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Solved: Boot Screen wont show goes straight to login screen.

Q: Solved: Boot Screen wont show goes straight to login screen.

when i start my computer it doesnt show anything at all and then about 20 seconds later the login screen will pop up and everything works after that. it all started when i got my new graphics card and now i gotta plug my moniter into the card. and while its booting i can switch the moniter to the normal built in moniter plug thing. i think its vga ( its the blue one without the fancy pins) the graphics card is a visiontek radeon x1300 256mb pci. and im using windows xp professional. thanks

A: Solved: Boot Screen wont show goes straight to login screen.

You need to change the primary video card in the BIOS setup of the computer from the onboard video to PCI-Express/PEG and then you need to disable the integrated video. Your computer is still set to use the integrated video card as the primary card. Once you have it set correctly to the PCI-Express card then you shoudl always have the monitor connected to the new card and it shoudl display everything correctly.

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I cant get into my desktop. When i start my pc XP loads, and it starts the last known good configuration. I then seen the xp loading screen.

Next i should be able to see the login screen, however this is a blank black screen, the mouse is visible and i can move it around the screen, but i cant see anything to log into the desktop.

I dont know why this has happened, it was working last night. The only thing i can think of was my brother switched the power off as it was shutting down. The shut down had automatic updates running (i think) at the time the power switches were turned off.

How do i solve this so i can see the login screen and get into my pc?

Hope someone can help, cheers.


A:XP login screen wont show, blank screen and cant get to desktop?

Hello Paul

Boot into Safe Mode Options Screen (the one with Last Known Good Configuration on it) by pressing F8 at bootup and choose
'Safe mode with command prompt'

At the command prompt type

Hopefully this will open System Restore, so restore to before the problem started


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The other day my laptops shut down accidentally while it was loading up and some of the files got corrupted and it wanted to fix itself. When I let, then let it restart the login screen wont show up. It wont even show up for safe mode. I tried doinga repair but that wouldnt work either. Any help would be very appreciative because I havent backed my files up yet

A:login screen wont show up

Hello and welcome Dark mate some system specs would be good. System Info - See Your System Specs

You may be able to do a factory default if you have the data backed up.

There is this Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Okay so lately I've noticed that my PC isn't displaying the BIOS splash screen anymore and skips straight to the Windows login screen. It didn't really bother me until today when I wanted to boot into Ubuntu and I couldn't select which OS I wanted to use.

I'm pretty sure the problem isn't the BIOS itself since I unplugged all the peripherals except the speakers, removed all the RAM and the BIOS did beep repeatedly. And given enough time, I can boot into windows (and only windows ).

Apparently people have had this problem before and all the solutions I've read such as "Press 'del' to go into your BIOS!" really doesn't help since I can't see anything in my BIOS menu.

The only solution that made sense to me was that my CMOS battery could be dying. I haven't changed my rig since I built it in 2009. The only significant event that happened recently might be that Windows updated itself.

-PC doesn't display BIOS splash screen
-Can't see messages displayed by system
-When windows does bootup, everything runs just fine
-Haven't changed rig for ~3 years

A:PC skips BIOS splash screen and goes straight to login screen

This is normally a BIOS setting called "Fast boot" or something such. It might have toggled off due to low battery causing a reset. This may also explain why a BIOS Boot Menu no longer appears.

It won't hurt to change your CMOS battery and might help. You can reset your BIOS at the same time which is also indicated: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Do you have Ubuntu (wisely) on another HD so you need the BIOS Boot menu to show up when you press it's hot key? If so make sure all HD's are detected in BIOS setup and BIOS Boot order is set to preferred HD first. If BIOS Boot menu still doesn't show up using hotkey, change boot order to other OS HD to see if it will in fact boot.

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Hey there

I have a windows xp professional, custom built machine. Until recently
it was working fine, i noticed it was running really really slowly, my
explorer was using 100% of my memory and then i started getting these
popups from the bottom right of the screen: GAIN. i didnt worry to much
but the i started getting virus warnings, all of which were Trojan Horses.
I have AVG and it said it was able to clear them out so i was happy. But
the idiot that i am, i wanted to get rid of GAIN, so i went to this site:

i followed the instructions fully, i had to do some stuff to the registry.
so i did all that i was told to. But now when i start my computer the
login screen does not appear. i just see the windows logo sign and
nothing happens, although i am able to view the shared files on my
laptop when the PC is in this state. Does anyone have a clue on what
to do? I cant even restore my computer because when i tried to remove
the viruses i was told to turn off system restore. i did and then i forgot
to put it back on. So i cant even restore my computer.

Need help, plsssssssssssssss. Am really desperate. I would prefer not
losing all my data.

Any help at all is appreciated.


A:Computer wont show login screen

Please download HijackThis. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Run a scan and save the log file. Post the whole log file here. Do not fix anything since most of them listed there are harmless (some are system required). This program will help us determine if there is any spyware/malware on your computer.

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I have winxp professional with service pack 2 i recently faced a problem that whenever i start winxp it shows the loading blue bar scrolling but after that a black scren comes up and nothing happens. I tried to repair windows installation but no solution. when i login to repair the windows from recovery console and select the partition it hangs up and nothing happens, i ve to restart the pc. So i installed winxp on another partition. But the problem is that i had some video files on another partition which I encrypted using the previous winxp installation. Now I cant open the files they report access denied error. I cannot disable the encryption option also. and even after reinstalling winxp on the first partition i cannot get back my settings. i have the backup of the folder which i made private in previous winxp installation. now it may contain the efs keys also but i just want to get my video files back and remove the encryption from them. Please provide some proper solution as soon as you can.

A:WinXP wont show up the login screen

Try booting in Safe Mode:

Restart the machine, and hold F8.
Choose Safe Mode from the menu.
Go to Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Follow the directions and see if you can restore your computer to a time where there was no problems.


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hey guys

i have tried other forums with no luck. I am running Windows Xp professional.
Until recently my computer was working fine. But then i got GAIN from i think
some codec i got online, and then my cpu usage used to jump up to 100%
quite frequently. I attempted to look online as to how to remove GAIN from
my computer, i came across this site:

It has me to some changes to the registry which i did without making a
backup of it. So now

1) my login screen will not appear
2) i can not get into any mode, i.e. safe mode
3) i cant restore my computer (even though i dont want to) because system restore is off

does anyone in here have any ideas on how to fix this registry problem??

p.s. i dont want to lose my data!!

any help is appreciated

A:Computer wont show login screen

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Hey there

I have a windows xp professional, custom built machine. Until recently
it was working fine, i noticed it was running really really slowly, my
explorer was using 100% of my memory and then i started getting these
popups from the bottom right of the screen: GAIN. i didnt worry to much
but the i started getting virus warnings, all of which were Trojan Horses.
I have AVG and it said it was able to clear them out so i was happy. But
the idiot that i am, i wanted to get rid of GAIN, so i went to this site:

i followed the instructions fully, i had to do some stuff to the registry.
so i did all that i was told to. But now when i start my computer the
login screen does not appear. i just see the windows logo sign and
nothing happens, although i am able to view the shared files on my
laptop when the PC is in this state. Does anyone have a clue on what
to do? I cant even restore my computer because when i tried to remove
the viruses i was told to turn off system restore. i did and then i forgot
to put it back on. So i cant even restore my computer.

Need help, plsssssssssssssss. Am really desperate. I would prefer not
losing all my data.

Any help at all is appreciated.


A:Computer wont show the login screen

Please download HijackThis. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Run a scan and save the log file. Post the whole log file here. Do not fix anything since most of them listed there are harmless (some are system required). This program will help us determine if there is any spyware/malware on your computer

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I have Windows 10 Home on my laptop. I have created Local Accounts by going to Start > netplwiz and creating some users. Most of the users do not have a Password and are not Administrators. I have also checked the option "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". Now the problem is that after a reboot/restart or a boot (i.e. Shutdown and then Power On) the last user that was logged gets automatically logged in. So if User A was last using the laptop, he Shutdowns the laptop and then User B starts the Laptop, the OS directly logs into the User A's account. User B has to log out and then log in as User B. This is contrast to what used to happen with Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Please note that this is a fresh Windows 10 laptop and is not an upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1.

Can you please suggest me how I will be able to get all the users listed on the Login screen at the time of reboot or boot (i.e. Shutdown and then Power On)? The user has to select his ID and then login. Rather the last user login should not happen automatically.
Any help would be appreciated.
Enjoy your day

A:Win Home 10 does not show login/sign in screen after boot or reboot

Hi Addverma, welcome to Ten Forums.

The easiest way is to add passwords to all user accounts. If Windows is shut down or restarted from desktop of a local user who has no password, by default Windows will sign this user in when started next time.

Adding password to all users prevents automatic sign-in of last user.

Another option is to not display usernames in sign-in screen as told in this tutorial: Sign in Screen - Do Not Display User Name in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Notice that Option One in above mentioned tutorial does not work for you because you cannot edit policies in Windows 10 Home. The registry method, Option Two should work in Home Edition, too.

When method in tutorial is used, Windows will not show usernames. All users must enter their username manually, as well as possible password:


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so I think I may have picked up a virus, not exactly sure, just a gut feeling.

Basically, I left my computer on and left my home at about 6PM today, got back around 12am after getting stuck in this horrible snow storm, come back to find a bunch of weird grid like dotted patterns on my screen. I run dual monitors and the problem exist on both monitors. I took a screenshot with print screen because I am sure it will show up in the screenshot since it doesn't show up at boot up, at the login screen, or even when I CTRL+alt+delete to get to the vista options that offer lock, logout, shutdown, task manager, for some reason that screen displays perfectly fine.

I am not sure what the deal is. I ran a scan with trend micro which found some threats and removed, one of them that stood out to me was "pe_patched_msc_ in explorer.exe which could not be removed. I believe this is the cause since it only seems to affect the explorer (main screen), and I have no problems during boot up or using the screen CTRL+alt+del brings up.

OS: Windows Vista

Any ideas?

Much appreciated,

A:Virus? - Graphic Problem (Artifacts), doesn't show up during boot up, at login screen

Sorry, forgot to include the screenshot. Hopefully the artifats show up so I can exclude my graphic card as a source of the problem :)

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OK i recently bought a legal copy of Windows Xp server pack 2 and tryed installing it onto my computer. i got one computer to work and then the other one looked like it was working and then when the installing (from when u start installing from the computer>CD drive, then it restarts and continues to install) but after it totally installed, it started and came up with this " Safe mode, Safemode and Network, Safe mode and DOS, and then Last Known Connection, and Start Windows Normally. now with this screen it just kept restarting and wont do anything else.... now im stuck and have noo idea what to do.. anyhelp would be GREATLY appreciated..

thank you!

A:Problem: Boot screen wont show/ keeps restarting..

why don't you just select to boot Windows Normally?

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Hello, I'll go ahead and start from the very beginning. Thanks in advance though for taking a look at my problem.

About a month ago, my computer would give me a few problems while booting up. I would start the computer, it would run through BIOS, run through the Windows loading screen, and after that it would run the CHKDSK to make sure my disks are fine. CHKDSK doesn't work, it just freezes right before checking the disks, so I restart and generally it will boot up. Most of the time it would boot up perfectly, but rarely would it go to the xp loading screen and then flicker as if it as going to go to the windows login screen but wouldn't. The screen would just stay black and I'd have to restart. Next time, generally it would work perfect.

So this brings me to the current day. After the windows xp loading screen, it goes black. The computer is on, but I don't see any activity for the HDD via the LED. SO i go into safe mode, i finally get CHKDSK to run, I had to really mess with some stuff to get that working. Windows says the volume is fine, and the only way I can boot my PC is in safe mode, but even that will freeze sometimes while loading some of the files.

Just to let you know I'm running Raid0, and this is my first time running it. I'm not sure if this symptom is a common problem if one of the disks are going out. Does anyone know whats going on? Could it be a virus that messed with a boot.ini or any startup stuff? also, is there anyw... Read more

A:Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen

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Help please! Laptop wont boot to windows 7 login screen. Its been fine ever since. It goes to the login screen when i choose safe mode and all loads up in there but my natural boot up isnt working. It tries to get on the login screen but it just stays black with a white cursor. Any idea?

A:Laptop wont boot to login screen!

When i turned it on, it said it wasnt able to boot out of hibernate then i pressed enter to restart and it hasnt been able to boot up to windows login screen apart from in safe mode

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I deleted some files from a virus and now it wont boot up fully. It acts as if it will startup but hangs at the user logon screen. I also cant boot in safemode. How do i go about doing the repair install or system recovery so that i dont lose data??

On the windows cd i have that came with my laptop(toshiba) i get 2 options when i boot up.
1. Recover entire hard disk: (warning) all stored data on your computer will be lost. Factory pre-installed software will be installed.

2. Expert recovery mode: (warning) this is for PC experts only. Factory pre-installed software can be installed onto an existing(bootable) partition.

What can i do to try and get windows to load up without losing data??


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Hi,     I uninstalled HP Protect Tools and all its parts in order to upgrade to Windows 10. It asked me to restart the computer and upon restarting, gray screen (appeared after HP logo) with "Login" label asked me for password for User ID = Administrator. I tried accessing BIOS etc. but it always requires password for User ID Administrator or BIOS admin. I do not have either of those.     This has never happened before and I cannot start my computer now.     I tried guessing the password, but after 3 times screen saying Authentication failed appears with "System locked. Press the power button to restart the system". Any help please? Thanks.

A:ProBook wont boot past the gray login screen

Dear Rekpet, Hi, My name is James. So to my understanding you are getting a grey screen upon starting up. Please could you attach a screenshot?  Many Thanks James 

I am a very busy person. PleasePlease click ?Accept as Solution" if I solve your Problem

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Hi Everyone.

As the title says about, i have a Dell Vostro 1520 and im running Windows 7 with a 32bit. It is only 2 years only. It started about a month ago. I was on my laptop viewing and deleting some unwanted photos i had. A few minutes later i realized that i deleted a photo that i wanted. So i went to the recycling bin and restored that photo. When i went back to my photos and went into the album, it said something like i do no have permission to access this folder. Please press continue to get full permission. I clicked continue and i got the access i should have. Now i tried many more random folders and the same thing happened. Also when i came out of the folders, the folders had a big pad lock sign on the front of it. After that i shut down the laptop and went to turn it back on. The laptop will power on like normal. I can press f12 for the boot options. which i have already tried many times. I also tried it in safe mode and what-not, but still nothing. I can hear the fan and stuff spinning up like normal. I have also put and CD into the CD ROM and that spins up fine. So after the Dell logo on the screen, it goes black and stays that way with the cursor. You can move the cursor around no problem. I should also add that the battery light is and has been flashing for a good wile. Its flashing orange and blue. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the battery. Because my laptop will not charge with the AC adapter in it for many months now. It will only stay... Read more

A:Dell Vostro 1520. Black screen. Wont reach login screen

Since its a laptop the harddrive is easy to pull out and remove.If you have or can get a usb sata/ide connector hook the drive to that and then to another computer if you have one so you can save all of your important data like pix, music, etc.The laptop battery is going to have to be replaced since its no longer charging properly.It sounds like there might be a short somewhere or a power supply problem along with a bad battery.Or possibly something might be wrong with the screen or video or graphics card.

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when I get to log in screen none of the keys work when I f8 everything works HELP

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Well my friend has a laptop and she randomly started having problems with it one day. I took a look at it and this is what happens:

i press power, it boots up to when it finishes loading 'windows' and then starts some system recovery thing and just goes to the blue screen. o.o
i tried to boot it up in safe mode, didn't work, does the same thing.
i tried to boot it from all the different options there were (debugging, safe mode with network etc etc) and still it goes to blue screen. she doesn't mind reformatting but really needs her files on the HDD.
im pretty sure its some random virus thing but how do u remove it w/o being able to boot into ur actual account ? O.O

specs abt laptop:
Windows Vista OS
Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
250GB3 configured with a single 5400 RPM SATA hard drive


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After the Starting Windows screen a blank black screen with a cursor that I can move pops up that lasts a minute (shouldn't happen with SSD, used to be ~10 second boot). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal and everything works as normal. This doesn't happen when I boot into safe mode.

I attached a list of start up services, installs, and scheduled tasks, along with my latest boot log.

Any suggestions?

A:Windows 7: Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Hello and welcome, try this to see if you have something that's going you don't know about. Use the free version.

SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!

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Bonjour mes amis.

I recently have started getting the infamous black screen of death at my computer's startup, very similar to this fellow user's problem. Basically, Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup. The black screen lasts at least two minutes on average, before the windows login screen comes up. Everything else runs fine!

I think it might be my antivirus, Bitdefender Total Security 2013, and I've posted on their forums about it, and I've gotten responses from other users saying:

The Black screen issue is known by BD Support till now they have not able resolved that issue.
hope BD 2014 resolves the issue.

And the booting time issue is been solved.

However, I uninstalled Bitdefender and the problem still persisted. I proceeded to uninstall every program i could remember installing before the problem started, so before the start of June. This was painful because I updated all my software, so everything was listed as installed recently.
My startup time after removing all these software is attached below; 156 seconds, compared to before with the speed ranging from 200-500 seconds, with the worst at 472 seconds.

Although this sped about my startup, I still got the annoying black screen issue. I am sure it is a software issue because the black screen is present, but lasts no longer than about 5 seconds when starting in Safe Mode with Networking, and is present even int he low graphics.

What should I d... Read more

A:64-bit - Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Hello mate try some of these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 start at point 15 then do chkdsk Disk Check

The go through the other stuff.

Oops should have mentioned this one too start at point 7 - option 3 Optimize Windows 7[2]=Performance Maintenance

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Thanks for all providing valuable suggestions in my previous thread Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen?

As I am picking the clean install option for my resolution, I am opening this new thread.

I reviewed the tutorials (Macrium) of this community. I found Macrium Reflect Free (Version: 6.0.753 (21 July 2015)) for download.

I downloaded/installed above Macrium to working PC. This version has an option to create Macrium Reflect rescue media on CD, DVD, or USB stick upon installing on working PC. I created a rescue media USB.

I created complete HDD image of my unbootable (Z580), before doing clean win 7 install. I am going to clean install Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) using my OEM KEY.

I posted the OEM DISKMAP in my previous thread Post # 90

I find System (d:\) 200 MB Windows_7 (OS) ( c:\) 653.44 GB & my Lenovo_data (e:\) 25.47 GB. Lenovo says, if I change the partition configuration, it will make built-in Lenovo recovery unusable.

I like the idea of adopting infrequent system changes (adding new programs etc) and frequent data changes (growing user documents) in image backup strategy. I mean taking system partition (d:\ + c:\) image back up as and when I add new programs and taking data partition (e:\) image backup periodically.

How do I re-structure my DISKMAP to have effective periodical image backup without disrupting built-in Lenovo recovery?

Are there any Windows 7 disk partition recommendation/guidelines?
Thanks for sharing/h... Read more

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Hey, first time posting here, so sorry if this is the wrong section or anything.

Lately my laptop has been experiencing a problem when I boot it up. After the Starting Windows screen with the glowing Windows logo, a blank black screen pops up that lasts for ages (I'd say at least 5 minutes). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal.

When I log in, the desktop appears quickly, but when I try to start any programs, like my browser, they are slow and freeze often (usually I can run programs with no problem when the desktop appears). Sometimes the laptop will hang every three seconds. It takes a bit of time before the programs and the laptop run like normal.

I've tried several things without success:
-Uninstalling and reinstalling graphics drivers (I've never updated my drivers because no updates are ever available for my driver; is that normal? My laptop is about two years old)
-Defragging hard drive
-System Restore (I don't seem to have any restore points)
-Clean bootup
-Startup repair (or whatever that first F8 option is called)

A:Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Welcome to Seven Forums Tienjt.

You can run this SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker and post back with results.
Below my sig is a link to MalwareBytes, download the free version, update it, and run a full scan.

Have you installed anything new, hardware or software? Sometimes OEM's don't/won't have driver updates.

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The computer had a corrupted pci.sys file error. I tried to copy the file from a xp sp1 cd, and it wouldnt let me from the repair console. I did a repair and got an error message saying pci.sys was corrupted or something along those lines.

I decided to try the repair console with a windows xp home sp2 cd and it let me copy the pci.sys file to c:\windows\system32\ so now I think I have fixed the file.

When i go to load the computer xp automatically jumps to the installation screen because of the failed repair.

How can i get that to go away and have the computer boot to the hard drive?

do i need to edit the mbr or something?

thanks guys

A:XP Repair failed, no boot from hard drive now, jumps straight to install xp screen

could i boot into safe mode and edit the boot.ini file so it won't load that partial repair on boot up?

-update ... i tried to boot into safe mode and the comp throws an error that says windows can not boot into safe mode computer will be restarted.

Can I edit the boot.ini through repair console?

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Hey guys,

Basically W7 will not show the login screen anymore. It boots normally and I know it is at the login screen because my keyboard lights always stay off until it is ready to accept the password at which point they then come on.

Now, it just stays on the loading files list and this random artifacting comes up at the top of the screen.

I am currently typing this from OS X on my third hard drive.

Oh, it will not work in any of the safe modes and my disk drive must be munted because it will not show the setup on my OEM disk when I boot off that to do a repair install...

Keyboard and mouse lights on:

What it should normally look like:

What it now looks like: *Look at top of screen next to the 'blue' lines

Cheers for any help,


A:Windows 7 Won't Show Login Screen

Have you tried Startup Repair? Be prepared to repair the OS X bootloader after this: Startup Repair - Windows 7 Forums

You may also want to try System Restore from the Startup Repair disk>

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While attempting to restore a previous backup of my system (with Norton Ghost 15), I got an error, and the system rebooted. Upon reboot, I get the black screen of death with just the cursor instead of the usual login screen. I have tried the following thus far:
These all give me the black screen of death with movable cursor:boot in safe mode
boot in safe mode with networking
boot in safe mode with command prompt
last known good configuration

I did an initial system startup repair which went through and said it repaired it, rebooted, but no change.
I did a pre-boot diagnostic test - nothing
memory test - nothing
tried restoring from restore point, but it says I don't have any (LIES! BLASPHEMY!)
tried restoring from restore point on external disk - seemed okay, then failed.
chkdsk - found some stuff, fixed it, no change.
tried ctrl+alt+del on black screen of death - nothing
Now, I know that the hard drive itself is alright, that is, the information is still all there still. While I can't give you exact specs, I can tell you that I am on a Dell Studio XPS running Win7 home premium 64 bit. I'm at a loss as to what else to do. Despite being a black screen, with just a movable cursor, the system still appears to be running, as every few minutes, it will show the "thinking" cursor, where it shows the little circle next to the arrow. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

hugs and kisses,

A:Black Screen of Death during boot, before login screen


Known issue some users have it others don't did you try Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7? or this mentions a "black screen of death" fix but i would be verry carefull running executable files from unknown sources

Windows 7 Black Screen Of Death Fix

also this

but it also points to external sources microsoft should fix the issue or that *.exe should be authenticode signed so you have a way to verify it's trustworthy.

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hey fellas

i was wondering if i can see any of my screen saver as my boot screen !!!
or do any thing to achieve that !!!

i really want to see my matrix screen saver when i turn my pc on !! i hope some genius of u can crack that !

A:screen saver to show on boot screen !

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Okay... I though my old keyboard were broken so i bought a new one.... USB
problem is: Keyboard works fine at BIOS... but it wont make any signs of activity at login screen...

- Unable to get Fail-Safe modes because passwords
- No money...
- Presentaton in few days
- Tried with all my USB ports (7)
- No malware... checked with other computer
- No recovery cd ( Threw it away when i moved to another place )
So please HELP ME ASAP

P.S Sory for caps....

A:Solved: Keyboard works on boot but not at login screen

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My home pc (Win7 Ultimate) is part of my business domain, but I also have local user accounts for my wife and kids.

At the login screen there is a icon for the last user that logged in and another labeled "Other Users" for the rest of the users, so that if a different user needs to login they have to select "Other Users" then enter the DOMAIN/USERID and password to logon.

Is there a way to have it show all three users with their icons at the login screen so they can just click their icon and enter their password (all have passwords) to logon. Getting them to enter the DOMAIN/USERID correctly everytime is a challenge since the slash has to go the correct way and the domain name is somewhat long.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Show multiple Users on Login Screen

Welcome to the forum,

This looks like it should help you with that,

Make Windows 7 show user list on login screen, not just the last logged on user

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So this happened yesterday when i was just trying to open my laptop and doing the things i do but when i go on to the login screen which SHOULD have the propic and password field on it but instead,it showed me nothing but my wifi and a blue screen(which is my window's theme color) I tried turning it on and off with the power button and tried draining the battery and waited for a day but the problem is still here.The mouse is working fine though.Sorry if the description is not that detailed,english is not my main language and i'm not that smart with computers.I've provided a picture to get a better view.

A:Password box on login screen won't show.Can't accesslaptop

Please post the specs of your system. The manufacturer, model number, Windows OS version, CPU, RAM, etc.

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Usually POST screen would show up first with a laptop company logo, but now Windows 7 startup appears first instead.

Then, the Windows 7 startup screen freezes immediately.

What's the problem? Motherboard or corrupted BIOS?


A:No POST screen, straight into Windows 7 startup screen, and freeze

Try a BIOS reset first.
Shut off the computer, remove the power supply, remove the laptop battery. Then press and hold the POWER button for about 30 seconds. Then put everything back together and boot.

See if that gets you the boot screen.

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I have several Windows 8.1 computers with more than 8 user accounts in a small business environment. At the login screen, you have to scroll to the right to see some of the user names. How can I either make the user login icons smaller so that they all fit on a single screen, or make them show in multiple rows so they all fit on one screen?

A:Make Login Screen Show All Users Without Scrolling

I'm running 8.1 with multiple users as well, I'll go take a look and see if I can find anything for you.

Update: I searched the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), the Local Security Policy (secpol.exe), and a little web-surfing, but came out with nothing to help. I'm sorry, I tried the best I could!

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The question is straight forward. I have one user account and one administrator account. Only the administrator account shows up on my login screen. I have my user account set up to automatically log in when my PC start's so it's not that big of a deal at the moment. I have windows XP home installed but I modified the registry so it thinks it's XP pro so I could run terminal services on it. When I connect to my PC with my iPod using RDP my user account is automatically logged out and there in lies the problem, I can't log back in without rebooting.

Is there any way to get my account to show back up in the login screen?

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I have Windows 7. Whenever I turn on my computer, it takes me to my Log In screen. Here, it asks me to enter my username and password. I would like to customize my Log In screen so that it always shows my username only (and no other users), and only asks for my password. I've done this before, but I can't remember how. I edited something in the registry before. Could someone please explain the process to me? Thank you!

A:How to change login screen to show one user and only ask for password?

See if this helps:

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Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen?

I find some interesting posting in this forum. Thanks for keeping this forum to help windows community. I like to pick up the brain of this forum to resolved the black screen issue. I am not sure, whether it caused by virus. I use Microsoft Security Essentials. I am not able to run this in command prompt.

I started my laptop this morning & login screen showed up. Once I entered my login credentials, I heard the sound that usually plays once a login is successful, but I ended up with a black screen. After this occurred, I had to hold down the power button to manually shut down the computer. Once I started it up again, I was prompted to do a system repair, which eventually ended up with all successful outcomes, but I now have a black screen with a cursor before the login screen now. I have no idea what caused this to happen. My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad Model Z580 (500 GB HD, 6GB RAM).

I am not able to get into safe mode or any other mode, which all leads to a black screen described above.

Only able to use the "Repair Your computer" tools after pressing F8 during booting .

Under regular user login it provided Start Repair option. AS I pick this option, it did not find any issues.

Under Admin user login, it provided system recovery options. It is not picking up the recovery point created a while ago.

Windows Memory Diagnostics is not launching and shows a black sc... Read more

A:Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen?

From sfc /scannow command your windows is assigned D in recovery environment and perhaps %windir% is not recognized, so try the command:

findstr /c:"[SR]" D:\windows\logs\cbs\cbs.log >sfcdetails.txt

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So I set it to list the most used 1st that got rid of most of the junk like the shopping stuff and other garbage.

Is there a way to skip the 'front page' where it shows the weather and that junk so that the immediate page is the programs I want to browse.

Its only one click difference but it all adds up over time! :)

A:[SOLVED] How can I make the 8 start screen go straight to programs?

You will need to be running Windows 8.1 and then:

How to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.1 | How To - CNET

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Hp notebook computer wont startup past the hp screen. It shows a black screen then goes back to hp screen. I did the hard reset, it didn't work. I did the test and all of them said passed. It started doing this when i was reseting it and it dropped on the floor. The battery and the hard drive fell out. When i turned it back on, it wasnt working. I dont know what is wrong with it....

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I have windows xp on laptop I need to setup the login screen for the domain a drop down menu so I can select the domain that I want to connect to 1 domain is windows server and the other domain is on a Novell server. How can I setup login screen to do that?

A:How to setup a login screen to show 2 domains in a drop down menu

Ummmm Novel doesn't use a domain model.

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I have windows xp on laptop I need to setup the login screen for the domain a drop down menu so I can select the domain that I want to connect to 1 domain is windows server and the other domain is on a Novell server. How can I setup login screen to do that?

A:How to setup a login screen to show 2 domains in a drop down menu

Please dont double post.

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Hi just wondering if anyone can help, my pc wont boot, it powers up but just sits on the black screen with no signal to my monitor when i remove the ram the motherboard beeps at me, thinking its either my cpu fan or psu. cheers

A:Solved: PC wont boot black screen

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My Dad was using one of my 64 bit PCs when a program froze up and he decided to force restart the computer (Pro move, I know). Now I restart and am unable to get to the login screen. Using both safe mode and normal mode gives me the same result. After I choose one of those options, I see the "Windows is starting" message and the icon. However, before I can get to the login screen the screen goes black and all I can see is the curser in the middle of the screen. I would like to be able to get to the login screen so I can access my computer. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated as a lot of my work material is on this machine.

A:Failure to show login screen after forced restart (Same with safe mode

Choose boot in last known good configuration.

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I power my computer on and seems to startup fine and gets to the loading screen for windows. Then when its get to the screen where its suppose to sow the lock screen its just black. I can here the windows startup sound and can see my mouse and move it around but can't do anything. I have been trying to find a solution for the past couple days but can't get to much due to time restrictions. Deployed right now so I'm kinda limited on what resources I can use and instead of dicking around with this problem id just use my time to skype family and friends. I usually like to solve to computer problem myself for the know how but don't have the time.

A:wont show screen at startup

Seems like a graphic problem. Can you boot into Safe mode? If so, navigate to the device manager and uninstall (not disable) the graphics driver (under "Display Adapters") restart and, if successful, try and find a better driver.
If this is a new problem, you could try a restore which would do the same thing.

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my computer boots up fine and you can see it but no screens shown on the monitor, the cable is plugged in and i dont know what to try,


A:Monitor wont show screen

Your operating system and service pack level?

Does the monitor show a BIOS splash screen or does it always show nothing at all?

Are there any lights on the front panel of the monitor?
Have you tried the monitor power switch, and checked the power cable to the monitor?

Have you tried plugging the monitor into a different power outlet?

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Hi, I was simply searching videos on youtube of the Reknowned "College Humor" videos for a good laugh. But soon I realized that my PC was running quite slowly and then after a while it completely froze. I couldn't do anything, nothing i did would work . So unfourtunantly i had to hard shutdown it. I've had this laptop for just under a year, here are its System Specs:
Primary hard drive 250 GB
Amt of video RAM 64 MB
Graphics hardware Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
Amt of RAM 2GB
RAM type DDR3
Memory card reader Yes
Motherboard chipset Intel GL40
Its just an Acer Extensa 5635Z without any added components.

And here's what happened after i rebooted it, It comes up with the Boot Up screen and something about some components are having failure or some other fault in the system. And it has two options:
1. Start Startup Repair(Recommended)
2. Start Windows Normally

I go to "Start windows Normally" and it goes to boot up normally, but then after the Windows 7 logo appears it flashes black, then flashes a blue screen but its too quick for me to view it. And then it goes black for a bit and restarts at the Boot up Screen with the Two options.
I go Start Startup Repair and it says loading files, and finishes then goes to a black screen for a bit, i thought it was still doing it , and so i left it for 15~20 minutes and it loads up the Windows 7 login screen, but with no users available for selection.

Please assist me if you can I am... Read more

A:Solved: My Laptop wont get past the Boot Up Screen

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Hi, I have a HP g56 laptop running windows 7. However it wont boot into windows. When I turn the laptop on, I get the HP logo, at which point I can press ESC and get the following Menu:
F1)System Information
F2)System Diagnostics
F9)Boot Device Options
F10)BIOS Setup
F11)System recovery

If I dont press esc to access this menu, then the computer just sits with a blinking line in the top left.
I have tried to hit F11 in the menu, but it doesn't work, it does what I said above.
I have ran System Diagnostics, but everything passed......

Right now I am waiting for Ubuntu to download so I can create a liveCD and see how that does..
What else can I do?
Thank you

A:[SOLVED] HP Laptop wont boot past HP/screen

So im getting this error when trying to create a bootable USB drive on another laptop(Windows 7). Im trying to use my external hard drive as the USB drive.
-I have formatted the drive and tried in booth NTFS and exFAT...

Help please ;)

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Hi everybody,New to Lenovo, have a sily question. Purchased secondhand Lenovo x250, after registration with Microsoft as the notebook asked (previous owner deleted everything and cleaned, put back to a factory status) but after shut down and turning on again a rainbow colored picture shows , with date and time on it, but it wont change no matter what key I press. It would disappear shortly, showing  a display of "Please wait" , but after that the previous colored display would show up again. So there is nothing happening. No apps nothing. Any idea what I should do? Thanks a lot. 

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Hi everybody,New to Lenovo, have a sily question. Purchased secondhand Lenovo x250, after registration with Microsoft as the notebook asked (previous owner deleted everything and cleaned, put back to a factory status) but after shut down and turning on again a rainbow colored picture shows , with date and time on it, but it wont change no matter what key I press. It would disappear shortly, showing  a display of "Please wait" , but after that the previous colored display would show up again. So there is nothing happening. No apps nothing. Any idea what I should do? Thanks a lot. 

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Hello friends, I recently got the Gnome desktop environment on the Ubuntu Software Center, and I used the gdm and startx command as said by another forum site. Nothing wrong, they said to logout, tried to login again, goes to a black screen and sends me back to the Ubuntu login screen. Tried again, same result, panicked. Looked up video tutorial on how to fix it, they said to access the control panel via ctrl-alt-f1 or f2, went to a black screen, no text at all, computer runs fine, no crashing. Is there a special way to access the terminal in a System76 computer, I really don't know very confusing? Is there a way to login with the guest session? I use Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf on my laptop. What causes this, I read on Ubuntu forums it's driver issues with Ubuntu and Nvidia, but I have my suspections with the Gnome desktop environment.

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After doing a fresh install of windows xp home on my friend's HP laptop, she took it away and has been happily using it for the last week.

(Reason for fresh install was suspected infection)

Now, it starts and almost gets to the logon, but a two second blue screen with the message:-

"Begining dump of physical memory. Physical dump complete. Contact your system administer or technical support for further assistance"

It then reboots back to the safe mode options screen and will not boot into any of them.

She says it hasn't had a knock or fall, but the only time I've seen a message like that before was when it was due to a hardware issue?

Any advice?

A:Solved: Blue screen before login screen-hdd dead??

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I changed the maximum memory in my msconfig menu and now my laptop won't connect to my TV anymore and my laptop screen is cracked

A:my screen is cracked and my laptop wont show up on my tv anymore

Sounds like you're having a bad day.
Can you tell us the make and model of your machine, along with a detailed history of what happened on this fateful day?

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ok - i built my new computer and everything was working fine-- all the case fans were spinning, the lights were all on, the cd drive worked, and the fans on the graphics and cpu are spinning

at first the light on the pc flashed green which meant nothing, so i got a new SDRAM which i believed was the problem, all seemed to be working, but when i hooked the monitor up, the light went from solid green to amber- if anyone can help- it is greatly appreciated-- could it be a wire isnt connected to the right spot? i really hope it isnt the graphics card because it was $300 alone--

thanks for any help!

A:HELP- monitor wont show- amber light on screen

If the Monitor light goes from green to amber then yes there is problem with the vid card not being able to dispaly anything, it could be that it isn't seated properly in whatever slot your using, What Vid card is it, it maybe that you need to connect it to power on the motherboard, it also could be that your power supply isn't powerful enough to run the card and everything else so what wattage is the power supply?

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i had activated guest acc. from control panel ,it was going well since last 2-3 days ,the guest account wont show on logon screen.
it only shows my account which is admin.
any help will be appreciated.

A:guest account wont show in logon screen

Hello Sekhon, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do you have a back arrow circle button at the top left corner to click on?

If so, that should take you to the all users sign in screen where you can select the guest account to sign in to.

Hope this helps,

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ok my windows xp computer somehow turned off by itself and i tried turning it back on so it went to the black screen with the

run in safe mode

i clicked run windows normally that didnt work and so i tried everything i tried everything on the advanced and on the op menu and nothing works it just keeps goin back to the

run in safe mode

ok ive been having this problem for about 4 - 6 months and im getting really mad so if anyone can help i will be highly thankful

thanks for reading hope someone can help

A:wont go to login screen or desktop

You should try to repair Windows XP. Follow this document to do so:

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Hello, i am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone can help me,
I know a bit about computers, but while reading through some of the post i dont know allot.
I am fixing a computer and the problem it has is once the computer has been on for about 30 min or longer once its shutdown it wont boot back up, this is a propershutdown then pressing the button to reboot. what it does is it beeps three times (which for the bios means bad memory). Once left for about an hour it boots back up.
I have changed the memory and it still has the same problem.
Could it be the actual slots?
i thought it may be the cpu overheating or something but wouldnt it then shutdown while its on?

A:Wont boot up straight away after shutdown

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Vista screen saver wont show photo titles there doesnt appear to be any options to include titles anywhere ...anyone have an idea how to get photo titles to show on a slideshow?

XP shows photo titles as slide show runs

OS Vista Home Premium 64 bit

A:Vista screen saver wont show photo titles

If I remember correctly, the XP screensaver you are referring to doesn't do that (I don't have an XP machine up and running to verify). And for that matter, I don't think the Vista one works any differently (odds are, I'm seeing the same thing as you in my 32bit version of Home Premium, and the closest I see in the settings for that screensaver are 'tagging' options, which I'm pretty sure won't do what you're asking for ).

Are you sure you're not mistaking it for a third party screensaver perhaps? I know Google's Photo Screensaver lists details like that.

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Hi nice to meet you all, but I'll cut to the chase as I've not got long left for lunch.

Windows 7 machine working fine from 20 april 2011 - 5 October 2012

I found an old cd and stuck it in the machine to see what was on it. Turns out a few scanned hi-res images and a fujiimage viewer.exe file. I thought i'd open the image viewer and see what it was. Double clicked and away we went. I moved the mouse to navigate to the start of the image viewer and the computer froze (blue circle thinking icon) I waited 5 mins and then ctrl + alt + del to get to task manager. Pulled that up - image viewer not responding - so attempted to close the program from task manager. Poof windows lost all my desktop icons and went to the loading screen background not my desk top background. I waited another 5 mins and then hit th re-start button.

So comp goes back to loadup - gets to the bit where windows is loading and the flag comes up all nice and shiny. Freezes. Reset. your computer falied to load. Options to check and repair or star windows normally. Start win normally, get to flag screen. freezes. back to your comp failed to load. go to repair. wait 1+ hours. windows cant repair. reboot. your comp failed to load (im getting sick of typing it let alone looking at the bloody thing). Start win safe mode. starts gets to log on. loads desktop. looks ok. restart. gets to logon. slowly ( i mean over 5 mins to get to desktop). gets to desktop. hit Ie falis to load. firefox fails to load. desk... Read more

A:Windows 7 wont get past login screen

Hello disgruntled and welcome to Seven Forums. Couple of things you can try and hopefully get your machine back to where it was before that pesky CD messed things up.

See if you can get into Safe Mode and then see if you can use a system restore point to roll back everything to a date/time prior to running the CD.

Safe Mode

System Restore

If that doesn't work you could see if you have any damaged or corrupt system files. Also in Safe Mode run a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found run the scan 3 times and reboot un between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If still no joy, one of the Forum experts prepared a couple of troubleshooting tutorials. They're time consuming but have helped many.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

Please post back if anything helped or not.

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Every time I try to login to win 2000 i put in my name and password it goes to the next screen but then just hangs with the hourglass spinning. I can boot in safe mode with no problem but the issue occurs with all my logins including a new test one i've created. I've run av scan, adaware scan, win updates, i tried running spybot but it won't start up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:win 2000 wont go past login screen

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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any and all help you can provide. I was running a dell dimension 8400 desktop and this morning when I downloaded a file and tried to use it, it crashed my system to the blue screen. I figured if I restarted I would be able to get back to windows and get rid of the file since my anti-virus software seems to have done nothing. Now everytime I start my computer it gets to the part where it is loading windows (I am using XP) it just crashes to the blue screen. I tried safe mode and that didnt work either so I am out of ideas. I dont have a restore cd and my xp cd is in another city so im wondering if i have any options at all. Also in case you were wondering I am sending this message from my laptop that isnt broken.

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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any and all help you can provide. I was running a dell dimension 8400 desktop and this morning when I downloaded a file and tried to use it, it crashed my system to the blue screen. I figured if I restarted I would be able to get back to windows and get rid of the file since my anti-virus software seems to have done nothing. Now everytime I start my computer it gets to the part where it is loading windows (I am using XP) it just crashes to the blue screen. I tried safe mode and that didnt work either so I am out of ideas. I dont have a restore cd and my xp cd is in another city so im wondering if i have any options at all. Also in case you were wondering I am sending this message from my laptop that isnt broken.

A:Please Help, Computer wont even make it to login screen!

I think your going to have to get a hold of a recovery cd somehow and repair the operating system but just in case, post your message in the virus/spyware topic forum as it does sound like a virus has corrupted your XP.

heres the link

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Hi guys, im new to this website, just thought i might get some help here.
My story is:

recently i got a worm by the name of: W32/VB-CYG
what it does is create a bunch of registry entries to execute itself on boot, and also copies itself bunch of times on all removable drives.

well it took me a while, but i think i finally got it off my system.
but next day, when i rebooted my computer, the windows xp login screen will not load, it just stay as a blank black screen.
so i decide to remove my second hard drive which i use for data backup.
guess what? windows boots normally, and i login normally.

so i plug it back in, and then it wont load the login again!
so, does anyone know what might be wrong? do you think the hard drive may be dead?
the thing is i have over 10GB of photos, 15GB music, and over 50GB of other data on it!
is there anyone that might be able to repair it if it is dead?

thanks in advance!

A:Windows Login Screen Wont Load

I'd suspect that the malware has hosed your Windows installation. I suggest a repair install of XP (it'll leave your programs and data intact):

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Hi guys, basically the problem im having is that my computer freezes right at the login screen and I cant login at all. Before this happened my computer all the sudden started getting a bunch of pop-ups, so I tried to run Superanti-spyware but it seemed like some program was bugging it out so it wouldnt load. I tried to re-download it but it wouldn't let me access the page. I tried to run spy-bot and malware-bytes and my computer wont boot either of those up (due to some sort of infection I assume?). So now my computer wont boot into regular Windows XP at all. It will boot into Windows safe mode and so I tried running ad-aware the only spyware program that my computer would let boot up. It ran came up with multiple infections but it didn't fix my problem. I tried going into MSConfig and unchecking all the boot up programs and rebooting but to no avail my computer keeps freezing at the login screen. Please help!! Thanks!

A:Computer wont get past login screen.

If mbam won't install or runSome types of malware will disable MBAM and other security tools. If MBAM will not install, try renaming it. Right-click on the mbam-setup.exe file and change the .exe extension to .bat, .com, .pif, or .scr and then double-click on it to run.If after installation, MBAM will not run, open the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware folder in Program Files, right-click on mbam.exe and change the .exe as noted above. Then double-click on it to run.

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My computer will stop responding like right before the login screen.

It happened like 2 days ago and i have no idea why its like this. Right before this happened i was playing an online game and everything seemed to have froze except for my mouse, so i was just clicking a bunch of times really fast, which froze the mouse aswell. I restarted my computer and thats when the problem happened, it starts with the HP Invent Logo then goes into a black screen with a blinking underline mark at the top left and after 1-4 minutes it either becomes the hourglass cursor and freezes or it goes to the login screen but stops at "Windows is loading..." and then freezes.

I've tried going into the different Safe Modes but then it goes into a black screen and freezes. I also tried going into "The last known setting that worked" or something like that.

Is there a possibility its like this because its old? i think my computer would be 9-12 years old.

My computer is a Windows Xp Sp2

A:Computer wont respond before login screen

The HDD may have failed. run a the HDD Diagnostic Test for your HDD manufacturer.

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Ive looked at all the other similar messages in the forums and none seem to help me. I turned off my computer yesterday then turned it on again and switched it off again using the power switch repeatedly yesterday in a span of a few mins. I then went out for a day and when i came back home and tried to boot my computer again vista wouldnt load the login screen. I changed my loading screen and it gets past that alright but when it gets to the logon screen everything just turns black?

A:Wont load past login screen?

systeam restore ?

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Hello everyone,

First of all, I will divide my statement by sections so it would be easier to read.

Section 1: The problem - description of it.
Section 2: How I manage the problem.
Section 3: Things and methods that I have tried - all unsuccessfully.
Section 4: My own findings to help with further analysis.

So here we go

Section 1

Whenever I start windows it will boot normally up until Windows logo screen(where 4 balls meet to form windows 7 logo) at this logo screen I can already notice slow pace as it stays in it for a good minute. Afterwards it will be just black screen for a minute. Then mouse cursor will appear(with faster sensitivity than my usual) and it will transform into a loading wheel cursor after another minute. And now it reached state in which it can stay for hours. Only black screen and loading mouse wheel(note that it is always spinning and I can always move it, it is not frozen).

Section 2

So the only way for me to login is to leave it be for at least about 5 hours and it will start itself. Usually I do this overnight and in the morning it is already at the desktop and works like nothing ever happened. I can do whatever then, everything will work perfectly fine. Crysys 3 works fine, YouTube works fine - no trace of any problem. So while I can always just Hibernate and sleep my PC, I need to restart it sometimes.

EDIT: Now after those 5 hours or more, it will simply display ordinary mouse pointer on a black screen and act as if I am in login screen. F... Read more

A:Black screen with "loading cursor" and no login screen on Boot.

It sounds like something is trying to load and run in the background.
Download DDS from one of these links:
DDS.pifDisable any script blocking protection
Double click the dds icon to run the tool.
When done, DDS will open two (2) logs: DDS.txt
Attach.txt <--- will be minimized in the task tray

Save both reports to your desktop.
Include the contents of both logs in your next post.
The scan will instruct you to post Attach.txt as an attachment. You can post both logs as attachments.

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There was a power outage at work and when the power came back on my PC wouldnt load up all the way. It gets to the screen where you choose an OS (XP pro) and then there's a black screen. As if the PC doesnt know where to go after that. What could be the problem? I dont think it would be the power suppy because the PC starts up fine; it just wont get to the login screen.

A:Computer wont go to login screen after power outage

Try clearing your BIOS jumper on your board from 2,3 to 1,2 and removing your CMOS battery. Wait 30 minutes and reinstall your battery and return your CMOS jumper to 2,3. Reboot.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C850 - 1GL laptop with windows 8.1 and every time i try to load windows i get to the login screen and the laptop crashes. I cannot enter a password to access my account, restart or anything. I have to turn the laptop off with the power button.
I managed to access the bios and used a windows 8 disk, but i can't use any of the options for example automatic repair, refresh and system restore. I get a message saying the drive where windows is installed is locked. unlock the drive and try again.
I try to use the reset pc option but I get a message saying unable to reset your pc, a required drive partition is missing.
Has anyone got any ideas?

A:Windows 8 wont load past login screen

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i dont know the brand of his cpu, but it says TIS on the front, and has the intel inside logo, please help us. as he cannot even login to his computer, because it wont load that screen up.

A:my friends cpu wont load up the main login screen

Hi and welcome to TSF.
To determine the possible reasons for your problem, we need to know some more information.

1. Please give us details of your system specs.

2. Have you removed or replaced the CPU lately?....and likewise to the RAM or any other hardware components.

Post back here.

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I was working in Office 2013 and system became unresponsive. Attempted to reboot but now I have the dreaded automatic repair loop running as soon as I boot up. I have run the repair item for over half a day and still not working.Cant get an option to run in safe mode or anything. I have my windows 8.1 disk but dont want to risk losing all the stuff I have on my hard disk - holiday pics, spreadsheets, the works.

Anyone help???



A:PC wont boot, goes straight to automatic repair loop

Try booting into safe mode via your disk and try from there automatic repair

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I have a dell Inspiron 15 N5010 which is about 4 years old. It was working properly, but suddenly it went off and when i restarted it, there was nothing which appeared on screen, but  there was a beep sound which went on until i turned my laptop off. Even the startup screen didnt appeared during this. The power button lights up, fan is running, but the screen is not coming up.
I have noticed one thing also, if i put it on for long time, so that it gains enough heat due to constatnt running and then I restart it, the screen will come. and after sometime, the screen distorts and after few seconds, the laptop screen turns black and the beep sound appears which start crying until i turn laptop off.
Thanks in advance for any help that is actually helpful.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 N5010 Beeps on startup continuously and wont show screen

Hi letsrock35 ,
I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check if you are able to switch ON the system properly without beeps.

Switch off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
Remove the battery from the computer.
Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
Then connect back all the peripherals and check if you are able to turn on the system properly without beeps.

Also, I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned in the video below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.
Please let us know the number of beep codes you receive they should beep in a pattern. In addition, connect an external display to check if the issue reoccurs.

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I am no longer able to set .jpg files as the background image I only get a black desktop bacground if I do so (.bmp works alright), further the pictures folder & all other folders which used to show a thumbnail preview no longer do so I just see the file name preceded by a blank placeholder.

I have a problem similar to this thread

But this thread seems to have been closed without a proper solution.

Apart from this I also have a problem with online videos, i do not hear anything ! there is no audio being played with youtube, ..... . Actually windows media player & vlc player work fine but the startup sounds/ alerts no longer seem to be heard, even when the volume is increased i do not hear a thing (the usual beep sound is gone)

What should have gone wrong ?

Thanks for the help,


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Hey, i have absolutely no idea what to do here, after having my Acer Aspire 5920G laptop for about 2months now, i came to installing SP1 for vista finally (i have no idea if this is whats causing the problem, but it was the last thing i installed), well after coming home, and finding the laptop to be relatively hot, i try a log in and it goes through 'logging in' and then gets to a black screen, with only my cursor available. I tried starting it in safe mode when it gets to the options menu after bootup (it doesnt turn off either) and when it loads i find myself with a black screen, 'safe mode' in every corner. I tried bringing up task manager, because the ctrl alt dlt vista screen does show, and it wont load, i get the cursor showing its loading, but it doesnt appear. (I thought i could add explorer.exe if it wasnt showing in pros)
Im real stuck here guys, it has some important work on it, and i have no vista disk to restore it that way. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Wont login/shutdown - safe mode black screen

edit: cmd safe mode works, but i dont know how to fix it from there.

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i only see a blackscreen until the logon screen shows up

A:Boot screen dosen't show

Hi Darkyyy

1) No drivers installed for video card.

2) Low grade video card.

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Hey everyone.

So I've been having this issue where my computer won't boot up into the login screen for Win Xp. It simply posts, goes to the Windows loading screen, and just as it's suppose to display the users and login page, the screen just goes black. I can however get into safemode, but it simply won't boot on the regular startup.

I believe it's another system or boot file error that has malware as I've had a previous thread years ago with a similar issue, but need some assistance. Any thgouhts? What info can I get for you to take a peek? -Jeff
PS: I will post the event viewer as soon as I get home from work.

A:Windows won't boot, black screen before login. Boot.ini or system.ini issue?

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Our company bought 14 p7-1380t computer about 2 1/2 years ago. They came installed with Windows 7. We have upgraded them to Windows 10 since and about 2 weeks ago installed the Anniversary Update. One of the hard drives failed while upgrading to the Anniversary Update and was diagnosed by the HP On-Board check as "failing". We had a clone of this drive that was made just before we upgraded to Windows 10 (it had Windows 7 still on it) so we tried puting that drive back in the computer and it booted up with no problems. We decided that we should get some more clones of our hard drives in case of future hard drive fails. I bought 2 Western Digital 1TB Black drives and attempted to clone 2 of the computers with the free Acronis software from Western Digital. The software said that both clones were sucessful. I tried booting both computers with their new cloned drive. They both did boot into Windows 10, but it did take almost 10 minutes the first time. I rebooted both computers to verify that the hard drives worked but this time when they were booting up there were messages that the hard drives had errors and that Windows was going to try to fix them. The computers automaticlly rebooted several times, displaying errors and trying to fix them. After about 20 minutes both computers shut off. When I tried to turn them on to boot up, I got nothing. No video image so no post screen. The hard drive light would light for an instant and then the computer just seemed to be doing nothing, e... Read more

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I have a laptop compaq presario cq42 and the default screen is totally busted.I connect to an external monitor but the boot screen cannot show up,only the welcome screen everything after that.How can it be made so that the boot process(the compaq logo,and the starting windows where the 4 parts of logo fly in)Is visible?I need to go to BIOS but this thing prevents me from doing so.Thanks for any help.

A:How to let boot screen show on external monitor

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despite the fact that i have been trying to boot up win7pro64 in normal mode in my vaio for the past one month, all of my endeavors have failed so far. i am left with nothing else other than going for recovery resulting the loss of all of software (hopefully, i can backup my data by using ubuntu which is present as dual-boot and/or by safe mode which are booting fortunately). i have tried the following so far in safe mode:
# HDD/RAM tests; passed
# malware check by malwarebytes; passed
# reinstalling the graphics driver as i have a doubt that the video driver is not working since screen goes blank instead of getting blue logon screen with user name/icon/password after windows initial boot (the cursor appears on the screen and i can make it move by using touchpad); passed
# start-up repair; failed
# going back to last good config; failed
# restore point; none exists!
# manual update by downloading recent patches from windows update catalog (using a different computer as this did not allow for some weird reason) since the problem started only after recent windows update that failed during installation; failed.

safe mode does not allow me to fix anything, windows update does not work here in addition to some other important functions that could be done in normal mode.

couple of windows updates and loss of the system? i will absolutely hate to go for the recovery.

A:Windows 7 Professional no log on screen show up after boot

Start -> Run -> msconfig
From the General tab, select Diagnostic startup, click OK.
Restart your PC allowing a normal boot.

Does the login screen show up now? Can you login?

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I recently installed windows 7 to my computer and dont know how to set it to boot without the login screen


A:How to boot without login screen?

Do you have two user accounts listed one for you and the second something like ASP net machine account?
If so delete the ASP one and this will probably achieve what you want.

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Today I was playing a game and my system did a hard lock (no sound, no mouse, frozen image on screen), this has been a problem lately as I seem to be losing system stability for a while. I chalked it up to my system overheating before as I was typically able to shut the system down for a while, then 20-30mins later it would be fine.
However, today after my PC crashed for the second time, it started having trouble booting. Sometimes I can hit the power button and nothing happens, the power light comes on, the fans work, but no startup beep and the HDD light doesnt work. Other times I can start it, and it work like normal until it gets to the Windows 10 login screen (though most of the time it doesnt get that far before freezing), then I get a hang, and the HDD light turns off. The fans on everything continue to work, but the entire PC just freezes.
This PC about 2 years old and wasnt having any trouble until the last two months. This is the first time I have had this particular problem, but it has been crashing quite a lot over the last two months.
I had looked up this issue elsewhere, and it seems that no one can come to a consensus whether its the processor, ram, GPU or otherwise.
PC Specs:
ASUS Motherboard
8 GB RAM (Ram taken from an older PC)
4.7 GHZ 8 core processor
GTX 970
750 Watt Power Supply
Any help you can provide would be appreciated!

A:Repeated System Crashing, Wont Load Windows 10 Past Login Screen

I don't know if I can help you with this, but I'll give it a try.You may also want to post over in the Internal Hardware forums to have one of the experts there take a look at this:  Start with these free, bootable diagnostics: you get into Windows, Let's try looking at these 2 sets of reports:1)  Please run this report collecting tool (even though you may not be reporting BSOD's) so we can provide a complete analysis: done a Notepad document will open with the name of the file and it's location.By default it'll be a .zip file located on your DesktopSimply upload the .zip file with your next post and we'll move on from there.If it doesn't work for you, then please try this:  Please do the following:- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")- right click on the "Administrative Events" heading- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."- save the file as Admin.evtx- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and ... Read more

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this on my other computer its a Windows Vista. I have not done anything to it. it just randomly did this one day. but it hangs at the 1st screen that shows. i cant get into CMOS i tried replacing ram, resetting cmos, taking out all peripherals. rebooting from disk but nothing is working. its just stuck froze on the screen indicating that i can press these buttons that will bring me to configuration etc. its a HP Invent screen

A:Computer hang at boot menu (1st screen show)

It means severe hardware failure. The problem is that the hardware could be almost anything; even a failing hard drive can cause this as it's probably trying desperately to discover and read the drive before allowing you to access the BIOS or continue with POST.

If this is a laptop, your chances of swapping hardware to fix this are slim, as you can only really replace the RAM or the drive, and either probably is not causing it. If it's a desktop, the problem is that we're looking a very wide range of hardware to swap, so you could working at this for a while and spending an unnecessary amount of money to fix it.

Given that this is an HP, your best bet is to check to see if the warranty is still active on it and then plea for a replacement. They will make every means possible to prevent you from doing so by skirting the issue, but be diligent and patient with them and you'll end up with a working replacement PC in your hands.

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I have a Laptop with a 120GB Solid State Drive. My primary operating system has been Windows 7 Ultimate. Recently I decided to try and Install Windows 8 Pro Along side windows 7 . Dual Boot. I read about Dual Booting in this Official Windows 8 Magazine and it seemed easy. I ran into a few problems:

1. I was able to 'shrink Volume' to create another partition of atleast the 20GB minimum required for windows 8. I did 25GB's because my 120gb solid state drive was almost full with other windows 7 files and partitions. The problem I ran into was in creating a 'New Simple Volume' and formatting my new 25GB's of space. An Error message saying "not enough memory or space available to perform operation" kept popping up.
Am I getting these error messages because I already have 4 different partitions on my drive? The different partitions were A: Windows 7 OS and Files, B: Windows 7 Hibernation, C: Windows 7 Recovery and D: an unknown 8gb primary partition

2. I decided to delete the Windows 7 Recovery partition, because I have my Windows 7 DVD, and I didn't mind re-installing everything if I were to mess up. Plus my OS doesn't run from that partition, and I'll have room to create my new Windows 8 simple volume. (probably a dumb decision)

3. Disk management didn't want to delete my Recovery partition (probably for good reason) and merge it's free space with my 25GB' partition that I had previously created and was unable to create the New simple volume in. I had to use a 3rd... Read more

A:Help! Windows 8 Dual Boot Screen Doesn't Show Up

Welcome to Eightforums.

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management from Windows 7 & Windows 8?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

For better help with problems, Can you post your specs.

Filling out System Specs - Windows 7 Forums

I did 25GB's because my 120gb solid state drive was almost full with other windows 7 files and partitions.

You may need a bigger Drive.

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Hello everybody! I've tried time and time again to boot up my computer, but started 2 days ago, every time I try to boot it, the computer resets before even getting to the login screen. I'm not sure what is causing the problem, as I have tried different diagnostics such as running the Recovery Console and fixing the MBR and rewriting a partition. I reset it multiple times and when I chose to disable auto restart on system failure, I get the much feared BSOD saying I have a registry error. I have heard other people having this issue, but I have not yet found a solution to it. Under registry error, it says STOP: (number number number number x number number), the usual suspects. Can I get any information or help?

A:Windows won't boot up to login screen and further...

Have you run the CHKDSK utility? I highly recommend downloading and burning the UltimateBootCD. It has many useful diagnostic tools that can be run straight from the CD.


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I'm using Windows XP SP2
I did this years ago, but when SP appears, I haven't change it because compatibility problem

So any of you doing this?
If so, do you use additional software that can do both? what I did was just changing the ntoskrnl.exe for boot screen, I never try the login screen one

I take a look at / & some of them said about it's compatible with SP1 (probably also with SP2) or using other software, I did use StyleXP but it doesn't really work the last time I tried (years ago though), I also used DesktopX, but it's too much coding with that

So any suggestion for a software that can change both login & boot screen? (& if it's possible, the theme also )


A:Any Of You Changing Your Login/boot Screen ?

The first site you recommend,, is considered a RED site by MacAfee SiteAdvisor. It should be avoided. Details of Themexp.orgThe second site reports to be GREEN by SiteAdvisor.

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I cannot complete an xp boot to a login screen. The computer endlessly reboots. The same reboot occurs in safe mode. I also booted from the install CD using the repair function. The repair process completes with an attempted reboot. However I still get nonstop reboots prior to the login screen. I am now running a chkdsk /r in repair console to see if thus solves the problem. What else can I try? Thanks

A:xp does not complete boot to login screen

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This is a "Real Question" though it may not sound like one.

I have a User whose Surface Pro has two user accounts. One is her Microsoft Account, one is a "local account".
The purpose for the local account is to provide her with a way to open Windows in the event she cannot get her normal Microsoft account to open. This usually happens due to password problems, (she forgets what it currently is). I gave her a local account with no password so she could access the Web to contact me for help with accessing her Microsoft Account when needed.

I have seen plenty of of methods for "By Passing" the login screen but in her case I need the opposite. When the Login screen is bypassed, Windows opens to her Local Account where all of her "things" are gone. (Yes, this is a Real Problem I am not making this up

The 'fix' for this (once it happens) is to Right click START, Choose "Sign out, which takes her to the normal Sign In screen where she can choose her Microsoft Account.

The Best "fix" would be a way to get Windows 10 to always display the Login Screen at Start even if her Local Account has no password? She probably accidentally logged in as "Local" and afterward it becomes the default login. Is there a key somewhere in the registry or setting in SecPol to make the login screen appear every time the system starts?

I think one of Murphy's Corollaries states that "The road to Hell is paved with Good Inte... Read more

A:Windows 10 Pro. Force the Login Screen to appear on every Boot-up.

You could force Ctrl+Alt+Del on every log on. Then you always have to pick the user.

Secure Sign-in with Ctrl+Alt+Delete - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

Would that help?

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Dear All,
I installed linux (centOS) and Vista in my laptop. My Vista and linux systems were running fine for the last 2 months. But suddenly as I start my laptop I saw thousands of exclamation sign and then if I choose Vista, I see 'Microsoft Corporation' and the progress bar.....but my login screen does not
come! If I start linux, I get an error message about X server; that is can not start. As a result I do not get any graphical interface; I get only a command-line. As a result I
can not use any system! How do I check if my Graphic card is OK?

Please help.
Thank you for your kind support.


A:No login screen, dual-boot problem

Sorry, but CentOS is one of the few Linux distros that I don't have experience with ... so my suggestions are rather generic.

While it COULD be the graphics card, since you got a login screen with a progress bar on Vista, that tends to indicate that the card is working properly.

Failure to boot on both OS's is more an indication of possible hard drive failure that caused filesystem corruption.

If you have a Vista DVD, I would boot to a command line in that and run "chkdsk" to look for NTFS filesystem errors.

If you have a "LiveCD" for CentOS, I would also boot to that and run "fsck" to check that filesystem for errors.

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Trying to help a friend fix their HP laptop.

While these symptoms are similar (seen lots of "close but not quite"), I haven't been able to fix it, yet. Hoping not to have to nuke it.

System starts to boot. See the startup logo so I know there isn't a hardware problem.

After the startup logo/animation, screen goes black with just the cursor/pointer. You can see hard-drive activity so I know it is doing something. If I press the power-button, it goes to sleep. I can press keys like Windows-P and select through things like which display to choose, extend screen, etc. So again, Windows seems to be functioning. Even hooked up an external monitor and can move the cursor back and forth with W-P or the Fn key so video seems to work just fine.

Tried Safe Mode - same results. It lists all the drivers being loaded and then goes black-screen. I think the last one is usually disk.sys.

Tried a Startup Repair - it says there isn't anything to repair.

Tried Restore point - it says there aren't any restore points.

Tried Last Known Good Configuration - doesn't make any difference.

Tried VGA (640x480) more - nada.

I have booted from an install DVD and run chkdsk /f - nothing wrong.

Tried running sfc /scannow - mixed results. By itself the command says a previous restore/repair is in progress. I found a discussion where someone with a similar program used a bunch of parms and that gets around this error. However, after chugging for a while, I get the error "... Read more

A:Black Screen w/cursor after boot b4 login

Since I didn't get any replies and couldn't wait any longer and since every place I looked the answer boils down to a reinstall, I nuked it/over-installed Windows 7 and am rebuilding it.

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Hi everyone.

I posted this issue in the malware section probably 2-3 weeks ago. A very helpful individual in that forum guided me through a couple of different processes to rid my computer of malware. It seems to be okay now as far as malware and viruses, however, I still cannot log into my computer except in safe mode.

Essentially, after the computers posts and boots, it will take me to the Windows XP loading screen. After it's done loading, it flashes as if it's going to the screen where I choose the user. However, I just get a blank black screen. It's not as if the monitor is off, because I still see an off-hue black screen.

I also have some weird artifacts in BIOS and what seems to be a lack of colors in Safe Mode. When I say artifacts, it really just odd symbols in place of normal letters, or additional commas, periods, etc etc.

We've ran hijack and Malwarebytes, and a couple of different things and still no success. I've also tried doing a re-install of Windows XP and have some issues there with drivers and undetectable DVD roms. Anyone have a direction in which I should start? Thank you! -Jeff

See thread from security forum.

A:Windows can't boot, black screen at login.

See if this is of any help:

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One day, I rebooted, and then there was nothing. After Windows finished loading, there was naught but a black screen, and a cursor if I move the mouse quickly. This happens in safe mode as well, and on both my dedicated graphics card (an Asus AMD HD 6450 Silent) and my integrated graphics (which I have no idea about, other than it is a Biostar A780L3G). When I try to refresh directly, with a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 installation media, it says it is invalid, despite it being x64, same as the installed version. When I try directly, it says the HDD is locked, and none of the guides I have followed to unlock it through the disk work. Also, I dont know if this matters or not, but when I try booting into safe mode, at first, when I move the mouse, in the corners, it says Safe Mode. Please respond ASAP.

A:No login screen when I boot, even in safe mode.

Your on-board card is this one:

ATI Radeon? HD3000 Graphics, On Board Graphic Max. Memory Share Up to 512 MB
Support ATI Hybrid Crossfire

A780L3G :: Placa-M?e :: BIOSTAR

I still could not find anything that could explain your problem. Does your MoBo have any kind of HDD protection, similar to HP DriveLock?

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Problem is that when I go to my log in screen it says "other user" with a login with a local domain or a Microsoft account (even if you log in its just a black blank screen with only your mouse viewable) . I'm the only user on this computer why is it doing this? also I can't get into safe mode (I've pressed F keys (F1-F12) and the only keys that work are F2 which takes me to my ASUS UEFI BIOS , but i still can't figure out a way to get into safemode.
No pirated applications on this computer at all, last thing that was downloaded was Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard
I am running on a:
Motherboard: Sabertooth 990 fx r2.0
BIOS Version: 2301
CPU type: AMD FX 8320 Eight core processor
Total Memory: 8176 MB (DDR3 1333 MHz)

A:Login screen issue and can't boot into safemode

Problem is that when I go to my log in screen it says "other user" with a login with a local domain or a Microsoft account (even if you log in its just a black blank screen with only your mouse viewable) . I'm the only user on this computer why is it doing this? also I can't get into safe mode (I've pressed F keys (F1-F12) and the only keys that work are F2 which takes me to my ASUS UEFI BIOS , but i still can't figure out a way to get into safemode.
No pirated applications on this computer at all, last thing that was downloaded was Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard
I am running on a:
Motherboard: Sabertooth 990 fx r2.0
BIOS Version: 2301
CPU type: AMD FX 8320 Eight core processor
Total Memory: 8176 MB (DDR3 1333 MHz)
Oh and Like I said I can't get passed my login screen so I'm using another computer to post this  

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When I strart my laptop, the 'normal' Toshiba screen comes up, then the Windows screen, then the WELCOME screen for WXP, it lists the users on the system, and then as I am about to type my password, the screen goes blank for about 3-5 seconds, the WELCOME screen comes back, and I can type in my password and log in.

This seems to have just started to happen recently, can't seem to find a reason for the screen to clear. Is there a file I can check to see the boot up and see if there is a clear screen command after the initial presentation of the WELCOME screen?

I unchecked Fast User Switching, and that didn't seem to make any difference.

I have a Toshiba Laptop 2410, with an external 80GB hard drive, a second CD/ROM/DVD drive, a ZIP 100MB drive and a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub. Those items are NOT attached when I boot up, so the computer is running without any external devices until after I log in.

Any ideas??

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A short intro (skip if you like):

Hi everyone, this system has been running close to 24/7 since roughly two years ago. A custom RT7Lite disc was used and a lot of tweaking has been done, so the system is well in need of a fresh format. Unfortunately, this was planned for after the holidays, and as I was unprepared for this crash, it could take me longer to figure out what I need to transfer to a new install then it would to fix the current one. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

System specs:

OS: Win7 Pro x64
CPU: Intel Q9550
Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-DS4P
Memory: 8GB PC2-8000
Graphics Card: ATI HD4870 (PCIe/512MB)
System Drive: 2x Intel x25-V SSDs in RAID0 (via mainboard's ICH10R)
Network: Intel Gigabit CT PCIe card
Firewall: Outpost Pro

The current problem:

System passes POST, bootloader, "Windows is Starting" animation. USB devices initialize, and the mouse pointer appears. The screen remains black (no background, login dialog, accessibility/power buttons, etc.) indefinitely. The mouse still moves and NumLock can be toggled, so the system has not halted - it just doesn't get any further than that. After 15 minutes power-saving kicks in and the display goes to sleep - Moving the mouse or pressing a key turns it back on again as though everything is normal, but it's still stuck at the black screen.

Events leading up to this:

I have been using a PCIe JMicron-based SATA card with a broken eSATA port, and I recently got an ASM1061-based SATA 6Gbps c... Read more

A:Windows won't boot - stalls before login/welcome screen

There is absolutely no reason to run a Lite version of WIn7, which is featherlight and always instantaneous when you have a perfect install on adequate hardware. How is it activated?

So you are not going to get support here where we know Win7 best, except to advise that you to Clean Reinstall your licensed version following the steps given (same for retail) to get it perfect.

This should solve all the problems, which are characteristic of trying to run a modded version of an OS that already has every service possible set to Manual on fast triggers, the very genius which has made it the most popular OS ever. Experiments we did during Beta proved that any such trims were always met with unintended consequences.

If not then after your reinstall post back any issues and we will help you resolve them as always.

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