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Solved: Can my SCSI scanner run as a USB scanner?

Q: Solved: Can my SCSI scanner run as a USB scanner?

I have bought an Epson Perfection 1200S scanner, second hand. I hoped to plug it into the USB of my PC but only after buying it did I see that the 1200U model is for USB and the handbook for this 1200S model says that unless my PC has an SCSI board, I need to install one. The scanner came with an interface board but I am not confident about opening my PC to install it.

The scanner also came with a Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B, which is not part of the Epson package but I guess is an extra that the seller threw in. It has a USB prong on one end that could go into my PC, and the other end would fit the cable that attaches to the scanner.

Can I install the scanner without using the SCSI board?

A: Solved: Can my SCSI scanner run as a USB scanner?

From the looks of it the Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B is a usb to scsi converter so you should be able to plug it into the USB port and have it work. Seems like it should be Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B to SCSI cable to scanner.

While Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B did not give me too many things to look up... maybe you can provide a picture of this unit to verify....

either that or verify its something like this -

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So... my Aunt has an older Umax Astra 610S scanner. The darn thing keeps giving her computer fits with VMM32. One thing their support site mentioned was that the older SCSI cards sometimes have trouble keeping up with the newer, faster processors.

My question is -- can any ol' SCSI card work for her or does she need to upgrade to a newer scanner? If I can just buy a newer SCSI card to fix the problem, it would probably be cheaper than buying a whole new scanner. I sent an e-mail request to UMAX asking them the same question but they haven't responded - go figure.

Thanks in advance,

A:{SOLVED} SCSI card/Scanner question

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I have recently bought an AHA-2940 S6 PCI SCSI card in the hope of replacing the aging DTC 3181x/3151x SCSI II ISA card that is no longer supported in the newer operating systems. The DTC card came with my ARTEC Viewstation AT12 scanner.

Will the AHA card run a scanner (this scanner?) and if so is it only a matter of installing the drivers for this SCSI card to get the scanner to operate? (I have been fiddling with this problem for quite a few days, I hope the new card is compatible)


A:SCSI for Scanner

The Adaptec HA will certainly run a scanner, it's hard to know if your specific scanner drivers are compatible with other host adapters. I had a scanner years ago that needed the specific little SCSI adapter that came with it to function, I couldn't use any other HA.

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I am currently looking for help on having my 4p scanjet scsi scanner work.
I recently switched to vista 64 upon new hardware
The scanner with the adaptec 2940u were working perfectly with vista ultimate 32

Currently windows recognizes the scanner
The card is under the emulated driver (solution I found on these forums)

after copying over deskscan II and moving files from vista 32 to 64 without problem image programs find deskscan but somehow there is no communication with the scanner.

if one goes to the device manager it reports scanner and card working fine. However if one checks the scanner's profile it says unavailable.

anyone have an idea of what the problem is? Should I give up on hps software and use vuescan? or is it the scsi card?

If its the card's compatibility which is a good card for the scanner?
any help is greatly appreciated

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I have an older Microtek ScanMaker 9600xl scanner. It worked off and on on my old Win 98 Computer and now Microtek has released updated XP software for it...

So I want to try it again....

My problem is that the SCSI card I used with it, an Adaptec 2930B, refuses to be recognised by my Win XP Home OS. According to Adaptec's website, they have drivers for all the other OS's and imply that the XP driver should be embedded in the XP OS.

I can't get it to install the driver(s) I can't find the original driver disk but even if I could, it wouldn't have the XP drivers on least I don't think so.....

So how can I can a driver installed for this card?

Or.....would it be worth it to buy a SCSI to USB cable and forget about the card? I'd hate to spend 60 to 80 bucks for the adapter though if I can make this work...

Thanks in advance....


A:SCSI for an old scanner in XP?

A new scanner would be cheaper, easier to install, and produce higher quality output.

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I have recently bought an AHA-2940 S6 PCI SCSI card in the hope of replacing the aging DTC 3181x/3151x SCSI II ISA card that is no longer supported in the newer operating systems. The DTC card came with my ARTEC Viewstation AT12 scanner.

Will the AHA card run a scanner (this scanner?) and if so is it only a matter of installing the drivers for this SCSI card to get the scanner to operate? (I have been fiddling with this problem for quite a few days, I hope the new card is compatible)


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as soon as I put document in fujitsu scanner bring up event on device fi-4340d how do I stop that window from appearing

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My son gave me a scanner UMAX astra 610S. He also gave a scsi card UDS- IS11 PC/ISA P/N:970160- 16

The card is in and the system hooked up but I can't get the thing to install. I have Windows 98. I downloaded a driver from the internet and installed it, but have no idea if that is working since the computer says it cannot locate my scanner.

Could really use some help getting this thing going. My son is great with computers, but he can't figure out what is wrong without a book or some instructions.

A:scanner and scsi card

Take a look At this link from Umax's support site.

Scroll down near the bottom and it mentions an updater program for your scanner and scsi card.

Unfortunately, it looks like they have removed the program from their ftp site.

If I can find another link to it I will post it. If not you may need to contact Umax to get a copy.


Can't seem to find a copy anywhere. If your scanner does NOT have a power switch, there are some drivers to download you might try at (610s no power switch). If it does (610s standard) then you would have to buy the cd with the needed software

I HATE UMAX *sigh* They are the ONLY company I know who charges for drivers.

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I'm trying to connect a Mustek 1200 LS scaneer to a PC. The scanner comes with its own SCSI card. The problem is that the computer doesn't seem to recognise the card or the scanner. The system also has a Jaz drive set up via a different SCSI card. Do you think the two things are conflicting? When you turn the machine on the JAZ drive comes up on the SCSI setup but not the scanner

Can I connect both SCSI cards to the system or do I have to route everything through the one card?



A:SCSI Scanner problem

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I have an AGFA Duoscan scanner connected to a win2Kpro machine using an Adaptec AHA-2940AU PCI SCSI controller. Is there any way I can share this scanner so I can access it from another pc on my network (win NT)? There's certainly no share option in the scanner properties.

any advice much appreciated.

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I recently purchased a new Dell Studio XPS 8000 with Windows 7 Home. I set up everything but when I went to install my Microtek ScanMaker X6 EL SCSI Scanner the software told me it was not compatible and would not install. I tried several Different Scan Softwares but they said they could not detect scanner and I couldnt find a compatible driver anywhere. I checked the website but didnt find much since only listed Windows XP as highest version and said that is all it supported.
I went ahead and tried it, but still said could not find scanner. Is there any work around or a perpherial I can use as a go between, perhaps an adapter or converter? Appreciate any help I can get.

A:scsi scanner not working with win 7

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I am having a problem with my microtek slimscan c3 scanner. I have it hooked
up to an adaptec 2906 SCSI card. I have all the SCSI software installed and
the device is reporting that it is working properly. I have the Dynaicon
driver installed for the scanner and microtek scan wizard installed. When I
go to import in adobe photoshop, there is no scanner to select and twain
does not show that there is any scanner connected. When i test the scanner,
I get the massage "This device is either not present, not working properly
or does not have all the drivers installed. (Code 10). When I try to update
the driver, it tells me the most current driver is there. Any suggestions?

A:Scanner/SCSI problem

i had a simmular problem with my scanner if the driver update did not work you might make sure the carriage is unlocked if it is then try turning your scanner off while the computer is on wait a few minutes then turn it back on if the power light on the scanner is steady it should be good to go however if it is flashing or flickering you could have a recognition problem. if so you might try they should have you up and running in no time

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I've just been given the task of getting an old Mustek 1200FS scanner working again. One indication of how obsolete this scanner is: nearly every Google hit where this model number appears is in Russian.

Anyway, I know it's a SCSI scanner, but I need to know what kind of SCSI card to buy. There are 25 pins on the port. I'm not sure if that points to a specific card or not....

Any thoughts would be great - Thanks

A:What SCSI card for an old scanner?

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I bought a UMAX vista S6E scanner that came with a SCSI card that I have to install. I have never done anything like that but I think I can, as I found some installation instructions. Anyway, my question is, how do I know before installing this that is will be compatible with my pc? Or can I know that? I have a compaq pc with win98. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:SCSI Scanner question

SCSI is a very old and well established standard that works on all modern PC's. I wouldn't worry too much about that. Good luck on your installation.

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My scanner was up and running fine when I first got my computer. But I was having conflicts with one of its components and my online banking program. So I either deleted or dis-associated the offending component (been so long I don't remember exactly what I did) I assumed that when I wanted to used the scanner again all I would have to do is delete my scanner software and reinstall and everything could go back to normal. Wrong!

I am getting the followng error message:
++++ SAT ERROR ID: A SCSI problem occurred.
Open the log file to find out more.
++++++++ERROR STRING: check sense

DataView Attach-Detach mismatch.
Suggestions, please!

A:Scanner/SCSI Problem

check device manager to see if there's any conflic,
if not, reinstall scanner software,
if not work, search the web site for you scanner, they must have a section where faq is aviliable.

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I have a Mustek Scanner MFS-8000SP and I want to use it under Windows XP. Were can I find a Driver for this OS ?

Tanks in advance
Alfredo Delgado-Sanchez

A:SCSI Scanner Mustek MFS-8000SP with Win XP

They might not have a driver for XP tho.

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Just thought I'd post my story, should work for any SCSI based HP Scanjet Scanner NOT supported in Vista (i.e. all the "Ancient" ones 3, 5 series 6XXX etc) although I am basing this on what I have - 6100C.

I originally had this old warhorse way back in the days of 95/NT4 on an ISA SCSI card. Up until I installed Vista x64 last week, it had quite happily run under XP on an Adaptec 2904 Scsi Card, which happens to have no Vista driver support (I'm told there is a way round this but I replaced the card with a cheap Adaptec 19160 from ebay which IS supported natively). Plugged in scanner, said lots of prayers and booted up. Card detected in Vista x64 no probs. Looked for the scanner, showed up as a C2520A SCSI device.

Tried installing the old version of Precisionscan Pro I had working under XP, it installed fine and the software would run but alas the dreaded "No Scanner detected"

Just as I was about to scream/cry/start looking for another scanner, the thought occured to me to go download the latest VueScan trial... sure enough installed and was promted to "install a driver that supports most scanners" (nothing like being specific eh?!) did so and waited for the routine to finish.

Ran VueScan, and was gutted to see a "scanner not found message" Looked sadly down at my faithful 6100c thinking "thats it... the end". Then it occured to me that I hadn't rebooted in any of this, this is SCSI after all not USB. Soo I s... Read more

A:It Lives! Old HP SCSI Scanner on Vista x64

Now the workaround for 2904 and similar chipset based cards, you need:

"Adaptec AIC-7870 PCI SCSI Controller (Emulated)"

In device manager, select the icon of the scsi adapter ----> properties----> in the driver tab, click on "update driver"

Select "Browse my computer for driver software"
Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

At "Select your device type from the list", select "Storage

"Show compatible hardware" checkbox ---> unchecked
Then select "Adaptec" as manufacturer, and "Adaptec AIC-7870 PCI SCSI
Controller (Emulated)" as model.

This is "at you own risk", and I haven't tried it but it was suggested to me as a possible workaround to get the 2904 (and similar chipset) going. Personally, I had replaced the card and had things working before I got this advice, but for completeness I thought I would post as well.


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After 4 years of working properly, the Adaptec SCSI 1505A card has developed an irq conflict, so my HP 5p scanner does not show up in device manager unless it's in safe mode. The device configurations are as follows:

00: System Timer
01: Standard Keyboard
02: Programmable interrupt controller
03: COM Port 4 (used by digital camera)
04: COM port 1 (don't think it's in use)
05: Modem (on COM port 2)
06: Standard Floppy Disk Controller
07: Printer Port (LPT1)
08: System CMOS/real time clock
09: IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
09: Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 Pro
10: YAMAHA Sound System
11: IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
12: TrackMan 8 (PS/2)
13: Numeric data processor
14: Primary IDE controller
15: Intel PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
15: Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)

After this fiasco, I also installed the USB drivers, but they don't work either. They were using irq 11 ok for a while. The SCSI device shows up in conflict on irq 9, but according to the SCSI select, should be on 10 or 11.

If anyone can help with this, I'd be most grateful.

A:SCSI scanner developed irq conflict

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I am trying to connect this scanner to a Windows XP machine. I need the driver for this scanner for WIN XP. Can anyone help me? I have tried the twain driver and it doesn't work. From seaching on the net, I have read where the driver for WIN 2000 will not work either. These are excellent scanners and nothing wrong with them. I see no need in having to buy new ones when these work great but can't seem to get them to work with Windows XP. Any advice??

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Hi i hope someone can help me, my computer is coming up with the

Found New Hardware Wizard

then it goes on to say about installing scsi/raid host controller but the thing is i dont have a scanner so why is this coming up?

I am using windows xp, pentium 4(3.02ghz), 512 ram(ddr), i have an inno 3d graphics card all my drivers have been installed using the cds provided when i put together the pc, so what is going on, thanks for the help.

A:SCSI/RAID controller Host ... i dont have a scanner? HUH?

There is more to SCSI than scanners, actually scanners are the lesser functionality of the SCSI bus. And sometimes some things are called SCSI even when they are not

Do you have a RAID controller. Or a SATA controller? Or did you install some virtual CD software like Alcohol or Daemon Tools?

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Geez I can't think of what else to do. Using an adaptec 2930U scsi adapter (50pin high den.) into the scanner, (no converter between).

First I was getting a stop error. Dropped the transmission rate of the scsi id (tried id#'s 2,3,4,5). When I dropped the transmission rate it didn't get a stop error (I assume the stop was due to a failure for the scanner to respond). Running the scsi bios check/id scanner it would time out when ever it hit the scanner. Ok, so chagned the trans. rate to 5, and NT booted but under the scsi applet /adaptec there was no device found. Went back into the scsi bios and did the following:
1. scsi synchronize transfer=no
2. max synch transfer=5 (later changed back to 20, as it didn't seem to hav any effect with these other changes)
3. enable disconnection=no
4. parity checking=disabled
5. scsi termination=enabled

With these settings I get the following devices showing up under the adaptec 2930U card:
HP [email protected]
HP [email protected]
Now there is only one thing on the scsi and that's just the scanner itself. highlighting these and going to properties shows that it thinks they are HP scsi printers. Reload the scanner software, going through all the hoops of disconnecting, shutting down, restarting w/ scanner not connected, reinstalling software, shutting down connecting scanner, waiting a minute for scanner to be on before turning on the computer, etc. still same thing(s) found attached. *Note no device is found when scanner is not attache... Read more

A:{Moved from NT/2000 Forum} - SCSI Hp 6300c scanner meets NT4.0 sp5

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Geez I can't think of what else to do. Using an adaptec 2930U scsi adapter (50pin high den.) into the scanner, (no converter between).

First I was getting a stop error. Dropped the transmission rate of the scsi id (tried id#'s 2,3,4,5). When I dropped the transmission rate it didn't get a stop error (I assume the stop was due to a failure for the scanner to respond). Running the scsi bios check/id scanner it would time out when ever it hit the scanner. Ok, so chagned the trans. rate to 5, and NT booted but under the scsi applet /adaptec there was no device found. Went back into the scsi bios and did the following:
1. scsi synchronize transfer=no
2. max synch transfer=5 (later changed back to 20, as it didn't seem to hav any effect with these other changes)
3. enable disconnection=no
4. parity checking=disabled
5. scsi termination=enabled

With these settings I get the following devices showing up under the adaptec 2930U card:
HP [email protected]
HP [email protected]
Now there is only one thing on the scsi and that's just the scanner itself. highlighting these and going to properties shows that it thinks they are HP scsi printers. Reload the scanner software, going through all the hoops of disconnecting, shutting down, restarting w/ scanner not connected, reinstalling software, shutting down connecting scanner, waiting a minute for scanner to be on before turning on the computer, etc. still same thing(s) found attached. *Note no device is found when scanner is not attache... Read more

A:{Moved to hardware Forum} - SCSI Hp 6300c scanner meets NT4.0 sp5

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I am looking at purchaseing a new scanner. I have several thousand slides and negatives that I am needing to scan and want to find the best equipment for this at a decent price. I've seen some people say the Plustek 7500i SE is a good dedicated scanner. Even the Plustek 7200i SE has a good rating. Is there any that are better or that you might recommend instead. I'm really struggling on what direction to go. A dedicated film scanner is suppose to be better quality but at a much higher price. I've looked up flatbed scanners for under $500 and the CanoScan 8800F seems to have the highest rating and good reviews.
If anyone could point me towards one they like or recommend I would greatly appricaite it.
Like I said I'm getting to the point where I'm getting confused on which direction I should go.
Thank you for your help.

A:Dedicated film, slide scanner - is the Plustek 7500i SE a good scanner?

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Hi White Knights, Good Guys and Gals,

My PC was attacked, likely through Internet Explorer today, since I haven't downloaded anything. The following are is the list of Malware that XP Security Center has notified:


and Trojan Remover has identified

and Mcafee
NTROSKRN... (rootkit trojan)

The program "Protection Systems" continues to pop up prompting me to buy along with random IExplorer bombs despite having removed it from programs. The system regularly freezes when I employ anti-malware programs.

I have attempted to use in normal and safe operating mode (Mcafee from safe command prompt)
=Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise (halts early in operation, Identifies NTROSKRN and 11 cookies)
=Stopzilla (Halts early in operation)
=Malwarebytes(fails to open even with changed name)
=Rooter Malware Finder (Eric_71) (operates results indeterminant)
=Trojan Remover (Runs. results indeterminant)

I am not in a good position to format the PC (in the wilderness).

Any advice what is preventing these malware programs from operating?

Thanks, and happy to repay the favor particularly if you like homebrew since PC wars arent my specialty!


DDS (Ver_09-06-26.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Iamcomputer at 20:41:08.59 on Wed 07/15/2009... Read more

A:Unknown Attack Disables Malware Scanner/Antivirus/Spyware Scanner

Hi, lookingtree Welcome.Please read and follow all these instructions very carefully.Please download ComboFix from Here or Here to your Desktop.**Note: In the event you already have Combofix, this is a new version that I need you to download. It is important that it is saved and renamed following this process directly to your desktop**If you are using Firefox, make sure that your download settings are as follows:Tools->Options->Main tabSet to "Always ask me where to Save the files".During the download, rename Combofix to Combo-Fix as follows:

It is important you rename Combofix during the download, but not after.Please do not rename Combofix to other names, but only to the one indicated.Close any open browsers.Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.
-----------------------------------------------------------Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virus, script blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with ComboFix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results".Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don't know how to disable it, please ask.
-----------------------------------------------------------Close any open browsers. WARNING: Combofix will disconnect your machine from the Internet as soon as it startsPlease d... Read more

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please note this correction to my previous post the scanner is a VISIONEER 9020 NOT HP
Thank oyu edjal

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I have a Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner, the Windows Fax & Scan does not recognise this as a scanner
There is no help or support from the application
Is this a driver problem, if so how and where can you get the correct drivers to fix
Can anyone help

A:Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner not recognised as a scanner

If there is no Windows 8 driver, try with the one for Windows 7

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I am using XP cant use both devices together. device mgr recognizes just one of them. Get device mgr. code 38 "windows cant load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory". The windows trouble shooter doesn' help solve this particular problem. I can load either scanner singularly and it does not give error code 38 and works fine unless I try to load both scanners. I have loaded latest xp drivers for each of these USB scanners. Does any have a fix for this problem. Your help would be appreciated.
Thanks edjal

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According to Windows XP For Dummies from year 2002, any scanner can be used with Windows XP because of some basic WIA which permits scanners to be used without being installed. Since I have an older scanner which worked well on another Windows XP computer on which the scanner was installed, I figured I could follow the instructions in that Dummies book to use the same scanner in Windows XP on a different computer. So I began to try.Instructions began like this:To use the Scanner and Cameria Wizard,1. Click Start --> Control Panel2. Click Printers and Other Hardware, click Scanners and Cameras...BUT THERE WAS NO CORRESPONDING WINDOW PRESENT. THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SCANNERS AND CAMERAS WINDOW, BUT NONE THERE.I could then not follow any further instructions.I also found in Control Panel, an item called Scanners And Cameras, so I opened this to see if there were selections which I could follow according to the Dummies book. There was only an "install hardware" item inside. Also, somewhere along the attempted process, Windows invited me to look for drivers to install, but I was not sure if that fit my purposes or not. Would that path bring in the WIA software which Windows XP is expected to already have?What am I missing here? Windows XP is supposed to have some WIA software allowing basic features of any scanner to be used, but I could not find the instructions path to make use of the scanner. The scanner was also plugged in while I tried the process... Read more

A:scanner and camera Wizard for noninstalled scanner

Please click on Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras > on the Left side (as shown) there are Sub Headings for you to click on - Do you know if the scanner came with an install CD - That may have drivers listed on the CD - If not then visit the site of the scanner maker -If you can list the make and model for us, we may be able to link the driver site for you -Thank You -

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Currently I use Microsoft Security essentials as my "active monitoring" - What i'm looking for is any virus scanners that you find work well? (I only like "free" scanners.)

Consider I'm not seeking an active "monitor" that runs as a windows process. What I'm looking for is a "file scanner" that scans designated folders/drives.

Now adays, if you're paying attention, the quantity of spyware/Trojans/active x viruses is at an all time high. It seems like I get infected going to common websites even. I am looking to expand my assemblage of file scanners. In my opinion, the more, the better. (Sometimes I like to scan my drives with 3+ virus scanners. I'd like even more.)

I currently use:

Malwarebytes - Sweet secondary scanner. Doesn't run as a process (is just a scanner) and isn't "active monitoring" Perfect!

clam - Sweet scanner I actually got lastnight. Takes a long time, and doesn't clean files? (that's fine, but not as good as I hoped)

Super Anti Spyware - sweet spyware scanner

Online Virus Scanners - Housecall - Housecall is the best online scanner I've found and actually cleans the files for FREE. (do you guys know any other good online files scanners?)

Can you guys reccommend any additional file scanners that scan windows drives/files? Please remember, I don't want it to actively manage/monitor! (I USE MSE FOR THIS) I want it to be a secondary scanner that scans u... Read more

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Hi expert types. I have a canon scanner/printer MX320 and I just hooked it up to a new laptop. I installed the disc and it installed everything for the mx320, but when I try to scan something I get an error code from scangear that says turn off scanner error in scanner code 2,148,0 . What should I do? My dell came with Windows 8, so I figured posting here was the right place....I've tried to see if anyone else has had this problem prior to me but every site I go to just has nada. I've already tried unplugging everything, and also pressing the scan function on the actual scanner. (which is pretty much the only advice anyone had on the other sites I went to). Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I really can't afford to buy a new scanner right now and I need it for work.

A:Just installed my old scanner onto my new laptop and the scanner won't work.

Hi,had the same trouble with my HP printer.Worked on Windows7 but not on 8.Went to there website and downloaded new driver and works fine now.Hope this helps.

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Sprout scanner KO since win10 update. Officejet 6500A plus scanner unusable. Is there a way to choose?

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Hi whats best image scanner for my MP160 as win2k image scanner is bad!

Please advice.


A:Whats the best freeware image scanner for my scanner?

Is this a Canon scanner? It should have come with software/drivers...

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Hi there

Just looking for some advice on an issue I am having at work.

A user cannot scan with the above scanner. They are getting the following error.

Scanner Status - 0 Error Number =1116 Twain Data Source Not Found Please Reinstall Scanner Software.

The Scanner is detected in Device Manager (No errors next to it)

I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled but the user gets the same issue.

I have added them as a local admin and once the software is installed I have logged on as the user. It detects that new hardware has been found and continues with the install but then they get the same issue.

Another user can log on to the machine and it works fine!

I have reseated the scanner to force it to pick up the connection but SAME ISSUE!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

User is on Windows 2000


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Windows 8, of course; Brother MFC-7460DN Laser Printer. Paperport 14. Nothing I do will allow me to scan from that printer in Windows 8! However, I can print just fine.

Windows 7 machine, Brother MFC-7460DN Laser Printer. Paperport 14. Everything works just fine and dandy. I double checked just a little while ago, and scanning went off without a hitch.

The only difference between Paperport on the Win 7 machine and the Win 8 machine is that I bought Paperport 14 for the Win 8 machine and while waiting for it to arrive, I downloaded and installed the trial version.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Paperport and the printer multiple times, in the Brother Utilities I clicked on and installed the Scanner Utility and still no joy!

Here's a snip of the Installation Diagnostics. The Scanner (Driver) Port looks hinky to me, but what do I know?

And, yes, I could use my Brother MFC-J825 for scanning, but that would be a pain because of the printer's location. Or, I could run into another room and use the J5910, but that would be even more inconvenient. 'Sides, I hate to have something that just won't work in Windows 8.

Bottom line is that it does seem to be a Windows 8 issue, because when I check, Windows says it's all good. And it ain't!

I would very much appreciate any help I can get with this, since I'm flummoxed so far. Thanks in advance.

A:No Scanner - The default scanner is not attached

Hi Wynonna,

I sense that you are usually very well versed in repairing your own issues so I doubt that I can help you; however, lacking any response to your issue, I will throw in "my2cents":

Please do not take offense to any of my suggestions if they sound too basic:

So, I assume you have already downloaded and tried the latest drivers from Brother?
Brother: MFC-7460DN: Downloads: United States

Can I also assume you are using it via a direct USB connection and it is not set up as part of a network and it is not wireless?

If so, can I assume you have applied the latest firmware update (9/6/2013)?
Brother Solutions Center: MFC-7460DN: Downloads: Others

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Just wondering if anyone has the HP 3570c scanner. Is it worth the money? Does it work good? I know its cute, but other than that I want to know more before I buy it. I want to use it to copy slides onto my computer and make prints. Thanks for any comments, good or bad.

A:HP scanner 3570c - Is this a good scanner?

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7400c HP Scanjet Error Message, "Scanner Not Found" or "Sorry Scanner Could Not be Initialized Hello, Thank you for looking at my post. I bought a new dell computer and reinstalled the Hp 7400c precision scan pro Scanning software. My old computer had XP. The new computer has XP Pro on it. I've been to the HP site and followed all instructions to fix this issue at:;product=59553 The HP instructions are for XP not XP Pro. When I get to: Removing the key from the registry 1. Click Start , then Run . The Run window will appear. 2. In the Open box, type: REGEDIT . 3. Click OK . The Registry Editor window will appear. 4. Click the plus ( + ) next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE . 5. Click the plus ( + ) next to Software . 6. Click the plus ( + ) next to Hewlett-Packard . I can only get this far. NO LanScan selection? What do I DO to get this issue fixed? 7. Click the plus ( + ) next to LanScan . 8. Highlight Client , and press Delete on the keyboard. 9. Click Yes to delete the key. 10. Close the Registry Editor by clicking the X button in the upper-right corner, and restart the computer to have the changes take effect Thanks, Sincerely, Nicola

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I have a Brother all in on MFC-J615W and it has been BEAUTIFUL for me. One of the main things I've been doing with it is scanning old pictures for genealogy purposes. I LOVE the fact that I can use the option FROM the scanner that allows you to scan INTO a graphics/photo program all wirelessly (on the scanner, I select SCAN and then "into a graphics program"). It has always shown the "connecting" message in the printer display and then it proceeds to open the scan in Paint (as default). No problems. LOVE IT.

Tonight, I just can't get it to go. It acts like it is trying to connect, but then just goes back out to it's default display (the time) and I have no scan.

HOWEVER....if I were to open up the photo software and IMPORT from the scanner, I have no issues.....and yes, this is wireless, as well.

SO..because I can do one wirelessly and not the other, I wouldn't think it's the network...or am I wrong? It's just bizarre that it would connect one way and not the other. Hmmmmm......

It just takes longer to import than to just scan into a graphics program, I think, so I like to scan INTO the software from the scanner..

Thanks in advance for any insight!

A:Wireless Scanner. Can IMPORT from software...can't go from scanner INTO software.:(

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i got a scanner from a garagesale and i never got the drivers for it does any one know where i can download them.

A:Solved: my scanner

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I went to use my scanner and I am gettin a twain error
what is a twain error mean.
I recently got a different computer and havent used the scanner
since getting the new one. It is plugged into the computer and the light is on.

A:[SOLVED] scanner help

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I upgraded to Windows XP and can no longer use my old scanner since the Visioneer website has no downloadable driver for it. I also have an old Microtek Scanmaker E6. I downloaded software from the Microtek website, but I don't think the cable I am using to attach it is working. It is a SCSI. The scanner has a 25 pin male port, a Mac port and a small 16 pin male port.
I know I'll probably have to buy a new scanner, but it's worth a try, if anybody has suggestions that might work. Thanks.

A:Solved: Old scanner--can it be used with XP?

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I am using Vista Home Premium. My scanner is a Canon Lide 20. I downloaded and installed the proper Vista software from the Canon site on the Internet and Device Manager shows that my scanner is properly connected. However, when I go to Windows Photo Gallery [came bundled with Vista] and want to scan and email a photo it shows that no scanner is installed. I pressed the refresh button as they suggested but still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks.


A:Solved: Help with scanner

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I currently use a HP ScanJet 3400c connected through USB. The HP drivers/scanner is not 100% compatible with my motherboards chipset. Using WIA support works 100% of the time.

Quote from HP support.
A USB signal-integrity problem causes the scanner to fail. Other USB devices are not affected. The issue is dependent on an NVIDIA nForce chipset, a USB cable, and an HP Scanjet 3500c series scanner combination and does not happen 100 percent of the time.Click to expand...
The thing I find annoying is that I cannot set defaults for the DPI of scans using WIA, It always defaults to 150dpi. Is there some sort of tweak that will let me change the defaults of WIA support in Windows?

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: WIA scanner help

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HP PrecisionScan LTX is not found

A:Solved: Scanner

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We have recently discovered several old photos of our parents, grandparents etc. We read about Epson having the highest quality scanners. Anybody had some experience and/or recommendations to pass along?

A:Solved: best scanner?

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I have recentley bought a new Dell r15 laptop, have got my printer working OK on my XP and 7 computers, would like to know if the scanner will work on my 7 computer now that I have installed a new driver for my HP f2480 printer or will I need to download something.

A:Solved: Scanner on Win 7

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I have a paperport 6100b, everything was fine, til i bought a digital camera, plugged it in and didnt like it so i uninstalled the software for it. now my scanner wont work. it says it has problems communicating with the twain device. i've gone to the visoneer web site but that didnt help, i've uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing helps. please can someone help??

A:[SOLVED] scanner


Did both devices use a USB connection? My knowledge of scanners is limited, but I think that what might've happened is that when you removed the digital camera software, you might've accidentally removed TWAIN support from your system. The scanner and camera were probably sharing files, and you've deleted some of those shared files. Try uninstalling the PaperPort software, then removing the scanner from Device Manager and re-starting and allowing it to re-detect. Then try re-installing the PaperPort software.

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I'm looking to buy a new scanner and was wondering if anyone has read any recent reviews or can recommend a decent, mid-priced one. I have had few Visioneer models with no probs but not too knowledgeable on other brands. Doesn't have to be fancy, its for my mother and she rarely does anything but scan documents or an occasional pic.
One other question, can you use a 2.0 usb scanner on a computer with 1.0 ports? Not sure if she has 2.0 usb.

A:Solved: Need a new scanner...

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hey guys i have no protection at all for my computer and what is the best to use?

A:Solved: hey looking for scanner

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Ok, this is frustrating. I am trying to scan in a bunch of regular pages with some info on it, no pics or anything. Yet, unless I do it one by one, the text changes, or the pages overlap. I have several HP printers. HP deskjet all in one 2210 and HP office jet 4315Xi all in one. The latter I got because it has a feeder so I can feed more than one page in....

I installed the software that came with it and it's not working...please help.

A:Solved: Need scanner help please

Never mind, I figured it out.

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I am thinking of buying a canon lide 210 scanner does anyone know if it will run in windows xp.

A:[SOLVED] lide 210 scanner

Their site says it is compatible with Windows? 7, Windows Vista?, Windows XP and Mac OS? X v.10.4.1 - 10.63

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I am attaching two thumbnails, I hope you can see them. I have an HP Officejet 7310 and these thumbnails represent the settings I have available for scanning both documents and pictures. To get the best possible scan but not bog my system down what do you suggest? I know you can't activate the drop downs but any guidance would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Scanner Settings

Most text recognition programs rely on 300 dpi as the standard setting they are expecting so if you are processing or will ever process scanned text to editable form leave it at 300. Not coincidently, printing also looks about as good as the human eye can discern without wasting a bunch of resolution (and disk space with larger than needed files) at about 300 dots per inch.

Which leads to the next point about photo scanning. That's more of a relational dependency based on printing size and/or screen display. For example if you scan a 5x7 photo AND want to print a 5x7 photo then the 300 dpi is perfect. Lets say you wanted to print out an 8x10 from that 5x7 scan. You can just let the computer interpolate the missing pixels as it prints out a larger photo from the smaller one but for best results you would scan the 5x7 at 450 dpi so there were enough real pixels (450x7=3150 pixels) to print without interpolation at the larger size (300x10=3000 pixels).

Scanning for screen resolutions is less demanding but most people want to print thier scans or arent' sure if they ever will but in either case its prudent to scan for minimum good printing quality and not worry about screen resolution because its covered. If you are one of the few who knows its only for screen display then 200 dpi is more than adequate in most cases.

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trying to install a visioneer 8100 scanner on winxp
dwnloaded new drivers for xp from visioneer and installed them

install went good but then when u try to use the scanner by clicking on aquire it says that there is a problem with the "TWAIN" sourse?

anyone got any ideas?


A:[SOLVED] scanner problems

try resinstalling the drivers and make sure to restart afterwards.

try these drivers if you haven't

also are connecting the scanner to a usb port or parallel port?

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Hi.I have been chatting away on msn messenger this afternoon when my schedualed defrag started.I paused it,my screen froze so i turned off at the mains.Wrong i know.But i couldnt do anything else.Upon startup,my scanner appears to have been disabled..There is a red cross over it in the bottom right of my screen.What could this be and how do i rectify it.Many thanks in advance...

A:[SOLVED] scanner fault

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I have windows 98... few years ago I installed a Microtek ScanMaker V6UPL scanner (usb port) with no problems. I recently had to have the hard drive reformatted because of a virus. When I attempted to re-install the scanner the computer cannot locate it. In devise manager listed under "other devices" it just says "usb device". Any suggestions? I also re-installed the printer with no problems. I'm not very computer knowledgeable. Need layman terms.

A:Solved: re-installing scanner

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Hi guys!
well I have a real stumper for you that I cant figure out and it makes no sense to me so I will throw it at you guys and maybe you can answer this one for me.

I have a small home network with 2 pc's, one runs win98 and it is the host and the other is running XP, both on cable modem, win98 pc is a celeron 600 with 512mb of ram and 20 gig HD, xp machine is a dell 700 128ram and 20 gig HD.

Ok here is the issue, I installed a scanner that I bought used, its a Slimscan C3 and I use microtek driver software and I have just updated this software, for the imaging software I use paperport 8.0 and this is a paralell port scanner inline with an HP 810c printer.

Now this is what it does, whenever I scan anything on it the other pc on the network slows way down and takes forever to just load a webpage, this is what I dont understand as to why it would affect the other pc ? and also this scanner takes forever to do anything and actually will lock up the pc while it is scanning, I have had 2 other scanners on this same system and neither one did this.
any ideas?

thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] scanner question

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I am trying to install the software for my Visioneer Scanner. For some strange reason, my scanner won't connect. I get this error message in a window titled "Front End". The error reads: COPYTOPROG \English\Vizuses.url)Failed. Any idea what this means? Dave.

A:Solved: Scanner Error

No idea on that error, but let's make sure you are doing the basics correctly. Clear all your files in c:\windows\temp. Re-boot your computer, then make sure you exit all programs. Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and end task everything except for systray and explorer. Then try your install. If it still does not work, try installing in Safe Mode.

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I have a Kodak All-In-One printer/scanner that I have been using with my 64-bit Win 7 Ultimate machine since I built it. About a month ago, I went to use the scanner portion of it by way of the Kodak software and kept getting a "communications error" that prevented me from scanning. The scanner was fine because I was able to go into MS Paint and invoke a scan from there. I finally solved the problem by opening the "Advanced" properties of the shortcut for the Kodak software and checking "Run As Administrator".

Last night I purchased a new Brother Laser printer and installed it. I could print fine but when I went to scan the software told me it could not find the printer. Diagnostics told me the scanner driver installation had failed and for me to uninstall and re-install the Brother software suite. I did that but still got the message that the printer could not be found. I remembered what I did to fix the Kodak printer last month so did the same with the Brother software and now I can scan from my PC.

Has anyone else encountered this? I've had a scanner attached to my Win 7 computers since Win 7 first came out and have never needed to do this until recently. What changed?

At any rate, if all of a sudden you aren't able to scan anymore, try setting the scanner software to "Run As Administrator".

A:Scanner cannot be found? - Solved

I bet that was a Windows 7 update that caused the problem. From your post it looks as if it would be difficult to determine exactly when this happened, what do you think?

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I am operating on Windows XP and I have a Visioneer paperport and a HP printer. The printer will work fine alone. But when trying to scan the scanner will not start and I have gone and updated the drivers for it. It will also at times make a clicking sound and then send nothing to the printer but it shoots out a piece of paper. I have no idea as to way the scanner is sending when it is trying. I think I have more then just one problem. They were both working just fine until we got the Windowws XP.
Any idea will be great!

A:[Solved] scanner and printer

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I have an HP ScanJet 5200C scanner. Whenever I try to scan I get this message:

Sorry, cannot access your scanner.
Your scanner is currently being accessed by another application. Please wait for the other application to finish or close it to allow HP Precision Scan access.

There is a file (HPLamp.exe) that was running at startup. I disabled that (among other things) because I was looking to see if it would help with my computer running slow. I have made it enabled again, also reinstalled the scanner and nothing seems to work. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not. Any ideas? I don't know what "application" it is talking about.

A:[SOLVED] Scanner not working

I figured out what the problem was. The Stimon.exe file had to be run at start up and I had unchecked it. Thanks for all the help everyone here gives!

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"Canon MP Navigator has quit working, Windows will check for a solution" - nothing happens. I can use my scanner by using a button on the printer. I have reinstalled the printer program and to no avail. I have talked to Canon and I have not received any solution.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G620T @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4002 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1809 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 459982 MB, Free - 356995 MB; D: Total - 16854 MB, Free - 2104 MB;
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Scanner problem

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I recently istalled a canon pixma e 461 on my laptop and everything was working fine until I install Win 10. Now I get message saying no scanner installed, although the printer works fine,
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7989 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -325 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 336651 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 25 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1425
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:Solved: pixma scanner

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Morning Everyone!

I wonder if you can help. I have recently had to buy a new hard drive. Everything is running fine except that I can no longer use my scanner. I understand it's to do with the scanner drivers.

I use windows 2000 and the scanner is UMAX Astra 1220U.

Anyone know where I could download something that might help (for free!)?

Thanks very much.

A:Solved: Scanner Drivers

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hp 760c computer
scanjet 3400c scanner- both brand new. Scanner worked fine at first. After norton internet security installed and windows updates for XP installed, the scanner no longer works. In the hardware device driver it shows an !. One of the windows updates was for Hp scanner drivers. Wonder if this is the problem. Can't figure out how to uninstall it. Tried running scanner without norton running and the scanner still didn't work. Scanner WILL WORK when you go into control panel and select scanner and double click on the scanner 3400C icon. This brings up a scanner wizard and the scanner will work this way. Tried the update on the HP site but windows warned me not to install because it would cause other programs not to work. Also tried reinstalling the software that came with the scanner-didn't work. Please help. Very frustrated.

A:[SOLVED] scanner problem

Try deleting the currect drivers (in control panel right click on it then click remove) then insert the cd from the scanner manufacture with their drivers and reinstall them.

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Epson V33 Scanner
How do I name a file rather than the software naming it for me?
Such as image46, etc.?
Thank You,

A:Solved: Epson V33 Scanner

I don't personally own this scanner, but according to the online manual, "If you want to select the location, name, and format for the scanned image, click File Save Settings." In there, you'll see File Name (Prefix + 3 digit number) - you can likely change it there.

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I'm having trouble getting data back into my computer after having to re-install the OS. It wiped out all the drivers & software for all my peripherals. I have a MP250 Canon Multi function printer/scanner. I have downloaded and installed the software and drivers but I am still having trouble getting the scanner to work. Printer works OK. The scanner gives me an error message of:
"Cannot communicate with the Scanner. Cable may be disconnected or turned off. Check status. Scanner driver will be closed. Codes 1,155,55"

I've doubled checked the cables and they are OK. Otherwise the printer itself wouldn't work.

Can someone who is familiar with this kind stuff walk me through the steps to get me back on track?
Thank you so much

A:Solved: Can't get scanner to work

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I just installed microtek slimscan c3. I downloaded an updated driver from microtek. My problem is: the lamp doesn't come on. I ran the scan test and the machine seemed to work, but no light. The scan test image came up totally black. Can I replace the lamp myself, or do I need to take the scanner to a shop? I'm running windows xp....with plenty of disk space to support a scanner. I don't have any of the original microtek paperwork, or parts list. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Solved: no lamp on scanner

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How to make canonLide 60 driver adapt to a canon lide 30 scanner. The canon 30 scanner is incompatible with windows 7 - 64 bit. I was told I could update to the 60 driver and the scanner would work. Any answers


A:Solved: canon scanner 30

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1) I have 2 XPSP3 PC's physically right next to each other with 2 KB’s, 2 Mice and 2 Monitors - and physically using the same infrastructure.
2) PC1 is attached to the Domain1 with all associated Domain1 stuff... DC’s DHCP, DNS, etc. I am an Admin.
3) PC2 was set up by another agency… on Domain2 with all associated Domain2 stuff. I am NOT an admin.
4) Of course, the two Domains are NOT the “Trusting” sorts.

Query… how can I, the lowly computer support guy, connect both of these PC’s to one Epson V700 Photo scanner? It has 1 USB and 1 FireWire port. Neither PC has FireWire. Is there such a thing as a PCI to FireWire adapter? Or USB Switch for sharing devices? Or…?

A:Solved: 2 PC's to 1 Scanner... with a twist.

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My scanner has stopped working, the icon appears on the taskbar but when I click on it it get a red question mark or tells me it is not connected. I have unplugged and plugged it in again .It is connected via a USB hub and I have tried connecting it directly to the Computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software.When I look at device manager it doesn't seem to be there. I have windows 98 SE an HP printer 2 USB hubs card reader external hard drive . When I look at thescanners and cameras icon in control panel nothing is there. Can anyone please help. I should say that the scanner is a Bear paw scanner by Mustek.

A:Solved: Is my scanner dead?

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I am attaching an example of a pic I just scanned. Vertical lines have been added to show the problem. The middle portion of the scanned pic between the lines is lighter than the outer portions ( I hope it shows up ). I have cleaned all surfaces, reinstalled scanner software and tried many different photo editing software, all to no avail. Scanner in question is a HP Scanjet 5300C running on XP Pro.

Any ideas besides heaving it into a trash bin and using my Canon?

A:[Solved] What's the matter with my scanner?

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My system - Dell 4100, 128 Meg RAM, Parallel connected to HP Scanjet 5300C - HP Deskjet 970Cse connected to scanner.
I get "scanner not found" message. 9 months ago, a fix was to uninstall and reinstall the PrecisionScan software which I did 3 times before it worked. This time, I've uninstalled and re-installed it 8 times but with no success. HP help is canned directions which haven't helped so far.

A:[SOLVED] HP scanner not found

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I have a Hp psc 1210v all-in-one And when I try to scan something with it it says( The Scanning Software could not be found ) I have no clue what this means and I really need to get if fixed before tuesday night otherwise I miss sending a Really important paper to somebody

A:Solved: My scanner Will not work

Try downloading the driver at this web

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I have an Epson Perfection 1650 scanner and have never before had trouble with it. I hadn't scanned for some time. I did have my computer worked on and it was unhooked from the scanner for a short time. All the cords are attached as usual, but now when I try to scan to file, then get the Twain window, the following alert from "Scan Assistant" pops up. "Unable to access the scanner because it is not ready or another application is using it. Please make sure that the scanner is on and connected to your computer, or close all scanning applications". I've checked the connections, but to no avail. What other application would be using it? Any ideas about what is wrong would be most appreciated. lilart

A:Solved: Scanner problem

Try unplugging and then replugging all the cords that are plugged into the back of the scanner, then try it again. Sometimes it just needs to be refreshed.

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trying to use a scanner. Having never used one before I thought I was on the right track. I had to download the driver- actually burn it to a cd and then install. All appears to be working only when I go to preview it I only get a black box. Watching the scanner I can see the light go on while it scans... but picture is black. I must be missing something somewhere? again, this is my first time and have no manual (found it online but useless for troubleshooting this problem)
If anyone has or uses one can you please tell me what to check so I might fix this? I have an urgent need to scan a photo that my family is waiting on in another state.

astra 1220u

A:Solved: urgent. help with scanner

What is the scanner history? Has it ever worked (for you)?

The fault is typical for a failed CCD or the CCD circuitry

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Hello everyone. I am having trouble with a scanner. It's an older model (HP ScanJet 3300c).

Everytime I try to scan something, I get an error message saying "an error occurred during preview. If another program is scanning, please wait for it to complete and select 'Preview' again."

I usually scan images using Picasa or Irfanview, and keep getting the same error message. I have tried to update the drivers but it doesn't seem to work. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


A:Solved: Having trouble with scanner

What's your operating system ??
If Irfanview can't scan it .. Then it's a Twain driver problem.
When you select Twain Source in Irfanview .. Do you have a choice ???

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I have a Canon DC-1210C scanner that has run perfectly until today.

Now, when scanning with the sheet feeder, a vertical line runs across all the scanned pages. When I scan the same pages using the flatbed function, they scan perfectly.

I guess that eliminates an internal problem with the scanner but I cannot figure out how a line is showing up from the sheet feeder.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?


A:Solved: Scanner problem

A call to Canon solved the problem. It was actually very simple once they told me the likely cause.

Since it only happened with the sheet feeder, they said it was probably a shadow caused by something on a small window used by the sheet feeder during scanning. I did not know what that small window was used for until now.

It turned out to be a small dot on the glass that looked like a water spot on a window after a rain. It was only visible when I lifted the lid and watched the small window while the bright light was scanning that area.

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My scanner on my HP all in one has always worked fine until now. When I try to scan I get a message "no scan options, refer to device documents to trouble shoot", did all of that plus uninstalled - reinstalled. When i click on HP solution center it tells me "no HP devices have been detected", that means it's not even detecting my printer as being installed, yet, my printer works fine as does the copier. It tells me I'm missing driver HPqtra08 or HPqste08. I can't even find that driver. HELP!


A:Solved: HP all-in-one scanner problem

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I have an Epson Stylus NX230 wireless printer for about 2 years now and before was working / scanning fine under Vista. Last September I got a new laptop with windows 8.1 and after installing the printer it was working fine but never tried the scanner. Today I had to scan a document and I get the message “Can’t communicate with the scanner”

Checking the web Epson says to uninstall / install the printer and rename C\windows\twain_32 to twain_32_old. I did this, and after a few reboots to clear old files with ccleaner I still get the same message. I even found the scancfg.exe file and manually input the MAC address and the results are the same.

Don’t understand why the printer works fine but not the scanner. Any ideas how to resolve this annoying problem?

A:Solved: Scanner not Found

Maybe get a new printer/scanner that is compatible with Windows 8. Checking the website for listed printer. It supports the following systems.

Operating Systems:
Windows® 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Windows Vista® (32-bit, 64-bit)
Windows XP SP1 or higher (32-bit)
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Mac OS® X 10.4.11, 10.5.8, 10.6.x, 10.7.x, and 10.8.x5

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I keep getting an error every time I try to use my scanner;

"Cannot Communicate with Scanner, check Connection"

When I press OK. I get another message saying "Cannot Find Twain Source"

Scanner was working fine up till now. I did not add/delete any apps or change anything to do with an imaging device.

I've downloaded the latest drivers and uninstalled/reinstalled it several times now. I also have the latest OS updates.

I also changed USB cord, just in case. No joy.

Is scanner fried?

Canon Lide20
Windows 2000
IE 6


A:Solved: Scanner error

I found the answer...should have looked a little harder on the net before I posted the question. In any case, I'll leave it here for someone else to see if they have the problem.

Still Imaging was turned off. Don't know how that happened but all is well now.

Right Click My Computer>Manage>Services.....scroll down to Still Image. If disabled, change to manual or automatic and enable.

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Can any one recommend a free email scanner ? I use googlemail and hotmail.I do have AVG antivirus but the email scanner in it is not functional.

Thanks, teddyboy

A:[SOLVED] email scanner

Hello and Welcome back to TSF

If your using AVG Free Edition, the email scanner should be functional. Both the free and paid versions of AVG have that feature for most popular email clients. See

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I had been using a MicroTek 3700 ScanMaker scanner for a number of years using Windows ME. Now I have changed to Win XP and the scanner software installs but will not work. In fact XP states it cannot find any scanner.
The scanner dates from 2001 and the CD states it is for use with Win 98, ME, NT4 and 2000.
I wonder if it is possible to obtain drivers for XP and where from?
Any help would be much appreciated. I could buy a new scanner but I am loath to bin an otherwise working item.


A:Solved: Using MicroTek Scanner with XP

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I have a question. I just purchased a new hand laser scanner that connects to a computer via a USB port. The UsB port does power the scanner and the scanner does read barcodes but I do not know how to actually input the data from the scanner into say excel or word. When it reads the barcode nothing happens.

All of the help files that I have read say that the scanner is supposed to connect to the same port as the keyboard using a "Y" adaptor. I can understand why this works but I am using this on a laptop where the keyboard is built in and can not use that "Y" adaptor.

I looked through the device manager and can not seem to find the scanner on there. Windows does not ask to install new hardware nor does it recognize the hardware when it gets plugged in.

Some system information

OS Windows 7
Scanner Netum LS-1698
office 2003

Please let me know if there is anything else that you need to know in order to assist getting this running. Thanks.

A:Solved: USB Laser Scanner help

The Y adapter is generally only for older PS2 port style scanners, for USB they can simply plug into a USB port and thats all. In Device Manager the scanner should likely show up under the Human Interface Devices (HID) section.

To input the barcodes it reads, simply open any document editor such as Word, Excel, Notepad or pretty much anything that takes keyboard input, make sure the you click into the document or field where you want it to input the data and scan in the barcode and it should appear. Make sure that the scanner is configured to read the type of bar code you are using with it, it may need some programming if its not a standard bar code.

As always, if you cannot get it to work on this computer, try it on another computer.

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well...i installed this cheapo Polaroid Photomax SE Digital camera for my nephew and then things went haywire...

i have a MUSTEK A3 EP scanner that has worked fine for 1.5 years until now...when you acquire the TWAIN it will let you see a preview scan but freezes upon the real scan..

i uninstalled the camera software but then realized that my scanner software was also missing and now for some reason when i reinstall it is still missing...

now i don't know if the scanner is messed up or if it's just a software problem...

it's a gateway G6-400C computer and since i bought it 2nd hand they won't help me...

it;s a 400 mhz , 96 megs of RAM , celeron equilivant to Pentium II...Windows 98

any help would be greatly appreciated since i'm at a total loss...



A:{SOLVED}scanner problems

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I have a Visioneer 4800 USB Scanner, When I go to get Pictures, I get a message something to do with TWAIN. Please help
Many Thanks

A:Solved: Scanner Problems

Check for errors in Device Manager, you may need to reinstall the driver which you can download from here:

I assume the scanner looks like it working? Scanner light is on and makes its usually noise(if it ever did) when it turns on?

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I am trying to use an old EPSON Perfection 1200U scanner with a new PC running Windows XP. The scanner is several years old and was supplied originally with software for 98SE. I /suspect/ that the USB port may be only USB 1.0. tho' I may be wrong.

I tried the original set-up disks which came with the scanner, but not surprisingly they did not seem to work with XP. The XP hardware wizard reported an error that the 'class controller' would not install the device. I then downloaded new TWAIN drivers from the EPSON website and these /appeared/ to have installed OK, but I still can't access the scanner.

I wrote to EPSON for advice and got the following reply (edited a bit):-

"The 'Class Installer' error message relates to the operating system Windows XP. The class installer is a built in program on Windows XP that will not allow the scanner to be installed more than one time within the Windows registry. This may have occurred if you tried to install the original and unsuitable driver from the CD-Rom and then the latest, suitable TWAIN driver from the Epson website or vice versa.

If the latest drivers have installed correctly then there is no need for concern. You will need to test the drivers with a TWAIN-compliant application such as PhotoShop, Word, Epson Creativity Suite etc. Otherwise, the only resolution EPSON can advise is to do a system restore on the computer to a point where the scanner was working or not installed. If this is unsucc... Read more

A:Solved: Adding old USB scanner to new XP PC

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Hello Folks... I have an old HP 4100C flat bed scanner left from my old Win98SE machine that I'd like to use with my laptop running XP Home. The software CD says NOT Compatible with OS when inserted into the laptop. I ran a search on the device and found only one (so far) page that offered any hope. Unfortunately, when the narrative was posted, step 6 in the process was omitted completely. I suspect it directs one to a site to download software and drivers, but that's just a guess based on context. Click here to view the article.

So I'm still kinda hung out to dry in getting this scanner online with my XP machine. Any help and/or advise much appreciated.


A:Solved: HP 4100C Scanner and XP

I think I've got it. Went to the HP site/Product support and the instructions apply from there. Downloaded one file and am working on the others. Comments still welcome.


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I have newly installed AVG Internet Security , and I am unable to activate Email scanner.

Thanks .

A:Solved: AVG Email Scanner

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I have a Compaq Model 7994 computer. I've tried to install two different scanners, an Epson and a Canon, and received identical errors. Neither could find the twain driver. In both cases, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver without success. In neither case did the driver show up under system/device manager. One of the tech support guys said it may be problem that originates with my AMD processor. Anyone know of a scanner that will work with this computer?

Thanks, ellie

A:[SOLVED] scanner compatability

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I have an older memorex 48 U scanner. Recently I am getting the error message "failed to log on MAPI " when I try to use the e-mail button using the scan-panel. I have uninstalled and reinstalled which did not help. The copy portion of the scanner still works. I appreciate any advise you can give. Thank you tomjo

A:Solved: memorex scanner 48U

Hi and welcome. Did you change any of your email settings? Are you still trying to scan to the same email program?

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I'm looking for a scanner to scan sports cards for ebay. I've checked out printer/scanner combos, but don't know if the quality is as good as either item separately. Can anyone recomend a good scanner for this type of application? Thanks for any advice in advance!

A:Solved: Can anyone recommend scanner?

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Hi All,
I'm the newbie so forgive anything I might do wrong!

I have an Atec scanner e+48U and it has just stopped working for no reason at all.
I have re-installed the sofware several times but no luck.

Has anyone out there got the slightest idea what is wrong please?

Many thanks,

A:Solved: Artec scanner e+48U

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