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Help me please, How do I backup Drivers.....

Q: Help me please, How do I backup Drivers.....

K here's the deal or mess I have got myself into, I recently took a computer job for a guy he has a HP pavilion Xe 743 and he wanted a much needed 7200 RPM drive installed, so I have formatted and got a fresh install on the new drive while I have the old drive installed as slave well I figured that Good o'l win ME would have drivers for everything, well no luck, everything but the conexant, combo modem and sound card.SO after downloading what I thought was the drivers off of HP's site I still have nothing, and the conexant site offers no drivers either, so I'm running on the o'l drive right now and was wondering how I could install the drivers off of this drive over to another folder on the other drive.or does anyone have any other suggestions, Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, I am so frustrated right now.

A: Help me please, How do I backup Drivers.....

Can't you use the Recovery Disk to re-install ?

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Hello,i have a compaq presario cq60 with win vista,and im to format,factory default or upgrade to win 7,but i need to backup my drivers,can i do it from the laptop itself?or maybe a free simple tool to backup all its drivers before i make changes,

i need also something to scan my laptop and give me all data information regarding my machine,

thanks for your help anyway,

A:Drivers Backup

The drivers, if you have the actual driver installation files, can be copied to some media such as a CD, flash drive, etc. If you are referring to drivers already installed, you can't copy them, you will have to download needed drivers so they can be installed. HP should still have the drivers, however if you install Windows 7, Windows will install many drivers and except for the actual sound driver you may not need to manually install drivers. Windows will only install a generic basic function sound driver and the reason the actual driver will have to be installed.

Back up your user data (pictures, music, word processing files, etc) as that will also be deleted on the reinstall. You can't copy programs, they are like the drivers, they must be "installed" using the programs installation procedure.

The free Belarc Advisor will profile your computer.

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I have a custom laptop that I am trying to do a re-install on. It is a dell I got from craigslist that has been modified so I want to make sure I have all the drivers once the re-install is complete . Suggestions on what to do/programs to use? (preferably what to do).

A:How to backup all my drivers?

The best way is to go to Dells support/download drivers site. Type in your make and model # and download the drivers you need. This way you will have the latest drivers for your computer model.
If you want to back the drivers you have now then use DriverMAX

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This is a just incase problem. If I ever reinstalled windows for one reason or another, I have both the one installed on the computer drive and a set of 7 disks also. Anyway, is there a way to backup your drivers that you installed? I have a scanner that required a driver update 4 yrs ago. Also a printer driver. If I reinstall windows for some reason, I will lose the driver updates. Cannot find the original/updated drivers for the items. All are HP items and over 4 yrs. old.

A:backup drivers?

Did you look anywhere other than the HP site? Did you try Driver Guide? Unless you saved your drivers as a file when downloading to your HDD or other storage device I do not think you can make a copy of installed drivers. If there is a way, I too would be interested in finding out how.

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Is it possible to back up the drivers from a laptop before i do a clean format and reinstall of windows.?

A:Backup drivers

Older computers came with the OS and Drivers on separate Optical Discs. Most now come with the recovery partition which includes the Drivers. If you're concerned about updating drivers, remember, it's possible the reason you're reinstalling could be driver related, hence doing it this way insures "fresh" copies.

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How do i backup my drivers on 6801 so when i install 6956 all i have to do is unpack/install them, my storage drive crashed, and i dont really want to go looking for them again. :-(

**Move to Drivers

Sorry :-(

A:HELP! How do i backup my drivers

Thanks to "johngalt" DriverMax is a very good program that will export/import your drivers. It helped me install my GeForce drivers from Vista to Seven.

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Is there a way to backup installed drivers? Please help me.

A:How to backup drivers?

Not sure if you can backup installed drivers.

This is what I do to keep my current drivers on hand. I download each individual driver I need and save them to a thumb drive. This way I always have them on hand and ready to install when needed.

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I would like to format my hard drive and re-install Windows 98, but I don't have the install disks for my hardware. Is there any way for me to backup my driver files to reinstall them later?

A:Drivers Backup?

I don't know if you can backup you current drivers but it might be better if you just downloaded new ones. Check the different manufacturer's sites for your hardware. Chances are, most of your stuff will have updated drivers available.

Eagles may fly high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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XP home-IE8-OE6
I read an article recently about driver backup programs. I have downloaded drivers in the past but have never considered a backup program for drivers.

Is this really important and prudent to do so?

I would appreciate any comments or recommendations of products to use!


A:Solved: Backup Drivers on XP?

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Hello folks, I am up and running with Windows 7.
All seems to be alright.
Now I want to Backup my Drivers.

What is the favourite app to use.
I just want to backup the drivers.
I don't want to have to use the backup software to Restore a driver.

Needless to say, I have System Restore points and Acronis backups of full system and data.
I am interested in just the Drivers.
And want to use only tried and tested apps.

A:I want to Backup my Drivers - advice please

Backing up an installed driver is not of much use. You need the installation .exe. If you still have those, you just copy or move the folders to a drive of your choice. What, in fact, are you trying to accomplish?

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Hi,,, i am looking for a program to back up all my drivers so i can restore them after a reistall and format of windows. A program that will save my drivers to a memory stick or cd and i can just run the program to reisatll all my drivers. Looking for a free program that does somting like this >>>>
Thanks for your time DOJ

A:program to backup up drivers ???

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I would like to know how to backup my drivers and applications to transfer to another computer. I really need some help thank you

A:Backup Applications And Drivers?

Installed applications can't be backed up and moved to another computer. They have to be reinstalled with the original disks or installation executables. Unless the computer you're moving to is the same exact model, it wouldn't make sense to backup any drivers. Those would be different on the new computer to correspond to the hardware.

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Both of my laptops are going to be formatted. Before I take them in, I want to make sure I am doing everything that needs to be done.

I have backed up my .pst, data, pics and music. The only other thing I know that I should do is backup my drivers. Searching the web, there is a lot of software I can buy, but there must be another (easy) way which I am hoping you will tell me.

One thing I am worried about though, is what if all of the problems I have been having with both computers are because I messed up the drivers by doing wrong updates or too many of them? (You guru's just showed me how to update drivers - so I will do it correctly in the future)

Please help this aging vegetable........

A:How do I backup drivers before formatting?

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Win 7 Home  64 bit
Hello folks,
Since installing Bitdefender about a year ago my computer often locks up completely. I ran SFC.exe and files have become corrupted. I want to follow this article and install a new copy of win 7 on my computer.
The article says I should backup all of my drivers, but I don't know how to do that. I read that I can go to the system32 folder and copy the driver folder to a DVD but, I don't know if that includes all the necessary drivers or just the windows drivers. The article also mentions to be sure to backup the Network Controller but, I'm not sure what that is, or if it will be backedup with the drivers folder.
So, how do I get all of my drivers and the network controller backed up?


A:I want to backup all the necessary drivers on my computer.

Hi harryhh You can use Double Drivers to back-up all the current drivers installed on your system and restore them on the new Windows installation. Basically, if you only back-up your Ethernet and/or Network Controller drivers, as soon as you install them you could grab the rest of the drivers from the computer manufacturer's website and install them after. me know if you have any questions

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Hey. I'm in currently a need, where i have to take backup of all my drivers and my Windows 7, like i don't loose it as i did last time. Here's my question:

1. How can i take backup of drivers+windows 7 to a CD?
2. What CD Do i have to use, to burn it into?`

3. What CD Can i use, to burn games on ?

A:How can i take backup of my drivers and windows 7 on a CD?

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

Imaging with free Macrium

The choice of the brand of removable media is on you, you are the user But Sony or MoserBear are good .

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What is the best and trusted way to backup installed 3rd party device drivers (and software too, I guess it's possible) so that I can reinstall them on a fresh windows installation?

UPDATE: I would be truly grateful if someone could suggest me a way to save at least all current settings of installed windows environment and settings of all softwares?

A:What is the best way to backup installed device drivers?

Hello 1gouravgg, and welcome to Eight Forums.

I find that saving the downloaded driver installation files from the device or PC manufacturer to a drive other than the one Windows is installed on a great way to back them up. This way they are quickly available to install as needed.

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Because occasionally I've been given an old computer to fix (which may require reformatting), and the video driver was something obscure enough not be found on the manufacturer's website or Driverguide, etc., I'm wondering if there is a freeware utility to create a backup of the video drivers already on the computer??

thanks much, Jaybird

A:Video drivers backup utility

None that I know of unfortunately. What type of video card do you have?

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Hi all.

I am looking for a good free program for backing up drivers. no more functions is needed.


A:what is the best free program to backup drivers ?

Claiming "best" is a personal preference -- what works best for you ... that said, I use Double Driver and have found it to work great. Not a LOT of options, but then, you can backup/restore drivers and have different ways of saving them.

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Hi Guys,
Is there a quick way to export or download all the device drivers from my old laptop running Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP2? I know there's quick and easy way to do so using the command prompt in Windows 10, is there such a thing in Windows XP?

A:Backup Device Drivers in Windows XP

I have used this utility to backup drivers on a XP computer.

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I'm about to reinstall windows 98se on my laptop, and I don't feel like going through the effort of tracking down install files for all my hardware, since 98 cant autodetect any of it. I've heard of a couple programs, but none of them are free, and I'm not looking to spend unneccessary money like that, can anyone point me in the direction of a good free driver backup program?

A:Solved: I need a program to backup all my drivers

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So I am going to be reformatting my PC. It's an Asus computer that I bought used from Craigslist and it didn't come with a driver backup CD. Also it doesn't have a recovery partition on it either. So I am wondering if there is any free software that will allow me to backup, and then restore all my drivers after I have reformatted the computer. I searched some of the other threads and a few people suggested Driver Max. Driver Max used to be great, it used to be the best program because it was free and fully functional. But now it's complete garbage unless you actually buy the software, which I cannot do. So are there any other methods/programs any of you know of that can backup drivers?

A:Any software to backup and restore all my drivers?

Windows 7 has a Backup and Restore feature built right in.

Backup and Restore - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

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Hi all, I recently realized that my computer was not backing itself up when I accidentally changed all shortcuts on my computer to open with Adobe reader, shortly after I changed this for them to open with java, I then read a couple articles and decided to uninstall java and see if it would restore things to normal, this did not work at all leaving me with all my shortcuts now unusable.
Unfortunately I cannot simply restore my computer using a backup as I initially stated backups have not been set up, I then tried to set this up to prevent further things like this happening however upon the display window it displayed no usable drivers and had a message stating
"Windows backup could not find any driver to back up on."

So I have two things I need help with:

A: How do I get my shortcuts to work again.
B: How if possible, can I set up my backup.

I would also like to try and avoid having to do a factory reset at all costs as these are fairly annoying and time consuming.

Thank you.

A:No Drivers To Backup on, All Shortcuts Do Not Work

Hello ComputerNoob,

You could download and merge the .reg file for the listed lnk (LNK) option in the tutorial below to restore it's default associations.Default File Type Associations - Restore
Afterwards, see if you are able to setup a Windows Backup schedule.

Hope this helps,

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Is there a way to backup/copy drivers on a non-bootable Windows system
over to a healthy disk if one slaves the unbootable volume ?
Offcourse, the harddisk still has to work to get anything off it, I understand
I was just wondering if there's a procedure for this , and if so how?

A:Backup drivers on a dead system ?

As I understand it, most drivers are "installed" with pointers in the registry to the many and varied modules, so just taking across the installed modules would not help.

And taking across the registry would be a sure way to munt the recipient system.

Its a good question, but unless the executable driver installs are on the dead system, not sure anything else will actually work. I am sure someone will disagree, my view is based solely on the theory of how most drivers are installed.

There is software such as
but my understanding is that it would need to be running on the active OS of the drivers it was backing up, as it would then have access to a live registry for those drivers and able to backup/recreate the registry keys.

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Im going to format a windows xp computer and will re-install again the same OS. After reading some sources, I understand I need to copy drivers folder from the path - %systemroot%\system32\drivers . And in the fresh XP, i shall simply replace the drivers folder.

I wonder if this is correct procedure or shall I need to copy anything else.

A:[SOLVED] backup windows xp drivers before formatting

No, It wouldn't work. You need driver software ready to install for your hardware not the installed one. So, Download the drivers from a reliable resource by giving proper hardware name & model.

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I have a old PC that has WIN95. Has a CD ROM and a DISKETTE Drive.
I am trying to make some backup disks for the DEVICE drivers.

I don't think I can find those device driver diskettes/CDs that originally
came with the PC.
What is the best software that can do this ??
Any idea ??

email: [email protected]

A:Device Drivers backup Software needed

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Hello Everyone,

I've installed Microsoft Windows 8.1 Version 6.3.9600 Build 9600 on my HP 430 Notebook PC with 1 GB RAM and Pentium CPU @ 2GHz 2 Cores.

Display drivers are not working properly (i.e., everything appears bigger and unclear), earlier I'd successfully updated the display drivers and made it work using Device Manager. Can anyone help me making a backup of the drivers (may be in .inf format) from the installed drivers so that I don't have to update it every time I re-install it.


A:How to backup Drivers from Device Manager/Installed Dvr ??

.Inf is just a file with the drivers. If you want real backup of drivers, use a program like this: Download Double Driver - MajorGeeks or Download Driver Magician Lite - MajorGeeks
They can be restored using that program or partially one by one or only specific ones.

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I think Im just too old for this puter stuff but Id like to know how to burn a copy of all my "current running" device drivers (I say current only because many of the drivers were downloaded from a shareware site and naturally many didnt work so I think some may be there that arent necessary).
thanx alot

A:copying current running drivers to CD for backup

Try the free version of this :

Or take a look at this site :

And search by Free or Shareware then by category for any software you require.

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Hi all
If you are installing W8 and you are having trouble with drivers --especially things like OEM internal card readers, webcams, Intel chip sets / unknown devices --showing up in your W8 install / device manager try using this FREE utility to back up the W7 existing ones BEFORE you install W8 and then restore those.

It works 99% of the time and avoids those programs I REALLY HATE that work as sneakware --especially those that offer to FIND obscure drivers for you and then require you to PAY to use the application.

This one is 100% free -- it just copies all your exiting drivers to a collection of folders which you can then use to install them again.

DriverBackup! | Free Security & Utilities software downloads at

won't solve all the probs but should fix 99% of them.

Hi all

another good one is Doubledriver since it also makes the restore easier

Please don't use those "Find Drivers" SNEAKWARE sites -- they sucker you in and then to do anything useful you have to PAY to register.

I think this is my PET HATE on the web. I can PAY for stuff if I am told in advance -- I don't like the conniving way DRIVERMAX and others like that site operate in the underhand manner they do.


A:Free Driver Backup utility Copy drivers from W7 to W8.

Agreed, SuperEasy is another one that sucks!

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What is the best and trusted way to backup installed 3rd party device drivers (and software too, I guess its possible) so that I can reinstall them on a fresh windows installation?

A:What is the best way to backup installed device drivers for use of fresh Windows

Personally, I would create a disk image on an external hard drive using somthing like Macrium Free. Make sure you create a WinPE bootable disk using the program and make sure it boots. On a Windows 8 computer you will need to disable SecureBoot before you can boot a CD/DVD.
If you needed to take it back to the fresh install state, you would boot the WinPE disk and restore the image to the drive. Even if your drive failed, you could put a new drive in, boot the WinPE disk and recover the image. You would be back in minutes instead of hours.

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I backed up my windows files (windows 7) from the backup and restore program. Does this also backup my updates for windows and driver updates I've installed? Does a system do this as well?

A:Does creating a system image backup my updates and drivers I have?

Quote: Originally Posted by ahawkua

I backed up my windows files (windows 7) from the backup and restore program. Does this also backup my updates for windows and driver updates I've installed? Does a system do this as well?

If you made an image of a partition, the image will contain everything in that partition---drivers, update files, pictures of your cat, and whatever else there may be on the partition.

If you did NOT make an image, then it's hard to say what you backed up without more information.

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PLZ Excuse long post trying new title, new thread -Need help for multiple Vista problems.
Windows update history is missing - has no record of 150+ updates I made since buying PC in March '07 (says I have "never" checked for updates, and does NOT find any updates listed to install). When I click "check for updates", says "error, cannot connect to internet for updates".
Saw article last week about new update planned for Windows Update to be be more compatible with Vista but didn't say why or when to expect. Is this a known problem I'm having? Can't find any mention on MS forums.

Other problems:
Can't run Chkdsk to completion, says disk in use and to continue at Restart. I tried checking the 2 options "yes" for both (and then each separately) to run at restart. Every time it says "one of disks is inconsistent and recommend you continue" and then program cancels itself, saying "chkdsk is being cancelled". Tried to run on command line using "elevated" level with chkdsk /f /r c: and still cancelled itself. Can I reset something so it doesn't get cancelled or to make it continue?

Can't backup my data. Tried to run Backup and it said I had problems and had to run Chkdsk first!! Can't run Chkdsk so I can't run backup! Vicious cycle. What's left to try?

I have Samsung HD400LJ SCSI Disk Drive. One forum said look on Mfg. website to get latest driver, said some mfg ... Read more

A:Solved: Vista problems - No backup, no chkdsk, noises, Samsung HD, ?? drivers & cards

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive. The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.

On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else. It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)

Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.

any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it.

The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.

grateful for any help.


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can someone help me transfer my drivers in my D drive to my C drive
my D drive is a backup of my old windows installation

I tried moving the windows/system32/drivers and windows/system32/driverstore and windows/inf folders from my D drive to my C drive and restarted my PC but that didn't work

A:Transfer Drivers From D drive(backup) to C drive

Drivers have to be installed - they cannot just be "moved".

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I have a new laptop, but it's come pre-filled with masses of junk, and I just wanna wipe the HDD and install a fresh copy of Windows 7. But I always have 1 problem with wiping the OS. The drivers. How (if possible) can I backup my drivers?

A:Any way to "backup" drivers?

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How do I control how much disk space my Windows Backup takes up? I have a 1TB external disk for backups and other files. My computer's HDD only has about 250GB capacity. I don't know why my backups file got so bloated. What should I do?

I see that I can delete the older backup file: 22-Oct to 11-Nov. But read the text.
""Deleting previous backups will free up space on your backup location."
So far so good.

Then it continues, "All files backed up during the selected period will be deleted."

I'm pretty sure the text is just badly written. I guess that means the backup-files (on the backup drive) will be deleted. They couldn't mean that the original files (on my data drive) will be deleted. That sure is a scary possibility though. How do you understand this?

System: Windows 7 Enterprise

ScreenCap below


A:Backup takes 800GB? Manage Windows Backup Disk Space

Yes, it is perhaps, badly written, but true. All files in the backup period from 22-Oct. to 11-Nov. will be deleted. Not to worry, though, because those same files are backed up in a later backup period from 11-Nov. to ? It is safe to delete older backup periods.

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I've got Acronis True Image 10.
Can I backup all emails and then restore to a new installation of the hard disk?

Erm: OK... that might sound dumb!
That's *exactly* what it's supposed to do right!!?

I've got a copy of XP Tablet which is dying.
I want to do a full original installation restore and restore the emails.

Just wanted to double check!!

Also: I've made a backup (of another PC).
I have a file size that is 9GB.
How can I store this onto DVD discs?
And how can I make the discs be bootable??
So that I can juts restore the whole system by booting from the DVD discs?


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Does the following make sense to use for a backup strategy?
Like most people I am terrified of losing my data and I have 75,000 photos on my 2TB C: drive. What I am considering doing is adding a second internal 2TB drive and running Rebit to back up to that drive. Then adding an external 2TB external USB drive and also backing up to there with Rebit.
I would also run the backup program that is part of Win 7 Pro and weekly create a system image and also save it to the new internal 2TB drive. Then once a month create a system image with the Win 7 backup program and save it to the external USB drive.
Currently my C: which is a WD20EARX has 755 GB in use. Not sure if this makes any difference but I am running Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) in Enhanced Mode and have a Crucial SSD running RAID 0.
BTW, I know that Rebit is always backing up. Can that be a bad thing?
Any opinions on the above will be greatly appreciated.

Zack S

A:Does this backup strategy make sense? Rebit, 2 drives and Win7 backup

A few random thoughts:

It sounds like your data (photos) are on the C partition. You might find that putting your data on a separate D partition on that same drive will make your backup strategy a bit simpler. Not a requirement, just a suggestion.

I would not rely on an image as a backup for data. If your data is on C, any image of C will of course include the data, but imaging is not foolproof and can go bad for unknown reasons.

I have never even heard of Rebit and assume you know it to be reliable. I don't know if it is a file by file backup program or an imaging program.

Copying the photos to another internal drive is a good idea. As is the idea of copying the photos to an external. The more backups the better. But you might consider some type of offsite backup in case of fire or theft.

I'd probably do this:

Temporarily move all data from C to some other physical drive--internal or external.

Then shrink C considerably to the size needed to hold Windows easily--maybe 100 GB.

Then make a new D (data) partition from the free space now available.

Move all data back to the new D from wherever you temporarily moved it.

Use an imaging program thereafter to make periodic images of C alone, storing the image on either the new internal or an external.

Use a file by file backup program to make periodic backups of D alone to the new internal and the external.

I'd probably just use a single partition on the new internal and the external and separate stuff by a folder struct... Read more

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Hi everybody,
I have an Inspiron 7548 4K with W10 (upgraded from 8.1) and since a few days I've been having the following problem with DBAR (1.9.X.X). When I try to take a SYSTEM back up, it ALWAYS stops/fails to complete at 12% during the Backing Up module (checking system and building list complete OK). The message is "Operation Cancelled. Destination location unavailable or not enough space on the disk". It always happens at 12% of the process. I have tried it more than 10 times, with no avail. Further info:
1. The only change in my system was a W10 update of March 23, 2016. NOTHING else. Up until then everything worked fine.
2. Tried with both the external HDD with previous/existing backups AND a new/clean one. Both are 500 GB for backing up the internal 256 GB, so there is more than enough drive space. Also tried different usb ports in case one was malfunctioning. 
3. Recovery media backup works fine. The problem is when it tries to proceed with system backup. I don't take data backups since I use cloud.
4. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling DBAR, keeping it below latest version Same result.

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My Win 7 x64 machine (Dell) has three hard drives in it. The original 2TB Seagate with the operating system on it, C:, a 2TB WD used for data storage,F:, ..and a 1TB Seagate repurposed from the XP computer it replaced. That last drive contains only data as that was its purpose in the previous machine. There are no programs on it and it's formatted NTFS.

On boot-up, the computer sees the 1TB Seagate as drive E: and it functions just fine until it's time for a Windows Backup. About 30 seconds into the backup, I get the message that "Intel Rapid Storage Technology has detected a disk removed on Port 3." At this point, the backup fails and Windows no longer sees the E: drive until next cold boot. The backup's target is an external Seagate drive J: that is unaffected by any of this.

Yes, I've changed SATA cables. I've changed the Motherboard connection where the E: drive's SATA cable is attached. I've reversed and rerouted cables so there's no odd pressure on any one of them. I've disabled the power-saving settings so the disc spins all the time. Nothing helps.

The E: drive functions just fine until Windows Backup starts, then it acts as if I removed it.

Error code from Windows Backup dialog is 0x80070002 "The system cannot find the file specified."


A:When Backup Runs, Windows Reports Backup Target Disk Removed

Can you access the external target drive normally?

Also, could you post a screencap of Disk Management for us?
(Windows key + R to open Run, then type "diskmgmt.msc")

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I bought a 128GB "PNY Attache 2 USB 2.0 Flash Drive" so that I could preform a "Bootable Backup" using "Dell Backup and Recovery" yet when I inserted the flash drive and selected Bootable Backup from the list it fails to detect the drive.  Bootable Backup says it requires "a storage USB storage device with more than 100GB of capacity so why doesn't "Bootable Backup" sense my USB flash drive since it has more than 100GB of space on it?

A:Dell Backup and Recovery's Bootable Backup Won't detect USB Flash Drive

Try updating your Dell Backup and Recovery software.  With the update it now seems to work with all USB flash drives I throw at it.

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Where can I find the descriptive definitions of the “reason codes” reported in the Activity Logs when a Backup fails? I have searched all of the DELL site and non-DELL URLS.
Errors with undefined “reason codes: 2, 5 and 32” are reported under the Activity Logs when using the current DELL Backup and Recovery software (Version ran as Administrator in Windows 10 (Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586)
Data Backu- - <date at time>
An error occurred during the process
Scheduled Backup No
Multiple files Yes
The following files were not backed up:
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Comms\Unistore\data\0000000a000000031013.dat (reason code: 2)
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache\CentralTable.accdb (reason code: 32)
C:\Users\Pat\VeriSign Root Certificates\DS_Store (reason code: 5)
OS Name - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro – Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
System Type - x64-based PC
DELL Backup and Recovery – Dbr.exe – Version – 04-JAN-2016
DELL Update Tray – DellUpTray.exe – Version
DELL Update Service – DellUpService.exe – Version

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I got a simple question, let me explain it like an example: Let's say I backup 100GB of data with Windows Backup and over the time where I do all my backups there is like only 30GB of data which changed from those 100GB and also new files were added. Now my external drive is full. When I now delete the very early backup, the first one where the 100GB of data was saved, will it delete then ALL those 100 GB, or will it just delete the previous versions of the files which were modified AFTER that time, which are in this case the 30GB I talked about? Because otherwhise I would then have in the end an uncomplete, messed up backup.

A:(windows Backup) deleting old backup states simple question

"because otherwhise I would then have in the end an uncomplete, messed up backup."

Correct. Windows by default does what is called "incremental backups". It takes a master image of the entire system per your direction, then on the schedule, it takes an inventory of only what has changed and backs up those changes. That is with a DATA BACKUP.

If you do SYSTEM IMAGE, it gives you two options you can set, from which are accessible from Manage Space > System Image/Change Settings:

You should have similar space management controls for your data backups as well. Since I only do a system image every week as my data is on a different drive than the OS, I do not.

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G'day everyone

Does anyone know of a simple backup program that is capable of backing up large files incrementally by splitting the file and backing up only changed parts of the file? The files I'm talking about are files that get altered by appending stuff at the end of the file, e.g. log files or mailbox files, so it's generally possible to split a new version of the file at the exact point where the old version stopped, purely by file size.

Specifically, I want to back up Thunderbird and SeaMonkey mailboxes without having to create additional subfolders within those programs.

I understand that if something had changed near the beginning of the file, then the whole file will have to be backed up, unless the backup program is capable of some very clever searching, but mostly the files will change only by having data appended to it.


A:Backup software that splits large files for incremental backup

You may want to rethink incremental backups. Where I worked, until I retired, we first used incremental backups for our servers. That seemed like a good approach - make an initial full backup on one day of the week and then only incrementals the rest of the week. That allowed smaller backups however when it came time to restore it was a nightmare making sure the incrementals were installed in the proper order, and it took much longer to restore. A decision was made to only do full backups every night and although the backup was bigger if a restore was needed there was no confusion on order of reinstall and it took less time.

I do the same thing with my own PC backups. I use Acronis True Image, which has incremental backup ability, but I only do full hard drive backups, to a separate hard drive.

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~~~~~~~~~~ Background ~~~~~~~~~~

I recently started helping my father in law get his Samsung NP-Q330-JA03HK laptop back to working order. He had not used it in a couple of years, and when I tried tuning it, I found that it was extremely slow. A Malwarebytes scan, Windows updates, and some other actions failed to do the trick.

So, I used his laptop's Samsung Recovery Solution 4 program to do a complete restore to factory condition. I did this at boot time (pressed F4 until Samsung Recovery Solution launched a special Windows session).

The restoration seems to have done the trick: the laptop is once more responsive. Now I am doing the agony of 4 years of Windows 7 updates... (If you have any special tricks to speed this up, lemme know!)

~~~~~~~~~~ Questions ~~~~~~~~~~

The reason why I am posting is that while doing the restore, I noticed that there were 2 backups on the D: drive (which is actually a special partition used by Samsung Recovery Solution).

I picked the oldest one, guessing that it was the original factory backup, and that seems to be correct.

That said, I would now like to delete the other one, as it is unknown garbage at this point.

Unfortunately, when I run the Samsung Recovery Solution 4 program, I see no option whatsoever to delete an old backup.


Have I overlooked anything in the Samsung Recovery Solution GUI?

Can Samsung Recovery Solution 4 be upgraded to a later version (e.g. Samsung Recovery Solution 5), and can later versions delete old ... Read more

A:Samsung Recovery Solution: backup location, delete old backup

Hello up2trix and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm not familiar with the Samsung Recovery Solution so I won't be any help with your specific questions. However, one of the Forum experts has prepared a very detailed tutorial on how to do a Clean Reinstall of Windows 7. It even includes instructions on how to obtain a legal copy of Windows 7 with SP1 installation disk.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Once the clean install is finished, you could make use of the Windows 7 hotfix rollup that was released by Microsoft in 2013. It contains the first 90 or so hotfixes that were released after SP1. That should save you some time doing the updates.

Hope some of this helps.

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I have a new HP Pavillion Elite HPE with 920 GB of memory running Windows 7. I am an average computer user. I have a WD external backup drive with 1TB memory. I don't like the backup software that comes with the computer. I can't access anything to see how old the files are. The only option is to restore. Thank God I haven't had to do that. I have the files important to me backed up manually. I tried Nova backup but all I had was a bunch (really- a bunch) of files again that I couldn't access. I had a copy of Norton Ghost that wouldn't work with my old XP computer so I tried it on this one. After days with support manipulating my computer, going through three people to the software engineer, they could not make Ghost work on my (64? whatever) computer.

I don't know if I need a mirror or clone or whatever I've been reading about that I don't understand. I have plenty of room on the backup drive and have CD's and DVD's that will restore, I think. Best Buy made me some when I bought it and the computer made me make some as well when I got home. I can manually do a system backup less my files that doesn't change. So what I really want to do is to find a software that will enable me to choose the files I want to that sometimes change (My Documents) and have those backup on a regular basis. I also want to have those so I can go to my M drive (backup drive) and see my files just like in windows explorer. That way, if anything does happen, I know my files are alright and if I have ... Read more

A:Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive?

and welcome to the Forum

I use Syncback for that:

SyncBack Freeware - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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Hi everyone,

I created an image using the Microsoft Backup and Restore tool in Windows 7. I saved the image on a network shared folder.

I then went to the Advanced Recovery Methods in Windows to restore my image...that I just created. It restarts the computer and goes into recovery mode, I point to where the image is located, I entered the network credentials and it give me an error.

"The Specified network resource or device is no longer available. (0x80070037)"

Please look at the attachments below.

Oh...I'm doing this in Windows Virtual PC.

Anyone knows what I'm missing?

A:I created a backup Image using the Microsoft Backup Utility and Now I can't Restore.

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New to this forum. I am using Win7 Backup and Restore, along with a Seagate external drive for my backup needs. I backup every week, and have been using it for about 1 year. I see the backups happening each week, but I've never had the need to restore anything. For the first time, I've needed to find an old version of a file. I have read the many articles about how to use the Win7 Restore utility, but when I 'search for files' using this utility for the file I'm looking for, I don't see it in any of the backups (various dates over the past 3 months). Now I'm wondering what it's backing up. The backup drive has lots of data, so it's putting something in there ;-)

So, in summary, I go through all the restore steps, but can't find the file I'm looking for. Is there some secret to using this tool? Seems straight forward...

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Windows7 Backup and Restore utility: I can't find the file to backup

I find this program invaluable - it will find everything on your comp in seconds.

Download Everything

Type in the name of the file or any part of it and if it's on your comp, it will tell you.

When the file come up, right click and "open path."

Hope this helps.

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From times to times I load my disk image backup from win7 system and install the new programs/drivers i was using and save a new backup.

I usually to do this by backing up my C: drive, but this turn to my surprise, windows for some reason wants to backup C and D, is it possible to pick a drive for it to make a system image?

I'm mean, this is probably my 8th updagrade to the backup. I've always backed up from C: -> D:, which are on the same hdd, and now it suddenly needs to backup C and D to create a system image .

A:system image backup - how does windows pick the drives to backup?

Hello vbkun.

Will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map so we can see what you have going on.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a snip of that.

How to Post a Screenshot in Seven Forums

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OS WinXP Pro
Trying to backup the registry using the utility backup from system tools.
error =
"Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure."

Research shows that it is possible to turn off the volume shadow feature .. but not if the backup includes the System State selection.

I have an ethernet connection to an ADSL modem and a 40gb hard drive in two partitions c: and d: with about 20gb used in total.

Any help much appreciated ..

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Hi all,
Due to my dell inspiron 14" 7447 have problem after use with window 10 for few month, (get kernel security check failure) cannot fix easy, so I have recover  from win 8 (dell ssd build in  and them update to win10 again) , everything work fine, but when I try to make a new backup , it always show as follow, then crash even time. How can I fix it?
Tks all.

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I periodically backup my data files which is on another hard drive than WIN7 OS so this backup is not a system image. Every time I do a backup I do a restore to a dummy partition to double check the backup was successful. Anyway, I recently tried to restore my backup from March 2014 & the backup utility is not recognizing the file. It recognizes other backups so something must be off with this particular file.

I checked & it appears all of the catalogs & zipped files are present. Is there another manner or 3rd party software I could restore this particular file? The file is just over 100 GB. I should add that I have transferred that file from one hard drive to another since last March, but transferring should not be a problem as far as I understand.

Appreciate any suggestions

A:WINDOWS Backup & Restore utility not recognizing my backup file

zipped files? You should be able to open those in windows explorer.Or use 7-zip.

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I'm preparing to upgrade from Windows 2000 professional to XP. I would like a perfect backup of my C: drive in case the worst happens and XP kills my computer (so I can revert back to 2000 and my old system without a problem). I have 2 hard drives so I have the room to put an exact image of my C: drive onto the slave drive. Just wanting to get some feedback as to the best way to do this.

So far I just used the "backup now" option in Windows 2000 and saved a .bkf file of my entire drive to the slave. It actually didn't take up that much space--the .bkf must contain some sort of compression.

Anyway, is this the best way to go about protecting myself or would it be worthwhile to instead invest in a 3rd party backup program instead before undertaking this? There are tons of programs out there of course, Norton Ghost, Backup Now, GoBack, or what have you. If Windows' option works well I don't know why people would buy a 3rd party program but I hear about it a lot so I thought I'd ask. Anyone ever restored an entire system from a windows .bkf file before and had difficulty? Protecting myself is pretty important to me.

Any advice would be helpful.

A:Computer backup before upgrade to XP--backup software suggestions,.bkf files,etc?

With the windows backup you have to reinstall windows and then restore the backup to get back to where you were. I use and love ghost because it makes a 100% exact copy of EVERYTHING and all you have to do to get it back is to restore the image and you're up a going again - no need to reinstall windows. Is also fast and can clone one drive to another or create an Image file.

GoBack I don't like and Backup Now needs windows to be installed to restore the backup

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Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions of Backup & Recovery 10 Compact and System Backup 9.5 for free until 7/12.


Paragon Backup & Recovery Suite

System Backup


License software - free backup, partition freeware, data recovery

A Guy

A:Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 and System Backup 9.5 Free till 7/12

Good find, Thanks Bill.

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate connected to network with Server 2008 (R2).

I am trying to backup the System Image [only] to a share on the server without success:

[Window Title] Windows Backup: Troubleshooting Options

[Main Instruction] Check your backup

[Content] Windows Backup cannot read the backup destination.

[Try to run backup again] [Change backup settings]

[Expanded Information]
Backup time: 8/05/2016 6:20 PM
Backup location: \\Server2008\backup\
Error code: 0x8078006F

The backup location is a valid share on the server and is accessible (and read/writeable) from my Win7 machine. Both SYSTEM and Administrators have "Full control". When setting up the backup, the location is tested and a username and password requested - these are accepted (and wrong ones are not, so some sort of check is being carried out), however when I attempt to run the backup (either manually or on schedule) the backup runs briefly (a few %) then fails with the message "Windows backup did not complete successfully" then the message box as above. No files are created at the backup location.

A search of the web finds a lot of similar questions and a lot of wrong and useless answers. This has been an ongoing problem for some time, but I really would like to have a regular scheduled backup. Has anybody got any clues, please?

A:Windows Backup cannot read the backup destination, Error: 0x8078006F

Hi Seven,

include the domain name of the network drive (not the computer you're backing up, but the network device): NETWORKDEVICE\Username\backup\

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I reinstalled my operating system with the operating system disk to try and erase everything from my harddrive but its not deleted. Everything is still here in C drive backup, "I believe". I can only access program files and I can not delete anything within backup. Were the desktop files deleted?

Furthermore, when I try to delete backup, its keep saying "This folder is shared with other people. If you delete this folder, it will no longer be shared. Continue" and when I click continue it says the same thing. Then when I click continue again it says "destination folder access denied. You need permission to perform this action". How do I delete it?

A:Where is desktop in backup? How do I delete backup? in Vista Home premium 64-bit

Hi -

Please further explain what you are referring to by "backup" - is this a folder on the c: drive?

Are you using the Vista recovery DVD(s) that came with that particular system to re-install Vista?

Happy Holidays !



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I'm running Windows 7 64x Home Premium on a Toshiba Qosmio X505 laptop. I just got it back from the warranty repair center, where they replaced the hard drive and graphics fan & heatsink, and reloaded the factory windows version. Before I sent it out for repair, I used Windows Backup to create a backup of all my files on a Toshiba casio 500GB external USB drive (I had over 300 GB of files, so it was easier to use Windows Backup than drag and drop all the files, at least at the time). Now that I have the laptop back, I'm having trouble restoring my files. When I go to Control Panel-> Backup & Restore, a message appears in the restore section, saying "Windows could not find a backup for this computer." I've tried reconnecting the drive as well as restarting my computer, but to no avail. I can see and explore the files in My Computer, so I know the hard drive is properly connected. I appreciate any help you can give.


A:Backup External drive seen by My Computer, but not Backup & Restore

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Hi there, basically what im looking to do is delete some old entries that the XP backup utility has created over time that i setup a while ago. Im using the "copy" nothing has been appended or incremental.

Im just looking to avoid deleting the setup i got, and maybe just delete a few "copy" backups so that theres not 8 gigs / 1 years worth of backups...i only need about 4 months I forgot about it....cuz i never neaded it

But it looks as if its the only way b/c i cant just delete selected backups...all or nothing?/

Anyone know of a better backup utility that is simple and easy on a system BTW???

Thanks for looking.

A:Solved: Can i edit a backup created in XP backup utility?

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I have just got w7 and was wondering whether to use it's backup, I was using norton ghost 15 and there was to many bugs not like previous versions that I,v used for years with xp and win 98.
Can I back up ALL my complete os including all apps and return w7 to exactly the way it was every byte?
Has any one used w7 backup if so whats the best way to use it so if possible you can return everything just the way it was.

Regards Steve

A:is w7 backup any good compared to 3rd party backup apps


It is good, I use it

This is what you do.

Make a copy put it on an external hard drive and forget about it.

Every month make a new image and keep it on the internal hard drive. Ever need a backup you have a current one.
If for some reason you cannot use the current, (virus, hard drive failure) you have the one you hid away.

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I've used Windows Backup and Restore successfully on many occasions but I now get the error "0x81000037: Windows Backup failed while trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volumes being backed up" and I don't understand it. I've spent hours researching this issue and cannot seem to create a backup.

I've been to all the Microsoft pages and various "Windows 7" forums to no avail. I've gone the "delete the Java cache" route, the "C\Users\my account\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0" route and deleted the numbered entries (which remain in my Recycle Bin), the "Command Prompt with DIR /AL /S, which showed "File not found" (I still don't understand what a reparse point is) and the "virus in a shadow copy" route which produced nothing. I've scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials, the only AV application I use, which produced nothing. Disabling MSSE does not help (I checked Task Manager, All users, and the MSSE process before attempting the backup and it was indeed stopped). I've also performed full scans with MalwareBytes, the paid version of Spybot S&D and SuperAntiSpyware, which produced no results. I don't let these additional malware applications run in real time. I only start them when I want to run additional virus scans. I've run the Microsoft Safety Scanner in full mode, which produced nothing. I've run chkdsk at boot time on two occasions which produced "unallocated free ... Read more

A:Windows Backup and Restore fails to create backup

It sounds like something got damaged or corrupted for unknown reasons. You seem to have tried all the usual fixes. Did you go through this Microsoft KB article (Issue 2) and the full suggested workaround about half-way down the page?

Windows backup or restore errors 0x80070001, 0x81000037, or 0x80070003

If the workaround doesn't help do you have a restore point from before this problem first appeared?

System Restore

If a restore point doesn't fix things or isn't available, do you have a recent system image (from before the problem first appeared?)

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Not sure how to explain what I mean but can anyone please tell me if there is any difference between backing up files as 'data' files or making a music CD as a means for backing up? I normally backup my music files, using Nero, as 'data' files. Once burnt, I can also use this same DVD/CD on my PC and play the music files in the normal way, so what is the difference between choosing 'data' as opposed to just backing up the files as music files, please? Does it perhaps take up less room when choosing the 'data' method?

I should be grateful for any replies.
Many thanks

A:Solved: Data Backup versus Music backup

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Hi. I am trying to perform a full PC Backup on Vista Service Pack 2.  I have a recently purchased Seagate Backup Plus 2TB drive which has 1.6TB free space.  When I do the normal 'Backup Files' option it backs up onto this drive no problem  When I then try to do a Complete PC Backup onto the same disk (size of backup estimted to be 67Gb), it bombs straight away, with the error message 'One of the backup files could not be created. (x08078002A)'. I have only performed a full backup once onto multiple DVDs which worked fine.  This backup however, is seriously out of date now. Could someone please assist? Thanks.

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Does Norton Online Backup no longer backup wirelessly?

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I'm about ready to consider this a bug.

Traditionally, I share a folder from my Desktop to my PC via SMB and it works perfect as can be. The HDD on the Desktop has PLENTY of space and is in NTFS format and not being used as a NAS.

I browse network to find the folder I want, there it is all ready to be used. I select and enter the same information (my live email and password, and also tried Desktop username/password) as I did with getting the folder to share in the first place.

I keep getting the error 0x80070544 which tells me that it's the network credentials.

There is only a grand total of one post on here that I can find that error code and it was never truly resolved. I don't know what I should do. I would despise using alternative software over something as trivial as this.

Any help would be GREATLY! appreciated.

A:Windows Backup: Set Network Backup. Error: 0x80070544

Prefix your username with the name of the pc your connecting to assuming you have an account on that pc so if the pc is called fredspc you enter fredpc\username

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Hi ? I am trying to setup a Win7 Pro PC backup so that the primary user does not have any admin rights. Setup Standard user login and then another separate login for file backups.

Created a new login called Backup1, and assigned this User Account to the Backup Operators Group, and Users Group. Rebooted, and logged in as Backup1. Attempted to run Backup. Get the following error:

The backup application could not start due to an internal error:
You must be logged in as an administrator to perform this task.

I then get presented with all existing User Accounts including Administrator and the option to enter the Admin Password. If I select Admin and enter Admin p/w it works ok. If I select any other option the backup fails.

I am at a loss as to how to sort this ? I understood that adding a User Account to the Backup Operators Group would allow that User to run Backup (only) without the necessity of entering an Admin password. Can anyone assist me with this please - I have had a look through this forum but cannot see anything obvious to look for.. Thanks in advance.

A:Backup Operator Group - problem running Backup

I thought you had to be a member of Admin AND Backup Operators Group.

FWIW, I noticed that when getting ownership of the WindowsImageBackup folder, security shows me now in Backup Operators Group. Then again, this is a System Image and not a folder "Backup".

My logon is single, admin/user.

Seems others are having this problem. Even saw someone label it a UAC bug. I don't know much about UAC, but is it worth trying to lower UAC all the way to the bottom and try this again?

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

thanks for your help.

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last month i performed a file backup onto a network drive at our office.
Two weeks ago, my hard drive on my vista business laptop took a dump.

Now i want to retrieve that file back up, but it cannot find the backup sets to this file backup. it keeps asking for a different location and that my backup sets can't be located.

Any thoughts....

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I curently don't use Dell Backup and Recovery, and I don't run any Dell startup items or automatic services. I also don't have the Recovery Partition in my current deployment. Because the partition is missing, Dell Bu & Rec takes a while to start if I click on the tile. When it does start, it offers to rebuild my recovery environment. It looks like in the System Backup settings, I see under more options the following: Instant Restore status (currently turned to on) and statuses for Overlay Icon and Context Menu.

Because I don't run startups or automatic services, and because my Recovery Partition is missing, I wonder if it will do anything at all to turn off Instant Restore, Overlay Icon, and Context Menu. I don't like launching Sys Bu & Rec, but will do so if you think that turning off Instant Restore, Overlay Icon, and Context Menu will shut off additional features.

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How come the built in Vista backup utility doesn't backup software? Does anyone know of a way to do this, or know of any software that will create an image of my harddrive? I seriously need to reformat my computer and I can't do it without this.


A:Vista Backup Utility Doesnt Backup Software?

Norton ghost or Acronis True Image... the latter is the easier of the two apps IMO.

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My Vista backup is no longer backing up. It fails because it says drive "L" cannot be found. Well, my external drive is labelled "J," and has been for the past year when I've successfully backed up my hard drive. When I attempt to change the settings to back up to drive "J," it just says "looking for backup devices," and just keeps going on forever, never finding "J." I can see J in windows explorer, and it seems to be functioning just fine. Any ideas on how to get it to find drive J again?

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I have backups on several external USB storage devices. S:, T:, U:, V: and currently V: is my backup drive. I simply want to start cleaning out old backups as I have run out of space. on all my drives. V: I have reduced to a single current backup copy. However on S:, T: and U: there are several dated backups from a time ago that is now somewhat dated. So, I want to free some of this space.

It seems I cannot just change locations and manage my backup space without performing a new backup. That's sick. Anyone know a way to change the location without actually performing the backup?

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I've been rethinking my backup strategy at home (or lack of it, to be more precise) and came to these conclusions (I only need to backup one computer running Windows 7 x64):

1) Why bother with OS backup at disk image level?

I just don't see a point in doing OS backup at disk image level at home. Within past 15 years I could've benefited of it once. Since I didn't have it I spent about a day and a half re-installing OS from scratch, which I was OK with plus it's always good to reinstall OS from scratch to get rid of accumulated "crud"

Other reasons why this is a hassle:

2) What software to do it with?

I just don't trust anything that claims to be able to backup OS while it is running. To do this backup program has to integrate itself with Windows at OS level, install drivers and/or services that run all the time and consume CPU resources and often mess up whole OS. Just check out review for Acronis 2012 at Amazon - 2.5 out of 5 (~100 reviews). The other popular contender is Macrium that has 3.5 out of 5 at IMO anything under 4.8 is not acceptable for the backup application. Please recommend if you know something better.

So the only feasible option is to use some kind of bootable media and backup when OS is not running. This takes a long time and you can't use your computer until it is done and backup is verified. Plus it still takes large amounts of disc space. As of now my compressed OS image would be about 40 GB. Say you do this once a week - th... Read more

A:Why bother with OS-level backup (and other thoughts on backup strategy

Hi Joe, Welcome to Seven Forums.

I simply took a system image of my Windows 7 machine after installing the OS, Windows Updates and my standard applications using the built in Windows 7 Backup utility.
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

I don't then create system images every week simply because my initial image would always be the one i would want to restore (clean install with my standard applications).

2nd to that i use Windows Backup to backup all of my files/folders, this runs everyday but it doesn't create a full backup everyday, just anything that is new or has been changed since the last backup.
Backup User and System Files

I myself have found it to be very effective as a the Hard Drive died a week after using it so upon the manufacturer replacing it i used the system image to restore the OS and then the backups to restore the files.
OS - System Image Recovery
Files - Restore Backup User and System Files

Not a single issue.

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

Thanks for your help.

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Trying to back up using Vista, backup fails with error message access denied Ox8007005.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:trying to backup in Vista, but backup fails with error message

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I have tried to create a batch file to backup our important data from our program to our server(drive letter Z)on our network and cant seem to get it to work.Could someone look at it and be able to tell me what is wrong with it. We also decided to include backing up our my documents folder too.

@echo off
:: variables
set backupcmd=xcopy /Z

echo backing up procare data
echo please wait...

xcopy "Z:\Procare\DB\*.*":\\dataonserver01\users\Jeannie\"

echo Backing up My Documents
%backupcmd% "userprofile%\My Documents" "%c%\My Documents"

echo Backup Complete!

A:Software doesn't backup so trying batch file backup

I guess it depends on what you're backing up. I use Beyond Compare to sync files between machines.

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The company I work for is expanding and I have been tasked with organising the backup policy. I have opted for Microsoft System Center: Data Protection Manager 2010 installed on a Windows Server 2008 machine.

All the backup files are kept on a dedicated HDD in the data store.

My question is can I use Windows Server Backup which comes with Server 2008 to make a working backup of the DPM data store to an external HDD? If I can then which locations do I have to include in the backup.

I would also appreiciate any links which might help.

Thanks for any help.


A:Can I backup DPM 2010 store using Windows Server Backup?

Tr this link below.

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Regrettably I learned too late that Dell Backup & Recovery 'might' encounter problems in Windows 10 if a user did not update 'DBaR' version 1.7 before an upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10. I have a Dell Inspiron 3647.
When I only select a few files to backup (e.g., pics, docs, printer software and a few apps) it would backup to my 32 GB USB flash error free.
But when I try a significant back up -- e.g., 8 GBs -- I get a display after 20 minutes, or so, that the backup created an error. [head scratch]
Even something less challenging for DBaR like running a Factory Recovery Media backup resulted in the same error. Yet using the Windows 10 Control Panel Recovery app completed a backup error free.
I tried more than one USB flash, I ran Dell Update, defragged my hard drive, disabled firewall and AV protection. Nothing seemed to help.
Am I correct to assume that Dell Backup & Recovery 'might' encounter problems in Windows 10?
Sure would be nice to at least backup costly apps like Microsoft Office.
Michael T.
Software Engineer (retired)

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Window 8.1

When I run File history backup, I get the following error:

Directory was not backed up because it is a reparse point:
C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Pictures
C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Music
C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Videos

If you want it to be protected, remove the reparse point.

When I run the following Command prompt: Dir/al/s
It show me these reparse points as follow
Directory of C:\Users\(myname)\Documents
09/09/2015 01:30 pm <JUNCTION> My Music (C:\users\(myname)\Music)
09/09/2015 01:30 pm <JUNCTION> My Pictures (C:\users\(myname)\Pictures)
09/09/2015 01:30 pm <JUNCTION> My Videos (C:\users\(myname)\Videos)
When I use Files Explorer,
These files do not show up.
I see: C:\Users\(myname)\My Music / but I don?t see: C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Music
I see: C:\Users\(myname)\My Pictures / but I don?t see: C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Pictures
I see: C:\Users\(myname)\My Videos / but I don?t see: C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Videos
How do I Delete/Remove these reparse point?

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I keep getting an error when I try to use the Backup Program. As far as I can tell there are no hidden partitions. Using the Administrator tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management tool, I deleted all the partitions on my external ESATA drive which is larger than my boot drive. Then I recreated two partitions, one a 30G partition and the other uses the rest of the 320G drive. After formatting them, I tried to do a backup and received the same error. I have done this twice now. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix this?

I used the external drive dock in USB mode and got the same errors. I tried two different external enclosures and still the same errors.


Windows Backup Error:
A shadow copy could not be created. Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more information. (0x81000019)

VSS Warning:

ASR writer Error 0x80042416
0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.
Operation: PrepareForBackup event Context: Execution Context: ASR Writer Execution Context: Writer Writer Class Id: {be000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4} Writer Name: ASR Writer Writer Instance ID: {628b20aa-214f-4935-9b7a-722e0bf2200b} Error-specific details: ASR Writer: System partition (partition marked "active") is hidden or contains an unrecognized file system. Backup does not support t... Read more

A:Unable to backup hard drive with Backup Program

That error seems to be referring to your system partition, not your backup destination. Make sure you're logged in as an admin.

Now run an elevated (admiinstrative) command prompt
Start > Cmd > Right Click Cmd.exe > Run as Admin
Type in: sfc / scannow

If you get errors, run that three times.

If that doesn't help you could try a System Repair or Repair Install.

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After restoring a computer and backing up files, once the computer is back up and running should I have a foldercalled "My Backup -- 1408-08 2353" or should I have a single backup file called backup.bkf?

I'm trying to help someone, and they have a folder with the files already available instead of a single backup.bkf file. He wants to restore everything to the original location before the computer restore. How can he do that with the folder he has instead of a backup.bkf file?

The restore wizard is asking for a .bkf file to place everything in the original locations, and he doesn't have that.

A:After backup, should I have a "My Backup" folder or a backup.bkf file?

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Because the amount of data stored on my drives is continuously increasing, I've decided that it's time to find a way to backup the most important part of it.

So, I'm looking for a software capable of making a backup copy(on a secondary HDD) of certain folders and of certain files(from certain folders) and keeping it updated.

I'm also interested to make a backup copy of files that are locked, if possible.
I have some VMs and I'd like to back them up too if possbile.(I'll check to see whether VMWare Workstation can backup itself by taking snapshots on a different HDD at certain moments).

The software really needs to be able to cope with paths longer than 255 characters, it has to be able to retain all the file's attributes(creation date, modified date, attribute fields, etc), and it has to ba able to do bit-by-bit checking in order to prevent corruption.

Also, there are some large files that I can't backup(it would take too much space), and in this case I'd like to have a list of their names and sizes, and if possible a checksum(TTH or emule's MD5), in order to redownload them easily in case of a disaster.

What software would you advise me to use?
BTW, I'm also very interested about your backup methods for your sensible data.

PS: Neither RAID nor a ZFS NAS box are solutions for me at the moment, and I'm not looking for a software that does backup to an entire partition.


A:Looking for a good backup software/backup plan

You dont want much do you Nick?? Im not aware of any program that will do 100% of everything that you have listed ... that would require custom software ... the easiest solution IMO would be a program like Acronis/Macrium image, backed up to an external 2tb hard drive ... it may not be the most elegant solution, but it would work...

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Backup successfully completes and immediately restarts a second backup

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Can someone tell by these jpgs if the 6/28/10 "backup" is just a user files backup or a complete System Image Backup with user files backup included which I think is my default b/u setup now ?


A:Is this a general backup or system IMAGE & BACKUP

The items in the right pic could be moved to a flash drive or burned to CD. You will have to find them.

The Flash is easy to redownload. The Windows Security updates will just download and install again.

I'll check what my Sys Restore looks like and be back in a moment for the left picture.
I want to be sure.

My last Back up System Restore looks like yours. So this is defintely a System Restore point you are showing.
They changed the wording a bit on Win7 compared to XP.
If you need to go back that far you can try it.
Transfer what you can.


Yes System Image.

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Macrium Reflect Free

Free Desktop and Laptop backup - Veeam Endpoint Backup

Which ones is good and works as good if not better than Acronis True Image?

A:Has anyone use the free Image backup . can they backup Window 10 Pro

They are all well known tools - a major favourite (and unashamedly I say this my personal favourite) is Macrium Reflect Free.

Probably does not matter too much (although for 32bit eufi tablets I strongly recommend Macrium).

Best strategy is to use your favourite one regularly, but occasionally make a backup with a different one as extra insurance.

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I have my automatic backup set and it will run on schedule but only the first time.

After that successful run, it still say automatic backup is on, but the time of the next backup is "unknown".

So I go back to change backup settings to set it up again and it remembers what I had, will run again with no errors the next time ... but then always reverts back to "unknown" again.

This started happening about 2 months ago and I've been running MS Security Essentials and no third party security addons. I don't recall changing any system level options or programs in a long time. (but I guess I may have, since why else would it start failing, just for me)

I'd rather not abandon the "Backup and Restore Center" to get into the chaos and weird behavior of "free" or trial backup solutions and it's not worth paying for some other system since the built-in MS utility has been working perfectly

Any clues? Thanks!

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Macrium Reflect Free

Free Desktop and Laptop backup - Veeam Endpoint Backup

Which ones is good and works as good if not better than Acronis True Image?

A:Has anyone use the free Image backup . can they backup Window 10 Pro

They are all well known tools - a major favourite (and unashamedly I say this my personal favourite) is Macrium Reflect Free.

Probably does not matter too much (although for 32bit eufi tablets I strongly recommend Macrium).

Best strategy is to use your favourite one regularly, but occasionally make a backup with a different one as extra insurance.

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Checking out the windows backup option bundled with the OS.. In the past, I have used an older version of Acronis to build backup jobs, etc. The new backup looks to be pretty good initially, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience with how well it performs... I know I have been asking a lot of questions lately, but figured one more would not hurt..

A:Windows Backup vs 3rd party Backup solution.


We love the questions. win 7 backup utility works for most ppl. I use it in addition to Acronis. I like the ability to pour an image back to the same or different partitions and for that Acronis fits the bill. For straight backup the OS partition win 7's backup works fine. So its 6 of one half a dozen of the other. If I had to pick one and only one it would be Acronis


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Do I use clone or backup on my hardware backup program?

A:Clone or backup on my hardware backup program

I would do a clone each month, a weekly file backups. How often you do the file backup depends on how much data you create and update each day.

PS there is no 'hardware' backup program. I assume you mean some backup program included that was included with system purchase.

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I just bought a USB 3.0 3 TB external drive for making backups. After some searching, I decided to use EaseUS Todo Backup because CNET rated it highly. I plugged the drive into a 3.0 port and did a backup. It was a file backup, not an image backup, but it still puts everything in one file (.PBD) and then apparently modifies Windows Explorer to be able to browse the file. Windows Backup (the one that comes on Windows 7) seems to work similarly, though you need to use a wizard to restore things. The backup took twice as much space as my data takes up on my internal hard drive. Also, it took 8 and a half hours, which I calculated to be 20 MB/s. So my questions are:

1. Why doesn't it just put things in the drive in a normal folder/file structure?
2. Why did it take up twice as much space?
3. Why did a USB 3.0 backup go so slowly? (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it took up twice as much space, but that's still slow considering I've gotten speeds of 75 MB/s, and I do realize transferring a lot of small files will take longer.)
4. Am I just better off with using Windows Backup (or is restoring a pain with the wizard)?

Thanks for any advise!

A:Backup Software (EaseUS/Windows Backup)

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Within a couple weeks of getting my laptop (Dell Vostro 3700, intel i5, Win7 Pro 32-bit) I used the Windows backup tool to make a set of restore disks. I have recently learned this may have been a mistake.

Fast forward: a few weeks ago I did a clean install of Win7 from the system disks that came with my computer. It worked ok, but it's missing drivers and programs and such- I've lost multitouch on my trackpad, for instance.

So I decided to restore from my DVDs, and they don't work. Some quick research around this site informs me this is not uncommon, but is there a way to pull the data off them onto, say, an external hard drive, and restore from there? Or restore parts of the data by hand?


A:Is it possible to pull a working backup from bad backup DVDs?

Have you gone to the Dell web site, entered your service tag, and attempted to locate and download these missing programs and drivers?

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Running W7/64. I've tried to create a system backup to my D drive: error message states that I cannot create an image to a drive which Windows boots from or is installed on.

Not good.

My computer has an SSD ,the C drive, and a spinner, the D drive.

When I installed Windows, I only had the C drive installed. The D drive was not physically connected.

Now, the D drive was recycled from another use. It +had+ been a C drive (possibly for this very machine). I did a full format on it, and ensured it was not hooked up during the SSD install. (I thought that would erase windows OS files.) Somehow, Windows on D drive won't die!

My thought is that I need to perform a repair install. I can do that...and I will. I'll make sure D drive is physically disconnected. Again. Obviously, my attempt to erase any and all previously used data on the D drive failed. (At least, that's my thought.)

How do I remove any OS remnants on the D drive? Yeah, I've got stuff on it, but I can create a Macrium backup and restore them, if need be.

I've included Drive Manager image of it as well as what Macrium sees. (I've got some of the SSD unallocated for overprovisioning.)


A:Cannot create a backup image on my backup harddrive?

Ok mate my first thought is I would clean the D: drive using DISKPART - clean or clean all depends on how thorough you want to be a simple clean would in my mind be enough.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
then format it.

My other thought is how old is that spinner??

Edit I meant to say back up the data first eh?

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Running W7/64. I've tried to create a system backup to my D drive: error message states that I cannot create an image to a drive which Windows boots from or is installed on.

Not good.

My computer has an SSD ,the C drive, and a spinner, the D drive.

When I installed Windows, I only had the C drive installed. The D drive was not physically connected.

Now, the D drive was recycled from another use. It +had+ been a C drive (possibly for this very machine). I did a full format on it, and ensured it was not hooked up during the SSD install. (I thought that would erase windows OS files.) Somehow, Windows on D drive won't die!

My thought is that I need to perform a repair install. I can do that...and I will. I'll make sure D drive is physically disconnected. Again. Obviously, my attempt to erase any and all previously used data on the D drive failed. (At least, that's my thought.)

How do I remove any OS remnants on the D drive? Yeah, I've got stuff on it, but I can create a Macrium backup and restore them, if need be.

I've included Drive Manager image of it as well as what Macrium sees. (I've got some of the SSD unallocated for overprovisioning.)


A:Cannot create a backup image on my backup harddrive?

Ok mate my first thought is I would clean the D: drive using DISKPART - clean or clean all depends on how thorough you want to be a simple clean would in my mind be enough.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
then format it.

My other thought is how old is that spinner??

Edit I meant to say back up the data first eh?

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