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Virtual wifi mini port not working on windows 7

Q: Virtual wifi mini port not working on windows 7


I am unable use my LAN internet connection to create wifi using connectify or mhotspot. Im running virtual wifi on windows 7 pc. I am able to enable virtual miniport and able to connect mobile devices to it. but no internet connectvity. while checking ipv4 properties of virtual wifi minport, it shows some different static address and blank default gateway. Then I chose obtain ip adress to auto and unable to identify ip. I reinstalled wifi card driver serveral times, but doest work.

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A: Virtual wifi mini port not working on windows 7

U need to set ur internet shareble in setting search on the internet how to do it

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My HP Compaq Notebook runs on Windows 7. The Device Manager shows two network adapters, one being Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n and the other being a Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter.
When I look at HP Support Assistant it indicates that the Microsoft adapter is not connected. I do not know if this information is or is not correct, but if it is could somebody kindly tell me :
a) Can two network adapters be operative at the same time and if they can would the Notebook work any better?
b) If the answers to (a) is yes how do I go about connecting the miniport adapter?
c) If the answer to (a) is no does it matter which of the adapters is connected?
Thank you.

A:Why is the Microsoft virtual mini port adapter not connected.

Hi ... It is exactly as it says a Virtual Adapter ... Read the Link below it will explain things much better than me ...
IMO though just leave things as they are ...
What is Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter?

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I don't have this Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter to start a hotspot where do i find it???

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I bought this laptop to control an amateur radio transceiver with a USB connector and a STMicroelectronics USB to Serial communication chip. I have no problem with my older Inspiron 660 desktop, but the 3162 refuses to create the virtual com port when the radio is plugged in. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both available versions of the STM VCP driver (versions 1.3.1 and 1.4) to no avail. I reinstalled Windows 10 from the recovery image because I thought something might be corrupt, but that didn't help.
Is there some sort of limitation on this budget laptop that would prevent the successful use of a peripheral that works through a virtual COM port?

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Mini HDMI port not working on my thinkpad S1 yoga. I cannot use this for my external monitor.  I Have tried different mini hdmi to hdmi cables with same result  I know the hdmi connection on the external screen is working.Can you suggest anything I can do to resolve this issue?

A:TP S1 yoga mini HDMI port not working win 10

Hi, did you manage to fix this problem?  My mini HDMI post doesn't seem to output video anymore... 

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Hello, I am attempting to use the mini display port outpt on the Thinkpad Yoga14 to connect to an HDMI monitor using a miniDP to HDMI adapter. I've tried two different adapters. The monitor is never recognized. However, the mini-display port will work with a miniDP to DVI or miniDP to VGA adapter cable (I verfied this at a store where there were multiple cables and monitors to use).
miniDP to HDMI: does not work
miniDP to DVI: works
miniDP to VGA: works
Has anyone else seen this problem?
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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Hi there,

I use a small usb modem for my internet access and using a usb wifi adaptor and a virtual wifi router I was able to share my internet around home quite affordably.

Every now and again the software 'virtualrouter' would cause a crash. Maybe once every 3 months.

When I updated to 8.1 the software no longer worked, nor did any other. What's more it cause a DPC-Watchdog violation within a few minutes.

When I say the software doesn't run, one of two things happen. My old program 'virtualrouter' runs as normal, but none of my devices can connect. The network is available, but connection is impossible.

With other programs I get told that the wifi adaptor is not enabled. Which it is.

Something has changed in the upgrade and I don't know what. Every option and test I've run and enabling of virtualisation says that it should work. But then the BSOD arrives.

Please help.

A:Virtual wifi router not working after upgrade to Win 8.1

Welcome liamborg. When I visit the site for virtualrouter it appears it hasn't been updated since Feb 2013 and lists 8 but not 8.1 support so probably hit or miss getting it to work correctly. Have you tried compatibility mode?

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Hi All,

I am new to this forum..few day agai got to know that I can make my Windows 7 Laptop a HotSpot via Virtual I tried to make my laptop hotspot and the same can be detected from my iPhone also...i can connect connect iPhone to my laptop...but i cant access any internet..
i have also tried putting off my firewall but with no use....
can somebody help me out with the same?

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my above device is not working properly as per report .i had updated the divice driver ,tryied manuall install dell's driver but all are useless, its stil not working i think .plz help me.

A:Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter not working

Can u tell us what actually happening ! means what u want to try to do and it not giving you result ?

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Hello, I am attempting to use the mini display port outpt on the Thinkpad Yoga14 to connect to an HDMI monitor using a miniDP to HDMI adapter. I've tried two different adapters. The monitor is never recognized. However, the mini-display port will work with a miniDP to DVI or miniDP to VGA adapter cable (I verfied this at a store where there were multiple cables and monitors to use). miniDP to HDMI: does not workminiDP to DVI: worksminiDP to VGA: works Has anyone else seen this problem?

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CDMA software requires a COM port to communicate with a cell phone. I'm using HW Virtual Serial Port v3.1.2 (single port, standalone install).

I have a separate modem and router. My Win8.1 PC is hardwired to the modem. Windows firewall is off. Windows Defender is off. Motorola Mobile Drivers Installation 5.9.0 is installed (directly from Moto's website for my phone although Win8 is not listed just Win7. I did not install in Win7 compatibility mode.). My Motorola Droid Razr HD is running stock 4.1.1 ROM. It is booted into BP Tools. WiFi is off. USB Debugging is on. It's connected as MTP (media device). Stay awake is on. Modem, PC, & phone have been rebooted. There are no errors in Device Manager for the Motorola USB Networking Driver.

In IP config, the IPv4 address for the Motorola USB Networking Driver is In HW Virtual Serial Port under Settings tab, I unchecked NVT Enabled. On the Virtual Serial Port tab, I selected Port Name=COM10, IP Address=, and Port=11008. When I select Create COM, COM10 is created and I can see it in Device Manager but I get a LAN status error (in HW Virtual Serial Port app). So something is not right. In Network & Sharing Center, I see it's an unidentified public network with no internet access (IPv4).

I'm at a loss on how to fix this. Anyone know what I'm missing? Thank you in advance for the help.

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I'm trying to set up wifi on an HP mini 210 with windows 7 starter installed. I'm sharing internet via an iMac with airport (connected via ethernet.) My iMac settings appear to be correct (I can connect my iPod Touch and Kindle no problem.)
When I try to connect the HP my network name appears in the list of available wifi sources and lists all the details (WEP, 802.11n, SSID) but when I click 'connect' it says 'Windows was unable to connect' without requesting a password (and troubleshooting finds no problems.)

I've tried different settings (changing my network name, password, and from 40-bit {5 digit password} to 128-bit {13 digit password}) with no success. I've tried manually adding the network to the HP through the Network and sharing centre with no luck either.

Any suggestions?

A:HP Mini 210 on Windows 7 starter can see wifi network but can't connct

Welcome to Seven Forums,

Instead of using WEP which can be hacked easily, I would try changing your network security to WPA2.
Here's How: What AirPort security settings should I choose? | Mac Support Central

Now, see if you can connect your HP Mini, then configure the rest of your wireless devices as well to connect to a higher wireless security.

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I have trouble as described in the topic,
I have two most old laptop models, Dell Precision M6300 & Dell Latitude D630.
When laptops is docked to replicator potr dock stations D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) - bigger one model with DVD port,

headphone jack port not working under Windows 10 Pro x64 installed on both laptops.

On M6300 previously was installed Windows 7 Ultimate and on D630 was Windows 8.1.
On Dell  M6300 on Win 7 Ult. headphone jack port worked properly.
On Dell D630 on Win 8.1 I'm not sure due I do not used this on it (more years ago when it was on Win XP headphone jack port worked properly)
So when Ms start delivering updates do Win 10, I did it on doth laptops, everything on both models working fine, but only this headphone jack port in D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) wouldn't like to work when I'm dockind Dell M6300 (D630 I docked only
for test if on this one jack port will work or not) but not working too like on M6300.
So loks like drivers whih was made oryginally for Win Vista x64 ale which was workable for Windows 7 64b wouldn't like to work on Windows 10.
Maybe You have some tips what to do with this to press them to work?


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i'm upgrading the messy computer network at our clinic. here is a brief setup:
all Windows 7 32-bit ultimate and 2010 MAC mini as file sharing server
all computers have WIFI-n cards capability
• 2 computers running critical scheduling SW.

at the moment they are connecting via WIFI, however, i would like to be able the setup X-cable link between them and utilize the network traffic for the scheduling application (shared database with R/W access by both computers)

The WIFI should be for occasional internet use and grabbing documents from the MAC server, most of the traffic will be local however.

Can i somehow configure the ethernet between these 2 desktops, 1Gbit speed and force the application to use that rather then the slower WIFI ?
• 4 laptops with WIFI

connecting to shared folders according to each therapist, storing all important documents remotely with R/W access.
Mostly MS WORD documents and some internet use.

* i still need to figure out how to configure MAC mine server with properly shared folders with correct permission as some have R/W access, some only R access
The main Q is Ethernet priority traffic over WIFI, if that's possible ?

A:WiFi and LAN small network with apple MAC mini server and Windows 7

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Ok so I got some new internet from comcast, and it came with a modem and all, but its not a modem that has a built in router. So my other option is connectify, I had a spare wifi usb adapter lying around. And I used it once before, so I assumed it will work. I started it and it made the hotspot. I connected it with my computer and it will connect but it will not load any webpages. And a yellow exclamation mark popped up where the internet icon should. Its like the SSID was not broadcasting an internet connection. So I got my phone and connected it and it did the exact same thing. So I uninstalled it and did this method

How to Setup Virtual Wifi on Windows 7
1. Open a command-prompt with administrator privileges.

Click on Start menu, All Programs, Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt, select ?Run as administrator?). Type in:

2. Configure the ?hosted? interface:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Test key=password

This example creates an access-point with an SSID of ?Test?,

3. Configure Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Open up the networking control panel. Select the interface that currently has Internet connection (like your Ethernet or normal wifi), enable ?Sharing?, and then select the special ?hosted? interface.

4. Start it

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

And it started it successfully and this time my computer will stay connected(and no yellow triangle) but its like theres no internet coming through, so it will try to keep lo... Read more

A:Built in Virtual Wifi Windows 7 CMD


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Hi there! I would lik e to inquire on how can I fix my laptop. I can't connect to the wifi network. Plus I can't upgrade the driver because the driver isn't showing in device manager. Plus, my track pad is also not working. Help please. Thank you in Advance

A:HP STREAM 11 d002tu Wifi Not Working. Windows 8.1 My Wifi ca...

Hi First of all there is an option in Device Manager; VIEW; Show hidden devices  The faint entries are hidden, like my Zyxel G202 because it is disconnected.   Also.... As an adminstrator, in a Command Prompt Window, typegetmacThis will list MAC addresses for those items that are present, and may not be connected.A good number would be 3,1 x Ethernet1 x Wi-Fi1 x Bluetoothand then typeipconfigand in the long list look for named devices have a matching MAC address.Along with Device manager this is a way to determine the number of devices. additionally type netsh wlan show driversnetsh wlan show interfaces and report the results please.

Happy 2 [email protected]

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Trying to install MagicDisc, and have also tried to install Daemon Tools. I am doing this because the external DVD-R/RW I bought will not install automatically on my HP Mini netbook. I tried to make a ISO of the installation CD, and run it through a Virtual Drive on the netbook, but even that doesn't work. I cannot assign drive letters, and all of the virtual drives say "driver up to date" or "cannot install device" .. but they all still have the Yellow Exclamation Point - so frustrating.. if I can't install an external optical drive or a virtual drive, I might as well use this Mini as target practice.

A:Virtual CD-ROM will not install on HP Mini

I need more specs for your computer. Please download the TSG Tool, run it on the HP Mini, then copy and paste the results here.
Download link below.

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I was given a password a few months ago, but somehow today it's not working. Please help!

A:Hp mini Windows 7 password not working

I restarted the computer and it worked. Thank God!

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Went to device mgr and noticed that i had a yellow ! mark at my MINI PORT ADAPTER # 2 i tried to update driver with no luck. I went to Microsoft knolage base and could not find anything helpfull may be i missed something?Running Windows XP HOME with service pack 2.Any help on finding driver for my PBLM?

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I have been having issues with hanging at the boot screen lately and decided to have a look see in my device manager. There is a yellow exclamation point next to wan mini port. When I open it it says Wan mini port (atw),network adapter, manufacturer, American online, then it goes on to says NDIS.VxD,NTKERN. VxD device loader could not be loaded for this device, code 2.

I don't use American online, we do have AIM instant messenger. I did tryy to update the driver, but it couldn't find it.

There are no check marks in the boxes under Device usage.
Any ideas! Thanks!

A:Yellow ! under Wan mini port!!!!

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i installed it & when i try to use it in a different user account it wont load properly all i get is a regular window

A:windows virtual pc not working


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Had this issue after upgrading Windows 8.1/Bing to Windows 8.1 Pro: About 30-90 seconds after putting the computer to sleep the computer can't wake up again. When switching the computer on after about 25 seconds after putting it to sleep you can see Windows switching the computer off automatically. In the system event protocol there is the message:
"Das System wurde aufgrund eines kritischen thermischen Ereignisses heruntergefahren."
(in englisch something like: The system was shut down because of a critical thermal event)
followed by "ACPI-Thermozone =SoC Board Sensor" and "_CRT = 3532K.

After some experiments I came to this temporary solution: In the BIOS settings I disabled the "Internal USB3.0 Controller" setting - then sleep works properly.

This error only occures when on the Pro-version of Windows, not with the original Bing-version.

Switching off the internal USB3.0 controller is not the ideal solution ... Is there a chance there is another solution? I also already tried upgrading to Bios-version 5.00, which didn't solve the problem.

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I am running windows xp pro, I had installed sp2 and found usb problems. In trying to fix the problem I accidentally deleted the port the printer was using, the "virtual usb port". I have recently removed the sp2 from my computer which helped in other areas but my printer is not being recognized by anything since deleting that port. Does anyone know how I can get that port back. All other usb devices work fine, scanner mouse keyboard ect..With power on to the printer it shows "printer not responding" or "printer offline". The printer is a cannon s9000. If it helps I am running a Abit kt-7a raid mobo, 1.4ghz amd athlon, win xp pro build 2600. I thought of installing xp on top of the current install but wasn't sure if i'd make things worse..Any help greatly appreciated.

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Basically, I have this eye-finity graphics card, and it has 5 mini display ports, I need to buy a Mini-display port to VGA, but I'm not sure which will work.

On Amazon they have Mini-display port converters for Mac, they all seem to be Mac related, would a mac one work on my Windows PC? since it is just a converter? If not, then where could i buy one for PC for cheap?

I appreciate you taking your time reading this.

A:Mini-Display port to VGA converter

A few to choose from here:

It is a hardware adapter, so the operating system doesn't matter.

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Hi, i´m fixing a computer with a broken keyboard port. The plastic conector is missing. I´ve tried to weld wires to the mother and conected them to another plastic conector, but it doesn´t work.
The machine has a pci usb card and a usb keyboard to work with windows.
All I realy need to do is "Press F2 to load bios defaults".

Is there any way of having the bios load the defaults whithout pressing any key?

Thanks a lot.


PD:The usb keyboard dosn´t work for the bios.

A:Broken mini din keyboard port

Clearing the BIOS will load the factory defaults. There is a jumper for this on the motherboard.

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I just try to connect the thunderbolt (from my laptop) to a display port (my monitor) and nothing happen.
The cable I use is coming with my monitor, mini display port to display port.

I had google for this, some mac can use their thunderbolt as a mini display port, can win7 do the same thing? or I need to find a thunderbolt adapter? or I need to find an ext. graphic card to have the video output?

A:can I use thunderbolt as mini display port?

Hi have you tried using the FN key with an F key to select it to the external monitor

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ok, im running vista 64x on a hp pavilion dv2 notebook, and i have my wifi card bridged to my ethernet port so that i can use my wireless internet at home on my xbox 360 as well as the desktop pc in the other room...

now i have been doing this for the 360 for quite some time, however i just recently started using my laptop to surf as well as the desktop pc its connected to because im reformatting my desktop pc and i need to update everything on the desktop pc.... with me so far... cool....

my problem: just recently when i finally started to surf on my laptop while the desktop pc is downloading updates and such, i realized that the desktop pc is drastically hogging all of my bandwith and stealing it away from the laptop, whose wifi card the desktop pc is feeding off of. it will take so much of it in fact that i cant even check email from my laptop... i have never had the 360 slow down my laptop at all when i was on xbox live... and thats why this puzzles me...

my question: i was wondering if there is any way to limit/manage the amount of bandwidth that is aloud to pass thru my laptop for the desktop pc to use.... i wish to let my desktop have about 150\k and keep the rest of the bandwidth for my laptop.... is this possable, if so does it require special software...

if you need any other information, let me know.

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i connected my Surface Book to a TV via an mini DP to HDMI cable adapter. I got video but no audio in the TV. I wonder if the display port in the Surface is fully mini DP compliant or, perhaps, is a limitation of the cable I bought.

A:in the surface book, does the mini dp port have audio out?

I get audio through my Gigaware adapter from my SB to my TV. So, I would guess it is your adapter or cable?

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Hi. Is it possible to install sata SSD mini-PCI wwan port and its correct operation?BIOS version F.64Motherboard HM65

A:Is it possible to install sata SSD mini-PCI wwan port and it...

Hi, M.2 mini WWAN slot may work but not very often and it can be very small capacity. I don't think BIOS on your machine supports it because it is designed for a WWAN card. Regards.

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Hi there :)

i found an empty port in my T130, next to the hdd-port, see also here -> [klick|]

Is this a working mSATA-Port for mini-SSDs like "ADATA SX300 mSATA SSD 128 GB",
so that i can use both, SSD _AND_ HDD*??


(* for Example: Boot- and Windows-Partition: SSD, Data-Partition: HDD)

A:Satellite T130-10G: additional port for mini SSD?


I?m quite sure this isn?t mSATA port and this series doesn?t support the mSATA SSD definitely.

Fact is that models belonging to the same series support different hardware specs.
For example: some models were quipped with an: miniPCI 3G module and miniPCI Bluetooth module, and some models supported only the miniPCI WiFi.

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whenever the laptop goes to standby and comes back up, i can no longer find the devices connected via usb and my extra monitor also is disconnected. upon 'waking' the computer from standby, i also hear the sound i hear when i unplug a usb from its port. why is this? can it be fixed?

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I cannot access internet on wirelss linksys WRT54G router. my control panel under network adapters is telling me the mini port above cannot start. I have tried down loading a microsoft fix but it did not work. I've googled the problem and have seen where numerous other people have same issue. techs are coming back with solutions that are either not working or are very complex to me. I dont feel too comfortable tyring to unistall other programs or hardware to try to fix this connection. is this a Vista issue or is this an issue with my Linksys hardware? Do I need to bring my computer into a tech to have them attempt to fix this or is my compter and this vista software reaching the end of its useful life?

A:Microsoft Tun Mini Port adapter 2 problem

Hi -

What does the Device manager say? Check for red/ yellow flags -
START | type devmgmt.msc

Regards. . .



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I had an XP virtual machine running on windows 7 in order to run an old app that won't run in newer systems.
I recently went to use this but the virtual machine didn't load atall, I tried clearing the settings but it made no difference. Eventually I removed the Windows XP Mode program, and uninstalled the virtual machine windows feature. Then re-installed both.
My original XP virtual machine image still wouldn't start at all. When I went into settings and removed auto start-up from the Integration Features it started but I only got as far as the old XP startup options screen. No matter what option I chose 'safe
mode', ' Normal', 'Last known good...' etc. It always just crached out. I then tried to create a new XP virtual machine, but this also just crashed out, almost immediately, without making an image.
This is all running on a laptop and no systems settings or hardware have been changed.
Any idea what else I can do?

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I have a 600 g1 mini running Win10.  I put in a combo wifi blue tooth module into the m.2 slot that is under the hard drive.  Windows recognizes the module abs shows that both wifi and Bluetooth are working.  When I try to connect to any device or a wireless router I get nothing,  I'm assuming that there is no signal being broadcast or detected because I have no antenna connection.  The parts list indicates that an antenna exists.  Where is it?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I just tried to connect my macbook pro (early 2015)with EliteDisplay E240 (as an external monitor) using 'Mini display (Mac) port to HDMI (E240)'. However, the monitor or macbook do not show any reponses. Do I have to install a specific driver on my mac for this issue?

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Hi,I have a ZBook 17 G2 and  its plugged into a docking station. Its been fantastic, however, seems wth the last update it installed on 9/25 (Intell Wireless LAN) my mini-display port no longer functions when plugged into the station. I've a dual monitors plugged into the dvi output on the dock, and I had a mini-display port plugged into a large external LCD (to show clients projects up on a big screen). I had been working totally fine- being able to see an extended desktop on both the two regular monitors )plugged into dvi output on the dock) and the larger one plugged into the mini-display. If i remove the laptop from the dock, the mini-display port functions again, so I know its nothing wrong with either the external display, the cables or the the mini-display->HDMI adapter. Any idea how i can roll back that update? I think its the culprit, as it was functioning totally fine until it was installed.Thanks for your help,-Dan

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I'm looking at a 4k external monitor, and had assumed the need for the Workstation dock for a DP 1.2 connection to the 4k monitor.  Is the P50 (right side) mini Display Port able to drive direct connection to the external monitor (at 60hz etc) ... with a miniDP-to-DP adapter?? thanks 

A:P50, mini Display Port ... direct connect 4k monit...

According PSREF Max resolution:[email protected] (DisplayPort via Mini DisplayPort cable);[email protected] (Thunderbolt);[email protected] (HDMI)

__________________________________ThinkPad (1992 - 2012): R51, X31, X220, Tablet 8.Do you care about privacy and security ? Leave Google behind

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HiI cant get a picture on my monitor using the mini display port, i am using a mini dislay port too hdmi cable, but i dont get anything on the monitor.  My notrebook is a Lenovo L540 with only Intel HD4600 graphic and windows 10.

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I am using windows 7 on laptop.

I have installed windows Virtual PC and using windows vista on virtual pc. Ihave configured to connect to "default" unsecured wireless connection automatically. I am getting connected to "unidentified" wireless connection automatically and I am unable to use internet at all.

First time, I turned off virtual pc from running and internet started I working. Second time,even this did not work, so removed sharing of "default" network and now I can use internet.

When I shared default network for the first time, I was able to use default network on windows vista on virtual pc and on windows 7 both. But then gyradually this problem developed.
If I need to use internet on windows vista on virtual pc and on windows 7 both, how will I be able to do that ?

Whats this problem due to ?


A:Shared internet network between virtual pc and windows 7 is not working.

I don't believe that you can use your network card for both devices without experiencing issues. I'd post over in the Networking forums for more details:

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hello, everyone. I'm having the same problem as this person over here, Virtual Audio Cable Not Working

Unfortunately they closed the forum post without posting any solution. Im having serious issues with Virtual audio cable program and it's really frustrating. I have tried every possible solution from google and cant find one!, when I open my Vac control panel it says "DRIVER NOT LOADED" I ran it as administrator and tried to uninstall the program oh and by the way I cant even unisntall the program, I tried doing it the normal way from uninstall a program. its not even listed there, cant even find a folder. I tried unisntalling the device from device managers and it says error. This program sucks!!!, if anyone can help me that would be great, not to mention im also open to alternatives but right now I just wanna get this crappy program off my PC or get it to work. Thank you

A:Windows 7 Ultimate, Virtual Audio cable not working!!!

oh and I dont get Line 1 and line 2 when I open the audiorepeater, due to the fact that this did not install properly and I cant even open control panel

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My laptop notebook 11 won't connect to the wireless internet.  How can I connect it?

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Gentlemen, i owns Dell Latitude D600 which it runs off on Intel PRO/Wireless 2100A MiniPCI 3A...

I was wondering if i WAS able to replace it with stronger WiFi MiniPCI card ?

I dont like the idea using the PCMICA cards.

can i just order one and flip out and put the new one in?

Old Spec:


Was there a possible if i can get it working properly ?

I was trying to upgrade it to vista, but 2100A is not supported.


bushwhacker, it is possible to upgrade with newer wifi mpci cards. I have one D600 as well and I tried many different cards. they all work as long as you find a driver. at the moment I run it with a Dell 1470 Dual Band card which worked ok with vista when I played around a bit with it.
hope this helps?

regards, mscrx

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Here are my two opitions Broadcom mib100gs or intel wm3b220bg

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hey guys!
I have a USB DVB card that works good! 3 days ago I have working on virtual com ports in matlab soft! and after that when I connect dvb card to my laptop usb ports the dvb software doesn't detect dvb card! and shows this message:

all capable dvb adapters are busy
no free device has been found
after that I try to reinstall matlab and dvb soft and dvb driver too, but it hasn't work yet!
please help! I don't know what to do!
would u help me plz?!

A:virtual com port error!

anybody helppppppliz!

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I have a T450s and since I updated to Windows 10 I don't get anything out of the mini-display port. I have tried installing all new drivers and updating the BIOS per Lenovo's support website but I still can't get an external display to work over the mini-display port. Please provide a solution to this problem!
Moderator note: Post moved to T series forum.  Model added to subject.

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i know you all work so hard, i'm sorry to bother you, but i'm hoping someone will be able to help me...

my 3mo. old used simpletech 320gb ext hd w/ replacement mini b to dual male usb cable ...i have committed some sins like, leaving it plugged in for long periods of time or accidentally pulling out the cord (and i want to mention that the other day after that happened, i could hear, very faintly, like the drive was skipping a little ...and i could not internally stop the drive and had to disconnect it once more to make its blue light go off) - but after that i plugged it in and it seemed to work okay still...) and, now the mini b connection (which i think stayed in place before) is now so fragile that, literally if i barely breathe while resting the drive on my lap (w/ my laptop) the drive will no longer be recognized by my computer... i have to be PERFECTLY still, i can barely get in to look at my files before it happens again...

do you think i should try a new cable, or duct taping the mini b (not too firmly though, because pushing the plug also makes it disconnect) in place ...or do you think i physically damaged the mini b port when the cord accidentally pulled out? you think my files are toast?

i know you all work so hard and might not have time to help me but, thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this...........................

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Im about to purchase this
Netgear GS105 Prosafe 5 Port Gigabit Mini-Switch

But before i do, i would like to ask some questions about this item.

First, the reason im going to buy this, is that i have a ps3 in a room 50 feet away from the room with the computer and the modem and router. I can only recieve about 25 to 40% signal from my router to my ps3 and the games lag online. I was wondering if i get this gigabit mini-switch, will i loose any speed to my computer or ps3. I plan on running a cat6 line to the ps3 in the other room. I have comcast high speed internet. And another question is , can i run my computer and the ps3 at the same time with this item without any problems?

A:Netgear GS105 Prosafe 5 Port Gigabit Mini-Switch

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Hello all!
My friend got a HP Mini 210 from Verizon, I believe a few years ago. It has a sim slot, but there isn't a sim card in it. I don't know if she took it out, or if she never needed one.
It is an HP Mini 210 running Windows 7 Starter.
Apparently she isn't using Verizon anymore, as she recently bought a T-Mobile hot spot instead. She can't get it to connect to the T-Mobile hot spot wifi, and I brought it home, and can't get it to connect to my home wifi either. Well actually it says "Connected" but "No Internet Access." Internet is fine and working well, so that is not the problem.
The Verizon connection is under Dial up and VPN(I think it is broadband), do I need to remove this connection to get the wifi to connect properly? It is not connected to the Verizon connection though. Is it possible that this laptop is "locked" to Verizon the way cell phones are?
The Troubleshooter says "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource. (primary DNS server)
This isn't my computer, so I am hesitant to do anything that I am not sure about. Any help would be awesome!

A:HP Mini from Verizon won't connect to wifi

They probably set a Proxy in the unit, either in Internet Explorer, or in the Registry.  Yes, delete the Verizon connection in Internet Options, in the Connections tab.  Check for a proxy in that same tab.

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Alright i have one black wire and one white wire on a laptop that has mini wifi. on the card it has a main and an aux which one goes where?

A:mini wifi antenna how to hook up?

Probably entirely dependent on the laptop make and model. But we have no idea what that is?

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Hello people,
i got an Inspiron 15R 5537 and want to change the WiFi mini card that operates only in the 2.4 Ghz band with another that operates in dual band 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz. Is this possible? What parts are compatible with my device and where do i get them from? Below is my configuration:

555-BBCB : Dell Wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n with Bluetooth v4.0

Part Number



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If I connected a USB A-F/Mini B 5Pin-M Gender Changer into my Ipaq RX5500, then connected in a USB wireless dongle, would I be able to use the wireless on my Ipaq when travelling around ie, hotels etc?

I know there is a wireless than connect via the memory card, but it is not available in Philippines, and expansys will not reply to emails from me?


A:Ipaq to Mini USB dongle to USB wifi

um, does the ipaq rx5500 not have integrated wireless lan? i wasn't able to find the specs on the rx5500, but the normal 5500 does have integrated wireless as far as i can tell.

as for connecting a wireless dongle to a pda in general, no that will not work, because no wireless usb dongle manufacturer makes drivers for the windows mobile operating system.

your best bet is probably an SD card wireless lan adapter.

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I recently installed a virtual serial port emulator, VSPE by Eterlogic that I use in conjunction with a software controlled amateur radio. Using this emulator allows me to run an external desktop meter to monitor signal levels from the radio. It works very well. However, everytime I reboot the computer I have to reconfigure the emulator. The emulator is in my start-up folder so it does come on at boot-up but it still needs to be configured. The manufacturer has instructions to automatically load this software already configured by using the "command line", but I can't figure out how to do this and need the procedure to do this. I'm using XP Pro. Here are the manufacturers instructions.

Thank You
Command line
To make users life easier VSPE supports command line parameters.
For example it can be used to automatically load configuration at Windows startup. Warning: only one VSPE instance can exist at the same time !
VSPEmulator.exe <config file path> <options>
Config file is a special file with extension ".vspe" that can be created using VSPE "Save as..." command.
Options are additional parameters that can be passed to VSPE to manage its basic behavior.
-minimize : minimize VSPE dialog
-hide_splash : do not show splash window

Execute VSPE and automatically load configuration file
VSPEmulator.exe c:/config_files/main.vspe

Execute, load configuration file, hide splash and minimize VSPE
VSPEmulator.exe c... Read more

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I recently bought the USBBT100 and would now like to use it to hotsync my PalmOne Tungsten T5.This is the link to the Bluetooth hotsync instructions. Step nummber 4 says i have to creat a virtual serial port, how do i do that

A:Create a virtual serial port

It's generally on the Blutooth menu under Bluetooth Services or Tools or Applications and just requires you to select or enable it on both devices.

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Today I tryed intall my old HP Laserjet 6P on Dell Inspiron 6000. I used USB/Parallel cable adapter. It automaticaly create virtual port on my HP Pavilion, but not working ('USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED') on Dell laptop. Few weeks ago I tryed used same cable on Dell stationary computer - same result. Is that something I don't know about Dell machines? Any help will be appreciate.

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Please could someone tell me how to create a Virtual Serial Port on my Compaq laptop, running XP. I need this to synchronise with my Palm Treo 650 which can't otherwise connect to the laptop. Thanks, Gerald

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Hi all

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 which does not have a serial port. O/S = Windows 7 running on 32bit configuration. As my work requires the use of a serial port, I purchased this item, ATEN USB to serial port hardware convertor. This works great except this ..

Each time I plug in this ATEN device onto my USB port, the O/S recognise it and load in the appropriate driver. However the serial port it assign to keep on changing. eg yesterday it assign to com port 5, today it assign to com port 6, etc.. The com port number keeps on changing !! and my program that uses the serial port required a static com port number.


How do I assign a fixed com port number to this device or can I reset the assignment com port value . If YES, how and any programs available to perform this tasks.

Many thanks and appreciate feedback from you ..

A:Reset Virtual com port assignment

Hi! Kooldog, welcome to W7F

It would help if you could supply the model number of your ATEN.

The ones I've seen either have a manual button on the side or its done with the software already supplied with the unit. Look for "Randomize port" Uncheck it.

There should be more information on the Disk, see file

And it would help if you could finish filling out your system specs.

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I have a POS (Point-Of-Sale) software that only recognizes Serial Port devices, and a USB port device. Does anyone know of (free) software to create a virtual serial port from a USB device? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


A:Virtual Serial Port from USB software

Software? No. Hardware? Tons.

This is what I use:,601,461


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I recently bought the USBBT100 and would now like to use it to hotsync my PalmOne Tungsten T5.This is the link to the Bluetooth hotsync instructions. Step nummber 4 says i have to creat a virtual serial port, how do i do that

A:Create a virtual serial port

Check this out

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My system was working fine last night. No update or driver changed since last night.

This morning, I boot up my system, it boots normally, the Windows 7 logo appare then when it boot into Windows, my display go blanks (monitor in power save mode like the system is off).

I tried 640x800 mode and screen still blank, tried retore my system from a image (hence older video card driver) also blank.

Then I tried to switched to another DVI port and it worked.

Does that mean one of the DVI port no longer works? It works uptill the Windows logo.

My System:
Windows 7 64 bit SP1 with latest updates
4GB ram
Geforce 560 TI video card

A:Windows problem or DVI port not working?

Have you updated your Video driver now? NVIDIA DRIVERS 301.42WHQL

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I've got a new TV that has a HDMI port, I have a PC with a GeForce GTS 250 graphics card.

I tried connecting my PC to the TV using HDMI cable, it works while booting, works if I boot with Ubunto, but disconnects if I boot with Windows 7, it shows the "Starting Windows" message but it disconnects once it's about to show the user's log on page.

What's the problem out there? I'll appreciate any help.

A:HDMI Port Not Working On Windows 7


I had to run NVIDIA Control Panel then connect my TV to get it recognized.

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I have compaq presario c700 laptop.

USB ports are not working in windows.but it is working in BIOS.(e.g usb keyboard.)

I thought that it would be windows problem so I planned *to install new os. Cd drive doesn't I have only option to install through usb.

When I try to install os , after I click INSTALL Button I got error "A required cd/DVD drive device driver is missing..." ..what should I do now ?*
Thanks in advance .

Note: first my all USB ports did not work suddenly .then I gave my laptop to service centre. They told that USB ports are shorted and they only made one port to function. But that too working in bios only. Pls see the error below.

A:USB port is working in Bios but not in windows ?

try running fixit

in the device manager click on view at the top and in the dropdown
show hidden devices
then uninstall all listed usb items
turn the computer off
unplug usb plugs
reboot twice
replug in the usb plugs

post a scrren shot of the device manager

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Hi everyone I am trying to add a second monitor to my all-in-one computer but the monitor nor the computer seem to recognise that a HDMI cable is plugged in.  The screen I am connecting to is a Dell screen.  When the HDMI cable is in my computer it just flashes black and back tot he main screen again.  Also the second monitor does not receive a signal. Help please, searching and searching for an answer for days! Many thanks

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I have an Acer 11.6" Aspire One AO751H netbook. I want to upgrade the wireless-G to N. This model takes the half size mini pci-e cards. I just recently purchased the Intel Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300 card. Installed it yesterday, booted the computer, and so far so good. It recognized the card right away and the driver installation was successful. The wifi activity light works, the card is recognized, but it is unable to detect any networks. It just flashes that little balloon at the bottom saying "wireless networks unavailable". Try to refresh the network list, and i still get nothing. I tried turning the card off, then on again, but nothing. I checked on the driver in Device Manager, and it says it is functioning properly.

I have the most up-to-date BIOS and I am running 32-bit XP Pro (downgraded from the factory installed VISTA). I was wondering if maybe there was an issue with the antennas? The 5300 card has 3 antenna inputs, but the laptop only has two antennas. I was told on numerous forums that it would still function fine with only two antennas, however. I obtained the most up-to-date driver for the card right from intel's website and it installed without any issues at all. Does anyone have any input on to why this card seems to have installed fine, but cannot detect wireless networks? Should I try an older driver? I know many people have upgraded the wifi in this Aspire Ones, so I can't see it simply being incompatible.

A:CANNOT get Intel 5300 mini PCI-E WIFI to work

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Please find attached the screenshots that depicts my current setup of the driver installation

To illustrate what you see on the image... the case is as follows:
- I have installed the driver from the vendor provided on my XP box that includes utility software
- You can see the driver location on the top part of the image
- When I plug in the Mini USB WiFi Driver, it doesn't recognize the driver and on the Device Listing -> Other Devices -> 802.11n WLAN Adapter is shown with an exclamation mark

I tried right clicking and updating the driver giving the driver location... it fails

I also tried right clicking the driver and installing it. Yet no luck

I really appreciate some help to resolve this ...

A:RALink Mini USB WiFi Driver Installation

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Hi HP Community and Experts, I experienced difficulties to connect to any WIFI connection after reformat my laptop.Previously, Im running this laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate, but now I bought Windows 7 Professional.All drivers were functioned properly. However, this laptop was no longer able to connect to WIFI, only LAN cable can work. Windows diagnosed, the problem was suspected due to wireless adapter problem.Current driver that I used was Ralink Technology, Corp. v3.1.5.2 And this the Hardware Ids:PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&SUBSYS_30901814&REV_00PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&SUBSYS_30901814PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&CC_028000PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&CC_0280 Can you guys please help me.thank you very much

A:HP Mini 110-3004Tu Cannot Connect to WIFI Connection

Hi: See if installing this updated driver works for you... Nov 2012) This package contains the driver installation package for the Ralink Wireless LAN Controllers in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system.

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Dear Sirs,
Can smb halp me to give the information, What tipe of mini PCI wifi card i can to install instiad of 1704 with AC. I want to chenge the very old card 1704 to new card with  wifi - AC but you can not install any card. Tell me please what card with AC can be installed in Inspiron 5748 laptop? ( Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 -? yes or no 

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Hello, I have TP LINK MINI WIFI.
I also download driver but its not working. In device manager of my computer says USB WLAN and inside this a caption mark showing.

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Hi all,

My question concerns Virtual PC 2007 and a DOS application that utilizes a serial BIC card.

A little background is in order. I use VPC for testing. One of the programs that I test is a legacy DOS program (completely DOS no windows - REALLY old school!) this program uses a serial BIC card to access several serial ports (about 8 in total).

My question:

How can I emulate these serial ports INSIDE Virtual PC without actually having these ports available? Sort of "tricking" the system.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I also do some light programming (C#, VB 2005, ASP.Net...) so if you think you may know OF an answer requiring some programming, that's ok too just throw in a link or two and I will check them out.

Thanks a ton,

Syntax Overide

A:Virtual PC 2007 Serial Port question

Hmm, no thoughts anyone?

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We have a medical device that has software which connect via direct serial cable, the manufacturers software auto detects the device and connects.

We have setup a virtual tunnel over GPRS to the device over serial and we can use hyperterminal to poll the device and get all the information no issue.

We would like to manufacturers software to direct connect to the device, however while we can see it connecting and launches for a few seconds then closes, so we know its start communication but timesout........

We have tried changing setting but to no avail, can anyone offered any advice??


A:Virtual Serial Port Emulator (eterlogic)

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I am kinda new to these forums and i would really need help.
Here is my problem:

I am behind router and i get local ip like "192.168.1.x"

When i power up virtual machine (VM Ware) example win server 2008, in there i get local ip like To make my ports reachable from internet example simple ftp server(21) for which local ip i need to forward port "21".. The main pc one or the virtual machine's ip ?


A:Port forward question in Virtual machine


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I have 2 different adapters and neither one will work on my new computer with windows 8. Any fixes? Are there any adapters available that will work on windows 8?

A:USB to serial port adapter not working on Windows 8

Welcome to Tech Support Guy

What is the serial device you are trying to connect
What is the make of the USB to serial adapter

The problem is that the processor chip - YES they do have one, is not in many cases compatible with Windows 8, especially 64 bit, as of course the actual working of the adapter is achieved by connection to the USB port and then transmission of data from and to the USB hub.

Not knowing what you actually wish to connect your best first port of call is here to see what is on offer

scroll down for USB to serial or click USB on menu at top

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Hey guys, I'm a pretty advanced computer user but I've run into problems, here's my quick story

I had an old computer so I put Ubuntu 7 on it, well yesterday I decided it was finally time to upgrade to Ubuntu 8, which turned out to be a disaster because the graphics card doesn't work very well with Ubuntu 8. So I decided to bite the bullet and install Windows XP SP2 on it. The computer is connected to the internet through an ethernet port hooked up to a router. However Windows CAN NOT realize that there is an internet connection and will not set up the Local Area Connection like it normally does. Now does this mean that I need to get drivers for my motherboard and stuff like that? Since I don't have internet on my windows machine, I'll have to download them to this computer, transfer them by means of Flash Drive, correct?

Also, how would I be able to find out what drivers I need? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

A:New Windows XP SP2 Installation - Ethernet Port Not Working

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After installation of drivers which I get from Mr. Paul Tikkanen's link, this laptop runs windows 7 64bitmore or less satisfactorily. Many many thanks for your valuable support.But, one thing, all the ports (usb ports & sd card port) are functioning, excepting the HDMI portwhich was working properly when I had installed windows 10 on this laptop.I have installed-1)Driver-AMD Chipset-radeon-crimson-16.7.3-sb-sata-ahci.2)Driver-Audio-Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver sp71379.3)Driver-Graphics-AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver sp71253.4)Driver-Keyboard,Mouse & Input Device-sp72664.5)Driver-Network-a)Broadcom 802 11bgn WLAN Driver for Windows 7 sp70888.b)Broadcom Bluetooth Software sp71440.c)Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver sp71268.6)Driver-Storage-Realtek Card Reader Driver sp71266.Is it a problem of driver or hardware (HDMI Port)?Please once again help me to solve this problem, so that I can connect my laptop with my LED TV.My email id [email protected] you.Yours-Debasish.

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I re-installed windows on my XPS 14z, 
Installed all the drivers (inc. chipset, bios , etc.)
updated all the windows updates.
but the SS USB port driver didn't install. (you can see it on Device manager as "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller" with no driver)
I have searched everywhere for it, I tried Dell PC checkup, automated driver search etc. 
I saw on these forums a similar problem with the XPS 15z and tried their solution to no avail.

can anyone point me to a driver? 

Thank you

A:Dell XPS 14z USB 3 port not working after windows re-installation

My hat is off to you. I deleted my driver and then could not reinstall because it kept saying I had a newer driver, which I did but it would not work either. I installed the driver via the link you provided and even though it said it was for an XPS which I have a 14z, the driver worked beautifully. Thanks so much and have a great year! I f we lived near by I would buy you a beer!

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My HDMI port quit working after upgrading to Windows 10. The VGA port works fine. I have triend many of the fixes for listed for this issue for upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8/8.1. Here's whay I've done so far... 1) Downloaded the most recent drivers for my Intel(R) Graphics Card. Outcome: It said the drivers installed were newer than the driver I was installing. Tried anyway, didn't work. 2) Uninstalled the driver and let windows update it.Outcome: Black screen, then it restarted and installed the same driver it had before. 3) Tried installing the Windows 7 Driver for my Intel(R) Graphics Card. Outcome: Black screen, then it restarted and installed the same driver it had before. 4) At this point I tried the last resort. I spun around three times in a circle and spit in the corner.Outcome: Wife yelled at me and kids thought I had a demon.  Please help, I use this computer in the office to connect to a 65" TV and I NEED my HDMI port. 

A:HDMI Port not working after Windows 10 Upgrade

Yeah, lot's of people on this forum have stated they have the same issue. It's not just people with Intel/AMD switchable cards either. I have an AMD 8650G + 8670M dual grapgics card and I am having the same issue. 

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hey guys ....m new here and new to windows 7 aswell..........i heard that you can connect to multiple ap's with the virtual wifi but what i found googling is that it can act as a router but not as a second wifi in simple i want to connect to 2 different aps both have internet so i get the mixed can anyone tell me what m i exactly suppose to do....

A:How do i use virtual wifi

Quote: Originally Posted by cyber02000

hey guys ....m new here and new to windows 7 aswell..........i heard that you can connect to multiple ap's with the virtual wifi but what i found googling is that it can act as a router but not as a second wifi in simple i want to connect to 2 different aps both have internet so i get the mixed can anyone tell me what m i exactly suppose to do....

open your network and sharing center
click set up a new connection or network
then click the last option "set up a wireless ad hoc (pc to pc) network

and then connect other devices like other laptops, ps3, xbox 360, wii, and more.

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I constantly have BSOD recently while using IE. I have a driver error report and I guess it may be caused by mini usb wifi TP-Link TL-WN725N.

Here is my SF file created by SF Diagnostic Tool as guided.

Thanks in advance.

A:BSOD while using Internet Explorer, and mini usb wifi TP-Link

Reduce items at start up:Performing a Clean Startup in Windows 7

Add, or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7
Your Antivirus software is basically whats just needed there.

Uninstall your current antivirus as it is contributing to your BSOD's. Replace with Microsoft Security Essentials & the Free version of Malwarebytes, update and make full scans separately:Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase

Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

Malwarebytes Free Do not start the trial version of MalwareBytes

You may also take a look at:Good & Free System Security CombinationUse the System File Checker tool and Run Disk Check: Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker

Run Disk Check in Windows 7 for Bad Sectors & ErrorsUpload a screenshot using:CrystalDiskInfo For how to upload a screenshot or file, read here

Test your Hard Drive by running:Hard Drive Diagnostic ProcedureTest and Diagnose RAM Issues with Memtest86+:RAM - Test with Memtest86+ Pay close attention to part 3 of the tutorial "If you have errors"

Test the RAM with Memtest86+ for at least 7-10 passes. It may take up to 22 passes to find problems. Make sure to run it once after the system has been on for a few hours and is warm, and then also run it again when the system has been off for a few hours and is cold.


Built by: 7601.18113.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.1303... Read more

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Hi guyz,

Since yesterday, somme icons in the menu taskbar on the bottom on the screen dont respond : wifi setting, the windows switch between desktop and tablet mode. But the web explorer or Word still work though and open their software.
it doesnt work in taclile mode nor with mouse.
Where can thatcome from? What can i try?

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Hi Everyone
I have a pcg-grt100 that came with a b card --the unite can be upgraded even by me !!!!
???Is what make mini pci card (b/g) or (a/b/g) would you advise me to use
Thank you all for any info

A:Solved: Viao mini PCI wifi card upgrade

Well the A/B/G card is going to be faster if you have a receiver that is compatible with A.

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My motherboard got a port called Mini PCIE. It looks similar to the standard PCIE port but is much smaller (I guess that's why it's called mini ) AND it appears to be tilted 90 degrees to the right if I'm right. So I would have to place the card vertically. Space seems to be limited. Of course I could be wrong on that.

Board type is MSI AM1i

Photo is below. The port in question is just next to the two SATA data ports. (actually on the left, in the second pictures)
I'd like to install a Wifi card there. Please tell me. How and where? Where am I supposed to place the antennas? Do you know any good cards? I didn't buy the card yet, only the motherboard

Thanks a lot

^^ The mini PCIE port is just above (again, next to the white-blue capacitors and left to the sata ports), and lies vertically in the picture with a number tag written to it

A:Adding Mini PCIE WiFi expansion card

Hi ... The Link below should be of some help ...
MSI AM1I Review | AM1 Motherboard Review | Computer Shopper

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guys this one has me stumped cold. Dell Inspiron laptop, very clean software wise, had original mini-card [internal] which could not detect any wifi networks - known good wifi AP's. All the windows checked showed the device working properly but I finally replaced it with one of the better "n" cards out there. Same thing all over again. Put it right next to a working AP, cannot detect a thing. Antennae is hooked up properly.

If I plug a good WIFI stick into USB, it works immediately, no drama.

I have no idea what is preventing this from detecting anything. What should I be looking for?

A:WLAN Mini-card Good, but cannot detect WIFI ??

Hi zapp22,

It appears that the 'Wireless Card' is currently 'Disabled'; please check its status in 'BIOS' and 'enable' it if needed. To access 'BIOS' you may follow the steps listed below:
- Power off the laptop > Power it back on and at 'Dell splash screen', repeatedly tap 'F 2 key' (BIOS screen should appear) > Usually 'Dell Inspiron' laptops have a 'category' named 'Advanced' > Ensure that WLAN is enabled > 'Save Settings' and 'Exit'
(Note: BIOS setup may vary based on different laptop models)

If the wireless card still does not detect any networks in 'Windows', try tapping <Function><F2> or only <F2> if the previous key combination does not work. This is the 'radio control' for the 'Wireless Card' installed in the system.

Hope this helps. Do reply with the finding; would be glad to assist.

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Hello Friends,

I am running Point-Of-Sale software called RecTrac on Windows 7. My local User is locked down because of the nature of the software. The receipt printer runs over USB with a virtual port, COM3. This is set up using configuration utility software that uses 2
services that are set to start automatically. My Admin user can print to this printer fine. But the POS has to run under a normal User account and that account cannot print to this printer. It CAN print to standard USB printers with no problem.

I've tried setting the two services to log on with admin rights. That doesn't fix it.

I'm thinking this has got to be a registry setting and/or a group policy setting, but I can't find one that seems related. I've tried just guessing and changing different gp settings that are configured, to no avail.

Please help if you are able; this is pretty urgent! Thank you for reading!!

Thanks! James T.

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My computer says under Ports in Device manager that I have a Virtual IR COM port and also a Virtual IR LPT port. My Nokia 6620 also has an infrared port. Does this mean I can download data from PC to phone using IR? If so, where exactly should I point my cell IR port? I'm not sure where to find the Virtual IR COM port on the computer.

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Hello Friends,
I am running Point-Of-Sale software called RecTrac on Windows 7. My local User is locked down because of the nature of the software. The receipt printer runs over USB with a virtual port, COM3. This is set up using a printer utility that runs using 2 services that are set to start automatically. My Admin user can print to this printer fine. But the POS has to run under a normal User account and that account cannot print to this printer. It CAN print to standard USB printers with no problem.
I've tried setting the two services to log on with admin rights. That doesn't fix it.
I'm thinking this has got to be a registry setting and/or a group policy setting, but I can't find one that seems related. I've tried just guessing and changing different gp settings that are configured, to no avail.
Please help if you are able; this is pretty urgent! Thank you for reading!!

A:Normal Users Can't Print to USB Printer That Uses Virtual Port

I have only some suggestions...
Give the normal user temporary admin permissions. Doing that it works? them most likely there is a permissions problem somewhere
If it doesn't work maybe there is something installed/configured only on the Admin account, try to reinstall the software on the user account and them remove the admin permissions.

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I'm using a program called QPST to flash CDMA based phones. I installed ITunes and suddenly the QPST won't read the phones.

I uninstalled ITunes. I uninstalled all the drivers, including ELTIMA Virtual Serial Port (COM1 -> COM2) and ELTIMA Virtual Serial Port (COM2->COM1). I have uninstalled these multiple times with restarts and they keep coming back!

Is there anyway to permanently remove these?

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I tried the usual "fixes", such as uninstalling/reinstalling the USB controllers/device drivers.
In desperation, I tried a repair install of W10 Pro.

The printer in question is a brand new Ricoh SP-C250DN, which operated perfectly when I first plugged it in and selected USB for the initial installation of the drivers. However, after I tested the wireless functionality thru my router, I couldn't use the printer on USB anymore.
I was seeing "Copy 1" of the printer when I tried to get it installed for USB again. In an attempt to rid the pc of all things Ricoh so that I could reinstall and hopefully get it working on USB again, I removed both original and "Copy 1" of the Ricoh printer. That didn't get 'er done, so I deleted Ricoh reg entries -- the only Ricoh product that has ever been on this pc is this printer, so I felt safe in deleting these (I did not delete entries which contained non-Ricoh data).
I've done plenty of work in Windows registries over the decades, with few adverse incidents, but this time I obviously slipped up. I discovered the USB Printer Support is AWOL in Device Manager (yes, I set View to Show hidden devices) and USB001 Virtual Port is AWOL from the Add Printer port list.

Ok, so the reg is/was apparently FUBAR where USB is concerned, which is why I tried the repair install.

What I tried before the repair install:
Ensure the USB connection in printer settings (front panel menu) is active.Connected printer to same ... Read more

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Hello Friends,

I am running Point-Of-Sale software called RecTrac on Windows 7. My local User is locked down because of the nature of the software. The receipt printer runs over USB with a virtual port, COM3. This is set up using a printer utility that runs using 2 services that are set to start automatically. My Admin user can print to this printer fine. But the POS has to run under a normal User account and that account cannot print to this printer. It CAN print to standard USB printers with no problem.

I've tried setting the two services to log on with admin rights. That doesn't fix it.

I'm thinking this has got to be a registry setting and/or a group policy setting, but I can't find one that seems related. I've tried just guessing and changing different gp settings that are configured, to no avail.

Please help if you are able; this is pretty urgent! Thank you for reading!!

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My computer has a total of 6 USB ports - 4 in the back and 2 up front (it's a 2-1/2 year old custom built system).

Anyway, All the USB ports always worked.

Never had any problems with any of them. I always use one in the front for my mouse and the other front one is just there for whenever I need it for something else on a rare occasion (like a digital camera or something).

I recently (last month) found out that this one front USB port that I use only on occasion is no longer working. It's completely dead. The last time I used it was about 6 months ago and there were no problems.

No errors or anything else like that, it' just dead, like as if it were a dummy port (although it isn't).

I looked inside the case to see if it somehow was disconnected but it isn't.

My Device Manager is only showing 5 USB ports and I can't figure that out. It should show 6 even if one is not working properly, right?

Could it possibly be fried or something?

I think I read in another thread here that some USB ports have a fuse that can blow and needs replaced. Is that true? Never heard of it until recently. Are these hard to replace?

Any ideas, fixes, etc, would be great.

Intel Celeron D 2.4Ghz
Asus P4P800SE Mother Board

Trend Micro scan - clean
Ad-aware scan - clean
SB S&D scan - clean
CWShredder scan - clean
Windows Defnder scan - clean
HJT log - no bad or weird entries. All recognized and valid.

A:USB port stopped working - no warning or alerts from windows

Well, I'm in the same boat in a way.. I just bought a new case and now both front USB ports are dead.. I hope someone replys to this that has more experience

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Ericsson H5321gw for toshiba Mobile BroadBand GPS port (com3)

The devices manager says that windows can not load the required drivers for such device. CODE 31. This object name already exists.

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Hi there, this is my first question on TSF and I hope this will be solved soon by the awesome experts :)

So, I own a TP-link Usb WiFi adapter (TL-WN321G) and I want to use my win 7 as a virtual WiFi. I've tried Connectify, Virtual router etc. And even TP- link's utility for a virtual hotspot on my win 7.

In all these, WiFi connects, I can browse on my phone but after sometime the connection drops, WiFi disconnects and then connects again, making the WiFi useless.

I then tested virtual WiFi on my old win xp, using Tp- link's utility and its working flawlessly. I tested with all security types (WPA, WPA2, WEP) and also tested encryptions (Tkip, aes) as I can change these in tp-link's utility program in win xp unlike in win 7.

I'm facing problem only in my win 7.

Any help please?

A:Virtual WiFi disconnects after sometime

I see your Adapter shows as discontinued, it just may not be fully compatible with Win7. Have you contacted TP-Link support?

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I have one of those motherboards which has an AC WiFI Adapter built on it...

That one to be exact.
Now I've followed these steps;

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NAME key=PASSWORD
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Putting those into CMD and it comes up fine as told in the tutorial.
The problem comes however in turning sharing on, this then turns my internet on the Ethernet port off, it'll say something like it being limited and stays on Unidentified Network forever on that Ethernet port. As soon as I turn sharing off on the Virtual Wifi connection I've made, the Ethernet internet then goes back to normal and I gain internet access again.

This is obviously useless because I need the internet through the Ethernet to be able to setup a Virtual WiFi Hotspot thingy.

Can anyone help?

A:Need help trying to set up a Virtual WiFi Router...

I've just tried a few free Virtual Hotspot programs that were most commonly used on the net, they all go to create the hotspot but fail.

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