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mobo wont POST after moved to a new case

Q: mobo wont POST after moved to a new case

I just moved to a new case with a larger PSU (300 was old, 350 is new).

When I powered on the comp, I don't even get a POST. As far as I know, everything is plugged into the correct spot. I used to mobo manual for all the correct headers and I can see the power on LED illuminated. The HDD LED illuminates briefly too. The reset switch works, as well as the power switch (obviously). The CPU fan and Northbridge fan is turning. I did discharge the CMOS memory too using the jumper, but that didn't solve my problem. Any ideas? Could something have gone wrong when I moved all the components? Actually, obviously something did go wrong, but anybody have any ideas?

Athlon XP 2100
ABIT KR7A mobo
512 266DDR Mem
40 GB Maxtor HD
couple CD drives
Netgear NIC

thx for any help

A: mobo wont POST after moved to a new case

Disconnect everything except the cpu, fans, memory, and video card with monitor and see if it will post. If not I would start by checking the standoffs to make sure one is not shorting the motherboard to ground. To do this you could even take the board loose and put it on a piece of cardboard to insulate it and see if it will post.

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Hi guys I was having problems with the mobo so I searched the net and finally bought one, I received it last week but I have just gotten round to putting it in it is the same model. Now I have just changed it and it will not go to post I have checked that the graphics card if seated correctly which it is also changed the ram around but still won't go to post am I missing something.


A:Solved: Fitted mobo now wont go to post Help! (Moved from XP forum)

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Ok, I'm in the process of updating my MOBO and Processor. I have bought a new powersupply to accompany it. I've got everything hooked up. Push the power button on the case, now all of a sudden:
- the LED light on the front of the case is 'Red' (use to be green).
-Along with this, the 2 cd drives dont power up, (no lights, tray-open buttons dont work).
-The HD starts to spin
- Heatsink for the powersupply turns on

Now, I have found that if I unplug the IDE cable from the MOBO (which is connecting the 2 cd drives, because the HD is SATA) the 2 cd drives are now working. I am able to open the treys.
-But, computer still doesnt get to the POST
-I have taken the processor out and tested, same thing
-I have taken the MOBO out of the case, same thing.
-I have taken the RAM out of the MOBO, same thing

So, I thought it was the MOBO. Called the place I bought it from, they sent me a brand new one. got everything hooked up, same thing.

It is a GEFORCE 6100-M9 MOBO, accompanied with a AMD 64 3700+.

Has anyone had this problem before? If so, I would really like some insight on what I could try next.

A:Case wont get to a post

Hello and welcome to techspot.

Did you use the riser pins under the motherboard to separate it from your case?

Please list your parts in detail. Are you using the integrated graphics or a graphics card? What are the details of the ram you are using? What power supply do you have (watts and how many amps on the +12v rail).

More details please.

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I'm completely lost no hardware was changed at all the dam this wont post or give me beep codes it just sits there with a blank screen

This is what I?m running
Mobo: p5n32-sli Deluxe
cpu: pent d 3.2
psu:550 watt sli
two sticks of 1gb ddr2
two gforce 6800 Xtream 256 in sli mode
donno if you need any other info seeing as it wont post

I'm completely lost I didn?t damage any parts wile transplanting the system

Any ideas???

By not posting the monitor just sits there in sleep mode and nothing happens any beep codes no nothing

A:transplanted my comp into a new case and it wont POST

Probably just missed a PSU connection somewhere.

Do you have two connections to your motherboard? Both the 24pin and the 12vATX connector?

Did you connect your graphics cards to the PSU (assuming they need a PSU connection, some don't)?

Did you use the riser pins to separate your motherboard from the case?

Take out the ram and expansion cards and re-seat them to be sure. In fact, do this with all your connections.

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I built a pc a while back and I made the mistake of buying a ****ty case. The computer randomly decides to not start sometimes and I always assume it's a grounding issue. Well, I isolated the problem this time to the power supply. It seems to short when mounted in the case, but if everything is set up outside the case everything works fine.....

Help...I really want to play Borderlands and use AutoCAD.....Don't let me buy an iMac


A:Power Supply wont boot Mobo inside case

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Last night, I took apart and rebuilt my desktop to replace the MoBo. I went from an MSI 785GTM-E45 to an ASUS M4A88T-M.

Now, after everything is back together, it won't post. The rig turns on. LEDs turn on. Fans turn on. The board even has a green light going. There are no beeps and the 'Mem OK!' light turns on for a bit and then turns off altogether.

Now, I'm using 8GB (2x4GB) Patriot 1600 RAM, which isn't on the 'approved RAM' list in the manual. I'm not sure if my problem is that the RAM is not compatible with my board... or if it's something else.

AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black
Patriot DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 1600
ATI Radeon HD4850
1TB SATA Hard Drive
ASUS DVD-RW Combo Optical Drive

A:Build Wont Post After MoBo Switch

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Iam having problems with a new mobo and PSU....
the PSU works when tested
but the new mobo wont post/boot
when I remove the RAM it doesnt BEEP to indicate that the RAM is missing
although I cant find an onboard speaker
its an ASRock P4VM890
its not touching any other casing that the bumps that it screws into
any ideas?

A:New MOBO wont post / no BEEPs when RAM removed

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Putting together a build for a friend, however, I believe the motherboard may have been damaged or was damaged upon my taking part in the build. I assembled the parts, a 430w thermaltake psu, an asus mobo, e5200 intel processor, western digital hard drive, 2 gigs of GSkill, ati hd 4850 gpu and an LG dvd drive.

Posted, gave an error message about cpu fan error, I google it, it seemed to be relatively harmless. While in the bios the computer's signal disappeared, I attempted a reboot to no avail. No error codes, cpu fan stopped spinning. Removed memory, no error code, removed 4850, no error code, case fan connected to the motherboard spins when powered on, motherboard shows green light, no signal detected,

I tested the processor in another rig, and it worked fine, and the cpu fan spun fine. Tested another power supply with said motherboard and the motherboard fan would not spin and it would not post, and no error codes. Is my motherboard dead? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:New Build, Mobo green light, psu powers case fans off mobo, not cpu fan no beeps

check and recheck the connections on the board, if unsuccessful, make sure you haven t short-circuited the mobo, ...

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My old Soyo mobo has 4 fan connectors for cpu & case fans. My present case has five 92mm fans through out the case. What problems could arise if I install my present setup in a new case that has four 12cm fans with regards to current requirements for the new larger fans? My PSU is an Enermax 465 W unit. Any comments or suggestions?

A:Old Mobo, new case

I wouldn't expect any problems.

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Hi guys, hows everyone, hm dumb question but i have to know, recently bought a new mobo+cpu combo PC CHIPS M-811LU V3.1C ATX Motherboard/CPU Set - Retail, from newegg, since my emach fried out. Not sure whats wrong with it.
Works nice to far. Rigged up without case.
Building pc from spare parts i have laying. But problem being is, that i have no cases that fit. Doesnt fit in emachine t1400(athlon1600 sdram) case ether. Anyway im on a tight on money. It says standard atx form factor .What kind of case would this use, it says atx and yet my emachines case would not fit it says atx. Mobo measures 305mm x 190mm. Wanted to buy another of the same mobo soon. Nice deal they have i think.
Was looking at newegg for cases, mainly the cheap ones they had from 25-60$
Would anyone of those work that they have.

A:New mobo case help?

as long as you have a regular atx mobo, any normal atx case would hold the mobo.

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hey guys, with christmas comin up im lookin to treat myself with a new pc case but before i do i want to make sure my current hardware will fit. the case im looking at is the Thermaltake V9 seen here: My Mobo can be seen here: i am also picking up a new gfx card today, which is the 9500GT.


EDIT: i asked my brother and he said i should be able to use any MIDI case but as he lives several hours away and wasn't able to get online to see for himself, i wanted to check here first

A:Will my Mobo Fit This Case?

Yes it will fit. Good luck to you. Please let us know how it goes.

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX150 and does anyone know if this PC case can fit a differant mobo inside cause iv'e heard that I may need to change the casing if i wanted a new mobo?

A:PC case + Mobo

Even if it did fit, which it probable won't, you would need a new power supply because not Dell powersupplies are not always standard ATX and are usually unpowered. Also it appears this case offers no expandability due to its extreme small size which is also terrible for cooling.

A new case with powersupply can be bought starting at arounf $50 and up that have a decent powersupply and are fully ATX standard.

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Can someone find a case and motherboard for this processor, that will work together. The budget for the case and mobo is like 100-150$. is the processor.

A:Case & Mobo

Are you going to be re-using anything that should be taken into account? ie. what kind of video card (agp or pcie), memory, psu...

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A friend of mine bought a new case for his comp.
His mobo is an AT his ps is now an ATX he bought the adapter,
but he still can't get the beast to fire up.
Can anyone offer any help
Thanks ,

A:New case old mobo

You are going to have to be more specific as we will try to find a solution for you. This could be anything.. from a failing processor to an improperly inserted cable... so it is really hard to pinpoint the issue from the information posted.

It doesn't boot up.. to what extent? (Do the fans spin? Is there power, led lights, hard drive spin etc.)

One suggestion is to double check everything... and make sure everything is properly mounted.

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WHich Mobo should i buy..

Albatron nForce2 Ultra 400 Motherboard for AMD Processors, Model KX18D PRO Retail

GIGABYTE nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU, Model "GA-7N400-L" -RETAIL

ABIT nForce2 SPP Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU, Model "NF7" -RETAIL

and which case...
I orignally posted this in reviews...but got into hardware so updated here.

A:Which MOBO & case

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hi, i asked about what i need for a new build and while looking round i found this
i was told in my other thread to make sure it fits in to a ATX or BTX case, but this is XFX what can i put it in, iv seen some realy cool looking cases, but they dont look like they have room for cooling,so i want a standard tower, something that i can add lights to, with a window.
thanks in advance

A:what case can do i put this mobo in?

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I am new here. I really hope to receive some assistance with this very annoying ordeal and learn how to prevent this in the future. I think I'm in the right place.

Just as with several others who have posted here, everytime I click a link in Yahoo/Google search results I am redirected to another site. I have been dealing with this for several weeks now. I at first thought that something was wrong with the search engines, but soon realized that it was my computer. I have ran scans using AVG and Ad-Aware, but nothing has helped.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you all could provide. Enough is enough.

A:Yet Another Case - Google/Yahoo Redirection/ Moved


As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.

PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS unless a log is specifically requested.

What is your operating system: Windows XP, Vista, etc.?

What kinds of sites are you redirected to? Please do not post live links.

What browser or browsers are you using when the redirections occur?

Are you experiencing other issues besides the redirections? Please be as specific as possible.

Do you have other security programs installed besides AVG and Ad-Aware? If so, please name them. Also, is AVG the AntiVirus, a security suite, or an AntiSpyware?

Orange Blossom

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I moved my CPU (AMD 939 4800+x2), RAM (2*1gb Nspire), and Video Card (7950gt EVGA) from my shuttle ST20G5 which had a bad RAM slot to an Ultra Microfly case with EVGA NF44 AMD motherboard. When I turn on the computer, it beeps once (tells I passed POST) and takes me to BIOS. Then I select XP Pro from my boot menu, the XP load screen is displayed for a few seconds, and then I get a STOP error. One weird part is that when I enter BIOS, it shows up as Pheonix AWARD BIOS, just like in my shuttle, not the EVGA version of BIOS, even though it shows the EVGA splash screen upon boot. I am using the same HD in hopes to preserve all my data... not sure if that is a problem? Please feel free to ask questions and please help... I am stuck on an old laptop with none of my documents... I know because it passes POST that I couldn't have messed anything up too bad when I moved everything

A:Moved components into new case and now get a BSOD upon booting

I have researched the problem a little more... maybe I have to do a repair install of XP?

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One More Quick Question. Are Theee 2 Compatible?



Thanks A Bunch!

A:Is This Mobo/Case Compatible?

Yes they're compatible.

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Brand new joining here tonight, but have enjoyed reading through entries in the past.
What a great place
I am just trying to get friends PC working. History of it just not starting.
CPU Fan does start up, with attempt to start CD player, and red lights on.
Tried another CPU, this at least got me into safe mode before turning itself off.
SO think I need a new CPU. However, have noticed some bulging on mobo connectors, so feel it is safer to replace mobo too.
Has anyone got any advice as to what to replace with (only uses PC for photos/ word docs etc, no gaming). Hopeing to keep original casing with power supply & modem etc (unless mobo comes with onboard modem) to keep costs down to minimum.
Present mobo is MS-6334, with intel P3 750 CPU
Any help would really be appreciated.
Many thanks

A:Can I buy a new mobo & CPU to go with old case & extras?

What you need is a socket 370 MoBo. I dont know what form factor you need you will have to do some research if you don,t know. It is a older MoBo, so you should be able to get a pretty decent one for around $50.
Check out or ebay, has pretty good prices too but I have never ordered from them

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I have tried installing motherboards into compaq cases only to find that th LEDs and switches are standard. I just got a Free HP case and wanted to put my MiniATX mobo in it. Im not sure exactly what sixe the case is, but i think its a midtower. Has anyone dont this before or have a link to who has dont it?

A:Can i install my mobo into an HP case

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I know that most people use those gold/brass looking standoffs, but I like the plastic ones better because I can easily take the mobo off if needed. Is it safe to use these, or am I safer with the brass looking ones?

A:Mobo/Case Standoffs

I like the metal standoffs, however I see no harm in using the plastic ones. Just make sure the board is secure.

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My buddy got a new mobo, new case, and new RAM. We pulled the rest of the stuff out of his old case and put it all together, but we can't get it to turn on. He said that if he unplugs the power cord, plugs it back in, and then hits the power button, it runs for like a second before it shuts down again. After that, hitting the power button again has no effect unless u unplug/plug the power cord again.

We did have a problem removing the processor from the old mobo... a couple of the prongs got bent, but I straightened them and it felt like everything slid into place when I *gently* installed the processor in the new mobo. There could also be a problem w/ the RAM... the reason why he bought a new mobo was becuz he put DDR2 RAM in the old mobo and the mobo and the DDR2 RAM got fried. His old DDR RAM was also installed at the time. We installed both the new DDR RAM (not DDR2!) and the old RAM in the new mobo before we 1st tried to turn it on. Since then, he has experimented w/ different combos of RAM, using only 1 stick, etc, but to no effect. But I don't think either the processor or the RAM is the problem, becuz it doesn't seem to run long enough to even get to them.

A:New mobo and case won't turn on

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Have been looking around for a new case and I have come across new Computer jargon which is "Motherboard form factors", quick question will a microATX (244mm x 193mm) mobo work with an ATX Mid Tower Computer Case? Or do I have to upgrade my mobo as well? Thanks!

A:microATX mobo with ATX Case, possible?

Depends on the case. Many will accept both.

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I picked up a Dell XPS8900; 17 6700; 16gb; GTX745 2gb with a 1 TB HDD.  Long story to get me into a Dell which I will skip.  Anyway I moved the mobo to a new case with a Corsair 850w psu, 3 hdd, 480gb PNY SSD, GTX960 4gb; Swiftech fan block, Win10 Pro 64.  I get a white screen error message stating "imminent power switch failure."  Hit continue and it boots up fine.  I have found the power switch pins on the f-panel 1 block (3 pins in from the right - vertically}; hdd led top two right pins and I have jumper pins 1, 2 & 3 as with the original socket (don't know what these do).  Case is a Diablotek V3 and does not have a power led since I think the front fan leds act as the power light.  Reset button is not used.  So how do I get rid of the error message on power up?  Anyone have a pin out for f-panel 1?  Is there a set of speaker pins there?  Thanks.

A:XPS8900 mobo into a new case

There's not going to be a way to disable or suppress that error short of reconnecting the original switch block.  You really have two options:
Put the board back in the Dell case, and use it that way -- or, complete the "home build" and replace the mainboard with an aftermarket unit and standard wiring.  That will also require a new heatsink-fan assembly and it will also require buying a retail license for Windows 10 (the OEM one won't work with a non-Dell system).

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hi i need some real help

i changed a case for my mate to an older but BETTER CONDITION case did have a P2 mobo etc init.

I changed everything over including psu etc as his system is a AMD ATHLON XP.

Im just not sure whats happenin as when you have to add the tiny little cables to the motherboard such as the power button, led's, reset buttons etc. (dnt kno what ther called something like front panel cables or sumink)

Anyway im not sure where each of these go so i was hoping that if i told you what cables i have then link u too the mobos manual online you may be able to give me a hand.

ok the cables i have are

HDD LED (2hole)
POWER SW (2hole)
POWER LED (3hole)
RESET SW (2hole)
SPEAKER (4hole but i know where this goes)

i tried the power button one in most of the sockets and one of them allowed the system to start up for about half a second. The fans moved for about half a second once i pressed the button.

ok and the manual on the net is here


Please i need help asap, what could it be?


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i am trying to build my own computer. The problem i have came across is with the motherboard and the case that i would like to buy. They are both ATX and fit fine. But i noticed that the holes in the back of the case would not allow me to put the motherboard in. e.g "the motherboard has built in 7.1 sound so has 6 holes but the case will only support three holes. i have tried looking for diffrent cases that would suport this motherboard but i really like the case and the mother board.

i also asked if you can change the metal sheets at the back but apparantly not so now i need help. any suggestions................

A:Can`t fit mobo in case, because of backplate.

if you would like to know the specific case and motherboard here are two links sorry that the motherboard picture is so small.



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Building a new computer
Okay everything came and I am almost ready to start building the computer. I was told if I needed any help that you guys would be able to help me. So here goes.
Like I said before I'm not afraid of anything but the power supply cords. There is awire from the from part of the case that looks something like thisIt's a striped wire with 4 pronges at the end of it that plugs in somewhere. Each one has something written on it:
1. Power Led (the largest)
2. HDD Led
3. Reset Led
4. power SW
It des not say in the mobo book where these go but I'm pretty sure that I need to plug them in somewhere.
In case you need it, this might help lol. This is where you can find the mobo. I know it's not a great one but for a 9 year old I thought it might work. If not I can always gett another one. It was very inexpensive not that money is not object but I figured if I screwed it up I would out less than $50.00.

Thanks Jac

A:Case wires and mobo

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Im lookin into building a computer and Ive picked out all the parts, but I just have a simple question. The case Ive chosen, Aspire (Turbo Case), I noticed that there are two USB ports and one Firewire port in the front middle of the case. On the Mobo, Intel Motherboard, I noticed that there are two front USB ports and one front Firewire port located near the top of the motherboard. Wouldn't this mean that the slots in the front of the case wont line up with the ports on the board? If so, is there a way to fix this? Thanks for any help.

A:Case and Mobo Compatibility

Normally the usb and firwire on the front of the case are just sockets that connect to the mobo via cables already inside the case.

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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im a beginner at computers so sorry if i make a mistake( i know how to spell but cfant type for ****).

i already have a 5770 gpu, and antec earthwatts ea500 psu, and a hard drive with windows xp on it.

now i need a case, mobo, new cpu, and ddr3 ram, is there anything else that i need to finish a computer?

i need a cheap case, and i decided on this one:
for the case, i dont care how it looks, as long as it is not costly and provides alot of room for expansion.

do you guys think that the case is worth getting?

now i just need to decide on a mobo, cpu, and ram.

for the mobo i decided to go with this:

it is cheap, has great reviews, and is am3, with ddr3 support (will prefer ddr2 but not much mobo uses it anymore). and provides lots of pci and pcie slots to put a 5770 and in the future if needed, i can crossfire those.

now i just need to decide on a cpu and ram.

i decided to go amd since they have good prices but i dont know which quad core to get (remember im aiming for best price/performance). on the expansion details, it says that it has a x16 pcie slot, or x8 dual slots(wat does this mean?) i know that pcie x1 board will work in any pcie slot, but if i want to cross fire will my second card only run at x8?

ram(its effing cheap, lower cas latency than others and the mobo supports it, unless a higher memory clock would be better but i dont th... Read more

A:mobo cpu and case and ddr3 ram

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this might sound like a stupid question, but i went to pc world in york today, and bought a jantech MATX case, i will "probably" be aquiring a pentium 4 3.2 GHz processor with what i think will be with a ATX case, and i wondered if an ATX mobo was compatable with a MATX case??? i will be unlikely able to return to my nearest pc world store for some time though

any helpful posts appriciated!

A:ATX mobo in MATZ case??????

No, an atx board will not (normally) fit in a matx case.

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I have re-fitted the mobo twice on the case, and when I try to put in the ethernet card on the PCI slot, it won't fit right so that I can screw it down. I don't know what is wrong, I have tried it a few times. I might go to the place where I got the case and see what they can do.

A:Case/Mobo Prob

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I am swapping out this computer

The new case has arrived and I have started to take out the mobo from the 5330. The problem .... the mobo won't come out!

I've taken out all the screws. I found one under the clamp that holds the heat sink and fan on the cpu. I remove that, but it still won't come out. The bottom and the right side of the board is free, but something is holding the board near the cpu toward the top of the board and where the I/O stuff is in the back of the case. I tried to see if I could slide the board away from the opening where the I/O is but something is holding it!

I can't get to the back of the board because compaq in their infinite wisdom rivet the left side case panel to the frame and case. It's all one part. You can't take that off.

There has to be some way to remove the board. If the mobo fail how would they replace it?

I'm dead in the water right now. I haven't a clue what is holding it down still. Does anyone know how to take this compaq mobo out? HELP!

A:Need help removing Mobo from case

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Will just any micro ATX mobo fit in any regular ATX case?

A:Micro mobo in a ATX case...


Best of Luck!!

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I just started building my computer, and it seems all the I/O inputs on my motherboard don't fit the template on the back of my case!

The motherboard is an Abit NF7-S, and the case is an Antec Lanboy. This is my first time building a computer, and I didn't anticipate anything like this

Should I just try to rip out the template on the back of the case?

A:Help! I don't think my MOBO is compatible with case!

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My current computer is a PCV-RS613G, with a P4SD-VL mother board, as I am upgrading my gfx card I find myself needing a new psu thus a new case for the psu to fit into, this is the case I am buying

How do I go about taking the mobo out of my old vaio and putting it into my new case? (I am aware that mobo sucks but my budget is only 160 bucks)

A:Moving my mobo to a new case, how?

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I recently built a computer for someone and now when you push the power button it makes a zap noise and the acts likes its going to start then instantly shuts off leading me to the grounding problem now this is a re-occuring problem mind you this happened before and I put some silk rings around the bottoms of the gromet standoffs that the mobo rests on.

recently the problem came back as it works sometimes randomly and other times it grounds out. Does anyone happen to know of any similar instances and what they did to fix it? oh and the case is a Antec 900 and the mobo is a MSI P35 PLatinum LGA 775 and also YES I am aware that it shuts on/off on/off a few times and no this is nothing pertaining to that its the crappy BIOS MSI runs on this board that does that this is completely different from that.


A:Case grounding out my mobo

To start with, are you sure you put the stand-offs in the right mobo holes?

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I have an A13G v3.0 motherboard that need a home. I am looking to buy a computer case that this mother board will fit in. My issue is alignment of the back panel does not align correctly with the panel on this board. Can anyone here point me to a case that will work for this mobo?


A:Case For Mobo A13G v3.0

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I get a failure to post when I switch my computer on (I put it together in December 2004, I

have not added anything in the last couple of months or so, although sometimes the computer

would shut down by itself at night for reasons I could not figure out). No beeps (as far as I

can remember the computer beeped once when it used to start correctly), the MB light comes

on,the fans come on and in the beginning the HDD light just came on and stayed on. I started by

taking off all the pci boards. I reset the CMOS by unplugging the computer, taking the battery

out waiting for 15-20 secs, resetting using the jumpers and putting the jumper back in the

original position. I even tried booting without hard drive and optical drives and floppy drive.

As a last ditch I took out everything except cpu and tried to boot. I have tried to push down

on the power connectors and everything I could imagine no luck, no beeps. I strongly suspect

its the Motherboard. It could also be the memory or the PSU or the CPU. I don't have spares of

either. I have tried the graphics card in another computer and that seems to work. Here is my

system configuration

-Aus P5P800 865PE with AMI bios
-Coolmax True power 2.0 550 Watts power supply
- P4/3.2 Ghz 800MHz LGA775
-Mushkin pc3200 DDRAM - 3-3-3-8 timing (not a verified vendor by Asus but it has worked fine

for close to two years)
-3-hard drives - 2 PATA and 1 SATA and 2 Optical Drives and floppy drive
-Radeon 9000PRo graphics... Read more

A:Post Failure, cpu and case fan on

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I am really hoping someone else has already had this problem and has an easy fix!

We just bought a new Antech Nine Hundred case today and carefully and painstakingly transferred everything from our old home-built (which was only built this year - not really OLD). After carefully checking and rechecking everything, we hit the power button and get no post sound and no video. Everything appears to power up, all fans come on and everything seems to have power though we get no post beeps at all and no video. The video card fans come on, so I am sure it has power and we tried moving it to another slot with no luck. We removed non-essentials as well, but since everything worked this morning I don't think there is actually a defective part here.

The video card was replaced just 2 weeks ago, and everything worked perfectly this morning before transferring to the new case. We have checked and rechecked cables and pins and cannot figure this out.

We are running a 500W power supply, and an evga 9600 GT video card on a Gigabyte S-Series mobo.

Any suggestions?

A:Solved: No Post After New Case

I would pull everything out of the case. Do an out of case build to make sure you have not damaged something. Once you are sure the system posts outside of the case, then install the mb, pw supply, and video card only.

Again check to see that it posts. If it does, then shutdown and connect/install parts one at a time. Checking post each time.

I am assuming you marked the places to install standoffs and checked the board fit before installing.

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Looking for a case to switch my pic into to make it a more of a media centre in my front room. Don't really want to get a new mobo as I have a decent sabertooth board at the min. It's also got to fit a gtx970. Size is not really an issue apart from height. Any suggestions please?

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I need to know what MoBo would fit into the Dimension2400 case thaqt i have from my old computer.

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I've just built my first custom PC (Specs posted below). Everything appears to be up and running just fine, except.... one not so minor problem. When I installed the mobo on the factory drilled ATX screw slots - the mobo's rear I/O panel do not even come close to aligning with the case's rear I/O panel slot. Of course the rear I/O Panel that came with the case didn't work, but this problem is with the rear I/O Panel that came with the mobo. Simply stated: none of the mobo's rear I/O devices (i.e. USBs, ethernet, PS2, Audio) jacks will even come close to aligning with the panels slots. It almost appears as if the factory drilled slots are almost uniformly 1/8 - 1/4 inch too low. Temporarily, I just pulled the rear I/O panel from the case so that I could get the system up and running, but of course that means that I have a large gapping rectangle of a hole for dust to enter.

Has anyone ever encountered this? Apparently ATX case and ATX motherboard isn't always a no brainer. Has anyone every drilled their own mounting holes? If so, any words of wisdom?

Thanks for the help!

Here's my new hardware with NewEgg item#'s for reference:
XFX MB-N650-IUL9 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i Ultra ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
Item #: N82E16813141004

COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 CAC-T05-WW Black/Silver Aluminum Bezel, SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail
Item #: N82E16811119077

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz LGA 775 Processor Model ... Read more

A:New Mobo & Case Rear I/O Panel Do NOT Fit!

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I would like to purchase a new case for the "guts" of my dell dimension 3000, but i'm a bit worried about the motherboard. I've had problems with dell and proprietary stuff before (fan issue...), and i heard that dell makes proprietary motherboards as well. Is this true? If anyone knows if a dell dimension 3000 motherboard will fit in the case below, please post a response and tell me! thanks in advance

A:Will a Dimension 3000 mobo fit in an ATX case?

The 3000 is micro atx, so it should fit in any normal atx or matx case. The problem is the non-standard connections dell uses for their front panel (button, leds, usb, etc). The connectors can be made to work, it just requires modification.

Also, you may need to get a new heatsink for the processor if you get a new case since the dell heatsink has no fan (it uses the rear exhaust fan and the shroud to pull air through it).

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Hi i think my case is a regular sized case. Its an E-machines T2200+ and i wanna replace the mobo with
Will it work together? Need to know asap, thanks alot.

A:Micro ATX mobo work with ATX case?

If it a emachine it is most likely a micro atx mobo

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Hi everybody, I am building my first computer and would like to get some feedback about the particular combination of components I am thinking of buying. I like the ANTEC Piano Black Slimline MicroATX PC Case with 220W Power Supply, the MSI "RS480M2-IL" ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Chipset Motherboard For AMD Socket 939 CPU, the ASUS ATI RADEON 300 SE 128MB DDR Video Card, the DVICO FusionHDTV3 Gold tv card, and a AMD 64 chip. I read good things about the seagate baracuda hard drive. The AMD 64 , 939 socket , and the PCI express 16X are the main features I have been looking for. I hope to multitask with the computer but use it mainly as a DVR (aka TIVO machine) media center I can watch tv with. thanks in advance for your input!

A:case, MOBO, vid card combo

I have serious doubts about that powersupply. You will need a minimum of about 330W with the above components!
Have a look here:

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I was just looking online for a case, as I am building a new system. However, after looking at several pics, I noticed something pretty alarming

This is the back of my motherboard (supposedly ATX)

And this is the back of a generic ATX case
As I was noticing, the connectors not seem to line up, especially the sound card. Is there a certain type of case I should be looking for, or am I missing something

**I guess I should add my motherboard is an ASUS P5N-D

A:Solved: Choosing the right case for my mobo

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"I guess I'm just looking for expert advice on the best I can do.."

I'm going to have 400$ to spend after holidays, and decided I mine as well upgrade as I've been wanting to do for awhile now. All I'm going to need is a case (ATX I assume), motherboard and processor.

Currently have:
Antec 480-W 12V PSU
WD Caviar 300GB HD
Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB (Does fine for now, thank you
DVD-RW Drive
M-Audio 9268 Sound Card

Currently need:

So - I'm thinking of a mobo with AGP and PCI-E, which I did find the ASROCK for 70$, which features that, 1000mhz FB, and up to 4Gig of 3200 Ram. I'm liking that. Also leaning towards AMD 3500, found that for about 200$.

I guess I'm just looking for expert advice on the best I can do, any help is truely appreciated.


A:ADVICE: 400$ Budget for Mobo, CPU and Case

The aspire X-Navigator is a really good case. There are two versions, an aluminum one, and a steel one. Steel is $99 and Aluminum is $150. The Steel one is better. It doesn't have a good psu though you said you didn't need one. The athlon 64 3700 is a really good cpu. And the Asus A8N-SLI is the best motherboard out there. Here are links to all items.




Total, these will cost $450, but you will have a really upgradable path. The CPU has more built on Ram then the 3500. Good Luck.

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I'm taking 3-4 older computers and making a couple better computers out of the parts. One of the things I need to do for this is to take the mobo out of my wife's HP Pavilion 542 computer (it's a MSI mobo if that matters) and put it into a generel case. Will this be a problem? I know companies like Dell and HP make their components to ont fit with other components, but does that go for the size of a mobo too?

P.S. The case i'm planning on putting it into is a farily big one, so it wouldnt be a question of size, it's a question of wether or not the ports and such would not line up with a standard case.

A:Putting a HP Mobo In a Standard Case

It is most likely a micro atx board so it should not be an issue as long as the case (most do) takes a micro atx board. You would only need to pop out the back plate (IO) most likely to re-use in the new case.

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well i was looking for a good case, and while i was looking at the back, there were holes for the rear panel ports on mobo's but the mobo that i have picked out does fit how the holes were arranged. am i supossed to look all over for a case that matches the arrangment of the rear panel ports of my mobo? or can u just take that premade holes off

EDIT: opps n/m solved

A:Solved: mobo and case question

Most new motherboards fit standard ATX cases. Which case and which mobo are you looking at?

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My P4 Willamette @1.7 Ghz is now 3.5 years old. Gigabyte GA-81RX Mobo. 768 MB PC 2100 RAM. [email protected] 120GB IBM/Hitachi HDD w/8MB Cache. Windows XP Home SP 2.

Mostly use this system for web surfing and music playback via E-Mu 0404 PCI sound card/ASIO through J. River Media Center--analog output to Hi-Fi receiver. My only real complaint is that when web surfing just about any use of CPU causes stutters in playback.

I'm also concerned that this system is becoming obsolete--soon impossible to upgrade at all. I would like to be able to use the RAM and the HDDs on the upgraded system at least initially to spread out the expense. Eventually I'll go to faster RAM and bigger HDDs.

The existing Mobo will accept a P4 Northwood up 2.6Ghz but still with 400 FSB. I don't think that makes any sense. So that means a new CPU/chipset/Mobo for openers.

I've got two Mobos in mind: Gigabye GA82PE1000Pro-G Socket 478 Intel 865 PE chipset; or ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe Socket 478 Intel 865PE.

For CPU I'm considering the P4 3.0C Northwood 800MHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket 478.

I don't see any problem using the existing ATA 100 HDDs. The specs on the two Mobos call for DDR 400 (PC3200) RAM. Can I temporarily use the existing PC2100 RAM or do I need to buy new RAM from the jump?

What about power supply? Current is 300 W in original Inwin case.

Any recommendations on alternatives would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Upgrade Priorities??? Case/Mobo/CPU/etc.

I don't see why there should be problems using your soundcard and your CPU at the same time. Your CPU should have enough processing power, although it is alittle old, but definately enough for web surfing and playing MP3s.

I also do play a little with playback, and I find that its not really recommended to do anything else other than record when you want the best possible quality. I don't do it often, nor do I do it on a professional level, so I'm happy with just recording it and not do anything else.

I tried checking up your m/b, but GA82PE1000 doesn't show up. I assume you're talking about the GA81PE1000Pro-G (Socket 478 Intel 865 PE chipset). Personally I'm using the GA81PE1000 (non Pro-G). Thats together with 2.4ghz Northwood and 1gb DDR400 RAM. And I still find skipping if I record while doing something else. But bear in mind I'm using Audigy2 Platinum, not sure how that fares against yours.

Now back to your question...

I don't think there should be a difference in the Gigabyte or Asus. These 2 brands are pretty good already, Asus being a little more popular.

CPU speed is as high as you're comfortable with getting. I'm still trying to get back with the advances in tech, so I'm not sure if the chips with 1mb cache is supported by your m/b (it should). Worth checking it out.

You can use the PC2100 RAM for the moment, but you're not unlocking the full potential you can unleash with the PC3... Read more

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I read that case fans can be installed on the motherboard or PSU. When installed on the motherboard then you can adjust the speed, however the motherboard would need to have enough power to keep the fans running or else some might stop spinning.

I will be getting the GA-990FXA-UD5 and either the Corsair HX750 or HX850. I will be using 5 case fans.

Does the motherboard have enough ports or channels for 5 fans? I heard that there are some converters for more fans or something like that. Heard a guy say it on YouTube, but he didn't say what type converter.


A:Which is better: Installing case fans to mobo or to PSU?

Generally a motherboard will provide 4 fan headers for connecting fans. CPU. POWER and 2 x CASE/CHASSIS. If you are running more fans and are not concerned about having them speed controlled by the motherboard you can connect them directly to the PSU. Several splitters are available for connecting more fans to the motherboard. I used a splitter that allows 3 fans to be connected one header on the motherboard and a connection from PSU for extra power ( )

This was for the use of the H50 Corsair water cooling unit when I had 2 fans running in push/pull configuration on the radiator connected to the CPU fan header on the motherboard and the pump housed in the casing above the heatsink part connected to chassis fan header with no speed control enabled as it is required to run at full speed all the time. This cable allows the motherboard to control fan speeds.

Although a more basic splitter without external power connection or speed control will most likely do the job ( )


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hi there, with my case i have 2 usbs attached to it which are on the bottom on the front panel. i have 8 lil wires coming from the front usbs (4wires for each usb i think) for one usb there is a red wire which says vcc1 on it you also got green = data+1, white = data-1 and black = gnd1 and same with the 2nd usb aswell. my questions : where do i connect them on the mobo?

spec :
mobo: asus p5wd2 premium.
power supply: akasa powerpax 400watt.
pny 1gb ram
pentium 4 3.2 ghz cpu
gforce t6600 with turbo cache

A:How To Connect Case Usbs To The Mobo??

your mobo will have a 9 pin USB header on it. The 9th pin is a dummy pin and is there as a reference point only. The pin next to the dummy pin is the ground (gnd1), the next pin is the D+ (data+1), the next pin is the D- (data-1),and the last pin is the power (vcc1). it will be the same for the other 4 pins.

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Hey guys,

I recently upgraded my computer. without any foresight i upgraded my graphics card but realized i needed a more powerful power supply to use it. so i got one and then found out that the opening in my case was tailor-made for my old PSU (it's a dell). So... i had to get a new case... anyway I wont bore you anymore.

My problem is that I cant figure out how to connect the power button, power led, USB, etc etc.. .front panel to my motherboard. I know that each mobo has a specific connection pattern for this. I dont have manual for my motherboard tho since it's a dell computer. I've looked over the online documentation but havent been able to find anything. It's an Intel 845PE motherboard.

Does anyone know how i can hook this specific motherboard up, or know what i need to be looking for in those manuals (specific keywords, etc)?


A:Connecting Intel Mobo to new case

could u please give the model of Del? not going say this will help, but someone might know how to look then.

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I recently bought an asrock mobo and an amd cpu to replace my intel setup. I installed the mobo and the cpu and hooked everything up except for the wires for the case's front panel stuff. I don't really care about the sound and usb cables, but I do need to hook up the power and reset buttons but the wires are labeled differently than in the mobo manual. The manual says they should be plugged in in this order:
pled+ pled- pwrbtn# gnd
hdled+ hdled- gnd reset# dummy

but the case wires are in 4 different groups, and labeled: vcc, vcc1, vcc2, data+1, data-1, data+2, data-2, tpa-, tpa+, tpb-, tpb+, and gnd. Any idea which wires mean what? Any help is appreciated

A:asrock mobo and case wires


Ok, on your mobo, the pled is the power led, the light that indicates that the system is on, the hdled is the light that shows hard drive activity, the pwrbutn is the power on switch, and the gnd reset is your reset switch.

Ok, the case has odd names, but you can find out what each wire does by following the wire to where it goes. For example, if you follow a wire and it ends up at the power switch, then that wire would go on the pwrbutton headers on the board. The power button is likely the only button that "needs" to be connected to get it to work, and it doesn't really matter which way the two wires go on the mobo pins for pwrbutn. Do the same procedure for the other wires and you'll find the hd led, power led and reset switch cables, connect them accordingly. Led's do matter which way the wires are on the pins, as they have a + and -. You can probably assume if, for instance you find that two wires go to the hd ld, and the one wire is marked -, then connect it to the hdled- pin, and the other wire to the + pin.

Hope this helps.

The wires you list for the case are probaby usb and firewire connections, I think you should have other wires that connect to the power switch, because the ones you list, should go to the case's front usb and firewire(if your board has it) headers.

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Hi, i have a and i dont know where the case connector plugs go (power on, h.d.d led, speakers) I dont have any manuals or cd's, just the mobo.

A:Need to know where case connector plugs go on new mobo.

Go HERE and download the manual.

Regards Howard

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Have an ASUS A8N32-SLI-Deluxe motherboard coming to me, I would like to get a recommendation on a case. I am looking for a bigger case, no mid size towers. I would like this case to have 3 3.5 bays, 4+ 5 1/4 bays, and a top mounted PSU slot. The case needs to be able to take advantage of the heat pipe running down the mobo.

A:Anyone use this MOBO and able to recommend a good case?

No one else using this mobo yet? putting a Athlon 64 x2 4800+ in it, should be super fly jiggy dope pimp then! Just need a good high tower case for it now. So.. effectively...... BUMP

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Will a micro ATX motherboard fit in a standard ATX case? Will it work with a standard ATX12V power supply too?

A:Micro ATX mobo and standard ATX case

All the ATX form factor cases I have seen would accept ATX of Micro ATX, and yes a standard ATX power supply will work with a micro ATX board.

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hello i have a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX All Solid Capacitor Intel Motherboard and a Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS case non of which came with any screws washers standoffs for mounting my mobo i was wondering where and what i need to mount my mobo this is my first system build so im kinda at a lose after not finding any on newegg

A:Neither Case nor mobo came with mounting hardware

Mounting hardware is supposed to come with the case, not the motherboard. Double check the case for the plastic bag of hardware. It could be taped inside somewhere.

Unless I miscounted the holes on your motherboard, you will need 6 standoffs + screws. You don't really need the washers but you can use them if you want.

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I'm about to buy a new pc. I'm curious if this case:

will hold this motherboard:

The reason I question it is on the case page is says:

Fits motherboard size up to 11" x 12"

but on the motherboard specs it says:

Dimensions 12.0" x 7.6"

Meaning the motherboard is too tall for the case?

A:Simple question: Will mobo fit in case...

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Hi all,

I got a new CiT case to accomodate for my ATi HD4870 graphics card. My Packard Bell PC could not fit it in, even though it has a PCI-E slot but the motherboard is one of new DTX ones and they are tiny.

Anyways new CiT Case came today:
CiT 6060 Black Midi Case HD Audio 8cm fan 450W-

I also got a OCZ 600W Stealth Xtreme PSU to go along with the new set-up to ensure all would be ok... Everything seems ot be fine until I get to the part where I try to turn on the damned thing. It doesn't power on at all, no sound, nothing. The CiT case comes with 4 x 2 pin connectors for the front switches:

1. Power switch
2. Reset switch
3. HDD LED display
4. Power on display

The power switch is green and black and for the life of me I can't get the right combination for the connectors. I am trying to add them to the LED area on my mobo in the bottom right area (it's even labelled LED and my other pc connects them there and runs ok). I know it's not the new PSU because I tested it in the smaller case and it runs ok. It's just he dammed CiT case! Can anyone please help!

According to Belaric Advisor, my board is a Packard Bell WMCP78M, it also recognises my pc as a Packard Bell imedia S3210, weird...

A:New CiT Case not turning on for my AMD Athlon 2 mobo

Make sure you're grounding correctly.

Also, the switch could be pulled out of the front slightly (where it connects to the power switch), make sure it's firmly in place.

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Hey gang, I just got my new computer and everything is working, so far, they way I expect it to. Anyways, the case has external jacks for a microphone, headphones, USB ports, and an IEEE1934 port. Right now I have the USB working properly and I would like to get the MIC and PHONES jacks up and running. My problem is the mobo manual (ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe) doesn't really help me out that much. I was wondering if anyone knew of a site where I could go to look at this information. Thanks in advance.

A:Case sounds connections to Mobo

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Case study: An in-depth exploration of one particular case (situation or subject) for the purpose of gaining depth of understanding into the issues being investigated.

Not a study of computer cases sry

Okay, I've recently installed RAID on my system. However, this isn't about installing RAID.

I laid my computer on its side to install the HDDs, transfer files, etc, and had my computer running everything, with Windows installed, etc. I then shut down the computer, closed up the case, and proceeded to put the case upright and boot up.

However, once up, the computer won't boot at all. It gets on a restart loop, before even getting into BIOS. Nothing appears on screen, fans come on, HDDs come on, DVD drives start reading.... and after 2-3 seconds, it all powers down.

What does someone do after that? Not sure, but I undid the HDDs, and got everything connected except the HDDs. Same problem.

Took out everything, and got only the m/b, CPU, RAM and PSU connected. Same problem.

Tested the PSU on another computer. No problem.

Took another PSU to put on this computer. No problem.

Decided that the motherboard is stuffed. Proceeded to remove everything to get an RMA.

Just before actually putting the motherboard into the box, with everything else, I decided to power JUST the motherboard, and see if the fans will just stay powered. It did. So then I plugged in the bare minimum, and it posted, like nothing happened.

So I proceeded to get... Read more

A:Just a case study, mobo issues

same views.... i think you might have some kind of loose connection or one ram stick might be faulty and halting the boot process

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Since I added a DVD burner, front panel connector plate for my video capture card, and a floppy/card reader combo, my Dell Dimension 2400 no longer fit in its cute little case.

So I popped $15 for an ultra cheap Coolmax case. Man this thing is cheap....flimsy....but it will work until I can spring for a nicer case.

Anyway, I swapped everything over last night but it wouldn't load the OS. The hard drive wasn't recognized.

Turns out none of the IDE devices were. I have 2 HDDs on the primary controller and a DVD burner and a CD burner on the 2nd controller.

I finally got it to boot by disconnecting the DVD and CD burners. With all 4 connected it won't recognize any of them.

The one thing I haven't checked is to double check the slave/master settings aren't in conflict on the DVD and CD. It was late last night and once I got it to boot and load XP that was a stopping point.

Any suggestions? The only difference from before is I only had the two HDDs and the DVD CD because of lack of slots. So I might try disconnecting the CD only as well. Wonder why having all four devices would render the IDE controllers inoperative like that though?

A:Moved Dell Dimension 2400 to new case, IDE controller problem

First, check to make sure that no metal in the case is in contact with the mobo. (You did use stand offs when installing the board didnt you?)

second make sure you connected the IDE cable correctly, there is a red stripe on one side of the IDE cable. that stripe should be on the outside facing you when installed correctly.

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post was moved where is the place it was moved? can anyone post the link please?

A:post moved to where

Click on your original topic title or click on the My Topics tab at the top of any page to see all you topics.

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My post asking about Charter communications was moved, but where to?

A:Post Moved

It's now in the Web Browsing/Email and Other Internet Applications section:;#entry790931

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Can I get my post moved to networking. Thanks!

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anyone have any idea why my post was moved and where it was moved to ?

A:post moved rational for the move is in the response post.

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Thanks to my grandson I have a similar prob as others, only I dont have the .exe Only have GoldminerSetup-dm and it will not delete, can anyone help.

A:Moved post

Hi Chow, and welcome to TSF. You've posted your question in the wrong forum. Don't worry about it, I'll just move it to the correct one for you.



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I've dealt with viruses in the past. I've dealt with plenty of viruses.This one has stumped me.I've tried malwarebytes, hijackthis, combofix, superantispyware, trojanremover, and spysweeper.All these programs were disabled by the virus.====================================================malwarebytes installs okay, but after running a quick scan for about 5 seconds it exits, and then the files become corrupt and unmoveable/undeleteable, even after restart.hijackthis does about half of a scan then exits out.combofix gets to the point where all the green bars load, then it disappears and nothing else happens.superantispyware is not allowed to be installed because of restrictions.(even on the admin account in safemode)trojanremover found and repaired some things, but now only scans up to 47 percent and then closesspysweeper won't open but installs okay.======================================================I tried the usual cheap trick of changing the name of the program, but that didn't work.I've tried all these programs in regular mode and safe mode on multiple accounts, including freshly made accounts, including the administrator account.There is no evidence of malicious software such as Virus Removal 2009!! (or whatever)I have also tried disabling startup applications and services in msconfigReformatting is not a redily available option.Oh, and the internet is blocked, of course.Suggestions?ThanksEDIT:It looks like I have the same problem as this guy http://www.bleepingcompute... Read more

A:I would post a log, but it won't let me. [Moved]

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.==>PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS<== unless a log is specifically requested.

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In the last 8 hours I've among other things, upgraded my computer case and tossed in a few more fans. The only difference in hardware configuration is that I removed a crappy PCI modem, new heatsink/fan/grease, PSU (350W Antech SmartBlue), switched the normal order of cards in PCI slots and altered the way I had my HD's n optical drives chained.

In my original configuration it was :

moboIDE2--->HD2 5400 rpm (slave)---->DVD burner(Master)
moboIDE1--->CD-Rom (slave)--->HD1 7200rpm (master with c: on it)

Never had any problems with it previously. DMA was enabled and I burnt DVD's in the proper amount of time and it never ever crashed when I opened up a folder with an ton of jpgs.

So today just due to the new case and convience reasons, I changed the config to :

moboIDE2--->CD-Rom (slave)--->DVD burner (master)
moboIDE1--->HD2 (slave)--->HD1 (master)

It booted up conflicts, everything looking great... Then I decided to surf a bit and see if the stability holds up. Well it was incredibly sluggish. In both IE and Firebird at first.
Thought it might have been my connection (but I know it wasn't) and decided to open up a folder with a ton of pictures and toss it on thumbnail view. That made the fan crank up(temp sensitive on processor) and hard lock.

I've tried unplugging certain things n rebooting but the only thing that I believe is wrong is that the small fan (i think its on the n bridge) is toast. It looks as if it... Read more

A:Post case upgrade - serious issues

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Hi, I have a problem with my pc. When I start it, it takes ~30 sec until post/bios, it just shows a black screen, after 30 sec I can hear the beep and everything runs fine. When I noticed that I decided to check if all the cables are ok and if everything inside the case is fine. But when I tried to touch the back of the case I got electricity. I switched off the computer so I can open the case but I still couldnt touch it, so I unplugged it, switched off the PSU, and checked the insides. Everything seemed to be fine, rams, video cards all plugged properly. What do you think is the problem? Unfortunately I can't find another power supply to test it. Fortunately the system is on warranty so probably I'll solve it soon. I just want to hear your opinions. Sorry for my english

A:Pc needs some time until post and case electricity

Welcome to Tech Support Guy.

Fortunately the system is on warrantyClick to expand...

Just check that this is the case.
You might be fortunate, but most warranties are declared invalid if you tamper with things, and opening the case to check every individual component and connection almost certainly crosses that limit.
If so, my advice is that you do absolutely nothing to the machine until you take it in.

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I recently purchased a brand new case

I transferred my current computer guts to this new case from the old one.

Corasair 750w CMPSU
Asus p5N72-T Premim
Corsair 240 pinn 1066 x2 Dominator
Intel Core 2 Duo Wolfdale E7600

After three hours of carefully taking out the parts from the old case and placing them into the new one, I try to boot. Everything turns on with the exception of the fan on the GTX280 card. Iíve had problems in the past with the card booting up so I kept trying to boot up over and over trying to see where the problem was from. The problem was not in the video card, I was able to make the fan start a few times, and for good measure also tested with a working Geforce 8600 GTX which had no trouble.

The main problem is I have yet to make the computer POST. After day two of trying to make the computer work through booting attempts with combinations of with bare bones parts, the power supply begins to make a electrical crackling as if there was sparks flying around. This power supply is now completely dead, each time it booted the crackling got worse until it died. I have no idea why this recently purchased quality power supply started doing that.

Iíve since put in another 680W power supply that works well and this successfully turns on all the components but still has the same exact problem, the computer wont post.
I have tried 3 different sets of working RAM, all compatible.
I have tried two different power supplies (both... Read more

A:Computer won't POST after case transfer

The power supply failure might have taken out the board.Have you tried a out of case test? Use only 1 stick of ram> video hooked up to monitor> cpu & heatsink> keyboard & mouse>power supply connections secure. Short the power pins to start to see if you get a display.

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Is it possible to mount a mini-ATX motherboard in a full ATX case?

I am wondering this because I have a mini-ATX motherboard and case and I ran out of hard drive mounts (2 HDDs max in my case) and can't fit anymore in my case, but I have 2 other HDD's I use, both externals, but I want to use them internally.

A:Solved: Mini-ATX Mobo in Full ATX Case

Darkicon said:

Is it possible to mount a mini-ATX motherboard in a full ATX case?

I am wondering this because I have a mini-ATX motherboard and case and I ran out of hard drive mounts (2 HDDs max in my case) and can't fit anymore in my case, but I have 2 other HDD's I use, both externals, but I want to use them internally.Click to expand...

Yes no problem

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I've been thinking about upgrading a machine I have sitting around. (It won't be used as my main workhorse but a good secondary device.)

Will a Gigabyte MicroATX mobo fit in a Dell 2400 case?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

A:MicroATX MOBO and Dell 2400 Case

To be honest I doubt it. Dells use all sorts off odd layouts. The one you have looks OK but I am not 100% on it and I don't think that any one will be able to give you a yes or no answer. It is something that is hard to find out.

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Hi, folks.

Can anyone recommend a forum that I can go to for advice about custom built PCs?

I am looking to build (or have built for me) a new desktop for work. I mostly use Adobe Creative Suite for...
print designweb site content creationvideo editingetc
I'm not a gamer, but I still have a copy of Flight Simulator X & rFactor 2 that I might install again.

My ideal system will be something like this:
2 or 3 monitors (very high resolution)2 NVIDIA GPUsa lot of RAMa SSD to boot off ofat least 1 TB of onboard storage space (I'm backing up to WD Passports)USB 3

Thank you!

A:Good place to get advice on mobo, case, etc.?

Our sister/brother site PC Help Forum has a lot of knowledgeable people and some of them/us are here too.
Some advice for a start, Since you already set what you need computer for, set the budget too, at least within some boundaries and be prepared to hear a lot of Intel vs. AMD and Nvidia vs. AMD arguments.
I do some graphics and video editing so here some of my experience:
CPU, more cores vs. CPU "power". Like, AMD FX8350 vs, Intel I7
As much and as fast RAM you can cram in the MB.
Speaking of MB, a quality MB with good cooling and power section durability.
Don't really need two video cards if you are not heavy gamer. one good one should suffice in your case. There are also some (expensive) video cards dedicated to graphic/ video work.
Do not skimp on a power supply, it will be called to do a lot of work. A good make would be preferable to a lot of declared Watts.
A large, properly ventilated case is preferably to fancy ones.
Consider a good CPU cooler, preferably water cooling, CPU coolers supplied with processor are barely adequate for ordinary work let alone for heavy use hour after hour you will probably do in the warm climate.
SSD, as large as you can/want to get, larger, 500GB or more are faster and more reliable than smaller ones. Video and to some extent graphic programs do a lot of work with disks even with large amount of RAM so it can speed up operations considerably.

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I'm making a computer for a friend who is leaving town tomorrow. I've made several computers before, but the case and motherboard that I ordered arrived today, and the pci-x, and pci slots do not match up with the slots on the case. I'm hoping to figure out if I have a wieird case, a weird motherboard, or a defect. I just need to know which would be easier to go out and replace.

The case is:

Apevia X-Cruiser ATX Mid Tower Case:

Link to newegg with specifications:

Newegg and the website state that mobo compatability is ATX, and the size is:

Motherboard Compatibility Main Board: ATX, MICRO ATX
Main Board Size: Fits up to 11" x 12"

Now for the motherboard:

ASUS M2N-E SLI Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 500 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard


The size specs are listed at:

12.0" x 8.6"

I did not see this before I purchased, but the motherboard is 1 inch taller than the case dimensions listed. The mobo still attached to the tray just fine, but all of the PCI slots do not match.

Will this be the case for every "SLI" mobo because the case is "Mid Tower". Is this motherboard just longer than average?

I've read lots of reviews on newegg and only 1 other person ran into this issue with on the case with an sli motherboard.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I just do not know h... Read more

A:Case, Mobo Incompatability Question - Urgent

you need to install the I/O shield for your mother board first.It should of came with your motherboard.Every motherboard is diferrent

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Hello all.

I am putting a new computer together and have all of the parts aside from the Motherboard, CPU and case. Could you please let me know if the following parts all compatible with one another? I know it's not the best setup in the world, but it is for a budget PC and we have limited resources at our disposal, unfortunately...




And the Ram (already owned) is US Modular Dual Channel 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz Memory (240 pin) -- is that compatible as well?

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me here, and I apologize if I am using the wrong forum for this post. I have been searching for days and cannot come up with any definitive answers at this point.

Thank you in advance.

A:PC compatibility question (mobo/CPU/Case setup)

Not impressive as you have said but it's your money, your choice... Yes they will all work

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Story time: a few years ago I started upgrading my pc an hp a6244n I bought a cpu and a gpu GTX 550 ti And an Intel e7500 the gpu worked but the cpu did not because the mobo could not support it so I bought a mobo that could i.e. (P5b-vm do) but the chord for the power button did not match so I recently bought a case to get it all working a rosewill fmb-01 and got it together only to find there's a green light blinking on the mobo when I went to plug it in I also bought a PSu Rosewill 450W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Power Supply CAPSTONE-450 Black

A:New pc case and mobo p5b-vm do green light on board

The manual that came with your new motherboard should tell you what the blinking green light means.

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I have a new Aopen AX63pro motherboard (ATX form factor) being shipped from California and wonder if my old AT power supply and case will work with the new board. If I need a new supply, is 300 watts "better" than 235w or 200w? If I need a new case, any thoughts on what's the best value? Does an ATX power supply fit into some AT cases (if there is such a thing) or is a dedicated ATX case/power supply needed?

Thanks to anyone taking time to offer an opinion.

A:Will old AT power supply and case support new ATX mobo?

you will most likely need a new case and power supply. Some AT boards will take either a AT or ATX power supply but I have not seen an ATX board that will do both. There may be some exceptions but it is a good bet that you will need to buy some new equipment.


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3 problems: #1 - I'm wiring an A7N8X Deluxe motherboard, and I have been researching the orientation of connections (power, reset, speakers, etc.), but I have found blatantly contradictory information online. I have seen it said that the darker wire is ground, which is positive, and so should orient to match up with the positively marked pin. I have also seen it said that the darker ground wire is negative. #2 - How do I determine the orientation of the speaker plug (the little four-pin speaker wire for system boot-up beeps)? The pins for it on the mobo read as follows: +5V, ground, ground, speaker. So the grounds are in the middle and I can't use that as a reference. The cable itself has two wires, one on either end and none in the middle. One is black and one is red. #3 - My case has two USB cables, each with five pins. However, the mobo's two sets of USB pins consist of a five pin set and a four pin set. One seems to be missing one of the two grounds. since I don't know much about grounding, I don't know if that is a very bad thing or not. Thanks for any help!

A:Wiring case connections to an A7N8X mobo

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my case, antec 300, came with 2 installed fans... the fans came with a H M L switch which i just set to L and hung in the case... is there a way to plug these fans into my mobo? it came with 3 plugs for controlling fans, but these fans cant plug into it, just the CPU fan (obviously)

the mobo manual just says make sure you connect the fans...

A:case fans dont plug into mobo

Antec 300 HELP - where do I plug the case fans?? - New-System-Build - Homebuilt-Systems

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Ok, it seems I did a bad thing by running combofix without supervision. The trouble is, it was recommended to run it by the guys at my local computer store, I guess my problem was that I didn't read all about it first before jumping in.
Combofix sure fixed that virus attack I was having, but now IE only runs about 1/3 of the time from when I launch it, mostly I just get a blank (white) screen instead.
Can anyone help me with this?!

A:Post-combo/ Moved

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS unless a log is specifically requested.The trouble is, it was recommended to run it [Combofix] by the guys at my local computer storeGroan. I wish folks wouldn't do that. For the benefit of others reading this topic, ComboFix is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert." It is NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.Running ComboFix by yourself is like performing open heart surgery on yourself--the scalpel and other surgical tools that is ComboFix is meant to be wielded by a highly trained surgeon only in emergencies or dire circumstances. When the surgeon is thru s/he leaves the room. So combofix should be removed from a system once it has accomplished its job, unlike an AV that is there to protect you from future infections.. . . CF does make some alterations to your system if you run it. Even if you had no malware removed and run the uninstall command, some things may be different now on your system. I can tell you that one thing is that all your restore points will be flushed out a... Read more

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Hello. First time building a pc. I completed build (asrock extreme4 MOBO, I5 4670k,) Using the HDD from an asus prebuilt comp (with an amd A85500 cpu) external boot went well and all hard where works fine. Like a newbie does i didn't research about moving the OS on a hdd. I didn't uninstall drivers or create a repair image or anything at all. Just plugged in the hdd and booted of course now the OS wont boot properly. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Moved HDD with Windows 8.1 to new CPU/MOBO. Now no boot.

The system is too different and drivers for it are not installed, If you have windows boot disk you can try Repair from it but if it's an OEM you are going to run into activation problems.

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im using a mobo CA64, 1Ghz cpu, and winxp pro,,I want to update to sp2 I dont know if my system can handle it, because I tried installing winxp sp2 but during my installation therse's an error (316 error i think, i forgot) and cant continue installing, i tried it a couple of times and get the same results,,if i try install the sp2 via internet(win update), will I still get that same error? im too afraid to try because it might damage my current OS, and i dont want to reinstall everything



I am going to move this to the windows XP forum, the system should handle it and its more of a windows problem

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Im building a gaming PC over the next month and assimulating as much info as i can and have a budget of £1,200 so far but by the time i buy the parts i'll have about £1,500. Building a PC PURELY for gaming and nothing more, i dont do any other media stuff, so a sandybridge Core i5-2500K is no doubt and unquestionably a great CPU for gaming and is it future proof? as in future proof i dont mean 8th gen but i do want a PC that will run all current games up to battlefield 3 and beyond for the next couple of years and by run i mean full graphics with full AA constant 60 frames a second 1920x screen resolution. I know abit about GPU's but not CPU's. Im happy to spend £1,500 on a pc (about $2250) but i wont be happy if i buy all the pc games i want and find out some of them dont run well.

I made the mistake of buying a prebuilt PC from PC World (UK) for £900 a year ago, and it could run crysis on Low graphics (borrowed from a friend just to test so no hating please) anything beyond that my framerate would go to 5 frames, and it even has trouble running fallout 3 on medium graphics. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, £900 down the pan and that was without the monitor.

Yes.....i have learnt my lesson about prebuilt so dont flame me. Im building a PC by buying all my conponents and getting my friend to help me build it.

I have speakers, keyboard, mouse and 24" monitor so my budget is litrally just for building the PC. I'll either get 1 or 2 GTX 580 Depending if ... Read more

A:Building a PC my question is CPU mobo and case related help appriciated

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hey guys, I have an HP Pavilion a1632x with this motherboard: asus a8n-la. I'm wanting to switch it over to an ATX case that I have lying around ( i kept the case when the old asus board I had in it died a few months back), and the screws and I/O shield line up with the atx case's holes, but Im unable to find any manual given that it is an OEM board built by asus for HP. I've checked HP's website, but there isn't really any definitive manual, just a basic photo with a basic layout of the board. What I'd like to know is if there is a manual for an asus board with an equivalent layout to this one that i can use as a guideline to connecting, especially since my atx case has all of it's connecting wires labelled? PS: the reason why i want to switch cases is for better cooling, since my atx case has plenty of fans and airflow space, otherwise the board runs just fine for my purposes.

Thanks for all your help!

A:asus a8n la manual needed for moving mobo over to ATX case...


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I am building up to building a PC for the first time. As a practice run I was planning on doing a mobo/CPU upgrade to my current PC. I plan to order an Asus P4T533C i850E with an Intel P4 2.26 w/533 FSB. What I am wondering is whether my current case and power supply is worth keeping or not. It is the case that came with my Compaq Persario 7120US model (P4 7000 series). It has a 300 watt power supply and one rear case fan. My main concern was, if I do not plan to overclock, would this be a sufficient number of fans for this mobo/CPU? Or is it really just worth it to spend some cash for a new case/power supply?

Current Rigg
Compaq Persairo 7120US
OS Wnk2
850GB Intel Mobo (modified by Compaq)
384megs of PC800 PNY
Geforce Ti 4400 129megs PNY
60gig Harddrive Western Digitall 600AB
Accton Network card EN1207D Series

A:MOBO upgrade / case/power worth saving?

I mixed up my mobos on that one. I should have put Intel Motherboard D850EMV2 for the upgrade. The ASUS board would have been if I was looking to overclock but on this particular machine it is not even a consideration.

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i have a couple of older hp pavilions and 1 sony vaio ( i cant remember the models atm) but assuming that they are atx form factor, can i still use it on the bigger case and more powerful psu's or they r built kinda proprietary format? they were bought long time ago when u buy a system like that, they dont give u the mobo specs n stuff on the manual like when u buy the mobo itself

i know i can always get a new and improved mobo but that comes with getting another cpu; and since i'm learning to build computer (painfully slow learning process), i want to play aroud with the older parts that i have just sitting there

thank u for your time

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Hey guys I don't know what's wrong when I booted up my computer no beeps went off or anything it seems fine, just my monitor has no display I can't even see bios or anything. What should I do? Thanks. Oh and I'm on my iPod tough right now sorry for any grammar mistakes and lack of information..

A:Black screen on monitor after installing new CPU, ram, case, and mobo

Hello doctor,

Go back through, checking all cables - make sure they are secure, triple check that they are plugged in all the way, and that they are in the correct plugs. Reseat your graphics card, your memory, and everything. Make it snug. retrace and go over everything you replaced to make sure it is fully plugged in. Let me know if you can see anything after this.

Did you apply new thermal paste to your CPU? Is your CPU fan connected to the CPU fan port on the motherboard (specific, won't let the computer start unless it is).

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My son's dell case is history. I am putting parts in new case. The power and front usb connectors have plugs to the mobo that look like some kind of all in one connector. Help Please, thanks Kesler

A:Dell Dimension 8400 case mobo problem
there is a link to a picture of usb headers, which is where you will want to plug that usb connector into.

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