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HELP!! The new build that worked fine out the case doesn't work in the case!

Q: HELP!! The new build that worked fine out the case doesn't work in the case!

Ok, now I have a new build that has All new parts, brand new case and everything, it works fine when it's partially screwwed in or outside the case, but once I put everything else in (pci devices) it doesn't turn on? What could be the problem?

A: HELP!! The new build that worked fine out the case doesn't work in the case!

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. When I press the power button, the power button light turns amber, I hear some fans spinning, and the CD drive spinning. However, it never gets to the boot screen (or any screen). If I open the case and press the power button, however, the power button turns green and the computer works fine (loads all the way up and functions like normal). If I close the case after it has started, it continues to run fine. I'm guessing / hoping it's not the mother board or power supply that has directly gone bad... but maybe there is a connection or something? that changes from when it's closed to when it's open. I've heard of something like... the motherboard is shorting out by touching the case... but I'm not really sure where to look for that / how. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:Solved: Computer boots fine when case is open, but won't boot when case is closed.

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I have an APEVIA X-JUPITER-JR S-Type X-JPJST-MG Metallic Grey SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail case with a six pin firewire on top, along with two USB and two audio hubs and i'm trying to transfer high quality video from my Sony DCR-HC96 to my computer with a firewire cable I bought. I'm pretty sure I connected the cable properly, as there are only two places on my motherboard that fit the hub's wire. One says audio and my motherboard stops beeping if I disconnect it. Both USB hubs work fine, and so do both audio hubs. The wire looks fine and plugs in snugly, but I have no other ways of testing it, so I can't tell if its the cable or the case. Nothing seems to happen most of the time when I plug in the firewire. My camcorder has never recognized the firewwire cable (USB works, but has lower quality). Twice my computer has given me a balloon saying found new USB device, then saying USB device did not install properly and might not work, that only happens every millionth time though.
If possible, I would like to get my firewire cable working, or find a way to get the same quality on USB. If not, I would look into buying a firewire expansion on my computer.

A:Case Firewire doesn't work

First, let me say i've never tested (or i think even used) 1394 firewire but still some things come to mind just thought to pass along

I think power related issues are often cause of Firewire, Network and USB connections

1) Network LAN problems have sometimes been resolved by disabling 1394 connections. If only-for-the-heck-of-it, try disabling your LAN and wireless when trying the firewire
2) Connect all device AC adapters when testing. Especially Including any for your camera
3) USB device not recognized issues are, in particular, often related to power issues I'd add)
>> Cameras, are high powered USB devices, requiring a high-powered USB port (500mA) vs a low powered USB device (only needs up to a 100mA)
>> But i've also seen issue when devices really want more then 500mA and/or the computer doesn't supply the USB 500mA spec. You might also try buying a self-powered USB hub (comes with an AC adapter) AND it can provide ports that EXCEEDS USB spec (e.g. my Targus hub has 2 ports that supply 1000mA)..

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Hi guys,

I'm going to install Win XP on my computer (I had win 7 but had some problem with installing the HP printer on it and so I decide to install XP because that printer seems to be installed properly on XP).
Now When I put the XP CD on the CD driver, it says press a ker to boot from CD and I press the Enter key, (now the keyboard works) after that, within installation time when that I should press Enter to install XP, this time the keyboard doesn't work.
My guess is that the ps/2 port of the case has problem (it's old and somewhat has been broad).
Now what is the solution in your point of view please?

My system manufacturer is "ECS" and the system model is "945pl-A".

PS: When I what to enter to BIOS, (on the top of second black and white screen it has been written that "Press shift-F10 to configure) and when I press these two I enter to an environment that seems to be the BIOS but it has very few options! I'm not sure is it BIOS, or how to go into BIOS in that motherboard.

A:ps/2 port of the case doesn't work properly

Hiya mate ... Do not think the BIOS is going to be any help .. Read the Link below its a very long shot fourth Post down ..
installation - Keyboard does not work during Windows XP install - Super User

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I have recently custom built a PC using an ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 motherboard in a CiT 2206 MIDI Case.
I have downloaded VIA drivers from the motherboard website I linked above, but uninstalled the program that came with it (It didn't manage audio very well and prevented my speakers from working :/ ; also my front panel microphone didn't work before uninstalling this program either)

Anyway, my problem is that when I put a microphone into the microphone jack on my case (front of case) It doesn't work and windows doesn't detect any recording hardware. When I plug a microphone into the motherboard, It works straight away without a problem. I really need the front panel to work for Skype and other audio recording needs as my cable will not reach around the back of my case.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

A:Case's audio panel microphone doesn't work

Are you sure the jacks are connected properly, double check all connections

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Help!! I built yet another Athlon 1800, albatron motherboard, pci ge force card, ibm deskstar 80gb hard drive, and 265 pc2100 ram. So, I was installing win XP and it was paritioning my drive. It got to 5% and then the whole system shut down and wouldn't even turn on!! I still won't turn on....what's wrong?

A:HELP!! The new build that worked fine until I tried to install windows XP!!!

Check where the power cord connects to the back of the computer. Push it firmly into place, wiggle it, etc.

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I have an Acer Aspire X1700 (Details
It's about 2 1/2 years old now. Came with Windows Vista, I upgraded it to Windows 7. Also has a newer video card than what came with it.

Anyway, The PSU fan is getting really obnoxious, it gets really loud (more or less like a lawn mower). I have taken the thing apart and have tried every suggestion given to quiet it down, which it does for a whole week or two. This is a small form factor PC, so to even take the power supply out you have to basically take out everything else just to get to it. I have looked for replacements but they are very obsolete. It's only 220W anyway, so i'd like something a little more powerful.

What I want to do is get a larger case that I can use the same hardware is (motherboard, drives, etc) and purchase a larger power supply for that case. 220W really limits the PC. The small case holds a lot of heat even with all fans cleaned and working properly. Even just taking a CD/DVD out that was in it is very hot. I want a case with better airflow than this one.
I really am not sure what kind of case to get that will meet my needs. I don't want anything really fancy. If possible I'd like to get it off

Any suggestions would be great.

A:Solved: Replacing Small Form Factor Case with bigger case / new PSU

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I created a list of companies & phone #'s etc. in access 2000. The letters are upper case. How do I change upper case listings to lower case?

A:Access 2000- Change upper case to lower case

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I would like to know if it is possible to configure outlook 2003 to automatically change lower case i to auto upper case I whilst typing my emails

It does it on my pc at work (could be cos its a better version of outlook)but I would love to know if I can have the same facility on my home pc

I'm using Vista and windows 7

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Auto change lower case to upper case

Look at the Auto Correct options.

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It seems to me that once in a blue moon, there will be a program that will work fine for a while, but then later refuse to run until I reinstall windows. The program that refuses to run this time is called Nebula (don't worry, it's freeware). I've even redownloaded a fresh copy and I get the same result. I double click the icon and nothing happens.

I would watch the processes in the task manager while I tried opening it. The process would appear for a moment, then disappear. I've opened up and watched Process Explorer ( carefully. I've taken note on what processes are running when I'm trying to open Nebula, by holding Enter with Nebula selected. The only process that is consistently working while I'm trying to open it, is explorer.exe, and I doubt that is the culprit.

Since I can't find anything in the processes, should I look for something in the registry? What else can I do to troubleshoot when this kind of stuff happens? Maybe it broke from one of the Windows updates?

A:Program worked fine before, won't work now.

Hello eriknoc, Welcome to TSF!

Please try this workaround (you will need your Windows? XP SP2 CD.

(In the event that you do not have a Windows? XP CD with SP2, you will need to 'borrow' one from a friend or colleague, as the manufacturer's "Recovery Discs" will not work in this instance.)

Insert the Windows? XP CD in your drive. (Hold down the Shift Key to prevent it from starting.)

Go Start > Run the box type in sfc /scannow ?please take note of the space between the sfc and the /.

This is the System File will scan all the Windows? core system files to ensure that they are in their respective correct places, and if not replace them from the CD.

During the scan you may be asked to Insert the CD, if this happens just go retry and let it do its thing.

One important point: While sfc is running, it is not advisable to do any other work, or have any browsers/programs running on the computer, until the scan is complete. (This process will generally take around 45-65 minutes to complete).

Once finished, remove the CD and reboot your machine...all should be "Normal" (hopefully).

Please post back with the result, or if there are any further queries/concerns.

Kind Regards,

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hi all ,

i have a desktop

i changed my broken case to a new case like

i removed the HDD and the motherboard and the CD-rom ..etc and installed them to a new case

but when i press the switch button it works normally , and the screen display normally and there are no beeps , but after like 20 second my computer turns off automatically ! ,

what may cause this issue ?

A:i replaced all of my computer components from my broken case to other case

could be overheating CPU. Did you apply fresh Thermal paste to the HSF after reinstalling the motherboard? Is it tight and secure? Did you blow out all the dirt, dust and debris from the fans' fins?

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this is my case and i want to get a motherboard that is compatible with a Intel Core I5-4460 3.2GHz (Quad Core)

list all of them and there price thx

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I am planning on building a gaming PC with a budget of around $900, I have chosen the Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card, Intel Core i5-2500K processor and probably the MSI P67A-GD55 motherboard. Of the cases listed below, which would be the best for my system? Keep in mind value for money please, thanks."_3_5"_Drive_Bays_USB_"_&_4x_3_5&qu

A:What case is the best for my build?

I would say the Asgard II.
The case will be able to fit your graphics card and has very good airflow (me having the Asgard I case).

Hope this helps!

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sorry about the long post
I will be buying a new case next month
tons of cases to choose from .
looking in the 150$ range

Thermaltake Level 10 GT (VN10001W2N) Black Steel SECC / Plastic ATX Full Tower
Computer Case with Four Fans-1x 200mm Colorshift side fan, 1x 200mm Colorshift
top fan, 1x 200mm Colorshift front fan and 1x 140mm rear fan
Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition (VN10006W2N) White and Black SECC / Plastic
ATX Full Tower Computer Case with Four Fans-1x 200mm Colorshift side fan, 1x 200mm
Colorshift top fan, 1x 200mm Colorshift front fan and 1x 140mm rear fan.
these are supposed to be the bomb but way out of my range

keep coming back to this one but concerned about reviews that say the front door hinges (3 doors covering 5.25 drive bays)
are plastic and break easy.(washable filters in doors).
with bottom PSU mount are cables long enough
Antec DF-85 Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case
139$ at Newegg

all the reviews talk about how you have to disassemble this case to remove the washable fan filters on this one
Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Steel ATX Full Tower Unbeatable Gaming Case 159$
from pictures both Antec cases don't have a lot of room behind motherboard for cable management

Corsair Carbide Series 400R Graphite grey and black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case
saw this Corsair on the ASUS motherboard install --Youtube video
has large bulge in side of case to route cable management behind motherboard/ plenty o... Read more

A:help with build case

Everyone has featutres that like or dislike with all these cases. Any of those you have listed are going to be a good case. I do a lot of research before I buy anything like that. I decide what features I want and start narrowing it down from there. Check reviews from other sources that will give an idea of the features too. I don't take too much stock in Newegg reviews a lot of them are coming from inexperienced builders and will do things like give it one egg because it was damaged in shipping or they really didn't know how to bui;ld a computer in the first place.
I like this one because it had all the features that I wanted including external sata so that I can just pop a HDD in and out of it. There are other cases that have this feature too.
Most of the new cases have a lot of room for cable management and the orientation of the HDD's towith the sata and power connections to the right side of the case is really nice.

The videos on Newegg and youtube give you a good idea of what the case is like. Have fun choosing one.

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Hello All:

I just purchased a new Zalman HD135 case in which I want install my HTPC, which had previously been working perfectly (other than a glitch or two with Vista).

I'm now at my absolute wits' end on the install. If anyone can provide help, I would be most grateful (and a 12-pack to the first to provide the solution).

Here's my rig prior the HD135 install (which was working perfectly):

Generic mid-tower case
Pentium D 930
2 Gig of RAM (DDRII)
Gigabyte GA-8I945GMH-RH MOBO
Seasonic 430 PSU
1 SATA drive running Windows Vista RC1
1 PATA drive as storage
Sony DVD-ROM player
Vistiontek Video Card based on ATI 1300.

I touched absolutely NOTHING and installed the above in the HD135 but use now a CoolerMaster 550W PSU (see earlier discussion on compatibility of my prior Seasonic PSU). I think (and still believe) I connected all of the connections appropriately and following happens upon power up:

VFD turns on with the Zalman welcome screen
Power light above power button comes on to a solid blue
CPU fans turns on (CPU seems to be generating heat because the sink becomes warm pretty quickly)
Sounds/feels like disks are spinning
DVD-ROM has a flashing light on front
Power seems to be going to the keyboard (I get at least a light if I turn number lock on or off)
but . . .
No video (neither on monitor or on tv, whether using VGA or DVI out, mobo connection or pc card connection)
No BIOS (as best I can tell given t... Read more

A:Help with System Re-Build (New Case)

Unplug a replug everything and try it!!!!

If no joy, strip it down to the bare essentials, mobo, psu, cpu, ram, graphics card, and power switch and see if it runs!!!!

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I'm currently getting ready to build a new system but this is only the second time i will of built one and I'm looking to get as much feedback from people who have had more experience than me.

Asus P5Q PRO
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700, 2.66 GHz 1066MHz 8MB Cache
4GB (2x2GB)
512MB Palit HD4850, PCI-E 2.0(x16) x2
Vista Home Prem Sp1 64-bit OEM

I have 3 HDD, CD/DVD RW, Monitor (but i may get a new one and run 2) and a case from my previous build but I am going to need a new PSU and I'm a bit uncertain about what wattage to go for, from what i do know i think i need a PSU thats about 800-900W but i was hoping someone who understands this better could give me a more accurate picture.

My case was a Gigabyte 3d aurora and while this is a very fine case, the positioning of the HDD bays obstructed the intake fan at the front and the whole cooling was made very poor. I ended up running the Pc with the side pannel off, which of course ment it was very noisy. Could anyone recomend a new case that would offer adequate cooling without being too noisy and of course is still of good quality?

I quite like the look of the Coolermaster Cosmos cases but im not sure which if either would be best. Maybe you can tell that i like the big cases (far easier to work in and are a good size for where i keep them.

A:New build, Feedback, PSU and Case help

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I have a used tower that was used as a server. What I want to know: is it possible to build two computers in one case and have them share monitor and printer. I have limited space and want to keep things I don't wish to be vunerable, separate from what I use to go online.

Is this possible or should I junk the mid-tower?
Thank you.

A:Build two computers in one case.

you can have two operating systems on a computer.....but only you can only run one at a time...

is this what you want to know?

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Now another question comes up regarding modifying the cooling of my case/ computer etc.

I was wanting to carve two 3 1/2" holes in the top of my case, for two 12cm fans. Now I know fully how to do this, however, I was wondering which direction the air flow should go. Should the fans blow into my case? (Like I suspect) Or should I have them blow out?

The orange highlights are the fans I wish to add. Which direction should I have the air flow setup?

A:Case airflow question before modifying case

I would have them sucking air out. Hot air rises, and the side panel fan will hit the VGA's mb, etc and spread out, also they are right next to the PSU. You wont have any really big difference either in or out , but I would have those two pulling the hot air that manages to make it to the top of the case out. and negative pressure tend to run a bit cooler overall.

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I want to reopen my case Case ID - 4773952302 which was raised for last month. It was assigned to a very unprofessional service agent who has rescheduled twice and not yet solved the issue and closed the case.  Please escalate the issue and reopen my case.  Regards,MayureshVery poor service by hp

A:Reopen a Support case Case ID - 4773952302

This is not the place to do that. Your message is not going to HP Support folks who can do anything with your case.  

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I want to reopen my case Case ID - [edited] which was raised for last month. It was assigned to a very unprofessional service agent who has rescheduled twice and not yet solved the issue and closed the case. 
Please escalate the issue and reopen my case.
Very poor service by hp

A:Reopen a Support case Case ID - [edited]

This is not the place to do that. Your message is not going to HP Support folks who can do anything with your case.  

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Trying my first DIY with a FOXCONN C51XEM2AA MOB and I have a few glitches I can't find answers for. My Thermaltake VA8000BWS Super Tower CASE has a PSU supporter that even with pictures supplied of how it's hooked into the case, I can't fiure out where or how it goes in. Is anybody fimiliar with this case that might have some insight.

Also the case wiring pins don't match my motherboards pins in two instances.

In one instance the speaker wire from the case is 4 pins with the two center pins empty, but on the MOB the speaker connectror J1E1 is three pins of gnd, spkr, & +3.3v. So only one pin will be connected no matter how you plug it in ? Good news is the MOB has it's own speaker so it doesn't need to be connected per FOXCONN tech support.

The 'Power Led" case coonector is three pin with the center open yet the MOB is two pins + & - so only one can be hooked as is ?

Any thoughts on these issues will be highly appreciated. Thanks

A:Thermaltake Case & DIY PC Build Problem

I have had a few cases that sometimes don't match up with the MB connectors. usually I'll push out the connectors from the plastic housing where they are and rearrange them to match the MB's connectors pinout.

As far as the PSU portion I don't know as I have not used this case but look at a review I found -

until I got to the installation of the PSU. Nowhere does it say to remove the ceiling fan (which fortunately I had done anyway) and, here's the killer -- oh yeah, that seemingly fixed clear plastic ceiling fan BRACKET will also slide up and off. Just about killed myself trying to install the PSU around it and cut up my hands in the process. Once you realise the bracket is removable (no screws or anything, just figure it out for yourself) it was clear sailing.
Another example is a long brace shaped like a toothbrush to hold the PSU in place -- the extreme close up pix in the manual don't actually give you any context as to where to put it. Just huge grey lines. It's more trial and error at working out where it goes. Experienced users probably never face this issue! Click to expand...

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Hi everyone,

I have finished putting together a media computer build that I hope is as cool and quiet as possible:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA785GPM-UD2H
CPU: Athlon II x2 240
HDD: 1.5TB WD Eco Green, partitioned for OS
OS: Windows 7 using MCE
PSU: Corsair 450VX
CPU Cooler (only if needed): Scythe Orochi
TV Tuner Card: Black Gold BGT3595 (when release next month)
RAM: 2x2GB Corsair DDR800
Optical Drive: LG BluRAy Player

All I have left to do is choose a case. I like the idea of the Remote Fusion Remote Max for its good reviews for low noise but have heard that the Silverstone SST-LC16M is an even better case - though quite expensive!

Can anyone vouch for either of these cases or suggest a better alternative?

Your help would be very much appreciated.

A:Recommended case for my HTPC build.

Here are some ideas...............
Try to avoid the microatx cases.
You really want something that can handle a full size atx power
supply to make sure you meet the power requirements for the
Other than that,it's really a matter of personal preference.

Think the silverstone is expensive?
Look at this......
ZALMAN Black Aluminum HD160XT Plus ATX Media Center / HTPC Case - Retail
Integrated 7" touchscreen monitor.

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I am planning to build an acrylic case for my computer. I attached a sketchup model of a design. Any design improvements? Is there anything I need to know about working with acrylic? Thanks for the input,

A:Planning to build an acrylic case

Hi Techno,
I just built an acrylic case build. I was concerned about static buildup, and heat ,as acrylic is about as conductive as peanut butter. neither has happened. as a matter of fact, this case is the coolest (temp) i have ever built. I have pics of it on TS gallery if your interested. and the static buildup just didnt happen either, even this winter.I would really be interested in seeing your design,but for some reason the zip file take me to the 'unknown file type' website. I would say the biggest thing is to make sure you have superior ventilation. I have 5 120mm fans and one 80mm on top blowing on my memory modules.

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I want to build my own gaming computer with hopefully a i5 or i7 intel chip but I don;t know if the case and motherboard are good or if the motherboard fits within the case.

The Case is a Coolermaster CM Storm Range Scout with a Coolermaster Silent Pro Modular 700W and the motherboard is a Intel DQ45CB Socket 775 Motherboard. I would like to know if these are good products and also if they would fit in one another as I want to build a good midrange gaming computer. I also do like Coolermaster in general. Also I wouldn't mind having some feedback on a good processor?

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I am building my first PC, and have chosen these parts:

Power Supply: Corsair CX750 ATX 80+

Mobo: MSI ATX DDR3 2133 970

CPU: AMD FX 4350

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2 x 4gb) DDR3 1600 MHz PC3 12800 240-Pin DDR3 Dual Channel

Video Card: MSI GTX 960 Gaming 4G

Hard Drive: WD Black 500GB SATA 6 Gb/s, 7200 RPM, 64MB Cache

Optical Drive: Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Internal OEM

So are these parts good, compatible, and somthing I would want for a gaming PC?

As far as a case goes, I have a budget of $50 for this. I want something with decent ventilation, and a design thats not just a big block. So like somthing with some angles or somthing. If it has a window or glow that would be even better.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

A:Feedback for my first computer build; also help with case

Also, will I need to buy anything else for the computer aside from these parts? Like cables or anything? I intend to run 4 monitors on this computer.

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I am going to be re-building my computer with a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card, power supply and SSD boot drive. I will be re-using my case, optical drives and several hard drives. I have the Windows7 Pro OEM installation disk that I used 4 years ago to build my existing (but now dead) system. Will I run into activation problems if I use the old disk to do a fresh install on the new system? Is that even a good idea or would I be better to buy a new installation disk that might have a lot of the updates etc. already on it?

Thanks for any help

A:New build in old case: Do I need to buy a new copy of Windows?

A OEM Windows 7 is not transferable to another computer that has the items you listed replaced.
If you had a full retail version of Windows 7 you could move the operating system as long as it is only on one system at one time.

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I currently have this (and don't want them to collect any dust:
Asus Motherboard
Quad Processor
DDR Memory

Plus a couple hard drives, but absolutely nothing else. Since this is new to me, I'm asking:

1 - Is there a way the more experienced users would suggest going about a new case and how to know the appropriate power supply to buy.

2 - I bought the MB used from, and it didn't come with any wires/connectors. Can you tell me what I'd need to fully be ready when I have all the components?


A:New build case & power supply recommendations

I havnt done this in a while but here it goes.....

If you dont have the propor heatsink/fan combo you will need one of those for your processor.

For your needs just get a quality 500w PSU by Antec, Silverstone, Thermaltake ect ect. No $20 bargain buys. If you plan on putting in some super fancy graphics card, take the minumum requirments for that card off the box and add 100 watts.

Wires you will need are just your SATA cables.

The PSU should come with all you need to connect it to your motherboard.

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My new build works outside the case, but I still can't get it to even power up inside. I'm convinced something is causing a short, but I can't determine the cause.

Stats because this is my first post:

Case: Cooler Master HAF912
Fans: CM Megaflow 200mm (2x front & top), CM 120mm (rear)
PSU: CM eXtreme Power Plus RS500 500W
Mobo: ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68
CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz LGA1155
CPU Cooler: CM V6GT
RAM: Team Xtreem Dark Series 8GB (2x4) DDR3 1600
GPU: ZOTAC ZT-20313-10L GeForce 210 1GB
SSD: Corsair Force Series 3 60GB SATA III SSD
Optical: Samsung 22x DVD Burner SH-222BB/BEBE
Wireless: Linksys WMP54GS Wireless-G Adapter
OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit

All the internal parts aside from the wireless card are brand new, and work completely fine outside of the case. The only thing I can think of is that the motherboard isn't screwed into all the standoffs, only the outer four. Does this actually matter?

A:Solved: New build won't boot in case: what am I missing?

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I've been looking for a new case and want USB 3.0 I've come to the realization it is much cheaper to buy a USB 2.0 case and add a PCI-E adapter to give USB 3 ports. Is there any down side to doing that? For example would the USB 3 ports run slower since there connected through PCI-E?

A:Adding USB 3.0 to a case that doesn't have one

I'm no expert on this, but AFAIK the PCIe interface should be fast enough. If you read about PCIe specifications on Wikipedia ( the speed is much higher than the 5Gbps USB3 can reach (

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A new set of my hardware just arrived today. However, I can't install the PSU in the case. The hole on the PSU and the whole on the case doesn't match. Is it something wrong with the case, the PSU or me? Please help.




A:Solved: PSU doesn't fit the case

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Ok so my problem is that after my CPU was somehow reaching 100 degrees on games and around 60 idle, I thought that the video output was simply dying to prevent the CPU from melting. So I bought a new case and just upgraded (CoolerMaster Scout) upgrading from the CoolerMaster Elite 300 I think it was. So even after this my CPU is now running at a nice(ish) temp of 50 degrees on load. I currently have 2 problems:
1. The problem of my video output just going dead is still there after checking MB temp, GFX card temps and CPU temps so I have no idea what is causing it to keep doing this.
2. With my new case I have one connector left which is a 4 pin power one for one of my fans in the case, the only problem is that it is a 4 pin in which you are supposed to put a 4 pin into, as in that one has the holes in, but I have nothing to put into them. All other ones are the opposite of that and I have plugged all those in.

If anyone has any help it would be much appreciated. If you need any more info please ask.
4870 HD ATi 512MB
E8400 3.00Ghz @ 3.00Ghz
Arctic Cooler(Forgot name, but reviews say it's good so :P)
4GB Corsair 800Mhz
CoolerMaster Scout
Arctic Thermal Paste(Forgot name again)
All drivers installed
XP SP3 32bit
650W CoolerMaster PSU

Even after a reinstall and re driver(ing) it is still the same...

EDIT: By the way this never used to happen even with my old sh**ty case.

A:New PC Build Video Output Dying/Case Fan Problem

By the way this happens after around 30-60 mins of solid gameplay, it will NEVER happen unless I am playing some kind of modern 3D game.

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Hello world,
I'm looking to considerably upgrade my current system, which will become essentially a new system overall.

I was looking into something along these lines:
[Key: Currently Own | Looking To Buy]
Motherboard- Asus Sabertooth Z77.
CPU- Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4Ghz s1155 6MB.
Cooling- Corsair Hydro H100i.
RAM- Kingston HyperX Beast 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz (x2= a total of 32GB).
GPU- GeForce GTX 460 (768MB).
PSU- Corsair GS600 80PLUS. (is it enough?)
HDD/SSD- *.*
Monitor- *.*
Peripherals- *.*
Case- Open for suggestions!

The rest is less of an issue.

What do you guys think?

A:A New (*upgrade) System Build, Components and Case Questions

The PSU is definitely enough. You could even have two GTX 670s with this PSU.

32 GB would be about 28 GB more than I would ever need, but hey.

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I am trying to put another hard drive in this dell opitplex 260x of mine. It is becoming nothing but a pain in the rear cause the case uses them stupid green sliders and the case is too small. Could I use another computer case like remove all the parts and transfer them over to the other case.

say a case like this

A:use another case instead of the dell optiplex case

thats a nice case but if ur willing to blow that kind of money i would get this its a full tower so lots of room or this this one has some of the best airflow and fan capabilities i would buy this one if u have the money
or if ur low on cash get this which is really beautiful and cheap (recomend if u dont got cash lol)

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I got a Thermaltake Xaser III case, and instead of screws for the cards, it has convenient little plastic latches. Unfortunately, the size of my Radeon 9800 PRO won't let me close the plastic latch, and so the card just sits loosely in the AGP slot, easily coming out. I'm not going to run a system with a card that loose. Sure, the 9800 PRO is a big card, but I'm having the same problem with my average size sound card (I don't even know what it is. It came in a Dell Dimension 4300). That thing is not big by far, and even it doesn't fit. Am I missing something here? There must be a way to fix these cards in this case.

A:Thermaltake Xaser III case doesn't fit my cards??

There is a design flaw in this chassis design... Look on my site on how to fix it.... it was a good idea, but they screwed up.

It includes IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the firewire port which can damage your board and other hardware!

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Recently gutted one of my store built PC's. Was a HP Media Center pc. Just a simple little computer. Now I gutted the whole pc and began building a new one and just decided to take the CD/dvd - ROM outta the old HP machine. I beleive I bought the old HP back in 2005 or 2006. The question is will the CD/DVD - ROM work in a new machine? Or are the technology advances to great for the CD/dvd - ROM? Right now I'm trouble shooting this PC do to the fact that I used this old CD/DVD ROM and am now having problems installing Windows 7 as the OS in a custome built machine. When the PC begins to load the files from the DVD Windows 7 install disk it eventually stops loading and just sits at a single spot. But it always stops loading at a different point. But never really makes it very far into the install. Anyone have an opinion. Thanks.

A:Old HP CD/DVD -ROM work in new case?

They haven't changed much. If it loads at all, the CD-ROM is not the problem. The only differences between them in the last 10 years or so is that the new ones have SATA connectors, so if yours is connected, it should work fine.

The problem must be with hardware.

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But it boot's outside the case just fine. I have done everything I can to get it fixed but nothing.


Antec 900
Asus P5Q-E
Pentium 4 541
Sapphire 2600XT
2 160GB WD HDD's
1 Sony DVD Burner
OCZ DDR2 800 Memory

I Checked to see if it was the PSU but it wasn't and I fount out through a shorting trick (took a twist tie and put it in the top where the green wire is, and plugged it into a black wire beside it).

Not the motherboard because I tested this outside the case and it turned on a ran with the P4 (so that also states its not the CPU).

Any other options? I don't want to take it to a computer shop but this situation is getting closer to that decision.

Help please!!!

A:Solved: computer doesn't boot inside the case

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i pulled the HD from my laptop and placed it in an 2.5" adaptec enclosure case. connected to both front and back USB ports. tried it connecting both USB cables, then only one (comes with two). Light always comes on, disk whirrs, "eject" icon shows up in system tray, but i can't see the device or files at all in explorer. tried the new 2.5" on a school computer and it worked just fine, so i'm guessing the new case is not the problem. my USB flash drive and printer work fine when they're connected (not now though). i have another 3.5" adaptec enclosure case that works just fine on this comp. there are no outstanding windows updates. also installed drivers that came with the case. i appreciate any assistance you can give me. thanks.

A:explorer doesn't see hard drive/enclosure case

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hi everyone i am building myself a computer and i have all my hardware and everything already on the way, i made the silly mistake and did not make sure everything would fit into my case. Could you guys please take a look at my setup and let me know if everything should fit nicely with the least amount of budging stuff together thank you very much.

My Hardware:

i know that looking at this stuff will take awhile but i will really appreciate it.
thank you

A:Will my cpu case work for my hardware?

The Antec 900 is a fantastic case. All should work fine.

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I recently upgraded my computers motherboard, the ports on the motherboard work perfectly, while the usb2, usb3 and sound ports on the case do not get any connection.the motherboard was installed by a technician, and i opened it up to make sure that all cables were properly plugged i missing something?the motherboard i upgraded to is a Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H Rev 1.0to clarify, everything works perfectly, he only thing that does not work is casing ports (usb/sdhc/sound) Any help?

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So i decided to build a new computer and i got everything connected, hit the power button and the computer wont power up. I have made sure all the power cables are connected well but nothing.

using a intel dp55wg mobo
intel i5 processor
coolermaster gx-750w power supply
xion axp 100 series case.

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have just bought a new case. i have replaced all the components from my old computer to the case, and also a new hard drive. when i switch on it does the memory count and then when that has done it says WAIT... . Then nothing after, i cant get into the bios either so it can detect the HD. i reckon it might somethint do with the PSU i am no really sure, is there a specific way to connect the psu cabling to the floppy drive, hard drive and DVD rom drive, as i reckon it might be something to do with that

- Please use explicit thread titles

A:System will not work in new case (Problems)

it sounds like it's at the point it's determining what's on the ATA cables. could you have them on upside down? the power connectors are pretty simple, although you possibly can get the floppy power cable on backwards on some floppy drives.

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All fans are connected this on picture and they go to potentiometer, also as you can see on first picture there is a molex cable which one goes also on potentiometer on second picture...

I connected molex cable to PSU and it doesnt work

Here is my BIOS:

A:Case fans dont work?

Which fans specifically? How are this fans connected? What type of connections do these fans have? Generally speaking most fans are connected directly to the mobo via a 3 pin cpu fan, case fan 1, case fan 2.

Your middle link is broken...gets the "500 internal server" error and the other two pics don't show any physical connections.

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I wanted to upgrade my RAM so I get to plug in 1 GB of RAM and I guess I didn't set it up good and there was little smell like something is burnt. After fast shut down I removed the RAM I add and than tried to start up the computer, but only I got is fan spinning and no LED lights working on the case. No bios sound etc. Is it some condensator on the MB burnt.. Thanks in advance.

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Hi i think my case is a regular sized case. Its an E-machines T2200+ and i wanna replace the mobo with
Will it work together? Need to know asap, thanks alot.

A:Micro ATX mobo work with ATX case?

If it a emachine it is most likely a micro atx mobo

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Hi, i'm new here and new to gaming with computers. I have bought a new pc, HP Pro 3300mt i5-2400s (300w PSU) with intergrated
Intel HD 2000 graphics. I have just bought a CIT Vanquish gaming case(with 500w psu) and was wondering if i could move my hp pro mobo,hard drive etc into this gaming case. I am planning to buy all the neccesary components i'm going to need eventually, but could i move my hp into this case for now. Sorry for total newbie question but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. alcatron

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So, here's the deal. My pay blew up at half two this morning and I got a new one, got a new case while I was at it. Problem is both fans have the 3-pin sys_fan power supply and I only have one of those on my mobo. I tried putting the pins from both into the same block and got nowhere, that just made neither of them work. Any ideas? I'd like to have this up and running. with both fans before I start stressing it after I get home tomorrow if at all possible.

A:Solved: Case with two fans, can't get one to work.

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Hi guys,

I've just changed cases (my old one was tiny and didn't have any ventilation at all) and I've transferred everything into the new case and got the computer up and running. Everything is going fine, except for my two DVD drives. I can't open either of them.

I checked the connectors and the power leads, both on properly. The one DVD has a small LED light on the front, which is permanently green. I couldn't see this light on my old case as it was covered so I don't know if it was always like it.

Does anyone have any suggestions why neither are working?

A:Solved: Changed case, now DVD drives don't work!

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This is the motherboard

ASRock > Products > P5B-DE

A:Do the PC case cables like HD audio or USB work on every motherboard?

It has to.

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In the past, I have tested the capability of Avast Hardened Mode in the offline case : Regarding the Avast Aggressive Hardened Mode

As mentioned in that thread, I am also curious about the offline capability of the HIPS module.

But at that time, I have not found a "safe" way to test HIPS. Please note that HIPS is more difficult to test than Hardened Mode, because we can easily trigger the latter one with a new program.

Just now, I find that installing AdGuard in the online case can trigger Avast HIPS when I set the level of HIPS to the maximum level. It is a safe way to test it.

So in another virtual machine, I turn off the network connection and install AdGuard again.

This time, Avast HIPS still pops up when AdGuard tries to add new services and new startup items.

It is a good news for users who may not have a good network connection to the cloud servers of avast like me.

A:Avast HIPS can work well in the offline case

Generally HIPS should really work well no matter its online or offline as long if something made a changes based on possible behaviour available.

Still Avast is a fully packed antivirus that have lots of plans which better than nothing.

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Alright, so here's the deal. I have a Vivicam 20 Dual-Mode still camera with webcam capabilities. I recently got a new computer (HP Media Center PC m7470n; Windows XP Media Center Edition) to replace my old computer (Dell Dimension 8100 running WinXP home). For some reason, my new web camera does not work on instant messaging programs (MSN 7.5 and AIM 5.5) even though it worked on my old computer for both programs. Here's all I've found:
Both "Dual-Mode DSC (Still Camera)" and "Dual-Mode DSC (Video Camera)" show up under Imaging Devices in Device Manager. Neither have a yellow "!" next to them. It had been mentioned that having another imaging device connected (a scanner for instance) can cause a conflict, but the scanner connects via a parallel port and appears under "Other Devices" with no conflicts, I have no other such devices connected or installed (except for another, much more useless camera which I used for testing and got the same results and no conflicts.)

Un-installing/re-installing drivers/cleaning the registry of all "vivicam" entries does not fix the problem.

Using the latest drivers does not fix the problem.

I have tried all three (two?) USB hubs on my computer, including one with no other devices connected to it (or at least ones which have none connected either laterally or vertically).

In AIM, video shows up as grey in the My Camera tab, unless I've installed it and didn't resta... Read more

A:Video/web camera doesn't work on IMs - Worked before on diff. comp


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will the cosair H50 watercooler fit in my coolermaster scout case and work with my gigabyte motherboard?

thanks if you can help

A:Corsair h50 water cooler work with scout case?

should work just fine...

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Nokia 820 Does the wireless charging work when a PU leather case is fitted to the phone

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Last night I moved to a new case. Everything is perfect but my internal USB card reader just does not work anymore.
The only difference between the two cases is that the new one has 2 x USB 3.0 and 2 x USB 2.0 in the front panel. The old one had one each.

The reader is recognized and shows in device manager as working properly.
Tried uninstalling and rebooting, it installs OK, but doesn't work.

The USB slot in the reader works just fine.

Memory cards work if they are empty, but if I insert one with JPGs in it, I only see generic icons and when trying to preview them I get the following error:

COM Surrogate has stopped working.

Then Windows Explorer freezes, hangs and restarts.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,


A:Changed case - Internal USB Card Reader does not work

Question: Is your USB built in or install in a PCI or PCIe slot? Some USB cards require a power connecter. The add on card in my system has to be connected in order to work.

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Sorry i have googled this and cant find an answer any insight would be appreciated.

A:Will Corsair H70 work in Silverstone Raven 2 Evolution (RV02-E) case?

I wouldn't see a problem.
What you will need to do is (obviously) orientate the fans to exhaust out the top of the case rather than the Corsair preferred method of using the fans as intake (for a conventionally orientated mobo)- you can't fight convection and the natural chassis airflow. One point you may need to take into account is the heat coming off the back of the graphics card being drawn into the radiator airflow stream -not a big deal with the HD 4850 you have listed in your specs, but if you decide on a more "thermally challenged" card it might necessitate higher flow fans.
Unless you're planning on locating the second fan on the outside (top) of the chassis- which may need some quick measurements to make sure you have adequate space for cable routing from the boards I/O panel- I really wouldn't see a problem.

Here's a H70 + RV02 setup at [H].The Evolution is basically the same chassis- the only real design differences are one fewer PCI expansion slot and the redesigned hdd cages

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Just in case I get to this point....can I safely work on an infected ( malware ) internal hard drive while it's connected to my computer via an external case?

A:Solved: Can I Work On Infected Drive Safely In External Case?

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I have just put my gear into a new case with front usb and sound ports. I am using built in Realtek 5.10 HD audio driving Creative 6 channel speaker system with the green plug into the rear green port so that I can get game sounds into the speakers. MB is Asrock K8NF6P-VSTA with XP Home SP3 and 768M DDR 400.

I need to be able to switch off the creative system and insert earphones into the front jack without changing plugs over, but the front speaker port will not work at the same time as the having the Creative system plugged in. However if I put he green plug of the Creative system into the grey jack then I do not get game or system sounds, only music.

What info can you give me to help sort out this dilemma?


A:Solved: Speaker port won't work on front panel new case

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I have 3 computers that I connect to the Internet with.
1.) Desktop HP (Windows 7): HARDWIRED directly to Arris TG82 modem/router.
2.) Laptop HP (Windows 7): Wireless
3.) Laptop Dell (Windows 7): Wireless

Numbers 2 and 3 connect to the Internet just fine; so they are not an issue.
I can even connect one of the laptops to the Ethernet cable and it WILL connect directly to the modem
Yet, number 1 will NOT open browser/web pages, even when the status says it is connected to my network.

Here's the deal:
I left home the Sunday before last, and right before I left, the Internet worked PERFECTLY on Number 1. I made no changes to the computer, and I simply shut it down, leaving the modem on. I returned last night and turned on my computer and discovered the problem. I can't imagine what happened in the meantime. My wife and I are the only people with access to the home and we were both gone together. No one has accessed my computer and made any changes. Yet, my ISP is convinced it is on my end, and since my laptops can be hardwired to the modem and access the Internet, they have a point.

I have read other posts on this forum and elsewhere, but none of them seem to address exactly what is happening on my computer, and I am reluctant to make changes that are designed to address someone else's problem until I know I have a similar problem, since I left home with it working perfectly and returned with it not working, and my computer stayed off the whole time.

I ... Read more

A:Solved: Internet worked; Left for 1.5 weeks and returned; Doesn't work ON ONE COMPUTE

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Putting together a build for a friend, however, I believe the motherboard may have been damaged or was damaged upon my taking part in the build. I assembled the parts, a 430w thermaltake psu, an asus mobo, e5200 intel processor, western digital hard drive, 2 gigs of GSkill, ati hd 4850 gpu and an LG dvd drive.

Posted, gave an error message about cpu fan error, I google it, it seemed to be relatively harmless. While in the bios the computer's signal disappeared, I attempted a reboot to no avail. No error codes, cpu fan stopped spinning. Removed memory, no error code, removed 4850, no error code, case fan connected to the motherboard spins when powered on, motherboard shows green light, no signal detected,

I tested the processor in another rig, and it worked fine, and the cpu fan spun fine. Tested another power supply with said motherboard and the motherboard fan would not spin and it would not post, and no error codes. Is my motherboard dead? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:New Build, Mobo green light, psu powers case fans off mobo, not cpu fan no beeps

check and recheck the connections on the board, if unsuccessful, make sure you haven t short-circuited the mobo, ...

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I have IE7 and whenever I open it, I get the tried and true "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message. I reset all options to default, deleted history and cookies, I even tried rolling back to IE6. Nothing works.

Firefox (and every other program I have that needs internet access) works perfectly. Any ideas on what I should do?

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I have a problem on my iMac 2011 (20go ram) under windows7.

Whan I start my computer all is fine. The network is fluid, I can go on the internet, on my server...
After loading two 3dsmax sessions, one photoshop sessions and transfert some large files (near 1go) -> my network goes wrong.
The browse/save/open/transfert operation on any application takes a loooooooong time to start (maybe 20-30s).

Could someone guide me through an analyse process to find and resolve this problem ?


A:Network doesn't work fine after a load.

It is a problem with the Mac hardware. This is common for Mac computers. Go to the Apple Support forums and take a look at all the networking problems. Look in the Boot Camp forum for a solution, if there is one.

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I'm sorry if this is in wrong category but I didn't know where to post it since I don't know where the problem is.

The problem is this: There are two accounts on my PC - Admin - which is me, and Guest. Since yestarday evening I wasn't able to log into my account. The Guest one is okay and everything works here but I have everything (work and stuff) on Admin so I need it.
When I try to log into my account one of those things happen: It either gets stuck on "welcome" screen and I have to turn off the PC manualy OR it logs me onto my account but I can't do anything because when I try to click anything like internet, music, trash bin... just everything it just starts loading but doesn't work at all and I can't even log off or restart it - ctrl+alt+delete doesn't work either so I have to shut if off again.
This happend to me few weeks ago but I googled it and thanks to "msconfig" in safe mode -> disable all startup things it worked again untill yestarday. Now even if I try that again it doesn't work. I spent few hours googling this but I can't find answer so I have to ask you guys.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium (I'd give you more specs but it only works on admin acc so yeah...)
Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: My PC account doesn't work but the other one is fine

sounds like either a corrupt profile or an infection of some sort. try booting into safe mode on the admin account and run a malwarebytes scan and go to and run that scan also. also, see if anything goes wrong when you're in safe mode. while you're there, check the msconfig again to see if the startup items you disabled are enabled again. then disable them one at a time and see if you can narrow down the one that's causing the issue. it will take a while with the reboots, but it is a first step if the scans don't find anything.

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Hi there, thanks in advance.

I've had this computer a few months and so far it works great. Then today I turn it on and try to go on the internet and it says I have no connection. Tried plugging and unplugging the cable, wiggled it around, tried to connect it with a different cable and I still have no internet. The cable is in, it tells me there is a local area connection and all, but when I go to properties there is not IP, etc etc.

I have it on a network, if that helps, and none of the others have this problems. The computer prints to a shared printer attached to another computer on my network, so I tried to print something to see if that was still working, but it says it can't due to an unknown error.

Is there a fix for this?

A:Computer seems fine, but the ethernet input doesn't work?

You might try cycling the modem and router.
Unplug the power from the back of the router and modem for 10 seconds.
Plug the router back in and let it boot up,then do the same with the modem.

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I'm on a HP pavilion that came prepackaged with vista, but reloaded with windows XP, if that helps at all.

Now I've been trying to google this problem. And everyone says go to my sound settings in control panel and change my audio playback to HDMI.

The problem is that option never shows up. It's just my laptop speakers and that is it. Everyone else can seem to fix this problem by doing that. But not me :/

A:Sound doesn't work on TV using HDMI out. Picture is fine.

What is the video port on the computer end? is it DVI or HDMI? If the laptop port (not the TV) is a DVI connector and you are using an adapter to adapt it to HDMI, DVI does not carry sound. You can connect the audio using a cable from the Head Phone jack to RCA. to plug into your TV or stereo.

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I really do hope that someone will be able to assist me with this very frustrating issue I am having with my desktop. For about the past month or so I have not been able to connect to any internet web sites. I typically use Firefox for web browsing but that stopped working and also IE 7 and Safari stopped working as well. I have tried to do almost everything I can think of to get it to work again.
I've already tried to:
1. Disable windows firewall / windows defender
2. Disable add-ons in IE
3. Uninstall anti-virus software
4. Reset the TCP/IP connection through command prompt using Netsh commands
5. Rewired/Reset the modem and Router
6. Logged into the Router and tested the connection via Ethernet cable from Laptop running XP
7. Reset system services and clients - DHCP, DNS, HTTP
8. Ran several cleanup/scan utilities - McAfee Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes (Anti-Malware), MS Malicious Software Removal Tool, HijackThis

I have just installed the latest version of HijackThis on the machine and have run a scan. This is the following log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:17:53 PM, on 5/13/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18226)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files... Read more

A:Internet/Web Doesn't Work...Router is Fine; Vista

I still am having this issue....Is there anyone out there who knows about this sort of stuff?...I am starting to question these forum's.....

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Hello, everyone - I have just assembled a new build. It will not power up. I need a suggestion to figure out if the problem is the case or the motherboard.

This is a mini-itx build. The case is Linkworld LC820-01B. This case comes with a 12 volt 65 watt external, laptop-style power supply that plugs into the rear of the case just like a laptop power supply plugs into a laptop - a barrel connector. Inside, this power connection connects to a power supply component that is not like a regular ATX power supply, but is on a printed-circuit board mounted on the case. This has several capacitors and other stuff. From that comes the 20-pin and 4-pin power supply lines for the motherboard.

I assume the 12-volt power supply for this external power supply unit is right, since it came with the case. It was 65 watt.

The processor is an IBM 1155 3220t, with TDP of 35 watts. Lower-powered CPUs can be put in a small 1155, so I assumed the power supply might be under-powered. I ordered a 90-watt 12 volt power supply with the right size barrel - and same polarity (pos inside).

The MB is an ASRock H61MV-ITX. It is 1155, mini-itx form factor.

Still, same problem.

Everything is connected correctly.

When I press the power-on button, an external CD drive I have plugged-in spins up for a while. But no power light comes on in the front of the case, there are no POST beeps, the fan for the CPU does not spin up. No other signs of life.

So, power is getting into the MB - the external CD drive i... Read more

A:New Build no power-up: case's power supply or MB?

Well, I figured out the problem.
I am planning to re-do the older mini-itx system I have; it has gotten riddled with Trojan software for kids downloading games; it basically has been de-commissioned already.

So, I took the pico-psu power supply from that older computer, and hooked it up to the one I am making. Everything went perfectly.

So, I un-did that, removed the MB from case, disconnected the barrel-power connection from the case, unscrewed and removed the power supply that had been mounted in the case, put the pico-psu power supply back in place (I had to drill the hole for the barrel-connection out to be a little bigger since the pico-psu internal/external connection is threaded and held in place by nut with lock washer), and routed wires to be clear of cpu fan, screwed MB to stand-offs, and closed it all up.

now, everything is great. I like this linkworld case, but the power supply is worthless. I may try to get a few dollars back from the ebay vendor, to make me happy with a case that is less than what I should have gotten, but is working for me; I don't want to wait on returns, etc.

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i upgraded my os from xp to win 7 there some programs on my image files which are not running fine on Win 7 like counter strike condition zero
please help

A:Image CD software doesn't work in Windows 7 was working fine in XP

Not all XP programs are 100% Win 7 compatible. Probably the problem with the game. Try running the game in XP compatibility mode and see if that helps.

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I'm trying to figure out if my problem is my graphics card (EVGA GTX 460 1GB) or my motherboard (Biostar TZ68A+ LGA1155).

This computer is a brand new build. Please click my system specs for more details.

I have two PCI-E 2.0 slots. There is one x16 slot and one x4 slot.

90% of the time, my machine freezes a few seconds after powering on (at the BIOS logo screen or a few seconds after that) while inserted in the x16 slot. Sometimes it works, however, yet it is so infrequently that I've given up on the x16 slot for now. It will even freeze after I've entered my BIOS settings page, even just while browsing around in it.

The same graphics card in my PCI-E 2.0 x4 slot works fine (if you ignore the fact that it's running at 1/4 it's potential speed). At least I can boot the machine up.

I've spoken with a few different professionals about this, and the conclusion is that my problem lies either (a) with my PCI-E x16 slot; or (b) with my GTX 460. Apparently the graphics card COULD work just fine in the x4 slot and still be damaged.

Now, I know that you're going to tell me to try a different card in my computer, or try the card in a different computer. However that isn't practical for me at the moment.

I was wondering what you guys think, or if anyone has experience with this first-hand.

What are you leaning towards? Mobo, or Gfx card?

A:Graphics card in PCI-E x16 doesn't work, works fine in the x4 slot ??

Should also have mentioned that I've run three passes with Memtest86 without any errors.

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Recently I'm getting some trouble with my home server and I thought I'll ask here before troubleshooting it myself (a bit short on time).

I didn't notice it for some time because it is fully automated and works by shared resources and telnet. I noticed it when I got back home and... nothing :D (lights, ventilation and many more are connected to it).

When I tried to use VNC it failed. When I went to the box and checked display there was no BSOD, just black screen, like when PC is connected to power but turned off. After restart everything worked fine. I set up some logging and dumps in case of error / bsod and left it be.

After one day I tried to use VNC and it failed, display was dead too. Services and shares worked FINE tho. Power off / restart buttons DIDN'T work, I had to hold off 4 sec.

After restart - logs clean, no dumps, main suspect VGA card.
What do you think, did you ever encountered anything similar? What can be failing? Most likely OS or hardware error?

A:Display/VNC doesn't work but file/service sharing works fine

After some observation VGA is fine, no power problems either. It looks like its a mobo problem (noticed wrong system time). I'll sit through post next time I restart it and reset bios.

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Everything was working great, before, but when i turned on my computer yesterday morning, It did not want to connect. It kept saying that it was my router when i tried to diagnose it, but i know its not b.c i can still play on xbox live and it works when i run windows xp. I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers but no luck.
Here are my system specs:
Samsung SincMaster 2253LW
Windows 7 x64 7068+Windows xp pro sp3 x32
Antec 1200
Gigabyte GA-Ep45C-DS3R
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 w/xigmatec hdt-s1283 at 3.6ghz
Patriot 6gb ddr2-800 @ 975mhz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 280
ThermalTake true power 600w|Seagate 320gb
Logitech vx revolution
Apple alumnium keyboard

A:Internet doesn't work With Build 7068 x64

anybody, i am thinking of going back to vista

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You have to reinstall from the chrome website, thereby getting the latest Chrome version. You will keep your Bookmarks automatically.

A:Build 14251 - Chrome doesn't work

After totally uninstalling Google Chrome including all registry entries and folder containers in normal and hidden folders, and the reinstalling Chrome, Google Chrome does not open. There is an exception in the event viewer, the contents of which means the following:
Computers have limits, they cannot divide a number by zero, nor read memory that isnt there, (and lots of other things).

They use a generic mechanism called Exceptions, to signal the software that it cannot do the operation it was requested to do, and some information as to why not.

Straight out of section 3.1.9, table 3-2 of Intel Processor Instruction Manual
0 #DE—Divide Error DIV and IDIV instructions.
13 #GP—General Protection Any memory reference andother protection checks.

Peruse this excerpt from the IA-32 Intel? Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3: System Programming Guide (bear with me, it gets better)


Exceptions are classified as faults, traps, or aborts depending on the way they are reported and whether the instruction that caused the exception can be restarted with no loss of program or task continuity.

Faults A fault is an exception that can generally be corrected and that, once corrected, allows the program to be restarted with no loss of continuity. When a fault is reported, the processor restores the machine state to the state prior to the beginning of execution of the faulting instruction. The return address (saved contents of the ... Read more

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I searched multiple forums and could not find something similar enough to what I am experiencing with this computer, so here I post my scenario and question.

My girlfriends computer (Emachines T2742) was just running fine the other day. Her dad said it was turning off by itself all of the sudden and now it won't even come on. I took it completely apart "everything out" and cleaned out every spec of dust. Hooked up a known working power supply (it has a test button on it). Only having the power supply connected to the mobo and the hard drive with all other components disconnected, the test button is pressed and the ps fan and cpu fan turn on. There is also a green light on on the mobo "which means the mobo is getting power" correct? I press the power button on the case and nothing happens. I hooked the power led, hdd led and power switch all to a bread board for testing and they all work fine when the power button is pressed, so I know it isn't the switch which is bad. I tried everything I could possibly think of and the damn thing will not turn on. Also, I tried to turn it on with ram properly seated. Can someone give me some ideas please, this is driving me nuts. I almost am starting to think the power supply went and took the mobo with it. Possible?

A:Computer worked fine, now it does not? Help?

yes if the power supply went it could of took parts with it causing it not too boot the mobo miight be fried........ first take out all ide/sata drives and take any daughterboards like modems and graphics out. Then reboot and see if you get a beep if you do then good news, if you dont then your mobo is fried sorry. next power off and now put the boards back (graphics first) and reboot. and then keep adding the parts back until you find the hardware with a short in it.

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Hi im having this weird probably connecting to the internet. Im knowledgeable about computers but this problem has baffled me. I have been working on this problem for over a month now and went nowhere. i have 2 other computers wired to a router and they both work fine and 2 laptops connected via wireless and they all work fine. The computer thats not working had mcafee antivirus installed..subscription expired and did not renew and i uninstalled it. I thought mcafee was stopping my connection to the internet but it wasn't. Found traces of mcafee stuff still installed but removed it through the registry and with use of a program called perfect uninstaller. After all that still no internet working. The internet first stopped working when my dad installed cisco vpn client. I deleted and uninstalled that but still no use. I also called my isp..was told to go to command prompt and do flushdns..release and renew..all that did not work either. They said from there end everything looks fine and its probably something taking my connection. I tried all tools like winsock fix... registry cleaners tc/ip connection fixes ip stack configuration name it i tried it..i even deleted the ethernet card drivers and reinstalled and updated it. Today i bought a usb wirless dongle to see if maybe the eithernet card is bad and that didnt work either. Im all out of ideas now and seeking a professional take on this. Here is my hijackthis log.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
... Read more

A:Another case of connected to the internet but internet does not work

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I upgraded Vista x64 Ultimate to Win 7 x64 Ultimate.

The upgrade went fine - no major issues with the upgrade process.

I am, though, having some small issues when running 7:

1. Outlook 2007 process remains open after closing Outlook.
2. Very slow closing certain programs/games.
3. Gadgets doesn't work.
4. Occasional empty folder pops up on taskbar that I can't close.
5. WEI for my SATA3 HD is 2.9 - 500GB Seagate
6. System shutdowns take forever

The system, overall, seems to be quite responsive but the problems I'm running into are somewhat frustrating

Not sure if these have been addressed in other threads yet, as I'm still searching them. I'm guessing that part of it may be due to MB driver issues, but not sure - running an EVGA 780i MB.



A:Win 7 Upgrade worked fine, but a few issues...

Your problems are probably all related to the fact that upgraded instead of a fresh install either that or you have disabled UAC

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I have a special font (.ttf) that comes with a third party program. In addition to the program reading the font, I also install it in Windows to use it in Word documents.
This font worked fine when installed on my Windows 7 64-bit computer.
However, on my Windows 8 64-bit computer, 16 of the characters on the font do not show. Windows has substituted other default characters in place of these. (I checked the charmap and instead of the characters, Windows puts default characters.)
Yet when I open the font in a third party program like Font Creator, all of the characters on the font appear true.
Is there a setting in Windows 8 that I need to adjust so the characters will show as they are supposed to? Or is there a way to tweak the font so Windows 8 sees all of the characters that are on it?
I went into the font settings and made sure it is set to show all fonts, not just those for my language.
Unfortunately, the person who created the original font has passed away so I cannot talk to him. But I was able to find out that the font was created by a program called FontLab (which I don't have and can't afford to buy.)
I have made sure that my laptop has a default printer selected, so that is not the issue.
Attached are two pictures. One shows the spaces on the charmap that are not showing the correct characters, and the other shows the characters that Font Creator shows as being on those spaces in the font.
Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Font worked fine in Win 7 is not working right in Win 8

Do the characters print Correctly? What "Word" program are you using that displays the Characters incorrectly? Did this computer Come with windows 8 or did you upgrade your Windows 7 computer?

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I have a special font (.ttf) that comes with a third party program. In addition to the program reading the font, I also install it in Windows to use it in Word documents.
This font worked fine when installed on my Windows 7 64-bit computer.
However, on my Windows 8 64-bit computer, 16 of the characters on the font do not show. Windows has substituted other default characters in place of these. (I checked the charmap and instead of the characters, Windows puts default characters.)

Yet when I open the font in a third party program like Font Creator, all of the characters on the font appear true.

Is there a setting in Windows 8 that I need to adjust so the characters will show as they are supposed to? Or is there a way to tweak the font so Windows 8 sees all of the characters that are on it?

I went into the font settings and made sure it is set to show all fonts, not just those for my language.

Unfortunately, the person who created the original font has passed away so I cannot talk to him. But I was able to find out that the font was created by a program called FontLab (which I don't have and can't afford to buy.)

I have made sure that my laptop has a default printer selected, so that is not the issue.

Attached are two pictures. One shows the spaces on the charmap that are not showing the correct characters, and the other shows the characters that Font Creator shows as being on those spaces in the font.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I have been having trouble accessing my favorite webpage, I have been on the site for about 4 years and have never had this problem.

Everytime I try to go to the site, I get "This Page cannot be displayed." Also, if I go to a search engine and type in "deviantart", I get the same message. However, I can still get to any other webpage, but nothing that has to do with "deviantart".

I am using the newest version of Internet Explorer, and I even tried the newest version of Mozilla Firefox, but no luck. I'm also using McAfee. Cox is my ISP.

I've tried clearing my cookies, files, and the like. And also I've gone through the processes of clearing any possible hijacking, but still, nothing seems to work. Other people seem to be having no problems getting on to the site though.

It's very irritating and I would be very very grateful if someone has a solution.

Thank you

A:Cannot access a webpage that worked fine before

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I installed Windows7 from a USB stick that I got from Microsofts online service (not sure whether it had the Service pack or not) onto a new Asrock motherboard, and an AMD APU. Got it working. Installed the drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard, did back up to a DVD, and then connected to the web, and the first thing that happens is an update from Windows.

Normally this would result in some type of warning "installing update 1... n, do not shut down your PC." Now it's just saying "shutting down" and it's been like this for approx 30-45 minutes. I tried ctrl+alt+del and ctr+shift+esc, but they resulted in nothing. How long should I wait?

A:New W7 installation; everything worked fine, until the update

Never mind. I forced a shutdown. Seems to have gone well.

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Hi everyone. I hope I am posting this in the right spot.
One day my internet is working, the next day its not.

My computer shows an error that says, "the realtek pcie fe family controller adapter is experiencing driver or hardware problems."

I have an hp desktop model #p6533w.

I am not that computer savvy so please let me know of any additional info you need to make a better analysis.

Things I have tried:
> restoring my computer to an earlier time
> restoring my computer to factory settings
> resetting my modem.

A:I cannot get my internet to connect... worked fine before.

Try updating the driver in device manager...

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Hello everyone,

I just built a desktop with brand new hardware, all except the hard drive, which is taken from my old system. The hard drive has the OS from my old system (which was working fine) plus all of the data.

Now, the hardware on the system seem to be working fine, but it goes to BSOD on boot.

System specifications:
Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64bit (Retail;Original OS)
Asus P8Z68-v LX
Zotac Geforce GTX 560
Intel Core i-7 2600k Sandy Bridge
8 gb ram Corsair
700W power supply

Here is the boot process:
1. ASUS logo from P8Z68-V keyboard
2. "Starting Windows" screen (the 4 colored dots move, in the process of becoming the windows logo)
3. The dots freeze for about half a second
4. BSOD: STOP 0x0000007B 0xFFFFF880009A97E8 0xFFFFFFFFC0000034 0x0000000000 0x0000000000

I've tried System Restore and Startup Repair Tool, neither does a thing. I've also tried to start the system with Safe Mode, but the same BSOD happens.

Because I can't get into Windows, there's no way for me to run any of the diagnostics tools.

Does anyone know of what the problem is and how I can fix it? Been working on it the whole day and it's driving me crazy...

If there is any additional information I can provide, please post.

Any help is appreciated, thank you so much!!

A:BSOD While Booting, Safe mode doesn't work, new build


After messing for hours with the BIOS, I fixed the problem by switching SATA mode from AHCI to IDE mode.

Can someone explain to me how this made everything boot properly?

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Anti-KeyLogger feature doesn't work with opera (works with chrome in the same system).

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(Writing this on a phone)
So I was using my computer just fine one day though I had noticed it running a bit slower
Than usually.
Next day when I boot it up I get a black screen where windows runs some kind of repair on the registry.
After that it goes to the windows login and I could a sees windows it was super slow and would not start any programs without freezing so I reinstalled windows 7 and after it worked fine though I had to look for some missing drivers.
Day after I boot it up again and get startup repair that states it can not fix the problem.
This is the error message:

So after trying to fix it by disconnecting external devices which only was my keyboard, mouse and screen. It still did not work so I reinstalled windows again.
It worked for the entire day again with no problem. Started it this morning and logged in it was missing audio drivers, restarted the computer and now it will not boot.

A:Can't boot windows after it worked fine for a day after reinstall.

try the steps in the following link to see if it helps ya out any:

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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2 weeks ago I bought a new Asus RT-N15U router, everything was fine up until 2 days ago when the 2nd PC could not connect to the internet, before that it was working fine. I tried changing cables and even connecting directly from the affected PC to the cable modem and it still didnt fix it. It so weird that even when I connect directly to the cable modem the PC still cant connect to the internet. So I realized this was most likely something beyond my knowledge and Im looking for some advise. Both connections are wired, tried resetting the router and letting it auto detect my setup and that didnt solve it either. The main error I get is "Local area connection does not have a valid IP configuration" after running network diagnostics.
Ipconfig log:
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : xxyy-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 9C-B7-0D-26-A6-68
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Ethernet adapter L... Read more

A:New router worked fine for 2 weeks, now 2nd PC cannot connect.

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I bought this computer about 2 months ago from a market, it already had vista installed and it worked fine and dandy but now it asks me for a activation key which I don't have nor do I have the disc. Is there a way I can get to my desktop??

All I want to do is burn my pictures and videos so I don't lose them and then format and reinstall XP.

A:Vista worked fine but now It asks me to activate.

Have you tried Safe Mode?

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i recently had windows 7 ultimate installed and after i had it for a while decded that wanted to switch back to windows xp. while i was using windows 7, i had a network bridge setup so that i could connect to xbox live (had my xbox connedted to my desktop with wifi). it worked flawlessly, but now since i installed xp, i cannot bridge the connections. everytime i try to do so, the wireless adapter goes to "not connected".

A:network bridge worked fine, until i switched to XP

While Win7 likes to use a network bridge for ICS, Win XP does not. For XP you can use the guide in the link below to set up ICS.

How to configure Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP

Internet Connection Sharing with Windows XP

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I was importing Pix from my Kodak Easy Share camera. After doing that, I unplugged my USB plug, but inadvertently unplugged my Ext HD USb plug(formerly Drive F). I then removed the USB for the camera and then plugged in the HD USB plug.

My computer now showed my Camera as an external device. I uninstalled it. I turned off the computer, but still I can't access the F drive. Finding the device via Ctrl Panel doesn't help either. I am out of ideas.

Can anyone help?


A:Hitachi Ext HD worked fine until importing Pix from camera

Is the drive receiving power? Another usb port? Is it appearing in Device Manager? Sure that it is not under a different drive letter now?

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Hi, Acer Aspire E15 E51-511-C7PH powers off, I restart it and it powers off again.I did a reset  to factory settings, restarted from system recovery, no good.Battery charges, power supply works fine, what's wrong?Thank you,

Go to Solution.

A:Hi, Acer Aspire E15 E51-511-C7PH worked fine for a...

As you have mentioned that there is no issue with your power supply and your battery is also charging, there is a probability that your battery backup has gone down. To check if this is the case, you are advised to generate a battery report by following the guidelines mentioned on the link below and see if that helps: If you are not able to find anything substantial from the report indicating that there is some issue with the battery, you can consider using another working battery (if feasible) and see if the issue occurs with another battery as well. Malware and virus infections can also cause Windows to shut down abruptly. To check and remove the infection, you can scan your system using the security software (if any) installed on your system. In addition to this, you can also follow the guidelines mentioned on the link below to detect and remove infection: If the issue still persists, you are advised to contact nearest Acer service center by using the link below to check if there is any hardware issue: Hope this will help you.

View solution in origina... Read more

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I've got a Lite-On SOHW-1653S DVD burner, using Windows XP. It's worked fine from the day I bought it 12 months ago.

Over the last few weeks, it's failed every time. I try to burn some data files to a disc -- using Nero, or CD Burner XP Pro -- and it fails during the burn. When putting in a blank disc, I hear some low clicking sounds. I assume this to be the lens adjusting to a distance where it can read the discs, as I sometimes here similar sounds from my PS2.

I know it's not the discs, as I've tried using a few different brands, and discs from the same spindles work just perfectly on my neighbours' writers.

I'd appreciate any responses, even vague suggestions. I'd really like to avoid having to reformat to fix it, as it would be a massive pain, what with my 160GB of ipods and only having a 40GB HDD...

As a side-note, my DVD-ROM/CD-Writer often tells me there's no media in the drive when trying to read discs. Not sure if this is related, but it started a the same time.

A:All my DVD burns fail between 15 - 40%. Burner worked fine a while ago.

I would first suspect a failing laser in the drive, even at 12 months it happens.

Not repairable either.

As it "almost works" its unlikely to be a Windows software error.

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About an hour ago the computer was working fine. After going out, coming back and turning it on, it would not display anything on the monitor.

I opened the case up and looked at what happened. Everything is plugged in correctly. I have removed most of the dust inside. The graphics card fan spins once and then stops upon powering it up.

I believe it is an AMD (Radeon HD?) R7700.

After looking online I tried replugging the PCI-E into it and nothing changed. It worked fine an hour ago, can anyone help me out?

UPDATE: Turns out it appears to be overheating as the only decent explanation. It refused to work for a good 5 hours, but after leaving for 3 hours and coming back it worked fine.

A:Graphics card not working - worked fine before

Update - still not working but when i reseated the RAM and powered it on it made beeping sounds and the fan spun - still no picture. Reseated again and nothing happened. (Back to square one)

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Hello all,

Straight to the issue:

My internet has been fine, for a while now... then all of a sudden i am not getting a signal...

what i know:
- there were no cable outages in my area
- i have a 2:1 cable splitter in my room (1 for tv and 1 for the modem)
- when i plug the cable from the jack right into the modem it works
- thinking the splitter might be bad i went and purchased a new splitter.
- i have tested multiple wires from the splitter to the modem

So i am not sure what i can do to resolve this issue... why would my modem not detect a signal coming from a splitter all of a sudden?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Thanks ahead of time everyone!

A:No internet signal... worked fine 2 days ago

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Hi there, my first post here and hoping some knowledgable people will be able to help me with my problem.

EDIT: May well be fixed, manually booted onto my second hard drive and it booted fine. Must've accidentally installed OS onto that one instead. I'll change the BIOS order and it should all be good.

So I obtained the official Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit iso from the microsoft website, burned it onto a USB flash drive and performed the clean install onto my laptop. Whilst doing this I deleted the partition which had all the dell drivers and utilities etc on, no biggy I thought since I have that installation disc anyway.

Anyway the clean install worked fine, booted to the desktop at which point I noticed I didn't have the tools needed to connect to Wi-Fi so I used the dell drivers/utilities installation disc to install the necessary things. At this point I restarted the laptop.

The Problem
Now after the restart, the initial screen appears with the usual "F2 for setup, F12 for boot options" prompt. After this it turns to a black screen with _ flashing in the upper left of it (before the clean install it would do this for a few seconds before going onto the windows logo and booting up as usual). However now it is just stuck on this screen indefinitely.

Any help/ideas? At the moment I'm just re-downloading the iso to try do the clean install again, as I stupidly deleted it once the clean install was done!

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 Clean Install - Worked fine until restart

Hello Madnesslink5 and welcome to Seven Forums.

It looks like you can now boot ok. Is that what your EDIT means ???

Post a screen print of Disk Management so experts here can see what you have and may be able to help clean things up.
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

It sounds like you installed Windows with multiple HDs connected ...
It's best to only have the HD connected where you are installing Windows while installing.
Then none of the installation/boot files can be put on some other HD.

Here are some tutorials by gregrocker you should review:
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 (applies to Retail also)
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

I suggest keeping the install media.
You may need it some day for a Startup Repair, Reinstall, etc.
I burn a bootable DVD, create bootable flash stick, and keep the ISO file on HD.
Maybe overkill, but if any one media fails, I have other options if needed ...

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About amonth ago I was installing updates and suddenly my pc rebooted, and I was shown the GRUB boot loader, which I don't recall ever using, i tried logging into windows using the bootloader but it didn't work, so i resulted to the fixmbr and that did the trick, a few days ago, I needed to check on my properties of my PC and noticed that my windows was no longer activated. I have run sfc and that gave me the windows protection message, I also ran chkdsk. I also looked at buying a new key since I'm running ultimate and considering downgrading to pro, if I can't get this fixed, which I rather not spend the cash if I need to, can anyone help me out. In the last year I replace the hard drives, cloned the system, switched to AHCI while still activated, and activated the on board firewire, the last install before I checked the activation was was protools which installed a fair bit of hardware drivers.

A:Pc rebooted during updates worked fine for awhiland now is not genuine

Are you sure your version was genuine?

Run this to double check

Copy and paste all the contents here.

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