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BSOD - changed CMOS battery and computer wont boot

Q: BSOD - changed CMOS battery and computer wont boot

I got BSOD on Emachine W4265 - entered BIOS and date was incorrect, tried to change date and save but would not save. Chaned CMOS Battery and now computer won't reboot.

A: BSOD - changed CMOS battery and computer wont boot

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Hey, folks-

My first post here; sorry if I overdo or underdo any of the details here. I have an HP
Pavilion 735n running XP Home. Things have seemed a bit garbaged up lately, so I
decided to do a complete reinstall. I decided it was also a good time to
change the 4-year old CMOS battery (a plain CR2032). Well, I changed it and started the
reinstall; on the second disc (out of 6) the computer just shut down. No beeps, no warning;
just turned off and couldn't be turned back on until I unplugged it and started again. Tried
to install again, and the same thing happened, over and over again. I put the original
battery back in to see if I could at least finish an install, but that didn't work. Neither did
doing it without any battery at all, which one person says SHOULD rule out it having
anything to do with the battery. The hard drive was already formatted by the first time it
happened so there's no way of solving the problem from within XP. I also don't know
what the original bios settings were, so all I could do was load the defaults, which I’m told
should work. Is it a clue that every time it shuts off, the time and date in the Bios default
back to January 1st, 2001, even with the new battery? I know the shutting down could be
due to a lot of things that you can’t diagnose from there, but my main questions are these:
Do any of you have any personal experience with a computer that never had any
shutting-down problems before, suddenly starting to do so afte... Read more

A:Changed CMOS battery; computer keeps shutting down

First of all, check and make sure you didn't put the battery in upside down. The + mark on the battery should be facing UP.

Follow the instructions here for reconfiguring BIOS and see if you still have the problem.

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Its a packard bell laptop, and the system started to freeze for no reason. No viruses. Now, I can usually only move the mouse pointer-if it lets me start windows at all (xp). As of tonight, the system wouldnt let me even pass the startup screen, it kept asking for a non existent system password to continue! The system bios clock seems to reset itself too, so I believe the whole problem to be related to the cmos battery.

My main question is, how much should I roughly be expected to pay for a cmos battery and installation from a general pc repair store? The laptop is out of warranty, so I dont really want to be spending £30+ just for Packard to find and install one either. The reason I need someone else to do it is because this particular packard system has the most awkward setup, and therefore access to the battery is next to impossible..

as you can see from my (slightly blurry) photo-

there are only 3 panels on the back of the machine that you can remove- 1 hard drive, 2 ram, and 3 wifi card (I think!).. the cmos battery (the circle!) is to the right of one of the panels, under the casing. I have tried removing the entire casing, all screws and connections, and even from the front, trying to get to it by removing the keyboard, but it proved impossible to me, so Id rather get someone else to do it. No doubt the difficulty is on purpose so that you would always send it to packard for repair, and for a high price, bu... Read more

A:wont boot, bios/clock errors-how much to replace a cmos battery to fix this problem?

If there's a dismantling guide for your laptop online you could try to fit a new battery yourself.
If you're ok with that post the exact model of your laptop and I/we will help you look.

Otherwise to get the best deal I would phone a few small local computer shops and compare their prices with big chains like PC World.

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Hello, I noticed about six months ago a memory problem was showing in my mini view on my xps 420. I removed the boards and reseated them and the error went away until now. I ran the diagnostics and followed the error code. It said my cmos battery was bad. I changed the battery and now it will not boot. I ran the repair cd with no luck. Can someone offer some suggestions ? Thanks--- Larry D

A:Computer will not boot after cmos battery.

Remove the CMOS battery.
Unplug the power cord.
Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to fully drain all residual power.
Put the CMOS battery back in, make sure you put it in correctly.
Plug in the power cord.
Power up.

You should get a CMOS configuration error message. Press F2 to go into Setup, load defaults, set date and time and boot options then see if it will boot.

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I just changed my CMOS battery and now my computer screen is jumping all over the place, like the fine tuner is messed up! I wore a static wrap, rubber gloves and I turned off the computer. I even reset my date & Time, and checked my monitor cables to see if they were lose, but their OK. Any ideas on why my computer screen is jumping around? I even checked the battery to see if it was good, and cleaned the battery, it's OK! Please help!

A:Changed Cmos Battery

When you take out the motherboard battery for a length of time, the BIOS returns to default settings.
First, did you reset the date and time in the BIOS. Does your computer have onboard video or a video card? did it used to have onboard video, but you added a video card?
Also check you refresh rate in the monitor's properties

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When I had to change the CMOS battery on my older Intel Pentium w/MMX for the first time a couple of months ago, I found that it is mounted vertically. This means that instead of using gravity to hold it securely in place as would be the case if it were horizontal, it relies solely on a flimsy little "arm" to hold it in the correct position.

Unfortunately this little "arm" is pretty puny and, although I replaced the battery as carefully as I could, the arm would no longer hold the battery in place. Since the arm is too flimsy to mess with, I was forced to fold a small piece of aluminum foil and wedge it between the battery and the arm.

That worked for a while but although the computer is located where it won't be bumped, within a few days the battery had become unseated (though not visibly) and my computer was only working sporatically.

As a last resort I turned the computer on its side so that the battery would rest horizontally, and it has worked beautifully ever since.

However, I am now without the use of my CD-ROM drive because, of course, now IT is vertical and the CD's just fall out no matter what I do.

As I said, it's an older computer but there's no way I can afford a newer one on my tiny income. Is it possible for a relative greenhorn like myself (in the computer hardware department anyway) to change the mounting for the CMOS battery from vertical-mount to horizontal-mount? (If it requires any soldering I'm out o... Read more

A:Can CMOS Battery Location Be Changed?

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Help! I changed the internal battery on my son's Dell Inspiron 1545. I used the online manual and found the battery after disassembling the entire laptop (the batter is the LAST step).
Unbelievably I got it back together and the laptop started up but now it shows a connection available but will not connect. I have tried troubleshooting and resolving with no results. I think I probably did not connect something correctly but have no idea where to start.
Thanks for any help from an computer unsavvy mom!

A:Changed CMOS battery now can't connect

but now it shows a connection available but will not connect.Click to expand...

is this wireless
it maybe the wireless aerial - connects around the screen usually
also check the bios and make sure nothign " networking " is disabled - LAN etc
can we see a device manager screen shot, xirrus and ipconfig /all
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results in a reply here

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results to notepad and then automatically open notepad.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results to a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy
Now go back to the forum - reply and then right click in the reply box and paste
-------------------------------... Read more

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HELP! Computer won't boot! Tried everything!

Ok so this is my set up:

DDR400 512mb Ram

Asus A7N8X-X motherboard

sapphire radeon 9600xt 265mb GFX

amd athlon 2600+ cpu (1.91ghz)

80gb HD (just some cheap one- i forget brand, perhaps seagate)

edit: a floppy and dvd burning drive

Ok and the problem is:

I installed a ripped off ****ty version of XP. Never really worked splendidly.
I changed somehting in the bios, i had no idea what it was, i'm stupid for doing so i realise. it was something to do with speed, it was at about 100mhz and i changed it to 200mhz. also note, i had the "bios virus alert thing" ON.
the next few boots were dodgy and it only booted up every second or third attempt. if it didnt boot up it wouldnt boot and just went beep (long beeps and repeated -in no code) this worked for 4 boots before it never booted again.
it just beeped.
until i moved the jumpers on the 3 pins from the two pins closest to the battery position to the furthest two. and turned the pc on. it didnt beep. the monitor didnt respond and but it seemed to be turned on (the cpu fan was going and a green LED on the mobo was on). i then turned the power off. and stuck the jumper back on the original pins and turned it back on hoping the BIOS would be reset but the beeping sequence continued and nothing seemed to start. So then i took out the battery for over half an hour... then put it back in. (with the jumper still on the original pins- nb: the... Read more

A:HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP!

The Athlon XP 2600 that runs at 1917MHz runs on an FSB of 166MHz and has a clock multiplier of 11.5 (166 X 11.5 = 1909Mhz).

So if you have a system bus setting of 200MHz and the clock multiplier is set a 11.5, you were running it at 2300MHz, which is seriously overclocking it.

The processor might not have been up to that much overclocking and died.

Find out what BIOS settings do before you change them!

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My dell 8100xps was giving a CMOS bad sum error see above in the title please help so I went on dell website printed help and followed instructions watched Johnny hung on YouTube he walked me through the whole process I completed the pr ocess and hooked up all power and cables nothing

A:Changed CMOS battery and jumpers now won't power on at all

Why would you think it was necessary to change any jumpers? Restore them back as they originally set.After that, boot into the BIOS (setup) and try setting to default values. Date and time need to be set to current values.message edited by OtheHill

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Acer Aspire M3200 Recently changed CMOS battery due to loss of date however now keep getting American Megatrends "Open Chassis Warning" on boot up.Have tried to find reset / disable switch in Bios but not listed under either Security Features or Integrated Peripherals tabs. Any suggestions as to how I can reset so that I can boot up without having to go through the AMI Bios loop! Many thanks in advance.

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Hey guys and girls,

Computer is:
Dell 8400
Bios V 1.10 A09
Win XP Pro SP3

After receiving "Alert! System battery voltage is low." I was told to change out the CMOS battery (the coin battery). I replaced the battery, entered the CMOS setup, reset to factory defaults, corrected settings, cleared the event log, and set the time and date. Then saved and exit.

Haven't had any problems with the computer until now.

Here is the problem:

Computer restarts Dell screen loads, then black dos screen for a sec, then it tells me that Win XP couldn't start. It asks me to start in: Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Prompt, Last Known Settings, Windows Normally. I used everyone and Win XP comes up for a second, than Restarts back to the Dell screen and repeats all over again.

I did a diagnostic on both hard drives and both Passed. Next, I put the XP in to boot from CD. It goes through the first stage, than it says windows setup loading. BLUE SCREEN of DEATH.
The code says:
0x0000007B (0xF78D663C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I figured the next thing is to have it checked out. But I was curious to see if anyone here could help.

Talked to Dell already, they couldn't help.

Thanks for your time.

A:CMOS Battery changed, now Blue Screen of Death

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Hello everyone, apologies for the tl;dr rant. I?ve stepped into a depressingly common problem with these EliteDesks, but no solutions have been forthcoming, so let's see if we can reach one. The CMOS battery in one of our dc7800 machines died, so it was replaced. After going into BIOS and fixing the settings, now the PC refuses to boot at all; it freezes with this error:  2215-EIT failure. VA boot record read failure.
  Ensure drive with VA image in installed.So begins my journey into the hateful world of HP/Intel desktop security. The first suggestion is to turn off Intel VT in BIOS. I do that. Then the PC freezes with this error:  2223-EIT failure. VT must be enabled to launch VA.
  Enter F10 Setup and enable Intel Virtualization Technology.I turn VT back on, and it cycles back to the first error in a ludicrous tail-chasing exercise. Next, it is suggested by the HP manual that I enter the MEPx menu (ctrl-p) and disable those features. However, I can't enter MEPx because the machine keeps freezing as per the errors above. The only way I can get in is to remove all disks and boot devices. I do so; finally, I get into MEPx and attempt to disable VA in the AMT config (p.5)? BUT THERE IS NO VA CONFIGURATION OPTION! So I simply disable ME entirely. Problem solved, right? Wrong. Now at least the machine starts without those errors. But as soon as I plug the HDD back in, gue... Read more

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Hello Friends... My PC was giving, system battery low, message so i replaced cmos battery but it didn't boot until i set bios to its default values so finally i was able to boot but my hard drive is making strange noises now so even if right click and press refresh in the dialogue box, my hard drive produces sound and a light appears on the front of casing where i think Hard Drive is located.... Some kind soul told me to change my bios to its previous settings but i am wondering how do i do that?? is this strange behavior of my hard drive related to Cmos battery change or alteration of bios settings?? I just realized that i have made another thread probably too soon but i thought i should have a different one for a different question but still my apologies to Admin... Thank You...

A:Cmos battery changed but hard drive is producing strange noises...

I dont think the 2 are related. your bios has no effect on your harddrive once the system has posted. once windows starts loading its windows drivers that run the show.

I beleive your hard drive might be on its last legs. you could run some hard drive utilities to test for bad sectors ect, but in the mean time id grab yourself a spare harddrive and back everything up just in case

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i was having trouble with time slowing so i changed the cmos battery as directed by forum now pc will only beeps all drives have power but no display on monitor and pc keeps beeping

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I have an E4600 and a $60 foxconn board:

My RAM is Patriot 2x1gig (5-5-5-12) pc-9200 (DDR2 1150)

I overclocked my E4600 to 2.7Ghz on the stock cooler with good temperatures, then rebooted and pushed it to 3.0ghz and about 59 degrees and ran Prime 95 while installing major updates.

Also i set my RAM at 1000 just like my procesors FSB and at timmings of 5-5-5-9 and either default voltage or 2.2 volts (can't remeber anyway none are dangerous)

In my BOIS, in the overclocking section, i had my memory and CPU unlinked but just now, i set it to linked and entered the FSB back to the stock 800.

When i tried to boot, It beeps continuously for several seconds, pauses for the same time, and then beeps again. It keeps alternating like that. When it is beeping, the case power light turns on and turns off when it stops. The HDD LED just blinks like it does during normal startup. Fans turn on, Apevia logo lights up, Fan speed controller works, Temperature LED is displaying resondable temps...everything starts normally except the monitor displays nothing and theres that beeping sound!

oh umm... normally during bootup, i can't adjust my fans, they just run at full speed for a little while.

Oh and while i was updating and running at 3.0ghz, the temps were fine (I think but i didn't think to check but they were always during ... Read more

A:Computer wont boot, cleard CMOS cache

quote: Oh and i forgot to put those brass mounting thingys on the case to mount the mobo heh.

So, have you since used them or are you getting used to a short-circuited mobo?

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or so it seems -the metal clip is bent i think and there is no secure fit

i wonder what i do? tape it in with duct tape?

even so shouldnt the harddrive be recognized still?

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I am new to working on computers, and I have an eMachines T2895 2.8 Celeron D, 512DDR that fried the mobo. I got a replacement mobo and installed it. It booted up and ran fine but after 3 times hitting the power switch. After I shut it down, it will not boot now. When you press the power switch, the led will light but then the computer will immediately lose power. Then nothing if you press the power switch again (unless I unplug and replug the computer in). Sometimes the fan and LED will stay on for about 5 seconds before losing power. What could be causing this? Power supply? power switch?

A:Changed Mobo, now computer wont boot

WHat was it that fried your first mobo? if it was a faulty power supply and you didnt replace it guess what is going to happen to your new mobo?

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I have a HP Pavillion Slimline S3600f and I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit. Couple of things happened first I attempted to install new memory. Well my board did not like it I was told that the memory was compatible with my system. Next, my daughter stuck her flash drive in my system kid didn't even know where to stick it, should have stuck it in her ear first because she had no clue as to what she was doing. don't they study first, nope. The next day my system would not boot. Did a little reading and took out the CMOS battery which allowed me to go into setup I changed the time and clock in the BIOS f10 save and exit, and it did not save it back to Jan. 2007. In order to get back into the system I had to turn off the system press esc to get into Load Boot which brings me to a screen where I select the hard drive. It then brings up screen Default Bios settings have been loaded due to BIOS update or checksum issue press f10 to enter setup otherwise allow the PC to continue. I let it continue and windows comes up but it takes about 10 minutes. I'm a little stuck here, do I have a major problem or something that can be fixed. I was reading and could use some help here I was reading about the ROM BIOS don't know what else to do at this point. I ran Hardware Diagnostic Tool and everything passed except the Smarshort self test took about 13 min. put it passed. I also ran a Sysem memory test and everything passed. Help me please!

A:System will not boot with CMOS battery

The system will not be able to hold BIOS settings unless the battery is in.

You mentioned 2 things that happened to the computer but not what the results were. Where did she put the drive? Did the system work after you tried the wrong RAM? Did either of these things cause damage, and if so, what damage? Did you check all your connections inside after changing the RAM sticks (things get loosened very often)?

Are you saying that Windows actually boots OK, though slow?

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My Dell dimension 4300 will not power up..ONLY when the cmos battery is installed!! When I take out the battery it powers up ok. I replaced the battery and the same problem. I did not mess with the jumpers on the mobo. Just removed the battery for a day and the power cable was detached so no power was available. Any Ideas what may be causing this?

A:no boot with cmos battery installed

Exactly how far into the boot does it get with the battery installed ?
Does it show a key to press to get into the Bios ?

You say you replaced the battery, was the replacement brand new ?

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My question is can the bad cmos battery cause bsod
or system failure?

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My question is can the bad cmos battery cause bsod
or system failure?

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I apologize for the length of my post, but I have gone thru several steps in trying to solve my problem.
I turned my Win-7 PC on and got the error message "CMOS/GPNU checksum bad".

Research suggested one cause might be the CMOS battery (#2032), which I replaced. I entered BIOS and everything looked good except for the date/time, which I reset. I then rebooted and got the error message "invalid partition table". At that point I inserted my Win-7 installation DVD to try and repair my installation. Unfortunately, no OS was found on the hard drive. So I selected the option to re-image (using a fairly recent system image stored on an external drive). After about an hour, the process was finished and I got the message that the restore was successful. A system restart was then required, but it was not successful....I once again got the error message "invalid partition table".

I also got the message that the reason that the startup repair was not successful was because 'no OS found on disk".

Any help/advice would be appreciated. At last resort I could try a complete reinstall of Win-7 but I would probably lose a lot of data that I had been backing up via the system image.

A:Can't boot or repair Win 7 after replacing CMOS battery

Hi Durango,

I would try the following:

Turn off the laptop/desktop
Unplug the External USB HDD (and all other USB devices)
Make sure ALL media bays (SD Card reader and DVD drive) are empty
Go into the BIOS config on boot up, and configure the boot sequence to leave off everything except Internal HDD, and CD/DVD (turn off the USB and secondary (if any exists) HDD from the boot sequence)
Reboot - and hopefully windows should resume without any error message.

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I have an Acer Veriton X490G,with Core i3 cpu,4 gig RAM,running a windows 7 32 this machine requires the CMOS battery to be reset all the time it to boot. Otherwise it doesn't seem like there's any form of power that's going to the motherboard. How do i go about fixing this? 

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I have an Acer Veriton X490G,with Core i3 cpu,4 gig RAM,running a windows 7 32 this machine requires the CMOS battery to be reset all the time it to boot. Otherwise it doesn't seem like there's any form of power that's going to the motherboard. How do i go about fixing this? 

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I have an Optiplex 755 USFF desktop computer that required the cmos battery to be replaced. After replacement the computer will not boot. It brings up the start windows menu, sasfe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode command prompt, last know good configuration and start normally. Any option will bring up the WIndows XP load screen and then the computer re-boots right back to the start screen. One big loop. I can get the hard drive to boot in an Optiplex GX280 without issue. I was told the motherboard needs to be replaced but I switched system units and the same thing happens with this hard drive.
I've tried to reinstall the OS and get all the way to "starting windows" and then the blue screen of death stop error 0x0000007B (0xF7A10524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000). The computer is WIndows XP SP3, 1GB ram with 80 GB hard drive. It appears that setup doesn't reconize the hard drive.
Any help would be appreciated. 

A:Optiplex 755 USFF will not boot after changing cmos battery

After several hours of experimenting, I finally figured out the correct BIOS settings in order to get the computer to boot. There are three BIOS settings that have to be changed or checked from default settings to get it to work. SATA 0 must be on, SATA operations must be changed from AHCI to ATA, and under modular bay the default "on" setting must be changed to IDE. Save the settings and the computer boots right up.  

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In the last year I have had a slew of computer issues.The most prominent however is a blue screen. After the bsod crash my computer doesn't boot. I can hear it attempt to start up then quit, and it repeats that until I force turn it off. Unfortunately the little speaker on my motherboard no longer beeps so I can't tell you what beeps it gives. If I poke the CMOS battery a little bit the computer starts up again and keeps acts like nothing is wrong until it gets another bsod. The battery seems to not be held in place well, it wobbles quite a bit. And in the last few days the bsod has only been occurring more and more often.

There have also been some strange visual problems with my primary monitor. When the log in screen pops up it switches to a message saying something like "input unsupported" and I simply restart the monitor. In the last few days the bsod has become more common and right before the crash I get lines or streaks of randomly colored pixels on the display. And very rarely the monitor flashes that old black and white static you might see on a TV for a few moments. This might not have anything to do with my bsod problem though, just putting the information here in case.

Here is the information your TSG SysInfo tool got.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Coun... Read more

A:Increasingly common bsod probably connected to cmos battery

It sounds like they put the wrong CMOS battery in your machine. I'd check the MB manufacturer for the right one and replace it. Also a lot of what you've mentioned sounds like a GPU issue. Please make sure it's seated tightly and drivers are up to date.

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I walked away from my computer for a couple minutes. Came back and the displays were off, computer was still on. Held the power button to shut it off. Shut off everything (displays, surge protector, switch on PSU) for about ten sceonds.

Turn the computer back on and the BIOS screen came up stating "CPU was changed, press delete to enter BIOS".
I did not change the CPU, does this sound like a CMOS battery going bad?

A:computer would not restart (bad CMOS battery?)

Quote: Originally Posted by HAVOC

I walked away from my computer for a couple minutes. Came back and the displays were off, computer was still on. Held the power button to shut it off. Shut off everything (displays, surge protector, switch on PSU) for about ten sceonds.

Turn the computer back on and the BIOS screen came up stating "CPU was changed, press delete to enter BIOS".
I did not change the CPU, does this sound like a CMOS battery going bad?

Maybe; could be many other things, but a dying CMOS battery is a possible suspect.


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I had been away on vacation for a couple of weeks and when I came home and turned on my computer, I got a message on boot that my CMOS battery was low. Using info that I have read on here, I was able to locate my CMOS battery and change it without any trouble. Here is the problem - 3 days later, I am still getting the same message on boot, if the computer has been off for more than an hour or so. I even left the computer on overnight last night hoping that it would recharge, but, when I had to power down because of a storm system, it gave me the low CMOS battery message on boot once again.

Any ideas? I am seriously considering the "sledge-o-matic" method.

I welcome all help,

A:CMOS Battery or Computer From HELL?

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I have an MSI Neo4 Platinum motherboard. After about 5months, I got a message telling me that there was a battery error. I replaced the battery and everything was fine for about 2 weeks. Then, I got the same message. So again I replaced the battery. It seems each battery lasts for about 2 weeks now, then goes dead. My computer is drinking my battery!! Is it a defective board or is it something else?

A:Computer keeps drinking my cmos battery dry.

never heard of such problem. you might want to check msi's own site and contact msi's customer rep.

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After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2080 @ 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 12
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M Series, 4 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 112971 MB, Free - 57687 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, IAYAA
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled


My CMOS battery is dead and I've yet to open and replace. I keep the time set correctly manually. Would this cause the computer to operate as if in slow motion?

I've run several CPU speed checks and all report over double the 1.73 GHz, sometimes as high as 2.8 GHz.

Any and all advice or comments will be appreciated.

Thanks, Robert

A:Will a dead CMOS battery slow computer?

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A friend of mine has a computer that upon booting, was giving her the message that the system battery was low. Plus, her clock and date was wrong. So, she checked the number on the old battery, but left it in, went and bought a new battery of the same kind, and exchanged them. As soon as she did that, the computer will now no longer boot at all.

Now all she gets to is the black screen with white writing that says the name of the components, etc. It says it's a Dell Workstation 360 series, mentions the BIOS is version A04, finds the primary SATA drive, etc. then it says at the bottom to strike F1 to continue or *something else, I can't remember* to proceed to setup. She hits F1, and all it does is give her a second set of "strike F1 to continue......" won't do anything else.

All this she told me over the phone, but before I have her try anything else, like get into safe mode, or something, I was just wondering if changing that battery could have done anything to have caused this. I don't THINK so, I've never heard of it causing a problem like this, but I just wanted to be sure.

Also, is anyone familiar with Dells and what key one taps upon reboot to get into safe mode?


A:Did Changing the Cmos Battery Kill the Computer?`

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I have two identical Dell XPS 8700 for my kids. I got them around May 2015.  They use them mainly for steam games and Office 2016.Both running the Windows 10 AU.Today on one of them, by son said a message popped up and asked to stop a service and he clicked yes. Then all there was, was a gray screen and mouse pointer. He came and got me. The pointer would move but nothing else responded. So I did a power shut down. On reboot, the machine took around 40 seconds from seeing the dell logo to the sign on screen. This seemed very long. So I rebooted the other machine to see how long it takes, and it was only 3 seconds from the dell logo to the sign on screen. I do not know if the long boot time has been going on or just started with this issue.I ran sfc /scannow and it said no issues.I remember in September 2015 ( a year ago) I had an issue with this machine where on power on, all I would get is the spinning dots at the Dell logo and it would not boot into windows. I even let it sit there for 24 hours and just spinning dots. I even tried new install of windows where the machine would let me install new windows, but after updates, the same thing happened with the spinning dots.After a tons of troubleshooting, a dell tech recommended pulling the cmos battery. I did that and from then on it booted fine.So since the long boot time did not seem right, I pulled the cmos battery again. waited 30 seconds, put it back in and booted into bios, change the clock (not sure if I had t... Read more

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Problem developed after my kids were using the floppy drive to save a document but not sure if this was the cause. Now it won't post so I cant get into bios or os at all. Monitor flickers in sleep mode and both CD drives light up and start spinning with no discs in.

I've had touble in the past tring to clear cmos on this mobo which is a Matsonic MS8137C+SI. Go through the shorting process as advised but does not clear cmos.

Any other ideas on how to clear the cmos as I think this will clear the problem by resetting to defaults.

I've also noticed that the floppy drive does not light up when I switch on.

My full system is: AMD XP 2400 running at 100 fsb (Has run at 133 but switching is tricky)
Matsonic MS8137C+ Socket A Mobo
Radeon 9200 Graphics AGP
Win XP Home SP2
300W PSU
All Bios up to date.
Seagate 40gb
I've stripped the whole system down including reseating the Processor and tried a reboot with only basics connected but still cant get past a flashing monitor so cant even get into safemode or bios to fix. I've also tried another graphics card.

A:PC wont boot (Cant clear CMOS)

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This is not a serious issue but it is annoying me.

Last week my A7N8X motherboard started reported a CMOS checksum error, so I replaced the CR2032 battery.

The checksum error is gone, but now whenever I switch the computer on at the mains it boots up automatically, without me pressing the button on the tower.

I have checked that none of the 'wake up' settings are enabled. What else could be causing it to boot automatically?

A:Afrer replacing CMOS Battery computer Boots Automatically?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Check the connectors from your power switch to your mobo. maybe they`ve become loose or something.

The only other thing I can think of, is your power switch is faulty.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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what can i do it humms like it is on but nothing shows up on the moniter
tried these things
1 got a new battery and pu it in ( correctly)
2 tried unhooking everything and hook it back up to make sure there wasnothing loose
3tried to go in in safe mode but the blues screen wont even pop up
dont know what else to do

please help

A:changed motherboard battery and *poof* cant even boot up to the pc

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I've had this computer for 2 yrs since I built it. Has a Asus M2N-SLI mobo with athlon 6400 x2. 4gigs ram, Nvidia 9800 gtx, 600W PS. Most of the time runs fine, no signs of problem. Clock's acurate no lost time. Every 2 months or so, in the morning go to boot up and no beep or post. Just runs all fans and everything but never posts.

After first time I figured out when I replaced cmos battery it works fine. But keeps happening every 2 months or so. Any ideas? Battery should last much longer than 2 months. I'm stumped on this one and even my professors at college don't know. One tech support guy said might be a grounding problem with mobo and case. But that sounds weird. Mobo is mounted like case manufacturer says with brass pins holding it up. Please help...

A:CMOS battery keeps dying every few months... computer starts but no beep to post

Just got a new cmos battery and it booted up. When I booted up it was resuming windows from hibernation.. Would that cause battery to die? Doesn't sound right to me... Please help. Can't keep buying these batteries.

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I have an Old/Great HP D531 Desktop that I did two things at same time, now no boot up and can't access bios for setup changes.

1) Changed bios battery;
2) added power to USB 3.0 PCI controller card that had been installed month earlier;
3) Now boots to HP logo and nothing;
4) USB keyboard not getting power so F2, F8, F12, ESC do not work;
5) Years ago added a 500gb harddrive [SATA3] with three partitions (J,K,M);
6) Computer was upgraded years ago from VISTA 64 on original C drive [SATA0] to Win7 64 on new drive partition J;
7) At times the attached file info appears which maybe of help.

Any non-sarcastic advice is much appreciated since on SS and can't afford another PC.

A:Changed BIOS Battery, Can't Boot/Access Setup; However USB Keyboard OK

Hope you installed USB3 drivers, coz there arn't any in W7.


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Changed the OMOS battery. Computer won't boot . Just a black screen with a blinking screen.What do I do now?

A:Changed OMOS battery laptop won't boot, black screen

Hi, Good day!! I would request you to turn off the computer , unplug the cable and any external devices connected. Press the power button for 10 to 15 seconds and then connect the cable and the battery back. Try to turn on the notebook. Please post your reply. Thanks  

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The other day I updated my laptop which is a Dell Inspiron 17R running Windows 7 home premium, when I updated the computer booted ok took longer than usual, I restarted the laptop but this time it wouldn't boot up, it came up with a black screen saying repair windows(recommended) or start windows normally, I clicked repair windows it said searching for problems, attempting repairs this took about an hour and a half but unfortunately did not resolve the issue I sent the error report to windows, I restarted the laptop again,  attempted booting it in safe mode no luck and the same other various options I can try but no luck they all just crashed the laptop and began restarting it,  tried repairing it again and this time it took my to a screen with various options like load backup open cmd and format my hard drive, loading the backup did nothing and  wasn't sure what to do with cmd so decided to part ways with my stuff and format the hard drive, I did this and the laptop was formatted but the OS was still on the hard drive and it was like the first time I opened it all of my personal things were gone but win 7 home premium was still there, I set it back up again installed AVG anti virus etc downloaded a few movies ran fine the next day it said windows updates need installing so, I  did , 145 updates were made  turned my laptop back on and again it was booting up and crashing followed the steps I mentioned before noting was working after messing around wit... Read more

A:Computer wont boot, wont boot in safe mode, wont load repair centre

Hello there,
It seems like you did not perform a clean installation of Windows and that's why your system is acting up. 
Follow the steps below to install a new copy of Windows:
1. To format your hard disk during Windows 7 installation you will need to start or boot your computer using the Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive. Insert your Windows 7 disc in your CD/DVD drive. Please note: will need to restart or turn on your system with the disc in the drive. 
2. After turning on your system with the CD in the drive go ahead and press any key when prompted during your computer post routine and then follow the instructions presented on screen. If you don’t see this go back to step 1 to setup your BIOS to boot from CD or USB flash drive depending on your installation media.
3. On the Install Windows page simply enter your preferences and click next.
4. Accept the Windows license agreement.
5. On the “Which type of installation do you want” page go ahead and choose the “Custom” option.
6. Select Drive options (advanced) on the “Where do you want to install Windows” page.
7.  Select the partition that you want to change, choose the formatting option you want to perform and then follow the instructions.
When allocating space choosing the default MB size for your drive is typically the best for most users since you want to take full advantage of all your disk... Read more

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Hi my name is Viviana...

I had set my password in BIOS awhile back. And I had forgotten it. I needed to format my hard drive because of an intense accumulation of viruses. I tried everything... the default password for phoenix... nothing worked. I even removed the battery on the motherboard. Still nothing. I shut the computer off but leaving it connected thru just the wires on back... Then I googled for directions on what to do next. I played around with the wires but not really touching or moving much... then I downloaded the manual for micro star msi 7211 from the manufacturer. It told me to look close to the battery. And don't quote me exactly I'm on my android phone.... it told me to lift the plastic like piece from the 3 jumpers I think, I'm not sure of the name. But they are 3 little spikes... so I did that and went to turn it on. No response. Nothing would turn on. I really hope maybe I did something wrong any my motherboard IS NOT FRIED. Can anyone please tell me Wats goin on here

A:Computer wont turn on after attempt to clear cmos

First of all what you did was pull the jumper that is used to reset the BIOS password so it sounds like you have done the right thing.

Around the jump (little plastic piece) there should be printed on the board PASS RESET or BIOS RESET or something of the like. Alot of times you have to pull the jumper, cycle the power, then put the jumper back.

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I have just replaced my CMOS/BIOS battery today, as , I have faced some critical problem regarding regular BIOS date/time reset after system shutdown. But I want to know how do i recognize, that my new batter is totally ok or functional.

Battery Meter gadget shows that "battery Not charging"
Is it a gadget problem?

Is there any method available so that I can track that my new installed CMOS battery in PC is working fine?

Please help me.

A:Battery Meter shows CMOS battery not charging

The battery you have replaced is solely there to maintain the clock and other BIOS settings (if you have changed them from their defaults). It will not prevent you from booting your system if it is dead/missing; all it means is that you will have to enter the BIOS each time and make the correct settings and time. This battery is not rechargeable.

Do you still have to enter the correct time, or is the BIOS maintaining this now you've changed the battery?

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Been working fine until a few days ago. When I turn it on it says 163 - Time and Date not set - There is no option in bios to set date Non-System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready - Bios cannot detect hard drive So the question is if the RTC Battery is weak or dead can it cause above issues Thanks Chris

A:Question about RTC Battery (CMOS Battery) and System Errors

CWILLIAM83 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!The answer is actually -- yes and no. A weak or dead CMOS battery will prevent the BIOS settings from being saved when you power off the PC. If the default settings work OK with your hardware, then the only thing you would notice is that the clock resets. But, if you customized your settings to see the hard drive, then the default settings might not see it. After you replace the battery, you would have to go through configuring the settings-- again.Good Luck

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just installed an asusM5A97 mobo. hdd and everything else stayed the same. problem is, it will only make it to boot screen no matter what. i tried repair and open normally but it still will not let windows boot. can anyone help?

A:just changed mobos, but now win 7 64 wont boot

Are you sure you have matched ram and the right ram for that motherboard, might try booting with just one stick of ram installed. Next are you sure all the spacers went in while installing the motherboard, are the ram and motherboard compatible.

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I was just cleaning my computer from all the dust that it had using a vacum cleaner.
After i was done i oppened my pc it booted up to the login screen.
I entered my password and left for a minute to get a drink, when i came back -> BSOD
Restarted, pc started , nothing shows up on monitor. Gets past bios check.
Amd when i click the button for the pc to start it runs for 2 secs. Shuts down for a second an starts back up again , no bios check again

Typing this from an iphone , mind you there are a lot of gramatical mistakes

A:[SOLVED] Bsod after cleaning computer, now pc wont boot

never mind... fixed it, pc worked after 2nd restart, i just connected the wrong vga cable

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Hi guys.

Been having BSODs almost every day for 2 months. Today the computer won't even boot to bios, even though I can hear the fans and maybe harddisk running.

Before the bootproblems i ran the following tests:

Memtest86: 7 passes with no errors
Memtest ( inside windows 7: Showed errors right away
CPU and GPU temperature measurement: Normal temps

The BSOD i got before the system stopped working completely are attached.

I would really appreciate it if someone took the time to help me, been trying to solve this problem for weeks on my own.

I think it might be the RAM, but it could also be the motherboard, cpu, harddrives etc right?

A:Lots of BSOD, now the computer wont even boot to BIOS!

If the system won't boot to the BIOS, you have a hardware problem. You'll have to fix the hardware problem BEFORE you can do anything else (all of our diagnostics rely on being able to see something in the screen).

Although I'm not a fan of the HCIDesign test, it tells us something that MemTest doesn't.
You'll have to test the individual RAM sticks one-by-one to see if you can isolate the problem stick(s).

What happens when you try to boot to the MemTest disk? Does the system work with that? If so, then there's probably not a problem with the video card. But, if it doesn't work with that, then it's time to look at the video card.
Double check all cables, then try another graphics card to see if that's the issue. If you don't have a graphics card to try with, then see about purchasing one from a place that will let you return it.

There are 34 memory dumps dated 15 Jan to 11 Mar 2011
13 different BSOD error codes
and 11 different causes blamed
This is most likely a hardware problem (as described above).

Once you get back in Windows, please do the following:
- Please update these drivers from the device manufacturer's website - or uninstall/remove them from your system. Reference links included below.
- DO NOT use Windows Update or the Update Drivers function of Device Manager.
- Please feel free to post back about any drivers that you are having difficulty locating.
- Windows Update exceptions may be noted below for Windows dri... Read more

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Sadly I had to join here due to a problem with my 2 week old win 7 64 install.

I'm not sure what the trigger was but my C drive where my os is installed apparently took the drive letter of an external drive that I use for backup. It is now the X drive and I cannot boot. I do get the repair screen but cannot repair as there is no operating system to choose. Booting from windows disk makes no difference here.

My bios (uefi) can see the disk, I can also see it from the command prompt, Im at a loss what to do, any help is appreciated.

I believe this happened after an automatic windows update.

A:Drive letter randomly changed, OS wont boot

By the way, this is a newly built computer, clean install on a new hdd. Running fine for last 2 weeks.

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Hi,I was convinced that I was compromised by a virus. My ewido anti-spyware said it found a Dialer.Generic but my Trend Micro Internet Security 2005 didnt find it nor did anything else I had find anything. So I decided to use a well trusted online virus scanner (wont mention who because what happened to me may be completely unrelated to using it & I dont want others to not use it fearing the same results). In order to use this online scanner I had to download & install it via Active X. I had completely setup my security to NOT download any Active X whatsoever, so I had to change my IE settings to allow the ActiveX installation. Well, the installation was completely successful & it did find & disinfect a few very low-risk infections which I knew about--but wasnt conserned with. So, I decided after reading a few other related topics, & the results from the online scan didnt find this Dialer.Generic, I wasnt so concerned about this dialer found by ewido. Besides, I dont use my modem since migrating to Satellite Broadband.I therefore decided to reboot my computer. Well all hell broke loose!! I couldnt reboot to my XP OS! Not even in Safe Mode!! Fortunately I have a dual OS boot system installed, so I booted to Windows 98 -- successfully. I went directly to Windows Explorer to check my XP OS drive only to find that the previously assigned drive letters on a few of my drives had been somehow reassigned!!! My XP OS drive let... Read more

A:Drive Letters Changed..wont Boot Windows Xp

You have to have Active X enabled and use IE to do Windows Updates.How have you been doing Windows Updates?You did not get a virus using any of the well known online av scans unless you mistyped the address in and wound up at a malicious site.How did you get to using J drive as a boot drive? Windows looks for C or the first drive on your computer?Are you trying to boot from a sata drive?Serial ATA in the Microsoft Operating System Environment

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First off I have a IBUYPOWER 101 batalion turbo laptop or its also a uniwill 259en1 notebook as well. Just recently (past 3-4 months) whenever I restart my computer and it gets to the login screen it instantly shuts down and begins the startup again, and this process continues. However, when I remove the power cord (running on battery) it starts up fine. So basically i have to remove the power cord until it reaches the login screen and then i reconnect it. What would be causing this? Hardware? Software? Thanks for your input everyone.

A:Laptop wont boot with ac on, but only with battery.

Have you got a multimeter to check the voltage from the power supply?
The output voltage should be listed in your power supply.
If your power plugs directly in to the laptop (without a transformer then your on board power supply may be going bad.

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I have a ECS K7S5A designed for Athlon XP (Throughbred up to XP2600+) 200/266 Mhz FSB.

CPU burnt up, so i got a Sempron 2800. Worked fine, but in the computer property it said it was only running at 1.03 Ghz. I did a lilttle research online and found out that my CMOS might need to be resetted, so i did it.

After that, my computer boots up for like 5-10 seconds and dies. Keeps doing it nonstop. I resetted the CMOS several times, took out the battery, disassembled everything and put back together, but still no luck. Any clues? I'm probably wrong, but do I need to get a Athlon XP cpu to get it working again since the MOBO was resetted?

Thanks in advance...

A:Cleared CMOS, now computer won't boot up all the way :(

I resetted the cmos by toggling the jumpers. Also, i put the burnt cpu back on, and the computer turns on and stays on (but nothing happens). I just did this to see check if the power suppy was bad or the board was dead...anybody can help me out? Thanks

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i bought an antec 650W neopower blue to replace a crappy icute 350w power supply i connected it up and my computer started up fine. then i changed my cpu fan to a zalman flower cooler it then started fine again, but after tighting up all of the screws and closing my case up and starting it up agian my computer doesnt start. there is power to all of the parts as the case fans,drives ,cpu fan, motherboard light are all on, the lights on the front of the case for when you power on the system dont come on thought not sure why. so basically everything appears to be running but i dont get anything on my screen and case lights done turn on, my screen is still working by connecting it up to my laptop so that isnt a problem. i have already tried putting my old power supply back in just to be sure and didnt make a differance.

Please help aint got a clue what is wrong!!!!!

A:Changed psu computer wont start now

Hmm can you just swap that fan back too, as a test

arran, I can't believe this. I do feel for you, you finally got a new PSU and now this !

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My Elitepad will boot on the AC adapter but as soon as I remove it the device shuts down. I thought it might be a battery problem but have ran some tests and even purchased an additional battery jacket and it still wont stay powered up when I remove the PSU.  Both batteries are showing 100% charged. Thank you in advance for your help or ideas.

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when i start my computer i get an error that my cmos settings have changed and i can press f1 to continue or do other things. so i press f1 and my calender is saying january 1st 2004 now, could some one tell me how to change my cmos settings back to they way they where and why it happened.

A:cpu and cmos changed

It sounds like you need to replace your cmos battery. Is your computer old?

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i have a dual boot laptop dell insperion 1710. dual boot xp and vista on a partitioned disk
last night my battery ran out while it was doing an update for xp.

tried to boot into xp but it would get stuck on the xp emblem.

i can however boot into vista just fine.

im thinking either my MBR was corrupted or my boot ini

any other ideas?

if all else fails i guess i will have to reinstall XP again. and i know that is a pain cause i have to go into dos commands an mess with the bootlaoder.

evrtything is backed up on a external drive.

any help or ideas would really help me out


A:my laptop battery drained out while doing updates, now it wont boot

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Hey guys,
I just came back from college and my computer has been packed away in the closet for over 3 months. I plugged everything in today, and upon pressing the power button, the fans spin up and stay on, but the computer doesn't do anything more.
On the back of the computer, a red light that says CLR CMOS is on. The power LED's in the front are not on.

Also, it's an ASrock p67 extreme 4 mobo
Looking inside, their is a code that is displayed on the mobo "A3" and the Power and Reset lights are also lit up

Any help would be appreciated!

A:Computer won't boot up, CLR CMOS, POWER, and RESET lights on

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I bought the laptop used. it appeared the battery wsdead. I bought a new battery. The battery would stay at 53 percent and when i would unplug the charger it would immediatly shut off. i troubleshooted in the device manager and reset the laptop. Nothing happened. I reset a second time and the battery was charging and the laptop would run off battery power. this soon stopped working. I continued to troubleshoot. i got it to charge again and run off battery power but now it will again not run off battery power. the battery is now at 74 percent so i know at some piont charging was happening. this is very frustrating. Iv built a gaming pc jst recently and i feel like i should be able to figure this out. Any help would be much appreciated.

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First, my t400 would only boot with power cord unplugged. Then it stopped booting altogether. I read to press the power button 10 times and hold it on the tenth time and to unscrew the palm rest to unplug the little battery for 30 seconds. That is the only way I can get it to boot now. I picked up a new regular battery today thinking it might be related but that hasn't solved it. Any ideas?

A:thinkpad t400 wont boot w/o reseting little battery behind palm rest

I looked at it closer and to get it to start i don't press the power button at all. I unplug the power cord and after unplugging the CMOS battery for awhile i just plug the power cord back in and it starts up. The first thing i see as it starts up is an error message about a bad CMOS checksum and then i have to change the date/time in the BIOS or it yells at me to do it. After all that it boots into windows 7. Once it is in windows no matter what i do to change the settings of what the power button does it still doesn't do anything. I can restart it fine but once i shut it down it the CMOS battery needs to be reset to get it going again.

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little problem here. Just bought myself a Shuttle XPC Barebone black, Intel G33 ,775, PCI-E, 3xSATA, GbLAN, 250W PSU. My problem is that after putting in my Intel Core™ 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz, Socket LGA775, 6MB, 1333Mhz, wich my shuttle supports (didn't use the original fan) i get this error message on startup: Warning CPU has changed Enter CPU setting in CMOS remember to save and quit, or something like that. Now I've just been skipping it and using my new pc as normal and it woks fine, on startup now I barly see the message, it was only few first times i turnwed on my computer this read.

I tried to go into the CMOS but didn't really know what to do once there.
So my question i guess is, is this something i can ignore, or should i do something about it and if so how?

I cant notice any real performance issues but don't know if I'm getting full use of my CPU.

Please help, don't want to ruin my computer.

A:Warning CPU has changed Enter CPU setting in CMOS,

It won't be doing you any harm, it's just alerting to let you know that it's changed, from what it remembers. They'll be a way somewhere in your BIOS (or maybe on boot) to acknowledge the change, that you'll want to do at some point, just to get rid of the annoying message.

Might want to look at the book / docs that came with your Motherboard for distructions on how to 'ok' it. If the barebone PC didn't come with any, then see if you can see a sticker on the motherboard itself, and either search the net for it, or post the results back here, and we'll take a look for you.


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Want to change my CMOS battery....what will I lose while it's out ? What will I have to reset other than the time and date ?KENNY

A:CMOS battery

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I need to know which way the wires (2 of them total) go on my compaq armada 7770dmt. While replacing the cmos battery I got the wires mixed up when I put the plastic end on. Since the plastic piece only fits one way I know that it must matter which way the wires are attaached. The colors of the wires are red and white. I cannot find a schematic for the motherboard.

A:cmos battery

i cant find anything on the HP website
you may want to post the question in the support forum

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I have a 486 mother board. When I boot up into DOS I get a message saying, CMOS BATTERY LOW. How do I replace it.

A:CMOS Battery

Crack the case open and look for it. THe older ones on 386 and 486 motherboards were some times integrated into the BIOS so you might be out of luck. Others had a small black pack that looked like 4 AAA batteries connected together and a red/black set of wires running to the can still get those.

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would it be a bad idea to replace the cmos battery in a desktop computer while it is powered on? i want to do this because it would prevent the loss of any information such as system time and some bios settings (boot sequence).

A:CMOS Battery

Yes.....a Bad Idea.......

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I have a ASUS motherboard.When my Pc star to bootup,I have a line in the end that tall me that the Cmos Batt is lower and the date and time is not accurate or something like that.What kind the battery is this one and what do I have to do to change?



A:Cmos Battery

The most commonly used battery is CR2032. If you still have the P4S800-MX motherboard (from a May post), turn off your PC and remove the left side cover. The battery is a 5 cent coin size disk near your IDE drive connectors.

You can get the battery about anywhere (I saw them at the grocery store last week).

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wheres the lenovo ideapad y530 cmos battery located? anyone pls help. TY. i plan to reset my corrupt bios.

A:Cmos battery?

Anyone here who knows the location of cmos batt of lenovo ideapad y530.

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Hi everyone,
I have an NEC Versa 4230, with win95,133mhz notebook. When I turn it on it tells me the system battery is dead, and to replace it. Thing is I don't know where it is at or where to get one. Do places like circuit city sell them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks , JOE

A:cmos battery

Well I looked it up a NEC and the bad news is they say must be replaced by certified NEC site.

Either they just want to charge the money or it's not easy to do.

Could be soldered to motherboard instead of clip type which is a major pain.

Sorry, don't have any better info for you

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my system clock slows down if I shutdown system. is it b'coz of my cmos battery is being low?
How do I find whether my system has a cmos battery?How will I know what type, who is the maker etc? How do I know whether it is getting low?can u suggest some softwares that check it? I am rather naive with hardware and has opened the motherboard only to clean it.My PC is 4 yrs old. Is there any problem if I don't change it other than system clock becoming low.If it is necessary to change cmos battery how much does it cost in rupees?

A:is cmos battery getting low

When you open your case you will see the CMOS battery on the motherboard. It resembles a watch battery. It is flat and round and looks almost a like a button. Just pop the battery out and off to Radio Shack or any other place that sells batteries for watches and other electronic devices. The first sign of a faulty CMOS battery is the system clock changing and not displaying or retaining the correct time.


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Well im about to take out my CMOS battery and need to know if it will reset everything that ive downloaded or just my bioes settings will it reset my password for the admin?

If i remove the CMOS battery will it clear everything like a reformat?

A:CMOS battery

Clearing the CMOS will only clear your BIOS settings like Boot order, CPU settings, stuff like that. It will not format anything, nor will it reset any passwords. Even if it is a bios password, most manufacturers make sure that it is a little harder then that to clear the password. If you have forgotten your password for windows it will not effect that but there are ways to do that.

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Hi guys and gals, quick question. I have a HP Pavilion G7 laptop that was giving me some cmos error messages so after some ridiculously rigorous searching, I found the battery. My question is, does the numbers on the battery mean anything? Meaning, ive found HP pavilion Gy batteries on line for sale but the numbers on the sticker on the rubber housing dont seem to match. Im wondering if that is just the warehouses part ID. This one says, "1126. 12." If anyone is familiar with these please let me know. Thanks


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Hi can someone help please I need to replace the CMOS battery in my laptop but have not had any look purchasing one all local retailers say they dont stock them even the one where I purcased the laptop from, I did get one from Amazon which said it was the correct one but when I recieved it it was a slightly different end to the cable so can someone advise please. The model is HP G62 Notebook & the battery is a CR2032HF-243V. Thanks Normski.

A:CMOS Battery

Norm. To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO

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I just tried to install a new battery and broke the spring clip part of the socket. Is there a remedy? TIA, Brian

A:Cmos Battery

Unfortunately there really is no easy repair for this. It would require desoldering the old battery socket and soldering a new one in. While this is not rocket science, it does take great care and some skill to do. A minor slip or laving the soldering iron in place too long can do some real damage to a motherboard. It is best left to a technicial with the proper equipment and skill to do. I would consult your local computer shop about this repair. And it may take a referal to someone else.

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Question : Does anyone know if a "faulty" CMOS battery (the CR2032 type) can stop a laptop working?

This is the sequence of events: -

1. Booted laptop from standby as normal.
2. Logged in
3. Everything working as usual for about 30 minutes

Then I stopped working on the laptop to talk to someone. While we were talking I noticed the laptop screen suddenly went blank. From that moment forth the little darling has been as dead as the Christmas turkey.

My experience with CMOS batteries that are about to go play a harp is that they indicate this by displaying the wrong date and time. Even then it can take days or even weeks before the battery finally gives up.

I used my last CR2032 a few days ago, so before I go trundling down to the shops I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if a "deceased" CR2032 can make a laptop suddenly die.

I haven't seen that before.



A:CMOS Battery.... perhaps ?

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could someone tell me where the cmos batter is in a dell inspiron 3800

A:cmos battery

Welcome to TechSpot! Hope you'll love this place as much as I do.

If you haven't already done it, then open up your case and look around on the motherboard for a shiny round thing that's about 1.5cm in diameter, pull it out off it's socket and there you go.
It should be near your PCI-ports or near your CMOS-jumper.

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Wife has a compaq S4100NX that on more than one occasion has lost the tiem by one hr.(went backwards). So I started looking for a cmos battery and MUCH to my surprise, there isn't one on the MB. I thought all MB's has a cmos battery ????

Any different idea(s) on why it looses time ?

A:No CMOS battery ?

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I have a Compaq Presario 7360 Desktop PC and I am not sure what kind of cmos battery it needs to be replaced with. Can someone please help me out with this. Also, how much do they cost. Thanks in advance.

A:CMOS battery

unplug the PC, even the power cord at the back
ground yourself (ie touch metal, discharge static)
open the case and point a flashlight at it
carefully pry it out, usually a clip you GENTLY pull back to allow the battery to pop out
(you do NOT want to break the clip off)

any radio shack or pc store will have them

about $5

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Hi guys,

My computer just started having this problem since Christmas. I've had this mobo since 2007, and this is the first time when I switch on the comp it gives me thsese messages randomly:

"CMOS battery low"
"Error loading drive A"
"Error boot sequence"
"Press F2 to continue or F1 to enter setup"

I went into the BIOS and it is always set at factory default settings, even when I attempt to change them to the previous settings I had. It gives me a message that says that because the CMOS battery is low, my date and time and other BIOS settings will be reset to default, then gives me the error boot sequence msg, and still continues to load windows, and desktop is messed up a bit, but otherwise "normal" except for the sys tray that's missing icons...

I have never really encountered this situation before, but the solution seems straightforward: replace the CMOS battery, only that I don't know where to find it! I've tried, and even a local computer store, but they don't have it on their website.

My mobo is an OEM (Lenovo 3000 J205-9686) ASUS M2A-VM with a 690G chipset & AM2 socket. What additional details do you need to know what CMOS battery I need to buy, and if possible, any websites I can go to in order to find it (preferrably Canadian due to shipping costs, but I don't mind US).

Also, my OS is win 7 RC (although that might not be relevant)... Read more

A:CMOS battery low, help?

CMOS batteries are almost always CR 2032 basically a button battery taht is a available in most big box stores or electronic store. Take the side of the case off and see if you can locate

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My CPU clock was messing up constintly on my so I wanted to change out the battery. I did that with no difficulty. When I restarted my computer all that happined was that it beeped at me the code was.. 2 quick then 9. My computer is know a fancy paper weight I can't even boot from a disk, cd or floppy)There is no signal going to the monitor I have a Matsonic Ms6260s motherboard.

A:CMOS battery

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What happen when I put cmos battery in motherboard dell 745 it cannot start!!!its new battery...anyone to help me please?

A:Cmos battery

Check and make sure the battery seated correctly. Also make sure you did not jar your memory loose. This will prevent . The computer from booting also.

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Question. In the motherboard manual it says to use a flat screwdriver to pry the cmos battery to change it. Well, I was doing that and the cmos battery sparked. First question is, what tool do you guys recemend. So, the motherboard cmos holder doesn't break, and so it doesn't spark again?
Second, is a spark from a 3v cmos battery harmfull to me, if it came up the screwdriver? I don't even know if it did, but I was a little freaked out by the spark, because it didn't say anything about it possibly happening. Of course, the pc was not plugged into a wall or anything. It, was just the battery itself.

Thanks everyone

A:Cmos 3v battery

Probably ran into a residual charge on the power supply.
Want to make sure not to short the 2 battery contacts or
short it to any metal on the case.
You can usually discharge a lot of that by pressing the power
button with the power supply turned off or unplugged.
The battery holder should have metal clips on one side.
Press on the opposite side of the battery to push it against the clips
then lift it out.
The clips are spring loaded to hold it in.

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Is it possible to leave a CMOS battery out of a computer for 24 hours without hurting anything?

A:CMOS battery

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I recently had a major computer crash following a lightning storm and a lengthy power failure. I feared the worst and called out a tech. It turned out that the CMOS battery was dead and when the power had failed, the CMOS settings were lost.

The tech said that under normal circumstances, as long as the computer was connect to the power supply, the settings were retained but when the power failed, the settings went.

So if I just use system shut down on the computer at night, there is obviously power still getting to the computer. However I assume if if I actually turn off the computer on/off switch then there will be no power getting through and the CMOS battery takes over.

If I do that every time I turn off the compueter I assume that the CMOS battery will not last as long.

Am I correct?

A:CMOS Battery

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what is this error when i boot my cusin portable it doest boot immediately error appears as" bad cmos battery -error date & time. it says there that i need to choose either f2 (utilities bios or press f1 .when press f2 it goes straight to bios of course! but the best option is to press f1 so it will bot normaly to the xp windows OS specs is WIN XP SP1. Do we need to replace the cmos battery now.

A:Bad CMOS battery

Does it do this on every boot up? Have you tried going F2, after your in the bios hit F10 (should prompt you to SAVE, if not, then exit and save) If it continues to do this then yes, you will need to replace the CMOS battery and hope that it is just the battery and not where it sits.

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It's time to change the battery (first time for a machine I bought in 2004 - not a bad run). I can't get the old one out....any suggestions?

A:CMOS Battery

On side should have a metal contact.
You need to carefully pry it toward that contact as it is spring loaded,
then lift from the other side.
Should pop right out.
Be careful you don't want to break the socket.
Some older cmos batteries were soldered on,but I haven't
seen that since around 2000.

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CMOS battery

What happens and what is the danger to your computer if the CMOS battery dies?

A:CMOS battery

The CMOS battery is a very low powered device, just like a little watch battery.

So don't stress, it ain't gonna kill you.

However, its needed to keep data in the CMOS. The CMOS tells the computer what processor is installed (although many computers have jumpers set to tell it this), what drives you have (diskette, hard disk, CD-ROM, and others, and importantly your hard drive's geometry), how much memory is installed, and other important data that your computer needs to know in order to run correctly....

I imagine what would happen if it completely ran out would be that the CMOS would have to be re-written to manually in your BIOS program every time the machine was powered on for anything like normal operating to occur. Certainly you would loose the time settings and would have to redirect the BIOS to redetect the hard drives everytime you powered on.

You can replace a CMOS battery quickly and easily. They are very cheap and just clip out and in to the motherboard. It resembles a small silver disc about the size of a coin.

This is assuming that your computer is not totally ancient (like a 8088, 8086, maybe 286 or something) where the CMOS battery was sometimes not removable. If this is the case then get a new computer you sad man..... Otherwise, it will cost you nothing to replace and if you are not sure of yourself a computer store will do it in about 1 minute.

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I was having a problem with the computer keeping time while it was shutoff. I installed a new cmos battery and the time is still not keeping when powered off. Any suggestions.

A:CMOS Battery

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Ive been working on this old computer and it had a bad CMOS battery. It was the kind where you put AA's into it and then it plugged into the motherboard. I replaced it, but now the hard drive settings are all screwed up. I went into the Bios Program to set everything. But none of the options matches the hard drive. I know for a fact that this computer worked before the cmos battery went dead. The options in BIOS you can only set to
Type 1, Type2, etc. There is no "USER" setting where you can just put in the numbers of heads/cylinders/sectors. What should i do?

A:CMOS battery

If you have no user or auto settings try setting the bios to type one. Hopefully the drive was originally using a drive overlay and will boot ok with this setting.

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Laptop is over seven yers old and is giving messages suggesting CMOS battery needs replacing. Considering it's age what would the battery look like. I have no mannual. I havn't got to see the whole motherbourd yet but can see this much. Is it there?


A:can you see cmos battery

Make and model may help someone to help you...

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I need to replace the CMOS battery.  What battery number, e.g. 2302, or part number am I looking for? Thank you.

A:CMOS battery

Hi: You would replace the CMOS battery with the CR2032 3V battery. You can get that battery almost at any store.

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I need to replace the CMOS battery in this older computer, and need to know the correct one to buy.  The HP website generic instructions and video shows that the battery is a 2032 , but I would like to be certain.  Can anyone tell me exactly which battery I need to buy?  Thanks.

View Solution.

A:CMOS battery

Hi, Yes, they are all the same 3V CR2032 which you can buy from many shops for few dollars. Regards.

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I do not see a Cmos battery obviously its there somewhere, If it doesn't look like a large watch battery what else does it look like, I see nothing that can be popped off and replaced.

A:Cmos Battery??

Some older motherboards had a barrel shaped, blue backup battery soldered to the motherboard. That was common with 486 systems. In order to replace it, you were required to attach an external battery to a specific connector on the motherboard and set a jumper (maybe) to disable the original battery.
Another possibility is a CMOS ram chip with the battery built into it. Those usually were a large black chip plugged into a socket on the motherboard with "DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR" printed on it.

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I Have an old 166 Pentiun computer with a i430vx mainboard. My problem is that the CMOS battery is dying and from what I could find on the net, it is enclosed in a discontinued Houston Tech HT12888A RTC chip. Some of the info on the internet says that you can open the chip and change the battery though it may be soldered in place and other sources say to replace the motherboard. Also will an add in card containing a clock also power the CMOS. I leave the computer on all the time and it runs fine but when I shut it down and reboot I lose time and have started getting a checksum error/CMOS battery failed message. I have another computer and would like to give this to my son and would hate to scrap a good machine for a $3.00 battery. Any info on this problem would be greatly appriciated.

A:CMOS Battery

Well I could understand not wanting to scrap the system due to a battery. There are several options you could look in to. 1. you could purchase a new mother board( for under $100) install it and actually have expansion room for later, or 2. You could scrap the system and keep it to use its parts as test parts or replacement parts for another computer. If it was me that faced this problem I'd look at a new motherboard first maybe you could even find a good used one.

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