents (word, Publisher, etc) saved on my other hard drive, which is also where my XP OS is running. Everytime when I open a document from my current hard drive (Windows 7) it opens in 'read only' format, and I can't save changes to it. Unless I save it to my current hard drive, which I don't want to.
Is there a way to change this? Even on the attributes in the properties of the folder or file the 'read only' option is not ticked, but when I open it it is.
I hope someone can give me some assistance!


A:Documents saving issue.

Quote: Originally Posted by TheBull

I have all my documents (word, Publisher, etc) saved on my other hard drive, which is also where my XP OS is running. Everytime when I open a document from my current hard drive (Windows 7) it opens in 'read only' format, and I can't save changes to it. Unless I save it to my current hard drive, which I don't want to.
Is there a way to change this? Even on the attributes in the properties of the folder or file the 'read only' option is not ticked, but when I open it it is.
I hope someone can give me some assistance!


Your other hard drive has permissions set that make it appear read only. Go to the folder you want to save to, right click and include in your documents library. You don't have to use the library if you don't want to but it will fix your permissions.

EDIT: Crap! That doesn't work anymore... You'll have to right click it, select properties, security and give yourself access OR just install this nice thing here Take Ownership Shortcut

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I am having problems when I save a document. For example, when I open an excel spreadsheet and enter in data, then I go to File, Save As, then hit the drop-down box to change the area I want to save the document, and the save screen freezes. I can switch to IE or other applications but the save screen freezes.

Thanks as always for you help


A:Saving Documents problem

I was able to figure it out, thank you. It had something to do with the printer that I set up on my network. I really didn't know what I was doing and somehow activated some network sharing. When I disconnected it it began working properly.

Thanks again.

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Is their a way that if I have a document saved on two different drives I can perform one function to save changes on both drives instead of having to save the file to each drive ?

A:Saving Documents To More Than One Drive

On save or on close or on hitting a toolbar button?

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I used ms office 2000 and it works pretty well on my machine. The problem is that (with Word 2000), like a month ago, the Save and Save as command have weirdly disapeared from the file menu. The only way I can save my documents now is by clicking Save As Web Page, and the change the .html extension to a .doc extension. It is pretty annoying and I have no clue why it happened. I use Word 2000 with the SP-3 installed.

Thank You


A:Saving Word Documents

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I am using Windows XP and Word 2003. My problem is this. When I save a document with a simple name like funfile, and then try to upload it to a website, the website will not accept it because the entire path is attached to the name like c:\documents and settings\compaq_administrator\mydocuments\funfile.doc. Is there some way to save a document by just typing the name and not getting the full path name attached to it?


A:Saving Word documents

Is this on just one website or more than one?

Typically the interface to upload a file looks at the file indicated by the path, and the result is that the file only is uploaded, not the entire path.

But the interface would vary a lot, it sounds as though you are actually loading a link to the file and not the file itself somehow perhaps.

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I turned on my computer this morning and was unable to open "my Documents" folder from the shortcut on my desktop, then when I tried it from start menu same thing. I can get in via Computer>users>me>my documents BUT why has this happened ? Was trying to update adobe X just beforew I noticed this (which failed for some reason) not sure if that has something to do with it.

I just installed the latest Vista updates to no avail.


A:[SOLVED] Lost access to Documents Folder from Start Menu and Desktop shortcut

Create a new shortcut for Documents - send to Desktop.

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Sometimes, when I save a image from Firefox to my Desktop, an error appears, saying that I don't have permission to save the file, and to contact the computer administrator or something like that. However, a 0 byte file with the name is created, and if I try to save the image again over the old one, it always succeeds.

I know it's not a big deal, but it's annoying. I wonder if anyone else has this problem? Before someon ask: there's only this user account on this computer, with full administrator rights, and no network computers.

A:Annoying permission errors when saving images

Does that only happen when you are saving to the desktop, or is it the same when you save to another folder?

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