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WinXP Canon MP530 driver problem

Q: WinXP Canon MP530 driver problem

I recently bought the supposedly excellent Canon MP530 multi-function printer,etc. and went to install it on my WinXP pro machine and . . . nothing. I've spent some time with Canon tech support (some helpful, some not so helpful) but I still can't get the freakin' things to communicate with each other. The consistent result of my installations is "no driver is installed" or "cannot find driver" - even though the driver itself seems to install. Also, when I turn the printer on, I get the New Hardware Wizard, which, I think, means my computer is detecting the printer. It's as if the driver is just not recognized by my computer.
I've installed (and uninstalled) the drivers from both the disc that came with the printer and from the Canon website. I've used two different USB cables. I've tried many combinations of plugging/unplugging, starting/restarting, turning on/off - all to no avail.
I've logged on as the Administrator. I've done my best to shut down any programs or processes- though I think this is tricky, as I don't necessarily know what each thing in my Startup or Services is. I've even tried installing from SafeMode. I've tried using the New Hardware Wizard; I've tried ignoring the New Hardware Wizard. I've received a few error messages, but only when attempting the full installation from the disc. The messages are: "AddPrinterDriverEx Error:2", "AddPrinter Error:1797" and "AddPrinter Error:1722" and only occur during the part of the installation that concerns "Presto Page Manager", software that comes with the printer, so I don't know if that has anything to do with my problem.
I do have two hard drives, and Canon had me copy my "INF" file to both drives, but that didn't do anything. I didn't entirely understand what they meant, however, so maybe I did that wrong. The guy didn't seem to think it would work anyway.
I don't know what else to try, but I really need to use my printer. I'll call Canon back at some point, but I'd be willing to bet large sums of money that eventually they'll just say "Uh, it's your system. Good luck." Maybe it is my system, but I still need to print stuff.

A: WinXP Canon MP530 driver problem

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I have two laptops and a desktop to which the laptops are wirelessly connected. All are running Vista 64 except the one laptop which is running Vista 32. The MP530 is USB connected to the desktop. I can print from the desktop just fine and, until a couple of days ago, I could print from both laptops. One laptop seems to trigger a failure of the driver to work on both the laptop and the desktop. If I restart the desktop the printer works fine until I try to print from the laptop. I have reinstalled the printer on the laptop and it prints a test page but nothing else. Any idea on how to cure this?

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i have a Canon MP530, and it worked great for about a month and now it makes this awful grinding noise when it's warming up etc. the tech at canon said to take all the ink cartridges out and lift up the bar that holds the cartridge case down, then remove it, and put it back together again. well, it didn't help, so he said i'd have to take it in, or mail it in. i never have time to do that, and it doesn't affect the printing, it's just loud and annoying. anyone got any ideas?

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I am using Canon brand cartridges because I don't want to void the warranty so I am NOT playing the chip game (yet). I am getting the message that I have two Magenta cartridges in the printer (I do NOT have two Magenta cartridges in there). This message just started appearing and the light blinks fast on the cartridge. I try taking it out and putting it back in. Also have tried shutting the printer completely off for a minute and turning it back on. Sometimes the message says that it can't recognize the magenta cartridge but then it again tells me that there are two magenta cartridges. I've tried printing in just greyscale but it still won't print. I'm getting quite frustrated with this printer after having it less than 5 months.

Can someone please help me????

A:Canon Pixma MP530 Ink Cartidge problem

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Hi. I'm new here..wonder if someone can answer this. My Canon MP 530 all in one printer has a feed switch problem. When I flip the switch to the cassette so the paper prints out the bottom (instead of the top feed) even though the switch and light indicates it's in the proper position the paper will only print out from the top. I like to keep regular paper in the bottom and my shipping labels up top. Does anyone know what the problem could be or how to fix this. It was fine yesterday and just started oing this today. Thank you very much.

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Hi All,

My Canon MP530 printer has 2 paper sources; a flat 'cassette' in the base and a near-vertical sheet feeder at the back. There is a button on the front of the printer which allows you to specify where you'd like the printer to take paper from.

When I put 6"x4" photo paper in the cassette, and press the button to specify the cassette, it jumps to the sheet feeder and prints on A4 from there instead. Removing the A4 from the sheet feeder in an attempt to force the printer to use whatever is in the cassette has no effect - it tells me the sheet feeder is out of paper. If I put A4 in the cassette it detects it and prints just fine.

I have been to the printer driver and made sure that the cassette is selected under 'paper source', but this has not helped.

I am using the "Easy Photoprint" software and this allows you to specify your paper size, type etc. I am guessing that this is not a paper pick-up issue (the printer has seen too little use to have coated the pickup wheels, and it picks up A4 ok). I think it is having difficulty detecting the smaller paper size although it used to print 6x4 before without problems.

Anybody know how to fix this? What is the mechanism by which paper is detected, and how might it have failed?

Any assistance gratefully rceived.


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I hope this is the correct place to ask my question--none of the choices seemed to really fit printing problems, but here goes.

I have a Canon MP530 printer. It's about 2 years old. I don't print pictures with it often, but recently have noticed that printed photos come out with white horizontal lines all down the page, about 1/4 inch apart. I've tried 3 different papers, and the problem is the same with all of them. Any suggestions? I run Windows XP.

Thank you,


A:Solved: Canon MP530 photo printing problem

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I Have Tried 3 Different Multifunction Printers And Cant Seem To Get Any Of The To Install When Usb Is Plugged In To Printer Upload Seems To Fail I Have Disable The Start Up, Virus Firewall Etc . To No Avail Will It Let Me Load I Have Also Went An Bought New Cable Tried All 4 Usb Ports In Back
Nothing Helps

Im Getting Desperate Now

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Can anyone help with the following problem?
When I use the scanning function, the image (text) I get is almost unreadable in the preview pane. Transferring it to email, it still remains the same.
Some time ago I checked with Canon support and they advised me to adjust the MAPI settings in the email program. Got no idea what they are talking about. I don't think it is an email problem as the scan is not successful before sending it to Outlook.
I have adjusted various settings, but the scan is the same - unreadable.
Has anyone else had this problem, and, any suggestions?

A:Canon MP530 Scanning

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Hey Guys
I have a problem that i need some help in, i have a canon mp530 all in one and i have two questions that i hope you guys can really help me out with.
the first question is this: how do i go about resetting all the configerations on the printer to the point like it just came out the box and question #2 is: i also have a regular lan line phone and im trying to connect it to the canon and for some reason its making my phone go nuts. it either the phone rings and the fax dosent pick up or the phone rings and when i pick the phone all you hear a fax ring. i dont know what to do anymore im either going to throw this out the window or just take a dam hammer and smash it to pieces. please help me out here i would really appreciate any kind of help you can offer,

thank you

A:Canon Pixma MP530 All-In-One Printer

There is a firmware upgrade from Nov 08 that might be applicable since it specifically is for FAX problems. There is a list of serial numbers that need the firmware upgrade – be sure to read the instructions as firmware can be tricky.

The latest driver is 1.10 from 2006 that is probably already what you are using.

Probably your best approach for resetting everything to default is to just uninstall the software and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work you would want to check “Printers and Faxes” & “Cameras and Scanners” to make sure they are removed and also look in Program Files to remove any residual folder left by the software. Usually an uninstall and reinstall works fine.

I take it you read the manual and set the machine to FAX/TEL Auto SW.

I take it you have a “land” line for your phone – a LAN is a local network. If it is a DSL line you usually don’t want the regular phone filter on the modem connection. The hookup varies according to the type of DSL – Canon recommends contacting the DSL provider.

If it is just a regular phone connection you could have a poor line connection. I had some modem problems many years ago and also had a little noise on the phone. The phone company traced the problem and I had no more modem problems. The firmware is supposed to help with tha... Read more

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Has anyone been able to get a Canon USB printer (MP530) to work if their system drive is anything other then C:\

Doing a complete re-format for a printer seems asinine.

I see the "USB port" file created in what would be the C:\ drive (C:\USB port), but the registry has no knowledge of it as that I would just move it to the system drive and edit the registry to point to it.

Any ideas other then the obvious of reformat/re-install?

A:Canon MP530 & system drive other then C:\

You'll find many programs demand there be a C drive, there's no way to re-assign the that drive letter without nasty registry hacks and they don't usually work anyway and sometimes end up corrupting the system and rendering it unbootable.

The trick to avoiding this is to disconnect any and all removable media drives from the computer prior to installing Windows.

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Hey Guys
I have a problem that i need some help in, i have a canon mp530 all in one and i have two questions that i hope you guys can really help me out with.
the first question is this: how do i go about resetting all the configerations on the printer to the point like it just came out the box and question #2 is: i also have a regular lan line phone and im trying to connect it to the canon and for some reason its making my phone go nuts. it either the phone rings and the fax dosent pick up or the phone rings and when i pick the phone all you hear a fax ring. i dont know what to do anymore im either going to throw this out the window or just take a dam hammer and smash it to pieces. please help me out here i would really appreciate any kind of help you can offer.
if by any chance this is not the place to ask for help on a technical issues, may you please direct me where in the forum should i go to get a answer.

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Hi, I'm new here. I joined after searching for my problem and finding that some others had had the same problem but that it was either solved or retired.

I'm on a MacBook running the latest version of Snow Leopard, and I can't print to my four-year-old Canon printer (an MP530) because it says I have a paper jam. The error code it gives is 1300. I've searched everywhere in the printer and opened every door I can possibly find, and I haven't found any paper jammed anywhere - or anything else, either. I'm about ready to dump the printer, but perhaps someone here can help me fix this mystery jam.

When I go to print something, the paper feeds in crooked on the left side, and then I get the jam error. I've felt around in the bottom of the paper feed and I can't find any problem or jammed paper there either. I'm using the paper loader on the back of the printer, not the sheet feeder or anything, and I'm using regular cheap office printer paper.

I read on about checking the purge unit. Is that something I should try?

Thank you for any help you can give me!

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Looking for a new printer? Be advised-
I too am having a now-familiar problem with my new (5 weeks old) Canon printer. I searched here and found other cases like mine, i.e. error message "more than one ink tank of the following color is installed..." It isn't true, hasn't been a problem for the first 5 weeks, and it prevents the printer from working. See thread :
[SEARCH="14-Jul-2007 02:15 PM - Canon Pixma MP530 Ink Cartidge problem"]

Choosing a printer has always been a lot like voting for a president. You know. V

A:Solved: Canon MP530 ink tank message

I have the same problem. The yellow ink cartridge is original equipment that came with the printer when I bought it about five weeks ago. Worked fine and now I get the error message saying there is more than one ink tank cartridge (yellow) installed. Is there a solution provided by Canon or anyone short of throwing away a nearly full yellow ink cartridge and installing a new one!


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I have a Dell XPS 8300, WinXP, SP2 (it's 4 years old). The MP530 was installed 6/23/07 and since that day I've been unable to run antispyware/malware scans of my system. Virus scans are not affected, only spyware/malware scans. I have used several spyware scanning programs including AVG, McAfee, AdAware, etc., and all cause the computer to abruptly shut down with the following Stop Error screen:

"A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent
damage to your computer.
Tech Information
***STOP: Ox00000050 (OxFFFFDFF8, Ox00000000, Ox80550211, Ox00000000)"

When I reboot, I get the notification window that the computer has recovered from a serious problem and the details point to a possible driver problem. I checked the Device Manager for problems and there are none. I downloaded and ran the Dell Driver Reset tool and no problems were found. I checked Canon's site for driver updates for this machine, and there are none. I consulted with Canon's techs and they are not aware of this problem.

In my Windows/System/32/Drivers/Spool/3 folder are two files called WrtMon.exe and WrtMon.proc each with the logo MPC and each created on 6/23/07, the same date of the printer installation. No one seems to know what these files are since there is no info associated with them, or if they even have anything to do with this problem. I've been advised to uninstall the Canon all-in-one printer and run a spywar... Read more

A:Canon Pixma MP530 vs Spyware Scans

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Let me start off by saying I did this to myself, I did not pay attention.

I rebuilt my system this week and this morning needed to scan something. So I pluged in my MP530 and downloaded the new driver for windows 7x64. I also grabbed the firmware "update" off their website. Here is the link.

So installed the drivers scanned the documents and printed out a few copies. Everything works fine. Then I remembered oh yeah that firmware update. I did read that if it was a specific model it would not be necessary, but I did not know the firmware version I was running figured it would say "Oh wait sorry but you don't need this." like most other firmware updates. So extraced the files and on I went ran the executable and set the install. Went out to lunch and forgot about it.

When I came back it had errored out, I looked in the to right corner only to then realize I was trying to upgrade from 1.10 to 1.08 and it was not compatible apparently. I figured old firmware is better than no firmware so I tried it again and of course failed again. At this point my printer is not responding at all and so I figured I'd have to call Canon to get the appropriate firmware. They proceed to tell me that they can not give it out. It's a private company firmware that they (Tech Support) can not access and yes it was a supervisors supervisor hat said this.

So what can I do ... Read more

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I have a Canon PIXMA MP530 printer with 5 separate ink tanks. The Cayon will not 'take'. The printer will not recognize it. I first thought I just had a bad ink tank & replaced it, but the new one will not work either. There does not seem to be anything wrong with it. Any suggestions?

A:Canon PIXMA MP530 ink tank error

Also try this: clean the chip contacts on both ink cartridge and in cartridge cradle with cotton swab lightly dipped in alcohol.

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My new printer, the Canon PIXMA MP530 is a great printer, but lately it has been displaying that there is a paper jam when there is no paper jamming the printer... I've tried everything to get the alarm to go off, but it won't print. Anything I'm missing? Any experienced PIXMA owners in a similar "jam"... seriously... please help!

A:Canon PIXMA MP530 paper jamming issue

Modernboy said:

My new printer, the Canon PIXMA MP530 is a great printer, but lately it has been displaying that there is a paper jam when there is no paper jamming the printer... I've tried everything to get the alarm to go off, but it won't print. Anything I'm missing? Any experienced PIXMA owners in a similar "jam"... seriously... please help!Click to expand...

I am having the same issue. This is my second problem with this printer. Already sent it back once. anyone know how to clear this Alarm???

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Canon PIXMA MP530 paper jamming issue
My new printer, the Canon PIXMA MP530 is a great printer, but lately it has been displaying that there is a paper jam when there is no paper jamming the printer... I've tried everything to get the alarm to go off, but it won't print. Anything I'm missing? Any experienced PIXMA owners in a similar "jam"... seriously... please help!

A:Canon PIXMA MP530 paper jamming issue

Have you taken out the paper and looked to see if another foreign object is causing it to think the paper is jammed?

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About three hours ago I tried printing from Word to my Canon MP530, which has been working just fine since I switched from XP to Win7 in mid-December. I got an error saying that there were no drivers installed.

I tried the Windows Update method to reinstall them - that failed. I went to Canon's site and got the current x64 version of the driver. That supposedly installed, but when I try to print anything including the test page I see 'printer not responding' in the print queue window.

In the Devices & Printers window it tells me I need to troubleshoot it. Running the troubleshooter tells me there's nothing wrong with it.

I tried removing and reinstalling the printer with the same results, also trying the new drivers.

I just got the firmware upgrade from Canon and have installed that; that didn't help either. It still wants me to troubleshoot it, and that has the same results.

Please help me. I really need to get some work done today, and I really need my printer to be working.

A:Canon MP530 printer stopped working, no drivers?

Quote: Originally Posted by kanjigirl

About three hours ago I tried printing from Word to my Canon MP530, which has been working just fine since I switched from XP to Win7 in mid-December. I got an error saying that there were no drivers installed.

I tried the Windows Update method to reinstall them - that failed. I went to Canon's site and got the current x64 version of the driver. That supposedly installed, but when I try to print anything including the test page I see 'printer not responding' in the print queue window.

In the Devices & Printers window it tells me I need to troubleshoot it. Running the troubleshooter tells me there's nothing wrong with it.

I tried removing and reinstalling the printer with the same results, also trying the new drivers.

I just got the firmware upgrade from Canon and have installed that; that didn't help either. It still wants me to troubleshoot it, and that has the same results.

Please help me. I really need to get some work done today, and I really need my printer to be working.

If it just stopped working like that, do not discount the possiblity that it may be time for a new printer.

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I pulled an old printer out of the closet to use on a new PC that I am building...just to have a printer connected to it. It doesn't work with the print driver provided with WinXP and Canon no longer supports it. Does anyone know where I might find a print driver for it. It prints test pages very nicely.

A:Canon BJ-200 Print Driver for WinXP?

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I uninstalled my Canon iP3000 software, and then when I tried to reinstall it, it got to a stage in the setup process where it asks you to connect the printer to the PC. But where the PC would normally detect a new hardware device, it didn't. My guess is that the driver wasn't uninstalled, although when I look under drivers, I can't see anything under Canon. (I have Windows XP pro). The installation cannot proceed without this, and the computer doesn't detect the printer.

I had originally installed the printer software with Ashampoo, so I used that uninstaller to uninstall, but it seems even that didn't detect everything.

Could anyone offer me some advice?



A:Canon driver problem

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Hi All
I have been trying to install the drivers for the above printer without success.
OS: W7/32,firewalls and antivirus disabled
Versions tried:
here and here the add on module.
Has anyone of you come across this problem?


A:Canon s6300 driver problem

Hi all
I just had to go through and w7 found it and all is sweeet!

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I have recently bought a new base unit with Vista Home Premium 64bit installed. I have loaded all the software that came with my Canon 350D camera but Vista says it need to install new divers for a Canon Digital camera when I connect it via USB. It can not find any drivers on the install disc and recommends I install drivers for a "EOS KISS_N REBEL_XT 350D". I have checked the Canon website for the drivers and found no reference to the recommended drivers? I have found update for the software that came with the camera which I have applied but it still says it's found new hardware when I connect the camera.

The current versions of software installed are:
[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Personal/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG]Digital Photo Professional ver
EOS Utility ver
ZoomBrowser EX

I have done a google search which brought up several sites none of which appear to work.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working.

A:Canon 350D driver problem.

Hi Blakey,

I do not know if you have this one or not, but I found this at Canon:

1. Canon Camera USB WIA Driver for Windows Vista (6.0.0)

Operating system(s): Windows Vista 32bit
Language(s): English

It says it is not compatible with the x64 Vista or x64 XP though, only 32 bit versions.


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I am trying to install the drivers for a Canon Imagerunner 2200 copier, facsimile, etc. from the original installation disk and it does show drivers for Windows XP in a selection list. When installation begins it recommends that I don't continue installation because the drivers aren't tagged for XP. I went ahead with the installation anyhow and the printer doesn't show up in programs. I went to Canon's website and downloaded drivers for the printer and they are unzipped and saved to documents and settings. The problem with this is that I don't know how to install the drivers after they unzip. When I look at all the files I don't see something to run the installation like setup, etc. Any help would be great.

A:Canon Imagerunner 2200 Driver Problem

is there an .inf file - that's what you need to point the driver to
so goto add a new printer and manually set from there and say you have a disk and then point to the folder you have unzipped the files to

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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I have a Canon LiDE 200 scanner with an older driver. I found a newer 64-bit driver on the Canon website, but after installing it nothing changes with the driver?it's still the same old driver I had before. I have tried uninstalling the scanner (in Safe Mode) and then restarting the computer, but it doesn't change anything. The new driver from Canon is just an executable and so it runs and installs itself somewhere, although when I check in Device Manager the old driver is still there.

I would appreciate any help someone could give me in updating my scanner to the new 64-bit driver.


A:Canon LiDE 200 64-bit scanner driver problem

I finally figured out how to scan my drawings/images back into PS. CS6 does not install several legacy (pre-CS4) plug-ins, extensions, and presets, including TWAIN. You can download the optional TWAIN plug-in at the Adobe website, for both Mac and Windows. For CS6, I placed the TWAIN.plugin file inside my Photoshop Plug-ins folder. Now if you have CS6 (on Windows 7) it comes with two versions of Photoshop—one is in the Program Files folder (64-bit) and the other is in the Program Files (x84) folder (32-bit). I opened Windows Explorer and navigated to the PS plug-ins folder in Program Files (x86), then I restarted Photoshop. Voila! Problem solved! I can now scan from my Canon LiDE via the PS File > Import menu.

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Problem with Canon i865 printer driver, New PC with XP Home & SP2, 1024Mb memory, Intel 805 dual core 64 bit cpu 2.66Ghz printer connected via USB printer will print any colour but black! tested using word & notepad, paper motion and printhead motion normal but no ink applied to paper! have tried original i865 install disk, v1.73 driver d/l from web, and i865 drivers in xp home only thing of note is that at end of installation driver setup has great difficulty locating USB port that printer is connected to. Canon's first response... - it must be the USB port setting, delete them all and allow widows to reinstall them I have a cordless mouse and keyboard connected via USB, and guess which port I deleted first!!??... so I packed that idea in! retested, same problem whether using USB parallel cable or networked printer (through my old PC!)Canons latest response...The problem does not appear to be a software problem, but a problem with the printer itself. You report that it has worked OK on another PC, but we think that if you tested it again on another PC, using the same program, you would now see no black printed.Please note that different programs will print black differently. When printing from the web, black will be created from the coloured inks, while word processors will use the black ink.Perform 4 head cleanings, then 1 deep cleaning. These are accessible from the maintenance page of the printer driver.If after multiple print head clea... Read more

A:Print Driver Problem - Canon & Xp Home Sp2

Hi RWA, retested, same problem whether using USB parallel cable or networked printer (through my old PC!)Does this mean that you connected the printer to your new PC via its parallel port and had the same problem? If so that certainly ends any question that USB is involved.I would try a complete reinstall of the printer, with the first step including a manual search for /deletion of all Canon files and folders and the same of Canon keys/subkeys in the registry. What a hassle, but I can't think of any other way to be sure that some leftover/corrupt file or setting will not compromise the new installation. You are right, many if not most uninstall programs leave scraps behind.If that doesn't work then Canon has some explaining to do. Have you checked on Canon support forums to see whether anybody else has encountered this problem?

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I tried to install driver but I can't do it. Can someone upload other server driver for canon ir 2318? thank you

I have downloaded driver from
imageRUNNER 2318
but I can't install
thank you.

A:canon ir2318 driver instalation problem

Can somebody help me?

if I change the cable does the problem fix?

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I just purchased a Canon Pixma MP600 Printer & cannot Install the Drivers.

I received a error message "Process cannot continue because the Print Spooler service has been stopped. Restart the computer to start the Print Spooler & try again." while trying to install the MP600 Drivers. No Luck.

I have logged on to XP SP2 in SAFE MODE as the Administrator as specified in the set-up instructions. I am the sole user on the computer, but set up 2 user accounts at set-up. Where do I go now?

Thanks for your repaly,


A:Canon MP600 Install Driver Problem

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I have a PC running Vista HP/32 with a Canon IP4300 installed via USB, specified as shared. No issues on that PC.

I also have a new laptop with Win 7 HP/64 which when we try to add the printer it can see the the printer, but says it can't find a driver. When we direct connect the IP4300 to the laptop, it installs the driver fine (driver is embedded in Win 7 so no disk is required).

When we put the printer back on the Vista PC, and try to add the IP4300 again as a network printer it continues to say it can't find a driver.

All other network aspects, sharing files/folder between the 2 pc's, are working 100% okay.

Is this because win 7 it trying to load a Vista driver? Can we load the driver manually, if so, where can we find the driver?

thanks for any advice here.

A:Canon network printing driver problem

What steps are you performing to add the printer? I have found that sometimes I need to click the "Add Devices" button instead of "Add Printer" button for a networked printer to get it to connect and work. Why, I have no idea.

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Now that I've got the kids up and running on my old computer - they're in there now playing NFS - I doubt I'll see them for days - I'm back to tweeking my new box.

My printer will not respond. It was working just fine on the old box.

It has power, the little green ready light is flashing (should be solid)

When I try to print something it just says not ready, try again.

Hmmmm, I wonder if it's a driver issue I mused so I went off to and found a driver for BJC-4300 and WinXP. I believe I've installed it, but still no go.

The LPT1 port is showing as working properly. The printer is plugged into the LPT1 - only connection that would fit, and the new box has a cute little pic of a printer beside it. So I'm sure I'm in the right place.

If I've done everything right, then my next step will be to hike this printer down the hall and confirm that is is working. If not then I guess it's time.... I do not want to buy a new printer, I understand that the cartridges are vacuum sealed and cannot be refilled. That just plain bugs me.



A:Canon BJC-4300ex and WinXP

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I needed to Upgrade W98SE -> WinXP Home on my Eurocom (A.K.A. Sager, or, Clevo) laptop.

A clean install was not expedient, and I now have no way to make a W98 boot floppy.

I installed a WinXP Home Upgrade v.2002 CD, followed by SP2 (exe), followed by SP3 (exe).

The Eurocom 2700C dropped off my network the moment the Update was 1st installed & it thinks it has no NIC. My USB ports still work, thank goodness.

Eurocom 2700C; P-III 733, 512MB RAM
Info from a snap taken by Belarc Advisor right before the Upgrade.

"Gericom SiS 630S
Board: KAPOK SiS 630S
Efficient Networks P.P.P.o.E. Adapter (NTSP3)
Infrared PnP Serial Port (*PNP0510)
SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
primary Auto IP Address: / 24
Dhcp Server:
Physical Address: 00:90:F5:07:44:74

Networking Dns Servers: "
12-11-2004 02:35 PM

A:Network Driver problem: Upgrade W98SE -> WinXP Home


Originally Posted by WSBoyd

A clean install was not expedient,

What does that mean?

As you have seen in the other thread...upgrading an operating system...comes saddled with problems.

Being as it is something I have & will never attempt...I don't have any experience that I can help you with...

Good Luck...

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I need help..please ))
A week ago I disconneced my printer cable from the computer.When i connected again the windows searched dor device software for the printer and didnt find.
Driver to the MX 360 PRINTER(which i use) was installed I see it in the programms.
So then I uninstalled the driver and installed again from canon site,when i installed in the insallation process the driver found the printer!.
Then restarted the pc and again windows looked for a driver ans said he cant install. I attach the message here./
I tried this procedure with usa mp driver dor canon and also with europenian.. still computer doesnt reconize the printer..
When i go ro device and printer i see my canon printer with a caution sign on it(a yellow triangle with a "!" )
I downloaded the driver from canon site it was MP driver (the latest)
dont know what to do...
I using win 7 64 bit.
I talked to canon support they said its windows problem.
I tried to press at the printer sign in device and printers and then started the troubleshooter of windows but again its not helped..

advice please..??

A:Window 7 64 bit cannot install driver sotware(canon printer driver)

Hi did you try a system restore to a point when it did work.

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Hello. Does anyone know if USB drivers written for Windows XP will work with Windows XP Embedded?

A:WinXP / WinXP Embedded USB Driver Interoperability

XP Embedded is supposedly a componentized version of Window XP. It's intended for OEM's developing an embedded computer, usually for some industrial or large commercial application, rather than your run-of-the-mill PC.

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It seems like this is an impossible task.

I work at a non-profit (read: no budget) and our 3 computers crashed. We got a new laptop donated and everything is installed on it. However, we cannot find a driver for our copier:

Canon GP 200

Which supports Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit


We cannot afford a new printer and everything is set aside from this... anyone?

A:Canon Driver

Hi sunnyslope, Welcome to the forums, I'm afraid doing a quick search failed to find a driver for the printer after 2005 and that was for win2000/XP Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : GP200 you may be able to try to install these drivers in compatibility mode

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Have just got new computer running XP Home Edition.Printer is a Canon LBP-660. Downloaded driver from Canon website but it will not load as the error message states that I need to be using Windows 95 or 98. Yet it worked on my old computer running XP pro. Is there another compatible driver I could use? Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Canon LBP-660 driver

Have you tried the Windows 2000 drivers:

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i have win xp and my printer does not work with it. I have tried many drivers but none work. I tried downloading the windows 2000 driver and then running bjc the printer angel but my trail for printer angel had expired. Where can I find a working windows xp dirver for canon bjc 5100?


A:Canon bjc 5100 driver

XP doesn't list it in it's normal set of drivers? Odd!! Try a Canon driver for a printer that is similar to yours in the defalt set of XP drivers. If you don't see an XP driver on Canon's web site they don't have one.

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Hello, I have Toshiba Satillite laptop with 32 bit Vista. I tried to uninstall my Canon MP160 printer driver and install it again. It said I have a printer drive installed. I cannot find a printer in Control Panel. So, can someone tell where I can find the driver and delete it?
Thanks, alanrr

A:Canon MP160 driver

Hi welcome to the forum.
I am unsure why you cannot find. I press Sart > search box type printer > press enter , I have a full list of things
that are on the computer re: printers.
Control panel > I have printer, on others it's devices & printers.
If it is not under category in control panel, I would assume not installed properly.
Sorry, maybe more info is you have, what's on screen, error messages etc?

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Does anyone know where I can get a driver for a Canon BJC 5100 printer.
I seems that Canon themselves do not and will not supply the driver for this printer to operate in Windows XP.

A:Need a Driver for Canon BJC 5100

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I have a Canon BJC 4400 bubble jet printer that was given to me. I downloaded a driver for it (version 3.97) but when I try to install the driver a window comes up entitled "Extraction Progress" and extraction completes and then a window comes up saying "Canon Information", "all items were successfully extracted." I click OK and the next window that comes up is entitled "Readme-Notepad" in which information about things such as installation but when I close that window nothing else happens, it goes back to my desktop. I'm using Windows Me. I downloaded a driver for the same printer for my laptop which has Windows XP and it installs without any problem. All steps for adding a printer were followed. Version3.97 is for Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and Me. Any help would be appreciated.

A:canon bjc printer driver

is it just extracted into a temp file and then waiting for you to install
post the link to the driver page and I will have a look

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Canon does not have drivers for Picma MP450 Vista. Does anyone know where I can get drivers for the MP450 product for Vista? Thanks, Charles

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Just bought a new computer with windows 7, can't get Canon multipass F50 driver to download. Apparently there is an incompatability issue between the two...Who's at fault here and what can I do about it? I need the printer and can't afford a new one and I've given away the old computer. Help!
Does Canon need to update their drivers or can Windows 7 OS come to my rescue?
Should I expect an update from Canon?
Thanks for whatever help you can give.

A:canon multipass f50 driver

Well it would seem they haven't offered support since Xp. The only choice you have is to try and install the XP driver in compatibility mode.Support - Color Bubble Jet Printer - Copier - Scanner - Fax - MultiPASS F50 - Canon USA Consumer Products To install in compatibility mode follow this Compatibility Mode . Fabe

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Hi sorry for probably another printer issue but this one is a little odd.

I have a canon pixma ip3000 and when i installed it on my W7 64, windows update found it and made it work...great

Problem is my dad is having the same problem with his newer canon pixma ip4500 except windows update isnt finding a driver for it.

The canon site only has this add on driver for some maintenance utillity but doesnt actually have the main driver ! so how can we get this newer model working ?

Thanks for any advice

A:Canon driver not found with W7 ?

Download the Vista driver from Canon. You may have to install it in Compatability Mode.
If you are using Win 7 64bit get the Vista 64bit driver. Win 7 32bit get the Vista 32bit driver.

Here is the tutorial. Option One or Two.
Compatibility Mode

There are no Windows 7 drivers.


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Need driver for canon LBP 1210 windows 7 x 64bit. Any ideas?

A:Canon LBP 1210 driver

Try here:

Laser Shot LBP-1210

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I notice that there are a number of posting in regards 64-bit drivers for Canon printers but no other posting for the Canon LBP 5100. I purchased this printer around 12 months ago and simply love it, mainly due to the auto duplex that make printing out PDF such an easy task.

I intend building a new computer in the coming months and have more or less decided on installing Windows 7 Home Premium or Pro (Retail) 64-bit. The only major problem I can see with the 64-bit is with the Canon Printer LBP 5100, the canon website shows a 32-bit driver for Vista but no 64-bit versions. Contacting Canon NZ I received a reply stating that as far as they can ascertain there will be no 64-bit drivers for this printer unless Canon Japan decides different.

Questions please: I have been told that Windows 7 will come with a driver for the Canon LBP 5100 but can't find any information in regards this, so my question is does Windows 7 come with a driver for this printer?
If it does will the auto duplex still work?

Anyone knows how to contact Canon Japan (in English) about a 64-bit driver for this printer?

Had anyone that uses this printer come across a work around for a 64-bit driver for this printer.

A:Canon LBP 5100 64-bit Driver

Their is a similar post above yours for the lpb 5000. And from their question I can ascertain that windows 7 doesn't come with a driver for your printer since they can't be theirs to work. Even if W& did cone with a driver it would be a printer driver (just basic ) and most likely wouldn't include the applications needed for duplex. Sorry but after 7 is released on the 22 nd maybe with enough inquiries cannon will get with the program. But from their point of view i assume they would just rather sell you a newer model printer. Fabe

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I am looking for a XP driver for the Canon BJC5100 printer. I have seen on the canon site that they don't exist, but I didn't know if someone might have one by now. Some say that a 2000 driver will work with some tweaking but I don't know how to tweak it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Canon BJC5100 driver

Hi gobblerhuntr,
Try here !

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i have a canon i320 printer....i lost the disk to install it....anywhere ican dl the driver

A:canon i320 driver

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Hello! I hope this is where this goes, If not I apologize.
I just got a Canon PIXMA Mg5422 and I have already set it up with my router and iPhone and it works just fine. I put the disk in my laptop (HP G60, Windows 7) and everything is fine. I'm a little confused though, the current installation step I'm at is a "Software Installation list". The software that ARE checked is MP drivers, On screen Manual, My printer, My image Garden, Quick Menu, Adobe RGB (1999), and Easy web-print EX. The bottom software is ''XPS driver'' and it is not checked...Do I need to check this or not? I currently don't own a camera to go with the printer (such as a canon) but I do hope to be buying a camera in a few months (not sure on brand). I'm not really sure what XPS driver means. Please help! Thanks.

A:XPS driver Canon MG5422

No, you don't need it, its optional.

You can read up more on it on Wikipedia:

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I have one problem. I have Windows 7 RC (build 7100, 64-bit) as my primary (only) OS. Everything works just fine but i have one "little" problem.
I have Canon Lide 60 scanner and its not working completely. I can scan winth CanoScan Toolbox but i can?t access scanner settings under control panel. And i can?t import/scan directly through Photoshop.
I just receive error message about WIA driver.

Here is screen:

I get this message when i am trying to double click on icon in control panel or in photoshop.

Any idea?

BTW: in Vista 64-bit this scanner works good.

A:Canon Lide 60 - WIA driver

Look in your old Windows VISTA/Windows directory for a file named twain_32.dll and copy it to your Windows 7/Windows directory.

Worked for me so I wish you same luck.

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I just got an HP with Vista x64 and Canon do not offer the right driver for the MF 3110 yet. Anyone know of a fix for this problem. We have 2 of those printers in the office and i cant use them. Thank you...

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I can't find the driver for the Canon MF8000 printer on Windows 8.1? Can someone help me?

A:Canon MF8000 Driver?

Don the Canon site is a bloody nightmare I just need to know where you are because searching is asking me for country etc etc and I saw you results were in some language I don't know.

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When I downloaded the driver from Canon for this printer/copier, it wouldn't work on my 64 bit OS. Canon support confirmed that there is no 64 bit driver and no current information about whether they will offer one.

Any suggestions about alternate ways to get this printer to work? I didn't realize that the Vista driver would only work for 32 bit, grrr.

Thanks in advance.

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I've searched this online, but I haven't found a solution that works.

Basically, I have a Canoscan FB 320P Scanner, and no installation disk. I've downloaded the drivers from the Canon website, and a few other places. Anytime I try to scan anything, I get a common error message, that reads, "The parallel port may be used by another application 0x00060800"

I also have an HP Deskjet 695C connected with the scanner.

Then it tells me that it can't find the Twain source, to re-check the connection, and try again, but to no avail.

I want to get it so that at least the scanner shows up in the control panel under installed imaging devices. I tried going into the control panel, and adding a new imaging device. It always searches for an .inf file -- is that what I'm missing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Windows OS: XP SP2
Dell 3000 Pentium 4.

A:Help with Canon Scanner (Driver issues)

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Can't get my Canon mono Lasershot lbp3000 to install, as WIN7 says driver(vista) not correct version of OS. Any ideas or workarounds that others have used to install Vista drivers on 7, until Canon get to writing 64bit drivers for 7? I have searched for the drivers on MS site but cannot find any.
Printer is usb and shows up in control panel as "UNSPECIFIED(1)- Canon CAPT USB Device".
My setup is Intel Core2quad [email protected], Asus p5q-em mobo, 4Gb 800MHz ram, 300Gb SATa Samsung HDD, onboard graphics.
My XP driver for my Canon MP520 printer works fine.

A:Canon LBP 3000 64bit driver? Help please

I'm much in the same boat as I own the same printer... Such a shame to actually have to throw it out and upgrade to something that's running compatible drivers as it's a great little printer.

Anyhow I don't like your chances of waiting for Canon to release 64bit drivers for the LBP3000. - Windows 7 support most likely won't exist either.

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Have a new Vista 64 Home Premium machine. Have a Canon i950 printer on my XP machine. Canon does not have a Vista driver for the printer. In these forums, found a post explaining there is a "driver add-on" that makes the i950 driver work in Vista.

Obtained the add-on. It requires that the "base driver" be installed (B3319MUX.EXE). When I run the driver's setup program, get "The Printer Driver Has Not Been Installed" message at the 60% completion point. Have tried the install in compatability mode and "run as administator" (Both XP and 2000), but get the same message. I am also logged in to an Administrator account.

Does anyone know of a way to get the base driver installed on Vista 64? Thank you.

A:Canon i950 Driver Will Not Install

Have you followed the instructions on installing the add-on module?

Canon i950 Printer Driver v 1.00 Add-on Module for Windows Vista - TechSpot Drivers

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I have changed my PC and need to re-instal my scanner driver. However I have mislaid my English disc and only have the German/Dutch one. I have downloaded the English driver tb4135-en and it is on my desktop. I am at a loss how to instal it and use it. Can anyone please help?

A:Canon LiDE 30 scanner driver.

What you need to do is download the latest ScanGear ("LiDE 30 Scanner Driver Ver.") software package.

The Windows XP driver that I downloaded for the Canon LiDE 30 is called lide20lide30n670un676un1240uvst7031a_xpen.exe. I don't see where you found the file called tb4135-en.

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Canon Scanner 4200F;OS Windows 7 (64)Downloaded, from Canon site, the CanoScan toolbox AND the 64 bit driver.Both installed correctly and are recognized by the system.When I tried to scan, using the toolbox, the Scanner lamp goes on but the scan will not initiateand the error "Cannot communicate with the scanner - check cable and connection."Changed USB ports - same msg.reloaded drivers - same msg.Canon help claims that the problem is that the OS is "blocking the Communication"Q:  If this is true how do I unblock?

A:Canon Scanner driver problems

The issue IS that although the Canon supplied driver for the 64 bit Windows 7 OS loads the WIA driver is required for the scanner to operate.  The WIA driver that came with the 4200F is 32 bit and will not load.Contacted Canon support and finally got them to understand the situation.The outcome is that they are sorry for the inconvience - BUT there is no 64 bit WIA available.Looks like the only solution is to purchase a new, compatable, scanner.Canon won't get the business.Thanks to all.

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Hi all, I'm currently having the Canon ip1600 printer and is unable to detect the printer (using Windows xp os). I manged to find a driver on Canon website, but when it comes to the installation part where they state that I'm supposed to plug in my printer and on it so that It can detect the port, it doesn't and it just stuck at the screen. I tired restarting com, offing and on the printer again, but everything won't works. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Canon Ip1600 Printer Driver

You appear to have a Canon PIXMA iP1600 printer.

Here is the Email support site for it.

Here is the phone support site for it.


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Hi All-

I've got a Canon D661 connected via USB and I have been looking for a compatible driver for Windows Pro 64 bit. I'm not sure if this is possible, but if there is another driver that would just get the printer to print, that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

A:Canon Imageclass D661 64 bit driver

Hi ShantiK1, Canon tells me there are no 64-bit drivers for Win 7 64 bit machines (only 32 bit). the only thing I can suggest is running XP in virtual mode Windows XP Mode - Install and Setup this way you will have a working printer

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I can't seem to get my Canon to install correctly on W7 x64. I've tried running the installer as Admin, without UAC, and in compatibility mode.

Any ideas how to manually install the driver as I extracted the driver files but don't know how to apply them.


A:Canon MP780 driver install

Did you manage to start the mp navigator?

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Hi All,

This is my first post!

I am looking for drivers for Canon L170 Fax/Phone. I have contacted Canon and they said they didn't have anything that will work. I found a post on this forum that says a driver was found, but the post is closed and there is no link or reference to exactly what driver worked.

The thread is closed. The user that posted the question is Sauranan. The thread was closed on 12-May-2009. The title is "Canon L170 FaxPhone Driver Issue"

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I have a custom made computer Win 7 -Home Prem 64

My regular HP printer broke down (but was working wirelessly just fine)

So I want to substitute an old Canon Fax Phone L80 I have that worked OK on a Vista OS (another machine)

The system "found" the L80 as I plugged it directly into UBC

Says driver not found.......Win couldn't find one automatically and I have no disk

Manual downloaded a driver from Canon....I have no idea how the particular driver arrives and what file it is supposed to download to, maybe that's my problem,

Still can't find driver by hitting Add New printer.

Help file was incorrect, as to what tabs would appear when trying to manually download

So even though the L80 shows up in "Devices & printers" I can't get the driver driving!

What am I missing.........any ideas?

thanks in advance if you can give me a clue


A:Canon FaxPhone L80 driver won't connect

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. You problem would seem to be there is no 64 Bit Driver ..

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Anyone aware of a fix so that windows 7 64 bit can install and use caroscan 5000f flatbed scanner?

A:canon carascan 5000f driver

I just checked here - Film and Negative Scanners - USB Flatbed Scanner - CanoScan 5000F - Canon USA Consumer Products and see there are no Windows 7 drivers for that scanner

You could try Vuescan from Hamrick if you don't find a suitable solution. The software allows you to use your scanner on a 64-bit OS through its program by providing its own 64-bit driver. It usually offers more options and tweaks over the standard software issued with the scanner. The downfall (if you want to call it that) is it will set you back $40.00 for the Standard edition or $80.00 for the Pro edition. There is a 30-day trial version as well.

List of supported scanners - VueScan Release Notes

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I have Windows 7 64-bit on my pc,I went to the Canon website and they have no drivers for the Canon 5000f scanner running
Windows 7 643-bit.
Is there another website where I can find the correct driver?

A:Driver for Canon 5000f Scanner

this says the driver is built into windows 7 or not needed

what happens when you connect the scanner - whats listed in device manager

have you installed any of the utilities that came with the scanner

whats on the included
CanoScan Setup CD-ROM

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I'm new in this forum and like to ask, if someone have a solution for my driver problem.
I've got an old Canon S520 printer and i am not able to install any driver on my Windows 7 64bit.
I searched the inet for a solution, but can't find one.
And sorry, if my English isnt't that good.

Thanking you in advance.

A:Canon S520 printer driver

Support - Color Bubble Jet Printer - S520 - Canon USA Consumer Products

Use the Vista driver.

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I have a Canon i9100 printer which worked great through XP, Vista and Win 7....Canon provided updated drivers.. However, for 8.1, Canon does not provide a driver for this printer. Is there another source which makes a generic driver for this printer so it does not become obsolete?

A:Solved: Canon Printer Driver For 8.1

The below image shows the list of compatible Windows versions for the Canon i9100 printer.

Unless Windows 8.1 provides a built-in generic driver for it, you're probably out of luck.

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Does anyone know of a 32 bit driver for a Canon 9900F Scanner?

A:32 bit Driver for Canon 9900F Scanner

Quote: Originally Posted by Grizzledsourdou

Does anyone know of a 32 bit driver for a Canon 9900F Scanner?

Hi Grizzledsourdou , Welcome to the forums, Unfortunately there is no Win7 driver for your scanner , download the vista driver Canon CanoScan 9900F Scanner Driver Download | All Drivers ? Windows XP, Vista, 7, Sound, Printer, Scanner, USB, Laptop Drivers Easy Download and install in compatibility mode Compatibility Mode

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I recently bought a new PC (O/S: Windows 7) and now it appears that there exists no 64 bit driver for my printer/scanner/fax Canon MF4690PL. Maybe I overlooked? Are there other solutions? Thanks!

A:Windows 7 x 64 driver for Canon MF4690PL

Try the Vista driver here:

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I have been searching several websites, downloaded a lot of junk and tested a great many so called solutions. In spite of all efforts I could not find a working solution for the LBP-1120 on W7 x64.
Although I guess most LBP-1120 users got tired of searching and simlpy threw away their printer, I refuse to do that. So I'm running it on Virtual PC under W7 x64, a complicated afair if one has to print just a few copies. The latest thread on this (and most other forums) is of 2009, so did anything happen after that date?
Does any one know of a working (tested!)driver solution for this printer? It's a shame that Cannon did not provide a decent driver. The vista / W7 x64 does not run on x64 platforms in any mode! Even for old Epsons I was able to find W7 x64 drivers.

Kind regards,
The Netherlands

A:Driver for Canon LBP-1120 Lasershot on W7 x64

First, make sure you uninstall any previously installed printer drivers in add/ remove programs which may conflict with the installation.

Check Device Manager for driver issues.

Select the newest version from the list. Then click download.

Do not turn on the printer until the software is installed.

Laser Shot LBP1120

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I have a Canon Scanner "CanoScan N1220U" that I used on XP.

Looking to get it to work for W7 46-bit.

I tried the XP driver, and it says it successfully installed but, but then a pop up comes up and says:

LaunchAnywhere GUI has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify if a solution is available.

A:[need driver] Canon CanoScan N1220U

ok I got the driver to install and now the computer knows it is there.

But now Photoshop (CS4 64-bit) does not list the scanner when I go to file import
(like it did when I had XP and Photoshop 7)

I tried using the install disc that came with the computer, but it says it is not compatible with my OS.

I did install VueScan 8.5.37, but I have to scan in the program, save it, then open the file in photoshop. I'd rather just scan right inside photoshop.

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Does Anyone Know If There Is A Driver For Canon Powershot A550 Working
Under Windows98 Se Platform.

Alternatively,if There Is Any Driver Which Will Connect The Camera
To The Computer And Make It As A Drive From Which I Can Download Pictures


A:Canon A550 Windows98 Driver

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I just upgraded my home network to a wireless system. I'm running XP Pro on the computer hardwired to the Canon Multipass F50. My laptop is running XP Home and networked via wireless. All aspects of the network operate perfectly, file sharing, internet access, etc. The add printer function allows me to find the canon over the network, I have the driver installed (because I've been using the printer in a networked (shared) mode prior to going with the wireless router. Now when I attempt to print I get an error message that states: "Failed to open printer" Canon's website simply states that there are no drivers for XP to allow for sharing this printer.

Wonderful!! Anyone have a workaround? It used to share until I went wireless.

A:XP printer driver for canon multipass f50

It almost sounds like there's a permission problem with using the printer with the laptop. Try going to the printer properties on the machine that the printer's connected to. Go to the Security tab and make sure that your laptop login computer name is there and all of the permissions in the ACL list are checked. You could also try going to Network Neighborhood, go to the computer that has the printer connected and try to connect to the printer through there.

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my printer driver has somewhta been deleted of my computer and i need another one. Plz someone tell me where i can downloads a working windows xp driver for canon 5100 series printer.


A:BJC canon 5100 printer driver

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It's on the list of supported scanners for VueScan, which works without
requiring there be good Windows drivers installed.

It worked for me on Vista 64. You can try it free before paying for it. If you like it you can decide whether to buy the program or use the money for a new scanner. You don't need a driver for the Lide 30--this program does it all.

A:Canon Lide 30 driver for Vista x64

But I don't feel I should have to pay for a driver for the $80.00 scanner I just purchased a year ago (Yes, I got ripped off)

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Hello, need help!

I have a Windows 7 64-bit PC. I have downloaded the S820 driver from Canon's site, but it keeps failing on me. The PC recognizes the printer, but as an USB device. It won't let me print to it. It only gives me 3 options when I right-click on the printer - Create Shortcut, Troubleshoot, Properties.

I was told the INFCache.1 file was causing issues with USB devices. I went and deleted that file, unplugged the USB plug, reinstalled the driver, plugged it back in. It recreated the INFCache.1 file and it tried to install the printer, but it failed.

I thought it was a compatibility issue, so I tried the XP driver, Vista driver, etc. and none of those worked.

I haven't worked with Windows 7 much, so Windows 7 gurus, please help out a n00b.

Gracias in advance.

A:Canon S820 Driver Issue

Bump, anyone?

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After six working days of jumping through hoops, I have finally managed to install a brand new Canon LBP6650dn.

If anyone else is thinking of buying one in the UK, note that

(a) the supplied software disc is only compatible with Win 7 32bit

(b) Canon UK online and telephone support were basically no help and the drivers on the UK site do not work

(c) via a contact in Canon UK, I finally figured out the answer.

What you do is go to Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : imageCLASS LBP6650dn
and follow the instructions.

This will install the printer as an "unspecified USB device".

Right click on that, run Windows troubleshooter, and when it tells you that the driver is missing, click on "Fix this problem".

Everything will then be sweetness and light - at least until you try to override the printer defaulting to single-sheet feed. But that's another story (which as yet has no end) ...

A:Canon LBP6650dn driver saga

Quote: Originally Posted by danfoto

What you do is go to Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : imageCLASS LBP6650dn

Which driver do/did you use? There are 3 there and they all have this note...

Before starting the driver installation, connect only the LAN cable first, do not connect the USB cable at this time.
This is necessary for your printer to acquire IP address automatically before you start the driver installation and enable driver installer function.

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I have an English Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 DVD. I have installed it, and after that I installed my own language (danish), and that went fine. I have allso learned how to make the start- and shut down screen in danish.

For my printer (Canon MG6150) I can only find a multilanguage driver, and allthough Canon support danish languane, I can only get it to show printer properties and maintenance in English. Anybody knowing a trick to make the driver install the driver so it will be in danish?


A:Canon driver only install in English?

Thank you. I did not know this with the ABOUT-button. You learn every day

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Is there any way to install printer driver (i have canon mp250 and i have its cd driver) without having the printer around?

A:Canon printer driver installation


This tutorial might help:

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I could not get for W7 x64 the WIA driver for a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS.
Any help?

A:WIA driver for Canon PowerShot SD880

Try here:

PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Camera

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When I attempt to scan a document, the canon dr-2010c pulls it in half way then stops. It freezes and nothing else can be done. If I cancel and try again, an error message tells me the driver is busy. I have also gotten an error that the device cannot be locked and another program may be trying to use it. I do not have any other scanning software on the computer. Could this be a port problem? maybe the scanner is sharing a port with something else?? I have a HP deskjet and an Okidata printer installed, but they always work fine. I dont know what is causing this conflict. any ideas???

Thank you

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Hi folks,

Her indoors is not happy!!

I have converted her Lenovo laptop into a dual boot (XP/7 32-bit) - the intention being to get everything she uses onto 7 and "convert her" to 7 too

In XP she has been happily using her wireless connected Canon MG6150 and was comfortable with its scanner driver (Scangear).

In 7 I located the printer on the network and Win 7 got the driver for it. The "printer side" of the driver is fine but the "scanner side" is very minimal (it's a WIA rather than TWAIN) and she's not a happy bunny.

Should I remove this printer and start over, using Canon's own software? Bearing in mind that this printer is already wirelessly connected, what's the best procedure - install the software first from Canon's site and then connect the printer? If so, how do I stop it from searching Windows Update for a driver?



A:Driver for Canon MG6150 scanner

Just to let you know, I removed the printer, downloaded the Canon software and driver, re-installed and I have a happy wife now


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Just after some help with the MP780 on 7 x64.

The printer is plugged in via USB to another machine on the network. On the 7 machine I am running through the add printer wizard, which finds the printer and looks for drivers.

The first problem is that it can't find the MP780 drivers on Windows Update, which I think it should.

After it fails there, it asks to find the inf manually. I have downloaded the drivers from the Canon Australia website but that's just an installer. I have also downloaded drivers from other random driver sites but it just gives me fax and scan infs, nothing else.

Any ideas for me?


A:Canon MP780 Driver Issue

OK if you can install this it might work - make sure the driver package is unzippped to a folder - or just select the setup.exe file and do the following if it wont unzip - this resolves an OS mismatch when the driver wont install on w7

To install a driver OR program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with vista/xp etc - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install.

Driver page v6.20 - to download firstly click on the file, go to nxt page then - under disclaimer is download - select "i have read the instructions etc" then select download -in "red" and then click save

If that doesnt work try installing it thru device manager and pointing to the folder the driver is unzipped to.

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Microsoft tells me that the Canon Selphy CP730 photoprinter is Windows 8.1 compatible, but where do I get a driver? Canon don't have it and Microsoft don't have it. Regarding to Canon is the printer only Windows 7 compatble. I use Win 8.1 64 bit.


A:Canon Selphy CP730 driver?

This Canon page says Win8.1 drivers are NOT available for the printer:
Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : SELPHY CP730

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I bought this printer for a buck at a garage sale. They claimed it worked, but had no ink. I paid around twelve dollars for the ink cartridges on ebay, but forgot to check first to see if Canon had a driver for xp. They don't. However, when I go to microsoft's printer support page, I find that printer listed as one that there are drivers for in xp.

The question is--should I assume Microsoft is correct, or assume that my printer won't work and just get rid of it?


A:Question on driver for Canon printer (BJC-620)

I would go with the Win98 drivers they have listed on Canon's website. If microsoft has drivers for XP, try them first. The worst that can happen is that it won't work.

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Dear respective team,

I am trying to install Canon LBP 1210 printer in Win 7 64 bit. I have searched driver in vendor site but was not success to get. Is there anyway to install above printer in 64 bit platform.

Your support is highly appreciated.

A:Canon LBP 1210 driver for win7 64 bit

check here this is the only one i can access from the canon site 7

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Recently purchased a new laptop. During installation of above printer I received a message that I should contact Microsoft for a new scanner driver for the printer. Have looked everywhere on Microsoft website without any luck in finding a driver for Windows Vista Home Basic operating system.

Can you help?


A:Canon Pixma MP 150 Printer Driver

Here is the correct web page for printer driver download

If you have any problems with regards to conflicts etc just come back to this same thread and most folk will be able to assist further.

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I purchased this computer on Sept. 2,2016 and I had the geek squad to transfer my files from my old computer to the new one now my canon imageclass 4150 will not print. I have tried several options to get the driver and it says driver unavailable. I don't
feel I should purchase a new driver. Any help with FREE download for this driver would be appreciated. thanks wvlpninwv

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looking for the appropriate driver for Windows 7. The add-on exe downloaded from Canon site doesn't fix anything ! could you please help me

A:Driver Canon PIxma IP4000, windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by Stargates

looking for the appropriate driver for Windows 7. The add-on exe downloaded from Canon site doesn't fix anything ! could you please help me

Try this : Easy-PhotoPrint EX for Windows


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I am having MASSIVE trouble installing a "Canon Inkjet i865" printer on my Windows 7 x64 PC. The printer is a few years old but suddenly stopped working. There is lots of ink in it. The green light on the printer is steady.

I have tried uninstalling the driver and but the reinstalling seems to go wrong.

My Windows can see the printer... i.e. Under "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers" when I connect the printer to the USB (2.0) port, the printer appears under "Unspecified" and is called simply "i865".

When I right click on "i865" and click "Troubleshoot", Windows tries to install the latest driver, but it comes back with "i865 doesn't have a driver. Not fixed"

Under "Troubleshooting Report" I get:
"Problem with PnP devices Detected
There are problems with some PnP devices."

I am also getting the message:

"Printer driver was not installed. Unable to find a core driver package that is required by the printer driver package."

I also tried installing "a0mwin110ea23" from the Canon website. This ran OK but doesn't seem to have helped. I have turned my anti-viral off (AVG) before doing all of this.

This printer has always worked fine in the past, on a plug and play basis.
I am trying to work out if there is a fault in my PC's drivers or whether I ma just going to be forced to buy a whole new printer. I hope not because ... Read more

A:Canon Inkjet i865 - cant find driver

Hi ... Run a scan with Malwarebytes from the Link below ...
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
When that is finished run a System Scan and Post back the Results ...
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Did you Install the Driver in the Link below ? ...

Bubble Jet i865 - Canon UK

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Hello! I would like to know if Vista can maintain Canon Printer. During the installation the error massage was appeared. Canon cannot create an adequate driver for Vista. What should I do to run my printer or it is impossible?
Thank you in advance!!!

A:Vista driver for Canon printer is not created

whats the exact model of the printer ?

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I have installed what canon says is a 64 bit driver suitable for win 7 but when I try to use the msoft built in scan and fax facility, I get an error message telling me I need a wia driver, whatever that is.

I have not been able to source one, so has anyone any ideas.

By the way, the canoscan program works perfectly with win 7 64 bit.


A:64 bit driver wanted for Canon 9950F scanner

Hi dogman, maybe this will help you Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (Windows)

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