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Samsung develops drive to replace hard disk

Q: Samsung develops drive to replace hard disk

The 32-gigabyte (GB) NAND flash-based solid state disk (SSD) can upload and download data quickly and quietly as it uses instantly-accessible static NAND flash memory instead of the rotating discs found in hard drives.

SSD weighs only half as much as a hard drive, reads data three times faster and writes data 1,5 times quicker, it said.

It consumes a mere five percent of the electricity needed to power a hard disk drive and operates silently as it requires no motor or any other noise-making parts.

A: Samsung develops drive to replace hard disk

Awesome. Solid-state memory needs to replace ferromagnetic plates of glass. Methinks this step in technology is long overdue.

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Guys I am looking to replace the hard disk in my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop with an SSD drive to improve performance. Can someone please advise what interface/size/height/dimensions that is required for successful installation. Please also advise any additional information that I might require. Thanks in advance,T  

A:Want to replace hard disk in laptop with SSD drive

actually you can't upgrade there are differnt slots for SSD,means its coonecting port with motherboard is different.

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I have a Samsung s2 1tb external hard drive.

Today when I hooked it up to my laptop it would not load. It will shows local F drive when it usually will say samsung Drive.

A pop up box will then appear stating "you need to format drive"

I know if I reformat it I will lose all my data which I will not do.

When I look in device manager it states that the external hard drive is installed.

I attempted to go through start menu and type cmd then F: and it states "The volume does not recognize this system file. Please make sure all required system drivers are loaded and the volume is not corrupted."


A:Samsung s2 external hard drive not loading showing local disk F drive

With the external drive connected, Go to Disk Management (Start > type: "computer" > click on Computer Management > click on Disk Management)

Determine which disk is the external drive.
If the external drive shows here as a healthy volume, Right click on the large box to the right of the "Disk 1" / "Disk 2" lable and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

If there is nothing but a grey box or "Unallocated Space" next to the disk number then Right click on the disk number (the box) and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

Change the drive letter to anything else > OK.

If you can't do any of the above post back. If you can post a screen shot of the Disk Management window that can help.
Do not initialize the disk or format it or you will lose your data.

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Hey all,

Lacie bigdisk ethernet 1tb took a dump.... I want to replace it with another hard drive but don't know how to install and put the right portitions on the new drive so that it may detect and read the information from the lacie console.

I know that it is a linux based, and i have the gls files just need to know the next step.

Any help or idea's would be great thanks.

A:HELP! need to replace hard drive in lacie big disk ethernet

Do you mean you physically are unsure how to put a new hard drive in the system?

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Hello,my laptop is Acer E5-573G, with Windows 10 in dual-boot with Kubuntu 14.04I'm thinking to replace the hard disk with ssd, because the start-up of Windows is very slow,I would like to know if this operation is very difficult, I never tampered with laptops, but I assembled my desktop pc.There is a guide on the internet for that operation?Thanks.

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I have HP Pavilion G7 1232sg laptop with broken HD. I was looking on internet for that specific HD but I didnt find it.
How can I find it and does it need to be for HP Pavilion G7 1232sg or I can use any HD I want.

A:How do I replace hard disk with right one .. ?

Seems you've got a 500Gb Sata 2,5" running 5400RPM in your laptop.

You could pick up the same HDD brand running 5400Rpm or one running 7200Rpm, but be aware that the 7200Rpm will produce more heat while running faster.

You could also upgrade to a SSD 2,5" but at cost for less GB but running much faster than traditional magnetic HDD.

If you're on the way to change your laptop Hard Drive, i would recommend to make Recovery DVD to save the hidden recovery partition of your laptop.

You should find it in the HP Software (HP Recovery Manager) how to make those Recovery DVD before replacing drive.

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Friends i was usigg wd 500Gb hdd for 2 yrs recently it starts corrupting by deleting files at startup saying that 1422 unreadable and deleting these files and correcting Index Entries. It deletes My Media Files. Aslo bad sectors are created. I replace this hdd and got 1 tb as replacement . I connected it but after some days same problem is persisting. I changed SATA cables And SATA power Cables but not working But when i interchanged SATA Pin from SATA0 To SATA 1 HDD working Pretty Good for some Days and again Deleting Index Entries gain Interchanged SATA cable From SATA1 To SATA0 problem solved for some days and same
My dealer says that its PSU problem.
Friends Is it really PSU problem Or MOTHERBOARD Problem ?
My system is
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz
Intel D945 Motherboard
2 GB ram
1.2 TB hard disk
450W PSU HYTECH(Actual 390W power rating for 12V is 14A

A:Replace 2 Hard Disk

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

My dealer says that its PSU problemClick to expand...

presuming that he tested the PSU, either with a PSU tester or with the installation of a utility that reports the voltages, or checked the voltages in the BIOS - then one may presume he is correct

3. Whether it eventually transpires that he was or indeed was not, the replacement of the PSU, is a relatively simple task, compared with the motherboard.

4. Are there any other problems, if it is the PSU one might suspect that you may have graphic problems when the power demand is made.

5. Download this and see what results we get please

the download is below the HW Monitor pro on the right of the link screen and you want the info shown on the image re voltages

6. That all said
450W PSU HYTECH(Actual 390W power rating for 12V is 14A
Click to expand...

Hytech is at the lower end of the PSU quality range and 14Amp on the 12 volt rail is illustrative of that. One may expect it to be closer to 25+ to 30

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I have an HP Pavilion Nootbook that needs its Hard Disk replaced. Exactly where is it located and how do I find a replacement, what do I look or ask for?

A:Need to replace a hard disk

Are you sure?

Try to download the manual at HP. That will give details.

Maybe someone here has that exact model.

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Hello guyz,
pliz help me with the steps involved in upgrading or replacing an MFM hard drive with IDE-class hard drive

A:STEPS TO UPGRADE/REPLACE an MFM hard drive with an IDE-class hard drive

Hi kfkaggwa, and welcome to TSG.

Any chance the motherboard has and IDE controller built in? If not, what kind of expansion card options does it have?

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I have a dead 6 gig drive on a IBM 300gl used to work in a machine shop hooked up to run a machine. The software will only run
on an nt workstation. How do I format a small hard disk to run on nt os on this computer?

A:replace nt workstation hard disk

As long as the computer supports booting from a CD, just insert your NT disk and restart [after you have installed the new hd] Setup starts and shows you the drive; choose what type of file system ie FAT or ntfs. If the system does not support booting from a cd, then you will have to use the four [I think] setup floppies. It has probably been at least 13yr since I have installed NT and this is from memory so it may or may not be completely accurate.

Finding a hard drive that will work with that old of a computer is going to be an issue. Most likely it is limited to 10gig or so and those are just not made any longer.

Here is a technet article that might help you;

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HP Pavilion dv6700
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2370
3 Gig Memory

Ive made a Vista Recovery CD, since turning my comptuer on all it said was BOOTMGR or something is missing clt+alt+del to restart...and it does it over and over

boot to the disk and choose Command Prompt from the list of recovery options.
At the C prompt type:
cd Windows\WinSXS
and press enter.

Then type:
del pending.xml
and press enter.

Restart the computer and boot to the hard drive.

i did all found no versions of windows installed?? so im guessing i need a full vista cd now to get this to install....since I'm assuming somehow everything is deleted?? I have windows XP pro on my desktop. Tried installing windows xp pro onto it...using my cd. Its all good then this error comes up

Windows XP
Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer??? (WHAT THE???)

seems like things are worse off then when we started doing this.....

A:#10009 - Replace Hard Disk

The first error would seem to indicate the hard drive is dead or the install is damaged but XP may not be a good indicator since it may be SATA and not detected by XP anyway. Does the drive appear in the BIOS? Also if you download and boot with a Live CD of Ubuntu or some other Linux OS, it would be a better indicator depending on if it can access the hard drive or not.

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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?

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Hello friends, I got a problem down here hope you guys will help me..

Just couple of minutes ago while I'm surfing the internet I got this message informing me that I must back up my data and should replace the hard disk. I was unable to capture the screen at the very moment but here's the final window I got. I don't know whether this is fake warning or a real one. please help me out guys. what should I do.? thank you..!

A:replace or repair your hard disk warning

Quote: Originally Posted by sudheera

Hello friends, I got a problem down here hope you guys will help me..

Just couple of minutes ago while I'm surfing the internet I got this message informing me that I must back up my data and should replace the hard disk. I was unable to capture the screen at the very moment but here's the final window I got. I don't know whether this is fake warning or a real one. please help me out guys. what should I do.? thank you..!

To determine if it is fake or not, download malwarebytes and run it.

I suspect it is not fake (but run malware just to be sure) and you should back up your data then run a check disk to TRY and repair it.


Run CHKDSK /R /F from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt.

Do this for each hard drive on your system.

When it tells you it can't do it right now - and asks you if you'd like to do it at the next reboot - answer Y (for Yes) and press Enter.

Then reboot and let the test run.

It may take a while for it to run, but keep an occasional eye on it to see if it generates any errors.

See "CHKDSK LogFile" below in order to check the results of the test.

B- Elevated Command Prompt:

Go to Start and type in "cmd.exe" (without the quotes)

At the top of the Search Box, right click on Cmd.exe and select "Run as administrator"


... Read more

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My Dell Inspiron notebook hard disk is about to fail (SMART event warnings; Crystaldiskinfo status: bad)
I am still on Win 8.1; reserved upgrade to Windows 10; status is"we will let you know when your system is ready for upgrade".
I have a replacement hard disk available; how do I replace it without new Windows 10 licence ?
Do I need to need to re-install Windows 8 (with Dell OEM installation disk) and then upgrade to Windows 10; or can I do a clean install of Windows 10 (using Windows 10 installation media downloaded from Microsoft) on the new hard disk?
As I am entitled to an upgraded OS (Windows 10) - I should be eligible to install and use Windows 10 on a replacement hard drive. Please correct me if that is not right.

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Hello,My warranty is over few months ago and I need to replace my HDD which is useless as all the space is taken by OS, I can't even upgrade to Windows 10. Would you please help me how to recover my Windows key and HP drivers before changing my HDD + any tips on replacing HDD would also be helpfull. There are no HP service around here so I have to do it myself.   

View Solution.

A:Replace SSD ( hard disk) and reinstall Windows and drivers

Thank you , I finally solved the problem by creating a Windows recovery drive and chosing the reset and partition under advanced options. Finding Windows key and using Windows image didn't work with the OEM version of Windows. 

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Everytime I turn on my computer, this screen pops up:

Press <F8> for BBS POPUP
DDR Frequency 400 Mhz, Dual-Channel, Tiled Mode
Checking NVRAM..
504 OK

Auto-Detecting Pri Master..IDE Hard Disk
Auto-Detecting Sec Master..ATAPI CD-ROM
Auto-Detecting Sec Master..ATAPI CD-ROM
Pri Master: YAR41BWO Maxtor 6Y160P0
Ultra DMA Mode-5, S.M.A.R.T. Capable and Status BAD
Sec Master: 1.10 PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-107D
Ultra DMA Mode-2
Sec Slave : B400 SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC-148A
Ultra DMA Mode-2
Auto Detecting USB Mass Storage Decives ..
00 USB mass storage devices found and configured.

Pri Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T. Status BAD, Backup and Replace
Press F2 to Resume

When I press F8 or F2, nothing happens. It just stays on that screen. I can't do anything other than turn it off. I can't go to BIOS either. I pressed all the other F Keys before and after that screen pops up. Does anyone know the problem?

A:Pri Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T. Status BAD, Backup and Replace

your hard drive is failing or already dead.
As you have access to another PC, find and download the diagnostics software from the makers website (maxtor is now seagate)
this will confirm if I am right! Do not keep trying to access the drive as it usually makes it worse and limits the chances of data recovery.
Hope you have a backup -

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Hi All,

I am facing a serious problem with my laptop.

System Details
Dell Inspiron N4010
OS: Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit)

What has happened to the system:
1. Laptop was working fine until the hard-disk crashed & now I am unable to boot the system.
2. Got to replace the hard-disk but I Do not have windows 7 installation disk/usb to install in on the fresh hard-disk. Also my CD-drive is not working so got to work using USB drives only.
3. Currently able to access the data on hard-disk using ubuntu bootable usb.
4. Planning to buy an external USB hard-drive to back up data before replacing the hard-disk.

Please help

A:How to replace crashed hard disk & re-install windows 7 using USB

See this tutorial: Clean Install Windows 7

In the above mentioned tutorial you can find for instance this information:

If you do not have a Windows 7 with SP1 installation DVD/USB, then you can download the latest official Windows 7 with SP1 ISO file here: Microsoft: Windows 7 Direct Download Links, and use Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool to create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive with the ISO to do the clean install with.

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I'm trying to replace my hard disk of my computer that has Windows Vista OEM. I have the recovery CD's with me. If i buy a new hard drive, and install it in to the computer, will i be able to install OEM version of Windows Vista i had in computer using the recovery CDs?

A:Replace the hard disk of a computer that has OEM Windows Vista

You should be able to do that, if the disks work. Usually they do, sometimes they don't.

You won't end up with an OEM version of Windows. You'll end up with an OEM version of Windows plus whatever other stuff was on the PC when you bought it---whether you want that other stuff or not.

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I know that there has been post about this situation before and i have looked over it but i have questions of my own and i'm not sure if my situation is that similar to the other threads.

here's my situation:
I was scanning for some viruses on my brother's computer when it started lagging really bad. I decided to restart the computer but it ended up freezing. I've tried the alt+ctrl+ del method but that didn't work either so i manually closed it. When i booted up the computer a screen appeared and said:

Intel (r) Celeron (r) processor, 2.80 GHz
504 MB system RAM
Legacy keyboard....Detected
Legacy mouse........Detected
USB Legacy...........Enable

Auto-detecting USB Mass Storage devices..
00 USB mass storage devices found and configured

Fixed Disk 0: PM-HDS722580VLAT20
(Ultra DMA Mode ATA/1000


Pri Master Hard disk: S.M.A.R.T Status BAD, Backup and Replace
Press <f4> to Resume

when i press <f4> it went to a screen that said

a disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart

When i press ctrl + alt + del it restarted and ended up going to the skreen above and it wont load the window os.

I've heard that you can continue to use the computer if i disable the S.M.A.R.T function but how do you do that? Don't you need to go on dos or something? I'm so computer illerate.... Read more

A:Pri Master hard disk: S.M.A.R.T Status BAD,Backup and Replace

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You should be able to disable the S.M.A.R.T function in your bios settings.

You can usually get to these by pressing the delete or F2 key at bootup.

It would seem that your HDD is getting ready to fail. This may not happen for a while, but nonetheless it is deffinitely a good time to backup all your important data.

Please see the following article for more info.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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My motherboard is Intel 915GAV. where there are only one IDE channel. Now When I use my Hard Disk (Samsung 80GB, 72000 RPM) with this mother board its ok. But when I add any other harddisk or DVD/CD ROM with it as a slave, then it says "Pri Master hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace" during boot up and wait for "Press <F4>..." and after I press "F4" it takes much time to load OS(WinXP Sp2). And after loading if I check with Intel desktop Utilities there it pops up "ERR_SMART" or in details of Dard disk says "Status: Error ID=02". Now I think my hard disk is ok. Now please tell anyone how to solve this problem. If you need any more information please tell me. I will be waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

A:Pri Master hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace

Do you have any jumpers on your hard drive? Are they set correctly? It should be Master and Slave Present (if possible). The slave drive should be set to slave of course.

If you are using a 80-connector IDE cable, then it does matter which plug goes where. Black is master and grey is slave.

How about replacing your IDE cable?

In BIOS, have you set all your IDE devices and attributes to "auto"?

If your BIOS version is earlier than 0457, then you could try updating to the latest version.

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Hello, here is my problem
upon cutting my pc on, it runs a ram check and then i get this messege

i am using windows 98. 200 mghz pentium. 5 gig drive

this happens before i get the desktop to show.
i just installed a hp1115 printer. i unistalled and reinstalled it 3 times. no luck
any help you can give is appreciated. i am using windows 98. 200 mghz pentium. 5 gig drive
God bless you ---Jack

A:pri master hard disk: S.M.A.R.T. STATUS BAD, BACKUP AND REPLACE

Hi Jack3807,Thats a warning you get when the hard drive is going bad.You can read about it here.

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i just follow the instruction from replace or repair your hard disk warning but its seem that sudheera did not post back. so here the copy one.

Did i need to format my pc or change the hardisk?

Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Wininit
Date: 2/2/2014 7:02:56 PM
Event ID: 1001
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: AzrilHafifi-PC
Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.

A disk check has been scheduled.
Windows will now check the disk.

CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 5)...
138752 file records processed.

File verification completed.
357 large file records processed.

0 bad file records processed.

2 EA records processed.

60 reparse records processed.

CHKDSK is verifying indexes (stage 2 of 5)...
188778 index entries processed.

Index verification completed.
0 unindexed files scanned.

0 unindexed files recovered.

CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 5)...
138752 file SDs/SIDs processed.

Cleaning up 7 unused index entries... Read more

A:My PC shows replace or repair your hard disk warning

I don't see anything wrong. What are you concerned about?

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Yesterday while watching movie on my PC it appeared as black on the screen and stopped working. After restarting the PC it was not responding as the BIOS was unable to recognize the hard disk. It creates an unusual sound while BIOS searches drives.

1. I tried by bootting the PC using another hard disk but this HD does not appear in the windows.
2. I also tried to boot using Ubuntu live CD but failed to find my HD on it.

As it is not recognized by BIOS, I cann't use data recovery software to recover the data. I'm badly in need of all data in it.

Please someone help me in this regard to recover the data.

Model: HD252HJ
Capacity : 250 GB
Interface : Serial ATA 3.0 Gbps
Buffer memory : 16MB

A:My Samsung Hard Disk is not being recognized by BIOS

Try the freezer trick. Place your hard drive in zip lock freezer bag to protect it from moisture and freeze it overnight (or a few hours at least). Quickly hook up the frozen hard drive and try to boot from it. If it works, be prepared to copy your important data as soon as possible before the hard drive warms up too much. This is not a permanent fix but it may work long enough to save your data.

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-NR120E. I need to replace the hard disk and I have found little so far that tells me for sure how to do it or whether it is under the keyboard or accessed from the bottom.

I need specific instructions on how to replace the hard disk in this particular model.

A:Solved: How do I replace the hard disk in this Sony Vaio VGN-NR120E?

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I am having a 650GB Samsung Hard Disk. Once I was transferring files from the hard disk to my PC and lights went out. Now when I connect my hard disk it is not being detected though it shows up in the Disk Management menu. I have tried formatting the HDD but it shows time remaining as 300 hours so I had to stop it midway. Is any other solution available for it...??? Please help...!!!

A:Samsung 650GB External Hard Disk Not Being Detected

If you feel confident enough, Open it up and remove the hard drive from inside the enclosure and fit it directly in to your pc.

This will help determine if the hard drive or enclosure is to blame.

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Hello, I hope this question has not been answered, because I could not find a definitive answer on whether an upgrade from the normal SATA hard disk, on my HP Envy 17 k241no, to a PCIe hard disk, such as the Samsung 950 PRO Series PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD, would be possible? The main reason why I cannot figure this out is that I cannot find any details in the guides provided for this model, that states whether it has PCIe  or not. I hope some of you can help me figure this out. Regards,Frederik 

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Hello, I have issue my with current HDD, which is Samsung HD103SJ, where I keep getting a hard disk failure warning for every 20min or so.. and wonder if there any fix for it rather than buying a new one, if possible.


A:Hard disk failure warning - Samsung HD103SJ

You can't fix a failing hard-drive, I would suggest backup all your important files and data, and then run some hard-drive diagnostics to assess the situation better:

Run some hard-drive diagnostics and follow these steps:Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
Find your hard-drive manufacturer and run their tests.

Additional Tests:SeaTools for DOS | Seagate
CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World
Post a screenshot of Crystal Disk Info summary:Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Quote: Originally Posted by writhziden

If you have an SSD, make sure the following are up to date:SSD firmware
BIOS Version
Chipset Drivers
Hard disk controller drivers/SATA drivers
If you have a Marvell IDE ATA/ATAPI device, make sure the drivers are up to date from the Intel site or Marvell site and not from your motherboard/vendor support site.

Check for any file system errors and bad sectors using Option #2 of:Disk Check
Use this command with Disk Check:

chkdsk C: /f /r

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I suspect that my 640 GB hard disk (from 2008) is nearing the end of its life and would like to plan for a replacement.There does not appear to be much if any chance to replace such a SCSI disk any more.What is the best type of disk to replace it, and does it need a new controller?I run Vista (original OS) and Windows 7 (new) in a dual boot configuration.It has currently three volumes, a Vista C: drive (c.300 GB), a Windows 7 C: drive (c.300 GB) and the HP "FACTORY_IMAGE" drive 15 GB

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The Background :
I built my new P4(3GHz) System in Dec 04. I used the same old 80Gb HDD

I got KTs in Second Yr Engineering which resulted in, me facing my Dad's
real bad temper. The worst thing was that he spent all his anger on my
beautiful System.

Now all I'm left with is a broken cabinet, Cracked MB, non-working FX5700
Ultra, a P3(700mhz) system and a hurt soul.

The Problem :
Apparantly the HDD survived all that (although the plastic around the bus
attachment area was a little broken)

It was working fine. But now after taking a 4 weeks gap to cool things down
WinXp just showed the Partitions for about a Min and it showed no more.
The Bios & XP Device manager shows the HDD, U can feel it working, but it
doesn't display the Partitions.

Please anyone help me! All my VB, Java, C, Photoshop & Flash Projects are
still in it.

Thank You

A:Samsung 80GB Hard Disk's weird Problem

first, move it to another box w/o all the trama, then run some diags to verify
the sanity of the media.

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well i just bought a new cd drive and the only damn cd that will play on it is the one that came with it i put in another cd and get a wrong volume error needs help plz

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A:Error message: 4th master hard disk: S.M.A.R.T. status bad, backup and replace:

I advise you to get any important data off of the drive, before it fails, then replace it.

Regards Howard

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I disabled the optical drive from Windows System folder because it was faulty and slowing down my computer.

However, now, a virus has stopped from starting Windows.

Since this configuration of Windows on the Hard Drive, can I replace the Hard Drive with a new one so it can:

A. Reset my configuration to allow a Windows Installation disk to boot up from the "newly installed" optical drive,

B. Erase any prior infected files I may have had on the previous Hard Drive.

Thank you,


The computer is a Dell Inspirion 2200 Notebook.

A:I cannot boot my install cd from my optical drive? Should I replace my hard drive?

Go into your BIOS and make sure the CD drive is the first boot device
Use the recovery CD that came with your computer and boot to it

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I have Windows 8.1 Pro running and my C: drive is an SSD which is only 120GB. I'd like to replace it with a large drive, but I don't want to go through the headache of reinstalling Windows, reinstalling all my apps, etc.

Is there a way to:
connect a replacement driveclone my present 120GB C: drive to the new driveswitch them, boot off the new drive, and everything works the same as before (except I have more space)

I don't mind buying a third-party product if that's the best route. Someone mentioned CloneZilla to me but I'm not that familiar with it. Obviously, the partitions won't be the same in the sense of doing a 1:1 clone new drive would have a much larger partition :-)


A:Replace C: drive with bigger disk - clone OS somehow?

I've used Macrium Reflect free version for creating a backup of my 1TB HDD and used the backup on my 250GB SSD.
Ofcourse I had a lot of stuff removed and had the free space trimmed to let the backup fit.
For you it would be much easier as you don't have to trim any space.

Short answer, yes there is a very easy way to do.

EDIT: only thing required is creating a bootable USB or CD with Macrium, a Windows PE (Pre Environment) to use the backup

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I have a Dell Vostro 200. It has a hatachi 80 GB harddrive. It has no OS installed. I want to switch it with a 1TB hard Drive. 1st does it matter who the manufacter is? Dell wants WD. I want Seagate. And do I just load the XP Pro disc in and start? Oh, I don't believe it has ever been used. It was supposed to be a vista...yuck!

A:Is it hard to just replace a SATA hard drive?

ynotbme said:

1st does it matter who the manufacter is? Dell wants WD. I want Seagate.Click to expand...

Brand names are irrelevant especially when you are installing your own OS.

ynotbme said:

And do I just load the XP Pro disc in and start?Click to expand...

That would be the idea if you have it set to boot from disk in the system BIOS. The CD/DVD must have first priority over the HDD to boot.

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Hi everyone.

Recently, I've had problems with my computer running Windows 7 64-bit SP1. It took a long time to get from Starting Windows to my desktop. And it was extremely slow when using the computer. It took forever to open a folder or a file. This morning, I switched on my computer and I got this error message at boot:

3rd Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T. Status BAD, Backup and Replace

I'm guessing my hard drive is damaged? Any way of repairing the hard drive? What are the next steps I should take? And in the event that it can't be repaired, any way to salvage the files inside?

Thank you for reading and hope you can help!

A:Error message at boot : Hard Disk:SMART Status Bad, Backup and replace

Back up the drive and replace it. It may run long enough for you to get your data off of it. I would recommend that you put a fresh install of Windows on your new drive. Yours is probably corrupt from the bad drive. I would just back up important data anyway, never mind the programs. You'll need to reinstall them anyway.

There's no real way to fix the drive, and even if you could, it would be uneconomical. Throw it away.

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This is a friend's laptop which will not start. Power light comes on but start button does nothing. My friend has newborn photos of her grandchild on it and would like to get them off. Since I cannot power on via AC, can't check. What are the chances they can be taken off? What is the best way to try? The HD is a different size than mine. Knowing that a shop would charge $50-$75 to try and she is financially not in a position to spend that much.

A:Compaq Presario CQ50 with an error code 10008 Replace Hard Disk 1

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I am running Windows XP using an Abit AV8 motherboard.

I currently have two hard drives install under my IDE connection

A Western Digital IDE drive model #WD1200JB-75CRA0 that is 120GB partition as C, E and F and is Drive 2. Drive 1 is an IBM 10 GB partition as D Drive.

I want to remove both these drive and replace them with a Western Digital Serial ATA Hard drive that is 160 GB model # WD1600JDRTL. How can I do this?

A:How to replace 2 hard drive with 1 new one

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Both the C and D partitions of my 80GB hard disk are full (Compaq desktop with Win XP). I'd like to replace the internal drive with a much larger one. But I don't want to reinstall all my apps. Is it possible to replace the current hard drive, make it the bootable drive, then move everything from the old drive to the new one, including the registry? If so, how can I do this?



A:Can I replace my C hard drive?

Its possible for sure and not too hard either.

Once you have the drive you want to install it will either come with software or you can download free software from the manufacturer of the drive to clone the old hard drive to the new drive. Once cloned just disconnect the old drive and connect the new drive in its place and everything should be as it was but with more space.

You can then add the old drive back in a secondary drive for additional storage.

As a example if you buy a Seagate drive you can use DiscWizard from Seagate to migrate your system over to the new drive:

You can also use third party paid programs with a greater range of options such as Acronis TrueImage or Symantec's Ghost to clone the drive.

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Hey guys, I'm having a issue with a HP Elite computer, its now saying on startup that the hard drive is going to fail and must be replaced. It still works great after boot up. Is there a program that i can use to make a exact copy of the original onto another then just replace the hard drive.

I have read that a program XXCopy may be able to do this for me.

Thanks for any help.

A:Replace Hard Drive

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Just had replaced hard drive 250GB Sata, but know Norton 360" asking for more online storage space. Why?

A:Replace hard drive.

Have nothing in my files and it's asking me you need more online storage space. Is it because of my games we online.

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want to change hard drive --took all screws out but can't figure how to open--it's all 1 piece . the laptop is not going on. had it since christmas last year . It says boot device not found  .  please install an operating system on your hard disk.     hard disk (3FO)   computer was freezing up  alot--then  it went into system diagnostics until it found this, now I can't do anything.  somebody please help    

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I have a compaq presario 5000 A series pc. I just received a western digital 40.0 GB internal hard drive my question is should I replace or could I add this hard drive or is it even compatible with my system I believe the current hard drive is a 20 GB. the western digital model is WD400BB-00JHCO need help! thanks.

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I've been supporting this Power Mac G4 since it was new in June of 2002.
Other than installing a SCSI card for the photo printer and the occasional cleaning, it's worked flawlessly.
It's in daily use for editing and annotating Aerial photos.
Yesterday I had to reinstall Illustrator for a weird parsing error I've never seen before, and it got me to thinking that the HD has been used heavily for nearly 6 years.
This machine is the backbone of this small business, and they're willing to do what's necessary, so my question is whether it's a good idea to preemptively replace this HD.
6 years seems like a long run to me, but I've never replaced an HD based on age alone, so what do the experts think?

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I have a Dell inspiron 1150. I have been having problems with the OS not booting up. After running a diagnostic on the laptop, I got the following failure .....DST short test FAIL.......code 1000-0146. A google search leads me to believe that this is a hard drive problem.

1. What type of hard drive do I need to replace it (found many on ebay) the original is 30 gb.

2. Is there any problem with replacing it with say a larger hard drive (60 or 120 gb)?

3. Will it come with windows xp already on it or can I simply load it from the disk that came with the computer?

It seems fairly simple to replace......or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


A:Replace the hard drive?

Sounds simple enough, thanks

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want to change hard drive --took all screws out but can't figure how to open--it's all 1 piece . the laptop is not going on. had it since christmas last year . It says boot device not found  .  please install an operating system on your hard disk.     hard disk (3FO)   computer was freezing up  alot--then  it went into system diagnostics until it found this, now I can't do anything.  somebody please help    

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I would like to replace my old 40 gb hard drive(Windows XP NTFS SATA) with a larger 250gb drive. What is the best program that will allow me to completely copy the old drive to the new one,and then have the old drive available for use as storage for pictures,back up files ,etc.?

A:Replace Hard Drive

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My laptop failed to boot a while back, it's off warranty. It passes the hardware diagnostics memory test and SMART Check, but fails the Short DST at about 40%.Failure ID: 6366-73S89V-MFKR61-60SU03Product ID: F5Y12UA#ABLWhen I boot it goes to a screen that reads: "Selected boot image did not Authenticate. Press <Enter> to Continue." when I press enter the computer turns off. I think the hard drive has failed, I tested it's connection and that changed nothing. I am thinking I will replace the hdd with a similar SATA 2.5" hdd or ssd. Is this the right move, or am I incorrect.Thanks

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I need a little help I am upgrading my hard drive, I bought a 60 gig hard drive to replace my 12 gig.Which is the best way to take everything from my 12 gig and put it in my 60 gig without losing anything.My 12 gig has about 6 gig used on it .My 12 gig will go in another machine after and my 60 gig will be in the new machine.I am running windows 98 se on a p4. Hope u can help.

A:hard drive replace

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My HD died on me (ran into a bad cluster while doing a complete scan and then failed to reload, etc.) and I need to replace it with a suitable substitute that is the same capacity. The old one was a Maxtor D540X 60GB ATA/100, I think the most appropriate replacement would be a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus-9 ATA/133 60GB, but I wonder if anyone could confirm this. The OS is Windows Me.

A:Need to replace Hard Drive

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Aspire ZC-606 that won't boot. It chirps once and asks for "Reboot and select proper boot device" or insert boot media....I can boot to Setup and the Drive is missing, only the CD/DVD is there.I need to take the hard drive out and backup all the data on it and replace it.I can't find anywhere that shows me the removal process.I've replaced many HDD's in all-in-ones but have always found some instructions.Anyone help?? Pete 

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A:Aspire ZC-606 How can I replace hard drive

before changing the HDD i would try another SATA cable, the part number is: 50.U86D5.002 to open the back of your ZC, you need to open the 2 rubber feet at the bottom of the back cover and unscrew the 2 screws; then with a pin you need to push in the little hole of the DVD drive until it slide off; then you can lift the back cover.

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I need a bigger hard drive on my laptop, a HP 620 Notebook, product no WT249EA#UUW, serial no CNU1060PR9. It is originally equipped with a 320 GB SATA II HD. I wish to install a a 500 Gb or, if possible, even a 1 TB HD. I am looking atHITACHI TRAVELSTAR Z7K500 2.5" 500GB 7200RPM SATA/600 Buffersize 32MB andHITACHI TRAVELSTAR 7K1000 2.5" 1TB 7200RPM SATA/600 Buffersize 32MB.Both drives are SATA III and the original drive is SATA II.I have tried to work out if my laptop can handle a larger drive but the information I can find is contradictive. I am most grateful for any help!


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A:Replace with bigger hard drive on HP 620

If it will take a 500 it will take a 1TB and yes, do not try to buy the hdd from HP. Buy it from a retail source due to price considerations. If you buy a 1TB drive and it does not work I will buy it from you at cost I am so sure it will be fine. 

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My Lenovo desktop hard drive was giving indication of problems and I was able to backup the drive to an external hard drive using the XP full backup program. Have ordered a new Seagate drive to replace the failed Hitachi, same size (500gb), both SATA. I have an XP authorized CD for the OS but only Level 2. I am hoping to install the new drive, format it using my
boot floppy. Next, I plan on loading the OS and hopefully upgrade to Level 3. What's going to happen when I try to restore from
my external hard drive backup?

If you have some ideas or comments on my plan I would appreciate them.

Thanks in advance.

A:desktop hard drive replace

By "Level 2" and "Level 3", are you referring to Service Packs?

I've never used the Windows XP backup software because it's notoriously unreliable. I hope your experience is better. You cannot restore everything or you'll end up with a non-functioning system. Hopefully you'll have the option to restore selected data files only. If you can, restore individual files, and be careful with folders since you could inadvertently override system files. You may want to restore to another location like an external drive and then carefully and manually copy your data over to the reinstalled Windows.

You'll need to reinstall all your programs from the original installation disks or files. You can't restore those from a Windows XP backup.

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I've got a HP Pavilion DV2419us laptop with a 160gb hard drive. I need/want to replace it with something a lot bigger.

How can I find out what hard drive I need to replace it with? SATA, ATA?

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And I previously purchased the Windows 7 Upgrade version installation, would my product key become deactivated forcing me to purchase another full version copy of Windows 7? Please let the answer be no.

A:If I wanted to replace my hard drive..

Should I say yes or no? You seem nice so I say no.

All kidding aside you will be ok. A new MB is the usual criteria for a new key and that is waived many times. Good luck

For added protection call MS, get a verbal confirmation and the reps name.

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Aspire ZC-606 that won't boot. It chirps once and asks for "Reboot and select proper boot device" or insert boot media....I can boot to Setup and the Drive is missing, only the CD/DVD is there.I need to take the hard drive out and backup all the data on it and replace it.I can't find anywhere that shows me the removal process.I've replaced many HDD's in all-in-ones but have always found some instructions.Anyone help?? Pete 

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A:Aspire ZC-606 How can I replace hard drive

before changing the HDD i would try another SATA cable, the part number is: 50.U86D5.002 to open the back of your ZC, you need to open the 2 rubber feet at the bottom of the back cover and unscrew the 2 screws; then with a pin you need to push in the little hole of the DVD drive until it slide off; then you can lift the back cover.

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Hey guys lol I just bought 2 HD's for my 2bay enclosure.. as i was walkin out of the store i opened the door for some guys that were carrying a huge load, anyway i was still in his way and the hard drives i was carrying on top of my enclosures fell on cement....
i haven't tried to see if they are still working...but even if they did work should i go replace them? im afraid of long term affects? i tried googling this but no straight answer...
i know dropping a HD can corrupt data but since they're brand new..they have nothing on it..
any suggestions? i bought it from ncix i could just tell them they weren't working right and they'll replace it...?

hope you guys can shed some light
i'm kind of worried



A:Dropped hard drive should I replace it?

They should be fine, the heads aren't above the platters like they are if you drop/bump it while its running. If they were in the box when they fell then I'm sure you will be fine, they are packaged to take a beating during shipping.

Even if they aren't you could either return them to the store, or RMA them.

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In addition to my other posting here, I want to ask you professionals, if it is possible to mirror my existing hard drive onto a much larger hard drive?

My partition C became way too small over the years, the Windows XP files have blown up their size. Partition D (which contains all installed programs) is still fine. But I was never able to use software like "Partition Magic" to adjust the space between these two partitions.

So I might just have to buy a new hard drive. But I want - I even HAVE - to keep the installed XP the way it is now. Lots of software installed. So I wonder, if there is any way just to "mirror" the existing version of XP onto a new hard drive, and then just to exchange the old hard drive with the new one?

A:XP: Installed OS: Possible to replace Hard Drive?

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Will I be able to replace the hard drive in my Emachine T3418 with a 2 or 3 TB one or is it a fixed drive (non-replaceable)....? I have an external hard drive plugged into one of my USB ports but the C drive is getting low on disk space again & I don't want to delete any more tubes or graphics that I've collected over the years to use in Paint Shop Pro or Animation Shop....I've already deleted tons of them & have some saved on my flash drive, but it's only a 2 GB one that I got free with PSP X3 Ultimate..... Thanks,Afoxybear3

A:I was wondering if I can replace the hard drive in...

Your Laptop has a ultra ata 133 or PATA HDD. They are not that plentiful anymore and the largest you can get in 2.5 (laptop) is 259GB and they run at 5400RPM.The specs for your laptop say your drive runs at 7200 RPM so, you would sacrifice some speed and your laptop is probably not that fast as it is.I would suggest This instead: is a great little 32GB usb drive at a killer price.  

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Can I replace the hard drive on this Laptop?  If so, how?  My disk failed the short DSST check and I can't access Windows. Thanks,  

A:M6-K022DX - Can I replace the Hard Drive

Mike12121 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about needing to replace your hard drive and wanted to help.Here is the link to the Maintenance and Service Guide for your PC: The information you want is on page 34.Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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Ok, here's my problem: Last December I bought a computer from a well-known national store that will remain unnamed. I started getting Windows error messages almost immediately, and by September, the computer would go into Chkdsk when I booted it up, and I was getting messages on start-up saying that the 'S.M.A.R.T disk HD was in danger of imminent failure' and to replace it. So...I took the computer back to the store I purchased it from. The tech there did two tests on the hard drive: Tuff Test and Disk Doctor. She also told me that S.M.A.R.T HD is known to be innacurate with reporting failure and turned off the self test in the BIOS settings. Basically, in her opinion, there was nothing wrong with the HD. Now, a month later, my computer won't even load my local profile. It says it's corrupt. When I run Chkdsk myself and go into the Event Log, there's a ton of error messages saying that the HD has a bad block. So, I have several questions. Number 1: Would the tests the tech did actually find anything wrong with the HD? Number 2: It seems pretty obvious to me that the HD is failing, considering all the messages I'm getting. But - I'm not a computer expert. Could anyone out there advise me as to whether I need to replace the HD or not? Any help or advice would be most appreciated! Thanks.

A:Hard drive problems? Replace or not?

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My external hard drive went bad. I would like to replace it in its caddy, which I like. But I notice when I took the HD out of the caddy, that there are no actual connections. There is a metal area on the side of the hard drive which I presume is a contact. I don't recall seeing this "contact" on other hard drives.
Do all hard drives have such a contact? How do I know if the HD I buy will operate when I install it in the caddy?
Many thanks for advice or links.

A:Replace hard drive in caddy

Can you post an image of the connection. Some HP and Dells have a plastic plastic adapter that attaches to the serial connections.
Edit: What is the make and model of the computer.

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I need help to replace my hard drive error hp smart short test failed hd521-2w and failed biohd-8

HP-Pavilion p6203uk
Product Number VG239AA-ABU
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64-bit)
Western Digital
Model Number: WDC WD3200AAJS-65M0A0
I have bought a new Seagate ST31000524AS 3.5 inch Barracuda 1TB GB 7200rpm SATA Drive with 32MB Buffer i would like to transfer win 7 and all my existing programs docs pics etc.
I have read a large amount of posts relating to this transfer but i only have one computer the hard drive in the computer is still working very well, any help would be very much appreciated as simple as possible I am not very computer literate

A:Solved: hard drive replace

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Will I be able to replace the hard drive in my Emachine T3418 with a 2 or 3 TB one or is it a fixed drive (non-replaceable)....? I have an external hard drive plugged into one of my USB ports but the C drive is getting low on disk space again & I don't want to delete any more tubes or graphics that I've collected over the years to use in Paint Shop Pro or Animation Shop....I've already deleted tons of them & have some saved on my flash drive, but it's only a 2 GB one that I got free with PSP X3 Ultimate..... Thanks,Afoxybear3

A:I was wondering if I can replace the hard drive in...

Your Laptop has a ultra ata 133 or PATA HDD. They are not that plentiful anymore and the largest you can get in 2.5 (laptop) is 259GB and they run at 5400RPM.The specs for your laptop say your drive runs at 7200 RPM so, you would sacrifice some speed and your laptop is probably not that fast as it is.I would suggest This instead: is a great little 32GB usb drive at a killer price.  

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I need to replace my hard drive. The new hard drive is the same size as the old one. I have the software to copy to old drive to the new, but my question is, do I need to partition the new drive or will the partitions from the old drive transfer to the new drive.
System XP home SP2
HD 80gig
CPU 2.8 Ghtz

A:Solved: Replace hard drive

I think you will have to partition and format then install the OS on the new HD first, then hook the old HD a slave and transfer the files that way.

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Hi guys,

So let me explain my situation. I have a 15 month old laptop, with a dying hard drive. Quite frequently when it spins up, the hard drive makes a horrible buzzing/scraping noise. I decided I will invest the money and replace it for the $100 and get a faster one (7200 rpm).

Here's the catch. I have an upgrade disk on order, and only an OEM backup disk (Vista) to reformat.

Whats the best way to replace the hard disk and use an upgrade media to use 7 on my computer?

A:Upgrade and Replace Hard Drive

Pull the HDD out of the laptop. Attach it to your desktop, assuming you have one.

When new HDD for laptop arrives, attach that to desktop as well.

Use Clonezilla to clone the old HDD to the new.

Take new HDD out of desktop and put in laptop. Boot the laptop as normal. Enjoy. Remove old laptop HDD from desktop and phyiscally destroy it if there's sensitive data on it. Throw it out after.

Upgrade to Windows 7 on the laptop in any way you see fit.

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I'm having what I believe to be an issue with my hard drive. A few days ago, I started playing some games on my computer again. Everything was running smoothly until my computer locked up and I was forced to do a hard restart. As the computer freezes, the sound last played keeps repeating over and over, whether is be music or someone talking over Ventrilo. At one point while restarting, I recieved the message "No Hard Disk detected". After shutting down and coming back a minute later, it was fine.

The OS that I was using at the time was Windows XP. Updating my sound and video card drivers did not solve my problem. SMART tests show that the drive appears to be fine. I figured it could be that Windows XP was corrupted. I did a repair installation, which again had no effect. I decided to completely format the drive and try Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I performed a clean install, updated my drivers and tried gaming once again. The issue still persists; however, less frequently.

Note: I disabled Superfetch because it was causing a lot of hard disk activity.

I am also having trouble running the Vista Experience Index. The initial test when installing worked; however, now it always fails to complete. A section of the log which failed is below.

885165 (2472) - winsat\main.cpp:2295: --- START 2009\10\31 11:43:16 AM ---
885212 (2472) - winsat\main.cpp:2567: > IsFormal=TRUE IsMoobe=FALSE.
885212 (2472) - winsat\main.cpp:1974: > DWM Running.
885492 (2472) -... Read more

A:Time to replace my hard drive?

Perhaps one of these free hard drive utilities will tell you something. HDTune and HDTach. Can't hurt.


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I got a new  hard drive, but when i try to start it  with the cd drive,  it keeps saying no drivers were found. Make sure that the installtion media contains the correct drives? I'm at total lost. It wont even download the windws? It stops. Please help, thank you, jeanan

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I am getting a S.M.A.R.T. message when I boot my computer telling me that I should backup all my data and replace my hard drive.

I've got the new drive and would like to know the best way to transfer all the data from the old drive to the new drive. (I don't want to have to re install all the software over again)

Is there a way to make an image of the original drive and place it on the new one without having to reinstall all the programs again?

The OS is XP Pro with SP2
CPU: AMD Athlon64

The old drive is 80GB IDE
The new drive is 500GB SATA


A:Need To Replace The Hard Drive On My System;aq=f&oq=Louis

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Hello, frequent admirer of the site, first time poster.

In short, should I replace my Vaio laptop (PCG-Z1WAMP, WinXP SP2) hard drive (Toshiba MK6021GAS, 60GB) or try harder to save it, perhaps finding some other cause of my problems?

After 18 months of great performance, I started getting long system hangs as my laptop tried to access the hard drive-- the drive would just rhythmically go crunch, crunch, crunch for minutes at a time, allowing nothing to be done, then my system would start responding again, until I tried to do something else, whereupon it had a good chance of again hanging with crunch, crunch, crunch.

--I did a virus scan with updated definitions. Nothing found.

--I wiped all partitions and reinstalled Windows. The laptop then worked fine.

--I installed several key programs. Still fine.

--After reading these forums, out of curiosity and suspicion, I ran chkdsk /p from the recovery console. It found errors. I used chkdsk /r to fix them. (I know chkdsk is not the best program but it was all I had at the time.)

--I loaded on a bunch of documents and programs.

--All was well for several days.

--I loaded on a few more GBs of documents.

--It started again with the crunch, crunch, crunch hang and rapidly got worse. I considered cybercide but calmed myself.

--I did chkdsk /r from the recovery console again. It said "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems".

--Honoring my Irish stubbornness I ran ... Read more

A:Should I replace my hard drive or try to save it?

I would also be suspicious about bad sectors. My suggestion will be The DiskCheckup program from PassMark. It's free and can be downloaded from the following address:

You can read the page to get more information.

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I'm new, plz help.  My laptop's hard drive is failing and needs replacing.  I can order a similar drive (a 160 GB SATA drive) from ebay.  Question: when I get and replace the drive, what steps must I take for the laptop's BIOS to recognize the new drive, make it the primary, then install the Windows 7 OS from my Recovery DVDs?Perhaps the BIOS will see the drive automatically and I can simply use the Reccovery DVDs???? Thank you!

A:How to replace my laptop's hard drive

It's really straightforward. Stick the new drive in the machine, boot from the DVD and let the installer initialize, format and mount the hard drive.  Hard drive "how-to" is on p. 4-10 of the Service manual here: These older laptops are a joy to work on. Reminds me of when the computers and pollution control stuff became common on cars. Makes you nostalgic for your 1969 Chevy Impala which you could tune up yourself.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.   

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I recently had my hard drive begin failing, and after dealing with Dell received a new hard drive. I would rather replace it myself than rely on someone else to do it, as I am trying to learn how to repair my own computer. I guess the word here is HELP! I have looked around the internet, and am feeling that I will be able to accomplish it, but I figured I would come on here first to get some advice, and see whether or not it was a good idea. I have been able to back up my most important documents, and photos (sadly the program freezes everytime I try to put stuff onto a disk, so I was only able to save the most important stuff to a jump drive), and so am ready to begin replacing it. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. Any tips, hints, how to's would be greatly appreciated!


A:Novice Wants to Replace Hard Drive

This is a guide that is fairly clear on the steps . .

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The hard drive in my E-system 3115 broke. I replaced the hard drive with a western digital 80gb. I ordered the recovery disks from The Tech Guys. I've screwed in the new hard drive and turned the laptop on, started it up and put the CD in. It's currently saying "Operating system not found".
Any ideas on how to get the CD to run? I thought it would automatically go through the recovery process when I inserted the CD.

A:E-system replace hard drive

Is your CD drive listed as 1st boot device in your bios?

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Pathetic, I know, but I replaced the dying 600(odd)MB hard drive on my kids' 486 (AST Advantage! Adventure 4100) with a used 2.1 G drive. No jumpers-I took it off since it is a single drive. (jumper set to Master gave me "failed disk" message--haven't tried the CS setting) When I boot the system, I get a "non-system disk" error, so I boot from a Win98 startup floppy. I start Windows setup, which then runs Scandisk. When Scandisk starts, it tells me it can't read from the last cluster on the drive, and that my LBA setting may be wrong. I've enabled LBA mode, and entered the info in the BIOS setup re: cylinders, heads & spt. There were other settings that I wasn't sure of values for, so I left them alone. ("prewrite comp" and "multiple sector transfer") THE PROBLEM: I run Scandisk anyway, even with the LBA message, and when it gets to the surface scan, about a quarter of the way through, it's reporting every single sector it tries to read as bad. (I stopped after about 1000 out of 519,000) Can the drive be that screwed, or is this because of a wrong configuration in setup? Can someone tell me what to look for? The BIOS is Phoenix Version 4.04 Plug & Play, and the setup utility separates system setup and Fixed Disk setup.

A:{RESOLVED}trying to replace hard drive on a 486

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I had thought of checking out another person's computer with Hard Disk Sentinel to make sure the drive was healthy and all, to find out it was at like 20% health and has over 80 bad sectors. I plan on buying another one on eBay. what is the best, easiest way to switch hard drives? The OS and everything is on this main drive. I can reinstall the OS, but then there is drivers and syncing all the files back in and regaining all the programs. There is about 220GBs in total used on the drive (its a 500gb). I have a 500gb external hard drive I can use to back all the pictures and documents on, but can I somehow make it easier than this and just copy everything (programs, documents, pics, OS) onto the external and copy it over to the new hard drive and then plug it up to the desktop? I also have a SATA/IDE to USB adapter I could use with my laptop which would most likely me needed in the 2nd method.

A:Hard Drive has many bad sectors, how to replace?

I'd look at the HD bay and cabling inside to see how it's set up but you should be able to use most any 3.5" SATA HD. Keep in mind that the best upgrade you can give a PC these days is an SSD.

Files should already be backed up against failure. If you have no data loss yet then you can save a Win7 backup image to external to apply it to new drive to see how you like it. I recommend using Macrium - Image your system, making the boot disk to use on both ends.

Otherwise follow these same steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. Everything is covered there, compiling what works best in tens of thousands of installs we've helped with here.

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Hi sevenforums,

I just received a windows message saying that I should repair or replace my harddrive. I am hoping to get some advice.

I am using a lenovo y580, which is known for hard drive heating issue. To resolve this, I took out the DVD drive, bought a HD caddy and replaced my hard drive into the DVD drive bay which reduced the heat significantly.

Right now, I am having the issue of is it a HD caddy failure, DVD drive bay connector failure or the HD failure itself?

Am I resigned to trial and error but running disc check normally or put back the HD into its original bay and test it.

Any help will be much appreciated as I will be buying a new HD or HD caddy. Thanks!

A:Repair or replace hard drive

Download and run the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic tool. If it's a Western Digital drive, it's called "Data Lifeguard". The other companies have a similar tool.

The tool probably has at least two tests--quick and extended or something like that.

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My computer has officially died. The good news is the hard drive is still good. Can I take my hard drive and put it into a different computer that is not new? Will there be problems since the new PC is totally different from the old one as far as programs, drives, etc goes. They both have Windows XP but that is the only in common things with the 2 hard drives. At any rate, I really would like to at least retrieve some files off the old hard drive.

Any suggestions?


A:Solved: replace hard drive into a different PC

I guess what I really want to know is it as simple as it sounds to take a hard drive and replace it in a different PC by switching it out with the newer PC's hard drive?
thanks agian

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Hey everyone, I think I might've goofed up my hard drive. My Sager NP5170 can not reboot Windows 7, and I can't figure out why. When I tried, it tried installing (not reinstalling) to the HDD, and now every time I turn it on it asks me to put in the information, then it's somewhat fine (screen resolution is a bit messed up), but I also can't get online and it asks me to update my drivers, but I can't do that since I have no disks and because of the internet issue.

So I'm thinking of taking out the current 500GB hard drive and replacing it with a 1TB (Or maybe the 750GB WD Scorpio Black) and just booting Windows 7 onto it. I'm not entirely sure if there's a boot drive that's causing the problem, but from what I've read, there isn't.

What would you guys recommend?

A:I think I messed up my Hard Drive, should I replace it?

You didn't state the brand of hard drive you have at this time. I would go to the maker's web site and download their hard drive diagnostic ISO file and burn it to CD disk. Boot from the CD, and have it run the extended test to find out whether the drive is bad or there is some other problem. It can take quite a while to run this test, so be patient.

Also you can use the system repair disk if you created one, to try statrup repair and see if it can fix the boot files on the hard drive. If you have not made one, you can use one from another computer running the same version of Windows you have. You may need to run the startup repair 3 times with attempted reboots between each repair attempt.

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Hey guys,
So last Friday my computer (dell inspiron 1525 from 10/2008 running vista) completely froze up, restarted and windows wouldn't load ran a test and got a 2000-0146. I reinstalled OS and the drivers and everything seemed to be good until last night. This time the computer kept trying to repair but it would just fail due to a bad disk, tried to reinstall the OS in doing so i notice that it said disk may fail soon. I proceeded anyway, got to a point I could set a check disk test on the startup, but it hung up in the test and now windows won't load again.

I just don't know enough about computers to be confident in replacing a hard drive vs. buying new computer. Any thoughts/insight you can provide would be appreciated. I'd hate to go through the steps on buying and replacing the hard drive and that not correct the problem

Thank you,

A:replace hard drive or buy new computer

A new HDD like one of These will be much cheaper than a new computer ...
And a fresh install of Windows should make it run like new again.

New computers will come with Windows 7.
I'm reading that Windows 7 will be obsolete in about a year .. (or a little over) .. Might as well wait

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Okay, so I'm having some trouble with my ASUS laptop (with Windows 7) and I think it might be my hard drive. Some time ago it was very loud, and then it stopped being loud a couple of days ago and the computer is now suddenly almost completely useless.

I'm getting a lot of different errors, like I/O errors and "0x???? referenced to 0x???" I don't remember the specific error, but it was something like that. I also get a lot of Blue Screens.

What happens is when I start the computer it runs fine for about 2 minutes and then it slows down drasticly. Sometimes Windows Explorer will just close on its own and not return. When I try to shut the computer down it takes 10-15 minutes. When on the internet (i use Chrome), it's really slow (and won't work at all if I don't start it right when the computer is started) and will tell me Shockwave has crashed. Also Adobe Updater will run in an eternity and prevent me from Shutting down the computer (there's an update I haven't installed) unless I End Process.

Any ideas what this might be?

A:Time to replace Hard drive?

Go to the Hard Drive Mfg's website download and burn the Diagnostics software to a CD, boot from CD, and run the hard drive test.

Also download Memtest86+ burn to a CD, and run memtest on each individual stick of RAM.
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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Hi, I bought a new Acer laptop, with the usual 500GB hard drive.First thing I want to do is get a higher capacity drive in the new lap top.Are there size limitations, or bios or motherboard concerns? QUESTIONS:(1)Can I get any size (6TB for example) drive and just stick it in? Acer 17.3 P2020ME1-731-20204G50Mnii Thx!Mark 

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I have 2 hard drives in my system currently - a 40GB drive holding OS / Program files and MP3's, and a 60 GB drive holding games / films / pictures etc.

The 40GB OS drive has developed some kind of error, which results in me being unable to boot the machine at most attempts, and when I do manage to get in, the machine hangs after a few minutes. When the drive is causing a problem (on failed bootup or when the system hanges) I can hear an audible click / knocking sound from the drive.

I obviously need to replace the drive, but how do I make a copy of the drive, so I can create a new OS drive, when I can only get into the system (if I'm lucky) for a minute at a time?

I've found a thread that recomends Clone Maxx, but I can't get in long enough to download it!

I have my restore CD and OS CD, so could I take out the existing drives, add a new drive and run a fresh install of the OS (W2K), then add the other drives back in, and take what I want from the faulty disk?

A:Hard Drive problems - how to replace?

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dear all,

i m hving a prblm with my Samsung 80 Gb hard drive. when i start my pc it gives a disc failure and says to check for boot failure.and the PC is not able to start.

when i connect it to another pc , it is shown in BIOS but in device manager its not showing anything.

when i tried to reinstall WinXP on my PC it gives a technical error in the form below:
STOP: 0X0000008E(oXC0000005), 0XF9257E4B, oX8E297E4, OX00000000)
setupdd.sys- Address F9257E4B base at F922B000, datestamp 40517A39

It also says that - setup cannot access this disk.

plz help, wht to do?


A:Hard drive Samsung (80 GB)

Is it an old disk? Sounds like it's dead to me.

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Sorry people, its me again. I have another problem, i had bought a Samsung 160gb 2 Mache Hard drive. I have installed my windows upon it, but my computer has only read 130 gb, is there a way to re-treve the other 30gb back or has it gone.

If anybody has any ideas, i will be happy to hear them,

thanks guys,

A:Help, Samsung Hard Drive

How is it formatted FAT32 or NTFS? This could make a difference to the amount of space available.

Additionally the 160Gb is likely to have been reported using a base of 1000. e.g. 1000 bytes to a kilobyte, 1000 kilobytes to a megabyte etc. rather than the computing form of 1024

Therefore 130Gb useable could be quite accurate

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I would like to upgrade the hard drive that came on my Probook 430 G3 to an M.2 drive.  But when I install the M.2 drive the system refuses to boot (even with the old HD in place). Suggestions would be welcome. TIA

A:Probook 430 G3 replace hard drive with M.2 drive

Have you put any software on the M.2 drive? When I added an M.2 to my Zbook 15 G3 I removed the HDD while I installed the OS, got it working with the M.2, then put the HDD back in. 

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I know about the immediate 'loss' of disk space owing to the two different methods of measurement. 1Tb to 931Gb - it's annoying, but I'm used to it.

No, before a defrag by Fixbee I had 701Gb free, afterwards - in a matter of 2 hours - I had 537Gb. Obviously, I'm not going to use this product again, where a clean-up is obviosly a 'dirt up', but how do I undo the damage that it's caused - especially if it's not the only 'clean up' tool that might do this?

A:Loss of disk space on Samsung external 1TB drive after 'clean up'

Check with WinDirStat what's eating all the space.

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OK I have a gateway gm5483e desktop with vista home premium 32-bit and recently upgraded my

Hitachi 320GB 32MB cache to a Western Digital 1.5TB 64MB cache now If I leave both hard drives

in there it starts up fine but if I remove the old one and try and start the system with only the new disk

I hit the power button and at the point where you would have the option the load from a disk in the CD

drive it says BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart now I can only assume it refers to the

boot manager as it is starting up I see something about a reltek boot manager anybody know

where I need to go so I can download and or install something so I dont need the old hard drive in

my system would rather take it out and put it somewhere safe thanks much appreciated

A:replace hard drive Boot agent?

Have you obtained a image boot disk set like winimage 6.6.0 anyway this site I have used and they claim the download will start any computer so try your luck they give some instruction and you will need 6 floppys to do this and label them so the order is install correctly on my hp with xp pro sp3 x86 this what I used so try it and your system should be in dos while the install is going and prompts will commence good luck activelid

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My laptop will turn on, but nothing with pop up on my screen other than a message that says my laptop needs to be restarted. It restarts, but nothing happens. I've called HP Support and they tell me my hard drive needs to be replaced. This has happened last year in June. My laptop is out of warranty and I do not want to pay over $200 for them to replace my hard drive, so I will do it on my own. I just am not sure what kind of hard drive I need?

A:Need to replace hard drive for HP laptop, not sure what kind...

Hi, Basically all standard HDD's for laptops (2.5", 7mm or 9.5mm thick) from any reliable vendor will work. They come with many different size (capacity) from 120GB (or even less) to 2TB or more such as: My suggestion: buy SATA III HDD with 7200RPM and big cache (32Mb and up). Your machine may only run SATA II but no harm for using SATA III, you only have to pay few dollars more. For capacity, 500GB, 750GB or 1TB will do. Regards.

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My neighbor has an old Windows 7 (6 or 7 years old) computer that is booting slow. I cleaned up all the malware and ran chkdsk but it continues to run slow. I suspect a failing hard drive. He doesn't want to loose a lot of old apps that he has no re-installation media so can I clone his HD to a new one and will that solve his issues of slow boot?

A:old hard drive, replace without reinstalling windows?

Are you gonna clone to a hard drive or an ssd ?

He might as well get an ssd, the Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB is inexpensive and works great.

SSD 850 EVO 2.5" SATA III 250GB | Samsung Solid State Drives

You can use Crystal Disk to check the hard drive.

CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World

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THE PROBLEM: I have not been able to boot into or use Windows XP (SP2) for almost 3 years. I have been using Linux instead for 3 years and am using it now. The Windows Recovery process only half works, it works up until you have to boot up the computer from the hard drive. Then it no longer works. The computer will load the files from the TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications/Drivers DVD that came new with the computer onto the hard drive. But when you get to the point of booting off the hard drive, with newly added Windows & Toshiba files, nothing happens. It does not boot up into Windows XP. In fact I can see the newly added Windows & Toshiba fileson the hard drive when I boot into Linux using a Linux live CD in the CD drive. I would like to be able to use Windows XP at least some of the time.
THE HARD DRIVE (Specs below): I ran a SMART Data check using a Linux (Ubuntu) Disk utility on the hard drive and it passed everything except for Reallocated Sector Count. There are 20 bad sectors. I called the Toshiba 800 # on the DVD and they told me that the problem may be the hard drive. A new TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications/Drivers DVD costs $40. Toshiba also said there is no Windows XP Recovery Console on the DVD.

CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: I think, and TOSHIBA agreed it is either the hard drive or corrupteD files on the TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications/Drivers DVD

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: I have found a couple of sites that seem to have instructions for making a Windows XP Re... Read more

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I have an activated copy of Windows 10 running on my system. I am thinking of replacing my old HHD with a new SSD. I would want to do a clean install of Windows 10. My question is if Windows 10 will activate. Will it know its the same computer after I've replaced the disk drive?


A:Will Windows 10 Activate If I Replace Hard Drive With New One?

Originally Posted by SeanFilidis


I have an activated copy of Windows 10 running on my system. I am thinking of replacing my old HHD with a new SSD. I would want to do a clean install of Windows 10. My question is if Windows 10 will activate. Will it know its the same computer after I've replaced the disk drive?


Hi there

Usually always. I've never had a problem with windows activation after replacing a HDD. Take backup image from old HDD and restore to new one. Simple - as easy as that.


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