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Canon BJ-200 Print Driver for WinXP?

Q: Canon BJ-200 Print Driver for WinXP?

I pulled an old printer out of the closet to use on a new PC that I am building...just to have a printer connected to it. It doesn't work with the print driver provided with WinXP and Canon no longer supports it. Does anyone know where I might find a print driver for it. It prints test pages very nicely.

A: Canon BJ-200 Print Driver for WinXP?

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I recently bought the supposedly excellent Canon MP530 multi-function printer,etc. and went to install it on my WinXP pro machine and . . . nothing. I've spent some time with Canon tech support (some helpful, some not so helpful) but I still can't get the freakin' things to communicate with each other. The consistent result of my installations is "no driver is installed" or "cannot find driver" - even though the driver itself seems to install. Also, when I turn the printer on, I get the New Hardware Wizard, which, I think, means my computer is detecting the printer. It's as if the driver is just not recognized by my computer.
I've installed (and uninstalled) the drivers from both the disc that came with the printer and from the Canon website. I've used two different USB cables. I've tried many combinations of plugging/unplugging, starting/restarting, turning on/off - all to no avail.
I've logged on as the Administrator. I've done my best to shut down any programs or processes- though I think this is tricky, as I don't necessarily know what each thing in my Startup or Services is. I've even tried installing from SafeMode. I've tried using the New Hardware Wizard; I've tried ignoring the New Hardware Wizard. I've received a few error messages, but only when attempting the full installation from the disc. The messages are: "AddPrinterDriverEx Error:2", "AddPrinter Error:1797&... Read more

A:WinXP Canon MP530 driver problem

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Preciously I had my Canon i9100 installed on a windows XP machine and working well.
I have since updated to a windows 7 (64bit) machine and can't install the old driver from the CD. "The CD Rom cannot be used with the current operating system."
I am aware there is a patch which I have downloaded but it can't patch what is not there.
Please advise me of how to proceed.
note - Internet explorer only comes up with blank screen when a search is performed.

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I'm trying to install a new driver for my Canon i560. When I click on the "Printer Driver Setup" I get the message: "C is not a registered protocol," and I can go no further. I have deleted i560 from my computer following the "uninstall" instructions on the setup page. That went smoothly. So, how do I respond to the "c is not a registered protocol" to start the installation?


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Problem with Canon i865 printer driver, New PC with XP Home & SP2, 1024Mb memory, Intel 805 dual core 64 bit cpu 2.66Ghz printer connected via USB printer will print any colour but black! tested using word & notepad, paper motion and printhead motion normal but no ink applied to paper! have tried original i865 install disk, v1.73 driver d/l from web, and i865 drivers in xp home only thing of note is that at end of installation driver setup has great difficulty locating USB port that printer is connected to. Canon's first response... - it must be the USB port setting, delete them all and allow widows to reinstall them I have a cordless mouse and keyboard connected via USB, and guess which port I deleted first!!??... so I packed that idea in! retested, same problem whether using USB parallel cable or networked printer (through my old PC!)Canons latest response...The problem does not appear to be a software problem, but a problem with the printer itself. You report that it has worked OK on another PC, but we think that if you tested it again on another PC, using the same program, you would now see no black printed.Please note that different programs will print black differently. When printing from the web, black will be created from the coloured inks, while word processors will use the black ink.Perform 4 head cleanings, then 1 deep cleaning. These are accessible from the maintenance page of the printer driver.If after multiple print head clea... Read more

A:Print Driver Problem - Canon & Xp Home Sp2

Hi RWA, retested, same problem whether using USB parallel cable or networked printer (through my old PC!)Does this mean that you connected the printer to your new PC via its parallel port and had the same problem? If so that certainly ends any question that USB is involved.I would try a complete reinstall of the printer, with the first step including a manual search for /deletion of all Canon files and folders and the same of Canon keys/subkeys in the registry. What a hassle, but I can't think of any other way to be sure that some leftover/corrupt file or setting will not compromise the new installation. You are right, many if not most uninstall programs leave scraps behind.If that doesn't work then Canon has some explaining to do. Have you checked on Canon support forums to see whether anybody else has encountered this problem?

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I Have Tried 3 Different Multifunction Printers And Cant Seem To Get Any Of The To Install When Usb Is Plugged In To Printer Upload Seems To Fail I Have Disable The Start Up, Virus Firewall Etc . To No Avail Will It Let Me Load I Have Also Went An Bought New Cable Tried All 4 Usb Ports In Back
Nothing Helps

Im Getting Desperate Now

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I've been having problems installing a driver for HP890 driver for Win98, on a networked WinXP, as an alternate driver. Where can I find other files, or another method (the original CD files don't seem to work), that'll install the alternate driver in my WinXP Professional?

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Print spooler error 1053 along with MP Navigator won't let my Canon MG6120 print or scan. Print spooler won't open gives me error code of 1053. was told to un-install MP navigator and reinstall it. It won't let me. Printer has worked fine until about 6 months ago when it won't scan .. 
Any suggestions?

A:Print spooler error 1053 along with MP Navigator won't let my Canon MG6120 print

Not sure what you mean about Canon software...what happens when you try to uninstall all Canon software...via Add/Remove Programs?

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Now that I've got the kids up and running on my old computer - they're in there now playing NFS - I doubt I'll see them for days - I'm back to tweeking my new box.

My printer will not respond. It was working just fine on the old box.

It has power, the little green ready light is flashing (should be solid)

When I try to print something it just says not ready, try again.

Hmmmm, I wonder if it's a driver issue I mused so I went off to and found a driver for BJC-4300 and WinXP. I believe I've installed it, but still no go.

The LPT1 port is showing as working properly. The printer is plugged into the LPT1 - only connection that would fit, and the new box has a cute little pic of a printer beside it. So I'm sure I'm in the right place.

If I've done everything right, then my next step will be to hike this printer down the hall and confirm that is is working. If not then I guess it's time.... I do not want to buy a new printer, I understand that the cartridges are vacuum sealed and cannot be refilled. That just plain bugs me.



A:Canon BJC-4300ex and WinXP

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I have a canon pixma mp250 installed on my packard bell easynote sl51 which uses vista home premium, the printer does everything it's supposed to except print from the computer. Its showing as the default printer,is on line and ready to print but when sent a file to print it says cannot print due to status of the printer and printer not responding.

It does scan and everything else and will print from my sons laptop which runs on xp.

Please can you help???????

Regards groeslonbill

A:Canon mp250 will not print

i would add the printer again, I have found this type of problem on a couple of vista machines and adding the printer again fixes the issue

The symptoms I have seen are that the printer is shown as offline all the time

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I just bought a new dye sublimation printer the canon cp760 to replace a broken olympus P11. Installed the printer driver. Printer is recognized as online. Printed via memory card and thru pix bridge with no problems. I then tried to print from paint shop pro. Selected output printer as the Canon Selphy Cp760 hit print it went to the printer que. Says its printing but the printer just sits there. Printer is connected directly to pc NOT via a hub. Tried rebooting installing newest drivers with the same result. Any help would be appreciated....thanks Neur

A:Canon CP760 cant print via usb

Not a complete answer but open the print and fax folder by clicking on the printer and cancelling any documents already in there ...sometimes that works ......

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I have had my Canon Mp150 for 4 years. It has been working perfectly until a week ago. When I went to print out something, the printer had said "paper out" even though there was a good amount of paper inside and it was perfectly aligned. I kept trying to print but the printer wouldn't print. Is there any way I could fix this? Thanks in advance.

A:Canon MP150 won't print

Could be dirty paper rollers slipping. Go to Canon Support for the MP 150 and type in "paper does not feed" in question box. Will give you a list of things to try. First on list should be cleaning the rollers.

Couldn't get direct link to procedure.

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Canon MP780 won't print. Get this message:

"Collecting printer status."

Windows XP, Home edition. Printer connects via USB port.

Efforts I have made to remedy:

1) Checked plug
2) Ensured printer was on
3) Ensured printer was online
4) Refreshed print job - nothing
5) Cancelled and retried, about 20 soap
6) Removed all drivers
7) Downloaded drivers from CD
8) Removed drivers again (thinking CD just might have corrupted file)
9) Downloaded drivers from Canon site for MP780, Windows XP Home
10)Ensured that .exe file was executed and that drivers were loaded
11)Tried a second USB port, in case first was dead

I am out of ideas. The print job merely queues up and sits there, with the 'status' column remaining empty, and the LPT1 port remarks always come back, "Collecting port status."

Ideas, suggestions welcomed.

Ivan but knows this board will turn me to

A:Canon Printer Won't Print


Got it fixed! See, I knew this board would help.

Secret? I unplugged printer from AC and the PC. I powered down the PC>rebooted. Started programs>shutdown PC. Rebooted. Plugged in printer and let the PC find the printer.

Voila. When all else fails, power down, more than once.


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Hello guys,

I am using canon Image Runner iR3235, tring to print directly from USB pendrive without using computer.
Most of guid/pdf showing "Memory Media" option under "Mail Box" Menu. But in my machine don't have that option. Please help me to enable "Memory Media" option and teach me to print & scan direct from USB thumb drive.

Thank in advance.

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Canon L6000 suddenly will not print (XP 'Test Page' IMMEDIATELY gives a "failed to print error" - other programs all sorts of immediate printer errors.) This was after a year of working fine.

The L6000 itself works with the same printer cable on a notebook machine - so it is not a problem with the printer unit, rather with communication to my system. Uninstalling-reinstalling drivers and software does not help. I have not only control panel uninstalled but also removed all "Canon" , "Mpass*.*", CIS1284, etc from the hard drive and the Registry (HKLM/CurrentControlSet/Enum/Root/ - etc.) before reinstalling the lastest drivers. The drivers load normally; MPSERV process IS running, but my system does not communicate with the printer. I also uninstalled/reinstalled the LPT1 Port, checked and adjusted the BIOS parallel port (tried changing addresses, IRQ, ECP, Bidirectional, etc.) and assured that Parallel Port Properties allows IRQ and legacy use. The Canon "Status Monitor" shows everything OK - and indeed when I unplug the printer, the status monitor gives the expected "printer disconnected" error - so some communication is there. Printer Cable Parallel Port connected directly (no adapters) and now set for LPT1 0378h/IRQ7 "Normal" in BIOS. I tried Restart with MSCONFIG having all non-MS services off and with Firewall (ZoneAlarm) off. There is no LAN, and all other peripherals were detached.

Because all this... Read more

A:Canon L6000 won't print

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OK, I'm new here, so please be patient with me. This printer has driven me nuts for the past month with one problem after the other. Just when I think I'm almost home free, now it won't print at all. It tries, honestly it does. But the print is so light that I can only see the impression by holding it up to a window.

After going thru the "wrong cartridge" and "paper Jam" messages, orange alarm flashing, I'm finally down to trying to get printer to print. None of the above is happening now. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled, which looks ok now. Only icons showing incorrect is the ink tank levels, which should all show full, but show varying amounts of ink. When I click print, it sounds like it's printing, paper comes thru as if printing, but nothing printed. What now? Pixma MP780, about 3 years old, new Canon ink tanks, cleaned printhead, Vista OS. Thanks, Roxie

A:Canon MP780 won't print

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I attempted to scan a document on my MP470 Canon printer/scanner.
The printer/scanner would not scan.
I contacted a toll free Canon support number, was routed to iyogi, talked with a support fellow, and he said there was a problem with my computer.
He accessed my computer, made some changes, and now, I can force to printer/scannner to scan via computer commands but not via the printer/scanner control panel... and the printer/scanner now will not print!
Any comments or recommendations?
Thanks for the attention.

A:Canon printer/scanner will not print.

I contacted a toll free Canon support number, was routed to iyogi, talked with a support fellow, and he said there was a problem with my computer.He accessed my computer, made some changes...
***FACEPALM*** I certainly hope you didn't pay these iYogi clowns to trash umm repair your computer? What "changes" did "he" make? How did "he" tell you "there was a problem with (your) computer" (what problem?) BEFORE he "accessed your computer"
>>>Any comments or recommendations<<<
Yeah, don't let 3rd party high pressure sales pitchmen err "technicians" take remote access of your computer. I didn't buy the printer from iYogi & it certainly isn't an iYogi brand... I would have kneecapped the [email protected]$$ at Canon who tried to blow me off.
Sorry to be so harsh but this type of "support" really makes my blood boil.

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Microsoft acknowledges this problem exists and has a fix for it.

Read here.


A:Read! Can't Print In IE9 With Canon Printer

not work for my canon ip4500- get script error and URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.js.

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I am working on an iMac running 10.5; I can print b/w text from MSWord and Preview, but when I print color photos from iPhoto or Preview I get a poor quality b/w image. I uninstalled the printer in System Preferences and downloaded & installed it again; same problem persists. (all ink wells are sufficiently full).
Thanks for your help!

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I have run Nozzle Check and carried out every possible maintenance check but my Canon Pixma ip3000 won't print cyan (even after i replaced the existing cartridge.

A:Canon ip3000 won't print cyan

Shortly after posting that last message I ran some of the maintenance tasks again. I then printed an image and found that the cyan worked for half the image before again disappearing. The same thing happens each time I run Deep Clean.

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I am trying to print photos using Canon Easy-Photo Print, part of the bundled software that came with my Canon digital camera. I'm using a Canon Image Class MP700 printer.

My problem is that the software won't load. When I double click the icon, or try to start it any other way, including via Canon Zoom Browser EX, I get the following error message, "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Runtime error! Program: H\PROGRAM~1\Canon\EASY-P~1\BJEZPRN.EXE. abnormal program termination."

Can anyone please give me some clues as to what may have happened, and how I can fix it?

Many thanks

A:Canon Easy-Photo Print

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It just won't. There isn't a drop of yellow on the nozzle-clog test, even after you do the cleaning routines.

I've replaced the printhead, and I've replaced the yellow print cartridge.

I just rinsed out the old printhead. I'll try it again after it's had a few days to dry.

So my question is this:
Is there anything else I could do to fix this printer? The non-profit I work for balked at the $60 for a new printhead, so they will not be happy if they have to buy a new printer.


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My computer is running XP, the MF 730 printer was working with it and had no problems. Then it stopped working! I went to "Printers and Faxes and deleted the printer, then clicked "add printer" and added it back again, using the same port and driver. When the computer was told to print a test page, the test page came up in the queue for the printer every time (probably indicating that the software worked properly), but it would not print. I then went to the Canon website and downloaded the driver software, still no change. I then downloaded the entire setup software from Canon, unzipped it,but when I tried to install it, the message " You cannot use a path which exceeds 128 bits". Can anyone help me get this printer working?

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I have a Macbook and when I attempt to print to my canon printer, it only prints in about 1/4 of the page. It is MUCH too small to read.

I have tried resetting things, but have not been successful.

My other Macintosh prints to the Canon just fine.

Can you help me?


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Having problems printing in black. The cartridge is fairly new, cleaned the nozzles, reinstalled the drivers but still cannot print text in black. I removed the cartridge and i can see fresh ink on the print head but somehow it's not being trasnferred onto the paper. Now, what really interests me, is that, if i were to print a black square (filled) or anything else, even bold text, it will simply print the outline and leaving the inside blank. Hope you can understand what i just said

Much appreciated

A:Canon BJC 2100 print problems

There are two possibilities I can think of if you have uninstalled and reinstall already. I have had problems with generic cartridges
causing erratic printing are you using the BC-21. Another possibility is the cartridge is defective. Have you tried cleaning the contacts on the backside with alcohol and a swab?
If all the above fail try another install using driver from Canon.

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My desk top and another laptop (not Lenovo) can print to the printer...but not this laptop.  we have reloaded the software and drivers several times...the laptop will sometimes generate the test page...then won't print to the printer...saying the printer is offline.  This laptop...and all of the others have been upgraded to Windows 10.  The desktop hard drive was replaced last month...and the printer configured to go through the router for wireless connection.  Any ideas??? 

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I had a 7 page application sent to me as a PDF to my e-mail (Firefox). I tried downloading the original copy and it opens it with my Adobe Reader X. Then i go to file and print and it goes straight to a screen that says Adobe has ran into a problem, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Then I can either hit send a report or don't send. Then I tried to save it to my computer, still won't print. I can click the print button on the page that it brings the download to, it will print just the overview of all the pages. So they are super tiny. Any suggestions?

A:Canon MX310 Printer Won't Print PDF

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I am having a problem trying to use Canon easy photo print pro.
Error message: No supported printer found.
Printer being used Canon Pixmx 9000
Elements 7 and Canon DPP
Windows 7(64)
Printer works when I print direct from Elements
Thanks in advance

A:Canon easy photo print pro

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I have a canon MP560 pixma printer that I am not able to print using the canon black ink. The cartridges are new OEM Canon cartridges. The printer has been idle for 1 year and is essentially new. I did a couple of black only deep cleanings but still prints black in a blue tone. I had Canon customer service tell me it could be a malfunctioning print head. Is there a way to clean the print head using alcohol and will this possibly clean the head without damaging it? I have used this method on other printers. Does anyone have another suggestions.

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I'm using a Canon iP4500 with a Windows 7 PC. When I try to print (either onto paper or onto a CD), I get the following error:

"Document printing cannot be executed because the paper output tray is closed. Open the paper output tray. Printing will restart."

The output try opens OK, although it does seem that the hinge on the right is damaged (it takes more force to close it then it used to and it opens a little further than the left one).

Does anyone know how I can correct the problem or disable the error?


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I am running VMWare Fusion on MacBook Pro and am trying to print to a Canon MX870. I have tried every pseudo solution posted on the internet and nothing works. It prints fine from the Mac, but the PC cannot find the printer, even when it is plugged in via USB. Searching for new hardware/ devices does not recognize the printer. I have tried to switch from Bridged to NAT and the printer sharing is enabled. I also installed Bonjour and it cannot find the printer either.

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About 3 years ago this month Tedster posted about the issue he was having with his Canon i860 printer - e.g., that it wouldn't print black. He went through considerable pains trying to fix the problem, and in his last post of that (now locked) thread he wrote, "I've decided to order a new print head.... We'll see how that goes."

By now I'm sure you've figured out that I am experiencing exactly the same problem (yeah, 3 years later!). Canon support has (sorta) tried to help, but their suggestion is for me to take it to an "authorized" repair shop. I don't think so, thanks.

So my question (to Tedster or anyone) is, did the new print head help, or no? (I suspect no.) I loved that printer, but I'm not convinced I want to spend $55-60 for a part I can't return and that won't fix the problem - and that costs about half of what a brand-new printer would cost (i.e., the PIXMA MP620 I just brought home).



A:Canon i8600 Won't Print Black Ink

in short - yes. If you have cleaned the head to no avail, then your only solution is replacing it.

cheaper than a new printer? maybe. Depends on the model. A head will run about $40. Easy to swap out.

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I've got a Canon i250 printer, yes I know its old but up to know has been very good, but all of sudden it won't print black.
I have checked the cartridge and it shows it as being full, I only replaced it a short while ago.
I can print in colour ok, some of the colours use black and I know it prints ok there. For example I have created a letterheading with a colour logo, blue, grey and so on, and the text of the letter in in black.
It will print the logo but will not even attempt to print the black text. I have tried cleaning the printer through its software but nothing seems to make it want to print black.
Stange because upt to very recently is was working fine.
Any ideas? I'm using Windows XP if that helps

A:My Canon printer won't print black

Have you taken the entire head assembly out to check on the print head? (Flip up the gray U-Shaped latch handle up and pull the whole black carriage out.) Check to see if there any buildup of ink there.

Have you seen any warnings about 'Your Ink Waste Tank is nearly full'? This will shut down the black sometimes, and in a machine like an I250, it probably doesn't have replacement parts available. But, no worries... here's a fix -


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My canon printer MP210 suddenly stopped printing colour today. I had set up another monitor to work with my lap top and I had fiddled with colour settings so don't know if either of those made a difference. I've 'fiddled' back with colour settings and tried the laptop alone again but the printer still doesn't print colour.

Any suggestions please ?

Thanks, Daf

A:Canon printer won't print colour

will need more detail to make an assessment. What happens when you try to print color? Do you only get black ink on the page? Did you remember to remove the tape sealing the cartridge as the directions on the color cartridge indicated? Do you hear any strange sound or get any messages? Does your computer's printer driver/interface indicate you have color ink? The possibilities are many so please zap me back a reply and I will do my best to help.

Waiting for your reply!!


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I am using an HP G60 notebook with win7 64 bit already installed brand new on it. I have tried multiple printers 2 HP, and now I have a Canon MP250. After installing software and trying to print test pages the documents are sent to the printer and dissappear from the print queue, but nothing prints out?

All systems appear ready and online. Using a USB and it communicates with the computer.
I have reset print spooler, tried various ports, downloaded software, used the disc, I can copy from the printer so I know it works.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Canon MP250 unable to print

Quote: Originally Posted by perrygiesbrecht

I am using an HP G60 notebook with win7 64 bit already installed brand new on it. I have tried multiple printers 2 HP, and now I have a Canon MP250. After installing software and trying to print test pages the documents are sent to the printer and dissappear from the print queue, but nothing prints out?

All systems appear ready and online. Using a USB and it communicates with the computer.
I have reset print spooler, tried various ports, downloaded software, used the disc, I can copy from the printer so I know it works.

Any help would be appreciated.


I would unplug the printer and then do a complete uninsall of the drivers and software for that printer....

then delete all the temp files...

and the temp files that canon made with the files.

Canon PIXMA MP250 Photo All In One Printer

these are the most recent drivers for your printer.

try that again

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Hi. I have a Canon S520 that is making funny noises. It is sounding like something may be grinding. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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 New inspiron 660 windows 8 computer. Canon i865 installed and prints. Installed Canon easy photo print for windows 8 but cannot use as it displays ' no printer installed which supports this software' - help please

A:Cannot use canon easy photo print

That is an ancient printer, so it is possible that even though the software installed, the printer will never work with Windows 8.  Did it work before with the previous version of windows you had, on your old computer?  Have you tried a different USB cord, or made sure that the cord was connected to both the printer & computer, and the printer is turned on?  
Looking through some searches, appears that after around Vista, this printer was no longer recognized by current OS's.  The best I can say is welcome to planned obsolescence.

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I have installed a new printhead, new cartridges, and still no print of anykind any way. Graphics or text. I uninstalled and reinstalled printer, updated driver, unplugged for 30 minutes still nothing? Can anyone help?

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Just got a Canon ip4500, and all I want it to do is print a single copy in the correct order, title page on top, so I don't have to re-sort it.

In Printing Preferences > Page Setup > Copies I have ticked Print from Last Page - but it prints title page first. I have ticked Print from Last Page and Collate - but still it prints title page first.

It seems ridiculous that the printer is not set to print in order as default - this is what most people want most of the time. How can I do this please?


Mr Shedney

A:Canon ip4500 - print order

The only think I can think of is that there is a flaw in the driver. Have you gone to Canon's website and installed a new driver for the printer?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3828 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD, 1722 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463525 MB, Free - 352294 MB;
Motherboard: Acer , JV71-CP , Not Applicable, 016AZXMBQTF004F5
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enable

Re: Canon printer S520. At one time (6 months ago) this printer worked with my my laptop. Later I installed a newer printer-scanner, but at this time newer one is not available to me. Now I'm trying to install the S520 again. In Control Panel it shows S520 has been added; the printer is on, but it won't print -- not even a test page. I get error messages such as "error processing command" or "no printer can be found". I'm on my third day trying to get this thing to print. Can you help, please?

A:Canon S520 currently won't print with Windows 7.

Have you followed the installation process as outlined by Canon? Are you using the Canon software CD? You often have to do the steps in the EXACT order they noted.

Uninstall all Canon software/drivers listed in Add and Remove programs, reboot, and start over.

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Hey, been having problems w/ my printer ...was wondering if anyone can help me about it.
...I have a canon bjc 4300ex printer but its not printing even after i changed its ink cart, it reacts but just won't print...nothing on paper.
..Thankx for u'r time.

A:Won't Print:canon bjc 4300ex printer

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I use canon web print on IE,which fits the whole page on the printed sheet.Is there anything like this for firefox?Thanks.

A:Solved: canon web print? (for firefox)

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My router recently packed up and have been issued a new one by SKY. All connected up but now I can't print wirelessly to my Canon MP600R. Message returned of 'A communication error has occured'. Am I supposed to have changed something when using a new router. I imagined it would just work Anyone got any idea?

A:New Router - now can't print to Canon MP600R

i have moved to networking forum

Often with some routers you my need to reintall the printer on the router
did you use DHCP or a fixed IP on the printer to connect to the router can you remember

Have a look in the router configuration pages and see if the printer is listed in the DHCP table

whats the make and model of the router

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The print head doesn't start at the same spot after a carriage return. By the end of the page it hits the side of the case in the home position and errors.
Can anyone help?
PS This is the first thread I've been involved with

A:Canon MP540 print problem


i usually don't use the installation or instructions that come with the printer.

i use the normal Windows "Found New Hardware" process or install the drivers only from the disk from device manager.

that would involve uninstalling the printer first with something like>>>

it would eliminate a software problem.

or >>>

over to the left of page,


File size
2486.32 Kb

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Canon ip4200 printer on windows 7
I try to print a CD-label with the CD-slide, using the label print software that comes on the original Canon CD.
The software says it cannot print because the top cover is open, while it is not. The orange alarm led in the RESUME button blinks 6 times.
Normal printing, taking paper from the A4 sources, goes well. Ink is OK.
I did a printer reset (with POWER and RESUME buttons), which did not help.
What is the matter here and what can I do to resolve this issue.

A:Canon ip4200 print CD-label

Apologies if this is not relevant:

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New printer Canon F30 and upgrade to xp. Now printer won't print while online.

A:Canon F30 printer won't print on xp online

You should try Canons website for xp compatability/updated drivers. You could also get Information from

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i 560 canon printer

This is an age old problem discussed on the forum. i560 Canon printer, after changing all the catridges refuses to print. The yellow light blinks five times, and the error message is operator error. press resume. and if thatn does not solve, shut off the printer and re start. That does not work either. And, what the heck is cleaning the print head?

A:i 560 canon printer, cleaning print head?

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Recently bought this printer. I naturally assumed when there's Wi-Fi, there will be LAN connection. But I was wrong. While I can setup the Google Cloud Print, I want to ask, if there anyway I can print from a PC that is NOT connected via wireless but LAN cable? Means this PC is not connected to the printer via USB too. I cannot seem to get it to work that way.

I would like to scan and print documents from a PC that has no wireless, but cabled connection.

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Running XP home /sp2. Canon ip3000 printer (USB port)
Changed BLK cartridge,Color inks low.
Maintenence test prints all colors (incl BLK) good.
No black text prints from other Apps (notepad,etc.)
File/Print preview shows faded text.
????? any Ideas welcome.

A:Solved: Canon ip3000 no black print

Most inkjet printers depend on having both of the cartridges working properly since the color shows low I suggest purchasing a new color cartridge install it and see if that fixes the problem.

You can also remove the inkjet software and drivers and re-install and check it out.

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I'm using a Windows 7 PC and a Canon iP4500 printer. I printed something a couple of days ago which worked fine and I haven't changed anything but I just tried to print something and received this error:

"A print head is not installed or the installed print head is not compatible with this printer. Install an appropriate print head and close the cover of the printer."

I tried cleaning the contacts on the print head with isopropyl alcohol, but it didn't help.

Please can someone suggest how I can get it working again?


A:Canon iP4500 Print Head Problem

Likely failed. Remove and reinstall. Power off/on.

Aside from that, time for a new printer.

I just had to replace the same printer a few weeks ago. A replacement print head is $99. A new printer of equal/better quality was only $120.

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I am new to digital photography and would really like help with my problem. I use an acer laptop running windows xp/2000 and my printer is a pixma mp450. Recently I stitched 5 photos into 1 panoramic photo using canon photostitch, and saved it.
However, when I go to print it, I get a print of only one of the five photos making up the stitch. When I look at the stitched photo it is clearly longer than any size shown on my printer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Unable to print from canon photostitch

It seems you are not printing the stitched photo

is the printer capable of pano/long printing?

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1st time user, so go easy ... have an old but up until now trust worthy canon ip4000 printer with a printhead error (5 orange flashes). have searched and followed directions on cleaning printhead ... all went well except as soon as the printhead was repositioned and the machine was switched back on I now have a situation where it goes straight to 5 orange flashes. Cant do any print maintanence as I get this message ...
"Operator error.
Press printer's RESUME button. If this doesn't clear the error, cancel printing and turn the printer off and then back on."
No error codes just this and 5 orange flashes.

A:Canon ip4000 print head issue

As you say it flashes orange light five times consecutively, that means there is a print head error. Reset the print head, then reset the printer. To reset the print head, make sure the printer is on. Open the paper output tray and top cover. Make sure the print head holder is in the center and open the inner cover. remove all the ink tanks. Raise the print head lock lever and remove the print head. Reset the print head and lock the lever. Replace the ink tanks.

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I have a canon series which is set to print from the last page and i would like to to save paper by printing from the first page,and not the last. please help.

A:how to get canon mp230 printer to print from first page

Have you checked in the manual for the Printing options?

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last week my canon i960 bubble jet printer was getting error meesage 5c00 (waste ink). a buzzing noise with the orange light flashing 4 times which menas ink run out. But all cartridges had plenty ink left. It said to turn off hte printer and turn back on. I did this many itmes, Print head moved fine but hte sponge on the right side was soaking with ink, apparently ink waste. I blotted it until it was fairly dry. After repeated tries I finally was able to print sometihng but then hte problem repeated itself. 2 cartridges ran out very quickly after being half full, so I knew something was wrong. I repalced both. I also unistalled the printer and reinstalled. Driver device working properly in device manger. Now when I turn on the printer, it not only flashes 4 orange lights with that annoying buzz but the printhead is now not sliding back and forth as its supposed to. Also, I was able to manually slide the printhead whne I cleaned the sponge. Now it is stuck and unmovable.
I chekced the ports and theyre connected yet I think the computer is not reading the printer because evne my laser jet which I havent used in over a year is not priniting. It did print a spec page but it doesnt print from the computer.
i unplugged computer and cables from printer to computer and then replugged. Still notihng.

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alright so I have a canon s520 and it was printing black until it ran out of ink , now i've changed the cartridge with a (BCI-3e) which on the box says it fits... but now it wont print black at all and ive done everything tried all the deepcleans and cleans and changing the setings to grayscale or photopaper if restarter the printer and the computer ive waisted about 5 pages now trying to print and there just is absolutly no black even though when I take the cartridge out where the ink comes out there seems to be lots of ink so its not clogged. Im about to kill some one i need this to work ive got contracts to print. and the thing is when i use color it makes all the noises and takes the time and does print the colore but with the black its like forget it im not even going to try and it just passes the paper through

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Trying to print to a Canon Pixma ip4200 from MS Word and Notebook I get blank pages. Printing a web page using Ctrl-P prints fine. Ink nozzle test page prints fine. Running Windows 7 on Asus laptop.

A:Canon Pixma prints this, doesn't print that???

What happens when you print a printer test page from the printer properties in Windows??

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I have an ip4000 that has just started printing lank pages. I couldn't get the print head to come out yesterday on it own so I pulled it out manually. didn't take any real persuasion, checked the inks all ok. it still wont print and now the print head wont come out at all and I am getting 5 orange warning lights

Anyone any idea please before I throw it out of the window

A:Canon ip4000 print head won't move

Is that a Pixma iP4000? If so, have a look at this service manual. Not sure how old your printer is, cost of replacement part(s), or time require to troubleshoot & repair. Might be less headache to get a new one.

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Got a canon i860 printer. The print head stopped printing regular black. I have soaked it overnight with ammonia/water mix as well as alcohol.

Still no text. It wil print other colors. The automatic alignment has also stopped working. Should I replace the print head?
I think I have done all I can with this head.

A:Canon i860 won't print black text

Doesn't the Canon printer utility have a "clean print head" option? I seem to remember seeing that for my i550.

My nozzles tend to clog bec. I'll go a month or so between printing photos. I usually just print a full color draft on plain paper, which unclogs.

Have you tried printing a photo, rather than a text page?

If that doesn't work, and after all the things you've tried, it may be time to send this one on to the print cartridge graveyard.

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Have a Canon PIXMA MG6120 that's ~ 3 yrs. old. It has stopped printing from the large black cartridge. About 2 weeks ago, it started printing very faint or only partial black text, then nothing. Thinking it might be a faulty cartridge, I inserted a new one. Still not printing. Have done head alignment and deep cleaning several times. All the color cartridges work, black does not.

I have removed the print head and have it soaking in methyl alcohol. Don't know if that's going to do anything, but in the meantime, any suggestions from anyone who's had the same problem would be helpful (like washing the head in water with detergent; I've read threads where that was done.

A:Solved: Canon MG6120 will not print black

Having read more articles about clogged print heads, and the fact that there is nothing "electrical" in them, I decided to try soaking the print head in warm water containing some Dawn dish detergent. After about 4 hours, I removed the head and rinsed it thoroughly until I saw no ink coming out of the slots on the bottom. Replace the head and cartridges, did a realignment. The nozzle pattern printout at least now printed the black cross-hatch at the top, but it was not perfect (some lines missing). So I did 2 deep cleanings. The nozzle pattern printout is still not perfect, but when I print a document, it comes out perfectly.

In hindsight, I think the problem occurred because I was using a black (225) cartridge that was over a year old. I suspect the ink had "congealed" to some degree, clogging the head. I inserted a new cartridge, and everything seems to be A-OK.

I will mark the thread 'solved'.

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I'm trying to print photos on a Canon i960 with Epson Enhanced Matte Paper. The printheads are clean and full, but the prints keep coming out with the colors slightly run together and muddy. I'm a beginner, so I don't know much yet. I was told that printing from Photoshop is effective because I can defeat double-managing by setting the Source Space to Document and the Print Space to Same As Source. This doesn't seem to make a difference. I've printed images with the same printer and paper before with perfect clarity, I just don't remember what was different about those times... any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:How to print effectively on Epson matte with a Canon

First question would be...Do you have the printer set the correct paper

sounds like maybe you have the printer set for glossy paper


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Has anyone else found how to instal Canon Easy Photo Print on to a computer running Windows 7 (64bit)? I have a Canon camera and a Canon printer but the Easy Photo Print I always used on my old computer won't load on to the latest one. I can't seem to find one that I can download and I can't print such nice photos just using Canon Zoom Browser. I'm beginning to wish I stayed with my old computer.

A:Solved: Canon Easy Photo Print

You can download a version for your Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

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Using a Dell Desktop with XP.

I've had this Canon printer for several years, bought new, and it's been working fine. I usually use grayscale for printing. Awhile back, I replaced the black ink cartridge (OEM) and everything was fine. Recently, I replaced the 3 color cartridges and suddenly my printed page has 1/2 lines and 1/4 lines (as if they've been decapitated) AND lines are skipped, as if I'm printing in triple or double-double spacing. A few lines on the page print correctly, except for the spacing in between. AND where the spacing is, the text is missing--in other words, it's not simply triple space between lines of text, the text is missing where lines are blank or skipped.

I have been browsing and searching for answers, but all I can find is 'do tests' and clean the print head. I do not know how to clean the print head, I do not know where it is or how to remove it to clean it.

Also, when I try to print in full color, the page comes through blank. I put the old cartridges back in and got the same results.

I'm sorry, I don't recall if I printed anything successfully since I replaced the cartridges. All I know is one day it was printing fine. The next time I tried to print, the page was skipping letter spaces and line spaces, looking like a foreign language, and when I tried to print something else, I got the line skipping.

By the way, I'm in the USA.
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Canon i560 printer won't print correctly

When they say clean the heads there should be a function in the control panel for that printer where you click clean

I would start by first have you removed the strip that will allow air in from the cartridges

Reseat the Ink cartridges

Uninstall the software for the printer and re-install it

Also some printers will work for a while with oem ink but will stop working

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I have a Canon Pixma MP210. So, I always print in black & white b/c I just print out documents. I've had an old, empty color ink cartridge sitting in there, though. Today I took the empty black cartridge out to recycle at Staples, as I was going to buy a new one. I got the bright idea to also take out the empty color cartridge, so that I could get that recycling credit, too. Well, now it will not print without a color cartridge, even an empty one, installed. It says: "The following ink cartridge cannot be recognized. Printing cannot be executed b/c the ink cartridge may not be propertly installed, blah blah blah." Is there any way to bypass this??? I don't want to have to buy a new color cartridge, as I won't even use it! I am willing to try any kind of hack. I need to print work documents. Help, please!!!

A:How to print without a color cartridge- Canon Pixma?

Sorry, you will actually need a cartridge to fill the slot. That's true for virtually all printers today.

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Canon PIXMA MX890 printer has suddenly decided not to print from front tray; keeps telling me rear tray is empty. Rear tray is closed and I have print instructions set to front cassette but will not use paper from front.

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Hello Everyone
I am new here. Recently i have been trying to clean my canon pixma ip3000 printhead with some spirit based solutions, i already did it once last year and started printing again. It happened again this year only difference when i print something nothing comes out printed. the paper is still blank. Is it time for print head replacement or it may some other problem
Any help is appreciated. I have quite an affection for this printer.
many thanks

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Recently I got back to my i560 as I didn't want it to go to a waste. I mean it's been pretty awesome so far, so why not just use it and save lexmark for later?

Well, I bought new ink and installed all the cartidges. Since I haven't used the printer for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to do some cleanup so I went ahead and did a deep clean of all the colors, printed a head alignment thing and then a nozzle check. On all the pages...there weren't a spot of black ink.

I went back to check the cartridges, nothing wrong there. I did another deep clean again but didn't have any affect.

Please help.

I have a canon i560s and I recently replaced the ink cartridges.

Now, if I try to print under normal settings, the paper comes out blank. The only way it prints is if I change the print quality to High (which should only be used for printing photos) and change the paper type to anything but Plain Paper. What's strange is that I can print color under normal settings, but not black. I know theres nothing wrong with the black cartridge, however, because it prints fine if I increase paper and print quality.
Click to expand...

A:Canon i560 Printer Won't Print Black

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canon mp190 - win8 driver installed.
The printer is registered in "devices" in "pc-settings".
But it does NOT show if I select "devices" via charms
(nor does any of my other devices - for that matter ).
Result - I can print from desktop but NOT from "metro"

I have tried reinstalling the driver -
and this You cannot print from a Windows Store app after you upgrade to Windows 8
but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Edit: it appears that the printer does show , and that I CAN print . But only from a limited number of the apps (from "Maps" and "pictures" - but not from explorer!?).
It that how it is supposed to be?

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Hi there folks, I can really use some help here as I have exhausted all possible solutions to fix this problem.

I have had this printer for about a year now and I steadily been replacing each ink tank with "G&G" Ecosaver" brand ink tanks which all in all been fine. When printing out a map from google maps i noticed the yellow and red ink portions were faded with white streaks threw them. I tried many many deep cleaning operations to clear it up and didn't get any better. I understand that it mixes all three colors to produce black and essentially it seemed all three major colors were affected.

I then proceeded to remove the print head and soak in hot water and run hot water threw the ink tank connections clearing out the ink, after reinstalling them and printing out a multicolor picture several times the colors were temporarily balanced until it returned back to way it was.

So then I went and bought a brand new print head, quickly swapped out the ink tanks and printed out a picture only to meet the same results. I reprinted the picture three times and each one got steadily got better until the fourth, where the yellow and red seem to drastically fade with the familiar white streaks. Also i then noticed a spot of yellow ink staining the top left corner of the page right before it starts printing.

I am out of ideas and I'm not sure how to proceed with this, I"m thinking either the ink is not good for the print head or something deeper is go... Read more

A:Canon MP560 clogged print head

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out of 30 printers in my school, 4 have clogged print heads after sitting all summer. only the black won't work; color is fine. i read of the same problem from several people on the CNET reviews page, but they didn't give their solution! one person said that the staff of Staples told them how to fix it, but there is no way to contact that person to find out how. canon says buy new print heads (half the cost of a whole new printer). i've tried repeated deep cleanings, soaking in warm water, warm soapy water, alcohol, and special print head cleaning fluid, all to no avail. what i want is that special, secret way to make the black work without having to beg for the money to replace a bunch of heads!
p.s. the canon person also said to prevent summer dry-out by printing a page every week or putting the heads back on their orange covers. well, the school is locked up tight all summer and i threw those orange covers away long ago. any suggestions?

A:clogged canon s400 print head

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The printer will not print the color red. All other colors are fine including black. I have cleaned the heads, performed nozzle check, and reloaded printer with new print cartridges but still have same problem. Printer is over 3 years old. Any suggestions?

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I have a Canon BJC 2100. For a while now, it has been doing the white streak number at or near the top of the page. I suspect that it's the print head, and that I should clean it. However, I cannot easily get it out, and I don't want to use force for fear of breaking it.

I have the user's manual, which for a 248-page (!) document is supernaturally innocent of useful information about the printer. All it tells me is how to punch the little button to get the printer to run through its cleaning routine, and that doesn't do anything to solve the problem.

Can someone out there give me a clue?

Stephen R.

A:Clean Canon BJC 2100 print heads

The chances of the print head failing is much higher than one of clogging, if a head clean cycle does not work. Reailistically there is no way that you could adequately clean it if you could remove it, without probably destroying it in the process.

The heads were apparently known to fail, and replacement head-and cartridge units were about the same cost as a new printer, probably now much dearer than a new printer if they are still to be found. The BJC-2100C model is many years old now.

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Can anyone help me???
my canon printer is flashing 7 x orange light and 1 x green light. It wont print anything. I have tried changing the cartridges and going through the troubleshooting help but it is still not fixed. Can anyone help me to fix it. I know it is an old printer, but I cant afford a new one at the moment.

A:Canon S300 printer wont print

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I need help..please ))
A week ago I disconneced my printer cable from the computer.When i connected again the windows searched dor device software for the printer and didnt find.
Driver to the MX 360 PRINTER(which i use) was installed I see it in the programms.
So then I uninstalled the driver and installed again from canon site,when i installed in the insallation process the driver found the printer!.
Then restarted the pc and again windows looked for a driver ans said he cant install. I attach the message here./
I tried this procedure with usa mp driver dor canon and also with europenian.. still computer doesnt reconize the printer..
When i go ro device and printer i see my canon printer with a caution sign on it(a yellow triangle with a "!" )
I downloaded the driver from canon site it was MP driver (the latest)
dont know what to do...
I using win 7 64 bit.
I talked to canon support they said its windows problem.
I tried to press at the printer sign in device and printers and then started the troubleshooter of windows but again its not helped..

advice please..??

A:Window 7 64 bit cannot install driver sotware(canon printer driver)

Hi did you try a system restore to a point when it did work.

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hi folks - I saw a very old thread here about my expired printer, the canon MP-series MP560.
but did not describe how to remove the print head - its supposed to be easy but has me baffled and Googling has not helped.
If anyone has 'been there done that' would you pls tell me the mystic secret?


A:Canon MP560 Printer: How to remove print head?

I had recently helped my neighbor with hers and she probably has the manual. I have the I9900, probably similar
inside as yours but I never had to replace the printhead.
However, I found something that may help you. Look halfway down the page and there's an animation of how to
do it:

Hope this helps!

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I'm using XP home edition and am having problems with this printer. I have installed all the software that came with the printer and it is also set as a default printer. There is a message that comes up to load the paper and even if I do so, it does nothing but feed it through after a few seconds.

The manual or the readme doesn't say anything about this problem. I used the 'express install' and when I go through and try to install the easy-photoprint ex, it immediately tells me it's installed.

I'm able to print in color and black and white with other formats. I'm also using version 1.0 that came with the printer.

Can anyone help me with the problem?

A:Canon Pixma ip2600 wont print photos.

i had the same problem with my canon pixma 170,my problem was a faulty usb lead,dont know if this is your problem but maybe worth a try

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I have a Canon MultiPass MP390 All-in-One printer, fax, scan, copy machine.
When printing from my Firefox web browser (latest version) all copies include the URL information at the top of each page. Often when printing multiple pages graphic information is split onto two pages. Is there a way to layout pages so as not to include the URL information and to avoid splitting graphic information? I am using Windows XP Home Edition operating system on a Dell Dimension 4700.

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I'm assisting an elderly lady with this printer problem. After changing Cyan & Magenta cartridges the printer failed to print the current Word doc. The RESUME/CANCEL button was flashing orange continuously.
In the printer's Maintenance I tried the following:
i) Deep Cleaning - Black PGBK, resulted with Operator error. RESUME button failed to clear the problem.
ii) Deep Cleaning - All colours, same result as above.
iii) Cleaning - same result as above.
iv) Print Head Alignment - same result as above.
v) Nozzle Check - same resuilt as above.
Turned the printer off and on again, flashing orange light.
Shutdown the computer and restarted it, with no improvement.
Lastly noted how many orange flashes - five. So I consulted the Service Manual,
Section 2-1. Operator Call Errors (by Alarm LED Blinking in Orange).
5 times; Solution suggested Install the print head properly.
All the Ink Cartridges show red light. Can anyone please offer a suggestion as how to correct this problem, thank you?

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The small black ink cartridge is empty but the system shows the big one full. When we try to print, it won't print at all because it says the black ink is empty. Can we get around this and/or force the printer to use the other cartridge? What makes it only use the small one and not the big one?

FYI we have an iMac w/ Mac OS X v 10.6.8

A:Canon MP560 won't print w/ 1 black ink full and one empty

The larger of the two black cartridges contains pigment-based black ink for photo printing, whereas the smaller one contains dye-based black ink for text (dye-based black gives sharper, crisper text compared to pigment-based).

The printer can detect from the incoming print-data which one is appropriate for it to use, and you can't override that.
You can't force it to use the large black cartridge to print text. You'll have to replace the small one.

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Hello guys,i have a problem with Canon Easy Photoprint software, it doesnt recognize my printer settings while photoshop, corel and other photo software does... i set my printers brightness etc,and easy photo print ignores my settings...
Can someone help me,because i need it for my work, and easy photo print is the fastest software for me... And if someone have another good printing software,which is simple and fast to use,let me know...

Thanks to all,in advance!

A:Problem with Canon Easy photo print and I4850

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Hi I'm having problems printing from Win7 Prof in that my Canon MP990 won't recognise any instructions to print from the rear tray and sends everything to the main cassette, but printing from Mac OSX works fine. p.s. running Win 7 Prof via Parallels on MacBook Air

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I have Windows Vista and after two years of no trouble, my Canon won't print anything. I have reinstalled drivers, cleaned out all Temp files on the computer and cleaned out the printer queue. Still no luck. The printer comes on fine and shows no signs of being broken. The computer recognizes the printer, sends info to the printer and then nothing happens. The queue shows an error, but gives no code. Help!!

A:Solved: Canon Pixma ip4200 suddenly won't print

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I want to be able to print mutiple pages from a yellow pages website using my Canon mp830. For instance, there are 240 colleges and Universities listed in a particular city. There are 10 pages with 24 per page. I tried to print 1- 10 pages, but, I only get 1 page. And, there aren't even 24 shown. It enlarges the page , and only prints maybe 8 contacts. Thanks, Charles King

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This applies to emails, PDF's, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. However, if I convert the document to an image it prints perfectly. So far, I have replaced the black cartridges, reinstalled the driver, cleaned the heads, and restored Windows to 2 days ago just before this problem began, but still no change. Any ideas please?

A:Canon MP610 Pixma printer will not print text.

Hi there .... Have you done a printers self test ? Also what happens if you change the colour of the text ?

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My Canon S520 started acting up by refusing to print black, even as it printed color with no problem. I changed the black tank, even though it was still half full, and eventually got black to print. After that (and only after that) color would not print either. The color tanks are full according to the monitor - and according to visual inspection. I've done every cleaning task available on the printer and followd up with my onw housecleaning, but still no joy.
My compter is in a room that frequently experiences temps below 60 degreees F. Could this cause a print cartridge problem? I can now print black and white docs as long as I specify 'greyscale' in the print options, but the color cartridges may as well not be there at all.
I'm hoping there's some funky software solution to my problem, but it may be hardware-related.

Any thoughts?

A:Canon S520 won't print color (Ink tanks full)

you may find some help here.

or here.

they are both sites that i found at

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DEP prevents my Canon Fax L360 lazer printer to print.

A worning pops up that it might damage my PC.

I disabled DEP as per online info but still does it.

Can you help please?

Asus P5K Premium WiFiiFi Intel Core 2 Quad Pro 2.4GHz, OCZ Vendetta Cpu Cooler, 2x2GB, DDR2 800 PC2-6400 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 800 PC2-6400 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, GeForce 9800 GTX (PCI-E), sata 250gb, OCZ 600W Psu, X45, XPhome sp3.

MS Office 2000

A:DEP prevents my Canon Fax L360 lazer printer to print.

Did you set an exception for your printer in the Data Execution Prevention tab?

Please click Start > Run > type sysdm.cpl

Press Enter.

Select the Advanced tab.

Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.

Click Edit.

Copy what you see in that window and paste it into your next reply.

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Help getting & installing a compatable driver for new Photosmart 7520.

Need to have 'Print Preview' in Printer Preferences. Newer Photosmart Printers have very few options under Preferences.

Have tried drivers for Office Jet 6100 & Deskjet 69800 as suggested in HP forums. Neither has 'Print Preview' in Printing Preferences.

My previous Photosmart C310 died, bought the 7520 as a replacement. If I remember correctly, when I upgraded to Windows 7 with the older Photosmart C310 I had to download an alternate driver. That printer worked fine for over 2 years with all the preferences. I failed to note the driver that worked with the C310.

Hope someone can help, or I'll return this one to Costco along with the $130.00 worth of ink.

A:Alternate HP print driver with 'Print Preview' for Photosmart 7520

After a week of frustration, I was able to locate an HP Forum with the information that works.
I used the alternate driver that was from my previous Photosmare C310.
Here is the link. Hope this is helpful for someone in the future.

print preview / afdrukvoorbeeld - HP Support Forum - 3356529

I research genealogy and do a lot of text printing from my own compter files. The 'Print Preview' feature is crucial to how I print. It is next to impossible to find out if a new printer has this feature before buying. Sales people & manufacturer's website are next to usless.

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My friend has a canon i470d. I just reinstalled win2kpro for her because she had multiple issues. After installing her via 4-in-1, usb controller, LAN, SVGA, and audio drivers the printer was ready. It ran through setup seamlessly, and printed test pages without error. We unsuccessfully tried printing text from MSWord, notepad, and outlook. The printhead would move, but no ink would show on the paper. Again, test pages from the printer tools worked fine, including the text portion.

A:canon 1470d test print works, no text from msword


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My printer will not print. I moved it and now it won't print. The ready button is flashing. It flashes 7 times then turns green and repeats. Help

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Ok, so I've had my printer for a longggg time now. I got my cartridges refilled recently and haven't used the printer since then apart from a couple of pages the same day. Yesterday I tried to print but it only prints in yellow.
So I figure print head must be clogged. I have ran warm water through it, didn't fix the problem. I sat it in a saucer of isopropyl alcohol until the ink ran. Yay! So I put it back in the computer and did a test print. It only printed in black! Then I ran cleaning and the next test print came out black!!
When I removed the print head unit it had ink smudges of all colours on it, which means the ink must be flowing and that the problem is not the print head but something between it and the paper. I am absolutely clueless on what it could be! Also, where the print head unit comes to rest is always covered in fresh ink, when I check.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Canon Pixma ip1500 Print Head Problems, this will have you speechless!!

I was also very frustrated with my wife's printer. Since she does not use it very often, the print heads get clogged from ink in the printer head. I have successfully cleaning this one by pouring hot water into the print head container and waiting for it to cool down, then following it up with isopropyl alcohol. Using toilet tissue, wipe the bottom of the ink jets until the color and black is about run out. Hold the head level so that the alcohol does not dump out while wiping the jets.

Fill up your cartridges with ink. I buy bulk ink so I don't have to pay so much for ink replacement. I have bottles for each color (C, M, Y) and black that have needle tips. If you do not have this you could use medical dropper bottles. Ask the pharmacist for these and explain what you're doing and he will probably give them to you. They also have syringes with blunt metal tips, but he may be more reluctant to hand those out for fear of drug misuse.

The ink is entered into the top of the Canon branded cartridges by prying off the rectangular covers. Make sure you put the right color ink into the three openings for the color cartridge. To determine this, use a toothpick to poke in and get a sample on the toothpick. Once you know the correct opening, Mark it by either a sticker or sharp steel marker on the cartridge next to each opening. The best way seems to drip the ink into the openings until you have added the amount specified for each color. These cartridges hold 5 1/2 ml o... Read more

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I have just changed both ink cartridges and it will copy alright but not print from my laptop.any suggestions please?

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Hi guys,

I have an issue with one of our printers.

We have two Canon LBP7200 printers on a network.

One printer has just stopped printing completely. The print jobs are not even queueing. When I attempt to print, it says printing, everything looks fine, but the print job just vanishes.

I tried re-installing the printer, re-installing driver and it still doesn't print!!

The printer status says 'ready' and all settings are as per normal so i can't figure out what on earth the issue is!!

The only unusual thing that i have noticed is that when i log onto the printer by typing the IP address in my browser, everything is in Japanese! My other printer is in English - Usually both printers are in English. So not sure if this is something to do with the issue?

I have run command and pinged the printer with a 100% response.

Hopefully someone can help!!

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