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XP won't load USB devices at startup.

Q: XP won't load USB devices at startup.

Good evening:

I have a very troublesome problem concerning a customer's laptop and her USB mouse and other USB devices.

Basically, WindowsXP does not load the USB devices when starting up. If the mouse is plugged into the USB port when the computer boots and Windows XP loads, it is not recognized. There are no "unknown devices" in the device manager concerning the mouse, and it is unresponsive. This is the same symptom of my thumb drive and her IPOD.

Interestingly enough, the optical mouse (not wireless) does have power as it is lit up during POST screens, however, it shuts off when Windows loads. To use the device, we have to unplug them from the USB port and plug them back in. At this point, Windows will recognize the device is present and allow us to use it.

The USB emulation settings in the BIOS were turned off, I've switched them to "on" and still have no luck with this.

I cannot recall the specific model of the computer, but I do know it is of the Toshiba Satellite series if this makes any difference.

Thank you for any assistance on this as I've beat my head against a wall with this for about 5 or 6 hours and would appreciate about any suggestions (even if it includes beating the laptop against the wall).

A: XP won't load USB devices at startup.

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"No Audio Devices" in XP -- Load everything on STARTUP

My audio devices had suddenly disappeared, after a sound problem, apparently originating with a Ubisoft CD game. The control panel showed "No audio devices" and only greyed-out features at SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/SOUNDS AND AUDIO DEVICES. Under device manager, the components were all supposedly working and no conflicts. I searched this problem all over the net and tried most suggestions--except major reinstalls. I tried the fixes for known conflicts with the software and XP.

I STRONGLY URGE that you work through the STARTUP. Run msconfig and make sure to have everything loaded on startup. In my case, something had apparently turned off one or more of the audio programs or devices. After turning everything on in the Startup menu, my devices and software all loaded and the SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/SOUNDS AND AUDIO DEVICES options were available again.

I did this after manually deleting all the registry entries, programs, and files associated with the Ubisoft game; maybe that was necessary, maybe not.

Good luck!!


A:"No Audio Devices" in XP -- Load everything on STARTUP

u could 've posted the startup file list.. with the name of ur soundcard
we could 've helped recognize which was the needed file...
turning on everything in the startup list makes the booting of PC to desktop a bit slower, and turning on everything on the list is the safest thing (In most cases)

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I have Win7 RC1 installed on three machines. Two are 64-bit and one is 32-bit. On the 64-bit desktop and the 32-bit laptop, everything seems to be running OK in the Devices and Printers window. However, on the 64-bit laptop, the Devices and Printers page doesn't load. The green bar moves across, then stalls after several minutes. I can install a new printer or device, but I can't configure or delete an old device. Any assistance is appreciated. The two laptops are identical Dell Latitude D830s, except that one runs 32-bit Win7 and the other runs 64-bit. It's the 64-bit one that's having problems. At the very least, if there are other ways to install, configure and -- especially -- delete printers and devices without using the control panel applet, I would greatly appreciate learning how to do it. Ths...

A:Devices and Printers page takes forever to load & doesn't show my devices or printers

The issue occurs if your anti-virus or firewall blocks this action. Please temporary disable the firewall and anti-virus, and then check the result.
If the issue persists, please boot in Clean Boot Mode. This method will help us determine if this issue is caused by a loading program or service. Please perform the following steps:
1. Click the Start Button type "msconfig" (without quotation marks) in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.
Note: If prompted, please click Continue on the User Account Control (UAC) window.
2. Click the "Services" tab, check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and click "Disable All" (if it is not gray). 3. Click the "Startup" tab, click "Disable All" and click "OK".
Then, restart the computer. When the "System Configuration Utility" window appears, please check the "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts" box and click OK.
Please test this issue in the Clean Boot environment, if the issue disappears in the Clean Boot environment, we can use a 50/50 approach to quickly narrow down which entry is causing the issue.Arthur Xie - MSFT

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I tested out a friends ram, as he was having trouble with it. I installed it and it singed the stick as well as the slot. Preticularly 2 connector pins. After I removed it, plugged everything back in, my keyboard and monitor won't load. I may have accidentally unplugged something but I don't see anything out of place. Any ideas of what's wrong?

A:certain devices won't load

If your "keyboard and monitor do not load" can we assume that your PC is not actually booting? There is a difference, but your post is confusing.

Have you destroyed the RAM sockets? Do you expect your PC to boot with no RAM, or damaged RAM slots?

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First off let me say I am no expert (that is why I came to you guys) and I am having some real problems here. My computer froze up when I was trying to load some scanner software that came with my scanner (Scanport SQ4830). I could not get it to start up no matter how many times I rebooted so I tried to uninstall and reinstall windows 98. No luck nothing would work. To make a long story short, I ended up using the fdisk and reformating tools and repartitioned everything and all is fne and well....except now the computer can not find drivers for half the stuff I have on my computer. I made a large mistake by not having the drivers before I cleaned the hard drive and now I have 4 unknow devices and several devices which are not running up to speed because they have the wrong dirvers. I was told by a coworker to find out what motherboard I have and try to download something for it, but I did not understand. Anyone please help I am at the end of my rope.

A:Can't load several devices

Try here:;EN-US;Q298837&

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Windows 7 v6.1 32 bit. PC on home network, Two PCs on cable and up to five on wireless. Network Printer. The Devices and Printers page of Control Panel will not load. Green bar starts across the top of the screen but does not complete. Printer still works with MS Office programs. Logitech Web Cam also works. The page opens in Safe Mode. The page does not open when all startup items are disabled in MSConfig. Any ideas?

A:Devices and Printers does not load

Normally because of a failing/failed device in your system.

Open up Device Manager and see if anything in the system has a yellow triangle on it.

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I cannot print because " no default printer installed "
I can`t get into printer and devices from the control panel, when I try to open the printer and devices I get the green loading stripe but it does not finish and so won`t open.
Anyone have any ideas ??

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My Devices and Printers won't load - most of the time. (When it isn't going to load, I get the green bar that goes on and on and on - and nothing happens.) If it doesn't load, I can't use the printer with my laptop. I have tried restarting the computer. Often, if I do this 2 or 3 times, the devices and printers will load and everything is fine. However, sometimes it won't. I need to fix this. It is extremely frustrating to take up to 30 minutes to start my computer with everything working.

I have read previous posts and have checked the Bluetooth setting. It has been set to automatic. I have tried resetting the Bluetooth setting, changing the setting and then resetting it - nothing is working.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 Intel Core2Duo CPU T250 @ 2.00 GHZ 2.00GHZ
2.00GB RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

This is just a recent problem. I have been having this problem for a month or so and am becoming very frustrated. Many thanks, in advance, for any help.

A:Devices and Printers won't load - sometimes

Hello muppie. Welcome to the forum.

The green bar is Windows looking for and discovering devices in your system. If it is hanging on discovery that strongly indicates a failed/failing device, corrupted driver, or conflicting drivers.

Can you take a look in your Device Manager and see if any devices show a yellow (!) symbol?

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Hi there,

every time I clicked on my devices and printers section, it will never fully load. The green loading bar will only get so far then it would just sit there and not load anything. Also it won't load no matter which path I take. I have tried to research solutions for this matter such as I have tried putting my bluetooth on enabled, turning off my printer spooler and removing ccleaner but nothing has helped.

Can anyone recommend ways to fix this please???

A:devices and printers won't load

Open your command prompt and type sfc /scannow

Make sure you have the latest windows updates and service pack

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I'm trying to connect my Bluetooth enabled phone to my laptop but I need to get into Devices & Printers to set it up but it will Not Load.

A:My "Devices & Printers" Won't Load

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.

Are you attempting to access this using an Administrator account?

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This is going to be long and drawn out, but this is killing me and maybe you can help me.

I work in a business environment. I have network and local machine administrator rights. Meaning, I have full control of everything. I ran into a problem a number of months ago where my Devices and Printers screen would appear, but then it would never load the devices. here is a screenshot of what happens.

Now I searched the net for some answers and I found an article that says that people have this problem when the Bluetooth service is not running. Well I started mine and the same thing happens. I logged into a different user i created on the same machine, and initially the Window comes up fine, but later on it does the same thing.

This happens both on a Windows 7 32 bit setup and a Win 7 64 bit setup.

Well, I finally found the source of the problem, at least as far as I'm concerned. We use McAfee Encryption for PC and Encryption for Files and Folders. It's only when I install the latter of the two that the issue occurs. The latter of the two btw, is a policy that forces encryption on any USB storage device inserted to the PC. So you are thinking "Great, report it to McAfee." Problem is, I did, and they tried to replicate the situation and they cannot. We ran down the list of options that we both had running and they were and are identical.

So either at this point I'm thinking one of the two is occurring.

1. McAfee has not ran into this problem and my report... Read more

A:Devices and Printers fails to load.

no takers?

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i have mentioned this problem in another of my topics, but since there was no actual response to it, i decided to start a new topic

I have computer with 1TB hard drive, and since that wasnt enough for me, I bought external disk. however, since i use it mostly as a primary drive, its plugged in the computer all the time.
now, the problem is that it when plugged in, booting process takes veeeeeeery long time. how can i prevent it to start it up during the computer start up, and to run when the windows is started?

A:how to prevent computer to load devices?

Unplug it, boot, then plug it again

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My apologies if this is in the wrong section, I am still not clear on whether this is a networking issue or a Windows issue.

The Issue:

I have a few websites that I haven't worked on in a while, maybe 6 months. Recently I tried loading them and get nothing, sometimes it will be a blank white screen or connection error message. I spoke to tech support at my hosting company and was told both sites are live. They mentioned that maybe my IP was blocked but that wasn't the case. I can get into my wordpess dashboard but can't see any of the edits I make, the pages won't load. On my laptop I have a good internet connection and everything else loads fine. I tried another laptop on the same wireless network as well as my phone and the sites load fine. I am not really sure what happened but I really need to get a solution for this problem so I can my sites redone and up and running again. If anyone has any insight as to what went wrong I would be greatly appreciative.


-My computer is an HP Pavilion with Windows 8.1 Unfortunately I can't find any information on the model number. The laptop is connected to a wireless router and this in my home, not a work network.

-I tried using another router and IP address and still couldn't get the sites to load. Reset both routers and restarted my computer as well without success.

-The sites don't load on any browser, FF, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

-I have flushed and changed the DNS, ran spybot and hitman pro and it still... Read more

A:[Need Help] My websites won't load on my laptop but will on other devices on the same

Someone with specific experience with this will probably post here. In the meantime, I'd be looking at Wordpress as the problem source.

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A program that's occasionally been throwing up a "can't-find-a-drive" message at computer startup got me looking around today at USB hookups because the drive in question was a removable one hooked to a Canon inkjet printer. In the process, I noticed that Win 8.1 Disk Management and EaseUs Partition Master were taking anywhere from 1:20 to 2 minutes to fully load. So I unplugged the printer USB and a USB 3.0 flash drive, both in 3.0 ports, rebooted and now Disk Mgt and Partition Master took but a couple of seconds to load everything. I took a look in BIOS, but other than trying to disable the two USB connections that show well down in boot order - it didn't appear to accept disable - I couldn't see anything else that might be involved. Any ideas what might be going on? See system specs. Thanks,

A:Disk Mgt takes >1 min to load with USB devices plugged in

I recently had a similar situation where it took a looong time for Disk Management to load. It was due to a failing USB external drive. See if your problem is localized to the flash drive being plugged in. If so, probably a defective flash drive and not a machine or Windows issue. (if it's the flash drive, you'll have similar problem on a different computer too)

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Basically the other day we had our internet disconnecting by the ISP because the contract was with my lodger but she failed to pay so I took over the contract in my name so they reactivated the internet, it worked great right up until the next day I woke up and there was no working internet!

The weird thing is that I can only connect to Google, YouTube, Gmail and strangely enough my local council's website, I thought it was a problem with my Dlink wireless router so I reset it but that didn't work so then I decided to disconnect the wireless router all together and plug my laptop straight into the packetfront box via the Ethernet and came up with the same problem.

I called the ISP Comhem and they checked there system and said everything looked fine they did a reboot and still nothing, I spent over an hour trying to solve it with their support but eventually they gave up and said they will pass it on to there tech team and I will receive a SMS or call, after 4 hours I got a SMS saying that it is working now but it wasn't so I called them back and went through the same process but the difference is now I haven't heard from the tech team and it's been a while.

I experience this problem on a MacBook Pro, Acer windows 7 laptop, iPhones, iPads and media box! If any one can help me with this problem that would be great because I am pulling my hair out with this! Thank you!

A:Solved: Can only load to Google sites on all my devices

It's fixed now!

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Devices and printers won't load. Checked the Bluetooth Services as recommended in a previous tread and it was fine. When I switch users it loads fine.

Second problem, may or may not be related.

The programs in the start menu are missing and I am unable to pin anything to the start menu or taskbar. This also works when I switch users.

HP desktop. Windows7 Home Premium. Ran system file checker, Malwarebytes, Norton 360 several times. Both problems showed up several weeks ago.

Any ideas?

A:Devices and Printers won't load. No start menu programs.

Create a new account. Copy everything over from the old. If okay then delete the old.

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I can connect to the Internet with my wireless router just fine, but only certain websites will load normally.  So far, these include Google, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, and Wikipedia.  Most other websites just show that they are loading forever and nothing ever comes up.  I've already tried power cycling/resetting everything.  
As an example of what it says when I ping a website that doesn't work:
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination net unreachable.
Reply from Destination net unreachable.
Reply from Destination net unreachable.
Reply from Destination net unreachable.
Ping statistics for
           Packets : Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),"
I also can't connect to Skype.  Itunes doesn't respond upon launch, but only while I'm connected.  It works normally while offline.
My phone has the same Internet problems while using wi-fi, but not while using data.
My Xbox One can connect to the Internet, but not to Xbox Live.  When I test its network connection, it says "DNS isn't resolving Xbox server names"
What's also strange is that my roommate isn't having these problems on his computer and phone even though we use the same wireless router.

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Windows 8.1 Pro x64. A day or do ago my ancient Brother MFC-7420 printer disappeared from Device Manager. It still appears in the list of printers to which to print in an application but printing to it produces nothing. When I open Devices and Printers, the green bar takes a long time and stops with a little bit left to go, and the window remains blank.

I ran Windows Repair AIO with no effect. Can't find this particular problem Googling. Help?

{ABE} Bluetooth service is automatic and running.

A:Printer disappeared, Devices & Printers doesn't load

I would start by removing and reinstalling the printer and its drivers.

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For some reason the green bar goes all the way across the top of the screen before the devices and printers menu will load. In then loads without an issue after waiting for almost two full minutes. This is a core I7 Win 8.1 PC with 16GB of ram and an SSD so it screams otherwise.

I do have a lot of devices on my home network but my windows 7 PC which is on the same network loads the devices and printers menu almost instantly. If it were a device hanging up you would think that the Windows 7 PC would also be affected but it isn't. I will say that Windows 8.1 does identify a whole lot more devices that fall into the category of "multimedia devices" on the network than does windows 7.

I don't really have a good feeling as to how to go about troubleshooting this one?

A:Devices and Printers Menu takes forever to load

Originally Posted by NCguy

For some reason the green bar goes all the way across the top of the screen before the devices and printers menu will load. In then loads without an issue after waiting for almost two full minutes. This is a core I7 Win 8.1 PC with 16GB of ram and an SSD so it screams otherwise.

I do have a lot of devices on my home network but my windows 7 PC which is on the same network loads the devices and printers menu almost instantly. If it were a device hanging up you would think that the Windows 7 PC would also be affected but it isn't. I will say that Windows 8.1 does identify a whole lot more devices that fall into the category of "multimedia devices" on the network than does windows 7.

I don't really have a good feeling as to how to go about troubleshooting this one?

I have the same problem. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to load. I have looked all over the internet for a solution to no avail. There was some information to set Bluetooth Support Service to Automatic load instead of manual that worked for some. It has not worked for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Many people are having the same problem.

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I use an older Windows XP machine for gaming that is attached to a widescreen TV in the family room. I used a wireless Logitech keyboard (MX3000) and mouse combo, but the viable distance did not exceed 2 metres, although it worked perfectly for years.

I recently bought a bluetooth dongle (no name Silicon Wave), Logitech keyboard and mouse. I even hoped that maybe my PS3 controllers could get going on it.

I tried a lot of drivers, libusb packages etc to get a few things going without success, hence reverted to standard Microsoft drivers. This may be a contributor to my current problem.

Problem is this. Both the USB Bluetooth dongle and Logitech receiver plug in and install fine. However on every startup/reboot, they stop working (including the Logitech receiver that worked properly for years). The lights on the Logitech receiver actually come on as per normal, but during the startup windows screen, they are shut off and it doesn't work again - not even when the 'Connect' button is pushed. They both stop with 'device not working' errors and yellow exclamations in Device Manager. If I pull them out and plug them back in, all is fine!!

I have uninstalled all USB hub and device drivers and let Windows reinstall them, but same result. I have tried just one device, same problem. A simple USB mouse works and reboots fine, just not the Logitech receiver and bluetooth dongle. Once I unplug and replug, it all works beautifully.

Does anyone have any tips for... Read more

A:USB devices not working on startup

More to report after further research on the four corners of the net.

My motherboard and USB ports remain powered after shutdown. The bluetooth dongle has a red light that hence continues to blink slowly. If I power off the actual supply (easily done as it has switch readily accessible on the back of the mini tower box) then on bootup, the bluetooth and paired devices work perfectly!

I feel what must be happening is that on shutdown, either windows is triggering (or the bluetooth device itself) some sort of mode that it does not properly reset or 'awaken' from on restart as it never loses power.

Maybe I should have suspected this earlier as unplugging/replugging meant that the bluetooth dongle sprang into life again immediately. I haven't checked the Logitech wireless keyboard yet, but suspect it will work fine given unplug/replug also readily fixes this. Given the Logitech keyboard worked for quite some time without the full power down, it seems like a recently changed setting I've unknowingly introduced (or a windows update?)

Anyway, problem largely solved for me as it is more appropriate for this machine to be powered down completely when not in use given infrequent use these days.

However, if anyone has got a tip on how to ensure that USB devices 'reawaken' properly on restart if the power is continuous, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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I was wondering what the difference was whether you had a program load at startup (by checking a box within the program to have it load when the computer boots) and unchecking that box but moving a shortcut to the programs executable into the startup folder on the start menu.

Is there any difference?

A:Load at Startup or Load at Starup?

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I have an ABIT BD7 Raid motherboard, I Pentium 4 CPU and Windiows 98 operating system. Everything is working fine. Its just that when I boot up, my Bios when scanning for devices says it sees no Hard drive, CDROM or anything. When checking my MoBo manual it says that if I had an old harddrive that was already formatted, this would happen. I need to fdisk to get the MoBo to see the Harddrive and CDROM. My question is, if everything is working fine, should I fix this or just ignore it? And if it can be fixed can I do a fdisk without loosing anything on my hard drive, or in general messing up my computer which is working fine now for several months?

A:Scan Devices at startup sees nothing

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This is something that has started happening just in the last month or so with my wife's computer:

When she boots into Windows 7, the mouse and keyboard (both USB) aren't working. They continue to appear non-functional for 2 full minutes, at which point they come on and work perfectly. There are no problems after that.

I realize I should give system specs, but I'm not sure what would be relevant other than saying she has a Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, and Windows 7 32-bit.

Anyone know why this might be happening?

A:USB devices taking 2 minutes to initialize at startup

New build here, Gigabyte P55 UDL3 mobo/i5 750/4gigs OCZ ram. I dual boot Win7 HP x86 and x64. Same deal on both, I have to wait for the damned keyboard to start working before I can type my password. Damn irritating!

Never saw this issue ever, so I assumed it was something about the mobo. Now you have me wondering?

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When i start the computer i see that the USB devices are receiving power. As soon as the windows logo / loading screen pops up the USB devices die. I get to the user login screen but i cannot do anything because my computer only has usb ports for my mouse/keyboard.

I do not want to reformat my hard drive due to having many family pictures stored on the computer.

What went wrong?

How can i fix it?


A:USB devices stop working on Windows startup

What kind of "the computer" is this....?

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When i start the computer i see that the USB devices are receiving power. As soon as the windows logo / loading screen pops up the USB devices die. I get to the user login screen but i cannot do anything because my computer only has usb ports for my mouse/keyboard.

I do not want to reformat my hard drive due to having many family pictures stored on the computer.

What went wrong?

How can i fix it?


A:USB devices stop working on Windows startup

This could have been caused by a malware infection, driver update or a resent errant Windows Update. Try using a PS2 keyboard and mouse to troubleshoot the possible causes

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I had to reinstall windows Vista Business on an Acer Aspire AX1200-U1640A 2GB install went well but when I tried to set up my internet, wireless did not show, I called my internet provider we tried to set it up as broadband but that didn't work either. It seems I do not have the drivers for the Ethernet Controller and other things listed under other devices see pictures in attached document. Since I do not have the internet on that computer, I downloaded the Ethernet driver from Acer to a jump drive but I cannot get it to work. Please advise for all "other devices" with the same problem. Oh, yes the Ethernet cord is plugged in and my laptop has wifi. Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Windows Vista reinstall other devices locked, no drivers cannot load drivers

Hi go to acer support page and download and install the chipset driver then try the lan driver

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My CD/RW Drive stopped working and I had it replaced under warranty at Best Buy. When I received my computer back and started it, only the clock and volume icon showed on the tray. I checked msconfig startup tab and found they had unchecked all the items listed there. I know enough to check my anti-virus program, but being new, I'm at a loss as to what else to check. Does anyone know where I can find out which if any of the other items I should check to load at startup?

A:What to load at startup

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It shows up in Task Manager's start up app list. But it doesn't load up at Windows startup. It does require UAC. But even when I turn off UAC, if still doesn't start automatically. I have to manually load it.

Is there a fix? Or we cannot simply load apps that require elevation at startup?

A:Peerblock would not load at startup

I found this on their website.
This must do the trick. Cannot check since I'm not at home. Will reply back.

User Account Control

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I Have Windows Xp Sp2,when I Boot Up My Machine I Get A Explorer.exe Could Not Load Error And I End Up With Just My
Desktop Back Round.if I Start In Safe Mode,the System Will Boot Up Can I Resolve Problem

A:Startup Explorer.exe Could Not Load

Going into safe mod and run a anti-virus and spyware scan. Links are in my signature. Also while in safe mod goto start > run > and type in msconfig and on the start up tab disable all programs. There could be something confilcting with explorer.exe. Let us know what you find

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Hi, I have tried searching for a answer, but I have had no luck.

On my desktop, my startup items are no longer loading when I boot up the computer. What happened is, I have a desktop and laptop that are winXP and I decided to remove mcafee from the laptop and try AVG anti virus(free). AVG worked out great on laptop, so I decided to put it on desktop also. Now, when I boot up the desktop the startup items that use to load no longer do. Not even the AVG anti virus.

Here is what I did on laptop:
a. add/remove programs and removed mcafee.
b. ran MCPR by mcafee to clean all of mcafee out.
c. installed AVG, latest free from cnet.

All is good on laptop and after many reboots to test, all startup items I have load up and are on bottom task bar.

did the same on desktop, but no startup items. I have looked at msconfig and the items are still checked on the startup tab. Everything to me looks the same on the desktop as it does on the laptop. Could I have somehow messed up the registry on the desktop.

Thanks for any help.
EDIT: I have discovered that this only happens on a system bootup. If I boot up, then log off, and log back on, then all startup items load up fine. I only have this desktop setup for one user (me).
Any ideas?

A:Startup Items Will Not Load

What items would that be?You can add any program to simply dragging or placing a shorcut to that program in the Startup folder.A tool for checking/reviewing startup items (all of them): AutoRuns for Windows v8.73 - Louis

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Newbie need help here....

My computer was just hit with malware identified by my Trend Micro as BKDR_CYCBOTSM3. It was successufully detected and quarantined. However, my computer was still acting funny so I decided to tinker around and see if there are some undetected strands of malware on my PC. I use autoruns to check and see if there were any unusual running proccesses. I was able to identify a few but one really stand out - lsdelete.exe; I compared it with my other Windows XP machines autorun procces and it was not there so I decided to delete it. After rebooting my computer, explorer.exe won't load at start-up anymore. I tried forcing it to load by using run. However all I'am getting is an error saying - "windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item".

I tried using a different account and got the same problem. I tried logging in safe mode w/ network and explorer.exe loaded just fine. So I decided to check the registry for ...HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVerion/WinLogon and it shows the correct entries (I compared it with my working windows and they're identical). As another test, I rebooted the computer to normal mode and used procexp to see if there are any foreign process running that would stop explorer.exe from loading but found none. I even went far as to replacing the explorer.exe with a one that I knew was working but still the same problem.

I then... Read more

A:explorer.exe does not load during startup

Hi TM_Paul -lsdelete.exe is a Lavasoft file. Lsdelete.exe is related to Lavasoft Boot Cleaner.You must have had Lavasoft programs installed on that computer at some time, delete it if you want to -Also if you are not sure, please do not play in the registry -Regards -EDIT - For the explorer.exe problem, try this -Open My Computer.Go to Tools>>Folder Options>>View.Under "Hidden Files and Folders", uncheck "Launch folder windows in a seperate process".Reboot and see if this takes care of your problem.

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Win XP: How do I stop a program from loading during startup? I deleted its icon from the Startup folder, but the next time I reboooted, the icon reappeared.

A:don't want program to load during startup

go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log somewhere, and please copy & paste its contents to the forum.

It will possibly show issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required, so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.

and tell us which program you want to stop starting up

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Hello...newbie here
Here is my problem, which has been happening for about 2 weeks. At first power on, the bios does its thing (post screen does show my hdd and its correctly configured as first boot device) and boot time is normal.....BUUUUT when its supposed to be time for the xp startup screen (xp logo with the little progress bar) nothing happens...i get a blank screen. If i reboot, then it'll be fine, xp loads and i go about my business as i would normally. This problem occurs just on my FIRST boot of the day.

A:xp startup screen won't load

run the h/d maufacturers diognostic program on the h/d

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Hello...newbie here
Here is my problem, which has been happening for about 2 weeks. At first power on, the bios does its thing (post screen does show my hdd and its correctly configured as first boot device) and boot time is normal.....BUUUUT when its supposed to be time for the xp startup screen (xp logo with the little progress bar) nothing happens...i get a blank screen. If i reboot, then it'll be fine, xp loads and i go about my business as i would normally. This problem occurs just on my FIRST boot of the day.

A:xp startup screen won't load

run the h/d maufacturers diognostic program on the h/d

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I came back from vacation, opened my laptop, and clicked on my computer. Only the "c" drive showed up. There was no icon for my CD/DVD drive. Put a CD in and nothing happened. Went to device manager and it said This device cannot start (code 10). I called Toshiba since my note is new and he had me go thru the regisrty editor and delete an upper filter, whatever that is. I restarted and everything was fine. It worked.
Next day, no CD/DVD icon in my computer. Any ideas?

A:Cd/dvd Drivers Will Not Load At Startup, Help!

Does your laptop include one of those horrendous manufacturer-created "recovery partitions"? Because manufacturers are so cheap, nowadays, many of them don't include any physical media with the PC. Rather, they create a proprietary image of what used to be an actual "recovery CD/DVD" and save it to an "invisible" partition, usually situated immediately before what Windows marks the C: drive.

I'm not sure that it's relevant; I'm just curious. I have had problems with drives/letter assignments due to these manufacturer-supplied recovery partitions.

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My computer froze, as it's done before and so was turned off at the power button. On start up, initially it said "Operating Server Not found". On restart again, I have the option to run Startup Repair, or Load Windows Normally. Starting normally has me on the "Starting Windows" screen for, well, ever; and Startup repair gets past the file loading, displays a mouse and blue-plantish background but never loads the dialogue box.

I've actually been in this situation before, but start up always loaded after restarting 6 or 7 times. It's been 20+ this time and there's no sign of it.

Running Windows 7 Home Premium x64bit on a Sony Vaio Laptop - without any discs.

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Hi. I am having a strange problem with Windows XP SP3. It is installed on a Gateway MP6954 with 2 GB of RAM, a 100 GB HD, and an Intel Core Duo Processor (approx. 1.6 GHZ each). When I log into Windows XP if I'm in normal mode, everything is fine until Windows tries to load explorer.exe. After several minutes, it never shows up until I manually turn it own using the Task Manager and adding a New Task. I have scanned my computer in Safe Mode with the following programs:
Symantec Endpoint Protection 2007
Spybot Search-and-Destroy
MalwareByte's Anti-Malware

None of these programs reported any problems.

I have also looked at my HiJackThis Log and I do not see anything unusual. However, that log was generated using HiJackThis 2.0.2 and after reading the instructions to post to this forum I decided to use the DDS script provided by BleepingComputer. Any help on fixing this problem would be much appreciated.

============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============

uSearch Bar = hxxp://
uSearch Page = hxxp://
uSearchMigratedDefaultURL = hxxp://{searchTerms}&sourceid=ie7&
uSearchURL,(Default) = hxxp://
mSearchAssistant = hxxp://
BHO: CKeyScramblerBHO Object: {2b9f5787-88a5-4945-90e7-c4b18563bc5e} - c:\program files\keyscrambler\KeyScramblerIE.dll
BHO: Spybot-S&D IE Protection: {53707962-6f74-2d53-2644-206d7... Read more

A:explorer.exe won't load at startup

Hello Rushsonic.
It has been more than 2 weeks since your initial post. Please advise if you have the same issues, or if you have resolved them, or if you are getting help elsewhere.
If you wish to get guided help here, please start DDS and do a new run. Reply back with the new DDS report.

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i having a problem with my startUp it take about 5 mins or more to load i have tryed everything within my skill to fix it but i had no success so far so if any one can help me to fix my problem i will be greatful.

here is some pictures of my computer to do with start up and proformance i fiddle around with few things:

Thank you for all of you guys who view this and helped me

A:Please help me StartUp takes 5 min to load or more

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.3 (BETA)
Scan saved at 14:46:39, on 18/12/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero8\Nero BackItUp\NBService.exe
C:\Program Files\Super_DVD_Creator_9.8\NMSAccessU.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Search Enhancement Pack\SeaPort\SeaPort.exe
C:\Program Files\TalkTalk\bin\sprtsvc.exe
c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlwriter.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Supportsoft\bin\tgsrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgcsrvx.exe
C:\Progra... Read more

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Ever since I changed the DPI from normal to large and back again - my icons load almost instantly at startup like normal, only to dissappear/load with a random icon, and then reload correctly.

It's not that big of a deal, but does anyone have any idea of how to get them to behave again? Like rebuilding associations or something?

A:Icons load twice at startup



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My girlfriend recently bought a new laptop from DELL (Studio 15) w/an i7 processor/4GB RAM/64bit Windows 7 ultimate.

Anyways, she really doesn't do anything on her computer (definitely doesn't need that kind of computer) and only has these programs installed:

Mozilla FireFox (I use)
Google Chrome (She uses)
Verizon Wireless Internet Program
AOL Instant Messenger
FrostWire (I hate it, too)
Internet Explorer (Neither of us use)
Anyways, nearly all of those have icons on the desktop and about 50% of the time, when she turns on her computer, either they're all white or none of them show up, at all. She doesn't have to reboot for them to show again, all she has to do is logout and log back in. Although, that is rather tedious to do nearly every time that she turns on her computer.

Any quick fix?

A:Icons do not load on startup

See if this helps you out,

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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Whenever I turn on my pc, like every other system running windows XP, i get the familiar loading screen with the little bar going across. However, 1 time out of 2 it stays loading at this screen for 10 minutes or even more. I have a limited amount of startup processes. No full folders on the desktop.

AMD Athlon64 4200+
Antec Smartpower2 500w PSU
160gb Maxtor Diamondmax S-ata Hard Drive
Nvidia 7900gtx 512mb PCI-e

Any ideas anyone??

A:XP Startup Load Screen

Do you think that you could be infected with Spyware? If so read this and follow the instructions carefully.
If not then you could do a repair of the current Windows installation. read here

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I have a document in which I keep a log of all my jobs to do at work. Is there any way I can make this document load automatically once I logon to Windows (XP-Pro)?

Or, even stranger, can I make this document my desktop, without having to take a new screenshot every time I make a change to it..? Just a thought, probably the first way is far easier.



A:How To Make Something Load At Startup

I don't know a way to do exactly that.You can display a picture file on your desktop and you would have to do a sceenshot to accomplish that, but you can make a keyboard shortcut to it, opening it with the press of a key or combination of keys.If that will work for you there is a small freeware ap that will let you do so named Copernic WinKey which you can download here:

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The battery on my laptop is toast so when the cord slipped out, the computer shut off. When I attempt to restart it, I can restart it but it only shows me the background. It will just stay there blank while attempting to load something occasionally. If I start it in Safe Mode, it does the same thing only I can't see the background. It says DCOM Server Process Launcher terminated unexpectedly then shuts down. It says the shutdown is requested by NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM. Before the shut down, McAfee said it blocked and removed a trojan but I'm not sure what the name was. Can you help me load Windows? Thanks.

A:Computer will not load during startup.

Hey there,

This could be a possiable of two issues.

If it's simply an issue with one of your files, you can first attempt to press F8 over and over during bootup, go to "Use Last Known Good Config". See if that'll boot up, if not, you can try to use System Restore. To use System Restore, Again, use F8 over and over, and this time and go into "Safe Mode With Cmd" (I am using short hand, hopefully, you understand it). Once in Cmd, type in "%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe" and attempt to go back to a pervious state.

If it is an infection, you can try and use a Live Antivirus CD to clean up the infection first, afterwords, doing a system Restore with the methons I listed above.

Hope this helps,

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Hello, I'm using Sygate 5.5 build 2710 with WinXP pro, I've been using it for a longtime with no problems at all, now all of a sudden it won't load on startup, I checked with msconfig it's still there checked, when I start my computer it does not show up in the task bar, I look under taskmanager I see Smc listed, but when I go to services.msc, I see it is set on auto, enabled, but status shows stopped, I start it up manually it works but no longer keeps any logs?? I uninstalled then reinstalled same thing does not load at startup does not keep logs, I installed v 5.6 same thing, I installed Comodo and it loaded and worked fine, but I prefer Sygate, I've scanned with everything, adaware, spybot, avg, kaspersky, superantispyware nothing found, I don't no what the problem is, anybody have any ideas?

Thank you.

A:Firewall won't load at startup

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I have a problem whit startup programs. When I start Windows 7, sometimes some programs do not load at startup. It doesn?t happen all the time and it is not always the same program that doesn?t load, but it occurs randomly.
Anyone has got a solution for this? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Startup programs sometimes do not load

Are you starting up windows from sleep or hibernation?

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Had been using my computer yesterday and finished my task, put computer to sleep and returned about 5 hrs later to enter some more info but it would not start.  It kept giving me a " returning to power saving mode".  Tried several times, turning off and back on but to no avail, same message.  When clicking on monitor buttons, it gave me a "no signal from your computer, returning to power saving mode".
It is a Dell Inspiron 560 with Windows Home.  It is on a home network and other computers were working fine.  Anyone have any ideas?

A:Windows 7 won't load at startup.

I know this is a long-shot, can you try an external monitor via VGA port?  If this is not a software problem, we can attempt to pinpoint either a built-in video display problem or an internal video graphic card problem.  To rule in or rule out software -- what happens in Safe Mode?  Or, even before that, can you get into and see UEFI or BIOS screen?

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I know this has happened to a lot of people already, but I've tried searching for answer no luck. Alright so to begin I haven't made any changes or installed any new programs lately but explorer won't load on startup. I can open task manager and start it manually and after that it's but fine. Here's some system info I'll post HJT log after
32 bit windows vista, 3002 mb ram

here is the HJT

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:56:30 PM, on 4/7/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\NortonInstaller\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}\NIS\A5E82D02\\InstStub.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\QuickPlay\QPService.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMain.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\WebrootSecurity\SpySweeperUI.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LightScribeControlPanel.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Advisor\HPAdvisor.exe
C:\Program Files\Win... Read more

A:Explorer will not load on startup

I ran a virus scan shortly after my first post and some tracking cookies were detected that's it now it seems to be all better explorer starts normaly.

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Hi, I am new here. I have been having alot of spyware taking over my computer. The main problem is I have been getting this at startup: Could not load the resource Dll. Please make sure Gator is installed correctly. I think I accidentally deleted something important while trying to get rid of spyware. has anyone ever seen this? Please help! Holly [email protected] Not sure if I will find my way back to the forum~haha.

A:Hello, Has anyone ever seen Could Not Load Dll at startup? Gator...

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I don't recall doing anything to cause this problem. Just started my computer one day and this happened...I am missing icons in my system tray. The programs that the icons represent won't load at startup. When I try to start them by clicking on the shortcut icon...they won't start. Some of the programs that won't start are Sygate Firewall, People Pc, multimedia keyboard, AVG anti-virus, Win Patrol. I checked, and all of these programs are in my startup folder. Can anyone help? I have Windows XP Pro as my OS.

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Whenever I log in or any account logs in explorer.exe doesn't load.
I don't have any viruses, restore didn't work, running sfc /scannow at the moment.

Could it be corrupt and if it is corrupted how can I fix it?

A:Explorer doesn't load on startup

Have you tried reinstalling Windows 7 yet? Seems a little extreme, but if System Restore didn't work, it's the only other feasible option I could think of.

-- Ryan
Window Outreach Team

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Hello i hope u can look at my log; my laptop is a little slow, and startup porgrams dont load only the McAffe, i have to load Intel Wireless manually every time i change network and there are some entries i dont recognize :O1 - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: banamex.comO1 - Hosts: www.hacktheworld.comThank YOU!Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 07:17:57 p.m., on 26/10/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Archivos de programa\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Archivos de programa\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exeC:\Archivos de programa\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exec:\archivos de programa... Read more

A:Startup Programs Dont Load

Sorry for the delay. Print out these instructions and then close all windows including Internet Explorer.Then I want you to fix some of those entries. Please do the following:Run Hijackthis again, click scan, and Put a checkmark next to each of these. Then click the Fix button:O1 - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: - Hosts: banamex.comO1 - Hosts: www.hacktheworld.comAfter you fix the entries, reboot your computer.Download Combofix to your desktop.

Doubleclick combofix.exe

Follow the prompts.Don't click on the window while the fix is running, because that will cause your system to hang.When finished, and after reboot if it asks for one, combofix will open again to gather the necessary information for the log. This may take a while so please be patient. When done, Combofix will close and a log should open called combofix.txt. Post the contents of this log in your next reply along with a new hijackthislog.Please do not post the ComboFix-quarantined-files.txt unless I ask you to.

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everytime i start my cpu, my documents opens up on a black screen, and i have to ctrl+alt+del to run explorer.exe. funny thing is on the task manager it shows thats it running already. but like i said all i have is the black screen with the documents folder opened. i have two virus scans going AVG 7.5 and Live OneCare. both show no problems. heres my hijack logLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)Scan saved at 6:21:28 AM, on 7/22/2007Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\winssnotify.exeC:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\Windows\explorer.exeC:\Windows\SOUNDMAN.EXEC:\Program Files\DigitalPersona\Bin\DPAgnt.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\LCD Manager\LCDMon.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\G-series Software\LGDCore.exeC:\Program Files\Razer\Copperhead\razerhid.exeC:\Windows\System32\CTHELPER.EXEC:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exeC:\Program Files\Download Manager\DLM.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\LCD Manager\Applets\LCDClock.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\s... Read more

A:Explorer.exe Wont Load On Startup

Hi kane_4009, If you still need help please post a fresh HijackThis log and I'll be happy to look at it for you. A new version of HijackThis has now been released, so before you repost your log please download and install the new version by following the instructions in Step 9 of the Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log. Note that it is unnecessary to uninstall the old version because the new one will be copied to a different folder.Thanks for your patience!

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Hi. How do I control which programs load on startup? I have many programs that clog up everything on start up of my computer. I normaly takes a few minnits. Also what programs should i have load on start up?

Please help

I have...
Windows XP home
Dell dimension E521


A:How to control which programs load on startup?

For a good tutorial on the problem as well as techniques and info on how to identify and disable unnecessary startups look here

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Hi all,

I've had this problem for months & its only now i want to get it fixed after cleaning up my registry thinking that it would fix it but it didn't!

Every time i switch on my pc, explorer won't properly load up & all that i can see is the background wallpaper. In order to fix this this i have to log off then back on again - sometimes i have to do this 3 times in order for it to start up the right way!

I'm on Windows xp & the pc is about 6/7 years old. I think its giving me the signs of it on its last legs!?

Anyway know a solution

A:Explorer doesn't load at startup

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Hi Folks,

I'm looking for an app that will allow me to monitor EVERYTHING that is loading - as it's loading - during startup..

Reason is, something is causing a real slowdown - taking sometimes 30 seconds to load (this one particular app or process)..

I get to the desktop, the system tray starts filling up - and then - paaaaaauuuussseee....

I've tried doing a ctl + alt + del to load the Windows Task Manager, and watch the Process tab - problem is - it gets to 33 processes - hits that pause - and then after the 15 - 30 seconds whatever it is that's slowing it down finally loads and then 10 other processes load instantly... SO - I can't single out which 'thing' it is that's giving that looooooong pause..

I'm hoping there is some utility / app out there that will load at startup, and either log each process and it's load time (or timestamp) - OR - let me view on the screen things as they're loading - and the ORDER that they are loading in.. to help narrow it down.. (the standard task manager doesn't seem to always list them in order of load..)

Any suggestions??


P.S. with some 42 process loading at startup, I'm hoping to avoid having to disable all and then reenable 1 by 1... I've already tried eliminating via msconfig and startup.. so - trying this next level.. thanks..

A:XP - View Processes During Startup As The Load

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can i add a program to load at the startup but with a deleay for example of 2 minutes after the logon ?

how can i do it?


A:can i add a program to load at the startup but with a deleay?

thinking easiest way would be with a batch file were you would be able to write a delay in before the command to initiate the program
eg timeout /t 120

120 seconds = 2 minutes

if you are not familiar with batch files try googling it, it is fairly simple, can be created with notepad and set to run on startup
heres a couple links

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i have this software for months now. So in the beginning it started fine. but now I have to start it myself. help!

BTW I have tuneUP utilities2008 and if i wanna add it to the startup list it shows me this...

...and there is nothing wrong with the path

A:eset nod32 3.0 won't load at startup!!!

forget it, its fixed

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Hi everyone,

i have a problem with my vista home premium pc as described on the title,

when i restart the pc i get to the welcome screen and my documents folder loads up but the background is completely black, no desktop/no taskbar,

I can restore my system to show the desktop by navigating to the windows folder and clicking on Explorer.exe, after this my system works as it should. So i am guessing when i start my system windows doesn't load explorer.exe

I have tried loading explorer.exe into the startup but still nothing,
has anyone experienced this before?
what could i do?

many thanks for your input in advance

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I have recently reinstalled windows XP home edition and this loading screen appears every single time whenever I restart my computer. It comes up after the Dell logo appears and lasts approximately 5 minutes. After its finished the Windows XP logo appears comes on and then loads the desktop. This has never happend in past installs of Windows XP home edition on my machine. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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When i start my computer i get an error messege saying. RunDLL, Error loading w054c9fe.dll, module no found.

Could anyone tell me how to resolve the problem thank you.


A:Wont load a certain dll file on startup

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Sounds like spyware/malware to me.

Plz follow these instructions in this link

First Steps at Removing Malware

..... then post a HiJackThis log in the HiJackThisLog Help Forum

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I decided to update some of my drivers and decided to start with the Marvel Yukon Ethernet controller. I downloaded the latest version from Marvel which is Prior to installing I uninstalled the old version, and then installed the new. I rebooted and found that I did not have internet connection. I went to Device manager and found that Ethernet Controller #2 had the "!" on it so I did some checking. I went to Properties and found this message :see screenshot
I closed out of device manager and restarted the computer. After restart I had internet connection. I rechecked Device manager and everything was fine. Just to see what would happen I shut down the computer and restarted. After restart I did not have internet connection. I checked device manager and again I got the same message as in the screenshot. Again I just restarted the computer and again I had internet connection. Feeling that maybe the driver download was bad I decided to re install my old Ethernet Controller. Needless to say I had to uninstall the newer drivers and I re installed the old driver. I rebooted and again I had no internet connection and again I got the same message as in the screen shot and again if I just restart the computer I can get internet connection but if I shutdown and start I have no internet connection. I tried disabling the second Ethernet controller but that don't work even if I just restart. I uninstalled Ethernet #2 but windows just re installs it and I'm... Read more

A:Ethernet controller will not load at startup

I just installed the new drivers over the old ones and again I have no internet if I shut down but if I just restart I have internet. I give up!

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I have a problem.
I recently bought Windows 7. Sometimes when I start my computer, the USB will not work at the login screen. No keyboard or mouse works.
If I get past the login, windows finds all my external hd's and starts to scan them. I think this is a problem with the USB.

This never happened in WinXP. Its like windows 7 "resets" the USB on each startup.

Can anyone help me on this?

A:USB load failure on each system startup

Not one answer on this one? Where can I get help?

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Hi everyone,

i have a problem with my vista home premium pc as described on the title,

when i restart the pc i get to the welcome screen and my documents folder loads up but the background is completely black, no desktop/no taskbar,

I can restore my system to show the desktop by navigating to the windows folder and clicking on Explorer.exe, after this my system works as it should. So i am guessing when i start my system windows doesn't load explorer.exe

I have tried loading explorer.exe into the startup but still nothing,

has anyone experienced this before?
what could i do?

many thanks for your input in advance

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My SIL has messed this up badly. I am very good at following directions and usually figuring out computer problems, but now I cant do anything. The computer boots, shows windows XP loading and then stop. No error message. No blue screen. NOTHING. Just empty dark blackness. And I am at a loss what to do. I know they have viruses on their computer and I was trying to help them get the computer fixed. Now I dont know what to do. Any help for a lost newbie?

A:Need help! Computer wont load or run startup AT ALL

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Hi Guys,

I hope you can help me out on this, as I am not so much into setting up my XP.

Problem is I have this "load line" before my XP loads which is very uncommon, prior to this, I got my OS corrupted so I had to reinstall.

1) Blank Screen (a few seconds)
2) A load line (similar to |||||||||| appears) then loads
3) XP then opens

While the xp, when running is ok, when I boot up, it seems that it is a little bit slower than before.

Just to note also that my hard drive is very healthy. (if it would help)

It may be that I did something wrong, just to be sure I attached a screenshot that I hope could help.

I look forward to your expert advises

A:Load line before Windows XP startup

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Hello there! I appear to be having a problem with applications not loading when I start the PC. It happens every now and then, and I am forced to reboot until I can eventually load the program. When I check the program in task manager, it appears to only load about 108K-124K within memory, then stops. When this happens, I can no longer run any program. I am at my wits end! Many thanks in advance for any help I may receive.

A:Problem with startup, applications do not load

Hello Beauedwards, Welcome to SF!

Can you give us a bit more to go on? What program? When it "stops"... what happens exactly? Does your whole pc freeze? Do you get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death... which means your PC doesn't like you any more and it quits on you with a (most of the time) blue screen)

How quickly after booting do you try this program? How up-to-date are you with W7 updates?
W7 64b on a 2G machine is sure to test your patience anyway but let's see what is really happening...

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I'd like to get Windows to load a web page at startup I know that in the "Hosts" file you can assign a domain name with a IP, but how do you tell Windows to download the page at startup? I've heard you can do this, but haven't been able to figure it out.

A:Help: How to load a web page at startup[Windows}

Create a shortcut on your desktop with the following command
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

Change google to the page you want

Test it, then drag it into your Startup folder.

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I'm not really sure whether this is the right area for me to start this thread, as the problem stems from a virus, however I beliee I have removed the virus so I figured that I should post in this area of the forum.

A few days ago, avg resident shield was continuously alerting me of a virus on my system affecting the winlogon.exe and the explorer.exe files. Although AVG protected me from the virus, the alerts were really annoying, so I began removing it, I will now describe the steps I took to remove it:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I began by booting into safe mode, and running a virus scan. The virus scan showed the infected system files, however it couldn't remove the vrus, because it had infected critical files. On the virus scan results I noticed an error, stating that it couldn't scan a file because it was locked. I investigated the file, which was a hidden file in the C:\documents and settings\****\Settings (or something similar). I looked at it's last modification date, and it was the same day as I was looking at it, so I figured it was the virus file.
I deleted it and rebooted.
My PC blue-screened with a system critical error, saying that it couldn't start winlogon.exe or words to that effect.
I booted into BartPE and looked for the winlogon.exe file on the hard drive. Both winlogon.exe and explorer.exe had been removed, presumably by ther virus.
I copied the winlogon.ex_ and explorer.ex_ files from my windows... Read more

A:Explorer.exe doesn't load on startup


If you copy explorer.exe to the desktop can you run it from there once logged in?

This is a document that allows you to stop a certain program from running. Maybe Explorer.exe has been stopped from running?

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Hello everyone,

I'm using windows 7 32bit in my VMware machine and i'm trying to make a program load on startup.
This program is netcat , i'm running a project on my university and i gotta make it load on boot.

On cmd i'm executing the following command to add netcat on startup registry:

reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v "netcat" /t REG_SZ /d "%windir%\system32\nc.exe 10001 -d -e cmd.exe"

where "%windir\system32\nc.exe" is the path i put "nc.exe" into , and " 10001" is the local IP and port that it is gonna connect to on boot.

Anyone has any idea why when my VMware machine reboots nc.exe never runs on startup?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.

A:.exe program doesnt load on startup

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums!!!

You can try CodeStuff Starter.
With this free program you can add, edit and delete programs that run at boot.

Hope this helps


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I would think that this problem would be a pretty simple fix, but I can't find anything on it. Every time I start Firefox, the last page I visited is displayed instead of my homepage. I want my homepage to be displayed when I start the application. Help would be appreciated.

A:Setting the homepage to load at startup.

I take it you've set the homepage in Options > General tab. Are you running the SessionSaver extension?

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I'm having a rather strange problem. I shutdown my computer earlier. No issues. I just went to restart and now am experiencing some issues.

The computer loads up and starts to load Windows, just at the point where the black screen appears and my desktop would normally appear...nothing happens. The computer sounds like its trying to load revs up and then dies and then revs again. It seems like it would do this ad-nauseum if I didn't try to restart again.

Is this an issue with the processor? Windows? I have tried restarting several times. Thanks for any advice.

A:problem at startup/won't load Windows

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Please help! The screen goes blank and the system hangs after the black boot screen but before the blue "Windows is starting up" screen. When I push the on/off button I can restart into safe mode, but restarting from there gets me back to square one. Things I've tried:

1. Playing around in safe mode with msconfig. I tried skipping win.ini, system.ini and loading only WinXP services. No go.

2. Using the Recovery Console to boot into msdos. From there I ran a chkdsk /r and then did a fixboot. No go.

3. Pulling the plug with the machine still on. No go.

4. Banging my head against a brick wall. No go.

If worst comes to worse, I'm prepared to transfer all my critical files to my (turtle-slow) laptop and do a clean install, but I'd rather not.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it? Many many pathetic thanks in advance.

A:OS won't load - blank screen on startup - please help

Hi and welcome to TSF

Have you tried 'Last Good Configuration' on your f8 key menu? (tap f8 from start up)

Failing that, try a 'System Restore'.


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i have windows xp home 2002 sp2 on my emachines desktop computer...

when i first got the computer of course it loaded lightning fast

well for about the past 6 months now, the inital startup is still fast but once the desktop appears, it takes absolutely FOREVER to actually be able to use the computer... i would say close to 5 minutes...
what it will do is give me my desktop and be set to go it seems and the computers not thinking or anything... but icant do anything really yet... then after a few minutes of sitting, it will finally finish booting up everything it needs ie. taskbar msn etc.
then ill be able to run the computer fine no speed problems after that

also i dont know if its related or not but i had major adware issues before and downloaded ad-aware to fix these issues and it seems every time i run it i find more tracking cookies that lead me to ie popups when i dont even use ie. i use firefox


A:Xp Startup And Load Time Forever

Hi 03impala9c1 and to BC!

Do you have any security programs on your PC? Maybe your PC is infected with malware and this is causing it to slow down? Also, how many programs load up at start-up?


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I have an older system, but it's a nice setup featuring Gigabytes EP45-UD3P, Q9550 CPU, 8gb DDR2 OCZ platinum, dual 1TB of Seagate hard drives, and EVGA GTX 295 graphics card.

I turn my machine off, and the machine refuses to display. I get to the windows colors screen in Win 7 Pro, and once it proceeds to load the desktop the screen goes black without a cursor, and that's where it stays.
This can be corrected by me reloading the Boot record when turning the system on, however upon powering the system off it does the same thing till I instigate another boot record repair.

I've replaced the hard drives, and CMOS battery. I tried starting the system in safe mode, and it loads fine. I then narrowed the issue down to Win 7 not loading the video driver on startup.

Does anyone know how to correct this issue?

Thank you.

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My laptop shut down when it load background program such as AVG, sound manager.....etc. it pops up a several warning tht written "can't read......" i can't even read carefully coz it shows up in a second and my lap top shut down.

A:My Laptop Shut Down When Startup Load.

Try turning off the automatic restart feature to see if you can read the error message.

Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
Click the Advanced tab.
Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.
Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times.
Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

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I had no problems yesterday or ever before. Apparently there was an update last night, and since then my desktop won't start up. It gives me the error saying windows\system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys will not load. I did a system restore to the system checkpoint before that update last night - to no avail though. I've done the automatic startup checker twice using the vista installation disk, it says there aren't any problems. is there anyway to just replace this fltmgr.sys from another vista machine? Or am I just stuck?

there has to be some kind of fix! thanks!

looking through the startup recovery log I found this:

Boot critical file: c:\windows\system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys is corrupt.

Repair Action: File repair.
Result: Failed. Error Code = 0x490

also - won't boot to safe mode, same error. last known good configuration doesn't work.

A:fltmgr.sys failed to load on startup

OK, Here are a couple of tutorials to look through to help try and get tyour system up and running. I listed them in order of preference. Hopefully one of these will work for you.

Startup Repair
System Files - SFC Command
Repair Install For Vista

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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I have been having problems with my husbands computer for almost 2 weeks. I am sorry if I am giving you too much info but, I do not want to assume what is important and what isn't.

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC dv9033cl
Win XP Media Center - updates are current

Antivirus/Spyware Software:
Lavasoft Adaware - updated and running clean
Spybot - updated and running clean
Panda Global Protection - updated couple of low threat cookie adware (will talk about later)
Panda ActiveScan 2.0 - updated a running clean

How problem started:
The weekend before Thanksgiving I paid and updated to Global Protection my panda subscription. It found a 2Search adware but, only notified me of it. The program did not try to fix it. Per Pandas Virus Encyclopedia it advised to use Active Scan. I ran it and found that now I need to buy it to fix problems. So, that is what I did. Long story short it was Wednesday of last week before Panda gave me a backdoor link to get it working because the site said my login and password did not work. At any rate, I fixed the problems it found. 2Search was not one of them. Since then Panda Global Protection sometimes finds 2 different low level threats at different times that I run it. I can not find it in my notes what the second one is. I think it may be Atwola but that may have been on my laptop.

This weekend Internet explorer started having problems. Sometimes it started and at other times it froze after starting the homepage.... Read more

A:The registry cannot load the hive on startup

Hi .Related reading: suggest downloading a diagnostic from the website of the hard drive respective manufactuer (for the drive you are trying to format/restore/recover) and running it. Long test if a long and short are offered.Hard Drive Installation and Diagnostic Tools - Louis

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Everytime I turn on my computer, the start up desktop is too slow to load, also i dont have neither many icons in my desktop. I only have 11 icons in my desktop but evertime I turn on my computer, it's really to slow to load. Please help me in this problem. Thank you!

A:My startup windows is too slow to load

How many programs do you have set to run at start up? If you look at the clock in the bottom right hand corner of your monitor, does it have quite a lot of icons?

This could be a factor with a slow start up as alot of programs are trying to load at the same time.

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My computer will turn on just fine, showing the BIOS screens and all the normal stuff, but once it gets to the Windows XP load screen, the monitor goes black and stays that way. What's weird is that the monitor is showing black, like my video card is sending a blank black screen where the logo and the load bars should be. However, this is all secondary to the fact that my computer won't startup at all. I've had a hard drive fail on me before, and there's no messages about not being able to read the drive, or a drive not existing, or corruption, etc. Is there anyway I can get it working again, or at least long enough to back everything up before a system restore/ new computer purchase? Thanks for your help.

A:Startup stops at XP load screen

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I have a Sony Viao with Win 7 Home Premium and I just deleted some form of Trojan with MS Security Essentials and then I ran windows updates before I restarted the machine. Windows update installed some security updates along with Service pack 1 and IE9. Now the computer will not load Windows. It goes straight to the startup repair but cannot fix the problem. There is not restore points other that when SP1 was installed and I gives an error every time I try to restore it. I can get to a command prompt and I have tried to run sfc /scannow but it tells me there is a system repair pending which requires a reboot and then does nothing. I also tried check disk(just as a last chance) but that didn't do anything. Is there any other way that I can repair windows without re-installing windows?

A:Windows will not load/Startup repair cannot fix

I got a system restore error code of (0x8000ffff).

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I installed MSDE (the free version, Desktop Engine) on Windows XP Pro but it doesn't load at the startup. I am suppose to get the MSDE icon in the system tray. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out please, thanks!

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Anyone have any idea what could be going on? When I start my computer or bring it out of sleep, I have to wait 2 minutes before Chrome will load Google, Facebook, Bank of America and some others.

I've attached the error message I get.

This isn't the end of the world and I've been dealing with it forever, but does anyone have any idea what's going on?

A:Websites will not load for 2 minutes after startup

What happens if you use another browser - does the same thing happen?

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when start up this message appears

error loading
c:\windows\sys32\dctrolh dll

how to fix this

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my teenage daughter has had a tantrum and slammed her laptop. When trying to start normally I get BSOD so tried startup repair both from the laptop and installation disk. It loads but just then stuck on a blueish windows screen. I'm guessing she has managed to actually damage the hardware but wondering if any other steps before attempting a fresh install of OS?

Thanks for any advice

Frustrated father!!

A:Startup repair doesn't load

Hi Masplin,

Could you provide more detail on what the BSOD error is? I know you will be unable to post logs of this however the error code would be most helpful to us.

- A helpful member

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One thing that might help would be a list of various places in the windows registry where programs can insert themselves to load on startup. Basically it seems like spyware apps are finding ways of loading on startup that the user can not detect within msconfig. I am wondering if anyone out there can suggest some places and methods that are not well known that spyware might use to attack a computer upon startup? The only one I know is the appinit dll entry system, but anything else along those lines might help a lot of people kill this stupid spyware software.

A:Places Programs Can Use to Load On Startup - WIN XP


*note that in this section you can change the startup type by editing the START DWORD value;
4 - Disabled
3 - Manual
2 - Automatic
1 - Exists, but I don't know what it does. Probably 'Automatic but hide from list'.



\Documents and Settings\[Username & All users]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

There's probably some more locations - but i'll leave that to someone else :P

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My computer takes 5 minutes to load up, and sometimes the explorer.exe shell doesn't show up at all. I'm just left staring at my desktop wallpaper. Does anyone know what the problem could be?My original thread.

A:Explorer.exe doesn't load on startup

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follo... Read more

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Client's computer will freeze on startup, background will be visible but with no icons or mouse cursor. I had asked her if she had any sort of Antivirus software that loads during startup. She said she had Command Antivirus installed. We tried rebooting the machine, but with the same results. I am assuming this is a problem with a startup scan of the antivirus software, but am not sure.

I am not quite sure if this is the problem, assistance would be greatly appreciated. She is running on XP currently. I am unable to capture a HJT log or specific specs list for her computer. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Startup Fails to Load Correctly

It's difficult to troubleshoot such a problem remotely; your best bet would be to try a System Restore. This can be done from Safe Mode (, if you can load that (then run msconfig > "launch system restore" -- you could also try "clean boot" troubleshooting, but this takes a lot of time and effort.

Safe Mode is available from the f8 boot menu. If Safe Mode fails to load you may try Safe Mode With Command prompt and use these directions to launch System Restore:;en-us;304449;EN-US;310353

Also if the Task Manager can be opened when this happens (ctrl-alt-del), the System Restore utility can be launched by selecting File > New task and entering:


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When windows starts I get an error message that says "Unable to locate," and then it show a bunch of Japanese symbols, it then tells me to locate them in the registry and delete them, but I can not find them in the registry. Thats not all that I think is screwed up in my registry. Is there any type of registry checker that can tell my what I should add or delete to my registry, and tells me where to locate each item? Thanks! BartMan45.

A:Japanese symbols trying to load at startup.

Start/Run Type: msconfig
on the Startup tab, uncheck anything that has anything to do with the "Japanese symbols"

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I have:

Windows XP Pro
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard
512 MB pc2100 DDR
Athlon XP 2800
HDD-0 80 GB Western Digital
Several additional hard drives
I get a load error during the boot process.
My boot order is as follows:


The floppy and cd-rom are empty. When I boot up the process looks like this:

Boot from CD-Rom...
Boot from CD-Rom...

Press any key to reboot

Pressing a key brings me back to the same error message

1. I replaced the hard disk and the ATA cable. Same problem.

2. Windows XP CD starts, but does not load.

3. Norton Ghost 2003 floppy starts and recognizes all drives

4. Drive Image 7 CD starts and recognizes all drives

5. Western Digital floppy with tools (Ver 11) starts and recognizes all drives

6. Using a floppy boot disk, a floppy with AWDFLASH and a floppy with the lastest BIOS I was able to flash the BIOS

7. A boot floppy starts and loads, but from the A:\ drive it doesn't reconginize the C:\ drive


Bob Wright

A:Windows XP Load Error on Startup

The floppy and cd-rom are empty. When I boot up the process looks like this:

Boot from CD-Rom...
Boot from CD-Rom...

Press any key to reboot
Windows XP CD starts, but does not load.
Click to expand...

This sounds as though the CD/ROM is problematic. Disconnect the CD/ROM from the IDE cable and try booting again.

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well, after no more than 3 years my y510p is doing problems.
the startup is stuck on the lenovo loding simble for hours and in the end always become full black screen and stuck on that.
iv tried refresh, reset, startup repair, everthing really... but always say that the reset the went good.
few days ago it gave me a message as follow- scanning and reapraing drive volume953762cb-b71-463d...
and also say error code 0xc00000f

i really dont know what to do, please help, thanks

A:my y510p is doing problems, can not load startup, please help

Is the system able to boot into Safe-Mode when its in the Windows 8 recovery menu?
When the recovery menu appears go to TroubleShoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Press the Restart Button.

When it loads up again you'll be met with the a screen with options, Press F5 to boot into Safe-Mode With Networking, navigate to C:\Windows\minidumps and copy all files there to a Zip archive folder and upload them to the forum in your next post.

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well, after no more than 3 years my y510p is doing problems.the startup is stuck on the lenovo loding simble for hours and in the end always become full black screen and stuck on that.iv tried refresh, reset, startup repair, everthing really... but always say that the reset the went good.few days ago it gave me a message as follow- scanning and reapraing drive volume953762cb-b71-463d...i really dont know what to do, please help, thanks

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