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Solved: Averatec 3250 - Hard Disk Replacement

Q: Solved: Averatec 3250 - Hard Disk Replacement

Hi - Yesterday, my Averatec 3250 laptop stopped working and now I cannot boot it up. I am getting a "SMART command failed" and subsequent message about disk read error. It sure sounds like the hard drive is shot. This machine gets light use, so this is very disappointing as I bought it new in late 2004. I was thinking about replacing the hard drive, but there is no information in the user manual. Any advice appreciated.

A: Solved: Averatec 3250 - Hard Disk Replacement

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I want to replace my HDD 360 GB with new SDD disk due to space problems with disk with compaq 420.  System configuration isIntel Core 2 Due  CPU T 6670 @ 2.20 GHz   RAM 4.0 GB ( 2.90 GB Usable)Hard Disk - 360 GBSize - 14" Please advise me wheather I can change my hard disk to SDD. Regards     

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I have seen other posts on this but no definitive answer.
My HDD is dying and needs replacing. I see the posotion of the HDD is LHS under the palm rest and there appears to be a removable flap - other posts say there is just one screw to remove but there are no visible screws under the machine.

I have changed HDDs on other Toshibas with absolutetly no problem - anyone any ideas?

A:Hard disk replacement A100


The HDD replacement on this notebook is not simply procedure. I am not 100 % sure but the whole Palm rest/Touch pad must be removed at first. HDD cover is fixed with one screw but you will see him just if the Palm rest is removed.

When this screw is removed Hold the HDD tab and pull out the HDD assembly. Next step is to detach the HDD bracket from the HDD.
The unit is pretty new and before you do anything checks if the warranty is still valid.

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We need to recover the hard disk as an ex-employee has deleted some files within the OS.
We don't want to reinstall Windows as it my effect some of the other files he has deleted, by accident!!!!
We have the software to recover the data but need to gain access to the Hard Disk and remove it, then run it on our test machine.

Does anyone have any idea how to remove the hard disk?

A:A100 Hard Disk Replacement


you find the HDD when you turn the A100 at the right side! You have to remove only one screw and take the small HDD flap away! Then you can pull out the HDD!

Bye Hans

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I am facing the problem of Hard drive failure with my laptop. I was told to replace with a new hard drive. So, am looking for the replacement details (right from the cost to the service centre location and procedures). It would be most helpful from some guidences.

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How to replace hard disk in Toshiba NB100

Can anyone help me ?



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A:NB100 - Hard disk replacement

I believe the HDD is under the top cover which is hard to get to.

You should get a Service Center to do it for you, so nothing gets damaged and your warranty stays valid.

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My laptop hp 15-n029sg was showing the imminent hard drive failure message. I have checked the hard drives through "Check Now" options. Every time I scan some problem is found and I fix it accordingly. But then again it shows some problems are found when scanned again. Is there any way I can find out where the problem is gone or not? Eventually I guess I have to replace the hard drive. Can anyone suggest the proper i.e compatable hard drive for my laptop?

A:Replacement of Imminent Failing Hard disk

Hi, The drive on the link below is an example of one that would be fine for your notebook.  1Tb Notebook Hard Drive. The procedure to replace the Hard Drive starts on Page 77 of your Maintenance & Service Guide. Once done, simply use your Recovery Media to reinstall the Operating System on the new drive - this procedure is detailed in the following HP document. If you don't have your Recovery Media, see if you can order a replacement set using the link below. Order HP Recovery Media.  If you have any problem with this link, try ordering this directly from HP. If you live in the US, contact HP Here. If you are in another part of the world, start Here. Regards, DP-K

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I bought this computer new several years ago and the hard-drive died today.  I went out and bought a new internal hard-drive, but I did not realize that I also needed to install an operating system with the new hard-drive.  So, I am trying to see what I need to do to get my new hard-drive to boot up?  I do not have the recovery disk that came with my computer.  I was told that maybe HP could send a new Operating System disk so that I could reinstall windows.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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Hello to all fellow Lenovo owners. Recently, my G570 Hard drive crashed. I  removed it and will purchase anew one but desperately need detailed, specific instructions about formatting, partitioning and installing Windows 7and whatever else is necessary to get up and running. I'm not a techie, but am handy and wiling/able to learn.Thanks in advance for any help. dcnyr


Go to Solution.

A:g570 hard disk drive replacement

hi dcnyr,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
 Were you able to Create a Recovery Disc from the old HDD when it was still working? or you have an RCD when you first got the unit?
 Because if you have, you don't have to worry about any partition or procedure just pop the First RCD and just follow the Prompt,
but If you were not able to create set of Recovery CD then,
First you can contact Lenovo To Purchase a recovery CD
and another option is this:
"There's a big possibility that you're able to activate Windows 7 64bit using that COA,
Try to:
1. Create a recovery disc (just in case something goes wrong, you can revert back the preloaded OS)
2. Download and install Belarc Advisor to extract the Windows 7 product key on the BIOS.
3. Download a Windows 7 ISO and burn it using imgburn. Check here how
4. Install Windows 7 using this guide (use the key that you obtained from Step 2 if necessary)."
Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I need to replace my hard disk (Toshiba 40GB) and the configuration of my laptop E-SYstem 3089 is the following:

quite scary to be honest: there is a sort of armor protecting the hard disk and I don't know how to get it out... do I need to dismount all the pieces?
So please if someone experienced of this EI-Systems can share a tip, I'd be very happy and grateful. Thanks in advance!!
Joe User

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Good morning to everyone,I have a DV6735el, PN: KN782EA#ABZ and I would like to upgrade to 4GB RAM (ok) and a drvie bigger than the default 250GB. Does this model support:1 o 2 TB?I suppose it can use interface Sata III (without spped improvement).It requires drive with hight 10 mm or can I use also 15mm? Thank You   

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A:Maximum size Hard Disk replacement

Any 2.5 inch wide and 9.5 mm thick SATA laptop hard drive will work and they do make 1 and 2 TB models so those are fine. It can be SATA III but will only work at a lower SATA speed on your laptop. Post back if you need any more help. 

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Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-4F8HK-M4P73-W8DQG
Windows Product Key Hash: Xs1iQgVeo0C+sObJxS7eu+FuBPQ=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00057
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7600.2.00010300.0.0.003
ID: {885A901D-B8AC-437A-9497-77D160681927}(2)
Is Admin: No
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7600.win7_ldr.110114-1504
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAAddin.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Data-->
Office Status: 109 N/A
OGA Version: N/A, 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010_025D1FF3-229-80041010_025D1FF3-230-1_025D1FF3-517-80040154_025D1FF3-237-80040154_02... Read more

A:Invalid Product Key, when activating after a hard disk replacement

The serial used is the OEM SLP key, that is the key the computer was installed with when it left the Toshiba factory. To use that key you have to use the Toshiba recovery disks to reinstall.
If you do a clean install from any other Windows 7 DVD you have to use the serial that is on the case of the computer/laptop.
You could try and call MS support and explain your problem. You might need to call several times as some of the support guys are less friendly than others.....

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I suspect that my 640 GB hard disk (from 2008) is nearing the end of its life and would like to plan for a replacement.There does not appear to be much if any chance to replace such a SCSI disk any more.What is the best type of disk to replace it, and does it need a new controller?I run Vista (original OS) and Windows 7 (new) in a dual boot configuration.It has currently three volumes, a Vista C: drive (c.300 GB), a Windows 7 C: drive (c.300 GB) and the HP "FACTORY_IMAGE" drive 15 GB

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The HDD on my sisters Averatec 3700 failed recently. She wants to just put in a new one. I've checked Averatecs website and the manual for the 3700 and no where can I on either can I find info on changing this out, let alone how to get to it. I've done some searches on the net, and all the forums I've bumped into so far have just linked to the manual which says nothing. I'm hoping someone here can help, like they always do


A:Changing hard drive in Averatec 3700

I've also had to replace a hard drive on this crappy laptop. I finally found a great site with illustrations here:

May the force be with you.


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Hi I recently had a hd failure on my ibm thinkpad and had to replace the hd but dont have my original xp disk so i put my old win2k pro on it. Now im putting a gb of ram in it and want to reinstall xp. The laptop came w/ winxp installed and i have the cert. of authenticity sticker and my key code attached to back of comp. Can I contact microsoft and get a replacement disk? Thanks for any input.

A:[SOLVED] xp disk replacement

Hi aoneeyedcobra, Welcome to TSF!

Certainly you can telephone Microsoft?; explaining the situation fully to them, and I am quite sure that they will be able to help you.

There might be a small charge for a replacement disc.

Kind Regards,

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Dose anyone know where I can get a service guide for an Averatec 3120v laptop?

A:Solved: Averatec Service Guides

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My hard drive is about to die. I have a Medion Akoya all in one PC. Running windows 7. Have already done a Macrium Backup image to external Hard Drive.
Details are,
28AS SCSI Disk Device
Manufacturer Seagate
Form Factor 3.5"
Heads 16
Cylinders 121,601
Tracks 31,008,255
Sectors 1,953,520,065
SATA type SATA-II 3.0Gb/s
Device type Fixed
ATA Standard ATA8-ACS
Serial Number 9VP70LZM
Firmware Version Number CC44
LBA Size 48-bit LBA
Power On Count 1637 times
Power On Time 353.0 days
Speed 7200 RPM
Features S.M.A.R.T., AAM, NCQ
Max. Transfer Mode SATA II 3.0Gb/s
Used Transfer Mode SATA II 3.0Gb/s
Interface SATA
Capacity 931 GB
Real size 1,000,204,886,016 bytes
RAID Type None
Status Bad

When replacing this drive, is there anything specific that I have to look for in a new hdd? Is SATA III ok or do I stick with SATAII?
Do I need cables? or would they already be in there from old hdd?
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Hard drive replacement

As long as the new drive is at least 1TB you should be ok. If the failing drive uses MBR partitioning I wouldn't go higher than 2TB because anything larger needs to use GPT partitioning not MBR and that could become a problem.

You can get a Sata 3 drive, it will run at Sata 2 speed though. Existing cables should work ok.

Make sure you have made the Macrium boot CD to restore the image !

EDIT : Do the restore with only the new drive connected, remove the failing drive before you start the restore.

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I've been having a hard time the past week with either a virus or malware. I'm pretty frustrated. Thinking maybe the easiest solution is to just swap out HD's, as I wouldn't mind a larger drive. It is an sata drive. Is this a major undertaking?I'm not totally helpless with a computer, just intimidated.

Also, their is a huge price difference between retail, and oem drives. Are there any major downfalls to an oem drive? Any one brand more user friendly to install? Any general advice as to pitfalls to look out for?

Thanks in advance, John

A:Solved: Hard Drive Replacement

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I have a HP ZD7000 Pavilion Media Center notebook with Win XP Media Center edition.

My laptop has TOSHIBA MK6022GAX 60 GB hard drive. This drive has recently shown 4KB in bad sectors. I took this as a warning for replacing my HDD and taken a backup of my data.

Now my question is if I want to buy a new HDD (a better one), which one shall I go for. I am getting confused with ATA terminologies when I searched on the net about a replacement. I am attaching the specs for my HDD in PDF format with this post.

Will you please help me with this ?

Thanks And Regards

A:Solved: Hard Drive Replacement

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I have a 4 year old computer that runs almost all the time. Tonight I rebooted it and when I did the hard drive started to make a noise like a fan does when it needs to be oiled. In about 5 minutes it quieted down and now I can barely hear it, but I am assuming that I will need to replace the hard drive soon.

Is there a way to replace a hard drive and reload all the info onto it from the old drive? I would like to do this before the current drive crashes.
Any suggestions or comments?? If I have to take it to a shop that would be OK, but that would be my last choice.

A:[SOLVED] hard drive replacement???

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 805 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8159 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 840464 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, N68S3B
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
I have found through the tech guys here that my hard drive is failing. My question there any criteria that I need to follow in buying another drive. Or would any good hard drive work in my machine?

A:Solved: Hard drive replacement

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I will try to keep this as brief as possible and yet give you wise and wonderful tech persons all the information you need to help me out. I am intelligent, but NOT a super-user.

I have an e-machines desktop computer. It is old. A Cyrix MII 266 processor with upgraded memory. I have a 10gb Maxtor hard drive which is the issue at hand. I am running Win2000. My home computer (the e-machine desktop) is networked through a router with my printer and my business laptop.

The problem: Win2000 loads and boots. It LOOKS like it's functioning properly. However, it cannot read any of the files on the disk. When I try, it tells me C: is inaccessible. I can't search, explore, etc. The files are "non-existent."

I managed to get Windows to create a backup of it and saved that file to my Laptop. I can only "assume" that it actually backed up ALL the files on the drive so they are safe.

One really ODD thing you should know is that I cannot get into the BIOS. When it boots and usually gives you that second or two to hit [F2] and enter setup ... doesn't do that any more. I sit and hold the F2 key. Nope. I've second-guessed myself and tried the ESC key and the F1 key. I've tried it with and without the CTRL key. Nothing. So I can't even tell the silly thing to boot from the CD instead, load onto my D: backup drive and then kill the C: drive. It's like it's possessed.

Things I've already tried (not necessarily in this order):
1... Read more

A:Solved: Hard Disk issue similar to "Help! Broken Hard disk" Thread

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to replace my laptop's hard drive. It's a 5400rpm 60GB ATA-6 drive, and ideally I'd replace it with a 7200rpm, 120GB drive (the biggest my system will recognise). However, I can't find a single 7200rpm drive that doesn't use SATA.

So, I've got two questions:
1) is there such a thing as a 7200rpm ATA-6 hard drive for laptops?
2) is it worth buying one, or should I just settle for a 5400rpm drive?


A:Solved: Trying to find a replacement hard drive

Haha, there are 7200rpm ATA-6 type hard drives around, but the largest one that I have found is only 100gb.

Here are the links:

The first one is a Hitachi, the second is a Seagate.

Getting one depends on your budget and what your needs are.
There is a difference between a 7200 drive and a 5400 drive. The 7200 drive is faster, but it also drains more power and it is more expensive.

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Working on a Compaq Presario CQ56. The Toshiba SATA 320GB Hard Drive was failing and was repaced with a new one identical to the pevious one. I ran the 4 Recovery Disks from the previous hard drive running Windows 7 Home. It was going well until I got a screen with X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe - startnet.cmd stating that there is not enough usable free space on specified disk(s) to extend the volume. (image attached)

I am not able to do anything. The drive is the exact same size as the previous one so I am not sure the issue. I also have a Boot CD, 2 Backup Disks, a Repair Disk, and a full back up saved on an external drive. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Help w/ hard drive replacement needed

It looks like there is used space on the C: drive You would need to do the diskpart /Clean command on the C: drive before you can restore to the C: drive

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Hey guys! I was just curious as to how to replace my external hard drive. Basically I have a 500 gb hd and I want to replace it with a 1 TB and sell the 500 gb, but I have a lot of things installed on the 500 gb (not using it as my main hard drive of course). Anyways, my question is: is it possible to transfer all my stuff into the 1 tb and then just change the partitions so that it directs to the one tb? if that is possible can anyone instruct me on how to do so? thank you!

A:Solved: External Hard drive Replacement

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with two 250gb Maxtor hard drives in a RAID array. I will call the two hard drives in the machine 0 & 2; those were the positions given to them by the RAID application. One of the drives (0) started to fail (as confirmed by error codes returned during diagnostic tests). After consultation with Dell tech support, Dell shipped me a new Maxtor Maxline III 250 gb hard drive. When it arrived, I removed 0 and replaced it with the new drive (N). After installing Windows XP Media Edition, the RAID utility told me I was missing a hard drive, but both N & 2 were visible in “My Computer”. I chose not to create a new RAID volume because I was afraid it would overwrite the information I had on drive 2. I then connected the old hard drive (0) to the pc via an external USB cable. Windows recognized the new hardware and I went to access it so I could transfer my settings, files, etc. before sending the drive back to Dell. Windows told me the drive was not formatted, would I like to format it now? I answered “No” so as not to lose the data on it.

I then physically removed N and reinstalled 0 to try to copy the data I needed to 2 or to DVD. The computer then wouldn’t boot, telling me there were no bootable drives. I put the new drive back in, but haven’t booted up the computer.

Why is my old hard drive being recognized as “unformatted”? I connected it via USB to my laptop and got the same message. How do I get my info off of “0” before I send it... Read more

A:Solved: RAID & replacement hard drive

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My hard drive says failure imminent. Computer says internal;desktop hard drive is: ST 3500418 AS SCSI. How do I determine what is compatible replacement hard drive since this one I cannot locate in online stores. Any drive with ST 3500?


A:Solved: Replacement hard drive selection

Any SCSI hard drive should do, you just need to determine if you have 68 or 80 pin (80 pin is hot-swappable, if you have a normal desktop it's most likely 68 pin), For example:

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I've been having issues with bad sectors on my hdd, and have been putting off getting a replacement. After a couple of near-misses, I'm finally getting around to replacing it.

I'm having issues figuring out what type of drive I need. It's marked ATA/IDE, which by my understanding might mean any number of different standards.

I've posted pics below of the info label on the HDD, as well as the male and female connections on the HDD and my laptop. My computer's an acer TravelMate 4222WLMi if that's helpful at all.

Any help's greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Need replacement hard drive -- what type?

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I have a friend who has a laptop that has an ATA-5 hard drive in it. The drive is dead, the laptop is out of warranty, so he's looking for a replacement. At Newegg they have plenty of ATA-6 hard drives. Are these compatible with ATA-5 interfaces? IOW, if he bought one of these ATA-6 hard drives would it work with the available pins/interface in the laptop, which supports an ATA-5 hard drive?

A:Solved: Laptop hard drive replacement

Found out from this link that it's do-able:

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Hello, I have a HP DV6704NR laptop that wont boot, just a blue screen. I'm going to replace the hard drive but no Vista recovery discs have been made. I have a working Toshiba laptop that runs Vista. Can I use it to make a recovery disc? Also I have a Vista Business install disc that was issued for a Nobilis, would it work with my Vista key? Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] How do I reinstall Vista after hard drive replacement?

A Toshiba recovery CD will not work on an HP Computer. It is highly unlikely, but If the Vista key on the HP is not an OEM (has OEM in the middle of the numbers) then you can use it on your Vista Business disc.
Your HP computer does have a Recovery Partition on the drive, try do a Restore to Factory Defaults. Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows Vista) | HP? Support
If that doesn't work then you can order an HP Recovery CD. Looking for Recovery Discs? | HP? Support

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Hello everbody, a reluctant famliy computer fixer here,
so here's the story-
we have a Gateway GM 5474 desktop computer that had the hard drive fail,
here are the computer specs that I started out with:

ProcessorAMD Athlon™64 X2 6000+, 64-bit dual core processor

Operates at 3.0 GHz
2 x 1024 KB L2 cache
2000 MHz system bus
Chipset: NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE
MemoryInstalled: 2048 MB DDR2, 667 MHz, (PC2-5300) dual channel memory (two 1024 MB DIMMs)

Expandable to: 4 GB (4 DDR2 DIMM slots)

Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Blue500 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA II hard drive

Optical Drive: DVD ±RW, 16X super multi-format dual layer drive

Write max: 16X DVD±R, 6X DVD-RW, 6X DVD-R DL, 8X DVD+RW, 8X DVD+R DL, 12X DVD-RAM, 48X CD-R, 32X CD-RW
Read max: 12X DVD-ROM, 12X DVD-RAM, 48X CD-ROM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce™ 8500GT 256 MB

DirectX® 10 and Blu-ray™ / HD DVD™ capable
One DVI-I port with HDCP
One HDMI port
One S-Video port (includes DVI-VGA Dongle)
AudioIntegrated 8-Channel (7.1) High Definition AudioNetwork SupportIntegrated MARVELL 88E8056 10/100 Ethernet

Modem56 K ITU V.92 ready fax/modem

Power Supply400 watt

VideoNVIDIA GeForce™ 8500GT 256 MB

Read max: 12X DVD-ROM, 12X DVD-RAM, 48X CD-ROM

I took that hard drive out and replaced it with a

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive for Desktops

1TB maximum storage capacity
Serial ATA interface
Data transfer rates up to 3 Gbps
72... Read more

A:Solved: hard disk replcemnt reloading vista mc from recovery disk

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Answer Match 53.34% heres my curently defragmenting my HD...i have two C: drive and my D:drive.....i have my OS installed in my C: drive and alot of other things.....

So when i first started defragmenting my C:drive....i had 34.0 GB of free space..and i left to go eat taco bell..XD..and when i came was around 70% done but the free space was down to ONLY 2 GB.....

so iv looked evrywhere and foun lots of people had this problem..didnt quite find a solution though....and stil defragmenting *** im writing this...but i might just end it becouse it started going really assuing becouse i have no free space left on that partition....

Another important thing is that im NOT using the disk defragmentor that comes with the OS....

im using one called "Piriform Defraggler"....and before that i used the default one that came with the os...and it said that it was 0% defragmented..but when i analyzed it with the other said it was like 64% fragmented......

So if theres ny more info u guys need ...just let me know...and i dont know if my HD space will come back after i close the program..but let u guys know..becouse i might just close it out now..becouse i dont think it will finish any time soon....

so plz help me out with this problem.....and thanx in advance.......

A:Solved: Lost Hard Disk Space After Disk Defragment sry guys....i was just doing sum "reasearch"..and found out how to fix turns out i had to resize the maximun ammount or shadow copy space..or sumthing like that....i had to do it in the cmd ya...


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My company's computer needs to be patitioned and reformat. The system is still working well. I mean, nothing wrong with anything (weird huh?). Ok the hard disk just need to be 'split'. I mean, make drive C & D on the hard disk. I know how to do that... easy... Then the HD need to be formatted & reinstall windows XP. Ok, easy too..

But the main problem occured before I do anything (partition & format). I have my own bootable CD that I usually use for partitioning & formatting.

Ok, i insert the CD & restart.
I went to BIOS & changed the boot order (1st boot: CD-ROM, 2nd: HDD-0 & 3rd: Floppy). Then restart again.
Ok the bootable CD is excellently loaded.
I typed fdisk, then came the first problem. it says something like 'no fixed disk'. I exit fdisk.
Then I typed format c:, 2nd problem occured. it says something like, 'invalid drive'.
I forgot the error message because the pc is in my office right now. I'm currently at home 'begging for help' So the error message is not accurate. sorry..

I think, if I run the CD, the hard disk will not be loaded (or should I say, hard disk failure). & If I take off the CD & restart again, change the BIOS (1st boot: HDD-0) then windows will load! Weird right?

I don't think my CD is 'corrupted' nor broken because I tried to run the CD from another PC. Yes, I can access the C drive from that PC.

Does anyone have any idea of the ... Read more

A:Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure

It sounds like it might be the bootable CD you've created is not picking up the HDD's/partitions.
To eliminate this as a posibility travel to bootdisk and grab the WinME bootdisk and boot from there. If it picks up the HDD you can FDISK and Format from there.
The other option is to boot using the XP CD and let it handle the formatting/partitioning duties...


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After calls to support and getting nowhere, I remembered that this model had a supplemental cache on the Motherboard which is a small circuit board held on by two small screws. Basically this is a type of SSD disk drive. It is designed to speed up access but many hybrid disk drives now include the same type of function directily on the disk. I removed the small circuit board and the problem went away. It made no difference in performance.

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Hard disk type : Seagate SATA.
Model Number : ST3160215AS
Serial Number : 6RA1J7H0
Firmware Revision : 3.AAD

Mother Borad : Intel 945 GCCR

My hard disk has passed Short DST and failed Long DST of SeaTools, do the hard disk going to fail? If yes, how to transfer my data to a new hard disk easily?

Complete description of the issue :

1.I have experienced boot up issue with my PC 2 days back. My PC not even boot into safe mode also.I got the following blue screen errors on successive restart of PC .

A. 0x00000050 ( 0xC374037F, 0x00000000, 0x804FBA19, 0X00000000 )
B. STOP : C0000135 ( Unable to locate component )
c. 0x0000007E ( 0XC0000006, 0X80698C12, 0XF79896E4, 0XF79893E0 )

2. I have removed and replaced the hard disk ( several times ). I can boot into windows now and can work normally, But,one of the above Blue sreen errors is coming all of sudden while working on PC. It is happening independent of the application I am using.

3. And the following messages are coming at the XP welcome screen and while working on the PC.

A.C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\netloc.wlt has corrupted and unreadable. Perform CKDSK.
B.C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\APPFCONT.DAT has corrupted and unreadable. Perform CKDSK.
C.C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\idsflt.cfg.bck has corrupted and unreadable. Perform CKDSK.
D.Cagefile.sys has corrupted and unreadable. Perform CKDSK.

4.I have performed CHKDSK on all local drives exept local drive C. CHKDSK giving a message that " can no... Read more

A:My hard disk has passed Short DST and failed Long DST of SeaTools, do the hard disk g

In a Run box, enter "chkdsk /r"
You'll be asked if you want to run chkdsk at the next reboot. Enter "Y".
Reboot, and be prepared to wait, as it may take a long time.

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Hi guys,

I will try to explain this as simple as i can.So let's start
I have laptop ASUS N75SF and it is a year old,so i have decided to format.I have two separate hard disks that are the same brand,SeaGate 9500423 AS, each 500 gb capacity. Before i decided to format , one of my hard disks(that is my partition D) started to make strange noises and it was not recognized,but i was using my laptop without problems because my windows was installed on my other hard disk (that is my partition C).So now my question is this :
After i formatted them both i have no clue which one is which ? they are like :
Disk 0 Partition 1 465 gb
Disk 1 Partition 2 465 gb
So how do i choose the one that is better and not having problems to pust my winodows on?
I know that i can buy new one and replace it with the one that is having problems,but right now i have no money to do that .I am student

Thanks in advance

A:Confused about installing Windows on my hard disk,hard disk problem

I'm willing to bet that Disk 1 is the bad hard drive since the bad hard drive was the D: drive.

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I have an Asus laptop running windows 7 64 bit and this laptop came with 2 hard drives, each partitioned into two parts (C:\ & D:\ and E:\ & F:\).
I am transferring over 30GB of data from one drive (C:\) to the other (F:\)
Get this... the transfer rate is 1.2MB/s right now. Over 9 hours left to copy the 30GB. There are over 125,000 items but that still does not justify the 1.2MB/s
I am open to any suggestions but first, a few points.
Yes, I am sure they are two separate drives with those partitions.
Error checking showed zero errors on both drives.
This is the 3rd time I am trying a transfer.
Both drives are relatively empty (especially the F:\).
C:\ is my system disk.
The SMART data shows no read/write errors or overheating.
I have disabled the virus protection and all real-time scanning.
Again, I am very open to suggestions and checks. Feel free to post your idea!
Thanks in advance!

A:Laptop Hard Disk to Hard Disk transfer Extremely Slow

My experience with file transfers of the type you that the number of files doesn't matter...what matters is how large the files are.  Video files take much longer than text or document files.
Slow transfer rates between partitions/drives...can indicate a problem with either the partititon or the drive, IMO.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Windows XP sp2 wont boot from hard disk.

After much to do turns out my computer doesnt recognise the hard disk.

I have a seagate 500Gb SATA hard drive, its about a year old, the computer doesnt get hot in the slightest and it shouldnt be dead. I checked the wiring, as far as i can see, its all fine.

only conclusion i come to is that my hard disk is kaput which it shouldnt be. Can anyone give me any other possible solutions to try out before i cry and/or spend money on a new one? theres a lot of data on it i dont want to lose.

If not, ill plug it in to another computer to check, i havent done that yet because it will take me hours - i can only unscrew the hard drive from one side without rearranging the room.


A:Hard disk boot failure -> computer won't recognise hard disk

Is your Seagate the 7200.11 series?

We've been seeing a lot of harddrive issues layely that has nothing to do with the drive itself but bad SATA cables aas the cause. Do you have another one you can switch out?

When you say the computer doesn't recognize it we're talking the BIOS here, correct?

Another suggestion is what you have already suggested but I would "slave" it in antother system and see if you can access it that way.

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I have a friend in the business of recycle/disposal of computers, monitors etc. He showed me a pile of laptops that they have, each with the hard drive scrubbed and no MS CD to restore the software. These are pre-XP laptops, probably 4-6 years old.

He offered one to me but with no software restore CD. Has anyone ever been successful in obtaining a legitimate restore CD for such a laptop?

A:Has anyone gotten a MS replacement disk?

What is wrong with going out and buying a retail version of an Operating System. If you don't want to pay for Windows, download a version of Linux and run that.

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I am having this Hard Disk problem. My old Hard Disk (Samasung 500GB) (bought in 2010) started showing signs of corruption (like Windows doing chkdsk at every boot, and data getting lost). So I bought a NEW Hard Disk (Western Digital 1TB) last month (Sep 2016) to backup all the data from old one. I didn't have time to backup but wanted to use PC so I Clean Installed Windows 7 64bit on the New Western Digital 1TB and used it about a month without any problems.
A couple of days ago i decided to backup up the data. I reformatted the New Western Digital 1TB with Gparted and did a clean Windows 7 Install again. I connected the old Samsung 500GB to the motherboard and started copying the files to the new Western Digital 1TB.
Suddenly Windows showed me an error "Windows detected a hard disk problem" which makes sense because the Samsung 500GB is old and might be failing BUT the error is showing both of my Hard disk in the dialog box.
Is my new hard disk corrupt as well?
Why is Windows showing my new hard disk as failing?
Can Windows mistakenly show both hard disk in error?
Please help i am confused. sorry for a confusing question. i will answer anything required.
I have taken the screenshot of the error message, they are in attached files.
1)The 1st Screenshot shows both my Hard disk in the error box (OLD Samsung and NEW Western Digital WD)
2)The 2nd Screenshot shows only one of my Hard disk and its the new one (Western digital WD)

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i have a 80gb internal hard disk since it was not sufficient i switched up to a 500gb hard disk so i want to know whether i can use my 80gb hard disk as an external hard disk
if so how please instruct me

A:how to change a internal hard disk to a external hard disk

Is the 80gb drive ide or sata?

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Answer Match 47.88% new on this forum and i have a problem with my old hard disk..every time i turn up my pc, windows pop out message ""Windows detected a hard disk problem" ,"Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss". So i decided to replace my old hard disk, but problem is that i have vista preinstalled on my old hard disk. So my question is how can i install vista from my old hard disk into my new one?..please help me and thank u for your reply

A:how to install preinstalled vista from the old hard disk into the new hard disk?

hi check out this first just in case and if you do need to read this

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What is the difference of 3.5 external hard disk (e.g. WD My Book) vs a 3.5 internal hard disk fixed into an enclosure to work like an external hard disk?

Are both good to be use as an external drive to store backup?

What 3.5 enclosure is good?


A:3.5 external hard disk vs 3.5 internal hard disk with enclosure?

What do you mean fixed into an enclosure to work like an external drive? Are you referring to a My Book 3.0 VIA USB 3.0.... vs.... an internal SATA III SSD or HDD? Be a little more specific.

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I was looking about an old PC of my friend today. He told me the computer was broken. Here the situation. It seems the computer desn't find the hard disk, during the boot it says also something like "...array...." , if I go on the bios software in the boot section under Ide hard drive it is set on "None" and the only other option available is "disabled". The problem should be the harddisk, it should be on the computer, could it be damaged? Or, maybe will it need only to be installed again on the bios after a virus or something like that ?


A:Solved: Hard disk on a old PC

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About a month ago I did a complete format and recovery of my os (see info following this msg please). At the time some things were corrupted, like I couldn't get the address bar to appear in the taskbar; some icons needed repaired; browsers were slow to load. Anyway, I thought it was time for an f&r. Since then I have been getting some of the same problems, but have dealt with them by trial and error and removing and replacing certain third party software. Currently, two problems are showing up that I don't know how to deal with and can't find any archive here to use. Number 1: Using I get a C:\ hd low performance warning. I followed some tips and tweaked the registry. While this seems to have increased my internet capabilities it has not affected the problems I am having with the computer, e.g., very slow boot up; email client corruption; DSL modem settings disapear if modem is shutoff; large cpu usage if I use certain security software such as Comodo anitvirus/spyware protection. There are others but I think you get the picture. Also, using third party software, I get warnings that my hd is overheating. It is currently at 34C/98F degrees. Is that too hot? Should I look at replacing fans? The fans seems to be blowing just fine and I have cleaned all before the f&r. Secondly, this morning I got a ".NET performance contents are corrupted. Run Exctrlst from MS Windows Resource Kit. I don't have a clue what that means. Any advise an... Read more

A:Solved: Hard disk on its way out?

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Is it possible to buy a replacement install disk for WinXP Pro from Microsoft? I've tried to do repair installs in the past and had error reading my install disk tho I've tried to take very good care of it.

A:Getting a replacement XP install disk

I'm pretty sure they will give you a replacement but I believe there's a small handling fee under $10.00 if I'm not mistaken.

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Hi there,

I'm recently upgrading my entire system, except that I will be keeping my HDD as an archive drive whilst booting Windows and Games from a new SSD. To do this, will I need an entirely new copy of Windows, as I will not be using Windows on the previous HDD?

I was hoping I could just reinstall using the same disk and enter the same key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:[SOLVED] New Hard Disk/Motherboard, new key?

No problem using your current OS disc, If windows won't activate automatically you will be offered the option to activate windows over the phone.

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Need advice !!

I have just replaced my 8.4 gb( seagate )hdd with a 40 gb (samsung) hdd. The replacement was due to bad sectors on my old drive.
Now when I installed the new 40 gb drive the computer wouldn't detect it , I did jumper changes on the hdd and finally with a setting I got 32 gb. I have partitioned my hdd equally into c ' and d' respectively.

The manufacturers website gives me information ,about how on some motherboards the hdd doesn't detect more than 32 gb and they have also given a downloadable program with the help of which I can use the full 40 gb.

Now I have installed all my programs and software on my present 32 gb config and to be honest 32 gb is more than enough for my work and I am not in a frame of mind to format and reinstall everything all over again .

Now my question is that , Is there a possibility of some damage or bad sectors creeping into the balance (40 -32 ) 8 gb area which the computer doesn't detect? Since scan disk will only scan the 32 gb capacity and leave the 8 gb unattended.

Kindly elaborate and give me a detailed reply.
my congig is

Amd k6/2 450
asus p5ab mb
256 mb sd ram
hp cd writer 9700 series
asus 50 x cd rom drive
40 gb hdd ( oops 32 gb to be precise)

A:[SOLVED] Hard Disk won't detect 40 gb

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I have started to build a pc for myself over the weekend and have bought all the parts. The problem is that my motherboard won't recognize my hard drive properly or the hard drive is not good.

When I install windows xp from a legit xp cd it recognized my hard drive, installs the files, then has the reboot part. After that my pc will either say "disk read error press ctrl+alt+delete to restart" and cycles through this or it will just go to the POST screen then will have a black screen and will do some DMI pool check or something (has done this since first boot from motherboard) and restart without notice but all the fans and LED's stay on except the monitor which switches off then on.

I'm thinking i forgot to plug something in since that's the problem i had with my motherboard at first. I have the ribbon cable (from the hard drive I made sure its not the floppy which wouldn't fit anyway) and the power cable connected. Am i missing something? btw wen i try to install vista from a windows vista anytime upgrade cd (includes all vista versions) it doesnt even detect a hard drive. BIOS detects hard drive fine.

Here are the specs of my custom build:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 Brisbane 2.9GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Processor

GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard

EVGA 512-P3-N954-TR GeForce 9500 GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card

Kingston 2GB 667MHz DDR2 ECC CL5 ... Read more

A:Solved: Hard disk problem

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Hello everyone, it's been frustrating for me that this happened and I have absolutely no idea what's causing it.

I have 74.5 GB total disk size in C drive and it reports that only 2.57 GB is free and the rest are in used.

Computer specs:
Windows XP Professional SP 2
Pentium 4 CPU 3.01Ghz
2 GB of RAM

What I've done:

- I read some thread about this but I think this is not applicable to me: and

- chkdsk reported that there are 363,651 files

- disk defragmenter reported that there are 363,664 files and 32,612 folders (not doing defragment operation because the free space is only 1%)

- this is interesting, I am unable to do Error-Checking tools (navigate C: -> Properties -> Tools tab -> Check Now) as it always report unable to complete check after Phase 2

- check C drive disk partition and reported that 71.9 GB is used and there is unallocated disk space

- I have scanned my entire system using norton, avg, and microsoft security essentials. All reported that it is clean.

- navigate to C drive and highlight everything (show hidden files and show protected operating system files) reported that there is only 16.3 GB used

so where is the other 55.6 GB? I have used Disk Cleanup and clear all temporary internet files and I only gained 170 MB (had only 2.4GB free space before)

This is my office computer, it's been around for 5-6 years... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Missing 80% of hard disk

first scane machine

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In Windows Vista, to partition the hard disk you go into "Computer Management", right click the disk and click "Shrink Volume". This creates a new partition of a selected size from the original partition.
If you want to merge two partitions, you right click the partition to be merged into and select "Extend Volume" and then select the partition to be deleted and added to the orginal.

My problem is I do not how to do this in Windows XP, there are not the same commands available in "Computer Management" in Windows XP.

How do I partition and merge separate partitions on my hard disk in Windows XP?

A:Solved: How to partition hard disk?

By using a 3rd party partitioning tool like Paragon partition manager or Partition Magic

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Hi Folks.

I want to buy a USB hard drive to back up my entire C: drive
in case of a total failure.

I Have Acer ERecovery on my laptop but it will only backup to D:

I checked the Microsoft offering ntbackup.exe but it wants a floppy
drive, and there isn't one on my laptop.

Can someone please suggest a basic/simple solution.
BTW I am running XP Media edition but will upgrade to Vista soon.



A:Solved: Hard Disk Backups

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Hello, I partitioned my hard drive before i installed XP splitting my hard drive into 2 separate partitions. I installed XP onto the 2nd partition (D:} and i used the C: for all my movies and music. No i have just got another hard drive as mine is nearly full but i want to partition my original hard drive into 1 partition (like new) if possible without losing my windows files, program files & settings and then copy all my music and movies over to my new hard drive.
What would be the best way to do this?
Bearing in mind that my boot files are stored on the C: drive. With this been the case i was thinking it might work if i reinstalled XP after I've made it into 1 partition and label it D: drive, would that work?

Here's a picture so you get the idea of whats what


A:Solved: Help partitioning Hard Disk

Please do not double post as it confuses things

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Hi ,
I'm a quite experienced person in computers , but i have never seen this.
my hard disk , whenever i try to double click it , it says " c:\resycled\ was not found ", and if i right click , i see there is "autoplay" at the top .. as in the default action , i try to click open , it says " G: is not a valid WIN32 application" ... i cant browse through my files unless i click explore. plz help , im using windows xp sp3, please note that it is an external portable hard disk with 40 gb of total space

A:Solved: i want my hard disk back !!

Sound like a virus to me! Have you scanned recently?

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Sony desktop w/40G hard drive. It was partitioned at 18G for the C and the rest was a hidden D drive. The D drive simply contained i386, so why it had all that room I don't know.
The owner turned it off during windows and subsequently:
First was unable to start Winxp in any mode (safe, last known, etc).
The owner then put it into a Win98SE computer as a slave and started Win98SE. All folders/files/etc present.
She went online apparently and got the following advice and performed:
-returned drive to original pc, started up w/WinXP CD, started Recovery Console
-ran chkdsk/r - found unrecoverable errors.
-ran fixboot
-restarted pc w/o cd, and got NTDLR missing
-went back into Recovery Console and ran fixmbr
-restarted pc w/o cd, again got NTDLR missing
-removed hard drive again, put in as slave on the win98se machine, only sees one partition, containing i386, and is reporting the size at 10M (yes, M, not G).

This is where we are now. The primary issue is recovering the files (MyDocs) since every pic she took since her baby was born in March is in there - none printed or on CD.
Can anyone advise what steps I can take? The pc is with me now, and I have an XP pc and Win98SE pc that I can use to run any tools you think are appropriate.

Thanks - kimmer13

ps. i have partition magic, system mechanic, spinrite - if you think any of these would help.

A:Solved: Can't read hard disk

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i have a dell optiplex 200mhz mmx computer that i am trying to put a hard drive in(western digital 14G). when i hook the hd up and boot the computer(w98 boot disc) so i can insstall windows i get a message that says "hard disk controller failure". the computer was probably built in '96 or '97 and the hard drive is new. is this hard drive not compatible or does it need a driver or something???... any help appreciated, thanks

A:[SOLVED] Hard Disk Failure?

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I want to get rid of my old printer (Canon BJ S330, bought in Japan). But I know that some printers contain a hard disk or other memory, which stores documents after they were printed.

How can I tell whether my printer has this? I have looked in the manual, but it is very basic and doesn't have technical details. The printer cannot be opened with a screwdriver - you would have to break it with a chisel or axe. I can see a circuit-board inside it, but that is all. I have also looked in the "properties" dialog box etc., but I couldn't find anything.

It is a cheap printer, so I think it probably doesn't contain any hard disk or permanent memory, but I would like to be sure. Thank you for any help.

A:Solved: How can I tell whether my printer has a hard disk?

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im not really hardware savvy so i just wanted to know whether it is possible to remove the hard disk of a PC and then use it as a portable one, where the usb cable is used as the mode of connection?

A:Solved: hard disk portability

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Obviously not my primary HD... I have a HD that was working fine - it's a SATA Seagate Barracuda, 200GB. I've had no warning, but noticed it wasn't showing up in Explorer, and in Disk Management it's showing up as Unknown and Unallocated, like it's a new, unformatted disk. Acronis died a bit ago, and they haven't yet replied to my cries for help. Of COURSE the disk chooses this time to die.

May be related, just a couple of days ago my machine started taking a really loong time to boot up past the XP screen - stays black longer than normal. Haven't had a chance to troubleshoot that yet but perhaps it's because of this drive?

Since it doesn't have a drive letter, how can I try to recover the disk without losing data?

(Doesn't appear to be a virus or other malware issue, all other partitions are fine, and a full virus scan came up empty.)

Thanks for any assistance!


A:Solved: hard disk recovery

Not sure why, but it reappeared again on a reboot - albeit with 1MB unallocated. I ran the long version of chkdsk, and it fixed something - on next reboot the drive looks normal again.

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My laptop is running Windows 8. I don't want to dual boot, but I have 2 Hard Disk Drives that are compatible with the laptop. I am wondering, if I install Linux on one hard drive, is it going to wipe out my ability to boot the Windows hard disk drive? I know I tried to install a secure boot windows with a legacy boot Linux on one drive before and I lost the windows so I don't want to experiment anymore.

A:Solved: Two Hard Disk Drives

If this is a situation in which only one of the hard drives will be physically installed at any time then there is nothing to worry about. Whatever is installed on one drive will be completely independent of the other.

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I set my power scheme properties to turn off the hard disk after 30 minutes. After that period of time, the power button on the front went from green to red, but I still hear the same hard disk activity.I checked the settings under the bios, and it is enabled. I'm running XP Pro on a Gateway Performance. Anybody have any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] Hard disk won't turn off

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My daughters HP desktop is so corrupted with a virus or malware or something that it has become unusable. Every time any application is launched the are errors saying "...file xxxx is not a valid Windows image..."
System Restore hangs when trying to set to a previous restore point. The virus software has been turned off by the attack. Firefox launches randomly with sites offering anti-virus software. There is a large flashing box on the desktop claiming the existence of various viruses. Even safe mode does not avoid the problems.
I have another hard disk in the same computer that stores files for everyone on the network. I thought a simple solution would be to re-install XP from the original CD on to the other HD. How do I do that?

A:Solved: Want to move XP to new hard disk

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I've just bought Seagate Momentus XT 500GB and installed it myself to my desktop.
Downloaded DiskWizard from Seagate to clone my old hard disk into the new one.

How do I boot from the new hard disk? I still got my old hard disk on my computer, I'm trying to use it as extra storage, but it's still booting from the old C drive. How do I change it to boot from my new hard disk?

A:Solved: How to boot from new hard disk?

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Hi, I bought my PC new about 10 months ago, specs are:

AMD Athlon64 X2 4000+ Dual Core processor
Asus M2A-VM HDMI motherboard
2 hard disks: one 200GB one 50GB (7200rpm)
nVidia 8500GT-512MB Graphics card

The OS running is Windows XP Home Edition, anyway yesterday it was working perfectly fine (however this month it has frozen several times which had never happened before) and today I turned it on and got the message: "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER." I've restarted several times but the same thing happens. If I stick the Windows disk in it tries to re-install but I haven't done that as I';m not sure it's going to fix the problem because when I went into BIOS setup I couldn't see either of my two hard disks which is kind of weird because I don't think they could have both died at exactly the same time?
Anyhow wondering if anyone could give me some help into how to get it up and running again and as to what could be the problem because I'm pretty sure the hard disks can't be dead.

Thanks =)

A:Solved: Hard disk problems

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I wish to remove an exisitng second hard disk so that I can put it into another pc. It has been formatted and it is not the boot disk. However when I remove it the sysytem takes quite a while at the 'detecting IDE...' stage and eventually I am asked to put in the system disk(which does nothing). What am I omitting to do?

A:[SOLVED] removing second hard disk

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I am trying to clone my primary C drive of 144G to a 1 T hd using free Macrium Reflect. Once done, the computer only see the new 1T as 144 G. What did I do wrong? did I forgot to tell Macrium Reflect to partition the whole 1T ?
Also, is there any free cloning software that for dummy like myself? I used Acronis once and the trial is now expired.

Thanks for the help.


A:Solved: hard disk cloning

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1. I want to run chkdsk /r to check hard drive C but there are 2 hard drives D being the second one, which is intended for backing up. How do I know which hard drive I am check since there are 2.
2. It was suggested to run chdsk /r from Tools but I cannot find it. Can anyone tell me where it is and how to use it?

A:Solved: Checking hard disk

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The computer won't run my internal CD-ROM or my external CDRW. When I look at the System Properties, Device Manager I see:

Hard disk controllers
! (with yellow circle) Primary IDE Controller (dual fifo)
! (with yellow circle) Secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo)
VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller.

I deleted the VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller and it got rid of the exclamation marks. Then I restarted. It ran through the "new hardware" stuff and when I checked the System Properties the exclamation marks and the yellow circles were back.

(It is not this computer that is the problem. I have three computers that I have to keep running and it is a different one that is the problem.)

How do I fix this problem?

A:[SOLVED] Hard Disk Controllers

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Hi Guys, I need help.I have a 500 GB hard disk installed but unfortunately, it is not partioned.At an average I use about 120 GB at a given is a SATA drive and I have 2 other SATA ports available.
I want to back up the whole content of C: drive for use in emergency.How should I go about it ie.internal or external drive, which one is cheaper and which one is better?Is there any possibility to partition the existing drive without formatting it?Thanks

A:Solved: hard disk backup

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i got some kind of hard disk error i dont know i debugg the whole hard disk and installed windows 7 but the problem still persist..whenevr i start my laptop it says that there are some hard disk error contact your manufacturer to repair or replace your hard disk..what should i do?

A:Solved: Hard Disk Error

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I've just added a second hard disk to my computer, and not for the first time, as my last one went bang and was replaced under warranty. I have had 2 hard disks on this machine before. I installed it with no problems, and set it up using Windows ME. The problem is it's a 20 gig hard disk, yet it is being reported as only 7.82 gig, what's going on?? I know it is a 20 gig HDD as it says so on the label, and fdisk reports it as such. I haven't put any data on it at all yet, and would really like to find the missing 12 gig, any ideas???

A:[SOLVED] Second hard disk drive

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Thought I post regarding my migration.

My current (out of date - gather dust in the basement):
Gigabyte 7NNXP
AMD XP 2700+
WD Raptor (36gb) x2 (OS) <<-- Migrating to new system...
Corsair Twin1024x2

New system build (coming this week):
EVGA 123-YW-E175-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield
OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin PC8500
This system is setup with raid0 and a functional XP OS, all applications and settings, which I rather not have to reinstall. Now, what I would like to know if it's possible to just swap the drives out onto the new system and rebuild raid, without losing the current state? I know it's doable, but I've only done it with a OS setup on PATA with no raid config and the same Processor (AMD), but now I'm moving this system to Intel.

If possible, would I need to copy over the drivers for the motherboard, raid and Intel chipset. How would I manage to rebuild raid without losing it's state?

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I have a hitachi 1TB 7200rpm hard disk(3gb/s).
Don`t know is it SATA ll or, lll.
May be SATA ll.
I have got an error in HDtune called Ultra DMA CRC error count.
Can you guyz know what is this?
I`ve attached a photo.
Edit:My Hard disk cable is 4 months old.
Do I need to worry about it?

A:Solved: Hard disk problem

Yes you need to be concerned. Back up any data that you don't mind loosing. To verify download and run the manufacturers diagnostic software. Hitachi/IBM

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Hello champions,dis tym i need ur assistance in creating partitions on my hard disk,i wl tl u what i actualy want so dat u ppl cn also advice abt dat,so i hv a 1024gb hdd..whch is already divided into 4 partitions,but i want 6 partitions..i hv a bootable windws xp disc,can u plz guide me through partioning my hard disc,i hv aldrdy creatd a back up of my data,jus guide me step by step so dat i hv six partitions instd of 4..plz help

A:Solved: Hard disk partitionIng

Reinstall Windows clean, and go from there. Not sure why you would want 6 partitions though but, whatever floats your boat

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I am currently using the free version of [email protected] Hard Disk Monitor. It works fine for me, but I cannot access some of its cool features.

I am looking for some software that is similar to this with full (or close to the same) features that is also free. Not a free version. A complete version that is freeware.

As long as it is relatively similar, I'll be happy. I have searched a little and can't really find any others. Please assist me.

Thank you!

A:Solved: Hard Disk Monitor

Not sure if this is what you want, give it a try


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I should give you a background on this:
OS: Windows XP Pro

Hard drive is from another system with the same OS which I installed via the system management tools.

Motherboard fried (power outage) on my one system and I am trying to use the D drive from that system on my main system as it has 120mg storage which I need for some projects.

I installed the drive as the Master on the Secondary IDE channel and it shows up in the Bios correctly and also shows up in the system management tools (administrative tools in the control panel) under
Computer management/Storage/Disk management. It shows up as Disk 2 out of 3 (disk 0, disk1, disk2) and it has a drive letter assigned and is active.

I can also access the files that are on that drive via those tools....

However my issue is that I cant seem to get the drive to show up in My Computer.

What is wrong here?

A:Solved: Hard Disk Installation

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I have a "sharkoon rapid case 3.5'' Sata" which is an external usb enclosure for 3.5'' SATA HDDs. I bought just today a brand new "WESTERN DIGITAL 640GB WD6400AAKS CAVIAR SE16 SATA" HDD and I instaled it in the case. I know the case works because I used it before but because the HDD now inside is new I want to know what software I need to make it run like a Plug and Play External Hard Disk.

Note that when I connect it now, the "safely remove hardware" icon appears on the taskbar buy there is nothing in My Computer. Also when I doubleclick on the "safely remove hardware" icon and check "Display device components" the HDD appears under the USB Mass Storage Device. When you go into it's Properties ---> Volumes and click Populate, it's status appears to be "Not Initialized"

Hope you can Help
Thanx in Advance !!

A:Solved: Hard Disk in Case

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I was wondering if there is a realtively straightforward way to format a second hard disk drive that currently has windows XP on it.

I have a new hard disk installed and running XP at the moment and would like to use the older disk drive purely for storage.

Thanks for your help in advance!


A:Solved: Using an old hard disk for storage

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my system can't detect my hard disk, i've already checked all connections and configurations. i already tried it manually on cmos but it doesn't works. i've also reset it already. what else should i do?

A:Solved: Can't detect hard disk

We need some specifications and some history.
Is this disk IDE/PATA or SATA?
Is this a new disk out of a box or is it a used disk from another system or is it one that has been there all along and suddenly "lost"?
Have you made any recent hardware changes to the system?
Is this the boot/OS drive or simply a secondary?
What exactly do you see or not see on your screen that indicates the disk is not recognized?
What version of Windows are you running?
If it is a secondary disk, does Windows start and if so, does anything concerning this disk show in Disk Management? (applies to WinXP and 2000)


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Hi ....

Its been sometime now that I have been having a 80Gb Maxtor hard Drive. However, I thought maybe that I could do a Low Level Format and reuse this Hard Disk on my Existing System.

Would appreciate if someone could help me out ??

Need to know how to do a Low Level Format and refurbish this Hard Disk and take .. so that I could once again use it for my present Desktop. After Low Level Format ... have I got to do a High Level format as well. Oops

Kindly Advise ?????


A:Solved: Refurbish Old Hard Disk

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I have three partitions on my Dell pre-installed hard disk, a small FAT, around a Gb FAT32 and C: NTFS comprising my remaining storage. I need to reformat and re-install XP. When it comes to deleting existing partitions do I delete all three and create just one new NTFS partition with all the available space? Having never carried out such exercise I am a bit apprehensive as I have no clue about boot record, disk driver etc. However, I am clear that I will have to backup all the drivers for my peripherals before reformatting. This article seems straightforward to follow. I had previously tried to repair from CD but it didn't solve my problem so I am going to be a bit daring this time. Please allay my fears and point me in the right direction.


A:Solved: Reformatting hard disk

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I have a hard disk that I want to clone my C drive to, and I connected it via USB external; it showed up fine, I formatted it. However, since XP doesn't recognize boot drives through USB I wanted to attach it internally before I cloned my system drive over for when I do a boot test.

However, the drive that showed up just fine through USB isn't showing up when I plug it into the MB. It is recognized and is powering up, because when the system posts, the initial screen shows it is connected, and it gets warm after a few minutes, so it's working and the system can detect it, it is just not showing up in Windows.

I checked, and it's set to Slave.

What's the problem?

A:Solved: Hard disk not recognized?

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This is probably been asked before in various forms, but if there is an expert out there who knows the answer, then that would be greatly appreciated.

My Windows XP recently became corrupted and I had to do a fresh install. About a year and a half ago, I had a hard disk fail and I again had to do a fresh install. As you know, re-loadingXP with all the programs and settings can take hours.

I want to be able to take an image/copy of my working XP and place it on another disk, so that in the event of an XP or hard disk failure, I can just swap the backup disk into the PC and be up and running.

Because the image disk is going back into the same PC, there shouldn't be any driver/chipset conflict issues - that is, I shouldn't have to reset the drivers to standard Microsoft ones before taking the disk copy.

However, when I place the back-up hard disk with the image copied on to it back into the SAME PC, and boot up, I see the normal black screen with the large Windows logo on it, and then the blue screen that follows.

Normally, the blue screen has the words 'Welcome' on it and then it disappears to show the desktop. But with the swapped-in disk, the boot-up STOPS at this blue screen. The blue screen does not show 'Welcome' and instead shows a small colour Windows XP logo, and proceeds no further.

Is this what I should expect? It is not possible to clone an XP environment? If it should be possible to do this, what is wrong?

I have tried SysPrep a... Read more

A:Solved: Transferring XP to Another Hard Disk

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Toshiba Satellite P15-S420. Need to replace the hard disk.

It isn't obvious where the hard disk is located in this laptop and it would make my job much easier if I had some help on where it is and how to get it out.

A:Solved: Where is the hard disk in this laptop?

Never mind. I found it (as lying up-side-down) under the DVD drive.

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Can someone help me to solve this problem:
Recently I replaced the SYSTEMBOARD on my HP ELITEBOOK 6930 p, and I did it successfully!! The problem is that now it&#8217;s not possible to have access to the hard disk and always a BLUE SCREENpups up as you can see in the pic. attached. I removed the HD and placed in different laptop (Laptop HP 6910p) with the same results! When I tried the HD from the HP 6910p in the HP ELITEBOOK 6930 p it works GREAT! I hope I made this clear. I think that FORMATTING that HD will be the solution but, I CAN NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IT FROM BOTH LAPTOPS!!!
Is not possible to run CHKDSK cause I can NOT have access to the computer itselk!!!
Please help me to solve this problem or tell me IF I have to buy a NEW HARD DISK.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!!


A:Solved: Hard disk locked?

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This looks like a good machine for my wife, but I want to use an SSD for C: and use the supplied hard drive for backups.
The specs say it takes one 3.5" drive or two 2.5", but they supply it with a 3.5" so no expansion room. :(
Is there room to stick an SSD somewhere in there with double sided tape?

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My KODAK ESP 3250 SCANNER/PRINTER suddenly will not print black text. Prints all other colors just fine. Replaced black cartridge but still will not print black text. Ran inkjet cleaner sheet thru the printer, but that did not help. It even printed black text on the cleaner sheet, but would not print it on a sheet of printer paper afterward. Tried reinstalling the driver, but was directed to a driver update which would not download and install. Here is my system information:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 4450e, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2942 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM), 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 226949 MB, Free - 119023 MB; D: Total - 11523 MB, Free - 1644 MB; G: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 212422 MB;
Motherboard: ECS, Iris8
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Well the title should give you a clue... i'm looking to upgrade my HP Pavilion 3250 (UK Model) desktop. Here are the stats from the "computer overview" of SiS Sandra Lite:
SYSTEM - HP Pavilion 061 EJ193AA-ABU
MAINBOARD - AsusTek Computer INC. Puffer2
BUS(es) - ISA X-Bus PCI PCIe IMB Firewire/1394 i2c/SMBus
Multi-Processor (MP) Support - NO
Multi-Processor Advanced PIC (APIC) - YES
SYSTEM BIOS - American Megatrends Inc. 3.26
Total Memory - 1GB DDR2
MODEL - Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20Ghz
SPEED - 3.20Ghz
INTERNAL DATA CACHE - 16kb, Synchronous, Write-Thru, 8-way, 64 byte line size, 2 threads sharing
L2 ON-BOARD CACHE - 2MB, ECC, Synchronous, ATC, 8-way, 64 byte line size, 2 lines per sector, 2 threads sharing
ADAPTER - NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM) (64MB DDR, PCIe 1.00x16, PS 3.0, VS 3.0)
So what do i use this machine for? Well basically everything... web-browsing, downloading, gaming (new games), music creation and video editing... you get the picture im sure. It's not dirt slow, but i can tell it needs a kick up the PSU to do the latest games well!

I was thinking firstly of memory and thought of adding 2gb of ddr2-6400 ram. These would be 1gb sticks as they must be added in pairs, i have 2 free mem slots (four in total).

Next i was thinking of video power because i realise the GFX card is a little out of date... Read more


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Ok using the kodak printer ESP 3250 with vista HP 32 and i can t edit scranned documents so i think i need some free OCR (?) software to work its magic; so any ideas how to get that and where and is it easy to use - thanks hugs . .

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Error code 38 occurred after using 'recovery' for my computer. The printer works and the scanner copies docs to print.
I want to scan to a program on my computer called 'Print Shop' but cannot do this and cannot choose the AIO or TWAIN for that prog.
I know the drivers are not there but I cannot find any.


If you mean the drivers for the Kodak ESP 3250 you will have to contact Kodak or go to the Kodak website to download the drivers.  Microsoft does not provide the drivers for Kodak.  Go to
Your first source for all third party software, drivers, and hardware support is the manufacturer/publisher of the respective product.Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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I am after some guidance on which replacement disk to purchase for this Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 laptop, model PSA15E-03U7V-EN. It still has the original 30GB disk in it but it's been showing errors when checking the disk with the Windows XP tool (it's still useable though). I've made a complete backup to an external drive.

Thanks in advance
Themos Tsikas

HWinfo32 output follows:

General Information
Drive Controller: E-IDE (ATA-5)
Drive Channel: Primary, Master
Drive Model: TOSHIBA MK3021GAS
Drive Revision: GA124A
Drive Serial Number: 73J94628T
Drive Capacity: 28,615 MBytes (30 GB)

Drive Geometry
Number of Cylinders: 16383
Number of Heads: 16
Sectors Per Track: 63
Bytes Per Sector: Unknown
Bytes Per ... Read more

A:Disk replacement on Satellite Pro A10 (30GB)

In my opinion you can use every HDD up to 100GB. Important is HDD interface and, as far as I know, HDD in this old Satellite notebook has IDE (ATA-5) connector.

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