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Swapping secondary HD's has messed up the BIOS, now no drives recognized

Q: Swapping secondary HD's has messed up the BIOS, now no drives recognized

A friend of mine was no longer able to get into Windows XP on her PC and wanted to save a lot of digital photos. So I took her PC, removed her HD and swapped it with my secondary HD. (My PC has a primary SATA drive w/ the OS and a secondary IDE drive for storage). When I turned on my PC, for some reason it booted off of her drive I had swapped in. I wanted to get online to do some troubleshooting so I removed her HD and put mine back in. That is when the "strike f1 to retry reboot, strike f2 to enter setup" error message starting occurring. I have reset my BIOS and cleared NVRAM. I believe I did this correctly because each time afterwards it would attempt the automatic IDE configuration. Anyways, the BIOS is not recognizing ANY of my drives (2 dvd drives, the primary sata HD, and the secondary IDE HD).

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

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The m92p sff booted and ran smoothly for several months.  Also, I made several clean copies of the updated Windows 7 Pro OS using identical 1TB mbr formatted drives.  (Intending to swap drives between work and personnal and also to format and reload the OS routinely).  I was able to swap these drives without a problem before the desktop refused to boot.All clean or used copies of the drives suddenly resulted in the same boot error.  The boot error was overcome only after reloading the OS from DVDs. ? Something about the process of reloading the OS from DVDs, reset a block or boot error triggered in the BIOS.?Even flashing the BIOS did not reverse the boot error problem.   Only the process of reloading the OS from DVDs would work to get the PC to boot and run normally.This desktop was purchased from a corporate environment,  where it had been used for two years.What aspect of the BIOS could be responding to swapping out identical copies of the drives, by triggering a boot error that can only (?) be removed by reloading the OS?  IS THIS A CORPORATE SECURITY BIOS SETTING ?  Thanks.

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Windows XP, 2 Hard drive & 2 CD drive. Shorting jumper are set per instruction.

The PT88BS A04 will not address all 4 drives. The Pt88BS will address the primary Master and Slave drives only. Not the secondary Master and Slave drive.

If I invert the cable on the mother board then the PT88BS will run only those units in the primary position; showing that the cable and drive are connect right on both set of hard drives and CD drives.

I have sent one mother board back.

Thank you

A:Bios will not read secondary drives

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I have a Dell Demension 8300 (Windows XP). I was getting an error that the battery was low. I replaced it and now my DVD drives are not being recognized in either BIOS or in the OS at all. The drives have power and open and close and seem to be spinning but the computer is not recognizing them.

I am wondering if this is a problem in BIOS since i replaced the battery, or maybe if the cable needs replacing. The DVD drives worked fine before I replaced the battery. Could this just be coincidence that the cable went bad too?

I would appreciate any help with this.

A:My DVD drives are not being recognized by BIOS or OS

Just to cover this base, make sure the data cable didn't come loose while you were changing the battery.

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Hard Drives not recognized in BIOS or MY COMPUTER

Problem: An MSI 845 M/B, Socket 478, P4,1.7Gh, Windows 2000 Pro,128K SDRAM.

Primary Master: Maxtor 30GB,7200, partitioned 10- & 20; Primary Slave is 24X CD-ROM.

Additional hard drives are never recognized in BIOS or in MY COMPUTER, nor are drives that are attached to a Maxtor Ultra ATA /100 IDE Adapter card recognized. All possible settings in the BIOS have been tried, and jumpers, power, and ribbon cables have been triple-checked.

Firewire card recognized but message says it can’t start (Code 10).
I boot up the computer: The following is a device manager listing.


IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller

! ! ! Primary IDE Channel ……. [ Location 7 (0) ], IRQ 14, 01F0-01f7
“This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use”.(Code 12)
“If you want to use this device you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.”

Primary Ultra ATA Channel – is using the resources of the primary IDE Channel
! ! ! Secondary IDE Channel …. [ Location 7 ( 1), IRQ 15, 0170-0177
Same message as Primary IDE Channel (Code 12)
It is not using any resources because of the problem.

Secondary Ultra ATA Channel.- is using the resources of the secondary IDE channel.

In “other devices” a PCI Device gets detected. Don’t know what it is, so I disable it.
In “IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers there is an exclamation mark next to the
! ! ! T... Read more

A:Hard Drives not recognized in BIOS or MY COMPUTER

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Hello, I currently have two internal HDD's, c: for OS and applications/data and a d: drive for additional storage. I just purchased a ata-100 500gb 8mb cache WD hard drive to hopefully replace my current 100gb c: drive. I have an external enclosure on order that I was going to use to clone the c: drive but while I wait for that to arrive, I'm wondering if it would be faster to temporarily swap out my internal d: hard drive(slave on IDE-1) with the new 500gb drive, clone my current c: drive to the new drive (using Acronis True Image 11) and swap my current c: drive with the new cloned 500gb drive? I was hoping to gain some speed as my current 100gb WD HDD only has a 2 mb cache where the new drive has 8 mb cache. Are there pitfalls to doing this? Will I see the whole 500gb or will the OS think I still have the old drive installed? Is there a specific procedure I should be following? I'm sure this has been asked before. I have been searching the forums to learn the correct way of doing this but the situations vary from mine.
Any suggestions are appreciated!

WinXP Pro SP2 installed, AMD 2800+


A:Swapping Drives

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I hava a Toshiba Satellite 2535CDS and I was wondering if it is possible to put the hard drive from it into a Satellite 1415-S173 (?). The other one is a newer model (the 1415 ).

A:Swapping drives-

They both appear to use standard 2.5" IDE drives, so mechanically its should fit.

The older drive is very small in capacity though, perhaps if you gave some logic behind what you want to do?

If the older drive has a bootable operating system on it then all hell could break loose as it tries to force the wrong drivers into the newer chipsets?

So yes, it should fit.
But it may not boot.

If you want to extract data from the old drive, buy a USB external case and mount the drive in, then plug it into the newer laptop. It should be available as a slave drive.

If you just want to replace the drive in the newer laptop, reformatting and installing a fresh copy of Windows, you will not have much space left to store any data as the old drive is only about 4 GB. The newer is about 30 GB.

But as mentioned, you ask a question that is hard to answer without any explantion as to what you want to achieve.

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I am trying to swap a harddrive from one laptop to another. The new laptop will not boot when I install the hardrive from my old laptop. I am trying to avoid rebuilding the harddrive when I swap it out. Is this possible?

Old Laptop:
Dell Latitude C600
O/S is WinXP Pro
PIII 733
256 MB mem

New Laptop:
Dell Latitude C640
P4 2.0
512 MB memory

A:swapping hard drives

The hardware specs are too different for windows to boot normally, but if you have a windows XP cd you can boot from that and run the automated system recovery. It doesn't require reformatting, and other than the new drivers for changed hardware that you would have to reinstall anyways you won't have to reinstall your old software either.

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Can I put my current hard drive into a new system? Will it be a simple plug and play? I want to keep all my settings and programs (i dont have the disc to every program I have on my current PC)... I also want it to be the master drive as the new (bought used) PC doesnt have a HD.

I have an external 80GB HD and Norton Ghost 12.0 also.

A:Swapping Hard Drives

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My Laptop's mother board crashed a few weeks back. I had a lot of programs installed in my hard drive. The hard drive works fine when I connect it to my desk top PC using a USB cable. My dilemma is that I can't use the installed programs as the drive names change when I connect them using the USB port. Is there anyway I can make my laptop's hard drive my primary drive on my PC? or is there anyway I can recover my installed programs by correcting the registry or something like that. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Swapping Hard Drives

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Can someone point me to a tutorial on the best and easiest way to swap hard drives by copying the whole build to an external drive then moving it all to the new drive once it's installed? I have a 1 TB external drive and would love to just move the contents of the whole failing drive to it so I can install a new drive and put everything back as it was. Don't want to reinstall all my apps and drivers basically.

Thanks so much for your time in advance!

A:Swapping hard drives

Its simpler to just get the replacement drive and copy the contents to it, rather than using the external as a stop-gap. That way you save a lot of time (esp if the external is USB 2) - I'm also unsure what software would do what you want.

If its possible to get the replacement drive and hook it up internally (even if its a temporary hook up like not mounting it, or disconnecting an optical drive) then you can use EASEUS Disk Copy: Its free and I know a lot of the members here use it.

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I just bought a new hard drive and want to put my old hd in my daughters computer, can be as simbple as just swapping them out?

A:swapping hard drives

Depends on what you want to do. If you are willing to install Windows and all data from scratch on both computers then yes as long as the computer(s) support the hard drive sizes and types.

If you are interested in copying data over or using two hard drives in a computer then it gets a bit more complicated.

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I have a compaq computer that I have used for some-time and I recently got a toshiba portege tablet. I tried taking the hd out of the compaq and putting it into the toshiba, but it does not boot up.

I have tried the pins on the hd so the compaq hd had the same as the toshiba hd
I do not know much about the bios setting, I played with them a little bit, but it didnt work.

how can I move my old HD into my new comp. I have all of my setting, files and software installed on the old comp and would rather not have to start from scratch.


A:Swapping hard drives

As the hardware is different, you will need to Repair Windows

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

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The other day one of my computers blew up, I think the processor overheated, but I can't be sure, it could have been the power supply. I need to take it somewhere to be fixed, the computer that blew was on a RAID MB and I want to try and take out one of the drives to put in another computer, so that before I take it to be fixed I can backup all the data on the hdd.

My question is will I be able to do this and have the other system which btw are both running WinME, will the other machine boot off the hard drive? (I don't really want to reformat, if I can get away with it) Could I install it as a slave? (don't know how to do this!)

Another option I could try would be to stick it in my Linux system and try to duel boot off it, does any1 know if Linux would accept this with data still on the hdd? (I will post about this in Linux forum if here it can't be solved.)

Thanks very much


A:Swapping Hard Drives

It will work fine as slave but probably not be successful as your boot drive unless the computer is exactly the same. Worth a try though. Windows might find the drivers and you will have to install things like the video driver that it will likely miss.

If It was part of a RAID 0 array you can’t do anything without the other drive though.

No problem with the slave. Just move the jumper to the S or SL or SLA position on the back of the drive. If it isn’t marked go to the manufacturer’s site – they usually have a diagram.

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I had read of a contraption that would enable you to swap out hard drives. I am looking for a way to do that. I have a Dell 8200 and would like to see if it would be possible. What is it called and where can I get it?

A:Swapping Hard Drives

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Is there a way (or is there an easy/the easiest way) I can take all the contents of my C drive, put in into another one (G drive), and then make my G become my C, or something to that effect without having to reinstall anything or go through hours of updates?

I think my C drive has just about had it.

A:Swapping out master drives

Imaging: Backs up your entire system, including Windows and data, plus your partition as well. The image can be stored on removable media, such as DVD. And usually takes under an hour (depending on size of image) to fully recover to a blank HardDrive.

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I took the hard drive (primary master) of my old pc out and installed it into my new machine (as primary master). The jumper was already set to cs, so nothing has been changed on it. I installed it on the primary IDE and hooked everything up. When I turned it (new pc) on, it started booting but then stopped. My question is, what do I need to do to install this drive (and the slave from the old machine) into my new rig. Copying the files over is not an option because old drive is larger than the new one.

A:Swapping Hard Drives?? From Old PC to New One

Hard drives with OS' installed are not swapable with different machines with different chipsets. What you can do is a repair install of windows ( assuming it is XP) and this will allow you to acces the drive.

the guide on how to do a repair install is here.

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I recently bought an IBM PIII at auction and I am currently running a DELL PII with Win XP...I tried just swapping the hard drive from the Dell to the IBM but it does not boot up...How can I get the hard drive toi work in the IBM machine?

Thanks for your help and time.

A:Swapping hard drives

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I recently bought a windows 8 laptop from a pawn shop and I was trying to downgrade to windows 7 pro. After the purchase I noticed that it did'nt have a disk drive and that's where i messed up. Im fixing my co-workers laptop at the moment and its an hp (mine is a Dell) so i decided to switch the hard drives and install windows 7 on it since it has a disk drive on it. when I switched the hard drives the laptop was telling me no bootable devices what could be the problem? it worked perfectly fine with the hp and i dont have a disk reader on hand

A:Swapping hard drives

Most likely the previous owner wiped the HDD clean, possibly deleting Windows as well. That, or the OS is corrupted and the BIOS can't detect Windows whatsoever. Or, finally, the boot sequence is pointing to a device other than the HDD, such as the USB hub or LAN.

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Gateway E1600 PC
P3 933 Mhz CPU
Windows 2000 hard drive on the Gateway PC
This is all the information that I have, since the PC is currently in the mail.
I have an extra Windows XP hard drive with important files on it.
I also don't have an XP upgrade disc.

Thank you very, very much for time and your help! When I bought the Gateway E1600 PC, it had Windows 2000 on it. I bought the PC, because it was a super bargain. I used to swap out hard drives all the time with no problems and the system would play whatever OS and files the hard drive had on it (if, of course, the system could handle it). I know that the P3 933 Mhz processor will handle XP and I know that XP is a standalone, booting OS. I also know that the hard drive max is 130 GB. I also know that the processor and hard drive "drive" the system. I just want to know, as long as I keep the 130 GB limit, will it work in this manner without any conflicts? Why or why not? If you were me and had important files/programs on the XP hard drive and on the Gateway PC hard drive only has Win 2000 on it with files that you could pretty much do without, what would you do? As a technician in the field, what would you do and what would you tell me to do?

A:Swapping Hard Drives

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Hi all,

A friend of mine has an old machine with a 2gig hard which is completely full.

I've got a spare 4gb harddrive which I want to put in. Is it possible to either have them both running at the same time?

Or somehow copy the entire contents from the old drive to the drive one so I don't have to install everything?


A:Swapping Hard Drives?

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I'm trying to help a friend with some computers he has acquired, but we're having some problems. What he wants to do is swap his hard drive into the other computer because it's just basicly better than the one he has now. His old computer's specifications are:

Some sort of eMachines Motherboard
Intel Celeron Processor (730 MHz)
256 MB of RAM
Intergrated Sound and Graphics
Running Windows XP Pro (SP2)

He wants to put it into the better computer:

Some sort of Compaq Presario Motherboard
AMD Athlon (~1.4 GHz)
128 MB of RAM (Upgrading ASAP)
Intergrated Sound
Nvidia Video card (Exact type is unknown)
Running Windows XP Pro (SP1)

When we try to put the hard drive from the old computer into the new one, we get the error "NTLDR is missing Press any key to restart," or there is no video at all. The computer will seem to be running, but the screen is blank.

There was said to be some problems with the computer before, though. I changed the boot order so the hard drive would be the highest priority. After that it worked, but stopped after a reboot one day and gave a blank screen. Thanks for any help.

A:Swapping Hard Drives

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I have two identical lap tops. The hard drive in one cannot be repaired. Is it possible to swap hard drives between the two?


A:swapping hard drives

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I currently have a desktop machine with two hard drives installed. They are currently referred to as C: and D: (duh!). My OS is Windows XP.

Recently I have been getting notifications that my C: is low on space. I have tried to move or remove (to the D: drive) every nonessential item from that drive.

At this point, I would like to swap my drives and make D: into the new C: and vice versa.

What steps should I take to make this happen so that all data and programs as well as my operating system work properly?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:Swapping C: and D: hard drives in an XP OS

Hi and Welcome,
I believe that trying to move your operating system to D may cause your machine to fail to boot.
You could consider changing the default location of 'My Docs' fro C to D here's a guide

If you've got System Restore running you could delete all but the most recent restore points to free up some space. Also check in System Restore if points are being saved in both C and D. You can change it to C only.


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i just installed a 500gig hard drive on my pc as a slave drive i would like to tranfer everything including sys.files i want to make my new drive witch is a sata dr. My main primary drive and my current c drive my slave basicly swaping drive letters but i dont have a clue how im not an expert could some one help please.

A:Swapping hard drives?

You will need to clone your original drive onto the new drive, then change which it boots first from in bios.

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So I have just installed my secondary monitor simply to multi task as I play games on my primary one. Everything was going well until I did something stupid I wanted to switch it and make my games come on my secondary and browse on my primary. When I did that I didn't like it so I undid it. When I did that I launched a game from steam and I looked over at my screen and half of it is taken up my my primary screen.
So say I had chrome open I put it to the far left of my primary screen where the game pops up I launch a game and half of chrome is on my secondary monitor and I didn't put it there. Sorry not the best explanation but it's the best I got at almost 1am any help Plz I need to know soon thx.

A:Secondary monitor resolution messed up

Tell us, how did you make your game show up on the secondary monitor ?

If you drag chrome to either monitor, that`s where it should stay.

Turn off the pc.

Unplug the secondary monitor, re boot windows. All should be fine now.

Run your game, open your browser etc. see if things are fine.

Turn off the pc, re connect the second monitor.

Restart the pc, all should be fine now.

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Aloha from Hawaii
I have a Dell 8400 that began having problems and does not allow the computer to boot properly. I have taken the hard drive (both machines use a Western Digital 2500) and put it in my Dell 9100 as a slave and turned on the drive. It was recognized and the files are there. Unfortunately, I am not able to get around the password that allowed access on the 8400.

I have looked at several similar situations but could not figure out how to apply it my situation. I would like to either figure out how to get around the password or I would like to know if the the 8400 hard drive would boot up in the Dell 9100 if it were swapped with the one that is in there now. It was tempting to remove the existing hard drive and see if it would boot up the 8400's hard drive. Both systems use XP Pro and both hard drives are WD 2500, but I have read that this could damage everything. Maybe the solution is easier than I think and less risky.

I would appreciate any help you folks might be able to offer.

A:Swapping similar hard drives

Are you able to boot the 8400 long enough to get into the bios? If so, you should be able to remove the password in there then slave it on the 9100 again.

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My system drive is C, the drive I want to be the system drive is D.

I have created a system image on D, if I install from the system image, will D "become" C?

A:Swapping system Hard Drives

You may want to post a screen shot of "disk management" so we can see what's going on.

If they are separate disks, or partitions is the question, but it would still be helpful to see disk management.

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I hope this isn't a dumb question..........if you have two laptops, one running Windows XP and the other running Windows 7, can you take the hard drive from the Windows 7 machine and put it into the XP machine?

A:Solved: Swapping hard drives

The physical hard drive, maybe - if the drive interface is the same, new computers use SATA and old computers use PATA(IDE).

But don't expect Windows to work properly if at all when you swap the drives if thats your intention. Windows does not like being moved from one configuration to another and when it does work, if it even works at all, never works as well as a clean install of Windows on the hardware it's going to run on.

And lastly moving a Windows installation will violate the license agreement for Windows if it was preinstalled by the laptop manufacturer. An OEM copy of Windows, and most other software, is not suppose to move to another computer, it's only to be used on the computer it came with.

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So i just ordered a new lenovo desktop (intel core i7 with 12gb ram) which im upgrading it from an hp pavilion desktop (intel core 2 duo with 4gb ram). and what im wondering is, if my hp hard drive (500gb sata) will work perfectly on the new lenovo desktop as the main bootable hd with windows 7 pro sp1 32 bit? or do i have to start from scratch?.

I try similar stuff with 2 laptops. i use a dell inspiron 1525 to reinstall windows 7 (intel core 2 duo) and put that hd on an acer aspire (intel core i5), and everything went fine. i just have to install the drivers again and the activation.
so it will work the same way as for the desktops i mention before?.. i hope yeah cuz then it will be a pain in the a_ _ to reinstall eveything again.. =)

A:question when swapping hard drives to a new pc.

What is your objective? Stated in as few words as possible.

As you might surmise, your objective is not clear.

Please do not suggest solutions, just state the objective.

I'm trying to give you an accurate and concise answer.

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Im a bit stuck.
I have a 500g drive from my pc that i gave away a year ago which has win7 and some data i want to get to on it. Im on a macbook pro now though i have access to a pc. The pc only has one set of sata power/data cables so i cant run the drive as a slave to get to it.
Can i plug the 500g drive in and get it to boot? Im not sure how to do this. If not, is there a program that will allow me to plug the drive in, bypass windows and access the data?
The pc i have access to is running XP

A:Swapping drives : Advice needed

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Maybe someone has the answer to the following floppy drive conundrum?
I'm currently looking at a 586 which has a 5.25 1.2Mb floppy as drive A and a 3.5 1.44Mb floppy as drive B.
As the reverse is a more normal setup, I have changed the drive assignments and parameters in BIOS so that A is now the 1.44 and B is the 1.2.
Windows 98 however only partially recognises the switched drives.
In My Computer A drive shows as a 5.25 and if I wish to format it will only allow 1.2Mb capacity - similar problem with the other drive.
Seems like Win98 doesn't take much notice of the BIOS.
Because of the cramped internals of this machine I would prefer not to have to physically reposition and make up a custom floppy cable.
Does anyone have a fix for this?

A:{SOLVED} Swapping Floppy drives in Win 98

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Want to swap hard drives between two computers. Both are running XP Pro. but I get no ntldll message. How do I correct this. marv1216 :bounce:

A:Swapping hard drives between computors.

Unless both computers are IDENTICAL, that won't work. Different motherboards have different drivers, that won't work on another mobo.

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Hi There,
I wont go into details, but the need has arisen to swap hard disks between 2 of my computers. I was wondering if this is really a feasible process ?

I'm thinking I would have to uninstall all the drivers from the OS before doing the switch, but am I going to run into other problems ? I am running Win XP on both systems.

I assume mouse/keyboard/monitor wont cause problems... am I right in doing so? I've never had to install CD/DVD drivers so I guess XP has a set of its own or something that it matches up... so will this cause a problem with the proposed swap? I think I am going to swap graphics cards and sound cards across in the process as well. So my major concern is with the disk drives and the motherboard. Not really sure how the motherboard ties in with the OS, if at all?

Just looking for some advice on whether this is a good idea to go ahead with really!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


PS can provide specs if at all necessary.

A:Swapping Hard Disk Drives

You wont have good luck swapping out the drive, and expecting for the
os to be intact. With a fat32 system you would have a shot. But xp
being ntfs I doubt it. Ntfs has more security built in and will protect
the os. access denied syndrome. If Im wrong Im sure someone will
step in...Good luck,,

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I am Using an IBM xServer 336
With 2, (300G) Seagate ST373307LC SCSI U350 HDDs

Hello, I am Buby I own a server (I am a first timer) for hosting game servers.
I tried to swap out my SATA HDD which was connect through wiring on the motherboard, but now I have switched to built in HDDs (As in the slottable ones). When I go in the BIOS and check my primary and secondary Master Drives they do not show up. Only the primary master shows up saying CD-ROM. At first I thought the Drives were broken and the Server could not locate them. But I did some more testing.

So on the server there is a LED Error Diagnostic Board. When I remove one of the two servers the error light shows for HDD Error. But when I look on the BIOS it says it can only find one of the two harddrives (i call that one HDD1 and the non readable one HDD2) (Just keep in mind when i remove either one they both still show errors)

How can I fix this so the harddrives are set to Primary and secondary Masters, and how do I make it so it shows HDD2 on the BIOS

-Yes I understand my Server is extremely outdated

A:Swapping primary master Drives?

When using SATA, there isn't a "master" drive, much less two. You would have a primary (ie: boot drive) and secondary drive(s). "Master" only applies when using PATA (ie: IDE) controllers.

It also shouldn't matter if the drives are installed internally or into drive bays. But they do still need to be connected to the proper ports on the motherboard. SATA ports are usually numbered, 0 thru x (x being the last drive which will vary based on the amount of ports available). The drives should connect to ports starting with port 0 (which would be the boot drive).

You also stated you have SCSI drives and then stated you swapped out the SATA HDD. Those are two different types of drives.

Also, being a server, it's possible that it's running RAID.

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I recieved a new Dell inspiron B130 but the HD on it is much lower compared to the HD in my current Dell Latitude D600 (148GB).

Would anyone mind explaining to me the procedure of undergoing this task of Swapping out the Harddrives for one another (What to unistall, etc).Please.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Swapping Hard Drives

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I have two Toshiba laptops, both Satellites. One is a P755 and the other is a newer model by about one year. Both are Windows 7 64. I would like to swap the hard drives so the newer laptop has the older hard drive. The older one as lots of software, etc that I would like to use on the newer laptop. The older one is having keyboard problems etc. but I would like to use it in the same capacity I am using the newer one now. Hope that makes sense. Chuck

A:Swapping hard drives on laptops

Welcome to Seven Forums chuckbear.
You can give this a try. Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer
It may not work because I suspect you have OEM versions of w7 which are tied to the first machine it's installed on.

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So, I want to move an existing hard drive to a new system and I've been looking at how best to go about it, without having to reinstall everything. Just for giggles I tried just plugging it in to the new system and starting up....of course that did not work.
I do not have, and don't want to buy a disk copy program. I do have Norton Ghost, but am not overly confident in using it, or having enough disks to put the image on. I read about doing a repair install of win2k, and tried it with a HDD that only had windows on it. It seemed to work, except some drivers (video) didn't seem to transfer properly, and it did appear in device manager that some stuff was duplicated. I suppose they're easily updated and deleted, but I'm concerned that going this route would contribute to instability. Any suggestions before I attempt this (or any other approach) with the HDD that has all my programs and data on it?

A:Solved: Swapping Hard Drives

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I currently have a Maxtor HD running WinXP-Home. I want to put in a new Western Digital HD as master and use the Maxtor as slave.

First, I connect the WD as slave and used Partition Magic to copy all partitions from Maxtor to WD [and the WD's partitions are named H: to L:]. Then I swapped the 2 HDs -- so that WD is master, and Maxtor is slave.

The problem with WinXP is that WD's partitions remain H: to L: -- and all the links/shortcuts, marco's path name are no longer valid.

Is there a way to disable this feature in WinXP -- so that the WD's partitions will be named C: to G:? OR is there a better way to add/swap hard drives?

[I know I can rename the drives; but that means I have to rename all partitions -- including those on Maxtor -- and that is a real hassel -- because if something should happen to WD and I need to swap Maxtor back to master, I have the same problem again.]


A:Adding/swapping hard drives

Start/Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management. Then use disk management under the storage option.

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Machine runs good on new hard drive now,I want to swap out motherboard.Original board is ecs kt600-a new one is asrock alivenf6g.How do I wipe out all the old motherboard stuff and let xp reinstall its stuff?

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i have 2 laptops both running win xp sp3.
is it possible for me to take out the hard disk of one and put it in the other. i wish to do so as one of them has some problem with the on/off switch and isn't starting up and need some important data out of it.
can any one please put some light on the risks involved in this process and if once i swapped the hard disks, would xp boot with out any hassles?
hoping for a reply soon.

A:swapping hard drives of two laptops

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Yesterday, my computer wouldn't start up, and I believe it had some corrupted system files from an interrupted system update so I formatted by primary harddrive (a 60GB solid state drive) and reinstalled Windows 7.

However, now when I go to Computer, only my primary harddrive shows up but not my secondary 500GB harddrive. I believe it's being recognized by BIOS but it is also showing up in Computer Management. It says it has all the same settings as my primary (Simple Layout, Basic Type, NTFS File System, etc.) and it says it's Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition).
If I right click it, I can peruse Properties... but I can not click on Open or Explore.

Any help?

A:Secondary HD not recognized after reinstallation

I played around in Computer Management. I realized that the harddrive didn't have a pathway assigned to it. I assigned F: to it and now it's being recognized. Hope this helps anyone else who has this problem.

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I'm helping a friend with a gateway pentium 166.He installed a second harddrive.The bios is set to auto on the slave drive on primary ide controller & we moved the cd-rom over to make room for the 2nd harddrive which should be D drive cd-rom E drive. the problem is when he boots up it doesn't recognize 2nd harddrive at all.I went into his harddisc controller & his are set to single fifo.He is running win 95b On my win 95a p200I needed to get bus mastering drivers from gateway to run a 2nd device on my primary ide controller would these same drivers work on 95a & 95b also do we need to uninstall the controllers first ? thanks,Jim

A:secondary harddrive not recognized

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I was opening a file (3d file) in Rhino, and my computer made a short noise for a about 30 seconds, and then decided to reboot. Upon rebooting my computer came back up without recognizing the secondary drive (this is the drive where all my files are). So I know it exists in the bios because I can see it, and I know it still reads it as hardware in my device manager, but it's just not recognizing it as a drive in explorer? I uninstalled the drive and reinstalled it with the wizard, but still no luck with recognizing it in explorer. Urgent problem. I need to recover the files on the hard drive. THANK YOU!

A:Please Help - Secondary Drive Not Recognized

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I recently bought a new SSD boot drive (120GB) to replace my original (30GB). I made an image using windows 7 backup utility and restored it on my new drive. After this I have been unable to use several programs including Adobe, Java, Netflix, just to name a few. Through tech support I was able to delete a file in my Program Data Folder (hidden) which allowed it to work afterwards. Not sure if this is the problem but I have had Adobe looking to do updates only to say that it can't find the appropriate file in that same folder (my original c drive which was mapped to my new hard drive). I can't remember the file they had me delete and don't want to start deleting files randomly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Unable to use several programs after swapping boot drives

You didn't say what Adobe product needs updates? (ex) Photoshop, or Reader, Flashplayer etc) If it is Reader or Flashplayer, just download it again. Same with Java and Netflix. Or do a system restore to a time before you deleted the file and restore it to Program Data Folder.

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I have 2 C drives (GAMES & VIDEO), both SSD with win10 but also have a "D" drive for files and downloads. Every time I swap the SSDs, I have access issues to D drive. I need to go into the folders on D drive to allow permission then go back to C drive to open a file (from D drive) with an app on C drive.

Got an idea its a security/sharing issue with Windows 10. Been doing this for years with other versions of windows and no problems.

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I have two computers in two different rooms that I built a few years ago. I want to move the main boot drive from one to the other and vice versa. I know this cannot be done by just plugging the drive into the other computer, so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I really want to avoid just wiping out and reinstalling everything. I tried searching but it seems the majority of people just want to swap a new hard drive into an existing computer rather than swap in one with already existing information. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Swapping Boot Drives Between Two Custom Built PCs

As long as you still have the license information (key) for the computers, and the operating system types match, there's no reason you can't swap the drives between them.

If the machines are identical then you won't need to do anything special. Just make sure the BIOS settings match and all you'll have to do is reactivate the copy of Windows under the new hardware.

A warning for others, if you have a true RAID setup then that's a potentially different situation altogether.

For each system, open Device Manager and select the drive controller.
Sometimes the drive controller is listed under "IDE" or/and "RAID" or/and "Storage".
Sometimes you'll need to figure out which controller your boot drive is under; unless you want to preinstall for all of them.
Access the properties of the drive controllers via Right-click Properites or double-click.
Click on the Details tab, then select "Service". Mine for example says "iaStor".

Basically that tells me that iaStor service has to be installed and enabled on the system that the hardware will be receiving.
To check for it on the receiving system, navigate to "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services" and in my case, "iaStor". If the service is not present then I'll need to preinstall the controller software prior to moving the drive. If it's already there, then just look at the "Start" DWORD registry entry and make sure it is set to "0".

Someti... Read more

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Should either computer (laptops) boot fine when you swap drives, assuming they're both bootable C drives and SATA or EIDE and both computers are the same or "similar"? If you get "unmountable boot volume" error what is happening and what can be done to make it boot on a different computer?

A:Basic questions re: swapping drives between computers

If the computers use exactly the same hardware it should work fine, but if the motherboard or chipset are different you'll get a BSOD. Sometimes a repair installation can help (it'll rescan the hardware and will reinstall basic drivers), other times the differences are too big and only a clean install works.

unmountable boot volume :

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Hi guys, hopefully a quick easy question. I need to reinstall windows on my hard drive but my CD-ROM does not work, I have the recovery disk so if I take my hard drive out and put it in a different computer to install windows, will it cause any problems with the other computer?

A:Swapping drives for Vista install question.

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Hi all,

A friend has recently switched to a laptop and offered me his old desktop. The only thing I know about the specs is that he was running XP, whereas my last system was Vista. He wants to keep his hard drive, so I'll install mine instead, a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9. If I swap out the hard drive, will it automatically boot in Vista instead of XP, or will I get a motherboard error? The disk has a factory image partition, which should include Vista, but I'm concerned his motherboard might not recognize the disk. Or could it start in XP and then allow me to change to Vista using the image? This HD model does not use master/slave settings, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I'm just not sure if there may be other problems. Thanks for the help!

A:Swapping hard drives on Vista/XP systems

The drive should be recognized all right, but chances are that it won't boot to a different board. And if your drive contains a recovery partition, then it must be an OEM version for a specific make and model, which means that that version of Vista probably cannot be used on a different model at all.

What machine did the drive with the recovery partition come from?

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I have an older Dell machine that I plan to use as a backup server for my family. It has 2 SATA HDDs, 1 IDE DVD drive, 1 IDE HDD

The SATA drives are recognized in BIOS. The IDE-DVD and IDE-HDD are not. Interestingly, when looking at the folder structure in Windows Explorer, all the devices appear. When looking at "Device Manager", all the devices appear. Everything actually functions when windows boots up. Trouble is, when powering on, the boot -screen tells me the Disk-3 and Disk-4 are missing. Then waits for me to press F1 to continue, or F2 to enter BIOS. If if press F1, windows fires up, and all works.
Trouble is, I want to schedule this to wake up on its own, run back ups, then shut off. I am learning how to do that, that is not the problem. Problem would be for the auto-turn-on, to be stuck in the BIOS screen waiting for someone to do something. That's a no-go for my intended purpose.

I have dillignetly gone through the "Master/Slave" configuration of the IDE drives. The IDE-DVD drive is Master, with a jumper, and on the end/black connector of the ribbon cable. The IDE-HDD is Slave (no jumper) and is attached to the middle/grey connector.

I have gone into Control Panel and eventually get into "Disk Manager". Here I see something that is perhaps the clue but I do not know how to rectify. The following is listed (and/or shown in the graphic panel of Disk Mgr):
>Disk 0, "Bright Blue", drive-name, Layout=Partition,... Read more

A:2 IDE drives not recognized, 2 SATA drives recognized

You need to go into the Bios. The DVD cannot be Master. It has to be set as a Slave, if connected to the same PATA cable as the IDE, which would be set as Master. You could try the two on Cable Select. But you may run into problems, because of having also the two SATA units.

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I have 2 drives hooked up to my computer. The main boot drive with Win XP on it is IDE. I have a second drive that is SATA. I want to use the SATA drive as extra storage space but my pc won't recognize it. During the boot sequence it appears that the SATA drive is recognized by the system but as soon as I get into windows and look in My Computer, there is no extra drive there. I looked in disc management too and the drive wasn't shown there either. Any ideas?

A:Secondary SATA drive not recognized

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Greetings all, new here... Generally fend for myself when it come to these sorts of things but after hours of following threads and uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, connecting, disconnecting, I figured I'd try to get some help.

Just bought this machine, Asus K50IN laptop with an Nvidia G102M 512mb graphics card in it. I work as a DJ and VJ and this is my primary machine and means of living, it needs to be reliable in different scenarios and work its a*s off an average of 5 nights a week.

So long story short: bought machine, installed a clean version of Win 7 Ultimate and then all relevant drivers... Things worked great the first week. No issues. Then 2 nights ago I plugged into my normal rig (a toshiba projector with an extension monitor daisy chained to it at one of the clubs I work in) and everything was tinted bright pink. I messed with it for a few minutes but I was late already and there were people to entertain so I played anyway with this weird pink tint over everything.

Last night, back to work again... Came early to try and fix the bugger before I would be pressured to play. Adjusted settings in Nvidia control panel, messed with color, resolution, etc. At some point while doing this the secondary display went black and never came back on.

I have reset all settings, completely uninstalled, updated, etc etc etc... Even on my secondary monitor at home, same deal. Monitor is on and says all is fine and working properly but my desktop won't extend to the sec... Read more

A:Secondary VGA monitor on and recognized but black!

Quote: Originally Posted by nzl

... bought machine, installed a clean version of Win 7 Ultimate and then all relevant drivers... Things worked great the first week. No issues. Then 2 nights ago I plugged into my normal rig (a toshiba projector with an extension monitor daisy chained to it at one of the clubs I work in) and everything was tinted bright pink.


At some point while doing this the secondary display went black and never came back on.

I have reset all settings, completely uninstalled, updated, etc etc etc... Even on my secondary monitor at home, same deal. Monitor is on and says all is fine and working properly but my desktop won't extend to the second monitor. It stays black. Mouse rolls over there then takes its time coming back. It's on, and the computer thinks everything is hunky dory.

I've tried about everything software wise I can think of and am starting to think the VGA out may be buggered.


Hi nzl! I am a new poster here as well!

I am inclined to agree that your "VGA out may be buggered". If you are plugging two separate known working "monitors" into your laptop vga port and neither is displaying anything, then it is pretty good deductive analysis that the vga port is "buggered".

The reason I agree with your final (if hesitant) analysis is that, after the initial install, you stated that everything worked fine. Then after a bit things went pink. And th... Read more

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I searched and couldn't find the answer....

I'm running XP and currently keep all of my photos/vids on a second drive. When I do a clean install of Windows 7 on my primary drive, can I simply re-connect the second drive I used under XP and will Windows 7 recognize it? Or will I need to back up everything on my second drive and start fresh? Hoping to just wipe the primary drive. Thanks!

A:Secondary XP drive recognized by Windows 7

yes you can reconnect it to access your files.

I would recommend that if your hard drives are connected internally, power off the computer before disconnecting/reconnecting them.

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I have an issue that just recently secondary (E Drive) will just disappear on occasion...when it reappears, all data is on it...the E drive is a 1 TB HD and my OS is Win 7 on my C drive running a solid state drive 64GB.

I'm running almost all of my programs out of Program Files folder located on my E drive which is SEVERELY limiting my workflow as I'm sure you can imagine...can someone shed some light on this for me?


Brandon Morris

A:Intermittant secondary Harddrive not being recognized

check the data cable is securely plugged in

try a new data cable

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I have two 1TB drives, each containing 4 partitions, used for backing up 4 computers. These drives are regularly switched between buildings as part of our backup strategy, always having one off-site. I have assigned drive letters M,N,O,P to respective partitions. When I swap the drives, the drive letters get reset and have to be manually reassigned. I have tried several suggested methods of assigning the drive letters, including USBDM, but get no results.

Computers: HP Compaq 8200 Elite - CMT - 1 x Core i5 2500 / 3.3 GHz - RAM 4 GB - SSD 1 x 160 GB - DVD?RW (?R DL) / DVD-RAM - HD Graphics 2000 - Gigabit Ethernet - Windows 7 Professional 64-bit - Intel vPro Technology
Docking Stations: ICY DOCK MB877SK
Hard Drives: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB

A:Drive letters change when swapping hard drives

Right you are using 2 different drives. Manually Assigning letter to one of them Restrict those letter from being used on the other. When you switch them out the letters have to be manually assigned again. That is how it is suppose to be. Windows Remembers each Drive serial # and or some other drive parameter and sees them as different drives, which they are.

The only way around it is to let Windows assign the letters automatically but that may not work on multiple systems if each of those system have different number of HDDs, Partition on the HDD and or different number of CD/DVD drives install in the systems.

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While connecting a SATA hard drive power adapter to the old style (red,black,black,yellow) connector, I screwed up and had the power either plugged in or on , which made contact yellow to red which in turn popped something tiny on the hard drive's chip. If i were to get an identical hard drive and swap out the chip, would I be able to recover the data on that drive?

the hard drive is a Seagate ST3250820AS Barracuda 7200.10 250 Gbytes

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3063 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238464 MB, Free - 81968 MB; D: Total - 152578 MB, Free - 73712 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Goldfish3
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Swapping the chip on identical hard drives

Modern SATA drives may or may not work when you swap the controller motherboard on the drive, with one from the same model and hopefully a very close serial number.

They say that in some cases drive info is stored in the controller board and swapping them with another drive doesn't work. It's worth a shot though. Google for Youtube videos on how to change the HDD motherboard - and take the fellow with a data recovery company with a grain of salt. His info might be technically correct but it may not apply in all cases. You can only suck it and see by trying it.

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Hi guys,

I've been using a 300GB Internal Laptop HD in my desktop for about a year (laptop screen got crushed, so just built a desktop with the HD). Just bought an SSD. Installed today with a fresh install of Windows 8.

I can't get Windows to recognize the old HD. I loaded BIOS, it is recognized there. I booted the old drive and the new SSD is recognized when I do that (on Windows 7). However, the SSD Windows 8 won't show the laptop drive -- not showing in Disk Management.

Any ideas?

I have a P8P67 motherboard, the drives are Intel SSDSA2M16O626N (SSD) and an Hitachi HTS545O32B9A300 (Laptop).

A:Solved: Secondary HD not recognized under Disk Management

Does the drive show up in Device Manager under Disk Drives? Are there any errors or unknown devices in Device Manager?

Also, you need to post the exact details of your computer especially the motherboard.

The missing hard drive could be connected to a SATA controller that Windows 8 has not installed drivers for and requires manually installation of those drivers.

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Hi all,

One week ago, I decided to buy a Samsung 840 evo 250gb SSD for my university laptop (HP 8570w). For the OEM HDD, i decided to buy a 'Nimitz' caddy for in the upgrade bay.
As the university covers the insurance and warranty, I was not allowed to install the SSD myself, but had to let their service center do it. And so they did..

After a few days of trouble, they managed to let the laptop run on the SSD, but the secondary HDD in the upgrade bay was not recognized. Their assistance covered only the installing and imaging of windows 7 with the university's VPN software, but the secondary HDD problem wasn't covered.
Therefore, i would like to try to fix the problem myself, ofcourse with a little help if possible

My line of thinking was as follows:
I've heard them switching BIOS setting from IDE or RAID to AHCI.
The secondary HDD was not formatted, and is recognized in BIOS, but not in Windows. Only the SSD is showing up in Windows Device Manager. On the contrary, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software keeps on posting messages about the HDD drive, saying the status of the HDD is 'incompatible'.

I also saw in Intel RST that the 'internal SSD of 22GB' was also disabled and on status 'incompatible'. I remember the service center saying something about incompatibility between 'internal SSD' and samsung SSD, and therefore they disabled the internal SSD. (I'm sorry for the probably incorrect 'internal SSD' term )

With my little knowledge on HDD installa... Read more

A:HP elitebook 8570w. After installing SSD, secondary HDD not recognized

Do you have a PC. try connecting the HDD to it?
Goto Disk Management and check if HDD shown there.
Reinstall Intel RST.
Its IDE by default in my laptop with caddy. Definitely no RAID.

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I guys, I'm new here...wassup?

I have a question for you. I followed a thread posted in this forum where chocobogo_rct needed to change his boot.ini file in order to havea dual boot screen apon startup.

I have a similar problem.
I have a dual boot system set up at the moment with Windows 98 on the primary drive and XP pro on the slave.

The boot.ini file on the primary HD looks like this:
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
C:\="Microsoft Windows"

There is no boot.ini file in the root directory of the slave HD.

So what I want to do is this:
I want to make the slave (XP) HD the master, but when I plug it in as master the the computer cannot boot from that drive (no boot records).

I think I need to change the boot records so that the slave hard drive is the master and the master is the slave. How do I do this? Do I delete the boot.ini file on the existing master (Win98), and create a new one on the existing slave (XP), then physicall swap the two?
If yes, what do I change the boot.ini file to?

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My Windows 10 Home laptop will recognize all of my flash drives but won't recognize any of my external hard drives. They all use to show up but now they aren't. The hard drives show up in disk manager but won't show up in file explorer. I hooked them up to other laptops & they all show up. I've tried uninstalling drivers & reinstalling them but It hasn't worked. Any ideas?

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Hi All,

I have (4) hard drives that already have Windows 7 installed on each. My rig is a custom build, so as for Motherboard, I have:

Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.Assassin (has two 6GB/s SATA ports, and four 3 GB/s SATA ports) if not mistaken. I would put eligible drives on the 6 GB/s ports, and the others on the 3 GB/s ports. I know, my MB is ancient now!

The "new" drives are already connected via SATA ports, and both are functional, but one is extremely slow, and I believe it is because I didn't install them correctly. Missing drivers or something, not sure.

Here are my issues, broken down:

1. I have two choices to make, first is to use the "fastest HDD" as my primary, and the other 3 HDD's will be used as storage. Second choice is to induce RAID 10 or whichever is recommended. If I go with RAID, please point me to a site where I can use as a guide on how to do that correctly, as I have never done that before. Unless of course it is a simple process, and can be explained here. I just didn't want to have to go back and forth on this board, while becoming a nuisance.

2. Going with the best recommendation based on #1 above, I need to resolve network recognition issues. I use the WD Mycloud 3TB as my backup. I like it because I travel a lot and I can easily use the app to pull up any document, picture, video, etc., while knowing that I don't need to pay a monthly fee to someone else. However, 50% of the time when I boot up, I see (Cou... Read more

A:Multiple drives, One Desktop, all drives recognized in network

I'll bite:

Why 4 Windows installations?

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I've added a secondary 4tb hard drive to my computer to be used as storage only. It is recognized as having the full capacity of 4tb by the bios. In windows I formatted it as GPT however windows only sees 1677.90gb available for the hard drive. Any assistance in getting windows to recognize the full size of the hard drive would be greatly appreciated.

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I have 2X HDD's 1 running windows and other for storage, both were working just fine.

A week ago I had to change my Sata Controller in Bios to AHCI from IDE. I installed a new windows and my 1 Primary HDD is working just fine but my storage HDD doesn't show in windows.

My Bios shows both HDD but windows only one. (My primary HDD got 2 partitions 1-is for Windows and the other one is still empty but after sorting out my HDD problem will use it for duel booting)

Can someone please help my how do I get my 2ND HDD to work in windows without loosing all my data on it?


A:2nd HDD not working after swapping bios to AHCI

Welcome to the forum Ghozt.
Our experts will need to see some more information. Please read and use this tutorial by Golden and post the picture.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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I am about to swap boards in a Compaq system that came with XP (dead board). As many already know, the XP probably will not install after the new board is put in because Compaq's XP Setup looks for a Compaq BIOS and aborts the installation if it doesn't find it.

This has been a problem since the release of Windows ME; but, a workaround was eventually found for it. Has anyone come up with a work-around for XP?

A:Swapping Board in Compaq--XP & BIOS Problem

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Hi, Thanx to shuttles indescript site I have killed my AI61 motherboard, I thought I was getting an executable zip which was actually the flash program + rom and after opening BEEEEEP

Anyway I have a eeprom burner and this eeprom sst39sf020 is right in the list.

Can anyone email me the bios .bin file for this motherboard? (not the file from shuttles site but the old bios file ai61s017.bin so I can flash it using my eeprom burner)

Or at least tell me how to extract the .rom from the exe file shuttle sends

If I get the rom file I will be able to revive this nifty old 750!

PS it appears that shuttle quite sending *.bin bios updates a while ago but if anyone can find ai61s017.bin I would be gratefull


A:(solved) Shuttle AI61 messed up bios, where do I find a bios bin file?

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I am not sure if this is a W7 "issue" but I assume it is because I never noticed it in XP.

I have 4 drives in my PC. 1 for the OS, 1 backup, 1 data and 1 backup for the data drive.

What I have noticed the recently is that while the PC is running I can hear a drive power down and slowly stop spinning. If I trry to access the files on that drive it powers back up and I get to the files just fine.

While it is not a big issue I don't like having my drives start and stop all the time just because of the wear on the motor.

Is this a setting I am not aware of or anything I can do to change this?

A:Secondary drives being shut down

Right click the desktop, choose personalize. Then at bottom, screen saver. Then "change power settings." Choose a performance plan, then go into "change plan settings" and you will have hard drive power options after finally choosing "change advanced power settings."

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I'm wanting to format my second hard drive but windows 7 does not see it.
It does show up in the BIOS.

Thank you for any help

A:I'm not able to see my secondary hard drives

If you open an elevated cmd prompt, run diskpart, and then run "list disk", do you see it listed there?

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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with a 500 GB SSD hard drive. I have a 1.5, 2, and a 4 TB internal drive as data drives. After a period of time, these secondary drives disappear. Only to re appear when machine is re booted. I have tried reseating cables, and also switching cables around. Machine was recently built with i7 8 core ASUS motherboard and 16 GB Ram. Other squirrely problems exist also that are also annoying. Gadgets disappear upon re boot, and I have to run a batch file that I obtained in my research to bring them back. Are these problems as a result of using SSD drives? It seems that a lot of these annoying bugs happen when using them. In addition, I have had a few times where blue screens occurred and involuntary restarts. Can someone please shed some light on this? This hardware was expensive, and is causing me more grief than all of the other hardware of a lesser cost has caused me combined!

A:Secondary hard drives disappear

Hello YohonOrov. Welcome to the forum.

No, these are not normal results of using SSD's. You've got bugs - you've got to kill them.

Always best to tackle one problem at a time. If you have blue screen crashes you can read and follow the posting instructions in the Crashes and Debugging Forum to get help there.

As for the hard drives, check this:
Go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options > for whichever plan you have selected click "Change Plan Settings" > click "Change Advanced Power Settings" > click the + sign next to Hard Drives > click the + sign next to "Turn Off Hard Disks After" > Move the setting down (counter-intuitive) to zero - it will now say "Never"

See if that is all it is.

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I am told by Power Quest Tech Support that

"Because Windows is showing the boot drive as the first drive but DOS is seeing it as the 2nd, Drive Image will not be able to reboot from Windows. You would have to fix this somehow or run Drive Image from the rescue diskettes."

How do I fix this? Thanks

A:Assigning Primary and Secondary Drives have two hard drives, the master and slave. Windows sees it correct, boot is master, second is slave? But DOS sees the master as the second drive and the second drive as the master? That right?


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I was recommended a program from my cousin a while back called Truecrypt but i have been reading it is discontinued and has security vulnerabilities ect. Are there any other programs i could use to encrypt my data?

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I would like to run two optical drives on the one Secondary IDE channel. I can run the NEC DVD-RW drive on either the Primary or Secondary plug of that channel and it will run fine. Same goes with the other drive i want to hook up (Sony CD-RW). But when i try to hook them both up on the same cable the mobo dosen't reconize either. All my drives are set to autodetect in mobo. Computer info in profile. Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Mobo won't see two drives on Secondary IDE

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So my setup. I have 2 drives in my computer an SSD and HDD. The SSD came shipped with my computer and I installed the HDD as a secondary drive. I've been using it as storage for all my pictures music etc. I've also installed a couple programs on there. My question is if I do a system restore can I do it without wiping out the secondary drive? How would I go about doing it? Step by step. What would happen to the program's installed on there after the restore?

Thank you.

A:System restore and secondary drives

First, make sure you have System Restore enabled (not a default setting in major Win 10 upgrades). Just disable or turn off the restore monitor for the HDD and restore will just run on the SDD where you have the OS. I have a similar set up where I have all programs needed for reinstall on a D drive in case I do a clean install on C. Not sure if your programs installed on HDD have registry entries on SDD though.

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I have 1 SATA Hard drive as my main drive and two IDE harddrives on the primary IDE channel. I starting noticing the two secondary IDE drives disappearing for no reason (they basically shutdown like they got uninstalled). I have to restart the computer for them to come back. I'm running windows XP SP2. Does anybody no what is causing this problem?


A:My secondary Hard Drives are Disappearing

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I guess this is the best section for this. As I said in my other topic my PC apparently has the Hippi virus and i will have to format. I have a secondary hard drive, a D drive with 80 gigs. It was installed from the factory. If I format is it ok to remove this drive prior to the format to save the data from being wiped? Or will it not allow me to format? It has no system files on it obviously but I wanted to ask if it's ok before I try it.

Again the computer is (unfortunately) a Sony VAIO with Windows XP Media Center.

A:Formatting a system and secondary hard drives.

You don't have to physically remove the secondary drive, just unplug it.

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Just installed Windows 7 pro 64 bit clean, full version on a brand spanking new WD SATA drive.

It seems to have lots of problems with hard drives though.

First it wouldn't instal unless I disconnected all hard drives except the destination and the DVD. Gave me format errors.

Odd thing was that I formated it on my old XP OS drive then nothing, then the big disconnect and voila.

I use a lot of music recording software, and have always used a leaner OS drive (100-250 GB) and a secondary for storage and back up (1 TB atm)

At first windows seven didn't see the other drives although bios recognized them, but the 1 TB SATA drive showed up under device manager.

After updates and who knows what, after a new start, it gave me an error message that it found a new HD, but it needed to be formatted in order to use it. This is the 1 TB SATA drive.

I also have my old IDE drives, one, an another back up and the old OS XP pro drive, that I thought I might be able to run and import emails and passwords and such from, but they only show up in Bios.

1st question, can windows 7 read and xp drive, like u used to be able to with xp, if it were a slave drive? I used to when upgrading to a bigger drive, do that and import old emails and passwords and bookmarks and so.

2nd, since I formatted the new drive with XP and installed win 7 on it with no problems, why won't it recognize my back up drive that was formatted with XP?

It may be a SATA issue? With old IDE drives you could... Read more

A:Windows 7 having problems with secondary hard drives

Nobody has any ideas about windows 7 and secondary hard drives with data only?

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I've had this issue for months now. I chatted with tec support for my motherboard and the guy wanted me to RMA it. I have searched the internet high and low for an answer. Here is the issue:

I have two internal hard drives I use for media. A few months ago both would randomly go away and the only way I could get them back was to reboot. I tried changing cables, swapping sata ports, etc. Nothing worked. I updated bios, made sure all hard drives had current firmware, etc. None of that solved it either.

I ran Sea Tools on my old drives and one came back with an error. So, I purchased the two drives listed in my profile. Set them to GPT and formatted. Swapped all my data over and all seemed to be okay. That lasted a week. Now one of the two drives is randomly going away.

This morning, it seems my SSD boot drive didn't appear during the post as I had the message to insert bootable media blah blah blah. I hit the reboot button and up popped Windows.

Edit: I also changed power settings to never allow the hard drives to shut off. That didn't work either.

I tried all of the software related fixes to no avail. I tried the bios/firmware fixes no go. I replaced old drives with new. Still happening. I really don't want to RMA the board if I don't have to. If anyone has found a fix for this issue I will be eternally grateful.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
AMD FX 8350
Asus Crosshair V Formula Z
16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz DDR3 9-9-9-24 RAM ... Read more

A:Secondary Hard Drives Randomly Disappear

Hello Archi!

This really doesn't seem like a hard drive issue; you have swapped drives, settings, cables and ports, ran diagnostics and updated BIOS and firmware. Additionally, it can hardly be a HDD problem as you have had a lot of different drives (and a SSD!) that have experienced these common symptoms for a very short period of time.

The only way at this point you can find out if in fact it is the drives (which almost certainly are not), you could try them on a different system, or try a couple other known working drives on your system, and see what happens.

My advice is to RMA the board, and you shouldn't experience this issue any more afterwards.


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I am trying to change the boot device so I can install a clean version of Windows 10, but the bios resolution is off. On my screen I am only able to see the top half or so of the bios. My motherboard is an Asus P8Z68-V LE. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Bios resolution messed up; can't navigate bios

If you have a PCI video card try removing it and using the onboard.

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I have an old PC (Compaq Presario Desktop 7470 ) that i purchased from a yard sale. I removed the old HD and replaced it with a quantum 30gb at Lct 20 HD that had Windows ME OS on it. I booted the pc and it booted fine except windows booted up in 16 bit color. I shut down and booted again. same thing. i shut down a third time and checked BIOS settings, then set them to default. Now BIOS doesn't recognize the HD or the CD-ROM drive. I have checked all connection, reset BIOS, removed the CMOS battery, I literally have tried everything I can think of to get things going on this old PC, but I am at the end of my rope. I will say that scandisk will recognize the HD and says it is OK. I have also taken the HD out and hooked it up to another PC and it boots up Windows ME just fine. I have also tried every jumper setting on the HD and Cd-rom to no avail and the only drive that shows up in BIOS is the 3.5 floppy drive which will boot up a Windows ME Boot Disk. I don't have a problem installing a fresh OS but want and need the PC to recognize the drives before i can do that correct?
I am ready to pull my hair out!! Can anyone please help me?!!!?

A:HD recognized by scandisk but HD not recognized by BIOS

probably the booting sequence is wrong due to the fact that you told the BIOS to load the preferred defaults. If you have a standard BIOS:

*go to advanced BIOS settings.... your going to see a big list of options .

<< check this picture for visual example>>
*take a look at the first , second and third boot device and change them to:

1- HDD - 0
2- HDD - 1
3- HDD - 2

Alternate them accordingly.

**probably the reason why your pc booted up at 16 bit the first time , may be
because you haven't installed the drivers for your video card yet.

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I recently had to reinstall windows xp for some errors on my computer. now I got it back working, but everytime i restart.. the video gets messed up. I.E. scrolling on webpages or in folders always does the refresh thing and takes forever. Now if i uninstall my Nvidia Ge Force4 MX, and restart.. it recognizes it and installs it .. then I fix the display settings and it works.. until a reboot again.. how do i fix? its been going on for a while now.

I didnt see anything about this on the forums

Thank you!


A:Everytime I restart xp, my video is messed up and not recognized

no help??

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Setting up my new Dell 8250 tomorrow or the next day; & went out & grabbed a Maxtor 80GB (ATA/133-7200 RPM) to install as a secondary drive (I do a lot of work with digital audio multitracking; & use the 2nd drive for audio data.)

So, I'm reading through the installation guide & the quick start poster; & I realized I'm reading the same seemingly backwards installation sequence I have before...every time I've installed one of these things. No matter who the mfg. is, they always instruct you to configure the BIOS "after" you've installed the drive (& then reboot with the installation software.)

Am I missing something here? Is there some reason one cannot set one's BIOS prior to installing the drive? The only thing we do with the BIOS (relative to hard drive installation) is 1) initiate auto-detect, or 2) reset the boot device order.

Both of these can be accomplished prior to the installation of the drive, right?

I don't get it, especially in light of the way the on-screen setup function key message can go racing right by you if you don't know how to pause it.

Is there a reason I am missing here for this "next-to-last" sequencing?

Thanks in advance,


A:New Secondary Drive...Set BIOS When?

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So today i started up World of Warcraft after a long time, starting up the game i got a error and it asked me to update my graphics drive so i followed what it wanted me to do. ended up installing a program which glitched and when i deleted it, it messed up my computer.


System Information
Time of this report: 5/7/2013, 00:17:32
Machine name: DIAN-HP
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.100226-1909)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
System Model: 310-1025a
BIOS: OS Date: 08/13/10 17:48:20 Ver: 08.00.15
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 415e Processor (3 CPUs), ~2.5GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 4096MB RAM
Page File: 2186MB used, 6002MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D: 0/4 (retail)
DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (retail)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (retail)
DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
DirectShow: 0/6 (retail)

Display Devices
Card name:
... Read more

A:messed up drives

Perform a system restore to an earlier time before this happened System Restore

what kind of graphic card are you using?

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Guys if you can help me I would appreciated it.
I tried doing a search but could not find the answer I needed so I am posting here. I hope that is alright. Here goes:

For some reason my DVD/CD-ROM will not read the discs I put in and when it does it play a DVD it's real slow. Not sure what's up with that. I went into my computer and went to the device manger and under DVD/CD-ROM drives there is HP DVD writer 740b with a ! next to it highlighted in yellow.
I have no idea what that is or what it means. If you could help me fix this I would be so grateful. I have a CD with info I need to run but my PC won't read it.
I am running a Compaq 2005 Media Center edition if that tells you anything. 200GB Hard Drive and 1.0 GB memory.

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i started with a 40GB IDE and a 120GB IDE drive, the 120 was set as the primary with the OS installed on the 40 GB as the slave. now i have a 250GB SATA drive which i ghosted the 40GB drive to a day ago, and i want to replace it with the 40GB as the system drive, what is the best way to do this? i will upload a screenshot of my current drives: also note that the sata drive is marked N: but in recovery console the installation was recognized as to be on drive :E (i have several virtual CD drives). i had to edit the boot ini file so now it only marks the one on my sata drive (either E as defined by BIOS or N as by windows). i think somewhere i must have messed up because all of my apps are having issues too.

A:help, my drives are messed up

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So I just installed Windows XP onto my brand spankin' new hard drive. The install went fast and easy, but I have a bit of a problem... it goofed up all of my drives! My Zip drive is C:, my CD-RW is D: and my main hard drive (two partitions) is E: and F:!!!

I would like to flip those around so the Zip and CD-RW are E: and F:, respectively.

Any way to do that? I normally wouldn't mind but it seems that I have some programs that toss errors at me unless I have a Zip disk in the drive, since it is the C drive. Some programs that I have been installing are trying to install to the Zip drive too. I have to go in and redirect the file path. Not a big deal, but I'm lazy...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:My Drives are all messed up!

goto windows help and type in "change drive letters" in the search box. HTH John

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Hello board, I seem to be in deep trouble. This is about my content repository PC that I only used to store all my important files I've been working on since last 5 years.

Config of this PC :
OS : XP Home
HD1 : IDE 40GB (Primary) - 3 partitions FAT32
HD2 : SATA 250 GB - 4 partitions - NTFS [in trouble right now]
HD3 : SATA 1 TB - 4 partitions - NTFS
RAM : 256 MBs SDRAM.

I have most of my highly critical stuff on this 250 GB Sata drive. Installed my new 1 TB drive some 3 months back and had to backup all my data from my 250 GB to 1 TB HD. Didn't get time to do that. Started with that 2 days back, and all was going fine, copied some 20 GB of data, and suddenly there was an error while reading from source disk. The system was becoming a bit jammed and overloaded for unknown reasons, and I thought to restart the system. After I restarted, I get to see that though it can detect all partitions of 1 TB, all partitions of my 250 GB drive becomes non-detected. I restarted several times, and noted that while booting, it was taking a bit more time, almost 1.5 minutes at the "Detecting IDE Drives..." stage to detect my SATA drives now, and both the drives get detected in that process... After the point that says "Verifying DMI Pool..." and then the windows load, later, the 250 GB drive is not detected by the loaded XP.

Now, neither the drive partitions are visible in My Computer, nor I can access them through command prompt. I'm deeply ... Read more

A:BIOS detects secondary SATA HD, but XP doesn't!

Update to my previous condition...

An update,

I ran AVG antivirus on that software while having the 250 GB drive plugged in. It scanned the primary disk and the 1TB drive, and then asked for reboot, I allowed, and on rebooting, it selected the 1st partition of 250GB drive for scandisk! It scanned it, marked several segments as bad, and then met with "an unexpected error" and terminated the scandisk... Booted into win xp, and here comes my 250 GB alive... I then checked the Event Logger, and found lots of system event alert logs specifying the issue related to bad sectors!

Anyway, as all 4 partitions were detected now, I jumped in to backup files to my 1TB drive... but as soon as I picked one software , did COPY and PASTE on my 1 TB drive, it said ... can't ready from source drive and the storage medium might have some errors... And with that, all four partitions of my 250 GB drive again become inaccessible!

Please help!
What should I do now?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Last year, I replaced my secondary hard drive (WD 120GB) with a newer 200GB WD drive. Ever since that time, I've found that while the bios has no trouble recognizing the 2nd HD after a cold boot, it always fails to recognize it (garbage shows up in the HD description during POST) after a warm boot. I always have to power off the computer for a few seconds in order for the drive to be round correctly. I've heard of drives that take a long time to spin up and thus only work after a warm boot, but I've never heard of this. Any thoughts?


A:Bios does not recognize secondary HD after a warm reboot

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For some reason, yesterday my D: disapeared! I tried to do add hardware but it wouldn't detect it! So I went into the BIOS and I think the problem is that my Hard Drive is the Primary Master and my cd rom is the secondary master. Shouldn't my cd-rom be the primary slave?? If this isn't the problem, what is? Thanks.
edit: There are no other cd-rom drives in my computer, I'm running Win98 and the cd-rom is a plextor. It just disapeared from windows. My BIOS recognizes it mut windows doens't. Please help. Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Changing Primary/Secondary in the Bios

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I seem to have messed up my drives big time.
I had Windows XP installed on C:\
Partitioned that drive, installed Windows 7 Beta on D:\
Bought a second hard drive
Partitioned it to to drives, E and F

I just bought the Windows 7 Pro Upgrade, made a fresh install on E:\ with the hopes that it would change E:\ to C:\ like the beta did on my primary drive.

It didn't, now my drive lettering looks awful and it's confusing me lol.

I don't need the Windows XP or the Windows 7 Beta installation (on disk0), I would like to combine those partitions back into 1 drive.

Is there any way I can fix this mess? maybe make my current windows location C: ?

Confused? I know I am... I've posted some pics, hope they can clarify what I'm talking about

Thanks for your help!

A:Messed up drives and partitions

Hello Angloman,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You can change the drive letters manually. Do you now have all three boot options at startup? If you manually changed the letters (in disk manager, rt. click on a partition and select 'change letter and path') then you could combine and format old C & D. Next you would have to remove the old boot options via 'msconfig'.

Hope this helps.


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XP. I have 2 hard drives C & D. Got a nasty virus.. Followed re-format instructions but did drive "C" first. windows files were reloaded automatically and when I inserted 2nd CD to complete the installation it will not load. I cannot re-format drive "D" ( which I now believe is the infected hard drive ) untill disc 2 is loaded to enable me to access the proper program to format "D"
Any ideas??

A:messed up formatting 2 drives XP

D drive sounds like your restore partition,which is just a partition on c drive

if you format d you will need a retail disk not a recovery disk to reinstall

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Since installing Windows 7 SP1 two of six of my internal USB 2.0 drives are messed up. When I plug a thumb drive into either of the two, I get a pop-up that says the device would work faster if plugged into a high speed USB drive. Well, they are and I had no problem prior to installing SP1. The driver versions are the same on all of them.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any and all help.

A:Windows 7 SP1 messed up 2 USB drives

Seeing as SP1 is still in RC beta. I would try uninstalling it and see what happens.

How to uninstall Windows 7 SP1 RC

If you installed a Leaked Version (which I would never recommend), then you may have to reload windows.

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