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Dell FP1702 monitor-pretty blinking lights

Q: Dell FP1702 monitor-pretty blinking lights

Have a 1702FP Dell monitor (17" flat panel, has both DVI and VGA connectors) that went slightly mad.

If it's plugged in, the power light is blinking orange (twice rapidly, then a pause off, then twice rapidly, then a pause, repeate), and the selection lights (DVI vs VGA) are blinking (#1 on, #2 flashes twice briefly, #1 on, etc-I don't know which is VGA and which is DVI.). The screen is blank.

Pushing buttons has no effect--can't turn it on or off let alone any of the other settings. It doesn't matter if the computer is on, if the monitor is plugged in to a computer (tried both home built PC and Mac), or if the video cables are attached to the monitor. It acts the same, as long as power is connected.

Any hope of returning this to sanity?

A: Dell FP1702 monitor-pretty blinking lights

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The lights on my blinking (copy, fax, scan) keeps blinking non-stop. I unstall the software changed the USB code unplugged and plugged in again and then reinstall the software, the PC does not recognize it anymore. What happened, I dont know. I updated the drives etc... still no luck. It is less than 2 years old and was working alright. I have not used this printer for very long to just trash it. So I am seeking help.


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I have dell t5500 workstation.
It's not showing any display.
Diagnostics lights 2 3 4 blinking no display and the fans speed increases.. They are very loud like blower.
Did some troubleshooting as mentioned in the comment on my video.

I am unable to  copy the comments from that video which has all findings done so far.
Please help.

A:Dell t5500 workstation diagnostics lights 2 3 4 blinking no display

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
What is the led status on the power supply unit found at the back of the system?
Most of the troubleshooting steps indicate an issue with the motherboard.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with the result from the above step.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Hello -
I hope Bev is still around as she has been so helpful to me in the past.  I have and 8400 that shut off while I was working.  I thought the power to the house went out...but it was just my computer.  Blinking amber light on the power button, no diagnostic lights in back.  Tried to start up, nothing.  Read posts here about it and tried removing CMOS for 10 minutes, removing PCI cards and disconnecting all power and connections from drives to MB (no change...still blinking light, nothing else), then did the jumping test from green to black (yes, I probably should have done that first...) and got nothing on that.  No fan, nothing.  
Can I definitely say it is the PSU?  If so, is the PSU from a 2400 interchangeable with this one?  If it isn't, are there particular brands I should look for or stay away from when purchasing a new PSU?

Thanks so much!

A:Dell 8400 blinking amber light won't start, no diagnostic lights

Blinking Amber means Bad Power Supply.
This particular model needs tin snips to cut a hole in the back for a regular power supply.  If you buy the startech model it will fit without requiring case modification.
Or you can buy one from an OEM vendor.
The 400 Watt ATX12V 2.01 Dell PC Power Supply is compatible with standard ATX style versions of following: Dimension Series Models: 1100 / 2200 / 2300 / 2350 / 2400 / 4300 / 4400 / 4500 / 4550 / 4600 / 8200 / 8250 / 8300 / 8400 / B100 Optiplex Series Models: 170L / GX60 / GX150 / GX240 / GX260 / GX270 Power Edge Series Models: 400SC / 600SC Precision Workstation Series Model: Model 340 / 350 Smart Step Series Models: 100D / 150D

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Hi, I'm new to the forums so I'm not sure if this is in the right section but on my old Dell Inspiron 8600 the battey led light keeps flashing orange 4 times followed by a green light. I've read that this is caused by a faulty battery cell. However, since this model is so old it would be a waste of money to buy a new battery. Is there a way to fix it so that this doesn't happen without buying a new battery or taking the battery out of the laptop? Is there a registry fix or what not that will sort out this problem or will I have to shove my battery in the fridge (an answer to someone else's post on another forum)? Thanks

A:Incessant 4 orange and 1 green blinking lights on Dell Inspiron 8600

do you use it with the battery portable - or always plugged in ?
does it work without the battery installed - some machines will and some wont

as you say may not be worth replacing - certainly not, if always plugged in

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Various error messages have appeared on my HP Deskjet All-in-One printer F4180 and now after installing a new black cartridge and clicking Align various lights are blinking i.e. paper type lights, print cartridge lights, power light and resume light. HP Support advice for blinking lights is that the cause is Fatal. As it's out of warranty I cannot phone, email or get a webchat with them so am a bit stuck. Is it likely or certain that the printer cannot be economically repaired as this message indicates?
Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

A:Blinking, Blinking lights on HP printer

PS HP have given me a telephone number to ring to get options and the number is (888) 747-7756 is this helpful or what? Where is this?

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Hi All
My DELL XPS 2720 has started to blink, every 5 mins or so, my monitor just switches its self of for 3 seconds or so at a time, this is really annoying.  Any advice?


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I have this HP Pavilion dv6700 notebook, that was working fine and then after some updates went to restart and when it tried to come on power lights along with hard drive light comes on for about 2 seconds with a BEEP and then repeats the same over and over,
I have tried to reseat the memory chips, tried a different cord and battery and still the same thing happens.

Please help.
Hp Pavilion dv6700
AMD Turion 62x2
Processor 2000 MHz
memory 3072mb

A:blinking lights

Heyya toopay, I don't have an answer for your question, but think you could put your signature specs into the computer specs in your profile? We put a 3 line sig limit in some time ago.



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hi, this is turkish man i am on "screen keyboar". i am about the disgorgeby hitting fingers to mouse right click to "screen keyboard"...
i want to write what different came done today, i start my winxp everything seems ok. i surfed on the internet 1 or 2 hours.
i worked for install ubuntu server 9,04 from usb flash drive. i could not able to do this... i remove my flash drive front and place to behind usb socket. the socket where keyboard ps/2 mainboard connector. nothing ploblem.( by the way, i didnt install ubuntu by f***ing usb slot)

lately, after 1 hour. then i decidet to play P.E.S(pro evolution soccer) i have a usb joystick too. when the game i run my keyboard went crazy. blinking and flashing its lights(still blinking where my eyes on it). when i try hitting charackters guess what, mouse locking off. i try this when i try to write this question.(1 hour, i'm still typing this, pitty me)

Ports seems to OK. Jacks and PINs looking good. When i hit the 5-6 chars to keyboard mouse is going out of the control.

*i tried another mouse and keyboard.
*i tried system restore.
*i tried restarts many time.
help me the stop this crazy lights and my fingers free!

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Hi tried to do a hard reboot. Unplugged the non removable battery. Same thing. 2 blinks of the caps lock key after pressing power button. This same thing happened about a week ago. This time it will not recover into Bios mode. This just happened after I did a update and restart prompted by shut down sequence.

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OK Well i got my custom pc built just finished it today came out awsome i also heard there is a way to make it so that the lights aka the lighted fans can blink when music plays how do i go about doing this do i need special lights???

A:Pc Lights Blinking To My Music How To Do This?

As far as I`m aware you`d need to have sound activated pc lights.

See HERE for a selection

Regards Howard

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I have the 3 blinking light and no boot up issue on my HP G60. The power drain procedure did nothing. Could this be just a defunct battery or power supply issue?

A:HP G60 no power up with 3 blinking lights

Hi,          Since the light blinks 3 times its related to memory issue, you can have a check from the below link

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I am working on someones Emachine T2682.
When I first got the computer I turned it on. Had nothing.
Thought I didnt have it plugged in good.
Left the room a second. Came back and saw the HDD light, PowerLight and the Network card Lights blinking about 120 times a minute.
Opened the case and the CPU Fan was not spinning.
Couldnt figure out what was going on.
I then removed the RAM and no beeping.

If I remove the ATX12V connector the 4 Pin to the MOBO the Cpu fan will turn on and it would stop the blinking.

So I found a Powersupply I had in the drawer.
Put it in and it worked fine.

Thougth I had it fixed but I had the computer on and looking at some pictures on the computer and it turned off the Monitor. Went from Green to the Amber.

Turned off computer and would not turn on.
I had to remove the Power cables and wait a few. Turned it back on and started up fine.
Once on it started blinking again and the CPU fan stopped again.

Turned off and back on. Worked for a long time. Went to Shut down and it was shutting down. Almost off. The monitor was already black and the blinking HDD, Powerbutton and Network Card started blinking again and cpu fan stopped.

What would you think is causing this?

A:Lots of Blinking Lights

Like I said I replaced with pretty much the same supply.
It starts up but when almost off it does this flashing and clicking of the CDROM it sounds like. And won't turn off.

Another thing I found and I dont know if this is related but I can not use any of the USB ports. I wanted to put speed fan on with my usb keychain. But the ports won't work.

Also just wanted to note. I pulled the Network card and Modem card.
Some people were saying maybe the powersupply is not powerfull enough, so pull those and see if it still happens. Yes it does.

So I am still clueless on if it is
Powersupply, MOBO or CPU

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I was playing a game, my system crashed to the point of the power shutting down. I could not turn the power back on immediately.

The keyboard that was in my system is now destroyed as a result. The lights on the keyboard blink repeatedly. This has happened twice now. Both times the keyboards were destroyed. Trying the keyboards on another computer did not solve the problem.

I haven't played any memory intensive games since the second crash, because I do not know if it was specific to the one game, or if I would destroy another keyboard.....and keyboards are starting to get expensive.

I have two questions, first is, anyone have any ideas on what caused the crash?

The second is, is there any way to reset the keyboards?


A:Solved: Keyboard lights blinking

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Hi, I just replaced my motherboard on my Dell Latitude D820. When I power on the laptop the A light and the down arrow light come on. The power light stays on, no blinking, but the A light and the down arrow light (keyboard lights) continue to blink and the screen is black. Im not sure what the problem is. I see power but nothing is running. I've checked that everything is secure. One thing I noticed is that when powering the machine on the CD/DVD light does not come on either.

Can anyone help.

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I have an xp computer with lexmark z22 printer. I changed cartridges and now both lights are blinking and it will not print. Please help !

I have tried turning power on and off, have restarted the computer, and taken each and both cartridges out. Don't know what else to do

A:Solved: Lexmark Z22 blinking lights

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I am using TP-Link W8968 model since last year. Since last 3-4 days, the internet works fine without any problem but suddenly after few min or hours, internet light and LAN light continuously blinking even I don't surf anything.

To find out what is happening in the background and it is something updating, when I see through, task manager - performance tab and find in Ethernet, not much data sending or receiving

Sometimes it went to 0 but still lights keep blinking, and the I can't access my internet, even all the lights are ON. Then I have to restart the PC, and then everything started working again, but this is annoying me after some few min or hours.

Please help, I am using Win10 and never happened such type of problems before.

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I have a HP Scanjet 5490c. Several months ago it started to "initiate" on its own so I unplugged it. I recently plugged it back in and the power b/w lights and scanners lights all flash simultaneously. I've unplugged the power and USB cords repeatedly and reinstalled after a hard boot. Tried downloader new driver but computer can no longer find the scanner. I've tried to get inot a diagnostic mode but didn't seem to recognize that either. Have seen posting about this on other boards but yet to see a resolution. Is it fried?

Running Windows 2000 on Dell Computer.

Any thoughts appreciated.


A:HP Scanjet 5490C Blinking Lights

Try resetting the printer. Find your user manual find the article on resting the printer to factory defaults.

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Hi..hope someone can help. My Epson Color Stylus 740 has stopped printing and all red lights plus the green power light are blinking. I had a slight paper jam and ejected it and then I couldn't get the cartridges to move to the "change cartridge position" so that I could change the color cartridge. I can't do a nozzle check nor a test page...the paper won't move down. The only activity that can be performed is the on and off. When the power button is pressed "on" the cartridge moves across the carriage and back. Is my printer dead, or can some magician come up with a solution? Please let me know one way or the other...Thanks,

I have Windows ME
Connect by Optimum cable
Internet Explorer 6 SP 1

A:Epson printer lights all blinking

According to page 149 of the manual (just downloaded a copy to look) it means that either there is something jamming the printer or that the printer has an internal error (hardware fault)

The first option would be fixable by you, the second means it's toast.

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My PC has a built-in ethernet card. The orange lite blinks, green lite is steady.

QUESTION: Does this indicate that the card is properly functioning?



A:Ethernet card blinking lights

The normal is:

green=100 mb
amber=10 mb

Also normally the Green light will flash with activity.

Tho not all mfg go by this. Not sure why you have both a green and amber unless it is indicating activity.

What is the brand of NIC?

But I would not worry unless you have issues.


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At start-up I get fans (case, video card, cpu), all power supply stuff, but monitor screen does not light up, PC does not attempt to load. I get green flashing LEDs on the monitor, PC (by the start switch) and on the cd/rw. Occasionaly the red activity LED will blink for just a second. The USB hub gets a power light but does not "flash" the ports. There are no sounds at all, beeps, clicks, etc. Computer was working fine, I returned fron dinner to blank screen. I thought it had gone into hibernation or something so I moved the mouse and tapped the keyboard but to no avail. Turned it off, restarted several times with above results and now I'm back to the table of knowledge hoping you folks can save me again.

Athlon 64 3000+
Gigabyte K8Ns mobo
512 MB PC3200
XP pro
GeForce Ti4200 128mb

A:Blinking green lights and no start-up

Reason for problem... solved... with a previous posting on the forum by Winbob. Hard drive shot. Winbob said disconnect EIDE cable and try to boot from floppy. I did and PC did so there you are. Great forum!

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Hi there. I have a HP laptop with intel pentium dual-core and windows vista. The problem is, when I started to turn it on just now, the screen went blank and the lights beside the caps lock key and scroll key kept blinking. I tried again and again for three times before I got it to start up.
I'm worried.

Oh, and the lights are still blinking.

A:Lights keep blinking on laptop, startup delayed

This is a Windows 7 Forum. I would suggest that you would be better served by posting on the Vista Forum!

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hi there,

just noticed my cd drive light flashing on/off constantly during playback and the HD light is flashing in exactly the same rythym. totally wierd, never noticed anything like that before! is that unusual or just...something new? using windows 7.


A:DVD & HD lights blinking in matched sequence during play...

I noticed the same thing the other day when I was Using DVD shrink, even though it had created the backup on the HDD and that's where it was burning from, not sure why it does this, it never happened on Vista.

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I have been trying to get switch config'ed for my net
first thing it caused was my isp gave me a new ip address
got that fixed ,next thing I could not ping IP from outside of net
got the latest firmware upgrade for router first flash failed
cross fingers reset router to default 2nd attempt worked
now I can ping from outside ,but the router and switch both show blinking lights when the modem shows no activity
I have looked into all the log files looked at services and firewall info
going crazy this thing is using 10 to 15 % cpu time before when idle only 0-2%
and connection is slower now

A:what happened switch lights keep blinking any ideas ?

hmm what exactly is your setup???

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My Pavilion DV4-1225DX is 3 years old and running windows 7. It just started acting up by taking several minutes to wake up and the lights are blinking at caps lock and scroll. It does finally come to life and everything works after the slow black screen episodes. I have tried the troubleshooting by shutting down, removing battery, unplugging ac adapter and holding power button down, but to no avail. Is there anything else I can try, or is it a trip to the Geek Squad? I love the laptop and don't want to lose all my info. It is out of warranty, but from what I read here, HP isn't doing anything to help a known problem on this model. Please advise.

A:Pavilion DV4 slow start and lights blinking

Hi and welcome to TSF please try reinstalling the video driver,also try changing the power settings and see if that makes a difference

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My HP Deskjet 6122 printer, which I purchased in France and brought with me to the US, is blinking all it's lights when I first plugged it in here (i.e. the US).

Clearly, the printer can handle the voltage/watt differences and for the most part, the computer seems to recognize it (i think) but past that, when I try to print, it wait a few minutes, goes through the processes and just says there is a printer error. Meanwhile, all lights on the printer panel are blinking, in sequence, non-stop when the printer is on.

I called up HP support and they have mostly unhelpful. They suggested to change the power cord -- i tried that and it didn't make a difference. They suggested to change the cartridges -- I tried that and it did not work either. I even tried a couple of button-pressing manipulations, but my printer seems to ignore them.

I just don't know what to do! Can anybody, please, please, anybody out there help me? Is my printer doomed for the garbage bin???

A:HP Deskjet 6122 printer blinking all lights - HELP!

heres the info on blinking lights
but not much more info then you already have

looking at the manual power rating not a problem.

any paper stuck anywhere

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All the light on my modem keep blinking. I have tried reseting it, and unplugging it for a while. Then when I turn it back on the lights are solid for a few seconds and then they all start blinking. The internet will not connect.

Is there somthing wrong with the modem itself or should I call the internet company?

A:Lights on modem keep blinking and internet wont connect

Hi -
I am lucky that I have a few spare modems to check basic problems against.
But personally, I would call your Internet Provider first and see if there are any known problems in your area.
If there are none, they should then guide you through resetting the modem back to basics and see if this works, or check if your modem is faulty.
Have a coffee and a well charged phone with you, as some ISP's can be a bit slow -

Good Luck -

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My old precision M6500 was turned on then it shutdown without any warnings.
My battery was dead since a while ago, the battery light was blinking all the time but I did not care about using the battery.
Now if I press the power button the battery light above the keyboard and on the left side rapidly blink orange for about 2-3 seconds.
If I remove the battery and press the power button it does the same.
I tried removing the battery and pressing the power button for 30 seconds without battery. Then I pugged the power cord and pressed the power button but still the same blinking.
Is there a way to force it on or is completely dead?

A:Precision M6500 blinking lights when pressing power button

Try another adapter if possible.
Download the service manual here -
Disconnect the adapter and battery and press and hold the power button to release any static power.
Remove and reseat the memory modules and check if the system powers on only with the adapter connected.
Disconnect the HDD / ODD and check.
As a last resort, remove and reseat the CMOS battery and check if the system powers on.
If nothing works, then I would suspect a failing motherboard.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I have over 70+ processes' running alot of time. When I hit ctrl alt delete I always notice new processes with names I dont recogonize. I end process tree, but sure enough they come back on during restart or something. I think this is the cause of my laptop becoming more laggy.I've noticed my modem lights blink much more frequently then usual. I dont know what the cause of this is, but when they are blinking rapidly - i cant use my browser until it settles.If anyone could please help me figure out what I can do to remove all these processes and know why my modem is going crazy,Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.-MitchellI'd also like to add that my cd-rom keeps randomly ejecting. Particularly when i'm playing my game. It ejects the cd-rom, then i get an error message and my game shuts down. Some times at night I notice when i close my laptop the cd-rom will be ejected. I dont know if this is signs of a dying cd-rom or malware. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4Scan saved at 4:22:35 PM, on 7/4/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6002.18005)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\LightScribe\LightScribeControlPanel.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMain.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\WiFiMsg.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Softw... Read more

A:70+ processess running // constant blinking modem lights // becoming more laggy

how long is the usual wait time for a response? out of curiosity not trying to be rudeI need helpppp EDIT: Please be patient. There are over 150 unanswered topics in this forum at present at the current average wait time to receive help is 4 days. ~BP

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Hi all,
I got my new XPS 15 9550 2 days ago. Everything went fine at first but tonight when coming back home the laptop won't turn on. I tried the following (both with AC adaptor plugged in or not)
If I press power button the battery status lights blinks 4 times white and é times orange repeatedly.
I tried pressing power button for one minute - nothing.
Pressing Fn key and power button - then the keyboard lights turn on  for about 5 seconds then turn off, and same blinking of the battery status lights as described above.
Any idea what to do ? Dell technical support doesn't seem to work on week end...

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Hi there,
I have a brand new (2 days old) Inspiron 15 7559. Today I went to turn it on, and it refused to power up. The backlit keyboard came on, and I noticed that the front LED would come on, then after awhile it would start blinking orange. 
I've tried it without the battery, just on AC mains; and just on the battery and the result is the same. 
I tried looking around for some information but haven't found much related to my issue. Any suggestions or easy fixes? Or is it something that needs to taken into Dell?
Thanks in advance!

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I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to computer, ah, specs (or finding information about the one I have)... so I don't have much for you to go on.

Computer is a Dell, with Windows XP Home Edition. Monitor is LCD.

A few days ago (around Wednesday morning) my monitor began to click on and off. The screen would flash black and the light, next to the on/off button, would flash from green (on) to yellow/orange (off). At first it wasn't that bad. When I switched pages on the internet, scrolled, or highlighted something on the page it would flash.
It steadily got worse, going from internet pages to flashing on and off right when I turned the computer on, all through the loading and welcome screens.
I thought maybe it was just the monitor, so I switched it out and hooked up my old hp pavilion mx70 monitor.

That monitor worked perfectly fine with my old tower, but when hooked up to my new one it... Erm, got 'static-y'. It looked like an old TV that had a VHS tape in the player, being re-wound. I know that sounds odd, but it was like spikes from the side of the screen surging inwards. I thought it was because the monitor was so much older than the tower. Soon the static got steadily worse, and I used it for about a day before it got to be too much.

I switched to Safe Mode with Networking on the hp monitor, to see what would happen, and it was fine! No static. Today, I switched back to my LCD monitor and put that into Safe Mode with Networking and no b... Read more

A:Solved: Monitor or Tower problem? Monitor is blinking on and off.

Video card is busted. When in safe mode, the video card's drivers are not loaded, so the card does not function at "full blast". It will not cause trouble because of that.
Dell model would help finding a replacement, but it can well be assumed that there's a PCI-E 16x slot for add-on graphics. This would be a cheap replacement in that case:

This is all an assumption on the most propable cause. The problem could also be your power supply or motherboard, but those are pretty unlikely.

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I need some help. I have acomputer monitor that is roughly 10 years old. THe monitor last night decided to suddenly turn off and the power button started blinking. I unplugged the power to the monitor and let it sit overnight. This morning I went and plugged the power back into the monitor and pressed the power button on it. When I pressed the power button the button started blinking again. I have never had a monitor die like this and I would like to know why it died and if it can be fixed. Some more info is that i had only been on the computer for less than 2 hours. I have not spilled anything on the computer, the vent is completely uncovered, and the computer is in good working conditions according to the mannual. I need to know asap please. The tower still works perfectly fine it is only the monitor.

A:Monitor is black and the power button on the monitor is blinking

If you could try the monitor on another PC, that would confirm the monitor is faulty. In any case if the monitor is bad and considering its age, it would be best to just replace it. It would not be worth fixing.

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We purchased a brand new battery for the computer.This computer is at least four years old.There is no light on the monitor for this lap top. What should I do or is there a solution for the No Lights? Thanking you in advance,

A:Lights out on monitor

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hello, this computer i've been using is running pretty slow. i can't run programs such as minecraft, paint tool sai, even google chrome without it getting upset and slowing down. i can't do normal things like defrag/erase user accounts/run other programs to help clear space w/o it, again, running really slow.

i know next to nothing about this computer, seeing as it hasn't always been mine. it belongs to the family i live with, the only other user being a 12 y/o girl who constantly adds new bookmarks, saves a million pictures, and downloads a million browser extensions.

what can i do to make this computer run faster? thanks in advance

edit: i decided to post on a forum once i was running minecraft and it just... CLOSED... i was so mad!

A:pretty slow dell pc

What's the model name and model number of that Dell?

What's the 7-character "service tag" number on the sticker?


Right-click My Computer, then click Properties.

When the system properties window appears, select the "General" tab.

Advise what's listed in the Computer: section - EXACTLY as you see it there.


Go to Start - Run - MSCONFIG - OK - "Startup" tab.

Write down ONLY the names in the "Startup Item" column that have a checkmark next to them.

If the "Startup Item" column isn't wide enough to see the entire name of any of them, widen the column.

Submit those names here in a vertical list.

Make sure to spell them EXACTLY as you see them there.


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I went to power my pc up and all I got was the main power light stays green and 1,2,3 stay green, Nothing on the monitor its blank, no beeping when I turned it on but if you hit the keyboard it sets off a beep.

Any help would be greatley needed


A:dell xps 400 123 lights stay lit

You can get some sense of what is wrong by interpreting the BIOS beeps. I could find no hits for "1 long, 3 short, 1 long beep", but there were several for "1 long, 3 short beeps".

What brand is your BIOS ? Different manufacturers have different codes. AMIBIOS and Phoenix I think are the only two...

EDIT ***

If your BIOS is Phoenix, and if the "1 long, 3 short, 1 long" code could be reinterpreted as "1 - 3 -1" (see link below), then your BIOS is pointing to a "RAM refresh verification failure" (whatever that is)...

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Hi, Can anyone help with this please. I recently bought a studio 1735 laptop, It has soft touch media keys that light when you push them, problem is, I cant see them. They are in a black panel and are hard to see in daylight, no chance at night. Is there any way to switch the lights on all the time.
Thanks for any help

A:Dell studio lights help

Please freely "chat" with Dell here:
I really don't know this one

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I reset all of my ram slots, video card and sound cards tonight. I also removed my processor heat sink fan and cleaned it b/c it was full of dust. When I put it all back together my computer turned on fine. I went into bios to check some things and when I saved and exited bios my monitor went black and my processor fan went full blast and the lights 3 and 4 on the front of my tower light up. Now every time I try to start my computer it keeps just doing that. Fan full blast and 3 and 4 lit up. I can't figure out whats wrong.

If anyone can help me with this, you will have my eternal gratitude and love.


A:Dell XPS 720 Diagnostic Lights and Fan

I believe those were btx type mb. They are very prone to failure and one of the indications of failure is the fan running at full speed.

What was the original problem that caused you to reseat ram, video card, etc?

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If you want to have Christmas light around the edges of your monitor screen,you can download a free trial here ...note they are NOT compatible with Vista ..

If you want a free screensaver for Christmas get one here

A:Monitor Christmas lights


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My Dell XPS420 boots lights 1 3 4 instead of 1 2 3 4. Upon rebooting sometimes it will start 1 3 4 and then shut down, restart itself and shutdown again. I have reseated the memory modules, checked all cables changed monitors and I'm unable to identify what is keeping me from starting. Also I notice a black and white wire cable with 6 pin holes that is not connected. It is #15 in the owner manual. Don't know if this cable should be connected to something, but cannot find any place to plug it in.
Any help would be most appreciated.

A:Dell XPS420 boot lights

there is nothing listed in the light sequence for 2 being missing on it own's manual2_en-us.pdf

a search for similar problems comes up as the video card or psu being the problem

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This morning I turned on my computer and it is making a loud noise but it will not start. The diagnostic lights on the front say 1 3 4. This happened a couple of times before, and I would shut it off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on and everything would work fine. However, this time it did not start at all. I am thinking it might be the processor, but I am not sure? If it is, how would I know what kind of processor it needs? Dell will not tell me unless they troubleshoot and determine what the problem is and then they would send their technician out to fix it (too costly). Help!!

A:dell xps 410 diagnostic lights 1 3 4 will not start

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On Dimension desktop with ABCD diagnostic lights (Dim 4700), the lights show G/Y/Y/G green/yellow/yellow/green. The Dell Service Manual and the Owner's Manual neither show this G/Y/Y/G series among the lights shown in the manuals.
One problem is that the POST procedure doesn't complete and it is extremely difficult getting into the F12 Boot Menu for troubleshooting or making changes there. Pressing F2 indicates "Entering Setup" but it doesn't enter Setup, probably because it doesn't finish the POST. Regarding the part on the monitor showing the POST procedure progress, it gets almost to the end and stops there. Whatever that last POST step is, that is probably where the main problem is which we cannot find. Does anyone know the final POST steps and/or what the yellow lights for the B and C indicate.

A:ABCD Dell Dim. Lights Diagnostic

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somethin is not right tower is turned on but there is no signal goin to the monitor....and the lights on the tower lights is now of my dvd drivers open half way and the other just wont has to be the damn voltage settings on my power supply

the story is there was a shutdown in my area for almost 12 hours becuz the city needed to rewire and fix some **** on the ground.

and when the power was up again...this happened.

i thought at first it was a bios issue so i took out that little round thing out of the motherboard and put it back but no luck......

my powersuppy is a 500w antec.....and i have a gigabyte motherboard.

the bad thing about my powersupply is theres no voltage i dont know how to adjust it...... ANY HELP well be appreciated

A:TOWER lights up but monitor no signal

You have a few misperceptions on how things work... such as voltage switcher on the power supply. You don't want to mess with the power supply.
Your problem could be power supply, hard drive, video graphics, or memory failure... or some other problem.
You can help us help you by posting your computuer brand and model as well as operating system, age of the unit, memory installed, and type of video graphics.
Further, we would like to know what antivirus software, Antispyware, and rootkit snoopers you have installed.
What was going on with your computer when the power failure hit? As that seems critical.
What was that little round thing? A CMOS battery with the number 2032?

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It's a custom build and came w/no manual for the card so I'm looking it up as I write this. What could be causing this? Its a brand new machine.
Card is ati radeon 4890
AMD quad core
vista home premium
4 gb ddr3 ram

I checked connections, cleaned some dust off the inside; the cpu temp was 38 C, HD 43C; usually they're about 35-40. I had just finished playing Silent Hill homecoming but it had no problem w/that.

A:Monitor not turning on; red lights on vid card

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 I am working on. It won't boot. The trouble lights on the back are:
A: Green
B: Amber
C: Amber
D: Green

This seems to be the only combination that Dell doesn't cover in their service manual.

Anyone know what that code might signify?

I have tired all of the standard remedies. Reset RAM, removed peripheral cards, unplugged drives.

The only one that seem to make a difference is that if I unplug the floppy I get an error message that the floppy wasn't detected.

If I try to go to setup to disable the floppy I just end up with the same message that the floppy can't be detected and it won't go to setup.

If I put a known good floppy in I get the same condition.

With the floppy installed I get the power and activity lights along with it checking the DVD's. It then hangs with the floppy light and the power and activity lights lit. It just sets in the boot up screen with the activity bar about 90% complete and doesn't do anything else.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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This is going to sound stupid/crazy/dumb/etc...but tonight, for the first time, I noticed a flashing white light on the front panel of my Dell XPS 8700...the light is next to the "Mini/MMC SD/RS/SDXC' slot...doesn't appear to have anything to do with putting an SD in. The light is sporadic, sometimes quickly flashing and then nothing..other times multiple flashes. My computer appears to be working fine.
I have searched all over the Dell site and can't find anything...I know on my laptop I have a flashing light next to the battery light..I have always assumed that is the processing light.
I feel like this something I should know; I just want to make sure that it is a normal thing.

A:What do the flashing lights mean on the front of the Dell XPS 8700?

Hi Troyj1972
Thanks for writing to us. 
Do you see a cylindrical icon beside the light, it indicates the hard drive. 
Which means there is a continuous access of data on the system which is indicated by the hard drive activity light. Even if you haven open any programs the HD activity will still blink as the windows is using few backend programs , drivers etc. 
The system is working normal, nothing to worry about. 

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I have a Dell Dimension 2400 that will not start up. On the diagnostic lights on back of the cpu only b and d are lit up (they are green). A and C are not lit. I cannot find any thing on this issue. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on with it?

A:Dell Dimension 2400 Diagnostic Lights

In case you don't have a manual for your 2400, here a list of diagnostic light errors.

Usually these errors point to a memory or video problem.

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We have a Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop system which will often fail to boot after a restart.  The diagnostic lights show a 1-2-3 pattern which has no definitive solution in the manual.  Pressing the power button shuts down the system immediately after this particular boot failure.  Pressing the power button from an power off condition always results in a successful boot.  This problem only occurs after a Windows restart and then not with every restart but intermittently.

A:Dell OptiPlex 745 Diagnostic Lights 1-2-3 on restart.

I have Dell optiplex 745 with device number H0KS3D1. The problem with my computer is some times it does not start but the fan runs and only after many trial it starts and sometime it gives me different colors. So how can i fix this problem.

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Hello fellow Techies- Just wanted some verification- I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 that has no lights- no powwer- and won't turn on. The powercord has its light on and works on other Dell's. I suspect a bad Mother board- Any thoughts?


A:Dell Inspiron DEAD- No lights Help Needed

Forgot to ask- if the battery is dead- will it create this type of problem?


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So I was using my Dell E510 and all of a sudden it shut off and the power light turned from solid green to flashing amber. The error codes on the front panel were 2 3 4. I looked this up in the manual and this is what I found:
"A possible USB failure has occurred."
"Reinstall all USB devices, check cable connections, and then restart the computer."
I checked to make sure all the connections were secure. I replaced the power supply. The computer still will not turn on. I still get the blinking amber light with the 2 3 4 error lights.
What can I do to make this work?

When I contacted Dell they said that since my warranty expired that I would need to pay to talk to someone about what part I needed to replace. I'm really hoping someone can help out here.

Dell E510
Pentium D 820 Dual Core (2.80GHz, 800FSB)
1 GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM 533MHz (2x512M)
Windows XP PRO SP3

A:Dell E510 error lights 2 3 4 - USB port?

My 1st guess would be that the motherboard has failed. The E510 used a BTX form factor board that had a high rate of failure. All Dell systems that used BTX form factor boards had a high rate of failure after 3 years or so. Intel discontinued further developement of BTX form factor boards in 2006.

Here is another thread in this forum at the present time where a Dell BTX board is being replaced.

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My laptop wont power on at all.
No charge light.
No light when power is pressed.

Was working fine yesterday.
Have tried battery and charger from identical working laptop to no avail.

Any ideas? I can usually fix laptops etc but if it wont power on at all I'm lost.

A:Dell Latitude E6520 won't power up (no lights at all)

Did you try removing the battery and AC adapter and holding down the power button for 30 seconds. Then re-installing the battery and try booting again?

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I have a Dell E521 desktop, which I've had for nine years and one day I suddenly discovered the front power button was flashing an amber light and then over time the power gradually died completely. I then looked online to confirm it was the power supply at fault and so went on ebay and bought a new power supply the exact same as the original.
The problem I have now is that everything powers up fine with a front green power light, but it is now showing green diagnostic lights on the front panel which are clearly 2 & 4. I've looked in the manual and it says, 'a possible graphic-card failure has occurred'. I've tried taking my Radeon HD6450 graphic card out and reinstalled it and I've also tried booting with just the integrated graphics on the motherboard, but the lights remain stuck at 2 & 4 and the computer will not boot up properly. Only the Dell logo screen appears on my monitor and the bar underneath that fills white as it boots is only three quarters of the way white. It's really frustrating to be greeted with yet another problem which I don't think is the graphic card, because how can both go down at the same time?
On the motherboard there is an LED that's showing an amber/orange light, it used to always be green, so what does this orange light mean? Can anyone please help me diagnose what the problem could be and a possible fix. I really like my Dell E521 and really would like to get it up and running again. Hope you can help.... Read more

A:DELL E521 - diagnostic lights stuck at 2 & 4..?

Try clearing BIOS to clear that error:

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Make sure RAM modules, video card and other PCI cards are correctly seated in their slots
Reinstall the battery - use a fresh one since the old one may be weak/dead. CR2032 3-volt lithium ion battery
Close case and reboot

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Hello everyone. I'm currently working on a friend's Dell Inspiron 17R-5720 running Windows 8. The LEDs on the front (Status, Loading, Battery, WiFi) are all off, even when battery is installed, and AC adapter is plugged in.

I've checked his AC Adapter with a multimeter, and it shows it's giving off the correct amount of power. I've also tried a working charger from another computer, and it's still not being recognized. I did a bit of troubleshooting before taking it apart, thinking it would be the laptop's DC Jack, so I went and replaced that, only to find it still is acting up. I even tried to take the battery out, and plug it in just with the AC Adapter, but no luck.

Now I did get it to power up once (with the battery installed) for a few seconds, with the message, "this battery is temporarily disabled" as shown in this thread. I powered it down, but it refuses to power back up again. I don't want to say it's a bad motherboard, but that's what I'm starting to believe it is. Has anyone else experienced this before?


A:Dell Inspiron 17R-5720: No Power - No Lights

Did you try with AC adapter only (battery back removed), I have run into few laptops that would not start with bad battery. ?

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Hi i have a Dell Inspiron 1100 that i use as a secondary computer. Just recently i formatted the hard drive and re-installed windows. It was fine for a while, and it still is, but recently the battery light flashes as if it is ultra low... Green, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, green. It only is supposed to do this if it is really low battery. i can't even tell if it is charging cause that light sequence never stops. your help is appreciated!

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 battery lights...

oh by the way the battery is fine... i have a cheap 4000 mAh battery that will last about an hour.

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I originally had a nice long question here, but since the window closed, and I seriously don't have time for such a long informative question right now, I'll keep it simple.

The monitor (UltraSharp somethings) for my computer is flickering. In LSD type colours. This problem is definitely the worst thing to happen to my 6 year old aging computer, and I probably shouldn't even have to mention how impossible it is to concentrate on any sort of work/recreation on this computer now. The basic specs are on my profile, and if you need more just ask.

Is it the video card or something? Please tech wizards, answer my prayers. There'll be a governmental position available for eventual fixers.

Thanks to you all.

A:Monitor flickering in all sorts of pretty colours

It could be your monitor or your graphics card. Try reinstalling the drivers for your graphics card. Also check the monitor cable. Do you have another monitor to try?

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I consider myself pretty computer literate and I will describe this problem as best I can. About 2 weeks ago I unhooked my laptop from my Gateway FHD2400 monitor and took it with me out and about. I have used this monitor/laptop setup for almost 2 years with no major problems. I don't remember any kind of serious bump or fall which could have damaged it while I was out. Yet when I got back and attempted to hook it up to my monitor, nothing. No reaction, I had no idea what the problem was. Tried a couple of restarts which didn't do anything so I just left it for a bit.

The next week I hooked up my monitor to my friends laptop using my HDMI cord and it worked no problem, so I assumed my HDMI port was damaged and ordered a VGA cable.I also hooked up my laptop to his T.V via my HDMI port and cable and that worked also. I don't know why I didn't check this before I ordered the VGA cable but I didnt. So the VGA cable arrived today but when I went to hook it up to my monitor, again nothing. My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT with the most current driver (downloaded today) and the rest of my specs are in my profile.

An addition detail to this is that when the problem first happend (2 weeks ago) I was running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit and have since upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I did a complete wipe and reinstallation. Before this however I downloaded a utility from gateway called EZ tune which basically allows you further control a... Read more

A:Solved: A pretty interesting problem with my monitor...

Solved by googleing my monitor and found out how to restore to factory settings, after doing so was instructed to install eztune and enter password for monitor and it works now. Strange.

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I bought a new tower and when I replaced my mainboard etc., and tried to switch on my pc the monitor didn't show anything, and the d-bracket(msi) showed four red lights. Nothing works, and I don't know if it is the mainboard or the processor.
Could somebody please help me.


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Answer Match 52.5%

Hey guys!
I came across this site while googleing my issue, and I'm hoping you can help me out.

I came home from a buddy's after having my PC there for the night. Worked fine there. Brought it home, and went to plug it in and when i plugged the power cord into the psu it sparked and stunk something awful!
I initally thought I had somehow fried the psu so I went and picked a new 550W one up (compared to my old 480W). Now, when I turn on my PC I get my fans & lights all turning on. I can feel the HD's running, but I'm getting no signal on my screen. I tried a new video card, still the same problem. Also, the first time I turn it on, if its been off for awhile, it'll stay on for about 1min, and then turn off. I power it back on, and then it'll shut down within a couple of seconds.

Dead MOBO? I assumed that if my mobo was dead, nothing else would turn on, maybe I'm wrong though.

Anyone else with this issue know what exactly is wrong? Any ideas would help!

Thanks! - Cody

A:No signal on monitor. All fans/lights/hd running?

You should have looked in the Guides and Solved Issues section -

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I have a Compaq Presario 7000, P4, 256RAM, etc. System is a couple of years old running Windows ME. System is used for gaming, internet, email, and that's about it. Just did a complete system restore which was successful. System has a 64MB video card, (not sure of specifics), and in the past when in intense game, computer will kick me out of the game and back into Windows. Was downloading 16MB of upgrades last night, and gaming at the same time. System kicked me out, only this time the monitor was blank, and all the keyboard lights are dead. Have tried rebooting several times, unplugged and reconnected everything. System powers up, HD light, CD, etc. light up, but monitor is in self test mode and says that the monitor is OK, check the video cable and computer, and keyboard lights are still dead.

A:monitor in test mode, no lights on keyboard

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DELL LATITUDE D820 won't boot, lights, no sound or display. Battery charged, adaptor plugged in, but when power button is pushed, power light, and other startup lights come on , after about 3 seconds they all go out. No sound, no screen display at all. Not sure how it was shut down last time used, it is not mine. tried replacing cmos battery, no change. took out and replaced memory card, still no change. any suggestions

A:dell latitude D820 won't boot up, lights stay on for 3 sec,

When's the last time you blew the dust out of the cooling vents?

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About three days ago I started my computer and was hit with the dreaded blinking amber lights on startup. I had read that taking the battery on the motherboard out and then putting it back in was a fix for it, it worked but I was afraid to turn off my computer so I didn't.Then yesterday morning the amber lights were back when I wasn't on the computer. I did the battery thing again and I no longer got the amber light, I got no lights and it still doesn't start. The motherboard light is on,I replaced the battery, tried removing different components and trying to start it again and just about any other solution besides buying a psu that I found in a google search. I just want to see if there is any other possible way before I have to buckle down and buy a new psu. I'm sure the button works because it flashes when I hold it down with the AC unplugged so that I can make sure the MB is off. Although I have to hold it down for like 40 secounds rather than 4 like its supposed to be.

A:Dell Dimension E510 wont boot and has no lights

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I have one of the newer model Dell Inspirion laptops. How do I turn off the light that accompanies the power button and the charge light on the front. I'm able to turn off my backlit keyboard, but these two other lights are quite bright and annoying when I'm trying to play movies in a dark room. 

A:Laptop lights (power/charging) - Dell Inspiron

What is the exact system model?
The power led and the leds on front are also used as diagnostic indicators. If there is any hardware issue on the machine, these leds help isolate the source of the issue. Hence, there is no way to disable the leds from turning on, as they would be connected to a cable soldered to the motherboard.
Download the service manual / specifications for a better understanding of the machine - - enter the service tag and download it from the Manual section.
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Basically, I bought a new Thermaltake case and the front panel wires (5) are labeled power sw, reset sw, HDD led, power led +, and power led -. On many motherboards the connectors on the mobo are conveniently labeled to make attaching them a breeze. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the mobo that came with my Dell inspiron i purchased last year. It is labeled LEDH1 and has no hints in the Dell manual as to what is what.  This is driving me crazy.
The mobo DPN is 088DT1 but I can't find its manual.
Here's a picture of closeups of my mobo connectors, and my case connection cables.

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Dell Dimension 8300 bought new a few years back, still has all original hardware, running XP home version 2002 with SP2, has P4 3.00 Ghz and 1 GB RAM (stock), Seagate 120GB HD model ST31200026AS, NIC card is Intel PRO 100 VE, built into the motherboard..
Problem is intermittent access to internet. Spoke with tech at Time Warner, IP address is good and can be seen with ipconfig on cmd screen. Problem is can't ping any sites when problem is present. Did a system restore from when it last worked consistently, resynced the modem and after that it worked (last Tues. night), then on Weds morning it didn't work again. Weds night it was working again.

Question is: what do the lights mean on that card? There is a steady red and two flashing oranges. No sign of a green light.
I was thinking I should put in a new basic NIC card in a slot, but wanted to find out what the lights mean first.

A:Dell 8300 w/ intel pro 100 ve lights red and orange; no internet access

Steady red doesn't sound good.

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So i have a dell inspiron 15 3521, about a year ago, it started turning on, but wouldn't charge. Then, the battery completely died and it wouldn't turn on. Also, when i plugged the charger in, the light on the charger unit turned on then off. I then proceeded to buy a new battery and charging unit. It turned on perfectly and worked well, but the battery wouldnt charge, and when the battery's charge was all out, it would start up, show the windows loading screen for 30-60 seconds and then mysteriously power off. (Same result with battery+charger in) When i tried turning it on with just the charger in, the front indicator lights would turn on for a few seconds, then turn back off. I tried getting rid of the static built up by pressing the power button down for 30 seconds, but no progress. I know that the outlet is working perfectly, the battery works well, just doesnt have a charge, and has been cleaned. I think the problem is either with the laptop not accepting power (for lack of better words) or the charger not producing enough power. All help is appreciated, and needed... Thank you! :)

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Hello and thank you very much --
Yesterday the cursor disappeared so I turned the pc off manually.  When I turned it back on after a few seconds all was OK.  Cursor disappeared again, so I tried the same thing, but the computer now won't turn back on at all.
The start button lights up amber then immediately goes out.  No sounds.  I have unplugged and plugged back in all the cords from wall, router, modem.  The lights on modem and router are all normal,  The laptop I am using as I type right now is hooked up to the same system, I'm not using the laptop wirelessly.  I have also unplugged the power and held down the start button for 10 seconds as was suggested on Dell's website.  But pc still won't respond.
The pc that won't turn on is a Dell 8900 which I bought 6 months ago and has worked perfectly up to now.  I use Windows10. 
What should I do next?    

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Hi - I have a Dell Dimension E521 which won't start up properly: when I turn it on I get a green flashing number 3 and 4 on the front and the fan is going - but nothing comes up on screen.

I haven't added or changed anything recently to it. I have tried unpluggin all the cables and plugging back in -but no change.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

A:Solved: Dell Dimension E521 Flashing lights but not action

heres the details on the diagnostic codes

3 and 4 - indicates memory issue - but not sure if thats the lights flashing
scroll down the page - tells you how to run a diagnostic

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For some time now, i have been experiencing that my Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking) all at the same time, I tried to google it but i can not find any solutions or explanations for it.

Does anyone know if it is bad? and what is causing this?

I am having a wired keyboard with nothing fancy just a standard issue Logitech keyboard.

A:Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking)

Can you toggle those functions off, one at a time? Sometimes restarting the computer will use the last state it was in, I'd fully shut down and pull the power cord from the computer and the keyboard cable then put them back and try again.

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Okay here is what is happening, I just cleaned up a PC that I own Windows ME OS, more or less a Dell Machine, with a couple of bits added.

Anyway after I was finished cleaning it up I brought it up to the house. It started up fine, Detected everything (from what I can see) but then as soon as it starts to go to the Desktop the Monitor goes blank and all the lights on the Monitor are flashing. I could not figure out what the problem is so I re-started and booted in Safe Mode which worked, I then went to look for the Drivers but it did not detect the Monitor or have drivers available for it (in Safe Mode - is this normal?), I think it is a case that some of the Drivers have been deleted.

So my questions are....

- Is it missing Drivers?
- If so where can I get them?
- Any other Ideas?



A:Start up Problem - Monitor Lights all flashing - blank screen

Good Evening Alan, I understand you can successfully boot into safe mode.
Understand that in safe mode a basic driver is used to allow video display.

Your symptom is similar to an out of range kind of problem as though you might be using an old monitor where sometime previously you may have had a more modern one and have increased the video settings which is unsuitable for the current one.

Whilst in Safe Mode, go to the control panel > Display > Settings and knock the screen size and colour settings back to say, the lowest available.

See if that allows windows to normally boot, you can increase the settings later if possible.


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Computer was running fine. Hadn't used it in about a week and I went to power it on and I get 3-4 odd buzzing sounds, no drive start up sounds, and monitor doesn't start. Start button light is still on, and a #3 and #4 and battery symbol lights remain on and then all is silent. This sounds serious.
This is a Dell Dimension E510 running Wins XP;

A:Dell E510 won't start...lights on front 3 and 4 and a battery symbol..and silencel...

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I was working on my computer when the monitor suddenly shutoff. I did a manual reset and now the monitor will not turn on and the BIOS will not post. After trying several things, the BIOS posted once, and now will not post anymore. I reset all items. Booted the computer with only the CPU, RAM and Video card, still no post. I tried a different power supply, still no beeps or posts. No keyboard or mouse lights either. Any help ASAP would be great! Thanks!!!!

System specs
P4 3.4 Ghz
Gigabyte GA-8KNXP motherboard
X800XT video card
XP Pro

A:Monitor shut off, no BIOS post, no keyboard or mouse lights, will not boot

Once I needed to remove the addon Video card, and then disperse all the computers internal voltage. By holding down (the non powered) computer's ON button for 30 secs.

Then plugging in the Vid card and power again, and turn on

Try that

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I have a Princeton LCD monitor, model VL1918, that's about 3 1/2 years old. It has started blinking at me even when it's not connected to the computer. In such condition there's a window that appears saying " NO SIGNAL". which flashes for a count of two, then disappears for a count of nine, then on again for two and off for nine.

Is this curable and at what cost?

Thanks for your thoughts.

A:Blinking Monitor

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I have a HP w2408h monitor that has had blinking on and off problems ever since I began using it with my Surfact Pro 3.  I ran across some 2114 posts on this forum where I found the following solution . . . Step 1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the monitor and the wallStep 2. Hold the power button down for at least one minuteStep 3. Plug the power cord back into the monitor and then into the wall outlet (not a power bar or surge protector)Step 4. Press the Menu button on the monitorStep 5. Navigate to the Factory Reset option and select it I followed those steps and , so far, my monitor no longer blinks (but its had periods like this before so time will tell) My question is about step three.  Why can't I use a power bar or surge protector?  Why does it have to be plugged directly into the wall?  

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Yesterday I replaced the old case of mine with a new one . I have put everything back to its place , turned on the PC and on brown colour I can see that the monitor is blinking , making annoying waves .
In the old case I never had issue like this . Tried 70/72/75 Hz with smaller resolution but the upshot was the same , the monitor was blinking .The monitor is Benq G2222HDL and the VGA is Gigabyte 5770

A:Sometimes the monitor is blinking

Ok , I have noticed that when the VGA isnt under stress everything is fine .Tomorrow I will clean the VGA and will post if the issue is still persist.

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I have windows vista professional and when booting up my P4 system my monitor goes right to the desktop quick but blinks for about twenty minutes before it stops blinking. I can restart it at that point and it will not blink when the desktop is displayed. if I let my system go in sleep mode for awhile and move the mouse to display the desktop again it blinks for about twenty minutes before it stops again. long as I'm using it this doesn't happen. Can you tell me what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for the support help,

A:Blinking Monitor

To see what hardware you have in that PC please run this on it and post the resulting text into your next reply :-

Any chance you could connect a different Monitor, just to see if the fault still happens or not ?

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I have an LG CRT monitor 2 years old. Since the past 15 days, my monitor has developed a problem. The monitor begins to blink continuously on and off each time switch on the PC. The rate of blinking dies down gradually , and finally the monitor shows the display. It is taking nearly 10 minutes for the monitor to stop blinking and show the display.

And, the monitor behaves properly if I do a system restart immediately. But, the computer again blinks continuously if I switch it on after a gap of 2-3 hours.

Please help me out to get out of this trouble. Is there any damage to components inside the CRT? or is it just the power cord trouble?

A:Blinking Monitor

Yup, it sounds like the high voltage rectifier and it's not worth fixing. Time to go LCD.


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Hope someone can assist w/ this.
I accidentally right clicked w/ mouse and hit
a different resolution button. Now my monitor is blinking so fast I can't even click on anything.
I can't stop it to view it either. This is on my desktop which is windows xp.
Any solutions? thanx.
(p.s., I called my normal tech place and their only advice was to bring it into the shop.)
** I did unplug and re-booted several times but w/ the same result.

A:Blinking monitor

Try booting up in Safe Mode and choosing a resolution. Note: your usual resolution might not be listed in there, but right we're going to focus on getting rid of the blinking.

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Ive been having a problem with my monitor blinking / flashing a black screen every 5 min. It always happens when i change screens for example: load a full screen game, refresh the screen, etc... Everytime i start up my CPU the screen blinks. Then i have to turn off the monitor, wait like 10-15 seconds, then turn it back on for it to work. When it does come back on, the graphics are all messed up. Could this be my monitor? Or does it have something to do with my graphic card? Any help would be appreciated. If possible a solution =) Thanks

A:Monitor Blinking

Screen flicker is normal when you change screen resolutions or settings (which more than likely happens when you play a full screen game). However the "messed up" graphics are not normal.

To test this we will isolate the variables. Here your variables are the graphics card and the monitor. You can: 1) attach the monitor to a known working computer. If the screen still acts funny, you know the monitor is at fault. If not, then it is probably your CPU's graphics card. Or you can 2) attach a known working monitor to the problematic CPU. If that screen acts funny, then you know it is your graphics card at fault, or at the very least not the original monitor. If that secondary monitor does not show any symptoms, then your original monitor is probably causing your problems.

Good luck!

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i recently installed a brand new system in my car that consists of a Micro ATX Mobo - AMD Athlon2 - 8 gb DDR2 1066 - dc-dc power supply -windows 7 and a computer monitor. the computer runs perfectly but the monitor i am using will go black for a second or two at random intervals. the dc-dc power supply has a 20 pin and a 4 pin for the mobo, power sata for the hard drive and another flat 4 pin that i am not using. since the lcd i am using needs 12 volts i connected it to the 12v and ground from that flat 4 pin off the ps. this setup was fine when i set it up on a normal psu from my other computer.. is it possible that the dc-dc psu cant handle the load from the lcd? also i did set this up temporarily in my car to see if it would work and it did. although at that time it was not in its native resolution. the native resolution of my monitor is 640x480 at 60hz. windows 7 for some reason will only allow me 59hz no matter how i try to change it. does anyone have some idea as to what the blinking is caused by?

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I have a viewsonic monitor that when i plug it in and turn it on, keeps blinking on and off. The way i used to be able to fix it was turning it of and back on manually until it came on, but now it does it automatically and never turns on. It seems like there is a bad capacitor because it turns on, and you can see the screen for like half a second, then the backlight turns off, then the whole screen turns off and this repeats. So i took it apart and noticed that on the power supply board several capacitors were bulging at the top, so i ordered replacements from mouser and soldered them in. Unfortunately it still blinks. I think if i found the same model monitor that had a cracked screen but working electronics, i could swap them out because the screen seems to still be fine. any ideas on other things i could try?

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I just bought an hp pavilion desktop 510-p020. I hooked it up to my hp w1907 monitor which is about 7-8 years old. Everything was working fine until I left the system idle. When I returned to the computer the monitor was dark. I hit one of the keys to awaken the computer. Instead the monitor just kept blinking on and off. I tried restarting the computer with the same result. The system itself is starting up so I don't think the modem is the problem. When I click the power button on the display, it turns on for a second then turns off. In the meantime the system startup is progressing. I have tried changing the power cord, checking all the connections, and plugging the display directly into the wall, all with the same result. Anyone have a clue as to what's going on?

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I am currently on a Dell dimension 2400 PC, with windows XP home edition service pack 2 that my mom got in 2003, but the monitor has started blinkling, what happens is the screen will suddenly go black & then start blinking, with a faint light in the bottom corner, I can see the screen contents between blinks. This occurs when; I have been away from the computer a while, upon start up & sometimes when I am in the middle of something. so far what I have done is jiggle/wiggle the cord that plugs into the back of the monitor, & it usually brings the monitor back but it it is taking more jiggling the cord than ever to get the screen back. The computer seems to be ok, watched the diagnostic lights at the back of the computer upon start up, all green no red. but the monitor is very irritating. Is it the cord? before I started up today, I tried unplugging the cord that plugs into the monitor & then re plugged it back in, then started up the computer, all was well for a while, there was no blinking at start up, but then after I was away from the computer for about 10 minutes, moved the mouse & it started blinking again. The monitor is a 15 inch LCD, should I get a new cord for it? will I be able to find a new cord for this monitor? it came with the PC in 2003. Do I need to get a new monitor? is the computer dying? I need some quick help as it is hard to do my work with the monitor, want to solve the problem as I cant keep wiggling the cord that plugs into the back... Read more

A:blinking monitor

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my laptop screen starts to blink suddenly,, it was working fine since yesterday but now , its blinking every 3 sec ,,how can i stop this?

A:blinking monitor

If your laptop is still under warranty I suggest contacting the manufacturers, as it could be a hardware issue. If it isn't, try updating the graphics drivers first.


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Okay I have a problem. For sometime, whenever I started my computer, my screen would blink for a while but would eventually become stable and everything would be fine. But now, while I was using the computer, it suddenly went off. Now when I turn on the monitor it keeps blinking that is it comes on for a second and then goes off and then comes and so. It's impossible to use the computer this way. What should I do?


A:Monitor Blinking

Short answer is try another monitor. It does sound like a monitor issue. Let us know if that's it or not, and we'll go from there if needed.

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Iím working on a friends Dell XPS 410.
Iíve installed a new HDD and performed a fresh install of the OEM Vista.
During bootup, or when the computer is trying to do something .. Like recognize a connected external ..
The monitor flashes off several times, for about a second .. The on duration is variable.
Iím using one of my monitors .. Not his, So this eliminates a monitor problem.

This is one of the same problems as was in his old HDD and System.

Any ideas what may be causing the monitor flashing ??

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Brief description:

Upon log-in, my monitor begins to blink irregularly. After several minutes of occasional blinking, the screen will simply go black. Strangely, this blink-to-end-all blinks leaves the monitor in *sleep* mode - I can tell because its power-button light is now orange.

What I've done: Switched the monitor, to ensure that this isn't a monitor problem (it isn't - it happened with both monitors). No new software has been downloaded recently. Do I *need* to call geeksquad or something, or is there a way to determine what is causing this? I'm guessing video card but I know so little about hardware that I've got no reason to support that.

Any suggestions on further diagnosing the issue, let me know. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but in an hour or so I will try playing audio to determine if it will continue after the screen goes off / into sleep mode.

Thanks for the help!

A:Monitor Blinking

If the display is ok until you get into Windows it could be a Video driver problem, boot into Safe Mode (tap F8 after the Post text screen and when the safe mode menu appears press Enter) and see if it still flickers then.

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I don't know the brand of my computer... I don't think it even has one. It was built for me by my husband Who is in another country for about four months (so it is now up to his uneducated wife to fix any computer problems that may occur)

My problem started when I tried to hook my scanner up to my computer. (my scanner was not USB) Anyway after I got it hooked up and I turned my computer back on the monitor just blinked at me. Absolutely nothing else happened. No power in the tower. Nothing. So I unhooked my scanner and started it back up... and it still did the same thing.

I have checked all my cable connections and even reinstalled the card to my monitor. And I am now all out of ideas. So if I can't figure this out then I will either have to hire someone to come down and look at it (which I cannot possibly afford) or wait four months for my husband to come home.

I am very open to suggestions. Please someone help me.

A:My monitor is blinking at me... again

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Dell inspirion 5100 won't boot,already replaced power jack,problem improved slightly now shows following ,where as previously nothing.
with no battery + external power power and batttery light flash green every 10 sec .
with battery + external power power momentary flash twice of battery ,power and drive. battery light bright other two dull . no fan or other noise apparent screen stays blank.
Any ideas of source of problem, Help. need service manual , only found fsm for pull apart no info on servicing/repair or trouble shooting. nyome have a link to same. can't locate bios battery counldn't see it any where on mother board ,? wher is it would replace if new where it was. Any help apreciated

A:Dell Inspiron 5100 won't boot blank screen no noises no permanent lights

You will find all the info here including manuals.

As you have no fans running this sounds like a power supply failure which could be internal.

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Hi guys,
I'm new to the forum and have had the below issue for about a week now.
I've been looking for solutions in this forum and online but nothing worked or matched the symptoms.
Symptoms are :
The computer when powered up does not start,
Screen remains black,
Touch sounds buttons mute and raise volume blink in unison,
Lower sound button remain on,
This is for a Dell Studio 1535 I have had for 7 years. Running windows 8 for 4/5 months now.
I have tried : A solution by Krypebud posted here 6 years ago : which was to download the firmware ISO I and reboot the computer. This did not work.
I have also checked that the screen does not work on a second monitor : it does not.
Additionally I have tried the LCD BIST test which works fine, no distortions, colours all seem fine.

Would anyone know needs to be done here ? (apart from buying a new laptop)
Please be simple in your explanations I have very little knowledge of computers, assume I have no idea about anything.
Thanks in advance for your help,

A:Dell Studio 1535 - Sound Button Lights Flashing - Computer won't start

There are 3 sound buttons in a row. Which one remains on? The first one while the other 2 blink?

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so i just got home from work, start my CPU, watching some youtube, when suddenly the main monitor (DELL) turn black, and not long it goes like this

i bought this like 2 months ago, it still consider NEW in my opinion, this problem should happens later on the 5 or more years to come, i'm not making any changes before this happened, and it works great before, VGA driver always updated, at first i thought my VGA failing, but my secondary monitor works OK (samsung)
here's what i've done after this happens:
GOOGLING about it, found nothing about the same problem i have
i've checked all the cables and adaptor nothing loose
i've tried to unplugged the HDMI cable, still the same
tried to  turn the monitor off for about 10minutes or so, still the sameDELL Monitor plugged into HDMI and
tried to change the main monitor between samsung & dell, duplicate it, extend it via windows 10 display settings
should i turn this monitor in for warranty claim? since it's only two months old, or is there any way to fix this??
and here's my PC specs------------------System Information------------------      Time of this report: 8/8/2016, 20:43:06         Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release_sec.160630-1736)                 Language: English (Regional Setting: English)  &... Read more

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