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Garbled ViewSonic Screen...NEED HELP!

Q: Garbled ViewSonic Screen...NEED HELP!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here so I hope someone here can help me. I'll lay down my situation, and then I pray someone has an answer for me. Ok, here goes:

I have a ViewSonic 32" LCD T.V./Monitor ((Link: )) Just in case you want to see it.

But anyway, the problem with this monitor is this. Over the past month or two, my monitor began flickering. Over time its gotten worse and worse, and now the screen becomes garbled on the right half of the screen and sometimes it completely blanks out...almost as if the screen is melting. I've tried everything...the first of which was buying new cables. I bought a new monitor cable from my work...but yet the problem persisted. I bought a new graphics card ((ATI Radeon x1650 Pro 512MB card)), installed it...but it was still garbled. Recently I tried hooking a new desktop up to it...and still the monitor was garbled. So I narrowed it down... it has to be something with the monitor. But before any other conclusions are thought up, I also have a Xbox 360 plugged into the monitor that runs screen flickering or garbling present at all. So, the problem must be in the monitor cable adapter/hook-up thing located on the back of the T.V. Before I fight over the manufacturers about fixing my monitor...does anyone know anything else I can attempt to try and fix this thing?

Thanks for any reply....this thing has been a pain....
P.S. I'm going to try one more cable from my work that plugs into the HDMI outlet, in hopes that it works...but if it doesn't.... I dont' no what to do

A: Garbled ViewSonic Screen...NEED HELP!

Check the refresh rate of your monitor and be sure you are not driving it faster than it was designed to be driven. Also, be sure you are not attempting to use resolutions higher than the monitor was designed for.

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Just purchased a new Viewsonic VA720 17" flat screen & had problems installing same. Took it to technician, paid $60, got it home and plugged it in. Nothing - no screen image and a complete lockup; had to unplug unit from wall to shut down.

Started it with WIN98 emergency disc and it went directly to the BIOS setup with following statement (in red). During the last boot up your system hung up for an improper CPU external speed setting. Your system is now working in safe mode. (Bus: 100MHz, DAM: 100 , PCI: 33 MHz). To optimize the system performance & reliability make sure the CPU speed conforms to the specification of your CPU.

Had previously copied all BIOS data (thank g-d) so went over it & found the tech had turned off the Plug & Play O/S. I turned it back on and the screen showed up immediately with no further problems to date. Called the tech and he claims they always turn off the plug & play as they found it interferes with system operation. Is this true?

Also I still wonder how to optimize the system by making sure the CPU conforms to the specification of the CPU. Any help and/or information on this matter would be greatly appreciated

A:Viewsonic flat screen

I think you will get arguements either way on using plug and play os or not.
I have always used it without a problem and so my feeling is if your going to run a plug and play operating system why disable it.

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Hello everybody, today my laptop has become blind. Let me explain:

My laptop was purchased in 2007
Alienware m9750
Dual nvidia 7950 go
Dual core 2.0
2 gigs of ram
80 gb harddrive

So here's what happened, today I was watch s movie on netflix when suddenly my screen goes black. Though I had crashed but my laptop was still on and the sound was still going. restarted, and the initial screen was slightly pixellated and garbled. Which has now made my laptop permanent garbled and pixely. After the windows logo. My screen goes black, but I am still hear the windows start up sound. I found that I am able to click on some music files on my desktop that are able to play, so this is a video issue. I reboot in safe mode which works this time figure to disable and uninstall the videocard drivers. I restart and I'm able to use my pc somewhat normally( still garbled). Reinstalled the nvidia drivers then halfway through says: error install failed or something, it happen really fast then crashed, tried restarting atleast 20 times in safe mode but it freezes up after it tries to load partition(1)\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys

All of the other options for start up(even last settings to work) the screen goes black after the windows logo. I have tried tinkering with the bios but it doesn't help. Its basically being blind using a computer. So I'm wondering if there is anyway to possibly blindly open up command prompt and possibly disable or uninstall the drivers from there, I'm ab... Read more

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My Viewsonic VA720 (17" LCD) has black screen, but the green power light is blinking when PC is on. A substitute monitor works so no problem with PC.

A:Viewsonic VA720 blank screen

Same cable?

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I have a Viewsonic VG2230wm display that recently died. The blue light at the bottom center comes on, but the screen stays dark.

Thought I would take a look at the power supply capacitors. Removed the stand and the four screws from the rear panel.

How do I remove the rear panel? I see a hole on the back panel with a padlock symbol but no obvious way to separate the rear panel from the front panel.



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ViewSonic makes several LCD TV/PC Monitors that have glass screens.

I might purchase their 24" model - VT2430.

I think most of us are old enough to remember those incredibly durable
CRT monitors. I used to keep a high quality unused paint brush as a
duster for my CRTs. A roll of Bounty paper towel and some glass cleaner
was all you needed to safely clean a CRT monitor.

Can anyone tell me how rugged the ViewSonic glass screens are?

It would be great if I could throw away my microfiber cloths and all
those expensive cleaning solutions that I've purchased over the years.
I am sick of soft plastic screens that are damaged if you sneeze too

I wish someone manufactured a 24" plasma TV/Monitor. They all have
thick glass screens. Just wishful thinking. I know its not a practical

A:ViewSonic VT2430 - Need Info About it's Glass Screen

The monitors I have seen with glass plates over the lcd are
cleanable with glass cleaner.
They are glass.
I haven't actually had any problems spraying some glass cleaner
on a paper towel and using it to clean my LCD.
It doesn't have glass on it.
I just don't scrub it hard.

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I am having a serious issues with my graphics, everynow and then i start getting little lines on my screen its starts rather small before during and after startup and then as i move the mouse or open other windows the lines start showing across the entire screen until it is almost impossible to see what is going on on the screen.

So far i have thought it would be a power problem shortage of power to the motherboard.

Please any help will be great i will forever be in your debt

A:Screen garbled

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I have a laptop with a ati radeon 9600 128 meg video card, 3 gig pentium processor running xp pro sp2 tha has the following problem: when the laptop is left alone running for a period of time, say 1 hour or so, plugged into the ac adapter, the screen is garbled when resuming use. the only solution I have found is rebooting and then it runs fine. Very Annoying!!!!

Any suggestions?

A:help with garbled screen

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Hi Everyone,

Something very odd happened today. I was as usual loading a large file ( 5.4gb ) in to Photoshop and as PS was doing it's business I noticed everything jumped over to my second monitor and the main monitor went blank. Moments later the image on the second monitor turned into a garbled fragmented mess before going into power save mode from which I couldn't get out of. Very strange.....Forced a warm boot.

As the system had just been turned on so I can sort of rule out a heat issue - possibly & ram test OK.

My workstation is mainly off line but two days ago I had to ftp something and I do remember vista installing an automatic update for windows update ( without my permission ) which I was very annoyed about, shame on you MS.....and after rebooting I saw a few reg. modifications come up on screen. Could this be the cause of this odd behavior.

It's been fine since I had the warm boot - any ideas as to what's going on.

A:Garbled screen then pooop

Hello damocles, do you have system restore running or is it disabled?

Later Ted

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Replaced CPU and mobo on my unit due to heat-damaged processor and socket. Now I can't get any kind of normal screen and don't have any audio. Anybody seen anything like this before?
tv 009.jpg

A:Solved: Garbled screen

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Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone can help.

I have built a cheap-as-chips base unit running Windows XP + SP2 (codename "Nemesis").

Everything's OK, except that after setup, the Windows welcome screen is all though the monitor isn't being run at the right frequency. I can't locate any icons even though the mouse is on the screen, because it's like watching lots of overlapping Windows.

Prior to this, the XP setup screen showing the % progress, was fine and dandy.

I just wondered if there's anything I can do? To be honest, I am using a 2nd user 14in Elonex SGVA monitor that is from 1994! I have a hunch that it won't do 800 x 600 or higher. Can I boot into any other mode? I think I'll just get a cheap 17in off eBay in the end.

*Thanks* for any info and ideas.

A:XP Welcome screen is garbled on 14in VDU

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Okay, so I had this problem about a week ago, and all I did was go:

Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Display Driver>ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series

I selected 'Uninstall' and restarted my computer. The driver reinstalled automatically, and all was great.

SO, the issue is that my screen is garbled. A bunch of horizontal lines running the length of the computer and with a width of only 1 or 2 pixels are running up and down my screen, constantly moving left to right. This is if my screen resolution is set to 800x600. If I change it to 1024x768 (Which is what it usually is set on.) the waves are still horizontal, but about and inch wide.

What I've already tried:

-Reinstalling display driver
-Windows Update
-Changing hardware acceleration
-Changing refresh rate

Err.. I'm completely stuck and I have NO idea what to do. Any help at all would be appreciated!

Also: my ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series driver is version Not sure how relevant this is, though.

Thank you in advanced for any replies!

A:Garbled LCD Monitor Screen - Help?!

Do you have the horizontal lines on the first start up logo or in the Bios setup screens?

What brand and model Computer do you have?

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I just bought and installed a Visiontek Radeon X1300 512 AGP card. Got it installed and working fine. I went and downloaded the Battlefield 2 demo. The first time I ran it I got an "out of range" error. I made some changes to the settings, now all I get is a black screen and some flashing colors.

I've got my resolution at 1024 X 768 at 70Mhz. I've changed the graphics settings in the game to match. But still get an error.

For ref. I am using this monitor - on windows XP SP1.

Thanks in advance.

A:Out of range/Garbled screen.

Tryed everything now. Even dropped the refresh rate down to 60mhz and I am still getting nothing. Do I need to jack my monitor/adapter refresh rate up and lower it in the game settings? Are the supposed to match?

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I think this is probably the best place to put this, as I don't see anything that could be causing this other than a hardware issue. I leave my spare computer running constantly and it was fine the other morning, but when I went back to it later on the screen was completely garbled with 0's and a few random characters. I turned off the computer and let it sit for about an hour. I turned it back on and the screen was immediately garbled on the startup. This is an older computer. It has an AMDK7 500mHz, windows 2kpro, and the graphics card is a voodoo3 1000 16MB.. What could be causing this? Possibly a graphics card failure or a virus? I have also removed and reinserted the graphics card to ensure it was not a bad connection.

A:Garbled Screen On Boot

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Hi I am trying to get into my cmos settings. PC is a HP 6535. At boot up at get the HP welcome screen and cannot hit the DEL key to enter CMOS.

Anyone know how to do this?

I am trying to format this PC, and want to boot from CDROM


A:Screen garbled at boot up!

Press F1 to enter SETUP

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Ok so i've been having constant computer problems for a fair while now, I made another thread and most people pointed to either overheating or psu problems, but now another thing has been brought to my attention that i forgot to mention.

When im playing games my comp will sometimes be fine, Sometimes itll just get the spits and fall over/randomly reboot. However, some times the game will pause for a second. Totally frozen, Even the sound is frozen and then a few seconds later unlock again. This happens normally about 3 times and eventually leads to a random reboot.

However, Sometimes my screen will just turn into an absolute mess, with random characters and weird white/pink lines all over the screen. This isnt always in game, Ive been watching a movie and had it happen.

I'm thinking to myself that it may not be just one thing thats wrong with my computer.

Anyone got any ideas? My card is still under warranty so i'm all good if a return is necessary

A:Garbled screen occasionally.

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I am using Windows 95 and Explorer 5.0.

I recently went to a web page and saw English words on the left side of the web page. When I went to run a video from that sight, it said that I need a macroflash something or another, which I downloaded directly from that site.

The video then played just fine, HOWEVER, the words on the left side of the web page are now all garbled, they look like greek letters.

If I move my mouse over the garbled letters, in the links show up in English at the bottom of my screen in my Explorer window, however they still look greek on the web page.

I have viewed this web page from work, and it is in English, so something must now be wrong on my end.

Can someone guide me through the process of getting this garbled mess gone.


A:Garbled Characters on Screen


I've moved this to Web and Email for more response

Do any other sites display this garbled wording? I've just been to the site in question, and clicked on here:

And then PIAA First Round Playoff: Kiski Area vs Erie Cathedral Prep:

The file is a Windows Media file. Am I in the right place? can you post a screenshot of the problem you're seeing?



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This recently started to happen. Randomly the screen would just become garbled when my computer is on. I took a photo:

The sound keeps playing if I'm playing a song or something on my computer, but otherwise I can't do anything else and I have to hard reboot. Of course this frequently damages whatever files I have opened at the time and am working on. There has been no recent hardware changes. Only change I can think of is I upgraded from Windows Vista SP1 to SP2 recently.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 - PCI Express
Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium SP2

A:Random garbled screen

Hello, sloth85.
Firstly, I assume this is happening system-wide, and not just 1 app, so correct me if I'm wrong.
There are a few possible causes to this.
1) GPU/CPU Overclocking: Instability, data corruption, etc. OCing beyond safe levels cause this problem. If you don't know what overclocking is, you probably haven't done it, so then ignore it.
2) GPU/CPU Overheating: needless to explain, this is the most common scenario.
3) LCD damage: Dead pixels, dying films, and whatnot.

If you can check these out individually, like hooking the LCD up to another PC to see if it's fine, or monitoring the temps, we may have a clue to what to look out for.


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Hi guys,

I'm completely confused with this: I installed Win 7 RTM 7600 on a VM in virtualbox and after using the VM for a few minutes and sometimes a couple of hours (quite randomly), I get this screen (attached).

I have also included a snapshot of the VM system I am using. Could the Windows itself be a bad version, or can I configure the VM to make windows work.

The transition is from a perfectly normal desktop screen, or from an internet browsing screen to the garbled image you see in the image.

Please help??

PS: This is a non-activated version of Windows 7 RTM build 7600 Ultimate x64 (30-days remaining) & Virtual box additions have been installed as well as MSSE along with spywareblaster, spybot S&D and superantispyware for anti-crapware. No viruses or malware were detected after scans.

A:Windows 7 RTM (not activated) garbled screen?

Anyone ? ?

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My screen pulsates and flickers. The letters of a whole word vibrate and shake independantly. The vertical lines have a real small zig zag to them. Does anyone know how to adjust this. It's not a resolution isssue. I run win2k

A:screen is garbled and vertical lines zig zag

Maybe refresh rate?

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My computer two days ago very suddenly went totally haywire and Iím at a loss to figure out why.

It started with some strange, vertical lines appearing when I was browsing the internet. Then weird lines ended up all over my screen and things started looking garbled and my computer BSODíd and restarted itself. When it did, even my BIOS startup screen was garbled!

At this point, my computer wonít even finish booting into Windows, but I did end up getting it there once and it wouldnít load programs before it finally had the screen go black and I restarted it.

Thinking it was the video card, I took my video card out and put it into my wifeís computer (which has the same power supply, though a totally different CPU and motherboard). After reinstalling the video card drivers (though why I had to do that when switching out an 8600GT to a 9600GT, I have no idea), the video card seemed to perform absolutely fine, both in a game (WoW) and web browsing.

Thus I am left to conclude that itís not the video card that is the problem, despite the fact that itís a video-related issue.

Any suggestions? Could it be my motherboard? How can I find out?

Thanks! Iím dying with my computer out of order.

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Wolfdale
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775 Intel P45 motherboard
3GB (3x1GB) Kingston ValueRAM PC2 6400
EVGA 512-P3-N861-TR GeForce 9600 GT 512MB PCI Express x16 video card
Corsair CMPSU-450VX 450W Power Supply

A:Computer failure: garbled screen

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So check out what my Dell Latitude D830 (Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M chipset) did the other day...

Any ideas??

A:Crazy garbled screen/graphics

1 thing to check (if you can) is the refresh rate. You might have to boot in safe mode to do this though.

Other than that, that's very weird indeed

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Running Windows 7 Ultimate. I wanted to connect my laptop to an external monitor so I pressed "Windows key + X", then clicked "connect display", then "extend."

On most computers, doing this will allow you to output the display to another monitor.

When I did it on my laptop, the screen started flickering and became garbled. It's too garbled to see, and I can't find the mouse and undo what I've done. I tried restarting but it's still like this.

Please help! Thank you.

A:Can't disconnect projector, screen is garbled

Problem solved: I booted into safe mode and used system restore to restore to a point before the problem. Thanks!

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Okay, I've got a puzzler from what I can tell.

I got a 9800 XT to replace a bad 9800 PRO that I had, the die chipped on the corner, so I now have a OEM 9800 XT with the stock copper cooler on it. The temps hang at around 66C at idle, and around 71C at full load. This seems quite high to me, basing this off of other ATI cards I have owned. I don't know if this is related to my problem, but it could.

Twice now my screen has garbled on me, like a one pixel high line across the screen, with a ranbow of colors, all the way up and down the screen, so nothing can be seen at all. I reboot, and it was fine. Second time happened a few hours later, after I was done gaming playing AAO (1 hour after). I got up and walked out the door for a minute, came back inside, and found the Windows XP screensaver on, but locked up, showing 3 of the windows XP logos, and a few lines that were white, with a little color variation, running straight across but not all the way, kinda randomly placed. Rebooted again, and the system was fine, no probs at all gaming as of yet. I've been checking the temp of the card often, hangs around 67C most of the time at idle, and a few degrees higher at load. This is stumping me right now, because I don't know if 66C is safe for this card at idle, or if there is a problem with the driver or something, its a brand new never used card. Here are my specs and conditions at the time of error.

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (nForce2 Ultra 400)
AMD ... Read more

A:Radeon 9800 XT Garbled Screen

My x800pro tops out a 66C under full load, the load temp of 71C doesn't seem right as mine idles in the low 40s, there's no way it only goes up 5C. You've given the ambient temp as 72-80F, this seems too low as mine are within a few degrees C of each other at idle (at the moment ambient is 41C, GPU 44C). What do you mean by last checked temp for both instances=67,68C? Is this the GPU and the ambient temp? I'm using Everest to check mine, as it seems to be fairly reliable.

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had a fialed install of norton.. went through the reg removal, was able to reinstall, and now the main screen is garbled. Also, it asks me to activate in %s days...?

A:Norton screen appears garbled

Symantec have a large database of (sometimes) helpful articles, but you need time and patience to wade through it.

Can you provide a little more detail of what you mean by garbled? If it is unreadable, where are you seeing the message about "activating in X days", which, incidentally, sounds like you have a trial version not the full program?
What was the 'reg removal' process that you used. Was it one of the Symantec tools ie: Rnis, Rnav etc.?

Entering the full error message (in quotes) into the Symantec search facility might help. You can get to it from here; (it's the eighth option in the list at the top left of the page).

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I recently attempted an install of Win7 onto a friends PC. The specs are listed below. Here is a link to a screenshot of the problem

This occurs after a Windows 7 install. The system boots to the Windows 7 setup, where personal options are selected. After this, a reboot will begin the POST, and prior to completion, this screen appears. I do not believe the POST has finished, and I do not think it is handing boot duties to the OS.

What I have attempted so far is:
Memtest - checked out ok.
Replaced CORSAIR mem with other sticks.
Reformat from command prompt on boot disk.
Removal of all hardware, including video card.

I am completely stumped on this issue, and any help would be appreciated.
Compaq Presario SR1110NX
Mobo.MS-6577 ver 4.1
Celeron 2.5 ghz
1gb ddr (2x512) corsair value select
40gb hd
ATI Radeon 9250, 256mb
onboard sound, onboard vid (disabled in BIOS)

A:Garbled Screen - ASCII? - DURING POST

Can you enable onboard video and leave the dedicated card out. That looks a graphic problem.

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All of a sudden my computer screen has green/purple or black lines through it and I get garbled text on startup as well.

I tested my screen with another computer and it works fine, I also used the same cable as well.

I'm guessing my graphics card is on its way out? I have a gtx 275

A:Garbled text and green lines through my screen

Yes, your graphics card is dead.

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Hello gents,
Stumbled on your forum whilst trouble shooting a very annoying BSOD error I keep getting.
From what i've read you all seem very onto and I was hoping you could help me out. essentially I've built up my new system with windows 8.1 and I get multiple BSOD errors when I'm gaming. the BSOD is garbled with no eorror report. after I restart the computer it shuts down my USB wireless reciever which I have to unplug and re plug to get my internet back. Very frustrating stuff!
I saw in this post that you need certain files to help me out so here they are, anything else you need just post it and I'll chuck it up ASAP
Thank you for taking the time to read all that
Crash Dump Files
System Snap Shot
Minitoolbox log

MiniToolBox by Farbar  Version: 21-07-2014
Ran by Patriarch (administrator) on 28-07-2014 at 11:11:34
Running from "G:\Downloads"
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro  (X64)
Boot Mode: Normal
========================= Event log errors: ===============================
Application errors:
Error: (07/28/2014 10:25:54 AM) (Source: Bonjour Service) (User: )
Description: Task Scheduling Error: m->Nex... Read more

A:Multiple BSOD no Error just garbled screen

I had run a debug from your latest BSOD dump..
Here's the report...
Microsoft ® Windows Debugger Version 6.2.9200.20512 AMD64
Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\JinXiang\Downloads\Minidump files\072314-8843-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is: 
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 9600.17085.amd64fre.winblue_gdr.140330-1035
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`4c47e000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`4c7482d0
Debug session time: Wed Jul 23 14:00:46.727 2014 (UTC + 8:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 3:35:05.463
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
*                                                         ... Read more

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Hi. Today I logged on to my computer to find out that whenever i move my mouse, minimize and maximize windows, or play a game like CS:S (Counterstrike Source) the screen flickers uncontrollably where i cant even see what is on the screen.... I cant stand this problem. So i did some research and found out that lowering your 3D acceleration can fix the problem and so i did. Although there was no flicker, I could not play Counterstrike Source which is the main reason im posting this thread. I removed all electrical items away from the computer in case it had to do with eletrical interference. I changed power outlets and computer monitors. All of these did not work. Please help me!!

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I set the refresh rate too high on a computer at work and now the screen is garbled. The os is win 95 and I'm not sure if its [a] or . I'm not too familiar with 95 and how to fix things like this in win95. I downloaded a couple of bootdisks, one for a and one for b. How will I go about using them to lower the refresh rate? Nobody knows I've goofed yet so I don't want to swap moniters. Help!

A:lower refresh rate,garbled screen

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Occasionally when playing WoW or WC3, my screen will instantly flash to a garbled, repetitive pattern of trash, diagonally across my screen, flickering a bit and changing shapes and such, until it just stops moving at all. My computer will not respond to any keyboard action during this time, although on a few occasions I was able to alt+tab out while it was doing this and go back into the game just fine. At least until it does it again a few minutes later. Sometimes music will continue to play, but no sounds from players/npcs or otherwise.

I really can't be overheating, because this card used to run around 85C just fine until I fixed my heat problem a while back. Now it will run at 60C on average. CPU around 45C. I am using the latest Nvidia drivers, and have tried dozens to no avail.

I should note that this only began occurring when I upgraded to an AMD Athlon 64X2 6400+ Black Edition, 2GB PC2 6400 Corsair DDR2, and an Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe motherboard. As a side note, Windows XP has also taken forever to load ever since, and the little blue loading bar freezes and lags along for about 40 seconds until it boots. But that is probably unrelated. Before this upgrade, my dual 36gb WD Raptors in raid0 configuration used to scream through any sort of loading. Now I when I boot up, it isn't uncommon for windows to scan and fix errors on my drives, any of them for that matter (my system raid, storage raid, or my external drive connected by eSATA). I recently completely... Read more

A:Graphics Glitching, Garbled Screen and Freezing!

Not wanting to teach anyone to 'suck eggs' etc. just running through a few initial thoughts ....

Have you double checked everything is seated correctly (Graphics, RAM etc).

Does the problem occur randomly? Quickly when you start the game? After a period of time etc? Does it reoccur quickly if you reboot and fire up the game again?

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Hi. Today I logged on to my computer to find out that whenever i move my mouse, minimize and maximize windows, or play a game like CS:S (Counterstrike Source) the screen flickers uncontrollably where i cant even see what is on the screen.... I cant stand this problem. So i did some research and found out that lowering your 3D acceleration can fix the problem and so i did. Although there was no flicker, I could not play Counterstrike Source which is the main reason im posting this thread. I removed all electrical items away from the computer in case it had to do with eletrical interference. I changed power outlets and computer monitors. All of these did not work. Please help me!!

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When Windows 2000 boots up into the network logon screen, the screen appears all black and garbled. The text appears very shrunk and almost impossible to see. It takes several reboots for it to come up correct. The Compaq startup screen before this comes up perfect. Its happens randomly and on any type monitor that is used. Has anyone else seen this?

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Just bought the X1 Yoga and running win10 64 and outlook 2016. I get a blank screen intermittently when clicking reply, reply all, forward. If I click on where the X for closing is, the window still closes meaning it's likely a display issue. Likewise at the main outlook page with reading pane, I randomly get overlapping lines. Updated the latest drivers including intel 520 drivers from Lenovo and also through the update driver on the device manager. Also disabled hardware acceleration on word and outlook. Any advice?

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Alright so I've been using my PC for two years, no problem. The computer first gave me a garbled screen with lots of colours when I was watching a video. After this, I got the same error when watching a video with a BSOD with a driver_irql_not_equal error, so I deinstalled my new graphics driver and did a full virus scan and did a malwarebytes scan, nothing found there. I did a memory test, no errors. After this test I got a relaunch and it didn't pick up my hard drive, restarted and it worked fine for hours until I got the garbled error and after that I restarted it and the screen froze. In all cases I had to hard restart. I'm really bad with computers so if you need any info I will need a bit of help getting it,
Thanks for all help, I really need it as I don't want to have to spend an extreme amount of money to fix my poor PC

P.S: some errors in event viewer said the drivers could not be loaded, browsers had to stop and there was a kernel issue.

A:Garbled screen, blue screens and freezes error when using PC.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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My computer stopped working yesterday. I'm only able to type this up in Safe Mode right now.

Basically, when the computer starts, there's garbled text. Mostly, scattered rows of lower case 'a' with hyphens over them. As the computer is starting up, more garbled text appears, though it's still mostly lower case 'a'.

The Windows XP boot up screen appears, which looks completely fine. No graphical errors at all. However, once it's through, I get stuck with a blank screen.

A few days before the crash, I had been getting a few errors ONLY when playing World of Warcraft. The computer would freeze and little purple triangles would scatter on my screen. I'm not sure if that's relevant or not, but it was shortly after the second occurrence that the computer has ended up as it is now. I thought it might be related to the video card (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT), so I updated the driver. That hasn't helped at all.

Thank you.

A:Computer won't start- garbled text followed by blank screen

Try uninstalling the video card driver and reinstalling.

Then try taking out the card, cleaning the pads with a pencil eraser and removing any dust. Then re-seat the card.

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Hey guys,
I love Team Fortress 2 and have done for a while now (been playing since the Pyro was updated), though this past couple of weeks I've been seeing some problems. I'm just playing a match, when suddenly everything freezes and the game begins stuttering. It's like I'm stuck in lag or something, but then, this happens...

The whole screen becomes garbled and certain game files seem to replace other game files... After two minutes or so, this usually stops and the game goes back to normal. It's really annoying and just seems to happen randomly!

I un-installed my game and installed it back again yesterday but it didn't help. Defragmented my cache files, but that didn't help either.

Help would be much appreciated!

A:Solved: Team Fortress 2 - Freezing and garbled screen.

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Hi Guys,

I've been researching this for a while and I'm making little progress.

It may all boil down to a memory dimm problem but I've got multiple issues so I'd
appreciated any advice.

Hardware: Compaq Presario 900 Notebook - Windows XP with 1 256Mg Memory Dimm

Mainproblem: Intermittent boot problem where:
1. Screen is garbled
2. Get can't boot because ntfs.sys is missing or corrupt

Eventually will boot sucessfully after I fidget with the monitor or squeeze the chassis. I don't know if it's a connection problem or if it's just eventually working and my physical changes
aren't doing a thing.

Secondary Problem: After a sucessfull boot laptop will eventually go garbly screen again
and either freeze or reboot.

Third Problem: can't run the task manager (ctrl -alt -del) doesn't work. Neither does clicking on the task bar. I can run the task manager from the Admin logon but not from
my normal logon.

Things that have changed:
1. Recently installed Limewire and I'm afraid I got a Trojan that has caused the Task Manager problem. Norton hasn't detected it but I'm running PrevX to search for it as I type.
2. My laptop has been sitting at my wife's Gym and I think the kids may have downloaded something...possibly.

As you see I have a variety of issues so I'm not sure which angle to attack from. Again, the garbly screen and the intermittent ntfs.sys makes me think hardware: either memory and/or hard d... Read more

A:Laptop boot/reboot problem re:missing ntfs.sys and garbled screen

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i am running windows XP sp 3 with 512 MB of ram, integrated graphx card, and 80 gig of memory. yesterday my computer was running fine. i have avast! antivirus which always runs and i ran a scan before i shut it down and nothing was detected. so i had been playing a game for a few hours last night when i noticed my pc was a little warm, nothing unusual just warm, so i decided it was time to call it a night and shut it off. so i shut it down and i went to bed. i wake up in the morning and go to turn on my computer when i realize i must not of hit the power button hard enough and it makes a quiet beep so i hit it again to turn it off and then press it again and everything is fine, i log in and it brings me to my desktop and several seconds later the computer goes ape!

the screen garbles as if certain icons had been flashing and dragging across the screen, kind of like a glitched video game. i also notice the keyboard has stopped responding when i press num lock or caps lock. i turn it off and turn it back on and this time the monitor will not even turn on. i flicker on and off, on and off, until i get it to turn back on only to hear six long beeps. at this point i was getting ticked so i repeated my on off, on off, disconnect plugs, reconnect, on off and finally i got my computer to boot back up. everything seemed fine now. internet was connected, i was logged on, it was all good. i could playing music too. only weird thing was the computer screen would flash black for a sec... Read more

A:Multiple computer errors, bsod, screen flashing, garbled display, etc

bump... :/

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Good day Sirs,
I recently updated an ACER aspire 1800 BIOS (used the 1.17 update). The update was carried out from within Windows XP and after it completed the system was rebooted.
The system started with thick white vertical bars and black horizontal bars making it difficult to read or see what's on the screen properly.
From my search on the Net, it seems I should have used the 2.7 BIOS update instead.
Someone (spock028) managed to update his BIOS with the correct version despite not being able to see what's on the screen.

I have created the Phoenix Crises Recovery disk (using a 80GB USB HDD, I created a 4GB partition, set it active and used this partition). I renamed the BIOS file to BIOS.WPH.
I managed to enable the option F12 (select boot device)

Unfortunately, since after I press F12 during boot and the boot option screen comes up, I can't see the options because the screen is garbled, I find it difficult to boot from the USB HDD)
I also tried the auto-option (pressing Fn+Esx, Fn+B, Winkey+B) during boot but that didn't work.

I am assuming the USB HDD is on the list that pops up.
I have tried an external monitor and the display is garbled as well.

Please can someone kindly give me the exact set of keys to press after pressing F12 when the boot option screen comes up to select the option to boot from the USB HDD?)

I have included an autoexec.bat file on the HDD that should run the f... Read more

A:Solved: Acer Aspire 1800 screen garbled after BIOS update

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I'm trying to decide between the G90FB 19" or the P95F+B...
Here are the links:

The only real difference between the 2 is the fact the Professional one (P95F+B) has an aperture grille while the Gaming (G90FB) has a shadow mask

I know the shadow mask uses dots (dot pitch) while the aperture grille uses lines instead of dots...

Which monitor will give me the best picture for gaming and crisp clear text.

A:Which is the better Viewsonic monitor?

If you can afford it I'd get the Professional version. I had Philips 107P (Professional) monitor with a .25 Aperture grille and it was the best monitor as far as picture quality/clairity I've ever seen (I'm sure there are better, but not without paying major money).

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My daughter's AOC monitor died, boo hoo, it was 6 years old so it was bound to happen. O.K., I buy a spanking new Optiquest Q75 plug it in, load the drivers and voila, it totally screws up her pc, I mean the screen was distorted like i never seen before in my life. It was like 2 giant magnets were going up and down the sides of the monitor. I brought the monitor up to my pc, it worked fine...those dam drivers screwed up her entire operating system, I could no get them off her pc so I reformatted her HD, 4 hours and many grey hairs later, (I mean if I still had hair that is), she has a new monitor. Imagine me thinking I was just going to plug it in.

A:Viewsonic hell

Hummm... seems you ran into imcompatable drivers! Had that happen on my matrox Etv video card and really had a ball straighting it out! I didn't have to reformat though!


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I run XP on a new box and a fairly new 19" (year old) View Sonic LCD monitor. The monitor worked as advertised on my old PC but when attached to my new one I frequently get a flashing green power indicator light and will get no picture.

This happens 100% of the time if I cold start the PC and I have to screw around with the restart button and on/off power button to get it to come back to life and in truth I do not know which combination of button pushing gets it to come back. I now use the power saver mode because that seems to be the most consistent way of bringing the monitor back to life but even that didn't work this am.

ViewSonic's web site wasn't much help.

Help here?

A:ViewSonic Monitor

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I have a suspected cold solder joint in the power supply of my Viewsonic VP2130b monitor that I could probably locate and fix myself if I could figure out how to get it apart. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Best regards

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Alright here's a good one, monitor less than a year old, I could never load drivers for it because screen would go haywaire, real wavy along the side edges. ok so I've been using the win98se driver, plug and play monitor ones, well now it's doing it even with them. I d/l the latest driver for win98 from Viewsonic, load them and it really goes berzerk, delete them, screen is still unstable. So, I do a print screen while it's doing this thing so I can post it for you folks to look at, and when I paste it into notepad the picture is fine in the file. what I mean is that to the pc the screen is normal, man am I confused. What does this mean???

A:Viewsonic Optiquest Q75 what the h***

Ether your monitor is slowly dieing, or your refresh rate is too high.

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I bought a viewsonic 1945wm 2 days ago and there is a continuous buzzing sound when it is displaying. Is it normal?

A:viewsonic vx1945

uh, how louds the buzzing?

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I was just wondering if I'm pretty much out of luck with my monitor or is it fixxable?
Whenever there is any spot for black its pretty much like the picture on the right in this link[email protected]@@@@@itaki_fade5.html
It makes watching things or playing games horrible.

A:ViewSonic Monitor

Your link doesn't work.

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I've downloaded and gone through the Device Manager install of the Vista signed and unsigned drivers from Viewsonic. Choose the vx2835wm as the monitor and... "file not found". Viewsonic support sends me to a link that says "no drivers available" and then says to download their Vista 64 package I've been doing since day 1. (been doing this and all suggestions since Nov 2007)

Vista Ult. 64 uses its default non-pnp drivers where I have my 1920x1200 native res. with everything but gaming (the reason for purchasing this monitor). I can't get anything higher than 1600x1200 (in gaming) and well, its fuzzy. Can't use windowed mode, OS drivers stop functioning and reload frequently. I've set the res. in the nVidia panel to 1920x1200, set the game ini file to 1900x1200 but it still will only work at 1600x1200 although the games support the higher resolutions.

Is there anyone here that uses this monitor that has found Vista 64 drivers that work? If not, is there a 28", or even 30, that has Vista 64 drivers that will work at native resolution with any program or game?

I am ready to sail this monitor out the third floor window and buy another if I can't get a solution for fixing this one so need recommendations on other monitors as well.

Thank you

2x8800 nvidia ultra's sli'd
extreme core 3.0
4gb corsair
evga nforce 780i
thermaltake 1000 watt ps
sb extreme gamer fatality

A:Viewsonic vx2835wm

Dwarf I don't see your reply here although I did get an email that you posted.

The following link is to the signed standard Viewsonic monitor driver for Vista 64-bit. This driver should be installed with administrative privileges. For games, you might need to adjust your settings such as anti-aliasing in order to be able to use this resolution. The higher certain settings are, the lower the maximum resolution that is available. This is just a matter of trial and error, bearing in mind that higher resolutions require more working RAM on the graphics card and also a card of sufficient power to yield a decent frame rate at these settings.

I did download those many times each time it was updated by Viewsonic. It goes through the device manager wizard fine and then 'file not found'. However, someone did message and email me their driver folder from the monitor cd and it worked. Apparently my cd was a bad one. So all is well and working. Games are working great with the right resolution now.


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About four months ago I bought a supposedly rebuilt Viewsonic P815. About one month after I hooked it up it started to not degause. The screen is pink.

Every once in a while it will correct itself and be fine for a day or two, then it goes pink again. I've replaced cords and plugs.

Any ideas?


A:Viewsonic monitor

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Hi guys,
I'm about to buy an 17 inch LCD screen Viewsonic VX715.Anyone familiar with the model?Anyone can give me their opinion on the model?

Thank you

A:Your opininion on Viewsonic LCD

lyam77 said:

Hi guys,
I'm about to buy an 17 inch LCD screen Viewsonic VX715.Anyone familiar with the model?Anyone can give me their opinion on the model?

Thank youClick to expand...

I have just bought the monitor and i must say it is great. Of course it is not intented for gaming. The price was really good too. 399$ CAN.
I am very satisfied with this model.

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I have a ViewSonic 19" UltraBrite a90+ with a ati radeon 9800 pro....

When I play games like CS things far away and even up close kinda shine with this glare and its really annoying. Plus my monitor -- which i got last december -- has these lines going acrross it. On wallpapers and programs such as a game theres these strips that go all over.

I dont think its my video card and i have my fresh rate @ 120hz

any helpers?

A:ViewSonic A90+ Problems

These are the MAXIMUM refresh rates of your monitor, exceeding them will damage it. Your monitor does not support 120Hz.

2048x1536 maximum resolution

Displays a maximum resolution of 2048x1536; 1600x1200 optimal resolution at 87Hz flicker-free refresh rate for easy-on-the-eyes viewing.

2048x1536 @ 68Hz
1920x1440 @ 73Hz
1856x1392 @ 75Hz
1600x1200 @ 87Hz

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I was looking to go from my 22 inch NEC FE2111(too big) to an LCD monitor; However, I can't seem to make up my mind. I've narrowed it down to the Viewsonic VP191B ($449.00 at newegg) or the BenQ FP91G+ ($329.00 at newegg). I've heard nothing but good things about BenQ, and I already know the excellent reputation of Viewsonic. I do alot of gaming so that's an important factor. I know CRT has better visual quality than LCD, but I need to conserve space, so any input on these 2 monitors would be appreciated.

A:Viewsonic or BenQ

We use Viewsonic 17'' at my work & they r ok. Although I have a BENQ at home & I find it way better than the others. I had an LG one b4 & seriously the BENQ not only looks better but was cheaper too! they r owned by Acer or some other joint big organisation & are not crappy at all. others have said that because they haven't heard of them then they must be crap, but you just have to research them b4 judging.

Either r good ... but yeah thats just my opinion :grinthumb

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I got a new VA520 for Christmas and have noticed that @ certain times when scrolling pages or programs the images and text sometimes shimmers or jerks. Is this normal for LCD's monitors?

I've got lastest Driver for my Video card.



A:ViewSonic LCD question

anybody have a clue?

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My 2nd attempt to get some help off the forums

A few days ago, I tried loading up Warcraft 3, a game, and the screen went black, with the light flashing on and off. If I alt tabbed out of WC3 the screen turned back on. The problem persisted after a restarted, so I left it for a while. A few hours later I tried and W3 worked fine, no problems.

However today I turn on my PC and after a few seconds during the boot up, the screen goes blank with the flashing on and off light again. I restart it and it goes blank even faster.
After a while on the forums (on my GFs laptop) I try pressing F8 before the screen goes blank, and then press ESC for the 'default' Boot option. It goes on to boot up normally, with screen errors. I test out warcraft 3, (since when I first saw this it was whilst starting up this program) and it works fine, and goes on to do so for a few hours, till I turn the screen off and on to see if the problem is permanently fixed. It hasn't, the screen goes black.
Upon restarting my PC I get the same error as before, Pressing F8 and Esc doesn't fix it anymore. However now after pressing Esc I get to the screen where they ask me if I would like to Boot up in Safe mode. I do so and it loads up in safe mode fine.
Later on I try again to get it to load in normal mode, it does first time. Then upon loading Warcraft 3 again, the screen goes black again, with the flashing light. Again rebooting results in the same black screen a few seconds into loading... Read more

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hello everyone.

I have a monitor viewsonic p220f that when I turn on, a thin blue horizontal line appears in the middle of the screen. Dont know if its broken or could be fixed or maybe video cable is broken.
Please advise
Thanks ahead of time for any help.

A:Viewsonic Monitor Problem

It sounds like the vertical deflection is gone. Try the monitor on a different computer or a different monitor on yours to see where the problem is. If the monitor is bad its better to bury a new one than to pay to have it repaired. New monitors are pretty cheap now.

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I've got a Viewsonic P95f+ monitor.

19" CRT

I keep the brightness at medium level, but it regularly goes darker (Grey/washed out) and it gets harder to read the print (Seems blurry). I haven't nailed down a pattern, but I'd say every 15-20 minutes or so. It lasts 1-10 minutes, then goes back to my regular brightness.

The monitor is probably 5-7 years old, but I've had no problems until now. I recently put in a new power supply and graphics card in my PC, but I can't say if this started before or after those changes.

Could this be a problem with a driver/the graphics card/power supply, or is it just time to get a new monitor? Any tips on how to diagnose?


A:Viewsonic CRT Brightness Problems

Sounds like you will need a new monitor. Since it is happening fairly often hook it up to another computer and see if the same thing happens.

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Asus VW266H ($375) vs Viewsonic VX2640W ($399)
Both 25.5 viewable

300 cd/m^2 vs 400 cd/m^2

Viewsonic does not have DVI
both have HDMI

Image Contrast Ratio
20000:1 (dynamic) vs 1000:1 / 4000:1 (dynamic)

Color Support
24-bit (16.7 million colors) vs Up to 16.2 million colors

Gray Response Time 2 ms vs 3 ms

Which one would you choose? Any other ideas?

A:New monitor Asus vs Viewsonic

Come on and give us a clue what you want to know.

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My monitor is 1.5 years old and has been working perfectly. (I take very good care of my monitor!) Yesterday, with no warning, the screen slightly dimmed and then went black. The "on-off" switch flickered. I tried disconnecting it from my CPU and unplugging it from the electrical source and I tried re-booting my computer. None of this made any difference. I have a new video card but connected the monitor to another computer just in case the new card was bad. Again, no results. I hate to think that a 1.5 year old monitor needs to be replaced. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Viewsonic VX910 problem...

Does it even go to standby mode ? If you simply connect the monitor to a power socket & not to a computer, when you turn it on it should go into standby mode. If it doesn't even do that then it is your monitor that's at fault (& probably needs to be sent in for repair).

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This monitor came with a DMI cable and the usual VGA cable. I ordered and installed an nvision 6200 card and I installed the latest drivers for the card and disabled the onboard video on the motherboard. Question: I attached the DMI and VGA cables onto the Video card but I not sure that this hookup is correct. Should the VGA cable be attached direct;y to the tower or is my present hookup just as good. Picture quality is good but it 'may be' better if the VGA is hooked to the tower. As usual, TIA.

EDIT: Just thought my question and I believed my present hookup is the only way for me to go. Why? Because I disabled the onboard video, hooking the VGA cable to the tower would not do anything for me.

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My Viewsonic LCD monitor flashes on and off depending on what I am viewing. I can view pages in any program that has writing or a small number of small pictures without too much trouble. A web page with lots of pictures or the desktop and screen saver are the worst. The monitor flashes off so much on these last pages that I can barely see the page long enough to move the mouse and open a program or expand one from the start bar. I have checked cables, changed power cord, and checked video card drivers. Viewsonic website was no help. Anyone with any ideas?

A:Viewsonic LCD monitor trouble.........

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Do you happen to know if you are operating the monitor at or beyond its normal operating range for resolution and refresh rates?

Do you get a stable image if you start Windows with a lower resolution in Safe mode?

In the future, it would help us to help you if you give more details like the model number of the monitor and how it is connected to the computer. The TSG reporting utility program does not produce an exhaustive and detailed report about all of the hardware related to your computer.

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I have a ViewSonic 19" CRT monitor (bought new in '99) connected to a PC that runs Win XP SP2, 512 MB RAM, Matrox Millenium AGP card.

The system ran fine until I moved it (carefully) to another room. The CPU boots but the monitor does not give any video. I get a black screen with a repetetive blue area that indicates no signal. The specific line entry is "No Synch". I think I may have seen this in the past, when the monitor was powered on but the CPU was shut off. I can't be certain it's the exact same condition.

I switched cables and tried a different video card but no luck. I don't have another monitor other than my laptop. I think I can hook it up to act as a monitor but not certain. Can't afford to crash the laptop.

Any suggestions?

A:No Synch w/ ViewSonic Monitor

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I just replaced a 1280x1024 Viewsonic monitor, that had gone bad, with another one (Viewsonic VA708).

Though I've never really been one to pay "hard hard" attention to how things look on a monitor - never felt a problem with anything - something just looks/feels "off" with this one.

This is most noticeable to me on the titles appearing on the browser tabs in Firefox. They just look "wrong" - watery maybe to my eye.

BUT... I have attached a screenshot comparing a blowup of a browser tab from my work computer Dell 1280x1024 monitor (top) and my new Viewsonic monitor (bottom), blown up to 1000 px wide (I cropped), and in the blowup, I can't tell the difference.

So why might I be perceiving things differently with this new monitor?

FWIW, I did update the driver from the Viewsonic site, and I also played with both the monitor's and the control panel's display adjustments.

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as the title mention, my viewsonic LCD is not working with my copy of window 7. i dont know why. i have tried with my old samsung CRT, both of the DVI (using DVI-VGA converter) and VGA outout is working perfectly, but i cant get my LCD working. when i boot from safe mode, the LCD working. could it be my gfx card problem? here is my system spec. hope to solved this problem soon.

OS: MS window 7 ultimate 64bit
window version: 6.1.7600 build 7600
processor: Q6600
mobo: gigabyte GA-P35-DS3
mobo bios: F14 (latest)
GFX card: palit HD 4870 sonic dual version (512mb)
GFX driver: 9.12
HDD: WD 320G
PSU: CM 650W

thanks in advance..

A:viewsonic LCD is not working with window 7

Hi FairCold and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Since your LCD monitor is working when you boot into safe mode, that eliminates hardware. It is probably a driver issue or, more likely since your CRT works, a settings issue. What refresh rate have you got it set at? There is generally no need to drive an LCD monitor at a higher rate than 60Hz. A CRT, on the other hand, can work upto 150Hz (depending on model and resolution). If your refresh rate is other than 60Hz, try setting it to that frequency and see what happens.

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I have a custom build system that has performed flawlessly since I built it about 15 months ago. I just purchased from Costco, a ViewSonic VA2012wb LCD and it is able to do everything (MSOffice, Internet, etc.) except run my games (Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc). Call of Duty upon launch, causes a black screen with 'out of range' complete with system hang - requiring reboot. MOHAA attempts to launch, but fails with the message 'GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem'. All ran fine with my old 17" CRT.
My config is:
Custom Build - P4 3.00GHz PC3200 DDR-1.0GB RAM XP Pro SP2
128MB ATI All-in-Wonder 9600
ViewSonic VA2012wb LCD (used in analog mode) 1680x1050 60Hz(defaults)
HP CD-Writer+ 9100 / SONY DRU 720A DVD RW
DirectX 9.0
I have looked for updates and patches to address the errors at the sites of ATI, ViewSonic, and Windows Updates, with no relief.
I hope someone is familiar with this and can offer a hand.
Thanks - LB

A:ViewSonic VA2012wb 'out of range'

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I have a 15" Viewsonic VA520 LCD monitor that is having some problems.

The monitor has a a built in "auto adjust" and at the moment all of a sudden it keep auto adjusting over and over again. I cant shut my monitor off unless i turn the power cord off and when i do the same problem occurs over again.

Ive unplugged the monitor, then plugged it back in, unplugged all the computer wires and then replugged, done a virus check but it is still like this.

There are 4 buttons on the bottom of the monitor

if i click the 3rd button (the up selection button) and hold it the "adjusting" goes away but the minute i let go it reappears. I hold that button and then hit power the monitor shuts off but not normally.

So i guess my question is how to i make this auto adjust go away other than to take it to a dealer and get it fixed. Im wondering if there are other options.


A:Viewsonic LCD wont shut off

someone just told me this might be a video card problem. Is there any way to figure that out?


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Hello I recently recieved a a90f CRT 19inch viewsonic monitor

When I plug it in and connect to pc, the yellow power light turns on. When I turn on the pc the yellow light turns to green as normal, but the screen stays black.

I have tried it on as low as 800x600 resolution and on 2 different PC's. Video card ATI radeon 128mb 9800 pro.

Is this a defective monitor? and is it able to be fixed? Or is is most likely a tube problem, or am I missing something in my ignorance. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Viewsonic a90f problem ?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The fact that you`ve tried the monitor on two different pc`s, would suggest to me that the monitor is faulty.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Ok, no laughing when you read this.....I just bought a new Dell 660 computer that has Windows 7 on it. I can't get my monitor to work on it. Ok, so don't laugh, but it has been a good monitor that was manufactured in 1997......Viewsonic know the old, bulky thing. I told myself that I would not buy a new one until this one died. I'm on my third computer with this monitor. Can I get this thing to work with my new Dell?

A:Windows 7 and old Viewsonic Monitor

Wow, does that bring back memories. I use to have one It's time for you to treat yourself to another Viewsonic monitor that will enhance your new computer

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I recently downloaded the latest drivers from ViewSonic's page and isntalled them, and upon rebooting I had weird resolutions listed. Missing are 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200. Instead I have ones like 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x960, 1360x768, 1600x900, and 1600x1024. I Desperatly need my non-distorted resolutions back!! I have tried uninstalling the drivers and the device. I have also tried to just change to a Generic driver but the resolutions are the same. HELP!!!!
Monitor : ViewSonic A90f+ UltraBrite

A:ViewSonic Monitor Drivers

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Can Anyone gimme a win7 video driver of viewsonic

A:Need Viewsonic Windows 7 Driver

Read this: Driver Update Windows 7 - How to Update Drivers in Windows 7 - Device Driver Update
ViewSonic Support Information - ViewSonic Drivers - ViewSonic Manuals - ViewSonic Tech Support

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I'm sure it's been asked and re-asked, but I couldn't find the answer. Anybody know where to find the vista x64 compatible drivers for a Viewsonic VX900 Monitor?

Thanks in advance.

A:Viewsonic VX900 Driver for x64

Hello ckylepa,
Try these drivers, they are x64 so should be OK. They have been scanned and are clean.


Install as admin.
Good luck and post your results.

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I have a four year old 19" viewsonic monitor-just recently its started shutting itself off for no apparent reason. If I press the power button it comes on again-for a while. Tried it on a different PC and same problem

Is this a known fault with monitors and is it likely to be worth repairing I wonder?

A:Viewsonic monitor turning itself off

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please computer is quite old in computer years......about 6 or 7 years old.................i've never had any problems with it until now.....after recently moving and not having it set up for a few months i finally got it ready to use was all running fine for about two days when i started having the monitor problem..........i have a viewsonic A90 screen..........the image on the screen will zoom towards the center and then the screen will turn black............if i turn it off and on it will just do the same thing and go black one point it started working again for a few hours but that's it......i had the whole computer running off an high grade extention cord which i thought may have been the problem but i have moved it off the extention and i am still having the problem......i have fiddled with the cords etc and it didn't help..................please help the screen totally gonners????? this is very strange..........i've never seen a screen do this

greatful for any help........thanks

A:old viewsonic monitor problem

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Hey iv got a Viewsonic VX2260wm. I try turning my pc on and my monitor is dead. It was switched off the night before and wasn't touched in any way.
Iv tried switching power cables and dvi cables. Still no life. No power light, nothing on screen, totally dead.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I just bought 22" viewsonic vx2235 , but having problem in installing it,The maximum vmixel size is 1680x1050(wide view) but my properties doesnt show this pixel size.rather my pc pc shows only non wide view pixel .

I have installed the dirver as shown in user guide but still doest work.I have 2.8Ht and MSI chipset board, please tell me what may be the problem that i done have wide view pixels

Please Help!!

A:ViewSonic vx2235wm LCD monitor

What video card to you have? BTW I have the same monitor.

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I am running Vista Home Prem.I use an 8800 GTS EVGA.I have the latest drivers for my 8800. I run 2 Viewsonic monitors. One is a VG900b and is fine. I also run a VX2235 digital monitor. Both monitors are listed in device manager by model. I manually installed drivers directly off of the discs.I have also downloaded Viewsonic's monitor drivers. I can't get my 22" to go to it's native resolution of 1680x1050.I have had these installed for a long time and working fine. When I ran a hard disc error check that is listed under tools under properties of my computer it erased my 22" and it's capabilities to operate @ native resolution. Another difference is that before I manually installed the VX2235, it was listed as a 'non plug and play monitor' under device manager. I have never seen that before. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am this close to going out and buying a new XP Pro disc.

A:Viewsonic monitor drivers?

Why not just uninstall the monitor drivers you installed and reboot and use the Vista drivers?

Start there.

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hello i am new here. my viewsonic VE710b lcd monitor is acting up. when i boot into ubuntu 7.10 the monitor blinks on and off for a minute before it stabilizes. this happens even during the loading of grub which only means that it has nothing to do with the OS. i tried with my other linux OS on another partition and the same thing happens. does this mean that its the end of the road for my trusty friend?!


A:viewsonic monitor on the fritz?

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I have a Viewsonic VA721 monitor that I was using up until earlier today when the monitor started acting like a scrambled cable tv channel when turned on.

I was wondering if anyone might happen to know as to what might cause that, what the technical term for it might be and as to whether or not it can be fixed.

Up until today I have never had any problems with the monitor. Every time I would walk away from the computer for a while I would shut the monitor off so that I could avoid any burn in problems with it thereby preserving the life of the monitor. Because of that I have never had any problems with it until today and at the moment I do not know what could be causing the problem.

I tried the monitor on two different computers with two different cables and got the same result. I bought the monitor in 2006 brand new and up until today it has served me faithfully without any problems.

I don't know if it can be fixed or even if it is worth it nor do I know if it is something that I can fix myself or if I would have to have someone else fix it.

What I do know is if there is anything that I can do to fix the problem myself and restore it to active service then I might choose to give it a try.

Until I have more answers though I cannot make an informed decision about any of it and that is why I am asking.

I am hoping that there will be someone here that will know about such things and can give me some straight advice and information about the monitor and the pro... Read more

A:Viewsonic VA721 Monitor

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I hooked up a brand new Viewsonic (VX1940w LCD 1680x1050) monitor to my macbook 10.5.7 (1280 x 800) and the picture is fine but the text is super grainy and hard to read. I have tried messing with the resolution and toying with Mac's font smoothing feature with zero success. Please help!

Here are some more specs:

Color LCD:
Resolution: 1280 x 800
Depth: 32-Bit Color
Core Image: Hardware Accelerated
Mirror: Off
Online: Yes
Quartz Extreme: Supported
Built-In: Yes
Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz
Depth: 32-Bit Color
Core Image: Hardware Accelerated
Main Display: Yes
Mirror: Off
Online: Yes
Quartz Extreme: Supported
Rotation: Supported

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When I turn on my Viewsonic VG191 LCD monitor, it takes up to five minutes for the picture to become clear.
Is there anything I can do to correct the problem? The problem also occurs after the screensaver kicks in and the monitor is returned to activity.
The monitor is out of warranty (over three years old).

Thanks in advance,
Munroe Falls, Ohio

A:Viewsonic VG191 Startup Problems

If you test it on another computer and find that it is in fact the monitor, very likely it is and not the PC, then you can take the monitor in for repair. Some places offer free quotes, others don't. If its really cheap to fix then do it, if not then you'll need to live with it or buy a new one.

You can have new 19" LCD's with full warranties for $299.99 and sometimes even less.

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as said above i have a Viewsonic moniter. It is a LCD flatpanel as well. Last night i turned off my computer as usual and when i try and turn it on today, for some reason no video shows. Nothing has been wrong with my moniter, ever. There definintely power to my monitor, i checked that. Everything is plugged in like usual. I havent messed with any cords or cables for a while. Can anyone help me out?

A:Viewsonic 17inch moniter problem

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im just wondering what refesh rate i should be using? i have my monitor on 1440 by 900 and at the moment i have the refesh rate on 85 hertz.
the problem is my desktop shortcuts flicker every now and then, i loss there picture and then they come back? does this have anything to do with the refesh rate?

A:What refesh rate should i use for my Viewsonic VA1912w?

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I just bought a new 19" A90F+ ViewSonic Monitor (not flat panel LCD) and everything went great for my 1st week. After this when I would move my mouse to take it off standby my perportions were off and the I could only see half the taskbar...I guess it change the display areas automatically. Also I have noticed some of the edges kinda slant in or curve at the edges some. It's so frustration because the bottom seems to be fine and the top corners can be half there. What's a joe to do?

PS: I Havne't even touched the OSD settings on the monitor itself...


A:ViewSonic Monitor Won't Square Up In Corners

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Few days ago I found something called "EventService" installed on my old XP laptop as an "driver".

I've made another post asking whether the program is malicious or not, but no conclusion is made. Here's all the detail I know:

I don't know if there are still suspicious or even malicious files on my laptop after I uninstalled it, so I come here to for your help, thanks!


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I have used it for two years and it worked really fine. However, in the recent 1 month, it started to automatically activate the "Auto Image Adjust" function (this function should have activated by pressing the button on the monitor or by sudden change in the monitor's resolution). It happen randomly so that it's hard for me to identify the causes.

I have tried to reinstalled the Graphic Driver, set the Hz to 60Hz, resolution exactly to 1280*1024. It's no luck ! I also checked the case with other LCD computer, it work fine so the problem is not from the case (I mean the output).

If any one has solved this problem before, please try to help me. I hope that nothing wrong with the hardware of the monitor.

A:Help ! Strange Problem with LCD ViewSonic VE710b

Maybe it's time to buy a new monitor

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Hello - i wonder if anyone might be able to help with a quick question?

I have just plugged my view sonic monitor into my Macbook so i can extend my desk top - i was setting up the screen resolution and playing round with the hertz for refreshing as things were not looking right. Now it showing 'out of range' on a black screen. there doesn't seem to be a way to reset this from my Mac and the screen is now black. I have rebooted and it the view sonic screen doesnt seem to respond to resetting it. Could anyone help my to change the hertz on the screen via the macbook control panel - as i can see how....thanks...!

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I need some help with a LCD monitor that I bought from a friend. When I hook it up, the screen will be scrambled or very fuzzy. Sometimes I it will work, then sometimes it won't. When I hook my 17" crt up it works fine. Could there be a problem with my video card that doesn't support the LCD? If so, why does it work at times and other times not? The monitor is a ViewSonic VG 175. I appreciate everyones help.


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Can any one out there tell me how to find out the best monitor settings, i am not sure they are correct, expecially the horizontal and vertical settings.

A:viewsonic a72f monitor settings


1280x1024 maximum resolution
Displays a maximum resolution of 1280x1024; 1024x768 optimal resolution at 87Hz flicker-free refresh rate for easy-on-the-eyes viewing.
1280x1024 @ 66Hz
1024x768 @ 87Hz
800x600 @ 110Hz
640x480 @ 135Hz


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What is the best way to clean a flat screen monitor? It's not a flat panel monitor, just a view sonic trinitron style....I got finger smudges and want to know the best cloth/fabic to wipe it with.

A:Wiping off a ViewSonic FlatScreen Monitor

Hi ChunkyTeXas,
I use a clean soft towel and water. It works fine> Turn the monitor off too before you clean it

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I have recently changed my hard drive and had to reinstall all the programs on my computer. Since doing so, the Viewsonic monitor has been stuck in troubleshooting mode. All the fonts and windows are very large, and the only resolution available is 680 x 460, with the only colour option at 16 colours.

What do I do to get a better resolution with this monitor. It worked fine until the hard drive was changed.

I have downloaded the driver for the monitor from the net which was unsuccessful.

I tried changing the adapter from standard to SVGA as recommended by windows, which was rejected by the computer and I had to change it back.

Windows is not accepting the driver that I downloaded.

A:[SOLVED] Viewsonic Monitor problem

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Just got a VX2255WMB with a built in webcame - I know this unit has been around for awhile. I have downloaded the software and drivers from the website and althought it has installed a Viewsonic tab on my desktop and the icon is in the taskbar, when I click on anything is says "Please Turn On The Camera".

I have done searches and tried whatever was suggested to no avail. It does NOT show up in device manager...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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As you may have noticed from the title , I have a ViewSonic VX2245wm that flickers every time it gets graphically overloaded (too many on screen pictures). It doesn't do it when I'm playing video games however. It also is an LED, which I know chronically have problems. I'm just asking if there's a way to stop it.

A:ViewSonic VX2245wm flicker problems

Almost a year later, I still haven't gotten an answer. I really need help!

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