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Once again I just want to say thank you for all of your insightful responses to my dead DELL

I just wanted to give you the found problem

Someone asked me to check to AC power supply - I did and the light was on

Everything happens for a reason I forgot to bring my cord tot he PC guy and he used his to trbl shoot the problem and did not have to go far....

It must have a bad cord - it was the power supply
So I guess the light can be deceiving


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Hello everyone. I have a dell xps m170 laptop.

I was playing a game and it froze. I turned it off and rebooted. I tried to play again and it froze again. When I tried to reboot nothing happened.

What I mean is that it turns on but nothing comes on the screen. Nothing. Just a backlight. When it first turns on it whirls as if starting and then makes a small noise inside and abruptly stops. The hard drive light continues to be active for awhile. The screen is only back lit. The wi fi and bluetooth buttons are lit. But nothing more. When I turn it off the screen gets bright white before turning off.

Any ideas?

A:Dell Laptop Dead

If you plug it into an external monitor do you get anything on the screen. FN F8 toggle between the LCD and the external monitor

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I bought a Dell Latitude PII 400 laptop off eBaY a few months ago. So far, I have loved it and it has been a good little machine.

Until last night....I had used the laptop the night before and it was functioning perfectly. I shut the lid, went to bed, and came to use it the next day. Turned it on...nothing. No lights, no beeps, zero. I dissconnected the battery and tried it with just the power cord...nothing. It's not a off I didn't think things like this happened to often.

Any ideas on what it could be? I heard someone mention something about d/c the CMOS battery for a few seconds? Any other ideas?
Thanks for any help you can give,
Alec R.

A:Dead Dell Laptop? HELP!

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Went to wake up my Dell laptop at home (the one that had to have a new motherboard when brand new) this morning.  Screen looked normal, but couldn't start any programs (got only the little circling worm).  Ctrl-Alt-Del did nothing.  Finally decided to cold boot, pushed the power button, screen instantly went black and has remained so thereafter.  Lights on the front of the box look as if it appears to be running (including some hard disk activity) but absolutely nothing on the screen.  I've unplugged and replugged the power cord, no result.  Did not yet try pulling the battery.  Could it be that the monitor is dead?  Question arising: I have a brand new Samsung monitor, still in the box, with an HDMI connector.  The laptop has an HDMI port.  Would it make sense to connect that monitor and see if the computer would then work?  Or are there other things to try first?
This is a very inconvenient time for this, I'm in the middle of some complicated E-mail dialogues and have no backup of that material (all things that  have happened in the last 3 days . . .).  OK, I can reconstruct it all, but this is a very inconvenient time to lose E-mail connectivity and I have no other E-mail connection - except my smartphone . . . which I have so far kept out of the E-mail loop as I have no wish to have to deal with E-mail every 5 minutes.  I can improvise, of course, but really I'd like to get my computer back witho... Read more

A:Win 8 laptop (Dell) is dead?

Can you get to the Dell diagnostics by tapping F12 at boot?
If not, see if the following can get you to the troubleshooting page. Turn off the computer then press the shift and power on key.
If that does not work try the following method to force the screen to appear. This may or may not work for you. When Windows 8 shuts down it is a kind of hybrid shutdown in order to boot quickly the next time you power on.
Hold the Power Button for 5 seconds or until the computer completely shuts off.
Press the Power Button to turn the computer on.
As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off.
Repeat this process 2 or 3 times until you see the Preparing Automatic Repair screen.
Let the computer boot to the Automatic Repair screen.
Click Advanced Options, and then select Troubleshoot.

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It is having slow start up and shut down problems.Also all applications are running slow.
Base Inspiron 14R (N4010) Direct Base
Processor Intel? Core™ i3-330M Processor (2.13Ghz, 4Threads, 3M cache)
Memory 2GB (1 X 2 GB) 1 DIMM DDR3 1333Mhz
Hard Drive 320GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

I am using windows 7-64 BIT OS. I bought it 7 months before. I have used mcafee,avg and CA antiviruses. Currently i am using microsoft security essentials. I have done registry cleaning using wiutilities. Removed all temporary files. Changed to maximum no of processors in msconfig. Removed unwanted start up programs as well.

What should i do now??
Shall i extend my RAM?
planning to change to NOD32 antivirus?
your suggestions please?

A:My Dell laptop is dead slow. what to do?

With all the different anti-virus it wouldn't surprise me if remnants were left behind slowing things down. Regardless, if it were my laptop, I'd back up my docs, photos, music etc and reinstall Windows. Pick one AV and stick with it. I recommend Avira or MSE

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Inspiron 2200 laptop wont power up, no LEDs, no display, no HD activity. The laptop may have been rolled on by someone while it was on a bed. Took the laptop apart and cannot find any visible mechanical damage or electrical connections broken- everything looks ok. Power is coming in through the DC connector (16.5vdc) and power is on the motherboard in several places on a number of ICs (+9vdc, +3vdc). Power on switch contact closures are working as they should when the power on switch is pressed but I do not know what circuitry the switch contacts feed. I do not have a motherboard schematic or layout and do not know how the power up sequence is initiated when he power on button is depressed (How processor gets it power, HD gets it power, etc).

Any advice is appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop is dead

wrong forum, but read here anyway:

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im working on a dell inspiron 5100... was running xp... on boot up, i get black screen tht says "primary hard disk drive 0 failure" "no boot device available".. so looks like the hard drive is dead... ive work on desktops, but never the hardware on laptop... this is the hard drive that is on the computer...
Part Number:G0435
Functional Group:HARDDRIVE
Description:HD 40GB I 9.5MM 5.4K HIT-FRES
Comments:HGST Fresno-B 40GB HDD (5400rpm) udma 100

i was just wondering if most laptop harddrives will work on this computer without having to order the same drive from dell... does anybody have any recommendations... i think the pc is about 5 years old... thanks for your help...

A:Solved: dead dell laptop harddrive help

Yes, I've put several laptop drives in my Dell's. They don't have to be ordered from the manufacturer.

So you could even get a larger one if you want.

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Here's my story. I've had this laptop for quite a while (over 2 years) and it worked fairly well until recently. It began overheating constantly and shutting off. Finally it just wouldn't even turn on anymore. Someone Dell savy suggested I have the motherboard replaced. I did. Nothing changed. When I hit the power button the fan turns on and it sounds like the computer is trying to boot but nothing happens. The screen stays blank. I then shutit off manually and there is a brief flash of light from the screen which leads me to believe the display is working properly. It recognizes when it is plugged in and charges fine. I tried the following: taking the battery out and booting it while it is plugged into the wall, unplugging it from the wall and booting it from the battery, booting it while hooked up to a crt monitor (just in case it was the display) and booting it from a windows xp disk. None of these things made a difference. I was thinking of trying to boot it from a flash drive or a floppy disk. I can't find the dell recovery disks that it came with but honestly, I doubt they do any good. Can someone shine some light on this situation please? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey guys-

I'm pretty heartbroken on this one....My 20Giig HD for my Inspiron 8100 bit the dust.

I was fairly well backed up, but am missing my 3 YO daughter's birthday party and first day of school JPEGs. I tried jumping as a secondary on another PC- (this worked in a similar inceident few yrs back) and at first it recognized the drive and then made alot of wrilling and clicking noises and then it would not assign it a drive and allow me to get at it..... A few more re-boots and it will not recognize it.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions? OR would it be worth my while to get it to one of these "data recovery firms"? And hope they don't gouge to badly.....

Thanks in Advance,


A:Dead Dell Laptop Hard Drive

Try freezing it in the deep freeze for an hour (in a plastic bag) then accessing it before it warms up.

Its usually good for one try only, but has a measure of success depending on the nature of the failure.

Think many many hundreds of $ for professional recovery if the drive needs disassembly to extract the data.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop.
Firstly, I have detected a problem with the display, some pixels on the monitor were not loaded successfully. The number of those pixels has significantly increased over the time and, further, the laptop has begun to start at a second try, the first try involving a beep at power on, thus avoiding the initialization of the system.
At the moment, when trying to power on the laptop, it starts with a single beep which suggests me that it is a "Motherboard: BIOS ROM Failure" fault.However, I don't know how I could proceed in detecting the problem(s) and getting the laptop firstly to boot correctly and secondly to avoid the failure of loading the pixels. Furthermore, do you think that those problems are somehow related?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,
Roxana Stan

A:Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop does not boot (1 beep) & Dead pixels

Unplug the system, remove the battery (or unplug it if it's internal) and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove the base cover and both memory modules and reinstall them.
If that clears the single beep issue, hold the D key through powerup, which will start an LCD built in self test.  If the screen then shows solid colors OK, it's fine.
If it does not - or the single-beep issue isn't cleared -- the first step is a big one: the mainboard needs to be replaced.  You're looking at about $300 or more with labor - and on a low-end system like this one, you may find it better to replace rather than repair a major fault such as a bad mainboard.

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Dell D 800 Laptop running XP SP2
Internal AND external Keyboards and Mouse NOT working after boot to XP. Can't enter cntrl/Alt/Del or anything to log in. Keyboard DOES work in Bios mode but is lost as soon as xp is loaded. Does NOT work in SAFE mode either because can't log in..(no Cntrl/Alt Del)

I've tried repair and reinstall of xp but still does not recognize any keystrokes after boot to xp.


A:Solved: Keyboard and Mouse Access DEAD after boot to XP on Dell D800 laptop. BIOS wor

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Hi All, I've just updated the firmware on my 2014 Envy (device code E7A75EA) to 'F.68 Rev.A' from HP Support and now it will not boot!  Instead all I get is a blank screen and the caps-lock flashing twice (which I'm told means corrupt BIOS!) I followed the instructions carefully and no error message appeared in Windows, but when the laptop restarted it failed to load Windows and just gets stuck on this blank screen.  I've tried removing power cord/battery, and then holding down the power button for 1 minute but this hasn't helped. Can I boot to USB/CD and flash back the old firmware (v43 I think)? Please help!  

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I Purchased this Laptop few years back. Now it stopped working suddenly. Am in India right now but when i consulted the Dell Exclusive store here they say its not repairable. Kindly suggest. I never fell down nor got damaged by any external source. I wanted to get it repaired or may be send it back to recycling if possible.

A:Service Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> || DELL Inspiron 14z 5423 || Laptop Dead

We cannot assist without knowing  why the shop said it's not repairable.
How old is "a few years"?  Any system more than three years old likely isn't worth a major repair such as a replacement system board -- even if a board is available.

This is a low-end system -- if it requires a mainboard change, it's likely not worth the repair, as the shop has told you.

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hi i'm new to pc help and i'm very slow at typing being a old grandfather and i would like to learn about computers. I do have a little of experince but limited. At the moment i have a ploblem with a laptop install updates for win 7 and i would like to figure it out byself but cannot. any help would be appreciated.

A:update drivers for a dell laptop

Welcome to the site DirtBikeKid.

Are we talking about the updates for windows or as your title stated the drivers (software that control the hardware).


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Problem has suddenly occurred on Dell Inspiron 1525
Windows 7 32 bit Home Premium Service Pack 1. (Upgraded on-line from Vista)
Windows Update tries to install Security Update for IE9 (KB2846071) and Internet Explorer 10.
After about 15 minutes both updates fail. If I try to run current version of IE9 it flashes across the screen and then closes leaving the following message:
View and Track your downloads:
google_co_uk.htm Do you want to save this file?
login_verify2.htm   Do you want to save this file?
Options for both files are  Save, Clear list, Close - none of these will work and I have to Shut Down and Re-start to continue.
None of the Windows Help Screens will run.
Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade will not run - Message says "Windows Anytime Upgrade User Interface has stopped working"
It has been suggested that this is caused by Malware. I have run the following which do not find any problems
Malwarebytes Pro - runs Quick and Full Scan but will not run Flash Scan or allow the use of "Tools".
AVG 2013 (normal Anti-virus)
McAfee Net Protect Plus
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
Norton Power Eraser
All of these are run as separate installations in both normal and Safe Mode.
Any suggestions other than buy a new Windows 7 installation DVD?
Additional information:
It has been suggested I use System Restore - when I try to run Restore I get a message "System Protection is turn... Read more

A:Cannot update IE9 on Dell Inspiron Laptop

Try running Rkill, TDSSKiller and Eset online scanner with special parameters to rule out malware.
Running Rkill
RKill can be downloaded from the following location:
Please note that the other file names at the link above are RKill as well, but just renamed in order to allow it run by certain malware.
When RKill is run it will display a console screen similar to the one below:

That console screen will continue to run until it RKill has finished. Once finished, the box will close and a log will be displayed showing all of the processes that were terminated by RKill and while RKill was running.
Post the log in your next reply.
Running TDSSKiller to obtain log
Note: Don't cure or delete a threat, but choose skip for all instead.
Please download TDSSKiller from here and save it to your Desktop
Doubleclick on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application, then click on Change parameters

In the Additional options: Check Detect TDLFS file system
Click Start Scan and allow the scan process to run

Choose for all threats to Skip for all of them.
Click Continue
Please post the TDSSKiller.[Version]_[Date]_[Time]_log.txt found in your root directory (typically c:\)
ESET Online Scanner
Note: If your ... Read more

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Just got a new DELL battery for my DELL INSPRION 1525. It does not hold the charge longer than 15 minutes. Contacted the place where it was purchased and was told to configure the battery with the BIOS. Went to the DELL Drivers site for the BIOS....cannot get the download for the battery BIOS to take.

Any ideas on that...or why the battery is not performing as it should??


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I've ried using the Microsoft Media tool, but it won't recognize any of the flash drives I've tried using my work laptop. I created an ISO flash drive, but I got a black screen message that BOOTMGR (???) was missing. When I turn on the power it opens to a blue RECOVERY screen.
What else can I try?

A:My Dell Laptop won't reboot after Windows 10 update

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I've ried using the Microsoft Media tool, but it won't recognize any of the flash drives I've tried using my work laptop. I created an ISO flash drive, but I got a black screen message that BOOTMGR (???) was missing. When I turn on the power it opens to a blue RECOVERY screen.
What else can I try? Remove the usb key, turn on you notebook pressing repatrly ctrl till a boot menu appears. With arrows select Hard Disk and press Enter.
Media Creation tool works inside Windows and it doesn't need any usb key too, it can upggrade directly as is Window Update choosing update now
If doesn0t work, complete the recovery sequence for gettin back control on laptop.
USB Media key is useful for upgrading more devices one after other

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I downloaded and installed the Anniversary update on my Dell laptop last week. Since then, I've been having trouble with the laptop's WiFi adapter setting getting changed from "Obtain DNS server address automatically" to "Use the following DNS server address: When this happens the laptop in inundated with ads for all kinds of software to solve Windows 10 problems. If I reset server settings, problems go away for awhile until settings get changed again. I've run full scans of Windows Defender with not problems found. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

A:DNS problems following Anniversary Update on my Dell laptop

Welcome to the forum can you set dns to & and see if that works
Please download Adware cleaner from the link below.
ToolsLib - Downloads - AdwCleaner
Save it to your desktop.
Right click run as admin.
Hit the scan button.
Allow completion.
Make sure all items are ticked.
Hit the clean button.
Even if no items are displayed to be ticked hit the clean button anyway.
The machine will reboot this is normal.
Post the log in your next reply.

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I updated my Dell Laptop with Windows Media Player 9.0, by the way I have Windows XP, and now it runs reeeeeeaaaallllllyyy slow. I need to know how to uninstall it and and reinstall the version my laptop came with (8.0 i think). I scanned for viruses and adware and also cleaned out temporary internet files and cookies. I also have plenty of memory space so the problem is not lack of memory. If anyone out there can guide me on my quest to a speedy computer again I would be grateful.


A:Dell Laptop much slower after Win Med Play 9.0 update

Windows Media Player 10 is the current version for XP.

Instead of going backwards, try the latest version.

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my toshiba laptop was dead, the powerlight came on, the hard-disk was spinning but the screen remained blank.
I tried everthing , stripping it completely, trying a new ram and narrowed the problem to the motherboard or the cpu. i.e I can conclude that the problem is with the the mobo or the cpu.
This was a month ago.

Today I switched on again and voila! it worked, the bios loaded! I had removed the hard-disk, so switched it off, attached the HD and started it up again.. this time it didn't work. And hasn't since. I have again stripped it down , but it still doesn't work.
CAn anyone plzzzzz exlplain what is going here?? I mean it started , that means nothings fried, right??


btw the fan spins for exactly 5 seconds before turning off.

A:Dead laptop came back to life, now dead again

there is something like a "hardware reset" available on many laptops.
- try to plug out everything except cpu and memory
- remove the battery and do not attach the power supply
- open the lid and hold the power on button for like 20 seconds
- plug everything back in and try to boot
that worked for me for some compaq and dell laptops which did act like yours

my two cents...

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Computer was given to me because the cdrom was dead.
The tick of death started, so the harddrive is dead too(it is dead now sure)
XP licence is stuck under laptop.

Pity to throw this laptop away, I would liket to get XPback on, but failling that anything is accepted.

A:laptop, dead cdrom, dead harddrive

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We performed the free update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron laptop. The update completed and we went through he customization step. We got to the point where we had the desktop and used a browser to access a web page or two without issue.
Then it said it had updates to install but we are unsure if it started to install those updates or not.  After it said it had updates, it crashed while using the web browser and got a blue screen error that said: thread_stuck_in_device_driver and then rebooted.
It cycled through the blue error screen and reboot three times and then came stopped on a screen where you could select several options such as restore to restore point, advanced options, reset to factory setting, etc. The option to correct problems that are keeping windows from booting did not improve the situation.
Has anyone else experienced this problem and have a suggestion for fixing it?

A:Repetitive reboot after 8.1 to 10 update on Dell Inspiron laptop

Operating system was original or not. If it was not originally there was no need to leave to make their own updates . 
You can not help his doing than reinstalling Windows again. And do not forget to stop the service Updates

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..not update..I have none on the laptop after reinstalling windows due to a fatal error. Now I can't get online with my laptop.

A:How to install networking drivers for dell laptop..not update..I have none on the lap

You will have to use a USB drive or burn a cd with the network drivers for your specific laptop. You will have to use another computer that has access to the internet to do this. If you don't, you will need a Dell resource cd with the drivers on it.

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Hey Guys

I am attempting to repair a Dell Inspiron 5520 Laptop for a friend of mine.

He's been having issues updating it for sometime and when he called me he was having a "Windows update needs your help. Windows update hasn't been able to check for new updates for 30 days" pop-up appearing every few seconds that was rendering the laptop almost unusable.

I managed to stop that by disabling automatic updates.

When I attempted a manual update I got the message

Windows could not search for new updates: Error Found Code 80070BC9

Other times it would say it needed to be restarted and would go into a restart loop that was generally
Restart one - no message
Restart two - configuring updates - 33%, 67%, 100%
Restart three - failed to configure updates - reverting - restarting
Then would go to the normal login screen

I tried SFC /Scannow which seemed to work and say a restart is needed to implement changes but then fails on restart

DISM didn't work when attempting to run it from the machine but got to 100% when I ran it from my own Win8 install disk but then failed and needed a restart to undo the changes.

I also tried a repair and a restore of the current Windows installation but got:
Error Code: 80070490 both times

I'm really not sure what to try next, the laptop didn't come with an install disk or serial so it seems restoring it from external media may be out of the question?

Any help is much appreciated!


A:Windows 8 on Dell Laptop fails to update,repair or restore

Try this Failed Update Error Code 80070bc9 - Microsoft Community

Fix It here from that article

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I was installing Windows 10 on one of my older laptops and like any other update it restarted itself but now it won't go past the dell logo that pops up when it turns on. I've waited as long as 30 minutes and nothing

A:Laptop auto restart during Windows 10 update and now the screen won't go past the dell logo

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I was installing Windows 10 on one of my older laptops and like any other update it restarted itself but now it won't go past the dell logo that pops up when it turns on. I've waited as long as 30 minutes and nothing Force switching down holding the power button, then restart

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I was installing Windows 10 on one of my older laptops and like any other update it restarted itself but now it won't go past the dell logo that pops up when it turns on. I've waited as long as 30 minutes and nothing. I turned it off and on again but still nothing happens

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop. Is there any work around for this problem?

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computer was running and found it two hours later with a black screen
Dell dim 2350
have replaced MB/cpu/HDD and psu
still no post
greenlight on mb is on all four lights abcd are on.
last thing left is mem?
everything powers on but I get nothing on the screen / tried screen on other computer and it works.
any ideas.?

A:Dell is DEAD!

No POST usually means No Power, Loose Card, or Short. About all you haven't replaced is RAM and video card.. I'd try using just one RAM module first and see if you get anything (making sure it's properly seated). If you have on board video you might try an external video card.

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I need to start from scratch to reload windows XP home Edition , Dell (1 ) IS A Dimension 3000 , Dell (2 ) A Dimension 2400 , both will not allow the xp programing to load correctly , despite all efforts. I need step by step instructions to have these systems running as new. I need the right person or Person's to help without flaws.



A:two very dead dell pc's

What exactly happens when you install XP on the two machines? Are you using a Dell Reinstallation disc to install?

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

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I just moved into a new house and moved my desktop Dell XPS computer from the old house to the new and it doesn't work at all. After it was unhooked it was left in my vehicle outside for several days before I brought it in to hook it it up. When I first hooked it up I pushed the power button and nothing happened, I went and did something else for a little while and came back and it was running but there was nothing on the monitor. I left it run like this for a few minutes to see if anything changed and when it didn't I turned it off and attempted to restart it. Since then it has not started. When I brought the monitor in it was covered with condensation and I am wondering if condensation could be a problem with the computer. If so can anything be done about it? I opened the case and everything looks dry.

A:Dead Dell

Hello SamusMcloud,

Condensation does sound like the problem. When you plug the system in, do any lights come on inside the case or on the outside? Remember not to touch anything once its plugged in as if something is damaged you could get a shock.

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My machine, a Dell Optiplex GX110, ran fine and shut down as usual last night. This morning it would not boot. The on light is yellow rather than the healthy green and it's humming, but not sure if the fan's running. What happened? Is it fried?

A:A Dead Dell

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Dell XPS M1530 dead? ***RESOLVED!!****

Hi everyone,

I was cleaning a xps M1530 laptop for a friend and it worked fine. I took it all apart and connected just the keyboard ram and lcd. and it would start fine. I put it all back together and plug the power cable in and hit power and the blue led lights for a split second and turns off. In order for me to get the same result I need to unplug the power cable then if I hit power again the blue led light for a split second and shuts off again.

I'm not sure what happened but it worked better when the laptop was disassembled.
This is what ive done so far:

-removed battery
-plug power only
-hold button for 30 sec then plug trick
-removed HDD
-reseated ram
-removed WLAN card
Im running out of ideas.



I took it all apart and started from scratch

I only plugged the lcd and 1 stick of ram button board and it posts fine..

so I start putting components back and after each step I would plug the psu in and see if it would post.
so far so good....

next I put the palmrest back and connect it with all the screws and power on to check.


so i remove all the the screws in the back but I keep the touchpad etc. cables plugged into the board and plug it in and it works..

so i put all the screws back and plug it in and no post.

so oka... Read more

A:Dell XPS M1530 dead? Help please

lucky you didn't short the board. glad you got it working.

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Hi, I have a Dell laptop xp sp3 E6500. Last week, I logged in, I found my PC had no response for many applications, including Internet Explorer, Network Connection, external hard driver, CD driver. I found Services/Extended window was empty opened by services.msc. When I tried to open a new Word document, It said "This document could not be registed. It will not be possibel to create links from other documents to this document. ...". So, I am not able to backup my documents to external hard disc, I am not able to us recover CD, and I am not able to connect internet. Seems my PC was hit by virus. I am looking for experts to help me. Many thanks in advance.

A:Dell XP almost dead - need help urgent

Hello tento100,

For us to be able to determine if malware is the cause or not, we require a comprehensive set of logs.

Please follow the instructions in our sticky topic New Instructions - Read This Before Posting for Malware Removal Help and post the requested logs in your next reply.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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I have a Dell optiplex 745 with pentium d 3.4ghz. recently i began getting blurring and horizontal line on screnn which rectify when disconnecting ad reconnecting the monitor. It has now died. First the thrid warning light was not showing which think indicates a graphics problem which is integrated. i am now getting nothing fromm it. The fan comes on and the motherboard light but no output whatsover. The standby button has gone from green when working to orange which i think indicates a problem?? Any advice to whether it could be a motherboard/ processor or other problem would be greatly appreciated

A:dell optiplex dead?

First off, the amber light on the monitor means simply that the monitor is turned on but not getting a signal from the computer. So, I think your problem is in the computer.

These are the possibilities as I see them in roughly their most likely to least likely order:
Bad power supply
Bad video card
Bad main board or processor or both
Bad memory chip

disconnecting ad reconnecting the monitorClick to expand...

Disconnecting and reconnecting a digital monitor can fry a main board or processor.

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1 week ago while using my XPS 12 9250 (Was on Desktop on windows 10) The screen just shut off and when I tried to power it on again I get the vibration as always when you power it on and there is white led on the power button (as it should be..) but no screen no nothing! after 15 sec the white led goes off and nothing..I tried to dock the tablet inside the keyboard and I see that when I power it on for the 15 sec that its on the keyboard doesnt get any power (No light on the keyboard) nothing working,No dell screen no nothing just blank screen!
Tried to click Volume down and power button and it showed me the screen test (White,red,black,blue,green) Dead pixel check..
Volume up and power button does nothing so I left only with power button that doesnt give me any option to do anything!
Any suggests??

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Studio worked fine until in the cold in for for a few hours, below zero cold. Now no battery power at all. Even when plugged in, when I hit eh power button, the light sequence on the keyboard lights, but after a few seconds only the volume button remails lit. Then, after 20-30 seconds, even that light goes out and the sound stops. The screen is dead black the whole time.

Help. Thanks.


A:Dead new Dell Studio

If the battery after being left at room temperature for a few hours still doesn't power the laptop, I would go looking for my warranty.

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I just replaced the motherboard in a dell dimension 4550, it now however wont boot. No fans will run, nothing is working. There is however a green light that works on the motherboard when it is plugged in. Anything that may have gone wrong, that is common, and would cause such a problem would be appreciated or any suggestion on what is wrong.
Thank you

A:Dell 4550 dead - need help

Hmm, what kind of motherboard are you trying to boot off? What PSU do you have?

I'm not sure if the Dell PSU is able to run on non-dell motherboard.

Did you borrow your friend's power supply and try it out?

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(typed on my iPad). Pc shut down last night as usual. This morning completely dead, no beeps, nothing, except for one power light on back. Everything else, Wacom monitor & pad, regular monitor,etc have power. I checked all cables, replugged, opened the tower, reseated stuff, blew out dust, nothing.

The only problem I've been having that might be related is on sites with heavy graphics, like Pinterest, it slows or freezes, (though i had the thing custom configured for graphic artist programs like Painter & Photoshop) and begins making a loud humming sound. It shows that Firefox is using millions of CPUs (maybe not the right term). So I'll close the browser and start over. Humming goes away.

So, any ideas on where to start reviving the dead giant? It's 3 or 4 years old and I've been wishing I could switch to a Mac but not like this. I have a gazillion files on it that I NEED.

A:Dead Dell Studio 540

It is overeating. The humming is probably a fan that has stuck.

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I plug everything in and the sreen is green... everything looks very green and I dont think its meant to be that way.

The man on ebay says it was fine before he sent it but I dont think I did anything to break it like this. I just set it up and pressed the on button.

I dont know much about the computer but I have pictures...

A:[SOLVED] Dell XPS 600 Might be dead

Have you tried pluging the monitor into one of the other three video ports?

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got dell d610 and freind tryed to get rid of admin password by shorting eeprom he opend a cover underneeath where the modem and a little blue battery is and messed with a 8 legged chip and it must have gone wrong cos now when i turn my laptop on the power light comes on for about 3-4 secs then nothing happens. is there anything i can do or is my laptop dead thanks for any help offerd

A:dell d610 dead

Wrong chip or connection-MTL

That is not a normal result of shorting the Right Chip and the RIGHT Pins on it. Try disconnecting the CMOS/Reserve Battery for a couple hours and see if it will reset to BIOS defaults and clear the problem. I have shorted around 20 boards with no such result and have had positive feedback from many D610 owners. The result you got is the reason for the disclaimer on the .pdf, as there is no predicting what people will do or try.

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i bought a dell E1505 laptop about 1 year and 2 months ago. i used to get good battery life and now my battery lasts about 20 minutes if i get lucky. i know that batteries degrade over time due to the half life, but does it occur that quickly? does not seem right that i have to buy a battery that costs over $100 every year. does anyone else have this problem? are there any solutions to this? thanks

A:Dead Dell Battery

Yes, it happens. It depends on the battery, and whether you cycle it from full to dead often or not. The e1505 is also a budget model that eats battery life. If you want battery life, I would suggest that you get get an ultralight, not a low-end dell. =/

Sometimes freezing the battery will help... but make sure it's in a sealed bag with no moisture if you try it. You don't want to short it.

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When I turn my computer on it shows me the normal Windows XP loading icon and then that goes away and I can watch the CPU light go haywire right as the blue screen (of death) says that there has been a fatal error (0x0000135) and the system has shut down.

I have no clue what to do... the only way to bypass this (if you want to call it that) is to hit F2 and go to setup mode. I don't know what to do there. I've had problems before where the computer will only go to one or another BSOD and I've had to completely clear the hard drive and reload everything on it aka start from scratch. Usually my dad does this but first I would like to see if there is any other way to fix it.

Any suggestions?

A:Dead Dell Inspiron

I did a Google search and found several things that pertain to your problem but more info is needed to try to solve this problem

In order to better respond to your question or problem

We require more detailed and specific information
And Please fill in the questionnaire or Fill in the
Computer Specifications in your TSG profile

Please repost your request with:

Computer: Brand Name
Computer: Model Number

Age of system:

CPU: Brand, speed

Ram: Type, amount, speed

Peripheral devices

Operating system: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, XP Home, XP Pro, Other, and Service Pack Installed.
Are you dual booting on this computer?
If so what operating system is the other boot?
Name, version #, date of most recent AV signature file

Vdeo Card: Brand Name, type, speed, Chipset, driver version and date

Video settings: resolution, advanced settings

Please state your specific problem and when it started

Did you change anything, install anything before the problem started?

List any recently installed software

List software running in background ie: anti-virus program, mail programs, backup software.

Any power disruption or incomplete shutdowns

Failed Scandisk/chkdsk or defrag attempts

Use of any &#8220;tune-up&#8221; utilities, registry utilities, system diagnostics, other third party utility software

Recent downloaded software

Any new programs or files that have recently appeared in your STARTUP menu or msconfig STARTUP listing
This information may be of critical importan... Read more

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My dell inspiron has died it went black screen since it out of warranty and has had the hard drive replaced twice I assumed it was the same problem and replace the hard drive but still get only black screen not even the monitor logo come up till I disconnect it from pc.Any Ideas please???

A:Solved: Dell Dead Again

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The motherboard went out on my Dell 1501. Ive been searching craigslist for either a replacement motherboard or one that the screen is cracked on. My question is...are other Dell model screens compatible with each other. I know that motherboards arent. But if I can find say a 1525 with a cracked screen, I could replace it with my 1501 screen. I have searched the web with no luck. Thanks!

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Dell Latitude D620 2gb ram, bios revision a08

This Sunday my computer was getting stuck on the Dell logo screen with the progress bar at the bottom. The bar advances about one eighth of the way and stops. Sometimes it did not do even go to that screen. Well, I turned in on and off a few times and it finally started and worked the rest of the week.

Today, Friday we are back to where we were on Sunday. Thank goodness I got to back up my files this week. I was able to get logged on today, but then the mouse stopped working. Now, it is again getting stuck on the Dell screen or before.

I tried to boot up after taking out the hd and then after taking out the 1 gig chip that pops out of the bottom. No luck. I tried a different power cord. I have a new battery, but it only takes me about an hour to use it up.

Before I pay someone to tell me to pay some expensive part or a new computer, is there anyone out there who could tell me what's wrong or is there a procedure for figuring out what is wrong so I could buy the part without consulting the expensive expert?


PS I just got it to boot up again normally with cursor working. What can I do to see what is going on?

A:Dead Dell Diagnostic

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Hi everybody!
I'm a new member of the "Dead M3800s" Club. My warranty is out, and my machine decided to die about two weeks ago.
My machine has already been "healed" 2 (or 3) times in a year, with two mobo swap, which is still the Rev 1.0 one...shouldn't I receive the Rev 2.0, since I've told Dell about the malfunctioning from the first time and considering the fact that it may be related?
How did it end up for the other "out of warranty" M3800 owners? Any news? Also, they made me an outrageous quotation for the repair!
Best regards!

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Ok this is the mother of all problems,

My Inspiron has suddenly stopped working. By this I mean when it's turned on all the LEDs light up as they should but the screen is completely dead. I don't think it has something to do with the screen because I have tried connecting it to another monitor but nothing shows because the keyboard doesn't execute what I press. (the caps lock light doesn't light up when I press the key if that means anything). Well that's all about I can tell you that I have done. I tried running just with the battery reinstalled the battery tried using an external keyboard but nothing happened. Another thing is that I used to keep it on alot maybe even for several days I don't know if that might have killed an internal battery even though it used to sleep and I only had it for a year.
any Ideas?

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 dead

D... Quote

"Another thing is that I used to keep it on alot maybe even for several days I don't know if that might have killed "
Do you hear any Fans ?
Portables are not like Desktops , in that it is not good to leave them on for days at a time .I realize they shut power levels down ,If the APM is set right.
If you are not seeing any screen including boot screens ,just call Dell and make arrangements to send it back for repair (Sounds like your under Warranty)
Don't tell them you leave it on for days , just say it stopped.
BTW Welcome to Techspot!

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Hey all.

This Dell E151FPp 15" LCD monitor is dead after 1 day of use.

I got this LCD off a friend who got a replacement from Dell about 2 years ago, and this screen has been under his bed ever since.

Apparently, the screen died after just 1 day, the power went and then nothing. No led or anything. My friend tried different cables, but to no avail.

So I took it off him to see if I could fix it. I opened it up and saw the fuse was blown; I have no idea what amp the fuse was as it wasn't marked on it.

I replaced it with a physically larger 3amp fuse and it blew when I switched on. I then used a 5amp and a 13amp fuse. Although they didn't blow, the screen still refuses to turn on.

Here is the back of the LCD panel. You can see the 2 fuse holders at the bottom of the brown circuit board:

I heard it may be possible to replace the power circuitry, is this true?

I there any way that this LCD can be repaired. I'd love to get it working. Obviously I can't claim under warranty (Dell never came to pick up this monitor when they sent out the new replacement ).

Any suggestions?



A:Dell 15" LCD monitor dead after 1 day!

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My trusty old (5 years or so) Dimension has finally sat down on me. Fails to power up to the point where BIOS talks to display. Power light on front of cabinet is solid amber. Have tried swopping/reducing memory, removing all option cards, removing all disks, DVDs, &c. All voltages measure OK on P1, except for pin 14 (PS_ON), which reads zero. Pin 8 (POK) reads 5.1V, but of course, I've no idea what these would be were the darn thing working. At no time do any of the four LEDs at the rear show any signs of life. Anyone out there got any ideas? I'd hate to buy a PSU and then find it was the motherboard. Although I worked on computers (large systems - yes, I know, I'm a dinosaur!) before I retired, I'm no expert now; but my shakey hands are still capable of holding a voltmeter.

A:Dell Dimension 3000 dead

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dell dimension 2400 ... took lightning hit week ago last tuesday .. really big CRACK from cpu .. now dead .. nothing happens when i hit power button .. green led on pcb is only thing that comes on .. no diagnostic lights on back, either .. no fan .. nothing except green led on pcb .. is it well and truley dead or is there a possibility of the power supply ? .. no popped capacitors, but a static charge would not have popped any caps .. tia

A:dead dell dimension 2400

You could try a different Power Supply . . odds are against you . .

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Hi All,
We purchased a number of Dell Precision M3800 laptops for the business however we have already had a high failure rate in which the machine is totally dead. 
We have had 3 out of 10 which have had their motherboard replaced to resolve this issue but i am looking to see if this is a known issue or just a bad batch of motherboards.
Has anyone else had this issue?

A:Dell Precision M3800 Dead

Hi andyjstew,
Sorry to hear so many of those systems have had trouble out of the box! I’ve not come across any other customers reporting this yet but would certainly like to investigate further, especially given the number of your systems effected.
I’ve sent you a private message to follow up on those service calls.

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I have purchaced Dell 14" 5447 in Jan 2015. Within 2-3 months there was some issue with headphone jack. I complained it to dell and they sent a technician. He didnt rectified the problem and replaced my new motherbord with a refurbished one. I was unhappy about it as it was new laptop and under warranty and I expect it to be replaced with a new one.
Again after 6 months i.e. Oct 2015 suddenly my laptop was dead(sometimes it starts up). I again called Dell support, they sent a technician and again he replaced the motherboard and it worked fine.
Now, yesterday suddenly my laptop is dead(but starts once in hundred attempt). Since its not under any warranty Dell support is forwarding my calls to off warranty support. I am very dissapointed with the service as I was given faulty motherboard repeatedly.  Can I get a replacement of my motherboard?
Could it be a faulty CMOS battery which is causing the issue since it starts sometime? Any help?

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A little less than a year ago I got ripped off on a refurbished Dell Latitude D600. I traded in my pretty much brand new LG 19'' widescreen LCD which was about $200. And my HP Slimline with all the extra stuff included like a burner, laser lightscribe, multi memory card reader, cost me around $500. The PC was about a year old. Well I traded those things in for this laptop AND paid $300 cash. My girlfriend said not to do it, but the I've known the guy for years. I thought okay well he knows more about computers than I do...considering he has his own computer business. So I did it. Initially the laptop came with Linux and shortly after I had it replaced with Windows XP. Within the first month my hard drive failed and they made me pay about $80 to replace it. They then told me they were not able to pull any data from it. Some how something happened and the screen had to be replaced so they replaced it with a screen that doesn't even fit! It is too big for the laptop so it doesn't close and obviously that keeps it from being able to hibernate or anything-correct? Well they told me it was only cosmetic, that I would never have any problems. Wrong. The left side snapped-not just the hinge-some freakin part under that strip that covers the power button and volume. A guy told me the other day that part can't even be fixed without replacing the casing! On top of alllll of that....

The other day I noticed my battery was critical, but the ac adapt... Read more

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Hi, I'm working on a Dell Inspiron 1545 for a client, who was having trouble getting past the vista log in screen. I attempted this myself and CANNOT get past the log in screen. So I plugged in my bootable usb and tried a variety of linux apps via Unetbootin. Everything I tried to run would freeze at the startup screen, slitaz also did the same thing when unpacking just suddenly froze. I've removed the memory and tested that. I've also tried to boot from the DELL vista home premium disk and it won't allow me to do that either even after changing boot options in bios. When I boot into safe mode I get stuck at

Loaded: /windows/system32/drivers/avgidseh.sys
please wait...
and it won't go any farther from there.

any help would be severely appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 dead end :(

Have you tried a factory restore by pressing F8 on bootup? As the computer starts, press the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears on the screen and then press the down arrow to Repair Your Computer on the Advanced Boot Options menu, and then press Enter.

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First excuse me for my bad English
Please advice
I disassemble my laptop to clean the processor fan According to the instructions of dell support guide
I have assemble again ,but it didn't work
No signal
No lights
With battery and without


A:Dell Inspiron 1564 dead

There is bound to be one of the interface connections that did not make good contacts. Trust me it is very difficult to make sure all interface connections are all properly seated in their connector.

I recently worked on a Notebook that had five separate boards inside and if any one of them was disconnected or wasn't properly seated, the machine would not boot.

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My Dell latitude won't power up - no lights, no sign of life nothing. The charger lite is on - but I get nothing either with the battery in or out. Once by depressing the two mouse key I very briefly got the battery light to flicker on and off - I did then think it was charging.

Is a new battery likley to cure the problem ? 0 or is it a main board, or even a charger problem? Any ideas ?

A:Dead Dell Latitude D610

The laptops motherboard is probably bad

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I think my bios has become corrupted, I was half way through updating it and the utility just crashed. after half an hour of waiting i turned computer off and now when i turn it on again it just beeps with the fan going.

what should i do now? it doesnt have a floppy drive, which many guides require, so i'm not sure what to do..

also i dont have much money

A:Bios in Dell Vostro 200 dead, what now?

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I have a family member's Dell e1505 that is over 2 yrs old (purchased 8/06) and out of warranty. No problems with it up until now. They went to turn it on yesterday and couldn't get anything.

Source of power doesn't matter (battery, wall, or both). I hit the power button, power light comes on for 3-4 seconds and then goes off. Nothing else happens. There are not sounds whatsoever coming from the laptop.

I removed the hard drive, and memory just to see if it would change anything and it didn't. I only was able to run across one thread online where someone had the exact same problem. Wasn't much help though as they didn't offer any advice on finding the problem.

I'm suspecting the worse...dead mobo. Any ideas? Anyway to test this? I'm fully capable of working on the laptop, but don't really know what to do. I can't get to a boot menu or anything so I'm lost.

Any help would be appreciated

PS. Haven't had a lot of luck with computers lately it seems like. First my power supply in my desktop went out a couple weeks ago. Last week, my hard drive in MY e1505 finally went out (after months of clicking), and now this problem. This one is by far the worst...I'm hoping it's not the mobo.

A:Dell e1505 dead, won't start up

Change the adapter before diagnosing motherboard.

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My Inspiron 5160 worked fine yesterday. today I try to power up and get a quick green led followed by ten flashes of the amber led, then nothing.
I have tried removing the battery and also powering up on the adaptor with the battery removed.
would greatly appreciate any help

A:Dell inspiron 5160 is dead! need help

Things to try

remove and reinsert the memory modules.
Owners manual here, see Solving Problems>Power Problems.

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I was wondering, if I have an isolated case of a complete failure of my Dell precision 7710.
Today, I simply tried to turn the computer. Nothing.
Ok, I was in battery, plug the AC/DC adapter... nothing. Check the DC output  18.7, a little high, but ok. Use another AC/DC adapter for M6400, same output... nothing. Remove the battery and discharge the possible static in the capacitors... then try with AC/DC adapter only... nothing. Put everything as it was with the adapter and battery... nothing. Change the ram from one slot to other... nothing.
I tried all conventional wisdom for this issues. I just need to fully disassemble the computer and test motherboard components, but I am leaving this for DELL technical support...  Because, I should be in guarantee... The hardware is under less than 4 months new. A real piece of ***.

A:Precision Dell 7710 dead

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Do you get any diagnostics led or beeps when you try to power on the system?
Please private message us the service tag of the system.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Hi all

Customer bought to me a Dell 4600 (5 years old) it doent power up, no beeps and no diagnostic lights.

I have tested the power supply and this is fine, removed ram and disconnected other components and still nothing. Even taken the cmos battery out for 10 mins and replaced and nothing.

The only thing is the flea light on the mobo itself.

My conclusion is the motherboard, but wondered if anyone else has any thoughts ?


A:Dead Dell 4600 - Mobo ?

Yes the motherboard is bad...

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Hi guys..i downloaded and the windows 10 update from my inspiron 15 5000series and then when it started installing it, it restarted itself and many times and then it only shows the "dell" logo for a couple of hours so i pressed the power botton for a long time till it turned off (i know i shouldn't but i did it) and then i pressed it again to turn it on but it only keeps showing the dell logo for ever.
Please help me, idk what to do

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Can I install WinXP Pro from older Dell laptop on to new Dell laptop?

I am using a Dell Inspiron 8200 right now and in order to save some money on my new Dell laptop, I'd like to order Home or MediaCenter with the new computer and then install WinXP Pro myself instead of paying the extra $119 to have them do it. I have a Reinstallation CD of WinXP Pro that came with the old Dell laptop; will I be able to use it to install WinXP Pro on my new one?


A:Can I install WinXP from older Dell laptop on to new Dell laptop?

probably not no. they are usually pretty good at stopping people install their restore discs onto different systems.

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I have windows 7 professional and the live update feature is disabled.  It will not activate even when I am logged in as the administrator.  The last tiime I was able to get a live update was 07/01/2015.  What can I do to get this feature to activate?

A:Live Update is dead update

Live update...for what program, please?
There is no Windows "live update" feature.

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My wife spilled decaf in her Dell inspiron 8100 laptop. It was enough that the display went blank and the power switch would not shut the system down. I removed the AC power and battery before flushung the system with clean water. I removed the keyboard and used a hair dryer for several hours before letting the system dry for a day.

What I get now is blinking LEDs and no beeps or display. It looks like the POST never completes or never runs. The hard drive never spins up. The system looks clean and dry inside and out, so something must have died.

I would like to know if the LEDs could be flashing useful information?

Has anyone run into this before?


A:Decaf in Dell 8100 = Dead Computer

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Hello fellow Techies- Just wanted some verification- I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 that has no lights- no powwer- and won't turn on. The powercord has its light on and works on other Dell's. I suspect a bad Mother board- Any thoughts?


A:Dell Inspiron DEAD- No lights Help Needed

Forgot to ask- if the battery is dead- will it create this type of problem?


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Hi Guys

Wonder if any of you clever guys can help..... I have a friends 5000 Dell which is ad dead as a dodo.....
No lights, nothing but I have checked that the power is coming through to the back of the socket and it is...... but zero happens.
Any ideas or suggestions???
Thanks in advance


A:Dodo Dead Dell Inspiron 5000

Try to gently move the power connector around. Sometimes they break the solder joints where they are connected to the main board. If holding it in one position allows lights, or powering up, that's the problem.

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Hi about two weeks ago both of the usb ports on the front of my Dell Dimension 4700 went dead after trying to use a multi-port hub with them. Now nothing will read on either of them. I have checked in my device manager but nothing shows with an error and I do not know how to differenciate how they are listed compared to the ones on the back. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Dead usb ports on from of my Dell Dimension 4700

Failure after connecting a device, is typically not a driver issue.

You can try reinstalling the motherboard/system or USB drivers (they aren't often seperate). The drivers are available on the Dell website.

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I  have  seen  yellow exclamation marks  with the USB drivers !
I uninstalled  all  of  them  then restart  and  at that  time  THERE IS not a single
working USB socket !!!  (before : 4  right  sockets )
All  sockets are  "dead"  !
I have windows 10  ,   please  help  me  to  reach  my  USB connections again !

I  have the  Driverbooster 4  program  and  all  drivers   checked  !
They are all up to date   and there is not a  single  MISSING  driver !
 thx  for your  advise  it  would be urgent  .
I don't  want to reset  my OS  !  

p.s.  Maybe  a  new  windows 10 update  is responsible  for the  problem ...??
        New drivers came  out and there are compatibility problems with them for dell 7720 ...?

I made a troubleshooting with windows 10,but  all was  well  found :  

Windows 10 troubleshooting  results :

My device manager :

A:Dell 7720 Inspiron USB 3.0 drivers dead

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you to do a system restore to check if the updates on the system have disabled the USB ports and if works fine after system restore the it could be the update which you can disable.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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I've been trying to figure out how to fix the bluetooth for my computer and it just isn't working out for me.

The problem:
It started out that my bluetooth wasn't showing up on my computer (in the message center or in settings)  Now, normally, this isn't a problem.  For whatever reason, my computer has this issue often and usually the remedy is a simple restart.  After restart, I'd be able to connect my fitbit or my speaker or whatever and the world was happy.  Now, though, several restarts did nothing.  Not good.  I checked my device manager, clicked on hidden devices

What I tried:
1)  I checked my device manager, clicked "show hidden devices", and checked on all bluetooth related drivers.  They were all up to date BUT it said that it needed additional permissions (code 45) .  Strange.  

2)Uninstalling and restarting, hoping it would automatically reinstall.  Did nothing.
3)Searched services in my settings and looked for bluetooth related items.  Found "Bluetooth support services".  Set it to Automatic.  Restarted.  Nothing different.  
4)  Installing Bluetooth drivers from Dell's site.  Used device detect to find the drivers and downloaded the drivers I found 
Dell Wireless 1705 Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth Driver
ntel PROSet/Wireless Bluetooth LE GUI Application
 plus a restart. 
This got me the bluetooth icon ... Read more

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Just joined. Happy to be here due to Gizmo, with whom you are NUMBER ONE .

Suspect: Power Supply
Verdict: Caput!
This Dell Dim 2350 with Pentium4 has a green light on the motherboard which is always on when the system is plugged in. But not now! It also has 4 diagnostic lights on the back, also not on. Plus I've followed most of the proceedures I've found on Tech Guy ) ) with no sign of life.

What are the chances the power supply is good?

A:Solved: Dead DELL power supply

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Hell everyone i have a 1150 that apears to be dead. Idk if its really dead becuase the green light on the ac adapter still stays on when i connect it to the laptop. The inspiron doesnt boot up or power on at all. No led lights. It shut off randomly one day and it hasnt been on since. I hope its just a solder or fuse problem but can anyone please help me identify the problem?

A:Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my dell inspiron 1150? Is it dead?

Power supply is the place to start.

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Here's my problem:

Yeah, so I replaced my fan, b/c it was really loud and it was off it's rotar. I opened my Dell Inspiron B130 and replaced it, it was working fine, except for a blue screen that came up, BSOD, but then I restarted it and it was fine. It was running fine, until my computer froze and then I pressed Ctrl +Alt+ Del and then when that didn't work I pressed Fn+standby, thinking it'd fix the problem, but then I ended up pressing the power button and shut down the computer.

Now that I try to turn it on it doesnt turn on at all. The power light and the three lights at the top of the keyboard flash green and nothing happens. I checked everything, all of the connections and everything like 3 times. I'm hoping I didn't screw up my computer.....I really need help with this. I think it's a power problem? And hoping it's not a motherboard problem, b/c it's not turning on at all.

I recently found out that the motherboard is fried.

I just wanted to know if there's anyway for me to fix a dead/fried motherboard, looking at my laptop motherboard, nothing seemed to have blown/been fried. It may have been static electricity, I'm not sure.

Thanks, I'd appreciate any help I can get.

A:Dell Inspiron B130 Dead Motherboard

Gorcon said:

: Yeah, so I replaced my fan, b/c it was really loud and it was off it's rotar The power light and the three lights at the top of the keyboard flash green and nothing happens. .Click to expand...

Usual cause is a badly seated component caused when you stripped it down to replace the fan, restrip the laptop and make sure any boards are pushed in correctly and any wiring looms are seated securely.

Gorcon said:

: I recently found out that the motherboard is fried. .Click to expand...

Was that before you posted this or after it which makes the thread incidental/

Gorcon said:

: I just wanted to know if there's anyway for me to fix a dead/fried motherboard, .Click to expand...

Not unless your an expert with a soldering iron and a test meter and a degree in laptop mainboard repair.


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I think I know the answer but want to be sure. I was given this computer and pressed start. Nothing. I know the switch is working but no fan or post. Anything but the PSU I should check before replacing the PSU?

A:dell GX270 power supply dead

Howdy robertdwhite !

Yes one thing:

The cable that supplies the power from the PSU to computer.

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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.

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i am fed up with this, firstly i installed win 10 , getting same error so i shifted to win 8.1 now again same issue, that is really sad, why you create laptops when you cant upload proper drivers, laptop is useless without drivers and my laptop have 4gg graphics card also but its *** as all game etc use local hd driver instead of my card and i get o performance in running any game.

please help me with drivers i am fed up with this.

A:"the update installer operation is unsuccessful" getting error on each driver installation on my new laptop dell 5558 black one window 8.1 pro 64 bit.

Thank you for writing to us!

What driver are you trying to install in particular and what hardware IDs do you have?
Also the size of the downloaded driver, in case its an incomplete download. 
Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700 that is less than a year old. Last week I got the error "Unmountable Boot Volume" and after calling Dell tech support I was told my hard drive was dead.

A Dell tech came and put a new hard drive in my computer Monday and left the old hard drive with me so I could attempt some kind of data recovery (I have limited time to keep the odl hard drive before I have to send it to Dell, but could ask for an extension if needed).

Some questions (please note I'm very much a novice):

1) What exactly are my options? A Dell tech suggested places that do data recovery such as; "Drive Savers" ( or Best Buy ($149 unlimited recovery). Are there any other options for recovery (again I'm a novice)?

2) The hard drive I want to recover files from is 160 GB. I'm not sure how much of that I want to recover. If I give the hard drive to a data recovery place, how will I be able to tell them which files I want to recover? Do I have to remember everything I want them to look for and recover or will they somehow be able to provide me with a list of data that can be recovered?
Thank you in advance for any help and advice you can offer!
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A:Dead Dell Drive: Data recovery options?

You can try the freezer test first. Put the hard drive in a ziplock bag with the air out of the bag and put it in your freezer for an hour or two,then reinstall it as a slave to your new hard drive and quickly try to get your data. I works sometimes but if not you may have to spend big bucks to a data recovery company if it is that important to you.

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Older DELL INSPIRON 1525 laptop. Usb ports are works fine, do not want to junk this laptop for the dead port, but desparately need a usb port. A friend spoke of a PCMCIA card adapter that will fit into the laptop to give me usb port capability. Any thoughts.? Where to purchase,etc.

A:Solved: Solution to dead usb port on dell inspiron

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I have a dell xps 13 9360. My trackpad is fine except for one issue. When i try to move the cursor a few pixels, ie trying to click a button or any precision work really, the mouse either doesn't move at all or does move then comes to a complete stop even if my finger keeps going. This only happens when i move the cursor at lower speeds. If i swipe fast, it is really responsive and precise.
I've tried to set the trackpad speed to the highest, enable precision thingy and remove or shorten delay. That is not the issue.
I've seen others have the same issues:
I assume the "delay" you're experiencing isn't really a delay but actually it requires you to move a significant amount on the trackpad before it notices you're moving the cursor. This is the exact same problem my old XPS 13 9350 had (all three of them). There is no "fix" to this as far as I know, because this is a windows driver based trackpad and for some retarded reason, windows thought its a good idea to do this. There are alternatives to this, by using 3rd party drivers from synaptics that "fix" the cursor problem, but then you lose other features like multi finger gestures i.e scrolling, pinch to zoom etc
Here's a video of the issues:
Is there a good fix for this.

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I own a Dell Inspiron 15 3521, bought on jan 16, 2015. 
As the title says, I get the error: "Your Battery has experienced a permanent failure and needs to be replaced." It also comes on QuickSet. The Battery is stuck at 86% and isn't charging nor discharging. I can only operate via AC power supply which seems to work fine.
I've pretty much tried all the methods suggested in the other posts related to this issue in the forum(s) and still it isn't resolved. The Battery light flashes Red continuously when the battery is plugged.
So is there any other thing I can do?
Battery Type: MR90Y 65 Wh
Dell Is just taking down his brand name in india.
Thank you!

A:Dell 65wh Type: MR90Y (Battery Dead in a second)

18-24 months is a normal lifespan for a battery - time to replace it.

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As usual Dell service is impossible. Warranty expired and HD is history. They did not supply a XP Media re-install I on my own?

A:2006 dell xps hd dead no Media edition provided, help?

Well you will have to acquire a OS disk somehow. They should have given you at least a recovery disc, you might be able to plead your case to them and they can send you one.

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I have a Dell Dimension C521 and its Ethernet port is just messed up. The contacts in it are all pulled and twisted. So i was wondering where I could buy something to replace this. I just need the whole thing with the Ethernet port and 2 usb below it. Anyone have an Idea of where to buy this? Just a side note, but I have replaced these before, but I cant find one with the Ethernet and usb. I can only find the USB ones online.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5000, which is a little over 5 years old now. The floppy drive has ceased working and I'm trying to figure out what I can do to determine if the thing is totally dead or if it's something fixable (either hardware or software).
If I do have to buy a new floppy drive for it, I also need to know if anyone knows of the best way to go about this and whether they're easy enough to replace on a laptop (this would be my first time going into the guts of a laptop, though have done desktops many a time).

A:Possible Dead Floppy Drive on Dell Inspiron 5000?

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Hi - virgin post so hope it's in the right place!

Had to replace Maxtor SATA 250GB HD after it started clicking and BSODs. Now using TrekStor SATA 750GB HD but after installing Win XP it crashed at the very end of the install (XP install seems fine) and has continued blue screening every few minutes since, though works fine in Safe Mode and also has passed every one of the Dell Diagnostic tests (full version). Have installed the latest drivers (at far as I know) for chipset etc, but still frequent BSODs. Have a selection of minidump files - unsure how to analyse them - not always the same message - sometimes involving iastore.sys, sometimes not. Recommended to this site, though I'm not a techie (prepared to have a go). Machine 2 months outside 3 yr warranty - what a pain! Would really appreciate advice on what to do next - have spent 2 days researching to no avail.

A:Dell 8400 BSODs after replacing dead (clicking) HD

Is this a 2004 system? Have you tried updating the motherboards bios?

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Just received a Dell XPS8900 i7 with the 27" 4k monitor. As soon as I plugged it in it started running. It immediately went to an amber flashing On/Off button. Tech support says it is probably a bad mobo. I also couldn't get the monitor to work. From what I can gather the DirectPort cable is DP on one end and mini-DP on the other. Is that correct? Can I use a full DP cable (not mini on the one end)? 

A:Dell XPS 8900 dead on arrival. Question about DP cable.

Below is the back of an XPS 8900. Near the bottom is the discrete added video card 10/11/12. If your XPS 8900 came with a discrete added video card, you should connect the monitor to it, not the middle 6/7 onboard video ports. We can assist more if you can provide the specific discrete added video card model.

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I'm using a Dell computer. I was recently freeing up space on my hard drive, so I deleted the folder in C: that had Dell Solution Center stuff. I never used it but installed it one time thinking it would help with something. There wasn't an unistall option or an option in Add/Remove Programs (if I recall correctly), so I deleted the entire folder. In any case there is a dead link now on my Start Menu in the bottom right corner and I don't know how to remove it.

A:Dead Dell Solution Center Link on Start Menu

I believe that link is under Programs. Right click the link and left click Delete.

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Hi all,
      I have a Dell Dimension C521 with a keyboard problem:
Keyboard works during boot and in BIOS
Keyboard DOES WORK in Windows XP safe mode
Keyboard DOES NOT WORK in Windows XP normal mode
This problem started the other day without warning.  Normally I would use System Restore to fix this but system restore was turned off.  I have checked the kbdclass filer in the Registry and that was ok.  Because it works in safe mode i know it's a driver issue, but I'm not sure what else to look at and I need major help here.

A:Dell Dimension C521 Keyboard dead After Windows starts

Assuming it's a USB keyboard:

Boot in Safe Mode
Manually set a system restore point to be safe
Open Device Manager and expand list under USB
Right-click each USB root hub and select Uninstall
Save the one connected to mouse for last
Force shut down
Reboot normally and XP should reinstall the USB ports automatically

See if that solves the problem...
I presume you know that Microsoft doesn't support XP and IE8 anymore so there are lots of security holes that were never patched. Your PC is at risk for malware infections if you go on line...

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Hi everyone. There are several threads that are available for help with reseting a Dell D620's bios password here. And I understand they have all be closed b/c all the information has already been discussed. But within those threads all the links to the dstcd.iso are dead now. Would anyone have or could point me to a working download for that file? Google came back with shady links that I rather not use so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Dstcd.iso Link is dead, need help with Dell BIOS password rest

There really isn't a valid solution. The D620 is unusually difficult to impossible for password repair, and the idea was chewed for a year. Solutions that supposedly work are perhaps illegal and certainly dangerous. They turned out to be a good source for malware and infestations without being helpful. All the solutions are as expensive as replacing the system board or the computer.

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My Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop was working fine. Today I tried to power it up (it was plugged into adaptor) and got a quick flash of 3 green lights followed by the far right light blinking 10 times yellow/amber. Nothing else happens - the machine appears completely dead. I tried removing the battery to see if that would make any difference, but no go. I don't have a spare battery, so I can't check if that's the problem. What research I've done has turned up evidence that this may be a serious problem, but I really don't know how best to diagnose it. Battery? Motherboard? Some connection somewhere? On the hopes that it's the latter, I've got the keyboard off but frankly I'm not sure what to do next! I'm guessing that I need to disconnect/reconnect and then try to power up again. Anyone have any advice for this novice? Thank you.

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 5160 is dead - need help diagnosing problem

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After getting blasted by a Flash Player exploit a while ago, I managed to remove the malicious software with relative ease, however I still have one rather perplexing issue - Windows Update won't start.
 winupdate.png   4.2KB
  5 downloadsI get a similar error in a dialog box on starting it manually:---------------------------Services---------------------------Windows could not start the Windows Update service on Local Computer.Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.---------------------------OK ---------------------------Running Windows Update from the start menu or control panel yields this result:
 winupdate3.png   12.48KB
  5 downloadsIn which Microsoft describe their love for free software from "(null)" Clicking the "Check for updates" button results in this dialog:---------------------------Windows Update---------------------------Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.---------------------------OK ---------------------------I recall having to replace the registry key, as it was missing entirely (HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\wuauserv), and I set these values:
 winupdate2.png   5.66KB
  4 downloadsAdditionally, wuauserv\Parameters contains "ServiceDll" and "ServiceMain" with the values "C:\Windows\system3... Read more

A:Windows Update is dead

Hi Score_Under,Try using this utility as described in this by our staff member BroniYou can also download it here at Windows Repair (All In One)Then follow the tutorial below.Download Windows Repair (all in one) from this siteInstall the program then run it.Go to Step 2 and allow it to run CheckDisk by clicking on Do It button:Once that is done then go to Step 3 and allow it to run System File Check by clicking on Do It button:Go to Step 4 and under "System Restore" click on Create button:Go to Start Repairs tab and click Start button.Please ensure that ONLY items seen in the image below are ticked as indicated (they're all checked by default):Click on box next to the Restart System when Finished. Then click on Start.This should get your Windows update running again. Good LuckRoger

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