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fuzzy screen and too large windows

Q: fuzzy screen and too large windows

am using windows 98. want to change montior to flat screen. tried a NEC but was told by NEC my 98 couldn't support 1024 x ?, so got a KOGI that had been hooked to an old 95. screen is fuzzy and windows are so large i can't reach the apply or ok buttons. in display there is a minus (-) in front of display adapters; the subtitle is NVIDIA Aladdin TNT2 and a minus (-) in front of monitors with the subtitle of GVISIONL5QX-TIA. Should the display adapters and monitors subtitles be the same? I think the NEC was NVIDIA and I think the KOGI is the GVISION. Any suggestions of Annie?

A: fuzzy screen and too large windows

good news!! don't need help with "too large windows" portion of my problem. I finally got that part solved. the windows are normal size and i can now reach the apply and the ok buttons. time to celebrate!! still need help with the fuzzy screen...annie yahe, yahoo!

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The buttons on my taskbar and toolbar have become large and fuzzy. How do I change this.

A:Taskbar & Toolbar buttons suddenly large and fuzzy

What do you mean? What buttons become large? Be more specific, and maybe a screenshot would help.

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i was watching a movie and the screen got lines and fuzzy and usually i can turn the computer off and back on and it be fine but this time it happened i restarted the computer out in my password then about five minutes later a blue screen with white writing said that it was doing a crash dump? what does that mean? and how can i fix it?

A:screen turns fuzzy and windows want reload

Your video driver probably needs to be updated. If you have a separate video card, go to that manufactures site to download the latest driver, or if you don't have a separate card, go to your Computer manufacturers web site and download the Display driver for your model of computer.

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Please help, As soon as I turn on the comp it goes straight to this blue HP screen. cant press any buttons , f8, esc = it doesnt work. Even when i put in a vista startup cd, it doesnt read it. it doesnt do anything. SCARY!!!! please help. i dont know what to do, any ideas. I guess i will have to take it to someone....

A:[SOLVED] HELP!!!!! Fuzzy blue screen, cant load windows

Hi and welcome to TSF try reseating your ram.also try tapping F2 on boot and change the first boot device in your bios to CD\DVD and then F10 to save and exit then try booting from your disc and run a repair

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Since upgrading my xps13 L321x to windows 10, my display goes fuzzy/glitching/corrupted after a few minutes of use, you can still make out what's on the screen but its very fuzzy.  

Once it goes fuzzy, If I close the lid, and open the lid, then I'm presented with the login screen which looks ok again, and when I log on then the display is ok, for a couple of minutes
This started immediately after the windows 10 update.
Please help

A:XPS 13 display problems / screen goes fuzzy - after windows 10 upgrade

I experienced this problem on my XPS 13 once I upgraded from windows 7 to 8, and have still got the issue with windows 10 although it has been less frequent.
I have got a script on my desktop which turns the screen off and you can wake it back up by moving the mouse, this seems to fix the problem.
I have had this issue for quite sometime and have never found somebody else reporting the same thing!

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Hi, I'm having trouble with the screen on my Toshiba Satellite L775-S7352 when it reaches the Welcome screen on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. This happens while reaching the Windows Welcome screen & sometimes it will reach the desktop before going fuzzy. It boots fine into Safe Mode.

I've already checked the HDD and the Memory - they are fine... I've done a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit from the manufacturer's recovery disks - the screen and everything else worked fine even through the first round of Windows Update (193 files) the machine rebooted after the updates and I checked for more updates. As soon as the installation of the second round of updates began the screen went buggy.

So I formatted the HDD and tried another reinstall - I successfully reinstalled the system and this time the screen went buggy trying to search for the first update for this reinstall...

Is this an issue with the screen or the GPU? any ideas?



A:Toshiba Satellite laptop has Fuzzy screen when reaching Welcome Screen

Hi first hook it up to an external monitor. does the external have the same problem?

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I have just upgraded to a 15" lcd monitor. I have windows xp.
I have several instances where ...when I call up a program...
the window does not include the entire program...
Some of the program is off screen...I have tried tochange resolution...
and it still loads the program too big...i.e. if I had to click is not on the screen...
This problem occurs with several is a problem of resolution? or is there
a menu I can change....
Thank you.

A:Program windows too large on screen

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Using Thunderbird, when i try to add a "New Card" for
a new email address, the pop-up window's bottom inch doesn't
display on my screen. I try to "drag" this window upward, but it
won't drag at all. Any advice on how to fix this balky window?


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I need help... my Win7 is crashing FREQUENTLY. But I haven't found a similar description anywhere. The screen goes fuzzy as if the same image in the different colors but is offset... then bluescreen (also offset) and reboot. I can watch 2 videos on hulu, play a flash game for 30 minutes while listening to winamp, then when I switch to an open word file, it fuzzes (not like this everytime, just an example).

It doesn't seem to be heat related. It can happen within minutes of booting or after two days of running fine.

My device manager lists my monitor as Generic PnP, but the Win7 hardware display box shows it (correctly) as an LG L194WT.

All of the critical events are Kernel-Power events.

Other stuff - Windows won't recognize my USB hub. Everything that is plugged in directly is recognized and works (camera, video camera, external HDD), but nothing works through the hub.

This is a clean install (running about 3 weeks). I do have AVG, but only the free version.

MSI Kseries motherboard
Athlon 64XP 4000+
2 gig mem
NVIDIA GeForce 7300
LG L194WT monitor

Any assistance would be appreciated!

A:Screen Fuzzy, then Blue Screenlue screen

Upload Dump Files
Please go to C:\Windows\Minidump and zip up the contents of the folder. Then upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.

If you have issues with "Access Denied" errors, try copying the files to your desktop and zipping them up from there. If it still won't let you zip them up, post back for further advice.

If you don't have anything in that folder, please check in C:\Windows for a file named MEMORY.DMP. If you find it, zip it up and upload it to a free file hosting service - then post the link to it.
Then, follow the directions here to set your system for Minidumps (much smaller than the MEMORY.DMP file): Set MiniDump

Please go to Start and type in "msinfo32.exe" (without the quotes) and press Enter
Save the report as an .nfo file, then zip up the .nfo file and upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.

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what do i do?? its msw 7

A:screen is fuzzy

Your screen is fuzzy... is the screen unclear? do you have too much dirt on it? try to clean it. can you make a screenshot or photo of it?
Try booting in savemode, see if this problem occurs again.

Good luck

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I am runing windows xp on an HP 710n athlon xp 2.4. video card is via/s3g unichrome IGP. Monitor is a flat screen CRT KDS "xflat extreme"

Monitor is fuzzy right in the middle and only when windows is running.

Not fuzzy during startup.

Not fuzzy with "my pictures" screensaver"

tried every imaginable setting and tried another computer, same results.

any thoughts?

A:fuzzy screen


tried every imaginable setting and tried another computer, same results.

Did you try a different monitor? What results did you get?
Did you try a different video card? What results did you get?

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I Have A Dell F500 That Has A Continuous Fuzzy Screen. To Clear It I Have To Hold Down The Top Of The Screen Continuously. If I Don't Hold Down At The Top Of Screen The Fuzziness Reappears. How Can This Be Corrected ? Thanks For Your Help.

A:Fuzzy Screen

Depending on it's age, you might be able to improve it by degauzing. There should be a control somewhere on the monitor in with the color, size, etc controls.

When you activate degauze it will cause the screen to go crazy for a moment, but should settle down within a few seconds.

Degauze eliminates magnetic interference from the screen. The most common cause of magnetic interference is having speajers too close to the computer screen, but even if you don't have speakers at all, eventually a magnetic imbalance will occur in any tube type screen.

Very old monitors (I've never had a color monitor last more than 10 years) just get fuzzy, no matter what. All you can do then is reduce resolution or replace the monitor.

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hey guys, im not sure if this is where i should post this but, i need help!

i woke up this morning and booted up my computer, and everything looked really fuzzy and low quality ( imgur: the simple image sharer )
i have a feeling it might be the monitor but i want to see if its a setting or something else, please help!

A:Fuzzy screen

Hello xFearex and welcome to the forum.

From your photo, your desktop doesn't seem to be fuzzy whatsoever. However, you can try to switch the ends of your DVI or VGA cable that is attaching your computer to it's monitor. Just off the top of my head, you may also try updating your video driver or changing your screens resolution.

Also, please post your full system specs so we can better help you.

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Hi guys when i turn on my laptop sony vaio it comes up with multi colours but sometimes it doesnt and ive noticed if i have openned up to many programs it will go to a multi coloured screen then the laptop will turn itself off and restart

ive added pictures aswel


A:Fuzzy Screen

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periodically when i am surfing the web, the screen gets very fuzzy and you can see lines all over the place. then the screen goes black and tries to fix the resolution. i thought it was the nvdia driver, but when i deleted it i got into a huge mess and the computer wouldn't start up. and then i had to get geeks on call and they got the computer running again. but it still is fuzzy. i just disabled the driver and it still is fuzzy.

A:fuzzy screen

You may have a bad monitor. Borrow one from a friend and try it to see if you still have the problem.

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Hi i have this pc which is window 7, and so i get to the point everytime i turn on my computer or on the start up screen it start to have a shaky or fuzziness in it which i cant remove it i thought it was the monitor soo i change it to another one to test it out and it happen the same thing anyone know how to fix this fuziness screen problem i believe it mite be the inside but if it is then i was thinking of the graphic card but it doesnt seems rite due to my vd card is a intergrat vd card soo im not sure o is it the ram please help.
and for sure i can see the screen but the screen has this strong fuziness which it makes it harder for me to see

A:PC screen is fuzzy

Hi first try reinstalling the video driver and also try another cable,if this does not help and your cable is not loose or damaged you need to look at the possibility of the on board graphics chip being the problem and the only solution would be to install a graphics card and disable the on board

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Hi everyone,
I've just purchased the new XPS 13 with windows 10 pro and text seems extremely fuzzy in certain applications (chrome, firefox mainly).
I have tried Dell support and they suggested I use the Edge browser instead!!!
For a $2,000 machine I have to say that's very poor, I have read some of the other complaints with all sort of suggestions, fixes etc (none of them have worked) but should I be spending hours and hours researching and testing when it should just work? Has anyone managed to find a solution?
I've paid for a premium product and I expect everything to work out of the box otherwise I can just go and buy a chromebook for $500!

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hi there, i seem to be developing a fault here. i have a laptop running xp. when it starts up the display is going completely mental fuzzy green strips vertical mashy colours large sizes get errors asking to run safe mode etc etc i then do a forced close to reboot again, after couple times then get screen to work normal and if i dont turn off ot stays ok all time, prob occurs when i close down turn off and next time i use ? i have done norton web scan = nothing found, my netguarg virus checker found - D:\windows\temp\win17.tmp.exe and \device\oeb18f28-0000-0000-b810-000000000000-\windows\temp\win17.tmp.exe Scan saved at 08:19:23, on 7/17/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\ntl\ntl Netguard\fws.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Belkin\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\CDAC11BA.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\CDANTSRV.EXEC:\Program Files\Common Files\Command Software\dvpapi.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files&... Read more

A:Fuzzy Screen - What The ?

Hello fireslguk and welcome to the BC HijackThis forum. It appears that the malware issue was also posted at GeeksToGo and resolved with Phil in their HijackThis forum .

From the post in their XP forum I would say that the screen problem could be related to a driver issue but I think rather that it is more hardware related. The monitor works fine after it has wamed up which would point to either a video card issue or a monitor issue. Since laptops are very difficult to work on by the user you might want to have it checked out either at the manufacturer or a reputable local repair shop. Hve them give you a quote on what needs to be done since oftentimes replacement costs can sometimes be more than the price of a new laptop.

One thing you might want to try is hooking up an external monitor to see if you get the same result. If not, then it is definitely a monitor issue.



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I hope this is the right forum.
I have a wierd problem in that a vertical area in the centre of the monitor screen is fuzzy in appearance. If I, for example, move a desktop icon to the edge of the screen it becomes clearer as It is moved - there is not a sudden change. Can anyone advise whether this is a graphics card (Ati Radeon 7200) or monitor (Iiyama) problem or if anyone has any suggestions........ I have tried all the controls on the monitor and have tried internet searches but there appears to be nothing on this problem (at least not using the terms I use for it!)
Any help or advice gratefully received.

A:Fuzzy middle of screen!

More than likely your problem is within the monitor itself. It is something known as convergence. All about how you get clarity and sharpness of each pixel. Three separate electron beams of the CRT converge on a separate pixel.

First you can try swapping the monitor to another computer just to be sure. If it is convergence, the problem will not go away and you cannot adjust it out with the front panel controls.

What is involved is a tuning process inside the monitor to line up the beams just so. Usually there might be some trim type pots, gross adjustments are made via little magnets or sliding yokes or coils of wire on the CRT. Way out of most peoples league, plus you need special test gear / pattern generators. Normally the adjustments are made to attempt to get the center parts of the screen as close to perfect as possible. On cheaper monitors the edges of the screen tend to a tad off. Can be a tricky adjustment as color is affected as you tweet. Sounds like yours was adjusted to tight and the edges got the bias that normally is given to the center.

If you can demonstrate the monitor is really well out of adjustment and it is under warranty, they should have to either adjust it for you or give you a new one.

One thing you can try is degauss the monitor with the built in controls, probably won't fix it but always worth the shot to see what the effect is.

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I bought a LCD monitor some months ago and i still have the same problem my image is "fuzzy" all the letters are dancing on the screen and i don't now how to fix it
Could someone help me ?

A:TFT-LCD screen with fuzzy image

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly was up with my computer or monitor? I think I have pinpointed it to a computer problem, but anyway, here is the situation:

One day my screen just flickered bright all of a sudden. After that it would flicker bright a few more times, and finally, everything on the screen just turned greenish and fuzzy or smeared-looking. It is still this way as I am posting this message. At first I thought the monitor was going bad, so I changed monitors, but to no avail: the screen was still fuzzy green. I've tried restarting many, many times, and it is the same. I haven't placed any sort of magnetized object in the computer room, so it couldn't be that, I wouldn't think. I do have a graphics chipset on the motherboard (rather than a video card), could it be going bad? Also, my main question here, I'm seriously considering buying a new computer over this, should I? This computer is 3 years old, approximately. Thanks for your concern.

A:Screen is green and fuzzy

dootthaloop said:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly was up with my computer or monitor? I think I have pinpointed it to a computer problem, but anyway, here is the situation:

One day my screen just flickered bright all of a sudden. After that it would flicker bright a few more times, and finally, everything on the screen just turned greenish and fuzzy or smeared-looking. It is still this way as I am posting this message. At first I thought the monitor was going bad, so I changed monitors, but to no avail: the screen was still fuzzy green. I've tried restarting many, many times, and it is the same. I haven't placed any sort of magnetized object in the computer room, so it couldn't be that, I wouldn't think. I do have a graphics chipset on the motherboard (rather than a video card), could it be going bad? Also, my main question here, I'm seriously considering buying a new computer over this, should I? This computer is 3 years old, approximately. Thanks for your concern.Click to expand...

Since it is at the very least an onboard graphics chip and at the most the motherboard, I think you would be wsie to get a new system.

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My husband just built a new computer. Sometimes the monitor goes blurry, or fuzzy, and everything looks out of focus. We have tried going into safe mode and the problem doesn't happen in safe mode.

The monitor is a Dell M992 and the video card is a GeForce FX5700LE.

If he plays an online game, the problem mostly goes away, and stays away for up to an hour after he stops playing the game. We have reformated the hard drive and nothing changed.

I can't use the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time because I get a headache from trying to read blurry words. Any ideas on what this could be? All of the video drivers are up to date as far as we know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Fuzzy, blurry screen (sometimes)

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When I boot into XP everything is fine and dandy until I go online. As soon as my modem comes into use my screen becames fuzzy and kind of shifts or wavers back and forth, not very nice on the eyes. Any thoughts?

A:Fuzzy Screen when modem in use

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My friend's Emachine's Computer, model T2042 with window xp shows fuzzy text on the screen. I have not ruled out the fact that the monitor may be bad. I have not found a monitor as of yet to try and see if this is the problem. I am also thinking it may be an outdated driver that could be causing this as this computer was purchased in 2003. I checked emachine's website and noticed that they had released a driver for this computer model as late as 2009. Would this driver be an update to the one that came with the machine, or would it be a complete standalone driver? This is not explained very well by Emachine and there are no longer any information listed for this computer on their website. Here what I am wondering. If I decide to use this driver from their websige, should I uninstall, or disable, the onboard driver first, or should I install over top of the old driver? It seems that if this driver was an update, it did not say, that I could simply install over top of the old one. However, if it is not an update, and it is a standalone driver, would this make any difference to install over the old driver? I do not want to make things any worse.

A:Fuzzy text on screen

Can you take a picture of the fuzzy text?

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I have been using my computer perfectly for 1 and a half years, i have been playing WoW for almost 1 year. A few nights ago while playing WoW my screen froze and went all fuzzy and locked up, i restarted, but had the same problem. It happens sometimes in general computer use but when i try to log into WoW it keeps freezing and going all fuzzy. I have had a lot of computer troubles, but not this kind. If anyone knows what the problem is, i need an answer. I have tried virus scans, system restores, installing new updates, installing the latest graphics card drivers, reinstalling drivers, the works. My graphics card is a nvidia GeForce 8800 Gt, im assuming its an issue with my graphics card but i could be wrong. Please help, thanks. Here is my dxdiag report:
System Information
Time of this report: 1/13/2010, 23:38:49
Machine name: MICHAEL-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.vistasp2_gdr.090803-2339)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
System Model: Dell XPS420
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A04
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 3326MB RAM
Page File: 1529MB used, 5337MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 7.00.6002.18107 32bit Unicode
DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound ... Read more

A:Screen goes all fuzzy and locks up

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I am usgin windows XP and I started having some pop up problems, and then when I went to turn my computer back on, it was all fuzzy and pixelated and stuck in 640 x 480 size. Here is the hijack this log file. Hope you can help out on this one.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:36:26 PM, on 7/27/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL,(Default) =
O3 - Toolbar: MSN - {BDAD1DAD-C946-4A17-ADC1-64B5B4FF55D0} - C:\Program Files\MSN Apps\MSN Toolbar\MSN Toolbar\01.02.5000.1021\en-us\msntb.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvCplDaemon] RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINNT\system32\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup
O4 ... Read more

A:Fuzzy screen and tons of pop ups

You have no active AntiVirus!

Get the free AVG AntiVirus 7.5 install it, check for updates and run a full scan

AVG 7.5 -
NOTE: If you have downloaded ComboFix previously please delete that version and download it again!

Download this file :

Double click combofix.exe & follow the prompts.
When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Post that log and a HiJack log in your next reply

Do not mouseclick combofix's window while its running. That may cause it to stall
Download Superantispyware (SAS) free home version

Install it and double-click the icon on your desktop to run it.
· It will ask if you want to update the program definitions, click Yes.
· Under Configuration and Preferences, click the Preferences button.
· Click the Scanning Control tab.
· Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked:
o Close browsers before scanning
o Scan for tracking cookies
o Terminate memory threats before quarantining.
o Please leave the others unchecked.
o Click the Close button to leave the control center screen.
· On the main screen, under Scan for Harmful Software click Scan your computer.
· On the left check C:\Fixed Drive.
· On the right, under Complete Scan, choose Perform Complete Scan... Read more

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My windows xp machine suddenly started having a fuzzy and distorted screen that sometimes becomes good.
This happens even with a remote desktop connection.

A:Screen became fuzzy and distorted

Try using another monitor and see whether you are getting the distorted output even on the other monitor.

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K well when i turn on my pc the POST and motherboard symbol and bios are all glitchy and move all over dunno what the cause of that is -__- ALSO i tried to install windwos and it was copying files and got half way through and it had problems reading files like all of them tried another disk same thing. Now when i try and do an install when it tries to boot the cd it says "NTLDR missing push alt cntl del to restart" ..........


Computer stats

DFI Lan Party motherboard 775 socket
p4 3.2 ghz
pci express 5750
sata 150 hd 250g
BTW my old hd died now this is a new hd but even w/o the hardrive plugged in the screen is still glitchy and wierd

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When i boot up my computer, the Windows Xp boot logo and loading is fine, but when it gets to the login screen, the top is blue and fuzzy while the rest is black.

When you move the mouse the top part get's more fuzzy

Any tips on why this is happening?

A:Fuzzy Login Screen

Update the video/display driver for your computer. If you don't have a separate video card and you have a brand name computer (HP, Gateway, Dell etc) go to that manufacturers support web site and type in your make and model # and download and install the latest driver.

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Occationly my laptop screen has purple flashing lines and sometimes the whole screen goes really flickery. I have checked all of the screen connections and I have a firewall enabled

A:Accational fuzzy screen

Sounds to me like your video card is dying. Those lines you are describing is known as artifacting.

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Hello, I recently started getting a black screen when trying to turn on my laptop, a Sony Vaio running Windows 10. I am unable to download the DM log collector tool since I cannot use my computer at all. It stays on the black screen even if I let it sit for hours. It's possible that I backed up a Windows 10 file when originally upgrading from WIN7 but I'm not sure and if so, it would be on an external hard drive. What can I do? Please help. Thank you so much.

US Navy

A:Stuck on black screen, large cursor arrow and windows will not load

Please follow this guide here & edit your thread & upload files accordingly to enable to us to help you more quickly. BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums

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when going between screens on Diablo2-Whenever goin from lobby to joining a game and when quitting a game -I see a quick flash of fuzzy squares?--should I be concerned??

A:Split-second screen of fuzzy lines-

Run CCleaner

Then go here:
And confirm all your Drivers are up to date (especially Video)

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I am having this problem recently...whenever I am watching video in youtube
or talking in skype, my entire laptop screen becomes fuzzy and then it cursor/keyboard...nothig works. I can only get rid off it by turning the power off.
I have the feeling it might have something to do with removed it...but
still it happened! I have dual-boot systems (Vista+ windows 7)..I hardly used
Windows 7 as my laptop does not support it I checked if it also happens in Windows does not.

I do not know how can I get rid off THIS PROBLEM:

Any help will be very much appreciated.


A:Screen becomes fuzzy and it freezes in Vista

Try updating the video driver. You should be able to find it on your laptop vendor's site.

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Built a new computer a few days ago and seems to run ok accept for the 3rd time now the screen has gone all fuzzy and as i cant select anything on screen i can only assume system has crashed too. This seems to happen randomly and normally after the computer has been running a while today it has been running for about 3 hours then did it.

Im running off the on board graphics card on my ASUS p8h67M-pro motherboard...i have a grapohics card which i will be using soon once the correct cables come for it.

Does anyone know if this is a faulty monitor or motherboard/graphics issue? im not running any games/video when this has happened also have a 450 psu.

infact the full spec is:

Motherboard ASUS P8H67-M PRO
Processer - i5 2300
Ram - Corsair 2x 4gb
Powersupply - 450W
Graphics Card - Gainward GeForce GTX 460
Monitor - LG Flatron W1946 16:9

A:Computer crashes with fuzzy screen

I suspect at first look that your PSU is under powered but would need to check it. What is the model and make of the PSU. How many hard drives and what make are they and likewise for the CD/DVD drives. What version of Windows are you running.

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This only happens when my brother plays video games on his computer. Comprehensive virus and spyware scans have found nothing.

The following games crash, due to the diversity of the games we think it is something to do with Graphics.
Oblivion, Everquest 2, Call of Duty 2, Morrow Wind, Age of Empires 3, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online. Vanguard, Battlefield 1942.

Whether he is playing hours or seconds he gets this problem. The time it takes to crash is not dependent on the level of graphics the game has.

It seems that prolonged breaks allow my brother to play for longer.

We have tried to uninstall reinstall the graphics driver, we have tried different versions of the driver. It doesn't help.

The symptoms.
1) Brother plays a game
2) Now the problem... firstly the color becomes more dull. At the same time 3-4 pixel long white horizontal lines 'rain' across the screen from right to left. The sound either loops or gets stuck on a single note. This all happens at the same time. The computer crashes - or very rarely we can alt-tab to desktop, moments later the computer crashes.

The screen itself has been tested with my laptop, its fine.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this? What do I need to provide, what tests can we do?

A:Screen becomes fuzzy then computer freezes.

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So I turned on my laptop this morning and the screen looks like this. When plugged into an external monitor the external screen is perfectly fine so it's not a graphics card issue. I checked the LCD connections from the screen and the motherboard. Any other suggestions or should I try to replace the cord? The picture doesn't really show how fuzzy the screen is but it's fuzzy enough to make reading difficult.

IMG_20160901_221345785_HDR[1].jpg ?2838 KB

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can anyone help me with problem i mention above?
when im using my com it suddenly go blurry or fuzzy then freezes a sec after that my computer down even something loading at the window it will happen too !!

A:Screen fuzzy, freezes computer down

What is your computer, a laptop or desktop? Make and model number? Operating System, Vista or XP?

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Hi all,

I have an old HP e-vectra running at 600mhz and 256mb ram and an intel 810e chipset with onboard video. For some reason i've tryed it on diffrent moniters and for some stupid reason the screen is sort of fuzzy (some people call it shaky screen). Please help i tried diffrent drivers,os's, hertz and cleaning. PLEASE HELP.

A:Hp e-vectra fuzzy screen problem.

Thanks so much for sharing the post.
pret auto

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I have been having this type of crash where there are no system errors, all i get is a multicolour screen of fuzz, i can just about see the shape of the desktop thru it. It does tend to happen more often when using cubase Sx, but i cant see why audio would do this. Im running a Gforce 4Ti4200, Chaintech Via 133a, Athlon Xp200 with 262 Sdram. I also have two soundcards installed, but i think its Xp. Any ideas?

All the best

A:Xp fuzzy colourful screen crash

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As the title says, my screen is all messed up. I forgot to shut it down one night and woke up to my background being all messed up, everything is fuzzy, and appears to be zoomed in slightly. It has the terrible clarity of one of those really cheap wide-screen, jumbo-screen laptops. I did accidentally leave Limewire running, so I thought a virus slipped through but after running a million scans through my symantec, as well as Malwarebytes and others, it came up with trojan.brisv.a!inf but it was partially cleaned and quarantined, so I don't think thats the problem. I also did the removal tool from symantec with no luck. Is this something other than a virus, like some setting I accidentally could have changed? I posted a similar topic in the "am i infected" forum but nobody has even replied. I run vista on a toshiba satellite.

A:screen is messed up; fuzzy, "zoomed in"

Hmm, not sure what to tell you, just saw no replies so decided to try to help. Have you tried to change your screen resolution? If not, try that. Other than that I'm not sure, maybe the lack of care for your computer. You just might have to buy another screen.

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My computer locks up with a fuzzy screen.

I have an HP Pavilion m9077c-b quad core computer running Windows 8.1. It has an Nvidia GeForce8500GT video card and I suspect it is going bad, but haven’t convinced myself that it is the problem.

I checked the following:
1. Overheating (Checked with SpeedFan Program)
a. GPU temperature initially 79° C
b. After blowing out the case, temperatures ran in the 72-75°C range – still lock ups
c. With fan blowing into the case and the temperature at ~67°C, still locked up.
d. All 3 fans, PS, GPU and case fans are running.

Note – GPU Temperature may be slightly high, but seem to be within specs for Nvidia

2. Drivers
a. Updated Nvidia driver
b. Installed a Nvidia hotfix dated 4/15/14 – Still locked up
c. Other pertinent drivers seem to be up to date

3. In NORMAL mode, had lockups running the following, mostly individually, but sometimes in combo:
a. MS Outlook
b. File Explorer & Adobe PDF
c. MS Digital Image
d. Internet Explorer
e. Web Camera
f. MS Word
g. Turbocad (3D rendering program like Autocad)

4. In SAFE MODE, ran most of the above overnight with no problems (but no video card?)

5. In SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING, ran most of these programs for 8 hours with no lockupsl

6. Video Card
a. Using HP’s Support Assistant program Video Check
i Lock ups in SELECTIVE START UP – runs to 56% & 90% then locks up
ii Lock ups in SELECTIVE START UP with networking
iii Runs in SAFE BOOT WITH NETWORKING -- no problems (but doesn’t ... Read more

A:Computer locks up with a fuzzy screen

Hi, firstly, what is a 'premium power supply'? Make, model and wattage would be useful, although a 2 year old PSU should be more than capable of handing an 8500GT, unless it is complete garbage or totally underpowered.

Is this your PC?

If so, have you confirmed that you have all the right, certified Windows 8.1 drivers? Wouldn't be surprised if some parts in a machine from 2007 didn't have any certified Windows 8 drivers! Don't just rely on Windows itself to find the right ones.

A failing GPU could be a problem and that is an old GPU which is running a bit on the warm side. If you have access to any other, known working, GPU to test with that would help to confirm / deny the if that is the cause.

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I recently got a new laptop (it's about 2 months old) which has all been working fine but today I took it with me to the library in my rucksack (first time I've done this) and when I got it out and opened it up again the screen was all fuzzy and flickering and seems to have tiny lines running all down the screen. After a while this stopped but then started up again, I did a system restore and it worked fine for about 15 minutes but then the problem reappeared and since then it's been happening on and off; it works fine for 10 minutes, then all fuzzy the next, this happens whether it's plugged in or running on battery

Does anyone know what could have caused this to happen in what's a brand new laptop pretty much? It was pouring down with rain when I was walking to the library with it in my bag but I don't see how that could have caused it because it wasn't wet at all or anything when I got it out? For what it's worth I didn't shut it down when I unplugged it and took it to the library which I guess was pretty stupid but I wouldn't have thought it could've cause this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Sporadic fuzzy laptop screen

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I have an issue with UAC, since recently installing Vista on a fresh HDD. Whenever the User Account Control screen pops up when im installing something or otherwise (its seems to pop up way too often) the screen is messed up.
I am using vista ultimate 32. Its not feeling very ultimate right now.

The UAC screen, which should normally be dimmed black/transparent, has become fuzzy and like a bad jumble of grey white and black on half of the screen, (which seems to vary from top to bottom on different instances). The yellow pop up image is fine, but the background dimming image is always messed up. My Video cards check out fine and have updated drivers.

Is there a way to fix this without yet another fresh install of the OS?
Would a registry cleaning program fix this?
Should I just turn UAC off?

Thanks in advance

A:HELP - User Account Fuzzy screen popup

A query broken down by background/symptoms/questions always brings a little tear to my eye.

Yes, there's always a way to fix everything without reinstalling, except sometimes it's not as fast. It's hard to tell what's faster in your case until the root cause is understood.

When the background goes grey and you see the UAC prompt, what's actually happened is that a screenshot was taken of your current desktop, converted to B&W, and then presented as a simple bitmap background on the secure user logon desktop. In other words, you were briefly switched back to the logon desktop for security reasons - it prevents screen scrapers and similar utilities from messing with the UAC prompt and pressing buttons you may not want pressed.

Although I've never seen that symptom myself, what's actually happening to you is that the desktop screenshot is being corrupted somehow.

Have you installed desktop "extender/enhancer" software?

Does the same thing happen when you boot to safe mode?

Can you post a camera photo of what this corruption looks like, just out of curiosity?

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Last night my PC died when I was browsing the internet using Chrome. The screen went kinds fuzzy/pixelly/glitchy for less than a second and then died.

The machine restarted itself and I didnt get a chance to make a note of the error codes.

I have had the machine for about 2 years and have only had about 5 BSOD but the last 3 were in the last month on the 14th, 17th and 28th.

I had just re-installed windows when I got the first BSOD of the month.

I have noticed in the past my monitors occasionally flicker or I see a kinda line running horizontally through the screen, or the bottom half jumps a bit.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD When browsing, screen went fuzzy then died.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
OS Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Martin
Registered Organization:
Product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00006
Counterfeit installations such as yours contains heavily modified code that causes the installation to behave it unexpected ways. Analysing BSOD's and determining their causes on these sorts of installations is very unreliable. For this reason, many analysts won't attempt it.

My recommendation is to install a genuine Windows 7. This will minimise the problems you are experiencing, and make subsequent diagnosis of BSOD's far more reliable. Once you are running a genuine Windows 7 installation, and are still experiencing BSOD's, we will be happy to help you solve them.

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I have a 3.0GHz Pentium IV CPU, 4GB RAM, RADEON HD 4670 512MB gfx card

But when I open L4D the screen goes fuzzy and I can't make out the pictures, as there are lines are everywhere. I took a screenshot of it, and put it on paint, and the picture is clear.

What could the problem be??...I don't think it can be the Monitor because why would it execute only after I play L4D. I can play Warcraft 3 TFT normal, could it be the gfx card?

Plz Help

A:My Screen is Fuzzy when I play Left 4 Dead

it seems like your grahics card is overheating or producing artifacts

post back temps with GPU-Z
under load and idling

and check if your graphics card is artifacting with ATI tool

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My Acer laptop LCD screen suddenly turned fuzzy/blurry and the colour has gone dodgy. This happens from startup(incl. on BIOS) and I have already checked for any loose cables inside but to no avail.

Text appears unclear/fuzzy as well.

I have attached a few screenshot taken from my phone.

My Warranty has finished, so does any one have any suggesstions on how to fix?

Thanks in Advance

A:Acer Aspire 9420 Fuzzy Screen
you will need to try installing new drivers first just in case its software related, go to acer

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I can't seem to fix this problem. The screen on my Port?g? Z20t-B2112 is just out of focus. It's enough to make you nauseous. Any ideas? I installed the windows 8.1pro.

A:Fuzzy screen on Portégé Z20t-B2112

Have you set the right display resolution?

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not sure whats happened but daughters screen has gone all fuzzy like as if not tuned in propery can still see everything just looks like aerial not plugged in help please ..also notice all across the desktop loads of copys of pictures files etc

just tried my pc monitor and shows fine so im assuming something wrong with the actual screen or graphics card ?

A:Acer Aspire 2930Z screen seems fuzzy

Yes Terry the LCD panel needs to be replaced

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My system: Windows XP SP2 RADEON 9600 256MB

When I ctl-Print Screen a web picture, copy it into Word, and compare the two pictures the pasted photo is definitely fuzzy compared to the Web picture. How would copying the screen print loose quality?

Thanks ahead

A:ctl-print screen into Word, picture is fuzzy

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had the same issue awhile back so I did a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate and still getting the random fuzzy screen and bsod without having really installed anything It is really random. I can just surf the net and it happens. I don't have to do anything that stresses the computer. It's late so I don't have time to list my specs but I can when I get home from work if need be. I have upload my zip file Hopefully that will help for now. Thanks in advance.

A:screen gets fuzzy lines then freezes and/or bsod

How did you get your copy of windows activated?

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My monitor is bugging out on me. I was just playing a game on my computer when suddenly the screen just turned all fuzzy and hazy, and it has a purplish tint to it, almost as if I'm watching something on a really old TV.

I tried rebooting the computer and unplugging and replugging the monitor cable in my monitor in the back. Tried google searching but nothing really came up that helps my problem.

I have a windows 7 hp computer.
specs can be viewed here:

can anyone help with this? No clue how this started... :/

A:Purple and fuzzy graphics on computer screen

Try other monitor. If other one does not show this problem your old one probably is bad. If new one shows same thing I would start with your graphics driver. What is the model of your computer and what graphics driver do you have.

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Hi guys,

Just got an old PC unit from work and the machine loads up fine in normal mode until it gets past the Windows XP splash page at which point (where you can choose which user) the screen 'picture' goes like a TV channel out of tune, all fuzzy etc. It operates fine in safe mode.

Any ideas are truly welcome!!

A:Starts In Safe But Fuzzy Screen In Normal

Hi sabotage,

From the look of it, I would suspect that it might have something to do with video card. Have you updated your video card driver? If you have updated and the problem persist, then try plugging your video card to another computer and see if it still gives you the same problem.

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I have Dell Inspiron 15 7548, recently I am experiencing an issue in which my laptop screen suddenly becomes fuzzy with pink and green horizontal lines and the screen becomes not responsive. I have to restart the laptop to use it again. This issue appears randomly without any warning and i am getting to much irritated with this. 
My laptop screen is 4K with touch support.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7548 fuzzy screen come and go

Does the system overheat? Does this happen with or without the adapter connected? Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? What applications are you using when the issue occurs?
Update the BIOS - reinstall the video drivers and check.
If the issue is not resolved, run a stress test on the system -
Connect an external monitor and check if the issue is seen on both external display and the LCD.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Run the LCD bist - Turn off the system and press and hold the "D" key + power button to turn on the system and it should run the LCD built in self test - see this link for more info - - swivel the screen and check if the issue reoccurs.
If the system is under warranty, Please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name, Phone#, Address and Email). If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Heya. I recently (for Christmas) received a new LOGIK monitor to accompany my old one and I'm having problems getting them both to run correctly. My old monitor used to be using a VGA cable with a DVI adapter at 1920 x 1080, where it worked fine. I plugged in my new monitor with a HDMI cable with a DVI adapter, however upon doing so, the resolution of the older screen was reduced to 1440 x 900 (or something like that) and my new monitor became fuzzy, as in, everything is out of focus and the colours seem dark / unnatural. I've tried using a HDMI cable with the older monitor, where I can get 1920 x 1080, however it too becomes fuzzy. I tried to use the VGA in my old monitor as that worked previously, but no longer does. The screens have their proper aspect ratios (dot to dot, full, whatever you want to call them) and are not using overscan. Sometimes I am able (after hours of playing with CCC and windows control panel) to make one of them display correctly, however after restarting it returns to being fuzzy. All of the cables are connected securely and my drivers are up-to-date (as of 01/01/14). I'll attach a screenshot for further reference (currently i'm just using 1 screen as I had to borrow the second HDMI cable - I'll be getting another in about a week). I've been browsing a wide number of forums for about a week now and cannot seem to get it to work. Sorry if I'm being vague, if there's any more information you need don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.

A:New monitor with hdmi giving a fuzzy screen.

Something that's just occured to me - should this thread be moved to Hardware and Devices? Only, I'm not sure whether the problem is with the graphics card, the cable, the monitor(s), the drivers or windows. :S

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About a week ago I noticed my screen was starting get little fuzzy marks on certain colors. mostly blue to start off so I would change my graphics options to make blue not as apparent which fixed it for the most part. except for the actual problem. Now the problem has worsened to where almost all colors are acting strange and no amount of change to the color would fix. I have hooked it up to another monitor and the fuzziness was gone so I know it isn't a virus or something just wrong with my computer. I believe it is a loose cable, but I don't really know which one or how how to find it once I have taken out the screws. If someone could get back to me and let me know what is exactly going on it would be appreciated.

PS. to clear this up it is not solid lines it is just fuzzy curvy splotches all over and it takes up certain colors.

A:[SOLVED] HP Pavilion dv6 7000 fuzzy screen

My friend's laptop had this happen to him a while ago to his hp laptop too. He sent it in for repairs and was told that it was the cable connecting his screen to the laptops motherboard was damaged ( the ribbon cable).

Your problem could be something else entirely but you can try contacting hp support and see what they tell you.

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Hello, I've been experiencing this problem off and on for the past couple of months, where the computer screen just turns fuzzy and crashes, then five seconds later is completely black (like the monitor is on but is not connected to the computer) I believe this generally happens while I'm surfing the internet (Mozilla) , often (perhaps always, I'm not sure) when I'm watching streaming video.

Ran a couple of different anti-virus programs (Adaware, Malwarebytes' Anti Malware) and Adaware turned up a bunch of cookies.

This has only happened a few times, most of the time everything's fine. Any clue on what could be going on here?

A:Computer screen turns fuzzy and crashes

Sounds like a vid driver problem to me...I'd try uninstalling current video drivers and then installing fresh ones (either from CD or manufacturer's website).


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Its kinda hard to descrie, but they're like horizontal wavy lines. Its like that even in the bios screen, and the pattern of distortion is consitent when Windows loads. So that tells me its not software related. Its on a Dell Latitiude C540/C640 laptop. The old one broke when my coworker dropped the laptop. I replaced the laptop with a similar one and retained the inverter card from the previous LCD. but now I have those wavy lines. Any ideas why?

A:Replaced LCD on my Dell laptop and screen is fuzzy/wavy now

red913 said:

I replaced the laptop with a similar oneClick to expand...

Are you sure the "similar one" is compatible with yours.

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Hi, I was watching a video and my screen started disolving and then the system crashed.  Now I have a blue screen when I boot.  I tried using Startup Repair and it said it could repair.  Then offered me an option to try restoring to an earlier time. When I took that option all the restores failed due to an inability to copy this file: "users/office/fonts/purchased/fonts/linotype_fonts/fonts".  I then tried booting and it again went to blue screen.
To me it seems like a virus. I have a dual boot Windows7 environment and then second system image runs fine.  I can also pop out of System Repair disk (using the Windows7 installation disks) and still see the files.
Do you have any suggestions?  I'd like to avoid reinstalling the software on the machine, as much of it is purchased with three or more cycles of updates and I'd have to go through all the upgrades and customization - likely weeks of work to get it all back to where it was before I watched the bad video :-(

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Iam looking at a PC for a friend and it has a symptom ive never come across before, I recently installed an extra stick of 512Mb into the old XP PC so it now has 1Gb, it worked fine while I had it but a few days after he got it back it started to have the following problems after 15 minutes of use.. snowy scrolling dots appearing on the screen, akin to interference... the computer would also reboot in a loop... so I asked him to bring it back.. when he got it here it worked fine for 90 minutes and I used Memtest+86 to scan the RAM which came back as Zero was when I reboot the PC after running Memtest+86 with the reset button that it all started..

it seems to be some interference of some sort, possibly? - maybe it needs to 'warm up' before it happens? I dunno, I can only speculate.

if anyone has any ideas what this may be I would appreciate it..

EDIT: I should say that I used my own monitor so its not that.



A:Solved: Fuzzy snowy dots and lines on screen

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I was having major problems with computer due to most likely bad partition or MBR.

Bought new hard drive, did a fresh install of Windows XP, things were working fine until a few days later, computer starts flashing, then there are artifacts around things like the mouse cursor, it's unresponsive, then blue screen of death.

I loaded the most up to date driver from the NVidia website (I have a GeForce 8500 NT).

Can't find much on this problem out there, some have suggested overheating, etc. Can anybody help diagnose? Willing to try anything including buy a new video card if need be.

I have the computer apart and fans seem to be running OK, blew out the dust a while back.

A:[SOLVED] WinXP screen flashes, then fuzzy, then crashy

When you reinstalled XP, did you also install the chipset drivers first after the initial install of the OS? If so, were they the latest ones?

Had you recently updated your copy of XP to SP2/3 as this can sometimes (although not very common) cause issues with the chipset drivers (most important drivers on your machine)

Is your video card seated correctly in the slot?

Just want to check those things before moving on.

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:40:35 PM, on 10/5/2008
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.00.1905 SP1)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Portrait Displays\forteManager\dthtml.exe
C:\Users\Christopher Ristow\Desktop\CoreTemp 0.99.3\Core Temp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\ieuser.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,CustomizeSearch =
R0 - HKCU... Read more

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Since WIN10 upgrade and Clean Install, my laptop screen goes fuzzy when not plugged into mains for no apparent reason. Give it a minute and It might come back to normal. However i have been refreshing the screen options, (Hold Fn and F1), which gets it working ok again.
Plug mains back in and problem seems to go away?
Any ideas, Simon.
Vostro 3560 Service Tag: B4XCCW1

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Hi everyone, I am getting horizontal lines on my monitor and i have no idea why!
I can boot the computer just fine (computer is not overclocked), and it'll work perfectly fine for about 10-30 mins, then all of a sudden - i get fuzzy lines. It'll last between 2-10mins. It renders the screen unusable and the only way to clear it is to either reboot (and let stand for a while as if the computer needs to reset - otherwise even during startup it'll display these lines) or just wait for it to fix itself (10min or so).

This is a YouTube link to illustrate the issue:
Computer graphics card problem? - YouTube

i have a brand new computer with the following specs:

Windows 7 Professional
Service Pack 1

SystemRating - 5.2 (graphics of Windows with Vero is the lowest)
Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz ~ 3.10GHz
Installed memory (RAM) - 8.00 GB (7.71 GB usable)
System Type - 64-bit Operating System

My graphics card:
Integrated Intel HD 2500

P8H 61-M LE series
Intel H61
its also worth mentioning this is ASUS......

A:Horizontal fuzzy lines periodically consuming my screen!

Check the VGA, or DVI cable to make sure it seated right. Check your graphics card to make sure it is seated right if you have one. Update the graphics drivers for your motherboard from

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When I switch the Video card over to use the TV as the monitor I get a black and white picture with fuzzy reception which just provides lines and such. I checked to be sure the SVIDEO cables and digital sound cables were connected tight and properly and they were. Did I mess up a setting? How can I fix this? Thanks

HP Slimline Pavilion
AMD Dual Core 4000+ 2.10 GHZ
2GB Memory
Nvida GeForce 6150 LE
Vista Premium 32 bit

A:SVIDEO Connection Black and white screen with fuzzy reception

Do you have the latest Vista video drivers installed on your HP Slimline?

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Recently, my screen will just freeze and become covered with lines/boxes to the point where you can't tell whats on the screen. This usually happens within minutes of booting up. However, sometimes, everything will work fine for maybe half an hour and then it will happen. I know for sure it is not a problem with the monitor.

I assume this is most likely a video card issue, but I didn't want to buy a new one before confirming. I attached a picture of what the screen looks like after it freezes.

The card I wanted to buy to replace the old one is EVGA GeForce GTX 650.I would also like to confirm that this card will be compatible with my current setup. From my understanding, the current PSU and motherboard will accept it, but I don't know if anything else can affect this.

Thanks in advance.

Computer Details:

Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
4GB DDR2 - Corsair XMS2
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 Processor BX80571E7400 - 2.80GHz, 3MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB, Wolfdale-3M, Dual-Core, Retail, Socket 775
Intel DP43TF Motherboard - Intel P43, Socket 775, ATX, Audio, PCI Express, Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, Serial ATA
BFG GeForce 9800 GT Video Card - 512MB GDDR3, PCI Express 2.0, (2) Dual Link DVI, HDTV, VGA Support
Ultra LS500 Lifetime Series 500W Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, PCI-Express

A:Screen Freezes and Becomes Pixelated/Fuzzy. Video Card Problem?

you need to try updating your drivers and you are also going to want a QUALITY NAME BRAND PSU (corsair (not builder series), thermaltake and FSP are good quality brands) Your PSU is what we call a "junk unit" you have a 500W rating and yet have only 24 Amps on the +12V rail.

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hiya Ive no idea what else to try but you lot,im a novice with pcs and this is my 1st windows 7 pc.
I bought a Acer Aspire M3400 oem no disc
windows 7 64 bit home premium
AMD Phenom IIx6 1035T 2.60 ghz
4.00 gb ram
500gb two drives
blu ray multi player
ge force nvida 315

I was playing bf3 on the lowest settings n 800x600 it has been fine but there was alot of crashes in the game yesterday(NOT ME) After the last crash i changed server,i was in the game for about 15 mins and i crashed big time.The monitor went fuzzy has lines running over it,I rebooted my pc as i allways do after a crash,after putting in my password to get into windows it crashed.Today has been the same you put in the password it crashes i get the BSOD and the pc reboots and the only way i can get on is in safe mode.
Ive hopefully done the file that is asked for but like i say im not very good with pcs.
Please can someone give me some advice
Many thanks

A:BSOD playing bf3 screen gone fuzzy cant boot crashes after password

Quote: Originally Posted by pervy2high

hiya Ive no idea what else to try but you lot,im a novice with pcs and this is my 1st windows 7 pc.
I bought a Acer Aspire M3400 oem no disc
windows 7 64 bit home premium
AMD Phenom IIx6 1035T 2.60 ghz
4.00 gb ram
500gb two drives
blu ray multi player
ge force nvida 315

I was playing bf3 on the lowest settings n 800x600 it has been fine but there was alot of crashes in the game yesterday(NOT ME) After the last crash i changed server,i was in the game for about 15 mins and i crashed big time.The monitor went fuzzy has lines running over it,I rebooted my pc as i allways do after a crash,after putting in my password to get into windows it crashed.Today has been the same you put in the password it crashes i get the BSOD and the pc reboots and the only way i can get on is in safe mode.
Ive hopefully done the file that is asked for but like i say im not very good with pcs.
Please can someone give me some advice
Many thanks

"It's not a true crash, in the sense that the bluescreen was initiated only because the combination of video driver and video hardware was being unresponsive, and not because of any synchronous processing exception".

Since Vista, the "Timeout Detection and Recovery" (TDR) components of the OS video subsystem have been capable of doing some truly impressive things to try to recover from issues which would have cause... Read more

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I'm running Windows XP, and I recently got a new graphics card, Nvidea FX 5500. After the new card was installed, I noticed that when I visited certain websites, the screen turns a little fuzzy. If I close iexplorer or opera totally, then the screen goes back to being sharp and clear. I think the fuzziness has something to do with Javaapplets or flash, something on that order, because it doesn't happen all the time, and it's usually when some type of application loads.

A:Solved: Screen goes fuzzy when certain pages load, clear again when exited...

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Hey, I just installed the original CS on my computer today but when I try to load it, it has these crazy, fuzzy colors everywhere that block the screen for the most part. It'd be possible to play as all the buttons and shat are there, but the colors make it impossible to see anything whatsoever. It pretty much looks like someone spilled pixelated paint all over my computer screen.

My computer handles WoW, AoC and Battelfield 2142 with ease, why can't it run this ancient thing?

A:Crazy, Retarded, Fuzzy Colors That Block Screen When I Try to Load CS

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ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

also this happen after i installed black ops on my computer off of steam.

heres my minidump

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A:error on video card, screen turns fuzzy then goes black

Quote: Originally Posted by levi655

ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

also this happen after i installed black ops on my computer off of steam.

heres my minidump

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"It's not a true crash, in the sense that the bluescreen was initiated only because the combination of video driver and video hardware was being unresponsive, and not because of any synchronous processing exception".

Since Vista, the "Timeout Detection and Recovery" (TDR) components of the OS video subsystem have been capable of doing some truly impressive things to try to recover from issues which would have caused earlier OSs like XP to crash.

As a last resort, the TDR subsystem sends the video driver a "please restart yourself now!" command and waits a few seconds.

If there's no response, the OS concludes that the video driver/hardware combo has truly collapsed in a heap, and it fires off that stop 0x116 BSOD.

If playing with video driver versions hasn't helped, make sure the box is not overheating.

Try removing a side panel and aiming a big mains fan straight at the motherboard and GPU.

Run it like that for a few hours or days - long enough to ascertain whether cooler temperatures make a difference.

If so, it might be as simple as dust buildup and subsequently... Read more

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Whenever I open Media Center or Flight Simulator X in full screen mode, the screen has a bunch of little RGB dots on it. This must be a software problem, since I just upgraded from 64-bit Vista Ultimate to 32-bit Vista Ultimate (Since my iPhone will not work with x64 Vista ). I tried google, and not a whole lot came up. I'm not an expert on RegEdit, but I'm sure I can figure things out if someone could just give a few quick steps to changing a registery value or whatever else needs to be done.

I'm also having a problem with the view settings: I had this problem real bad with Vista beta, but it is starting to pop up again. Not as bad, but every once in a while it will resize the windows to the defult size and sometimes switch to the 'list' view.

Any ideas? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!

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ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

heres my minidump

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ask me a question if needed

A:Error on video card after startup, screen turns fuzzy then goes black

Quote: Originally Posted by levi655

ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

heres my minidump

Attachment 185717

ask me a question if needed

Duplicate thread see other thread for reply

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Ive got windows 7 and when my screen is woken up from power saving mode it has an irregular blue pattern often vertically striped and with a fuzzy white background. After a few minutes this gradually clears to a normal desktop and all icons are back to normal. I've dowloaded Driver Update and all my drivers are now up to date and used Norton 360 to clean the registry. Anybody got any other ideas please?

A:fuzzy blue and white screen on desktop monitor that slowly clears

I'd suggest that it's the monitor, not the computer itself. If you turn off the monitor for a little bit and turn it back on (while the computer is on of course) does it do the same thing?

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Hi all,
I need a bit of help, as I'm slowly losing my mind over the following problem. I run Xubuntu Linux on a HP Elitebook 8460p. Some two weeks ago, the entire left 3 cm margin of my screen started to display black/green/yellow/blue lines, which seemed to move constantly. Wiggling the screen and pressing here and there solve the problem temporarily, but only temporarily. Furthermore, the next 3 cm seem to be following suit. I ordered a replacement screen from a company here in The Netherlands and got to work. After replacing the screen, and a fresh startup, the screen displays a yellowish sheen, plus that it seems like every second vertical line in the display is "greyed out", making the screen fuzzy and hard to focus on. I thought something was wrong with the replacement screen and send it back, requesting another. The next screen had the same, but with a reddish sheen. The next new replacement (the third by now) had a blue-ish sheen. All three replacements had the vertical line problem. Placing my old, defect screen back shows a good image, that is, all vertical lines work properly. Another odd detail is that both in the second and third replacement screen, there can be seen a collection of static pixels (dark-red coloured) in the lower left corner in the configuration of a capital "C", in mirror image. Does anyone have the faintest idea what is going on here ? All help is greatly appreciated, many thanks !

A:Thin vertical grey lines make laptop screen fuzzy

sounds like you had a bad connection or ribbon cable between motherboard and screen is failing.

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Hi everyone,

I purchased a new MSI Radeon HD 7770 graphics card a few days ago and installed it into my pc.

Every time I try to complete simple tasks like, installing new software or playing games I get the same blue screen. Recently, It has started to flash before crashing, like the screen will go black, re-appear not allowing me to have any control and then it goes black again. This happens a few times until it shows the 0x116 BSOD.

It is either a blue screen or my monitor goes fuzzy and it completely freezes, forcing me to hold the power button or pulling the plug.

I've searched EVERYWHERE but I can't seem to find a suitable solution for my problem.

This is the crash dump I retrieved through WhoCrashed:

On Sun 22/12/2013 23:58:48 GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\122213-17784-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: atikmpag.sys (atikmpag+0xBD88)
Bugcheck code: 0x116 (0xFFFFFA8001D1E4E0, 0xFFFFF880068B8D88, 0x0, 0x2)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\atikmpag.sys
product: AMD driver
company: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
description: AMD multi-vendor Miniport Driver
Bug check description: This indicates that an attempt to reset the display driver and recover from a timeout failed.
A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: atikmpag.sys (AMD multi-vendor Miniport Driver, Advanced Micro Dev... Read more

A:BSOD error: 0x116 ; Fuzzy screen, Frozen, pulling plug required

Hi A3AM.

First, post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

Second, stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark.
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark
Let us see a screenshot of the furmark window, before you close it.
Printscreen button (or function+Printscreen; depending on the keyboard type) will copy the image of the window. Open Paint then, and just paste. The image will be there. Save it and upload it following Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Third, Is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

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Hi all,
The screen of my Inspiron 3520 randomly becomes completely covered in white fuzzy lines; the entire screen.
There is no particular pattern for when this happens. It sometimes happens as soon as I log in and begin typing and/or clicking on the mouse pad, and on other occasions I can use the laptop for a good hour or two before it happens. Today, for example, I used the laptop for 5 minutes and it happened 4 times, with each occasion lasting about 20-30 seconds in duration. However, yesterday I used the laptop for over an hour and it didn't happen at all.
I imagine this is a hardware problem relating to a wire connecting the screen as it only happens when I'm actually using the laptop to type or surf the web etc (I can watch a film on the laptop for a straight 2 hours and it won't happen once, so long as I don't touch the machine). So I'm thinking that possibly the mild vibrations caused by me pressing the keys and/or mouse pad are causing a wire to disconnect or become lose. It doesn't matter if the laptop is 'hot' or 'cold: it's indiscriminate.
I have ran all the applicable tests on SupportAssist and no issue is found. I've also updated all drivers. About 6 months ago I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 and the problem stopped for a short while, so I was hopeful it had been a software glitch. However it soon started again and now it's happening so frequently the laptop is basically useless, other than for watching films/c... Read more

A:Inspiron 3520 screen randomly covered in white fuzzy horizontal lines

If that's the cause, then the image should be ok on an external screen - that would be the first thing to check.  
If it's not, the problem is with the mainboard.

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A neighbor's Vista-run desktop allows for an 'F' key (possibly F10) toggling of screen sizes (with/without toolbars).

Is our newly acquired laptop (Windoiws 7 Pro) capable of same?

If so, how to go about it?

Thank you


A:'function' key to toggle large screen/normal screen ?

Its normally Fn key + F8 if I understand the question.

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I just recently started having a problem with the sound on my Windows 7 desktop. Usually, I can listen to music just fine through my headphones and everything is clear and perfect. However, sometimes the music will get extremely fuzzy. It usually lasts for about 3 minutes, then it goes back to normal. This issue will occur over and over again while I am on my computer.

I can't imagine what it would be... I have checked all connections to the back of my computer and they are securely in place and not loose. Yesterday, I even took out my sound card and used some compressed air to maybe get dust out of the PCI slot that the sound card plugs into.

The problem didn't come back at all yesterday so I thought I had it fixed. But now it just came back today and it is driving me crazy! Do any of you have any ideas? Have any of you had this problem in the past or know how I can fix this?


A:Fuzzy Noise from Headphones on Windows 7

1. Do you have a pair of speakers or another set of headphones to verify that the issue is not caused by your headphones?
2. Else, it could be a sound card driver issue that you just might need to reinstall or update. If you go to start>control panel>system>device manager. Do you see any device issues there? Yellow exclamation marks indicate such problems if any.

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Hi All
I have a strange issue with a HP 6930p Laptop.
The display randomly goes blurry\fuzzy while within Windows. I have the latest Intel display driver and updated the BIOS. The problem does not appear in x32 bit Windows 7 Pro.
Have performed a memory check, which was all ok. Not sure what else to check, any ideas?


A:Windows 7 Pro x64 Fuzzy\Blurry Display

Are you sure you have the Intel graphics package? You might have the AMD package. Either way there's a simple way to figure it out.

Download Speccy and find out what graphics card you have via running it. Once you've done that, select the correct driver from either the Intel or AMD site.

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I use AOL internet. I have logged on end all the writing on websits is too large? It never used to be like this? The only thing I have downloaded that I know of is Firefox 8. Please can someone help because the very large text on web pages is giving me a headache.

A:Screen Too Large?

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Hello. My Laptop crashed since last couple of weeks and started showing large screen i.e. menu, fonts are too big to fit in the screen. I can go to safe mode and attempting but repair but menu is too large that I am not able to select options correctly. I tried to use step by step procedures given in various solutions but no help... I don't have installation CD though there is recovery partition and I have created restore CD 3 years back but it is not resolving. I am running out of options and affecting my work... Any help would be appreciable.. Thanks Ripal

A:Large Screen

See if it is the DPI if not check the resolution

DPI Scaling
Screen Resolution

If those are no help
Run a full anti virus scan
Then dowload and run a full scan with malwarebytes, be sure to up date first

If none of this helps
try a system restore from a few days before the first problem crash.
System Restore - How to

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everything that appears on my screen is really large in size and is not the normal size. i have tried going through properties, appearance and it says the font size is normal, but it is actually still large..can anyone give me another solution to solve this problem..please?!

Thank you

A:everything on my screen is too large!?

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dear sir ,

after installing windows 7 on an old xp desktop i cant get my screen to fit . it's to large. the adpater is a standard vga graphics adapter and the id is



A:screen to large

You'll need to install the video drivers and maybe a few others.
Try the Intel driver update utility hit the Check Your System for update button here> Intel? Driver Update Utility

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I just started to use Windows 7 manufactured by HP for about one to two weeks now.

I found the screen is TOO large to fit, .... then I need to use a mouse to navigate to read/look a whole screen. Top to bottom of the screen is OK, but from left to right of the screen is a problem, then I need to use a mouse to read/look a whole screen.

How to fix this issue?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



A:Screen is TOO large to fit

You could adjust the resolution.
Go to Display Settings in Control Panel.

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I have Windows 7 on my conputer. Whenever I connect to an internet screen the screen is small. How could I fix it so that the screen is always large when I connect to it? Thank you very much. Murrar

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I have a 3 month old 9500 GT that started just this past Monday giving me fuzzy windows on one of my dual monitors. It seems to only give the fuzzy screen on whatever window I have the extended desktop on. The fuzzy screen only happens when the video card is on its highest setting of (1680 x1050) for both screens, however, if I change the extended desktop setting to a smaller resolution the problem goes away. I have updated the drivers to NVIDIA's latest driver but it didn't fix the problem. I am using VGA cables which shouldn't be a problem since it worked for three months. I checked the cables and the monitors on different machines and they all work fine. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.

Machine Specs:
Vista Home Prem. 32 bit
AMD Triple core 8400 2.1 GHZ
3 Gigs RAM DDR667

A:3 month old 9500 GT displays fuzzy windows

Is your Vista upgraded to Service Pack 1?

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Hello all,

So, after being pestered my Microsoft for long enough I bit the bullet and updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 (biggest mistake ever!!!) Basically, it has turned my very expensive laptop into a piece of garbage that I don't even want to look at. Dramatic? Maybe. True? Definitely. I am so upset.

Here's the scoop - before I updated I had crystal clear graphics and font, I could stare at my laptop screen for hours writing or editing without ever having eye strain. (shh.. don't tell my eye doctor..) Right after my laptop restarted after the update I knew something was terrible wrong. My nice, crisp front was now subtly fuzzy and just not right. Perhaps someone unfamiliar with my laptop may not even notice, but for me it is big. Now, looking at my screen is a task that dries and tires my eyes. I can't stand to read anything now on it because of the strain it's putting on my eyes and the inevitable head ache to follow.

I first searched the forums (which was a task due to this awful font) and I found a few solutions. First was to make sure my graphics cards were up-to-date. They are. I actually had a graphics card issue right after I updated -- my AMD Radeon card and Catalyst Controller would not work at all. I fixed it and now they are OK; fixing them did not fix my font. Next I enabled "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" and that did not do the trick. I had my font set on "Larger - 150%" back in Windows 8 because my sight is... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 and Inexplicable, Unsolvable Fuzzy Text

Hi, i hate the "soft" text as well, thats fine for 20 year old kids with sharp eyes, but im 46 and i like black text not gray!
Many display problems are due to customization, lets try to reset video settings to default first and work from there.
Please go to the device manager and uninstall the video drivers let windows reinstall them, even if its only the windows default video.
Reboot and see of it is now more legible, if not then uninsall the catalyst software and reboot..

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So in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, if there is an embedded windows media video, it will play both audio and video. But the video is all green and gray and isn't visible at all. The audio is clear. Just needed some way to fix this.

I forgot to note that this problem is in Windows Vista Ultimate

A:Windows Media is Green, Fuzzy In IE and Firefox

doogee said:

So in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, if there is an embedded windows media video, it will play both audio and video. But the video is all green and gray and isn't visible at all. The audio is clear. Just needed some way to fix this.Click to expand...

In WMP, at top tabs - go to tools/options/performance/ see if it helps to make adjustments to the "video acceleration" slider, and/or View/Enhancements/ Settings

or if that doesn't help try =

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I was in the middle of playing skyrim when the screen went black, and came up with a message "not support" which only happens when the computer goes to sleep. I rebooted and the screen turned green and fuzzy, when trying to start windows normally, right after the windows boot logo (which can't be recognized but the text can) the screen goes black and doesn't go any further. My b/f thought it *might* be just the new graphics card he had installed 3 days ago, so I removed it. No change. I tried to start up in safe mode (loaded completely to the desktop), and that worked but everything is still green and fuzzy. After about 2 minutes in safe mode, the screen will cut to black for a few seconds, come back to the desktop, back and forth. My next thought was heat, everything is running perfect and nothing is hot. This computer was upgraded last week; Windows 7 Ultimate, the ram, motherboard, and graphics card are brand new. Processor is a year old, and the power supply is roughly 2 years (I'm not completely sure). All hardware specifications that I know are on my profile, any other info I'd have to contact my b/f since he's the one who assembled this, and knows a lot more. All parts were bought from newegg. There is no POST coding (beeps) so there doesn't seem to be loading problems. Maybe CPU problems? But I would figure it wouldn't start at all on safe mode, if the processor was out, or can it slowly go out? I've never came across ... Read more

A:Windows graphics turned green, and fuzzy.

Update: could this just be a driver issue? This is what I'm being told by my computer guru friend, that it COULD be. If it was the PS, it wouldn't start. If it was CPU, it wouldn't boot windows. And it's not the graphic card or ram. The only thing left is motherboard, or graphics drivers. The computer doesn't shut off, just the display after being on for a min.

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I'm using Windows 8.1 with the latest Nvidia beta driver r326.80 (not sure if that matters) but I'm seeing icons with black edges all over in sub-menu items (like in 'send to') and in most dialog boxes. See the images below:

It's not related to ClearType (fonts are ok) and my display is set to 100%. Is that a known bug or it's once again a problem on Nvidia's side?

A:Windows 8 icons fuzzy with black edges

Hello Yowan,

Must be the NVIDIA drivers. I get the same with the 326.80 version.

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Hello, I have a computer I built myself a few years ago. I recently installed a new graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE). Everything works perfectly, but everything looks a little bit fuzzy. It's not a big deal, but I would like it fixed. I have tried ClearType, and unchecking "Smoothe edges of screen fonts". I also tried updating the driver, but nothing works. An interesting detail is that during the installation of the driver, everything clears up, but then it reverts. What is going on? Thanks!

A:New graphics card causes fuzzy windows 7 experience

Hello and welcome to Seven Forums.

What size and resolution monitor do you have? And have you correctly set the resolution in windows, it could also be the refresh rate, make sure that is set to 60.


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Once upon a time, everything fit on the screen, now it does not. I have searched everywhere I can think of, but no joy. I have just spent the day with Microsoft removing Antivirus XP 2000, but this problem occured prior to this infection. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A:IE 6 - Page is too large for screen

Is your IE window actually maximized?

Look in the upper-right corner, the middle button icon should be the double-window. If you see it as a single-window icon, it's not maximized.

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