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How to disable/turn off touchpad on toshiba satellite laptop

Q: How to disable/turn off touchpad on toshiba satellite laptop

Its wierd, I disabled it in the mouse menu and still works - which I want it not to obviously.

A: How to disable/turn off touchpad on toshiba satellite laptop

Why worry about it? If you have a secondary pointing device, just use it and ignore the touchpad.

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Hi I'm trying to fix my mother's laptop. It has an interesting problem that I've never seen

Whenever the laptop is unplugged from AC power, the touchpad works just fine with no problems. But whenever it is plugged into AC power it stops working all the time except a few rare occasions it does.

I've already tried re-installing the driver for the touchpad but it didn't work at all.

Any suggestions?

A:Toshiba Satellite M45 S269 laptop Touchpad problem

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So a couple months ago, my started having an odd little issue--sometimes, when I try to start it back up from hibernate or sleep, the power light will come on, and I can hear the fan running lightly, but the screen stays black and won't do anything. Usually, after fiddling with it for a bit, it randomly starts working again. However, the problem has become increasingly frequent.

Here's what happens:
I press the power button. It makes the little internal starting up noise, and the fan starts. The power button also lights up, but the other lights don't and the screen stays black, and it's not the "I'm trying to turn on" black. I mean the kind of black that it would be if the screen wasn't working.

Having said that, no, it's not a screen issue. When all the lights come on in my computer, I know it will work, but right now just the power light is on with none of the other ones, except the small ones at the bottom that say its plugged in and the powers on. It will work for weeks at a time, and then one day I will open it, and it won't completely wake up from sleep, so I will turn it off and it will do this for between 4 days and a week before randomly turning back on completely for a couple weeks. It feels like I am missing something really easy to do, but I also feel like it is really weird.

Other things:
-Leaving it on in its not-quite-started state does not change anything. It makes absolutely no attempt to start up once the ... Read more

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A friend brought her Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7438 laptop to me and wants me to see if I can tell what is wrong with it. When I took out the battery and plugged it in, the lite comes on that it is plugged in. When trying to start it, nothing. Where shall I start with this dead laptop?

A:Solved: older toshiba satellite laptop won't turn on

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It is Satellite model no. L305-S5933

I've read that the thing that destroys the battery fastest is overcharging the battery. That's why I want to turn it off. The only alternative that I have been able to find is unplugging the battery which means I have to restart machine from scratch, as opposed to waken it from sleep, every time I want to use it.

Is there a way to stop the battery from charging other than unplugging it?

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on my admin account the touchpad freezes, but when i use the keyboard to go to the shut down page i am able to use the guest account without the mouse freezing. i contacted customer support and they said it was a software problem.

A:Toshiba satellite c55 a touchpad

what windows version, and then we can move to the correct OS forum

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had disabled touch pad on my toshiba satellite whilst using windows vista,upgraded it to windows 7,then touchpad no longer works even though windows 7 recognizes it as enabled and working shall i fix it ?Please Assist,

A:toshiba satellite touchpad (mouse)

Select your model info here..........
Then check for a touchpad driver,download and install it.
Probably a synaptic touchpad driver.
The laptop model should be on the bottom of the laptop.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L305d S394 that had the Vista virus on it when I purchased it one year ago. I scratched the original OS and installed W7 on it and found immediate relief. The only problem I am having is that the touchpad is way too touchy. I will be typing in one window and the cursor will jump, of its own volition, to another place in the document, to another window, or will bring up some menu option (like delete!!!!!)

I have read the Toshiba website, as well as a few other sites that I found googling but seem to get doublespeak about this problem.

Is there any way to find a file that is only a driver for the touchpad? I kept getting directed to a master "help you upgrade to 7" file, and I was afraid that if I used it I might take out all of my data files.

A:Touchy touchpad on my toshiba satellite

I know exactly what you are going through, I was fighing with it myself with a linux install. finally got it fixed.

there should be touchpad settings in your control panel. it may be under the mouse settings or its own. just turn off the tap feature.

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The mouse, out of nowhere, starts to go to the right or to the left and there is nothing to do to remove it from the place. Sometimes it stops and others doesn't. This problem prevents us from working. It has nothing to do with the mouse (we tried several) or with docking station because it happens without the docking station.

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To start off, I seen another thread about the TouchPad not working but this is a slightly different situation.. First off, it's a really new computer and I'm dual booting windows 10 and linux. Anyways, the TouchPad only works in windows but it randomly stops working every once in a while and I have to go into the mouse settings and re-enable it but what I thought was really weird is that when I go to the efi firmware settings, it doesn't work either.. The mouse cursor is stuck on the left side of the screen and i have to use the keyboard to navigate, even a Bluetooth mouse won't work there.. That tells me that is not a windows issue but that also tells me that is not a hardware issue either because it works in windows when i enable it in the settings.. I also have to use the bluetooth mouse for linux as it doesn't work at all.. I'm not a noob by no means, i fix pc's for a living and i usually have some kind of idea on how to fix issues but this one, i have no idea.. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Sent from my SGH-M919N using Tapatalk

A:Toshiba Satellite TouchPad not working

Did u try putting your USB mouse in another USB slot?
Does your mouse even turn on?

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Inherited a TOSHIBA SATELLITE laptop computer (2008 vintage) from my daughter. It had VISTA on it and an old version of IE. Would not update IE saying it was 'not computable with OS'. So I installed w-7 allowing the 'C' system partition to be overwritten; then installed SP-1 update. Works fine now, except I need to update the touchpad driver. Synaptics was original driver but was erased on the w-7 install. Tried to see if the available download for VISTA from Synaptics might work but it will not install.
The touchpad as it functions from the W-7/SP-1 is pretty sad in my way of thinking. Is there a program or driver I might install to improve it to something similar to as-it-was or maybe better?

A:Toshiba Satellite touchpad driver?

Have you tried here?

Synaptics Drivers

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On a Toshiba Satellite the touchpad is all together with the laptop cover and to fix it
I think I have to replace the whole cover to fix the touchpad, unless there is a way
to remove the touchpad board and replace that board, is there ?

A:Touchpad on toshiba satellite L305D, Help!

Look at these links.

Up to step 8 shows how to remove the cover.
How to remove LCD screen and replace video cable in Toshiba Satellite L305 and L305D laptop

Here is the touchpad


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Hello all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-1AP that has problems in the touchpad area. I've replaced the touchpad itself and refreshed the drivers but the problem remains.

Sometimes there is no response at all, at other times it just moves the mouse pointer extremely slowly and erratically. When the first problem occurred I attached a USB mouse which worked fine. On subsequent attempts the mouse is not recognised at all, on any port. I've adjusted the sensitivity via control panel (Win7) but there is little difference in behaviour. I'm also aware of the Fn+F9 switch.

I suspect the thing is destined for scrap. Any suggestions as to how to rescue it would be gratefully received.

Thanks for your time,

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My uncle has a toshiba laptop. He hates the touchpad, but can't figure out how to disable it. He uninstalled the software, but it still works. Does anyone know how to turn off a toshiba touchpad? Please Help! Thanks.

A:Toshiba Touchpad won't turn off!

Try going through Device Manager to see if it is listed. If it is, right click --> disable.

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I can't use touchpad after install windows7 on my satellite m100
In device manager it shows "PS/2 Compatible Mouse"
my part no. is PSMADL-00V00F
how can i solve the problem?


A:toshiba satellite m100 touchpad problem

Try this touchpad driver, if it doesn't work, let me know, either way really.

Model Content Page

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Hey all!

I upgraded my laptop with Vista to Windows 7 Professional and ever since then I cannot get access to the touchpad settings at all. I want to turn off the tapping and turn on the scrolling. I have tried installing and uninstalling the device as well as the new the new driver for my symantics touchpad from the symantics website and the recommended driver from the toshiba site but neither has worked.

When I go into device properties and go to change settings the only options I have are to specify the actions the two buttons have.

Totally absolutely should have been an easy fix.

Any suggestions?


A:Solved: Toshiba Satellite A200 touchpad

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I have been using both the touchpad and usb mouse together successfully for many months then first the touchpad stopped responding then 30 minutes later the pad buttons quit working.

I have been in control panel and made sure the touchpad is turned on, tried it with the mouse unplugged, nada.

Any ideas?

Toshiba Satellite M-100 1111e


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First, a web page froze up, then the cursor would not respond to being tapped on the touchpad. I tried restarting a few times.

The cursor was gone for awhile, is now back but again not reacting to being tapped by the touchpad.
Happy to start the pre-work when directed. Thanks in advance to all!

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working on a laptop that I removed a stack of viruses from. The laptop is running fine with a USB mouse but I would like to get the touchpad working as well. My problem is that the friend's son had the laptop: I know for sure that he filled it full of porn and viruses (which I removed) BUT he wont admit to having physically damaged the touchpad. I've googled all the forums, been on the Tosh site and reinstall driver about ten times, applied SP3, checked BIOS, toggled Fn-F9 ... but I still cant get the touchpad to

There's nothing in the BIOS and Toshiba diagnostics tests everything bar the touchpad. Does anybody have any suggestions as to something else that I could boot to that will tell me if there is a hardware fault?


A:Touchpad not detected on Toshiba Satellite A60 (PSA60E)

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I have a Toshiba Satellite E205, Win 7. A small icon with a picture of the touchpad keeps appearing in the middle of my screen, quickly followed by a similar one, but with a red circle. The mouse or touchpad then freezes briefly. By looking in Task Manager, Processes, I see that this is accompanied by the appearance of touchpadED.exe, which then disappears from processes. I think it started when I unplugged a USB hub with mouse and keyboard from my computer while it was still on. I removed and reinstalled the Synaptics Touchpad driver from Toshiba, ran virus scan and malware software, and cannot stop the process in Task Manager. How can I get rid of this problem??

A:Toshiba Satellite E205 touchpad issues

Try installing this: It may fail since Toshiba has very bad support for drivers coming from manufacturers.

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Just bought my Satellite P50-C-18k laptop yesterday - I do not like having tap to click as it seems to be over sensitive and accidentally selects various links as I move the cursor around.
So a simple task - how to disable tap to click on the touchpad - or seriously reduce the sensitivity.

I have of course gone to control panel and unchecked all of the various multiple finger options etc for the touchpad/Elan. I have also had a look at the mouse options but nothing obvious there. I downloaded the touchpad driver from the Toshiba website but that made no difference.

I noticed an earlier thread where people were messing around with the registry but on a different model so i dont really want to try that on my new laptop but if someone can confirm if thats suitable for use with Windows 10 (anniversary updated) 64 bit on the P50_C_18K I will give it a go.

The website is pretty frustrating - with Yoko offering tips that are not really helpful and no obvious way to make a quick phone call for support.

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I went to use my laptop today, and I discovered that the touchpad has stopped working. In fact, I was unable to even get past the sign-on screen, and if it weren't for the fact that I got a mouse arrow with a plug-in USB mouse, the laptop would be completely dead to me.

My son uses the laptop for Minecraft gaming, but I don't think that has anything to do with this. Even a reboot didn't change anything. I wonder if a Windows update screwed something up (again)? I'm at a loss. I'm not always where I can set up a physical mouse to use - and frankly I don't want to have to.

Any suggestions?

A:My Toshiba Satellite touchpad suddenly stopped working

Found the solution. When I pressed the F5 button (not Fn + F5), I got a popup that said "touchpad disabled." When I pressed it again, it said "touchpad enabled." I unplugged my USB mouse and tried again, and it's now working. What a screwed up design that allows a user to accidentally disable one's touchpad with an accidental press of the F5 key. Then you have to research the problem before figuring out the problem. Someone in the Toshiba laptop design department should be fired.

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I am disappointed with the ALPS touchpad driver which Tosihba provides for my laptop and have tried Synaptics' drivers but they do not seem to be compatible (Scrolling does not work).

The issue with the ALPS touchpad driver is that it does not support continuous scrolling, which is a must-have in my opinion.

Are there by any chance any alternative drivers which at least support continuous scrolling and are compatible with my laptop?

I've googled alot, but to no avail...

Thanks in advance - Brutality

A:Alternative touchpad driver for Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-14M?


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hey all, i'm typing from a keyboard-only laptop that i'm fixing for a friend. it's got a standard touchpad and mouse buttons, but they dpn't work. iver tried updating the drivers, uninstalling, etc to no avail. the driver status is always 'the device could not start' leading me to believe that the touchpad's hardware has burned out, but would this explain a USB mouse not working? it's a kensington USB mouse, and i dont know the model right now.. it has all supposedly worked before but now it doesnt. everything on the laptop seems to be in perfect working order... LCD screen, sound, wireless, speed,'s a windows xp sp2 with pentium 4.
any help would be appreciated..

A:Toshiba Satellite A45-S250 touchpad/mouse NOT working


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

A:Toshiba Satellite A200 Notebook - Synaptics Touchpad Not Scrolling?

It could be a hardware issue.

I had similar problems w/ notebook - mousepad had to be replaced.

You could try to un-install all drivers in Device Manager then re-boot. Vista will re-install. Also make sure to go to OEM site and get updated driver - if available.

Note that you will lose mouse function completely after un-install. Have USB mouse or b/c familar with CTRL-ALT-DEL that will get you to screen so you can use arrow keys to restart system

Regards. . .



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OK, I was using my Toshiba Satellite, and out of nowhere, the touchpad stops working completely. no buttons work or anything. I've run a virus scan, booted in safe mode, tried rolling back driver, tried updating driver, tried installing driver package from Toshiba... Nothing... Any ideas?

A:Toshiba Satellite C55-B5302 touchpad stopped working completely

Obvious question...but...did you hit the button or key combination that disabled the touchpad?

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Originally Posted by justinc89

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

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My webcam suddenly stopped working again...when I try to start Toshiba Web Application - it says 'Web Camera failed to initialize - please check device and restart application or you computer'. This is the second time in a week this has miraculously started working again...but now its stopped and I cant get it to work and from I got my laptop my touch pad has been malfunctioning since the day I got it...just two months ago...the cursor just sticks and refuses to move.... HELP!!!!

Oh....since I changed to AVG Free 2012 from 2011 this has been happening...with the webcam...HELP!!!!

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I hope someone can help me with this weird problem
My laptop is Satellite U405-S2833 with 1.2 GB Core 2 duo.

It came with a Vista home premium operating system, but I later added XP professional to it (Dual booting)
About 10 months ago, the touchpad as well as the 3 USB ports stopped functioning. Two of the ports will not recognize peripherals, but could power the items, while the third was totally redundant. Since then, I have been using an express card USB adapter for attaching an external mouse and other peripherals. The problems were occurring in both operating systems.
Laptop technicians have had a look at it to no avail.

Here comes the weird part: On occasions when I had to repair or install windows, the pad works perfectly, only to stop working after windows has fully installed.

NB: I have updated the BIOS to the latest version (4.0). Windows 7 RC also exhibited the same problem

A:Weird touchpad problem with Toshiba Satellite U405-S2833

go to the Toshiba site and get the latest drivers and utilities

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Hi, I have had a Toshiba Satellite A665 for a few years now and have had no major problems up until now.

The first thing that happened is it would shut down randomly while I was using it. I turned it back on a few times and it worked for a while (maybe a few hours) before I noticed its next symptom. I had it plugged into the AC adapter and I started noticing it would only charge for 36 seconds at a time (yes I timed it) and then stop. If I unplugged it and plugged it back in it would work for another 36 seconds.

I then noticed that even though it was plugged in the battery indicator said 0% and not charging. Then it shut off again and I haven't been able to start it since. Now when I plug it in a white light just blinks repeatedly but nothing happens when I press power.

I have removed the battery, drained the power, replaced it, nothing. I have removed and reinserted the RAM, hard drive, and dvd drive, nothing.

Even worse, I put my hard drive in my other Toshiba Satellite, it booted once and now that one has THE SAME PROBLEM and won't start either. I am beyond frustrated and don't know what the hell's going on.

Thanks to anyone who tries to help...

A:Toshiba Satellite won't turn on

Not sure why your other Tosh wouldn't fire up but read on line about one guy who removed the battery for a short while with the AC cord plugged in and then put it back in.

This apparently resets the circuitry as it severs the memory from that battery and the computer "thinks" it's getting a new battery.

If your Tosh is modern enough to have a recovery partition, will it boot up into recovery mode by tapping F8 on boot up or clearing the BIOS may help (?)

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Hi Everyone,

My Toshiba C50-B suddenly stoped to turn on after not using for 5 days.
If I plug in to power, charging LED is lighting red for 5-6 seconds only. At that time it is not booting, fan is not going and screen was black.
Same situation was occured when I pressed power button.
If I remove the battery, charging LED lights on white, but when I push power button, nothing is happening.
I tried to solve it through forum advice (removing battery, holding down power button for 30 up to 60 seconds) but this made no difference.
Without plugged in power cable, even indicators are not lighting.

So can anyone suggest how to fix it? (Unfortunately there is not any official Toshiba Service Center in our region, Uzbekistan).

Thanks in advace.

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I am using a Satellite Pro S500-139 and am having problems with my F9 key. When i type my palm touches the mouse and send the cursor somewhere else on the page. I have reinstalled the ALPS pointing device and now have access to the advanced setting that i wasn't able to get.

Although i can adjust the sensitivity etc i would really like to be able to use the shortcut to disable the mouse momentarily whilst typing. My keyboard shows that if i press fn and F9 the i should be able to disable the mouse however the function doesnt work. all the other F9 functions appear to work.

Do you know if there is a resolution to this?

I am running windows 7 pro 32 bit service pack 1.

A:Satellite Pro S500-139 - FN+F9 button doesnt work to turn touchpad off

What you can try is to reinstall Toshiba value added package.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4344 laptop running Windows XP. Unfortunately, the volume scroll wheel broke off and actually got pushed into the laptop. For some reason this scroll wheel controls the master volume, and presides over all other controls, and now that it has broken off I can't get any sound.

I've tried to do some research and found that if it was running Unbuntu, then I could disable some sort of keyboard shortcut. Here's the thread . But I have yet to find some solution regarding Windows XP.

I honestly could care less to have a functional scroll wheel, thats why I haven't sent it in. Plus $300 to fix a simple scroll wheel seems way too much.

I was hoping that someone could offer a few suggestions as to how I could disable or bypass the volume wheel and ultimately get my sound back. I'm sure anyone with a Toshiba satellite and a similar problem could benefit from this thread whether or not the problem gets fixed.

Thank all you for your time, and hopefully there IS a solution!

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I have Toshiba Satellite A210-16F notebook and it doesn't want to turn off sometimes.
It gets to the "Shutting down" window, but it wont shut down and stays like that until I shut it down manually by holding the POWER button.
What could be a reason of this problem?

A:Toshiba Satellite notebook won't turn off

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the toshiba satellite c50 a1hf laptop worked fine, until i unplugged it when i moved to another room and now it will not run on, the screen is black and there is an orange and white light on the front only usually there is a third light. the most recent things ive done to the laptop that may have caused this was plug a brand new hdmi monitor into it and put in the disc to install the monitor that is what i did yesterdayand it worked fine. and today the monitor said no signal when i turned it on, so i unplugged it from that and the screen on the laptop was also black i have tried the unplubattery and plug and hold down button but that didnt work and the only other option ive seen is to press a rest button at the bottom with a needle but im not sure where to locate it on this model. thank you.

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I have a 3 year old Toshiba Satellite L300, recently it has been taking a long time to turn on. The green light comes on for the power and battery, I have tried taking out the battery and holding the button etc. Sometimes it turns on straight away, other times it can take up ten minutes of me holding the power button to turn on.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks

A:Toshiba satellite taking 5 minutes to turn on

Is the Battery fully charged and does it do the same with just the battery in and or just the power supply?

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my laptop is satellite c850 a796 Corei5 with 4 gb ram in it. yesterday i turned on the laptop and it is not turning on. when i press the power button power led and wifi led, light for about one sec and off with a sound coming from dvd rom.

this this happening again and again. to stop this i have to remove the battery. i tried resseting cmos, reseat ram nothing happens. also tried without battery
no results. this video will show you my problem


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Hi, My sister has a Toshiba Satellite M35X-S309. For some reason, the laptop won't turn on. She took it to a repair shop to see what can be done. They think the power connector is loose. My sister wants them to get the data off the laptop. However, the shop wants to keep the laptop overnight. She does not want to let them have it overnight. How can I slave my sister's laptop harddisk to my PC or my own laptop? Get an external enclosure? Is there anyway to fix the laptop?

A:Toshiba Satellite M35X-S309 won't turn on

You can get a converter like this to hook the drive up as a slave in your desktop PC

If you are good with a soldering iron you can probably replace the power connector. Check out some of Johnwills posts on this site. Like this one.

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toshiba satellite a300d wont turn onBattery light is red when plugged in along with the white plug lightWhen I press the power button it lights up two other lights as well, the on one and one that looks like an a4 sheet of makes one vibration when it turns on also.Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Toshiba satellite a300d wont turn on

Dead laptop

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Ok so my laptop won't turn on at all now. No recent programs were installed. I changed the RAM, tried both slots. Took out the DVD drive an unplugged all devices. Took out the battery an pressed the power button to do a discharge, everything! I'm into tech also, but wanted to see if anyone hav any solution.
I left the laptop to sit for 2 weeks an forgot abt it. So I picked it an giv it a try. An it turned on suddenly, nice. Then I shut it down an try turning it on again. But it won't turn on.
The charger an battery light will show up. The battery usually last for a hour fully charged.
When I try turning it on an it wont work. I plug the charger in an battery light will show orange an like 10mins after it turns white, mean fully charged. Plugged out an try turning it on, plugged charger in the lights turn orange an the process keep going over.
Any help? Thanks in advance
Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

A:Toshiba Satellite L755 Won't turn on! Help needed

Just a few suggestions, let me know which ones you've tried.
Have you tried the rest option? Power off the laptop, unplug the AC from the unit, remove the battery, press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds, replace the battery and AC, power on, if you see the Toshiba logo, press the 'F2' key to enter the BIOS Setup, in setup press 'F9' to load setup defaults, press 'F10' to save and exit, and then boot into Windows.
Have you tried a boot disk option via the DVD or USB?
If you have access to another computer you can get the Windows 10 install and go through the repair options.
There are other boot options around if you want to go very basic. MS-DOS Boot Disk Download | AllBootDisks - Providing Free Boot Disk Downloads. MS-DOS to Windows XP.

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I have a Satllite P750 that will not turn on. Connected portable hard drive to laptop and after about 20 seconds had (electrical type) interferrence on the screen and nothing would work. Not mouse pad, not keyboard, not plug in mouse. Forced shut down (held on/off button 10 seconds) and now it will not turn on again. No light for CPU, no fan, no screen. Tried different power cords, with and without battery. Help backspace button whilst depressing on/off and still nothing. Please help as I have kids photos etc that I don't want to lose.....

A:Solved: toshiba Satellite P750 will not turn on

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Hello everyone,

My little more than one year old Satellite notebook won't turn on when I press the power button. The lights next to the button work, but the computer itself doesn't turn on (no HDD, no CPU).

I took it to a service, and today I called them - they're telling me that the video card overheated (and I didn't really understand, what I got out of it was that the soldered pins got detached) and that's what's causing the problem. They said they can solder it back for $250...

I'm a little skeptical, because I know that I can boot a [desktop] computer without a video card, at least to hear the HDD and the CPU.

Can it be possible that my computer doesn't boot because my video card is detached from the motherboard?

I'm also a little skeptical because I think what they're trying to do is rip me off, that's why I'm asking if this is reasonable. They charge me $30 bucks either way now that they opened my computer and "checked" what was wrong, and they walk away with even more money if they get me to agree to repair it...

My fear is that possibly they even fiddled with my video card now (let's say that the problem was a simple wire and they ruin the soldering on my video card...) just to get me to pay $250 bucks for the computer back.
If I choose to not repair this computer, they'll probably offer to buy it off of me for about the same price if not lower, and it's still a very good lapt... Read more

A:Toshiba Satellite A Series Doesn't Turn On

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when using the above card, and TRENDnet TEW-311BRP WireLess Broadband Router, I cannot get a stable connection.

It always connect and disconnect me.

I use this machine and card all over the world: airports, hotels, offices and it works great.

I asked the dealer to replace the 311. Same problem.

However, if I stick TRENDnet PCMCIA card and disable the Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, I connect w/o disconnections.

any idea?

A:Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop and Wi-Fi Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card

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How do I disable the touchpad on my laptop?

A:How do I disable the touchpad on my laptop?

You should have a button like this one

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Can I disable the touchpad on my Sony Vaio laptop and still use my regular USB connected mouse? The touch mouse is so sensitive that while I'm typing and by its location, it will reposition the cursor with a slight accidental touch. I normally use a regular USB mouse.

A:Disable touchpad on laptop

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I have an HP 550 with Win XP SP3. I need to disable the touchpad on it.I've tried double clicking on the top left hand corner of the pad, pressing the left hand corner for several seconds and Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Mice and other pointing devices. I have no touchpad showing anywhere under any of the logical (or even illogical device management categories, including Mice, Human Interface Devices, System Devices, Keyboards or even USB devices and Computer. Nothing, zero, zip. I've tried disabling the mouse via Device Manager per some instructions and then had to use the touchpad to renable the USB mouse. I have the updated HP drivers for this machine installed. I really need to get this disabled, because I'm only using a mouse and the touchpad is actually a serious liability.I've also Googled until I'm blue in the face and searched the HP forums extensively.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have an ASUS laptop model: N43S
I used fn-f9 keys to disable my touchpad, and after I pressed these two keys, a picture of a locked touchpad appeared on the screen but the touchpad was still working.
So I went to control panel -->device manager-->mice and other pointing devices-->driver but the ?disable? button was disable too.

I should disable my touchpad because I have to type my thesis and the touchpad is a big problem for me. Please help me in this case.

A:How can I disable the touchpad on my laptop

Hello rsaboor and welcome to Seven Forums.

This article explains the most common ways to disable a touchpad. Make sure you have another pointing device available (like an external keyboard) before disabling the touchpad.

How to Disable Your Laptop Touchpad | PCWorld

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i have an external mouse and the touchpad is so sensitive that when hovering over the touchpad the cursor moves. 

A:how do i disable a touchpad on an hp elitebook 850 laptop?

Click on the below shown link to find the steps involved in disabling the Touchpad   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R KAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP

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Is there a way to disable the touchpad in XP on my laptop so I can only use mouse?

A:Solved: Disable Laptop Touchpad in XP

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Hello everyone,
My laptop's touchpad works and I don't want it to, because I prefer a mouse. It's a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series on windows 10 OS.

What I have tried that hasn't worked:
start<settings<devices<mouse & touchpad<additional mouse options. This opens a window called Mouse Options which has 5 tabs up top, none of which involve the touchpad. The Hardware tab shows 2 devices: the mouse itself, and the USB. No touchpad key+x<mobility center. No touchpad to be found.various function keys. No options for touchpad on/off.device manager<mice and other pointing devices. Again, only the mouse and usb show up. It appears the touchpad is working without a driver, which is a little spooky.
Any other suggestions? I could try downloading a third party driver, but that seems like a step in the wrong direction.

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I thought I saw this option somewhere, but i cant find it anywhere, Ever since I got an external mouse (Microsoft Blue tooth mouse) I cant find any Touch pad settings, when i go to control panel, then mouse, I click open, it says: "Control Panel Extension is Incompatible with Driver Version". then it opens up my Microsoft's mouse settings, and I cant find my touch pad settings.

I still use the touch pad settings when I'm on trips and don't bring my mouse.

I cant find the touch pad under device manager either.

This is very annoying because when I'm typing, I accidentally touch the touch pad, and it moves the cursor, and starts typing in a different location.

A:How do I disable touchpad on my laptop when Im typing?

Look in the BIOS, which is accessible with a keystoke (DEL, F2 or whatever applies to your laptop) at boot-up time. You should be able to enable/disable it there.

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I need to disable my touchpad. I've tried in the control panel and tried the suggestions from posts on this site. Nothing works. My cursor jumps up to the right corner when I'm typing, when I'm using the mouse or even when I'm not touching anything. I use another mouse but that does not help. If it helps you, this computer originally had Windows 8. I had it removed and Windows 7 installed.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8079 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 715301 MB, Free - 617763 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., Q500A
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus Online, Updated and Enabled

A:Need to disable touchpad on Asus laptop

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At the MOST INOPPORTUNE TIME my cursor goes having a mind of its own and deletes all or most of what i typed and i know now what i need to do i just can't find any notes anywhere about how to disable the touchpad on my laptop MSI can anyone tell me or have a clue. PLEASE thank you.

A:going crazy trying to disable touchpad on msi laptop

hi,,, look in some of these,, luck.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1135-S1552 laptop. Operating system is XP.

Recently it's been acting up- the laptop is now 6 years old.

The LCD has a transparent light blue strip -about an inch and a half thick- vertically onscreen. When I press the frame of the screen below the stripe- it disappears for a split second.

Also, the touchpad has been stalling. It alternates between fine and responsive to a lag or disconnect between the cursor movement and motion I use on touchpad.

Do you think these things are related?

Here is my HJT if it helps. Thank you.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:45:51 PM, on 5/27/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16441)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Power Management\CePMTray.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\E-KEY\CeEKey.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\TouchPad\TPTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\NETGEAR\WG511SCU\Utility\Gear511.exe
C:\Program Files\Brother\ControlCent... Read more

A:LCD and touchpad issues- Toshiba laptop

While only those member qualified in Malware can comment on the log, the LCD issue is clearly a mechanical connection issue, as you have proven it to be.

At 6 years old, the cable to the screen may be failing. That is a good life for a laptop!

I don't see any antivirus software running?

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About 2 months ago I bought this super gaming laptop by Toshiba(on sale 1 yr old and guarantee expired)(Store didn't tell me that part)and of course, I use it for gaming.
Last month I was into FPS and the touchpad kept getting in my way since the palm of my left hand kept swiping over it and I got killed easily.
therefore, to get rid of the problem, I disabled it from BIOS ( the updated 2.10 BIOS version ) and when I got out of the FPS spirit, I wanted to re-enable it again. but for my surprise it wasn't working!
I tried EVERYTHING I could think of.
-returning bios to original settings
-recovering my laptop to out-of-box state
but nothing.

does anyone here have ANY idea of how I can re-enable it again?

PS: Talked with a Toshiba representative and he didn't help me at all!

A:Toshiba laptop touchpad driver

Hi GKahn

Try looking in control panel for mouse , see if it can be enabled from there.

You can also try hitting the fn key and f9 at the same time. On Toshiba that should lock and unlock the touchpad.

I have a Dell lap top, I am going by memory from what I have read in this Forum.

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How do I disable the touchpad? I am running Vista Home Premium.
There is no Function key to enable/disable the touchpad.
I disabled the touchpad by going to Control Panel, Mouse, and disabling the touchpad device. But after I restarted the PC, the touchpad was enabled and the touchpad doesn't show up as a device when I use Control Panel.
In Mouse Properties, the only two items are PS/2 Compatible Mouse and HID-compliant mouse.

A:How disable touchpad on Gateway M-6827 Laptop PC

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Hello. I have two Dell Vostro laptop series - the old (though it is still quite brisk) 5470 and the new 5468. In 5470 there is a remarkable functionality is - disable tochpad when the mouse is connected. In 5468 I did not find such a function. Maybe you tell me how to enable this feature or how to disable the touchpad quite Windows 10?

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ARGH! Constantly while typing I brush against it and the cursor moves on me and I end up typing ... who knows where on the screen! In XP I could go in and disable the touchpad, and then re-enable it. Unfortunately, in Vista, when I go to CP->Mouse->Hardware and select the device properties on the "PS/2 Compatible Mouse" (aka the touchpad) the "Disable" button is disabled (how ironically inconvenient)

90% of the time I just want to use my mouse since I'm at a table. But occasionally I do want to be able to turn on the touchpad to use it. So I don't want to uninstall it through Device Manager. I just want to disable it.

Any thoughts. Seriously, why would they disable that button, when you could do it in XP. ARGH! Where was the QA team on this one?

Thanks all.

A:Solved: Disable touchpad on my Gateway Laptop

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Any suggestions as to where to find XP compatible software for the Alps touchpad on a Toshiba Satellite 35DVD laptop.
Nothing at the toshiba site,the 2000 drivers wont work.
the recovery/utilities discs only contain ME drivers.
Nothing at Alps that I could find.
Problem is that when typing (in word for example)the cursor jumps erratically,there was a setting in the old alps touchpad utility which ran on millenium that stopped this happening.
Since reformatting and installing XP-pro the problem has re-occurred.
Any suggestions welcome thanks!

A:Toshiba Laptop-WinXP-Alps Touchpad

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On my Toshiba Satellite L635 laptop, the touchpad is not working anymore.
The usual function key (Fn+F9) to activate/deactivate the touchpad doesn't change anything as well as the small button in front of the touchpad.
I checked the driver in the device manager and the touchpad driver in located in the hidden devices with the following error:

"This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)."

I checked in the BIOS and the touchpad is activated
I tried to deinstall the driver and reinstall it from toshiba website with no sucess
Thanks in advance for any help

A:Touchpad Doesn't Work on Toshiba Laptop


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I have an HP Pavillion DM4 laptop running Windows 7. The touchpad buttons make an annoying click sound. How do I disable that sound? Thank you.

A:How to disable touchpad button click sound on DM4 laptop

Where is sound exactly coming from? Is it from cursor movement area(where you move mouse cursor) or from left/right click buttons?  Also Could you please post complete product/model number of your Notebook? You can use link below to find this info

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Everytime I try to type something, I somehow hit the tocuhpad and it does crazy things to my screen. I want to turn it off easily.  Help

A:How can I turn off my touchpad on my new HP laptop computer

If you are in win8, try this:  Control panel-->Mouse-->Device Settings, [Disable], then click OK. Thanks!

ET1111. I work for HP; I'm here to help

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I want to permanently disable my touchpad and use my wireless mouse exclusively.

A:Re: How can I turn off my touchpad on my new HP laptop compu...

Hi @Damurphy15,  Thank you for your query.  I understand that you would like to disable the touchpad or clickpad. What is your precise model of HP notebook? HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number? What operating system are you running?  Here is a link to HP Notebook PCs - Using the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 10) that should help. Please note the section on "Opening the Touchpad properties". You will notice the option Touchpad disable. This may not be for your operating system but it should guide you to the correct location to find this option. Please let me know how if this helped. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for. Also, clicking the ?Thumbs Up? below is a great way to say thanks!

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Every spyware and virus detection says this computer is clean but something is eating the Ram such that the pointer stalls and must "rest" for 3-5 seconds before it can be moved again. Keyboard commands seem to work fine. Disc has been cleaned, defraged. Hard drive is only used at 15% capacity. Any ideas on what else we can try?


A:Mouse pointer freezes on Toshiba Laptop touchpad

Slow Computer?, Use this troubleshooting checklist

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I have a Toshiba laptop satellite 5205-S503 and have installed a Toshiba WI-FI card. My broadband router is a D-Link 614+. I can't not get the laptop to see the router, although it does seem to know the desktop computer name. I'm kinda new at this WI-FI game. Toshiba wasn't much help although they did teach me how to turn on the laptop WI-FI switch. I am running Windows XP. I have the router connected with a Cat 5 cable to both the desk top and lap top successfully. When I try to connect the laptop via WI-FI, I am unsuccessful. I do get icons in the tray, however.

Anybody got an idea of what I need to do to go wireless?


A:Toshiba Satellite Laptop and Wi-Fi

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HJT log follows...

Toshiba Satellite laptop running xp Pro.
Turn on...takes forever to boot....once it boots, takes forever to log on.
Once logged on...all key actions cease.
Mouse can be moved but no key strokes or mouse clicks will do anything.

Can't load TASK MANAGER to see what memory usage is.

Brought up in Safe Mode to run HJT.
Installed spybot but didn't accomplish much.

Here's first log.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:51:33 AM, on 3/6/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0013)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Window Title = Windows Internet Explorer ... Read more

A:Toshiba Satellite Laptop seriously ill

Hello and welcome to TSF.

HijackThis is no longer the preferred initial scanning tool in this forum.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Hi everyone...
Needing help with the following...

I just got a Toshiba Satellite Laptop that it doesnt start Windows... it turns on... it shows the Toshiba Intro screen... and then thats it... it becomes black... until i get a message that says Windows Error System file missing please insert your Windows CD and choose R to Repair your Windows...

I can get into the BIOS, checked everything and its all fine (i guess)... but when i try to change the boot order so i can boot from a Windows CD it does nothing... it kind skips the boot order and goes right through HDD boot and then i got the message described before...

Any hints?

Dead HDD?... :hotbounce

A:Help with a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

hold F12 during boot with the cd already inserted

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To Flavallee (Frank)Could you tell me where the ATI onboard Graphic video card is located in the Motherboard. Also can they be replace or upgraded. If posiible could you send me a picture of the motherboard of the ATI onboard Graphic video card. This is a Toshiba satellite Laptop Model # PSLC8U-00D010. This Laptop will boot up the fan is working all lights are on. I tested the Memory sticks (Ram) on another Laptop plus i also tested the Hard Drive. I also took apart the screen and all the wiring seem to be connected. I connected the VGA adapter to a different Monitor and still no video display. I am no sure but could it be the ATI onboard Graphic video card. Please help me with this problem.


A:Toshiba Satellite Laptop

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When I use my laptop at home, I am able to access web pages no problem, but when I am at the college, I can get a connection, I just can't access any web pages. What do I do, what do I click etc.... I was told that I might have a static IP. BUT... I am lucky to remember my name half the time with a brain injury. So can someone PLEASE explain to me (1)What the heck a static IP is, (2)How can I access web pages on my laptop when I am at the college or another location when I have a open connection, and (3)Will I have to change the profile each time I access the internet from a different location?

I see that I have the ConfigFree using the Atheros AR5005G Wireless Network. I can get to the properties if anyone can tell me what I need to do.

Nina Anne

A:Satellite in Toshiba laptop

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I reinstalled xp pro and then (using another computer because the ethernet still needs a driver) I went to the Toshiba web site to download the drivers but I couldn't find them. Where can I download the drivers for my Toshiba laptop model L305D-S5914? Thanks.

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My name is Ken and I am trying to repair a customer's Toshiba Satellite laptop. It had Windows XP loaded and when it boots it will only get as far as:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system
You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.

I saw on one website to press 0, F1 or F8 to get the hard drive disk utility to come up on the screen but it only displays the message that I detailed above. I also ensured that the CD/DVD was the first boot device and I tried to reload the operating system with a Win XP disk that I have but the same message appears.
I cannot get past this message no matter what I do.
And to make matters worse, the customer doesn't have the original Setup CD-ROM. I guess what i'm looking for is an original setup disk.

A:Toshiba Satellite laptop

Which O.S are u using

U didnt specify the o.s u re using but from my experience with o.s i guess it is win xp. Now if u can get a sata win x.p with will correct the issue,note there is the normal x.p software and there is also sata get that and see the end result

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My toshiba satellite will not power up with cord or battery. The battery appears to start charging but shuts off after five mins or so.

A:Toshiba Satellite laptop

not malware related so moved to hardware

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Hey guys can't seem firgure this out I'm looking for a mass storage controller driver for this laptop and I went to the toshiba site and got all what I need and saw but still missing this driver

A:Toshiba Satellite A-200 Laptop

You say that it is an A-200 but what is the full model number on it. I have one that is an A665-S5170.

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hey guys, i have been working on this laptop for about a day now and im completely lost.. when i boot up the machine it freezes at the starting windows screen; i have tired to boot into safe mode and also last good known config.. neither work. i created a windows repair disk and installed it into the computer; windows wont fix the problem with startup repair option.. i have resat the ram in the computer just to see if that would fix it;

A:toshiba satellite laptop

I'd suggest testing the hard drive.

In order to test the hard drive you can run one of the diagnostic programs below. The files, in ISO format, will need to be burned to a CD using a program that can burn CD image files (burnaware or imgburn).

Hitachi Drive Fitness Test
Downloads | HGST Storage

Western Digital
WD Support / Downloads / Select Product
(choose your product and select Data Lifeguard Diagnostic)

SeaTools | Seagate

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Just installed XP Pro on a friends Toshiba Satellite L30D PSLC0E and managed to find 'almost' all the drivers on the 'net.

However I still have a yellow question mark opposite SM Bus Controller in Device Manager. The owner has misplaced the original discs but I presume that as this machine previously had Vista that the discs probably wouldn't have had XP drivers anyway.

Wonder if anyone on here could point me in the right direction. I have spent ages on the Toshiba site but no luck.

Thank you.

A:Toshiba Satellite Laptop SM Bus...

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Was given a toshiba satellite laptop and was told the hard drive was bad. I don't know exact model number as the sticker that gives that info is worn and impossible to read. The os is xp pro. I replace the hard drive and went to install xp home and before I knew it I couldn't get cd rom to work. Is there a way of checking to see if it is broken?

A:toshiba satellite laptop

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I have a big problem, I have a toshiba satellite Laptop L455D S5976 that wont start has no power no lights in other words dead. I tried a new power adapter cord, I installed new power jack and still no power and no lights. Right now i have the whole laptop disasemable, Also where can i buy a tester to check the motherboard and all the other compoents like the cpu, Heat sink, Memory chips, Especially the motherboard. If anybody can help it's you guys.

Thank you,


A:Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Although you do not say so

I tried a new power adapter cord, I installed new power jack and still no power and no lightsClick to expand...

and presuming the battery was flat and it could not therefore be tested on battery only without charging the same - I presume you did try a new POWER adapter, as against just the connecting cable and new power mini jack socket
Or at least test that you had an output from the adapter

The answer to the actual question is you cannot, there is no such thing as ONE tester for what you specify
The heat sink would not STOP it posting, even if it cut out as soon as it detected overheat on the processor

Presuming that it has more than one stick of ram, simply removing one and swopping over before of course you dismantled it was the test for that

However although a failed ram stick may stop it booting it would not stop the power led illuminating on the laptop

My opinion is, with no power led whatsoever and if you have eliminated power supply as first mentioned
capacitor failure on board on circuit that takes power from connections of jack.
It may of course NOT be so, but that is in my experience favourite

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the cddvdw has stopped writing to disc in burn and I don't know how to fix. I try burning cds and I get an error essage. saying either the burner is busy or an error has occurred while attempting to burn files to disc can you helo me?

A:i have a toshiba satellite laptop

Go to Toshiba site and download the driver for the DVD drive and install it. Then see if there is any improvement. If not then the drive may be bad.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Ive been looking at my friends Toshiba Satellite laptop for sometime now. The laptop started off with vista and soon after got some type of virus that made the laptop terrible and i didn't want all the work of fixing it so i told him to get windows 7. After i formatted the computer and installed win 7 and gave it back to him the computer started getting messages that there is no log on process and the laptop wasn't able to log on in normal or safe mode. Now that i formatted it again and put another win 7 copy on it and gave it back the computer is receiving critical errors an cant repair them but wont boot up. The funny thing is it only happens when he has it, any advice on why this could be happening to a fresh copy of win 7 with Norton 360 installed? Ive had windows 7 for months with absolutely no problems but he has problems with it days after he gets it.

Thanks, Zack

A:Win 7 problems on Toshiba satellite laptop

and welcome to the Forum

The first thing I would do is run diagnostics on the hard drive ( click here )

See this for how to make a bootable cd

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is giving me fits.

Running Vista.

Avast is installed.

Rollback RX is installed.

It keeps telling me that the hard drive is near full and demands attention.

My limited knowledge is saying BS. It looks like only 1/3 of the HD space is being used.

I removed a couple of gig of unused stuff and then emptied the trash can.

The computer said I have even less room than before.

Went to my $50/hr computer guru's a few days ago and showed it to him. We spent 45 minutes and he ended up calling his mentor. Had to leave a message.

He will call me later. The Rollback folks will get back to him. It probably isn't the Rollback because I'm pretty sure the problem existed a long time before it was installed.

I am now on my old, slow backup box.

There has to be someting falsely telling the computer that the HD is full.



A:Toshiba Satellite laptop computer

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toshiba satellite laptop VERY slow.....
running XP home version
tried reloading xp, no improvement, still slow, almost crawling....
exchanged hardrives (30GB) with another identical laptop
that operated normally. slow laptop with new hardrive
(working normally) now still runs slow, other laptop with
other harddrive stills runs normally.
Analysis: Hardware problem with 1415 toshiba satellite laptop.

tried everything, checked memory, cpu, bios settings, all normal

finally friend said, take out battery, and disconnect power cord(charger)
to cut all power, lets look inside again. still didn't see anything wrong.

plugged in power, battery still out, computer runs normally NOW!

put battery in, computer STILL runs normally, fast like it used to!

analysis: buss lines/control lines on motherboard to memory/cpu held low or?? by voltage, once voltage removed, (battery out, not plugged in) lines could float, charge dissipated, AND computer back to normal speed!!!!!

woo hah!

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I gave my daughter a Toshiba Satellite M35-S359 laptop for Christmas two years ago.

About 4 months ago the DVD/CD-RW developed a problem with the lens servo and stopped working. I advised her to get another at that time, but she didn't.

Last month, something happened to the hard drive (possibly simply corruption of the OS files, not sure) and the system would no longer boot. Since there is no way to boot a system without a workign hard drive or CD/DVD I purchased a new DVD/CD-RW and installed it in hopes of booting the recovery CD and reloading the Operating System. The new CD however did not work. (not sure why) I have also purchased a new hard drive and installed it in the laptop, but without a way to load the OS on it, it's useless. (the laptop has no floppy)

i'm looking for sugegstions on how I can troubleshoot the CD/DVD. It spins, and you can hear the read head seeking (moving) but won't boot the recovery CD. Is there a way to tell if this problem is power-related or possibly a bad interface/cable/what-have-you?

Possibly someone knows a different way to boot this puppy?

Thanks much for your indulgence,


A:Toshiba Satellite Laptop won't boot.

Go into set-up (the bios) and set it to boot from dvd as the first boot option.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 2595 laptop that originally had Win 98 OS installed on it. It has a DVD drive that would play DVD movies. It has a Celeron 400 cpu with the max of 192MB of RAM. I installed Win 2000 Pro OS and now the DVD player sputters as it plays a DVD-sound and video stops and starts. Is it because of th OS that this is happening? I did install a new DVD RW drive with the same results. I appreciate any help, thanks.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that will not start. When I turn it on I get the message "we apologize, but Windows did not start successfully." I do not have a CD for XP, as it came installed. I have tried every option offered on this screen, i.e. Start Windows Normally, et cetera, and none of them work. Any suggestions, for a computer dummy, on how to cure this problem?

A:Toshiba Satellite laptop that will not start.

you will need to purchase an XP CD or get the original installation disc for your laptop. I suggest the former. Your registry or HD is corrupted.

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I have a 2 months old Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows 7. I tend to leave it plugged into the power socket when I leave home, when I return I find it started up !!!

It is just doing nothing, I just can see the adobe acrobat baloon asking me to install an update in the taskbar.

This happened twice. I have the wake up modem options disabled in the BIOS setting.

Any recommendations to why this is occuring?

A:Help-My Toshiba satellite laptop switches on alone !

You may wish to go into your power configuration settings and turn off other Wake On... settings.

Go into device manager and go through your various network components and any other devices you don't wish to be able to wake your computer (hard drive, etc). Leave your keyboard & mouse on unless you wish to use the power button to wake.

Start > Control Panel (All Items) > Device Manager

Right Click Each Item, Click Properties

Go to the Power Management Tab & Turn off "Allow this device to wake the computer"

From what I can tell, it looks like your ethernet/wireless is detecting an incoming/outgoing connection and waking itself in order to deal w/ that connection. If you want a simpler solution, just turn off automatic updates in Adobe & whatever else tends to wake your computer.

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Does anyone know a site where I can buy on-line a cooling fan for the above model?
I've tried so many sites but without success and now getting desperate!

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Is there any way to slightly overclock a Toshiba M35X-S163 laptop?

Even just a little.

A:Overclocking a Toshiba Satellite laptop

Does it have any options in the bios? I doubt it does. Also, you might be able to use a software oc'ing utility, if you can find it's chipset/motherboard details.

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The lcd screen backlight work fine, but screen is reddish. When I connect the external monitor to the laptop the video is great. When I installed a another used lcd screen into laptop the is white, and no video. So, I ordered another video cable hoping that this will fix the problem. What could cause the lcd screen to be white? The external monitor work good with the laptop, I am not getting any video to the lcd screen. Could the video on the motherboard be bad?

A:toshiba satellite a40 laptop-LCD SCREEN

I don't think you have a bad video card if the image on the external monitor is fine. It sounds like its either the video cable or the backlight inverter. If the original lcd screen is bright enough and clear enough (except for the reddish tint) then I'd suggest trying the new video cable with the old screen. If you still get a reddish tint then I'd recommend replacing the backlight inverter (if you can - not all laptops allow this).

The only reason I can think the new screen isn't working is due to no/out-of-date/incompatible drivers. Still, not sure why the screen would be white. Have you tried the screen with a different laptop?

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I have worked a small bit on laptops, like replacing memory sticks, replacing a hard drive,....but I've not ever worked on a Toshiba and I've not replaced a how difficult is it to replace a (possibly) ailing fan on a Toshiba Satellite? Is there anything in particular I would need to know or be careful of?

A:Replacing a fan on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

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when i removed the HDD from my laptop it decided that it needed a BIOS Password. I need to Know how to kill a password that i don't Know. Please HELP

A:Toshiba laptop satellite pro 440cdx

Laptop BIOS passwords are notoriously harder to unseat than PC as you can't get to the CMOS battery and persuade the BIOS to lose its memory quite so easily. Hang on and have patience and provided the Moderators agree, there is a poster who will pick up on this thread and may try to help.

Bump the thread up to page 1 every day to make it more noticeable.

I take it you have tried just hitting Enter at the apssword prompt.

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i have this laptop for few days i took it from my cousin, but its very slow when i start it up it takes like 4-5 minutes to start and when i try to start any aplication it also takes like 1-2 minutes to open it, i did scan with malwarebytes and it found only 1 infected file, i dont know what to do so if u guys can land me a hand ill be apriciate it. sorry if i didnt put the post in right place.

A:very slow toshiba satellite laptop

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