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popup reminder program for microsoft office outlook

Q: popup reminder program for microsoft office outlook

I need you help with a program or freeware by which I will get a pop up for my reminders of calender in Microsoft office outlook.

A: popup reminder program for microsoft office outlook

Hello there, and welcome to the board!

You do not need any other program or freeware. If you have Microsoft Outlook, all appointment items have a reminder option built-in. You'll have to have the program running for the reminders to actually pop-up though.


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I used to have this wonderful little program called "Skedezy." It was what we used to call (back in the DOS days) a TSR -- terminate and stay resident app (don't know what theyr'e called now).

It would launch on startup and you could program in little reminder notes and schedule them. When the programmed time arrived, a little window would pop up with your reminder note. You could schedule these notes to pop up monthly, weekly, on certain days, times, etc. It was a fantastic little program that I used for about 7 years.

Alas, I cannot get it to install on my new computer and the computer has long since gone out of business as far as I can tell. While the program is still floating around on some obscure download sites, there is no support available.

SO >>> I'm looking for a replacement. I don't want any complicated app that do 1001 things. I just want a simple program that will popup a small window/note when I tell it to.

I've searched all kinds of places like Twocows and Cnet but I'm having trouble finding the type of thing I'm looking for.

Does anyone here have a little app (preferably free or low cost) they can recommend?

A:Solved: Need small popup reminder program - any ideas?

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HelloI am running Windows Vista. I have AVG Anti-Virus (free edition) and Spybot-SD Resident installed.I can not seem to auto-connect to any sites for microsoft or spybot-SD (it tells me that there is a connection problem but not sure what it might be - I can connect to any site (manually)that I need to).The PC advises that it is unable to auto-connect to for auto updates. Windows defender tells me that it can not connect to get known updates. I then click check for updates, it tells me that it is working fine and checking for updates, and then 2 minutes later tells me that it is unable to connect to check for updates.The windows update tells me that the firewall is probably blocking the microsoft websites, but I am not running one (that I am aware of) so not sure what is happening there.Microsoft Diagnostics tells me that it can not connect to the servers.Also, I have just started getting the following error message (every 10-15 minutes):Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped workingA problem caused the program to stop working correctly.Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.I can still get email and everything seems to be working, its just the error message and the inability to auto-connect.Any suggestions?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Microsoft Office Outlook Program

You might try clearing the DNS cache.Open a command prompt and type: ipconfig /flushdnsReboot and retry your connections to MS update and windows defender.You may also find that the problem with Outlook is an add-on that is installed by AVG. Easiest way to test this is to uninstall AVG and retry. But I would only do this as a last resort as connecting to the "net" without "protection" is not very safe whatsoever.You may also want to try another antivirus like Avast or Avira Antivirus. Each one of these work very well and are also recommended by the staff here at BleepingComputer.Hope this helps,

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Whenever I try to open my Office 03 programs I now get this error.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still no good.  I can see my inbox behind the message but as soon as I click ok the whole program shuts down.  Please help!

A:"Microsoft outlook (or other office program) not installed for current user"

Log on to the computer by using an Administrator user account.
Start Microsoft Windows Explorer.
On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
Click the View tab.
Under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders.
Click to clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.
Open the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data\

If you are running Office 2003, right-click Opa11.dat, and then click Properties. If you are running Office XP, right-click Data.dat, and then click Properties.
Click the Security tab.
Click Advanced.
Click the Permissions tab.
Click to select Everyone in the Permission entries list, and then click Edit.
Click to select the Full Control check box.
Click OK three times.

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This problem concerns my father's laptop which runs on Windows XP Home SP3 and has Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed on it. I think my father updated from Outlook 2003 to 2007, and from the very start (since he has been using 2007), he has been getting the following message on opening the program:
"There was a problem reading one or more of your reminders. Some of the reminders may not appear."
My father tried deleting all the reminders, then he tried using a program feature called clean switch or something, and nothing has worked.
Does anyone know what's going on and what can be done to solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your time and answer(s).

A:Microsoft Outlook 2007: reminder problem

More than 24 hrs later: bump.

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Many users have this experience: they are supposed to attach certain documents to their email before sending out to recipients but they forget. This simple mistake creates inconvenience to the sender and the recipients as the email will have to be resent. Besides, it can be quite embarrassing especially if the senders have to send important documents on behalf of their company. A less than professional impression is surely to be avoided. To avoid this unnecessary embarrassment, there are some useful plug-in applications which can help if you are using Microsoft Outlook 2007. These useful applications serve as email filter which will detect and scan your outbound messages for some typical keywords that you normally use when attaching files, e.g. file, attached, attachments, etc. These email reminder tools will alert or prompt users with notifications or dialog boxes to serve as reminders. Some of these tools include:

Source: Microsoft Outlook Attachment Reminder Plug-in to Remind Absent Minded Users To Attach Files ? My Digital Life

A:Microsoft Outlook Attachment Reminder Plug-in to Remind

Who knew?


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When I sent a message and when I was using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, I had an option that enabled me to add a photo following or preceding my text. This option enabled me to put a photo in the text area and place text under or above the photo explaining the photo. I am now running Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 using Windows Home Premium 64 bit and I cannot find this option. If this is no longer an option, how can I place a photo in the text area and then follow with text explaining the photo? If this is not possible, I guess this new version is a downgrade!
Thanks in advance and I will appreciate an answer.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 problem when using Microsoft Office

Full details about inserting pictures or clip art into Outlook 2007 here:

Insert a picture or clip art - Outlook - Microsoft Office

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I ran a scan with Clamwin yesterday on my Clevo d480w and it found the threat mentionned aboved. I searched it and deleted it.

Any comment on this particular virus or on the process to identify then to get rid of it welcome.


A:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MAKECERT.EXE: Trojan.Menti-213 FOUND

Wrong forum mate -- queries about, and help with, malware should be posted here:

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Running WinXP
HP pavilion a705w
Very new PC guessing 2.6 ghz processor

On to the problem. everytime i open up internet explorer i get a popup window that says "windows installer" then attemps to install windows office 2003.

If you allow it to go all the way thru the process it will get to another pop up that says windows cannot install..please insert the disk or direct to the correct path.

If you cancel out it pops up again...if you cancel out once more it will not pop up again until you open another Window.

Installed there is a microsoft windows office 2003 "60 day trail".
My guess is that the 60 day trail is up and now its trying to install itself how do i get rid of this? Thanks in advance for any help.

A:MicroSoft Office 2003 popup/install window

Firstly, you can check 'Add/Remove Programs' in the control panel to see if there is any reference to the Office 2003 60 day trial. From there you can remove it.

However, internet explorer probably has a reason for trying to install it. Perhaps, one of the applications associated with it is part of the Office suite - look under Internet Options --> Programs to see which applications may be used by IE. Also, while your there you might want to check the 'Add-ons' option near the bottom of the dialogue to make sure that there isn't anything which requires office (or any of its components).

If this still doesn't work you could always use Firefox -

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Microsoft Outlook 2013 (365) continues to crash every 2 months on my laptop. I have had 3 sessions with Microsoft support online since November. They are unable to fix the problem so it won't continue to reoccur. They have reinstalled it on 3 occasions and within 2 months, Outlook is unresponsive. Cannot receive/send any email. All my email I have to get on my iPhone using pop secure server from GoDaddy redirect. It not GoDaddy cause I can see the email if I go to GoDaddy email and they say it is an Outlook issue with Microsoft.....

A:Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft 365 Outlook crash

Ok its been 4 days. I guess I am the only one with this problem. Tried Microsoft again and they don't have an answer to their own software issue which reoccurs for me every 3 months........

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3061 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228434 MB, Free - 128495 MB; D: Total - 9999 MB, Free - 8914 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0H279K, , .2D0W6H1.CN486438B40035.
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

I get the following error when trying to open Outlook. My computer updated last night. Outlook worked fine this morning, but then I got the "configuring updates do not power down" screen. Once the computer restarted, Outlook would not work:

cannot start MOO. Cannot open the outlook window. the set of folders cannot be opened. errors have been detected in the file. c:\users/Nikky\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst. Quit Outlook and all mail enabled applications, and then use the Inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors in the file. for more information about the inbox repair tool, see help.

I have tried: Go to run and type outlook.exe / resetnavpane -did not work, I get the same error.

I have tried: Run and Scanpst.exe-I get windows cannot find the file.

I have tried a System restore-it could not be completed.

I have ran a windows office diagnostic, 1 problem found and fixed, however it did not correct the problem.

I have tri... Read more

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.

here are some more command line switches...

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Had this error on a user's pc. Researched it here on the forum.
Found another thread with someone suggesting to use the following command to get it going:
Start->run..then type the following -> "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane"

This worked! The other thread has since been closed, but I wanted to reply and say WHY my users outlook suddenly started throwing out this error, because no one on the other thread was able to.

Turns out that my user had "accidentally" dragged their personal folder (containing 1000's of emails) into the "outbox".
Since the "outbox" folder is one to be used while an email is in the sending phase, it basically just shut down and wouldn't open for anything.

Luckily the command was able to get Outlook open and I was able to investigate what the user did to cause it.

Hope this info can help someone else.

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We have all of our user's email set up to deliver to a personal folder that resides on a server with Windows 2003. We have a small number of people that get the error message below. They eventually get in, but either have to close outlook and reopen several times or they have to reboot their computer. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks!

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
The set of folders could not be opened. The server is not available.
Contact your administrator if this condition persists."

I have tried every suggestion I could find on the internet, but still haven't found a solution.

any help would be much appreciated.

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.

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I am getting the following message when launching outlook

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
The set of folders could not be opened. "

I have multiple pst files on different drives. the problem is the main pst file is on a hard drive that crashed. how do I open outlook or remove that 1 pst so the rest of the pst files can launch?

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.

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I have a asus laptop K53s, booted up while pressing F9, which loaded up files on this windows 7 computer, chose language and restore to whole partition, next screen Restore starts and gets to 19% every time, then I get the error message, reties then goes
to 20%, then same error message
Image X for Windows
19% applying Progress Time remaining
{Retry} Restoring S:\ Program Data\ Microsoft\ OEM\Office14\Office14\Proofing_ZH-TW\ (Error=1117)
I have tried restoring from Image on disk, using Restore disks, I created when I bought the laptop and also from an Asus Recovery Disk.
After a While I get a large Error Message in Red.
Is their anything else I can do to resolve this problem so I can reinstall windows on this laptop.
I have also tried different power supplies, when I use the disks I always make the DVD drive as 1st boot device.
Thank you.
I tried to post a picture of the problem but it would not drop and I could not find a link to it online.

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The popup, (at bottom near taskbar) in my attachment, keeps coming up when i open Microsoft Outlook 2007. Any ideas how to stop it coming up please?

A:Solved: Microsoft Outlook popup

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Dear AllI am getting the above error when I try to open Outlook 2007 on Windows XP. There is a quick fix to this which is to run 'outlook.exe /resetnavpane', which I find from a quick internet search. However, this is a one time fix, and I am having to do it every single time that I boot up. Is there a more permanent fix to this problem - hopefully the fact that the above fix works will identify the root of the problem. If anyone knows this and can help I would be very grateful. Thanks AdamEDIT: Moved to more appropriate forum

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook window

Is that the error message in its entirety?Could you provide a link to the outlook.exe /resetnavpane fix so we can look at it and see exactly what it does?

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I have installed the Microsoft Professional 2013 on my Dell Desktop computer and find that Microsoft Outlook
is much different than the previous version I was running Office 2010
  I caused about 20 emails to be deleted off the email server when I selected delete the email after having
completed reading.  In outlook 2010 there was a setup where you could tell Outlook to not delete the
email off the server.  I am unable to locate where to check or set it up in Outlook 2013.  Can someone
give me some direction, can this still be setup or no longer available is Outlook 2013?
Thank you for your assistance.

A:Microsoft Office 2013 Using Microsoft Outlook

Can you tell us the type of mail account you are using POP3, IMAP, Exchange?

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I had a computer with Vista and I finally put it in computer heaven.  I bought a new Dell, Windows 10, I-5-4460 CPU @ 3.20 GHz, RAM 8.00 GB, 1T something.  I had Microsoft Office 2007 on it and when the place I took it to for them to put all my old stuff on the new computer, the Microsoft Office 2007 got lost in the workings.  Since it is so expensive to buy, I have been looking on ebay for a Microsoft Office program.  My question is (since there are so many of them), are they legitimate?  I saw Office 2010 for $29.99, Office 2010 for three computers which said something about they copy them and are packaged to ship without damage, but not the same Microsoft packaging for $39.99, I saw some with Master Key Code included, and since I'm not all that computer smart, I thought I should get someone else's opinion before I buy one.  I really can't afford the $100.00+ ones as I'm in remission from pancreatic cancer and doing really well, except I get little glitches every now and then I have to pay for (like right now I have become anemic and have to do weekly iron shots), so I always have these stupid medical bills.  If I'm looking, what should I look for in the description, or should I not look on ebay at all?  Thanks for your help!

A:Microsoft Office program

If they are that cheap...they are NOT legit...Try Libre' Office...Free and 100% compatible with MS Office.

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I just installed MIcrosoft Office that comes with Outlook email. I was using regular Outlook express. My question is which is better I know the Microsoft version has a few more features but also should I unistall regular outlook express now that I have the Microsoft version?

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 vs OUtlook Express

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My friend just had her computer reformatted after a bad virus contamination. It is still running EXTREMELY slow but has at least been running correctly. She is running XP

Yesterday I installed Microsoft Office 2003 for her with Microsoft Outlook and now her email doesn't seem to be working. She uses Outlook Express as her mail default rather than Office Outlook but keeps getting the error message that it can't find the POP3.

I also installed AVG for her and have shut off the email plugin to see if that is part of the problem.

The thing is, it happened yesterday right after I installed these programs for her but then a minute later her email worked just fine. Now she just restarted her computer and the mail won't work again.

Is there something wrong with her computer or is it at the server?

I hope this all makes sense.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Outlook vs Outlook Express?

Is she receiving any error messages?
If so, please post the exact message.

Is the Firewall allowing Outlook Express access to the Internet?

How does she connect to the Internet?

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I'm helping a friend upgrade her computer and one of the things I did was helped her acquire and install a copy of Personal Office 365, which includes Outlook 2016. She's been doing her email on until now but now wants to use Outlook 2016.

I'm trying to figure out how to make all her various folders and email visible in Outlook 2016 but have no idea how to do it; I have very little experience with either Outlook or

Can someone tell me what I need to do? It would be absolutely fine to point me to a tutorial; I just don't know what search term to use with Google. I have to assume this is a simple, routine thing that millions of people have done. I just don't know where to find instructions.

She's running Windows 10 as her OS.

A:Moving date from to the Outlook program in Office 365

Hi. Here's a little info on Outlook files:
Introduction to Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Outlook

Your pst/ost file needs to be located and copied, (for a backup). You then export it through the O2013 program, and import it to the new outlook 2016.

Edit: no, wait - she was using I have to think about that. I think you can just setup the account in O2016, and everything should sync?

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I would like to create and schedule a reminder popup to connect my external drive to my laptop for backup. How do do it?

A:how to create a reminder popup

Seems like you could use task scheduler to open a note daily.

And I found this...

Setup a reminder in Windows 7 (one-time notification or recurring alert)

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I ran a virus scan off NBC for the sassar virus, computer was ffree but this kept popping up wanting me to buy so i uninstalled it and then my window word and office document program was gone completely from computer. I have a gateway 98, I have searched and tells me programs cannot be found?? This grandma needs to know can I run rescue disc and just reinstall or will everything change. Thanks

A:microsoft office document program

If you have Microsoft Word, search for a file named winword.exe. That's the file you need to start Word. If it's found, double click on it to run it. If Word opens, just make a new shortcut to the winword.exe file since your old shortcut apparently got corrupted somehow.

If you have a disc with either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works on the label; yes, you can reinstall Word from whichever one of those you have.

Please post back with the results.

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It has been a few months, but I asked about Office 2007 or actually any office program that didn't cost a fortune.  I asked if ebay was a good place to buy one, someone answered no, try Amazon, and someone else told me of a free office program to download, not as fancy as Microsoft, but works.  Can you give me the name of the website again, please?  I wrote it down and of course can't find where I wrote it down.  Thanks!

A:Word program different than Microsoft Office

Libre' Office

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I had the same problem this guy had

This reminder would pop-up and bug the crap out of me every half-hour.

Go to schedule tasks. I got there by using the Win Help. (I figure theres a more direct way, Can someone post that)
The easy internet sign-up task is set to run every half hour, right-click and delete. Refers to program files/easy internet sign-up.

Question, anyone know if I can just delete the whole folder. I like to get rid of any references (like in the reg. etc.) There are several dll in this folder.


A:HPSpdApp.exe problem with Reminder Popup

If you can't remove the folder in normal mode, reboot into Safe Mode and remove the folder from there.
That should do it.

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Answer Match 61.32% here is the deal. My laptop is working fine, and haven't had any problems up until a few days ago. Now, every 30 minutes I get this reminder popup window. It looks like its a Windows reminder, telling me it has updates to install or something...but it isn't. It tries to take me to a webpage, but it never loads so it just comes up PAGE NOT FOUND. I can't find out where its trying to go to because its not a normal IE window...and I've tried everything to get rid of it but with no success.

I've tried:
1. SpyBot
2. Adaware
3. CWShredder
And now I have a logfile from HiJack this (which I will paste below). Want to know if anyone knows what this is...its very annoying...the only way to close it is to end process or ALT-F4, right-clicking on it in the task bar brings up no options.

Here is a screen capture of one such reminder:
I tried capturing packets with ethereal...but found no HTTP packets sent or received when these popups come up.

I'm at a loss...and about ready to just re-install Windows. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 3:53:31 PM, on 1/20/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\sv... Read more

A:[Solved] Reminder Popup (HijackThis) Please Help

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Am looking for a free Desktop reminder to remind me about events to do list is their any thing to go on your desktop which popup to tell you event ?

A:Desktop reminder popup and stick notes ?

Something like this perhaps?

Desktop-Reminder - a freeware task planner for Windows

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Hi there, In XP I used 2 batch files to create a popup reminder in a cmd window. I don't want to use a program like task manager as it requires to much input for the type of reminder I want. With these batch files I would run one of them, enter a time, enter a description and that was it. A cmd window would popup at the set time and show me whatever I had typed in the description. Quick and easy, no mucking around. I have tried to use them on W7 but they don't seem to work. Can someone please tell me if I can do this on W7 and how? Here are the details of the 2 batch files used in XP:

They both go in C:\Windows. Run setalarm.bat to create the reminder. Type time in 00:00 format and press Enter. Type description and press Enter.

1: setalarm.bat

SET _t=%1
SET _d=%2 %3 %4 %5
SET _x=%_d: =%
IF NOT DEFINED _t (SET /P _t=Enter the time: )
IF NOT DEFINED _x (SET /p _d=Enter the description: )
IF NOT DEFINED _d (SET /p _d=Enter the description: )
ECHO. reminder at %_t% to %_d%
at \\%COMPUTERNAME% %_t% /interactive cmd /c showalarm "%_d%"

2: showalarm.bat

@echo off
echo %1


A:create a popup reminder using batch file

Oh woe is me. Can nobody help me with this?

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Have started to get a small popup window (approx 3" x 3") in center of screen every half hour that has heading Reminder S, September 29, 2007 Saturday 4:30:00 PM, with starndard internet error message:This program cannot display the webpageMost likely causes: - You are not connected to the internet. - The website is ..... etc. O More informationWindow has no close, full screen or send to task bar buttons. The reference tab on the task bar has no right or left click functions. The only way to close the window is to use End Task in the Windows Task Manager. When I close it, another popup appears at the next half hour interval (new time).Have looked thru all the IE 7.0 options, tabs, etc. and see nothing to indicate any type of time reminder or scheduled popup.What is this?

A:Ie 7 Reminder (date & Time) Window Popup

Hello SCP,The following all seem to point to HP and some "Easy Internet Sign-Up" feature as the culprit:

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Am looking for a good desktop reminder popup to remind me about events to do list holidays and a good desktop stick notes dose anyone know of any am using Windows 8

A:Desktop reminder popup and stick notes ?

I would look at Task Manager that comes with windows. Its supposed to be updated and enhanced for Win8. I haven't seen it myself.

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Whenever outlook inbox is opened to send a new e-mail, the attached print screen message shows. This happens every time. Is there a way to disable it, as it becomes very annoying.

A:Microsoft Outlook gives message saying program is trying to access outlook

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I have the full version of Microsoft Office 2003. My Microsoft Office 2007 has expired (the 6 month trial that came with my computer). Is there any reason I should not uninstal the 2007 version? I.e., would there be some documents that I would not be able to open in the older (2003) version of Office?

My main reason for wanting to delete Office 2007 is that when I attempt to open a file my computer tries to open it using Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2007. I am confident that I did not create these documents in the program, but rather in Word 2003. Will deleting Office 2007 solve this issue?

Thank you.

A:Microsoft Office 2007 - harmful to uninstall this program?

I don't think there should be any problem, you can uninstall it and see if there are any problems
If there is download a fresh trial or purchase the product.

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Microsoft Expands Office Anti-Piracy ProgramMicrosoft expanded its anti-piracy program this week, shipping a new software update that checks whether Office users are running a licensed or pirated version of the productivity suite....

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All of a sudden I cannot open Outlook.
I have Office 07 and this is the message I received:
cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook Window.
Don't know what happen!

A:Microsoft Office Outlook

Does this help?

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This is a recently started problem. When I shut down Outlook I get this message. Microsoft Office Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something the information you were working on might be lost. I have the choice of ticking to restart outlook or tell Microsoft about the problem. While this doesn't interfere with anything it is a pain having it occur each time.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook

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My XP came with a 60 day trial of Microsoft Office- Standard Student and Teacher. When the 60 days were up, I did not want to purchase it, so removed it from my computer.. Now I don't have spellcheck in Outlook Express 6.. It says to insert a cd which I don't have. Do I have to spend up to $130.00 to get Microsoft Office back on to my computer just to get the spellcheck back.. Please somebody help me.

A:Microsoft office and outlook -Help me

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Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade.
After installing Office 365, I cannot find my "Contacts" in the Outlook address book.
Looking for a solution.

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Hi I have recently installed office enterprise 2007 .I am using windows XP home edition. I can receive e-mails into the (microsoft office outlook ) part of the programme. I however cannot send e-mails out? I just keep getting message not sent. Can you help me. My ISP doesn't seem to know how to help me.

A:microsoft office outlook

Click Tools, then Account Settings
On the Email tab, you should have (at least) one account listed.
Highlight it and click Change.
Verify the SMTP settings (ISP should be able to tell you this - if not, it might be time to find another one...)
Click the "More Settings" button
Go to "Outgoing Server" tab
Put checkmark in "My Outgoing Server requires Authentication" (most ISP's require this to prevent spamming)
Leave the dot in "use same settings as logon server"
click OK, next, finish
click Close.
send a test message to yourself
post any errors you get, but if you do get errors, try unchecking the "My Server requires authentication" first, and try again.

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For the past 3 days, I haven't been able to receive or send e-mails out.

I've tried everything I could think of and nothing seems to be working. Same thing also happens in Outlook Express. Even tried uninstalled our Spam remover. Nothing. Any help is appreciated

I've tried everything I could think of and nothing seems to be working. Same thing also happens in Outlook Express. Even tried uninstalled our Spam remover. Nothing. Any help is appreciated

A:Microsoft Office XP - Outlook help

Hi EgoDogg

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

What Firewall are you using and is it allowing your messaging programs access to the Internet?

What antivirus program are you using and is it configured to scan your incoming messages?
Disable it to see if that makes a difference.

Are you using a Router?
Look for an internet viewer content restriction setting.
Check its configurations to see if POP3 access is allowed.

Here are a few links that may offer a solution:

You receive the "0x80042108 Outlook is unable to connect to your incoming POP3 e-mail server" error message in Outlook 2002 and Office Outlook 2003

How to troubleshoot error messages that you receive when try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and in Outlook Express

Lastly, have you contacted your ISP? Wondering if Adelphia may have made some changes??

Let us know what happens.

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Hi BleepingComputer,

I got a used NEC laptop from my firm and created an account to use the Microsoft Office Outlook. When open it a message is sent that for the authorization of the immediate searching function a component has to be downloaded and installed to the Microsoft Office system. When I click "yes" answering the question " Are you downloading this component from the Microsoft Office Center now?" I get a new message that the Windows can not open this file: rlidOfficeSearchInstallRTM?clid=1038&ver=128&app=outlook.exe

What should I do?

Sorry for the grammar mistakes I am Hungarian.

Thank you for your help in advance


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I’ve just purchased Windows Vista (I have a Dell computer).
On my previous computer – I had Windows 98se – I got my yahoo emails coming through Windows Outlook Express. I used the same configurations – for Vista/ Microsoft office outlook – as I did on my Windows 98/ Outlook Express. Which were:


I am on orange broadband. I do received ok but I can’t send (that is my yahoo emails). I have another email address which is a Freeserve/ wanadoo and now Orange email. It sends and receives ok. Any suggestions in how I can send my yahoo emails through Vista’s Microsoft office outlook?

Thank you.

A:Microsoft Office outlook.

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If I configure and access my personal/private email through Microsoft outlook 365 at work and/or at home along with my work email. Can my employer access my personal/private email? If so then I take it that it would be better just to access my personal/private email on the web.

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Used to I could surf the web and if I wanted to email one of the sites and ask a question or something I would just click on the email on the page and be able to email them. daughter did something and now this is what comes up everytime i click on email button on a site. It comes up in a gray box every time...I can't email any site I go to anymore.

Microsoft Office Outlook
The Extension Configuation file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Addins\fldpub.ecf" could not be installed. There is an error in the syntax or format of the file.

What can I do...this is awful.

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Since yesterday I have had problems with my incoming emails. I cannot receive them. The status bar sticks at 50% and eventually crashes out. The error given states that there is another email server being used or open and it cannot send my mail. There is no other account open. I have tried through Orange mail and can receive my emails there but cannot move any or delete any. The same thing happens mail server is busy.
My pc seems to have gone funny also and I am finding alot of programs are not responding. I do have CA Security installed and is all enabled.
If anyone can help please do.

I have just received this message

0x8004210E -ERR(IN USE) unable to mail drop

A:Microsoft Office outlook

Hi minty,
Contact your ISP and tell them the error message you are getting.
They should be able to see if the mailbox is locked for said condition (meaning a
new message is being delivered or the server doesn't let two, or pop3 clients
check at the same time) and clear it for you.

Let us know how it goes.

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Dear Microsoft Office Outlook experts,

When i send mail to my friend. They are getting these message at first line (top of email message)

STOP GETTING SPAM Free OneClick spam stopper can be found at:
Please help
Thank You

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I just installed 2010 and use outlook for my e-mails. Somtimes when I try to delete or open an e-mail, it takes forever. Is this a problem with my e-mail provider?

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I have this program on one computer. How do I move it, with its saved emails to other computers?

I don"t remember pass or user.



A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

You'll need the installation CD/DVD to install on another machine and you'll need a license that can be used. All emails, contacts, etc is saved to PST files. If you don't know the location, search the boot volume for *.pst and you should find them.

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Running Office Pro Plus 2007 on Windows Vista and I am trying to open Office Outlook. When it tries to open, it completly shuts down and prompts the following message??? I tried to find the repair tool do diagnose and cannot find anywhere. Can anyone help me?

Thank You,


A:2007 Microsoft Office Outlook ??

Please do not cross-post. One post per issue is sufficient. I responded in your other post.

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Hi, am wondering if any one can help me with this problem. Actually, there are 2 problems I need help with.

I am using Vista with office 2007. When the PC has been left on for a while, my email (outlook) won't open. Well, when I say it won't open, I mean it will open and load up the main template, but will disapear within about a second and close. When I place my curser on the icon in my task bar, that also disapears. This will happen until I re-boot the PC, and then it will work fine again.

Any ideas?

Also, I'm getting 4 random left mouse clicks every 30 seconds. Although these mouse clicks are not opening any thing, I'm getting th sound, plus it stops any typing that I may be doing. I'm using a logitech cordless mouse. I would tell you which model but that has rubbed off through the amount of browsing that I do, lol.

A:Microsoft Office 2007 Outlook

For Outlook, it is possible something is hanging - antivirus or anti-spam addin, or a module of the program itself, etc. I would first suggest checking your Task List (CTR+ALT+DEL) for additional instances of Outlook which would indicate the program is not closing properly.

You can try repairing your installation of Office, using the install CD. If that does not work, you can try disconnecting your computer from the Internet, and uninstalling both Office and your antivirus software. Reinstall Office first, then your antivirus. See if that fixes the issue.

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Does anyone know how to stop the automatic update of contacts within Outlook 2007? Whenever I recieve an E-Mail, if the sender of the E-Mail is not already in my contact list, Outlook 2007 is adding that sender automatically to my contacts. I want to be able to have control over what is and what is not addded to my contact list. Thanks!

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I have used this program for several years with out any problems. This week, I suddenly can not open it. I get this error message: "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook Window. The set folders could not be opened. The server is not available. Contact your administrator if the situation persists."
I have rebooted, defragged, rebooted again and no luck. How do I fix this and how did it happen? I would like to avoid this situation.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

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I am using Windows 7 on my computer & also Microsoft office 2007 on same system, i am facing problem with Microsoft outlook office, when i prompt to start the outlook then following message appears on screen,
Microsoft office outlook can not be open, Windows 7 cannot open the outlook.
Please recommend me how can i fix this problem.

A:Problem in Microsoft office outlook

and welcome to the Forum

Did Outlook ever work? . . If so, what did you install or uninstall just prior to it not working.

The easiest fix is probably to uninstall Office, reboot and reinstall

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My patience is running out with the bugs in Microsoft Office, and the company's apparent effort to force buyers of 2002 version to upgrade.

Any suggested alternatives, especially to replace the very cumbersome and buggy Outlook?

I highly recommend Zoho, which replaces virtually any Microsoft application for FREE. Only downside is these applications are all online, as opposed to offline software apps.

A:Alternatives to Outlook and Microsoft Office?

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I have wired problem with that office outlook 2003 when open the start menu, where you have the Internet and Email sections the Icon for the Email is missing, originally both went at the same time, i got the internet Explorer 7 Icon back, but as i yet i have not been able to the the Email icon back, you are still able to use it, it's just that the icon is missing. When change to Outlook Express the icon, but the office outlook 2003 icon has gone missing. Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

If I understand you right you are just looking for the icon... if that is the case you can get the icon by going to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11 and then sending the Outlook icon to your desktop. Hope this is what you are looking for.

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Hi I am having troubles with outlook everytime I open outlook it disenguages the internet and I recieve no email and then cannot access the browser without a reboot.

I am not sure what has happened as outlook use to work fine. One time I went to the web address and viewed the emails and then the next time I tried outlook it worked. Now back to the same problem and that method did not work the second time

Any ideas would be appreciated thanks Wayne

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Just installed Office 2003 Professional on my laptop last night. I opened up Outlook and began to set up an email account for my "work" email via Microsoft Exchange Server. Well I suppose I did not input the information correctly, because now I get errors stating that my folders are not available, etc. That's all fine. The problem is that Outlook closes as soon as I "OK" or "cancel" these error messages. I can't even get into the program to delete this account. I have uninstalled Outlook and re-installed with no success. HELP!!!!!


A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

You can right click on the outlook icon and go into properties to access your email profiles.

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Microsoft Office Outlook Mail

It won't download my mail, it looks like its downloading it, but it seems to just get stuck and keeps trying to get my mail. It never does get it. It gets to 50% but thats as far as it goes. Its been that way since I have downloaded Office 2003 Service Pack 3. Why won't it get my mail?

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I have placed all the information need for my POP3 account and have even saved the password. But yet I keep getting this damn pop up that says

Enter Network Password

So when I place the password again and hit remember password

It's keeps comming up like a annoying pop up that I need a blocker for... UggggggggHHH

Can anyone help me

Then I will then get the message from it saying microsoft office is not communicating with your server but the day before it worked fine so I hit for a system restore... Until a few days I get back into this problem again...

Any idea how to make this work properly?

Thank you

and Mike thank you for your e-mail...

A:I am going batty with Microsoft Office outlook

If the problem is just that it will not save the password, see this from Microsoft Support. Can you connect when you add password manually?

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I'm having problems with Office Outlook 2007. Error message is The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly.
So far I restarted several times and I did a system restore . . nothing worked for me.
How do I fix this?

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

i have moved to Business Applications

You should close outlook and than repair the personal folders PST file - using ScanPST.exe

what windows version are you using ?

here is the locations for the scan tool

Do you know the location of your Personal Folders PST file ?

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PLEASE HELP. My computer runs on Vista. When I try to open my out look, I get the following message: Cannot start MS Office Outlook. Cannot open the outlook Window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file. C:\users\Bruce\AppData\Local\Microsoft\outlook\outlook.pst. Quit Outlook and all mail enabled applications and then use the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors in the file. For more information abiut Inbox Repair Tool, see Help.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Run the scanpst utility as directed.

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After using outlook 2007 for a couple of months, I am now receiving the message "cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook". I am running VISTA. Any suggestions?

A:microsoft office outlook 2007

Have you tried a repair install?

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I am unable to solve the popping up of the message " Enter Network Password" on my email

A:Microsoft office outlook 2007

This is your Email password to enter your Email account for your Email provider (Internet Service Provider or ISP?) Check that your Email settings are correct by contacting your ISP or google Email Settings for your ISP for Outlook 2007.

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can anybody help me, please. I can`t open Microsoft Outlook. Bellow is the message i get on the screen.
Thank you

" Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. "

A:microsoft office outlook 2007

try this Start->run..then type the following -> "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane

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Hi, i am using firefox and internet explorer 8, at the moment i am using gmail as my email client in firefox, but nothing in internet explorer. i have setup windows live mail,but i dont like it, so i want to setup outlook 2007, can i use outlook 2007 asa my email client in internet explorer 8,and gmail in firefox? Thank you.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Just as you are able to use different browsers, you are also able to use different email clients, although only one of these can be the default. As I only have IE, I cannot say whether or not you can have a different default client for each browser. I would also check that you can access the web interface version for you emails just in case you have problems with either or both email clients.

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Question, My XP when I go to e-mail pictures says microsoft office outlook not implemented and I can't e-mail pictures. Always did in the past. What should I check?

A:microsoft office outlook not implemented

and welcome to the Forum

No need to post multiple times for the same question . . Do you have Outlook installed?

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Is there a way to stop Outlook from wanting a username and password everytime i go to use it it's very annoying. My office XP outlook never did it.
Please Help

EDIT: This problem has been fixed.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

How did you fix it so others can benefit from your answer

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I have a new installation of Outlook 2003, however, I am unable to create the first E-Mail Account.

When I select Tools--EMail Accounts, I immediately get a pop up window with the following Error Message: "The operation failed due to a Registry or Installation Problem. Re-Start Outlook and Try Again. If the condition persists-Reinstall Outlook"

Outlook has been re-installed several times to no Avail.

Something is not allowing the Accounts Setup Window to open.

I am also running MS OFFICE Professional Edition 2003 with Service Pack 2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook

Create the Email profile in the Control Panel/Mail

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I have Windows 98. Last year I installed MVS Home Edition 7.0. It is now reminding me with a very annoying, intrusive PoP UP"You need to Update Your Software" I downloaded a Virus Definition(DAT) renewal. When I tried to open it "It says my license is not renewed." My McAfee Account does not not recognize I purchased a renewal. 3 online techs have not been able to resolve the problem. At this point my solution is to get a refund and purchase this year's latest & greatest McAfee Virus Scan. Any thoughts on this? laurieanne

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Which email would be the better one? I am changing out my husband's pc to Windows 7 and need to find him an email program that is the same as Outlook Express. Sure wish Outlook Express could be installed on Windows 7 as he likes that one.
Thanks, granny or microsoft office outlook?

Windows Live Mail replaces Outlook Express, and supports more features. It is available.

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For years I have used Microsoft Office but never used the Outlook part for emails. With Live Mail on its way out I thought that I would try it out. I have set up my accounts and can send and receive with no problems and it is slowly populating all the various Received/Sent/Deleted sections.
I have loads of contacts in the Contacts section but what I have yet to figure out is how to get the To: box to autocomplete the email address as I start to type in the recipients name. I am finding that I have to look up the email address and get that inserted. I am sure that there must be an auto complete but I have yet to find it.
All suggestions gratefully received.

A:Using Microsoft Office 2013 OUtlook email

As far as I'm aware, there is no auto complete function on Outlook. Then again, I might be totally wrong. Terribly sorry that I can't be much more help.

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I have Microsoft Office 2003 professional edition installed on my laptop currently. I also have a 2013 professional plus version disc that I can install. Would there be a problem with installing both on my laptop? Is there a lot of difference between the two versions? The reason I'm asking is that I like the 2003 version I am using but would like to test out the 2013 version before I dump the 2003. Thanks, Micromos

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and 2013

well you can but is advisable not to install 2 version of outlook at the same time, you might run into some problems you have to use at least one of them

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OK Ive had to re-do my set up for e-mail on microsoft outlook several times and now there are 4 duplicates of each e-mail and I was wondering if there is a tool in outlook or something to remove the duplicate e-mailes on outlook as I just dont want to be wasting all that space on my hard drive

A:duplicate e-mails on microsoft office outlook

How many times do you have your email address set up in Outlook?

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Running Windows XP Pro, Service pack 3, and Outlook 2003.

the synchronizing folders is locking up the computer, running very slow and I can't figure out how to tell it not to.


A:Microsoft Office Outlook synchronizing folders

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I would like to uninstall Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 but I don't know how to do it. Could you help me ? I would like to use only Outlook Express.


A:How can I uninstall Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

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Before I upgraded to Windows 8.1 I made a backup of my Microsoft Office Outlook Mail folder which was saved as a .pst file.  I have tried over and over to import this file into Microsoft Outlook.  My email works fine but I can't import any of my contacts.  I am not sure how to get these files imported.  Any assistance would sure be appreciated.

A:Need Help with .pst file transfer to Microsoft Office Outlook

It helps to know what version of Outlook you are using.

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I am a novice at the computer gig and outlook stopped working a couple of days ago. I read some of the fixes on the site, but don't know how to do most of them without a step by step (don't leave anything out) guide on what to try. The error message is "cannot start microsoft office outlook. Cannot open the outlook file." Can anyone give me a step by step on how to fix this. I got the new Dell with all the programs on it and it was working fine until about 3 days ago and i started to get this error message. Thanks for any help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3063 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 229234 MB, Free - 190988 MB; E: Total - 152588 MB, Free - 134501 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 054KM3, A01, ..CN697020630383.
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook

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I have a Microsoft Office Outlook file that won't open. Each time I attempt to do so I get a box that comes up and reads cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open file: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Wrong Number.msg. the file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it, etc. I right clicked properties on the folder and it shows a 7.6 MB file that should open with Microsoft Office Outlook. Does anyone know why this may happen?

A:Microsoft Office Outlook File Won't Open

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About a month ago I stopped being able to send email messages but I could still receive it. I have not done anything for this to happen and I do not know what to do to fix it. Emails I sent will just sit n my outbox. Now, in addition when I click on the Microsoft Outlook icon , I get the following error message which may have something to do with the problem I am incuring:

The Add-in “AVG Exchange Extension” (C:\PROGRA~1\Grisoft\AVG7\avgxch32.dl) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. Please contact the Add-in manufacturer for an update. If no update is available, please uninstall the Add-in.

Please help me and tell what I need to do to get my email working which I depend heavily on for school.


A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Problems

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I have WIndows XP Home with Microsoft Office Professional 2003 and am having a problem with Outlook. I loaded two Phone Tools software programs and have since uninstalled them. Now when I start Outlook I receive two messages. The first is found in a box labeled "WMS ST Notif Window 00000ADO 00000FBO: Outlook.exe unable to locate component". The message reads, "This application failed to start because PbkUser.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem". <OK>
The second error message I receive is in the "Micorsoft Office Outlook" dialog box. The message is, "The add-in 'C:\ProgramFiles\mobilePhoneTools\Outl97.dll" could not be installed or loaded. This problem may be resolved by using Detectand Repair on the help menu". Are there any suggestions what I amy be able to do in order to eliminate these messages? Thanks.

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When I try to open Microsoft Office Outlook (2007) I get an error message that says it cant be started a set of folders cannot be opened and errors have been detected in file


It advises that I use the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors.

How do I find this repair tool?


A:Microsoft Office Outlook wont load

This Microsoft support page tells you where scanpst.exe is located on Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7. It also explains how to use it:

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Running with XPS 600, I've been recently getting an error when i close outlook. It says

Microsoft Office Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

checkbox Restart Office Outlook

Please tell Microsoft about this problem
We have created an error report that you can send to help us imrpove ......

I've read that it might have to do with winFax but I dont have that

I also read it might be a acrobat or adobe acrobat 8 proffessional update but I did that. so i dont know any help would be nice

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 error

Shaboygen, If you have the Office install disc try uninstalling and reinstalling as the files are most likely corrupt and causing the error

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I have Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 on my computer (I am running Windows xp on a Dell latitude 131L laptop) but can't locate Calendar. Does this software have Calendar and if so how do I load it/find it. I am not a computer guru so please answer with that in mind. Thank you very much.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 calendar

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I'm having an issue with outlook whenever I try to open it, it says "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook." I'm not sure what the problem is, could anyone please help me.

I'm running Windows 7 32 bit.

A:I can't open Microsoft Office Outlook 2010.

See whether you can find All Programs > MS Office > Office Tools > Office Diagnostics. Run that and see what happens. I have only Office 2007, so I am not 100% certain whether that is the same setup for 2010.

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Everytime i go to a "New Message" or "Reply" i get the message "The Add in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\fxset32.dll" could not be loaded or installed.

Detect and repair from the help menu failed. Resinstalling failed. Is there any other way to stop this annoying message?


A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 On Vista

Did you install the program in XP SP2 compatibility mode with Run as Administrator also selected? If not, uninstall it, then reinstall it using the compatibility wizard.

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Hey, I am new to this forum and I sure hope someone can help me with this annoying warning. I couldn't find any help through Microsoft.

Every time I open Outlook 2007 I get a warning,

"A data file did not close properly the last time it was used and is being checked for problems. Performance might be affected while this check is in progress"

I am using Vista OS and Kespersky Internet Security.
It seemed as though the problem started after installing Kaspersky?

Outlook works well and no other issues.


A:Warning when opening Microsoft Office Outlook

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Hello, Just wondered if anyone knew quickly how to create a rule in outlook where after 7 days your sent messages are deleted. does anyone know this?


A:Microsoft Office Outlook Create Rule

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Hey everyone,

I've been having a problem with Outlook, whenever I close the application I get an error message. The latest one is:

DDE Server Window: OUTLOOK.EXE - Application Error

The instruction at "0x7c910e03" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written".

Click on OK to terminate the program

It's really beginning to annoy me - does anyone have any ideas what's up?


A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Error

Are you connecting to an Exchange server, or a POP3 account (with PST file)?

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Hi people. How do I change it so it shows messages in groups of days? Like "Yesterday" and "Saturday" and "Last Week" and so on..... Thank You For Your Help

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Appearance

It says: Beyond Next Month. This suggests that the messages are in the future. Confirm that the date in Windows is correct. If your computer keeps losing time and date, replace the battery on your motherboard.

Here is how to change your computers date if you don't know how:
How to Change Time and Date on Windows XP |


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Not sure whether I have posted in the right forum, I having problems with outlook 2010 keeps on stopping.    

A:microsoft office outlook 2010 keeps stopping

 You could try doing a repair.  You'll find it in the Control Panel's Programs and Features applet.  Click on Microsoft Office, then click Change, then follow onscreen instructions.  I'm giving you directions for Windows 7 since you didn't say what version you have.  If you have a different version, it could be different.
Good luck.

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I'm trying to set up email for Outlook 2002 (Office XP) but the stupid thing just won't do it. Once i installed it i open outlook 2002 and brings up the message "Could Not Open Your Default Email Folder. Try Again. So i click on OK as the only option available. Then this message comes up "Would you like to open your system dafault folder instead? Yes or No? No closes outlook 2002. Yes opens the system default folder. But either way it won't work is it faulty?

I previously had office 2003 pro installed but had to uninstall it because i was only allowed to have one copy installed at any one time. It came with my laptop preinstalled.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2002 (xp) Whacked!

well i found out how to fix the problem, at this site tried the control panel option first but it failed for me, the registry edit solved it.

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