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Use a Comp Power Supply as an ac adapter?

Q: Use a Comp Power Supply as an ac adapter?

I have recently rescued a 15 inch viewsonic lcd monitor from being trashed at my work. I did not find the ac adapter for it and would like to use one of my old PSU's to run it. Since the power requirements for the monitor are 12.0V 3Amp, I assume I can just use the 12.0V rail on a standard PSU and attach a tip to it (which I have from a broken universal wall-wort). Will this work? Can't I use any power supply/ac adapter that is capable of supplying 3Amps or more of current as long as it is 12.0V? Thanks in advance.

BTW...I did try a duracell battery charger ac adapter that ran at 12.0V and 2.5A for a short period (as to not damage the ac adapter) and found that the monitor works fine (just has a little fraying on the VGA cable). So I know it is worth converting a supply for it.

A: Use a Comp Power Supply as an ac adapter?

A 12-volt supply capable of 3 amps or more is all you need. Just be sure the polarity is right.

I have a 12-port network switch in my shop that's been running off a 5-volt leg of an old computer power supply for several years. At the time, the manufacturer wanted as much for the power supply as I paid for the entire switch and power supply the year before. Old computer power supplies are plentiful around here.

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What is a good brand for power supplies? and where can I get them?

A:Will new power supply overheat my comp?

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I have a 20 pin motherboard but the power supply I have available has a 24 pin connector. I've read that you can simply plug them together by offsetting the 24 pin one but so far I don't see that working at all (and 'never the twain shall meet', so to speak). I've found adapters but they all say something akin to

'allows you to connect your existing 20 pin power supply to your new 24-pin compatible motherboard'

You can use it the other way around, correct?



A:20 to 24 pin power supply adapter

Some mainboard connectors are 20+4 pins where the 4 pins unsnap from the 20 pins for use with boards with a 20 pin connector. If your power supply doesn't have that feature you would use an adapter such as this.

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My computer:
Asus A78NX series mobo
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
1GB ram (2x512)
Nvidia Geforce 7600GS Vid card
333 rated fsb
250w PSU

This computer is usually very fast, with no wait times on IE for instance, loads everything more or less instantly, and as another example runs warcraft on its highest settings with ease.
The 250w PSU has recently been having problems fan-wise, didn't affect performance, but I guessed this was a good hint that it was on its way out, so yesterday I decided to replace it with a 400w Mercury PSU. I carried out a full system scan with norton before the swap, but didn't bother setting a restore point, couldn't be bothered backing up essential files either (slapped wrist). After I replaced the power supply (I replaced it by unplugging the 4 pin plugs to HDD, CD drives, Vid card, and the 20 pin to the mobo, the FDD plug, etc, didn't touch the data cables etc, then plugged everything back in in exactly the same way, except for the 24-pin mobo plug, which I had to unclip the extra 4 sockets on for my 20pin mobo socket), I booted the computer up. On first boot it seemed to go quite fast to the desktop, slightly slower than usual I seem to recall. Then, when I tried to open different apps, and check the device manager, the computer kept slowing or locking, so I shut down to check the connections to all the components. All the connections were good, so I rebooted. The reboot took about 10 minutes, and basically everything was slowed ... Read more

A:Changed Power Supply - now comp is soooo slow

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Hi,i lost the power adapter of my HP Slimline desktop 450-a103nl.Does anyone know the part number to buy a new one?  220-240Vac, italian or european power plug.tnk in advanceRoberto

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Am looking for an adapter that will fit a Sony pcv v1/g computer 18 pin motherboard PS connection to a 20 pin normal PS.

It seems difficult to find a replacement PS - Sony only supply registered repairers (any ideas?)

So I hope to use a normal PS, that could have an adapter from 20 pins down to 18 pins - would this work - or would I blow it up ?



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My internet setup is as follows:

Internet > wireless > 4G router > wireless > Main Router > PC (wired) and other devices (wireless)

As you can see the Main Router (which I connect all of my devices to, because it's faster in terms of internal network speeds and has a longer WI-FI range) connects to the 4G router (which is the access point to the Internet) wirelessly.

I want both routers to be wired. However, the 4G router has only a single Micro USB port which also acts as a power supply and the Main Router has no USB ports.

So what sort of (Micro) USB to Ethernet adapter should I buy (suggestions from experience welcome)?

Is it possible to transfer power from the Main Router through its Ethernet port?

If I use an adapter with a separate power supply, will it supply the 4G router through the Micro USB port?

Main Router: Tenda W308R
4G Router: Is an Infomark Biscuit Mini provided and customized by my ISP.

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I am writing this from my desktop. I just got a new HP Laptop (Pavilion) which came with a 45W power adapter. The power cord section (which plugs into the adapter) is shorter than the one on my older HP Laptop (G60-63OUS Notebook). I would like to have a longer power cord section or, in the alternative, could I/should I use an extension cord to reach the wall outlet I want to use. The older laptop has a 65w power adapter. I have 2 questions:

#1 - Can the power cord section from the 65w adapter be used in place of the one that came with the new laptop? I would, in effect, be mixing the two because the 65w adapter plug is too big for the hole on the laptop.

#2 - Can I get a higher power adapter for the new laptop or should I leave it alone?
Another question I have is regarding the use of cordless earphones to watch TV while working on the laptop. When the laptop is plugged in (to recharge the battery), I get static noise in my left ear. When on battery only, there is no noise. Is there a solution to this?

A:Laptop AC Power Supply Cord and Adapter

#1 Yes, if the older adapter's power cord fits into the new adapter you can use it.

#2 There's no need to get a more powerful adapter, the new laptop must not need as much power as the old one.

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I bought my TravelMate 4260 in 2007, so almost 9 years old, but still working fine, except I have changed a screen and power supply adapter. Yesterday, the adapter went out of order again. I am not sure what happened but I assume it was simply too old and run out of its life. So I started to searching for Acer adapters ( I haven't looked at adapters from other Laptop manufacturers as I am not sure if it will work on Acer laptops ). I found this adapter that has the same plug and voltage etc. It says output is 19v 4.74a, which is the same as my old one. So hope to get a final confirmation if laptop power supply adapters could all match together if the plug and output are the same. Cheers ~ TJ4000

A:Travelmate 4260 power supply adapter

You can call our saled department and see if they have it, but we may not because it is an older PC. Our sales phone number is 1-800-910-2237. If we do not have it, you could try contacting one of the companies below.

Capital Data

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.

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Hello, i dont speak good english, sorry.! I bought a lenovo ideapad z710 2 weeks ago. I have these problems: 1) when i plug in the power adapter, it shows me this message: '' The power adapter cannot supply enough power. Use of this adapter may lower the system performance.'' 2) Battery life is no longer than 2 hours (manufacturer says this model's battery life is longer than 5 hours) 3) If, when i charge the laptop,its in shutdown mode all its ok.... but if its running after 1 hour charging, transformer is getting hot.! ( i think this problem is not as important as 1&2) Please i need your help because i use this laptop for my excersises in university..Thanks.!

A:IdeaPad Z710 ''The power adapter cannot supply eno...

What are the specifications of your Z710?How much Watts does your AC adapter have?You should have at least a 90W (dual core) or 135W (quad core) AC adapter.Maybe you need a new AC adapter if it's faulty.

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The situation: Dell Inspiron 600M. Laptop won't turn on, when I press the power button, no response (at all). I think it's either the power supply or the adapter. The only reason I think it is the adapter is because the green LED doesn't come on, but the user said it hadn't been coming on for some time before the laptop stopped working altogether. The user has already gotten a new computer and really only cares about the data. I'm trying to decide the best direction to go: Adapter or SATA/ATA to USB converter? I'm pretty set on the converter, but want to make sure I won't have to reformat the HD for it to work with the adapter. I think the laptop has a PATA HD connection. Will it work on most of the converters?
Another side note: I have had no success yet finding another adapter that worked. I did try an adapter for an Inspiron e1705 (90W) and when I plugged it in it reset the adapter. I thought the adapter for the 600M was also 90, but I guess not.

A:Solved: Laptop-Power Supply or AC Adapter

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I bought my TravelMate 4260 in 2007, so almost 9 years old, but still working fine, except I have changed a screen and power supply adapter. Yesterday, the adapter went out of order again. I am not sure what happened but I assume it was simply too old and run out of its life. So I started to searching for Acer adapters ( I haven't looked at adapters from other Laptop manufacturers as I am not sure if it will work on Acer laptops ). I found this adapter that has the same plug and voltage etc. It says output is 19v 4.74a, which is the same as my old one. So hope to get a final confirmation if laptop power supply adapters could all match together if the plug and output are the same. Cheers ~ TJ4000

A:Travelmate 4260 power supply adapter

You can call our saled department and see if they have it, but we may not because it is an older PC. Our sales phone number is 1-800-910-2237. If we do not have it, you could try contacting one of the companies below.

Capital Data

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.

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Hello everyone,
About 1 week ago I was on my computer playing a game (League of Legends), and all of a sudden my monitor shuts off (no signal going to sleep) i found this really strange because that happened out of nowhere. And my computer still remained turned on (well i could still hear the fans moving) So I turned my computer off (holding the button for 10s) it turned off, so i waited about 10 seconds and turned it on again, but this time i noticed that when my computer was powering up it didn't make this *beep* sound from the mainboard that it usually does when it boots up, and again my screen was still showing no signal. So i decided to turn my computer off again, unplug everything and plug everything back in. Turned my computer on... Still no beep sound, still no signal on my monitor, so i looked at the back of my computer and out of pure stupidity changed the voltage on my PSU (computer power supply) the next thing i hear is a loud BANG and i smelt a burned smell and some smoke came out of my PSU...

So 2 days ago I went out to buy a new PSU, the guy at the shop said it was 550W and should be fine for my computer, so I opened my computer up, took the old PSU out, replaced it with the new one, turned my computer on and to my luck no other components were damaged from the death of my old PSU, the computer booted up fine, and it's still the same computer for performing normal tasks like browsing the internet.

But now my problem lies here. When I go to play game... Read more

A:Solved: Could my new Power Supply Unit (PSU) be causing performance issues on my comp

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I have a LaCie Grand hard drive, and while plugged in the power supply tip smoked and melted inside the charging port of the drive enclosure. Using 2 small screwdrivers I got all the goo and charcoal out, then plugged in another power supply. The drive mounted and I got all my data out.

Now what? Would you experts trust this drive with a new power supply? Or should I crack it open and put the actual drive into a new enclosure? i feel like a hard drive I can't trust is useless to me. Am I too paranoid? Your opinions here will be greatly appreciated.

A:Hard drive power supply adapter burned up... now what?


Me personally would put it in another Enclosure as they are not expensive......also I might run a test on the HDD as well

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For the last two weeks, every time I start my Dell INSPIRON E1705 while using the power supply I am greeted with the following message. "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 90W AC adapter or higher for best system operation". I press the F1 Key and everything works fine. I've read about this on other websites and most say it's a design flaw in the power supply after the cord has been properly wound around the supply as designed. Apparently a few of the cords internal wire strands become broken and cause this message. My computer is from June 2006 and shouldn't be having this issue so early...or ever. This seems like a flaw that should have created some type of manufacturers recall since so many people are having this issue. I'm of course out of warranty, will Dell replace this free of charge?

A:Power Supply - "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined....."

You are correct, the failure is due toloss of the power supply ID signal. Sometimes this happens because of strain on the plug, which breaks the signal wire. Some even are so severe that the insulation breaks away from the plug; this is due to rough handling. The other cause is one or more of the power socket solder connections to the system board become broken. This also is related to severe handling. I have seen one case where all three power connections and three of four mechanical connections were disconnected. If the power supply is bad, a replacement will cure the problem. If not, then the socket is bad, and this will require a system board replacement. If you are experienced, you can try to resolder the connections. I am experienced and was not able to get my daughter's E6000 to work by resoldered. More recent Dells are using a replacable power connection board which is a much cheaper repair.

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Hey, i'm building a computer but i haven't realized that the power supply i need is an atx 2.0. What power supply should i get??

I was orignally looking at the Ultra X-connect but it doesn't support atx 2.0 Damn.

A:power supply atx 2.0 any suggestions as to a power supply?

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Toshiba Satellite L305-5955, Ive taken apart and replaced power jack. Not directly soldered to motherboard. While still apart, and battery out/in, connected power supply and still absolutely no response. Power supply is NOT original, and slightly different specs, i.e original 19v..6.3A

current 19v..3.1A

A:Toshiba Satellite L305-5955 does not respond to power supply, new power jack

Almost certainly the problem is that the current rating is wrong, if the laptop needs
6.3 A of current, it won't function on less (just as you can't use a 3A fuse for a kettle!)
Unfortunately it must be the right current rating, I know, I've been caught that way too!
Maybe you can exchange it?

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I'm interested in the Toshiba G25 laptop but have heard that you can't use it on airplane seat power. It comes with a 120W AC power supply (15Vx8A), but I've been told that most airlines limit seat power to 75-90W max. Lind sells a 12V car adaptor for the G25, but specifically won't include an airline plug for this reason (which I can get independently, of course). I've read some interesting electrical discussions on this board. Can ya'll comment on the following or provide any general advice about power consumption?

1) Given that the voltage of the laptop and airline seat power pretty much match up (12-15V), if the amp draw on the laptop exceeds what the airline power supply can deliver, what will happen? Will it damage the laptop to feed it insufficient current? Will it shut down the laptop altogether? Merely dim the screen?

2) If I remove the laptop battery, which requires power to charge it, how much will that reduce the power need of the laptop? I'm not sure how to work the math, but the spec sheet states the battery supplies 4400mAh at 8A output. Does it require the same to charge it?

3) Most importantly, on my 15 hour transpacific flights, will the DVD player work with that ultrabrite screen at the low airline power supply? A nice feature of the laptop is that you can watch DVDs without powering up the Windows operating system (it has a small linux OS for the DVD player). Granted, the DVD drive and screen are prob... Read more

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I have a Dell 8600 about two years old. When I plug in the AC adapter, it intermittently fades to the battery as though the plug was pulled out (its not) and of course the screen fades in an out when every time it swithces--it does it every 30 to 60 seconds or so. I switched to a different AC adapter (I have a Dell 600M with the same AC adapter)-same thing so I know it is something internally. Any ideas?

A:Dell Laptop Power Supply Fading In and Out--power jack is bad or loose?

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Ever since i got this new motherboard and CPU ive been having a bit of a nightmare with it.

Gigabyte ga-ma790fx-ds5 -Latest Bios
AMD Phenom Black Edition 9850,
4 gigs PC 6400 ram (Corsair XMS2 CM2X1024-6400
ATI Radeon 4870

The problem is that the motherboard will NOT power up at all with the 2 of the latest power supplies (600 watt+) i have.

It wont work at all with; (Nothing happens its just dead)
Arctic 600 watt Jeantech PSU (brand new and working)
Corsair 620 watt HX PSU (working)

It only seems to work with my Jeantech 450 Watt PSU and i cant for the life of me figure out why. Ive tried everything to get the board to work with the new PSU's. I had thought that the PSUs i got were dodgy but after testing out one in an older PC it worked fine.

Ive removed all parts and tried powering up and i cant get it to boot up. But the PC seems to work fine with the oldish 450 watt PSU which i find just unbelievable.

Can anyone help with this nightmare? Now on the Gigabyte site the CPU i have isnt listed as supported by this motherboard which is kinda worrying could this be the reason? If so how the old PSU boots up.

I just want to have the fracking thing working with the right PSU.

A:Power Supply Wont Power up - Gigabyte ga-ma790fx & AMD Phenom 9850

if I read the specifications right on your mobo... it implies that it has the 4 pin PCI-e input(power) but it also has the 8pin ATX power conector. (it may be simply removing a cap that is actually right next to the 4 pin connector, thus making it an 8 pin connector (thats how it was on my mobo)

Try using the 8pin power with your new PSU, see if that works.

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Yesterday in my house,electric fuse was switched to turn on cooker in my kitchen. During this power delivery was stopped for 4-5 second only.
When power back on then pc automatically turns on and just before bios show me :"?Power supply surges detected during the previous power on ASUS anti-surge was triggered to protect system from unstable supply unit.
Press F1 to continue.? And then pc booted fine to Windows.

Is this normal ? Did it damage something? Why i get that message is this normal?

6700K stock
Asus Z170-P
Corsair 750 RM
Gtx 1080
SSD 1x

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I picked up this Alienware 5700 off ebay to hopefully refurbish for my son but I'm new at this and still learning and so this thing has me baffled. The laptop is in pristine condition but shows no signs of life. When I plug in the power supply the green light on the power supply goes from solid green to blinking rapidly to the point you can barely see it. To me that would mean a short somewhere right ? If so where ? Has anyone else ever had experience with something like this ? I just don't want to go buying a new battery for a laptop that maybe fried already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:No power, no lights but green light on power supply blinks rapidly

Remove the laptops battery and try the AC power only. If the green light does the same, it still could only be a bad AC adapter, or at worst, a shorted laptop motherboard

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It's been a while since I built a system from scratch and have a... errr... simple question

gfx: Sapphire HD3850 512MB Ultimate (passive)

MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FIR

PSU: Seasonic M12II 500W

The motherboard has a power connector for the graphic card next to the slot.

Is there any reason I should connect the power for the card to the power connector on the board instead of directly to the power supply?

A:Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

First time I have ever seen that feature. I like it. I'm thinking that is a neat/easy way to partially eliminate cable clutter from the PSU. Give it a shot, you can always revert to PSU cable if you wish.

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Sorry I don't know the proper terms, but basically the pin inside the jack where the power cord gets plugged into on my laptop was bent so that it's really hard for me to plug in my power cord and have it stay in place. My warranty with best buy has expired, so I need to figure out how to solve this problem on my own. I can't just leave it like this because the cord comes out really easily and I can't continue to work with such a tenuous setup. Anyway, is this just a matter of replacing the entire unit inside my laptop? I know you probably need more information, but I'm not sure what to provide, so please ask any questions. The laptop is a Toshia M-45, about 3-4 years old. Thanks in advance

A:Bent power supply pin - Hard to plug in power cord

umm.. bend it back so it's closer to normal? That's all I can say about it. usually works for me.

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Hi, I just bought an HP pavilion e9300 a few week ago. And I am going to upgrade the power supply so that I can get a new graphic card--ATI 4870 which requires at least 500 watt power supply. My current computer is shipped with a 350 watt power supply. I will probably get a 650 watt considering the 70% effeciency of power supply.
However, when I talked to an HP technician, he insisted that I could go for a power supply with no more 450 watt. Because the system I just got has a motherboard which has a max power limit 450 watt. He said if I go beyond that, the motherboard will burn out.
So what shall I do? I really want to get ATI 4870 work well on my computer.
Thx very much.

A:Does power supply with higher power rating really burn motherboard?

The long answer is "No".
Just be sure of the dimensions of the power supply before you order a replacement, as HP uses some pretty strange sizes sometimes, and you want the new one to fit with room to spare.

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Hello guys.  Can anyone help me understand the power supply on the HP Envy Phoenix 860-019?  The PCIE connector 6 pin connected to the GTX 960 has black and white wires.  Shouldn't there be yellow and black wires?  Yellow is usually 12 volt and black wires ground.  Is the 6 pin connected to my GTX 960  supplying a standard 75 watts of power or something else?  I want to install a GTX 1070 but the 6 pin wire colors are not the industry standard color scheme.  Also there is a 2 pin power connector with a white and black wire.  Usually a 6 pin and a 2 pin can be used together to connect into a 8 pin socket on a GTX 1070.  Will my connectors supply the needed power and connect properly because the color scheme on the wires make no sense. Thank you

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I have a Sony VGC-RB42G computer. I recently moved my computer, cleaned off all the dust, and when I plugged everything back in, it won't power up. The light on the power supply blinks green, inside the motherboard also has a green light that blinks as well. It has a ticking sound too, but I am not sure if it is coming from the power supply or the motherboard. Any idea what could be wrong.

FYI, I have already unplugged everything from the power supply, pulled out the ram, checked the battery, and put everything back together and still no change. One thing I thought was strange was after I unplugged everything, I pulled the power into the power supply again and this time the green light came on but did not blink. It stayed solid.


A:No Power, Blinking green light on power supply and motherboard

Sounds like a Power Supply problem.

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Answer Match 52.5% we finally got my girlfriends new PC up and running. The problem im having...or more of a concern really. Is when you flip off the power supply, and then flip it back on, the PC gets a short burst of power. IE the lights and fans all come on for a second or two. Then you can press the power button and turn it back on.

Any ideas guys?

A:Power Flashes when I flip the power supply switch..

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I shut down my Pavilion Elite for 1 week while away and now it will not turn on. The power supply light is on, I replaced the CMOS battery and the power switch is ok.

A:Pavilion elite power supply light on, won't power up

As you did not mention any message or display on the screen, I would use this tutorial for a step by step diagnostic.  It also helps to remove the side panel, and visually watch the CPU and rear case fan movement(s).  As you press the power button, pay attention to the fans. Also does the Power Supply LED stay ON? Or did it go OUT when you pressed the power button?  

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Ok, so it's time again for me to pick a new power supply, however, I'm in need of some help determining the appropriate wattage for my hardware setup.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 45nm AM3
GSkill Ripjaw X 16.0 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24)
Corsair TX750w (I dont think its the V2)
ASUS M5A97 (AM3r2)
***here are the voltages listed on speccy*** (if they are of any use??)
+12V 11.731 V
+5V 4.935 V
CPU CORE 1.284 V
VIN3 1.668 V
VIN4 2.148 V
+3.3V 3.132 V
VIN6 1.092 V
VIN7 1.632 V
VIN8 1.668 V
ASUS ATI Radeon HD 5870 (x2 in Crossfire @ 158w ea)
59GB Patriot Pyro SE SSD

I have terrible luck with random bsod's and power supplies pooping on me, I want to pick one this time that will last me. Also, I have my power running through a Monster Power HT700, I live in a new apartment so the wiring should be ok, I've dusted out all of the components inside the case, double checked my connections, all that jazz. I've got a cooler over my memory, I am still using my stock cpu cooler, but thats changing soon (I get crashes @ idle too) Any help I could recieve I would appreciate, thanks


A:Hardware Power Consumption-Picking a new Power Supply

You have pretty much the same problem as me (getting BSOD's randomly). For me it's bulging capacitors on motherboard. You should take a closer look for capacitors on your motherboard. Dead capacitors look something like that:

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Working on a dell dimension 2400,think may have bad power supply.Anybody know if that model uses a proprietary PSU? or will a regular industry standard one work?

A:Dell Power Dimension 2400 power supply

Should be a standard ATX PS.

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Hi forum and pc gurus,

My problem is specified down to my PSU, at least I think so. (550W Logisys PSU - maybe the quality has something to do with it, I paid $19 for it from NEW EGG). I have A Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Motherboard, a Intel Core 2 DUO Conroe 2.13GHz processor with heatsink and Fan, Sapphire ATI X1950 Pro, 2 GIGS of WINTEC DDR2 PC 6400 (800) RAM, 1 SATA Maxtor 320 GIG HD, 1 2.5 inch SATA 160Gig HD, and two DVD Burner Optical Drives (both IDE).

I have it hooked up like this, two Optical Drives connected to 1 IDE connector/cable which is hooked into the IDE input on the motherboard, both are set to slave. Two CD outs (connected one to each Optical Drives) to one CD input on the motherboard. Both HD's are connected to SATA inputs on the motherboard, one is set for master, one is set for slave (I heard that it did not matter but wanted to state that anyway), then my ATI RADEON X1950 is hooked directly into my only PCI Xpress 16 slot. The power connectors are then all hooked into their respective inputs on the drives and Video Card. ANd last but not least, all the Power button and LED connectors are hooked into their input on the motherboard, wich I set up exactly as the motherboard diagrams and directions directed. I turned the switch on the PSU to on and I only got a faint mouse like squeek, then nothing, not even the fan. So I figured it was DOA, so I had newegg send me another. I got it today, installed it, hooked all the power connectors to the hardware, th... Read more

A:POWER SUPPLY FROM HELL! I cannot get my custom built PC to power on! HELP!

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I have a generic MB (P-120 CPU ) which I just switched to a different case and power supply. It has an extra "six pin power type connection" in the middle of the board. Only one supply that I have matchs this and the wires are three green and three black. What is the funtion of this connector, it looks from the wire colors to be some form of switch.

Its a case of not wanting to swap out the power suppy from my other unit unless necessary. I have 4 other supplies and none have the extra wire, which is listed as P10.

Many thanks in advance.

A:extra power leads on power supply?

Sounds like typical extra +5V lead and can be used for any number of things...(riser cards,backplanes,to drive extra slots, etc.)
Without knowing the specs. on your motherboard this question is impossible to answer...Post Mobo identification (make/model) or obtain FCC ID and post that. Perhaps we can find a more definitive answer for you...BOL

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I'm currently a computing student so I rely on my computer a lot for my studies and was hoping I could get some quick advice/troubleshooting on here. So here goes :

I've had a problem with my computer recently, it's been working fine for a year or so with no problems, and then one day i tried switching it on and nothing happened. I tried once more and then the power short circuited (I then had to turn the power back on from the mains switch).

The strange thing is, my housemate had exactly the same problem, and after searching for the answer , he was told it was due to a static buildup and the solution was to take out components (graphics card, RAM) e.t.c and put them back in.

I tried this and no luck , I was thinking due to the short circuit, there may be a problem with a fuse in the power supply? other then that I'm completely stumped and would appreciate any help given.

Many Thanks for all help received

A:Computer won't power up (poss. power supply)

Does it happen with any other appliances? as in does using the toaster while using the kettle While your mate is in the Electric shower, telly on, or ironing?

Possibly a static build up, it is possible, Wher are you situated??
What voltage are you on?

What is the make and model of your comp? is it the same as your friends?

is your machine custom built or is it a brand?
Answer a few of them and we will try to narrow it down 4 you..

Mean while if you could get your hands on a spare PSU that would be handy. And remember when dealing with PSU's alway leave them to sischarge for at least 24hrs,
the 3 D'S, Disconect, discharge, dismantle.

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I have a server that I would like to upgrade to 20 1TB Hitachi HD's. They claim max startup current of 2A. and idling down in the .5A range. The platform will be a 775-series X48 with a 6600 Core Duo. Graphics card is small, does not even require aux power connector. Not needed to just supply the KVM with 1280x1024. No other signficiant sources of 12V drain exist other than the MB/CPU, a slim CD-Drive for installs, a slim floppy, and one additional 30GB SSD startup drive (2W when active).

I am looking at an 850W Corsair. I've heard these are quality supplies and I don't want multiple rails since no one really knows what sort of Voodoo goes on as to how they divide multiple rails up. And I don't want to get into that. I will be using a single-rail +12V PS. I can add a second if I need to but I'd rather not.

Do you think this will be sufficient for handling 20 Hitachi hard drives? "Green" drives are a non-starter since they will drive my Raid 6 controller, and then me, off the deep end with TLER issues. I do have staggered spin-up control of the drives with the controller.

Thanks for any help.

A:Power Supply Question & HD Power Consumption

Power Supply Question & HD Power Consumption, Pt. 2 - Laptop vs. 3.5"

My second question is this - I have a BTV server that needs to be on at all times during the season to record shows during day and evening.

Suffice it to say that you CANNOT reliably put one of the critters into sleep/hibernate mode and expect it to wake up and reliably record a show. It just won't happen.

Now, this is one case where I can use "Green" 3.5" drives, but I am also considering banking 500GB 7200RPM or even 5400RPM laptop drives. These will all be on a raid controller, but since they will be in pass-thru mode or RAID 0 mode the controller won't freak over TLER like it would with RAID 5/6 and mark the drives bad. The controller also has more than adequate cache to handle a 5400RPM spindle as OTA HDTV generates little more than 2.5MB per second per channel. Even 4 channels at once is 10MB/s and that should not tap the ability of a 3Ware controller with cache on 5400 RPM RAID 0 or even pass-thru drives.

My question is this - 2 500GB laptop drives burn much less startup and idle current than a single 1TB 3.5" drive. Has anyone tried running multiple laptop drives on a RAID controller, and what sort of luck have you had? What sort of sustained throuput can you obtain?

Electricity is a huge factor here, at 12 cents per KWh. I can recover the marginal cost of 2 500GB laptop drives vs. 1 1TB 3.5 drive.

Case construction and drive cages are no... Read more

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Hi !! All,

Happy New Year to all members and technical assistants.

I have a little issue in which I require some help and guidance.
I have a PIII 900MHZ 256 MB memory with a ASUS MB-

Recently it died on me and assumed that the reason I could not get to power
it up is due to my power supply. I went out and spent the money and bought a brand new power supply from a computer retailor. I saw him remove it from a brand new case.
I installed the power supply , trying to power it up, I can see the fan rotate a little bit but not enough to power on. Changed socket and it power on.
It booted up but after 30 sec, it shut itself off and now I cannot power it back on until 15 min. later when I went and change power socket once more.
This time, the power did not stay up very long. As soon it powered up, no more than 1 min later while it was loading windows Xp, it shut itself off nad now again can't power it back on. I have a power extention and power bar in which I used and both shuts the computer off. Anything else plugged to it doesn't seem to do any affect. This is the second new power supply I'm trying.
What else can it be ? I have not tried to place the computer in a different room on a different plug yet. I will try that tonight but in the meantime, what else can I try ?

Thanks for your help and listening.

Cheers !!


A:Pc wont power on after power supply replaced

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Finally broke down and started building a new system -
I'm too old to game, this all started out as a home video

Anyway - gathered all my components, now I'm working
to assemble them.

The case came with an Okia Model 500-ATX power supply.
But no wiring schematic.

I'm trying to identify the power supply fan plug - what seems
to be it doesn't at all match the connector on the board.
And I've got that positively identified by the board manual.

The board has a small male 3 pin connection. The only thing I
can find that might be the fan connector coming from the
supply is a small 4 pin plug at the end of 1 of the strings of
drive power harnesses. Nothing tucked up behind the
supply case or anything.

Is that likely to be it? Or would that be for a floppy or something?

I tried to Google for a wiring schematic, but could find nothing.
In fact, nothing much at all on this brand of supply - just
a couple places that sell them. Please don't tell me I got
an el cheapo that isn't worth having!

At the risk of getting ahead of myself, in case I need to adapt
something like that to the different style male connector on the
board, in this case or something else I may find as i progress,
is there some type of source for adapters, or what would I do?

Bear with me, this probly won't be the last question I'll dream up -
just getting started.

While I'm at it - the board manual talks about a conn... Read more

A:New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug.

There are basically two voltages available to you: 5V and 12V. Doesn't really matter where you get it from - some pin on the mobo or some wire from the PSU.

From the PSU the yellow wires are 12V and red ones 5V, black is ground. The fan voltages should be written on the fan itself, the black fan wire is ground, red may be 12V or 5V depending on the fan voltage.

Fan headers on the motherboard should be labelled so, check with a voltmeter what pin gives out what.

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Ok so lately I have been getting a BSOD at very random times and it looks like a Diver Power State failure. SO all of my friends and every website I go to makes it seem like I need to get a PSU. Right now I have a Quad Core and a 8800GT and 375W PSU. So my friend told me to get a new 700W PSU.

So, if the only fix is to get a new PSU? I tried to rollback my GPU driver but it didn't help.

So any ideas?

A:Driver Power Failure = New Power Supply?

You're greatly risking the health of your whole computer while running with such underpowered power supply. Do yourself a favour and get a quality PSU. That's the cheapest one that is enough and of good quality that I could find with a quickish search.

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So I hooked my pc up after I took it w/ me to work becuase I though I was going to a lan tonight. But when I came home and plugged it back. I noticed the power supply box light was blinking. And it wont turn on. No power or what so ever. I need help BADLY


A:Power Supply Light Blinking. No Power :(!

Have you opened case to make sure all connections are secure? Something may have come loose while you were transporting it. Give us more info about your computer (e.g. make and model, cpu, ram, name of psu, etc.)

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Hello, everyone - I have just assembled a new build. It will not power up. I need a suggestion to figure out if the problem is the case or the motherboard.

This is a mini-itx build. The case is Linkworld LC820-01B. This case comes with a 12 volt 65 watt external, laptop-style power supply that plugs into the rear of the case just like a laptop power supply plugs into a laptop - a barrel connector. Inside, this power connection connects to a power supply component that is not like a regular ATX power supply, but is on a printed-circuit board mounted on the case. This has several capacitors and other stuff. From that comes the 20-pin and 4-pin power supply lines for the motherboard.

I assume the 12-volt power supply for this external power supply unit is right, since it came with the case. It was 65 watt.

The processor is an IBM 1155 3220t, with TDP of 35 watts. Lower-powered CPUs can be put in a small 1155, so I assumed the power supply might be under-powered. I ordered a 90-watt 12 volt power supply with the right size barrel - and same polarity (pos inside).

The MB is an ASRock H61MV-ITX. It is 1155, mini-itx form factor.

Still, same problem.

Everything is connected correctly.

When I press the power-on button, an external CD drive I have plugged-in spins up for a while. But no power light comes on in the front of the case, there are no POST beeps, the fan for the CPU does not spin up. No other signs of life.

So, power is getting into the MB - the external CD drive i... Read more

A:New Build no power-up: case's power supply or MB?

Well, I figured out the problem.
I am planning to re-do the older mini-itx system I have; it has gotten riddled with Trojan software for kids downloading games; it basically has been de-commissioned already.

So, I took the pico-psu power supply from that older computer, and hooked it up to the one I am making. Everything went perfectly.

So, I un-did that, removed the MB from case, disconnected the barrel-power connection from the case, unscrewed and removed the power supply that had been mounted in the case, put the pico-psu power supply back in place (I had to drill the hole for the barrel-connection out to be a little bigger since the pico-psu internal/external connection is threaded and held in place by nut with lock washer), and routed wires to be clear of cpu fan, screwed MB to stand-offs, and closed it all up.

now, everything is great. I like this linkworld case, but the power supply is worthless. I may try to get a few dollars back from the ebay vendor, to make me happy with a case that is less than what I should have gotten, but is working for me; I don't want to wait on returns, etc.

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Hey, got quite a problem with my laptop.. It's a Medion Erazer X7813, worked well for ~2 years.
I was doing a graphics card benchmark yesterday and it stopped in the middle of it(monitored temperature, it was at ~80 degrees Celsius when it turned off). No bluescreen or anything just off and I couldnt restart after that(no fans nothing). I thought it might be the power supply, so I tested it, but it was doing 19v when not plugged in, but when I plugged it in and unplugged it again it was at 1v. When testing I unintentionally shorted the power supply and it showed 1v after that just as it did after plugging it in, is it shorting inside the laptop? Could it be the battery or something more serious like the MB? Any ideas are welcome!

A:Laptop gets no power, power supply seems to be working

The charging circuits on the laptop motherboard may be shorted...

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Hi everybody,

I tried to search on google about this, but it's not really help and it never happen to me before so I post here.

My PC was running normally for a long time, just couple weeks ago I sent my faulty video card (xfx nvidia 8800 ultra) to get warranty service and they sent me back another. The new one works fine, but a week later I tried to turn on my computer and there's no power at all. No lights on, no fan running, just no sign of power. So I check inside if there's any wire from the PSU is unplugged, but everything looks good, nothing seems wrong. I'm sure the power from the wall is good and the power switch on the back is on. So I tried to check the wired again, push the power cable to the mother harder and press the button, it worked. But that doesnt solve the problem, if I put something heavy near the PC or the desk is vibrating a little bit, the power turns off. I press the power button again it would not turn on until I open the case and press the power cable to the motherboard harder, it's on. I then close the side panel, it's off, no power.
This is really annoyed me, I dont know what else to do. What caused this problem? The power supply or the power button? Can somebody help me?

My system specs:
ECS G31T-M mobo, Intel E8400 Duo, 2x2GB RAM
2x2 SATA HD, nVidia 8800 ultra video card
ULTRA's 1000watt PSU

A:Power supply or power button problem?

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My power supply died a few days ago and I have replaced it. My PC will now boot but will not send a signal (turn on) the monitor. Everything on the PC seems to work but it just will not turn on signal to the monitor. I have tried two different monitors with the same result.




A:Power supply died, now monitor will not power on

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was watching dvd and pc cut out completely... high pitch beeping comming from my power supply on hp 110 desktop... when i unplug from tower beeping stops .. plug it back in and it resumes.  No power, no flashing leds ... just constant beeping... no pattern ... just beeps continuously.

A:constant beep from power supply... no power to pc at all.

let me be clear.... beeping not coming from tower.... it comes from the plug in power supply... the square box part of it.

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My first post...

I received my new DVD DL +/-RW drive today and eagerly installed it. I of course unplugged my computer's power supply while doing it. After plugging the power back in, the green LED on the back of the CPU started blinking (never noticed this before), and when I hit the power button, NOTHING happen. No fan turns, no lights, nothing. When I unplug the power supply, the green LED blinking gets slower and slower, and after about 15 minutes it totally stops. I plug the power suppply back in and it starts blinking all over again and still the power won't turn on.

All I did was replace a CD-ROM drive with a DVD Multi drive. I didn't mess with anything else, so there should be no power supply shortage or problem. Any thoughts as to what could be happening?

By the way, I have a 2 year old Compaq computer with 2.0 ghz Athlon 64, 1 gig RAM, no problems thus far.

A:Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply

While installing the new optical drive, you might have inadvertently loosened one or more connectors. Recheck all data and power cables to make sure they are tight, including all those to the motherboard.

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My laptop will no longer turn on.  When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED light is white indicating power is arriving at the laptop. However, nothing happens when I push the power button. Troubleshooting steps I have completed already include: Hard reset (several times including after each step below)Tried starting without the batteryRemoved all removable components and reseated themRemoved all removable components as well as bottom cover. Cleaned with compressed air. Put everything back.Nothing appears wrong and nothing happened between the last time it turned on and this time that I am aware of. The laptop is out of warranty, and I am pretty handy with computers. Is there anything that can be suggested short of a hardware replacement that would help get this resolved? TIA

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The tips I got with this Kensington 33197 power adapter have numbers stenciled on them like N3, N5, N19, etc. The tips sold on their web site make no mention of the "N" numbers and have numbers like K20059, K20050, etc. and there is no cross reference.

You can also see a complete reference for "N" numbers to all the laptops they support at the above link. Again, no mention of the numbers Kensington uses on their site.

I need a cross reference for these kinds of numbers.

Kensington referred me to their telephone tech support; but, there is a language or cultural barrier that prevents their understanding what I need.

Does anyone know of such a reference?

A:Need power tips reference for Kensington laptop power adapter

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Ok so, i do know what the problem is, this is more about what i can do to use my computer until i can fix the problem. Ill start off with what the problem is. My computer wont turn on, from the get go i knew the power supply was okay because the mother board has a green light on it showing that its getting power. of course, just in case. i tried putting a new supply in but there were no changes. At first glance the mother board looked good. No blown resistors or anything of that sort, i sent it to a friend to check it out though, once again just to be thorough and sure. Finally after hours of tedious searching, i found the problem. The chip that the power button plugs into has blown out! Very happy thats all it is. Now, my question to all of you, is, is there anyway to bypass using that board so i can run my computer until i replace it? if i just unplug the little board that the button is a part of, the computer obviously does not turn on when i attach the computer to power and i dont know how i can trick it into turning on without having the use of the power button. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


A:Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power

There are some motherboards that have a power on button directly on the motherboard. I don't suppose you have one of those? There are some BIOS' that can enable the keyboard to power on the PC by pressing any key. I'm using one of them now. Of course, the problem with that is to get the PC started in the first place so you can change the BIOS setting (if it has that setting).

What motherboard do you have?

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HP Palvilion m9077c
Motherboard IPIBL-LA (Berkeley)

Power Supply (DPS-350ab-8a)

Hello all, this is my first post. First, let me thank all for being here and sharing your vast knowledge. My PC and power supply is above, web-links included for more accurate description. Also, I have scoured this forum/internet attempting to resolved and yes there is a ton of info. The problem is the I cannot find specific details "similar" to my problem regarding how they determined the repair action, other than replaced power or mobo. So hopefully, when this is resolved this will help someone with my similar problem.

- Problem > PC will not turn-on, just as if not plugged into power source.
-- Sypnopsis > Nothing unusual happened as far as I know. Shut-down PC for the evening as
usual, next day went to turn it on...nothing.

- Troubleshooting accomplished:
-- Checked power outlet & cords, checked good
-- Green light on back of power supply is steady green...normal indication
-- Removed power supply to test with multi-meter. Strapped/jumpered pins 16 (green wire) with
ground (blk wire). All appears normal, everything is in range of specifications, values below:
pin 1: 3.39
pin 2: 3.39
pin 4: 5.07
pin 6: 5.07
pin 8: 5.03
pin 9: 5.03
pin 10: 12.17
pin 11: 3.39
pin 12: 3.39
pin 13: 3.39
pin 14: (-)12.01
pin 21: 5.07
pin 22: 5.07
pi... Read more

A:NO POWER, Is it power supply or motherboard?

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Would a 500W power supply power this

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition


Nvidia Geforce GTS450 1GB PNY

Gigabyte SKT-AM3 GA-880GM


DVD RW Drive

A:Would a 500W power supply power this

Hi QGamez,

I reckon a 500W wouldn't be enough but a 750W may be the right one. I had a look in a few forums and they had 650W & 750W etc but not 500W.

But wait for more input from the others and see what they have to say

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hey.. I have an interesting problem.
When I plug the atx power supply into my motherboard as soon as it makes contact the psu fan spins about 4 times then stops. which i suspect means its testing to see if it works or something. But i have a computer out of the case and i might have made the fatal mistake of useing a paper clip to "jump start" the motherboard by contacting the power jumpers. now whenever and metal contact is made (paper clip, the actual start mechanism, anything) it won't cut on. Well me, thinking i must have messed up the jumpers, cut the psu green and red cord (i double checked to make sure they were the power on cords) and twisted them togeather and put electrical tape around them. I know its not the best job but i was just testing a theory. When I plug in the psu and its plugged into the motherboard the psu fan becomes turned on (because of the twisted on wires) and spins. But the cpu fan and motherboard remain powerless. I am wondering if i've done something wrong or have screwed something up... any help would be appreciated.
ps. before the problems begain i installed the motherboard into a case because it was just components and i founnd a cheap case. When I installed the motherboard I screwed metal screws into the contace points where the motherboard is supposed to rest. I heard somewhere metal is bad for the bottoms of motherboards so that could be it. thanks

A:power supply and power jumper

Disconnect External Power To The Wall Socket Before Messing Around In The Box!!!!!!!!!!!

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My PC suddenly shut off and wouldn't turn on, but the mouse and motherboard lights were still on. A tech took my PC and ran some tests. I assumed that either my Power supply or my Motherboard was unfunctional but he called me back telling me that it was neither, and that the problem was coming from "a part" that gave power to the motherboard. The replacement of this part would cost $80.

Am I getting ripped off? What part could possibly cost $80 and isn't the Power supply?

A:What gives power to the Motherboard that isn't a power supply?

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I have a Delta DPS-150GB B Power Supply out of an Apple Macintosh Power Mac computer. I would like to use it as a 12v/5A power supply for my model train layout. I have a couple important questions:

1) I need to know the pin-outs of the connectors (1-4pin, 1-14pin, 1-5pin on ribbon wire), specifically which ones control start-up and various voltage outputs.

2) Being a Switching Power Supply, I think there must be a load on at least one of the output rails. Can I create this with a simple resistor of some sort? if so, how exactly what would I need to do.

I can email photo of the connectors if that would halp. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Using Computer Power Supply for 12v Power

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I have a Windows XP Home Edition SP2 computer.
768MB Ram

Last week I installed SP2 on my computer because I had SP1 and decided to upgrade.

A couple days later when I click on "turn off" my computer restarts NOT shutdown... When I click on "stand by" The screen goes black, then I get a "blue screen" (Like in Windows 98) But it's dark blue and stays up for only a second. Then the computer resets.... The next day my computer stopped that but then As soon as I press the power button the TV in the living room goes all fuzzy.. I turn it off. I remove the power strip thinking that it went bad... I do use every plug, but other power strips in the house are full too....I plug it directly into the wall. The restart stops, still fuzzy. I unplug ALL the connections in the back of my PC except the Power and monitor...... It stops.. Plug it all back in. Put it in another outlet in my room. Does it again.... Change HDD power cable.. (motor could be causing this?) I finally realize that it's the TV tuner card. The cable connection is already being split into 1/7ths! I had a bad plug on the TV splitter so the fuzziness got fixed.. I put the power strip back on and the restart is going on again... I tried on a outlet too....
Why is my computer restarting when I click "Turn Off"? Is the "shutdown.exe" corrupted?

A:Power Supply or Power Strip?

Check your power management settings (and reinstall software if needed, from the manufacturer website). I've run across many problems with SP2 messing with power management settings...

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Went to dinner, left PC running. Came back, PC shut down. Would not power, lights, fans, LEDs...nada, zip, zilch. We had a brown out a few days back...I figured the power supply finally crapped out. Tonight installed a new power supply (Antec Smartpower 2.0 350w). No change! I push start button....absolutely nothing.

I have checked:
a) power at outlet OK
b) changed power cords, original is cord OK, but I notice when I insert the plug into the recepticle there is a spark. Now I'm not much of an electrician but I don't think there should be a spark for just plugging it in.
c) I have plugged my backup PC (this one) into the same outlet on the surge protector and it's running fine, soooo... the problem is in the computer.

If I plug the power supply in...shouldn't the PS fan run? It doesn't.
Can there be something bad on the (shudder) mobo, like maybe the start switch or something?

Also confusing me...I have sata HD, this new PS has power plugs for sata. My old power supply only had the regular 4 pin plug that I plugged into the sata HD yet it ran fine. Do I need to use the sata plugs on the new PS?

Cripes, I'm so freakin computer impared..

Please... need help, this is my gamer PC and I'm a BF2 junkie!

Thanks for viewing this thread.

AMD64 3000+
ATI 9800XT 256mb
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
1 gig PC3200
XP Home sp2

A:installed new power supply...still no power!?

Is the LED lit on the MB? Try bypassing the front case switch by putting the blade of a small screwdriver across the pins on the MB that the switch connects to.

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Somebody, please tell me what this is and what's it used for?

A:What is a 4 pin power connector from power supply?

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Came home, walked in and noticed my PC was off. monitor was on, speakers on, modem everything on as if the power had blinked out for a sec and my system had shutdown. I pressed the power button on the front and got nothing. i checked the power supply's own power on/off switch on the back and got nothing. no light that its on or anything. thought maybe it was the cable so i plugged it into my other pc and the cable works, so i'm thinking maybe the psu went bad or took a hit. Im guessing i just need to replace it. How difficult is it to replace it by yourself. i've never done that before and do you think that its the psu at fault? I'm thinking that if there is not power on light, then something is wrong big with it. my heat temps stay down between 28C and 34C at the highest. Also, can i replace it with just any other 600w power supply or does it need to be a specific kind. company i bought it from online listed it as dual core certified 600w psu. no mention of 12v rail or anything else. i guess i can get that from them if they have it on file.

A:No power to Power Supply, no lights

Well sounds like your power supply took a power surge. Well to start with i would try a power supply. Now about replacing the power supply cheap is not the best way to go, learned from experience. Here is my recommendation:
And for replacing a PSU not hard. If you need help removing it Post back i will walk you through step by step if need be.

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hi guys
as per one of my friend I could replace my memory (RAM) up to 32GB, so I've ordered a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX so I've took slot 1+2 and replaced 2 4GB Hynix RAM by 2 8GB HyperX...
Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to the board or RAM... 
Startup: 2x BEEP (No BIOS)Motherboard Light: Solid AmberBootup Light: Flashing AmberPower Supply Light: Solid Green
I've tried booting from  a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two, and nothing has changed... anyone can help?
Motherboard: 0Y2MRG i7 2700Primary: SSD Kingston HyperX Savage 240 (added)Secondary: Seagate 1.5TB + 2TB (added) Barracuda (7200)New RAM: ts/HX316C10FK2/16 RAM: HMT351U6CFR8C-H9

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This is a common problem (I see lots of posts)
The problem source is the [Dell] AC adapter.  PA-21 Family, 65W, P/N: NX061.  It is made in China.
I have an XPS M1330.  Using Dell after warranty service, replaced the Mother Board twice, replaced the battery twice, replaced the AC adapter twice - not fixing it.
Turns out the power warning message is very informative.  It states "Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for best system performance".  So, I plugged in my Dell 95W adapter - WOW Problem Solved.
A lab test of my new Dell 65W AC adapter shows it to be 64.6 watts.  If this unit gets hot (like after several hours of use), it may not put out the full 65 watts - the system may not recognize the adapter, it may power the system ok, but won't charge the battery.
These units burn out after only a few months of use. Their cables are too fragile. If Dell's or their supplier's Quality Control can't produce a reliable 65W product - I found seveal "Made In USA" universal adapters.

A:AC Adapter - Alert - "AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined"

Well my solution was simple.
I just removed the battery pack and powered up my notebook. Then I turned off the notebook replaced the battery pack and VOILA. The error message was gone.

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My Acer Aspire T180 with Vista Home Premium was having problems. I took it to a repair shop. They fixed it by deleting some update I had downloaded. It was working fine in their shop (cost me $79). Got it home and the "D-Link DWA 547 rangebooster" would no longer connect to my wireless network. The green light was flicking (as it should), the Device Manager says it was working fine but it won't connect. So, I disabled it, removed it from the computer, restarted my computer with out it, then re-installed it. Now the computer doesn't even detect it.

How do I enable a device that I disabled after it disappears off the Device Manager List?

I will be going back to the repair shop when it's open tomorrow. They may help!

Thank you.


A:Solved: Comp won't detect network adapter any more

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I just purchased a new Dell PC.  I now get this message when I turn on my speakers:
power surge on the USB port. Unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. I have no idea why or how to fix it. Can anyone help me?


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Computer is an E-Machines T2642.
Motherboard: IM845GV
OS: Windows XP Home Edition (service pack 1)

Here is my problem: The other day I was online on my computer when it suddenly shut down. So I tried to restart it and everthing seemed to be going ok, it was able to boot up but shortly after my desktop loaded it shut off again. After that I tried to boot up again but it seemed to freeze up, so when I went to turn the power off it seemed like the button didnt work so i had to just unplug it.

Now nothing happpens when I press the power button, no power at all. So now I assume that the power supply has burnt out, as when I opend the case I did notice a faint burnt smell which seemed to be coming from the power supply. No smoke though.

So my question is, is it pretty safe to assume that the power supply is dead or is it possible that it could just be the power button? Also Im wondering if my harddrive is ok, I think so since it booted up a few time before, after that I got the screen telling me an improper shut down occured and asking if I want to start in safe mode or last good setting..etc.

Any help would be appriciated.

A:Power supply gone bad?

Yes you can pretty much bet the PSU is bad. Probably the mobo as well. If you search this site you will see MANY descriptions of this same problem.

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I was wondering if ,without starting an angry argument thread, if adyonre could recomend a good quality power supply. I once read someone say they didnt understand why anyone woud spend $1000 on a build and compromise it with a $20 power supply. I would like at least 1000 watts as I run a good number of periphreals. Do you really get what you pay for or is there some manufacurers that stand out? Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Power Supply?

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hey there, i just bought a Nvidia Geforce 9500gt 1gb PCI-E card and it says that the minimum power it needs is 350 watts. i have a 400 watt power supply. ive been running a pentium 4, 3ghz with windows xphome and 3.5g of ram, a radeon x1050 card, and 2 moderate sized hard drives with a intel desktop board D915GAv/D915pgn. my monitor is a BENQ fp757-12.

NOW!!! i was so irritated when this new card i bought DID NOT WORK! nothing seems to work in this friggin comnputer for me ... i plug the new card in the place of the old card,and plug the monitor into the vga input, but when the computer turns on the monitor dosn't and the little red light on the computer stays on solid but theres not much noise. i end up just turning it off. i cant install the drivers for the new card because it need to be in my computer fo r it to install them....but i cant see cause the monitors not on...and ive tried wiping the other drivers from the old card and starting form scratch but that didnt work also...

SO!!! am i going to have to buy a larger power supply, say, 500 or 550 watts? Or does my promlem lie elsewhere? Thanks to any responders!

A:Power Supply

Did you uninstall the drivers of the old card before removing it? Does plugging in the old card work?

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I just signed up after googling a problem I was having and I found a forum post here that recommended a way to check what that problem might be.

I download, installed and ran Speedfan to check the voltages of my power supply. See the attached image for the screenshot. I am suspecting that my + and - 12V and my + and - 5V should be telling me that my power supply is bad.

I am also getting random computer shut downs (just completely turns off) while doing anything on the computer from browsing the internet to playing a game. It happens even when I am not using the computer and it occurs every few hours.

The power supply in question is a KINGWIN Mach 1 ABT-1220MA1S 1220W

Think my power supply is bad?

Since I cant link a picture the readings are:
+12V: 5.12V
-12V: -1.17V
+5V: 5.08V
-5V: -7.17V
+3.3V: 3.38V

I posted a pic at

A:Bad Power Supply?

If your PSU voltages are outside of these values then yes you need to replace it.

Voltage Rail........Tolerance.........Minimum Voltage.......Maximum Voltage
+3.3VDC............ 5%...............+3.135 VDC..............+3.465 VDC
+5VDC............... 5%...............+4.750 VDC..............+5.250 VDC
+5VSB............... 5%...............+4.750 VDC..............+5.250 VDC
-5VDC (if used)... 10%..............-4.500 VDC...............-5.500 VDC
+12VDC............. 5%...............+11.400 VDC.............+12.600 VDC
-12VDC.............. 10%..............-10.800 VDC.............- 13.200 VDC

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Just bought a barebones AMD Athlon 950. Am going to put all my old computer junk in it that is collecting dust, might as well do something with it all:

3GB master HD
1.3GB slave HD
24x Internal Phillips CD-ROM
Phillips 4x External USB CDRW
3.5 Floppy
32MB AGP Nvidia GeForce2
Creative Labs Audio PCI 128 Digital Sound Card

My question is, would a 200W power supply be okay for this system? The board originally came with a 250W power supply. The 200W is a power supply out of my old PII 333Mhz system.



A:Power Supply Enough?

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Here's the power supply I just bought:

My voltage for the -5 is low at -3.56 to-3.62. Is that too low? Should I return and try again?

Here's all my voltages:
V Core = 1.4 to 1.5
+3.3 = +3.2
+5 = +4.99
+12 = +11.6
-12 = -11.6
-5 = -3.56 to 3.62
Battery = 3.152

Also are these good?
CPU temp = 55c/132f
system temp = 35c/95f

A:Is my new power supply bad?

Rosewill makes some pretty shoddy power supplys but if it works I guess it's ok. You system temp is fine but your CPU is running way to hot.

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Well after switching the power supply in my mates PC with mine, and it now working fine, it seems to be that (Not Artifacting). The thing is, the PSU Tester that I have says its fine. Could it still be a faulty PSU?

A:Power Supply

In a single word... YES!

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have 1.4 amd and 2.0 amd gb cpu's, what is the best power supply to use. Does it make any difference with the video card
as far as power supply if I use a 64 or 128. Also, non ddr video against ddr video of 64 or 128.

A:power supply 300 or 350

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My system:

Hewlett Packard P4 764n
1gb ram (2x512)
200watt stock power supply
I just purchased a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3850 512MB graphics card to upgrade from my current radeon x800 gto.

However, i failed to notice before buying that the recommended power requirements for the new card is at least 450watts.

since my system uses such little power to begin with, would i still be okay with my current power supply?

i looked up the recommended power requirements of the x800 gto and it says 300watts which is still over my current power supply and that has worked great for me for years....

i do plan on taking out the cd-rom drive and zip drive in my current system when i put in the new card, will this 'saved power' be enough, do you think?

if not... where can i find a 450+ watt power supply that will fit in my rig? All of the supplys i've looked at seem way too big.

whats the worst that can happen if i just tried it?

thanks for your help, oh and i know that my computer is old and a POS for these times... but i'm poor and simply cannot afford to buy a whole new system.

A:power supply help

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I have a HP Pavilion 7840 which has developed a loud fan noise. I have checked it out and it is the fan for the power supply. Do I have to replace the power supply or can the fan be replaced. I took out the four screws which hold the cover over the fan but the fan seems to be removable only if the power supply was removed from the computer and disassembled. I have cleaned the dust from the fan blades but this did not make a difference.

A:Power supply fan

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I just installed a new extreme power duo 600w power supply and this is my first time doing this. The computer powers up easily but the moniter won't recieve a signal. I also couldn't figure out where to plug the SATA connecters into. what did I miss?

A:Power Supply Help

Read your mbd manual

There was no reason to unplug the Sata cables
to change the Power supply.
Put them back where they where.
1 end goes to your hard drive.Other(S) to the motherboard Sata slot(S).
Read the motherboard diagram if you forgot where.
It's all in the motherboard manual or download a pdf version.
The monitor won't receive a signal,because your OS isn't connected.

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about 6 months ago i was gonna buy a power supply for my computer i never ended up buying it this is what i was told.

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Okay, that is exactly what we needed to know. The minimum power on the +12v rail for a 9600gt is 26A. Your psu only supplies 20A; the amount of amperage on the +12v rail is critical. If yours doesn't have enough, it can lead to problems. There are other things that could cause your problems so you can't just say it's probably related to your PSU, unless you're ruled out the other causes. Nevertheless, your current psu isn't supplying what your 9600gt needs.

Also, I am very suspect of your psu. Just because it says it puts out 350 watts doesn't mean it actually does. Do you have budget to get another psu? If so we'll be more than glad to help you find a good reliable upgrade that will fit your needs.Click to expand...

what i want to know is if there is 3 12v rails or whatever like in this one do they add up to meet the requirements?

im gonna use ebay or newegg and want to pay around 50

A:Power supply help

That PSU should work fine for the 9600GT.

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I have a friends Ultra 500w power supply that has past the test for the plugs, but does make the light in any room or house flicker once when you plug in the power cord. The unit switch is turn off. The mother board is shot and I think maybe this might be the trouble maker.
I have never had one do this, so I thought I would put it out there to see what you think.

A:Power supply

sunnyeagle said:

I have a friends Ultra 500w power supply that has past the test for the plugs, but does make the light in any room or house flicker once when you plug in the power cord. The unit switch is turn off. The mother board is shot and I think maybe this might be the trouble maker.
I have never had one do this, so I thought I would put it out there to see what you think.Click to expand...
wtf you needa 500w for lol, 250-300w is fine for anything man. i would most def. say that the 500w power supply is your troublemaker. trash it or sell it and get you something smaller and more scaled to what you will be doing or what your friend will be doing

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So I had put my computer to sleep before work today. I came home and couldn't get it to "wake up." So I powered it down with the button on the front. However, now it will not turn back on. It worked fine yesterday, I played some D3 and surfed the web... Tonight after work nothing. So I laid it down and opened the case and the green LED indicating power is ON(LIT UP) on both my MOBO and my power supply. However hitting the power button gets nothing, no fans, no blinks, beeps etc. So I completely disconnected my tower and took both sides and the front off and checked every connection. Twice. then I booted my Gf's desktop and started surfing. I stumbled across a few different articles.

How To Fix a Computer That Won't Turn On

Now I don't know. my thought is that my power supply is bad and is only sending enough juice to signal its got power but not enough to boot. but I don't really know and that's why im on here asking for youre help! Thanks guys!

A:Bad power supply?

I preach having a spare power supply to all my clients.

You should purchase a replacement anyway. Go for a Corsair with an 80+ rating with enough wattage (I'm thinking you need 800 to safely work with the gpu) to satisfy your needs. Swap out the questionable existing psu; see if that's it. Don't try to be frugal with those. Corsair, Seasonic, and Antec are the favorites with we hardware geeks.

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Hey guys!

I don't know if you remember the post about my PC exploding (thread started by PixiChic), but here's the re-cap:

Puter said *BOOM*-> *BOOM* turned out to be a bad PSU -> PSU damaged Videocard -> repair-guy installed new 350W PSU -> i was not satisfied with 350W, wanted a minumum of 400-450W -> emailed guy for an ANTEC 450 PSU

So... The guy FINALLY emailed me back (after a week!!!), but asked me if it HAS to be an Antec... Appearently he doesn't have one, but he DOES have an Enlight or a Sweex 650W... I've never heard of these brands, but perhaps you guys know if they are any good (and SILENT!). I do still want to get the Antec tho, but I really would like to know about the other 2, because I've been waiting FAR too long to get a good PSU and I want one NOW! I will email the guy back as soon as I have your input, so know your insights will be highly appreciated


A:Power Supply, AGAIN! :)

Enlight is a reputable brand . . never heard of Sweex


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These are probably the stupidest questions in the world...but I just bought this thing and the Use Manual wasn't in the box (can't contact them until Monday about it) so I have to ask as this is different from any power supply I've used before apparently. This is an older power supply, I needed an ATX 1.3 with the aux power connector for my year 2001 model Gateway computer. It's a Fortron, FSP, whatever ( power supply.

Well the first question is that black nob in the second picture. It spins like a volume control nob, one side is a + the other a - . I'm guessing it has something to do with fan control? Also, there is no voltage switch. Every power supply I have ever had has had one, is there a reason there isn't one on this model? I have to wait until Monday to contact them about my manual, was hoping maybe someone here would know something? I don't want to hook this thing up until I understand it...

A:Power Supply Help

The black knob is the fan speed, and the power switch is right about the A/C connect, look a little closer. Looks like a standard P/S form-factor to me. FWIW, I've seen P/S models without the A/C switch, but pulling the cord out does the same job.

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I'm putting together a new system-
Asus P5B Deluxe WIFI motherboard
Core 2 Duo 6400
2 gigs corsair ram, 2 sata hard drives 250 gigs
Geforce 7900gs graphics card.

I'm looking at a Seasonic 500 watt power supply- is this enough? or do I need more?
Thanks for any input!

A:How much power supply do I need?

500W should work just fine although I'm not that familiar with Seasonic. When it comes to power supplies I try to stay with name bran such as Ante,Thermaltake and a few others

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I'm thinking of buying a new power supply of at least 550W, but I don't know the first thing about them. I want a new supply to fix a freezing problem I have with games and Device Manager, and a problem with Windows Media Player where it displays green on divx and x-vid.

I posted to the games forum and we pretty much narrowed it down to the power.

I have two DVD DL+-RW drives, a 120G 7200rpm had drive, an MSI nvidia motherboard, a 1.75 Athalon 64 processer, a 3.5 floppy drive, and an ASUS Nvidia N6800 video card, all to be (hopefully) powered. I also have two side case fans that I'd like to power, and I could use a rear one.

My obsolete power supply is a Works Power W43TFC, 430W. Here's a site with some info on it:

I am a poor, unemployed post-college student, and thus don't want to drop a lot on the power supply. Knowing very little about power supplies, I found these two at Newegg that looked good.

All advice is welcome, thanks in advance!

A:What to look for in a power supply?

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i have this power supply (dont no which brand it is) and on day when i booted up my computer after a thunder storm (i had unplugged my comp) the fan on the power supply got really loud like the rpm whent up and im not sure how that happend. is there anyway i can turn the fan rpm down or am i guna hav to live with it untill i can get a new 1?

A:Power supply help

I'd replace is as soon as you possibly can. A faulty PSU can be a very bad thing.

Make sure that you choose a good quality PSU as a replacement.

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I own an Canon Optura 20 and live in the states. I'm originally from England and will be travelling back and forth over the years wanting to take my camera with me. What's the best way to charge my camera if I was over there? (taking into account the difference in the power supply) Could I just get the British version of the CA570 charger? would that be compatible with the American camera/battery?
Thanks for any response.

A:UK Power Supply

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I recently built a new computer and it has been running fine without any problems. Although, whenever I play games like BF4 or CSGO the exhaust fan at the back seems to slow down a bit and has a little bit of clicking. Is my power supply enough for these components?
Gigabyte R9 290 Windforce 3X
Intel core i7 4770 3.4 ghz
Asus Z87-C motherboard
8GB G-Skill RAM 1600Mhz
128GB SSD/640GB hard drive
700 Watt Cooler Master PSU
Zalman Z11 Case

A:Power supply not enough?

700 watts seems plenty to me

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Hi. I just found out after three years of owning the Inspiron 560 that I could install a second hdd. I proceeded to install it but the clip that connects the hdd broke. I have the PC attached to the second clip. Can I repair the primary clip(not the data cable) or do I need a new PSU. Where do I buy a PSU for the Inspiron 560? Any suggestions will be appreciated. deanie44

A:power supply

If the SATA power connector is broken, you can use a power "Y" cable from the good SATA power connector for both hard drives. That is is cheaper than buying a new power supply.

Here is a sample of what you need, from CLICK ME

Although you won't need a new power supply with the adapter cable, if you have the full size case model 560 and not the 560S model, it uses a standard ATX style power supply. If its the compact case model 560S, a TFX style power supply will fit.

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Will a 20 pin ps work in place of a 24 pin If not, what will not work properly? Thanks! I plugged the 20 pin into the 24 socket and everything seemed to work but no graphics? The graphics card gets it's power from the motherboard so, could the missing 4 pins be why I have no graphics on the monitor?

A:power supply 20 pin vs 24

Hello p5200,

It's not recommended to use a 20 pin PSU cable on a 24 pin motherboard power connector. It would be recommended to update your PSU to one that has a 24 pin power cable.

All about the various PC power supply cables and connectors

You can plug a 20 pin cable into a 24 pin motherboard and it will work just fine. At least, it will for a while. They added those extra 4 pins for a reason. When you plug a 20 pin cable into a 24 pin connector you're not providing the extra current carrying capacity which may be needed by the motherboard. If your motherboard's current requirements are low enough then it will work properly with only a 20 pin power cabled plugged in. But if the motherboard draws enough current, then you can overheat the 20 pins you're using on the 24 pin connector.

Hope this helps,

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Hey Everybody,

I'v got a problem going on that I have not come across before. I recently put together a gaming system for myself with pretty decent parts. The problem is when I try to boot the system after it being shut down for a few hours I get all kinds of errors and it usually takes about 1/2 hour of screwing around to get it to boot. Once it boots I can go ahead and play games etc for as long as I like without a problem. I think it may be a problem with the power supply being overloaded but I would appreciate any advice you can give. The specs for the system are:
Asus A8V Deluxe
AMD 3500 (Newcastle, I know I should have gotten the Winchester!!)
2x512 Samsung PC 3200 RAM
2 WD 80 Gig SATA drives 8mb
1 WD 80 Gig IDE drive 8mb
BFG 6800gt OC
Creative Labs Audigy Platinum
LG 48 x CDRW
BenQ 16x Dual Layer DVDRW
Standard Floppy
Raidmax Scorpio 868 Case
Antec Truepower 430 PSU
Windows XP Pro with SP2 built in
NEC Multisysnc 97F CRT monitor
Logitech Z5500 Speakers
Logitech MX 510 Mouse and Keyboard
3 x 80mm 1 x 120mm Case Fans
I ran 22 passes of memtest with no errors, I also ran the Western Digital diagnostic tool on extended test twice on all drives without any errors. I have run Prime 95 for 5 hours as well. The temps for the cpu, mb, and video card are all well within spec and I have the 120 mm fan blowing directly over the hard drives and they do not get hot to the touch.

I had the SATA drives set up in Raid 0 but because of this problem... Read more

A:Power Supply Maybe????

You could have a problem with the mobo-battery. This is cheap to replace.
Before you do that, make a note of any settings you have changed yourself in the BIOS.
Careful you don't brake any bits when removing/installing the battery.
Your PSU should be OK. Run the PC without OCing the graphics card (that may also be a problem!) for a while.

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Heya dudes.. I have a power supply, the Antec SL350 (350w). I realise that it gets heated up very easily and quickly, especially when I'm playing computer games. I swapped it with my other power supply, the "cheaper" abd non-true power ones and ironically, these are much cooler when if fact they are supposed to be less efficient, resulting in more heat generated as part of inefficiency. Could anyone help me out here as to whether there are anythings i should look out for or do? Thanks! [the reason why i swapped my power supply was that I feared that my other components (esp motherboard) would get heated up as well.. Thanks.]

PS: The power supply has an extra cooling fan which points downwards, where the warm air is blown out. I also have an extra cooling fan attached just below the power supply (most casings have his, I believe) for ventilation purposes.

I run on an AMD system, 64 bit 3200+ (939), on Gigabyte's K8Ns Ultra-939

A:Power Supply

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Well I finally did it...upgraded one too many pieces and now I need a new power supply. Actually I think mine is due to be replaced anyway (I might be seeing some instabilities). I ran a psu sizer and it recommended at least an 850 watt. Now this may work at this time but I am thinking about potential upgrades tomorrow (ROFLOL, I know me). Anyway I was wondering about recommendations for a good psu based on my system currently (See system specs).

Currently looking at:
Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250-Watt Power Supply - SLI Ready, 80PLUC, 135mm Fan RS-C50-EMBA-D2 at TigerDirect.comCorsair CMPSU-1000HX 1000-Watt Power Supply - ATX, 140mm Fan, SATA-Ready, SLI Ready at TigerDirect.comUltra X3 ULT40311 1000-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, PCI-E Ready, Energy Efficient, Modular at
I'm not sure about the Ultra brand which is what I am currently running as it only has a 3 year warranty which coincidentally is just how long I've had the current Ultra psu and it is starting to act up.

A:Need new power supply


I think the Coloer master and Corsair are both solid supplies capale of delivering their rated power and then some. I have been an Antec fan and the 450 watt Antec in my first build is coming up on 6 years old and still going strong. I just used another Antec in my new build. They are reasonably priced and conservatively rated high quality supplies.

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I am looking for a Gateway 145 watt U-ATX Form Factor power supply.
Does anyone have any ideas on where I might can get one reasonable.
Also does the form factor mean anything ?

A:Need Power Supply Help

Try this:

or do a google with: micro ATX power supply
Form Factor must be ATX, meaning it is one that switches off when you shut down Windows.
The U stands either for Ultra or (Mu)Micro.
Measure your current PSU to get the right size replacement.

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Is kingwin a reliable or brand name power supply? If you have used it or know of someone how does it perform under your PC including your PC specs. Here is the PSU. my pc doesnt need that much power but in the future I might get a 9800gx2. Its that or I'll just buy a thermaltake PSU which I know is reliable.

A:Power supply

Kingwin is a very weak power supply and only has a 70% efficiency. Go to and look at the Corsair line, they are the best price for a high quality supply most of the time. I recommend any of the following for a top of the line quality supply.

Seasonic – Any Model
Corsair – Any Model
PC Power & Cooling – Any Model
Thermaltake – “Toughpower” Series Only
Coolermaster – “Real Power Pro” Series Only

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Hey guys i been having many problems when i try to play some games they all been crashing lately and everything is pointing to my PSU.

So i need to know if my Psu can hold all my hardware while playing heavy games on High settings, or if theres any software that can help me solving that. (srry for bad english)

My Specs:

OS:Windows 7 Ultimate x64

CPU: Intel Core I5-3330 3.00 ghz

Motherboard: H61M-A/BR

Memory: DDR3 1333mhz 8GB

Graphics Card: GTX 760

Sound: Onboard

Monitor(s) Displays: Samsumg B1930N

Hard Drives: an old 320GB Samsumg

PSU: Thermaltake Smart 550W

Cooling: 3 Cooling fans

Keyboard: A very cheap one

Mouse: Rappo V2

A:Need help with my power supply

Your graphics card is rated at 170 watts.

I think that Thermaltake is made by Channelwell. I couldn't find a review on it, but I've seen bad reviews for some Thermaltakes.

A 550 watt supply is certainly enough if it's a quality unit. I'd be suspicious of that PSU, but I can't find anything definitive about it.


Here's a review

which has this comment:

Bottom line: a no-nonsense power supply that is capable of powering most mid-range PCs for today and tomorrow.

The Good

Solid performance
Nice cabling
Attractive price

The Bad

Voltage regulation droops at extreme load

Here's another review:


3 Year Warranty
Good voltage regulation
Good modular cables
Relatively quiet
High Efficiency


Disappointing ripple suppression relative to competition
Poor Crossload performance – voltage droop and high ripple
Could benefit from more PCIe connectors
Read page 10 and make your own conclusions.

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alright im gonna be runnin a amd 4800+ x2. and like 1 or 2 gb of 3200 ram. and a evga 7950gt Oc'ed graphics card. what would u say a good power supply would be to run that???? in the future i might add a second card. so yea give me some links or something. thanks

A:power supply

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