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Solved: Hard drive not recognized by BIOS

Q: Solved: Hard drive not recognized by BIOS

AMD Athlon 2200+ with 256MB of DDR Ram.
Biostar M7VIQ motherboard
60GB hard drive

Computer has been starting erratically for awhile. Sometimes it will start., other times it fails and says "HARD DISK NOT FOUND..."

I think the hard drive it finished. With power on I do not feel that 'gyro' effect you normally feel from spinning platters in a good drive.

So I tried a brand new 80GB hard drive. After numerous reboots the BIOS finally recognized it. I was then able to install WinXP. When installation was complete, I did a few Windows updates. Now I'm getting "HARD DISK NOT FOUND..." message again.

Thinking the motherboard battery could be failing, I tried a new one. Made no difference.

I tried new IDE cables. Made no difference.

I set BIOS settings all to default settings. Made no difference. Tried optimized settings. Same thing.

I'm running out of ideas. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

PS: Bootup each time is EXTREMELY slow.

A: Solved: Hard drive not recognized by BIOS


I'm an idiot. I removed the jumper from the new drive (not listed in jumper options) and it is seen every time by the BIOS.

Boots normal speed also...

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HP Pavilion zv5348rs (zv5000 series) had/has 60gb (original) hard drive in it. Running Windows XP SP-3 I want to change it out as there are bad sectors on it and it's making some strange noises

I tried replacing the HD with an HP (Seagate) 100 gb hard drive. Using the same Jumper Pin Settings as on the 60 gb

The hard drive is NOT recognized by the bios.

I can boot from cd rom, or USB but no way can I find a HD (other than the generic USB)

I put the 60gb back in and it is detected and will boot back up.

Any help appreciated.

A:Solved: HP Pavilion zv5348rs new hard drive not recognized by BIOS

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 that I installed a new Seagate Barracuda model

7500.10 part no. 9DJ04E-305 250 Gb hard drive in. The O/S, Windows xp,

installed but the hard drive is not recognized in the BIOS unless I install the

jumper in the master position, when this is done the computer boots to the black

screen that says "NTLDR missing". I have installed the NTLDR file in the folder I

found it in on my laptop but still get the same results. This is the only hard-drive

and I flashed the BIOS. Any help would be appreciated.

A:New hard-drive not recognized in bios yet loaded new OS

is the sata driver loaded?

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Hey all,
I had 3 hard drives connected to my pc with 1 IDE for booting windows and the other and the other 2(SATA and IDE) for storage. I did a reinstall of windows and now my IDE storage drive is not recognized by windows. I looked at the hard drives under computer management but it does not appear at all. It does show up in the bios though. I checked the jumper setting and even tried connecting via usb with an external enclosure. With the enclosure it just found the hardware but no drive on 2 different computers.

Recovering the information on the drive is ideal, but not necessary. That said, does anyone have any idea how to fix this? If I do not find a solution, is there any way to format the hard drive without windows? I thought about installing a different OS on another computer just to format the drive but was not sure if this would work or if there was an easier way.

Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive recognized by bios, but not windows

If you are using Vista/XP/Server 2003 or Seven, you can look in Disk Management.

Go to computer management (right-click computer then Manage)

On the left of the window, select Disk Management.

This will show not just the drives, but also the partitions on the drives.

It may be that the drive has become corrupt or is formatted in a way that Windows does not understand. Alternatively, it may just need to be assigned a drive letter.

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Hello! Having some serious issues, as it seems we all have. So, here's the situation. As a nerd truck driver I bought a laptop for skyping with the family and playing games. Laptop was working fine one night and the next morning I start it up and windows won't boot. Just gives me a blank screen with the infamous blinking cursor in the top left.

After searching the forums, it appears I need the Win7 install discs, which this computer did NOT come with. I may be able to get my hands on a reinstall disc, but I doubt it'll be a samsung laptop disc. I was, however, able to make a recovery disc from my wife's Dell laptop. I thought she had a reinstall disc, but we can't find it.

My current problem, and the most troubling, is that now BIOS doesn't even show the HDD. I checked the connections and they are fine, and I was able to put the SATA drive in my desktop and copied all my important data to my desktop. So I know the drive is good. Nothing is corrupted and all partitions, including the recovery partition is intact. I can't figure out why the laptop isn't showing the drive in BIOS now, though.

I've tried the recovery disc a second time, but it doesn't seem to want to boot correctly now. It worked fine when the HDD was recognized, but now it's getting to the blinking screen, then the cursor jumps to the bottom right and pixelates across the bottom of the screen like it's trying to load.

I can probably get my hands on a reinstall disc if I can download one or ask around tomorro... Read more

A:Hard Drive first not booting Windows, now not recognized in BIOS

Ok, I got the recovery disc to boot again, but still don't have the HDD in BIOS yet. Only option that works in the recovery disc is the command prompt. searching for the HDD that way, but so far, I have only found D: which has the Dirs: Boot, and Sources, and a file called bootmgr. This is along with X: which is obviously the recovery disc. So far, I can't find anything else.

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Hi every body, I am new to this forum. I have fair amount of experience with PCs, including building them. Now I have a new problem. I installed a new HDD, configured it as the Primary 'o' drive (Cable Select). No other drive. The single drive is detected by the BIOS. When I try to install Win XP, the setup loads the necessary files, but when I hit Enter to install OS, I get a message saying "No hard drive is found".

I have tried different hard drives changed the cables, tried it as Master, nothing works, same message. Would appreciate your help.

A:Hard drive is recognized by BIOS, but not byWin XP installatio

Normally this has to do with Windows not having the drivers for the controller. Usually the driver is on a floppy disk or on the CD that came with the motherboard and will need to be put on a floppy disk.
During the install you will be prompted to press F6 to install additional SCSI or RAID drivers. This is where the controller drivers will need to be installed.

Can you list your motherboard specs and we may be able to find you them.

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Recently I decided to upgrade my hard disk storage space so I bought a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 160GB SATA hard disk drive. Upon installing the drive I entered the Bios and went into "Intergrated Peripherals" section and set the BIOS to recognize P-ATA + S-ATA drives. When I reboot the new Maxtor drive shows up in Windows Explorer and functions normally. Also in Windows Explorer, my CD/DVD drive appears. However when I put a cd in the drive and click on the drive in Explorer I get the message to "Insert a disc into drive F:". The drive will not read the disc. When I went into Device Manager the CD/DVD drive shows up and says that it is functioning properly. Strange.....
So, I rebooted and reset the BIOS to the setup defaults (ie. P-ATA Drive Only) and when the computer boots up now the CD/DVD drive functions normally but the Maxtor drive is now not recognized. I understandObviously the Maxtor drive is not recognized because the BIOS is set for P-ATA drive only, but why when the BIOS is set for P-ATA + S-ATA is the CD/DVD drive not recognized?

My computer specs are as follows:

Processsor: Intel Pentium4 3.2C GHz (478pin/FSB800)
Motherboard: MSI i865G ATX
Bios: AMI Bios
RAM: DDR SDRAM 1GB (512MB x 2 / PC3200)
Video:nVidia GeForce FX5700 128MB AGP
Sound: CREATIVE SoundBlaster Audigy2ZS Platinum Pro
Hard Disk1:160GB Ultra ATA HDD (7200rpm)
Hard Disk2:Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 160GB SATA
OS: Windows XP PRo

A:CD/DVD Drive not recognized in BIOS after installing SATA hard disk

No one going to take a stab at this one. Please, I need some help here. Any advice would be appreciated

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Right, so I recently upgraded my computer. I just need to install Windows XP onto my hard drive. The problem is, in BIOS, my CD Rom isn't getting recognized. I have a IDE to SATA adapter (this one to connect the CD ROM which as a old IDE connector, to the motherboards SATA ports, as it does not have any IDE ports.I also see that the LED for the adapter is on and I know that the switch is in the correct place. Please help. My motherboard is a EVGA P55V, which can be found here.

A:Solved: CD Drive not Recognized in BIOS

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Hi everyone,

I have a Seagate ST320430A 20.4 GB ultra ata drive that will spin up but is not being recognized in either of two systems. The drive came out of a pc that was dying and I just rebuilt. I thought I had copied all the files I needed off of this drive. But now have figured out that of all the things for me to forget.... I didn't get the outlook.pst file. UGGG!!!

I've called a couple of local computer shops. The conscensus is that if it spins up but isn't recognized then the controller card on the drive is probably bad. If that is the case I'm being told that there's no hope.

1. Is it true that there's no hope if the controller card is bad?

2. What are the chances of me taking this apart and replacing the controller card from an identical drive?

3. I think I've set all the jumpers correctly for the drive. I can't remember if jumpers will prevent it from being recognized in the bios. I think I've tried all of the options though...


A:Solved: Seagate drive not recognized in bios

yes when the controller card on a hard drive goes dead then its usually comes to a dead end, personally i have never tried to rip it open and try to replace the controller card, something you could try and do if you wanted to try it, but wouldnt get your hopes up. as far as the jumpers go it doesnt matter where you put it on the hard drive it would show up in the system somewhere you would just have some conflicts going on that would let you know that you need to redo your settings on your drives.

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I'm working on a friends Dell Inspiron 8000 which came with a 20GB Hitachi IDE hard drive which now sounds like loose coins when it runs. I installed a new Fujitsu 120GB PATA drive. I've been able to reload Windows and make it boot from CD using the Windows disk, but, I can't get the BIOS to recognize the drive and therefor boot from the new hard drive.

Are the new "PATA" drives not compatible with older machines that came with IDE drives?

A:Solved: Newly installed PATA drive not recognized in BIOS

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I am repairing my fiance's computer and I've got everything up and running . . . so it seems.

The only problem I am having is the Operating System (Windows XP Pro SP3) is not recognizing the 2nd Hard Drive. When I go into the boot menu it is recognized. When i started the computer it says found new hardware and finds the hard drive. In the Device Manager it recognizes both hard drives. When I open My Computer, I only see the "c" drive.

Any ideas why this is the case?

When i boot up, i get asked which Operating System I want to use. It seems there used to be dual OS installed. I would like to format the second drive and use it for storage.

As always, any and all help is greatly appreciate.

A:Solved: 2nd Hard Drive Not Recognized by OS

Could be there isn't a partition on the drive, Try right clicking My Computer and choose Manage. Go to Disk Management and see if the hard drive is shown there. You might have to create a partition on the drive or assign it a drive letter.

Another thing could be the jumper setting, although i don't think it would show up in the BIOS if the jumper was set incorrectly.

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Hello everyone,
Sorry if this is a rehash of something that was already discussed. I did a search and came up with nothing.
In advance for having such an informative website. A friend showed me the link today after I discussed what was going on with my computer with him. I will start from the beginning.

Everything was fine up to Tuesday, July 21st. I was on my computer and doing nothing out of the ordinary. I eventually went to take a nap and woke up to get back on the internet but my monitor wouldn't turn on. So I decided to reset the computer ( which turned out to be a bad idea ?) which caused it to power cycle to the windows loading screen and throw errors and crash. I started to freak out and decided to try to recover/ roll back, but none of it worked which brings me to where I am now. I ended up reformatting ( I'm not really computer savvy ) and I just finished the install of everything and I'm back online but now my 2nd hard drive which is basically used for media and gaming isn't being recognized by my computer. I can visibly see it on the BIOS and even Disk Management, but not under MY Computer.
Obvious questions I've got are can I fix it so that my computer recognizes this hard drive, is this even fixable or do I have to take it to someone to have it restored?

Here are some details on my comp.

* Vista 64 bit OS
* Seagate 700gig ( HDD 1)
* WD Velociraptor ( HDD 2)

** like I said I'm not really computer savvy so if you need any other... Read more

A:Solved: ** HELP! Second hard drive not being recognized

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I have a 250 gig Maxtor External HD.

I believe my friend used it and formatted it for a Mac. Now on my XP PC, I can't get it to recognize. It loaded and installed the drivers just fine, but I can't see anything in My Computer.

I'm fine with formatting over whatever is on there, but I just can't see it / use it to even try!


A:Solved: Hard Drive Not Recognized

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I bought an SATA 2.5 hard drive housed in an external case powered by USB, on ebay:

Win 7 can't find a driver and it didn't come packaged with one. How can I get Win 7 to recognized the drive?

Thanks much,

A:Solved: USB Hard Drive Not Recognized in Win 7

No drivers are necessary for a usb drive with win7, xp, vista, or win2k. All of those os have native drivers for an usb external drive.

Post a screenshot of device manager.

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While trying to help a friend fdisk and format his hard drive, one restart posted "drive not recognized". In fact, it cant recognize the CD rom, only the floppy drive is recognizable. All connections are is the drive dead? Any comments?

A:[SOLVED] hard drive not recognized

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My computer is not recognizing my hard drive. I have even tried another know good hard drive and it doesn't recognize it either. This hard drive is fine and works on my other pc. This happened a couple of weeks ago and I just let it sit a couple of days and it booted right up without doing anything to my pc. This time it's not booting even after a couple of days sitting idle.

This seems rather strange at best but a problem regardless. Anyone know what the problem might be.

I have win98 se
60 gig drive
512 ram
950 mhz



A:[SOLVED] Hard drive not recognized by pc.

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I had 2 hard drives installed. Several months later Windows XP was perfectly riddled with bugs. Windows was re-installed with a newer version, with the result that I have no less than 4 versions on my computer, the newest version and the oldest version being the 2 working version. Anyway, the newer version of Windows does not recognize the fact that I have another hard disk drive. The older version does, but is so beset by bugs that I can do nothing but transfer files between drives.

I have changed jumpers on the older drive, which did absolutely bugger all, and each hard drive has a different type of cable, so it is impossible to slave the two together. Not even partitioning tools recognize the damned older hard drive. Only the Setup and the older, buggy version of Windows does.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Hard Drive Not Recognized

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I built a trial server with Windows Home Server software on an old Shuttle SK43G pc. I started the build on a 300GB IDE drive. Since I liked what I saw, I purchased two 1TB SATA drives to replace the 300GB. I cloned the 300Gb drive to a TB drive and installed it on the PC's onboard SATA connection.

Unfortunately the new drives aren't recognized in BIOS. I played with all the settings and it still won't recognize the drive. I updated the BIOS, still the same results. I removed the 1TB drives and installed a 320GB SATA drive. This time, the PC recognized the SATA drive.

Should I assume that my old PC won't support a TB drive. Is my only option to install a PCI SATA card?

A:Solved: 1TB Hard drive not recognized

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Recently, my computer has stopped recognizing my western digital drive. The strange thing is, my PS3 reads it just fine, to the point where I can play movies and what not off of it just fine.

When I plug it in, the lights on the drive light up, and I can hear/feel it working, yet under 'my computer', there's nothing.

I also tried it in another computer, and again, it didn't show up.



A:Solved: External Hard Drive Not Recognized...

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I have had this iomega 500gb external hardrive for about 5 months and it has been working fine, untill this morning. For some reason my computer cant find the hard drive now. There is a blue light indicating that the hard drive has power running to it (it has a seperate power source to the computer) but there is no flikering light wich usually comes on when the computer is reading it. I have made sure all the cables are in properly but the hard drive can't be found in either my computer or device manager. I tried the hard drive on another computer and it worked but it still wont work on my computer.
Im using windows vista ultimate on an "s-series mother board".
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
RAM: 2.00GB
System type: 32-bit opperating system

A:Solved: Iomega Hard Drive not Recognized

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Having a problem with a LaCie 160GB FireWire hard drive I just bought. I have Windows 98SE, and I don't think it can be the FireWire card, because my iPod is detected immediately when I plug it in.

However, when I plug in the hard drive to the same port (I've tried all 3 ports on the card) Windows doesn't detect it.

I called LaCie's tech support, the only suggestion they had was to try it on another machine, but I don't have access to any other computers with FireWire. So short of returning the stupid thing, I have no clue what to do. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

A:[SOLVED] FireWire hard drive not recognized

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I have a USB 2.0 Notebook enclosure that I have been using. It worked great with this old 10 gig hard drive I was using. I purchased a new 40 Gig drive and I cannot get it to be recognized in "My Computer" It shows up in device manager as soon as it's plugged in. I also get the balloon pop up saying it's installed and ready to use. Is there something I have to do to make it recognizable.


A:Solved: Cannot get USB 2.0 External Hard Drive to be Recognized

Yes, Partition and Format it.

Right Click on My Computer and Select Manage. Then select Disk Management and you shoudl see the new drive. Right click on the name of the drive and Initialize it. Then right click anywhere on the drive space and choose to Partition it. You'll also be given the option to format it and assign a drive letter.

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a Adaptec USB 2.0 drive enclosure, and popped in a Western Digital drive. Problem is that the PC does not mount the drive. The 'Safely remove device' icon comes up, but XP Pro won't stop the drive so it can be unplugged. I tried this in my backup unit with Win98SE , installed the drivers there before plugging in the machine (these drivers were not installed in XP, as it's supposed to automatically recognize it), and essentially get the same problem. The hard drive is already partitioned and formatted, and if I install it in a PC, the drive otherwise works perfectly. According to manufacturer's directions, it supposedly needs to be done again. It shouldn't.

My old USB 1.1 external drive that I had used drivers for xp and 98, worked fine before I broke it. I am totally at a loss as to why the hard drive is not recognized in XP or 98SE.

Mike T.

A:Solved: External USB hard drive not recognized

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I have a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200 GB External Hard Drive which has been working fine until yesterday when all of a sudden the drive became unreadable. This has happened before, some time ago and I ended up loosing all my data as the only way out was a format. I formated the drive again last night to get it up and running again but after booting up my computer today the external drive is no longer showing up in 'My Computer'. It is recognized in Device Manager but I cannot find it anywhere else. Can anyone help me out please?

Best wishes Anais

A:Solved: External Hard drive not recognized in 'my computer'

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I've searched through the forums and have found similar topics, but none that describe exactly what I've got going on.

Last night, my Western Digital external hard drive disconnected from my HP Pavilion laptop. I wasn't home when it happened, but I believe it fell from the USB cable and onto our (carpeted) floor. Not sure if the computer was on or off when it happened (my wife was using it), but I believe it was restarted at some point without the drive in.

I then tried turning off the laptop and re-plugging the drive, and while the drive still lights up and hums, the computer only sees it as an "unknown device." It doesn't seem to be as active inside as it usually is, but I can still detect some movement when the computer first starts up. The drive has disconnected before while the computer has been on, but normally I've been able to plug it back in just fine.

It doesn't show up in My Computer, nor is there any "Safely Disconnect" icon in the tray. It's not in "disk management" in My Computer either. It doesn't work in any of the other USB ports, nor did it show up while plugged into another laptop. I switched USB cables (no go there either), and also tried hooking up my printer to the laptop--that did work. So, it's something with the drive itself, not the USB port.

I've tried reinstalling it and detecting new hardware, and again, the computer either can't find anything, or ... Read more

A:Solved: External hard drive took a dive, not recognized now

You might try taking the drive enclosure apart and using
a usb adapter to connect it,or hook it up directly in a desktop
if you have one.
Sound like the enclosures controller got messed up and the drive
may be ok.
Here is a possible adapter type to use.

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Hi -
I'm having a problem installing XP Pro SP2 on my new WD hard drive. The new HD is a SATA 6 Gps jumpered for 3 Gps. My problem is almost exactly like the one described here:

[SOLVED] Unable to install XP...Harddrive Error...

The solution provided there is exactly what i've found in other forums and blogs. Once I got past a floppy drive problem that prevented me from loading the SATA drivers using the F6 key solution, I finally was able to load the drivers from the floppy that came with my m/b.

However, after Windows setup started, it got to the point after loading some drivers where it showed me the blue screen giving me 3 choices - I chose to begin installing Windows XP. So I clicked Enter, and the next blue screen gave me the message "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer."

I've tried several different configurations in the BIOS, but none worked. Right now, its at the default settings. SATA is configured for RAID since my m/b floppy contains RAID Drivers.

Man, I am at a loss. I have no idea why I can't get XP installed. Thank you for any help.

A:[SOLVED] SATA hard drive not recognized after F6 during XP Pro install

You want to set the SATA to work as IDE . . not RAID, unless you have a RAID array. . . and you want the SATA drivers, not RAID drivers.

If you set the SATA controller to work as IDE you do not need the drivers on the floppy

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I just built my first computer (specs in signature) with a SATA hard drive. I put the windows XP Pro CD and it formatted my Hard drive the it installed windows, but it says that windows could not start due to a hardware configuration problem. Is there some special thing I need to set to get it to boot from the drive or what? Any help would be greatly apreciated, thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Windows XP is not recognized on SATA Hard drive

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I have a SeaGate external drive and for some reason my computer will not recognize it. It makes the noise that it knows something has been plugged in, but I never get the icon in the tray and I never get a drive letter. I've tried plugging it into another computer and it works fine there. That computer recognized it and all of my files are still on the drive. I can plug an iPod in and it recognizes that just fine. Can someone please help me??

A:Solved: SeaGate External Hard Drive Not Recognized

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I'm having a similar problem to the one posted here.
I've added a second HD as the master drive on my secondary IDE cable. It is recognized under BIOS and Device Manager, but not under Windows Explorer.
I went to Disk Management and the drive is listed as "Healthy (Active) status. It does not have a drive letter and the file system is blank.

I'm hesitant to partition the disk though, as it is my backup disk, with all of my documents and other files on it. (This makes me extra concerned as I just noticed it also lists the drive as 100% free.) The drive was working fine on the same hardware setup a week ago. I formatted to unclutter my XP, and I'm putting all the goodies back in the case now.

What can I do here? Is my data in fact gone? Or do I have options still? I'm getting more confused the more I figure out on this one...never a good sign, *sigh*...


A:Solved: Second hard drive not recognized in Windows Explorer

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I just rebuilt an old system using Windows 7 Home Premium after using WinXP pro for many years. The primary hard drive is WDC 150 Mg and Win7 is installed and updated to current with SP1. I dropped a second WDC hard drive in, formatted and was going to use it for a 2nd backup unit. Both of these are sata. Both hard drives are recognized by Disk Management but when I select Computer on the start menu ONLY the primary 150 Mg drive is recognized. If I plug in an external drive, both Computer and Disk Management recognizes the external drive. How do I have Win7 recognize my backup WDC drive so I can use it.

Thank you

A:hard drive NOT recognized in computer but IS recognized in disk mgmnt.

Quote: Originally Posted by PERSIL

I just rebuilt an old system using Windows 7 Home Premium after using WinXP pro for many years. The primary hard drive is WDC 150 Mg and Win7 is installed and updated to current with SP1. I dropped a second WDC hard drive in, formatted and was going to use it for a 2nd backup unit. Both of these are sata. Both hard drives are recognized by Disk Management but when I select Computer on the start menu ONLY the primary 150 Mg drive is recognized. If I plug in an external drive, both Computer and Disk Management recognizes the external drive. How do I have Win7 recognize my backup WDC drive so I can use it.

Thank you

Had similarities on my pc.

Goto BIOS, there you have 4 options.

Primary Master
Secondary Master

Primary Slave
Secondary Slave

Set it as follows:

Primary Master -----> Main Boot HDD
Secondary Master -----> EMPTY

Primary Slave -----> CD/DVD RAM
Secondary Slave -----> Secondary backup HDD
Hpe it helps!


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my old toshiba ATA 6 hard drive failed. so i purchased a seagate ata-100 hard drive from new egg. i installed the new hard drive and loaded the windows recovery cd. when in windows XP home edition setup it says,

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or set up program.

Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3.

also in BIOS it says primary hard drive source: none

any ideas on how to get the hard drive working

A:Solved: Dell 600m laptop new hard drive not recognized

What were the symptoms of the previous drive failure?
Can you see this drive in the BIOS or the splash screen?
Can you hear the drive spin up?
Double check your installation.
It's possible some other component has failed.

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My system, an IBM PC315, has been working fine
for a year. Suddenly, the hard drive is no
longer recognized at boot time. This did not
happen in a hard way, but intermittently. That
is, for a period of about 2 weeks, the hard
drive would be seen OK sometimes, but not seen
other times.

The system has two hard drives, actually, both
SCSI. Both are still seen by the Adaptec SCSI
utility at boot time. However, when I boot from
a DOS diskette, only the second (non-boot)
hard drive is seen by FDISK.

It feels like the main hard drive has just gone
kaput. Are there any other possibilities? Could
the power supply be having a problem with the
+12 volts used by the drives? (Then why is the
2nd drive OK?)

If the drive is dead, how can I recover the data?
A lot of stuff important to me is in there.

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:[SOLVED] Hard Drive no longer recognized at boot time.

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I got a Nexxtech 3.5 Enclosure with "Maxtor DiamondMax 21 500GB Hard Drive - 7200, 16MB, ATA-100, EIDE, OEM". My computer is a Dell, Win XP SP 3.

It has been working for a year but something happen to my computer this pass week that caused me to reboot the computer. Now the Computer will not recognized the External Hard Drive. The Enclosure has a Power-Data Light indicator and is showing Red instead of Blue. Never did figure out what that means. When plugged in, the computer will do the "ding dong" sound (as if it connected the hard drive) after a few minutes then another "ding dong" sound but different tone (as if it disconnected) after a few more minutes. Problem is that it is not showing on my taskbar for "New Hardware Detected" or "Removable Hard Drive"

I have tried Disk Management and It is NOT showing up on there. I have also tried the hard drive on other computers and getting same results.

A:Solved: Computer will not recognized External Hard Drive anymore

You need to remove the hard drive from the enclosure and either slave it to a desktop machine, and see if that machine can read it, or try the drive in another enclosure.

You have to determine if the drive is the problem, or is the enclosure the problem.

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I unplugged the external hard drive while working on some networking setups, and then plugged it back in to my pc.

Now the pc doesn't recognize the F:\ drive where it was previously.
I searched for new hardware and it doesn't recognize the hard drive.

A:Solved: Western Digital External Hard drive - not recognized

As a quick test have you plugged the drive into another system?

Have you tried another usb port on your system?

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Please help. I start back to university the day after tomorrow and will then have vastly less time to devote to figuring this out, in addition to being unable to use it for schoolwork.

My PC was acting extremely unstable with multiple BSODs for no apparent reason, despite having up-to-date drivers and a clean scan for viruses. WhoCrashed was pointing at outdated or faulty drivers or else some sort of memory problem. I decided that since all of my important files were also on my laptop, and I therefore would lose little, I would simply reformat. I had done this before with my previous computer, which was pre-built. This one is custom-built. I was intending to do it myself, but some overly bored friends who had better knowledge of hardware than I did insisted on doing it, so I let them.

I tell you this so that you have a bit of background when I explain my problem. Since reformatting, the only video card the PC is recognizing is something called "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". This is obviously not what I have installed. What should I do to allow the PC to recognize the video card?

The specifications of my current computer that are provided are the specifications of the computer that is having problems, from before the reformat.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 ... Read more

A:Solved: Reformatted hard drive; Video Card no longer recognized

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I currently have 2 SATA hard disks connected, then 1IDE hard disk on blue IDE slot and 2 IDE cdroms on the other IDE slot. I also have two other external drives each connected to a USB port.

The problem is that the IDE hard disk is not being recognised in BIOS, when I try to switch some settings in the BIOS IDE configuration I have managed to get it recognised but then the cdroms are not recognised, how can I get them all recognised?

Another problem I have is with the external drives. If I switch them on before the computer boots up the POST will hang, so I have to leave them off until the POST ends and switch them on while windows loads so they get recognised by windows with all their sharing settings intact. Is there a way to eliminate this annoying problem?


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I have 2 hard drives, one is a sata western digital 500 gb.the other is a ide maxor 160 gb.
I have windows 32bit xp pro on the 500 gb drive works great. On the 160 gb drive I have window xp 64 bit operating system. Here is the problem, to switch between the two at start up I go into bios and select which hard drive to boot from. However just the other day my ide maxor hard drive no longer shows up in the bios. It shows in the devive manager and also in My Computer. This does me no good as to open it I must select it in bios and it just isn't there. Both operating systems WERE working fine but now I can't select it from bios. Can any body help me. I also have a ide dvd rom on the same ide cable and it works fine too but can not find the ide hard drive in the bios. Thanking any and all who will help me in advance. I am old and by the time I figure it out I will be pushing diasies Thanks agan. Tommy Computer: home built, gygabyte mother board, 4 gigs ram, 750 watt power supply 1 ide dvd drive 1 sata dvd drive, sata blue ray
burner,1 sata western digital hard drive, 1 ide maxor hard drive Many fans a AMD phenom 64 bit processor. Every thing was fine until turned it on one day and then no ide maxor 160 hard drive shows in bios. Help me please

A:Solved: can't see second hard drive in bios

try running chkdsk /f/r on the IDE drive...lowdown is here
no joy
you might want to try setting the bios settings to the safe or default settings...usually F5 but read the screens to be sure...
if that does not work you may have to reflash the bios so that the IDE drive is seen by the bios again

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In piecing together a computer, I am using a AOPEN MX 446 Motherboard, and a Celeron 2 GHZ CPU and 512 MB of Ram. I am ruinning XP Professional, and I want to have 3 hard drives and 1 CD/rw in the Case.
The Problem I am having is, during post, the Bios sees all 3 HD drives, Device Manager sees all 3 HD Drives, but if you go look in Explorer it shows only 2 of the drives. Then, if you go back into Device Manager, and click on each drive 1 at a time and display properties, the XP HD shows it is on Channel 0, drive 0. And One of the other drives shows the same thing. Well, both can't be 0/0. I had the 2 extra 120 GB hard drives on cable selelct, so I set one to master and the other to slave. I got the same result.
The 2 extra drives are cabled into the blue socket on the motherboard, which I believe to be channel 0, and the black socket to be channel 1, which is what the XP drive is cabled to.
What do I need to check or change to get all 3 HD Drives to work, and the CD/RW together? Or is this a motherboard issue? Thanks for you help in solving this headache for me.

A:Solved: Hard drive not seen by XP OS, but is by Bios

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Hard Drives not recognized in BIOS or MY COMPUTER

Problem: An MSI 845 M/B, Socket 478, P4,1.7Gh, Windows 2000 Pro,128K SDRAM.

Primary Master: Maxtor 30GB,7200, partitioned 10- & 20; Primary Slave is 24X CD-ROM.

Additional hard drives are never recognized in BIOS or in MY COMPUTER, nor are drives that are attached to a Maxtor Ultra ATA /100 IDE Adapter card recognized. All possible settings in the BIOS have been tried, and jumpers, power, and ribbon cables have been triple-checked.

Firewire card recognized but message says it can’t start (Code 10).
I boot up the computer: The following is a device manager listing.


IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller

! ! ! Primary IDE Channel ……. [ Location 7 (0) ], IRQ 14, 01F0-01f7
“This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use”.(Code 12)
“If you want to use this device you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.”

Primary Ultra ATA Channel – is using the resources of the primary IDE Channel
! ! ! Secondary IDE Channel …. [ Location 7 ( 1), IRQ 15, 0170-0177
Same message as Primary IDE Channel (Code 12)
It is not using any resources because of the problem.

Secondary Ultra ATA Channel.- is using the resources of the secondary IDE channel.

In “other devices” a PCI Device gets detected. Don’t know what it is, so I disable it.
In “IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers there is an exclamation mark next to the
! ! ! T... Read more

A:Hard Drives not recognized in BIOS or MY COMPUTER

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Yesterday while watching movie on my PC it appeared as black on the screen and stopped working. After restarting the PC it was not responding as the BIOS was unable to recognize the hard disk. It creates an unusual sound while BIOS searches drives.

1. I tried by bootting the PC using another hard disk but this HD does not appear in the windows.
2. I also tried to boot using Ubuntu live CD but failed to find my HD on it.

As it is not recognized by BIOS, I cann't use data recovery software to recover the data. I'm badly in need of all data in it.

Please someone help me in this regard to recover the data.

Model: HD252HJ
Capacity : 250 GB
Interface : Serial ATA 3.0 Gbps
Buffer memory : 16MB

A:My Samsung Hard Disk is not being recognized by BIOS

Try the freezer trick. Place your hard drive in zip lock freezer bag to protect it from moisture and freeze it overnight (or a few hours at least). Quickly hook up the frozen hard drive and try to boot from it. If it works, be prepared to copy your important data as soon as possible before the hard drive warms up too much. This is not a permanent fix but it may work long enough to save your data.

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I have a brand new Foxconn A7GM-S 2.0 motherboad which seems to be unable to recognize my two SATA hard disks. I have ensured that the power connectors and SATA cables are snug, and have tried each pair of the six SATA slots on the motherboard. I also don't hear either hard disk powering up upon boot.

This board is a replacement for my older motherboard, which died rather suddenly. Both hard disks were connected to the old motherboard at the time of its failure, which leads me to wonder if the disks are damaged beyond repair. Do motherboard failures generally affect connected hard disks? Or is my new motherboard defective?

CPU = AMD Athlon 64 X2 5050e
Motherboard = Foxconn A7GM-S 2.0 (BIOS version 8.00.14)
RAM = 2 x 2 GB GSkill DDR2-6400
HDD1 = Seagate Barracuda (160 GB)
HDD2 = Western Digital Caviar (80 GB)

A:SATA hard disk not recognized in BIOS

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Hi all,

I know this is similar to at least one recent thread, but different enough to post.
I am upgrading my sister's machine from a 3.2Gb WD Caviar to a 40Gb Seagate U Series 5 drive, ST348023 from memory, ATA100.
The machine is running a K62 266, not sure of the Mobo, but obviously supports the AMD chip.
From what I have been able to glean from the Seagate site, this drive should be backwards compatible with any IDE connector, but when I stick it in, with the BIOS set to auto-detect all drives, the machine halts trying to detect the Seagate drive, although it will let me Ctrl-Alt-Del and also press Del to get into CMOS setup.
I have tried it as Primary Master, and as Primary Slave, both with the other HD on the same cable, and without it in at all.
Seagate's disk tools are able to detect that it is there, even when not setup in the BIOS. Seagate's disk wizard, which is an excellent tool for installing a new drive, told me that all I had to do was set BIOS settings to auto for that drive, and all would be rosy. It looks at what drive you have, what BIOS you have, and gives you instructions to suit. The documentation tells me that if the BIOS supports LBA and Large disk types, then all should be fine - it does.

Can anyone give me any ideas on what's going on? I have installed quite a number of hard drives in the past, but never come across anything like this.


A:Hard Disk not being auto-recognized by BIOS

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Yesterday, my motherboard keeled over and died on me, so I went out and bought another one for my PC. I put it in and hooked everything up correctly according to the manual. My computer starts up, and it stays on the mainboard screen (the one where it says "press <tab> to show POST" and "press <DEL> to enter setup") and does not leave this screen. So I decide to go into the BIOS setup. In the BIOS setup, and look at the boot order. My optical drive is there as SATA2, but my hard drive is nowhere to be found.

I turned it off and reset the BIOS in hopes that it would fix the problem to no avail. Upon closer inspection, however, I found that the hard drive DOES in fact spin for a few seconds, only to stop as soon as the mainboard logo screen shows up.

I have plugged my hard drive into my brother's computer as a secondary drive, and all my files show, so I know the hard drive is not completely faulty. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? If so, please help!

Here are my specs, in case they help:
Motherboard: MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 AM2+
CPU: AMD Windsor 6400+ @ 3.2 Ghz
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 320GB
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 9800 GT @ 1GB
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

Thank you for your time

A:Solved: Hard Drive not being detected in BIOS

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I'm installing a second hard drive in a fairly old PC (bought ~1998).

It has Win 98 and currently only a 4GB HD.

I'm trying to install a Western Digital 80GB HD.

The BIOS is from 1998 and the motherboard number at the bottom of the start-up screen is 2A69KG0AC-00.

I have tried the IDE cables and jumpers in every combination possible both as a single drive and also as master/slave with the old HD.

It can read the old HD and CD drive but the new HD seems to be non-existent.

Could the BIOS be too old to detect the new HD?
- I've read up about upgrading or flashing the Award BIOS but don't know how to get a newer version. Is it a free download or do I need to buy an upgrade?
Many thanks in advance for any advice.....


A:Solved: New Hard Drive - BIOS not finding it

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I recently got a new S-ATA hard drive; Samsung Spinpoint F1 750gb to my server. Previously the server has only had one IDE hard drive which has worked without any problems. Anyhow, the BIOS (ASUS A7V600-X) does not detect the new hard drive.

What should I do? I appreciate all help I can get.

A:Solved: BIOS does not detect new hard drive

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I'm not sure this is the right board for this question, but I am completely flummoxed and have read so much that I'm on info overload! My HP dv9600 laptop was doing fine and just froze one day.
-I ran BIOS diagnostic and it said to replace it.
-I put my hard drive in a docking station, used another computer, and found that my HD could be read.
-I transferred all my data onto a 2T external hard drive. My data is safe.
-I used my recovery disks that I dutifully made immediately after buying my laptop in 2008.
-I reinserted my HD into my laptop and used my recovery disks to reset my computer to factory settings.
-Everything seemed to work with the process. At the end it said to click finish and the computer would restart. I clicked finish and my laptop goes into this loop of bringing up the BIOS splash screen, screen goes black, shows splash, goes black, and then eventually stops with a one line message "Operating System Not Found."
-I went into BIOS and discovered the HD is not recognized...No IDE found
-I did the recovery thing again with my disks...same results.
-Bought WD Blue 1T HD from Amazon
-Installed new HD and used my recovery disks.
-Same final screen, hit "finish", and the computer restarts with the same results...looping until eventually get "OS not found."
-Tried lots of different things with BIOS. Finally, changed boot order to boot from USB HD using my old HD.
-It appeared to load Vista! Said it detected problems and asked... Read more

A:Solved: New Hard Drive and BIOS Issues

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The title says it all. Why is this. (Windows XP)

A:CD drive not recognized by bios

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So I unplugged the Drive to spot out some problem with windows not installing correctly and now the Drive isn't being show in the Bios or on boot, it has power cause it opens the tray correctly and I tried resetting the bios to defaults.

How do I fix this. And I'm in the process of reinstalling Windows so I'm limited in what things I can do.

Thanks For Reading.

A:DVD Drive not Recognized in Bios

It would seem to be a connection issue. If necessary, try a different connector. A Guy

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Hi guys,

I'm not exactly sure how to explain this so I'll try and give you as much information as possible.

I am currently running Win XP SP2 on my PC with 2 hard drives. Whilst doing all my usual diagnostics/maintenance I noticed that my second HD (which is a SATA btw) is showing up with unreadable files and errors whilst running a CHKDSK /F. The process seemed to stall, so I was forced to reboot.

However when I rebooted, I found that the SATA HD was not being recognized by XP. So I rebooted again and checked the BIOS. The SATA drive was still there. Again I let XP load and again it was not showing up. Since then the SATA drive shows up intermittently in the BIOS when I check it, but it never shows up in XP.

All I want to do is to somehow get access to this SATA drive so I can reformat it in an attempt to fix the problem (even just temporarily). If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateul. I'm also happy to give you any further information you need (if I know!)

Much obliged.

A:Solved: Hard Drive showing in BIOS - but can't access in XP?

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hello can anyone HELP!!
Bought all the bits to build a new computer ( which I Have done for friends etc before without any problems) When building computers before I have always used IDE hard drives but this time I decided to use a SATA drive instead, believing it to be faster.
The problem is the BIOS wont recognize the hard drive it keeps looking for IDE drives.
I've read the manual back to front but can't find anything that helps .
I've checked the the drive is running and the cables are installed correctly.
Thanks in advance for any help
ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard / AMD 64 3000 CPU
120G Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 Hard drive

A:Solved: Bios wont recognize hard drive

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I have an older computer, an HP Pavillion Desktop 750. I was recently running a disk defragmentor when the original Maxtor IDE hard drive died (I think. The defragmentor froze and i restarted the computer. After that it told me that the "primary master drive fails"). I bought a used Western Digital IDE hard drive and tried to replace the old one with. I connected it to the master jumper on the primary IDE. When I try to start the computer, it says "boot disk failure insert system disk and press enter".

I have an XP reinstallation disk from a newer computer that I then put into the DVD drive (the xp reinstallation on the old computer was a partition on the hard drive). The installation process started, but then after a minute it stopped and said that it could not find a hard drive installed on my computer. I restarted and tried going into the BIOS. I experimented with that for a while, but from what I could tell it wasn't recognizing the new hard drive.

I don't know if it means anything, but when i plugged the original hard drive back in and repeated the process, it had the same results.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'm not an expert so I would appreciate things in slightly simpler terms. Thanks

A:Solved: HP Pavillion Bios won't recognize new IDE hard drive

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I have a Windows 7 pc. My BIOS wont recognize a second hard drive. The 6 SATA slots have my boot drive and 2 DVD drives that all work fine. The drive I am trying to add worked in this computer before but is not recognized now. I checked the drive in my sons computer and works fine. I have changed both the data and power cables still no good. I have tried a working SATA port and still no good. I am running out of ideas. Any help will be appreciated.



A:Solved: BIOS wont recognise second hard drive

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I have a compaq CQ60 104TU laptop, my previous harddrive crashed and i has an external 500GB hardrive lying around. So, I opened it up and took the Harddrive out and inserted into my laptop.

When I am trying to load windows into it I get the error

Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu

The Hard disk has no data, and i don't have a CD-Rom, have made my USB bootable manually using DISKPART (this method of installation has worked for me before)

I have a InsydeH2O Setup Utility
Inside the BIOS the options available to me are:-

->System Time
->System Date
->Diagonistic Log

->Administrator Password <clear>
->Power-On Password <clear>

->Primary Hard Disk Self Test
->Memory Test

**System Configuration**
->language <English>
->Processor C6 states <Enabled>
->Fan always on <enabled>
->Boot Options->


**No other options other than this are available to me in the bios**
Note:- In the BIOS Reverting back to Defaults did not work. I have already tried that

Please could you help me repair my laptop.

A:New Hard disk recognized by Windows7 but not by BIOS, install failed

8+ hrs and lots of viewers, but no answers...

giving it a bump here

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I recently changed motherboard from Asus to a DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert. On top of that, I've been upgrading my hard disk space.

Now here's the problem;

I used to have 3 harddisks, all S-ATA, one partitioned with a 15Gb partition holding Windows and programs.

Now in the new configuration I'll have 2 S-ATA and 2 IDE disks. The problem is that when I hook up the IDE disks, windows won't boot as it somehow mucks up the boot device order.

I've went into BIOS and made sure that my disk containing windows was set for 1st boot device, in the priority order. But to no avail.

Why!? Also, when I installed Windows after mounting the new motherboard, I thought I'd connected the windows disk to S-ATA 1. Yet in the installation start, where one picks harddisk, it was labeled D: and still is.

So what should I do if I simply want my 2 S-ATA disks to be C: and D: (possible C:, D: and E: if I partition one again), with C: containing Windows?

Anything that can be done with Windows installed, or do I need to format and reinstall everything with a different hardware mounting setup (i.e. move cables and such?). Any reason why it appears the BIOS settings for boot disk priority do not function properly?

Also, up until now I've been using fdisk and the menu at the start of the WinXP setup, to partition disks and such. Should I perhaps consider to start using Partition Magic? Would it also make things easier with respect to assigning drive letters the way I w... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Hard drive stations - BIOS messing things up?

Planning an re-organisation of harddisks and all tonight, nobody who can enlighten me before I engage in that operation? :(

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So I recently purchased a new hard drive and my BIOS wont recognize it. Both my hard drives are seagate serial ATA, the other thing different about them is that one of them says Barracuda and the other says barracuda ES, I don't know if this has any effect. So when my new hard drive arrived I just unplugged my old hard drive and plugged in the new one. upon starting my computer it would say something like local disk not found insert boot media. When I would insert my windows 7 disk I would click install and then custom, and that would also not recognize my hard drive, I also tried a software called Hirens to boot from my hard drive but it also basicly done the same thing. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any suggestions/help.

Also I didn't screw it in just plugged the cables into the new one.
TL;DR plugged in new hard drive, not recognized by BIOS/Windows disk, also a similar result when trying to boot my HDD from Hirens.

A:Solved: Just bought a new hard drive and my BIOS doesn't recognize it. Please help!

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Bios Hacked? Please, I need pro help & advice! Serious Problem Hard Drive Activity, strange! WD Velociraptor / MSI 975x Platinum Power Up Edition / Intel Core2 Duo. WD Velociraptor Unusual Noisy Activity ! Any Tips Welcome ! Please watch the Video I have made. Its on Youtube. Any Ideas welcome and appreciated as regards to fixing this unusual and very irritating HD activity problem.

A:Solved: Bios Hacked? Please, I need pro help! Serious Problem Hard Drive Activity, st

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX280 SD. When I first purchased the PC it came with a CD-ROM drive and Windows XP Professional pre-installed. A few months after purchasing the computer I decided to upgrade my CD-ROM to a DVD-RW/CD-RW. I purchased a brand new DVD-RW/CD-RW drive and replaced my CD-ROM with it. Everything worked well, I was able to play CD's, burn movies, etc. A month later I decided to upgrade my Windows XP with Windows Vista Home Premium. I purchased the DVD and installed it with no problems. My DVD-RW drive worked fine, even after installing Windows Vista.

Then, a week or two later I tried playing a CD; I opened my DVD-RW/CD-RW tray, placed the CD inside, then closed it. Usually when I place a CD into my DVD-RW/CD-RW drive and close it a window pops up asking me what I want to do, however, this time it didn't. I went to My Computer and noticed that there was no DVD drive icon under Devices and Removable Storage. I tried restarting my computer in hope that it would reappear but it didn't. I went to Microsoft's website to try and figure out what was the problem. One option was to go to Registry Editor/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Class/{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} and delete both upper filter and lower filter; however, I was only able to delete upper filter because there was no lower filter. I restarted my computer but unfortunately it didn't work.

So, I restarted my computer and went to Setup then to Boot seque... Read more

A:DVD drive not being recognized by neither BIOS nor OS (Windows Vista)

Hi lechevarria89,

Is the drive SATA or IDE? You've established that it is getting power to the driver, but not the information. And since it is not showing in BIOS, but was previously. We start looking at the physical information connector. SATA cables quite often fail, plus make sure the cable isn't bent at a 90 degree angle, with SATA the rule of thumb is "Mess is good!"

Let me know the update

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I noticed that sometime after I installed windows 7 that my dvd optical drive was not showing up. I have done a lot of research on the matter and have yet to find a working solution. I checked my BIOS and the drive is not listed there, but I'm pretty sure it is properly connected. I have an HP Pavillion dv6000, so the drive just plugs into the slot directed connected to the motherboard, and can be removed by unscrewing a single screw. When the laptop is on I am able to open the drive, and it lights up, so I know it is getting power... I have tried everything under the sun to fix the problem - checking/cleaning the connection port, deleting the upperfilters value from the registry (which many people have said worked for them, however for me it only gave me an warning message in itunes telling me the registry files for burning/importing cd's was missing), reinstalling gear drivers, and running the microsoft fixit programs (they just tell me they can't find the drive or that it isn't there - thanks microsoft...). Nothing has worked, and it's driving me crazy not being able to use my dvd drive. Has anyone had this problem to the same degree as me?/found a solution to it?

A:DVD Optical Drive Not Recognized in Windows or BIOS

Of the BIOS cannot see it, no software fix will help including other drivers. It is probably a connection problem. If the disk works, then the mobo controller is OK because the optical drive uses the same controller in the chipset.

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BIOS does not recognize the FDD. Have tried 4 different drives and different cables, no go. Could the mainboard be the culprit?

Any words of wisdom?

Appreciate your help.


A:Floppy Disk Drive not recognized in BIOS?

This one takes the cake. Was waiting for it to auto-detect!!! Christmas is also coming.

The old brain is fried, been looking at this thing too long.


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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop. I have an image of the entire hard drive that I created when I first got the computer (using Acronis TrueImage), and I'd like to restore that image, returning the laptop back to that fresh, clean original state. I've done this two or three times before and it worked great each time.

But now there's a problem. Normally I would connect to the laptop a USB storage/backup drive that has the disk image, boot the laptop from a Rescue Media CD created by Acronis, then restore that disk image from the back-up drive onto the laptop's HDD.

When I tried it this time round, the laptop's HDD was not listed in TrueImage at all. I created a new rescue media disk, tried it again, and got the same result.

I then took the HDD out of the laptop, connected it to an adapter kit that let's you power up and plug in the drive via a USB port and external power supply, and tried the same procedure using my desktop to run the operation. Same result. The drive was not detected by Acronis.

The drive does not seem to spin up at all when it is connected.

** Keep in mind the drive still works when installed in the laptop -- it boots into Windows XP etc. **

When I plug the drive into my desktop, the drive does not show up in Disk Management (Start | Right-click My Computer | Manage | Disk Management). It doesn't show up in either of the two right-side windows. (so there's no way I know of to format it or d... Read more

A:Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

It's a power issue. Had the same issue taking a 2.5" laptop hdd and attempting to hook up w/ a passive usb sata hdd cable. my recommendation is to use a powered usb sata cable. like this one: having proper power will allow the USB bus to detect and power the hdd correctly. Hope this helps, take care!

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I have the T110, I can create the recovery discs in Windows but when I restart the computer and press F12 it shows no CD/DVD drive in the BIOS.

So I cannot restore from or boot from the external CD/DVD drive.


A:Satellite T110 - USB powered CD/DVD drive not recognized in BIOS


I don?t have the notebook in front of me but check the BIOS if you can find an option called ?USB legacy support?. If yes you have to enable this feature that your notebook can recognize the external drive.

Can you boot from an USB stick? I mean you can also create the recovery files on an USB stick so this would be also an option to restore factory settings.

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I own a Toshiba R630 and recently replaced the original disk with a Crucial SSD one, with a big performance improvement. I've been using the old Hitachi drive in an external case through the eSATA port without any problem, but this setup requires both the combo eSata/USB port and a second USB just for power, so I purchased a 9.5 mm caddy to put the disk on the DVD location.

Today I went ahead. Physically all went good (apart from the fact that I had to take off the back cover, more than 25 screws; I took the opportunity to clean the fan) but when I turned the computer on and accessed the BIOS the Hitachi disk is recognized as an optical drive!

You may see an image here:

After that I could enter Windows 7 (64), Disk Management recognizes it as a disk, but can't initialize it. After rebooting the computer I can't enter Windows any more, as it goes directly to recover mode.

Any help would be appreciated! Is there any way to make the BIOS recognize the second drive as an hard disk?


+Message was edited: faulty link has been removed+

A:Satellite R630 - second HDD recognized as optical drive in BIOS

First of all I would recommend you to check the boot device order.
Probably the ODD has been set first boot device and notebook tries to boot from the HDD connected to ODD controller.
If this will not work, remove the old Hitachi HDD, reset the BIOS to default and try to boot once again.

To be honest I?m not quite sure if the BIOS would support such configuration. I mean not all notebooks can be upgraded with an 2nd HDD and in many cases the BIOS would not support the HDD installed in the ODD bay? therefore this configuration may cause some problems.

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I'm trying to put an old hard drive into my PC as a slave but i can't find it in disk management. It is installed via IDE and BIOS recognises it as a hard drive but i can't find it when i login to my PC.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: hard drive recognised in BIOS but doesn't show in Disk Management

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Just put in a new hard drive, now I cannot enter the bios in order to try to reload windows 2000. Screen just goes blank with white lines shortly after the mem test in the beginning of things. Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Older machine, new hard drive, just after post, white lines, can't enter bios.

Make sure you didn't knock anything loose during upgrade. Try disconnecting hard drive--any change?

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I've just pulled a 160Gb hard drive from a second machine with various data on it, which I want to keep. I've stuck it in my primary machine as a slave, and the BIOS recognises it no problem. It is apparently there in system, device manager, but if you look for it in Explorer it isn't there.

Looking at local disk management, my primary hard disk (0) is classified as basic (rather than dynamic), but the second drive (1) is classed as dynamic and foreign. I appear to have two options, import foreign discs, or convert to basic disc. What is the difference between the two options? And which do I do if I don't wish to lose any data?

I'm running XP SP2 etc.

A:Solved: BIOS sees additional hard drive,s o does device manager but windows explorer does not

Well I think this should help you out.;EN-US;q314343

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I have a Dell Dimension MCE 8400 that I ordered with a single drive. In retrospect I should have ordered it with 2 drives and without MCE but that is another discussion. I am wanting to install a new OEM WD Cavier SATA 160 with dual boot operating systems on the same drive but partitioned, XP Pro and MCE. I have installed the WD drive as the second drive (in position 1) and made a partition of 40 GB. The drive is seen by the system. I reboot the system and go into setup, disable the Maxtor SATA drive (one delivered with system and in position 0) change the boot order so it boots from CD, save the changes. I boot the system with the Win XP Pro CD, and in the FDD I have WD SATA drivers. The system boots, I hit F6 and it looks as though it is reading the SATA controller drivers. Needless to say the system doesn't recognize that a hard drive is present. Please help!!!!! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

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I used to have a cd rom and a cd burner master/slaved to my motherboard. a while ago that ide slot died, so i master/slaved my hard drive and my burner to the working ide slot.

a few days ago the computer crashed. i dont remember the exacy error but it no longer recognized the hard drive. when i tried to restart it brought me to the strike f1 to reboot/strike f2 for options screen. i assumed this meant that the hard drive was toast, but upon further inspection when trying to change the boot sequence in the BIOS it recognized the floppy drive but the the hard drive nor the cd drive were recognized. this lead me to believe that the second ide slot had now gone bad as well.

my brother has another dell dimension so i opened his up, removed his hard drive and replaced it with the questionable hard drive. i booted it and got Boot Failure : System Halted.

is this enough evidence of a hard drive failure? ive come to terms with it being time for a new computer but im still hoping everything on the hard drive can be recovered.

any opinions/suggestions?

A:Dell Dimension Hard Drive and CD Drive not recognized

Did you check that the Master/Slave jumpers were set correctly?
Moving a HD to another PC normally does NOT work, unless both PCs are identical in hardware. Put your 'old' HD as a slave in your brother's PC, boot up and see if you can access your old drive. Save whatever you can and burn onto CD/DVD.
Then go buy another PC, anything but Dell or eMachines!
Or better, if you have the know-how, build your own from components.

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I am posting here as well as in the hard drives part...

My question is: I have XP Pro on my machine that once recognized the external firewire hard drive attached to it (showed up as drive letter in "My
Computer"). Now, the passthru works fine on the ext. hard drive feeding
another firewire device, but I can not get the pc to show a drive letter for
the ext. drive anymore. The ext. drive shows up fine on another pc w/ xp
pro. What .dll or file is missing or has been corrupted to cause this? I
also have a client that is experiencing the similar problem with his new pc
w/xp pro and a USB thumb drive, and thought these 2 issues may be similar in

Thanks in advance,
Dave S. A+ certified

A:Ext. hard drive is recognized, but no drive letter assigned in XP Pro

Hello... any ideas??? anyone???

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I am running Windows XP on an Nspire laptop purchased just a few months back. I installed Ad Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spyblaster, Zone Alarm, and Windows Defender in addition to the Verizon Security Suite that was currently running in order to find and delete some adware viruses. Spybot was successful and everything was restored to normal for a couple of days until I restarted and got a blue screen error "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" and stating that I should disable BIOS memory options. I assumed that I had too many virus scanning programs and firewalls installed so I was able to boot into safe mode as administrator and deleted all of the before mentioned programs except for Windows Defender and Verizon Security Suite which I planned to keep. At restart I received the same blue screen message so I went to the BIOS setup menu to check the memory options and my BIOS menu has extremely limited settings options (Phoenix Trusted Core) which frustrated me and I (stupidly) reset the default settings. Now I was unable to get past the black screen telling me that Windows failed to start normally. So I went to the XP recovery CD and tried recovery and now all I get is a blue screen saying hard drive not found.
This laptop was purchased "Vista ready" but with XP Pro installed by my request. Could the problem possibly be that XP setup is not recognizing the hard drive because I reset the settings to default and now the hard drive is recognizable by Vista but n... Read more

A:Solved: Changed BIOS settings to default, blue error screen, hard drive not found

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So... I have an external (Sata) drive and it was in the middle of copying files from my laptop to the drive. The case slipped off of the bed (next to the laptop) and fell about 2 feet on to the carpet. Now the drive is not immediately recognized when connected. After a while I get the message that says: "The drive is not ready for use; its door may be open".

Sometimes I get a message saying, "The request can not be performed because of an I/O device error."

How can I fix this issue?

Thank you so much!!

A:Hard Drive is not recognized

Hard drives, and electronics in general, don't like to be dropped.

There's a chance it can be only the enclosure and not the hard drive inside; you'd have to take apart the enclosure, remove the hard drive, and try connecting the hard drive inside/internally in your PC and see if it works.

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I have an Emachines computer that died (motherboard). I removed the hard drive and plugged it into an external bay to make sure it was OK and it checked out fine. I then installed it in a Dell computer as the master drive, but when I turn on the computer it says that no media was found, that the boot device was missing, and it stops the system. Any ideas as to why? How do I set it to recognize the drive? I would love to get it going. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


A:Hard Drive not Recognized - Why?

Check that the hard drive shows correctly in the BIOS.
If not, you probably haven't attached/jumpered it correctly.

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I have an iomega hard drive that worked fine for a few months but is no longer recognized by any computer. I store movies on it and my television still recognizes it but my Macbook does not nor does my friends PC. I am very much a computer novice. Thanks to anyone who can help.

A:hard drive not recognized

see if it is on tv mode. if so switch it.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad 760el which I am trying to reinitialize and install Windows 95 on. I purchased a Quick Recovery CD/Disk for my model from ebay thinking this looked like exactly what I wanted to do. I followed the instructions sent with the CD and everything seemed to be working OK. The final step was to reboot to reinstall Windows 95. However the computer would not boot from the hard drive (all I get is a flashing "-"). I then booted from a floppy disk to see if it would recognize the C drive and the response I get is "Invalid Drive Specification". I then turned on the computer pressing the F1 key to run a test and the hard drive tesk was OK. I have also downloaded the BIOS from the IBM website and reinstalled that, all to no avail. Any ideas on where to go from here would be appreciated

A:Hard Drive Not Recognized

Quick question.
Did u had a chance to format the hard drive with the "format c: /s " command?
Usualy when u want to start fresh , you first start with the format of the hard drive , then move on to the installation of the OS, in your case the recovery CD.
And since it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem , "I then turned on the computer pressing the F1 key and run a test and the hard drive was OK " indicated that it's very likely that is the problem. Hard drive not been formated.
Also, in case you have a windows 95 boot disk , might want to start the computer with that boot disk and at the a: prompt might want to type this
sys C:
That should correct any problems in the FAT , and might be able to by pass the format process.
Keep in mind thought... when u issue the format c: /s command , you will wipe out all the data on the C: drive ( as in gone from it )

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After removing a virus, my 3rd hard drive is no longer being recognize. My apologies if this should be in hardware, but I didn't know if it was something that had to do with windows 7
The virus was anti-virus protection 2011.I used antizeroaccess, stopzilla,avg(which is my normal antivirus), malwarebytes, and kapersky
Yes all of them. It was a nasty virus.
My main hard drive c: shows up as well as my second drive. e:. My other drive used to show up as well as f: but since all of this it hasn't. Nothing else was changed besides resetting the cmos battery and a couple of disconnect reconnections, becasue the drive wasn't showing up.
Ide channel 0 master and Ide channel 0 slave (set to cable select). are the 2 hd's
Ide channel 4 is a disk drive.

The 3rd HD is also set to cable select. but that shouldn't matter cause that's what it was set to before.

I also tried another spare hard drive I had with the same connections as the 3rd hard drive ( marked as slave and cable select). It was not found either.not in my computer or in bios

Not sure what happened. No other hardware was removed or inserted.
If someone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. I have a lot of stuff on there.

Running windows 7
Mobo gigabyte ep43-ud3l

A:Hard drive not recognized

One additional piece of info. the disk is cycling with power and I've tried another sata cable and sata port

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Hey can anyone please help me out with this problem. I got a new ADATA Nobility NH03 1TB 3.0 External HDD and it works on the USB 2.0 ports but it is not recognized at all on the 3.0 ports, the device still lights up when I plug it into the port but nothing happens on the pc. The USB 3.0 port can see my other USB 2.0 devices though. My motherboard is an ASRock 870 Extreme3. I have the USB 3.0 enabled in my BIOS.

Please help me out and thank you.

A:USB 3.0 Hard Drive not being recognized

nevermind i fixed it

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Well I have a dell desktop (not sure of the exact type) and I have Windows Xp Home edition. My computer suddenly stopped working saying that my hard drives were not found. I'm at a loss here and I have no idea.

Any help is appreciated.



A:Hard drive not recognized

Does Windows still work in any shape or form? Can you give details of what happens when you switch on - any fan or drive noises, any lights, any beeps? Anything on the screen ? If so, what does it say - exact wording please.

It will speed things up if you also tell me what model your PC is, it's age, and any other details that you can. At this moment, anything might turn out to be relevant. Do you have a floppy disc drive, do you have any original install CD for Windows, if so exactly what? From Dell likely nothing at all.....

We are looking here at failed Hard drive, power supply or motherboard, which is as wide a choice as you can get....

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undefinedLaptop HP Pavilion N3402 With XP / Hard drive Fujitsu model MHR2030AT 30G, DOES NOT RECOGNIZE NEW HARD DRIVE

A:Hard Drive Not Recognized

Have you formatted the drive? It will not show up in Windows unless it is formatted as fat32 or ntfs. And if it is brand new it isn't formatted as anything, so you will need to do that. Right click on My computer and choose Manage. Then browse to Disk Management, find the drive and right click on it and choose format.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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Hi all

I have noticed a number of requests to solve this issue, all without any real resolution. One person was lucky enough for his system to suddenly find the offending item. The operating system may identify the new drive in System Properties but not in Windows Explorer.

However, it should be noted, that any Hard Drive whether it is internal or extenal has to be prepared by the system itself, in order to be able to use that hard drive. Back in the good old days of DOS, this would have meant using the FDISK utility to prepare and setup the drive.
If you are still in possession of a floppy drive attached to you system, then it is a simple matter of using any of the rescue disks that could have been created during the installation of the OS (you can find such disks available online as well, somewhere). Using FDISK you can access the new drive by choosing option 5 in the FDIDK menu to change to the desired Hard Drive you want to setup. Naturally enough, if you already have 2 Hard Drives on your system, and you want to install a 3rd external one, the the drive you want to work on will be drive 3. It does not matter how many partitions are on the othere drives, FDISK is only interested in the physical aspect of the drives. Once you have access, you should check to see if you need to delete any partitions already on that drive. Once you are sure you have a completely empty drive, you can then simply create a Primary Partition on that drive. It is not necessa... Read more

A:Hard Drive not Recognized

Why not just use Disk Manager and avoid the need for any additional software?
I have yet to see a salvageable disk I couldn't cure with a Linux disk and disk manager.

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Hi there everyone,

I recently got a blue screen (not my first), but this time my neither of my hard drives are recognized in my BIOS. I run Windows XP off of my master, and use my slave for backup and for my personal data. While I do work on computers rather frequently, most of it is virus problems and stuff like that. I do have a boot cd that I created and neither hard drive shows up using that either. I would assume that this is a motherboard problem, but like I said, my knowledge with troubleshooting this type of problem is virtually non-existent. Any help would be appreciated. I know that I have not given much information in this post, but honestly, I don't know what needs to be known in order to help troubleshoot this. I am happy to provide any more information that is needed. Thanks again!

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I was posting in another thread and realized I shouldn't hijack his/her thread. I also tried looking around the forums for a resolution to my problem and either 1) can't find it or 2) probably didn't look hard enough.

Before I get into the problem, here's my HD configuration:

1 x 500GB SATA HD (2 partitions) -- Master Drive -- Windows 7 Pro 64-bit installed in one of the partitions (150GB partition)
1 x 250GB IDE HD (no partitions) -- Slave Drive -- just for file dump.

Here's my problem:

I installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on one of the partitions of the SATA HD. It works great and recognizes both partitions of this drive. However, I cannot "see" my IDE HD. I went through to disk management and I can see the drive there with no drive letter. I tried to assign it a drive letter via right clicking, but all options were grayed out (meaning, not clickable). I read other posts but they either have the same solution (assigning drive letter) or the problem is slightly different from mine. I've had this HD configuration before and had Windows XP Pro 64-bit on it too.

Anyways, I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to delete the files on that HD. Anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks!

A:IDE hard drive not recognized

I should also add that the two partitions have drive letters of C: and D: (Windows installed on C: ). Also, I'm not dual-booting (as I see that question being asked in other threads).

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Hey all! I am having trouble getting a second HDD to be recognized by Windows 8. Here's what I know, I have it plugged into the SATA 2 port, the original HDD is connected to SATA1, and the optical drive is set to SATA 3. There is an unused eSATA port. I don't know what it is for. I started the computer and entered the BIOS. It recognized the 2nd HDD, but when I start the computer and check to see if it is there, it doesn't show it. I looked under disk management, but all I can see it the primary drive and the optical drive. I have a Levono. Any help would be appreciated.

A:2 Hard drive Not Recognized

I am not trying to configure a RAID set up. I just that second hard drive so I can access my old files.

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Hey guys, I have a problem; I'm repairing a gateway emachines T6420 with xp, media center pc. When it tries to boot it comes up with disk boot failure, insert boot disk (no change after inserting disk)! I went into bios and of course it's not recognizing any drives, not even the cd/dvd. I replaced the hard drive and cd; the connections are good. Is ther anything I can check other than what I've already done; any suggestions at all!! Please help! Is there a setting in bios I should be looking at? Any help would be deeply appreciated

A:Hard drive not recognized

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My harddrive works great apart from the fact it has to be plugged in twice in order to be recognised by my PC/PS3, for example, i turn my PS3/PC on with the device connected via USB and it wont be recognised, i unplug the USB then plug it back in and it is recognised straight away, it seems to only happen when the device has been left turned off for any great length of time, when i turn my PS3/PC off and back on again (within 5 mins) the device is recognised no problems. any idea what could be causing this problem and how i can fix it???

A:Hard drive not being recognized

You could try:

Go to Device Manager:

Click Start, then right click My Computer, select Manage. Go to Device Manager, then under Disk Drives, right click the External Hard Drive and go to Properties, go to the Power Management tab, then uncheck the option to "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

However, the computer may turn back on from standby/sleep if the hard drive requires any power at all..

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I bought a new hard drive and formatted it etc, then installed or tried to install windows XP home edition after the initial install
I get a message telling me windows does not recognize the drive. ??? How do I fix this

A:Hard drive not recognized

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hello I recently installed a new wd 80 gb harddrive on a pent II 400mhz gateway pc windows 98 system.I set the jumper to single I formatted and partitioned it.but nothing shows up on
boot up screen other than whats below.everything else seems fine with system other than no information at boot up.

set blaster=a220 I7 D1 t2
set sndscape=c:\windows

any help greatly appreciated im a newbie to computers im hopeing not to have start all over again or worst yet screw up the hole system its my kids computer thanks in advance.

A:hard drive not recognized

Have you installed windows? Did the computer see the full 80gig of the harddrive or did you use an overlay program from WD?

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My external hard drive (EHD) is not being recognized by several computers that run on Windows XP and XP Professional. The EHD is Western Digital Series 1 USB 2.0 (Old USB 2.0) – Model Number WD1200B05-RNN. It is just over 2 years old and is out of warranty.

I’ve done some reading online forums such as this where users have had similar problems, but I didn’t see any solutions – or, any that I understood, so I ask that if people have suggestions, to guide me through it step-by-step.

It was working a few days ago. The other day, I was doing a file search on it and it stopped responding in mid-search, so I started the search again, and it stopped responding again in mid-search. After that, the computer won’t even recognize it as a separate drive, although the bottom right of screen shows a symbol that there is an external HD plugged in. Windows XP detects that I plugged in the external hard drive and the icon “Safely remove device” appears too in the tool bar. However, I cannot see the drive in “My Computer.” I’ve tried to plug it into 2 other PCs including my laptop, and the same thing happens: it isn’t seen under “My Computer” but the icon appears on the taskbar. I’ve tried to unplug it & re-plug & restart the computer, but nothing. I’ve tried installing the driver again and restarting, to no avail.

Before I plug in the drive, I open the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management window, but when the drive is plugged in, the Control Panel... Read more

A:hard drive not recognized

Well it certainly sounds like the drive has died.

If it helps, CompUSA is selling a Hitachi 200Gb HDD for $70 after mail-in rebates this week. Better hurry. It ends tomorrow I think.

Now as far as trying to recover data..There is one technique (which sounds really weird but works for some people). Kind of a last resort technique when all else fails and you don't want to spend big money on data recovery.

Put the old HDD in a ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer for a few hours. The cold sometimes helps the HDD work for a little bit of time. You would then take the chilled HDD to a working PC and install it as a slave so you can hopefully copy as much data as possible off it.

Good luck.

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Appreciate some assistance.

Have an AZZa mainboard, 5VMX, with an AMD K6-2/550 CPU and an AWARD BIOS 07/04/2000-VP3-586B-W877-2A5LEP8AC-00.

Trying to install a hard drive, and it will not recognize it. Keep getting "Primary Master hard disk failure" over and over.

This computer was infected by a virus a while back. It was never quite right, so decided to clear out the hard drive, and start from scratch. However, the BIOS will not auto detect the hard drive that was on it, nor any other hard drive. Have tried 3 different ones.

The cables are tight, and connected correctly.

Any ideas on what to do?

A:Hard Drive Not Recognized

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hey, i am trying to backup files and programs to an external hard drive. and a messages comes up saying "one of the USB devices attached to this pc has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it. can anyone help? thanks

A:Hard drive not recognized

Usually this means there is a hardware issue.
Can you try the external HDD in another PC and see if the issue occurs there?

If not, then you may want to reformat it and then move it back to your PC and see if the problem happens again... if it does, then you may have a USB issue on your machine.
Try another USB port if so, and if that doesn't do it, try reinstalling your USB device drivers for your PC.

Though 9 out of 10 times this is an issue with the device which may be remedied by moving to another computer, or the device itself is actually damaged/defective.

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I was given an old p133 with an 400mb hard drive and a 850 mb slave. A friend gave me a 2.1 gb hd so i wanted to make that my master. I tried to set it up with the Maxtor setup disk but my machine either won't recognize it saying its not dos or ntsf. Also when trying to set it up in fdisk it won't recognize the full capacity. Anyway I got fed up with that (also tried getting advice from luck) and decided to make it my slave. It set up fine using the Maxtor software but then I decided to reformat my drive to clean up an old problem and when I reinstalled win98se the drive wasn't there anymore. After playing around a bit, re-installing 98 and re-doing the drive with Maxtor I created a dynamic drive overlay boot disk from the maxtor software and up it came. Only problem is is that I need that boot disk to run first for the drive to show up otherwise it's gone. Any suggestions on problem one or two? I would rather have this drive as my master but will sttle as a slave if I have to.

A:hard drive not recognized

Hi mfreamon,

I got a similar problem in the past when I wanted to add a 20 Gb hard drive to a computer Pentium II 450 Mhz / MoBo AsusP2B. The mother board didn't recognize hard drive with a size above 8 Gb. I had to flash the BIOS.

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I've recently completed building my own system. I am using an Intel DG33FBC board with a WD Raptor 74G SATA Drive. The drive does show in the BIOS, however when I try to run XP the drive is not recognized. I have tried hitting F6 during the installation for 3rd party drivers, but still no luck. Also, when I boot the machine without XP, I get a message that no bootable drives are recognized. I find this strange, especially because the drive is recognized in the BIOS. Any suggestions?

A:Hard Drive Not Recognized

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My dell dimension 4300s just stoped working and know the pc dosent recognize the hard drive or cd-drive, in bios it just says unknown.Please help

A:Hard drive not recognized

try diconnecting the power from the cd drive and see if bios recognizes just the hard drive. if both device are on the same parellel cable you might have a slave/master conflict.

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