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Installing more memory on Dell

Q: Installing more memory on Dell

Working on dell dimension 4400,reinstalling xp.Computer only had 128 meg of Nanya DDR PC 2100 CL2.Put in a stick of kingston 256 pc 3200 CL3 I had on hand and It runs fine with that.Debating on if i should try to install original stick of memory along side with the new kingston or just call it good.Smoked a MB one time installing wrong memory so I am a little gunshy.I feel worse case is that it wont run properely but wanted some feedback.

A: Installing more memory on Dell

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Hi , just wondering , I have a 4GB laptop (dell inspiron n5010) with i3 350 processor and 500 GB HD ... lately I wanted to play the most recent GTA and what happened ? well the game booted but barely have i gone out of the first corner the whole background disappeared ... I went to my graphics settings and it says Generic PnP Monitor and Intel(R) HD Graphics
-Chip type Intel HD
-Dac type Internal
-Bios info : Intel Video BIOS
-Total Available graphics memory 1696 MB
-Dedicated Video Memory 64MB
-System Video memory 0MB
-shared system memory 1632MB

Is there any way to increase the Video memory on my laptop ?
I will add to it that in the Bios itself there are no options available for me to even lower it they are all kind of @[email protected]
I have been trying everything even updates from intel etc but not helping...

A:How to increase video memory in a shared memory system (Dell Inspiron n5010)

All you can do is max out your system memory, if it isn't maxed already. There might be an option in the laptops bios to increase the shared video memory

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Hello to all,   I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP (Home) on my Dell Dimension 2350. All went fine. Now I need to install the correct drivers. I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts.    As noted elsewhere, after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc is as it would be in "Safe Mode". I was aware of this. As such, the Resource disc Search Criteria screen was a bit larger than the monitor screen. I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following: The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus (on screen) are as follows:System Model:   All, Dimension C521, DXC061, Dimension DXP0G1, Dimension E521, DM061, XPS710    (Which, if any, do I pick?)Operating System: (I think I got this one)   All, Windows XPTopic:   (Maybe this one too)   All, Applications, Dell Diagnostics, Diagnostics, Drivers, Utilities   For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install*. Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu. I pretty much know the install order but as I said, I'm a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc. This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can't download and use any sort of driver detection program. Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem.&nbs... Read more

A:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.

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Alright I recently did a reformat of my girlfriends harddrive for her dell. To make things simpler I just popped her hd into my system as a slave and installed a Non-Dell Windows XP Pro onto the drive. I figured that'd be all I need to get the system up in working order so that I could pop it back into her case, boot up, and reinstall all of her drivers and what not. Unfortunately I keep getting a "Failure to Boot" screen whenever I try to power up the machine. Any ideas?

Can I put a non-Dell OS on a Dell Machine?

A:Installing Non-Dell-OS on Dell system

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3600+, x64 Family 15 Model 95 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 893 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 105884 MB, Free - 46846 MB; D: Total - 8586 MB, Free - 823 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., IVY8
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Purchased pny 1gb ddr2 pc2-5300 memory stick on advice from staple for this computer Noticed this computer has 2 memory slots, can I remove one and add the new to increase memory or do i need to replace both slots?If I can use this memory stick, which slot do i remove old memory from? Just trying to ressurect my sons older computer which is slow and low on memory just for them to use. This computer is only capable of adding the 1gb i believe.

Any advice on how to save this computer would be appreciated.

A:installing memory

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I bought two 2GB Memory Ram for my Lenovo IdeaCentre K300. I'm trying to find instructions on how to install them. But all I keep running into is where to buy them. Can anybody give me some easy to follow instructions? I'm hoping it's as simple as opening up the computer looking at the 2 full slots and putting the 2 new ones in the same way. being real careful that you don't bend or break anything. Thanks

A:Installing more memory

circusboy01 said:

I bought two 2GB Memory Ram for my Lenovo IdeaCentre K300. I'm trying to find instructions on how to install them. But all I keep running into is where to buy them. Can anybody give me some easy to follow instructions? I'm hoping it's as simple as opening up the computer looking at the 2 full slots and putting the 2 new ones in the same way. being real careful that you don't bend or break anything. ThanksClick to expand...

Don't know if this will help, but hopefully it will

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I currently have a memory stick from an (older) Compaq Presario and I'm trying to put it in a Dell... I must be a complete moron because I can't get the stick in! Yes, I'm a noob at this.

I flipped the white buckles and slid the stick in but I could not get it go all the way in. It keeps "see-sawing." I feel stupid. Someone who knows about memory, please read this thread, laugh at me, and then tell me what stupid thing I'm doing wrong.

For now, I feel shot down and I don't have enough balls to try anything else without assurances. 3 possible theories occured to me:
1. I put it in upside down? How do you know? Do you just try both ways?
2. Something is already in the slot and I have to remove it first?
2. The memory doesn't fit because it's uncompatible. (I don't know if it will even work when I put it in)., I'm stupid.

Maybe you can save me the trouble altogether and tell me some bad news like the memory is incompatible. Will the memory even work on my machine? The specs are below:
---The Dell (1.5 years old) currently has ONE stick of memory and one slot free. The stick in the dell is 512MB DDR SDRAM.
---The memory from the Compaq (2.5 years old) is 256 MB 133MHz CL3. The sticker also says Hyundai Korea 01, PC133U-33- 542, Hym71v32635 At8-H AA

The specs/receipt for the Dell is here if it helps:


A:installing memory

The memory you are trying to put in is incompatable, both physically and electrically.

There is a locating slot that doesnt line up, to stop you trying to do the very thing you are doing (and it works!)

DDR RAM and SD RAM dont mix, the PC would die horribly if you could fit the 133 SD stick in (the DDR is probably 266 or 333 MHz, the older stuff only 133 MHz)

Its possible that permanent damage could even occur if you managed to get it to fit.

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I have an HP Pavilion u401cl it has four Memory Slots. Two of the four slots have 256 ddr400 184 pin memory in them. I took them out and put a 1gig 184 pin ddr400 in but the computer doesnt start. Is one stick of 1gig ram compatable or do I need to put in two sticks of 512.

A:Installing Memory

thats interesting because it states that u have 2 available memory slots with a 1gb max (2x512's)

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i have a 512 MB DDR PC 400 ram and i wanna buy another one question is would any one work with this one or it should be exactly like it or what? thanx in advance

A:Installing Memory

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Assistance please, Techies!!
I just bought 2 128mb PC-100 Samsung chips for my Gateway Performance 700, and thought instructions came with to install...WRONG! Can anyone assist, either here or e-mailing me instructions?
Thanks so much, Steve

A:Help Installing Memory

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hi, i bought a memory upgrade today, and am clueless as to how to install it lol.

i have a compaq presario 5000 series- i dont even know if waht i bought is appropriate for my computer

it is a kingston technology value ram memory upgrade module kvr-pc 2100 ddr/256.

please let me know what i should do. thanks soooo much!!

A:help- installing memory?? thanks so much!!

Turn off the power, open the case and install it in the appropriate memory slot. If you used their online memory configurator it should work just fine. All the memory is keyed so it will only go in one way and should snap into it's slot and lock in with the retaining clips.

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Need to install more RAM. Told I have to install in pairs; if I have 96MB then have to add 96MB more and so on. I have a Compaq Presario, an old one. I think this is the model # (3D95CLX4W183). This was also on back of computer:
Series CMO900
Hz 50-60
A 6/3
V 100-120V

Can you tell me exactly what kind of RAM to ask for when I go to the parts store. I trust you guys more than I would a salesman. They just want a bigger commission.

A:Installing memory

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I have a Dell computer running Windows XP Home SP2. The documentation I have says to install memory in equals pairs. My machine currently has 2 256Mb memory cards installed in DIMM connectors 1 and 2. I just received a 512 Mb card from a friend but wondered what will happen if I install it in DIMM connector 3 leaving DIMM 4 empty. Will I get the full benefit of an additional 512Mb of memory or will windows XP even recognize it?

A:Installing memory with Win XP


The documentation I have says to install memory in equals pairs.

= you need another 512 dimm but I would put the 512 modules in 1 + 2

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I want to upgrade my memory, but I thought I'd better ask for some advice first before I do this since it will be my first time. I already have 32 MB of Sdram and I have one more slot open for another stick of memory. Is it possible to put a 64MB stick of memory in that slot or will I have to forget about 64MB and go with another stick of 32MB? I've read some about memory banking but I have forgotten. I will appreciate any comments, thanks----Dale

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A:installing memory

You should be able to put any size stick in the free slot. Guess I should expand a little on this. Some motherboards are touchy about size and slot location but in general you should not have a problem adding a 64 along side the 32, worse that could happen is you would need to put the 32 in the open slot and the new stick where the 32 is now, but probably not. Newer motherboards will darn near accept anything, using a 128 with a 32 in the other machine.

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I'll be installing two new memory cards plus an extra parallel port in my Compaq Presario 5461.

What I need to know is:

Once I install the memory cards, then do I have to do something about "Hi Mem" ??? If so, what do I do?

If not, then will the OS (Win 98 v2) just recognize the new memory and accommodate it with no initial commands on my part?

When I install the second parallel port, do I need to give the system any commands in order for it to recognize the new port?? If so, then what do I do?


A:Installing memory

The memory chips will be detected automatically. Make sure that you have discharge any possible static you may have built up by touching the metal frame of the computer or better yet use a static wrist strap. Tiny amounts of static,less than you could feel, can destroy mem chips. The chips should be installed next to the ones already there, no open socket between.
The port may or may not be found automatically. If not, you may need to go into cmos setup program to turn on the port.

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Hi everybody :

I have a Gigabyte DS3H Motherboard. And I want to install new memory chips. According to the manual, I SHOULD install two chips (in two slots) to be able to activate the "Dual Channel " function.
NOTE : I'm running Window 7 32-bit.
With 32-bit Windows, the OS will only recognize 3 Gb maximum.
My question is.....can I use just one 4Gb Memory module instead of two 2Gb Modules ? The reason I ask is that most of the memory modules sold now start at 4Gb.


A:Installing Memory

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When installing memory chips, there are a couple of details I would like to see in writing.

If two chips are of different size, does it matter which order they are installed in the slots?

Is it better to use one big chip, say 512, or two smaller chips, like two 256es?

This would help others as well.

A:Installing memory

Doesn't make any difference, the CPU will address the memory in the same manner at the same addresses regardless of the slot it is in or whether or not you split it up. The biggest difference is the type and speed of the memory you are installing.

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I hope that I'm explaining this correctly. I apologize if its not correct. I have a Dell Xps/410 desktop computer that had 2x1gig sticks of memory at 800MHz., (Kingston),I just added an additional 2x1gig sticks of memory at 800MHz, (Crucial). When checking to see if all is okay and its showing in my system I find that in my BIOS its reading as 667MHz and not 800MHz. Would this be because I'm not using the same brand of memory? I did run a CPUID scan to find that there is a slight difference in the specs the voltage remains the same at 1.8v. The frequency does vary. In the Crucial memory the frequency is 266MHz.,333MHz., and 400MHz. The Kingston's frequency is 200MHz., 266MHz. and 400MHz. Is this enough to cause my computer not to read the memory properly because they're not exactly identical?
Thank you for any help in this area for I am truly lost.

A:Installing New Memory

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Hey TG,
Just curious, is there a particular type of memory I should install on a particular computer? I have 128, but my resources are low and instead of having 'puter crash, I was thinking installing memory would do the trick. I'm seeing all sorts of different memory sticks for sale but not sure which is right........can you give me a clue?
Also, to there an old post that would give me the how-to's?

Operating System Microsoft Windows 98
OS Service Pack None
Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (IE 6.0 SP1)
CPU Type Intel Pentium II, 400 MHz (4 x 100)
Motherboard Name Dell Computer Corp. OptiPlex GX1 400MTbr+
Motherboard Chipset Intel 82440BX/ZX
System Memory 28 MB (PC100 ECC SDRAM)
BIOS Type Phoenix (08/01/01)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

Thanks in advance.

A:installing memory

go curcial to look up the correct memory for your system. Being you have 100mhz ECC installed now I would get the same type as not to mix and match.

Low resources however are not a symptom of insufficent memory installed thought, but more of two many programs running at the same time.

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When I built my PC the memory I chose was 2.1V but the motherboard is 1.8V. I increased the voltage but have occasional memory errors so I have purchased a 1.8V set. My question is should I decrease the voltage before installing the new memory or just wait for the first boot and then enter the BIOS.

A:Installing new memory

This totally depends on the memory type. You haven't mentioned the memory make, speed or type at all, have you. Most motherboards will detect the memory type and set the speed/voltage automatically

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Hi everyone.

I wanted to install more memory to one of my older computers, because the memory is only 128mb.

I have installed PCI cards in the past, and I am not a total newbie to computers.

My question is: How hard is it to install memory? Could someone tell me how to do it or where I can find instruction on how?

And if I already have 128mb memory and I add more memory, will I have to remove the 128 or do I add on to it? (Like if I buy 128 I will have 256)

A:Installing memory

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I am working on a Dell 2400 and it says 2gb max memory. But under capacities
it only go,s up to 512mb per slot in the Dell specs? Will 2 -1gb sticks work .

A:Dell Memory

512-MB in each slot only, found from here:

Note all your Dell info can be found here:

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I always get the message insufficient memory on my Dell Optiplex 360 (Vista), even I have 4 Gb of RAM. How can I fixed that?

A:Dell low memory

is this a virtual memory issue - how much free disk space do you have ?

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Hello everyone

I am buying a used Dell 4700 Dimension that was purchased new in spring of 2005. I is a 3.0 ghz Pent 4 with 512mb ram. How far can I go in adding memory?

Thanks jowlj

A:Dell memory

Hello jowlj,

I would say the maximum is 4gb.

You can read more here


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I have an old Dell machine that refuses to boot from either a Win 7 install DVD or a Win 7 System Repair CD. It has no trouble booting from other bootable CDs (not sure about other bootable DVDs). It boots from a Win XP install CD or various Linux boot CDs so the problem doesn't appear to be the drive itself.

The Win 7 install DVD and System Repair CD both work fine on other machines.

Does anyone have any ideas why this machine can't seem to boot Win 7 from DVD or CD?

I got Win 7 installed on the machine by other means (long story) and it boots Win 7 from the hdd fine so it's not that it can't handle Win 7 itself.

It bugs me that I can't boot from these disks!

A:Installing Win 7 on old Dell P3

I think I can help on this. Your old Dell doesn't have the system requirements that are required to run Setup. You have to have at least 512 Megabytes of ram for setup to run at all.

Windows 7 system requirements - Microsoft Windows

This link will tell you about the system requirements for running Windows 7 at all.

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I need to install my dell aoi 922 all-in-one. I really need to just use the scanner. That is the most important thing. I don't have the cd to install it so I was trying to find an installation program to download. I could not find one for vista. My comuter is a dell inspiron 1501 laptop. PLEASE help me... I REALLY need my scanner.

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I am replacing an old Dell system with a new one in a few days. I want to add my 64 RAM card from the old machine to the new machine and install the old machine's DVD Rom drive as well. Is there a website where I can get information on doing this myself?

I know just enough to be very dangerous and want to make sure it's done properly.


A:Installing memory and DVD Rom Drive

The RAM may not be compatible with your new system.. I DO NOT recommend that you do this your self, once you open your new system up that will void any warranty.... also the RAM in a computer is very easy to kill, the slightest bit of static elecrity can kill off the RAM. Once again, if you don't know what you are doing DO NOT do it, get a professional to do it for you.

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I have Windows XP Pro. I have 2 PCI slots, one containing 120 mb and the other containing 256 mb giving me a total of 394 mb of memory. I bought 3 different sticks of 256 mb (due to I thought ram was bad, but its not.). I looked in Bios and it shows 2 sticks of 256 ram giving a total of 512 mb, BUT I had to take the new ram out due to when I would turn pc on a black screen would come up and I would select "start windows normally" and all that did was just keep rebooting. I have tried doing a bios update but unable due to when I put in the command on the command prompt it came back saying bad command.
Is there something in the bios that might need to be checked or unchecked? I just don't know what to do. Please help and any and all help is deeply appreciated.

A:Help, Having A Problem Installing Memory

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I have an AMD athlon MP 1800 PC2100(133MHZ), socket A (462) chipset set is SIS 762main board is manufactured by ECS MODEL M830LR I have 2 sticks of 256 DDR memory, I purchased 2 512 sticks of DDR memory, manufactured by kingston, I installed them but the monitor would not come on it would only stay in the standby mode, but the computer powered up normally, what is the procedure for installing new memory, do you have to do anything to the bios, the maximum memory I can install is 1 GIG, any help would be appreciated

A:problem installing new memory

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Hi all, i recently bought some OCZ DDR to upgrade my machine a bit, i had a SAITEC 512MB DDR400 and bought 2 512MB OCZ DDR400 (all CL2.5) to add to it. the first new stick i got i put in and when i booted up i got a IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD, with an ati file listed, so i reinstalled my gfx driver, which seemed to solve the problem. so my other stick arrives a few days later, put that in and the computer wont boot at all. i solved that by lowering the memory FSB to 266 (my motherboards cpu FSB is 333, and i have a 266 FSB athlon xp2200+ cpu).

however if i try to launch system mechanic 6, it just gives a BSOD, which it never with the SAITEC and the first OCZ stick. also i tried defragging last night and when i looked this morning defragger had closed itself so i checked the date of the latest .dmp, and it was 4am so i think it BSOD'ed in the night and rebooted.

if i put the 2 OCZ sticks in, it seems ok, if i put 1 OCZ and 1 SAITEC it seems ok, but if i put 1 in that third memory bank, it doesnt seem to like it, which makes me think i can only use DDR400 in the first 2 slots before having to lower the speed on the BIOS. so the obvious answer would be to either use 1 gig 400 or 1.5 gig at 266, however, now im getting a BSOD with system mechanic with either combo. iv searched up and down looking for a solution, any1 got any ideas?

iv attached the last 3 dmps, and my system spec is this:

MSI KT4V motherboard
2x OCZ DR400 CL2.5 512MB RAM
1x SAITEC DDR400 CL2.5... Read more

A:BSOD after installing new memory

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Don`t mix speeds/brands/sizes of ram. It causes lots of problems.

See Tedsters ram sticky HERE.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

P.s I forgot to add. Your minidumps are crashing due to ram problems, but I guess you already know that.

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I have 2 1024MB sticks that I wish to install.

Here's some info on my system:

Free space 118 GB
Used space 25.7 GB
Dell Dimension DV051 E310
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
2.79 GHz 504 MB RAM

Running XP SP3
The instruction tell me to select a empty memory socket. Don't I have to remove the sticks that I'm replacing first?

A:Installing memory sticks

titleman said:

I have 2 1024MB sticks that I wish to install.

Here's some info on my system:

Free space 118 GB
Used space 25.7 GB
Dell Dimension DV051 E310
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
2.79 GHz 504 MB RAM

Running XP SP3
The instruction tell me to select a empty memory socket. Don't I have to remove the sticks that I'm replacing first?Click to expand...

Ground your hands to the metal case then push on the locking tabs at either end of your existing RAM and move them outwards away from the RAM.

Pull out the existing sticks then make sure you align the notch in your new memory with the proper place in the socket.

Now firmly and evenly push the memory stick down and if you push far enough the locking tabs will come up and lock again.

Don't touch the contact part of your memory with your hands.

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So I originally had an older GPU (forgot the model, but it was NVIDIA) everything worked fine. After installing it, my PC starts most of the time, however, sometimes it will just sit there with a blinking underscore. I have a Samsung 250GB SSD, as well as a HDD.

I keep wondering if it may be because of my PowerSupply (its a ThermalTake Tr2 500w). What information should I supply?

The overall problem: when I boot my PC it sits at the Asus (press f8 to enter bios..etc) however, before I installed my new GPU and new Memory it was never giving me these problems. I've had so many weird problems since this installation. At first, the computer would power on, then power off and then back on again before it loaded windows, now that doesn't happen and now my PC just sits at the BIOS for a long time before loading into windows. Othertimes (only happened about 3 times now) it will load up to windows and show a blinking _ underscore and it will do nothing but sit there with that underscore.

Anyone know anything about this? Am I posting in the right section?

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My neighbor wants me to install 512mb memory in her compaq 5WV232 compaq computer. I believe it has 700 mhz processor and this is what i found on compaq site. what ones would you recommend and does it seem ok to add that amount? She's got 64mb now and winxp running on dsl, it is very sluggish
Use our powerful Memory Configurator to get the right upgrade the first time for your computer.
Manufacturer Compaq
Model Presario 5000 Series Model 5WV232
Maximum Memory 768MB
Standard Memory 128MB removable
Number of Slots 3 (3 banks of 1)

Module Size Module Type Manufacturer Price More Info
256MB SDRAM, PC100 Compaq $72.67
256MB SDRAM, PC133 Compaq $72.67
128MB SDRAM, PC133 Compaq $39.73
128MB SDRAM, PC100 Compaq $69.99
64MB SDRAM, PC100 Compaq $31.07
64MB SDRAM, PC133 Compaq $31.07
32MB SDRAM, PC100 Compaq $27.6
Due to timing issues please verify the price that appears in the shopping cart. If any discrepancies occur the price that appears in the shopping cart will be the valid price.
Thanks in advance

A:Installing Memory on Compaq

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I have an Emachine 120 with 64mb of memory in it. I have tried to go onto Broadband but it said I needed 124mb free memory so I have bought 128mb of memory and placed it inside the pc but now when i try and run the Broadband install disk ( or any other disc) it either hangs the pc or reboots it. It is the same when I try and use the internet to (still on my old dial up connection) If I remove the memory everything works again. Any ideas please?

A:Installing extra memory

I hope the memory you paid for is PC100 SDRAM and the computer will only hold 128 MB max per stick X2 sticks,for your info.

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So I originally had an older GPU (forgot the model, but it was NVIDIA) everything worked fine. After installing it, my PC starts most of the time, however, sometimes it will just sit there with a blinking underscore. I have a Samsung 250GB SSD, as well as a HDD.

I keep wondering if it may be because of my PowerSupply (its a ThermalTake Tr2 500w). What information should I supply?

The overall problem: when I boot my PC it sits at the Asus (press f8 to enter bios..etc) however, before I installed my new GPU and new Memory it was never giving me these problems. I've had so many weird problems since this installation. At first, the computer would power on, then power off and then back on again before it loaded windows, now that doesn't happen and now my PC just sits at the BIOS for a long time before loading into windows. Othertimes (only happened about 3 times now) it will load up to windows and show a blinking _ underscore and it will do nothing but sit there with that underscore.

Anyone know anything about this? Am I posting in the right section?

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Hewlett Packard
Compaq Presario SR 1000 SR1639UK
Product EK350AA-ABU
Microsoft Window XP
Home Edition
Version 2002, Service Pack 3
2.19Ghz, 1.00GB of RAM

ACPI Uniprocessor PC
AMD Athlon ? 64 Processor 3700+
NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE TurboCache?

Hello, I wish to upgrade my PC with more RAM. Understand that upgrading RAM is easy.
Can any one guide me on how to carry this out.
Is it worth it considering the make and model??

A:Advise regarding installing more memory

Windows XP Home SP3 on a single core 2.2Ghz processor should run fine on 1GB of memory. Considering the cost of "DDR400 PC3200" I wouldn't upgrade, unless you absolutely needed more memory for a specific reason.

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I cant install the module

Any hints?

the mobo is bending if i push too hard.

A:Difficulty installing memory

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I am attempting to re-install the memory on my Dell Optiplex GX110 after removing it to see what kind it was and which DIMM and which amount to consider the possibility of an upgrade. It came out quite easily; simply opening the tabs pushed it out.

I can't, however, get it back in. I can fit it into the slot, but it won't go down, even when I push the tabs down while pressing on the memory. At first I discovered this was because I had it in reversed, but now the notches match up and it doesn't go any further. What am I missing here? What is the proper procedure for installing memory on an Optiplex GX110?


A:Installing Memory on a GX110

I found my solution elsewhere...

I had to push each end of the DIMM in separately and it went right in with no problems. I'm writing from the machine right now.

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My moms work is doing some remodeling and they are tossing an old compaq desktop.
It has a stick of ram in it and I was just wondering if I could use it in my HP Desktop for more ram.
I know there are certain types that work best with certain computers and that is why I came here because I don't want to mess anything up.
It has a sticker that reads

256MB DDR PC3200 CL3

My computer info: Windows XP home edition with SP3. HP Pavilion Intel? Celeron? CPUGHz 2.69 GHz 504 MB RAM
Currently I have a 512 DDR PC2700

I ran a scan on Crucial and it says that for my computer "Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 512MB per slot.*
*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory."

A:Question about installing RAM/Memory

It's the proper type of ram but mixing different speeds and sizes can cause problems on some systems. You can still find cheap DDR ram if you buy used or new for about $17.00 for another 512MB.

Do you currently have just a single stick of memory in the system?

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I took my Dell Latitude D610 in for repair. Win XP Pro SP4 OS just updated before RAM burned out & it wouldn't boot. Repair tech replaced the fan and the memory chip next to it, then added another GB of memory. Since I've had it home I've experienced IE and Chrome crashing repeatedly. I've rebooted & used F12 to try to get into setup and it continues to boot without letting me in.
First Boot: Received a ckdsk warning and ran scan. Received following error during stage 1, step 1:
Deleted corrupt attribute list entry with type code 128 ini file 3556. Deleting corrupt attribute record (128, " ") from file record segment 208769.
msconfig.exe up automatically. Checked all selections & looked good. Closed it after selecting not to see it again.
IE and Chrome crashing, Silverlight crashing, cannot load websites, windows audio services and driver support not running in services (they are automatic) rebooted again.
Second boot (used Shut Down, then started fresh): No error during startup but still would not let me in using F12 key. Repeated crashes and failure to load websites after repeated tries. Donwloaded hijackthis and installed but failure when attempting to use it led to blue screen error:
Stop: 0x0000008E (0XC000000-05, 0XBF807BD3, 0XA372DC48, 0x00000000)
WIN32K.SYS Address BF807BD3 base at BF900000
Used power button to shut down and start up again. No errors and I am (so far) able to use IE.
Ran HijackThis exe successfully and have... Read more

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I recently bought 215MB of PC133 SD RAM to add onto my 128MB and 32MB Sticks. With all three installed, my system is only picking up the 256 and the 32 (288 Total). I have tried moved the RAM into different slots a few times now, and am coming up with the same result.

Does anyone know what could be causing this to happen? I know all of the slots are good, and the 128MB Stick worked fine before.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A:Question about installing memory

actually, whats probably happening is that its picking up the 128 and the 64 correctly but only registering half the 256.

verify this by booting with only the 256 installed.
This happens because either your MB doesnt support a stick of ram that big or it doesnt support high density ram.

Post the make/model of your motherboard and we can find out.

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I have a hp pavilion ( that came with 1gb of Dimm memory. The motherboard has four memory slots, two of these slots have two 512mb memory modules in them. The pavilion is capable of taking up to 4gb of memory.

I purchased single 1gb memory module and tried to plug that into the 3rd memory slot, closest to the two installed memory modules (as per the manual). When I booted the pc it got past the login screen, started loading then crashed..

After a lot of playing around it seems the module I just purchased works fine on its own (in the first slot). I then added one of the 512mb module to the second slot, and system remained stable no problem. So the system is stable and working with 1.5gbs of memory (the new 1gb in the first slot and one of the original 512mb modules in the second).

Whatever way I configure the memory, as soon as I put a module in the 3rd or 4th slot the pc crashes after the windows login process.

Any ideas?


A:PC Crashes after installing memory

It would be wiser to test the memory rather then booting Windows as you can seriously corrupt your Windows installation. I'd recommend using Memtest86+:

The new stick may not be compatible, did you check on any Memory manufacturer's site's to see if they recommend it.

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Hi. Recently I got a Toshiba NB305 from an Uncle of mine, and it came with Windows 7 starter. I decided to upgrade it to Ultimate, seeing as I have the CD. I copied the contents of the CD to a flash and transferred it to the Toshiba. When I opened the setup.exe, a small window popped out and gave a prompt for a split second. I had to take a screenshot to get what the prompt was. It was 'Program too big to fit in memory'. I've tried stopping some processes that weren't necessary in order to free up computer memory usage but it didn't work.
I really want to get this OS up to Ultimate, any help please? Thanks in advance

A:Program too big to fit in memory (while installing)

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Here's one for you...
I originally had 2x 256M ram installed on my system and decided I'd like to bump it up to 1G so I purchased a Kingston 512M stick to install in the 3rd slot- it's an AD77 mobo so it only has the 3 slots. The 3 sticks are all PC3200 400DDR. However, now the cpu freezes on the windows xp welcome screen. So I took one of the 256M sticks out and it loads up fine. It also reads there is 768M ram on the system. I've tried putting the sticks in different combinations using the 3 slots but it only ever works if there are 2 sticks installed- adding the 3rd causes it to freeze. The system should support up to 2G ram so I don't know whats going on! Hope someone can help!!!

A:trouble installing memory

Check in your bios the memory timing for your ram. The new ram may not run with the same cas settings as the old.

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Hi, I have an HP Pavllion Media Center PC. It has 3072 RAM 640GB Hard Drive, Also AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor and OS is Vista Home Premium SP1. I want to install more memory but really dont know anything about it. I have heard you should install 2 equal memory when installing, With a Quad core processor would that mean 4? Any recommendations on type, size, brand etc.? Thankyou

A:Advice On Installing Memory Please

that is bullcrap about the matching processor amount...all you need to do is research what type of memory your motherboard can take, and how much...for example:
-My mobo can handle up to 2gb of SDRAM pc133 168 pin memory
-First start out with how much you want....I can use 1GB, easily because I know whaqt program I have running at all times, and always disable extra crap like kodak phto center and stuff like that....if you arn't really concious about how much memory you are using, I would go for 2GB, maybe 3....
-Then you have to make sure your motherboard supports this kind....(there are a few ways you can go about finding the product name of your mobo...eitehr take off the cover of your case, and look for a big printed on the board code, mine is can google what comes stock in a certain kind of computer...or you could search for a motherboard information program that will tell you everything that you need to know about specifying it....)
-One you know how much you want, and how much you can support, you can go about finding what kind you can usually find this with how much you can support, as it will probably be in the form that I gave you in my example....
-Once you know how much, and what kind, shop around for the overall lowest price....
-High density ram is cheaper, but is very dense on the load that it carries, making it run a bit slower sometimes...also motherboards cannot always handle high density ram so check...
-Low density Ram is going t... Read more

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I'm looking to add a memory card to my father's laptop and need a little help. I've got a lot of desktop experience but NO laptop hardware experience. Where the hell does it go?? I can't figure it out.

He has a Dell Inspiron 4100 laptop. Is there anything I should know before I add it?? I know it's a piece of cake on desktops but how about laptops? Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Need help installing memory to laptop

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I have a Dell Dimension 4300 computer. It has sdram memory. I'm under the impression that in order to use the newer style 2 stage memory I would have to replace the motherboard.

Would this be a worthwhile thing to do? The CD burner has been replaced with a multi format CD DVD burner and it has 2 hard drives.

Also, What else would have to be replaced besides the memory chips and CPU?

A:Upgrade memory in my old Dell?

What are the specs on your pc
Power supply, std atx?, watts?
case size, atx, micro-atx
number of fans and size
some dells are proprietary, so very limited upgradeability
you would need a cpu/mobo/ram at least

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Hello, I have a DELL INSPIRON 1150 laptop with 256Meg memory.
I would like another 256Meg. What memory do I need?
Is it easy to install? Ive only ever upgraded desktop memory.

A:Solved: Dell Memory

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How do I find out what memory I can use in a Del 2350 pentium 4 machine? Not
necessay what is recommended for it but what is posssble to put in it. For example I think the 2700 memory is recommended for it but is it possable to put 3200 or 4200 memory in it? Maybe some for the higher level memory that is backward compatable?

It appears that some of the new memory chips are lower priced that older ones
when I look at tiger directs webpage. So what what can I use?
Thank you,

A:Memory for a Dell 2350 What can I use

Crucial indicates that you can use up to 1GB of either PC2700 or PC3200. Crucial guarantees compatability. 2350 Series

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Hello, and thank you in advance for any help.
I have a 4 year old Dell Dimension 2400 running XP.
It has 256meg of memory in it, and is running slow these days. So I wanted to increase its memory to something like 1gig. Thats affordable to me.
I have heard that I cannot simply add a 1gig memory stick to this computer.... It would not properly work and give me 1.256gig.
So I have to remove the 256meg first. I understand that OK.
But I was told that I must populate "both" memory slots in this computer..... they cannot be unbalanced. So to get 1gig I would have to buy two 500meg memory sticks.
Is that true, or can I just remove my 256meg stick and simply install one 1gig stick that I could buy at Office Max, or Best Buy, or a place like that?
Thanks again for any help.
David P.

A:Adding Memory to my Dell

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I have two memory modules that came out of an older (maybe in 2000) dell computer.

I believe it's Rambus memory since that's what he replaced it with. He upgraded from 2x128mb (I believe) to 2x256mb 800 at a cost of $213 EACH if you can believe that.

Anyway, he gave me his two old memory modules and now I'd like to find out what type they are if is a Samsung brand and has a heat sink.....this one is marked as Samsung Korea 0008 128MB/8 ECC. Both have the same number of connectors/pins.

The one is a dell brand and does not have a heat sink and has no such markings like the Samsung brand. But they're both notched in the same place.....two notches near the middle of the module.

It looks like it has about 86 connector/pins (43 on either side of the notches).....if I was counting right.

Can someone help me identify what I have? Maybe I can sell it on ebay.

Thanks for your help.

A:Help me identify my old dell memory please.

Download and install Everest
The memory has to be installed for Everest to detect the memory

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I put memory on my computer (1GB) after I installed it I get this message


what does this mean?

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3, v.3311 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation
System Model Dell DE051
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~2526 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Dell Computer Corporation A01, 1/3/2006
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.3311 (xpsp.080212-0005)"
Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time
Total Physical Memory 1,280.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 43.33 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 1,008.93 MB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

A:Solved: HELP!!!!!!!!! Dell Memory

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I bought my g/f a dell studio hybrid 140 G. It comes with different components like a Blue ray different processor options etc. I bought her one of the base systems with a decent processor 2.0 core 2 duo with 800mhz fsb, but teh system came with a 250 gig 5400 rpm drive and 667 ddr2 ram. I upgraded and cloned the hd to a WD Scorpio 320 and put the other into an enclosure with the recovery partition hidden. When i went to upgrade the RAM however it still see's it only as 667 and not 800. I bought corsair ddr2 800 ram and checked the bios its the latest version. Im baffled because the same type of configurations sell from dell with either 667 or 800 mhz ram. The bios and the MOBO is the same for all of them from waht I saw on dells support page. Is there anything else I can do? I have already flashed and nothing helped, if it was the RAM it wouldnt work at all not be limited any help would be appreciated because now im stumped. For a desktop made completely of laptops parts its pretty speedy for what she does I wanted to up the ram though and that would be the last thing I did.

A:Dell Memory Problem

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I have an Inspiron 531 desktop and currently I only have 2 gigs or ram in it, I want to upgrade it to its max which is 4 gigs, how do I know which type of memory it is?

PC2-5300/6400 DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs
I looked on a site that said this was what I had but im not really sure what it means or if its correct. Could someone show me a link of where to buy this kind if it is correct.

A:Dell Memory (Ram) upgrade

Hello there.

It looks like you had the correct type or memory. You can check the site and use their Memory Advisor Tool. I've never had a problem with them.

Just remember that if you're using 32-bit Windows XP, Windows will only use 3.5GB at a time.

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Anyone here remember the Dell Optiplex GX1 ? I'm currently running dual-boot Win98Lite/XPLite with a P3-500 cpu and 384Mb (3x128Mb) sdram, and am considering max-ing the memory to 768Mb by fitting 3x 256Mb sticks (to create a large ram-disk).

The DELL documentation is unambiguous: if fitting 256 modules these must be parity modules (i.e. ECC).
However, in practice I am finding 256 ECC modules impossible to source.

The only ECC modules available are the ex-server Registered type, and from searching the web I cannot get a definitive answer to whether Registered memory will work on a GX1 board. Some experts say not.

Interestingly, reputable memory suppliers such as Crucial and Kingston list 256 non-ECC as being suitable for the GX1, so could there possibly be a typo in the Dell docs ??

Q. Does anyone have first-hand experience of fitting 256 non-ECC's to a GX1 ?
Q. Can anyone say for certain whether Registered-ECC will not work on this m/b ?

Seeing as this is such an old (and very popular in it's day) computer, I'm amazed that this confusion over memory wasn't resolved years ago, but no matter how much searching I do, there doesn't appear to be any definitive info on the Web.

Thanks for any help,

A:Solved: Dell GX1 memory

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i have a big problem. i have dimension 8100 dell computer with 128 memory. i want to upgrade to 256 and i searced on the dell website. it showed me memory for $170 and said this


Does that mean when i go to the cart i have to set the quantity to 2 which doubles the cost to $340. that is just sick. $340 for 256. i just want to confirm this. Help me please. anyone

A:Need Help With Dell Rambus Memory

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Will a 184 pin Corsair 1024MB PC3200 DDR Desktop Memory work in a Dell
4500. The memory is a Tiger Direct special. I don't have a number for it.
Thank you,

A:Memory for a Dell 4500?

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What is the maximum memory capacity for Dell Inspiron 15R? My DELL Support Center says a maximum 16gb.Memory onboard is 8gb.


Max RAM for that model is 2X4 or 8G.

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OK, I just went to Fry's earlier to replace my rather crappy original "Hynix-brand" PC2-5300U 1Rx8 512MB x 2 RAM memory (not sure about the Mhz speed) that came the Dell Dimension E521 PC with the AMD 64 (x2). I upgraded it to a "Patriot-brand" PC2-5300LL 677mhz 2GB x 2 4-4-4- 12 1.8. So I could use it for Photoshop CS4 and so I could play Flight Simulator without the terrible lag.

It's the cheapest RAM they have and the "tech-guys" there have no idea what those numbers and letters mean at all. They actually got me a notebook memory at first. : (

Anyway, how would I know if the one I got is compatible with my motherboard's clock speed and such stuff like that? Also, why does Windows Vista Premium always show 25-30% less memory than the actual memory size? I haven't assembled a computer so I have no idea on the proper upgrades. I need info ASAP.

Thanks! : )

A:Did I get the proper RAM memory for my Dell?

Specifications for your model Dell? Dimension? E521
Found here:


Type: 533-MHz, 667-MHz, 800-MHz (when available) DDR2 SDRAM

Memory connectors: four

Memory capacities: 256 MB, 512 MB, or 1 GB non-ECCClick to expand...

I expect others may help (reply) with the timings, you stated (as I'm unsure )

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I own a Dell GX240 desktop with a Pentium IV 1.7 GHz processor. The installed memory was 512 MB. The Dell support website said the maximum allowable amount of memory was 1024 MB. I then proceeded to order (2) 512 MB chipsets from Dell. After installing the new memory it appears my overall system performance has slowed down a little. Is this possible? I have never heard of too much memory. Thanks.

A:Dell Memory Upgrade

It's possible.
Have you checked to make sure your machine has recognized all of the memory?
Some motherboards only support a set amount of memory or less. All extra memory added is useless.

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We've got a dell dimension 4600. It has 4 slots for a maximum of 4 gigs possible. Right now we have two PC3200 128 MB sticks of memory in it from dell. According to Kingston I can add:


This system supports both DDR400 and DDR333. When mixed, the memory speed will default to DDR333."

So here's our question; we wanted to add two 1 gig sticks of PC3200. That leaves two empty slots. Can we use the old memory with the new, for a total of 2 1/4 gigs?

A:Adding memory to a Dell?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 running XP with a single Kingston 512K. I want to upgrade the memory but so far I have been unsuccessful. I ran the Crucial analysis program and they suggested I buy another 512K which I did. In fact, I bought two Crucial 512K RAM and I know they are good as I can boot up with either one in Drive A. However, with both of the Crucials installed OR with the Kingston in Bay A and either of the Crucials in Bay B, the computer will not boot up. I upgraded the BIOS from the Dell site and that did not help. I cannot believe the mother board is bad. Any suggestions?

A:Upgrading Memory in Dell

Sounds like the one slot may be dead.

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I want to upgrade the memory on my Dell as it lags when I'm playing games but was wondering if there was any limit on the amount my system could support? I checked on Dell's website and they only offer up to 512MB modules which I already have two of, which suggests to me that it doesn't support (or at least they don't suggest) using anything higher. Also, they are always banging on about how important it is to buy components directly from them, but does it really matter?

A:Upgrading memory on a Dell

Dell Dimension 5100 (also please update your Profile mobo to this)


Maximum: 4Gb 400-MHz and 533-MHz DDR2 unbuffered SDRAM
(note Windows Xp 32bit can only see 3Gb)

No it doesn't matter where you buy your Ram, but in saying that, you should buy the exact same ram that is already fitted, to avoid conflicts.

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I have an old Dell Dimension L500r here running XP on only 128 Megs of RAM. It has two SDRAM memory slots and only one occupied so I added another 128-Meg chip; but, it is not recognized by the system. I changed to another memory chip and still, it will not see the extra chip.

The chips I have tried are a PC66 and a PC100. The processor is a Pentium III, 500 MHz.

I checked the BIOS and there is no way in there to change memory settings so I guess it is supposed to see the memory automatically.

Suggestions please.

A:Can't get this OLD Dell to see my added memory

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I bought a Dell Desktop last summer (e6600, 2gb ram, 250gb hd) and i am have issues installing xp onto the hardrive. I know how to set the settings so it boots from disk that is not the problem. It goes to the blue screen and loads the necessary files and then says, "Loading Windows" and then a new screen pops up saying my computer has shut down to prevent damage to the computer. This has happened with about 3 different copies of windows XP I own. Please give me some information to fix this issue.

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I am having the same problem- new hd only- fresh install of XPon a Dell Dimension E 310:- continue to recieve same message when trying to install- cannot install- may be invalid cd- purchased new- then it may say something like catalogue files missing, or no hard drive found, or dll files missing, etc. Something new with each attempt to reformat hd and install OS-anyone have any ideas? I am running out of ideas.

A:Problem installing OS on Dell

and welcome to the Forum

I moved your post since it was unrealted to the thread it was in.

Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :


Are you using the Dell Reinstallation Disc?

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

You can request a replacement instalation cd here:

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I need help figuring out how to open up my laptop to put in processor.I searched dells online site but didnt find anything that shows how to do this,Please help!!

A:installing new processor in dell CPx

usually opening a couple of screws at the back will give access to it. you'd be breaking your warrenty if you did.

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My PC at work is a Dell (Intel Core 2 Duo, 3Ghz, 4Gb RAM) running XP Pro. I wanted to put on Windows 7 but apparently it's not possible. According to our IT chappie Dell machines can only function with OS's that are pre-installed by Dell. We played around with it a bit today and it's true. We couldn't install Vista (got BSOD). Windows 7 installed but couldn't be activated That really had us puzzled. Then on trying to re-install XP we got more BSOD's.

The Vista was x64 Ultimate (I think), Windows 7 was both x86 Ultimate and x64 Ultimate. The XP was x86 Pro (2 attempts from 2 different discs) and 1 x64 Pro.

Anyone have a solution to this? Dell is no help - knowledge or speedwise - most likely they will have the usual response of "Bring it in and we'll re-install at X cost" and even then it'll take a month.

Anybody know of a fix for this? I'd prefer Windows 7 to run but XP will do fine. I have a sneaky suspicion the answer may lie somewhere in the BIOS. All help is greatly appreciated.

A:Problems installing on Dell

Oh yes, currently installed is Windows 7 x86. Not activated obviously.

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I have just put a new Hard drive in my old laptop and am trying to load the Windows XP disk. The error message I receive in Dos is no valid CD ROM drivers found.
I am using a Latitude CD ROM but do not know how to get the driver on the HD. Any help?

I do have a floppy drive but no floppies for booting.

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My questions has two parts:

1) I have heard two stories on whether or not one can install XP onto a computer that is not manufactured by Dell. I was recently given a Compaq by a family member, but it has Vista :(. I still have my XP reinstall DVD from an old Dell I no longer use, so I want to use it to put XP on my Compaq.

After searching about the net I see that some folks claim that the DVD will not install onto any machine that does not have a Dell BIOS on it. An alternative claim is that the installer will check for a BIOS during installation, and if it does not find the BIOS it is looking for you will be required to talk to Microsoft.

The second idea seems the most likely to me, considering that MS makes you call them anyway if you are installing XP on another computer. That's fine for me, cuz this is totally legal. I just want to make sure before I go through all the trouble.

2) I want to completely format my hard drive before installing XP. I've installed various versions of windows a few times, but what I am not sure how to do is wipe my hd clean. How do I do this?


A:Installing XP from a Dell Reinstallation CD

You will have to have a valid Product Key to install XP with any disc, including the Dell

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I am trying to install XP Pro 64-bit on my desktop and running into some problems. I currently have Pro 32-bit, if it matters. During my first attempt, I inserted the CD boot up the the computer and it goes into Windows installation, loading drivers, etc. and then I got a blue screen when the installation started. I read around and learned that I need to load the SATA drivers first by hitting F6 at the beginning of the the install. So I went to the Dell website and downloaded everything they had for SATA drivers for the XPS410, uncompressed them, and copied them on to the floppy drive. I rebooted, pressed F6 and then came to the screen showing the different controller drivers to install. I selected the first one and got an error for iaStor.sys saying that device is not compatible with the x64-based version of Windows. Okay, so it must be the next one right? Nope, I went down the entire list and all of them gave me the same error. So I am at a loss. I'm not sure what drivers I need and where I can get them. Hoping somebody could point me in the right direction.

As I mentioned, it's a Dell XPS 410
SATA drive is Seagate ST3160812AS

Let me know if you need any other info. I'll try to find it.


A:Trouble installing XP Pro 64-Bit on my Dell XPS 410

XP Pro 64bit has historical issues with drivers - I've been there. Unless you're a tweak nerd chief engineer Scotty type character who needs to squeeze every last drop out of available system resources, then don't bother with XP 64bit. But that is only my personal opinion.

You'll probably find more success in using Vista 64bit... but if intergalactic mega performance is what you need, why are you bothering with Windows at all?

But if you're up for a fight then XP 64bit will certainly give you that.

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I recently dropped my Dell Smartstep 250 laptop and broke the LCD. It was a SVGA LCD. Because I wanted to save a few dollars, I found a lower resolution Smartstep VGA LCD on ebay and tried to install it. This model of LCD came as standard with most Smartstep 250s. The screen is just a scrambled mess. I can still use the laptop with an external screen but I'd really like to get my new LCD working. Any suggestions?

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I have a new Dell and a fairly new HP PSC2355. I installed the printer on my HP computer just fine in Fla. But it won't install on my Dell using XP Home.
I get an error message in Step 3 of 4 in the installation saying "The copy function cannot be used." If I am reading the window right, this is happening during the hpzprl01.exe function trying to preload product drivers. I am at a total loss what to do

I just installed this crazy printer on my Toshiba Laptop just fine. What is on the Dell that is blocking me and how do I get around it?

A:Installing HP PSC2355 on a Dell

Maybe you dont have the latest XP drivers for your printer.

Try Here.

There is also a troubshooting link at the bottom of the HP page.

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I just bought a Dell Vostro 1310 laptop but when I try to install Xp it gives me the error Hard Disk not found.

A:Xp not installing in Dell Laptop

acer_racer_2000 said:

I just bought a Dell Vostro 1310 laptop but when I try to install Xp it gives me the error Hard Disk not found.Click to expand...

most likely reason is it may have a SATA hard drive and xp will need sata driver to be install first .check this out

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can someone remind me please, just on one point. We want to install a full unused OEM Dell Windows disk onto a Dell computer which originally shipped with XP. What happens about the product key? Normally you do not need to enter it when installing on an OEM - but which one will the BIOS expect and accept? I don't want to give the machine to my daughter and three months later it complains that the licence isn't 'genuine'.

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I want to purchase Windows 7 and upgrade my PC from Windows XP. In the past, I tried using freshly installing Windows XP with a retail Windows XP disc and it couldn't find my HD to partition during the beginning installation. I'm nervous that will happen again.

I don't suppose anyone has installed Windows 7 on a Dell XPS Gen 5? I have no problem doing a fresh install but, before I buy it, I'd like to know that it'll work.

Also, which retail version of Windows 7 should I get? The upgrade?

A:Installing Windows 7 on Dell XPS Gen 5

Hello, Welcome!

Don't worry about installation problems. I have written a troubleshooting guide, and we have hundreds of capable volunteers willing to help you should anything go wrong.

As for the version, if you have a Windows OS now, like XP or Vista, you qualify for the Upgrade version. There is a way to do a clean install with that copy, don't be fooled.

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Hello I want to reformat an e-machines computer but the only windows installation cd I have says only to use it on Dell computers (it came with a Dell computer). My question is what will happen if I use the Dell CD anyway because I don't want to spend the hundred(s) dollars to buy another one?

Also the reason I'm reformatting it is because of virus damage including an inaccessible cd drive. Would re-formatting it fix the inaccessible cd drive problem? I'm still able to access cds by booting from them so I assume that will work. The problem is the drive doesn't show up in My Computer anymore and nothing happens when I insert a CD.

Than you for any help.

A:installing windows xp from a dell cd but...

Welcome to TSG....

Well the OEM disks like from Dell, Compaq etc are all re-written for the particular computers processors that they are made for. Trying to install them on another manufacturers computer is a total waste of time. Your best bet would be to purchase one of the right ones by calling the manufacturer of the computer and ordering a restore or recovery disk set from them it is a lot cheaper.

Please do not ask me the price I do not work for any of them....

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I have a Dell Inspiron 910 mini. It has Ubuntu Linux operating system on it. I would like to put XP. Can I do this through a USB thumb drive? It has no cd drive. Here are the specs. Also it only has 8gb hard drive..... is that enough for XP? I have read where some have ran XP on these but don't know how.

1W959FPRC,N270,1.6,512KB,DMV,C01H510GGDE,PROD,INFO ,SERI,ENG,WW1G383GGDE,PROD,INFO,WSI,ENG1U943PTSH,D RIVER DOWNLOAD,ENG1H840JTSH,UBUNTU,ENG1Y877GAssembly,Ada pter,Alternating Current,30W,2P,United States 9101M770HGuide,SETUP,Inspiron,910,English1M958HKey board,61,United States English,Single Pointing,Qiao Hong,Windows1C901HBattery,Primary,32WHR,4C Lithium,Simplo1P896HKit,Software,UBT8.04+,910 Media1Y614GLiquid Crystal Display,8.9WSVGA,Light Emitting Diode,True Life,Lg Philips Lcd1G558JAssembly,Cable,Low Voltage Differential Signaling,WO/CMRALCD,9101J141HASSY,BASE,NBK,WO/WWAN,9101N204HCard,Wireless,Minicard Broadcom Corporation,ARCD United States1PP102Dual In-Line Memory Module,1G 800,128X64,8,200,1GBIT1D154HSolid State Drive,8G,Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment,4GX2,STEC1N302HBezel,Liquid Crystal Display Silver,8.9,WO/CMRA,9101Y173MAssembly,Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,IMR,BLUE,Wireless Local Area Network Card,

A:Installing XP on Dell mini

There are USB DVD burners out there for laptops, you could use one of those and it will install XP right from the installation disk.
If you don't intend on keeping the drive after the install, just return it.

If you are in the USA Staples Super Stores have USB DVD burner drives that will do the trick.

Hope this helps.

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I am trying to get my dell A940 printer to work with our new ibuy power computer with no luck.HELP,kid needs school project by tomorrow!

A:installing dell printer

Assuming the "ibuy power" computer has Vista installed, have you downloaded and installed the Vista drivers for the dell A940 ??

You need to give more details, such as the Windows version (98, XP, Vista etc)

For Vista drivers check here:

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I'm considering installing an SSD on my desktop computer, and have read several places I need to set my BIOS to AHCI mode. I have no such mode listed in my BIOS. The only 2 options listed are LEGACY and UEFI. Is Legacy just Dell's description for AHCI? Can I just install using LEGACY? I can't seem to get any answers from the Dell forums. I'm using Windows 7 64 bit OS. I think the bios version is 8. If I use the LEGACY mode, will Trim still work? This will be a clone, not a fresh Windows install.

A:Installing SSD on Dell XPS 8700

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Nothing for ssd's is automatic in 7
If you get a Samsung ssd they have a utility that makes using an ssd easy though
It's called Samsung magician a separate download.

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I cannot seem to find the online documentation that shows how to take apart my laptop( Dell Cpx) so I can put in a different processor. Im also trying to find out which processors are compatible for an upgrade on my Dell. Thanks[email protected]

A:Installing new processor in Dell CPx

Latitude CPx H-Series/J-Series
Intel Mobile Pentium III microprocessor. For J-Series, microprocessor includes Intel SpeedStep™ technology

Please don't start multiple threads for the same problem. Just "bump" your thread back to the top.

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This is Proview74. I recently bought a new computer and used a "secure delete" program to clean all files off the old Dell computer (4700). I still have the Operating System (XP Media Center Edition 2005) reinstallation DVD for the Dell 4700, which I tried to reinstall by inserting it into the cd drive and rebooting the unit. However, the screen asked me for a password which I cannot remember (from 2005) when I first bought the computer. In fact, I don't even remember using a password at the time.

Is there anyway to over-ride the password, or use a substitute password, to get the computer to accept the reinstallation disc? I tried pressing f12, got into the BIOS section, but I have to enter a password to change the password to a new one. I am at a loss, and if I can't get it reinstalled, a perfectly good computer will have to be scrapped. Would love to get it going so my grand kids could use it.

Appreciate any help to get this going. Thanks for your help.

A:Re-installing XP on Dell computer

We don't generally offer help with password issues here for obvious reasons but F2 should get you into BIOS where you'll be asked for a password. F12 simply shows you the boot menu so you can boot from the CD and I'm surprised if the password is necessary at that stage.

You could enter the Service Tag, which is printed somewhere on the case, into the Dell website and enquire whether they set a password and on satisfying them you were the purchaser, they should tell you but if you set it yourself and forgot it, you're lost. I have to say it would have been an unusual thing to do - do you have a recollection of doing it?


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Hi Guys
I have a Dell Optiplex 170L P4 [2.8 ] & H/d fully formated .
Can I use my normal XP Home disc to re-install XP to this PC ?
Or does Dell supply a fresh copy if I gave them the Ser NO & XP Activation NO on set ?

Thanks in advance Oziwombat

A:Installing my OEM XP home on a dell pc

Dell usually will supply replacement restore CD's for your system if you give them a call.

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I have win 2k professional
I download via torrent a version of Windows XP as my cds are damaged, but I conserve my cdkeys intact written in paper (I have like 3-5 licenses) .

I burned the ISO on my mac, an tried to install the Windows XP

The computer has an administration code to install software, and since neither I nor my dad knows what it is, we tried installing the Windows XP PRO via boot cd.

I started the PC and pressed f2 and put in this Order of Boot Sequence: CD 1st, then HardDrive C then Diskette.

Proceding I saved and restarted, when the computer started it told me to press any key to start the CD boot I pressed any space, K, F, any key as told, but the computer continued to load Windows 2k Pro and did not start the Installation.

Might I have done anything wrong? why didnt it load the cd boot? Does not having the admin password could make this? because installing via wizard needs the password and not having it gives me a pain in the back.

A:Installing Win XP Pro on Dell GX260 with Win 2k

:$ no one can help me? (F)

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Ok this will be a long post, here it goes:

I had some beast malware on my laptop (a Dell Studio XPS M 1640) so I went ahead and re-installed the OS. However, I messed it up.

So I instert the Dell Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP 1 disk and the dell symbol comes up and says loading so I press F 12 and the boot menu comes up and I select right from CD/DVD. Then it says press any key to enter so I do. I believe I got it right up till now.

I then Formated both of the drives (C and D) when the two options came up. I proceeded to click on the one I thought was right and clicked next. So it does its stuff and I enter my password etc. I notice however when I get to the desktop my D drive has 450 GB and my C has only 15 GB. So I re-try installing it and pick the other option (I didnt format it this time). This worked out a little better, the C had 450 GB and the D had the right amount, 15 GB or something. I noticed that both said Local Disk C however and there was no recovery. So I am worried but proceed to try and install the Dell Drives and whatnot but am perplexed because I can't figure out which to install and if I was doing it correctly. THEN, I restart the comp and I low and behold there are TWO choices, both saying Windows Vista. One was the OS with the D drive of 450 GB and the other was the more normal one.

So, I go ahead and try to reinstall it again and Format the two drives but being and idiot I picked the D drive as my main slot again so it has 450GB!!. At t... Read more

A:Need help re-installing Vista on a Dell

don't it's only a machine! so you have vista on it?

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I want to install another stick of memory to my friends laptop. I have done this on a desktop pc, but never a laptop, and I do not even know how to find out where the stick is to go, or how I am supposed to get the laptop open to find where it goes. I need some help. Can anyone direct me? Thanks much!

A:help installing memory stick to laptop.?

It is usually located near the laptop battery with a lid with a screw in it.

You can find the right memory for your laptop from

If you download the enterprise version of Aida32, you can find out what kind of RAM and how much is currently installed in your computer.

If you order the memory from Crucial, they usually give you very good instructions as to how to install the memory (I've done it myself).

Just make sure you're using an antistatic wrist strap when doing so.

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Hi, so recently I upgraded my ram from 8 gb to 16. I've been getting some crashes after this and it only happens when im browsing never when im gaming.

My specs are:

Motherboard: P8P67 DELUXE ASusTEk
CPU: Intel (r) Core(TM) i5-2500k cpu @ 3.30 ghz
Memory: DDR 3 Vengenance LP
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 580
OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 Service Pack 1
Sound: Nvdia High Def Audio * 2
Realtek High def Audi *1
Storage Devices: OCZ-Vertex 3 120gb SSD

If anyone needs additional details such as reports please tell me what to do, I'll be gladly to do it.



A:BSOD Memory Mismanagement after installing of new ram


Did you have problems before adding the ram?

Without the dump files we won't be able to say what's causing your system to BSOD. Follow instructions on the link below and post them.

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This problem has been driving me crazy for some time now and I can't find any solutions anywhere.

It is a new build and it runs fine with 2Gb of memory installed, but as soon as i insert a second memory stick it goes through BIOS and 2-5 seconds of the Windows Logo before a bluescreen flashes by and the screen goes black.
It will reboot and perform a Windows repair but with the same result.

Same thing happens if I install my graphics card.

Any help would be highly appreciated, since running on 2Gb of memory and on-board graphics isn't my plan


A:New build, BSOD when installing more than 2Gb of memory

Your post, itself, hints at the problem as do your reports

Run for 8 passes.
Then test each stick in a good slot for 6 passes.
If you have dual channel, the results may be incorrect, if shows pass.
Guide to using Memtest86+ - Geeks to Go Forums

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I used to have 2 512DDR cards installed in the computer, today I bought a new 1GB card. So I tought that I could use the 3 of them and have 2GB BUT whenever I put any of those cards in the middle slot for RAM the computer doesnt start up and it beeps continuosly; Ive tried all combinations possible using the cards like putting the 1gb card in the last slot and a 512 card in the middle one, two 512 in the first two slots and the 1gb one in the last one, but it doesnt work in anyway if i place any card in the middle slot. Ive searched in the internet and some people say that it is a 64K RAM problem or something like that but they dont give a solution for the problem. Anyone that could help me with this problem please? Thanks in advance.

PS: Ive switched around the cards and im currently using the computer with the 1gb card and one of the 512 cards and all of them work fine, the problem only happens if I place one of them in the slot on the middle.

A:Computer beeps when installing more memory.:S

Can anyone help me please?

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hi people,i have just installed a 512mb memory card on my mums pc with is a packard bell imedia 1328.the memory stick i purchased was a ddr2 533 mhz (pc2-4200)but now i realise it may have been a ddr pc3200 stick i should have got,but the one i got fits in the holder ok though.would this cause the computer not to send a signal to the monitor and is there any type of difference in the two memory sticks i have mentioned?thanks for your help

A:cannot get display on screen after installing new memory

Memory types PC2-3200 and PC2-4200 are both 240pin memory cards. They have the same pinout. You can use one for the other, but using the faster one may not actually run faster if the motherboard can not utilize the extra speed OR IF you are concurrently using the mix of slower memory with the faster memory.

As far as I can tell (looking at PB's website), it looks like your computer can use just a single or both (there appear to be only two memory slots) at the time.

Besides, if you had the "other" PC3200" memory, a 184 pin memory card, it just should not fit. So, I am pretty sure that your memory appears to be the correct pinout.

As for your question: "would this cause the computer not to send a signal to the monitor"
Perhaps, if the memory card is bad.

Put your old memory card back in, all by itself. If it works, whereas just having the new memory card in, by itself, does not work; I would then guess the new memory card is bad.

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Hello, I've recently purchased a kit of Corsair Vengeance 12GB (initially an upgrade) to replace my old Kingston HyperX 6GB

Now i'm thinking that maybe I can use them all on my motherboard but I don't know how to properly configure them.

My motherboard: X-58A-UD3R rev 1.0
New 12GB Kit: Corsair Vengeance 12GB
Old 6GB Kit: Kingston HyperX 6GB

When I bought my new RAM i tried to find something that was working with XMP (Intel's Extreme Memory Profile), so both of those memory types have XMP but when I plug them in both, and check the voltages and timings, they don't match to the spec sheets.

The timings are 9-9-9-27 and the voltages are 1.5v and 1.2v, the channel and rank interleave are 6 and 4.

What do you recommend?

EDIT: If I plug them in separatly then the timings change to the lowest, 9-9-9-27.
I know that if you plug in 2 different types of RAM the timings stay at the lowest of all but I'm concerned about the voltages and wether its better to just run the corsair at 9-9-9-24 or all of them at 9-9-9-27.

A:Installing & Condiguring 2 types of memory.

both brands need to be rated rated to run at the same voltage

these are not

just run the corsair

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