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Spilled Water on laptop, Picture faded

Q: Spilled Water on laptop, Picture faded

I have spilled water on my laptop keyboard(Lenovo Thinkpad Z60m), and attempted to dry it out and then the picture clouded over black. I dried it with a hairdryer a bit and rebooted it and now the picture is there but extremely faded, mostly black, yet the operations of the computer are all wroking fine.
What has been damaged? Will leaving it to dry longer help or is it something that is going to need to be replaced.
Thanks in advance.

A: Spilled Water on laptop, Picture faded

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My friend accidentally spilled water on the keyboard of my laptop and I immediately turned it off and sat it under the sun. It's been 3 days since that happened and I never turned it on ever since. I went to a technician recently and he said that it should be fix immediately. Do I really need to get it fix or I should just tell them to open the inside of the laptop and see if there's still moisture and clean it?

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I spilled water on my Dell Notebook and now most of the keys in the bottom row don't work at all, including the space bar. Can it be repaired? I dried it very well, setting it in the sun...

Do I just need to get an external keyboard or a new computer?


A:water spilled on laptop

I would take it somewhere and have it looked at and see what damage has been done to it.depending on how bad it is it may or may not be able to be might just need the keyboard replaced or it might need a new motherboard.

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My cat spilled probably 4-5fluid oz of water on my laptop keyboard (while it was turned on) and I didn't see it until hours later when the laptop had shut off as a result. I let it dry for a few days unconnected to power and now when I press the power button the button lights up for a few seconds and then nothing happens. My motherboard is fried, right? I'm screwed?

A:spilled water on laptop

Maybe... maybe not.

What I'd do is remove the keyboard and really dry things out inside. If it was plain water, it's very possible that will be all that's required. I'd take all the stuff out that's easy to do, battery, hard disk, optical drive, etc. My method of drying something like this involves blowing the water out from under components with canned air, then putting the unit in a LOW oven (no more than 125-150F max) for a few hours to bake the rest of the moisture out. 150F will not hurt anything in a laptop that's powered off. If possible, I'd probably also remove the LCD, but that take a bit of additional disassembly. Ideally, you'd have the motherboard out by itself for this process, but many folks are not comfortable disassembling a laptop that far.

You can also use a hair dryer for the drying phase, the object of the exercise is to get all the moisture out of the machine.

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OK spilled water on laptop. I know this has been asked on here some place. couldn't fine my situation OK I turned it off right away took out the battery. tried to get water out turned it on it's side try to soak up water. Then about an hour later thinking it was ok to turn on. I turned it on about 20 seconds it turned off. I took out the key board put in another one same thing happens stays on for 20 seconds.Does this mean my motherboard has short circuit? I didn't see any mosture under the key board.

A:spilled water on laptop

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I have an HP DV6 I use for my graphic design has worked well for me... Speed and all. I spilled water in it and cracked the screen. The repair shop wants over $400 to fix everything (change to ssd, new screen, new battery, etc). Should I spend that much on repairs or just get a new laptop? I don't really have more than $400 to spend.

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Water was spilled on my laptop and now it wont work. When I try to switch it on the power light comes on and you can hear the cd drive go but then it goes dead. It has been dried out. Do you think there is anything that can be done?

A:Water spilled on laptop

Paul: how can you be sure it's dried out?
I would let it set in a warm place for several days and then see it if turns on.
You might want to take the battery, optical drive, HDD, etc. out also to let them dry.

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the kids playing ball in the house knocked a glass of water over right on my 7 year old sony viao laptop. i unplugged it, waited a few days for it to dry and tried to fire it up. cant find hard drive is the message i got. perhaps it isnt dried enough? any suggestions?

A:spilled water on laptop

pretty much fail

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I spilled a bit of water on my laptops keyboard. I'm not sure how much got in, wasn't soaking wet but a bit got in, but when it did, I turned off the laptop right away, and got a towel and hair dryer to try to dry it. While I was drying it, the F3 key fell out and I can't get it back in.

I kept it off for like 2 hours before I turned it back on and when I did, everything booted up fine but now only a few keys work. Maybe 5-6 keys work at different times.

Each reboot, more random keys work but the ones that worked previuosly don't work, but might work 3 minutes later. Either way I only have maybe 5-6 keys, tops, working at any given time.

I turned it off for another 2 hours thinking maybe it wasn't dry. Same thing.

Gave as much details as I could, even though some of it may be irrelavant, as I don't know much about laptops and hopefully it will help narrow down the cause.

Anyone know what could be the problem? Am I pretty much screwed and should just take it in to the shop? Or give it more time?

Oh, and it's a Dell Inspiron 1150 if that matters.

A:spilled water on laptop

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I accidently spilled water near where my closed and powered off laptop was and I am worried that it could have been damaged. Since it was on the bottom though, could any significant damage have been done and how should I dry it WITHOUT opening it? (I am always scared to open any electronic device because once I have tried it and broke something) I have already taken the battery out and did not flip it upside down because the water was on the bottom, not the top.
Edit: The side of the laptop with the keyboard and screen is not wet and the stickers are not peeling off.

A:Spilled water on went on bottom of laptop

how should I dry it WITHOUT opening it?

You could try blowing some warm air through the vents but don't overdo it, electronics are sensitive to overheating! A hair dryer on the lowest setting (even if the air feels cool) but left on for a few minutes could help.
Was the battery wet when you removed it? If not you might not even have a problem.

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I spilled some water on my hp laptop. I turned it upside down immediately and shaked it a little so the water would come out and left it upside down all weekend. Turned it on today and it works perfectly EXCEPT I have no sound. I did all the trouble shooting I knew and the computer says everything is working fine. Could water spilled on the laptop cause the sound to go out.
The laptop is a HP Pavilion Entertainment and runs Vista. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!

A:water spilled on laptop key board

Yes it certainly can cause that and other problems.when water is spilled it might appear to be fine but you just dont know what hidden damage is in there.i would have it checked out to make sure nothing was ruined beyond repair.

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I recently spilled water on my keyboard.  Two diagonal rows of letters/numbers do not work:  1,Q,A,Z and 3,E, D, C.  Tried taking apart as much of the case as I could, (no visible water inside) and blowing warm - not hot - air as far in as I could.  No help.  Any ideas on the problem or the cure?

A:water spilled onto laptop keyboard

Augustus1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about spilling water onto your laptop and wanted to help.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: You Just Spilled Water Or Coffee On Your Laptop - Here's What You Should DoHowever, if those don't get everything working again, then the water did some permanent damage inside the laptop and the only way to correct that is to take it to an HP Service Center to have them disassemble it, run diagnostics, and see what needs to be repaired or replaced.  Here's some information on the Service Centers:  HP Notebook PCs - Using a Certified HP Service Center to Repair a Notebook PC | HP® Customer Support Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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my daughter spilled some water on my laptop over the weekend. since then I've read some online suggestions to take the battery out & unplug the laptop after the accident. I did not take the battery out but did unplug it & turned it upside down on a towel. I tried to boot it up yesterday & it went into the BIOS side of the system... then it made a beeping sound continuously. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to get it working again or is my laptop fried? It's about 4 years old. Thanks.

A:Solved: Water Spilled on Laptop

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Hi Guys

My son poured some water from his Mickey cup onto the laptop by mistake. I quickly pulled the battery and disassembled the computer to facilitate drying. The water appeared only to get into the mouse and not any of the circuit boards, but even so it did BSOD and now can't boot into regular mode. I am in safe mode, which boots fine.

Attached are my last three minidump files. i'm not sure why i'm having this "registry error" BSOD but if you can make any sense of the minidump, i'd be thankful.

A:BSOD After baby spilled water on laptop

i read online it could be the boot.ini file, so i did chkdsk /f upon reboot.

No change in the outcome.

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Hi, my fiance's cat knocked a glass of water on the laptop. I quickly grabbed it and pulled the plug about 5-7 seconds after it happened. I took it apart and let it dry for a day, put it back together and booted for me (after some complications, but i forget what they were). I messed around a bit and i can now get into my laptop with 2 issues, 1 bigger then the other:

1. My biggest problem is when the main page loads i get a message about "installing device driver software" for the 6 PCI devices listed. I try and locate the device software and i can't load it (if anybody knows where exactly to find it I could try again, but no luck so far). This basically renders my USB portals all useless, and i can plug in my mouse and it lights up (showing it gets power), but i get a message about unknown device and can't get anything that previously worked through the USB drive to show up as an identified thing.

2. The other one is a weird one, but maybe it is a clue as to the other problem. My internet explorer has this annoying "Certificate error" on a lot of the pages i try to bring up. I tried messing with the internet options and nothing seemed to make a difference.
So any advice/comments would be much appreciated. I apologize if my issues are not articulated well, I am not very computer savvy. I look forward to any feedback/advice, thanks in advance

A:Spilled water on laptop, now can't identify PCI device driver

For Problem #2, download root certificates update from Microsoft and install it. Download from : think your files have got corrupted during the whole accident. That is only explanation of missing drivers and missing certificates. Check to see of your documents have got corrupted too? If yes then you might need to do a repair install of Vista.

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I just bought my refurb HP pavilion DV2915 four months ago, and ever since I have been ocd around it: no drinks, no food on the same table, putting it in a case when carrying it from room to room.

well its just my luck that today I absentmindedly put a glass of water on the right side of my laptop. I've done this a number of times but always have been lucky by realizing my mistake halfway through and and putting the glass on the floor.

But today I reached out to get scissors from my cup of pens and BAM, half a glass of water onto the right side of my keyboard.

Now, here's when I go into panic mode - I got my hairdryer, turned to the the high setting and left the blowdryer on the part that got water on it. The laptop is ON throughout this time seemingly fine. Then my keyboard starts typing "BBBBBBBB" repeatedly without me pressing it and wont stop. This is when I become smart and think to turn the laptop off, but then like an idiot turn it back on again to see if it is working. as the microsoft load bar is starting up, it freezes. I again panic and then pull out the battery without shutting it down properly. Now I run to my roomates computer and quickly search up what to do with a wet laptop. (I am using her computer now)

My face fell as I realized that what I have done is exactly what you should NOT do when trying to deal with a wet keyboard
1-do not use a blowdryer since it can blow dry water deeper into your laptop. the heat can also melt components ... Read more

A:Solved: Water Spilled on Laptop Keyboard - Short Circuit? HELP!

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Spilled about 1l of water on my entire laptop...
I wiped water from it, and turned it on. The only parts that don't work: Mouse, Keyboard.
What should I do?
P.S: In the BIOS the keyboard works(and other stuff before the OS actually loads)

A:Spilled water on entire laptop, mouse and keyboard dont work.

First and foremost ...... are you SURE everything is dry inside? I spilled about a half glass of water on mine last winter and it was a couple of hours before it was dry enough for me to even try it. In my case I was lucky as everything was fine. Have you tried a system restore to a point before this happened? (I know I know... but simple things first.) An sfc/scannow will check for corrupted/bad system files and possibly repair them, have you tried that? Heres a link to a tutorial on how to do that : SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I know this is really bad... but I knocked over a cup of water onto my open laptop last night while browsing the internet. I began to towel up the water and tip it upside down to let it drain out, but it soon flashed this crazy screen of vertical rainbow lines, with a horizontal rainbow strip in the middle. It also was making these strange noises, some sounded mechanical, some were actually coming out of the speakers, which I had on mute. I can't really remember exactly, so it's hard to describe, but it sounded like screaming and buzzing. Also, the battery light was flashing orange. The only way we could shut it off was removing the battery.
My first question: This seems pretty severe, so the chances of me fixing myself are slim. But I was just wondering if it was safe to reconnect the battery and try to power up? I'm concerned that something will blow up or something. lol
Second: I've never had any major hardware issues before, and seeing that this is a fairly new laptop with no other problems, I may opt to get it fixed rather than purchasing a new one. I'm also dirt broke. But since all my other problems have dealt with software, which I can figure out, what would be a good, cheap place to take my laptop to get it looked at? Would it be cheaper/possible just to have them diagnose the issues and attempt to repair them myself?

This is a Dell Studio 14 laptop, with an Intel i3 processor and Windows 7.

A:Spilled water on Dell laptop = rainbow screen and strange noises

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I knocked over a small glass of water on my laptop last night, most of the water skirted off. I dried the computer by taking the keyboard out, opening the case from one side and using a hairdrier on low.

Here are the problems: Keyboard is typing by itself, types double letters/number and some keys dont work at all. I tried reseating the cable, but this did not help the problem.

Power - The main power button does not work. I can get the pc to power on by taking the battery out, unplugging the power cord from the back, then plugging it back in. If the battery is in or the pc has been shut down without the battery installed and with the power cord in, the pushing the power button does not power on the pc.

Please let me know how I can approach fixing these problems.

A:Spilled water on laptop, keyboard typing by itself/incorrectly/NAA and power issues

and the laptop is HP? anyway, we need the model name.
what would you do if you spilled some liquid on keyboard?
1. shut off the unit immediately!(that means, plug out AC cord and battery as faster as you can).
2. turn it upside down(if it's possible open it and lay it on the table upside down, thus the liquid won't spill LCD module).
3. after some time, start to disassemble it fully and clean inside the laptop.

in your case, the liquid is already damaged power chains inside the laptop, and you'll have to fully disassemble it and clean!

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Spilled some water on hp dv6 laptop keyboard. Thought I did the correct things and let it air dry 2 days. Now some of the keys do not work. Though I can work with my wireless keyboard, would rather use the laptop keyboard. Should I replace laptop keyboard to fix the problem or is there something else I can try 1st?

A:Spilled Water on hp dv6

you could try removing the non working keys and using a brush try to clean the contacts this may help.

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today i spilled water on my vostro 2520 accdently then i shut it down immediately and removed power cord and battery and i have not switch it on since morning what should i do ? 

A:Water spilled

Remove the battery (or disconnect it if it's not removeable) -- then remove the keyboard and/or palmrest and dry the system thoroughly internally.  If it will start up when dry, you're set;  if it won't,  you're likely looking at least toward a mainboard replacement, and possibly other components as well.

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Some water spilled on my keyboard a few days ago, and now my left Ctrl, Alt, and Windows keys don't work. I took the keyboard apart and looked at the inside; it is two plastic sheets with circuits on them, pressing up against a metal sheet. I dried it out and the other keys work, but these don't. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it, short of buying a new keyboard? Thanks.

A:Spilled water on my keyboard...

If you had a wet/damp circuit board, or at least parts of it, for more than half an hour it is likely that a few of the circuits may rust and thus become unstable/broken. The three keys are all in the same location bottom left, so I bet this is where most of the water collected or was not dried fast enough. Sometimes repairs can be made - see the link below for instance - but often as not a trip to the PC shop for a new keyboard is on the cards. At least they're cheap these days! but you could dry the old hairdryer on it to make sure it is totally dry first (not too hot though) and recheck it.


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So, I had a bottle of water on my desk and it spilled into my tower. Luckily, not a lot went into it, but as of right now, it:

-Turns on, but makes a popping noise and doesnt turn on monitor
-Makes a burning smell when I turn it on
Right now Im letting it dry out, but is that ok? I dried the top with a paper towel but I cant open it right now to dry the inside because I cant find out how to open it. Will it be ok if I let it dry, or will that/is it fried?


A:Spilled water into tower

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Ok so 5 days ago I had a cup of water on my desk and I accidently knocked it over, Thankfully not much water got into my tower but after it did I turned off my computer, unplugged it and began to dry the inside of it with a towel. It was already late at night so I decided to just go to sleep and try turning it on the next morning.

After I turned it on the next morning everything was fine, I was pretty thankful that it was still working but then I realized that it was making absolutely no noise/sound. I get no sound out of the headphone jack either. I googled my computer problem and did everything that I could find

-made sure the cables in the back were connected properly
-system restore
-went to device manager and disabled and enabled it back on just in case
-I ran trouble shooting for audio and it found no errors

I am just really surprised that out of all the things that could have happened only my audio was affected by the water spillage. I was wondering whether replacing the sound card will fix this issue? Or is there no way of knowing how bad the damage is?

(I am on the computer right now, it runs everything perfect. I just get no sound.)

A:Spilled water into Desktop Tower

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Alright, this is going to be a bit of a book, so prepare yourself. I will start out with system components:

Mobo - Gigabyte 990 FXA-UD3
CPU - AMD FX-8120
PSU - Thermaltake TR2 RX 850W
Memory - 2x 4GB 1866 GSkill Ripjaw

So, the initial problem was on Monday, when I spilled water into the top of my tower. I have watercooling, so that area is open with two fans and a radiator there. Anyway, I only spilled a little water and manually powered it off immediately. I took out components and dried everything, set it in the sun, and then tried powering it on much later. I got nothing, the lights would blink and that is all I would get.

I hoped it was the PSU, and took that out and did the jump bit with the paperclip, it started up, and I attached peripherals to it from another computer and it ran them fine. After testing it in different ways, I figured it was fine. So, I thought I may have destroyed my mobo or my processor. I reattached my PSU to my board, but I left the 12v CPU connection off and it started everything else up. So, I thought maybe the board was bad.

I picked up a new motherboard and proceeded to attach everything to it. I then crossed my fingers and gave it power, and it didn't work of course. So, my next step was CPU.

I bought a new CPU and I tried it out on my old motherboard first, thinking that maybe the motherboard was fine all along. Of course, it didn't work. So, I set everything up with new mobo, new CPU, minimum connections (no HD, no CD... Read more

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Hi,  So i accidentally spilled water on my Y70-70 keyboard and the whole keyboard stopped functioning, but everything else are working fine. I went to a local laptop repair shop in UK and they said they have to replace the whole upper case due to the keyboard being wielded to the upper case.  I'm not sure if that is true but if it is, they said i have to pay around 211GBP or 300USD to replace the whole upper case which seem kinda expensive to me, since its only a keyboard problem.So i just want to know if this price is normal for this model? and is it cheaper to send it back to lenovo to fix or not? Also is it true that for this model if the keyboard stop functioning, i have to replace the whole upper case? Really regret spilling water on my keyboard now  Anyway, i look forward to a reply. Thanks Peter

A:Y70-70 Touch - Spilled water on keyboard

No Idea on cost. I can see the keyboard being damaged although it may have worked once dried out. It was water and no pop or booze which is worst. Welded unlikely but was it a authorize Lenovo shop if not then thats it.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory

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Ok, i was not sure where to post this, so i figured here is the best bet. i have a homebuilt rig: AMD fx-6100, Asus m5a88-m, nvidia GTX550 ti, 8 gb ram, running win 7

To make a long story short i spilled water in via the top case fans. i didnt even know it happened until my keyboard and mouse quit working, i shut the computer off, blew it out, dried for a week. upon the first re-start everything worked fine. i thought i was in the clear. next day i have no internet/network connection. im using the integrated lan direct to my router. tried a restore, reinstall of drivers many times. fresh install of windows, and nothing. everything else seems to be working fine. my options are settled basically to a cheap network card or replace the mobo. unless i can find a small network card i dont think there is a enough room between the graphics card and bottom pci slot.

i have basically came here as a last resort before making a purchase hoping someone with more knowledge can help me out. thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] Spilled water in PC, after drying No Internet

If you installed a wireless card in the 1st PCI-e slot above the graphics card there shouldn't be an issue.

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So I spilled some water on the keyboard. I tried to take it away using a cloth and then put it upside down. I then had a hot lamp over it so that it would dry. (Opening the back cover was out of the question since I had no way to remove the nails.) After an hour I tried to open it. It did open and worked ok. The only problem was that yhere would be pop up messages about the usb no functioning properly or the headphones I just connected when I had nothing on the usb and no headphones. The morning after however the laptop after being powered on would display: Error code 0xc0000428 your pc has to be repaired. The digital signature for this file could not be verified. Contact your PC administrator or PC manufactorer if you dont have the repair tools.
I bought this in Greece a month ago but I am now a student in Edinburgh and I desperately need some help on what to do since this laptop is vital for my course and I cannot afford a new one at the moment.
Sorry for the wall of text and thank you for your answers.
I desperately need some help.

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Dear Lenovo, I bought a Lenovo W550s laptop last August, and last week I spilled water on the keyboard. Now, about 8 buttons on the keyboard (at least), don't work. I am curious, will the warranty help me in any way with any thing?  Also, I am looking for a replacement (internal) keyboard, and am having trouble finding one. I am pretty sure that the keyboard that shipped with my laptop last fall was not backlit, as the keyboard never lit up (unless I didn't know how to turn it on). Anyways, the Parts No.: 0C44952, ID No.: 57P1ZW, FRU No.:04Y2387, Model No. KM BL-105US.  When I looked up the part on Lenovo's website, it returned nothing:  So, my questions for you are:1.) Does the Lenovo warranty help me cover my malfunctioning keyboard?2.) Is the keyboard that I have, Parts No. 0C44952, a backlit keyboard?  3.) Where can I get a compatible keyboard replacement for this laptop? 4.) Will this keyboard replacement work? Kind regards,Spencer

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Okay so last night I spilled some tea on my Toshiba Satellite laptop... i cleaned the mess, let it dry out, and in the morning it worked perfectly. Around 3 hrs later is when it started to glitch up and by that I mean the screen tinted white and acted like it was loading something, but it was like this for a while so I finally decided to shut it off. Now I get the message:
'Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082)
Copyright 1997-2000 Intel Corporation.
For Realtek: RTL8101E/8102E PCI-E. Ethernet Controller v1.07 (080320)
PXE-M0F: exiting PXE ROM
No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key.'

I got this message when I tried turning it on after I cleaned the mess (stupid, I know) but before I let it dry out for the night. I have no clue what it means or what I should do... if I could get help I would greatly appreciate it.

A:Spilled Tea on Laptop

I really suggest to remove your Hard Drive and Rams for really make sure they are dry. By the way, you are so lucky with this issue, your laptop is still booting. So your laptop is still booting without any hardware issue, i don't know what operation system are you using, you just need instillation CD of Windows. And you can fix only boot without loosing any Data.

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I spilled Mountain Dew on my Fathers Laptop. It's a dell inspiron 1000, got it free from work. After I spilled it, I turned it off, used a towel to dry it up. Left it off, next day, now it won't turn on! Is there anything left that I can do before telling my dad I killed his laptop?

A:Spilled pop on laptop :(

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Hey, this is my first post so it could be in the wrong spot, but I spilled soda on my laptop, I turned it off, unplugged it wiped it up with a paper towel, and used a can of compressed air to blow through the keyboard is that alright?

A:Help! spilled pop on laptop

let it sit for a couple days somewhere dry/warm, i wouldnt risk starting it up and shorting it so it never works play it safe unless your in DIRE need

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Both my daughter and I have a problem with keyboards in that the letters fade really quickly. This isn't such a problem with a desktop, but is an issue on a laptop. Apart from naming the condition "Acid Sweat Syndrome" ( ***), has anyone else had this problem and found a solution about how to replace the letters? Tippex comes straight off. Please don't say learn to touch type!

A:Laptop keyboard faded

Sorry for posting twice. Thought the first post had failed...

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HELP!! My daughter just spilled coffee on her laptop and it doesn't work. What can she do? How can she retrieve her files? She's frantic as she was working on a paper due tomorrow. It's a Dell 500m, if this helps.

A:Spilled coffee on laptop

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I spilled a drink in the keyboard of my laptop, I tipped it over got what I could out and wiped it off. Today I tried to take it apart and got everything apart but couldn't get the case to come in two in the middle. tried to take just the keybaord up and can't get it up either. Battery did not get wet. Everything inside the case looks and feels dry and is not sticky so i don't think it got wet past the keyboard and under it. But i can't get the keyboard off to clean under it.  As soon as the drink spilled and I started wiping it up the computer went off and will not come back on. Before I took it apart the little lights on the side by the headphone jack one was lit up and the wireless internet light would go off and on. Now just one of the lights on the side by the headphone jack is on. It sat all night unpluged. I have the hp red flyer laptop. This is a brand new month old or less computer I have all my stuff for college on and everything. I really need to get it working again. Is there hope? Is there maybe something I could replace and get it working again? I though it had the replacement plan but found they did not give it to me as they were supposed to at the store when it bought it.  

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Do the new HP Envy 17 inch laptop intel core i7 with 4 GB graphics 1080P have a membrane beneath the keyboard to privent spills from entering the laptop itself.   Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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Last night I spilled peach tea on my laptop, the screen went white and than came back on. I unplugged everything tilt the key board to let the liquid drain out. After doing all that I than took out the battery. I tried to turn the laptop back on this morning and it does nothing. Is my laptop shot or is it still savageable

A:spilled peach tea on laptop

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Can anyone out there give me some advice...

Two nights ago, my dog jumped up and lemonade spilled into my laptop. While my roommate was running to get a towel, she heard the computer make a crackling/hissing noise and shut off. Is it too late?

I have taken the computer apart and cleaned all of the sticky lemonade goo that I could find (it was almost completely coating the hard drive). We plugged it in and the battery charging light goes on, but the computer will not turn on when we push the power button.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. I have virtually no money (everything goes to my student loans) and I can't afford a new computer or expensive repairs. Thanks!


A:*help* My Dog Spilled Lemonade In Laptop...

I have no advice personally.

But i must admit you have my deepest sympathy, i never hav food or drink near my computer because when i bought my new dell inspiron 6000 a frew weeks ago i declined the insurance on it....way to expensive for me.
I would imagine there are solutions for your problem, hold in there and im sure the other BC members will advise.


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Dell Inspiron 5100. My son spilled coke on his laptop 3 days ago. It was powered by the adapter, he unplugged it and turned the laptop open screen down. I removed the battery and wireless card. I let it dry for 3 days while cleaning the keyboard several times with alcohol and qtips. When I tried to power up...nothing. The power light will blink and then an orange light, then nothing. When installing the battery, the charge light will blink. Please help me! What more can I do? I have disassembled desktops before, but never a laptop.
I just powered up the laptop. I held down on the power button and it booted. The screen is very dim, I can barely see it and the touchpad doesn't seem to work. Can you or anyone help? Please?

A:Coke spilled on Laptop. Pls Help!

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so as the title read i spilled soup on my mom's laptop and she is totally sweet about it and doesn't seem concerned... so naturally that makes me feel like an even worse human being and i'm super worried.

anyways i pulled the battery out and disconnected it from the charger right away. i read online to basically dump some isoprpyl based alcohol (that's 100% alcohol) on the keyboard and then let it dry or something along those lines. I also read that if the soup had meat in it (which it did) the fat in the soup may dry and congeal the keys, but no directions as how to deal with that specific circumstance. i went around to the stores in my town and only found 91% isopropyl based alcohol (description says it does have water in it....). I havent done anything with it just yet because i do not want to make any wrong moves. would love to deal with this asap before it completely dries and im screwed (or am i screwed anyways?). some soup also fell on the power button and in one corner of the screen =( ill never eat soup near a laptop aginnnnnnn! let me know if there is anymore info i can add to help figure out this situation, thank you to the kind and helpful people out there!!!

A:spilled soup on mom's laptop..... =(

First thing I WOULDA done was wipe it off with a towel or napkin and stuck the laptop in a BIG bag/bowl of rice....tbh, the only way I KNOW OF to see if its going to work or not is to make sure its completely dry and power it on. A lot of laptops have a thin layer of like plastic type stuff on the bottom of the keyboard...I guees to help against this exact problem?? But anyway point is the plastic "shield" may have protected the computer. I had a friend with a very similar situation and all it ended up needing done was a keyboard replacement, which cost me about 20$ on eBay and half hour to replace it, hopefully you'll get to be lucky to.

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I spilled some coca-cola on my Dell Inspiron 5160 Laptop computer. The keys are sticking, but thats the least of my problem. When the power button is pushed the lights come on showing it's getting power but the screen stays blank. After letting it drain i attempted to turn it off and on and for awhile i got the screen to come on but the mouse pointer wouldn't move so i restarted it and since then the screen has been blank. I've tried calling repair shops and i've got answers from everything to getting a wireless keyboard and hooking it the computer to buying a completely new computer which i don't have the money for. I always tried calling Dell Tech Support but they are little help and my problem isn't covered under warranty. I know i'm not the first person to spill pop on a laptop. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!?!

A:Pop spilled on laptop!! FREAKING OUT!

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I accidently spilled a glass of cream soda on my laptop keyboard about a week ago. I immediately wiped up the drink, unplugged my computer and left it to dry overnight. The next morning I turned my computer on and it booted up just fine except the esc, num lock, and a couple of the f keys didn't work. I then turned my computer off then left it to dry in the sun for a few hours and afterwards those keys worked fine. A few days later those keys stopped working again. My computer is running just fine except for those few keys. Is there anything that I can try to do myself or should I take my computer to a repair shop?

A:Drink Spilled on Laptop

I would just replace the keyboard. They run about $15.-$20 on ebay. They are a little bit of a pain to change on some laptops but you just have to be careful.

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My wife spilled some liquid on top of my laptop. It immediately turned off. We let it dry overnight and prayed it will work but this morning pushed the power button, it would power up but nothing on the screen and no HD spinning. Should we continue to see if things work better with more "drying". Please help....

A:Spilled liquid on a dell laptop

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I accidentally spilled some coke on my Acer Aspire laptop keyboard. I opened it up and cleaned what I could but now the keyboard either doesn't respond or presses buttons at random.

It is a chiclet keyboard.

What options do I have? Will it help if I completely remove the keyboard and try to clean it completely or do I have to order a replacement keyboard?

A:Spilled coke in laptop keyboard..

I would remove it and soak it in distilled water and wipe it down. Allow plenty of drying time. Then try again to see if it's still sticky. I say distilled because tap water has minerals in it.

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HiI spilled my coffee on my keyboard. I made all the appropriate steps and i would like to know if it can be fixed by warranty.. I bought it only a month ago.

A:Spilled my coffee on my laptop's keyboard

Broom97 wrote:HiI spilled my coffee on my keyboard. I made all the appropriate steps and i would like to know if it can be fixed by warranty.. I bought it only a month ago.Hi, Your option is either send it to a local tech shop or send it to HP. Problem is water spillage including coffee is not covered by hardware warranty. IF you decided to send it for repair to HP, MAKE SURE TO TELL THEM IT IS A COFFEE SPILLAGE so it will be tagged properly. My friend back then sent his computer for repair because of coffee spillage. After a couple of days HP repair sent it back to him with a tag stating that the package is contagious. He then found out that HP repair center thought it was a urine spillage and sent it back (For hazardouz precautions not knowing that it is indeed a coffee spillage) Note: Coffee spill could smell like a urine in the long period of time.

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!

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Okay, well I have an IBM ThinkPad 600E running Windows XP, using 2 hard drives (C:\ and D:\) and I spilled Kool-Aid on the keyboard. It continued working until I shut the laptop down and restarted it, when it brought up an Error screen (my mouse became a duck) and asked if I wanted to restart. So I did, and it booted up fine but brought me to the same screen. So I pushed CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and it restarted and booted up just fine, loaded windows and let me log in all great, but then the keyboard stopped working. The Function keys for the volume still work, but no other buttons work, and neither does the built-in red dot mouse in the middle. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver, and doing a system restore. What's wrong? Why would the keyboard work during boot-up, but after Windows loads give me a Code 10?

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Greetings everyone,
So about 2 weeks ago I spilled hot green tea on my laptops keyboard (Asus X53E), I proceeded to unplug all hardware and dry it and drain it as much as I could, unfortunately there seemed to be serious damage since now a lot of my keys would type 2 letters/numbers instead of what it was supposed to be. Example... If I pressed "v" it would type "v3" etc... also my Caps Lock is now "enter" for some reason. After that, I unplugged the keyboard from the motherboard and tried drying it even more, but the problem did not go away, it turned worse since now it spams a couple letters for no reason (Example... "EEEEEEE") so I was wondering what can I do to fix it? I've read that time will fix it, since I had a similar accident before where my space bar was damaged but after about a month it was working fine... should I wait and see? Should I trim the keyboard cable a little? Any suggestions to fix the damage? Also right now my keyboard is unplugged from the mother board and I plugged in a desktop keyboard.

A:Spilled Green Tea on Laptop Keyboard, what to do?

Replace the keyboard, or simply wait and see what happens.

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Please save the lectures on drinks next to a computer. I've had this laptop for almost 5 years and just plain had a brain fart the other night. Anyway, as the title says I spilled my drink. It was sugar free koolaid. So I've found plenty of info on cleaning keys. However, the info is generic and doesn't seem to apply to my keyboard. Only one key is not working "p". So when I pop it off, there is sort of a scissor style retaining bracket. The rubber boot flange is under it and the boot protrudes up through. How to I get the boot off to clean it? Much thanks in advance.

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so last night i spilled beer on my laptop (an HP 17" DV7t). i wiped all of it off the surface and used q-tips to try to wick away stuff that got under the surface that was near the keys. it seemed to work fine until this morning (about 10 hours post-spill) when i turned it on and the keyboard did not function. everything else was fine, just no keyboard. Since it's still in warrantee i can't remove the keyboard. i put it in a trash bag filled with rice. question is: does that work? if so, how long does it take? and finally, is there anything else i can do?

sending in for replacement is not an option because this is the end of the semester and i have reports due in less than a week.

A:spilled beer on laptop keyboard

The warranty would not cover spills on the keyboard anyway, only covers breakdown or faulty parts, so you've nothing to lose by ordering and fitting a new keyboard.

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I pray this is not "too little...too late"!!!

Last week my husband, me and my 4 year old daughter had to travel out of province for our daughters surgery. Before leaving, I had asked my employer if I could borrow his laptop so we could send emails/chat, etc from our hotel room while our daughter was recovering. He agreed and off we went!

One evening (last Tuesday, actually), I had taken the laptop down to the lobby of the hotel because the internet service was not working in the room. There was wireless available in the lobby and lounge. Because there were no available seats in the lobby, I went into the lounge and found a little table where I set up the laptop. I ordered a glass of wine....and the rest of the story is as you can imagine....

I spilled what I 'guesstimate' to be about 1/4 cup of rose wine on the top right corner of the laptop! I was horrified and after about 5 seconds of being frozen in time, I grabbed the laptop and turned it with the right corner on its side tilted down....I then set it on its end on the seat beside me while I ran in search of napkins. I dabbed at it and left it on its side.....then I raced back upstairs to the room where I left it turned upside down. I had no screwdrivers to open anything up nor did i have google to save me by offering me advise!!!! The business centre was closed and I had no way to find out what I should do!!! The next couple of days were a blur as my daughter was having her surgery - then it was tim... Read more

A:PLEASE HELP! Spilled liquid on boss's laptop!!!

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Last night when I was plugging in my ipod to my Toshiba Satellite laptop, a 1.5 inch or so verticle stripe appeared on my screen. Is this a portion of the LCD just getting old? Malfunctioning? Is it fixable?

The laptop is about 5 or 6 years old. Any ideas what may have caused this?


A:Faded 1 inch stripe on laptop screen

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Hi guys i wasn't sure were to post this. My cousin spilled votka inside his laptop accidently. Now when he turns on his computer the fans and i am guessing the hard drive are working but the screen is not. My guess is that some vodka went inside the port and burn it out, but you are the experts so any suggestions on how to fix it?

A:Stupid user(spilled drink in laptop)

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Water spilled in laptop. Several keys no longer work. Any chance it's not ruined? Works fine with wire less keyboard..

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Someone spilled a drink on my HP laptop (model g6-1116so) and now it only works when the battery is being used. When I push the power button with only the AC adapter plugged in, nothing happens. What should I do to research what could be wrong? After the drink was spilled, the laptop was sitting without being used for at least 5 days and it works fine apart from no power using AC adaptor. Is there a surge protector inside this computer?
Any advice please. Thanks for reading.

A:Spilled drink on HP laptop, now only works with battery?

if the AC adaptor is plugged in with the battery does it charge at all?

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Hello everyone sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum. I'm a newbie.

I spilled a little bit of milk on the keyboard of my laptop. This actually happened a few months ago, but I really need that computer up and running if possible so that my son can use it for his school work. Most of the buttons are functional but it's virtually impossible to use it with there being about 10 to 15 buttons inoperable as we are unable to spell out certain words...actually a lot of words. Other than that it runs just fine. It turns on, doesn't make any noise, and I was able to transfer files from the computer to my flash drive. My question is can it be repaired or should I just let it go? ( **fingers crossed**) Thank you all in advance

A:Solved: Liquid spilled on laptop keyboard...Please help

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Not a lot of juice spilled but apparently enough to hurt my laptop. It spilled on the top right corner of the keyboard and I immediately wiped it all up and the laptop seemed to be fine. I turned it off and when I came back to use it, it would not turn on. It also made a sizzling noise on the top right side. Help!

View Solution.

A:Spilled juice on laptop and worked fine until I turned it of...

The sizzling sound was likely the sound of your motherboard shorting out (dying). The juice probably gradually seeped down inside and when you applied power again- zap. For what it is worth now-any time liquid is spilled on a laptop it should immediately be powered off, battery & power cord removed and the laptop placed upside down for at least 24 hrs to drain any tiny bit of liquid.

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So I spilled coffee on my laptop, over the keyboard. I turned it off immediately, took out the power, but stupidly left the battery in. I wiped it dry, left it a couple of hours, then tried turning it on. It started for a second then turned off again. Yes I now realise what a idiot I am for doing this.

So I opened it up, cleared out all the excess coffee. I had only spilled the coffee on the left hand side of the keyboard, and directly underneath this area is the the fan which didn't seem to have any residue on it, and the power board assembly. The motherboard was on the otherside of the laptop and free from harm.

So having cleaned it out as much as possible and let it dry out for days, I try turning it on and it won't even start up. I'm thinking that I may have messed up by turning it on after only a few hours, and with pic related being directly underneath and probably covered in coffee, it short circuited and ruined it.

My question is does this mean the entire motherboard and electrical components of the laptop are defective? Bearing in mind no coffee was spilled on the motherboard. Or might it mean only this particular component, the power board/switch assembly which connects the power button to the motherboard, is broken? Will replacing this part alone be enough to salvage my laptop?

A:Spilled coffee on laptop, question about replacement parts

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. As you say - easy to do but a rather expensive cup of coffee
3. Such a problem is I am sorry to say impossible to solve - in an online situation - the only advise that I can offer is
If you are not technically knowledgeable enough to dismantle the laptop and check circuits with a meter - not of course with power connected - then it is a lost cause until you evaluate the cost effectiveness of paying for a computer repair business to evaluate it.
Coffee - water is of course a conductor and will effectively short live to earth - anything could have gone.
SORRY but a real and effective analysis will require professional test equipment and IMHO depending on local rates - you are talking about something in the order of £30 just to tell you it is a lost cause.
Unless it is a valuable - newish laptop I would think your best is to take out the HDD and see if that is a run connected to another computer in an enclosure or docking station

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In the chaos of moving to a new house yesterday, a box my friend was moving ripped and a bottle of beer smashed onto my open and powered on laptop, scattering both liquid and glass everywhere. We immediately powered down and removed the battery, and placed the laptop upside down and mopped up the excess liquid from the outside as much as possible, and set it to dry upside down on a towel.

My laptop is a Lenovo U330, I had my brother install Win7 on it for me last year, but he kept the disks so I don't have any of them.

Several hours & some blowdrying later, we attempted to start up the laptop (I would have preferred to wait longer, but I needed to know if mine would work in case I needed to borrow my friend's for the week). The laptop will load the lenovo startup screen, and then flash the windows loadings screen (with the option to press f2 or f12) for a few seconds before recommending that I run startup repair. Which if I select it, will freeze after a few seconds. Usually my laptop's pretty noisy, but while the battery light flashes as if there is activity going on, there's no noise coming from it at all.

My friend tried starting it up in safe mode, which also froze after loading half the startup files. I think he changed the boot order, and also tried starting up from the last successful configuration. None of them were successful.

I kept the laptop upside down for a while, and after I realized the keys were becoming sticky again I took the keyboard out t... Read more

A:Beer spilled on laptop, Windows won't boot past bios

If you can enter BIOS setup and move around then it's possible the mobo survived, but if you'll check the listings under storage you may find the HD didn't. This can explain why it won't proceed past post.

I think I'd want to open it up to make sure it gets dried out fully, but you'll need to gauge your tech abilities against the risks of disassembling a laptop which can be unforgiving. You can find a video for most models on how to do it.

I would at least remove the HD (google for a video for your model) to dry the circuitry and contacts and reinstall. If it still won't run I'd swap in another to see if that solves the problem, and if so then buy one to replace it.

Everything you need is here to then Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Please help i have a DELL Inspiron E1705 and i accidently spilt water on my laptop. So i waited abut 36 hours and now that i check back on it, it has made some progress. It works a little bit, i can recharge my ipod on it, but the screen is always black, i cant see anything. i have been blow drying it, but i dont know how to open it apart. I have screwdrived every screw, but i cant open it apart, so i just blowdried the side where it has holes.

A:Help! Water On Laptop! Plz!

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Alrighty so my friend who goes to San Diego university just called me. Appreantly she dumped water on her laptop and wants to know if it's dead, or what to do so she can rectify the sutiation. Is there any chance it's still alive? From what I understand is that she dumped water on it, the screen locked up and then she tried to turn it off. It didn't work right away then she unplugged it and waited then it suddenly shut off. The battery is out of the machine and it's laying on her desk, is she as ****ed as I think she is? ANy help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.

A:Water on a laptop

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Hi, I was wondering if any one could help me with a little problem. My son tipped water over my laptop. I quickly took the battery and then tried to get all the water out and then place it in a bag of rice. I left it for a couple of days and now it won't start. The turn on switch will go on and then it goes off. Nothing else is responding. Is this the sign that I will need to make a insurance claim, or it can be saved? I really need the contents off the hard drive. How can I get the stuff off.

Sorry for the million questions

A:Laptop vs water

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So a glass of water spilled on my laptop this morning. It's a Mac G4. It spilled on the left side where the power cord plugs in and all the other jacks are. I didn't think there was that much water but shortly after my attempts to dry it all off the computer locked up. I forced it to shut down.

Now when I start it up it beeps three times, but not normal computer beeps. These are lower tones, like you hear right before the weather advisories start scrolling along the bottom of your screen on TV.

It makes all the sounds of loading, but the monitor never comes on.

The power light on the front of the laptop (the button that opens and closes it) will blink three times every now and again.

Am I completely screwed or is there hope of saving my poor Lappy?

A:Laptop + Water

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My two year old spray glass cleaner on my laptop, quite a bit actually, and some got inside of the LCD screen. The screen still works but you can see the liquid in there and the display looks terrible.

I had a friend you suggest putting some isopropanol up in there as it will facilitate getting the water out but I shied away from putting anything else in there unless Im sure the only other alternative is to buy a brand new screen.

Can I assist in getting the water out using a hair dryer or perhaps there is some kind of safe solvent I could use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Water in Laptop LCD

Hair dryer is not a good idea as lcd's(most laptops) are very sensitive to heat. Think of what happens to your cell phone or palm if you leave it in the sun. Not so sure i'd try the alcohol either as this could be corrosive. How long has the water been in there? It might dry up from heat of monitor and then recheck what your display looks like

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AW! Man! I done the dumbest thing yesterday as I knocked over my water bottle on to my Toshiba Satellite M55 Laptop. I turned it upside down as quick as I could and started blasting with air cans and then later I tried to remove the top face of keyboard from bottom but had no luck. How ever I did open all the removable little doors and blast with air and pried the top from the bottom and blasted thru the crack. I then let it sit on the edge of my desktop desk (with elect heater under it) until this morning. Right now when I hit the ON button I can hear the dirve whirring and the message on the screen says "LOADING" and show a pic of an hour glass. the the screen turns sorta dark blue with a white line thru the middle and says "INSERT MEDIA DISK". If I put in a movie DVD it starts and shows the movie. I put the TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications/Drivers DVD, but then I get the message that my hard disk will be wiped clean so it can re-install everything. I really don't want to do that if I don't have to.
I must say that I have been punching key boards since the first TIMEX and been thru COMMODORE, etc and this is the FIRST time I ever spilled anything on a keyboard. I'm 70 now and on 24 oxygen so I'm getting a lot more computer on time. I guess I got tangled with my O2 pipe cord or something.
So is there wnything I can do short of erasing my hard disk to get this thing to boot.
Greg in Warren MI

A:Water on Laptop!

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Hi, the title explains it all. I spilled a small amount of water on my laptop's keyboard, which gradually lost all of its functions. Everything else about the laptop works just fine, except for the keyboard, which will not work at all. I've had it drying with a fan for the past few hours, anyone have any suggestions?


A:Water in my laptop

If drying under a fan will help at all, it might take days. The places water can get into in there aren't places flowing air gets to very much.

You might try an external USB keyboard for the time being. Or if your laptop has a PS/2 type keyboard connector, you could try one of those.

I've washed desktop keyboards that had sugared drinks spilled on them in hot soapy water and I've learned it takes at least two days to dry one. I usually remove one of my central air register covers and stick it down in there. I do this only with keyboards that are a total loss otherwise. In those cases, there is nothing to lose. It works out well nearly all the time.

I don't recommend that on a laptop, though.

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I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but I couldn't find any instances of it when I searched the forums, so here goes:

This morning one of my co-workers (a nice guy who is also an idiot) decided to see what would happen if he poured water on my little fan.

Well what happened was that water went flying everywhere. Most of it landed on my paperwork (which is a whole other problem) but some of it did get on my laptop keyboard. My TWO DAY OLD laptop, which as you can imagine almost caused me to murder my co-worker. The only thing that kept him alive was the fact that he looked even more upset than I did. Clearly he realized what a complete and utter idiot he was, but sadly, that realization came too late.

I immediately ran and got some paper towels and cleaned the keyboard, lovingly drying all the water under the keys, etc. The computer seemed fine and so I kept working for a bit because I had a deadline in 45 minutes. Once I finished my work, I started getting scared that maybe the water was slowly dripping into my hard drive, onto my motherboard, etc. So I turned off the machine, turned it upside down, removed the battery and didn't use it for the rest of the day. My plan now is leave it alone for the next 24 hours or so and let it totally dry. As I say, it wasn't a whole lot of water that landed on the keyboard, but I've heard horror stories about a single drop of water totally ruining laptops and so I didn't wanna take any ... Read more

A:Water on Laptop Keyboard

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I have done so much research over the internet, and I think I might have a chance...

couple nights ago I spilled an entire glass full of water into my Sony Vaio 13.3'' laptop, all the water went directly to the keyboard.

I was watching tv on the laptop after like 3 seconds the screen went off but the sound continued, I shut if off, disconnected from AC dried it as much as I could, upside down during the night, etc...

next day, THE COMPUTER WORKS, yes, it logs into windows and everything all right... if I could just see a thing in the screen.... (completely dark)

I took it to bestbuy and they plugged it to a monitor and it works, and if I point a flashlight to my screen I can see it working on my laptop... but they even refused to open it saiying its probably the backlight, repair is expensive, either buy a monitor or a new one..

after doing my research... shouldnt the backlight be able to be fixed, or at least replaced??? why would I need to replace the whole screen if its just the backlight... and the water only went to the keyboard!!! so the backlight is in the laptop itself and not in the screen...??? I saw my model LCD panels on ebay from $180-$210... sure I rather that than a new one...
Im very optimistic here.
Thanks for all your replies...

I guess my question is: if I think the problem is just the backlight, doesnt sounds too catastrophic to me... dont I get a chance?

A:Water Damage on Laptop

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Similar problem - I somehow managed to knock a bottle of water over my laptop which was in its bag at the time (i.e. water went over back edge). I've had it drying in various positions in front of a fan for 24 hours and have just tried to turn it on - it got part way and then restarted with the "Windows did not load properly last time" message. I let it try once more, but the same thing happened.

Have I killed it?! If I let it dry out for a couple more days is there a chance of life?! I daren't tell my partner I've damaged it as I broke the last one. Please help.

A:Water on Laptop Keyboard

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Hi guys

at a friends place. A couple of weeks ago she spilt tea on her dell laptop it is a inspiron 1545. She silly rang dell straight after and so her warranty won't cover it.

Any ideas of what it could be. The water hit the front of the laptop on the right hand side near the touch pad. ( why dell doesn't have plastic over there motherboard like other companies is beyond me)

When it is turned on the bios doesn't come up but the fans are spinning. The hard drive is ok as i have checked it in my machine start straight up into windows. No light or flickers to the monitor. I tried it with a monitor- still nothing but i will check again when i get home.

Any ideas on what it could be or what could be done would be great.

Could we just replace the board. If so which board.

thanks in advance

A:water dell laptop

Was it on at the time.
You really need to take it apart so that it can dry out properly
if all else fails see if it's worth claiming on home insurance
some now offer free accidental damage cover

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Hello there,

Today I found that water has spilled over the laptop keyboard from the ceiling... i tried to turn it on but it was not working.. no lights or nothing... i immediately removed the battery from it.. turned it upside down and drained water as much as i can.... and then i tried to dry that by keeping it under the Fan... and tried to turn on after sometime... it turned on and i saw the logo but immediately the screen has gone dark... and finally turned OFF i removed the battery again and kept back under fan... and then turned ON again after some hours... and now its booting and i can see the desktop too but its dark....... Something happend to my display when I turned on at first? Please help me....
- Minterest

A:Laptop Water Damage

you can do ur best to drain all the water ...use a hair drier and dry ur pc for at least 24 hrs together..

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I have a new hp laptop that I spilled alittle water on the keybroad. Well I got another keybroad hooked up to it it works for a little bit but after a bit it kind of does it own thing , like I'll want to go to a site, or doc's and it takes me somewhere else. I hope it's not ruin but it just doesn't work right. Please help. Thanks

A:Hp laptop water on keybroad

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Last thursday I accidentally spilt water on my laptop. Being slightly phobic when it comes to taking computers apart, I took it to the toshiba repair center. They said they;d open it up and take a look at it.. which they did on friday and they say I'll have to replace the keyboard and the system board.. estimate a total cost of $500(including labor).
I guess this is just a desperate plea but is it possible that I am being had or is spilling water on a laptop indeed *this* fatal ???

thanks a million in advance

A:Help!!Spilt water on my laptop :(

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I have a toshiba laptop that recently crapped out on me. One night while I was sleeping, my drunken roommate spilled beer all over my laptop and did not bother to clean it up. The computer was in standby and still had power flowing through it. When I awoke, it was turned off and completely water logged. After an extensive drying period, the computer turned back on and began to load. I run WinXP Pro. An error message came up saying that some unknown error happened and it asked me how I wanted to load the OS. I have chosen every way possible and it always freezes when XP begins loading. I even tried loading the OS again with the disk but that didn't work. I am wanting to know what I can do, if anything, to fix it. Whether it is the hard drive, motherboard, or some electrical error, or if I should just toss it and get a new one.

A:Water damage to laptop...

Water probably wouldn't have done much damage. Beer, OTOH, probably didn't do it any good.

I'm sad to say, the only RX for this machine is disassembly and a very through cleaning, not something that the novice should attempt.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure what section to put it in.
I've just recently spilled water on my laptop keyboard. It wasn't a lot and I instantly got paper towels to help clear it up after I quickly turned the power off.
I made sure to keep cleaning with the towel and pressing on the keys gently to put more water out for it to be absorbed.
It's turned on fine, and so far I've not noticed any keyboard issues.
Will my laptop be fine, or should I do something else just to make sure?
The water mostly spilled on part of the speaker, the power button, and a few of the keys. There's no water anymore and everything feels dry, and like I said it was a small amount of water.

A:Laptop water spill

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Hi Techguy,

Water fell on my laptop now most of the time my keyboard doesn't work (or other keyboards). When I type a letter random programs pop up etc.. So I get by by copy pasting single letters to make a note. As you can imagine, this is not very pleasant. Sometimes my keyboard out of nowhere works and I can write for brief periods of time such as now.

The on screen keyboard that comes with Windows 8 also doesn't work nor do other keyboards. If I click a letter random stuff happens like programs opening.

I'm looking for software that can transform writing/painting from characters made by my trackpad or mouse into a field to text. So I don't have to copy paste all the time anymore.

Can you help me out with this one?

Thanks in advance!

A:Water damaged laptop

OCR software may be what your looking for. I don't have any real experience with this type of software but you can take a look at the link to see if suites you.

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Hi everyone,

I am working with a Dell laptop, a very nice one year old one. A cup of water was spilled on the laptop while it was off at night, in the morning, someone turned it on. The laptop didn't work initially. Now, I opened it up and cleaned everything off. Now the laptop works while it is plugged in. Here is the kicker. The laptop will not run off of battery. The little lcd light that shows that the laptop is plugged in will not work either. This tells me that the laptop doesn't know if it is running off of AC or battery power, and the "time left" on the battery taskbar indicator just jumps to 43000 when I plug in AC (telling me it doesn't even really know it is on AC). What could cause this type of problem? The local computer places didn't want to look at it. Where else could I send it?

A:Water Damage Laptop

it probibly shorted the mechinim that knows that info. did you try running it with no battery installed? what does it do when theres no battery?

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Hello everyone, i have a laptop that sucked up some water through the bottom. Not sure how much got up in there, but now there is no power. No power with just battery or just AC. Push the power button and nothing happens. I removed the Ram Hard drive and battery and let sit for a few days and still nothing. Did the motherboard just fry or possibly the CPU? Its a HP Omnibook xe4600. Thank You.

A:Water Spill with Laptop

not even the bios came on. nothing. flatline. to me that says, fried mobo. that thing is dead mate. if i were you, i'd get a new mobo and see if the other parts are still working. and if you can't determine that, or do it easily, then ask a professional to test the processor and the graphics chip and other parts. if they still work, you can save some money and just get a new mobo hopefully.'re kinda screwed.

by the way...if you can, try to avoid hp. they are seriously going down in terms of quality and warranty support. gateway, lenovo, acer, and a few other brands are now the way to go.

but that's a side note...yeah...get a new motherboard first. sorry about that...not exactly a very pleasant thing to have happen to you, let alone to have someone tell you what you feared most....i wish you the best.

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I dropped a glass of water on my laptop last night.. its working ok.. but there is two keyboard keys playing up..
the "b" doing another function and when pressing "r" its writing "er"

any idea what i can do?


A:Dropped water on my laptop

I researched, and I agree with Scorpian. Let it rest and dry out as soon as possible, it should be ok.

Water on Laptop Keyboard - Tech Support Guy Forums

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A few weeks ago, while I was away, my brother spilled water on my laptop. My mom didn't dry it immediately, and just shut the lid. when I discovered the night of, there was fog on the screen, most of the keys weren't working anymore. I immediately backed up my laptop that night. Then, i left it to dry. After three days, the laptop no longer turn on. Two weeks later, the laptop was able to power on. Since it wasn't shut down properly, every time i turn on, it will display windows was not shut down properly press enter to select, or something along those lines. Since my keyboard doesn't work, I could never get past that screen. I have tried to attach an external keyboard to my laptop, but that doesn't seem to work either. I have noticed that now whenever I turn on my laptop it takes two tries. When i press the power button the first time. it will have no reaction, but then the second time it will start. once I get to the screen where i need to press enter, i cannot do anything so I would press power again. I noticed when I press shut down, the laptop will quickly shut down.The instant that the power button is pressed, it will immediately shut down. A couple of times when I turn on my laptop, it will start to beep continuously. I am currently debating to buy a replacement keyboard and try to see if that will work out. If anyone have experience or can help, please help me out. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C650.

Thanks in advance.

A:Water Damaged Laptop: HELP!!

I'd be surprised if the keyboard was the only part that was damaged. Especially as it was powered on several times while still wet/damp.

In any case, if you can get parts cheap enough, you could try simply replacing the keyboard.

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Hi guys.

I have read some other posts about this and everyone else seems to have a much happier story than I do!

spilled water on the keyboard of my Compaq (couldn't tell you what model though), won't go into how stupid i am. you all know already.

anyway it worked fine for a few days after that; turned on and off fine etc, all keys working, sound working, no symptoms at all so I thought yay! I have escaped the inevitable. I was wrong. Which consequently led me to do another ridiculously stupid action. The battery died so I plugged it into the charger, pressed on....nothing. It will not turn on no matter what I do, the little light that shows that the charger is plugged in doesn't light up either. So I am assuming the worst, but don't know what to do. I removed the battery and opened all the little openable compartments at the back to see if there was anything obvious or burning smell or anything but no. There is a small patch of rust on one of the little screws but it looks too old to be from this incident (it is secondhand).

Im screwed, amn't I?

A:water on laptop keyboard...

Have you tried a different charger or battery?

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On Sunday, I foolishly was drinking from a bottle of water next to my laptop, HP G7035ea, and some spilt on the keyboard and touchpad. It must have seeped through to either the ram or hard drive. Instantly, I tried to shut my laptop down but it became unresponsive, so even more foolishly I held the power button down to shut it down and pulled the power cord and battery out. I dried up most of the water with tissue and left it on the sun for about twenty minutes.

Even more foolishly, I decided to turn it on and the fan came on, the DVD drive was accessed but the screen stayed blank. Something must of shorted out by now. However, I left it overnight to dry out and tried it again in the morning, same thing occurred. So today I held a hairdryer against it, and left a fan heater next to it for about an hour. Still the same result, fan and blank screen. Now I guess I'm just going to leave
it againrill tomorrow.

Is there any hope for my poor laptop?

A:Spilt water on laptop

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Hi guys I am really new here. I want to ask whether my PC will work again or not. So yesterday I stupidly spilled water over my Lenovo G5080. And then I instinctively clean it up with cloths but with the condition the power is still on. I tried restarting the PC again and then it was working well but then suddenly my screen went blank. As I get panicked I browsed the Internet through my mobile and then found out that the things that I've been doing is the things that should not be done on facing this kind of problem

As I gathered information from a few forum it is said that I should just let it dry for like 3 - 6 hours without battery and then try to power it on again. I followed that instruction, and when I plug the charger to my laptop the charging indicator was on, so I thought my laptop was working again. But then when I tried to power it up, the charging indicator suddenly went off and there it go

What do you think? Is there still any hope on my laptop? I read here that the writer succeeded on recovering her laptop by letting it dry for like 48 hours, if I let it dry for more hours will it have a chance of recovery or not? I'm afraid that the electronics/insides whatnots inside my laptop will short circuit again. Or should I just go to nearest computer repair service? Please do help, this laptop is quite new and I don't have the money for buying a new one...

Thank you, looking forward to hear great suggestion from you all guys...

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yesterday, i was being a doofus and i spilt water on my laptop. Luckily, the laptop was closed. (My battery doesnt even work anyway, cuz its dead). The only problem is that, once i open it up, everything still works, but water managed went inside the screen of my LCD monitor. I don't know how it went inside my monitor.. but theres this big water spot on the corner of my LCD Mon. How do i get the water out of my monitor? I tried to flip the laptop upside down, or on its side, for 12 hours each yesterday. Only a bit of improvement.
I also see some other websites to suggest blowdryer with no heat at all.


Noob Verno

A:HELP! Spilt water on my laptop monitor!

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Hi guys,

I unknowingly spilled a fairly small amount of water over my Acer Travelmate 4220WLMi laptop last week. I hadn't realised it was wet intially and so I tried switching it on. Nothing. This is when I discovered it was wet and I left it for a day to dry out (not long enough in retrospect). I started it the next and day and it booted up fine and the only real problem was that a lot of the keys on the keyboard weren't working. I went and bought a USB keyboard and that worked a treat. I then shut it down and took it to work only to find when I booted it up it would get to the black screen, after the Windows XP loading screen, and then just freeze. Its been like that since. I've tried entering the Acer startup menu and also the Windows XP setup screen but I think the keys I need for those aren't working so I can't access them.

Any ideas on whats gone wrong and how to get onto the Acer/Windows start up screens?

A:Laptop + Water = Windows Not Starting

Just an update to my situation. I got the laptop working for a few days and everything was back to normal (including all the keys working). However, it suddenly shut off like the power had pulled. It now doesn't boot. The power lights will come on for about 2 seconds then the laptop shuts down to nothing again.

Is it worth paying the £52 just to get it diagnosed by Acer?

I would really appreciate any ideas or help from you guys.



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i spilled (what i thought was) a minor amount of water on my MSI GX701 notebook keyboard last night, shut it off instantly and plugged the powersupply out. now everytime i try and turn it on, it doesnt react at all when i press the power button once. upon pressing it twice, the orange battery light turns and stays on, but neither the screen nor other hardware show any signs of responding. i took it apart, let it dry, took out the memory cards/harddisk, cuddled with it, gave it inspiring speeches and retried powering it up but always with the same result.
i know its most likely junk and i should try to save the data, but the warranty ran out long ago and i dabbled around with it way too much anyway.

any advice (other than smug get-a-new-one-comments) would be appreciated

A:Laptop water spillage massacre

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I accidentally spilled water on my laptop with Windows 7. Is it salvageable?

A:Windows 7 laptop - water spill

Turn it upside down, take out the battery, disconnect any peripherals and/or cables, and open it up.

Leave it this way for 48 hours.

After the 48 hours, plug in the charger cable and try to boot the machine up.

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I saw that there's a similar post about water below, but since this is coffee (awful, awful coffee), I thought it would bear asking again.

I got a call from my girlfriend today -- she spilled coffee on the keyboard of an Acer Aspire 1300. It worked for a couple of minutes as she started to clean up the mess, but when she picked up the laptop, it turned off. Hopefully it's because she tripped the power cord and it didn't just short out.

Not knowing to power-down, she tried to power on the laptop. The indicator lights all came on and there was a whirring noise (either the fan or the hard drive, not sure), but no start up. That's when she called me and I told her to unplug everything.

So, she unplugged everything, cleaned up what she could find on the keyboard, took the battery out (no liquid in there) and used a hair dryer to try and get rid of some of the moisture. The CD drive was open a bit, so there's a chance something got in there.

No repair shops in town are open (it being a Sunday, and tomorrow being a holiday). I'm looking for advice to give them: is there anything else that can be done for now? The Acer laptops don't have easily removable keyboards (so no cleaning under there), but the keyboard looks pretty well-fit (meaning that maybe the coffee didn't get down there).

I suggested they leave it until tomorrow afternoon, and try powering it up again then. Is there anything else that can be done in the meantime? Should th... Read more

A:Not water, but *coffee* on Acer laptop

well if you are good with computers i would say take the laptop apart and check to see if there is coffee in there. but if your sure i would wait some time for it to dry and then try and turn it on. sounds like there maybe be an issue with something. good luck.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6960 running Windows 7. Earlier today I spilled water across the keyboard and have been having issues ever since (big surprise). I did not hear any shorting sounds, and until I shut the computer down, windows was running fine.

Now, when I turn on the power it goes directly to the boot menu. From here I am unable to do anything with the built-in keyboard; only the caplocks, escape key, shift key, and numpad enter key work. And these keys all do the same thing: move me down the boot menu list, but I am unable to select an option.

I then tried the following:

1) Removed the keyboard (carefully, following instructions), popped off all the keys and dried and cleaned. No result.
2) Removed the battery for 10 minutes. No result.
3) Hooked up a USB keyboard. This allowed me to select HDD #1 / SSD#1 on the boot menu, but when Windows started to load, the screen froze and the laptop began beeping loudly at regular intervals.

At this point I am freaking out thinking that my hard drive is corrupt. Any suggestions? Would a damaged built-in keyboard cause windows to freeze along with the beeping? Thanks!

A:Solved: Toshiba Laptop Water Damage

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So my wife spilled a glass of water under my laptop, while it was turned on. Some of the water went into the laptop. Laptop lost power almost immediately.

Immediate symptom was that screen would still turn on, but that was it. I took out hard drive, DVD player, battery, and bottom cover and let it dry out for four days. After that I put it back together, and turned it on.

It now began booting up, and started loading Windows XP, before resetting, and going into an endless loop; boot, load XP, reboot after ten seconds.

Immediate thoughts on possible problems? Is the laptop pooched, or just need something switched out?

Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Laptop and water equal trouble...

I would remove all its bottom plates, hard disk, DVD drive if possible, memory, keyboard, etc. I would then remove the register from one of my central air vents, drop the remainder down in there and give it another four days before trying anything else.

The air conditioner removes moisture from the air, giving a relatively dry air flow--better than just an ordinary fan.

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My wife spilled half a glass of water on the laptop Toshiba 7020ct.
she cleaned it up.

after this incident the keys are typing the wrong letters for eg. if i
type H i get G and some times two or more letters for the same key.

She says she has pressed the keys vigorously during the cleaning i was
wondering if she activated some key or compressed some key which is
causing the problem.

i cleaned the keys by removing the keys but it did not help

I noticed some thing else when i switch on the computer it gives me a
message saying update EC / KBC . Where can i find this and how do i

I can use external keyboard and mouse with out any problem.

I am a computer illiterate please help

thanks in advance


email address

[email protected]

A:Water spill on laptop - keyboard problem

Go here and see if this will help ya out.

Good luck.

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so about half a glass of water got spilled onto my laptop keyboard while it was in standby mode. i immediately unplugged it, removed the battery, disassembled it, and let it sit in some rice over night. unfortunately i was too anxious and did not wait long enough. upon turning it a few days later the screen flickered out and went dark. there was/is still life in the laptop (when the power button is pushed the normal lights start up but the screen and fan remain off). since then i've got a working motherboard and screen fairly cheap off ebay and after installing both properly the same startup lights turn on and the screen remains dark. now i'm thinking i needs to replace the intel processor? the ram and some of the other components remained dry but i do not really know what components could have been affected. i always thought if a computer fried and you replaced the motherboard then it would be fine, but is it possible for the processor, ram, wireless card, etc to be fried as well? and if the original motherboard was indeed fried would any of the startup lights turn on or would it just be dead?

btw i bought a refurbished laptop off of and its decent, so fixing this dell is now just a hobby of mine really, but its something i'd like to do.

any ideas are greatly appreciated. thanks

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