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DVD DRIVE Firmware update Fail???

Q: DVD DRIVE Firmware update Fail???

i was trying to update my SONY DVD Drive fireware yesterday,
but it failed, i mean can't complete process.

After i reboot, theres no Drive display in MY COMPUTER &SYSYTEM Properties(Device Manager) and the DVD Drive's power bottom is not working too(can't eject/close)

My DVD Drive
Sony DDU-1621 DVD-ROM 16X/48X

A: DVD DRIVE Firmware update Fail???

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Hello everybody!
So today I received my new Roccat Kiro Gaming mouse and I unboxed it and then of course plugged it in my laptop. Everything worked fine. Then I decided to install official Roccat software that would allow me to change some settings on the mouse. I had to update the software and mouse's Firmware as well. But then it said that I have to unplug and plug in the USB connector. I did it and it said that Firmware Update Failed. After that my mouse doesn't work at all. My laptop doesn't detect it and I don't know what to do. I contacted Roccat Support and the shop that I purchased my mouse from. If you have any idea how could I bring back my mouse back to life, then please tell me. I would like to hear anything that comes in your mind.
Thank you for answers.

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i have been trying to update the driver/firmware for my pioneer dvd writer, and im having a problem running the software. the drive is the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108 and im trying to install the firmware version 1.20 i think its called(filename: DVR108_FW120B.EXE). i follow the vague instructions from and run the .exe file. and it comes up with a command promp window and i get a dialogue box pop up in front of that titled "UPGDVD" and it says "available target is not found".

i also tried to update the driver through device manager but there is no .inf file that i can find on the net so im pretty sure thats a no go.

if anyone knows a way around this problem or if there is another way to update my driver i would be very greatful if you could help.

im running xp with a P4 3gig CPU with 1gig ram and a 80gig HDD.

A:DVD R/RW Drive Firmware update help

First of all a firmaware update is not a "driver". all optical drives use the windows native drivers and only MS updates that. I have never seen a firmware update as you describe open a command prompt window. if Pioneer actually uses this method then you will probably have to set the command prompt to the location of your drive. ie; type the locaion ( drive letter of the drive you are updating) if your pioneer is the D drive then you would type D:\ and then press enter

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Firmware 1.32 for OCZ Sandforce drives, ( Vertex 2, Vertex LE, Agility 2) is available.
If you want to see what firmware you're currently running on, go to Device Manager and follow to here:

Changelog is here: Release Notes

Quite extensive changelog this time around. Looks like it's worth updating to. If you update, read all the instructions and warnings.

This is the OCZ toolbox update.
OCZ Technology

There's also a standalone.
Guide Sandforce Firmware update 1.32 for OS/System drives

General Discussion Firmware 1.32 Released at

April 20, 2011

Firmware 1.33 released.

Release Notes

Newest toolbox version from download link above - 2.36

Updated from my other non system Win 7 drive. Went just fine.

A:OCZ Sandforce Drive Firmware Update 1.32/1.33 released

Thank you sir!

Have you done your update yet? Thoughts?


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I have the LG model GH22NS50 CD/DVD disk drive installed on my computer (Winxp Pro OS).
I contacted LG to get the latest Firmware Update File and was provided with the correct one to install.
When I tried to install it ( A zip file) it keeps coming up with the error message "Can't Find The Target Drive" and I have to exit the installation. I checked this problem out on the internet and apparently a lot of people are experiencing the same problem.I could find no solution among the offerings.

I contacted LG tech support which after the incredible luck of having connected with a tech support person the first time, I spent two days without being able to do so again. They have a "Chat" offering which is utterly useless as it keeps saying the person I need to speak to is out of the office and repeatedly gives an utterly useless phone number to call. I held on for 30 minutes listening to a recording of how important my business is to them and no one ever answered. Was then given a second number with the same result. I would NEVER buy another LG product.

Does anyone know what the solution is to the Firmware installation problem is? I am wondering if burning the update file to a dvd and trying to install it from the drive ( thinking it surely it will find the target drive since the software is being installed from it) I don't want to risk it lest it cause the now working drive to not work at all. Although the drive is working, it seems to be very slow ... Read more

A:Solved: LG CD/DVD Drive Firmware update error?

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I am frantically trying to upgrade the firmware on my Tpad G41 28865YU CDRW/DVD drive (GCC-4241N).  I located the driver update fix in the FWod01 CD firmware update package.  Unfortunately, this package only is available on a multitude of diskettes which most laptops - including do not have.  Fortunately, Lenovo at some point accumulated the 1st 8 firmware packages (FWod01-FWod08) into a CD-boot disk update .iso file for download and CD drive install.  Fine.  I brought down this .iso file and created the appropriate boot CD and ran it:  *FWoD08 here* I had traced the needed firmware version to 0202 as documented in the documentation for my GCC-4241N drive.  Unfortunately, the 0202 firmware never somehow made it into the FWod08 package which only contains the original 1.04 version which is the problem.  So, the documentation and the contents of this FWod08 is incorrect.  Any chance of getting this rebuilt, or made into a new CD boot iso with the GCC-4241N 0202 firmware?  The updates have gone upto FWod09 but that is back to diskettes.  Or - is there some way I can get the 0202 files to add to my current FWod08 CD disk? PJV  

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I turned on my computer and a message popped up to update my 3 month old Samsung firmware.
I used Magician 4.5, pushed the button, and it said "failed to update drive with new firmware".
Oh? When I rebooted later my OS would not boot. I went into the bios and it ID'd the drive as Samsung 3.
Now I can't boot the drive at all. I burned the ISO of the firmware update but it can NOT find the drive in DOS. If I boot with another drive and the ruined drive together, both Samsung 840 Pro and Samsung 850 Pro, it jams the boot until I remove the damaged drive. Anybody have any knowledge or any ideas?

A:Samsung 850 PRO firmware update fialed. Now drive won't boot

I have the same problem, and now in my bios show my ssd with the name 3ckcCkckcCk;!cKcCcKcCcI and I can't re-update it

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I've just had a 2Tb Samsung HD204UI drive installed. (I got 6 months out of the Western Digital )

A quick Google has brought up the following link.......

SAMSUNG HD204UI important firmware patch required

I'm wondering if I need this patch? How can I tell if I do? Will Vista updates look after it automatically if I do need it?



A:Do I need firmware update for newly installed Samsung drive?


I suppose there is no way to tell, but it would be a good thing to do as there appears to be several issues to cover off!

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I've spent my whole day trying to figure out what is going on with this to no avail
What I've Done:
Installed Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit OS on Crucial M4 drive that was acting up and freezing
Continued freezing after installing drivers, stable for 10-30mins then freeze, requires hard reset every time
updated FW to 000F as recommended, same deal
swapped ports with platter drive, same deal
took drive in to where I bought it from, they said all stress tests etc went fine

Pretty much at my wits end. I'm fairly convinced its nothing else since I am running on the seperate mechanical drive fine. ANY suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Specs as follows:
Acer Aspire 8943G-5636
Intel Core i3-350M processor @ 2.26GHz, 3MB L3 cache
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
8GB memory
500GB Western Digital mechanical HDD
128GB Crucial M4 SSD

A:Crucial M4 drive freezing after 000F firmware update


Have you tried power-cycling your system yet?

Try doing a power cycle of the SSD. The following steps should be carried out and take ~1 hour to complete.Power off the system.
Remove all power supplies (AC adapter then battery for laptop, AC adapter for desktop)
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and drain all components of power.
Reconnect all power supplies (battery then ac adapter for laptop, ac adapter for desktop)
Turn on the system and enter the BIOS (see your manual for the steps to enter the BIOS)
Let the computer remain in the BIOS for 20 minutes.
Follow steps 1-3 and physically remove the SSD from the system by disconnecting the cables for a desktop or disconnecting the drive from the junction for a laptop.
Leave the drive disconnected for 30 seconds to let all power drain from it.
Replace the drive connection(s) and then do steps 4-8 again.
Repeat steps 1-4.
Start your computer normally and run Windows.
See if that helps.

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my usb is a usb of fail firmware and i don't know fix this error,
can someone help me fix this problem ?
thank you very much.

A:Firmware for USB fail

Hi, I personally don't understand you problems exacty..
What is the that device? is a flash or something else.
Does it say "FIRMWARE FAIL" or you just came up with you own error?
Reply that then we will see how to help you...

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When the security update from 09 Feb 2010 came down and screwed up things like it did many others. I shut the pc back down, removed all non-essential drives and attempted to trouble shoot. Eventually I was able to do a repair install to get the primary hdd back to normal as the suggested methods in the threads on here would not work for me.

However... that I have that problem remedied I have another. An additional hard drive that was working fine now is not recognized anywhere by the system at any level. It also makes no vibration on any IDE cable, please tell me that it didn't get fried and I can at least get everything off of it?

I've looked in disk management and the bios and it's just not there. Even used the ubuntu thing that allowed me to back up the primary the other day and it wasn't there either.

Frustrated with Microsoft completely now. heh

Thanks in advance, even if it's bad news you have.


A:Hard Drive Fail after Feb 9, 2010 windows update?

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I am running WIN 10 on a desktop PC and as of Monday I had all the current release updates installed (Not an insider on this PC)

Tuesday night I used the "check for updates" and walked away.

This AM I had an error message. I selected the "Fix issue" radio button and got an error message "windows 10 couldn't be installed. You can't install windows on a USB flash drive using setup"

I have NO USB flash devices installed, only a USB mouse/keyboard.

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Good evening all,

Just to flag that this has also been posted in W7 Support sub-forum here:

Other thread

Re. the instruction thread - the link to DSS doesn't seem to work, and GMER is for 32-bit only. If there's anything I can do to kick things off, please let me know and I'll do it!

I've googled extensively around the issues I am facing, and tried all proposed solutions, but none have worked thus far.

Symptoms:I have 1-2 minutes of freedom after booting, then I can no longer run new programmes. I also cannot close some programmes e.g. Skype. Tabs in Chrome spazz, flash player dies, and any new navigation ends up with an eternal hanging/loading problem.
Unable to restart/shutdown conventionally (I have to do it physically)
I get the error "Failure to display security and shut down options ..." when I try ALT+CTRL+DEL

Safe mode is absolutely fine, so I assume it's not anything hardware related (though please correct me if I'm being naive). My second drive which runs off XP, which I only use for storage now, boots fine and has no problems.

I have not installed any new drivers, programmes, or otherwise made any meaningful changes recently.

Solutions I've tried:Reset winsock.
Shut off all start-up programmes using MSCONFIG.
Run virus scan at boot-up, deleted 2 items (win32 installmate ... prob trojans? Was an .exe that I had downloaded but never ran).
Run Malwarebytes scan, deleted 1 fairly innocuous item.
Run full scan-disk check.
Run a SFC scan... Read more

A:windows update fail or statup programs fail cant do much of anything please help

Hello chivalrousgent and our apologies for the oversight of your thread.

Do you still require assistance?

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I have a custom built PC, installed with Windows XP. Lately its been having trouble, but it is full blown rebellion as of last night. I think its probably a virus but I'm not that experienced with diagnosing.
`My web browser (FireFox) crashes when trying to view certain things; PDF files are the main crash point
`I have a 16 GB flash drive that I have to reformat it every time I use it, which doesn't fix the problem it just lets me transfer again until I have to format it again.
`I have two hard drives that make up c,d,e,f,i,j,and k drives. When I opened "My Computer" I,J,and K:/ were missing. I couldn't see or access them.
`Its been freezing up a lot; forcing me to reboot
`(most recent)Now when I try to reboot it will rapidly switch screens from the black scanning, log in, windows xp (with the blue bar filling up), and a blue error screen. The blue error screen says to reboot if its the first time i've seen this; then it gives steps to follow if i've seen it before.

I've tried to run it in safe mode and it hasn't worked.

Please if you have any ideas let me know. Is it possible to recover my saved files? I backed up my files awhile ago but it is saved on a drive that is missing (I,J,or K) If you need more info just ask. Thanks for your help

A:Windows XP Crash Issues - Hard Drive fail, start up fail

Hi there
So what I gather is that you now cannot start your computer up at all, due to this issue. I'm actually unsure of the problem, it sounds to me like a Virus has been at your computer. It can't really be a hardware issue I don't think... I mean it is possible that what could have been happening is that your computer (Desktop or Laptop?) is overheating and its been damaged because of that... But that wouldn't really make sense, and also having Custom Built a computer I'm sure you'd have been smart enough to install a thoroughly capable cooling system.
It sounds to me like your hard drive has been corrupted though, BSOD usually means a pretty big issue. Thats why I was thinking hardware problem to begin with, you don't often get it for Virus's.
A couple of things we need to know:
Do you have any sort of Anti-Virus installed? If so, which one? How frequently did it scan? Did you find any virus's?
Also, how far into the boot process does the computer get before it loops? Are you able to enter BIOS settings before Blue Screen comes up and it loops? What happens when it loops?
And do you have a startup / boot disk for your computer. You certainly should do.

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Can a Firmware Update and/or drivers on printers be reversed?I am new to BleepingComputer, so I do not know which Forum to post this to, as this issue involves multiple forums: Hardware (HP Printers), Software (Firmware & Drivers), Operating Systems running Windows 2000 and Windows XP.At my workplace, we have many HP Printers on the network. HP sent me a link promoting HP Easy Printer Care. I figured I would try it (big mistake) because I take care of all of the printers in our building. So this Easy Printer Care tells me that there is updated Firmware for my printers. So I get the firmware and install it. Of course, HP didn?t really explain how to install it. I had to look it up to actually do the install. After installing it, HP tells me that the Firmware Updates still need to be updated!?!Now the end users are having problems when they print. Multiple users are having the same and or different problems. The problem that has the most reports to me are: When someone is printing a document and they want to change it from portrait to landscape, they click on properties and receive an error message that reads:Function address 0x2e2a5aa caused a protection fault. (exception code 0xc0000005) Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed. Click OK.Then another windows pops up saying: Operation could not be completed. Click OK.The function address is always different (for different users or systems) The exception code is always the same. The User c... Read more

A:Can A Printer Firmware Update And/or Driver Update Be Reversed?

You can go to Device Manager and find the printer and in properties it gives you the option to "roll back" the driver to a previous version. A firmware update and driver update mean 2 different things, to me anyways. My understanding is a firmware update offers "improved" instructions to the onboard chip of the device. What does HP say about the problem?

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I have Aspire E 14. Last night, I saw I have 1 critical update for firmware v1.17. When I clicked the update button it just says "updating" It just goes on and is not stopping. I closed the portal and a window appears saying reflashing. I saw it did reflash up to 100%, but why won't the critical update notification disappear on Acer Care Center portal? I also checked update history and the firmware is not yet included. I tried it again the next morning, clicked the update button, but still, it just says updating and can go on until you close the portal.  Any solution? Did my Aspire really did reflash? It seemed nothing has changed. Thanks in advance!

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Im not sure how to update my firmware. Im having trouble burning CD-Rs with nero 7.0 because it keeps coming up with this calibration error. I posted that thread in this same forum (
but it just leads to this new question about updating my firmware because it might be a possibility. Im also running SP1.

I went to this page called "the firmware page" link- ( and searched for my Disk Drive but had no luck in finding it. Even if I were to find it, how would I go about updating it, and how can I tell if its up to date?

Im running win XP and it is a Toshiba Qosimo laptop e15-av101
I looked in my computer/cd drive/ properties to see the name of my drive and hopfully I have the right one, it is a

MATSHITA dvd-ram UJ-830s.

A:How do I update my firmware?

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I have Aspire E 14. Last night, I saw I have 1 critical update for firmware v1.17. When I clicked the update button it just says "updating" It just goes on and is not stopping. I closed the portal and a window appears saying reflashing. I saw it did reflash up to 100%, but why won't the critical update notification disappear on Acer Care Center portal? I also checked update history and the firmware is not yet included. I tried it again the next morning, clicked the update button, but still, it just says updating and can go on until you close the portal.  Any solution? Did my Aspire really did reflash? It seemed nothing has changed. Thanks in advance!

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Laptop is a Dell Vostro 1000 with XP Home SP3. Just installed a Crucial SSD. Works great. Tried to install a firmware update; not so great. Following the instructions from the Crucial site, I downloaded the update (it's an ISO file) and burned it to a CD. In the BIOS, changed boot order to CD drive first. Restarted the laptop. No joy - Windows still boots to the desktop. What could be wrong? I know almost nothing about using ISO files. TIA.

A:SSD Firmware Update

CD-image ISO files have to be written to CD in a special way, if you just copied the ISO file to a CD like a normal file, that won't work. There's a free app for creating a CD from an ISO file, it's called IMGBurn:

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I have installed Open Wrt Bin file on my WR703N Mini portable wifi device. After that it doesn't broadcast WiFi Signals. But Through the LAN cable and using ftp i can connect the Flash memory. Please anyone can help me to Update to my Old Firmware version using FTP. I have my old firmware version's bin file. Pls help to me.

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ok ive checked a bunch of sites and i wanna get my routers firmware to 3.43 so that it'll be primed for halo 3 tommorow. the problem is when i try to download i end up with a 505 error message saying: failed to change directory

Can anyone help?

A:DI-614+ firmware update

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Dear Users,
Netgear WGR614 v7
Please advise on why I can't update the firmware. Every time I get the message that the upgrade has failed.


A:Firmware update

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Hello, I have recently purchased an "Onyx Portable Media Player" by "Mach Speed Technologies". I installed the included drivers and software and am currently upgrading the firmware. The update window says "SigmaTel MSCN Firmware", so I'm assuming it's licensed by SigmaTel. It's updating from version 000.000.000 to 880.282.433. The window's progress bar seems to be stuck at "Initializing", with no advances made in the main progress bar but the smaller one constantly filling and then refilling. Is this just going to take a long time or is there something wrong?

I can provide a screenshot if needed.

A:Firmware update

Is this the media player firmware or motherboard?
Why did you feel the need to upgrade the firmware?

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I periodically check the website for my router to see if there are any new firmware updates. I checked it today and every time i try it says :
A New Version is Found. Do You Want to Upgrade to the New Version Now?

Firmware Version:
Current VersionV1.2.0.8 New VersionV1.2.3.7

I click Yes.
It then tells me that the update failed.
Any suggestions?

I am running an XP machine.
I have Verizon DSL.
I have a Westell model 2200 modem and a netgear wnr2000 router.

Any other information you need i will try my best to provide. Just ask.

A:Can't Update Firmware

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I don't know much about firmware updates as I never had to do it but my DRW-2014L1Tburners are giving me some coasters in vista x64. Not 1 coaster under Nero 6 in xp pro.

I got the driver update listing in the sticky, went to the asus site to check on a firmware update for my burner's for x64 vista and there are 3 hopefully that will eliminate the coasters.

My question is: If I get the updates for the 64-bit vista will that interfere with those drives when I use xp pro ?


PS: I use swappable drives; switching between vista x64 and xp pro.
only keeping xp for gaming and Nero 6

A:cd/dvd firmware update ?

Originally Posted by kem

I don't know much about firmware updates as I never had to do it but my DRW-2014L1Tburners are giving me some coasters in vista x64. Not 1 coaster under Nero 6 in xp pro.

I got the driver update listing in the sticky, went to the asus site to check on a firmware update for my burner's for x64 vista and there are 3 hopefully that will eliminate the coasters.

My question is: If I get the updates for the 64-bit vista will that interfere with those drives when I use xp pro ?


PS: I use swappable drives; switching between vista x64 and xp pro.
only keeping xp for gaming and Nero 6

no the firmware should be backwards compatible

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Okay I want to update my DVD-rom Driver due to it having a difficulty playing LOTR-FOTR Special Edition.
Here's a link to LG's site Link doesn't work.Got to than to Canada,than to device driver,dvd-rom,scroll down to LOTR-FOTR Special edition.Will tell you there.
Now I know that I have to download the files from for Dos. 6.0.After I do this do I double click on the files,from and send them to a floppy disk?Than after that the 2 files from LG's site I put on this Bootable Disk?
Restart the computer type in the command and let it go?
If I do this wrong is there anyway of screwing up my Bios,I have a Dell computer and don't want to screw anything.
The Lg Dvd-rom I bought seperatly and installed myself.
Someone help me on this or was the above correct??

A:Firmware update....

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hi everyone. I would like to know if i should update the firmware on my ssd. It is not brand new, maybe 3 yrs old. ocz technology. I have neve done this. So i need to know how to figure out exactyly what i have and if i even need to.

any help would be much appreciated

A:update firmware

I don't see any harm in updating firmware. But please identify the firmware that you would like to update and what exactly are your doubts about doing it.

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Could someone please tell me the manufacturing web site for MATSHITA CD-ROM CR-586 and OPTORITE CD-RW CW4802 so that I could do a firmware update??????????????????????????????????????????

A:Firmware Update

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I have an Olympus Evolt-500 that won't update the firmware. I'm running XP pro with a DSL internet connection. I've talked to every tech support person Olympus has and they don't have a clue what's wrong.

It will recognize the camera and lenses but it will download from 50% to 83% of the firmware update, then a message pops up and says no connection to server and everything shuts off. They had me try the download with no firewall on and using just the modem no router. I've used Olympus Viewer, Olympus Master and Olympus Studio Trial version and they all download about the same amount before they shut down.

I'm open to suggestions at this point.

A:Can't update firmware

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For those with any of the following, OCZ has issued a series of firmware updates for the OCZ Vertex 3, Vertex 3 Max IOPS, Agility 3, Solid 3 and RevoDrive 3 bringing the firmware towards version 2.22,

OCZ Technology

For those with Windows installed on it the USB stick method works very well (and easy to set up),

NEW! - Bootable tools for OCZ SSD's

List of resolved issues (as well as a direct download link) can be found here),

OCZ Vertex 3, Vertex 3 Max IOPS, Agility 3, Solid 3, RevoDrive 3 2.22

A:OCZ SSD Firmware update for...

Thanks! My Agility 3 will appreciate this.

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O.K. when originally wanting to do an Upgrade to Windows 8 i used VM to check it out.When i decided after alot of research to do the upgrade i used Windows 8 upgrade assistant.The message i receved on compatibilty was only one problem.Your PC Firmware doesn't support secure boot so you won't be able to use it in Windows 8.Secure boot requires firmware that supports UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B and has the Microsoft Windows Certification Authority in the UEFI signature database.Sure anyone who has UEFI like me received this message using this upgrade assistant.Through many hour and days of research on internet and other forums nobody seems to know how i can update my firmware,neither ASUS could advise me or Microsoft.To me i figured it should be a BIOS update,but no new ones are available for my system.So since i had no answers i decided just to do an install of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit (clean install) works well,faster then Windows 7.So far i like it.Only clue i have at this point was a site i found.Knowing my BIOS is a American Megatrend  Not sure if this is an answer to be able to do a UEFI install of Windows 8 Pro again to get full use of secure boot,GPT Partitions,but this is closest clue i got.BIOS stuff and flashing it can always be risky,rendering the motherboard inoperable,causing major issues,that i do not want to do.If anyone knows anything on this and can help with it would be very much appreciated i am stumped on thi... Read more

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I have a Gigabyte CD-RW. model GO-R5232B. I downloaded a zipped Firmware of the same model from the Gigabyte website. Is it safe to update my hardware with this firmware even it has not encountered any problems for the past two years?


A:When to update Firmware?

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Trying to update firmware on blu-ray but frm file will not write in Vista says I need supported writing software. What exactly do I need to do this?

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Hey guys I have a Samsung SH-S222L. Should I upgrade the firmware to SB02?

A:Should I update the firmware?

Are you having a problem the firmware upgrade corrects? If not, leave it alone.

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HP-Update FIRMWARE update problem?
I got some critical update for my Seagate 320 gb hard drive?s firmware. I went to download an process the update, later it asked me to insert a blank disk. Well I don?t have a blank disk but I hit bootable cd anyway thinking it would create some file on the hard drive. Well obviously that?s not what it had in mind because my disk drive opened, I shut the disk drive and it started saying writing data to disk. HOW could it do that with no disk. I couldn?t close it. It then said installation succesfull. What the heck. I restarted my computer to see if I had screwed up my system and it seams to be running fine. Have I screwed up my hard drive? Did the dang update install? Can I delete these firmware updte files lying around on my desktop? Please help me????

A:HP UPDATE FIRMWARE update problem?

Originally Posted by GreatNate

HP-Update FIRMWARE update problem?
I got some critical update for my Seagate 320 gb hard drive’s firmware. I went to download an process the update, later it asked me to insert a blank disk. Well I don’t have a blank disk but I hit bootable cd anyway thinking it would create some file on the hard drive. Well obviously that’s not what it had in mind because my disk drive opened, I shut the disk drive and it started saying writing data to disk. HOW could it do that with no disk. I couldn’t close it. It then said installation succesfull. What the heck. I restarted my computer to see if I had screwed up my system and it seams to be running fine. Have I screwed up my hard drive? Did the dang update install? Can I delete these firmware updte files lying around on my desktop? Please help me????

It is ok.

I dont know what happened, but You HAVE to burn the bootable disk, and then boot into it after a restart in order to update the firmware.

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Hello, I am trying to use a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter (StarTech brand) to connect my P50 to a Resident Audio T4 Thunderbolt audio interface. The device is briefly detected and then disappears. I have been doing some research to resolve this issue and a few users have said that updating thier Thunderbolt NVM to 18 add compatibility with the adapter.  Would it be possible to get an upgrade from the current NVM16 to NVM18? Current P50 firmware (NVM16) link here: I have already attempted to install the NVM18 firmware straight from Intel but it looks like the firmware is OEM specific. Thanks!

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Hi, i bought this network attached storage drive from Maplin Dual SATA Network Enclosure : Network Enclosures : Maplin

I tryed updating the firmware and got some message in German about how if i updated the firmware the network connection would be lost. i clicked ok and now after rebooting my drive cannot access it. i have reset it and cannot try to update the firmware again as there is not USB Port on the drive to access it directly from the computer.

Anybody have any ideas on what to do??

A:Firmware update gone wrong

Newer BIOS chips have what is called a boot block sector. When flashing the BIOS this part is not flashed. Basically all it does is run the floppy drive, and if you are lucky you will also get basic video. I have re-flashed a "dead" BIOS with this. The MB was manufactured in 1998. The first attempt at flashing failed-nothing but beeps on restart. I downloaded the correct Bios update, made a new floppy to flash the BIOS and reran the flash program. There was nothing on the monitor, just a black screen, but I could hear the floppy drive being accessed. Follow the flash utility instructions and let it do its' thing. It took several long minutes, but it worked.

I'm providing this link below. Do not hold me or vistax64 responsible.
Wim's BIOS Page: BIOS Upgrades, Motherboard identification and more...

Finally, you can approach your manufacturer of your PC or bios to purchase a replacement.

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Hello all I have problem that I couldn't start windows(Only in safe mode) I recently installed HDD firmware(Barracuda Green Firmware Update) My disk is st1500dl003-9vt16l AND i recently installed MYSQL "mysql-5.5.8-win32.msi" I think problem is with HDD update ? And I don't want to refresh PC because there is Imporant job on some programs left.


Uninstall Mysql and see if that fixes your issue. if not, I suggest you contact Seagate support because they do warn that firmware upgrades can damage data on the hard drive if procedures are not properly followed. Good luck.

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Hi All: Just purchased a LG GSA-4167B using a USB 2.0 connection via an USB 2.0 External Enclosure. The firmware version that came with the drive is version DL10. There are later firmware versions available, DL11, DL12 and DL13. I would like to update to the latest version, DL13. Can I do it by downloading the DL13 zip file and just unzipping it or will I have a problem because it is using a USB external connection. There are no instructions on the LG download site for a USB connected firmware update. Any insight would be most appreciated.

A:LG GSA-4167B USB 2.0 Firmware Update ?

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I know this might not be the place for this question but i have just downloaded a Firmware update for me modem but the files came in .rom and . bin and i am unfamiliar with these files how do i open them or with what do i open them with???

A:Firmware update for my modem

Your modem will open them. In the firmware update page, it will ask you to point to or upload the firmware file.

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I did what it said to do in the instructions (I thought) and now my computer won't recognize the external backup. Here is the link to the enclosure.

How can I reflash the thing if I can't see it?

A:Firmware update problem

Try the external enclosure on another computer. Was the enclosure configured in a RAID configuration?

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Ye hi i have downloaded from Zyxels home page the latest Firmware and now my question is how do i update it? Because when i open the containing folder i have three files bin, pdf and rom. In the pdf theres just some information about what is new in the update and so on, but how do i open the two other files, i mean they are too small to be burned on a disk!!

A:Zyxel Firmware Update

You perform the firmware update from within the router's web user interface. Log into the router and there should be a option under one of the menus to upload new firmware to the unit.

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Hi, I have an issue with an E560 that is hooked up through a OneLink Pro to two external monitors (via Displayport and DVI). Both monitors randomly go black for 10-15 seconds and then come back (not at the same time). indicates that the firmware needs to be updated; however, after downloading the .exe for the latest firmware, I can't get the file to run! After I click on it, nothing happens. There is nothing in the task manager. I've tried running as Administrator and still nothing. Has anyone had any issues with the update tool or have any suggestions? Thanks, Andrew

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Helo,   I have issue for updating Me Frimware on my desktop Hp dc7800p small form factor whenever I want to update it an error occour in command prompt showing that'' Error: could not know the last update for Me Firmware '' tell me what can i do .. i have also upadated bios to V 1.5 ...                               waiting for reply                                          thanks.

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I am trying to update but after some time it shows fail. firmware v 1.17 to improve touch pad

A:firmware v1.17 update failed plz help me

laptop model?which windows OS version is installed?

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Can't seem to find an answer to my question - Does the firmware update mean I have to reinstall windows? I have done firmware updates on other devices in the past, but not on a "boot" device, so just need an answer.

Edit: According to samsung it does not wipe HD, but just wanted people who have done an "inplace upgrade" to answer.

Edit: It worked fine through magician.

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Hi, I have a problem with OneLink+, where DP is not working. I believe a firmware update should fix this. The update.log which is returned from tp_onelinkplus_dock_fw.exe is: Version: 0.00.000Update result: 255Error description: Can't connect to Synaptics VMMxxxx DP hub IC The paradox is that I am trying to update the firmware to fix the DP and firmware won't update unless you have a DP already connected.  In my quest to fix this, I have downloaded many files some of those where for an incorrect model, pressumably the other OneLink. I am now wondering if I have overwritten the firmware of OneLink+ with that of OneLink. Is that possbile?  Is there any other way to fix this?

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I am trying to update but after some time it shows fail. firmware v 1.17 to improve touch pad

A:firmware v1.17 update failed plz help me

laptop model?which windows OS version is installed?

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Hi, Samsung tells me the SSD (a Samsung) firmware updates will come from Lenovo, but I didn't see them on the driver page. The model is MZMTE256HMHP-000L1 Any suggestions? Thanks,Bruce 

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please help me to find dvd ram uj8c2 firmware new version. Because l can't write any cd while i had upgraded to's  shows power calibration error by nero dvd ram current firmwear shows 1.00

A:dvd ram uj8c2 firmware update

I have the same problem. Does anyone know a solution?

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I see there's a firmware update out for the C50-30 with security updates noted in the changelog. Has anyone updated the firmware on a C50-30? Did it all go according to plan and the enclosed instructions? More importantly -- if it went wrong, how easy was it to recover?

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When I receive this drive will the Firmware have to be updated before use or, can that be done later on if needed? Thanks! SAMSUNG 840 Series MZ-7TD120BW 2.5" 120GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) -

A:Firmware update question on ssd


You can update the firmware before or after, I would suggest it would be better doing it before

This version improves write performance, which is version 1.0,
click on firmware to view (you may be up-to-date):

Hope this helps



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I have a Toshiba Notebook with following internal DVD-RW drive: "TS L632D T004 Toshiba".

The problem is, this drive doesen't burn DVD+r DL without failures.
I made quite much attempts with 10 DL DVDs und five different burning suites, without success.
So I guess to fix this failure with a firmware update.

Can somebody tell me where I can get this update?

thanks :)

Best Regards,

A:Satellite X - Where to get firmware update?

Hi buddy,

Why should this issue related to the firmware?

In my opinion you should try removing the upper and lower filters in registry. Just follow this article:

And firmware updates you can get from the Toshiba website.

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Hey. I am wanting to update firmware for my dvd burner. I know it is a NEC DVD+-RW ND 3650, but after that i have no idea how (or even if I can) update its firmware. Any help would be great thanks!

A:Solved: Update Firmware

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I have a netgear wnr1000 v2. I have been in the router settings and had it check for the latest firmware. It tells me I have the latest and that version is Now, when I go to the netgear website and look up my router here: it says the latest version is So I download it and go to install it to my router and get the error "Firmware upgrade failed. Please check your file." I know it's the right file. Only 3 files are in the installation and they are .html, .img, and .txt, and the image file is the installation one.

A:Router Firmware Update

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I have an Acer Aspire Ethos laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. SP1 is installed according to system properties (came installed).

Windows update was working fine until maybe June or May of this year.

I have tried a number of hotfixes, several microsoft fixit (automatic normal and aggressive runs), the sfc /scannow in admin CMD mode, and also uninstalled the last ten or so updates. I have also deleted the contents of the /Downloaded Installation Files/ within C:/Windows but that also did not fix the error.

Have also tried disabling my antivirus but that did not change anything, windows update will not self-update at all.

Nothing seems to work. Please help.

Below see a typical update attempt from the log (repeats almost every other day more or less the same.

2012-08-27 13:31:58:097 1088 162c AU ## START ## AU: Search for updates
2012-08-27 13:31:58:097 1088 162c AU #########
2012-08-27 13:31:58:103 1088 162c AU <<## SUBMITTED ## AU: Search for updates [CallId = {DC5A4D0A-1B62-43F8-ABF1-BED8250E87B9}]
2012-08-27 13:31:58:580 1088 13d0 Agent *************
2012-08-27 13:31:58:580 1088 13d0 Agent ** START ** Agent: Finding updates [CallerId = AutomaticUpdates]
2012-08-27 13:31:58:580 1088 13d0 Agent *********
2012-08-27 13:31:58:580 1088 13d0 Agent * Online = Yes; Ignore download priority = No
2012-08-27 13:31:58:580 1088 13d0 Agent * Criteria = "IsInstalled=0 and DeploymentAction='Installation' or IsPresent=... Read more

A:Windows Update Self-update Fail Error 80073712

agreed. I am facing a similar problem as you. Help

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I have a 1TB Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003-9YN162 like the one shown on this firmware update page:

Barracuda (1TB/disk platform) Firmware Update

Because i've been having problems waking from sleep mode I wanted to update the firmware on it from my version now CC9B to its current version of CC9D. I downloaded its windows update utility and ran it. Everything seemed ok, it shut down windows, restarted, ran the updater, then it said "FAILED" in big red letters then asked me to go back to Windows. I did, everything was ok nothing got messed up.

Why did it fail to update the firmware? Was it because I didn't have CC9C and it didn't want to skip from CC9B to CC9D? Do I need to update to CC9C first? What should I do?

The update utility says that it cant be run on "RAID Systems". My system is capable of RAID but I dont have a raid setup i use ACHI. Do I need to go into my BIOS and disable something that has to do with RAID? As far as I know I have nothing enabled that has to do with RAID. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Seagate HDD Firmware update failed. Why?

I suspect that if your drive is not listed here: ALL FIRMWARE UPDATES - see here - Seagate Community Forums
Which I don't see, a firmware update is not needed nor compatible with the update.

Also read this: Does my drive need a firmware update?

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I tried to update my dvd rw, but this is what I get.

A:Unable to install the firmware update

Make sure that all other ATAPI devices are disconnected, if possible. If the drive is no longer under warranty, try the PS0B stock flash from CodeGuys. Using this patched version may invalidate any warranty.

But, what is the reason for the upgrade? They just as often as not lead to problems.

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Samsung has recently posted firmware update EXM03B6Q for the 850 Pro on the download site.
I was unable to update via Magician so downloaded the ISO and ran it from a USB drive.
I was one of the lucky ones who didn't update to EXM02B6Q in Feb of 2015 which was a total disaster.
The update worked without any problems and speeds have not changed at all.
There is also a PDF installation guide for those who like to read first.
Don't forget to image the SSD first just in case. I did not, however loose data but better safe than sorry.

Tool & Software | Download | Samsung V-NAND SSD


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Hi, Need help where to download the latest firmware update for CD/DVD burner for my lenovo G470? Everytime i burn with my DVD a message box always pops up saying "The disc wasn't burn successfully. Make sure that you have the latest firmware for your CD or DVD burner installed, an then try again." Thanks,Jeff 

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I downloaded the firmware update for my CD/DVD writer. Burned it to a CD per the instructions and restarted the PC with the CD in. The PC restarts, reads the CD and then... nothing. No on-screen instructions, nothing.

The CD/DVD drive is bootable per the bios.

Any idea how to make this work?

A:Solved: CD writer firmware will not update

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Last night I went ahead and took the plunge ... Updated the Firmware on my Archos 70 Internet Tablet 250GB (2.1.3 - Android 2.2.1).

My tablet still worked after the update. Slower than before though.

This morning I found out that I can't get online!

None of my four radio apps work (they all worked fine before). no longer works.

All three of my browsers no longer work.

Firmware Update doesn't work (can't connect to the Internet).

Wi-Fi shows that my Archos is connected to my Internet service. My son and I are both online with our computers, so there is nothing wrong with our Internet connection.

Looks like I have no choice now, but to reformat the Archos and start all over again (for the 4th time!!!!) .... That will be very time consuming, as I will have to download all of my many apps all over again, and then reload all of my files all over again ....

A:Android Firmware Update Problems ...

If your wireless network is encrypted, have you tried resetting the WPA key?

Just curious.

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For some reason the firmware for thunderbolt won't update on my p70. I've tried installing from a command prompt and using the installer. Either way it seems to work but the firmware version doesn't change. I have the hdmi cable connected to a monitor and have the thunderbolt software running. I've rebooted and tried again. I've booted into safe mode then rebooted and tried again. I've uninstalled the thunderbolt controller and tried again all to no avail. Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.

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gang I've been web-searching for updated firmware or a way to do it on Hitachi travelstar internal 2.5" hdd... I have one that is producing frequent read errors, but running chkdsk the drive is 'squeaky clean' from a surface standpoint. I was hoping I might update..... can't find a thing

this drive failed the HP builtin [BIOS] HD tests, short and long, and failed the HGST diags tests, short and long [though the SMART status was all rosey ] Specifically the tests point to read-access failures which produce a string of Windows 7 system 'critical' events since the OS timing is scrambled by fetches that return no response.

nagging in the back of my brain is an ugly scenario: what if the issue is with the Mboard component? what would clue me in that the drive interface is at issue ? disc is a lot more likely I agree but it just doesn't feel like an ordinary disk fail

A:Any way to update Hitachi Travelstar firmware?

Hi there .. The place to look for a firmware update should be the HP website .. Not sure that it will help much though

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Using dell inspiron 5448 with HDD 1 TB + SSD 8 GB, windows 10, 64 bit working fine.
Found the new Seagate fimware on the dell support as follows

Seagate ST500LM000/ST1000LM014 Firmware Update

File Name: Kahuna V_ZPE.exe
Importance: Recommended

Description: Hard-Drive (47.16 MB)
Release Date: 09 Nov 2016

Version: DEMM/DEMN ,A05
The installation failed on my laptop with an alarm box showing unable to identify the boot partition, please use the USB boot key or CD ISO image of this utility instead.
Confused since installation instruction said just download and it will be automatically installed.
Called Dell but the agent said nothing they could do.
Any suggestions?

A:Seagate firmware update failed

I suggest you right click windows logo (or click yellow folder), click and expand 'File Explorer', 'This PC', and then check to see if Seagate update is either in your downloads or documents. If yes, I suggest you open the file and click 'Run As Administrator'.

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This is a follow up in a way. I had asked about the N-routers and how to get good reception in a large house. Based on the responses and reviews of this router Linksys WRT54GL I chose this one router to do the trick with the option of installing another one upstairs to increase coverage if needed. The price of 2 of these was cheaper than one N router or a router and repeater.

The Lisksys software is pretty lame. I was able to get my computer hooked up fairly easily but my roommate could not get online, which is more important as I am on the road all the time and he is stuck at home. I reset the router before I left so hopefully he can get himself hooked up before I get home in 2 days.

The coverage seems great. I get very good or excellent in all corners of the house. I see things about installing a second party firmware to improve it further. Any suggestions about which firmware, and details about how to update and use this firmware?


A:Firmware update for Linksys WRT54GL

You need to find out why your roomate can not connect. Is it becasue of bad coverage? But, you said the coverage is great. If it is a secure network and your roomate is using the correct password/key, and if the coverage is great, then some setting issue must be dealt with in the roomate's computer.

Why do you need third party firmware for your router? That may not solve your roomate's problem, becasue as I said, it could be in roomate's computer. I have heard using third party firmware on Linksys gives much more features. One of them is to increase the power out of the router. But, again, all those feature may not help you with the problme that your have.

First do this on your computer, then on roomate's:

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

{credit johnw}

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Touch pad is not working also the update firmware v1.17 keeps on failing. Please help. Btw, I'm using Aspire E 14 E5-473-304W.

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Hello,  I am interested in updating the firmware and bios to my LSI SAS1068 integrated on my xw8600.  I would like it to remain bootable and be used in a RAID 0 configuration.  Can you provide me with any insight as to which firmware files to use and where I could acquire them...  Also what is the original LSI name for this controller.  Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.  Best regards, Johny4.51

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I took a firmware update downloaded from Windows Update. The machine shutdown and began flashing the bios. It then restarted and now does not boot at all. It does not even get to the BIOS. It simply restarts and goes to a black screen with no messages or failures. Is there  a way to flash the BIOS and/or Firmware from a USB key or DVD? Regards,J.M. Wiley

A:C40-05 Firmware Update Failed and Machine won't bo...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.  Are you sure you got a BIOS Update from Windows Update?  If you did, that is a scary thought.  Windows 10 is good for giving you OS and driver updates whether you want them or not. Giving a BIOS Update is kind of over stepping their bounds IMHO.
Have you tried this.....
1. Unplug the charger / adapter. 2. Press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds. 3. Plug in and power up the system to see if the problem was resolved.
If that didn't correct the problem, can you access the BIOS Setup by repeatedly tapping the F1 key when you first power up the computer.  If you can access the BIOS Setup then your problem is most likely an operating system problem with a driver update Microsoft gave you. 

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Hi - I was able to solve connect issues by updating firmware on my wireless router - wifi weirdness

But now my printer is not available (to this or any other laptop/macbook on the network.

How do I install/re-install my brother 9840CDW to my little network here?

Help! I need it! Thanks

A:(Re-) Installing a printer after firmware update

Have you disabled your network then re-enabled it & Also reset your router ??

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I put in my IP address, and get to the modem. I believe there is a way to take my modem out of the mix and update the firmware on my Linksys router, but I'll be darned if I can figure it out. I called Linksys, but they want me to sign up for 90 day tech support, and I need to spend the $$ on a new router if the firmware update doesn't solve my problems! :-/

Can anyone help me?

I have a Motorola SB6141 modem and a Linksys EA6500 router.

Thank you!!

A:Want to update Linsys Firmware, but modem in the way....

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Good Morning All,

I've posted to this site a few times, with excellent results and fantastic support from the members, thanks so much for all your help.

Here's a new one:

My Crucial C300 has firmware 001....needless to say I've been having some issues, BSOD's, etc...

So, I download all the updates, 1 > 2, 2 > 6, 6 > 7....and follow the Update Guide to the letter...

All is good and fine until I have to set my machine to IDE in order to install the update.
BIOS SATA controller says "AHCI or RAID" other options.
Cannot update the firmware. NO drive detected. Tried RAID, just in case. Nope.

I have a Dell XPS 9100, and have an ASUS U3S6 as well, but connected the SSD to the motherboard as the guide said to do....tried all the ports 0-3....nope.

I've set aside the time and patience to update the firmware to well as reconfigure some things with my system, 'housekeeping', if you will...

How do I get my machine into IDE mode? (And then back into AHCI when the updates are finished) Did I miss something in BIOS?

Thanks again.

A:Trying to update firmware on Crucial C300...

Just a note of caution, I would recommend doing a full system image before updating the firmware especially since you are having issues.
I am not advocating updating the BIOS on the Dell, but have you checked Dell's website and the associated release notes for any/all Bios upgrades?

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I have an E420 Thinkpad; NO problems ever with the laptop...a great machine.  I ran some updates and the Lenovo update wanted to update the battery firmware; there have never been any problems with my battery (I have an extended battery), but wanted to update as recommended. - When I ran the update, I got a "the tool was unable to update the battery firmware due to an internal error"...and then it automatically rebooted. - Once it rebooted, I now get a DOS warning (on initial boot) "this system does not support batteries that are not genuine Lenovo....." and I have to hit escape to continue.- When it boots up, I get a battery icon that shows either "plugged in and charging" with a RED X imbedded in the icon.- The laptop does not recognize the battery.  Even though it was in good condition and had a 95% charge when I first ran the firmware update....the laptop will not operate without hte power plug attached.- When I go to the power manager and the battery tab, I get a "battery was completely discharged and needs to be recharged verbiage- I have tried to re-run the firmware update from the update tool, but to no success. - I have tried to run the firmware update by downloading the install .exe file and running from my no success.- I have tried to do a system restore, but it did not work.- I have screen shots of the screens mentioned as needed. Help!  I now have a small desktop that has a closeable lid.  It will not run if t... Read more

A:Battery Firmware update - failed and now will not ...

I have the same issue.Waiting for the software update or workaround

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Touch pad is not working also the update firmware v1.17 keeps on failing. Please help. Btw, I'm using Aspire E 14 E5-473-304W.

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I flashed my Toshiba slim-drive SD-C2502 DVD-ROM with the latest firmware from Dell's website.

After it didn't work and it gives me the IDE #1 error before booting to Windows XP. I know I can eject before the error message but after that, it just doesn't eject at all nor detected.

I tried flashing it again but there is no drive it can detect to flash it. From the past, it seems like no way but I was hoping I can force flash it perhaps?

Any other suggestions would be grateful.

A:DVD-ROM not detected after firmware there HOPE?!

Heh. I hate to say it, but I think you're dead in the water. Up the river with no paddle so to speak. It sounds like you're going to have to replace the drive.

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I would like to update the firmware of my SSD, INTEL SSDSC2CT120A3, but Google gives me results of Intel? SSD 330 Series. I don't know if my SSD model is Intel? SSD 330

A:INTEL SSDSC2CT120A3 firmware update

I would recommend you start here:
Download Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox

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I have a 4-year-old D-Link DIR 601 (cheap) router. It used to put out a little better than 42% (~38Mbps) of the speed I get hard-wired (92Mbps). Last week, that was cut exactly in half (19Mbps) after I made a few changes to the configuration which should have had nothing to do with the speed it delivers.

Is there anything I can check in the router's config that might account for the drop in speed?
The firmware is 1.01 and I understand 1.04 is available, but the site asks if I have model A or B. I can find nothing on the labels about A or B. Where would I find that?
I tried downloading the 1.04 update for version A. It's a zipped .bin file which is not executable. How does one apply the update to the router?
The router has a reset button that resets it to factory settings. Could that solve the speed problem, or is it not worth trying?


A:Solved: Update firmware D-Link DIR 601

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Hello, I had no problems with the touchpad in my first two months of owning this computer. Recently when I try to use the touchpad, the cursor bounces all over the place and I have no control over it. This is espescially annoying when I am at work and need this to work correctly when I am gathering data in an excel doc. I noticed there was a 1.17 firmware update for the synaptics driver in the care center, but when I click to install it will run for a second and then say "failed". Just updated BIOS and every other driver I could think of but it makes no difference.

A:Touchpad firmware update VN7-592G

Hi ! Have you trying Unistalling the driver for the Touchpad? Must of the times unistalling the drivers and restarting your unit will actually fix the issue. If you access the Device Manager (Press Windows key +X)> Select Device Manager > Mice and other pointer device, Right Click> Unistall> Restart. Some updated on Windows sometimes will disable the proper Drivers for your unit. Hope this could help you!  

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I've noticed a slow down in my Plextor PX-708A and thought that installing the latest firmware would a good idea.

The firmwares listed on the plextor site only listed for:

* PX-712A/SA/UF

* PX-708A2/UF2

* PX-708A/UF

* PX-504A/UF

As far as i am aware my drive is just a Plextor PX-708A drive.
What are the 708A/UF 708A/UF2 drives??? How do i know if my drive is one of these?


A:Need to update firmware? Plextor PX-708A2/UF2??

Looking at this site:

You'll find that the "A" model is the IDE internal drive, and the UF & UF2 models are external USB/Firewire drives.

However, following the link from PX-708A to firmware upgrades did not show a download for the "A" model, only for the others.

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I just had a quick question I have a LG CH08LS10 Blu ray drive and I have been having glitches with some Blu Rays namely Terminator Salvation and The Dark Knight they run choppy and stutter. All of my other Blu Rays run fine.

Anyway the software that came with the Blu Ray Drive came with the LG Tool Kit. When I first got the drive I used it to auto look for firmware updates. It found one update to make the drive compatible with Windows 7. It says that the update was successful but I'm unsure whether that's the case or not as I can't find out where to find out which firmware I have right now.

So I have tried everything to fix the stuttering issue with the two Blu Rays. I've updated Java, upgraded the Blu Ray playing software, updated graphics drivers, switched off tons of start up programs and still Terminator Salvation and The Dark Knight stutter. It doesn't make sense because TS spikes at 100% percent CPU usage all the time and 2012 is 50% percent.

So should I just go to the LG website and manually download the firmware update? Or will that damage my drive?

Compaq Presario Intel Celeron D 3.46GHz
Windows Vista Basic SP2
2GB Ram
120GB Hard Drive
Nvidia BFG GeForce 9500 GT 1GB PCI-E 2.0 Driver, 197.45
BFG 450 Watt Power Supply
Samsung p2250 Monitor digital driver
16X BD-ROM LG Ultra BLue
Alhena 5 Motherboard

A:How do you know if a firmware update actually installed properly?

Nero Info Tool should tell you the drive's firmware:
You can also run that same firmware update utility and I think it tells you if the firmware versions and if there's a newer version.

You can try the WinDVD trial:

You have a weak CPU and that may be the problem.

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It took me almost one hour to find this firmware update for my ADSL modem so that's why I uploaded it to Skydrive and make it hopefully a little bit easier for you.

My modem kicked me of the web a few times every day and then it also had a "broken internet connection" so that there was a little yellow notification triangle on the network adapters icon even if the "internet providers" signal was ok it couldn't connect...

Any how, I updated the firmware and I have been running it for a few days now and no connection problems.

Here is the link and there is also a manual included (and in the comments you can see a really short description on how to update the firmware).

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I am trying to update the firmware of my iriver T30. I am using the tool provided by iriver. I am able to delete the firmware from my T30 but I cannot install the new firmware on the T30. It just hangs, and I have to close the program after many hours, and kill the process on my PC and try again with no luck.
Can someone help me?

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I have an ADATA S510 120gig SSD, i tried downloading the Firmware upgrade tool seen on this page

S510 SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Drive, Download, S510, 500 Series, Solid State Drive, Welcome to ADATA

I opened the tool and it didnt find my SSD drive. I then downloaded the file itself to try and manually install it but it is a "VIC" file, i dont even know how to open it.

Does anyone have experience with updating their firmware on these SSD drives? What am i doing wrong?
edit: after digging around on my machine i found that i have firmware 3.3.2 which is apparently the latest firmware out there right now (i didnt know that till i just found this info out, this machine is 2 weeks old)

A:Can't update firmware on ADATA S510 SSD

I started my PC with a Linux live DVD (Knoppix) because my ADATA S510 SSD Device is my boot device and device with OS (W7).
So I run the Linux version of the updater (you must be root!) and all worked fine!
But: please check the signature (for example 22739) - it has to be in the filename of the firmware update!
Good luck

PS: my drive was not it is! I hope my problems (bluescreen) are gone now!

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I have a netgear r6300 router and just had a power outage. This supposedly corrupted the firmware on my router by interrupting the usual power cycle. I have been following a tutorial on the support site and have managed to get a new copy of the required firmware by downloading it onto a flash drive at the local library. I have been following this tutorial; Step 1: Connect your router to a computer by plugging one end of an Ethernet Cable into any of the four LAN ports on the back of your router.

Step 2: Configure the computer with a static IP address of and subnet mask of

From the Start button, select Control Panel > Network Connections.
Right click Local Area Connection and select Properties.
Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
In the IP Configuration page, select the Use the following IP address check box and enter the IP address and subnet mask above.
Linux and Mac: Use Linux and Mac instructions to set the computer with static IP.
Step 3: Open a command window if you are using Windows PC. For Linux/Mac users, use a TFTP client.

On Windows 7: From the Start button, go to the Search box, type cmd and press Enter.
On Windows XP: From Start > Run, type cmd and press Enter.
Step 4: Find and install your firmware.

Use the cd command to navigate to the directory/folder containing the router firmware.
Run the command tftp -i put firmware_filename, where firmware_filename is the actual name of the firmware f... Read more

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For a firmware update, does my region need to be the region I am actually living in, or can it be the region I have it currently set to? I want to use Cortana, so I changed my region to Uk, but I'm not receiving a update, and it's already been going on 4 weeks since the firmware first appeared. I've been waiting for the update to arrive, since it has DTtW.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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So I installed my new SSD, set up all my programs and files, and was having some trouble with discovering an ACHI drivers (which apparently cannot be achieved on my dell latitude model IDE ATA/ATAPI driver missing?)

Anyway after installing the Samsung Magician software to help optimize the SSD, it said that a firmware update was available, so upon updating I was rewarded with a BSOD after restarting. I became angry and did a system restore with my image disk and started over. This time in the samsung magician it said the firmware was already up to date so I didn;t think anything of it until today another BSOD. If I have to do another reinstall I will take my own life, so I hope someone can help me here.

Attachment 311734

A:BSOD After Samsung magician (840 pro SSD) Firmware update

Do you use the DW1520 Wireless-N WLAN Half-mini card?
If so then it looks like the driver for it is the problem.

Do you have a spare HDD that you can use because I think the driver for it is incompatible with SSDs. I will need to double check.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {10, 2, 0, fffff80002ea4ec9}

Probably caused by : tcpip.sys ( tcpip!IppValidatePaths+71 )

fffff880`04a8f000 fffff880`04f12000 bcmwl664 (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\bcmwl664.sys
Image name: bcmwl664.sys
Timestamp: Fri Jan 07 08:05:56 2011 (4D26C964)
CheckSum: 0048C1C3
ImageSize: 00483000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
It doesn't mention compatibility with SSDs. I will keep looking. Here's the website anyway.

Driver Details | Dell US

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My laptop is a Satellite PRO P100-383 with a DVD writer MAT****A UJ-850S.

The actual firmware of my DVD writer MAT****A UJ-850S is 1.10 and i can't write some DVD-R because they are not recognized as a DVD-R but as a CD-R. I think it's just the DVD-writer's firmware which is too much old.
Is there a way to update that firmware with a new one please ? because i've found anything in the download section for my laptop. Just drivers and motherboard BIOS, but nothing about the MAT****A UJ-850S firmware update.

Thank you very much for your reply.



A:Satellite PRO P100-383 DVD UJ-850S Firmware update

Hi Philip

In my opinion you should not change anything but use high quality DVD-R medias like TDK or Verbatim.
Maybe you use ?some? cheap and no-name empty medias.

Have you tested it using well known brands?

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Can anybody find the firmware update for MATSHITA DVDRWBD UJ-110?

A:Cannot find firmware update for MATSHITA DVDRWBD UJ-110

Dell's website would be your best bet.

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I would like to update a D-link DIR-655 router firmware
I downloaded an update that is a zip file that contains
a single *,bin file. How do I update this router with this
file? I would like to also install program called sharepoint
so I can share drive on a USB port that is on that router.
Any suggestions on how to update this router and use
a put a network drive on a USB on this router? First I need to
know how to use the bin file.
Thank you,

A:Update D-Link DIR-655 Router firmware w/bin file

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I have been having a problem updating the firmware on my TRENDnet TEW-432BRP wireless router. When I try to update the firmware by going to the device webpage, I click on 'firmware' and click 'browse' to select the firmware file, the internet browser freezes and crashes. Any Ideas?

A:Solved: Router firmware update problem

Doesn't make much sense to me; as soon as you click on 'browse' it really has nothing to do with the router I think.

With your browser if you do File - Open File... - do you get the same crash? If yes you have some general browser problem. If you don't crash this way I have no idea what's going wrong, and would try a different browser.

FWIW I am using the same router and, at the moment, Firefox 10.0 in Windows XP SP3 and have no issues with 'browse' for a file.

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friends I'm installing a fresh samsung 840 120gb. i thought i could put the ssd on sata 1 [not zero] and get firmware via magician on my windows 8 lab mule. no dice. apparently magician ONLY wants to see the ssd on sata zero. it can pull up the drive, but none of the controls work.
soooo... I'm thinking I'm going to have to go with the drive 'as is' to install 7 on a notebook, then as first order of business go pickup the firmware update and execute it.

will this result in sub-par arrangement? best I can tell the fw update is non-destructive.
is there another way?

A:samsung ssd: will firmware update harm anything? magician no use.

friends i have a new samsung 840 to replace a failing drive in a hp notebook.
i wanted to update the samsung firmware first, then do the install of windows 7 x64 but using the samsung so-called Magician, trying the drive on sata 1 [instead of 0] it still cannot properly register the drive. all I get is the SMART info - everything else is neutered. illogical... how does samsung want to update firmware? AFTER the os is installed?
a little guidance would sure be appreciated.

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