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Solved: memory upgrade question

Q: Solved: memory upgrade question

i going to add memory to an old compaq owned by a friend.
it has 192mb now, i want to increase to the max allowed of 256.

my question is, i've never had to remove any before to upgrade just add on.
there is only 2 slots for mem. so i have to change a 64mb with a 128mb.
when i remove the 64 am i gonna loose anything she has stored on her computer?

this may seem like a dumb question but i'm trying to make points with this girl i just wanna be sure

A: Solved: memory upgrade question


OK. Well, most likely nothing will happen to the HDD where all the software and data files are stored but you never know when fiddling inside a PC.

And you sound like you know just enough to be dangerous. Just kidding..

To be on the safe side, you should probably backup any important files she has to a CD or portable USB drive first.

Removing the ram stick is fairly easy. Just push the white tabs on either end down till the ram stick pops out. Then plug in the new one.

When you first boot up afterwards the BIOS may detect the change and require you to go into Setup to confirm the change.

Hopefully the new stick you're putting in will be compatible (you never really know til you try) with the old 128mb stick and everything will work out just fine.

Good luck!

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I have a gateway MX8711 laptop. My processor is 1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache and im looking to upgrade my memory. Would adding 2 1gig PC2-5300 667MHz 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 memory work well with the computer even though it is 667MHz and the processor is only at 533MHz. The factory installed memory (2 512mb) is also at 533MHz which I would not use anymore. This is the link for the memory that I am looking at and this is the link for my system specs Crucial says that it is compatable but I just want to make sure.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Solved: Memory upgrade question

Faster memory will run fine at the lower speed.

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Hi folks,

A simple question...Am wanting to up my XP system RAM to a gig by adding another 512mb (only two slots on the motherboard).
The module currently installed is a 512mb PC2700 (333MHZ).
If I added another 512mb stick of PC2100 @ 266MHz would I really notice a difference?

I realize the slower module would be my weakest link, but would I really notice the slow-down in apps like 3D games and photo editing progs?

Reason I ask is because I found a module on ebay that (for now) is a much better price than what's generally available.
(Spoken like a true cheapskate, no? )

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade (?) question...PC2700 to PC2100

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Hoping someone can explain this.

I am looking at a Hewlett Packards specifications.

Under memory it states it has 256mb DDR SDRAM (Expandable up to 1.0GB with discard.

What does "with discard mean"?

As there is another model that says its expandable to 1.0GB but it doesnt mention this discard thing.

Hoping someone can help.

A:Memory Upgrade question

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What, in your Opinion, is the best way to Upgrade Memory...????

Max Memory in More, Smaller Modules filling all the Slots and Comply with DDR2 or DDR3, or, Max Memory in Fewer, Larger Modules to Comply with DDR2 or DDR3 use...???

Are the Latency Ratings going to Add Up for more Chips, or is the Advertised Latency a Flat Rate no matter how many Chips you use as long as they Rate the Same...???

Just somethin' I was thinkin' about when I was Bored at work.. Lookin' to Upgrade eventually from my 2Gb Memory to 4 and tryin' to find the best Route to Approach it at... More's Law can be a Ficckle thing sometimes... lol

A:Memory Upgrade Question...

If your computer has 4 slots and the max. capacity of the motherboard is 4GB, then install 1 GB on each slot. I would recommend smaller memory filling the slots as the data will travel efficiently between the slots.

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hi all,

i have purchased 2x2gb of ram from and as adviced they are compatable with my asus p5n-e sli motherboard
this is the motherboard page:
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards - ASUS P5N-E SLI

and these are the ram chips or whatever they're called that i purchased
4GB kit (2GBx2), Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-8500 upgrades for ASUS P5N-E SLI Motherboard, CT1196814 from

my question is are they going to work with the previous ram chips i had or it would be better if i remove them and just install the new ram chips

these are the details of my old ram chips

2x 1GB 240p PC2-4200 CL4 8c 128x8 DDR2-533 1Rx8 UDIMM, Micron, BMI, MT8HTF12864AY-53EE1


A:memory upgrade question

You do not want to run those together.

Even it does work, your new expensive RAM will operate at the speed of your old RAM.

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I have a couple dell amd 64 2.4ghz, they are sluggish and not much memory with OS WinXP, one has 256memory and other 512. PC3200 DDR 400, I have a lot of memory on hand, a lot of 256 sticks, some 512 and few 1gb, only some are PC3200, I don't know everything about memory and what, can I use different brands but does it have to be pc3200 400 ddr and not mismatch but mismatch the name brands.

A:Memory question, upgrade

More info would certainly help. Model names would definitely be useful here.

Although to be honest I'm not sure I'm willing to touch this one, because this sounds about as obsolete as you can get without saying "it only runs Windows 2000".

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Is it ok to use 2 different brand names. For example..I already have a Crucial 512 stick, and I want to upgrade another 512, can I use PNY's memory along with Crucial or will that cause problems of any kind?

A:Memory Upgrade Question

As long as the memory is the same type, then who manufactured it doesn't actually matter. I have mixed PC133 SDRAM in my PC and with various sizes and never had any problems.

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I just recently got a hand me down system from my uncle. It's a Dell Optiplex Gx280 and has 256 mb ram in it now. (PC3200 DDR 256 mb) I want to add more memory, preferably 512 mb ram.

My question is: Will any brand of PC 3200 DDR Ram work, or do I need to buy dell brand memory?


A:Memory Upgrade Question.

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I currently have an ASUS P4P800 motherboard...4 slots for memory...(2 pairs for dual channel). I am only using 1 pair (2x256)...want to put a matched pair of 512s in the other 2 slots. Why is everyone saying I will have compatibility issues?

A:Memory upgrade question...

I'm not sure you will have a problem. If the two 256s are also a matched pair then put them in A1 and B1 and the two 512s in A2 and B2.

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I inherited a Dell Optiplex 170L from a small enterprise when the Computers were upgraded.
The machine is over four years old but works OK.
XP Pro, SP2, P4 2.8GHz, 512Mb Ram.
I went to Dell's web site and downloaded and installed a BIOS update (Phoenix A09) and an Intel chip set update. These seemed to be the only critical additions.

The issue....I want to increase the Ram and got a deal on two Corsair, PC2700 DDR 333MHz, 1GB cards. When I installed them (the machine had/has two DIMM's with PC 2700, 256Mb cards in each) the machine booted and said the memory had been changed, but when checked, it only recognized 512Mb of ram (from the two 1 Gb cards)?

I have never seen something like this.
Question....Would it be a restriction/configuration of the Motherboard causing this failure or a function of the BIOS.
(No matter which Ram card(s) is installed, one at a time, 1Gb or 256Mb, the machine only reads the cards as 256Mb)
If it would accept the new Ram this old dog could be a screamer instead of a competent task computer.


A:Another Memory upgrade question

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I was thinking of upgrading my computers memory card from 256 to 512. Do I have to consider any other hardware issues when I start shopping for a memory card or can I purchase the new card and install with no problems.


A:Memory Upgrade Question

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Presently, I have an HP Pavilion a530n with 512 MB or RAM. I am interested in upgrading my RAM but want to keep the cost low. My question is...If I buy 1GB of RAM (184-Pin DDR SDRAM 333 PC2700), can I add that to the existing RAM, giving me 1.5 GB of RAM? Or should I take the 512 MB stick out and just run the 1GB?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Memory Upgrade Question

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I'm about to install some new memory. My mother board is an ECS RS485M-M. It has only two dim slots for memory sticks. I want to upgrade to three Gb's of 800 memory. one gig in one slot, and two gigs in the other slot. My question is; should I put the 2 gig stick in the first slot, or the one gig in first? I could find out nothing from the ECS site. I've already got the memory ready to go. Please help if you can. Thanks, David

A:Memory Upgrade Question

It shouldn't matter which slot

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I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with 512MB total of memory. Its running fine but I want to upgrade the memory for more speed. It tends to get slow sometimes. What I want to know is that right now I believe I have SDRAM memory. My mother board supports both SDRAM and DDR. If I bought DDR ram how do I go about changing that format so that my comp. will boot up. Someone told me to change something on the motherboard or the CMOS settings.

Which way is the correct way?

A:Memory Upgrade Question

You shouldn't expect any change in speed with that memory upgrade. XP really runs optimally on 512 and more will not get used, unless you use apps that specifically require more memory, like video editing, or those that require a contiguous block of memory. Those are few. But going from SDRAM to DDR will give you a slight boost.

Generally, if you install new memory, the BIOS will detect it automatically. There may be settings in the BIOS, but you should just try it first with no change to see if it works. You almost certainly cannot mix the 2 types.

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Are PC2100 and PC2700 ddr sdram compatible with each other? by that i mean could i install 512mb of each type in my computer as long as my motherboard supports them?, and would the operating system recognize that as 1024mb ram?

thx for any help!
my system
windows xp home sp2
intel D845GBV
512mb PC2700 ddr sdram

A:memory upgrade question

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I just purchased the Acer Aspire zc-700G.I want to add more Memeory to the PC.What is the max I can add?Also how many memory slots does the PC have ? If I want to go 8gb. Do I need 1 - 8gb sim or 2 -4gb sims?Thanks

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ive recently decided i should upgrade my memory. i have a ASUS a7v400-mx motherboard and an AMD 2500 processor and currently have 512MB of ram (266mhz, slow i know). i would like to know the best make and speed i could get for around £60? does anyone know what speed i can get 400,333,266mhz that my processor and motherboard will support? thanks,


A:ddr memory upgrade question

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Motherboard: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe SKT 775 dual-core Core2Duo Conroe ready Crossfire 8channel audio ATX

Current memory: OCZ (OCZ2G8002GK) OCZ PC2-6400 DDR2 2GB Gold XTC Dual Kit (5-5-5-12) 2G Kit 800MHz Gold XTC

Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4ghz - Skt775 Fsb1066 4mb Cache

Power Supply: Corsair HX Series 620W Modular PSU - ATX12V v2.2 APFC

Hard Drives: Western Digital WD1500ADFD Raptor Sata 150GB 10kRPM 16MB Cache
Samsung HD753LJ 750GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm *32MB Cache*

Graphics: eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS - 640 MB - GDDR3 SDRAM

Case: Coolermaster Centurion 531 Silver

CPU Fan: Arctic-Cooling Freezer 7 PRO

PC Front fans = Hiper 120mm HiperFlow Chrome Blade Case Fan With Blue LED
Hiper 80mm 3 pin Case Fan - Blue LED with Clear Frame and Clear HiperFlow Blades

Side Fans - Hiper 80mm 3 pin Case Fan - Blue LED with Clear Frame and Clear HiperFlow Blades
Hiper 80mm Case Fan - Clear HiperFlow Frame and Blades

Rear Fan - Antec Cooling Fan 120mm Blue Led Lights

Fan controller: Aerocool GateWatch Silver Fan Controller

Monitors - Philips 109E50 19 FST 0.25 92khz TCO03
Samsung SM2032BW 20"TFT Monitor Widescreen 1680x1050 3000:1 300cd/m2 2ms VGA/DVI-D Glossy Black

Burner - LG GSA-H10ABAL 16xDVDRW/RAM Internal Black

Operating System - Windows XP Pro 32bit

I have been advised to upgrade my memory to

TWIN2X4096-8500C5D - 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair TwinX DDR2 XMS2 Dominator, PC2-8500(1066), 240Pin, NonECC Unbuffered, CAS 5, EPP

I'm using XP Professional 32bit so I know I ... Read more

A:Memory Upgrade compatabilty question

The 8500 is faster. Your PC is well balanced, the memory is the least of a bottleneck, so there's really no point upgrading it, though.
The Corsair configurator says the 8500 kit is compatible with your board. If you really want to, go ahead. I'm pretty sure you won't notice any difference in anything though.

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i currently have 2x250mb DDR 333mhz memory in my laptop. the video card isnt great not to sure on the specs but i have been told by several techs to get a memory upgrade to 1GB which is what im going to do. I am new to upgrading memory so dont know much about it im wondering if i get a 1GB 400mhz chip if it would make compatibility diffence since i have 333mhz now. Also wondering if a DDR2 upgrade is possible for me since i only have DDR right now and is DDR2 really that worth it? thank for your info.

A:Simple question for a memory upgrade

Welcome to TechSpot

DDR2 won't work.

Some laptops are quite picky about memory speeds, you should check which memory modules are supported from manual or from manufacturer's website.

It's probably two DDR SO-DIMMs, so if you want 1 GB you'll need either one 1 GB module or two 512 MB ones.

Why did they tell you that you need more RAM, anyhow?

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so, i'm pretty knowledgable on desktop/towers and such, but don't know jack about laptops. i'm looking to upgrade the memory on my girlfriend's dell inspiron 7500 (p III 600mhz) with a new board of 256mb. i'm having trouble with the fact that it's so old, i don't know what is compatible. do i really need to go with a "low density" module, because i found a site that has both a low and high, and the high is like, half the price...

low density: $92

high density: $58

they say if the high density doesn't work for ANY REASON that they will refund/replace/exchange for another module without question. pretty cool, but who knows...

so, anyone have any answers?

A:laptop memory upgrade question...

check on the Kingston web site, it should list the type of RAM you need.

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I have an HP 8765C and was thinking of upgrading the RAM. It came with 128MB and looks like it is expandable to 512MB. Inside there are 2 RAM slots. I assume I can replace the 128MB SDRAM chip with two 256 SDRAM chips. My question is this: Is 512MB the max I can install? Can I put two 512MB chips in and will it work or is the 512MB total truely the max. I heard you may be able to change the BIOS to accept more. Is this true or am I better off just going to 512MB? With RAM so cheap, I thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance.

A:HP 8765C Memory Upgrade Question

Hi rck1,
Try the HP web site. It has all the tech info you need about your PC. I have a 6553 and it can use 512 max. They will have everything about your PC from BIOS to Sound.

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I've got a an old Dell Latitutude C600 and I want to add some RAM to it. I just want to make sure that I'm getting the right memory for it.

According to the Dell site, it needs 144 pin PC100 SODIMMs. Looking through some retailer websites who carry the the 265MB size, some say they are 16x16, 32x8, or 32x64. What does the 16x16 mean and does it matter when I'm buying the RAM?

A:laptop memory upgrade question
They will help with the selection and explain it all.
Good products with lifetime warranty.

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Hi, new to this forum.
I tried to find a direct contact to ask this, but could not locate any email options on the website, only phone numbers, which aren't an option right now as I have other obligations during business hours at the moment.

I'm a computer technician of 30 years and have today purchased a new Satellite Pro R50-C PS566A-004001 with an i7-5500U, 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD Notebook for a customer of mine. He has requested an additional 8GB of RAM, which I purchased at the same time from my wholesaler. On opening the box I discovered there is no access to the memory slots or the Hard Drive. The Toshiba Website states in the specs that the RAM is expandable to 16GB, but it appears the back cover has to be fully removed to gain access. I would like to check if I remove the back cover will this void the warranty. The specifications on the Toshiba website do not state that it is not user accessible to change the RAM, where as from the research I did for the customer, other cheaper models do state this. I have sold Toshiba and other brands Notebooks in the past and have always ensured that the specifications for the laptop did not say the RAM was non user accessible, and as such that I would be able to upgrade the RAM as customers request.

As above, I just wish to check that upgrading the RAM on this laptop will not void the Toshiba warranty, since the specifications do state that the laptop is expandable to 16GB of RAM, and do not state that it is not user accessible/u... Read more

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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the memory of my Clevo P650RE6 from 8Gb to 18Gb.
Belarc states:
8014 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM0' has 8192 MB (serial number 10211924)
Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM1' is Empty
Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM0' is Empty
Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM1' is Empty
My question is, Channel A is under the keyboard and harder to get to. Could I put the same memory in Channel B - DIMM0 and it would be stable?
Obvious newbie to this so any other info needed will be gradly provided, thx in advance!

A:laptop memory upgrade slots question

Ignore what Belarc says. Visit Crucial's site and run its checker

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Have Satellite P200-10C

I want update memory to 4 GB
have pny optima memory 4gb 2x2GB
not work!!!
Only in safe mode.
Help! Please

A:Question about memory upgrade (4 GB) on Satellite P200

You have to use compatible modules!
You have to use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM

If you already use such modules then I?m afraid a memory malfunctions.

Try with other modules!

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I have a Medion PC model PCMT6, Type MED MT 260A, System Model MS-7048, System Type X86-based, 3 gigabyte processor, running on windows XP. I am looking to increase my computer memory from 512MB to the maximum that it can have (possibly 2 gb ). What's the best and most compatible type of memory to purchase and how much extra memory will the PC accept.

Thanks for your help.

A:Memory upgrade question for MS-7048 Medion PC

Hi Bob Bee,

I work for Kingston Technology. I could not find your specific memory in our system; however I hunted down your motherboard and believe I found the right memory for your system:

It looks like your board maxes at 4GB. It has four available slots, so this means you would max out this board by purchasing (4) 1GB Memory Modules. You should upgrade this machine in pairs. So, buy two modules of memory at a time.

It looks like you need PC3200 DDR 400 Memory. I would go with ordering 2 1GB memory modules.

Do a search for PC3200 DDR 400 memory modules and you should find plenty of options. Be advised to purchase from a reputable manufacturer, because nothing is more frustrating than plugging new memory into your machine and finding out you received a dead product!

Hope this helps!

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Hello All,

I was wondering if you could help me out here. I recently purchased a Gateway MX6124 laptop and would like to upgrade the memory from 512mb(2x256) to 2Gb (2x1Gb). My question lies in what kind of memory i can use.

Here are some of the details straight from Gateway:

Memory Size 256 MB
Memory Type JEDEC 200-pin DDR-SODIMM
Package 200-pin SODIMM, 1.27-inch height
Speed 533 MHz
Supply Voltage 2.5 V
Parity Support No parity bit supported

I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade my ram to ddr2-sodimm. REason being is because i found a cheaper stick of ddr2 1gb memory on newegg. Also, it also says that the memory is dual channel. If i order two of the same models of memory, would that be ok? Please help me, i'm quite confused.

Oh, by the way, here is the link to the memory that i am currently looking at:

A:Memory upgrade question in Gateway Laptop

ddr2? naw, you've got to stick with whatever your laptop supports. oem builds are generally picky about thier ram timings, so try and puirchase ram with identical timings. i advise running cpu-z to check your timings.

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According to the Dell web site, there are three memory modules available to me for my Inspiron 17R (7720): 

2GB Certified Memory Module - DDR3 SODIMM 1600MHz LV
4GB Certified Memory Module - DDR3 SODIMM 1600MHz LV
Dual In-Line Memory Module,2GB,1333MHZ,256X64,8K,204

The site also tells me the maximum memory is 16GB, with "Number of slots" equal to two. When I click the Windows start button and select "system" I see my laptop currently has 8GB of RAM. 
It's been a while since I've added memory to a computer, but never on this particular one. What I seem to remember when I did this on a desktop, about ten years ago, I had to use two matching memory modules to add up to the max that I desired...I couldn't just use one module. If this is the case, and there are only two slots, looking at my choices from the Dell site, I don't see any way to total up to 16GB of memory if I wanted to upgrade. 
Any other solutions I'm missing here? (Please don't say buy a new computer...I gotta get some other stuff paid off first).   

A:Question about memory upgrade for my Inspiron 17R (7720)

The memory is designed to run in matched pairs, but that's not required -- you CAN use mis-matched modules with a slight performance reduction.  That said, going beyond 8G isn't going to net you any performance boost unless you're running an unusually memory-intensive application.
.If the system is running a  conventional hard drive, replacing it with a solid state drive will net you far more of a performance boost.

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I have a 4+yr old Dell Dimension 8200 P4/200ghz that I would like to upgrade memory on. It currently has the original Rambus memory at only 256mb. Do I have to use DRAM memory or if I toss the original Rambus memory (RAMBUS INLINE MEMORY MODULE, 128, 400M, 64X16, 4C, 40) can I use a less expensive type of memory as a replacement?


A:Dell 8200 Memory Upgrade Question

RAMBUS and DRAM are not interchangable. RAMBUS is proprietary. Please read the installing ram guide in the guide forum. The only ram you can use is from DELL itself. RAMBUS is also obsolete now.

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I recently upgraded my T500 to a SSD and 8 gbtyes ram.  The diagnostics recognize the 8 gbyte upgrade but state only 4 gbytes are usuable.  I thought the machine maximum was 8.  Is there anything else I need to do to make the machine use the memory.
Moderator note: model added to subject for increased visibility.  Thread moved to correct forum.

A:Thinkpad T500 Memory Upgrade - Stupid Question Tim...

The ThinkPad T400 and T500 datasheet states that it can handle up to 8GB of RAM, so it should work unless you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, in which case the maximum RAM that can be addressed by the OS is 4GB regardless of how much RAM you install.       The Windows license key is valid for both 32 and 64-bit, but to go from 32-bit to 64-bit, you would have to uninstall and reinstall Windows. Windows Install Media Download Links, Hope that helps,

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I have a MSI K9A2 CF V2.

It supports Up DDR2 1066 and up to 8GB.

I have 2 2GB sticks right now which I will be moving to another computer. I wish to buy 2 sets of 2 2GB 10666. The board support 4 sticks of ram. If I buy 2 separate of the same memory will I have an issue meaning 4 total sticks of the same ram. Meaning will the sticks do there little duel channel thing??


A:Solved: Memory question DDR2 *not a comparing question*

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I have an older system that i would like to bring some life to for a short time if possible. It is a HP Pavilion 325c. Now specs say it can only be upgraded to 1GB max RAM, which I have done some time ago. Now the MOBO is a MSI MS-6390, and its specs say that it can be upgraded to 2GB RAM. Would like some insight on which to be true. Here are links to both HP and MSI spec sheets.
HP spec
MSI spec

A:Solved: Memory upgrade

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Hi, Have a PC running windows ME - Memory is 128MB RAM - Want to upgrade it..
Looking at the motherboard manual says I can upgrade to 512MB.(256 in each slot PC100/133 Tried to install 256 in each of 2 slots. Get bios beep errors. PC will not boot. Not sure if it's 3-3-1 or 4-3-1 beeps on pheonix bios. Get one beep when PC starts - then the sequence 3-3-1
One of which is CMOS battery error and the other RAM error. Tried each module separately but same error. The old memory works fine. No error beeps. Both new memory modules so don't believe can be both memory at fault. Why would the CMOS battery give error when works fine with original memory. (PC is about 7yrs old!!)
Any ideas how to check where the problem lies. Board is a P61WP-Fe (AMR Plus)


A:Solved: Memory upgrade

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I have an HP m7250n Desktop with 1GB of factory installed DDR2 SDRAM 240 pin (PC2-3200) boards. I have 2 open slots that I can install additional RAM. Can I use PC2-5300 speed memory boards as well as PC 2-3200?
Do you have recomendations for board manufactutrer ie, PNY, Kingston, Crucial etc??


A:Solved: Memory Upgrade

even in today's world,
still honor their guarentee,
an easy-to-do-business-with company:

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I have an old Dell Dimension 8200 (it's now a little over 5 years old). It has 512MB of RAM and I was thinking about upgrading it. I've been reading that since it runs with RDRAM (PC800, 184 pin RIMM) that I should only put that kind of memory in there. My friend (who has upgraded memory in a countless number of systems but is no technician by any means) says it's ok if I put 2 256MB DDR memory modules in there (I know that the system requires memory modules to be installed in pairs). I don't think it's a good idea to put the DDR in here, but I wanted to know for sure. I was thinking that I just buy two of the PC800 RDRAM modules. Thoughts?

A:Solved: Memory upgrade

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I was thinking of upgrading my memory on my PC. I would rather do it myself since it costs a fortune more to have it done in a shop. My only trouble is which kind of memory should i buy, at what speed, and to which size. Somebody told me that it has to do with the motherboard. Is there a quick way to find out what kind of motherboard i have and then how can i find out which kind of memory can i buy and install?
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade

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I'm probably asking this question in the wrong place but i want to increase the memory on my computer, at present it is 512. Is it just a case of buying new memory and un pluging the old and pluging in the new if so what happens to all the stuff on the old memory. Any recomends on what to buy? thanks gazbag

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade

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with help from some very helpfull people on this site i have purchased myself some more memory. but i dont know what is involved in fitting it. is it just a case of turning off my pc and plugging the memory into the spare slot and turn back on, or not. many thanks gary

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade

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Hi guys well I purchased the correct 1g RAM stick (I Think) for my HP Pavilion a310.UK

Worked great for the first hour then I got a couple of messages saying Error sorry for the inconvenience but you will have to shut down, send error report. So like I say this happened a couple of times. But after this the computer wouldn't reboot even in safe mode. So I have removed it and am back to the usual slow 256mb routine. Also when I first powered up the computer it asked me to verify my windows application which I did.
So once again guys any ideas ??

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade AGAIN !!

You bought used memory off ebay????? IMO that is just asking for a problem.

I would really go to either corsair, crucial, or kingston's site and input your system. It will find compatible memory for you AND it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Hi I am trying to upgrade the memory on my computer. It currently has 256mb in one memory slot and the other slot is empty. I purchased two Kingston KVR400D2N3/1G DDR2 SDRAM's Which according to the spec in my computer manual should be fine. I removed my old memory module and placed both my new module's in the relevent slots. All that happened was the computer fan started spinning faster than usual but nothing else happened. So I removed one and left one in the orignal used memory slot. The fan started again and there was a single loud click about every four seconds but nothing happened again so I removed that a put my old module back and everything was back to normal. Am I doing something wrong or is there a proper way of installing memory upgrade.

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade

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Dear Sirs and Madames,

I have expanded memory on my laptops in the past with no issues...not so fortunate this time while attempting to expand the memory on my Desktop.

The vitals of my desktop are as follows:

Gateway 5200X (Desktop)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (Home Edition) SP2
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Memory (RAM): 512 MB (two 256 MB sticks)

I will now explain the steps I followed to expand the memory...

1. Turned of CPU
2. Removed power cord from CPU
3. Opened cabinet.
4. Installed two (2) 1 GB DDR PC2700 333Mhz... one (1) in each of the two remaining available slots.

(side note: I have always been under the impression that I needed to install the "New" memory in matched pairs, however, when making the request for "matching pairs" while purchasing the new memory I was informed that this was no longer the case... I hope the was correct guidance.)

5. Re-installed the cabinet.
6. Re-connected the power cord.
7. Turned on the power.

After the normal "Gateway" start up screen appeared I got the following message:

(Black Screen/White Text)

Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device

I rebooted and the same appeared.

Now... I have "Recovery Disks" That I made... but no "Boot Media" that it's asking for...

9. I removed the newly installed two (2) 1 GB DDR PC2700 333Mhz. memory . (following the previous steps to install it.)

After the normal &qu... Read more

A:Solved: New memory upgrade

Check the cables to your HDD, they may have come loose when you were installing the new memory.

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I have an older desktop computer. it is a Compac 5410F. it runs excessively slow. On the advice of a friend, we had it re-imaged in hopes of improving the speed. If anything it is now slower. out of 300GB of space there is a little over 200 GB still available. I wouldn't think it would slow down so much but it really sucks. Can anyone suggest what type of memory upgrade or whatever will help improve the speed. Pulling up anything, especially the internet takes too long for my tastes. the specs for the Compas 5410F are:
Packaged Quantity 1.0
Type Media center
Recommended Use Home use
Product Form Factor Tower
Localization English / United States
Processor / Chipset
Type Intel Pentium E2160 / 1.8 GHz
Number of Cores Dual-Core
64-bit Computing Yes
CPU Qty 1.0
Max CPU Qty 1.0
Chipset Type Intel G31 Express
Front Side Bus 800.0 MHz
Cache Memory
Installed Size L2 cache - 1.0 MB
Cache Per Processor 1 MB
Installed Size 1.0 GB / 2.0 GB (max)
Technology DDR2 SDRAM
Memory Specification Compliance PC2-6400
Form Factor DIMM 240-pin
Hard Drive
Type HDD
Capacity 1.0 x 320.0 GB
Interface Type Serial ATA-300 Serial ATA
Spindle Speed 7200.0 rpm

What would I specifically need?

A:Solved: Memory upgrade help

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I have a Dell Studio 1555 running Windows 7 64bit. I am trying to upgrade the RAM memory from 4GB to 8GB (an upgrade that can be done on this model). The machine has two memory slots and two CPU (cores). When I boot up the computer recognizes that I have changed the memory, however it reports only 4GB (2GB for each CPU) rather than the expected 8GB (4GB for each CPU). In other words, no upgrade. The memory modules are correct - Two modules - 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 - 800 MHz 200-Pin SO-DIMM Laptop Dell Studio 1555.
I have checked to see that the BIOS was current and chipset driver current and installed. I have also run a pre-boot memory test on the new modules.
Any ideas?

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade

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Hello everybody! Let me explain my query. My computer is a emachines with windows vista. The motherboard has 2 memory slots and allows up to 4gb of memory. The memory it has right now is 2 512mb sticks of pc5300 memory. If I decide to upgrade the memory, does it still have to be pc5300? Thanks.

A:Solved: memory upgrade

go to and let it scan your PC. it will tell you what your options are.

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I have a Lenovo Y530 laptop. It currently has 4GB of memory (2 sticks of 2GB) installed occupying its 2 expansions slots. What I was wondering is whether or not it can handle additional memory if I installed 2 stick of 4GB each instead. The reason I have my doubts is that a utility I ran showed that the computer's "memory controller has a maximum memory of 4GB" yet it shows under logical/chipset memory banks that the maximum installable memory is 8GB. Sooo.... is the discrepancy a bottleneck of my system or what? By the way it is a windows 7 64bit system so i know i'm good on that.

A:Solved: Memory upgrade?

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So I want to upgrade the memory on my sister's desktop (the same one we had the nic problem with) and I just wanted some suggestions, this pc is used strictly for internet, email, and research. No gaming, rarely and videos, etc...

Any suggestions on what memory i should look into? I am hoping somewhere between 512-1gb depending on price.

There is currently like 200mb~ on there now. i know its lame, but no one is willing to pay for any more.

A:Solved: I want to Upgrade my memory

We'll need to know about your computer. Mainly the make and model of the entire system or the motherboard. You can also go to and see if they can detect your system and what they recommend for upgrades.

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I have a Dell 4500 computer with 256 Rams of memory. I want to upgrade to
1G which is as much as my computer will hold. I will buy two 512 and take out the 256. I want the best and the fastest that I can get. Have visited several memory sites and cannot decide on the best one for me. There are 3 that I am looking at , but just do not know which one is the best.Here is what I need.

PC 2100 DDR 266MHz
c1=2.5 volts
64 meg x64
The three that I am thinking about are:

Please help me decide on the best one. I know it is probably just a preference , but you are all more experienced in this than I am and I do want your input as to which you have had the best experience with.

Thank you very much.


A:Solved: Memory Upgrade- Which is the best ?

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I have gotten my hands on an HP Pavilion 304w computer. I replaced the AMD 1.53 Mhz CPU with a 2.0 ghz AMD chip. Now, I am currently looking to upgrade the memory modules and am recieving conflicting reports via HP's website as to the maximum amount of allowed RAM that can be installed. One page, , says I can only install 2 X 512 mb sticks. The other page, listed under the motherboard specifications link located on that very same page, , states that the maximum allowed memory is 2 Gig.........???? Can anyone with any knowledge of this FIC AM37 Salsa Motherboard offer any assistance? I hate to place an order for the RAM without knowing. Thanks.

A:Solved: HP Memory Upgrade?

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I am trying to find out what to expect if I upgrade from OEM memory to 512 or 1g memory sip.
COMPAQ Presario SR1110NX
Microsoft XP Home Edition
145g hard drive
I have little to none tech talk knowledge.

A:Solved: Memory upgrade

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I have an older computer I need to upgrade.

The memory card is 184 pin.
Slot capacity is 1 gig per slot.
Mainboard Mfg. is ECS

Currently slots 1 and 2 show:
Module size: 256 MBytes
PC2100 (133 Mhz)
Manufacturer: Samsung
Correction: ECC
Registered: yes
Buffered: No

The major questions I have are (1) where do I get the best board for the cheapest price? and (2) if I go to a memory card like Corsair Memory VS2GBKIT400C3 2 GB PC3200 400MHz 184-Pin DDR Desktop Memory Kit will the Corsair card work with a difference in speed between the PC2100 (old card) and the PC3200 (new card)?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

A:Solved: Need To Upgrade Memory From 1 Gig to 2 Gig

What's the complete description of the motherboard in that old computer?


In most cases, you can mix DDR PC2100(DDR266) or DDR PC2700(DDR333) or DDR PC3200(DDR400) modules.

If you do, all modules will run at the speed of the slowest module(s).


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This computer has a trigem imperial 1.02 mainboard with 256 mb of RAM.
I would like to increase the size of the memory to at least 512 mb but am confused by the descriptions of the different cards.
How would the memory I need be described?
best wishes

A:Solved: memory upgrade

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I have a 4 yr old Dell Dimension E510 with only the 512 memory it came with. The computer is painfully slow while playing online games and sometimes just surfing in general. I've done the disk clean-up, degragmentor, increased virtual memory, deleted cookies and all, and it's still slow. Only thing left I could think of is to install more memory.

I bought a PNY 2 x1 GB DDR2 PC2-5300 set from Staples today but before I open in, can anyone confirm that it's compatible with my computer and if it will even help?


A:Solved: Memory Upgrade advice

Looks perfect, Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300 with a maximum of 2GB per slot.*

Thats dual channel 2GB. It should make things run much better.

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I wish to have a memory upgrade but I have a few questions.
I have 2 slots both contain non-parity DDR PC27000 256MB memory sticks.
I know that my system supports upto 2048MB (2GB) maximum.
1)If I upgraded both slots to 256MB DDR PC3200 would I notice the difference or can I actually do this ?In other words because my system has PC2700 , is that the only type it supports or can I put in PC3200 and would it be beneficial to do this ?

2)Can I leave a 256MB PC2700 in one of the slots and put say for instance a 512MB PC2700 in the other , 768MB total as opposed to the 512MB I have at the moment ?

3)Can I just take both out and put 1GB PC2700 in both slots , what would happen ?

4)If I put 1GB PC3200 in both slots would there be any difference to putting in 2 PC2700 sticks ?

I apologise if these questions are obvious or trivial to some of you more experienced types but it is not till recently that I have started to fiddle about with the hardware so I am in need of some expert coaching here , as per usual thanks in advance people !

A:Solved: Memory upgrade questions.

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I want to know what information will i need to know in order to get a memory Upgrade

I do not want to pay a tech dude to do it for me I like to build computer myself
If you need my computer information like the model and everything like that i can edit this so that there is.
I want to put a 2GB of Ram in it

A:Solved: What information I need for a Memory Upgrade

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My daughter has my old HP Pavilion zd4800. It has 768MB of PC2700. I purchased 1 GB of Ultra RAM to upgrade the memory. They are all 333MHz DDR sodimms. According to the specs, the maximum is 1024 MB, so I should be able to just put it in & go, right? But when I do, it won't boot. I've tried in both slots. I've tried with & without the old modules in every configuration possible. (Even though the maximum is 1G, I tried to see if it would work with what I had.) Any ideas?

A:Solved: Laptop Memory Upgrade

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I have a Gateway M150-XL Slate laptop. It came with two 1GB sticks of RAM, but I would like to upgrade to 3GB or 4GB of RAM. It has two RAM slots, but I've seen places online (CNET/Best Buy) where it says max supported RAM 2GB for my laptop. I went to Gateway's website and put my serial number in and it says:

Memory Upgrade Information
System Serial Number: 1102133509

Motherboard Part Number: 2905935R

Type of Memory Modules (shipped):
1024 MB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory Module (CRU/EURP)

Memory Installation Guide
Number of Memory Slots on Board: 2 (2 banks of 1)
Maximum Amount / Type of RAM that can be Installed:
4096MB DDR2 PC2-5300

So what can I do? Can I upgrade with two sticks of 2GB each. If so, where is a good place to find quality/inexpensive DDR2 PC2-5300 RAM? For example, I've been to TigerDirect but I only see PC5400. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: How much memory can I upgrade my system with?

According to what I read on the Gateway Support site the MAX Ram is 2 gig. and that is what the specs say it comes with. 2Gig 667 DDR2. Now that doesnt mean that the computer cant use more. But your OS may limit what would make sense for you to have.

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I recently upgraded my Gateway Select 1200 PC from 128MB to 512MB - removing the old memory module and inserting one new memory module of 512MB. Everything seems to be working great - guess I got lucky. Now, I am in the process of installing a 2nd computer for my wife - a Compaq 6300US, which is coming with 128MB (got it at CompUSA auction for a good price). I want to upgrade the memory to 384MB and hopefully get as lucky as I was with the Gateway. My problem, no configurators seem to have the Compaq 6300US listed. I know it takes SDRAM DIMM of 16, 32, 64, 128, or 256MB, with maximuim 512MB. DIMM's must be 3.3v Unbuffered and ECC is not supported (per the limited information on Compaq's site). I have purchased a Kingston Module KVR-PC133/256. I am just hoping it works. I do know it has an empty slot. Should I put the additional memory in the first slot - heard somewhere that makes a difference sometimes If anyone out there has any experience with this particular computer, would appreciate your comments. Thanks!

A:Solved: Memory upgrade questions

First i would make sure you have the right type of memory - mainly in your case pc66, pc100, pc133. It's not good to mix pc133 with other speeds of ram. Sometimes it works just great but i wouldn't recommend it. With the odd exception all mainboards have more than 1 slot, with 3 being the norm. If all works you may be able to use the piece from your computer as well.

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I have an HP Pavilion xf125 notebook, and would like to upgrade the memory. It has 384mb now. I don't know how much memory it will hold, or if it's even upgradable anymore since it's so old (2002 I think). The reason I want to upgrade is because it crashes pretty easy. I was thinking more memory would help solve this problem. Any advice would help... but no need to suggest I buy a new computer because I really don't use it all that much to justify the cost of a new one.

I also need a new battery for it, but don't really want to spend a lot... so looking for an inexpensive one. Not sure it's possible to find such a thing anymore. Yes, I have looked on HP's website and they don't have either memory or batteries for it.

Thanks for any helpful advice you can offer.

A:Solved: HP notebook memory upgrade?

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I have a packard bell desktop that had 1gb RAM 512 in each slot. Just bought 4gb (2x2gb) to replace the 1gb. Each module appears to work in either slot but not together. When I boot with both modules in I get a very rapid beep when I boot up and windows xp won't load. It all works fine however with just 1 module of 2gb in place.

I am running windows xp home SP3. I have been into the bios/cmos when the 2gb is in to see if I need to change anything but there is nothing I can see to change. It does show 2gb!

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: RAM Memory Upgrade Problem

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I need advice as to the best way to upgrade the memory on my custom built desktop computer. It is presently outfitted with two 512MB DDR PC2700 modules and has one empty slot. The motherboard (Soyo SY-P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum Edition) can apparently handle PC3200 and up to 2 GB of DDR 400. I'm uncertain as to whether to scrap the two existing memory modules and install two 1MB strips of DDR 400 - PC3200 OR to fill the empty slot with a 1MB strip of the foregoing. I'm obviously in over my head and would appreciate any suggestions. BTW, the unit is running a Pentium 4 processor and Windows XP Pro. I'm not a "gamer" but I do run multiple programs all day and my rig has become agonizingly slow.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed

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I have a Gateway Select 1200 computer with 128MB installed. I would like to upgrade it to 512MB - by adding a 128MB module and a 256MB module. I asked Gateway and they advised me I have 2 DIMM slots supporting 4 banks memory.

When I ran Belarc Advisor profile, it shows 128MB in Slot DIMM 1, with Slot DIMM2 and Slot DIMM3 as empty. (Three slots) I am not sure what I have. I have ordered one 256MB DIMM module and one 128 DIMM module from Crucial, but now am wondering if I can install both of them.

I am not sure what the terminology "2 DIMM slots supporting 4 banks of memory" really means. Would I have to install two 256MB Dimm modules to accomplish the 512MB total, or can I use the existing 128MB and add 128MB and 256MB to accomplish this.

Would I be just about as well off to install just the 256MB module and have a total of 384MB? (Providing I don't have two slots available)

Very confused. Anyone shed some light on this for me? I am in the dark!

A:Solved: Memory upgrade questions

Well crucial agrees with belarc, seems gateway may be wrong.\

System Info:
Maximum memory: 768MB
Standard memory: 128MB removable
Slots: 3 (3 banks of 1)
Explanation of memory terms
This is for a select 1200 per crucial

3 slots, you should be able to install all three dimms

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PNY - Optima 2-Pack 4GB (8GB Total) PC3-10666 DDR3 SoDIMM Laptop Memory Kit

This is the memory I am looking at from Best Buy to upgrade my wife's computer for her birthday. I was going to buy her a new computer but money and plans changed. I still want to improve her computing experience, so a new battery and upgrading from her stock 3G of memory to 8G seems like the way to go.
She has an Acer Aspire Model 5552

I just want to make sure there's nothing I need to do other than ground myself before pulling and swapping the memory sticks...

A:Solved: Laptop memory upgrade ???

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Dell Optiplex 990 desktop Windows 7 Enterprise

There were 2 sticks of ram 2gb each, I installed 2 additional sticks of memory 4gb each. Booted it up to a blue screen, I took the 2 4gb sticks out, and I still get a blue screen. I've tried booting up to safe mode, last known good config.. etc. Same blue screen appears. I ran through diagnostics with original memory in, with just 2 4gb sticks, and with the combination and everything for memory comes back fine.

blue screen =

Win32k.sys - Address FFFFF9600011CCA3 base at.......

A:Solved: BSOD After Memory Upgrade

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Hi Everyone,

I currently have the following memory installed in my computer.

2 X 256MB 16x(16Mx8) DDR - SDRAM PC2100 - 233-750 (CL2.5 up to 143MHz) (CL2 up to 133MHz. 184 pin

I don't understand all that but that's what's showing as the type of RAM I have.

The following is what I'm considering buying but I'm not sure if it will be compatible with what I've listed above. They say it's backward compatible but I don't know.
I'd appreciate your advice and opinion. Thanks.

JEDEC Standard 184-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module

128x4 DDR 400Mhz 184Pin DIMM Module

Performance: PC3200
DQ DQ Burst Frequency: 400MHz
Inputs and outputs are SSTL-18 compatible
SDRAM have 4 internal banks for concurrent operation
Differential clock inputs
Data is read or written on both clock edges
Bi-directional data strobe with one clock cycle preamble and one-half clock post-amble
Address and control signals are fully synchronous to positive clock edge
Programmable Operation:
Burst Type: Sequential or Interleave
Burst Length: 4, 8
Operation: Burst Read and Write
Auto Refresh (CBR) and Self Refresh Modes
Automatic and controlled precharge commands
Serial Presence Detect
SDRAMs in FBGA Package
RoHs compliance

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed

by: The best way to buy compatible memory is to use a Memory finder from one of the companies that manufacture or sell Memory sticks.
Go to and use thier memory advisor. It's free to use and they will recommend and guarantee the memory will work.
You will need to know your computer's name (Dell, e-Machines, HP, etc) or the motherboard name.
Another source is
The stick you're looking at will probably work, but why take chances?

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I would like to upgrade my memory on the following computer. I have attached a scan from everest. i have 4 memory modules and I have in a 512 stick and in another i have 128.
i ran a scan from crucial and they did not have any "matches" for my system. Ideas?

A:Solved: upgrade memory for my computer

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I have a HP Compaq dc5100 sff running xp pro sp2 it has 512meg and I want to upgrade to 2gig(2x1gig),the litriture says to use pc2-4200 DDR2, can I use pc2-5300 DDR2, will it work?

A:Solved: memory upgrade for dc5100 sff

The HP Compaq dc5100 Small Form Factor desktop has 4 RAM slots, supports a maximum of 4096 MB(4 GB) of RAM, and uses 240-pin, unbuffered, non-ECC DDR2 PC2-3200 or DDR2 PC2-4200 modules.

It's best to install matching modules of the same brand and speed so you don't risk a conflict or incompatibilty problem. If you mix speeds, all the modules will run at the speed of the slowest module.

Note: The CRUCIAL site says it can use DDR2 PC2-5300 modules, but the HP-Compaq service manual and the MEMORYSTOCK site says to use only DDR2-3200 or DDR2-4200 modules.


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I have a Dell Inspirion 2200 that has 1x256 PC2700, I would like to increase the memory. I have 2x256 PC2100, I can not find anywhere an answer. I know that I have been able to replace damaged PC 2700 with PC 2100 in a desktop. I am unsure it the same is so in laptops. Thank's

A:Solved: Memory upgrade (Sort of)

The Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop comes with a non-removable 256 MB module.

It has an empty bay for adding a second module.

It supports a maximum of 1280 MB of RAM.

That means you can add a 256 MB or 512 MB or 1024 MB(1 GB) module to that empty bay.

It uses 200-pin DDR PC2700 SODIMM modules.

By adding a 1024 MB(1 GB) DDR PC2700 module to the empty bay, you can max out the RAM in that laptop.

You didn't mention which version of Windows you have in that laptop, so I'll assume it's Windows XP.


If you currently have 2 - 256 MB 200-pin DDR PC2100 SODIMM modules, you can add one of them to the empty bay.

I wouldn't advise that you do that though because it'll cause both modules to run at the slower DDR PC2100 speed.


Here is an image of what a 200-pin DDR PC2700 SODIMM looks like.


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Good evening all.

Over the years my PC has gradually slowed down until I eventually took the plunge and decided to increase the memory, I used the scanner on and upgraded from 1GB (2 x 512mb), to 2GB (2 x 1GB) and according to these new modules are supposedly compatible with my system. The old modules are labelled M2U51264DS8HC3G-5T 512MB DDR-4000mHZ-CL3 PC32200U-30331 and the new modules are labelled 1GB DDR PC2700 and the installation of the new modules seemed to go without a hitch, also my PC did speed up briefly but after a couple of days it has got even slower than it was before with half the memory and sometimes it freezes completely.

I have since scanned my PC for malware, just in case, and the free Avast did find and remove a couple of things including a trojan but this didn't make any difference whatsoever to the speed, which if anything is getting even slower.

That's about as much as I can manage so I was wondering if anyone can help me to speed up my PC up again or have I just wasted £50 of my hard earned?

Thanks in advance,


A:Solved: Memory upgrade problems.

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Hi all,
I want to upgrade our computers memory and before I would just open the tower and look at what was used BUT this time I am running into a bit of a problem. The memory in the tower says PC-2 4300 512 mb
This is computer info
Acer Aspire e 380
Windows Vista
1 gb Ram
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor

I am looking at samsung memory and a Ultra memory module How can I be sure they will work for me before I buy them???
The Samsung memory is 2 -1024 mb PC4200 533 mhz 240 pin DDR2 Dimm and the Ultra memory is PC 4200 533 mhz 1024 mb. I tried to find a memory checker for samsung and Ultra but had no luck.
Your help is truly appreciated. Thank you

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I''ve just upgraded my Athlon AMD XP computer from 512 Mb to 2G kingston RAM in two sticks. On first boot it gave me "CMOS settings wrong". I went in and noticed the time was incorrect, so changed it, and altered settings to "Best performance settings". I then shutdown as am concerned I might cause damage.

Is there anything I need to do. The HowTo's I've read dont mention CMOS changes.


A:Solved: Memory upgrade gives CMOS error

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Alright, guys. Now before you go dissing my laptop, try to keep in mind that I was looking for a machine that did everything I wanted for $200, and found that (I didnít spend a penny more). My PC handles the intense stuff Ė but this laptop chats with buddies, surfs the web and loads USB homework papers at most, usually. I didnít need anything super, but it came with a docking station, battery, their carrying case, cable, RW drive, PC cards among other little tools I got hooked up with, and happens to support my every camera/scanner/external drive/etc toy that I have!

And unlike other 1999 laptops, this one has a very easy-to-access upgrade area. I can remove the hard drive in the blink of an eye. Just wanted to mention that - in the past, I'd post about a question and all I got in reply was, "You overpaid for that piece of crap" instead of help.

I have the following machine:

Link with the exact photo is here
(Notice the digital display at the top of the keyboard Ė looks exactly like mine)

But the Pentium II version explanation is here
(please read the brief explanation and scroll down to the 333MHz version)

Hard to believe that in 1999, totaling everything I got in the deal would have been over $3000.

ANYWAY. It might also be important to mention that I threw XP Pro on it (auto driver installtion, please!), and am ... Read more

A:Solved: DIMM Memory upgrade advice?

According to Crucial
the Micron Transport NX can hold a maximum of 384MB SODIMM RAM
Since they recommend of 128MB module I would assume that each slot would accept at least that size. At present your notebook has 192MB.

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I have replaced memory in other computers in the past but this new INspiron seems to have an additional step in the process: temp. removal of PCI cards before new mem. install. What"s up with that?
The instuctions are straightfoward enough but is the procedure necessay? Also, the sticks must be installed in a certain order?
Thanks, Doc...

A:Solved: memory upgrade in Dell Inspiron 531

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vaio won't restart after memory upgrade
My Vaio was so slow I went to and ran their system scan to see if I could add memory. I bought their recommended 2 gig kit and removed my 512 card , installed their two 1 gig cards and then my system started just fine. I re-ran Crucials scan and it showed I only had 1 gig installed and one empty slot. So I shut down, removed and reinserted the two one gig cards, both clicked in just fine, but now when I started my Vaio again I just get a black screen. Lights on, I hear the fan running, but no start up. Any suggestions? Crucial support is closed for the night.

A:Solved: vaio won't start after memory upgrade

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I currently have 2- 256MB of DDR333/PC2700 in my system. The maximum is 2GB of 2700 or 3GB of 2100. I was wondering if I could add one 512MB of DDR266/PC2100 in the 3rd slot for a total of 1024MB Ram. My ASUS user's manual says that if more than 2 DIMMS of 2700 is installed the system will revert to a maximum speed of 266. Since I'm not adding a 3rd 2700 DIMM what will happen? Or should I just get the 2700 and let it revert back to 266Mz?

A:Solved: Asus A7S333 Memory Upgrade

In order to achieve optimum performance you would want to run pc2700 ram. By mixing pc2700 and 2100 you would default to 266 regardless.

Common question really. If i were in your shoes i would think about ditching one or both of the 256mb sticks and install 2x512mb sticks of pc2700.

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Hi folks!

I'm looking at increasing PC memory and need some pointers, please. I currently have 3 slots for memory. 2 of them are used with a 32MB and a 64MB cards. Both are SDRam.

What I could do with knowing is what can I upgrade to? Is it determined by the motherboard or processor or...what?

Any advise would be welcomed, as I'm not well up on the intricacies of memory!!



A:Solved: Memory upgrade advise sought!

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Hi ,
I bought some memory the kind Kingston site said to use for my computer . I found out the hard way it didn't work. A tech guy told me I need to use pc 100 memory instead. I need to know if I jsut have to get pc 100 256 mb 32 x 64 or a different type of pc 100 memory .I apperciate the help.
Thank you

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I need to know if I can use a single strip of
512MB PC-133 High or Low density , bufferd or unbufferd . SDRAM
I have a Gateway select 1000 . AMD Athlon 1GIG.
Motherboard is a
MicroStar MS-6330 2.1 (I think )
Memory now is 256+128+128 =512MB
Windows ME
I am getting conflicting information.
Gateway says I can use a single strip and the people I want to get the memory from says no.
After installing this memory I get 3 beeps and the computer will not boot.
I think this memory stick is bad. (according to the beeps)
People I got the memory from says the memory can't be bad because they test it.
The price is low , and I know everybody says go for a name brand but they all want over $120.00 . I got this other for $58.00
Someone knows for sure if I can use 512MB in each slot or I can only get 256MB . I also heard that Windows ME only supports 512MB

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I just purchased

As you can see, it includes a 512MB PC3200Mhz memory which is not a dual channel. I have a spare memory which is also 512MB PC3200Mhz. I was wondering if that will work out ok and if I purchased another memory (1GB PC3200Mhz prefered) will it be ok if I installed it all in this board?

Also, I was planning to buy a 2 1Gb PC3200 dual channel memory. I'm not sure if it will work in this board. I just want to know if it will be ok to just buy 2 gigs of dual channel mem and installed it on this board removing the 512mb mem that comes up in this board. It doesn't say that it doesn't support dual channel memory so I'm just curious coz dual channel mem is faster than single mem. Is that right?

I hope you can help me guy

Thanks a lot!!

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Just got a new memory stick today and installed it in the computer, but for some reason it doesnt read in the system properties but shows up fine in the system information, also the bios does not read that it is there. now my initial thought and assumptions are that it is bad. can some one with a little bit more knowledge about the memory comfirm my suspicions.

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May not be bad but sounds like incompatible. You just don't go into a store and buy a speed and number of pins, that is not how to do it., and all have configurators where you can out in motherboard model or pc brand and they will give you compatible model numbers, then buy them wherever you like.

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I ordered 2 Gb's of DDR2- 800 (2x1Gb) on eBay.
I received GDDR2- 800 memory.
Will it work in my computer? Everything I can find refers to graphics cards (which I know nothing about). It looks the same but I don't want to cook my PC.
My question is simple, can I use it or should I throw it away. It's not worth the hassle of returning it. Is DDR2 and GDDR2 interchangeable?

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i have 32bit windows vista premium. and i have 4GB of memory. but my PC only says i have 3.5GB. would i have to get the 64bit system so the PC will see the rest of the memory? and if so what would i have to do to get the 64bit? or would it be better to just wait and get windows 7?

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Some memory is used in the BIOS for hardware resources and does not show in the system memory. Don't update to 64 bit Windows, while it does provide for considerable additional memory, there are still driver issues with many vendors.

However this discrepancy should have been resolved by a Service Pack update >>

On computers that have a 32-bit operating system, more than 3 GB of system memory, and with a version of Windows that is earlier than Windows Vista SP1, users will see a larger difference in how much memory is reported as available to the operating system compared to how much physical memory is installed. This is because some physical address space must be reserved as I/O regions for memory mapped peripherals. These I/O regions are allocated between the 3 GB physical address and the 4 GB upper physical address limit.

Physical memory addresses that are mapped to these I/O regions cannot be used to address physical system memory. These addresses also cannot be used to prevent the operating system from using some physical memory that would ordinarily be accessed between the 3GB physical address and the 4GB upper physical address limit. The size of these I/O regions varies from system to system because they determine the type and configuration of the system’s peripherals.
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I saved 4 GBs of DDR2 memory form a computer that took a wrong turn and fatally crashed, Core 2 Duo as well,..........several parts.

A Core Duo E6600 2.4 LGA 755

4 gigabytes Kiingston memory stcks all 4 kvr800d2n5/1g

Roswell 550 Watt PS with some cables

double-layer dvd player=recorders (2 extra)

D-Link Adapter

2 usb2 adapter

Mitsumi Card Reader Anyway I am looking for a Motherboard
Thats what I have and i cant afford replacing most of these things as i'd like to do

Can I use this memory in DDR3 slots? I will only buy a board w/usb3....they all seem th=o use ddr3 memory. If not Its a major roadblock. Damn hospital bills.

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nope, DDR3 slots will not support DDR2 memory. They perhaps have the same amount of pins (240 i believe), but the sizes are different and the position of the pins as well.

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Well i plan to buy but im not sure if its same as my current memory i have which info is here >
Field Value
Memory Module Properties
Module Name Kingston 9905230-002.B03LF
Serial Number B537C442h (1120155573)
Manufacture Date Week 31 / 2007
Module Size 1 GB (2 ranks, 4 banks)
Module Type Unbuffered DIMM
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Memory Speed DDR2-533 (266 MHz)
Module Width 64 bit
Module Voltage SSTL 1.8
Error Detection Method None
Refresh Rate Reduced (7.8 us), Self-Refresh

Memory Timings
@ 266 MHz 5-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-28-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 266 MHz 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-28-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 200 MHz 3-3-3-9 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 12-21-2-3-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)

Memory Module Features
Analysis Probe Not Present
FET Switch External Disabled
Weak Driver Supported

Memory Module Manufacturer
Company Name Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
Product Information
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If this is not same one.. can you please tell how i should search for my RAM... or if this RAM that i plan to buy supports my pc ... ask me for information you need.

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What, if any, is the difference between DDR2 and Dual Channel DDR2?

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This may explain your question

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ok i have windows xp home sp3.

one thing i miss about windows 98 is that when you check to see how much free memory you have left it will show what amount of ram you have installed and also the amount you have left over .

in windows xp home sp3 you get too much info for a person to understand.

i have a 1 gig of ram installed,, i want to know in one simple answer how many MB i have left over .

how can i find out ?.

yes i know i can right click on the task bar and bring up task manager,,thats the problem,, too much info,,lol.

or is there a program i can install that is free, that will give me that one simple answer ?.

hope some one can help,,,thank u soo much ,,this is a great forum.

A:Solved: i have a memory question,,,,please help ,,thank u.

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Here is a partial printout of one of my PC's hardware from Everest:

[ BIOS ]

BIOS Properties:
Vendor Phoenix
Technologies Ltd.
Version HZ.01.09US
Release Date 11/23/99
Size 512 KB
Boot Devices Floppy Disk,
Capabilities Flash BIOS,
Shadow BIOS
Supported Standards DMI, APM, ACPI,
Expansion Capabilities ISA, PCI, AGP

[ System ]

System Properties:
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Product HP Vectra
Version VLi8
Serial Number US93502514
Wake-Up Type Power Switch

[ Motherboard ]

Motherboard Properties:
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Product HP Holmes
System Board
Version D4066-60001
Serial Number US93502514

[ Chassis ]

Chassis Properties:
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Version N/A
Serial Number N/A
Asset Tag N/A
Chassis Type Pizza Box
Chassis Lock Present

[ Memory Controller ]

Memory Controller Properties:
Error Detection Method None
Supported Memory Interleave 1-Way
Current Memory Interleave 1-Way
Supported Memory Types DIMM, SDRAM
Supported Memory Voltages 3.3V
Maximum Memory Module Size 256 MB
Memory Slots 2

[ Processors / Pentium(R) III ]
THe question I have is there are 2 slots for memory, does the listing mean that each slot can handle 256 of MB or that the 2 slots total can only handle 256 mb? Please let me know.


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i hope this can help you:
a product description took from

Product Description
High performance, fully manageable corporate PC at a competitive price, newly designed form factors with highly serviceable chassis, NLX standard motherboard with Intel 440BX class: 440ZX AGPset, the HP Vectra VLi 8 comes with Matrox G200 graphics with 8MB SDRAM, integrated 16-bit PCI audio, UltraATA Hard Disk Drive from 4.3GB to 13.5GB and 32 or 64MB 100MHz SDRAM expandable to 512MB. The HP Vectra VLi 8 comes with 450 to 500 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or 400MHz Intel Pentium II processor with 100MHz front-side bus and 512K L2 cache.


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Just a quick question,I am buying an athlon 2800+ cpu 333fsb, until i get some pc 2700,333mhz ram,can i continue to use my current ram pc2100 266mhz., or would that be unwise.

thanks in advance,

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As long as you run it at 266, yes, OK.

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I've got an AMD 3000+ sys with Asus A8NE mobo with 1gb RAM (512x2).

I want to add 1gb more. Is it okay if I just got a 1gb stick or should I get 2 sticks of 512 gb?

Also, are there compatibility issues of any kind I should watch out for? timing, frequency etc.



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I just ordered 2 2gig memory sticks for my PC. The PC currently has 4 slots, 2 are empty the other 2 have 1 gig memory sticks in each slot. Should I remove them and put in the new memory or leave them in?

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