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Viewsonic Monitor "Frequency Over Range"

Q: Viewsonic Monitor "Frequency Over Range"

I have a Viewsonic E-655 and when I put it on my computer nothing happens... if I pull out the power and then replaace it there is just five shimmering balck belts accross thre screen. I tried it on my Mum's computer, and it came up with the message Frequency Over range. What is this.
I had it out last night and had it plugged through a Sanyo projector - ie. the computer plugged into the projector and so did the monitor. Would this have done it? Also, carrying it back out to the car when it was raning might have gotten it wet?

Thanks in advance for any help!

A: Viewsonic Monitor "Frequency Over Range"

Only thing I can think of is that your video settings got changed somehow. Can you put another monitor on your machine, boot up into windows. go to start/settings/control panel/display/settings tab/advanced button/adapter tab/ in the drop down box if refresh rate is set to optimal change it to adapter default, save , shutdown and hook up the other monitor. Long shot, probably won't work

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Good day all,

I just had the oppurtunity to move on to Windows 7, after installing everything was good(As far as I can see).

Now, my system has a GeForce 210 Graphics Card, so naturally I would want to install the NVIDIA drivers. Here is when sith happens:

After the mandatory restart, Win7 loads(good so far), then my Monitor (a Likom 556S... something 15" CRT monitor) would whine at me about "Frequency out of range". I could hear the startup sound, but see nothing except the "Frequency out of range" message.

The manual for my Monitor says that the maximum resolution for the Monitor is 1024 x 768 @ 70 Hz.

I tried changing to different modes(Via Safe Mode) to no avail, I even plugged my PC to a different monitor(It worked fine) and set the resolution to a very low 640x480 @ 60 Hz, but when I plugged it back it still is "Out of Range".

Anyone can assist me with troubleshooting this?


A:Monitor cries: "OUT OF FREQUENCY RANGE" at login

Try this.

1. Boot in safe mode.
2. Un-install the nvidia display driver.
3. Set the display settings to some supported value.
4. Restart, install nvidia display driver and set the appropriate settings which your monitor supports.
5. Restart.

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I have a PC running WinXP Media Edition. When I launch the game Tumble Bugs my screen goes black as usual and I can hear the game theme music playing but I get the "Frequency Out of Range" Error Message. Can you advise me how to fix the Frequency out of range error?

A:"Frequency Out of Range" Error Message - Tumble Bugs

Try running it in Compatibility mode - right-click the shortcut, select Properties, and click the Compatibility tab. Switch it to Windows XP, and see if it helps.

Also, make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your video card.

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Uhm, hey, i'm not sure if this is an easy problem to fix or not, but when i play CSS i get this message from my monitor that the Frequency is out of range.

I use to be able to play this all the time, until i uninstalled and then re-installed.

I've updated my Video Card, and got the driver for it.

I'm running it on Vista, but that was never a problem.

If you need to do a full explanation my MSN is [email protected] and my SN for AIM is Bera FTW.

Please help me.

A:Counter Strike Source "Frequency Out of Range"

it could be that the refresh rate is exceeding what the monitor can handle. go into the display properties and knock down the refresh rate to 60 Hz. That should get rid of the message on your monitor. Also make sure you have the latest drivers installed for the vid card

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Here's my set-up:
HP Pavilion desktop, P4 2.8Ghz, 1Gb RAM
iiyama ProLite E430S TFT monitor
XP Home SP2, OEM

My problem is with the screen resolution.

I had a long-term spyware issue that I couldn't shift without wiping the machine. But because I never got round to making a backup CD like I was supposed to (no XP CD was supplied), I bought and installed XP Home OEM.

Everything is working fine, except I'm stuck in 800x600 resolution (I had 1024x768 before). If I try to go larger, the screen goes fuzzy and I get an error message "Attention - signal frequency is out of range. H 35.5 Khz, V 87 Hz. Please change signal timing". After 10 seconds or so, it reverts to 800x600. I didn't touch the monitor during re-install.

In Control Panel / Display / Settings / Advanced / Monitor, the Monitor Type is 'Default Monitor' and the Properties button is greyed out. The Screen Refresh Rate field says "Use hardware default setting", no other options available.

The monitor was plug-and-play when I first bought it, but I've downloaded the drivers from iiyama's site. However, their re-install instructions require me to use that greyed-out Properties button...

Pressing 'auto set-up' on the monitor doesn't help. (Haven't tried 're-set to factory settings' though - I'm worried about what that actually does). The monitor is not (no longer?) listed in Device Manager.

A couple more things. I have a driver CD "for Intel 845 serie... Read more

A:[SOLVED] "signal frequency out of range" after XP re-install

Hello and Welcome to TSF

You need to change the refresh rate and resolution.


A couple more things. I have a driver CD "for Intel 845 series v1.4" which I suspect was for the motherboard, but it won't run - is that because I've installed another version of XP, not HP's one?

Please elaborate on why you didnt use HP's install media

Go to the following link and install your drivers

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I am an idiot and somehow screwed up my computer so i completely re-installed windows xp pro x64 bit edition and it installed just fine. (I think?) So It restarts the computer and it starts booting up.. the windows xp screen with the loading little blue bar thing under the logo starts going, then that finishes and then the screen goes blank and a blue box floats across the screen: "Frequency out of range." I have been googling this and I heard you need to fix your resolution or something but I can't log into the computer to do that. (I'm on a different computer) Pleeease help me out?

Off the top of my head I know the computer is a compaq. .and the moniter is a gateway I believe. Thanks so much if you can help!

A:Solved: "Frequency out of range"

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I tried to use our volunteer fire company Gateway computer with a flat screen monitor and "Wrong Frequency" came up on the screen. There was a count down of about 15 seconds before the screen went black. There was no "clue" as to what to do during the count down. I had used the computer the day before with no problems. The OS is "2000."

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Monitor error message " Wrong Frequency"

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Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of a problem with one of my computers, and I would be very grateful for any help from you guys. The problem originated in the following way:

1) Computer was working fine, etc. etc.

2) I shut it down so I could clean the fan from the thick cake of dust that was blocking it, as well as one of the DDR slots. The cleaning was done very gently with an unused paint-brush, so I don't think I displaced any parts or anything...

3) Ok, so I turn it back on, and when the monitor activates, I get a message that it is "out of frequency" and it proceeds to power down after a few moments. I have to note I did not change a single thing in the display settings that have been working fine for two years now (1280x1020? 32bit).

Now, I've looked through several tech support forums and most of the advise to get into safe mode, but I can't do that, at all. It just gives the out of frequency message, then shuts down. I also tried using the shmancy new monitor from this computer I am on now to see if maybe it'll work on the other one until I can lower the frequency or something, but it gave the same message. Please help?

Oh yes, I am using Windows XP.. with an S3 Savage graphics card? Something like that, and 256mb RAM, two hard disks of 20gb each. That's it, I think...

A:monitor "out of frequency" on startup

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I've had my HKC 21.6" monitor for over a year now, and i've been using it with my PC at 1920 x 1080 with no problems.
However, two days ago the screen suddenly went black and displayed the message "Out of Range". I've had to drop the resolution to 1680 x 1050 in order to see anything.

I've tested the monitor with the same VGA cable but with a different computer - this worked fine, so i'm assuming it's something to do with my computer.
I've tried reinstalling my video drivers, but this had no effect. My card is an ATi Radeon HD 5770, haven't had any problems with it before.

Obviously this is pretty irritating since anything other than the native resolution tends to look ugly.

Any help appreciated

A:Monitor displays "Out of Range" at 1080p (graphics card issue?)

Best thing I can advise is. Grab the latest WHQL ATI and CCC drivers.

before installing, uninstall your ati drivers in safe mode and your monitor from device manager.

Boot into normal mode and install the drivers. Make sure in setting you take off check for only display resolutions this monitor can handle,,, ok give it a shot.. let us know.. gl

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When I boot with the install DVD in in the drive, I initially get the message: "Out of Range/H Freq 35 kHz/V Freq 87 HZ." After a while the screen self-corrects, and booting begins normally. I accept license and choose Custom Installation. After running for a while, the "Out of Range" message reappears again and doesn't go away. I can't move beyond here because I can't read the screen. The monitor is a ViewSonic VP191b,  msg: V Freq outside of 60 - 75 range can harm monitor. Computer custom built (The Computer Place, in 2004, ASUS motherboard P4SP-MX (Prescott; needs Knowledge Base download to install XP SP-2,) Intel P4 2.4A 533 FSB CPU. Originally purchased w/o operating system to experiment with LINUX. Both drives (40 GB & 250 GB) reformatted in order to install Windows 7.

A:Windows 7 Clean Install Forces Monitor "Out of Range"

According to your thread, I suspect that the issue might be display device driver related.
First you might keep windows update regularly to obtain the latest driver for your device. Note: Drivers on the Windows Update site are directly provided by hardware manufacturers. Microsoft tests drivers in various environments before they are published; however, we cannot guarantee all drivers will work on all hardware platforms as there are too many different models, although their hardware ID are the same as the standard version. In some cases, due to hardware modifications by different manufacturers, the driver updates may cause some error.
If it does not work on your issue, I'd suggest you installing the Vista driver in Compatibility mode. Remove and rescan that hardware device in Device Manager, right-click on the driver executable/installer file -> Properties and select the Compatibility tab; click the checkbox before Run this program in Compatibility mode for option and select Windows Vista in the list-down box; then try installing the device driver. In addition, you can use the Windows XP driver for testing.
Meanwhile, please understand that Windows 7 is a new operating system and whole driverstore has been reprogrammed; you might wait for another period of time till the retail version is released and push the vendor company to upgrade their device driver. Thanks for your time and understanding!
For more details, please look at the first Sticky thre... Read more

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when trying to play games,eg:age of empires,comand and conquer,my sons digital monitor displays the error,out of range,with a flashing H freq-93.9khz and a non flashing V freq-144hz on a black background.
any idea`s?
k6-2 live.nvidia riva tnt2.256meg pc133sdram.

A:[SOLVED] digital monitor displays"out of range" error

Try going into display properties, settings, advanced button, adapter tab, change it to adapter default.
should work

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Help me someone please, ive been having some problems with a second hand computor i got (as anyone hu has seen my old topics in the last few days will know). Ive finally got vista home prem to reinstall but during the completely installation process the monitor goes black and displays a little blue box saying:

out of range
vga: 1024x768
h. sync: +68.8khz
v. sync: +85.1hz
clock: 184.0 mhz

What is this and why is it happening? and more importantly what can i do to fix it?
ive tried upplugging and plugging back in the monitor. I dont have another monitor i can easily get at the minute either.

I wouldnt be so bothered and id just deal with this in the morning but im in the middle of vista installation (somthin ive been tryin to do for the last week with no sucess untill now!).


A:Help! Monitor saying "out of range" in the middle of windows vista instalation!

Hello Hayley,
The problem is that your monitor is not compatable with your computer, here's what you need to try, i dont know how much you know about PC's so i will assume you are a beginner, (sorry if your not),

Start your computer and while it is booting up (starting) press F8 (top row on keyboard) every secound or so.
You will come to a screen like this or something like it,

Use the up/down arrows on your keyboard to highlight the "enable low resolution video (640x480)" option and press enter.
Good luck and post your result.

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I had my old computer hooked up to a 22" LCD but when I got a new computer I hooked it (the old computer) up to a 17" LCD. On startup, I get the windows splash screen, then everything goes blank and I get the Input Signal Out of Range message.

I was able to get into safe mode where I set the screen resolution back to the lowest setting. I rebooted and had the same message. Now I have tried a number of times and can't even get back into safe mode. I start tapping F8 when the splash screen shows up - is that too soon?

Please advise on how to get back into safe mode and then what do I do differently once I get there. Thanks!

A:Changed Monitor - "Input Signal Out of Range" message

Try hooking back up the 22inch resetting the resolution and saving it from within regular windows.

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Hi there I just got a new computer with a viewsonic 19 inch monitor geforce 7300 card running on windows xp pro and evertime i attempt to play a game my monitor goes out of range. I have tried to change the res to just about everything and it doesnt seem to help. Can anyone help me on this!


anyone know why my computer is doing this? at times the computer stayes out of range and i cant not get it to reset

A:Monitor goes "out of range" when attempting to play games

Your game is opening up in a resolution to great for your monitor - try and adjust the settings for the game in an ini file or something.


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i just sent my computer in to get a new power source installed and upon return of my computer i hooked it up to a different monitor than the one i normally use and everything was working fine. i bring the computer back up to my school and plug it into my relatively new flat screen LCD monitor and when it starts up, it goes through all of the booting screens, but when windows loads up the screen just goes black with a small blue message box in the middle that reads "ANALOG OUT OF REACH 75.3 kHz / 60 Hz." i have no idea why it says that but i dont know how to go about changing whatever it is that's wrong with it. can someone please help me out here?

A:LG LCD monitor message "OUT OF RANGE" after computer repair. HELP PLEASE!

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i searched for this problem on forums, but none were like mine...

i know i need to set the resolution lower..but i cant see anything on the screen, i tired to boot in safe mode, it says the resolution is in 600x800. (but i think thats just the safe mode resolution, cause i have no options to change it)

what do i have to do in safe mode to get the computer to work normally again??? can i reset something, or delete something? i'm just really stuck here and need some help, thanks.

A:Monitor Trouble! It Says "Out Of Scan Range" and i cant do anyting. please help

Two ways:

1. Boot into Safe Mode (F8). Change the display to 640x480 or 800x600 AND CLICK OK. Don't click CANCEL. Then boot back into normal.

2. Boot into Safe Mode (F8) and uninstall the video drivers. Then boot back into normal. Cancel out when Windows offers to install the drivers again. Then go to the website for your video card and download the drivers from there. (Don't use the ones that Windows wants you to use, get the reference drivers.) For instance, if you have a GeForce, go to


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Just bought a Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT 64MB PCI video card which has the Kyro chip. My KDS led monitor has no video except a box stating input is "out of range". The input is detected at 84 hrz. The monitor's range is 60 - 70 hrz.

The seller says the card is capable of a range from 60 - 85 hrz. He told me to " clear CMOS and change settings in control pannel". I don't know how to clear CMOS. Please advise. Thanks.

A:Video card "out of Range" of Monitor

Your monitor cannot display the resolution or the frequency. Lower the setting to say 800x600 60hz and bump it up from there until you get the messaga again.

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Hi my daughter tried to adjust the resolution and now the screen is Black and stuck on Out Of Range. I cannot even get it safe mode or anything. Just a black screen with the writting. It's a windows xp 32. My son is so sad if anyone knows what to do please help. Thank you.

A:PC monitor screen is black & says "Out Of Range"

Repeatedly press F8 while the system is booting.. The very first stuff you see on screen will either be your motherboard splash screen or some text. When you get to the menu where you can make a selection, choose VGA mode NOT Safe Mode. That will boot your computer at 640x480, but it will boot with full driver support, just as if things were normal. Change the resolution to what you want after that.

Remember if you change it to something that goes 'out of range' DO NOT touch anything for 15 seconds. It will revert back to what it was after that time and you can try again.

Unrelated.. Go to school at UMR? or different Miner?

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So recently I attempted to play this game (Eldritch) on my computer. I had no issue loading it; the problem arose when I went to options and clicked "Fullscreen". The monitor went black and a simple message popped up saying "Out of range". I tried fiddling with it for a bit to no avail, so I opted to restart the computer. Now whenever I turn it on that same "Out of Range" message is displayed alongside a black screen.

I'm unsure of what to do or how to proceed considering that I can't see anything on the monitor. I've read that I can enable a safe start up setting, but I've also read that the only way to do that is with a working monitor (I'm on Windows 8.1). I feel like the only way to solve the problem is by borrowing a better monitor from one of my friends so that I can access my computer and change the settings, but I'd really just like to fix this issue now.

So, can anyone help me?

A:"Out of range" displayed on monitor upon startup

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my pc is an ibm so how can i fix it if it displays "out of range" message?

A:how to fix if monitor displays "out of range" message?

what kind of monitor and what kind of graphics adapter? ( card\onboard?)

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Hi, I've been merrily playing Simcity 4 since forever with no problems, until two days ago when xp was updated to sp3. Suddenly the game will run for 10 seconds and then I get a black screen with "out of range" on it. I had this issue when I first ran Sims 3 but updated the monitor and graphics drivers, changed the frequency etc and all was well.

Now however, nothing is working, all drivers are up to date and even 800 x 600 res doesn't work. Everything was fine right up til the arrival of sp3. What am I missing? What did it do to my pooter?!

Thanks in advance,

A:Monitor "Out of Range" after Service Pack 3

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I have a NEC MultiSync LCD1565 Flat Screen Monitor. Every once in a while I'll Download a game demo, when I go to play the monitor says Out of range. Sometimes I can fix this if the game has a settings prior to lgame load feature. this has become rather frustrating.

Current settings:
1024x768 32 bit true color 60MHZ
I have most recent drivers loaded for both
monitor and video card.
GeForce FX5600 Ultra 128MB Video Card

Any suggestions?
BTW I've tried changing the res on my monitor from advanced settings. the only res that works with out error is 1024x768

A:Monitor says "out of range" on select games

I managed to fix this by playing around with the advanced settings for referance to anyone who might be experiencing the same thing:
start-settings-control panel-display-settings tab-advanced-Geforce tab-on left select change resolution-advanced timing-un check interlace mode.
seems to be working fine! No more "out of range"

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Increased screen resolution via display properties>settings>screen resolution. Pushed the slider all the way to the right, now monitor displays an "out of range" message and I cannot undo what I did. Help!

A:Message "out of range" displayed on monitor

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Take a look at this Microsoft article.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I have a Dell Insperon Notebook, that I’ve attached an external monitor (Gateway Vivitron 20), keyboard and mouse (both dell) to. (Through the ports in the back, not with a port replicator) They all have worked very well for almost a year now. Then just the other day, my monitor lost the primary color of red and a few hours later it just sat there with a black screen and a blue box that has a message in it that reads “out of scan range.”

I restarted my computer several times, checked both power cord & connector cord for any kind of damage, I also check to make sure they were properly attached to the back of the monitor and the power outlet or computer. I even shut the whole thing down let them sit for a day. I have done some searching online, I found one article regarding an “out of scan range” message that hinted at the problem being the monitor is to old for the computer it is hooked up to. Most of the article was very technical and I couldn’t understand much of it.

Now I know loosing a primary color can be any number of problems but what confuses me is the “out of scan range” message, if it’s because the monitor is to old for the computer it’s hooked up to, why did it work for almost a year with no problems. Is my monitor in need of some major repair or is there a problem with my computer “reading” the monitor. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated and thank you for you time in advance.

By the way, when I first hooked up the monitor... Read more

A:"out of scan range" monitor message

"out of scan range" generally means u are trying to display a higher resolution/ refresh rate than the monitor can display.

what size is the screen on the laptop and the external monitor. Also what are their res/refresh? can you still see the screen on the laptop? if so lower the res/refresh and this should solve your problem.

if you cant get a picture on either monitor or screen boot into safe mode and uninstall your gfx card. when you reboot it will either install a default one or reinstall your old driver. either way it should sort you out.

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Hi all, hope someone out there can be my saviour and come up with a fix for this.

My hard drive on my PC failed so had to buy a new one & at the same time upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, and here comes the monitor I'm using is also my TV (Bush 27" LCD) and once windows boots up I receive an "out of range" error message on a blank screen. I'm using the same screen as I was when I was running XP but on Win 7 it just doesn't seem to want to play ball. I've received this message before on XP but just needed to change the refresh rate down from 75hz to 60hz which I've done this time round but it hasn't solved the problem, anyone have any advise for me?

I'm using a VGA cable to connect my monitor to my PC (my monitor doesn't have a DVI port, but my PC does). I'm currently using monitor from another PC in the house to use my PC so I know that the video card's working, there must just be some kind of conflict somewhere.

A:"out of range" monitor message after Win 7 upgrade

i'm pretty sure that message means your video card is using settings that are too high for your monitor to handle. check the specs for your monitor and adjust your video card settings to match.

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Hi: I'm have HP Pavilion P6140f computer with LG Flatron W2061TQ monitor. The computer is a few months old, I had the monitor before the computer but it is fairly new as well. Everything worked beautifully for a few months, then I started getting a dark screen with "Analog our of range 126.1 KHz/240Hz" displayed when the computer was not being used for a while. My only recourse was to turn off the computer by holding the off button. I am now getting this once or twice a day. HP recommends that you not turn off the computer at all, just put it in the sleep mode when not in use, so I'm worried that I might be harming the computer by turning it off this way. Is there another way to turn it off in this situation without just holding the off switch? Also, is there a way to recover back to the normal screen display from the "analog out of range" display? I have put the resolution to the recommended 1600X900 at 60 Hz and have checked for up to date drivers. I have noticed that there are a lot of LG monitor problems with this same "out of range" scenario when you Google this problem, so I'm pretty sure that it is the monitor and not the computer that is the bad guy. Short of buying another monitor (probably an HP this time) or changing the video card to one that will be compatible to the LG (not sure what that would be) is there something else that I could try first. Thanks for any help you can give.

A:LG Monitor displays "Analog out of range"

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Monitor flickers on and off, at random times.

As its off, it states "Out of Range" in the middle of the screen in a small blue text box.

Monitor Drivers updated, no fix.

Graphics Card drivers updated, no fix.

Would be awesome if someone can help me out here, I cant get anything done on my pc with a flickering screen,


A:Solved: "Out of Range" monitor issue.

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My monitor (see above) boots 1/2 way thru Win 7 then I get a blank screen and a red box that says "out of range".  I contacted Westinghouse they said it is a known problem they have contacted Microsoft with no solution yet.  Has anybody fixed this problem?  I used this setup every day doing ACAD for work.  Using Gigabyte ATI HD4670 card in an HP m9417c.

A:westinghouse L2610NW monitor "out of range"

Hi chuckb007,
When this error occurs, it indicates the monitor cannot detect or set up the video signal.
First, please test the issue with another monitor and see if the issue occurs. If the issue does not occur with other monitors, please contact the monitor manufacturer for direct assistance.
If the issue persists using other monitors, please double check the cable connections and then restart the computer. If there are 2 video ports, move your monitor to the second port.
What is the result? If the issue persists, please go to Safe Mode (Restart computer, press the F8 key when the boot menu pops up, select [Safe Mode], and boot up) and check if the issue still occurs.
If the issue does not occur in Safe Mode, please restart the computer, press the F8 key when the boot menu pops up, select [Enable low-resolution video (640x480)] and see if the issue occurs in this mode.
If the issue disappears in this mode, you can change the screen resolution to a lower one such as (800x600) and see if the issue exists.
Also, install the latest display card driver which is fully compatible with Windows 7.
For more information about this issue, you can refer to this HP website: Flat Panel Monitor Displays Message about No Signal, Signal out of Range, Sleep, or Power Save

Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Hope this helps.
Lin... Read more

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I set the pixel settings for my monitor at 1600 X 1200 & when applied, the monitor blacked out and came back with a message of "Out of Scan Range." Obviously, I went too far, but how do I get my old settings back if I can't see anything on my monitor? Do I need to take my tower to somebody that actually uses that setting such as an architect with CAD?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,


A:Monitor Settings "Out of Scan Range."

Welcome to TSG!
Try booting into safe mode and change it back there.
Keep tapping F8 key at startup until you get startup screen.
Select safe mode.

If that don't work:

Win98 and 98SE
Do the F8 thing again this time select command prompt.
Type in Scanreg /restore hit enter and arrow down to date before you changed settings.
enter and restart

If your able to enter safe mode go to start/programs/accessories/system tools and select system restore
Select date prior to change and hit OK.

If your unable to see in safe mode
use the WinME startup disc and select minimal boot
At command prompt type;
enter c:\windows\command\scanreg /restore
and arrow down to date before change enter and restart

Note remove disc before reboot.

Let us know how that works.

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Here's the deal: I try to play fallout 3 and can get to the main menu and whatnot, but after the intro movie, when the actual game begins, my monitor displays the message "out of range" or turns pitch black. Usually I can hear the game's sounds playing out for a couple seconds while the screen is black. This happens and then my computer does a weird shutdown with the screen still black and no sound.

This out of range thing has happened with Bioshock too.

I've tried installing older versions of catalyst but that didnt work, nor did the Omega drivers.

I'm trying to play at resolutions that are supported by my monitor, 1024 by 768 and 800 by 600. So I'm wondering if maybe my graphics card is kaput? Or my power supply?

A:Monitor goes "Out Of Range" when playing certain games

Hello ,

with the shut down i would tend to lean twords the power supply

what i would like you to do is follow this link & download this program

now once installed & loaded you will see this will give you all knids of good info about your system

look for the sensors part and then copy the info there & post it back here

also what is the spec's of your video card

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I need help in making my mind up between the gorgeous Lg 1981Q and the attractive Viewsonic Vx924.

I have recently upgraded my desktop and am thinking about shifting to dual screen, mainly for video and web editing (with a little bit of gaming on the side) and need help in picking out new monitor.

one of my problems is that the looks of the tft is very important to me, cos i cant look at something ugly all the time, i would like a tft which is slim and very sexy (just how i like my women )

If anybody owns either of these screens i would really appreciate their feedback, on how good the monitor is and if they would recommend it.



P.s is there really that much noticable difference between 4 and 8 ms, and if so is it going to be noticable when video editing and gaming.

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I'm aware that this isn't an original problem, but my monitor has decided to throw up "Out-of-frequency" dialog boxes when I try to run most games. These games used to work fine, but now they're not showing (with the usual countdown to monitor switch-off).

My resolution is 1024x768, and I dropped the refresh rate down to a mere 60Hz, but it's still too high. I have a GeForce4 MX440 and an LG CB575BN, and I know that neither the card nor monitor should have any problems with the refresh rate. Regardless of the nVidia settings nor the Windows ones, the HF is always higher, e.g. I set the refresh rate at 60Hz, but the HF is somewhere around 75Hz.

I stumbled across a page for where someone had a similar problem with Windows 2000 and involved editing the registry, but I'm using XP and the registry values he/she mentioned can't be found.

Please help me, as I'm losing hair by the day (I'm pulling it out, lol).

A:Monitor "Out-of-Frequency"

The best advice I can give you off the top of my head is to right-click the Desktop and choose the NVIDIA Analog Display option, then go through each setting looking for the SOMETHING that is locking the refesh rate. I have no doubt you've done it before, but you'll just have to be methodical about this.

It couldn't hurt for you to post the link for the article concerning Win2k; someone might be able to advise you on what to do to correct this if they had the same information to study and ruminate on.

Wish I could offer better advice than that, but this will probably require a trial - and - error process to correct, rather than a quick-fix. Post the link and let us know if any of your settings seem to be unusual.

If nothing else, take screenshots of all of the nVidia settings, and post them here. One of my older systems has an identical videocard with NO problems, and I can compare those settings to your screenshots, then tell you what I my settings are that differ from yours.

-- slingshotter

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So, I accidentally clicked to make my resolution a certain size(I didn't see what i clicked), but all the sudden my monitor just shows "out of range"..

I've tried logging into safe mode and changing the resolution back to the smallest size and logging back on into normal mode, but it's still not working, what else could I do?

I tried looking at other threads but the video adapter mode doesn't have the same buttons and I don't know what I'm supposed to click on..

Can someone help me please?

A:Monitor shows "Out of Range"

While in safe mode you could try going to the Device Manager and uninstall the Display Adapters (including the secondary) and restart the PC. Just be sure you uninstall, not disable them. When you restart, Windows will reinstall the graphics driver, hopefully with a resolution that is within range.

If that doesn't work, you can always uninstall the graphics driver in Add or Remove Programs (again while in safe mode), restart and manually reinstall a new graphics driver. Have the driver on hand in advance.

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When running certain games, I get the frustrating message:
"Out of Range: Set Monitor to 1024x768 @ 75htz"

My resolution is always set to 1024x768 (it won't allow anything else), but changing the frequency does nothing at all. I normally have it set to 60htz, since 75htz makes it nigh impossible to read. But having it set correctly still gives me the "Out of Range" message.

I've changed the frequency through the various video test settings in the games themselves, through the Control Panel, on the monitor itself, and nVIDIA.

I'm running a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion, AMD Athlon XP 2600+.
Monitor is also hp Pavilion, vf51.
nVIDIA is GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU.
Games in question: Diablo II and MapleStory (other games and applications work perfectly fine).

All my drivers are up to date... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi Folks.

On an eMachine D2685. LED monitor shows continual blue
square that says "out of range". I put the drivers in
when running a regular 17" CRT. I have a feeling that this
would solve if I take out the Drivers, and reinstall them
with the new monitor (LED) plugged in.

Ideas ?

Thanks All,

A:"out of range" message on Monitor

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Title says it all really, just put a scratch in my 3 week old monitor , mildly annoyed about it and wondering whether theres any way to make it go away. When I run my finger over it it dusn't feel like a scratch, but with the monitor off, or showing a bright white screen its quite evident, and running fingernail over it i can tell its an indentation. Against bright white it looks almost like the effect seen if theres water on your monitor (rainbowy), if that helps at all. Basically i'd just like to be not able to see it, and was wondering if you had any suggestions?

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Hi, guys. I'm having a heck of a time with setting up my wireless network. I have an old desktop wired to Netgear wgt624 and trying to connect my laptop wireless to share internet connection and files between the two computers. I want to transfer all large files from desktop to laptop so I could burn it on DVDs. I used to be able to share internet connection even though laptop speed was significantly lower than desktop it was o.k. for browsing internet. Settings for router: Network authentication=WPA-PSK, Data encryption=TKIP with network key and don't broadcast ssid. In the process of trying to make file sharing work I changed a couple of settings. I changed automatic IP address to static (copied from desktop), created same usernames for both computers (even though it doesn't ask to set a password for some reason), and made some files and drives "shared". Now I can't connect to internet either. It does show network in range however when I click on connect, it tries to connect and the moment it says "connected", the message "No wireless networks were found in range" comes up. Then I refresh network list and it shows my network is connected with excellent signal strength but I can't get online. I feel like giving up on this network thing. It's sooo frustrating. I was so happy when i was able to cruise internet in the livingroom instead of having to stay next to the cable modem but I'm sure it's worth all thi... Read more

A:"No wireless networks were found in range" after saying "connected".

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i've just installed windows 7, a beta version
i think it has selected a rezolution that's too high for my monitor, so i can't see anything on screen, it just says "out of range"
i can't start it in safe mode until installation is complete, that means running it for the first time.
Any sugestions?

A:need help - Monitor "out of range"

That shouldn't be the case, Windows chooses the Native resolution (the Best resolution), so you don't get this problem.

Have you tried to reinstall 7?

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Every time I go to DOS, (to run dos applications, command prompt, games: anything) my monitor goes all spaz and coloured bars come up at the sides and it says "Input Signal: Out of range", and starts a 20 second timer afterwhich it goes into standby..?
It's an LG 19" Flatron LCD Model: L1710S
running Windows XP SP2


A:LG Monitor: "OUT OF RANGE"

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I had a mate of mine come around and change the msconfig settings because he felt my computer was running too slow. Hmm, now when I go to load up and play any online games, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, etc, it comes up with a black screen and a blue texted on white message reading "Monitor out of Range".

I have changed the settings back to normal, checked that my monitor settings were ok, they were, can hear sound coming from the games but no visual.

Please please please, can anyone give me any helpful suggestions?

I have reinstalled Windows XP with Service Pack 2 over the top, trying to re-establish the lost whatever it is, and no luck, made some other things work that didn't after he fiddled, but alas, not my games. HELP!

A:Monitor "Out of Range"

What kind of video card? Did you reinstall with latest drivers? Check your refresh rate. Finally, check your connections to your video card.
Hope this helps.

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I have a widescreen monitor that runs best at 1600x1050 (maybe 1250?)

Anyway, i changed the resolution to 1600x1200 and it the monitor went black and said frequency out of range. I waited thinking in 15 seconds it would revert back to the old settings.

It didn't. So i restarted the computer thinking it would work. Nope. I tried the Use last settings that worked. It booted showed my desktop and everything. Acted like it was going to work then suddenly went black on me again and showed the out of range message.

The only thing I did before I attempted to change the resolution was I installed the latest nvidia drivers marked for vista beta 2. I dont think thats the problem because I have been using it a while with those drivers.

Whats strange is that after i booted using last known good settings is that it worked for a few seconds.

I also tried using my old CRT monitor but it does the same thing.
And I tried reverting back to the old drivers that came with the vista install.

Any ideas?

Is there a registry setting that i can change while in safe mode?

A:Monitor Frequency Out Of Range

Couple of things come to mind....

A) Do you have the Nvidia software loading on boot? (MSCONFIG)

Did you try to rollback the driver.

C) Uninstall and reinstall your Display Adapter from the Device Manager in safe mode. (Or AGP mode in Normal startup)

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hi i would like to ask why a friend's computer happens to pop up something and says 'frequency out of range'. When she opens up her pc the monitor just goes black and the pop up comes up.. and nothing happens.. what's wrong with it? coz she told me the video card is built in the motherboard.

A:frequency out of range - monitor

The frequency is set too high for the monitor.

Set it at 65 hz and go from there, out of range is just that OOR.

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For years now, I've been getting a Frequency out of Range error on my monitor. It's gone across two computers, with multiple videos cards and mobos. The exact error:

Frequency out of range:
96 KHz / 120 Hz
Please change the display mode to
1280 x 1024 with 60hz.

I'm running a 19" Princeton monitor. Windows Vista with a Nvidia 8600 GTS 256mb. It also happened on an older video card and XP.

This happens at complete random, never any warning. From what I can remember, it's only ever happened when the computer has been booting up or the monitor is just turning on. Never in the middle of a game or video. No clue how it fixes itself, but it does. It can take a day, to weeks. This happens when running it alone, or in dual view. I run a Dell monitor as back up, and it's never experienced this problem.

A:Monitor: Frequency out of Range

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My Monitor Keeps Saying Frequency out of Range try other resolutions i'm in safe mode now but i don't know where to go from there i need help someone i'm quite desperate

A:My Monitor Keeps Saying Frequency Out of Range

PC specs are needed. Download PC Wizard to get info of your hardware. If it's a mass branded PC like HP, Dell, etc, then a model number is enough, along with the modifications made.

I would firstly suspect your video card. It seems to send a faulty signal whenever the drivers are loaded, so that's why only safe mode works. If you have both onboard and add-on graphics, try the onboard.

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Hi there

This should be easy for you excel experts to figure out. I'm stuck on only one line of code in Excel. The line is in bold.

If Range("F1").formulaR1C1 = "WW????" then
Application.Run "Macro1"
Application.Run "Macro2"

What I want to do is this. If the user puts in WW1234 or WW6598 or any other text or number after the WW in Cell F1 then execute Macro 1 else execute macro 2.

Please help

A:Solved: Excel code - If Range("F1") - "WW?????" then

I would copy one of these

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I have searched for an answer to my problem as much as I can, and I can't find one, so please try and help me. I am on a cheaper PC that I built more than 2 years ago, and everything has been fine up until a little over a year ago, when I was playing Portal on my system. My computer crashed, restarted, and started displaying a message. Something along the lines of Frequency Out of Range would show up on my monitor as soon as my computer turns on. I can't even get to desktop. I don't get even a splash message or a Windows loading screen. I need to know how to fix my screen resolution without being loaded into Windows, if this really is my problem. I have tried hooking up the monitor to the onboard display, but I get no response. If I need to be more specific about something, please let me know. All help is appreciated.

A:Solved: Monitor Frequency Out of Range

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the monitor i'm using works perfectly well until when i have to replace a new harddisk of our cpu. i brought the cpu to the technician and he also is the one who installed the new harddisk since i don't know anything about it. when i tried the cpu at home, the monitor says on it's screen "frequency out of range, try other resolution". i don't know what's the problem. before i brought the cpu to the technician, it was still ok. i would like to change the resolution but wasn't able because when i turn the computer on, the monitor only shows that message. i can't even go to the set-up part. please help! i already tried replacing the cables but still nothing happened

A:Monitor Says "frequency Out Of Range, Try Other Resolution"

Have you contacted the tech?

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Hi everyone,

My birthday is coming up and my sister and my girlfriend are getting me an LCD monitor i guess.. and they have asked me which one I would like in the low $300 range. So far I am looking at this Dell 1907FP:

I like to keep my equipment futureproof, so the specs on this dell is what im looking for. A little less or more.

Please keep in mind this is Canadian Dollars and also please suggest to buy only at online store that ship to Canada. Thanks in advance for your help

A:Lookin 19" LCD monitor in the $300-350 CDN range

^ bump ^ ..

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I have recently bought an LCD logic LCX20LN1 20" tv which has a pc input. When i booted up my pc with the new screen attactched, just after the windows loading screen came up it came up with this message on the screen "out of range". I heard that this happens when you purchase a new monitor but have still not found any help on the internet about how to fix it. I am using Windows XP. Also the TFT screen that i used before that was 17" if that helps.


A:New LCD logic 20" screen. When booting up pc comes up with "out of range" message

Did you uninstall the drivers for your previous monitor before installing the new one?

"out of range" is most commonly caused by a resolution\frequency setting that the monitor does not support.

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Hi guys.
I have a Packard Bell laptop with a nvidia 8600 GS video card...wich have a HDMI output...i tryed to extend my desktop on a Sony Bravia 32" with a HDMI-HDMI cable but the Sony is black screen with the "out of range" displayed on it...i tryed all the fix that i read about:change resolution,refresh rate,even clean the drivers and reinstal the Nvidia CP my second monitor apear as Sony and is set in dualwiew...i can put it on the native resolution of 1360/760...etc....the problem is that anything i do the screen stil remain black (it flickers when i try to modify things but so there is connection between pc and tv...)

Any ideea would be helpfull...Thx in advance

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Out of Range: Set Monitor to 1024x768 @ 75htz"

I recently purchased a Logic VGA box so my 7yr old son can use our pc monitor to play his playstation2. When I plug the VGA box into the monitor I get this message "Out of Range: Set Monitor to 1024x768 @ 75htz" this only happens when I switch to a AV modes) I have no problem when in pc mode.

My resolution is always set to 1024x768, and I have changed the frequency 75htz but this does nothing at all, I still get the same message "Out of Range: Set Monitor to 1024x768 @ 75htz".I have change the frequency monitor but no joy

Hope Someone can help, I am a complete computer novice, a probably won?t understand tech terms

Thank Jenzebar

A:Out of Range: Set Monitor to 1024x768 @ 75htz"

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

This is not to steer you away from TS, you are most welcome here!
We may have members here that may have answers too.
You may have some better luck with this particular issue here
VGA Boxes /VGA Adapter Forum They seem to deal with this directly.

edit: prognosis is not good, after reading several posts on that site.
It appears to be progressive scanning not supported by most ps2 games.
Several ppl there tried many vga boxes with several high end monitors and
lcd's with no luck....... :suspiciou

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I recently bough a Viewsonic A90f+ 19" monitor. I'm generally pretty happy with it. My question is about it's "UltraBrite" button. This button toggles between "Text/spreadsheet" mode and "Graphics/game/video" settings.

It's a fairly cool feature. I normally run in "text" mode as the brighter mode makes fonts so bright that they become a bit blurry and blown out. The graphics mode looks great in games though.

My question is, how exactly does this work? It is definitely not just a normal "brightness boost". If you leave it in "text" mode and just crank the brightness setting the blacks get washed out and become more grays. When you hit the UltraBrite button everything just gets a LOT brighter, but the blacks remain black. I'm just trying to figure out exactly what it's doing if it's not just cranking up the brightness automatically.


A:Viewsonic's "UltraBrite" setting

It boost the constrast setting

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Hi all, yesterday I installed 7 RC and so far it is working without any major issues on my old IBM R51...

However, there is one thing coming into my mind:
On my previous XP installation, I clicked Control Panel -> System and could see my processor's speed e.g. Intel Centrino CPU @ 768MHz 1.5GHz, 1,99GB RAM...
So it uses kind of "speedstep" or something, to throttle the CPU speed.

On Win 7, it shows Intel Centrino CPU @1.5GHz 1.5GHz, 1,99GB RAM.
So it's always on full speed and it doesn't throttle down. I already tried default power plans (balanced, speed - sorry, don't know the exact english description) but it still keeps 1.5GHz.

Does anyone have an idea, what I could try to throttle the CPU speed?


A:How to change CPU frequency "speedstep" on Centrino

Double check with CPU-Z to see if it's actually running full speed all the time. Chances are 7 is only reporting the full speed of the chip and not the actual current clock speed.


The chip setting in in Seven you are looking for is found in the advanced settings of power options. It should be under "processor power management' or something similar.

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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I have this old Gateway EV700 monitor, and I wanted to try to use an old Compaq Presario C500 laptop with it, as the laptops screen is broken beyond repair... I plugged in the VGA cable, and the monitor said


HF : 76.7kHz
VF : 49.0Hz


HF : 30-70kHz
VF : 50-160Hz

POWER MANAGEMENT IN (Counts down from 20 seconds) "

"Power Management" is just the monitor putting itself in sleep mode (As I call it, you most likely know what I mean) ...

I don't want to have to get a new monitor, as mine works perfectly fine...
BTW My Compaq mentioned doesn't boot into Windows(TM) , so I cannot change the display settings for the monitor output..... (I say this, because other forums say WIndows(TM) has a setting for changing the "refresh rate (Hz)" )

How could I fix this problem???

PS. My Compaq also has an S-Video out, but I cannot get that to function, as when I plug it into my TV, it remains blank (yes, It is on the right input)...

A:Gateway EV700 "Out of frequency"

Does it display that as soon as you plug it in / turn it on, or are you able to view BIOS/startup settings?

If you can see stuff when it first boots up, press F8 to get to the Advanced Boot Menu after the BIOS splash screen and before the Windows logo would normally load, and choose the "VGA Mode".

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Hi guys I have a problem I am hoping some one can help with
I am using Excel 2007 and this is my dilemma

I have a large spreadsheet of info 60,000 rows

In column A I have a range of customer ID's many are duplicated (see example)
each time a ID is duplicated it means that there are 3 cells in 3 other columns with related information

A | B | C | D

12345 | 11/1/08 | D. Smith | note1
12345 | 12/5/08 | C. Green | note2
12345 | 01/15/08 | D. Smith | note3
54321 | 01/06/07 | C. White | note4
54321 | 05/07/08 | C.White | note5
66879 |
78941 | 04/08/07 | D.Smith | Note6
78941 | 12/15/08 | C.White | note7
What I am trying to do is compare each cell in column A with the next cell in column A
If the customer ID is the same then concatenate the multiple cells from columns B,C,D into Column E

A | B | C | D | E

12345 | 11/1/08 | D. Smith | note1 | 11/1/08 D. Smith note1, Note2, note3
12345 | 12/5/08 | C. Green | note2 |
12345 | 01/15/08 | D. Smith | note3 |
So as in my example if there are 3 occurances of the exact same Customer ID then it would concatenate the Information in the corrresponding Columns B,C,D and Rows 1,2,3 into one new cell in the same row as the first instance of the Customer ID Column E and Row 1

What I have so far is this
but it only compares two cells then concatenates those two rows so I end up with a lot of duplicated data in column E

I hope that is clear

A:Compare a Column range "if true" Concatenate 3 other columns into 1 cell

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In Microsoft Excel 2003, I have a column that has dates listed in this format: '01.01.2008', rather than, say, '01/01/2008'. This format is a requirement.

In the column that contains these dates, I have set each cell to have a date format to them as well as a custom setting that replaced the "/" with a ".". The problem, however, is that it can now no longer sort the dates correctly.

Is anyone able to tell me how I can modify or correct this so that I can have the dates listed in the '01.01.2008' format and still sort them as I normally would?

Thank you in advance!

A:Solved: Sorting Date Range In Microsoft Excel With "." Seperator

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Hi All,

I want to run a data validation userform for an Excel sheet. Yes I should probably just use Access, but I want something simple, and easy to use for my user - and Excel worksheets are portable and email-able. Access database for this and other things is being worked on.

Does anyone know how to incorporate the button from the attached picture, into a UserForm? Is there an accessible class? Or does it have to built, bit by bit?

A:Excel UserForms - Create / Replicate the "select range" button


I can't view your attachment for some reason.. Which button on which menu are you talking about? there are only so many controls you can add on a userform. Generally built in functionality isn't quite as easily accessible programmatically. Kind of a pain, but then again it depends on what you're talking about. Since I can't see the picture, kind of hard to estimate it..

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Using Google Sheets. Why am I getting this error msg? "Cannot sort a range containing merges." I DON'T have any merged columns, or merged anything. No hidden columns, or at least they weren't hidden when I tried to do the sort.

I tried to attach the file as a XLSX, and CSV, and both formats gave me an error.

A:Error Msg "Cannot sort a range containing merges." in Google Sheets

try selecting all cells, then click Format > Merge cells > Unmerge

A Guy

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I just installed a new video card (HIS ATI Radeon X1300 Turbo IceQ), my previous card was an ATI Radeon 9500. I had no problem upon upgrading, everything went smoothly. I also installed the new ATI drivers (with the catalyst control center).

Now, the problem is that at random times (mostly when I'm browsing the net), the computer either freezes so that I have to restart it, OR the monitor blacks out and displays "Sync. Out of Range" and again I have to restart.

My current desktop settings are 1024x768 at 70Hz. I never had this problem with my previous video card (my settings with my old video card were 1024x768 at 75Hz, as you can see I tried turning down the refresh rate but had no luck).

I'm on Windows XP, with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 768MB RAM.

Any ideas would be very appreciated.

A:New video card -> Random "Sync. out of range" errors

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My sister (in a distant city) got a new computer running XP called me. Her kids got into the computer and now the screen is black except for a white stripe along the top withe words written there, "out of range."

No mouse control and no cursur.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Thanks, shortcut

A:Black screen except for white strip reading "out of range"

The out of range error is usually generated by the computers memory having problems. try taking the cover off the pc and re-seating the memory. If you can get a memory diagnostic tool off the net somewhere use it. The other guys who post here may be able to tell you of a good one.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 503 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family, 4 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38051 MB, Free - 10509 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0N8719
Antivirus: None

I cannot get this unit, MODEL F9K1106v1, to find my network??

I have tried BELKIN'S website for help w/o any success.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to do this via a registry key on Win 7 ?
If not then, alternatively, is there a Registry Key to disconnect WiFi when laptop is connected to wired LAN ?


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The tablet worked perfectly till yesterday. Now I can not connect to wifi. It says "not in range". I tried forgetting the network, restarted the tablet, restarted the modem, tried putting the wifi network manually, but no success so far. It scans neighboring networks, but not mine. Grateful for a solution. Android 4.0.3

No problem with my phone or other tablets and laptops.

A:Solved: My home wifi is "not in range" for Asus tf101

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I was given an old Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 and have reformated the HDD to clear whatever junk was on it. After putting Windows back on (XP SP3) everything seems to work as it should, apart from that I can’t connect to my home wi-fi network. The network is picked up OK, but when I click connect I get an error saying that the network may have become out of range (even when right next to the router).

I have three other PCs connecting wirelessly to the network with no probs.

The router is not restriced to certain mac addresses.
There are plenty of available DHCP slots.
It works OK via ethernet.
I have tried disabling wireless security on the router.
I have tried changing the wireless channel to something else on the router

The laptop has an inbuilt mini-PCI wireless card that seems to be hooked up OK to the antenna, and the driver is the latest one.
I have also tried a Linksys PCMCIA wi-fi card (I’ve been using this fine on another laptop).

Could this be an issue with whatever driver controls these interfaces, such as PCI Bridge, Chipset, or whatever. Which one could it be? Any ideas? I’ve manually gone right-click Update Driver to all system devices in Device Manager and still doesn’t work.


A:Error saying "network may have become out of range" - router and wlan card is OK

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I've played the game on my PC in the past, but stopped for awhile. Now when I try to play it my monitor goes black and this message appears, I can hear the game starting up though. What's going on, and how do I fix it?

A:Solved: "Input signal out of range" when I try and start up GTA IV.

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Hi everyone,

Normally my computer works fine, but occasionally I get the "Input out of Range" error message,
at that point all I can do is do a cold boot (turn off the computer from the button of the power
supply and back on), when the computer boots up, I get a message:
"The computer has recovered from a serious error". and every thing works fine, until a few weeks or
days later the problem re-appears.

Sys. specs: Pentium 4, Windows XP, RAM 2.00 GB, HDD 190 GB, Adapter is
NVIDIA Geforce 6200 TurboCache, memory for the adapter is 256MB, Monitor is HPvs17.

When the error message "Input out of Range" comes up, I get message from the monitor
advising a recommended setting of 1280x1024 with refresh rate of 60Hz, but at that point
I can't change anything on the computer or the monitor. Finally, my current refresh rate is
60 HZ and display setting is 1024x768, which I don't want to change as Im uncomfortable
with small images. Any advice on how to solve this problem?
Ive read in the forums and on the 'net but so far nothing has helped.

Thanks for your kind help!

A:Random "Input Out Of Range" error Message

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I have a series of sequential dates in column A
In column B I have numerical data
In column C I would like to look at the previous year as determined by column A and the result would be the highest number in that range from column B.

The period in column A I'm looking at constantly changes as I move down the spreadsheet because the dates change. I think I may use the LOOKUP OR VLOOKUP function to get my result after defining the range.

Can you help me define the range for the lookup as a formula. (i.e A255:A255- one year)

Thanks! I hope this is clear.

A:Solved: excel 2013 "conditional range"

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Yesterday, I accidentally powered off my battery backup while I was playing a game (APB or All Points Bulletin). The next time I turned it on (5 minutes later), I get to the log-in screen, and type my password just fine and normal.

When I get to my desktop though, I will see about half a second of it before I get a black screen and my monitor says, "Input Signal Out Of Range". I googled this problem and tried this solution:

It didn't work.

When I log-in, the monitor says the voltage is an abnormally high number like 127 kHz and my Hz is set to 88 Hz or some random high number. This was with a VGA to DVI plug. Next, I tried plugging in an HDMI-DVI to my monitor and video card (respectively). It just says "No Input Signal" on my monitor. I've even done 2 system restores!

I can go in any type of safe mode fine. I've just about had it and I would looove some help!

Edit: I know it's not my monitor because I can plug my xbox 360 through HDMI and play it normally.
Here are my specs:
Processor: Core i7 2.67 Ghz
HDD: 7200 RPM 750 GB
Graphics Card: 512 MB ATi Radeon HD 4850
A.K.A. Gateway FX6800-01e

My monitor:

A:"Input Signal Out Of Range" After Abrupt Shutdown

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Hi, I have a column in Excel that consists with time (minutes) from 0 to 80. I need a macro that will take each cell within a range (let say a column A1 to A6000) and do F2 and enter to each of the cells. I have too many cells to do it manualy..F2=>Enter. My lookup won’t recognize the numbers unless I do so. Can you help?


A:Excel Macro that does "F2 and Enter" for a range of cells

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Hi everyone, thank you for looking at this post. I have the following code in which an array looks at 11 fields and then corresponds them to the correct error. I've thought about returning an array so I can list multiple values in one line. (especially since using access 2007 multivalue lists do not work well in vba. or at least I've not found anyone that has solved its conflicts in the last couple of years.)

Private Sub Reason_Enter()
Dim chkarray, ReasArray As Variant
Dim chk As Long
Dim ReasCount() As String

chk = 0
chkarray = Array(PricingToolUpl, AccurLoanNumber, AccurPropState, AccurPropType, _
AccurFloorPrice, AccurListPrice, AccurApprValue, AccurBPOValue, AccurReconValue, _
ReconPricingToolUsed, ListPriceonTool)

ReasArray = Array("Missing Pricing Tool", "Incorrect Loan Number", _
"Incorrect Property State", "Incorrect Property Type", "Incorrect Floor Price", _
"Incorrect List Price", "Incorrect Appraisal Amount", "Incorrect BPO Amount", _
"Incorrect Recon Amount", "Inaccurate Pricing Tool Used - Recon Value", _
"Missing List Price")

If Me.OverallResult = 2 Then
For i = 0 To (Me.Reason.ListCount - 1)
If chkarray(i) = 2 Then
ReasCount(chk) = ReasArray(i)
chk = chk + 1
End If
Next i
Me.Reason.Value = ReasonCount
End If

End Sub

So here is what happens. When entering the "Reason" field, if an Overall Result field is "2" (whi... Read more

A:Solved: access vba array "Subscript out of Range"

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Well, here's the deal: yesterday, I were trying to download a cool game to my computer (minecraft) from the game's site itself, but somehow, there seemed to be a pretty annoying virus came along (just my guess)so I deleted the file and downloaded a better version (which actually worked) but still, the virus made Mum go crazy, of course I didn't tell her the truth, and then she think that the problem might be the old OS, so she inserted the disk and put me in charge. It didn't go well, the installation froze at 29% for no apparent reasons, and so I cancled the setup. Back to the destop, I tried to play the game again, and this time, it said that my video card is below requirement, so I adjust the resolution to highest >.< and you know what happens next... Then, I found a helpful thread on this site which told me to enable VGA or something, I did, and the welcome screen came up, but the setup was still running, so I cancled it, and it rebooted the computer, and then I'm all the way back to the start please help me if you can, I'll be very very very grateful

A:I'm having a "Signal out of range" error WHILE installing Windows

try to install windows xp again following these instructions:
by the way, what service pack are you installing?

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Every time that I try to run ViStart 1.5.0, it opens me this message untitled.bmp
And, I try to redownload it from another website, but it still gives me this message...

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Hi all,
I just resurrected my old PC from where it had been gathering dust. Upon booting, I was informed that the graphics card wasn't drawing enough power, and that it's operations had been scaled down to prevent errors.
So I carried on, planning to look into this later. After about 3 hours of use that included watching videos, my PC blanked out, and the monitor read "input signal out of range"
Attempting to restart will result in the Windows loading screen, then a flash of the BSOD, and the same error message, followed by an immediate restart.
The same thing happens when trying to load safe mode.

Can someone please help?


A:PC will not boot "input signal out of range"

Your graphics card has failed.Or an additional power plug is not being used on the Graphics card.If the card has a place to plug in a power plug from your PSU then use that, If you have an Onboard VGA port on the Motherboard (an additional Blue VGA port on the back of the computer) then remove the old GPU and use the onboard until you can replace the card.

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Hey everyone!

I've been all over the net but I can't seem to find an answer to the issue that I am having. Please excuse the long post but I want to be as thorough as possible. First my system specs:

Windows XP Pro
1.25 Gigs of RAM
Pentium 3 (I think) at 2.66
50 Gig Hard Drive
Radeon 9250 video card

I purchased and installed the Radeon 9250 over a year ago and have never had a problem with it. Then, a few weeks ago, I purchased World Of Warcraft for my son and installed in on my computer. I did not meet the recommended system requirements (it wanted 512 RAM and I only had 256), but the game worked anyway (although slowly at times). I purchased a 1 Gig RAM DIMM and installed it. Then the problems started.

My computer started freezing up at random intervals. Typically it will freeze for about 10-15 seconds, then it will go black for about 5-6 seconds, and then it will fix itself. Other times it goes black and then reboots the computer. Still other times it gives an ?Out of Range? message which sometimes fixes itself and sometimes requires a reboot. This tends to happen most when playing games or surfing the internet, but it happens at completely randomly.

I thought maybe there was an issue with the RAM so I tried different configurations (including the original one without the new RAM), but the problem continued. I then tried using the uninstall tool provided by ATI and tried to reinstall the drivers. That didn?t fix anything. One fix suggeste... Read more

A:Freezing, blackouts, "out of range" issues

Perhaps your motherboard doesn't support 1.25GB of RAM. Can you try System Restore to a point before you tried to install the new RAM and also reset your BIOS to system defaults?

It would be helpful if we knew what motherboard you had if this is a self built or custom built PC. If it was made by a major manufacturer like Dell, Compaq, HP, Sony, etc., then what brand and model is it.

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Hey everyone!

I've been all over the net but I can't seem to find an answer to the issue that I am having. Please excuse the long post but I want to be as thorough as possible. First my system specs:

Windows XP Pro
1.25 Gigs of RAM
Pentium 3 (I think) at 2.66
50 Gig Hard Drive
Radeon 9250 video card

I purchased and installed the Radeon 9250 over a year ago and have never had a problem with it. Then, a few weeks ago, I purchased World Of Warcraft for my son and installed in on my computer. I did not meet the recommended system requirements (it wanted 512 RAM and I only had 256), but the game worked anyway (although slowly at times). I purchased a 1 Gig RAM DIMM and installed it. Then the problems started.

My computer started freezing up at random intervals. Typically it will freeze for about 10-15 seconds, then it will go black for about 5-6 seconds, and then it will fix itself. Other times it goes black and then reboots the computer. Still other times it gives an “Out of Range” message which sometimes fixes itself and sometimes requires a reboot. This tends to happen most when playing games or surfing the internet, but it happens at completely randomly.

I thought maybe there was an issue with the RAM so I tried different configurations (including the original one without the new RAM), but the problem continued. I then tried using the uninstall tool provided by ATI and tried to reinstall the drivers. That didn’t fix anything. One fix suggested I override the ... Read more

A:Freezing / Black out / "Out of Range" issues

Test the Ram with memtest :-

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I have a little problem.My wireless connection on my PC isn't working.Yesterday it was working fine.What can I do?


TP-LINK TL-WR340G Router
Windows XP SP3
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
2.00 GB Ram
nVidida GeForce GTS 250

Please help me!

Ansewered questions:

Have you checked to be sure the router is working?
How many networks do are you normally able to see with your machine?
Have you tried restarting the machine, uninstalling the wireless adapter drivers and re-installing?

1st question:it is working
2nd question:now i cant see anyone.
3rd question:yes

Are you on a desktop or a laptop? Are you using Windows to search for the networks or an application that came with the wireless adapter?

I'm on a desktop.I am using Windows to search for networks!

A:"No wireless networks found in range"

Have you checked to be sure the router is working?
How many networks do are you normally able to see with your machine?
Have you tried restarting the machine, uninstalling the wireless adapter drivers and re-installing?

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Periodically, with no apparent pattern, a message will appear on the screen saying "out of range"....that's all the message. It occurs when I haven't been on for awhile, and instead of a blank screen---message appears. Nothing, not even hitting the reset button does anything. I always have to turn off the surge protector & I usually wait about a minute and then turn it back on & turn on the cpu and it seems to take care of it. I would like to know why it happens at all. I run XP and have DSL.

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I wasn't sure whether to start this thread in a forum dedicated to sound cards or to one dedicated to XP. I hope I got it right. The problem is the inability to play any sounds and every time I tried, I would get the error message, "A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system".

This post describes a year-long problem I had with Windows XP and sound. I am posting this in case any of you buy a new machine or buy a new OS and discover you can't get your PC to play any sound at all.

Please excuse me if this post is a little long, but I spent so much time struggling with this (before I finally got it to work) that I thought it only fair to try and describe the nature of the problem and the nature of the solution in as much detail as possible.

As a prelude, I should say that if any of you ever have this same problem, you will probably recognize this error message, "A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system". If you don't get that message, then your problem is probably different from mine and you can save yourself the time it takes to read the rest of this post and just skip it.

Now for the history. The following two paragraphs describe my first two PCs I bought just in case you ever want to know this info - but you really shouldn't need to know any of it. My sound problems only concerns these next two PCs.

The first PC I bought (which is relevant to this story) I call "my backup PC" beca... Read more

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System Specs:
Monitor: Compaq MV520 (dunno what that "Plug and Play" thing it says when I go to display settings is all about)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Ram: 512 MB
Processor: Pentium IV with 2.66 GHZ

Before, I started games (Emperor, Empire Earth, Age of Mythology) in 800X600 and a message came up saying:

Out Off Range
(Red Box) (Green Box) (Blue Box)
H : 31-54KHz
V : 50-99Hz
This is when I played some games configured to 1024X768 in 800X600 resolution.

Now, I set the refresh rate to 85, and my brother, because he wanted to play Emperor, set the resolution to 1024X768. With both of these things set like this, the monitor displayed the Out Off Range error, without having to start one of those games!

He shut it off, and when we tried to start the computer, the error came just after the Windows XP loading screen. Is there a way to edit the refresh rate or the resolution "outside" of the computer?

I need to either fix this or buy a new monitor, and I hope I don't have to buy a new one.

All help is appreciated.

A:"Out Off Range" Error with Compaq MV520

Start in safe mode. Keep tapping F8 as the computer boots to get to safe mode.
Set the resolution in safe mode, then reboot.

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I can see you helped someone fix an error message "sync over range". I have a similar problem and I tried to follow your steps, however when I press the F8 key on boot their is no option for me to select VGA mode. All I get are options to boot in Safe mode, Command Prompt, Nertworking, Start windows normally and Last known configuration that worked. For some reason my computer won't boot in safe mode, I get a partition error.

Please help.

A:Error message "sync over range"

We need to know more details about your machine.
Specifically, but not limited to, the graphics card, motherboard, version of Windows, and what changes you have recently made.

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I'm using a Dell Inspiron laptop with a Netgear wireless router. Everything has been working without any problems for 2 yrs until this weekend when I noticed that in the 'wireless network connection' it says "no wireless networks found in range".

When I discovered this problem I assumed that the server at the hotel was down so I didn't worry until I got home and still had the same problem. Only difference was that at home my laptop connected to the internet even though the 'wireless network connection' still says "no wireless networks found in range".

I am confident that it's not my router because my other laptop is working fine. I am still connected to the internet... so why can't my wireless connections be viewed? There has always been at least 3 connections listed at any given time here at my house.

Any help would be helpful and gratefully appreciated. I am a novice so please use simple explainations with step by step directions.
Thanks for you time!!!

A:"no wireless networks found in range"

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I hope someone can help. I'd like to put what I'll call a "conditional range" in a formula. See the attached file (Book2) for a simple example. In this case I have 2 input cells (B2, B3) and 1 "result" cell (B9) where I calculate the Net Present Value. The formula in B9 is =NPV(B2,$D$6:L6). The NPV is calculating thru the year 2008. I'd like the NPV to calculate thru 2006 (the value in input cell B3), or thru whatever other year I put in cell B3. Does anyone know how to do this? if so, change the formula and send the file back. Thanks in advance.


A:Excel ? - How to put a "conditional range" in a formula

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I've been here before and cannot remember if I had to go into the registry or what....
I had a systemboard problem. saved my hard drive and memory, swapped out the system board for one that is similar but not exact, so I'm just now rebuilding things.
Win7 Ultimate edition booted right up and had no trouble with chipset etc.
Except, that right when it shifts into its managed graphics mode at the point it presents the various user account login widgets, the screen resolution/refresh is set, and I lose the display. The flat panel control IC is kind enough to give me "Out of Range 59HZ-65KHz".

So I went in through Safe Mode and changed the preferred resolution, but of course that did not work.

What do I need to do to get a "default" of something easy like 800x600 256 color 60Hz so I can start there and set something workable??

A:Default Refresh "Out of Range". Can't see screen

Quote: Originally Posted by zapp22

I've been here before and cannot remember if I had to go into the registry or what....
I had a systemboard problem. saved my hard drive and memory, swapped out the system board for one that is similar but not exact, so I'm just now rebuilding things.
Win7 Ultimate edition booted right up and had no trouble with chipset etc.
Except, that right when it shifts into its managed graphics mode at the point it presents the various user account login widgets, the screen resolution/refresh is set, and I lose the display. The flat panel control IC is kind enough to give me "Out of Range 59HZ-65KHz".

So I went in through Safe Mode and changed the preferred resolution, but of course that did not work.

What do I need to do to get a "default" of something easy like 800x600 256 color 60Hz so I can start there and set something workable??

When lacking the ability to set the refresh, you should try and reboot the system into Safe Mode. You should be able to do that by as soon as the system starts up, tap the 'F8' key to get a boot menu. Try and do that BEFORE the 'Starting Windows' screen comes up. It should then prompt you for what you want to do.

You should then be able to log in as the local administrator to your machine, be sure you know your Local Admin password.

From there, you can at least set the video to a lower resolution with a proper refresh rate for you to use your co... Read more

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I am running Windows XP Pro and whenever I try switching users, the screen will go black then a blue box comes up with 'OUT OF SCAN RANGE'. I have to manually restart the computer because nothing else works. Please help me, and tell me what to change or how to figure out what is causing this.

Thanks a billion!!!

A:Blue screen with "OUT OF SCAN RANGE"

The video settings are too high for the monitor. Tap F8 during boot and choose VGA mode and enter the users profile that has problems and chenge the video settings to match the other users.

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Hi, I have recently purchased and returned 3-routers (TP-Link, Zyxel, Netgear) as the 5GHz (N) range has been terrible.

Using Android Wifi Analyzer, it goes from 5-bars down to 1 or 2 at 25-feet line-of-sight. I have the router on a shelf in a spare bedroom and standing in the lounge, I can see the router. I measured 24'-7" and get a fluctuation 1 or 2 bars. Using a win7 laptop and/or windows-phone 8.1 show the same.

Trying to use it for Netflix is impossible with it chopping in and out, so I am stuck with using 2.4GHz but that is overloaded with other 2.4GHz -only, devices in the home.

I am about to send back yet another router (ASUS) as 5GHz range sucks.

Am I expecting too much?

Please suggest a router that will do better if you have had personal experience with the 5GHz (N) band. I do not want to buy into wifi-AC stuff. Notsure that would be better anyway.


A:What's "normal" for 5GHz wifi range?

...about 40ft. max on 5 Ghz, its more of a bluetooth, doesn't travel through walls well either...

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My uncle managed to scew his computer up, whenever it starts windows, the monitor starts displaying "out of scan range". I know what the problem is, he changed his display settings to something the monitor couldnt handle, but I dont know how to fix it if I cant see anything in windows?? It will display in safe mode, but changing the display settings in safe mode doesnt fix the problem. Is it possible to fix this if I used a boot disc? The only idea I can come up with is to get a command line program that changed resolution manually, but I dont think that would work

A:Fixing "out of scan range" error

Boot into Safe Mode ( tap F8 repeatedly when you turn it on . . select Safe Mode) . . go into Device Manager and uninstall the video adaptor . . reboot to let windows "discover it and load new drivers

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my sharp lcd tv shows the error report "out of range" when my laptop is loading windows, i have connected via the vga socket, the windows logo shows on the tv untill windows is starting up then the out of range message apears. I have tried changing my display settings but this makes no difference.

A:tv reports "out of range" when connected to laptop

darruss said:

I have tried changing my display settings but this makes no difference.Click to expand...

You need to change the Windows display settings (number of pixels horizontally and vertically and scanning frequencies to match a set that is compatible with your TV. The specifications section of your TV's owner manual should list what video formats are supported on the VGA input. You also need to make sure that the VGA ouptut remains active after Windows finishes booting up.

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Hi all

my system is
amd 1500+
1gb ram
geforce 440 mx (64mb)

my monitor is a philips 107e 17"

I've got direct X 9c installed

here's the problem,
was having trouble with playing certain newer games as they were trying to use refresh rates above 60 hz
thought i had solved the problem by forcing the frequency using dxdiag
however, recently the problem has re-emerged
I've tried overrideing the nvidia settings and using dxdiag (put new drivers for the card in a couple of months ago)
but when i run some programs the monitor flicks up the out of frequency notice saying its refreshing at 75, rather than 60hz

if anyone has any ideas how to fix this that'd be grand


A:"out of frequency" issue

Try right clicking on the desktop, select Properties-Advanced-Monitor. Select 60hrz and check the box that says " hide modes this monitor cant display". Also in the driver properties and game options make sure Vertical Sync is disabled. I think a newer video card will solve your problems though. The FX5200 is pretty cheap and a good match for your system if you get the 128 bit version. Good luck.

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My office just upgraded, and I can no longer use Windows XP. On this system, I was able to add a separate taskbar to facilitate quick access to commonly-browsed folder locations on our vast network, and another one expedited the launching of useful programs and lists. Each task on each taskbar was represented with a big custom icon to save eye strain. I had them installed in opposite vertical margins, and they were set on auto-hide to keep them out of the way when not being used. Just move your mouse pointer to the left or right margin, and BAM! Sorry for the cliche, but I really got used to the convenience of what I had set up, and I just don't think I can be as efficient without anything comparable.

Now there appears to be nothing comparable in the Windows 7 GUI, and it's making me sick with rage! I see only the option to put a "toolbar" on an existing "taskbar", and no option to create any additional taskbars! This cramps up your one-and-only taskbar, plus the tiny toolbar access buttons require way too much precision for anything that's supposed to be quick. When you've figured out how to bring up that ridiculous button, the list that it yields is small enough to cause painful eyestrain - nothing efficient, much less cool about this at all! I have seen customization options in other OS GUIs that may have resolved some of these issues, but I see none such in W7.

I have tried every google search string that I can think of, and found... Read more

A:Need to add "TASKBARS" (MSese for "Launchpads", "Docks" NOT "Toolbars"

Several possibilities here: Second taskbar in windows7? [Solved] - Windows 7 - Windows 7

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