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Solved: Testing 64 Pin SCSI Hard Disks

Q: Solved: Testing 64 Pin SCSI Hard Disks

How can I test disks that are 68 PIN SCSI?
I have a SCSI controller but it takes a different connector.
Can anyone shed some light?

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I have a server with 4 empty HD bays.
I have many many hard disks that need to be tested to see if they work or not.
This server has SCSI controller and all the disks I'll be testing are also SCSI.
Can anyone show me the most easiest and most efficient way that they can come with to take on this task?

My own idea is that it would have been nice if some how I can boot from CD. That way I can put 1HD in each of the 4 bays and test them. But to test, as far as I know so far, I need to first make partitions, then format, and then use W2k's CHKDSK. But that'll take a HD to boot from to get to W2K. But if I had a system to be able to boot from CD, and a utility to be able to test all hard disks without the need for partitioning (or a utility that can partition and test both), it would be so sweet.

Any Ideas?

A:Solved: Testing Hard Disks

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windows98 is already on my 13gb ide drive, but i have a new 9gb scsi drive which is really fast 80mb/sec,
I would like to install only windows for now so machine boots faster, can i do this and still have other files on existing slower 13gb hdd i.e. games, txt files and pics?
I have managed to make ide drive as slave but i dont know how to go abouts installing win98 on scsi, as machine keeps booting to windows, from the slave drive. And when i attempt to install win98 it tries to put it on the ide drive which alwready has it on.
Do i need to disconnect the power supply to the ide hdd?
Does scsi drives have master/slave jumper setting like the ide?

My new hdd is MAG3091LC on this page

A:if i have 1 ide and 1 scsi hard drive how do i install windows on the new scsi hd?

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I have NAV 2001 with Win98se and a 250MB Zip drive. I have just made and tested a NAV Rescue Disk Set (Zip and floppy) when testing it I got a blue screen with this message........

Invalid VxD dynamic link call from acpi(05) + 00000572 to device "0026", service 8019.

Your Windows configeration is invalid. Run the Windows Setup program again to correct the problem.

To continue etc.

If I then press "Y" to continue loading Windows when given the choice in the last paragraph it loads normally into the Windows Rescue screen. This ONLY happens when testing the Rescue Set and has only just started to occur, never happened before. It does NOT happen when loading Windows at other times and I'm not aware of any problems with Windows.

Can anyone translate the first part of that message into English and offer any advice, thanks?

A:(Resolved) Error when testing NAV Rescue disks


You may want to take a look at this post:

The top reply, first of all.



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Long story short.. An office I help out had a RAID Array crash without a backup. The data has been recovered and is sitting on a Fujitsu Hard Drive (Model: MAX3036NC).

My computer, and the remaining working computers in the office are all IDE or SATA architecture.

I'm guessing there is a PCI SCSCI Card that I could buy, install this hard drive and access it that way. If that is the case, could someone recommend a card/manufacturer that would work for this case?

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: We also have a laptop available if there is a PC-Card solution.


A:Solved: Need to access a SCSI Hard Drive

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How do you get the power to your hard drive. The power supply has no extra wires or anything. Where does it come from?

A:{SOLVED} im a begginner, installing a new hard drive (scsi) so this may seem silly,

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I'm not sure if I have to run a Disk clean up because I think This will delete the other programs and necessary files.Is this true?I've seen that makes the computer faster because my Xp computer (service pack 1) runs slowly.Do I have to run disk clean up?Is that dangerous for my computer?

A:Solved: hard disks

From the specifications you have listed on your profile, you should upgrade from 256Mb of ram to either 512Mb or 1Gb. This should make your compter run faster. A disk cleanup is not dangerous for your computer, it deletes files that are not being used. Examples would be TEMP folders, etc.

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How do you change the letter and name of an external hard disk...say from F: to E:

A:Solved: External Hard Disks

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Years ago, when I set up a hard disk in DOS, The entire disk was partitioned and used in it entirety, with no empty or unallocated space. Recently, I notice that even when I install Windows XP or 7 from scratch on a new disk, there is always a tiny amount of space left unallocated, maybe only 7- or 8 megs on a 500-Gig+ disk.

I'm looking now at an HP laptop that has the following partitions:
Partition 1: 99.2 Gigabytes
Unallocated Space: 7 Megs
Partition 2: HP Recovery 11 Gigabytes with 1 Gigabyte free
Partition 3: 1 Gigabyte with 407 MB free

I understand partition 1 is the OS and that partition 2 is the recovery partition. I suspect partition 3 is some kind of HP utilities; but, I don't understand that unallocated space. That seems to have been there on every system I remember looking at. Why?

A:Solved: Why do computer manufacturers set up their hard disks this way?

Actually its done by Windows to allow the creation of dynamic disks in the future, see here:

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in my PC, there is one HD 500 GB WD 16MB Cach / 7200 RPM
and now I bought new HD 1 TB WD 64MB

How I can ride them? and what is the best way to do it?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: How can I ride two hard disks in the computer

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Hi, hope someone can help...I've just bought the Seagate Maxtor OneTouch4 640GB external drive and my intention is to copy 3 full hard drives over to the OneTouch but the Maxtor software only seems to allow me to copy files,folders etc. So I've now downloaded Disk Copy software from Paragon. However when I try to copy the disk Paragon warns me that there is data already on the Maxtor drive and that this will be erased. Is this data req'd for the Maxtor to work or can I safely allow Paragon to erase it? Also, how can I ever copy 3 different drives over to the external Maxtor if it is always going to erase all previous info? Would I need to partition the Maxtor ?

I'm quite new to all this and my head's fried already. Any advise would be gratefully received.

A:Solved: Backing-up hard disks to an external drive

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I have an old machine from 2005: XP SP3 with AMD Athlon64 3200+, 1GB RAM, 128MB ATI Radeon graphics....

I have the original recovery CD (but not the actual XP install CD); is it possible to boot from this disk and return to the "factory defaults" from that first day I bought the machine? I have backed up all data with DriveImage XML so I can return all the (limited) personal information but I would really like the rest of the C drive to be erased.

All the family now have laptops or desktop PCs for work and communications so it's not critical to have it fully-working within a couple of hours and all software loaded etc.

My sister once accidentally performed a system restore from the recovery partition and the sound drivers were uninstalled. Are things like this likely to happen restoring from the recovery CD?

Thanks for any advice, I don't want to completely screw this up

A:Solved: Recovery disks to clean hard drive?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here as you can tell. It's not often I post for help regarding PC issues but the solution to this one has eluded me for a while and it's getting annoying.

The problem is quite difficult to describe. Basically, I have two internal hard disks, one of which I copy data to as a backup (I know this would be fairly useless in the event of a power surge or something). To make it clear, I copy and paste 'C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents' and 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users' to my secondary hard disk, named 'D:\'.

Since the last time I copied the data, certain files have been saving to the My Documents contained within 'D:\' rather than the original on 'C:\' where they belong. These include files transferred over MSN, which now go into My Received Files on 'D:\' rather than 'C:\'. Also, certain programs have since been saving to 'D:\' by default.

This isnt a critical problem yet, but it's very annoying. I've tried deleting all the data from 'D:\', which windows won't allow due to there being system files present. I've managed to copy back most of the data, so at least now I can tell at a glance which location I'm saving to, but when I recieve transferred files, windows creates a new 'My Recieved Files' on 'D:\' and they end up there.

I'm willing to format the disk, but I'm unsure as to whether it's a physical drive or a partition, and what ramifications this could have on my PC. I can't be entirely sure I didn't actually cut an... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Problem with save locations on separate hard disks

G'Day Billy, Welcome to TSF!

Saving data/files to another location ought not to be too difficult.
The method that I adopt to save any downloads/emails/data etc. is to simply select files at the top right hand corner of the window; then, save as...
You then simply navigate to where you wish to save the information to whichever specific Folder/Drive.
By doing it this way you can choose the saved location indivually each time, rather than have a 'default' location, which generally speaking is C:\ My Documents.
Hope this helps clarify your situation.

Kind Regards,

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I've been transferring stuff from my old XP computer to my new W7, and today I finally got around to activating Windows 7 since time was starting to run out (and I hadn't gotten the code along with the computer as i'd ordered, i got it a few days ago with an apology & reduced price)
So yeah... I typed in the code and everything was ok.

Opened My Computer to access my old harddisks because there were a few things left to transfer before I'd switch them out for the remaining 2 old harddisks (yeah my old comp was filled to the brim with those stuff)... but the only harddisk available is C.
I can't access E and F, they don't seem to exist!! O_o

What's wrong??? Are they still safe? Can I still acess them if I "re-install" them into the computer, or will it not accept any of those old harddisks again??? *panics!!!*

A:[SOLVED] Activated license code; now i can't access 2 hard disks!

Got a hold of my elusive brother on the phone and he helped me through it!
Can't find an edit button to delete the thread so mods, feel free to do it if you can! :)

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Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet?

Dell T7400 with RAID: bluescreen when installing Windows XP 32-bit
Please help me with installing Windows XP on Dell T7400 with H/W RAID controller on 4 15k SAS harddrives. When installing windows I hit F6 to add optional RAID drivers and load this drivers using floppy drive, but Windows crashes anyway. The same is without loading optional drivers.
I have the same problem. Trying to install the XP with a Dell provided CD (green Reinstallation CD with SP2) doesn't crash Windows, but it doesn't find any hard disks and can't continue.

A:Solved: Dell T7400 with RAID: bluescreen, or no hard disks when installing Windows XP

Problem solved!

I downloaded the LSI SAS1068 driver from the LSI site and used that in the installation process.


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I have a backup program called Casper, I have been using it for many years and think it is great.

A couple of days ago it reported that it could not do a backup because my Seagate hard drive was faulty.

I have run the drive through all the basic tests on Seatools and it has passed, I have done windows chkdsk
and "error checking" and none reported any errors, but Casper does not do a backup because it sees that my Seagate hard drive is faulty.

Any ideas on how to fix this, is there another HDD test I can run?



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I have three SATA drives installed and am trying to test each drive to see which is the best to have the operating system on (XP Pro). I have tried a few testing utilities, but none of them recognise that I have any drives installed. Even the Western Digital Lifeguard utility doesn't detect any drives and they are all WD drives.

A:hard drive testing

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I am retired and like to tinker with computers. Folks give me all these old cpu's to play with. Some are fried others have crashed, cause unknown. I like to see if I can "fix" them. I usually start but checking out the CD Roms to see if they are any good. Of course there are hard drives in them also. With out buying elaborate expensive software, how can I check out these drives to see if they are working or can be made to work? I have my own computers here that do work. A Dell, a Parckard Bell. I do not use the Dell for experimenting as it is my main CPU. I use the PB for that. It has Win 98 installed. Can I just insert the drives in the PB as slaves to check them?

Any help or website info would be appreciated.

Help Keep An Old Man Off the Streets and Out of the Swingers Club


A:Testing OLD Hard drives

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i have a nas drive which also doubles as a usb drive if i need it to its a seagate 1.5tb drive. i downloaded seagate tools for windows and it wouldnt detect it as a nas drive! so i plugged the usb in so its set as a usb drive now, it finds the drive, does not find the firmware (although it finds my maxtor firmware wtf?) i can only run a short or long generic test on it. cant run a smart test or a self test it say test unavailable. surely seagate should account for external usb drives atleast!

A:testing a hard drive (nas/usb)?

Try the DOS CD from here:

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

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Hey all,

I work for a computer hardware company and am looking into better ways to test returned hard drives. I like using drive fitness test but that only works if the drive is connected directly to the motherboard. What I am looking for is a drive testing application that will test drives connected via USB adapter.

Anyone know of anything?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


A:Testing Hard Drives

The read/write levels wouldn't be accurate enough. Why not set up a test bench?

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How can I tell if my hard drive is bad and be on help?

A:testing hard drive

You can test it with one of these: (Bootable floppy) (Bootable CD)

Most manufacturers also have tests on their sites.

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I have a fujitsu 40 gig HD which i think has failed in fact i am pretty sure it has failed, i have just hooked it to the primary ide of another system and it's not appearing on load up.

I have taken all the other devices of the board cdroms other hard drives so its only the fujitsu.

The cables are on the right way, the jumper is set to master.

Even the hard drive test can't find it.

Any suggestions?

A:Hard drive testing

jonno112 said:

I have a fujitsu 40 gig HD which i think has failed in fact i am pretty sure it has failed, i have just hooked it to the primary ide of another system and it's not appearing on load up.

I have taken all the other devices of the board cdroms other hard drives so its only the fujitsu.

The cables are on the right way, the jumper is set to master.

Even the hard drive test can't find it.

Any suggestions?Click to expand...

Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache hard drive $34.99AR - Buy $5.01 more and use $10 off coupon (best buy add)

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i am posting this here because it is not specifically windows 7 related and i was not sure what section to put it in. i have a seagate barracuda momentus 120gb hard drive in an amilo pro v2085 laptop that windows setup will not detect.
i am trying to do a fresh install of xp on my sons laptop and xp setup will not detect the hard drive.i created a slipstream copy of xp sp2 with the extra correct drivers for the hdd and this boot disc would detect the i can get into bios and repair console etc. which is some progress i guess.
when i get to the part where i have to format the hdd in ntfs it just freezes at 0%, even on the quick format it freezes on 20%.i have tried seatools for dos and although on the long test there are bad sectors it passes after repair.trouble is i cannot get past the start of the format and that only works on the slipstreaned copy of xp.what else can i do to check the hdd to be absolutely sure if is past repair or not?
does the fact that the slipstreamed copy of xp is detecting the hdd mean that it is physically functional and that i just have missing software of some sort?
i tested both ram modules with memtest 86 and they both passed no problems.

A:Hard Drive Testing

i have tried seatools and other drive test utilities and they all say there is a problem but none will say what it is.i just need to know if the problem is fixable?

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Hi everyone,
I wonder if anyone have a good site where it can guide me on how to installed a second SCSi hard drive. I have a HP tc2120 server with one 36.4 Gb drive. I have anotherone just like that. But I never have installed and SCSI drive. I have only done the regular IDE drives. I need some help.



A:SCSI HArd drive

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My computer is not recognizing my SCSI 70 ghz drive. It keeps saying PXE-E61 failure check cable. It worked fine last night, I reformatted my secondary IDE 40 ghz drive and I could not get my computer to start. I had to disconnect my SCSI drive and setup windows xp on my IDE 40 ghz drive to get my computer to start. It still doesn't recognize my SCSI drive. I need help.

A:SCSI 70 ghz hard drive

This generally pertains to a bad hard drive or bad hdd cable same as a "non system disk error" with same solutions.

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I've just bought some hard drives.
They weren't expensive, i got them in a clearance sale, they are SCSI types.

One of my PCs uses an SCSI hard drive as its local drive 'C',
However this PC has a power supply feed to the SCSI hard drive, and also the
SCSI connector ribbon cable.
Thats two separate cables.
One for signal, and one for supply.

The SCSI hard drives i bought have no feed point for a power supply.

So i don't know how to try them.
They must use some supply to operate, so could it come via the SCSI cable ?
I suppose it must come from there ... ?

Ive never seen ones like this before.

I dont want to try them without checking first.
Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

Model: WDE18300-6029A8
Made: 26th May 1999

I got eight in all, some like this one, and some others.
Now i'm a bit worried about trying them, as they might try to draw more current
from the SCSI signal wires than they were meant to give.
These ones come in a sort of Slot-in carrier, what difference that might make
i don't know.

Cheers, John

A:Some help please in trying to use an SCSI hard drive.

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I was able to salvage an old system from the trash at work. It has a Western Digital 4.3GB SCSI hard drive and I want to know if i can use it in a non-scsi system. To use it will I have to use a SCSI adapter or have to have all HD's as scsi?

A:Using SCSI Hard Drive

You can use it if you have a SCSI adapter and you can mix IDE and SCSI in the same PC.

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ok i posted eariler and its final the scsi seagate is mine and it looks like im keeping it.ok so i bid on the scsi control card thats ldv and now im looking for a cable . my question does the cable need only one terminator? im new to this so if anyone can help me out on installing a scsi hd it would be greatly appreciated

A:scsi hard drive?

You want a 68pin internal LVD cable, it should either have a terminator built in + two connectors (one for the SCSI card, one for the hard disk), or three connectors + you'll need to plug a terminator into it. The devices should be arranged with the SCSI card at one end, the hard disk in the middle and the terminator at the other end. The SCSI card provides termination for its own end (unless you want to put the SCSI card on the middle of the cable, in which case you need a terminator for each end). The terminator must be LVD or LVD/SE compliant.

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I've got an old computer that we've just been using at the office for payroll and a few other things. The problem is its runningout of hard drive space, so I was just going to install another hard drive, but I forgot that it has a scsi hard drive. I was wondering if i could hook a regular hard drive up to the scsi cable? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A:SCSI Hard Drive


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I have a Dell Poweredge SP5166-2 that uses Seagate Barracuda (4.3gb) hard drives put into trays that are slid into the computer and connected to the motherboard. I want to put another hard drive in but it is an HP C2490A (2.1gb). When trying to install it the first times, bios recognizes it and says it is working properly, but it is not displayed under Win2k's logical devices or my computer. It is however displayed under device manager. So, it does exist but I just can't make it work within my computer. I also tried to make connect the SCSI bus cable that goes into the cd rom into the hard drive, but no luck. Is there any master slave config for scsi devices? My understanding is that there aren't any; only scsi ids. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


A:HP SCSI Hard Drive


You can check couple of things.

You may want to check SCSI ID(which usually a jumper or switch on the drive.).

If you want the drive to be C:, check host adaptor which ID is bootable.

Make sure you have a terminator at the end of the chain.

Go device manager and check if your SCSI card has conflict with other devices.

Good Luck,


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A couple questions I have concerning SCSI devices....
1) Scenario: You have a scsi cd-rom, 50-pin, and a scsi hdd, 68-pin. The adaptec adapter manuel says for automatic termination, you have to set the 'low/high' setting from 'on/on' to 'off/on'.

Now I've hooked up scsi devices before, but only hdds. My question: by having a 50-pin device (cd-rom) and a 68-pin device (harddrive) both on the same scsi controller card...would that slow the hdd down? To me, it seems like I'm disabling the scsi wide aspect of the card.

2) SCSI-1 is 8-bit, right?

3) SCSI-2 is 16-bit, right? also known as scsi wide, right?

4) What is Ultra wide?

5) Is SCSI-3 and SCSI 160 the same thing?


A:SCSI Hard Drives

Have very little experence with SCSI but good resources for info. Try the following link for good reading.

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Built a WinNT 4.0 server using SCSI raid array. Works fine. Enabled atapi in services and it sees the IDE CD-ROM (master, secondary channel) just fine.

But it won't see the IDE HD (master, primary channel)!

Jumpers, cables, HD all okay.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Anyone have a clue?



A:scsi NT -- how to add IDE hard drive?


Can your BIOS see the HD? If not, then your OS has no chance of ever seeing it.

Have you tried it as a Slave on the secondary controller? Or better yet, keep it as a master, and make your CD-ROM the slave on the secondary controller.

You could have a dead primary controller (I know my secondary controller is not functioning... damn, I need a new PC - who wants to help me raise funds for a new PC - any compnay that helps will get free advertising from me ), or a dead HD.

There could be something else wrong, but I am not that great with hardware issues. If you want, I can move this to the Hardware forum.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I have 2 scsi drives in my compaq evo w6000 pc c & d drive they are 18gb I want to replace c with a 73gb drive can i put in the d drive position & copy c drive to the new drive using norton clone & then put it in the c position & put the old d drive back in the d position will my pc boot without the old d drive when i put in the new drive in it's place so i can clone c drive to the new drive Thank You [email protected]

A:scsi hard disc

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In a recent attempt to upgrade my video card I have come across a strange Hard Drive issue.

My system is a Dell 2.8 GHZ (running XP) and I purchased a new 256MB AGP video card to replace the stock 128MB... as a precaution before I did this, I took out the ATA adapter card in a PCI slot that runs 2 seagate ATA drives. After my installation was complete I put the ATA card and drives back in.

Now my Device Manager sees them both, but it reads them as SCSI drives and my ATA adapter as a SCSI adaptor, and It thinks one drive is empty, and the other needs to be formated.

My remedy was to re-install the driver for the ATA card, no luck, so I checked the jumpers and bios settings, no luck... called and spent 1 hour with Seagate level 2 support, no luck (we did test both drives and seem to be fine)

My E drive has a capacity of 279 GB and there is about 80GB of data there and my G drive has about 185GB on it with a capacity of around 200GB.

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to go from here? (With out reformating my drives and losing 250GB of data)

Thanks in advance.

A:2 ATA Hard Drives seen as SCSI

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Whenever I boot up my old computer, I get a message during bootup that tells me that the SCSI boot device is not installed. I have a SCSI hard drive connected to an Adaptec SCSI pci card. I had just taken the hard drive and card out of that computer and tried to install them on this computer, and it didnt work, so I put it back. I tried running a SCSI utility on the bootup screen, and it didnt even recognise the existance of the hard drive. It wont let me format or anything. If there is something I can do to get it working, then please post. I do not care if the solution requires reformatting, because I do not have any really crucial data on the drive.

A:SCSI Hard Drive

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I just just installed a program called Hard Disk Sentinel which had good reviews etc

Hard Disk Sentinel can monitor hard disk status, health and performance including temperature and S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, built in most hard disks today) values for each hard disks. Also it measures the hard disk transfer speed in real time which can be used as a benchmark or to detect possible hard disk failures, performance degradations.
Hard Disk Sentinel is a windows software that helps to prevent hard disk failure.
Hard Disk Sentinel can be used to prevent serious damage or data loss. It warns the user if there will be a problem occur and this gives opportunity to backup important and valuable data. Click to expand...

and it is saying that my IDE drive (what I use for my OS) is only running at 43% health which is a good reason for problems I have been having.

The thing is, like doctors on serious matters I like to get a second opinion, so can anyone recommend another program that I can use to test my hard drives

A:Need program for testing hard drive

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An experienced tech told me the drive testing utilities from manufacturers do not actually test the cache on a hard disk. Does anyone know if this is true and if so, are there any utilities that do?

A:Testing Cache on a Hard Disk?

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I have 3 Maxtor 15GB IDE drives and 1 WD 20GB Ide drive and I was wondering if there is any hard drive testing website that will give these drives a test so I can determine if they are any good - I guess I could do each with OEM testing - but I would like to find an "all in one solution"

A:looking for a hard drive testing utility

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I suspect that one of my HDs is having problems (a Western Digital). Now, I'm not panicking yet, but I'd like to test it. Was wondering if there was a way to do that without losing the data on it - to test for bad sectors etc., I mean.


A:Testing a hard disk for errors

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My wife laptop has become corrupted.
So, I happen to have a spare HD for it and I placed it into an external enclosure and tried to access it to format it and it doesn't show up in explorer.
But it shows up on the safely remove hardware module.
I donít understand, what do I need to do to gain access/format/check it out?
It's a Seagate Momentus 7200.1 80 gig for a Dell 600M inspiron.

A:testing Hard drive prior to use

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hi guys,

my problem is this...I have a laptop that keeps freezing. i swopped the ram and its doing the same thing. (even when i reinstall windows it gets to a point and...frozen!)

i am looking for a utility,preferbly one i can boot into that will test a hard drive,as i dont
want to buy a hard drive and then it turns out to be the motherboard.

i put in another drive that had windows on it,but it just got to the menu to boot.
safe mode etc...then just restarted.

anybody know good tools...

A:Hard drive testing software

Go to the site of whoever made the drive ie Seagate, WD, etc. Download the site's diagnostic app. Most run from either a bootable CD or floppy.

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Hi everyone!!!!

I decided to buy an IDE/SATA to USB adapter... I found a generic one that looks a lot like this one: SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter Cable for 2.5/3.5 Inch Hard Drive / Optical Drive with External AC Power Adapter: Computers & Accessories
It's the first time I buy this so I can test HDD's that may be either faulty or just to recover data from them. I have seen many videos from youtube using this devices and already read the lil' instructions it includes. But as always, I ask for reccomendations to know how to use this safely and properly so I don't burn a HDD or something.

I want to use it by now with a laptop HDD that some friend lent to me (SATA, 5400 RPM 120 GB and I guess is around 600 Ma max current) and an old desktop IDE 4 GB HDD I have (Seagate)...

Any advices? THis device doesn't include a off or on button or something and I'm not sure it will swith from 12v to 5v when connecting a laptop HDD.

Thanks In advance.

See ya!!!

A:Testing a Hard Drive... Is this correct?

Well... I tested with my old Seagate 4 GB desktop HDD and worked properly, slow (because of ata66 speed) but fine.... I'll see how it works with a laptop HDD.

Great tool I decided to buy

See ya!!

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This is my first time tinkering with a laptop.
It's a dell inspiron: wont boot - gives a boot disk failure message.
I want to connect it to a pc as a slave drive to see what's going on but dont know if it can be done - trying to run recovery console off an xp install disk gives "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer"
Any thoughts?

A:Need help testing a laptop hard drive

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I just picked up this old server for nothing it's an IBM x240 2X9gig and 2x76gig Scsi and i wanted to try and get it going, not as easy as it sounds.

I got the drivers and the serverRaid disk from IBM and loaded the drivers onto a floppy, placed the 2k3 server disk in hit f6 and loaded the scsi drivers all was good.

Then an error saying i have no hard disk installed came up cancel the installation hit f3.

What have i done wrong?

This is what comes up during the post.

At startup Current memory configuration is not optimized
Adaptec aic-7897 scsi bios v2.20

Press Ctrl-a for scsi select utility
ch A Scsi ID: 5 IBM Ultrium-TD1 Ultra2-se

SCSI bios not installed

IBM serverRaid Bios
Bios Version 7.10.18

1 ServerRaid-4H Slot 4, drive configuration takes up to 5 minutes

Press Ctrl-I to enter mini configuration program

2 beeps

And then it ask me to insert a disk and hit f1

Any help appreciated

A:Loading Scsi Hard drives

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I've been trying to setup a Dell poweredge server I have just got, and am having huge problems getting it to recognize any of the 4 SCSI hard drives I have in it. I've trailed through the BIOS and so far have found, when SCSI devices it can find the drive in port 0, if I go into the RAID array to put this hard drive into the raid setup, there are no drives. If I boot all the way through to the install for the Linux distribution I'm going to install, no drives are found to install on. I've tried running the open manager server assistant CD to no use. I've tried installing a bootable floppy with SCSI drivers on it only to be told it's not a bootable disk.

I'm at a loss and nearly at the point of accepting defeat and buying new hard drives. Surely there is something really basic or obvious I am missing?

Help or suggetsions or rational thinking would be a blessing. Thank you.

A:SCSI hard drives not detected

Can we get a little more information about the model of dell server, and the size and type of scsi harddrives? I tend to not think it is the drives, I work with dell servers all day at my job, and usually it is either software crap, or a different piece of hardware has failed. what RAID controller are you using?

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Does anyone know of a website that I would be able to find the drivers for a scsi hard drive? I have been searching for what seems like weeks now and can't seem to find anything.

A:SCSI Hard Drive Driver?

The driver you probably need is not for the SCSI "drive" itself. It's for the SCSI "host adapter" to which the drive is attached.

Please give brand/model specifics of your machine... laptop or desktop (probably) and type/model/details, SCSI drive (internal or external), SCSI host adapter to which the drive is cable-connected.


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Hi there,

I have got two SCSI hard disk arrays running in my server, one is a 3-disks array on RAID-5 and the other one is a 1-disk unRAIDed.

Both arrays are presently holding data.

I want to install another 2 SCSI disks on the second array so that I can RAID these 2 together with the existing 1 on a RAID 5.

Can someone please kindly give me a walkthrough how to do it, because apart from changing hard disks on a PC, I have never done anything with SCSI hard disks before.

Is there any issue with data migration?
Do I have to temporarily transfer the data in the disk to another storage, install the 2 new disks, RAID the three together, then transfer back the data?
Or can I just simply plug in the two new disks, and RAID the three together, without having to worry about the data contained?

Ascan be seen I am in very very desperate need for help here.
So from the time the new disks arrive, what do I have to do?

Thanks so much. Any input is very much welcome and appreciated.

A:How to add SCSI hard disk to RAID

I am not sure I completely understand what you want to do. I think you want to install two new drives onto a scsi card and then create a raid array on those two disks.

As long as the scsi controller you are connecting these to supports raid, it should be no problem. Shut down and connect your drive to the controller. The one disk connected now will have the terminator jumper / plug installed on it. This needs to go on the last device in the chain. Now restart and enter the bios for the controller you are setting up the raid array on. There are different key combos for different card mgf's so you need to know which key to hit. When in the raid bios, select the two disks you want to create the array and start the creation process.

I am assuming that the os is already installed on another device and that drivers for the raid card are already installed. Go to disk management and you will need to partition and format your array. You MAY need to restart after you partition the array. Format with ntfs and you are good to go.

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I am helping my brother in law out trying to do a non destructive repair using the installation disc. When we went through all the steps and got to the section that shows the hard drives it does not recognize the hard drive and won't let us do a repair. If we wanted to do a clean install it still would not recognize the hdd.
I decided to check bios and see what was recognized and in the hdd section it showed that the hdd was a SCSI. It is not a SCSI drive. We checked PC Wizard 2008 and it showed SCSI. All the places show that it is a SCSI. What is causing this? It is not a SCSI drive but a SATA drive. Can anyone tell me what has happened?

A:Hard drive recognized as SCSI

it is SCSI emulation. Some USB drives show up this way too.

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I have a SCSI Hard disk, that i some how messed up by transfering it to a different controller, cuz i didn't know that you can't do that, i do now. i tried to get it to come back alive, by puting it back on the controller, but my master partion table thing got messed up, when i had tried to use it on the other controller, the first controller was a LSI Logic, and the second was an Adaptec 2490-UW. so i tried to use diskprobe to read the sectors and set it up like that, which failed. i thought it might have something to do with the board so i had taken that off, but now when i go into the Adaptec "SCSI-Select" program it doesn't show a size. could i have connected my board back up the wrong way?? it does still spin up, but i don't understand why it lost the size of the disk. it had the size before btw. it is a 18.2 GB 10K RPM SCSI-2 drive, and i have 2 other identicals if they may be of any help. but i really want to know if this drive is toast.
EDIT:: COMPAQ Model #: bd018734a4

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OK you SCSI experts, I've got a question for you. First, the particulars of my computer:

Dell OptiPlex GX110, 733mhz Pentium III, 256 Mb RAM, Adaptec AHA-2940U/AHA-2940UW PCI SCSI Controller with a maximum data transfer rate of 40 mb/sec., Boot drive is a SCSI IBM DCHS04W (4.50 GB) 7200 rpm with maximum data transfer rate of 40 mb/sec. and average read seek time of 7.5 ms.

Now, I just purchased a Fujitsu 18.2 GB, 10,000 rpm, SCSI hard drive, with a maximum data transfer rate of 80 mb/sec. and average read seek time of 4.7 ms.

My question: Will I benefit from the speed and efficiency of the Fujitsu drive by making it the boot drive?

I know that my SCSI controller card will limit the maximum data transfer rate to 40 mb/sec., despite the 80 mb/sec. rating of the Fujitsu, however, will the 10,000 rpm and the low average read seek time of the Fujitsu overcome the limitations of my SCSI controller card to the point that I should make the Fujitsu my boot drive? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:SCSI hard drive question

I will tell you this... going from 5400rpm to 7200rpm spindle speed makes a major difference. So going from 7200 to 10000 will make a difference.

For me, the decision would be easy. I would put the fujitsu as my boot drive.

It's a bigger drive and it's has better access times.

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im going to setup a IBM Xseries 235 server in my home soon. I bought several drives. I noticed that one of the drives i bought is a scsi drive that runs at 7200k and the other drives run at 10000k. i bought two 7200k hard drives and 4 10000k hard drives. the server only supports raid 1. Would it be okay to create 3 raids. My computer supports up to six scsi hard drives. Can i create a raid with two 10000k hard drives to host my operating system and a little data, a second raid for my web server data and the third raid for my 7200k hard drives for ...idk, music.?

does that sound like it would work. would the 7200k hard drives slow down my computer?
is it possible to create 3 raids on a single server?

A:7200rpm scsi hard drive


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I have a Win2k3 Small Business Server being ran with RAID on 4 hard drives.
1 hard drive just got failed and i replaced it with the "same looking" hard drive.
When i plug in the new hard drive i noticed that it does not match up to the others in size and its not meeting the requirements in size to rebuild.

When i looked closer at the hard drive i noticed the following difference from the other 3 working hard drive and the 1 damaged one:

Part: 9v8006-001
Firmware: e302

The model and brand are the same exact settings but non the 2 noted pieces of information. Do you think this could cause a problem if this 1 hard drive was different from the others?

Just wondering because i never had this happen to a SCSI drive on RAID settings, and yes its set to be auto hot swappable and ready to rebuild RAID - its just not working because of the it says.

A:SCSI Hard Drive Question

You should be able to use it. If that hard drive is slower then the other, it will slow them all down to match it, and your hard drives will only use as much space as is in the smallest drive. That is the way it works with conventional hard drives anyway. I would back up your data if possible first before you try it (if you haven't already), just in case.

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On all internet vendors, I find sections of these 10k,15k RPM drives, called SCSI, and I have absolutely no idea why they are different to SATA/PATA. If they are just super fast hard drives, I'd buy 4 and link them in a RAID array, but I still don't understand the different names. It's a problem that has been needlessly bothering me for ages!

A:SCSI Hard Drives, What on Earth...?

scsi is a interface that looks more like pata than sata, but you will need a scsi adapter card or a scsi header on your motherboard, and even if you want to spend the huge amount of cash for a 15k hard drive you will not be able to utilize all of it because the your optical drive wont be able to keep up with the hard drive, i would stick with pata and sata both for cost and it (seems) that is what you know about, scsi is a whole different world than ide and sata

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I was wondering if theire is a reliable software that exist to test cpu,ram,hard disk, motherboard.

Thanks in advanced

A:Testing utility for cpu,mobo,hard disk and ram

There is no all-in-one tool. And besides, if something does everything then it is good for nothing.

Any CPU burn-in test. The computer will crash if there is a problem. No more advanced CPU testing is possible. How can you test a CPU when you are supposed to run the testing utility on the very same CPU at the same time?

MemTest86 or MemTest86+

Every HD manufacturer supplies a diagnostic tool for their HDs. Most of them can also be used to test the HDs of other manufacturers to some extent.

Nothing to test those reliably. A mobo is a very proprietary product and noone is interested in making them software-testable anyway. Basically, if everything else checks OK then it is the motherboard's fault.

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I'm just wondering if a Standard SATA Hard drive would fit into my Acer Aspire v5?

I want to test to see if the hard drive is working and don't have a USB converter cable for it at this time.
I am not sure if it will fit into my other laptop.. & I didn't want to open it up if there is no need for it.


A:Testing Standard SATA hard drive

In the Netbook reviews it says

the Acer Aspire V5 was fitted with a conventional hard drive by Western Digital.

So that would mean a 7mm 2.5" standard disk.

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I have a Dell Precision 530 and I would like to replace the two SCSI hard drives (Win XP OS) with two IDE hard drives instead with Win XP as the OS. Can anyone tell me how to go about doing this? Should I just do a clean install of Windows XP on the IDE drives? I know that the SCSI controllers are difficult to deal with.Are there any specific settings I need to enable/disable in the bios/setup before attempting to do this? I intend to completely remove the drives and the SCSI connector cable from the machine if I can get the IDE drives to work.

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Gigabyte GA-6LX7 Mb, 400 MHz celeron, 64 meg ram, 13.6 gig Maxtor ide hard drive, 9 gig Seagate scsi hard drive, win 98 se, DTC 3502A scsi adapter, Toshiba scsi cd-rom.
My scsi cdrom works fine, but. I can look at the scsi hard drive in windows and it says that it is only 19.2 meg, I can't access it in windows or dos. The on-board bios for the adapter doesn't find the hard drive or the cd-rom, but, I can still access and use the cd-rom drive.
Also, with ASPI3520.SYS enabled, the adapter and the primary and secondary ide controllers are disabled in device manager, it also makes A: drive use ms-dos mode compatibility.
I used the setup mode of the adapters BIOS to format the hard drive, After it formatted and I continued it says that it can't find a scsi hard drive.

A:SCSI Adapter/hard drive problem

Did you run FDISK and see if the drive is visible there?

Are you sure you have your SCSI termination correct?

If there are 98 drivers for your card you shouldn't need to load a driver file in the CONFIG.SYS - as you have seen it will put you in compatibility mode if you do.

Just checked the DTC site - it says:
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Windows 98 Drivers

Included - Use built-in Adaptec 151x/2x drivers <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Is that what you are using?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(5/20 new, unlimited, pay to surf site added):

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Just tried to install a SCSI hard drive on a win98 system.

Drive is in Device Manager but has no Letter assigned. Does not allow me to.

BIOS recognizes drive and assigns D:

A:SCSI Hard Drive - No Letter Assignment

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As per the norm, I got a Monday call from a customer freaking out about their server. I paid them a visit and sure enough the Western Digital SCSI hard drive I replace about 6 months ago is dead. SCSI utility is seeing it as a 1MB quantum. I told them to boat anchor that machine and get a new one. It's a pentium (i don't remember) 600MHz machine so it's a bit of a dinosaur anyway. their book keeper is the hero of this story. I taught her how to backup the server which she did before she left on Friday. I loaded backup files on an unused workstation, mapped some network drives and had them back up and running PDQ.

What would make a machine eat hard drives? Thin it might just be a fluke, virus, inferior Dell product??????

A:2nd SCSI hard drive failure within 1 year

Is there a UPS or surge-protector installed between wall-socket and PC?
If not, unstable electricity might cause that, such as spikes, brown-outs or black-outs.
Or the PSU might be on the edge of its capacity. If the HD is a 10'000 RPM disk, they need a pretty good and stable PSU.
The disk should still be under warranty.

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hi my new sata hard drive is showing as a scsi in win7
and it seems to be running slow and making alot of accessing data noises
how can i fix this back to sata

A:new sata hard drive showing as scsi in win 7 help

With some hard disk controllers it is normal for it to show up as a SCSI disk - particularly if the disk controller is running in AHCI mode, which is preferrable since it allows features such as NCQ. One thing you may want to check is: locate the drive itself under "Disk Drives" in device manager and go into the properties. Select the "Policies" tab and view what is set. For better performance you will want it set to "Better Performance" with both of the boxes checked. Though if you lose power you may run into minor file corruption issues - I personally have not had issues with this. If you disable those check-boxes performance can decrease significantly.
-David Betournay

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I am about to build my own PC. It will have a Maxtor Sata hard drive. When you are installing Windows XP Pro, do you have to press F6 and install a third-party driver? I was reading this book, and the guy said to do that. I have never heard about that before. Can you just hit install XP and let it do everything? Thanks.

A:Installing Windows Hard Drive SCSI

Yes you need to hit F6 to install a RAID driver. You will be able to get that driver from the motherboard manufacturers website in most cases. The resulting RAID driver that you get will need to be on a floppy, so if you were planning on not putting a floppy in the computer you were building (like many do), you will have to at least have a floppy during the setup process of Windows. Sorry, theres no magic "hit install XP and let it do everything"

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How do I get Windows XP Pro to duel boot from a second scsi hard drive. First scsi hard drive has Windows ME and works fine.
Second scsi hard drive has Windows XP pro but only works when I change the scsi ID from 1 to 0. But then the other scsi hard drive is not reconized in windows explore. However, it is reconconized in the XP disk manager and everthing else appears normal excapt that the drive is not read in explorer. Any help PLEASE

A:Duel Boot XP on second scsi hard drive

Was XP installed with both HDs in the machine, and with Me installed first? If you installed XP with only its HD in the system (so it was 0 when you installed it), the XP boot files are on the wrong hard drive. They need to be on the system's primary partition, which should be C: (where Me should be now if this is going to work right and properly dual-boot) and the ARC path in your boot.ini file is referencing the wrong disk for the XP startup to look on to boot XP when you have both disks set up.

Please post the contents of your boot.ini file here, and we will take a look.

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*RESOLVED* Can't install second U160 SCSI hard drive

I have DL145 G2 from HP

On the black thing that is attached to the cable which seems to be a controller, it says U320. It originally came with U320 SCSI hard drive but I purchased two U160 hard drives because I was a *****. I connected one U160 SCSI hard drive to the server and installed windows os without any problem. But when I tried to connect the second SCSI U320 hard drive, it didn't work. In the BIOS, it correctly recognized two hard drives but when windows 2003 server loaded, I couldn't see or install the second hard drive. I read some FAQ in the link I copied above and I thought that I have to purchase optional SCSI cable or my U320 SCSI cable only supports one U160 SCSI hard drive or something... But I don't see any place to plug any more cables on the motherboard so I'm really puzzled...

I use two SEAGATE ST3146854LW 15K 68 PIN U160 DELL M6616
and my server is DL145 G2 AMD Dual-Core Opteron 275 2.2GHz 390845-001

A:Can't install second U160 SCSI hard drive

So the BIOS sees both the drives?

What do you mean by Windows not seeing the hard drive? You did check in the Disk Manager, right?

SCSI is pretty much backward compatible, so your U160 drives should work no problem. And you can hook up 15 of them to a single SCSI cable no problem.

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can some help me,i am trying to install 2 4.5 gig SCSI hard drives in windows 2000 .i an useing pci scsi card controller.
i load win 2000 boot disc,s my system finds scsi,s no problem
i format them and partion them .when it reboots to start loading windows it say cd rom error ! INSERT BOTT DISC AND RUN AGAIN
any body got any pointers...

thanks ....rog

A:two scsi hard drive install in win 2000

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Hello all,

I have an HP Workstation XW8200 running Windows XP SP3 that I tried hooking a projector to. I used a VGA splitter with one out going to the monitor and the other going to the projector. When connected while the computer is already running, the projector works. But once the computer is off, with the projector connected and running, and then the computer is turned on, it no longer recognizes my hard drive.

This problem is NOT fixed when the projector/splitter is disconnected.

In the BIOS, the hard drive is recognized but it will not boot. I tried booting into a Windows XP disk and running recovery mode, but it doesn't see the drive. Same goes for booting off of my thumb drive into Linux (Lucid Puppy 5.2.0), it does not see that I have any hard drive installed.

This has happened to two computers already, both are the same model and setup.
The hard drive in question is connected to onboard SCSI, and is a SeaGate Cheetah, I'm not quite sure what size.

I did take another hard drive from a third HP XW8200 and put it in to the non-working computer and it booted fine.

I do not see the projector causing the computer to not recognize the HD, but it definitely seems to be the catalyst for both of these computers (with each individual problem happening months in between, and over a dozen other similar computers still working fine).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm at my wit's end.

Oh, and there are no error messages when trying ... Read more

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Ok here's my situation. I have a computer that will not boot up. So I want to check the hard drive on it to see if it is the hard drive that is kaput. I have another computer. However the working computer is using an SATA cable with it's hard drive. There is however an open place to put in a 40 pin ribbon cable. Can I just take the ribbon cable out of the faulty computer and plug it into the motherboard on the working computer. Or will this cause problems? All I want to do is see if the faulty computer's have drive is junk or not.Thanks.

A:Testing out a HARD DRIVE from a faulty computer to see if it works or not.

Make sure the old cable is an 80 wire 40 pin. The empty controller in the newer computer may also need to be turned on in the bios.

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I suspect that my 640 GB hard disk (from 2008) is nearing the end of its life and would like to plan for a replacement.There does not appear to be much if any chance to replace such a SCSI disk any more.What is the best type of disk to replace it, and does it need a new controller?I run Vista (original OS) and Windows 7 (new) in a dual boot configuration.It has currently three volumes, a Vista C: drive (c.300 GB), a Windows 7 C: drive (c.300 GB) and the HP "FACTORY_IMAGE" drive 15 GB

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I have been trying to determine which device would be best suited for cooling a pair of SCSi 15k HDDs. I have been looking around at some of the following (in order) of interest. Sound dampening is not a huge concern, mainly concerned about cooling.

Smart Drive 2002 Copper Hard Drive Enclosure- SCSI compatible? Little documentation to indicate if rear is already equipped with wiring or is this will work with SCSI cables?
AEROCOOL HB-101 Hard Drive Cooler Aluminum- Wondering if this is a gimmick or a real option... or a SilverStone SST-FP53-B 5.25" Hard Drive Cooler or a Cooler Master CoolDrive 3... ??? Any other reccommendations based on experience or reviews? Thanks in advance for any help.

A:NEED serious advice about Hard Drive Cooling (Pair of SCSI 15k)

if you haven't already bought a case, buy a case with a hard drive cage fan and put it to use. for internal enclousures, all same size drives and cages are compatible. just make sure you have cool air blowing on those drives and they should be just fine.

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Ok I have a external enclosure that is IDE / Sata , I have 2 hard drives I'm not using , there both SCSI 10,000 rpm Hard Drives, my question is how can I connect one of them to my external enclosure so I can connect em to my USB

A:Connecting SCSI Hard Drive to my external enclsoure?

You cannot do that. Your drive which is SCSI will not connect to an IDE/SATA controller in the external hard drive enclosure.

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is there anyone knows how to disable acoustic management in scsi
appreciate your help!
thanks in advance

A:how to disable acoustic mode in scsi hard disk

Hi kianlie,

This is a feature of some HDDs in order to make them quieter. Unfortunately, because they work by reducing the speed of the drive (according to load), they can make some systems run slow. There are utilities available to turn this feature on and off (where supported), but you will need to get these from the HDD manufacturer's website.

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Hello, this is my first post here. I have an HP Workstation x4000 I use at work for Designing CAD Models. This is an old computer. My problem is that I am out of room on the Hard Drive. It is a 58 GB SCSI,68pin HP Hard Drive. My IT support guy purchased me a 1GB SATA Drive,Raid Card,enough Memory to fill the MEC Card, and Norton Ghost to flash over the new Drive. My problem is, the Card he bought will not fit into the Mobo. The ribbon in the Computer has an empty plug and a power plug,but they are for a 68 pin SCSI Hard Drive. Is there a cable made that I can use to simply plug the SATA Hard drive into the 68 pin ribbon,or do I need a card? Do they make such a thing? My boss is extremely frugal and doesn't want to hear that the best thing would be to replace the 12 year old computer! Thanks for any help you guys can give me

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I have a Dell Tower Computer (Circa 2000-2002) that runs RIP software (Raster Image Processor) used to send graphics/image data to a machine that makes by way of laser imaging our plates or masters for our offset printing presses. Monday the hard drive failed. The Dell has Windows XP license decals on it but when booting up it display Windows 2000 NT. The computer has only 1 hard drive, a 68 pin SCSI drive and the cable to it connects to separate dual channel SCSI card which is in a slot on the motherboard. There is another SCSI card (single channel) in the slot next to it which has a cable that goes to the machine that this computer drives. The software that runs on this computer is proprietary software and I have a re-install disk for it being send via UPS Next Day Air as I type. I have an XP disk & license that I can install on what ever hard drive I can get to work here and the RIP software manufacturer said their software would work on XP. But I don't have a copy of Windows 2000 NT.

My question is that if I can't find this same hard drive locally, can I use an IDE or a SATA hard drive instead and still run the RIP software correctly? There is 2 IDE (primary & secondary) connectors directly on the motherboard. One is used for the CD rom drive, the other is unused. I am not certain but I don't believe the motherboard has a SATA connection. I have 2 good spare IDE hard drives.

If I can't make plates I can't print so I need to get this reso... Read more

A:SCSI hard drive died - can i switch to ide or sata?

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What are the differences between all of these?

I'll probably not use SCSI, but I was looking at the WD raptor 10K rpm hard drive (SATA). Do you need a special motherboard or certain controller to run this hard drive? And do you need a special CABLE for it? I have tons of 80pin IDE cables, but those wouldn't work?


A:HARD DRIVE question - SCSI vs SATA vs EIDE

Nope won't work. Different drives, cables, controllers. Some motherboards now come with the SATA interface built in. For more information check this site out. Its an OLD report on SATAs. Hard drives are now available for SATA use.

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Hello All,

I just got my hands on a Compaq 36.4 gb hard drive (10k RPM). It has an scsi port connector but I don't know how to connect it to my ECS board which is fairly new (one of those SLI-status boards). I might need a converter of some sort. The hard drive model is: BD0366459B , my board model is ECS 945-p ( ) .

Thanks ahead of time.

A:Hard Drive Compatibility?:confused: SCSI to IDE or SATA?

According to this site
Product Name BD0366459B
CD-ROM Drive Compaq CRD-8402B
Hard Disk Drive Compaq BD0366459B; 9.09 GB; Firmware 3B12; Wide Ultra3SCSI
BD0366459B; 145. GB; 291. GB; Firmware B005; Wide Ultra3SCSI
Host Bus Adapter Compaq Integrated Dual-Channel Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 ControllerClick to expand...

You need

(1) a SCSI-3 controller to be installed into the mobo
(2) a Wide Ultra3SCSI cable

You may get the hard disk cheap but could get rip off by the hardware needed to go with SCSI equipment.

The Sata can be viewed as a poor man's SCSI but at least your mobo support 4 units out of the box. I doubt if a SCSI can be cheaper than Sata nowadays which is being retailed at GBP 0.128 per Gb. Thus the 36.4Gb unit would cost no more than GBP 4.65 in UK which, if being a Sata disk, is equivalent to approximately one imperial gallon of petrol. That amount of money will not be able to buy either one the above two attachments required to run the unit.

Technically if you run a Sata Raid 0 to half the access time it should beat the SCSI disk performance hand down, I would have thought.

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My first build: Via Kle-133 mb with Athlon 700 and 64 sdram
on board video and sound and 9gig Seagate Hard drive needing a scsi-2 thingy

My problem...
I power up and all things begin running and on the monitor it whizzes past the first screen that reports the "Award Modular BIOS v6.00pg, An Enery Star Ally etc...
Main Procecessor: AMD Athlon (TM) 700MHZ
Memory Testing:57344 ok + 8192k Shared Memory

Primary Master: None
Primary Slave: None
Secondary Master: Toshiba CD_ROM XM-5602B 1796
Secondary Slave: None

Floppy disk(s) fail (40)

Then immediately a black screen which says
BusLogic Inc BIOS Version 4.94G
Intelligent Bus Master SCSI Host Adapter
(c) 1995 BusLogic Inc. All Rights Reserved

BusLogic PCI SCSI Host Adapter Firware Version 4.28D
Press <Ctrl-B> to Enter AUTO-SCSI

Which I do the <Ctrl-B> thing and it takes me to a configuration Utilities and Diagnostics program. I try to push the right buttons
Under Utilities and under SCSI Device Information it says
SCSI ID 7: BusLogic BT-946C
(which makes no sense since the hd is a Seagate st410800N)
Under Verify Disk I get the same result

OK then I try the Format Disk option
and the same exact result box comes up with SEAGATE SX910800N highlighted... when I press enter, it asks: CONFIRM? yes or no, I highlight yes and enter and then.... a freeze.

Now if I reboot it will do the same thing every time.
If I ignor the Press <Ctrl-B> to Enter AUTO-SCSI thing, the puter will g... Read more

A:New computer built hard drive with scsi problem

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I have a Startech brand PCI add-in card to get some extra SATA ports on my old Biostar MCP 6PB M2+ board.

In Disk Manager an Hitachi drive attached to the card shows up as a SCSI device.

However my backup software doesn't see it (old copy of Norton Ghost on CD) and the POST operations do not show it in the BIOS. Win7 reports that no driver updates are needed for the Hitachi on the Startech card.

It's very confusing. A new motherboard is due for me but this problem solved would extend the use of the Biostar. Why would the Win7 see the device but nothing else?

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32 bit stress test/stability test packfor windows xp/vista works with 64 bit too I believe. includes;memtest86 - let this go past 200% to be surenvidia geoforms - if you get little dots on your screen back down on the clock, if you haven't overclocked it then 0_oprime95 - some ram, a lot of CPU.Ok I don't know what the hell pandy wants- virus scan of the file in questionResult: 1/41 (2.44%)
Loading server information...
Your file is queued in position: 1.
Estimated start time is between 43 and 62 seconds.
Do not close the window until scan is complete.
The scanner that was processing your file is stopped at this moment, we are going to wait a few seconds to try to recover your result.
If you are waiting for more than five minutes you have to resend your file.
Your file is being scanned by VirusTotal in this moment,
results will be shown as they're generated.
Compact Compact
Print results Print results
Your file has expired or does not exists.
Service is stopped in this moments, your file is waiting to be scanned (position: ) for an undefined time.

You can wait for web response (automatic reload) or type your email in the form below and click "request" so the system sends you a notification when the scan is finished.

Antivirus Version Last Update Result
a-squared 2009.08.09 -
AhnLab-V3 2009.08.08 -
AntiVir 2009.08.09 -
Antiy-AVL 2009.08.07 -
Authentium 2009.08.... Read more

A:New build/new component testing/Stability testing pack!

FWIW: Memtest86 is outdated and unreliable, Memtest86 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Louis

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Hi, sorry so long but I figured I had to list all things I've tried so far! I'm wondering if my W98SE computer picked up an infection through a zip file with five pics in it that I was emailed a few days ago. After download I scanned it with AVG before opening, and nothing was found, but I'm sure that doesn't say much. Then I also scanned with spybot & adaware and they didn't find anything either, which again may not say much but I don't know of any better such free programs for W98SE. Machine is not worth spending money on.

FYI, I also have spywareguard, spywareblaster and version 4.5 of zone alarm. Other things I tried later include HJT + startup log; and failed attempts at Kaspersky, Trendmicro, Panda & Bitdefender. Details further below.

Almost right away, Firefox started hestitating or freezing up for a second at least half the time after I click a link or load a page, and I hear hard disk activity during it. Entering text into forms has frozen or slowed down a couple times too. Usually I just attribute anything of the kind to this unreliable old laptop, and my dialup connection. Especially after not rebooting during many hours of use. But I don't remember any of the above being as "blatant" and noticeable as this.

Once, site graphics loaded incompletely in Firefox, like they do when you print a web site. Twice a similar thing happened with I.E., on testing sites built for I.E. Once my ISP software cras... Read more

A:Suspect infection (keylogger??) from attachment, but having hard time testing

OH MY GOD the person who sent the attachment just emailed me and out of the blue mentioned twice that her husband is always installing keyloggers on her computer! My diagnosis just got a lot more feasible I think! Do you think the keylogger reported that I've been going to testing sites and googling keylogger stuff?? It would have been on this laptop since 7/24 now. Wow this is freaky. Can it see everything on the computer or just passwords I enter and text I type? I'm still using it, guess that's not too smart. Hep hep!

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This is my first attempt at building my own pc so forgive me if this is a silly question.

This pc has an SCSI as the primary drive (17gig) and I'm trying to add two 320g drives that are edi drives.

I added a new dvd drive, video card, and usb 2.0 card and those all work fine.

I tried the drives set to slave as well as well as cable select. I even removed one of the drives so that the only connector is the edi slave connector.

Am I having a problem because I'm trying to use an SCSI drive and the two edi drives? Do I need to use one or the other in order for this to work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Let me give a little more information if it helps. The computer is a Dell Precision 530 Workstation. Company upgraded all their pc's and sold off the old ones for $50 each. I want to ue this as a media server for my home network.

It has a 17GB SCSI drive on it now that has my Windows XP Home Edition and a few other programs on it. I was going to keep it for exactly what it does now. Basic everyday pc duties.

I wanted to add two bigger drives for storage. The mother board has an SCSI connector and two EDI connectors. The secondary EDI connector is connected to the DVD drive and the CD drive. Obviously I don't need both but just left the cd drive in there since it wasn't hurting anything. Those both read and work fine.

I have the two 320 GB storage drives connected to the primary EDI connector.

The ribbon cable attached... Read more

A:PC won't recognize extra hard drives (edi) primary is SCSI drive

Hold on a minute... edi you mean IDE or eIDE don't you?

SCSI hard drives need to have terminated cables. IDE cables do not use termination. I would ditch the SCSI, but you will have to get into the bios settings and change the primary boot drive settings

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Hi I have an old proprietary graphics system that needs a SCSI hard drive, I found a Compaq C2247 1gb hard drive that should work (cylinders,heads,etc match one of its table drives) but it doesn't turn itself on when the PC is powered on.

The drive works perfectly in my new system as long as I have the "send power on signal" checked in the bios.

Is there any way of jumpering this drive so it turns on the instant power is applied as opposed to sending a signal to tell it to turn on?


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 ppg7wm-82589m-mfpwlk-60sl03appears when testing hard drive. please help!

A:ppg7wm-82589m-mfpwlk-60sl03 appears when testing hard drive....

Hard drive needs replacement. What model laptop are we discussing?

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My computer has been running perfectly fine for over a year. Today I was putting extra hard drives as a secondary drive to see what was on them. I tried the first one and it started up fine. I tried the second one and it displayed an error at the boot screen. I realized I forgot to check the jumpers on that one. I tried starting up with just my main hard drive again and it started fine. I tried the last extra hard drive, making sure the jumpers were correct, and then the big problem started. It powered up, fans came on, hard drives ran, but no picture. I tried to start it up again with just my main and the same thing. Now, whenever the power is plugged in, the power light is on, whether the computer is on or not. When I hit the button, PSU fan, processor fan spins. You can hear the hard drive running. Nothing is displayed at all. There is a red light now on the motherboard which I believe is usually green. I have tried reseating the RAM in all configurations so unless both sticks went bad at the same time, I believe that is fine. I tried to start with both of the 2 hard drives which worked 10 mins previously so I belive they are also okay. Everything is plugged in properly. The only thing I did differently the last time it worked properly was I shut it down with the power button being I didn't have the keyboard/mouse plugged in.

My only ideas are:
1)PSU problem
2)Processor problem
3)Motherboard problem

A:While Testing Hard Drives, Computer Stops Displaying Picture at Startup

My Hypothesis is the PSU, if it's to small, then it can't power anything, but usually it won't even start with not enough power, what are your system specs and PSU wattage?

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'Lo All,

I need to upgrade the HD space on my PC here, and was wondering if it'd be worth it to convert over to a couple of those shiny new 15000rpm SCSI drives (If it's pertinent, my motherboard is an Intel 875 / 2.4ghz and both hard drives are 18 GB 7200 rpm IDE's). A couple of quick questions:

1. Do I need a SCSI controller (the ones that I see selling on Pricewatch for about $25) to plug the "new" drives into, or is there a way to get them to work without this?

2. Is this even worth it; that is, will I see an appreciable increase in system performance once I've made the jump from 7200 IDE --> 15000 SCSI?

3. Anything else I should know about this whole scenario? Ostensible pitfalls/perks/etc.?

TIA for any responses...

P.S. I'll pre-empt any, "Newbies shouldn't mess with the inards of their computer"-style responses by stating that a friend will be doing the actual install/setup work...

A:Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea?

the newer scsi run at 360 this means faster access
you will need a card that handles this speed plus the cables
price has come down some still very xpensive almost $2.00 USD a gb
SATA is cheaper and is almost as fast ,in most cases you will not see diff.
I think sata's run at 180 ( I dont use sata)
iede run at 133
warrentys on both are bout the same from 3 to 5 years
both support RAID most sata cards have this included
scsi cards don't you have to pay for that feature
if MB doesn't support sata you will need a card for it
only invest in scsi if you have critical systems and or run very intense app's
so if you want to upgrade and keep cost at min. go sata
if you are not up to task of boot issues with sata stick with iede 8mb cache 7200 rpm (I perfer Seagates)

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I have a BIG problem here with a SCSI drive on our web server in our school.

All of a sudden i keep getting Start Unit Request Failed at start up.

and then when I try to verify the HD on the SCSI menu I receive an
Like it says, it's not ready.

now this is the secondary hard scsi disk, my primary bootup disk is fine, when i boot up windows, it boots up fine, but doesnt see the e: drive. in device manager though it is there and it says it is working properly.

Do you think it could be the hard disk has failed. only last week on this same server the power supply went. and we changed the power supply. could thsi be related?


A:SCSI hard drive problem. Start Unit request failed.

Try reseating the connectors to the drive. You might swap the power connector between the two drives. Maybe something was bumped when the power supply was removed. If that doesn't work then probably the drive has failed. I take it that the secondary drive is on the same cable as the primary one and it was working ok before the supply went?

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Hello all. This is my first post here. I Bought a scsi hard drive.

Maxtor 18GB SCSI Hard Drive
Formatted capacity: 18.4GB
Interface: Ultra160 Wide LVD SCSI-3, 80-pin (80 to 68-pin SCA adapter included)
Rotational speed: 10,000 RPM
Average seek time: 4.7 ms
Cache: 8MB

I have the ASUS a7n8x deluxe mother board. What pci scsi adaptor card do I get to run the hard drive? What cable do I need?

This is my first time using a scsi drive. I did a search on newegg and saw a range from $22 - $400+. Please educate me in the ways!

A:Installing a scsi hard drive on an asus a7n8x deluxe board

Anything from Adaptec is perfect, but not always the cheapest.
It's what I use on no less than 3 of my PCs.
Brandnew Adaptec ASC-39160 Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI Controller, $139.-
Brandnew bulk LSI Logic LSIU160 single channel Ultra160 all purpose controller $35.-

They have a whole collection of others, as well as loads of information there.
You could try and pick up a used card on Ebay as well.

You will also need a 68-pin internal flatcable with a terminator.
Look around on that website.

Also go to
for a bit of background.

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Anyone can direct me to install 2 hard disks at my home pc as i'm using XP (SP2).

A:2 hard disks

Do you mean install two addition hard drives to the one(s) that are currently installed?

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Hi, I have two drives named C and D is it possible to get it to boot from drive D instead of C? Without having to remove disks and swap them, I want to install a clean version of windows on D drive to check if it is windows that is causing me problems or if it is hardware related, but I dont really want to have to reformat my C drive and loose all my personal info....

A:hard disks

There are Boot Manager programs you can purchase that allow you to pick which drive to use to boot. There is also the option if your bios suports it, to pick whtch drive to use first as the boot drive. You just have to go onto the bios each time you wish to change the drive.

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On my computer I have 2 hard disks, both have windows 98 installed. What I must do to start windows from hard disk 1, or if I need from hard disk 2 ?


A:Two hard disks

I'm not sure about a software solution, but if you want to start up using the other hard drive you'll have to re-position the jumpers on the back of the drive (instructions are usually on the top printed portion of the drive) and possibly change the position of the IDE cable to IDE1 instead of IDE2, unless both drives are on the same IDE cable, in which case you'll only need to switch the jumpers. I know it sounds confusing, but do it!!!

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Hello. I am thinking about getting Red Hat Linux 6.1. I currently have a 7.5 GB hard disk with a Windows 98 partition on it. I would like to get another 30 GB hard disk to put Linux on it, but I do not know if it is possible to have two hard disks in the same computer, using different operating systems. I once heard that your BIOS has to support it, but I am not too sure if mine will. I have a Compaq Presario 7594. I am not sure what kind motherboard, ect. that I have. Any information is appreciated. Thanks for your time.


A:Two hard disks using different OS'. Is it possible?

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presently running windows 7 on custom computer. took hard drive out of old computer ( os vista ) and installed in new computer. new computer shows this as HP (E . can i get old programs to work on new computer and how do i do it ?

A:two hard disks

The programs have to stay with the OS on which they were installed. You cannot transfer programs from one OS to another. You have to reinstall them.

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Does anyone know where I can buy a cheap hard disk around 1 TB in edmonton

A:Hard disks

how much you willing to pay because hdd prices are higher then usual atm

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