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Solved: Client backup cmd script using robocopy.exe - completed and working

Q: Solved: Client backup cmd script using robocopy.exe - completed and working

Hey all,

Well this place helped me write my first cmd script so i would like to share it with you all and hope you enjoy it.

This particular script allows you to back up selected files or folders from a client computer through to a server after answering a couple of questions.

Its a great script but unfortunantly i have no need for it as it does not meet our requirements any more (note i only wrote it last week ).

The script comes with a backup version, and a restore version... so the theory is that you can back up selected files and folders from one client to the server, then restore it from the server to a new client, all with simple prompts.

I have also commented throughout the batch file as much as i could so hopefully it should be fairly easy for any admin guys using it.

The items it backs up are:

My documents
All pst files on the system
NK2 file - outlook file that remembers email addresses when creating new email and entering email it automatically suggests previously used email addresses
Outlook signatures

Its easy to add extra things to this script aswell. Also it is fairly easy to create it to do all of the backups without any prompts...

basically this is a batch file that is simple, but i spend a day or so writing it, and im proud of my crappy script so if anyone can find any use for it please do try it.
(now i just have to work out how i upload it)...

Thank you and commends are definately welcome


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Dear All,

My batch file of robocopy is working fine. But when I tried to run it through task scheduler, none of the files transfer to the target location.

@echo off
echo +-----------------------------------------+
echo Database Export Utility for server
echo +-----------------------------------------+
echo .
ROBOCOPY E:\dp_dir \\\inter_loc_dump /LOG:LOG_FILE.TXT

Above script is working fine...but task scheduler is keep on running without any results.

Please help me out.

Ashish Kumar Mahanta

A:robocopy script is not working through Scheduler

Hi and Welcome to SevenForums,

In the Scheduler, what settings have you set under General, Triggers and Actions?


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I apologize if this forum is meant for tech people as I'm a novice computer user, but I really need help.  I have Windows 7 x64 and I used RoboCopy for the first time, and have messed up royally.  I was trying to copy folders and files from my
computer to an external hard drive.  My external hard drive had important files and folders on it already, and I thought that copying more data using RoboCopy would just add to it, but it deleted everything that was on the external hard drive when it
copied the additional data.  
Can I undo what just happened?  Is there any way to revert?  Or maybe there's some way to recover that deleted data?
I used:  Robocopy C:\Users\Name\Documents F:/MIR /dcopy:T
I would be really grateful to be helped.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi All,

Quick question regarding robocopy. I am not that great in using it but I did manage to figure out that how to do basic copying and mirroring. My main issue is copying over files that have security permissions.

At this point, I have this:
robocopy c:\foldername e:\foldername /copyall /mir
What would I add and does it matter where I place the syntax for it to work?

Help appreciated.

EDIT: Figured out the security part. How would I get the script to still copy everything in the folder if its being used by someone else or they forgot to close it?


A:Robocopy script

Robocopy cannot do it by itself.

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Moderators: I'm not sure where to post this, so if it's in the wrong place I'll understand if it gets moved.


For quite some time I've been successfully using the following script to make regular backups of a database, but lately the backups are <1KB in size, where the database itself is a few hundred MB. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this, so any help would be much appreciated.

# Backup description
# Backup filename
# Destination directory (with trailing slash)
# Database Settings:

echo "Backing up $fdesc database..."
tempname=$fdir$fname-`eval date +%Y-%m-%d`.sql
mysqldump --opt -quick -u$fuser -p$fpw $fdb > $tempname
echo "Gzipping $fdesc database..."
gzip $tempname
a=`eval date +%d`
a=`expr $a - 2`
echo "Deleting old backups... (Error messages are normal)"
tempname=$fdir$fname-`eval date +%Y-%m-`$a.sql.gz
rm $tempname
tempname=$fdir$fname-`eval date +%Y-%m-`0$a.sql.gz
rm $tempname

Yes, this is a generic script, without the actual relevant details for the particular site and server involved.

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Evening all,

Just curious to know if anyone uses the built in utility to backup software on your machine, im trying to backup my itunes folder to an external HD but having a few issues to get this to work properly! I also use sync toy for backing up but just really want to know what everyone else uses?

As for image backups you cant beat Macrium Reflect imo

A:Anyone use robocopy to backup?

I don't use it myself, but have you tried the Robocopy GUI? On the same site there is a write-up of the RichCopy tool.

I haven't tested RichCopy on Win7 but I have tested the Robocopy Gui and it works fine.

EDIT: I just downloaded and installed RichCopy and it appears to be working fine in Win7.

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I'm wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on why I am getting the following such errors when running a robocopy batch file (as administrator) which cause the backup script to stall (- albeit temporarily):

2013/07/30 21:10:43 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\Harey 8-128.jpg
Access is denied.

Waiting 30 seconds... Retrying...

2013/07/30 21:12:20 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\TimsData\Year1.pdf
Access is denied.

Waiting 30 seconds... Retrying...

2013/07/30 21:15:27 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\TimsData\Tim\Heddon's Mouth - Printable Walk - South West Coast Path.htm
Access is denied.

Waiting 30 seconds... Retrying...

I am using the following backup command:

robocopy "%srcPath%\My Documents" "%dstPath%\My Documents" /b /v /ts /fp /bytes /tee /e /dcopy:t /copy:dt /a-:sh /xf desktop.* /np /log+:%logPath%\mwk1log.txt
I realise that if I limit the retries and wait time from the defaults the stall time will be shortened and the file(s) skipped. However, that does not resolve the issue why robocopy is having a problem copying the file(s).

I have found that if the erroring files are moved from the source location to the desktop, the following errors arethen recorded in the log:

2013/07/30 21:11:13 ERROR 2 (0x00000002) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\Harey 8-128.jpg
The sys... Read more

A:Robocopy Backup - ERROR 5 (0x00000005)


I have seen instances of a bug with the dcopy:t switch - try the script without that switch. You could also try the COPY:DATSOU switch, although I'm unclear if that copies the folder time stamps too.

robocopy "%srcPath%\My Documents" "%dstPath%\My Documents" /b /v /ts /fp /bytes /tee /e /copy:dt /a-:sh /xf desktop.* /np /log+:%logPath%\mwk1log.txt

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I have created a batch file for copying my Documents folder to an external hard drive:

robocopy C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents J:\Desktop-Backup\Documents /copyall /e /LOG+:c:\users\USERNAME\documents\backuplog.txt

The log file shows that it is backing up C:\users\USERNAME\documents\My Music and C:\users\USERNAME\documents\My Pictures.
That's fine, because I want those backed up anyway, but when I go to J:\desktop-backup\Documents, the Music and Pictures folders aren't there (or anywhere else on the J: drive).
I have "view hidden files and folders" turned on. It seems that the files are actually there because my Documents folder is only 700MB, yet several GB have been taken up on the J: drive.
Anyone have any thoughts?

A:Robocopy backup for personal folders


Can you re-write your post and use some punctuation and paragraphing to make it easier to read please? I'm having a hard time working out your robocopy command lines.

See if this will help you:

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script


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I have a standard Windows 10 build and I'm using robocopy to backup my data to an external drive. The goal is just to capture all my data so if the PC fails/gets stolen etc. I can restore my data on to another PC.

I'm doing a backup of c:\users\ as this seems to capture all my data. Are there any other folders you think I should backup?

I've excluded the 'AppData' folder as this seems to have a lot of stuff which is not data. Is that OK or do you think that should be backed up? Are there any other folders you think I should skip?

Thank you very much for your comments.

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Recently installed kaspersky pure 2. 0 .Getting error message that backup task has not been completed. I have read that this is a known issue. Is there a solution to correct this problem? Thanks.

A:backup task has not been completed

Welcome to Seven Forumsnancy159. As you say, this is a known issue

5. Main known issues

The maximum size limit for Quarantine and Backup and Restore does not work.
Some application windows do not correspond to Microsoft computer management from keyboard standards.
Groups of windows cannot be closed through Windows 7 taskbar.
Application window cannot be closed through Windows 7 taskbar preview.
"A backup task has not been completed" status is displayed in the general protection status and in the Backup and Restore section when backup tasks are performed.
Protection parameters cannot be reverted to default values.
AVZ reports cannot be created under 64-bit operating systems.
In some cases, characters cannot be entered using the Virtual Keyboard in entry fields of web browsers or applications.
When in Safe Run mode, Microsoft Outlook Express (Windows Mail) email client may fail to display some email messages received from the standard Microsoft Windows environment.

Kaspersky PURE 2.0: commercial release (build

Have you tried creating a backup task?

How to create a backup task in Kaspersky PURE 2.0?

A Guy

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Just got this message no matter how many times I ran backup today.

I've run it every Sunday afternoon since June of 2012 and never got the message before.
edit: Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:\Users\Joseph T. Adinolf\Contacts. ErrorThe system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))

Am I just wasting my time?

Using an external hard drive.

I would appreciate your comments.

A:Backup completed but some files were skipped

Hello Joseph,

This error means that one or more folders that you selected to be included when you setup Windows Backup is no longer available to be backed up. Thus, it was skipped while backing up the others.

You can use step 4 in the tutorial below to "Change settings" in your Windows Backup to uncheck any included (checked) folders that have been deleted or moved.

Afterwards, you should stop getting this error.

Backup User and System Files

Hope this helps,

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Running windows 98SE.
Have a 160 GB Seagate external drive as backup. I use BounceBack as the SW to back up my system.

Prior to installing an extra hard drive, I want to complete a system backup to the Seagate.

Upon completion of a back up, I would like to be able to go into the Segate and simply check some recent files to determine they were backed up.

So, prior to back up I created a file and folder on my desktop. After completing the backup to the Seagate, I go into Seagate and cannot find that file.

How can I be sure all files were transferred?


A:How to confirm files backed up after backup completed?

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I am trying to build a system that will be used a file server and also provide backup via RAID 1 (mirror) for all files and External HDD and FTP backup for some files in a daily structure.

I believe the RAID is pretty self explanitory and will most likely purchase a system with that functionality to begin with.
- What is the difference between a Server and just a really good PC w/ RAID?
- We are considering a pre-built system such as a Dell - Any suggestions on this would be great.
- We could build it ourselves, but what are the things to look for. I have built PC's, but never a server

What we need to accomplish the External HDD and FTP backup would be some sort of script that runs on a schedule and will take all files located in C:\Files and copy them over to the External onto E:\Daily\{Todays_Date}.

-We also have some larger files that don't need to be backed up in a daily structure and would want those just copied to the External HDD and uploaded to FTP only if the files are new.

The amount of files is not extremely large and neither is the file sizes, but if there would be different ways of accomplishing this task based on the number of files, it would be good to know.

Any guidance on accomplishing either of these tasks would be very helpful. I have familiarity with this, but not an expert.

A:Solved: RAID 1 &amp; Automated Script for FTP &amp; External HDD Backup

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I have been trying to backup my C drive in preparation for cloning and installing a larger SSD drive. I am pretty sure that I have backed up my PC using win 7 backup before, but the last time was sometime last year. I previously burned my backup to disc, but this time I decided to backup to my networked My Book Live (2T). Each time I try it, I get the " Windows backup skipped backing up system because one of the critical volumes is not having enough space...". I have searched the "net" pretty extensively trying to find out why. My only feasible guess has something to do with the shadow storage. When it would not backup to the network drive, I tried one of my internal drives ( 465GB w/ 413GB free), with the same results. My C drive (120GB SSD) has 14.3GB free, but I don't know if this would affect it. I have watched the backup program progress and when it gets to 50% complete, it stops and give the error. I have even gone into an elevated command prompt and Typed 'vssadmin list shadowstorage' to look for the max storage space available, but could not find anything for my "G" drive or my network drive. Am I going in the right direction, or should I be looking for something else? If this gets to become more of a hassle than it's worth, I may just bite the bullet and do a fresh install on my new SSD drive. Any suggestions?

A:backup cannot be completed. Insufficient space. Error code 0x81000033

Since you have a WD hdd, download the Acronis Trueimage - free.
This will backup your C drive and allow you to restore it to your new SSD.
A clean install is probably your bet at this time -although either will work.
WD Support
FWIW -If you keep just OS and programs on your current SSD and keep it at about 75%, you can save your money on a larger SSD.

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Is there a script to enable rdp on w7 machines and also to allow older os's like wxp to rdp to w7 machines?


A:script for W7 / to enable rdp and from older client

Hi gogiants1998,

Here's an article about enabling Remote Desktop in Windows 7 & Vista. I hope it's helpful to you.



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Joseph Croney gives a brief overview of the client-side script support built into ASP.NET

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP

Presentations are played using the Microsoft Windows Media Player.



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could anyone please help i have two windows xp computers and would liek to share files and internet through ethernet

computer 1 is connected to the internet with a wireless usb adapter.
a crossover ethernet cable is running from computer 1 to computer 2.

i have managed to get file sharing and printer sharing to work between them and both computers can see ech other in my network.

computer 2 comes up with the wireless internet as an internet gateway so it is picking up the internet but no internet flow is going through i go to internet explorere and it wont connect i have tried ping from computer 2 and it cant find anything. it sasy in the status of the internet gateway that data is being sent and recieved but stil cant acces internet.

could someone pelase help i dont wanna buy another wireless usb adapter so please dont suggest that i would liek to do it just how it is. please help

thank you

A:Solved: HELP WITH NETWORK internet not working on client computer PPLEEASSEE

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Hello! I hope someone out there can help me.

Here's the scenario: I changed ISPs. Same type of service (Broadband), same routers, same cables, same OS, no new programs loaded. Only now my PC will not connect to the internet!!!! I spent about 20 hours on this, searching online and trying different things, including running various virus and malware removers, but no dice. Rather than try to explain everything, I will post information I have gathered below and attach screen shot jpgs and hope that someone out there is willing and able to help me out, for which I would be eternally grateful.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>ipconfig

Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter ZSOL_DSL:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Z***_S********
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter ZSol_DSL:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connecti
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-13-20-91-56-E3
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfigurati... Read more

A:Solved: Internet not working after ISP switch - DNS Client Service Disabled??

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I tried to update to 1.7 and it failed.  We had to run a mongo change regarding the certificate.  When that was completed the install was fine, but we started getting an invalid cert on the web interface.  I finally dug into it and saw that
the ata gateways were no longer talking as well.  
I updated the cert so i have that cleared up but the gateways wont connect.  I updated them manually by downloading the installer and the install went fine but they still wont connect.  I decided to look at the cert thumbprint of the package /
json file and it is below.  

What would i need to get these to connect again?  

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I am constantly (like a half hour doesn't go by) getting the script messages. The script has stopped working or the script is busy. I don't know what causes it so much. I click on debug script, but I don't understand what the debugger says or how to tell how long to wait. I just don't understand anything about this at all plus why it happens so much. Please help!

A:Script has stopped working or script is busy

Does it kick in when you just visit this site, or does it do that at other sites?

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Hi all,

Both firefox and ie are not working for many websites. Google search being diverted to ad sites. I have followed the 5 steps process and attached panda results and extra.txt files are attached. Main.txt contents is pasted below. Thanks a lot in advance for helping me.

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by KAravind on 2008-06-22 18:01:07
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 2 Restore Point(s) --
2: 2008-06-22 22:01:17 UTC - RP44 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
1: 2008-06-22 07:24:21 UTC - RP43 - System Checkpoint

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

-- HijackThis (run as KAravind.exe) --------------------------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:02:51 PM, on 6/22/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\... Read more

A:IE popups + Google search not working in firefox - 5 steps completed

Hi, welcome to tsf!

sorry for the delay.

if you still need assistance, please post a fresh main.txt log.

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Having trouble with quotes and folder names with spaces.
Cannot get it to run w/o an error.

SET _source=\\fs1\data\shared\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"
SET _dest=\\fsarchive\archiveshare\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"

ROBOCOPY %_source% %_dest% %_what% %_options%

I receive this error;
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive
ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows :: Version XP010
Started : Wed Apr 25 10:35:14 2012
Source - \\fs1\data\shared"Carolyn\
Dest - E:\Batch Move\Kris\
Files :
Options : /COPYAT /R:1000000 /W:30
ERROR : Invalid Parameter #3 : "Nancy \\fsarchive\archiveshare"Carolyn Kris Nanc
Simple Usage :: ROBOCOPY source destination /MIR
source :: Source Directory (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
destination :: Destination Dir (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
/MIR :: Mirror a complete directory tree.
For more usage information run ROBOCOPY /? or read Robocopy.Doc.
NOTE: Read "True Replication" in Robocopy.Doc prior to first use of /MIR !
**** /MIR can DELETE files as well as copy them !
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive

A:Solved: RoboCopy

You need to put the quotes around the entire path:
"\\fs1\data\shared\Carolyn Kris Nancy"

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Hello, I am hoping someone has a good lead (past posts have been VERY fruitful).

We need to backup 15-20 Windows users at our office and want to do to a local Network fileshare.

The native backup & restore although okay, really became limited once we had Win8 users with File History.

Looking online for Windows backup solutions, it has been tough to find a solid solution. Acronis kept coming up and we ended up buying some licenses but since then have had at least 50% of the users have issues with the backup software running slow and failing
(so clearly many reviews are not written by those in the field).

Long story short, we are looking for a standalone backup software client that is most importantly STABLE/RELIABLE but of course, needs to be space efficient (meaning, will respect disk space and support retention timeframes).

We simply don't want to explore Azure as we want backups kept inside our network instead of the cloud. We also don't want to have to install a backup server, again we want a standalone product that is stable across Win7/Win7/Win10 and beyond. Thanks in advance!!

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here is my situation which I couldn't handle by far. I am trying to back up one of our remote clients server, to our internal company back up server running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.
We are using UrBackup for our internal systems, but with that program there are some issues when try to back up the remote server via internet - it said that the authentication failed, I am not able to find fix for that, so now looking for different software and will be great if it's open source, cause I bet you guys know how the companies don't like to spend money.
So the client used to backing up with NovaNet but since is kinda old I am trying to implement better solution, I looked up Amanda project but it is not user friendly, a lot of commands and seems so harsh to configure. Any ideas someone who has been involved into that, I am trying to find some easy setup and reliable software.

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I've been wanting to transfer my files from an old HDD to a new one exactly as they are, with the time stamps the way they are currently on the old HDD and all, and I heard that using Robocopy via the command prompt can help me do that. However, I don't want to delete everything on the old HDD. I've been looking around the internet, and anything I can find is just confusing to me.

The old external HDD that has all my files and folders is J: and the HDD I want to transfer them to which is a new internal HDD is Z:

What would be the proper command for copying everything on J: exactly as it is to Z: ? I hope I put this question in the correct section, lol, and as always, thanks for everyones help.
- Guru
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64x, 16gb ram, 4.20GHz AMD FX quad-core cpu,

A:Solved: Right command for Robocopy.

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I last used robocopy on 041209 and I updated my XP Home SP3 on 041609 and on 041909 I have found that robocopy does not work anymore. It will create the folder it is supposed to create but there are no contents in it. I have also tried xcopy and xxcopy and all they will do is the same. I repair reinstalled robocopy and the qui said "Please use Windows Update to check for any critical updates to the .NET Framework." This message was at the bottom of the gui and was a suggestion rather than a command about the .NET Framework updates. I have also run System File Checker.

What could be keeping robocopy, xcopy and xxcopy from copying correctly?

Below Added 042709

I have found that by pasting the robocopy argument from the
command file into the Run box the backup occurs as expected.
But the command file when clicked on still does not do the
backup. Below are two versions that work when pasted into
the Run box.

robocopy C:\Annoyance C:\BackupAnnoyance

robocopy "C:\Annoyance" "C:\BackupAnnoyance" /COPYALL /V /NP /R:10 /W:30

The results are the same when I use xcopy or xxcopy: clicking on the bat file does not backup anything but when I paste the bat files argument in the Run box the backup occurs.
Sincerely, Teefermup

A:Solved: Robocopy Does Not Work

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In our organization, we've got about 20 computers, 5 or 6 mobile users.
about a combined 40gb of data.

up until now we've been using a 3rd party online backup solution to keep the users documents and outlook data backed up. The more the data grows, the more the monthly price grows, and is becoming a budget problem.

We have 2 windows server 2003 standard machines, and I'm building a sandboxed environment replicating the current users connected to the domain, getting ready to test/debug/deploy windows server 2008 and some vista clients.

on the server 2003, I've tried setting up backup schedules with windows backup (ntbackup.exe) and its not doing what it's supposed to. Every time I set up a schedule, and wait for the right hour/30mins/10 mins whatever for the backup test, it doesn't work too well.

I need a cost effective solution to replace our online backup service.
It doesn't matter if we don't end up upgrading to windows server 2008/vista, I'm simply building a test environment to compare security and performance.

We have like I said..
about 20 desktops - XP SP3, Outlook 2003, and some documents, etc.
about 5 laptops - XP SP3, Outlook 2003/2007, documents etc..
1 production file/dns/dhcp server, Windows Server 2003 SP2

The outcome:

I'd like the server to be able to backup all users documents, outlook data, at regular intervals, so if the mobile users go out of the office for a few hours or couple days, the backup pro... Read more

A:Need help with Client/Server Backup Solutions

Issues here;
the program for backup and its technique to move the data,
sizing how much capacity you need for the storage,
protecting the data from prying eyes (ie encrypting it),
and the product or service for the storage (is it on or off site?)

all users documents, outlook dataClick to expand...

By all user documents to you mean explicitly the My Documents folder or the
entire user profile area \documents & settings\user-login-id\ ?
The User Profile is much bigger and the Application Data folder (eg mine @ ~ 400mb)
and the Local Settings (mine @ ~483mb) are sizable but certainly 'not critical user data'.
The exceptions are Outlook keeps the PST under Local Settings and Oultlook Express is there too.
Some third part stuff (eg Thunderbird email) is found under Application Data.

Personally, I use Allway Sync for replicating my data (but it's not encrypted).
The selectivity of files is excellent any it is fast due to duplicating only changed files.
As I use it in manual mode, I've not tried the scheduling feature which is available.

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My laptop finally crashed ( had a pack_40s malware problem that never seemed to get resolved) lost all my emails and addresses and they were important

I am re-thinking my email app
I am a die hard OE user - just cant seem to dedicate the time to learn Outlook or Firefox

I am looking for a professional opinion

It is better for me to buy software to download/backup OE ? If so what one would you recommend? (see bottom for attempts to learn how to backup OE)
Try to use a new email app - maybe one of them is easier to back up
Thank you

I researched the way to backup OE and cant find the application folder after I click on C:/Docs/Settings/USER all I see are folders named
USER DATA and a DAT File called NT User

A:OE Backup Software or New Email Client??

if you like OE keep it - you will have to backup files no matter what you use
have aread here

you will need to unhide hodden folders and files
in windows explorer
folder options

look for a tick box against hidden files and folders
make sure - show is ticked

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I have a client that is trying to send me thier Quicken backup file. We have done this before. She backs up the file, and zips the folder that it backs up into. She e-mails me the zip file, I uncompress it and update it into QuickBooks. There have always been 4 files (QDF, QEL, QSD, & QTX), the first one is the backup file, and I've always ignored the other ones. Yesterday she sent me the file she got when she did her backup. It was a .DIR. I walked her through the back up and she sent it again. This time it was the .QSD. I am not sure why this is happening. She has only sent me one backup from the directory I had her create. Is there something that happened during the first back up that is making this happen?

A:Solved: Quicken Backup, not working right

It was client error. Never Mind.

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hi friends.
here is my batch file to copy all data from C:\Data to N:\Full Backup\DD Directory using robocopy.exe in windows Vista

robocopy "C:\DATA" "N:\Full Backup\DD" /S /B /256 /R:10 /W:10
and the directory depth is really really really long but i guess the /256 should be able to handle it. I don't know why it's not working.
Directory Structure: C:\DATA\office secretary\Office Board\General Assembly of our Office\19th FIN Jepaul General Assembly & Board Metting 2009 September\18th General Assembly & Board Mtd 21& 22 August 2009
FileName: GA 18 - Apolgoy Letter to sir for. shawai for his signature- Sept. 2.doc
This is the output when i run the batch file
ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows

Started : Fri Sep 17 22:22:50 2010

Source : C:\DATA\
Dest : N:\Full Backup\DD\

Files : *.*

Options : *.* /256 /S /COPYAT /B /R:10 /W:10


0 C:\DATA\
0 C:\DATA\office secretary\
0 C:\DATA\office secretary\Office Board\
0 C:\DATA\office secretary\Office Board\General Assembly of our Office\
0 C:\DATA\office secretary\Office Board\General Assembly of our Office\19th FIN Jepaul General Assembly & Board Metting 2009 September\
1 C:\DATA\office secretary\Office Board\General Assembly ... Read more

A:Solved: Robocopy in Windows Vista

That particular path is 259 characters.
The /256 switch turns OFF long path support, meaning it will fail with long paths. Try removing that switch.

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I'm using robocopy (ver XP010) on a Windows XP laptop to copy user files to another drive for backup.

robocopy "c:\my documents" "Z:\myname\my documents" /XO /M /ZB /E /MIR /log:c:mylog.txt /TEE

It creates all of the directories and subdirectories but doesn't copy any of the files. The log shows no errors - total dirs 162 copies 162, total files 1458 skipped 1458.

To minimize variables I tried using a new usb external NTFS hard drive (Z) but it still skips all of the files. I've verified the permissions and owership of the files and everthing seems in order. The problem is limited to this computer, the other computers in the group are OK. Any suggestions?

I just found out that 2 of the 6 computers in this group fail so I will be compairing files and permissions etc. to see what the two failed ones have in common against the working ones.

A:Solved: Robocopy skips all files

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I have been writting backup scripts for a while now and I wanted to make everything very easy to work with and use.
what I want is a batch script that reads off a text file that lists the file locations and sets them to a variable. then using each variable i want to throw it through a for loop sending each location through robocopy command and backing them up to the source directory of the exe.

here are my problems:
below I have posted my code. I have found ways to grab the locations off the text file and make them a variable. What I haven't found is how to send those variables 1 by one through the robocopy command to backup. Below is the code I thought that would work. I have edited out some stuff and kept it as simple as I can.

@Echo Off
echo ### Mirroring...

:: this will grab each line of the locations text file and set it to a variable %%I
:: it will take the variable %%I and use it to know the next location to copy to external using the robocopy command

SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion

Set InputFile="C:\locations.txt"

For /F "tokens=*" %%I IN (%InputFile%) DO (
Set location="%%I"

:: echo location for logging
echo %location% >>%logging%

::robocopy command pulling variables from almost everywhere
ROBOCOPY %location% %dest% %what% %options%

::report errorlevel
echo %ERRORLEVEL% >>%logging%



A:an all purpose backup script

As far as I can see this would execute robocopy once for each location with the location changing for each execution. So what's the problem?

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I have a server that backs up an application to another drive on the same server, and I want to run a script that will copy those files to an off-site server. The backup application creates a backup of the databse in the form of backupmonth-day-year.tar. It keeps four copies, and overwrites the oldest. I would like to create a script that will copy the newest file and overwrite the oldest file to a mapped network drive. Scheduling it I already know how to do, but creating the actions I do not. This is a Windoze box. Thanks in advance!

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I was able to successfully perform a 'remote client installation' of Ghost on 2 PC's, each containing 3 NICs by disabling all but my main network connection and then installing. (NOTE: You also have to be sure you are doing a 'clean' install. If you try and it fails you may have to manually clean all Ghost entries out of the Registry to get it to install) After the install completed I re-enabled the NICs necessary for normal operation. Then, In Ghost Console, right-clicking on the properties showed an error stating 'multiple NICs found ...', I followed some online advice and went into the configuration IP/Netmask settings and hardset the ethernet card template to the one I wanted it to use. Once that was done I was able to complete a clone/backup Task on the first PC successfully. However, on the second system, which happens to be 17 miles away and a little difficult to get to, it's not working. I can trigger the Task to clone, and through a PCAnywhere session to the remote PC I get a prompt saying that an Admin. task is starting to close all windows, so it's talking, but then the Ghost Cast Server session waits for it to complete the reboot and join the session to begin the backup, but it times-out. Any thoughts? The only difference I can think of is that the ethernet cards are different. The one that works is a Realtek, the one that doesn't is an Intel. Does anyone know of any other information on this? Is there a w... Read more

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someone im working for wanted me to make a program for her so she could back up all of the information from one of her folders onto an external drive on another computer. I wrote her a little batch file that went as follows:

xcopy z:\*.* c:\test\*.* /s/e < a.txt
a.txt is just an a for all files. will this work as a backup? is there anything i need to add? i didnt write this myself my friend did and im not sure he really thought it out and it seems to simple to be true, but will it work as long as i setup the external drive to be shared? is there any complications anyone can think of before i go ahead and do this? there apperantly very important work related files so i dont want to mess anything up. also do i leave those *.*s in? i frgt what he told me, or did he mean those jsut stand for the file names?

A:simple .bat backup script question

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Could anyone steer me in the right direction please. I'm trying to create (expand) a login script from W2KS for all 98 clients that copies certain folders or files based on username to a mapped network drive F: (ie, customer service I would like to backup *.wab, accounting their spreadsheets, etc.) Here's what I have and would appreciate any help.

net use F: \\PDC\Data
net use G: \\PDC\Apps
net use V: \\PDC\Programs
copy \\PDC\netlogon\hosts c:\windows
net time \\PDC /set /yes



A:Login Script To Backup Files

I found something out

net use F: \\PDC\Data
net use G: \\PDC\Apps
net use V: \\PDC\Programs
copy \\PDC\netlogon\hosts c:\windows
net time \\PDC /set /yes

I added:

copy %username%C:\WINDOWS\Applic~1\Micros~1\Addres~1\*.* F:\Addres~1

which copies the files to a "Address Book" file on the server. Still one question remains...I would like to have the username a variable (ie F:\%username%\Addres~1 where%username% is the person's individual folder on the file server.

Please Help,


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I have McAfee and for the last couple of weeks when I try to update my iPod I get a pop up message that tells me Univ.script/99a has been detected and removed automatically, which I think is linked with iTunes saying the Backup for my iPod could not be saved on this computer. It used to update anyway but not with the backup and now it won't update at all How can I sort this out ?

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Hello, i was trying to make a small batch script that backs up some directories on a network share and copies them to another network drive..

Can anybody point me in the right direction..

Think itīs just best i show you the problem in code:

@echo off

::This code works..
::for comparison i made a version of similar backup script that works, but the only diffrence is that this script is run localy

set drive =\\"Network share that i have"\%username%$\backup
set backupcmd =xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y

eecho ### backing up the desktop as an exsample...
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" "%drive%\Desktop"

@echo off

::This code does not work..
::This code is made for backing up computer (A) to network drive from computer(B)
::This code gives an error that a networkdrive is not found, but when i type in the location myself i can connect to the network location..

set /p nr = computer share name? :
set /p name = name of user to back up from? :
set computer = \\%nr%\d$\Documents and Settings\%name%

set drive = \\"Network share that i have"\%name%$\backup
set backupcmd = xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y

echo ### backing up the desktop as an exsample...
%backupcmd% "%computer%\Desktop" "%... Read more

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I have used the backup utility that comes with Windows 2000 Workstation for about 8 months, every day. All of a sudden it crashed while verifying the backup.

Now every time I try a backup, even to a different device and different media, it finishes and throws up an error message, the latest being the one about "backup has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. An error log....."

I thought if I removed and reinstalled the backup utility it might fix it. I could not find it in the add/remove programs screen or the System Tools.

Anyone know where it can be removed from Windows and reinstalled? Anyone have any ideas on how to get it back to normal? Any help appreciated!



A:[SOLVED] Windows 2000 backup quit working!

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I have a dell inspiron 510m notebook, running win xp pro, sp2.
Stupidly i dropped it today, it landed awkwardly on the monitor end, and basically smashed my lcd. I called dell, they did a test by making me hold the fn key and pressing power. The laptop starting beeping and the tech guy said this should mean my hard drive is ok.
Im going to bring my laptop to a repair shop tomorrow to get my lcd replaced (no longer under warranty with dell) but im worried that they might re-format my hard drive, and ill lose everything. Is there a way of backing it up when i cant see the screen?
i dont have any external monitor i can hook it up to...i could get a lend of another laptop..but can u hook one laptop to another to use the monitor on the 2nd one??
sorry if thats a dumb question

appreciate any help

A:Solved: backup hard drive on my laptop - lcd not working

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After switching to Windows 7, my back-up batch file no longer works. I don't want to use the backup function - just want a shortcut to my own batch file on the desktop. I have tried replacing the xcopy command with Robocopy, without success. Can anyone give me a one-line executable, that will copy files from one folder on the HD to a folder on the external drive, only if the file on the HD is newer (as with the Xcopy /d switch)? Thanks.

A:Solved: Replacing Xcopy With Robocopy In Batch File

Try XXCOPY, it's kinda like Xcopy on steroids.

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Using Windows 7 / 2008 built in backup utility replacing NTBAckup it's no longer possible to backup to a UNC path from GUI, however with wbadmin command it is..

Having tried this it seems to work ok but each backup overwrites the contents of the previous one but leaves date in the foldername the same..
I think a way to get around this would be to move, at the end of each backup, the files from destiantion into another folder so the next time it executes it creates a brand new correctly dated folder.
I could then run another script to remove old backups automatically.
This is my rough batch file but I guess could be improved:
1) Do you see any errors in this syntax?
2) Is there a better way of doing any of this
3) Do I need to include the date/unique ID in destination folder so Catalog folder and MediaID files aren't overwritten daily (how?) or does it not matter if they are?

rem use Win 2008 wbadmin to backup server to UNC path
wbadmin start backup -include:c:,d: -backupTarget:\\destpath\servername -quiet>>C:\Win2008_Backup_Script\backup_log.txt

rem robocopy to move daily backup to subfolder named date.
robocopy /MOVE \\destpath\servername\WindowsImageBackup\servername \\destpath\servername\Daily_Mo-Th\%date% z /e /log+:C:\Win2008_Backup_Script\robocopy_log.txt /w:5 /r:20 /np /eta

rem remove files older than two weeks
forfiles /p \\destpath\servername\Daily_Mo-Th\ /s /m *.* /d -10 /c "cmd /c del @file : date >= 14 days"

A:Script to schedule network backup and retention

I don't know if I can help as I am not familiar with backing up to a server. However, the way you explain it it basically works the same as it does for regular home backups. If I backup to an external hard drive it will overwrite the previous image. To resolve that if you want to keep multiple backups you can move the backup to a different Hard drive, you can put the backup into a folder, or to me the simplest way is to rename the backup. When the backup runs it will be Windowsimagebackup. I simply rename it to the date ie. 4-23windowsimagebackup. It will then run a new backup. That way you can select which backup to restore. The only thing to rememeber is to restore the backup you have to name it back to the original name. I hope this helped some.

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Well, after several failed attempts to clone my boot partition the right way, I broke down and used RoboCopy. Now, I know that you're not supposed to do this. I know it's bad joojoo. But I've done it now. It is done. Now I want to work with the partition I have and make it bootable. I have a sense that I will need to recreate the junctures that were on the original disk. And maybe something with securities as well? There were some "Error 5"s. Other than that, what do I need to do? The files themselves are copied. Now it's a matter of the hidden stuff, I think. Surely you guys know the secret glue that holds an OS together.

A:Solved: Copying boot partition with Robocopy, making it bootable.

Well, I ran chkdsk /v /r on the old drive, and it became stable enough to read without problems. So then I copied the boot partition with Partition Wizard. After all that hassle with Acronis, it was a free program I already had that did the job. I'm good now, so let's call it solved.

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I am using outlook 2003 with an exchange server. I use my task list as a todo list. When I mark something as complete I see it has a strike through. The next day I come to my computer and the item that I checked of and had a strike through is gone. Does any body know where this went? I would like to keep these items as a reminder for when I fill out my timesheet.


A:Solved: outlook completed tasks

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I back up my files and system image weekly. I move the recorded TV shows (broadcast TV, nothing illegal) before that from my hard drive onto an external drive. Another drive in the same cabinet does the backup. It saves time and I won't want those files after a disc failure anyway.

It would be cool to be able to program the computer to move those files (but not subfolders) over at, say 11.05 pm in preparation for the midnight backup.

But I'm no programmer. If you can show me how to do it I'll begin learning how to do this kind of thing.

It would be easier to put the recorded TV in a subfolder though I suppose... then no code would have to be written to ignore subfolders, right?

Any arrows pointing to easy-to-understand external pages on scripting, the language, would be appreciated too.

A:A script to automate moving files off C: prior to backup?

I'm not a programmer either but this link may help. How To Move Files With A Batch File | Create the file to move the files and then schedule it with task scheduler. Task Scheduler - Create New Task


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I am not very good with perl but have a backup script that runs on our near side backup server. everyday it manages to process the daily backup fine, but on a weekend it is supposed to run a weekly backup but just isnt running and hasnt run since december 2005. My predeccessor wrote it and was wondering if anyone who knows perl can look at it and tell why it doesnt process the weekly backups. i believe it has something to do with the weekly occurances. the number may need to be set to a smaller number.

Could anyone suggest anything. thanks.

i have attached the file but renamed the pl script to txt file.

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I need some code whereby the user has to enter values in certain fields before they can save and exit the workbook. For example, if they enter the letter "A" in any row of column M, then they have to enter a numerical value of between 0 and 50 in the same row column T. Does that make sense?! Any ideas?

A:Solved: Force fields to be completed - MSExcel

Yes. Use this event macro (see attached image).
It will run before the workbook is closed. You can evaluate a criteria and depending on it, set Cancel to true or false. If you set Cancel true, then the Workbook remains open. In this branch of "If... Then... Else..." you can also set up an MsgBox to inform the user what he must do to be able to close the workbook.
The macro must be on the Workbook's class module.


Oh, yeah, Save. You can do something similar with save. The macroname will be
Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)

End Sub

For other workbook events and examples see

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I have thousands of completed tasks in Outlook that are hidden from view. How can I delete them so they are removed? I want to save the disk space they take up.



A:Solved: Deleting Outlook Completed Tasks

Microsoft's website says to do it THIS way.

Is that what you were looking for?

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Where does IE10 (on Windows 8) really store its cached files. According to my browser (and Google) it should be "C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files", but only some files are being put there. I'm trying to write a batch script that copies image files from the temp folder, but images aren't being saved there.

I'm aware I can change the cache folder to a custom location, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.
My script:

@echo Starting to copy image files from IE temporary folder
robocopy "C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files" "C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Downloads" *.jpeg *.jpg *.png *.gif *.bmp *.tif *.tiff /Z /V /FP
@echo Done copying images from temporary folder

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Within a couple weeks of getting my laptop (Dell Vostro 3700, intel i5, Win7 Pro 32-bit) I used the Windows backup tool to make a set of restore disks. I have recently learned this may have been a mistake.

Fast forward: a few weeks ago I did a clean install of Win7 from the system disks that came with my computer. It worked ok, but it's missing drivers and programs and such- I've lost multitouch on my trackpad, for instance.

So I decided to restore from my DVDs, and they don't work. Some quick research around this site informs me this is not uncommon, but is there a way to pull the data off them onto, say, an external hard drive, and restore from there? Or restore parts of the data by hand?


A:Is it possible to pull a working backup from bad backup DVDs?

Have you gone to the Dell web site, entered your service tag, and attempted to locate and download these missing programs and drivers?

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I just completed a system restore on my eMachines computer. I have Windows XP. Now, I had one folder that I backed up, but now everytime I try to enter it, it says Access Denied. I did hide this folder on my hard drive before, but all of my other hidden folders that I backed up work fine. I would really appreciate it if somebody could tell me how to gain access to this folder, I have very important information in it. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Access Denied Into Folder, Just Completed System Restore

You will have to "take ownership" of it, basically following the instructions in the article below.

However it appears they fail to mention that in Windows XP Home, to have access to the "security" tab, you must boot up in Safe Mode.;en-us;308421

see also:;en-us;308418

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Hello All. I'm new to the site, and after having been tasked to fix my girlfriends computer. I'm left scratching my head. I don't know what she or her son did to this machine but everything I have tried has not worked. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Machine - Dell Inspriron INSP1440

OS - Vista 32-bit SP2

Issues -

Cannot start internet browsers outside of safe mode. Every time I have tried I get an APPCRASH Error.

IE - Internet Explorer has stopped working.

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: iexplore.exe
Application Version: 9.0.8112.16421
Application Timestamp: 4d76255d
Fault Module Name: iexplore.exe
Fault Module Version: 9.0.8112.16421
Fault Module Timestamp: 4d76255d
Exception Code: c0000096
Exception Offset: 000026d1
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Firefox - Firefox has Stopped Working

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: firefox.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4fda6075
Fault Module Name: ... Read more

A:APPCRASH When starting IE and Firefox, DNS Client Has Stopped Working, and Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working Errors.

Here is the DNS client has stopped working error

DNS Client has stopped working

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: svchost.exe_Dnscache
Application Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Application Timestamp: 47918b89
Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18327
Fault Module Timestamp: 4cb73436
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000250fb
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 7373
Additional Information 2: 38d9ec761cde35dc7ff9a3014cbc1e9a
Additional Information 3: 007a
Additional Information 4: f2126b35ab5de9a1c961e83e18b5e24b

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At our company we use Lotus Notes for email. There is currently one user who is trying to use the option within MS Office to send the document to someone via email, but when she clicks the option to mail as PDF, she gets the error message "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client."

Things we have tried (in no particular order):
- uninstall & reinstall Lotus Notes 8.5.3
- modify the installation of MS Office 2007 Pro
- removed Outlook
- reinstalled Outlook
- using "Default Programs" set Lotus as the default mail client

None of these changed what happens. At this time, the user is saving the file as PDF to the desktop, then attaching it to an email.

System settings: Windows 7 Pro w/ SP1 (64 bit), MS Office 2007 Pro w/ SP3, Lotus Notes 8.5.3

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

A:Solved: Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulf

Can any of the others in this office do this on their machine?

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hello..i got installed vpn at my laptop but when i connect use Os win7 is not connected..

i use provider connection..but it's seems some error in it.

A:VPN client not working

And the name of the vpn software is? Version?

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I'm running 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Firefox 26.0 is my browser. My default e-mail is windows Live.
I'm not sure where my problem is but recently I have not been able to reply to CL add? When I click on reply in the add nothing happens, no error message or drop down menu to choose from. I have checked all my settings to make sure Windows Live is set as my default and from what I can tell it's all setup correctly. I think the problem is within my widows because I did notice that I was having problems replying to my ebay messages also? This is all been very recent as I used to be able to just hit reply on a CL add and my windows live would open allowing me to respond to the add. Any suggestions would be great??
                                                         Thank you, Tina

A:My e-mail client is not working?

Did you try uninstalling Windows Live and reinstalling (possible file damage)?

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Hi Team,
I am installing F5 VPN Client in Windows 10 latest version-Build 10240
While running the software getting the error-Status: Network Access Connection Device was not found
Any solution to this issue pls

A:F5 VPN Client not working in Windows 10

Many people have asked about this question with lots of frustration and I'm surprised Microsoft have not put any answer out yet. It is a blocker for Win10 adaption now. Customer service should know better about their priority. Anyway, the
way to connect is similar to Windows NT 8.1.
You can install F5 VPN Client from Windows 10 App Store. Note, it is currently a developer preview version.
Windows 10 -> Settings -> Network & Internet -> VPN -> Add a VPN connection

Choose VPN Provider as F5 VPN Client (it should show up after the app is installed) and fill in the rest. My server is F5 BIG-IP.


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i connect to the internet through a small LAN/Cable network.and since its LAN , i have to install MS firewall client to get proper internet functionality. those who connect to internet through LAN know wht i'm talking operating system is win Xp proffesional SP1.

now i have got this strange problem which has made me to reinstall windows once before but i dont wanna do it again. my ISA client wont connect to our network server. it keeps displaying that red blotch on its icon that says ISA server is inaccessible. i have changed nothing in my network settings. it was running smoothly and then without any reaosn it went whacko.

the thing is that i'm still able to connect to the internet ...but partialy ! i can browse but i cant download anything. i can sign in my messenger but i cant voice chat.and i cant browse through my network. when i ping my server it gives reply. but the firewall client says its NW admisnterator says i got prob in ma windows and need to reinstall em( well thats there solution to almots every prob). so i did that. it ran smoothly for a while..about a month and now its started again .

so somthing worng at my end or what ?
theories/solutions/comments/anything ?

A:MS Firewall client not working

Anything !

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Have many updates to install, download of update is ok but as soon as instalation of update starts then get pop up message: DNS Client has stopped working and the instalation freezes???

also the stop instalation freezes and the laptop has to be rebooted???

please help oh wise computer knowledged freinds!!

A:DNS Client has stopped working....

Try these solutions
How do I reset Windows Update components?
Description of the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista, for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7, and for Windows Server 2008 R2
Cannot Update Windows using Windows Update

Try these one should get you working, again.

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I have an internal website requiring the user to provide a client certificate to allow access. On my client computer I have installed my user certificate and it shows up in the certificates list in IE8.

However, when I try to access the website I get an 403.7 error in the IIS log (client certificate required). IE doesn't even ask me for a certificate but just displays a blank site.

If I try browsing the website from the same client computer but using the Google Chrome browser, everything works just fine.

I have tried altering the various IE security settings and adding the site to Trusted sites etc. but haven't been able to solve the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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SMB client is not refreshing newly created files/ deleted files. Showing wrong information.

After applying hotfix it this issue should go but still I am facing the issue. -

Workaround mentioned on the same link solved my problem.

Directory cache, by setting DirectoryCacheLifetime to ZERO.File Not Found cache, by setting FileNotFoundCacheLifetime to ZERO.File information cache, by setting FileInfoCacheLifetime to ZERO.
But this is workaround.

How/where I can get proper fix?


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Is there special method using a ftp client to ?
I was using Leech Ftp and also tried browser like firefox.

I am sure my username and password I use is correct,

I using same which I login to website which works.

When I use Leech FTp this is what is displayed.

~ Connected to, waiting for response...
< 220 Service ready for new user.
> USER (use my username)
< 331 User name okay, need password for username.
> PASS *****
< 530 Authentication failed.
! Invalid username or password for
~ Could not login to
~ Disconnected

Is there something wrong ?

Since I am sure the user name and password is correct. Since I using the same
which I login to the website with which works.

Thanks,. using ftp client not working


530 Authentication failed.

contact their support. your credentials are not being accepted.

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My Client.exe has stopped working. I use Bitdefender, and have purchased Reimage trying to fix, but nothing works! Not sure what to do now. I have attached the screen shot.

A:Client.exe has stopped working

Please download AdwCleaner.
Double-click the adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click Scan.
When the scan is finished, click Cleaning.
When the cleaning process is over, click Logfile and a Notepad window will be opened.
Please post the contents into your next reply.

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I tried in MS mail and outlook to click on links and none of them go to any browser that I use, (Edge, FireFox or Chrome. The links are there the way they should show but no action when I click on them.

A:Links not working in any mail client.

Hi, this is relatively common. Using Settings to associate hyper text transfer protocol doesn't seem to work.
Go to
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations
and set the association for http manually.

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Hi Folks have been having problems with a game Sacred 2 for quite a while

The patch for it includes a Phys X

I have updated my graph drivers Nvidia 8800

and keep getting the following errror

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: sacred2.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4a4c9668
Fault Module Name: nvd3dum.dll (also had error phs x)
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a891f75
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0037b203
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Thank you for your time


A:Game client stopped working

Hello Lorraine18,
Can you post your system specs.
Also, has this game ever run smoothly or has it done this from the start, do other games run OK ?.

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I just configured WDS server which is separately located and is not on an existing DHCP server.
The IP address range and subnet is same for all the servers.  (192.168.200.***)

For testing purpose I have mounted boot/install.wim for windows x86 8.1 pro edition in the WDS.

In DHCP server, I have configured server options:

066 as wds servers host name (wds.***.com)  (also tried with ip address of wds server but to no vail)
067 as \boot\x86\

Now, when any client system boots to PXE it throws following error:

Where & what could be going wrong?

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Hi,I am currently running HPDM 4.7 to manage my ThinClients. I have just made a Thinpro 5.2 image which I could not capture from HPDM, so I copied it accross using a USB stick.I have imported the image into HPDM and tried to apply it to the rest of my ThinClients without success.I am getting the following error: [Error Code: 1083392] [Module: Agent] [Category: Other HPDM workflow error][Error Details]: Deploy image using repository Master Repository.Failure deploying ThinPro-T6X52011-2016-07-13.dd.gz from /Repository/Images/ThinPro-T6X52011-2016-07-13.Failed to execute deployImage task.ErrorCode: 1083392, Error Info:   ../../Task/Linux/[email protected]:Please update Agent.../../Task/Linux/[email protected]     The HPDM Agent does not support ThinPro5.2+imaging  

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Just 2 days ago I got an error on startup about the 'Group Policy Client',i thought it was nothing, but ive noticed my PC being slow , and Google Chrome wasnt working so i uninstalled it but but i cant install it again(the installer hangs on downloading), so after googling solutions i found one, which told me to create missing registry keys, but that solution didnt work for me. I also checked the services window, it says GPC is started Automatiacally(With a trigger start whatever that means) but double clicking on it shows that the staus is stopped and i cant alter it, the options are grayed out. I have no idea what is causing the problem is but it is very annoying.
PS there is only 1 account on this PC, it is a local account not attached to a hotmail account.

A:Group Policy Client not working.

The GPC depends on the DCOM Server Processor Launcher and the RPC Endpoint Mapper.  Check and see if these are set to Automatic and are started.
Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When  FileHippo opens, click on Download latest version in the upper right pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
• List last 10 Event Viewer log
• List Installed Programs
• List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
• List Minidump Files
Click on Go to start the scan.  Once it is finished highlight the text, copy it and paste it in your next post.

The sfc /scannow command scans all protected system files and replaces corrupted and incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.
To run sfc /scannow in Windows 8 you will need to open the Elevated Command Prompt.  The easiest way to do this is to press the Windows key ... Read more

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Running Windows XP and removed a User from the Accounts settings, who had put this on the computer when he worked on it. The first message seen when trying to browse in Chrome was "Jim is dead". Since then, all the browsers (IE, Mozilla and our default browser: Chrome) does not load any pages ("reload page"). Also, can see the words "red client app" under the yahoo link. Internet connection is working. Tried restore and starting in safe mode but nada I ran the diagnostics for this forum under safe mode.

DDS Text Log:

DDS (Ver_2011-06-23.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_19
Run by Owner at 18:31:48 on 2011-07-05
============== Running Processes ===============
============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============
uSearch Page = hxxp://
uSearch Bar = hxxp://
uSearchMigratedDefaultURL = hxxp://{searchTerms}&sourceid=ie7&
uSearchAssistant = hxxp://
uSearchURL,(Default) = hxxp://
mSearchAssistant = hxxp://
BHO: Adobe PDF Link Helper: {18df081c-e8ad-4283-a596-fa578c2ebdc3} - c:\program files\common files\adobe\acrobat\activex\AcroIEHelperShim.dll
BHO: RealPlayer Download and Record Plugin for Internet Explorer: {3049c3e9-b461-4bc5-8870-4c09146192ca} - c:\program files\real\realplayer\rpbrow... Read more

A:Red Client App "Jim is Dead" and Browser(s) not working

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.Please take note:If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.
If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available.If you are unable to perform the steps we have recommended please try one more time and if unsuccessful alert us of such and we will design an alternate means of obtaining the necessary information.If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic an do their best to resolve your issues.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply'... Read more

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Hi Folks

I keep getting a message game client not working windows is searching for a solution

The game is Sacred 2 have latest drivers etc

This is the report from the error
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: sacred2.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 00000000
Fault Module Name: PhysXLoader.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Fault Module Timestamp: 49e03821
Exception Code: c0000135
Exception Offset: 00009eed
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 9d13
Additional Information 2: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8
Additional Information 3: 9d13
Additional Information 4: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8
Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 1376309106

Any idea how to correct this

Thank You

A:game client stopped working

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Recently I have configured MBAM 2.5 with reporting through SCCM in my environment. Once the MBAM client was installed on x64 Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients they started reporting in. Shortly after starting the deployment I realized that the x86 clients
that received the clients were not reporting. Looking at the client MBAM logs in event viewer they are empty.
The GPO settings should not cause the clients to not respond, I can see x64 clients in my SCCM reports that have not had the GPO applied yet that show "Policy is not enforced". I would think the x86 clients should at least have the same message.
I have a Windows 7 x86 laptop in my lab now that has the SCCM client and has had the  x86 MBAM client manually installed. This device is not reporting in and not giving the message to encrypt the drive even though the GPO has been applied.

Please help,

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Hi Everyone,

After having an malware infection of Windows PC Defender, I can no longer use the RDP client.

If you click on Remote Desktop Connection it get an hour glass for around 20 seconds then nothing.

I have replaced the RDP files with valid one but no change

If anyone can throw some light on this I would much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


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Since this thread is similar to what I want to ask Im writing it about the problem that I have:
In windows xp and 7 I did not have this problem but on WINDOWS 8 is a real headache, Right now I have like 20 scripts that use access 2003 that connect to SQL Data in a server, but the first problem is that I cannot map drives classic style like Z:\ or H:\ etc
here is one simple example of the script
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Dim accessApp
set accessApp = CreateObject("Access.Application")

accessApp.Visible = "True"
accessApp.OpenCurrentDatabase "Z:\Contabilidad\Autorun\Reportes\CHEQUEOSAB.mdb"
accessApp.Run "ActualizaDatos"

Set objshell = nothing
set accessApp = nothing

A:VB Script not working

And the drives are mapped, and connected when trying to run the script?

Are you using Homegroup for Networking or regular MS Networking? I don't know if that would matter, Windows 7 has Homegroup too.

I found these articles:

Task scheduled vbscript cannot access mapped drive when run on logged off remote computer

Access network share from within VBScript eg FileSystemObject - Stack Overflow

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I am knew in this forum.
I have just bought Dell XPS 12 Duo with Windows 8.
I was used to working with Windows 7 and i have few VBS script which worked just fine in Windows 7.
Now the same script would not work on Windows 8.
I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve the problem so that i can run my VB Script.

Thank you..


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I am knew in this forum.
I have just bought Dell XPS 12 Duo with Windows 8.
I was used to working with Windows 7 and i have few VBS script which worked just fine in Windows 7.
Now the same script would not work on Windows 8.
I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve the problem so that i can run my VB Script.

Thank you..


A:VB Script not working

"It doesn't work" is not a useful problem report. How would you feel if someone came up to you and said they had a problem and just told you it didn't work?

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I have said it earlier and I’m going to repeat myself here: Job postings are one of the only official sources of information regarding Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8. A new job posting was recently discovered that connects the Windows 8 Client Backup feature with Microsoft’s cloud based service Windows Azure.

Here is what the job posting for a Software Development Engineer in Test reads: The Windows Server Solutions group is under the Server and Cloud Division. Our mission is to promote adoption of Microsoft server and cloud platforms/products by using features that appeal to specific market segments. The segments we currently focus on are homes, educational institutions and small businesses. (Windows Home Server, Windows MultiPoint Server and Windows Small Business Server are our key product lines.) We work on a wide range of technologies to appeal to these segments – from kernel-level to native UI to managed UI to web services. For instance we have developed a centralized PC backup, extensible storage, UPnP-based router configuration utilities, a remote web workplace with a GFS backend and a simplified IT management UI. We are currently working on a Windows Azure-based service and integrating with certain Microsoft online services and Windows 8 client backup. Many of the features we develop have ended up in the Windows Client and Windows Server OSes.
The last sentence is the interesting one in regards... Read more

A:Windows 8 Client Backup In The Cloud, Powered By Windows Azure

Hi there
I think these "Cloud Backup solutions" are actually "Pie in the Sky".

I regularly back up maybe 1TB of data in a few weeks -- what sort of Internet service with a DECENT UPLOAD speed and uncapped bandwidth is ever going to make this viable even if I wanted to do it.

Now I'm only a single home user -- imagine the load on the Internet if loads and loads of us wanted to "Cloud Backup" this volume of data.

If you are talking smaller volumes --well 64 GB USB sticks are available and the latest 1TB "USB powered" mini hdd's are also cheap and a MUCH better solution IMO too.


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Hi everyone,

I have a windoews vista home premium system (desktop) and for some reason when I woke up this morning I could not get on the internet with that computer, Ok after exploring and checking I found out that the DHCP client service has stopped working so I went into computer managment and opened up services and I opened the DHCP client services and it shows that it is trying to start but it will not, Needless to say without that service running nothing on the system will run and I can not get it connect to the internet,

I have gone thru all the normal stuff of trying to get it to restart and even thru the networks diognostics and it will not start up for me, All it shows is that it is starting but will not go into started mode, My network shows my computer being there but its this durn service that will not start,

I have searched for support thru microsoft And followed all descriptions to get it to restart but to no avail,

I am hoping there is somebody out there that knows more than me about this stuff,

The system is an e-machine that came with XP but I upgraded it to Vista home Premium and I have no recovery option for some reason, Further I went into do a restore but all the restore point are gone,

I tried a fresh OS install but it will not let the disk do its job as it has no conection to the internet, I should also mention that I have talked to my IP and they tell me that my network is working properly so then I called e-machines and they want... Read more

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A person in our office recently upgraded what pc she uses at home to one that had Vista installed. I've tried setting up the Microsoft OS-included VPN and UltraVNC software on it that we use to remotely access our office pcs from home, and I've found out that in past in Win XP when you setup the security of the VPN connection you use the protocol MS-CHAP (the older one, not Version 2). The problem is that in Vista, they've phased out MS-CHAP, it's not available as a VPN security protocol type. I've tried all the other choices it gives and none of them will allow me to successfully connect to the corporate network from home with a Vista-equipped pc.

Do you know what needs to be done to setup the VPN connection in Vista to allow it to successfully connect through the Cisco Pix 506E firewall device to the office network?

A:Office VPN access from Vista client not working

You may have to use a 3rd party VPN client for this task.

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ok so this game AuraROSE worked on my old computer with windows xp and now on my new computer with windows 7 i downloaded it for the first time, then when i open it i have to pick options and when i click apply it crashes and says game client configuration has stopped working. please help i really want to play the game again.

A:game client configuration has stopped working

Have you tried running it in XP compatibility mode?


Try running it as administrator

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hi me again, i have another problem, my network i have at home isup and running, just a few minor niggles left. just to refresh memories im using a 15m cross over cable, don't know if this is causing the problem. the problem is that on my client pc the internet stops working after about 5 minutes, i have no idea why it does that, tho it is very annoying as i have to restart every time to make it work again. though during this time i can access the other pc's files and stuff. so im stumped as to why this is hapenin. someone plzzzz help.

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HP has promised a fix for non-working Client Security plug-in 'around July' 2016. Well, it seems to be July - and no sign of a fix for my passwords in Chrome. Like many I've been waiting for this fix for almost a year! 

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I created two scripts sets with same cording in two deferent name to identify users in two LAN and applied it through a group policy. It is working with one lan and but not with other lan.
I cant understand why its not applying to other. only deference with script is script name and the file name its saving.
If someone can help me very thankful.

A:Logging script is not working with other LAN

You have asked this question in your previous thread, do please don't post duplicates. I've marked the other one unsolved.

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For the past few years I have used the following vbs script to perform a simple archive on files. After several updates earlier in the year, they quit working. Gives me the error "can't create object 'Scripting.FileSystemObject', error code: 800A01AD
I really havent had time to seriously research the issue until today.

The most prominent updates on my WinXP Pro system are SP3, "Windows Power Shell 1.0", and all the .net framework updates (08/14/09). I think that one of them may be the culprit. Is there a better way to write this simple code, or does anyone know what may be causing the error.
Dim fso
set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
fso.CopyFile "C:\Data Files\Databases\Case Management.mdb", "L:\DB Backups\Case Management (" & Replace(FormatDateTime(Date(),2),"/","-") & " " & Replace(FormatDateTime(Time(),4),":","") & ").bak"
set fso = nothing
Thank you,

A:vb script stopped working

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I have on my task bar a shortcut to a simple *.vbs script file to tile all open windows vertically, which contains the following;
Set wshshell=CreateObject("Shell.Application")
It's been working just fine for ages, but now the short cut simply opens the notepad file as opposed to executing it.
All I have done recently, is to install some protection software (Norton 360 and Iolo System Management 8).
How can I repair this problem.

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I have a php file that has the following piece of code:
$file = "/data/src/Status/a";
$ret = @chmod($file, 0775);

$ret = @unlink($file);


When i run the code from the command line the file ("a") gets deleted. But when i invoke the script using a browser the file is not getting deleted.

What might be the possible reason?


A:php script not working in browser

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OK so my server was unplugged, maliciously or not for at least two days it was unplugged. When I finally discovered it I restarted the computer and I had to restart the DNS because no one could get online through Ethernet. I also reset the WAN and the LAN. Now my wifi lynksys that has always worked shows up in the network, but devices trying to connect cannot obtain an IP address and cannot get on the internet.
In addition I noticed that my comcast modem will recognize the service and my dlink switch in LAN 2 and LAN4 ports but the LAN1 port where the wifi unit is connected will not light up and detect the wiifi. I have reset the modem and the wifi unit several times and nothing is working.
Can anyone think of anything else, or could this be a comcast issue? Oh, forgot to mention this all started right after a lightning strike on friday and the internet went down.
I tried configuring a new wifi unit but the same thing happens, so I reconnected the old wifi unit as it stands this is where I am at.

A:Ethernet working wifi not. Client server environment.

Has the wifi SSID name changed since you reset the router? Since the reset of the wifi router, what is the default IP address? Remove the wifi unit from switch and plug into a laptop or other Ethernet PC and attempt to connect to it after setting your Ethernet NIC to the static IP4 settings specified by the instruction manual for the linksys router. Make sure the linksys routers ip settings do not conflict with the Comcast gateway's own DHCP settings. What is handling DHCP in your network?
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Evening all. Been looking through this forum a bit over the last few hours as there seem to be rather knowledgeable folk around here.

I'm running 2 Laptops, a Notebook running Vista Home Premium (\\moonjuice, the host, with USB Modem for Internet connectivity), and a Netbook (\\epic, super-mini-laptop) running Win XP Professional. The Notebook is on 24/7 connected to the net, and for the last 3 or so months I've been using ICS through wireless ad hoc so the Netbook could also use the net while I roamed around the house.

Last week I had a bit of an issue with my Notebook (involved nuking TrustedInstaller during the attempted installation of Critical Windows Updates) which ended up with me using System Restore to rollback the Notebook to the previous Monday before the Windows Updates were performed (August 16th). I haven't touched any of the network settings since I got them working a couple of months ago, but the Netbook just doesn't want to use ICS anymore.

I'll try to fill in as much information here so we can sort this problem out ASAP:
Internet is provided by a USB Modem connected to the Notebook (Vista). It's set to Private Network, and has ICS enabled. The LAN adapter is disabled so it should automatically use WAN for ICS. The Wireless ad hoc network is also set to Private Network.
Both the Notebook and Netbook are using manual settings for IP. (see attached images ipv4_vista.png and ipv4_winxp.png). I tried using auto for the Netbook b... Read more

A:ICS using Wireless Ad Hoc no longer working (Vista host, XP client)

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I have a logon sript that runs a vb exe on a shared drive. The exe collects info from the workstations and sends it to an sql database. It was working great, now for some reason certain users/profiles have stopped running the exe. Why?

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set FILESPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images
set DESTPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images\thepit

REM for /r %LISTFOLDER% %%I in (*.txt) do echo xcopy /qvs "%FILESPATH%\%%~nxI" "%DESTPATH%%%~pnxI"
for /r %LISTFOLDER% %%I in (*.txt) do xcopy /qvs "%FILESPATH%\%%~nxI" "%DESTPATH%%%~pnxI"
This script does not work.

The poster on another fourum said it could be a typo or something, but no further info was provided what the correct script is, although he had no errors, he mentioned it could be environment, I'm on win7 x64.

I have another similar script for filenames in a txt only, which appears to work, but it doesn't work because I have filespath in the txt, in the meantime i'll manually remove paths to see if it'll work with that, but still this script would be handy to save time in future.

A:CMD or Powershell Moving - script not working

I've got it working a bit more with filenames

@echo off

set FILELIST=D:\List\imageFilenames.txt
set FILESPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images
set DESTPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images\thepit

for /f %%X in (%FILELIST%) do call :COPY_FILES "%%X"
goto :eof

for /r %FILESPATH% %%I in (%~1) do xcopy /qvs "%%I" "%DESTPATH%%%~pnxI"
But the error is

"cannot perform cyclic copy"

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Hi all
After updating by windows update to sp1, i have massage that java sript is not working correctly on my pc. I don't know why. I didn't switch it off, did not changed any system settings. Because this java, i can't run for instance McAfee installer. It displays the massage and only option is to push ok, and it closes. Another thing involving java is web pages displaying not as it should. at the top should have applet to scroll pictures but it doesn't.
What should i do?
I already tried to download new java from, and run it but still the same.
Please help me

A:Java Script is not working corretly after sp1

Did you try to uninstall and then reinstall java?

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I have a .vbs to run wakeonlan.exe (also tried shutdown.exe) to run as a shutdown script. The script works fine from a command line or double click but it fails when run as a shutdown script.
Maybe some service that either exe needs is stopped before the script runs so there is some sort of error???
I want my HTPC to shtudown my media server when it shuts down, and start the server when a certain user(the HTPC front end) logs in. I beleive the wake portion works fine, I've had no success on the shutdown..
i have tried inserting a line to run a timer for thrity seconds and hold it up, no luck
I use the parameter to halt script execution until the program completes, no change.
Is there a way to make shutdown scripts run before anything else is stopped in a shutdown?

A:Shutdown Script not working when shutting down
should lead you to water...

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This one is odd to me: with help from friends here and elsewhere I was able to resolve an issue with getting two routers working well with a Wifi Client-Bridge mode on the subtending router. Network looks good, throughput is good, addressing is good. I'm typing this on my daily driver which is wifi'd to the net, and able to browse the two other live PC's [at the moment], one of which homes the Homegroup - its running 7 Ultimate x64. Able to get into all the shared files & such but only through the "Network", not the Homegroup. When I click on the HOmegroup icon on either machine, I get the message "No other homegroup computers are currently available". the network type is set to "home" on all machines.

any clues?

A:Successfully working in Client Bridge Mode, but Homegroup defeated. ??

errr.... nevermind! found it.

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