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Seagate Freeagent Desktop series (especially 1TB model) reliable or not?

Q: Seagate Freeagent Desktop series (especially 1TB model) reliable or not?

So, yeah. 5 year warranty compared to two of Buffalos and WDs, but does that actually mean that much more reliable a drive? With the problems with Seagate drives lately and a price slightly lower than with other similar drives I'm a bit wary... I won't be storing/backuping anything of real importance, just a handier option compared to a squadron of flash drives How much limited is the warranty actually? Manufacture flaws with no responsibility over the lost data or what? I'm a bit... Uncomfortable with any kind of warranty or RMA thing....

A: Seagate Freeagent Desktop series (especially 1TB model) reliable or not?

Aanyone? The actual model seems to be Desk, not Desktop, FWIW.

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i just got the seagate freeagent desktop 500g hard drive

and xp cant see it ...anyone any ideas to fix this i have been at it all day and now its getting to me big time.



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I bought a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 250GB drive for a friend a few days ago. I was able to get it connected to a machine running Windows XP SP2 just fine and I could see the drive ok. I noticed about 18GB or so was "used" even though there was only one 73MB PDF file visible when I viewed the drive contents. The drive has 232GB of free space, I believe.

I understand not all 250GB will be available for user data but is it reasonable for 18GB to be consumed by filesystem info?



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I have the above PC and was hoping to increase the Ram size from 2gig to 4 gig.
I had a fruitless chat with Sony tech support (as usual) and they inform me that 2gig is the max for my machine.
The mobo has 4 ram slots 184pin config and at the moment is carrying 4 x 512m memory sticks type PC3200U and was hoping to fit 4x 1gig type PC3200U sticks. Unfortuately the PC takes for ever to boot with 4 x 1gig sticks in.
Can anyone advise if this machine is at its max of 2gig or can the BIOS be pursuaded to see 4gig?

Hopefully I can workout the new 4 x 1gig sticks config, if not I will have to return them to the supplier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sony Vaio Desktop series RZ30C Model# PCV-RZ30CG - RAM upgrade?

Hmmm....guess my enquiry does not attract the same attention as game machines and building new computers...did get 63 viewers though but no enlightenment.

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I recently upgraded from Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 Professional. The problem I am having is that my Seagate Freeagent 1TB drive wont load in Windows 7. I have to keep going to Device Manager and Uninstalling the driver and then plugging it back in so it automatically installs itself and then when I shut down the computer I have to do the process again.

I thought things that worked with Windows Vista were supposed to work with Windows 7.

Any solutions or help on this problem would be appreciated. PS I have already tried insalling newer drivers, I have the latest ones, and I know this is a software issue as I am able to access the drive as normal after re-installing it each time.

So any help would be appreciated.

A:Seagate Freeagent 1TB

First, welcome to the SevenForums

I assuming (since your specs are limited) that this HDD is a USB device. If so, I know of several people with the same problem. There is at this time no fix is available other then to turn it off prior to starting your computer then turning it back on once your system is up and running. Not sure why this happens only that it does, and there are several other HDDs that do the same thing. Some of Western Digital's HDD Books USB HDDs do the same thing. Not sure if it is Microsoft's fault or a driver problem yet unsolved by the HDD manufactures—your guess is as good as. . .

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I have a seagate freeagent and I was trying to upload a video to youtube. It froze so I shut down the internet site. Now my freeagent will not open. My computer sees it but when I try to open it, it says that another program is using it and to close any programs down. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in.....still the same error. I have my whole life in pictures on the drive......I cannot loose any of them.

Any help would be appreciated

A:seagate freeagent

I have my whole life in pictures on the drive......I cannot loose any of them.Click to expand...

There are two kinds of storage devices: those that have already failed and those that will. Data you have only one copy of is data you intend to not keep.

Try the device on another computer. If it works there, you're saved.

If not, your next step is to determine whether it is the enclosure that has failed or the hard disk inside.

WARNING: Performing the next operation will void your warranty.

Remove the disk from the enclosure and connect it internally to a desktop computer. If it works there you have determined the enclosure failed. If not, we have further work to do.

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Lost the ability to load FreeAgent after it was unplugged from usb before it was "Removed"... Won't start up. light wont turn on. Computer wont even recognize that its's not much but all that i hold dear is on that external hard drive... have i lost it all... and al i even in the right place for this??? new at this... thank u

A:Seagate FreeAgent

If the light won't turn on and you are sure you have all power connections secure, then either the power supply or the enclosure is bad, or possibly the disk inside the enclosure. If you have a volt meter, you may be able to test the enclosure's power supply.

WARNING: Performing the instructions below may void your warranty.

I recommend you remove the drive from its enclosure and connect it internally as a secondary drive to a desktop computer. See if it works there. If it does, your data recovery problem is solved. If not, then you may have a failed hard disk.

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I purchased 2 of these so-called external backup systems. Both of them continued to create mirror images until they filled up the entire drive (500 gb) and then gave an error that there was no more space on the drive. There doesn't seem to be anyway to control these drives at all. I would welcome any advice I can get. Thanks.

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I can't find confirmation that this external HD is compatible with Windows 7

A:Seagate FreeAgent Pro compatibility

Hi BribieBill and welcome... I use a external HD with win7 64bit and loving it... If it's USB just plug it in when your puter is off and when your external HD falls a sleep power on your puter and enjoy... GL

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I currently have a Seagate FreeAgent USB external drive set up and running on my desktop. I also have a Maxtor 320GB USB external drive connected. I travel with the Maxtor and store my images on this drive. I'm a photographer. Once home I ask the Seagate to update its database to reflect what's on Maxtor. I've bought another Seagate to replace my Maxtor.

A. I don't like having the Maxtor constantly running even when the cpu is off.
B. It's only a 320GB drive and will reach capacity before the Seagate.


1. What's the best way to transfer the data from the Maxtor to the new Seagate2 drive?

2. What features in the Seagate2 drive will I select during installation so that it won't compete with Seagate1 during backups?

3. How will I upload new images from my traveling Maxtor after a photo shoot?

A:How to set up 2nd Seagate FreeAgent 500GB

1. You can transfer files from one external drive to another by hooking them both up and then literally dragging and dropping the files from one drive, to the other drive. For example, if you have Maxtor set to C: and the Seagate to D: 'copy' the files from C:/Photography Files and then 'paste' in d:/Photography Files. Change that folder name to whichever you have.

2. Not sure

3. Do as above, but in reverse order (and destined to your desktop, or whichever computer it is you want) - be sure not to copy over an existing folder.

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Hi all

I have recently purchased a 2nd hand 750Gb External Hard drive.

I scanned it and rand file restore software to make sure it was totally clean. Then I formatted it too (you cant be too safe). Anyway, it worked long enough for me to put all of my family photos on and music, films work and other photos.

However now it has stopped working. When I plug it in it crashes the computer, and it does the same to the boot up whenever I plug it in. I have tried to use the safe remove hardware, and this is where it gets confusing.

The computer is recognising it in Device manager and the safe removal, but it wont let me safe remove (crashes) and it also wont let me populate the volume to see if that works (crashes again). Sending it off to be fixed isn't an option (my girlfriend would kill me......the photos you see......).

Is there anything I can try, I'm rapidly loosing hair at pulling it out.

Cheers Guys

This forum is great


A:Seagate FreeAgent External HDD

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Basically i have them plugged in. yet you have to hold the touch power button to get the drive to power up and light to go on, then the system see's it and i can open it and add files. Also the same applies to turn these drives off, push and hold, the light will turn off, and it will disconnect from the computer and I thought they were off. Here's my problem. both have been on this entire time. (over a year). today i felt one and it was decently warm and spinning. it spun all day even tho the power light was off. and the second drive is doing it as well.. so why do they always run?? i had to unplug the drives to get them to stop spinning and to turn off and cool down.

So what is the deal here.. is this just how they work. i dont want my ext always running.

Any help would be great.. Thanks!

A:Seagate FreeAgent Pro Ext HD Problem

Does not sound right to me, i have a terabyte FreeAgent Desk and it is recognized the second i plug it in and spins down within 10 minutes i would guess.

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Ok everybody get your laughs out first. I clumsy and I knocked a cup of water over on to my floor yesterday no big deal right? Wrong my 500 GB external hard drive was sitting right next to where the water fell on the floor. And of course decided to go into the usb and power parts of the drive. I am not sure if it got into the actual drive but now my laptop will not recognize it. I keep getting it to turn on and then my laptop says its malfunctioned and I need to replace it but that means losing alot of data. Anyone have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks.

A:Seagate Freeagent Pro problems

If water got into the connections you need to unplug it and leave it unplugged untill the water is dried out. That doesnt mean that you dry it off with a towel or something like that. You will need to leave it dry for a while to ensure that the water you cant reach hs evaperated and dried before powering it back on. Steeing it infront of a small desk fan at room temperature may speed it up a bit. Remember water and energized electronics do not mix. Hopefully the drying out will correct your problem.

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After a disastrous session where a company took control of
my laptop, I now feel the need to erase everything on my portable Seagate FreeAgent Go drive in order to start over with a clean slate. The erase method suggested in the manual is only to be used if your drive locks up on you. Can anyone tell me how to clean the drive and start over. Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Solved: Seagate FreeAgent Go

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I just bought this free agent pro external harddisk, I followed the instructions to connect it to my lap top and the result was that i can not access it. When i double klik the icon to open the disk, i get a stop message that the disk is not accessible (E:\ er ikke tilgjegelig). I don't really understand why should it happen like this when the drive is completely new..
If u have any sollution to this problem please help me!

My laptop is a HP dv5095, AMD Turion 64, 100GB HD, 1024MB Memory running Windows XP Home edition SP2

A:Seagate FreeAgent Pro 320GB

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I wanted to know if I could connect my Seagate FreeAgent Pro to my TV, the Free agent has a micro USB and a eSTATA connection my TV has a HDMI connection, i know i can get a adapter for the connection but what will show up on my TV screen ? will it show my movies ?
I am tried of moving the files to my Patriot Player via a USB stick also how will i select movie i want to watch without a remote

Thank you


A:Seagate FreeAgent Pro connect to TV

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I have tried to get the computer to recognize the freeagent pro with esata port but for some reason it just doesn't. I have read others who have had the same problem on google but did not find an answer. Does anyone know what I need to do. I am using the AM2 mobod from gigabyte. gam-57sli. Advice on what I need to do will be welcome. Vista Ult. OS

A:Seagate freeagent pro problem?

You have been posting around the Web with this... You plugged in the cable securely and it started working. Is this still the case?

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i was trying to create a 30gb partition on my ext HDD and convert it from ntfs to fat32 so i could use that partition with my ps3. however whilst in the middle creating the partition with partition manager the whole system froze and even after leaving it for several hours it was still the same and to force shutdown the laptop.

switched laptop back on and all i can get on that is insert recovery disk (which i'm making atm). Plugged the ext HDD into my girlfriends laptop and it makes the sound of being connected and shows in disk management and device manager but not in my computer

Please help me a) get it showing in my computer and more impotantly B) help recover the files. i know it should have been backed up twice lesson well and truly learned!!

oh yeah i have a sony vaio fw21L running vista sp2

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hi peeps
my old laptop has died.. broken hard drive..
all my files are backed up on my seagate freeagent 500gb
my new laptop is windows 7
ive pluged in the external drive but cant seem to recover my files.
ive played the mp3 files from the freeagent via real player but cant see how to retrive them to my new laptop...
any help much hoped for.....

A:xp to windows 7 via seagate freeagent

If your files are backed up on a external then it should just work like an memory stick...

If when you plug the external in and it pops up as recognised and there's no files there well then I guess you either didn't back up corrctlyor they have somehow been deleted

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Hey guys,

I bought an external hard drive to store all my movies, TV shows, etc..

However when I try to put something on this hard drive it COPIES the files instead of MOVING them. This takes a lot longer than it should because I'm not wanting to copy, I just want to move it over. I've tried deleting all the software files in the drive that may run the program but that doesn't help.

Any suggestions?



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I have a 320 gig seagate freeagent external drive. The usb port was damaged, and I have alot of info I want to salvage from it. I opened the case and connected the hard drive to my pc. The HD is a SATA drive, and I have 2 SATA cards connected to my motherboard. The drive isnt being seen by the card or by XP. The drive doesnt have any jumpers. Is there something else I need to do to access the info on the drive?

A:external seagate freeagent to internal

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UPDATE.........Been using the drive for 2 years, figured the reason why it's no longer working on my windows 7 pc is because i been using it on my gf's Mac(my hdd is write only)
Since the hdd is no longer recognized by my windows pc
I may have to purchase another external just to back up my files using my gf's mac then re-format my free agent 1tb to a more windows/mac friendly format

any other suggestions

it's suppose to be about 80% full
also not recognized on TestDisk

A:Seagate FreeAgent 1TB now RAW files ystem

This is usually a file system problem. All of your files are still there, but the file system has lost track of them.

You can use a program like the free Partition Wizard which has a function to rebuild the MBR. This is assuming the disk is a MBR disk and not a GPT system - do you know?

I also recommend trying to recover the files using a program like the free Recuva before starting anything. There is always a chance of something destructive happening unintentionally when playing with the file system.

The first thing I would try is to change the drive letter (in Disk Management) to G: . A: and B: are reserved for legacy floppy disk drives. That is a pretty safe procedure.

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Please feal free to click the pictures that will GIVE YOU a better view. Thanks.
Seagate Freeagent go 0.2 family
Model Number: ST905003FBA2E1-RK
software version: 2.01.0600

i have windows 7-64bit OS, HP P6604Y, 6gb Ram, 1 Tb harddisk. I purchased seagate freeagent go 500GB HDD. all my data was stored in it, recently it was not getting detected, even if it gets detected it takes a lot of time and the whole system gets slowed down,any other operation also cannot be done when the harddrive is connected to the system it freezes the whole system:
Many posts say to go to Computer and right click, an option called Manage, select that. Then among the choices, click on Disk Management. Once here, the hard drive does show, but no option to open exists with most people: (small window) I was traying to stop seagate of runing on services.
I did try the Seagate external drive troubleshooters:


SOMETIMES I get this message when i try to open the "Freeagent go":

And when I try to CLOSE IT I get this one:

Have you fix this problem with your Seagate Freeagent go?
What can you tell?
Thansk for your time. Have a great day.

A:Seagate Freeagent Go Not Working Properly.

I just went trough the same thing ended in a RMA


your drive is dying a...back up your data if possible and contact Seagate

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Hi Everyone,

I have just found a solution to the problem I was having and thought I would share it in case it helps anyone else.

I bought a Seagate Freeagent Desk 1TB about a year ago and it has worked fine until recently. Now when I plug it in it takes about 3 or 4 minutes for it to register on the computer, and autoplay pops up. When I started copying things to or from the drive, it worked for about 1 minute and then froze. Canceling the operation caused a crash on the system and when it had recovered, the drive was no longer accessible. I ran checkdisk which failed after a minute and the same problem - mini crash and drive no longer accessible. When I unplug the drive and plug back in, the drive is recognised once again. In short, anything you do works for 1 minute and then fails.

Eventually, i decided to open it up and remove the actual hard drive from the casing. I connected it to a desktop pc, and it simply would not boot up with the drive in. I had to disable smart check first and then cancel checkdisk when it started. Once I got booted into windows, the drive was visible but would disappear after a minute of activity. I tried recovery software which also failed after 1 minute. Finally, I have just succeeded copying everything off it by removing the hard drive from its casing along with circuitry which plugs into the back of the actual HD, acting as a usb port converter. I put the hard drive on a laptop cooling tray whilst making sure none of the circuitry came int... Read more

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I have a Seagate FreeAgent Go 320gb external hard drive. I used to transfer pictures from my camera (then i would burn them to disk). After transferring files (from a wedding), I put away the drive. I plugged it in my desktop a couple days later to access them and make the disk and the drive faintly beeped a few times and the lcd lights flashed. It spinned up normally but my desktop computer stopped detecting it. I unplugged it and re-plugged it and it would start the "spin up" but didn't get to a normal spin sound, then the lights continued to blink, no more beeping sounds and it's not being detected. It was then suggested that it could be a dead physical drive, among other things. I took it to a repair place and they recommended freezing it to see if I could access it one more time to get data, but that didn't happen, they just suggested data recovery. From there i plugged it in one more time and it didn't even attempt to spin up or blink. It has been plugged into 4 different computers and the results are all the same, so it isn't my computer. I have another identical seagate ext. HD and I used it's power/usb cord just to make sure it wasn't the problem. I left it alone for about 3 weeks and plugged it back in by the tiny chance the technology fairies fixed it and it did spin up and the lights blinked. When I plugged it in, my computer always intitally detects a usb and make the connect sound, then immediately makes the disconnec... Read more

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i have window7 connected freeagent-Seagate Manager picks itup as external drive is not regonized or the external drive has no partition, do i want to creat one. (I use this drive before and has some data on it) it ask me if I want to format the drive. I do not have any conflict, see the drive under DEVICE MANAGER, under CONTROL PANEL see the drive also, go the property-device is working properly. I could not find what is wrong. Than I decided to format the drive with Seagate Manager FAIL with error message (Partitation Creation Fail) any idea

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So I've bought this Seagate FreeAgent Desk 500gb External Hard Drive a half year ago or so, and it has worked as a charm ever since. Until today i mean.... I wanted to turn on the ext. drive to listen to some music that I have on it, and I have a lot on there!! But when I plugged in the usb cable into my pc it just started blinking rapidly. My computer has turned on sounds, and I can hear the "new connection found"-sound, but the "New Hardware Found" message doesn't appear, and I cannot find it under My Computer. Anyone knows what happened, and how to fix it?

Please help me quickly!!!!


A:HELP - Seagate FreeAgent wont load..

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Hello i have a FreeAgent GoFlex external drive with 500gb for my laptop made by seagate. Last night i turned off my computer and unplugged it now when i plug it in it makes a beeping noise and does not load up on my pc. After a while the beeping stops and it goes black pleasehelp me im begging you.

A:SeaGate FreeAgent GoFlex 500gb Beeping

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Yeah, I know "connection issues" is very broad, but give me time an I'll explain to the best of my abilities what's going on.

Right, so as the title states, I have a Seagate FreeAgent Pro, an external hard drive. This drive has four(4) different data connections. Esata, 1394a (6-pin), Mini USB (5-pin), and Mini Firewire (4-pin).

My primary use for this drive is storage for video files as I do a lot of work with film. I've heard that the 6-pin Firewire (1394a) connection is the best for use with video, but being that I'm the curious chump, I wanted to see if the Esata connection would work any better or not. The two ports are the only two I've ever used since I first bought the drive, so I'm not too worried about the Mini ports.

Here's my first problem: With the 1394 connection, I can plug in from the PC and the drive starts right up, and given a certain amount of time, it'll show up in Windows.
However, with the Esata connection, I plug in from the PC and the drive will power up, but never show up in windows unless I restart the system, or run drive diagnostics (in which case it only shows up half the time).

Here's my second problem: With the Esata connection, when I'm working in my video editing program and stop to take a break, the drive will shut off. When I try to get it going again, it never shows up and everything in the video editor brings up error codes because the links are all broken. I&#... Read more

A:Seagate FreeAgent Pro and eSATA connection issues

SATA, (and Esata), are intended to be hot pluggable devices, (internal and external), as long as they are running in "AHCI", or SATA mode. If the device isn't firing up, (data wise), when you plug it in, then the system drives may be set to IDE emulation mode. In this mode, you would need to power down, then connect the drive, and reboot to have it detected.

In any case, for safety's sake, I suggest you refrain from hot plugging you external drive while it's running in IDE mode.

If this is the case, you would need to install SATA drivers, (Assuming you are running XP), AND reinstall the OS, to get true ACHI at the Esata ports.

With Win 7, you could try switching the drive mode in BIOS, but don't be surprised if that doesn't work.

Windows 7 would indeed supply ACHI drivers without your intervention, but here again, a reinstall of the OS would be necessary.

Data transfer should be as fast in USB as it is in the original Firewire (1) spec, but not as fast as the new Firewire. For history's sake, the original Firewire was released when USB was USB 1.0, hence the speed advantage of Firewire! But, USB 2.0 more or less put an end to that. As you probably already know, USB is hot pluggable also.

Also, once upon a time certain video programs would only allow direct video capture via Firewire, and not USB.

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I seem to have experienced a bad installation of Seagate's FreeAgent Tools. When I try to re-install, I get the "Modify, repair or remove the program" dialog, and clicking on anything gives me the Feature transfer error "Error: - 1605 This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". The program does not appear in the Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs, nor does it appear in WinXP Manager's Smart Uninstaller list. I wrote to Seagate, but they say that "the issue is related to Windows Installer", and that I should contact Microsoft. So, of course, I came here first! I'm running XP SP2 on an HP dv9500t, with an external Seagate FreeAgent Pro (which is where the program in question originates). Thanks!

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I am using FreeAgent Go 5oo GB , when I try safely remove FreeAgent Go always show the error massage " Seagate FreeAgent Go USB device can not be uninstalled right now because the system request system restart " and I have to restart every time.

I have already tried the following :

1. Close all application and end recent file process.
2. Check " don't remove file to the recycle bin, remove file immediately when delete" in the recycle bin.
3. Disable write caching on the device in devive property "policy" tab.
4. Using third party sync.exe to flushes disk buffers together with HotSwap!.exe yet still shown the same error massage.

What would be the cause of the error massage ? Also please suggest the appropriate way to safely remove the device and I would appreciate all advise.

A:Seagate FreeAgent request system restart

How exactly are you trying to Eject this drive? I've seen a "cannot be STOPPED right now" but never a "cannot be UNINSTALLED right now"?

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Hey all,

Just wondering if an external drive is dead based on this --

I have a Seagate FreeAgent Desk and last week when I plugged into computer after 6 months or so of no use, it wasn't recognized. LED lights didn't come on at all. So I thought it was a bad power supply. Switched that out but no luck. Tonight I transferred to a Dynex enclosure. Powers up but still nowhere on computer, not in device manager or disk management. Any other things to try or is the drive itself gone?

A:Opinion on whether Seagate FreeAgent External Dead

Sounds like the hdd isn't spinning up in either enclosure. if possible I would connect it to the enclosure & not completely reassemble, try it on your PC, and put your ear down on the top of the drive & listen, do you hear the motor spinning up?! if the drive is not spinning up, there isn't much you can do. if the data is valuable, then try a data recovery company - I have had excellent success with if the data is not valuable then I'd replace the drive and toss that one out.

Post back, Hope this helps!

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My drive took a bit of fall. Now, when I plug in the USB the computer does not recognize does not even indicate that new hardware is attached...

Also, the every 10 seconds or so, the drive makes a faint beeping sound.

Any suggestions?


A:Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500gb external drive

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I bought a Seagate Freeagent 250g external hard drive about 4 years ago and have not any problems with it since. Recently however, after an especially rough moving trip, my computer no longer recognizes the external drive. The power light on the external drive does not turn on either. Everything else I plug in works, so I know it cannot be the computer. I have tried using different cables, trying it on other people's computers and nothing works. In fact, whenever I plug in the external drive, the entire computer slows down significantly and then gets notically faster when I disconnect the sick external drive. Do these descriptions of the problem sound like anything anyone out there has ever come across? Please forward some info if you can. I would really hate to lose all the sentimental files I have in there. Thank you.

A:Seagate Freeagent external drive not recognized.

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I have a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Go Hard Drive which suddenly stopped working. What happened was, I was shrinking one of the volumes because I want to make three partitions. As I was formatting the unallocated volume, the hard disk was accidentally remove from the laptop. Then when I plugged in again, the laptop cannot detect the drives which I originally have. I already uninstalled the device through Device Manager, restart the laptop and reinstalled the device driver but still it won't detect my hard disk.

Help, please?

A:Seagate FreeAgent Go External Hard Drive

I am using Windows Vista and a Compaq Presario V6000.

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Hi, I just installed a Seagate FreeAgent Go external harddrive. While going through the installation guide, the computer froze and shut off. Now everytime I boot the computer, it shuts off during boot or maybe within 5 minutes of start up. This is not my computer, the girl who owns it says it has never randomly shut off before so I'm wondering if the Seagate drivers have caused the laptop to start shutting off. It does the same thing in safe mode. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Computer shuts off after boot (Seagate FreeAgent Go)


If you have the Seagate external hard-drive plugged in onto the laptop computer then take it off. Reseat both the memory and the hard-drive of the computer. Also try taking out the laptop battery and boot the computer via with only the AC Adapter plugged in. Hope this fixes your issues.

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Hello, I have a Seagate FreeAgent Go external drive that I have used frequently in the past to backup and store data. My laptop (Win7) is not recognizing it when I plug it in now. I have been through Disk Management and Device Management, but haven't figured out what's wrong yet. The computer does make a small sound both when I plug in the USB cable and when I remove it, but I cannot find any access to the drive. I may have removed some files that the Seagate drive came with inadvertently when removing some data. I've been to Seagate's support site, and was able to install the "Seagate Manager", which also now does not recognize that a Seagate drive is plugged in. Any ideas on how to get this drive to come up?

A:Seagate FreeAgent Go external drive not recognized

Did you fully check in the bottom-right panel of Disk Management to see if a ribbon for the external drive is shown there ? (it will have no letter and no model name and may also be labelled as "Raw").

Check again and if it's there, right-click it and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths".
Then click "New", choose a letter and click 'OK'.

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I plugged my new FreeAgent Drive into a USB port (on a set of extra USB ports). I got the installation wizard and proceeded. In the middle of installing, a box came up to say (can't go back to quote exactly) "incompatability with Windows 7 drivers". It said that if I continued blah blah blah bad stuff.
I canceled the installation and searched the net to download the driver(s) needed. I can find NOTHING that will give me the right info to get this working. I did run across advice to use a high speed port, so I disconnected the drive from the extra USB port set and plugged it directly into my computer port. Still no go.
Also, when I first plugged the new drive in (to the extra port set), it made the normal little 2-tone "ding ding", like when installing cameras and such. When I unplugged it, same 2-tone "ding, ding" thing. However, no matter what I do to try and fix the problem since, when I plug it in I get: "ding, ding, ding", in same tone (with slight buzz), and in a staccato-like rhythm?
I'm not computer literate beyond word processing and searching/browzing! I've been pretty successful with searching out help and solving problems online, so I know a FEW things. But not enough to go beyond updating, upgrading, downloading . . .


A:can't install Seagate FreeAgent 500gb Ext Drive

PS: yes I have gone to the site to ask for help. All I've found on there that's helpful at all is just a thing saying well over half the returns they get on this drive have nothing wrong with them . . . I assume this simply means, "stop returning them!"

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Hi Members,

I have a Assembled Computer with Processor Intel Dual Core (R) @ 270 GHz, 3 GB of RAM equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition version 2005 service Pack 3 with Wi-Fi Netgear 108 Mbps Lan Card and Internal Pixelview TV Tuner Card.

I have just bought this external harddisk today from market. But My system cannot read the information on the my 500 GB Seagate Freeagent go external hard drive using the supplied USB cable. The external drive does not come up at all. Is a required driver missing out on my system? When I connect my 500 Gb Seagate Freegent go External Hard drive, it always ask for drivers and show message at last ?The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software.? I think that my Windows have some missing driver for this products. I have successfully running Freecom External 160 Gb Harddrive and Enter 2.5? HDD External Case without Drivers on my computer. Do I need to get a Y USB cable which have two USB cable (one additional USB cable for power consumption for this drive)? Does this drive run successful after plugging this with Y USB cable? I am running Window Xp Sp3. Does Window Xp Sp3 required external drivers for detecting 500 GB Seagate Freeagent go External Drive? I have tried this external harddisk on my Laptop too (Lenovo N100 with CPU Intel Core Solo @ 1.86 Ghz, 3 GB of RAM equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition version 2005 service Pack 3) and with my other computer whic... Read more

A:Does 500 GB Seagate Freeagent go required any driver in Window Xp Sp3?

Could be that the preloaded software is missing or corrupt. Check with Seagate for replacement drivers.
Also check your USB drivers on your computer.


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I just bought an external hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk, 1.5TB) and have some difficulty setting it up using the Seagate DiscWizard software.

The reason I bought this drive is to clone my DELL Inspiron 6400 Laptop HD in case of disaster etc. The Laptop HD is 140GB and 70GB are taken for my files / programs. So I was able to clone the Laptop HD but when I reboot, after I changed the BIOS settings to boot from the USB, the Laptop starts and during the process of loading Vista it re boots by itself.

Looking on the explorer, I have the Main C:\ drive, and then I have the Recovery D:\ (that is where DELL put the recovery files), then I have E:\ which is the DVD drive and then are the new cloned drives F:\ Recovery and G:\ Main.

Now checking the properties of F:\ and G:\ they are both formatted as NTFS and the F:\ is 10 GB as my original and the G:\ is only 70GB as the original so the clone process made the external drive only 70GB.

I think the problem is that the G:\ should have been before the F:\ but not sure.

Any Ideas on how to go about it?

A:Solved: Seagate FreeAgent External Hard Disk

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I bought a new Seagate FreeAgent Desk 500Gig external drive today for Black Friday. It is not the one specifically for Mac users, but is supposed to work with Macs as well. I am a photographer and am trying to transfer over my digital photography work files and raw images from my desktop Mac to the hard drive; However, I am unable to create a new file on the drive or put any of my images on it.

I am getting a notice that states that: "The drive cannot be modified."
I looked on Seagate's website and it states that I will need to reformat the drive. It suggests the user 'see answer ID: 2452'; however clicking on that option brings me to a page that doesn't explain anything about how to do this or even mentions anything about this problem.

I got a great deal on it and would really like to be able to use it soon.
Any idea on how to fix this?
I'd appreciate your thoroughness as I am not extremely knowledgeable about this subject.
Thank you,

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A friend of mine has a seagate external freeagent gloflex hard drive which used to be mine. She hasn't used it for a while. she tried to use it on her new Windows 10 pc for the first time but although it says the drive is working ok under system devices when clicking on the drive nothing happens. I took it home as I have an old vista PC which it used to work on. When I connected it , it showed the drive in system devices but when I went on my computer to see if it showed up it wasn't there just the internal drive showed up . Would be grateful for any ideas please.

A:Seagate external freeagent goflex hard drive

Look in disk management and see what it says there (Do not format)

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Basically what is said above. this is what has happened so far...
When i first plugged the usb device in, it began to load the "Add New Hardware" driver screen. i ran through that assuming there was a driver to install, after finding there was none, i hit cancel on the add new hardware. Unfortunately, it hasn't showed up on my computer since. I have plugged the device into both of my friends computers, one running vista, the other XP and they both picked it up easily. I have looked under device manager as well and it doesn't read it. I have tried restarting, unplugging...and all that.

does anybody have any advice?

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Answer Match 71.4%

Following my old computer crash, I invested in a new Mesh computer loaded with Windows 7.

I bought a cradle for the old HDD and plugged that in and Windows 7 recognised it straight away and I can pull stuff off it without any difficulty.

The Seagate Freeagent (now called Classic I believe - the brown/yellow one) refused to come up as a drive and nothing I do will make it do so. I have downloaded the 64 bit Seagate Manager from the Seagate website but to no avail.

It appears as a device in the Devices but right-clicking only gives you two tabs, neither of which do anything. Updating the driver has no effect. The drivers still come up as Windows32 drivers. I even formatted the Freeagent but with the same result.

At one point, Windows 7 froze but disconnecting the Freeagent cured that.

Any ideas? Not being very computer savvy, I don't really understand why it recognises my old XP HDD but not the Freeagent.

A:Windows 7 and Seagate Freeagent 320Gb external drive

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trying to back up my files/pic/music etc.  My external HD is not being recognized.  help what can i do?  arrgh not a friend of Win8

A:seagate/memeo FreeAgent GoFlex no supported by win8

There is an update for the software from Segate GoFlex Update

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Hi all,
I have an external Seagate FreeAgent 750GB HDD, and trying to use it via the eSata interface. The problem I am facing is that, it hangs when trying to copy a large (>3GB) file TO it from my main disk.

It will seriously hang, the computer becomes unresponsive (the mouse works, but can't start any program at all, not even an explorer window).

In smaller files (650MB) there is no problem. Also, there is no problem when using the USB interface (although I haven't tested it thoroughly).

The motherboard used is an Asus P5K Deluxe. I have experienced this problem in Windows XP AND Windows Vista, 32 and 64-bit versions.

Any help?

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I bought an external hard disk (FreeAgent 160GB, Model # ST901603FGE1E1-RK) in February 2008. The purpose is data backups of my PCs (all XP-SP2). Whenever I use this external hard disk (from any of my PCs), there are always a few occurences of the following in Event viewer :-

Type: Warning
Source: Disk
EventID: 51
An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\D during a paging operation

My other external hard disk is a Western Digital (procured about a year ago), and so far, I have not come across any such error message when I use it.

Should I be concerned about this error event in my Seagate FreeAgent? Since this is a data backup device, I am worried.

A:Seagate FreeAgent external hard disk - paging error

You can run a drive diagnostic test on it:

Also consider running CheckDisk on it too
Go to My Computer
Right click the drive
Select Properties-Tools

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I have a brand new Seagate Free Agent GoFlex 1 TB external HDD. Actually it's my dad's and I was suspicious that it might have a virus. So I booted my laptop through Ubuntu and plugged my Seagate once it booted successfully. There was no virus, just some default files that can be found on a new HDD, like UserManuals, an exe file also which I guess might have been the driver. There were some other files as well but I can't remember the names. Relieved that there is no virus, I formatted the Seagate HDD because I knew (or believed) that those files aren't really necessary to run the HD. A message appeared which said the disk couldn't be formatted properly but still was opening with no data in it. Yesterday I wanted some data from my friend and plugged in the HD in her computer. The HD did open and drive window appeared with no data in it. Everything fine. Suddenly the window disappeared and drive was not there even in My Computer. I unplugged and replugged the HD many times but the HD could not be detected. Now I can't use this Seagate HD, as it's not even being detected.

What went wrong? Did something happen due to the deletion of those default files? Or something else went wrong?

Please help!

A:Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1 TB external hard disk not detecting

When the drive is plugged in, does it appear in the disk manager?

(To get to disk manager click START > Right click on Computer > Manage > Disk Management)

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Have a external hard drive that was backed up on a macbook pro
using time machine. I try to take the files out that I put on a windows 7 PC
and it wont show up in My Computer.
But it does on device manager.
is there a problem with the external hardrive?

A:Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive not showing up on Windows?

It is likely formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled), HFS+. Windows can't natively read that.

"I try to take the files out that I put on a windows 7 PC" is a confusing statement. If you want to read the files on the drive from 7, you can't without a 3rd party tool. If you are just wanting to put stuff on there from the PC and don't care about the Mac backup, then just format the drive. Do that through Disk Management in the Admin Tools control panel.

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The drive was running fine for about 15 mins but since my laptop was on battery and i had steeped away i did not realize that the battery ran out . post that since i have connected it back the laptop does not read the drive. I have tried checking it with my desktop and 2 other laptops but the result is the same. also tried changing the USB Cable but this also has not worked. it does not show up in my disk management tab or under my "my Computer". Please advise.

A:External Hard Drive seagate (freeagent Desk) stopped being recognized

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I ordered a 250GB Seagate hd from Tiger Direct, but they sent me a 250GB Hitachi. Does anyone know if Hitachi is as good as Seagate?



A:Is Seagate as Reliable as Hitachi?

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Anyone running the Seagte 1.5TB drives reliably under a RAID 6 controller? I'd be using 3Ware but was more concerned about generic reliability of the drives. They seem to be controversial but firmware seems to have improved them.

Thanks for any info.

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Answer Match 68.46%

I recently purchased a Seagate 500GB FreeAgent Desk external hard drive for backup. I have tried their software which leaves much to be desired. What would you recommend for both purchase and free backup software which will work alone with this external hard drive? I want the capability for full disk backup, selected files backup, and incremental backup as files are changed.
Only simple to use software. Is PC Backup version 10 a really good and simple to use backup program to purchase and will it work alone with my Seagate external hard drive? What about other backup programs to purchase and for free?

A:Solved: Conpatable Backup Software for Seagate 500GB FreeAgent Desk External Hard Dri

You should take a look at Acronis True Image Home 2009, it can do all the things you are looking for:
They have a free trial so check that out if you are interested in it.

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Hi, I will soon be getting a new video card in my PC, and I need some help deciding which specific card to get.

PC Specifications:
HP Desktop PC (a1730n)
15' Sony LCD Monitor (1024x768)
Nvidia 6150LE (Integrated P.O.S.)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (2.4GHz Each Core ~ 5.8GHz?)
300W Generic PSU

As you see up there, I don't use a 30' inch LCD TV as a monitor. I'm not going to change my monitor anytime soon. 2GB of RAM and my processor are actually good. The only thing wrong about my computer is the 6150LE.

I need a card that can run games like F.E.A.R., BF2, etc. with max settings on a 1024x768 resolution. It has to be in the GeForce 8 series. I definitely don't want the 8800 Ultra. It's not necessary. Won't run SLi because I only have one PCIe x16 slot and a waste of money. I have a crappy power supply (300W). I can get a new one on Please tell me a recommended PSU to go along with your recommended card. I heard about the XFX 8600GT (here) which runs on the mobo itself so that looked great! But can it run games well? Do the GTX or the XXX versions beat the crap out of the card I looked at? Newegg is awesome...

1. Plays most games on max settings (AA/AF, Detail, etc.)
2. GeForce 8 series

A:Which GeForce 8 series card should I get? And a Cheap, Reliable PSU to Go with It?

If you're going for quality, and you aren't willing to splurge on the 8800 Series, then don't push for Max settings. Hardly any of us can max on FEAR. Maybe 3% of us. You are running 1024x768 on a screen the size of a Cap'n Crunch box, instead of a higher resolution on a loverly 52" plasma, so you might just be able to, but don't worry if you aren't.

Not to mention you're running an HP (Hardly Passable) setup. Frankly I don't see why you would upgrade on that, but if you really want to, you can.

The 8600 Series, all of them, have only one advantage over the cheaper 7900s: the ability to run DX10. And if that's why you're raving about the 8-Series, don't bother. The quality of the DX10 they run just isn't worth the money right now. It's like varnishing a bamboo stool, really.

For my money, as little of it as there is, this is the setup you want:
nVidia 7900GT
Apevia 520W (ATX Form Factor)

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I want to back up my desktop Dell Win XP hard drive personal data to a Seagate FreeAgent Go 320GB external drive. I would like to know, When I backup data this time, will it overwrite the data from a previous file backup? Will it "append"(?) or add to(?) the first data backup or will I loose that data?

In other words, does the Seagate FreeAgent Backup overwrite the current data with the new data?

I tried many searches without results. (as well as different ways of asking the same question )
Thanks for your time.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON X300 Series, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152578 MB, Free - 86032 MB; G: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 243478 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0U7077
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Does Seagate FreeAgent 250gb overwrite the current data with the new data?

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I don't know if this is in the right section, but here goes:

My client has got two laptops: for this, I will call them Laptop 1 and Laptop 2, and a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB USB drive.

Both daughters want their uni and college work backed up.

I have created two folders on the drive, one for the backup of Laptop 1 and one for the backup of Laptop 2.

The backup works fine, but I cannot find, even on the Seagate forums and in the documentation, how to choose a specific folder. Some people say the only solution is to set the laptops up as shared, but then I think that's a bit complicated for a my client, who wants to backup on his own.

The drive uses Seagate's Drive Backup software (called FreeAgentCN.exe)

Would it be easier to use an external piece of backup software (for example Roxio Backup?)

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I don't know if this is in the right section, but here goes:

My client has got two laptops: for this, I will call them Laptop 1 and Laptop 2, and a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB USB drive.

Both daughters want their uni and college work backed up.

I have created two folders on the drive, one for the backup of Laptop 1 and one for the backup of Laptop 2.

The backup works fine, but I cannot find, even on the Seagate forums and in the documentation, how to choose a specific folder. Some people say the only solution is to set the laptops up as shared, but then I think that's a bit complicated for a my client, who wants to backup on his own.

The drive uses Seagate's Drive Backup software (called FreeAgentCN.exe)

Would it be easier to use an external piece of backup software (for example Roxio Backup?)

A:FreeAgent Desktop 500GB

If you plug the hard drive in on one laptop and then the other I dont see why you would need to share anything. Does the problem lie within Seagate's backup software or on the computer itself. Can you go to drive/folders from My Computer.. I would recommend Acronis software or Windows Backup or just a simple copy and paste.. What are you wanting to backup?

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My laptop's operating system is vista. I can not copy or delete anything to my usb disk. I'm receiving a message that the disk is write protected.What do you think i should do?

My laptop's operating system is vista. My problem is that I can not copy or delete anything to my usb disk.I'm receiving a message that my disk is write protected. I tried to format it (some friend told me so) but i have the same effect.
What do you think I should do?


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I purchased this lap top in November 2015 started to set it up but with Xmas and everything never completed I have since on numerous occasions tried to get back onto but have tried the password that I thought I had set and it will not accept it.  Can I get it back to factory settings and how ??  I sent for a Windows password reset tool on a bootable USB it does the first part no problems but after stage 2 is finished it takes me back to enter password again when apparently it should ask for the memory stick ???   Any ideas anyone  thanks in advance I'm not that technical but can follow instructions and it will just not allow me pass the password function ??? ????

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sir,I have hp thermal receipt printers (series/usb model A799). i need to install the printer in some of my systerm but discovered that i dont have the drivers anymore. i need the driver or alternative driver that can work in the same model. Raphael Bestman

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I can't find the camera button.  Where is it located on this keyboard?  And once I take the picture, how do I upload it?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Model 3552

What is the exact OS installed on the system? If you are using Win 8 or higher OS, then go to the start screen and use the camera application.
Read more here to know about the Camera app and the storage info -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I purchased this lap top in November 2015 started to set it up but with Xmas and everything never completed I have since on numerous occasions tried to get back onto but have tried the password that I thought I had set and it will not accept it.  Can I get it back to factory settings and how ??  I sent for a Windows password reset tool on a bootable USB it does the first part no problems but after stage 2 is finished it takes me back to enter password again when apparently it should ask for the memory stick ???   Any ideas anyone  thanks in advance I'm not that technical but can follow instructions and it will just not allow me pass the password function ??? ????

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Which ThinkPad T Model Series has the Status Indicator lights?? The ones the bottom of screen on like the T61 T60P. Is there list somewhere?I know this has probaly been asked before. but did not find it. Thanks in Adavance.                      

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i have a gateway laptop model W350a T-Series. the problem is, when i turn it on.. nothing goes on to the screen.. the power works, fan works, but nothing goes out on the screen.. only black screen and no beep.. would appreciate much if you can help me out on how to fix it..

A:how to fix black screen gateway laptop model w350a t-series

If you never ever see anything whatsoever on the screen it is a hardware fault.Assuming the above and if the computer sounds as if it is booting up normally then it could be:The connectors at either end of the cable between the mother board and the screen, the cable, or even the screen itself.With the computer booted up try moving the lid back and forth slowly. If you suddenly get a glimpse of a picture then it is most likely cable failure at the hinge, or maybe connectors loose.If you see anything but black on the screen during bootup then this could be a different matter.EDIT: Tidied up wording.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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Hi, I have a Acer 5315 series model ICL50 notebook running
windows vista basic. I didn't get the origonal Vista Cd with it for re installation if needed. Anyways I installed XP and now I am back to Vista. But I dont have the drivers. Specially my keyboard is not functioning with all its keys. Can anyone help me out with it.

A:Keyboard drivers for vista Acer 5315 series model ICL50

Try looking here;
Acer Europe - Service & Support, Drivers & Utilities, Downloads

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Hello, can anyone direct me to all drivers for this laptop please? I looked at one page here but it is only showing a "Touchpad" driver?

A:Need win7 drivers for Acer Apsire 7560 Series Model P7YE5?

Hello there,
You can have Windows automatically download recommended drivers for your device through "Windows Update". Follow these simple steps:
Hope this helps! 

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we have one of these for the Smart TV - which works great for that, but I thought I would be able to take it to my computer and copy my photos onto it. I have plugged it into my computer but am unable to see it as a drive - any ideas why?

A:seagate Expansion Desktop Drive

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Yesterday my USB drive (Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB) failed in a strange way. Let me describe the symptoms:

- When I power on the laptop with the disk attached, the boot process (or rather POST) is very long. The drive always spins up, but in this case I only get a blinking light. Nothing happens. No access to the drive whatsoever.

- When I attach the drive to my already running laptop, the disk spins up, make a strange noise that is identical to removing the power from the disc, then it spins down, and the process repeats itself like 10 times. When the disk is fully spinning, the drive is showing in My Computer and Disk Management, but because it makes that power-lost sound it Iimmediately disappears, and the process repeats itself.

I tried plugging it to my netbook - drive spins fine, no "reset", but I can't install the driver. It properly discovers the name of the drive, but driver installation always fails.

I opened it and plugged it the USB to SATA card from the other disk. It runs good, no "restarts", but because those two discs use different USB connectors I can't see if it's working in Windows.

Any suggestions? Is this failure fatal? Can I recover the data from this drive?

I don't have any proper SATA motherboard, so I can't connect the disk directly to check if it's working.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Seagate Expansion Desktop strange failure

Nothing strange there and that behavior is pretty common; external drives fail all the time and fail in various ways.

Best way to determine if its the hard drive or just the enclosure is to take it apart and try the drive by itself either by plugging it directly into a computer or with the use of a SATA to USB adapter. If you do not have access to either one you will need to find a friend who does or take it to local computer repair shop. It's impossible to say if the data can be recovered easily until you determine where the failure is. Even if the actual hard drive has failed there's always data recovery companies that can do it in most cases but that'll cost you.

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I bought a new desktop and it did not come with an authentication code paperwork to access some of my apps.  any ideas on how to get that???

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Answer Match 49.56%

I keep getting these BSOD every day.  Here is the culprit and message Bug Check String:  PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA CAUSED BY DRIVERntoskrnl.exe + 74080 I have tried to google it but I have no idea where to start.  I did a disk scan found no errors.  I did a scan /sfc found nothing wrong.  Have not loaded any new devices lately so I am stumped.  Can someone give me something to try to fix this.  Thanks Dave

A:BSOD - Model is HP 200 G1 MT Desktop

hello - anyone??????

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Answer Match 49.56%

I bought a new desktop and it did not come with an authentication code paperwork to access some of my apps.  any ideas on how to get that???

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Answer Match 49.14%

I still have one Windows95 PC in addition to others. My issue is with the Windows95 machine. I cannot access my backup hardware.

Before I go on, let me say, bottom line, that I desire to be legal in all my dealings.

Sometime toward the end of 1999, I purchased a SONY SuperStation tape cartridge backup device and a copy of "Backup Exec" software for desktop created by Seagate. Now the Veritas company owns that software, but now uses that software name for an up-to-date (and more expensive) network backup system. And beyond posting some patch and upgrade downloads, Veritas doesn't support my old software.

At some point in 2000 or 2001, I had gotten dazzled with an ad for "Backup MyPC" software by a company called "Stomp" and downloaded a trial version. I liked it.

What apparently happened is that this trial software somehow must have either commandeered the ".exe" for "Backup Exec" and I didn't realize it at the time, or I did something else in error. Eventually, the software trial period for the Stomp "Backup MyPC" software expired. Although I thought I had purchased it, apparently I hadn't. And because I had moved on to newer systems, I hadn't done any backups on the Win95 for a couple of years or more either, so I was totally unaware that I had a problem until now.

Now I wish to use my old Win95 machine for some programming classes. I want to see what I had backed up before, back things up... Read more

A:Backup Exec Software, old Seagate desktop version

TSG may feel free to remove this string at their leisure because...

I have found someone from whom I might purchase a copy of the software I was seeking. "FREE" would have seemed better, but in researching the situation, I found that I THOUGHT I had purchased it when in fact I had a timed trial version that I had let lapse. My memory of that particular detail lapsed as well apparently. So in reality, buying the software is what's really better.


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Answer Match 49.14%

Hi there.

For the past week I have been retrieving 2 TB of movies from my Seagate 3TB Expansion Desk drive (USB 3). It started acting funny after my room mate accidentally flipped the main power circuit for my bedroom while I was in the middle of a transfer. Oddly enough, I was in the middle of retrieving videos from a 6+ year old Verbatim 500 GB which had an ongoing power circuit issue when he flipped the switch. I was salvaging those videos to this 3TB drive at that moment. He killed that Verbatim dead to rights with the surge, and I believe it caused the issues on this Seagate 3TB.

I can still transfer data to and from the Seagate anywhere from 35-90 MB/s depending on if the other drive is a USB 3 as well. But it just will not play many movies, and HD particularly bad. I mainly use Kodi (XBMC), but have tried VLC and MPC. All fail at the same points or close in the different players. I assumed corrupt files but when I copy them to other drives then play them they work .

So, I ran chkdsk I: /f /r . It ran thru quickly saying no issues. Every indicator has shown the drive as healthy. I ran the zero out option with a format in Partition Wizard. Didn't help. Frustrated last night I decided to run chkdsk I: /r one last time. It hung at 10%, and thinking maybe its doing something, I left it, but it was going for nearly 24 hours. I finally cancelled the chkdsk and ran a surface test with Partition Wizard and now after an hour or so, I am getting some bad blocks a... Read more

A:Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 3TB w/ bad blocks/sectors

You can try downloading: /62506/
then unzip it and run to check if your HD is in good health then we can go from there.

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Hello, I also have this model and want to upgrade my video card.My current card is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 (3 gbs) and I need to upgrade it. I would like to have the NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti. I had been looking at this Gigabyte GV-N75TOC2-2GI GTX 750 Ti GDDR5-2GB 2xHDMI OC Graphics Cards GV-N75TOC2-2GI However, I am unclear as to whether my computer can take this card. I am also open to other suggestions. I need a better card for gaming and media production. I'm trying to keep the cost under $200 if possible.My operating system is WIndows 10.I have the eight-core AMD Fx (TM) 8150 processor, 3.60 gzh, 12 gigabytes of ram,  X64. Thank you kindly for any assistance you can offer.

A:Re: HP Pavilion Desktop HPE, Model h8-1230z

It is always important to mention your original OS.In your case, the h8-1230z circa Feb 2011 would be a Legacy BIOS v7.16 machine, and not capable of accepting a UEFI vBIOS (v8+)  upgrade.  With that said, your limited to only cards that are Legacy or have a hybrid BIOS (having a micro switch) to toggle either Legacy or UEFI. Please consult this page.  MSI makes hybrid cards, and their N750Ti series  fits your inquiry.             

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I have a problem with this computer I have no video picture on the monitor. I have checked the monitor on another computer and it works just fine. the computer and the fans turns on, and their is no beeping sound of any kind so i assume the memory chips are working and it has 2 slots. I order a VGA card and installed on one of the 3 pci slot but still no picture. I wonder if i clear the CMOS setting would it help it or make it worse. Do think i could install a Video graphic card with a Video graphic adapter. Is there a possibility that the motherboard is bad. This is a HP pavillon #a705w desktop computer. Please help me with this problem before i buy the motherboard.

Thank you,


A:HP Pavillion Desktop model l# a705w

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Hello, looking for expert suggestions as to upgrading my current Pavilion HPE, Model h8-1230z. I am thinking about adding  capability for USB3, an SSD drive to load Windows Pro 7 on, and adding additional hard disk drive space along with additional ram. What would be your specific suggestions?
Here is a copy of current systemummary  Operating System   Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1  CPU   AMD FX-8150 21 C   Zambezi 32nm Technology  RAM   10.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 664MHz (9-9-9-24)  Motherboard   Gigabyte 2AC8 (CPU 1) 42 C  Graphics   2243W ([email protected])   2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7570 (Unknown) 58 C  Storage   931GB Hitachi HDS721010CLA630 SCSI Disk Device (SATA) 31 C  Optical Drives   hp BD E DH12E3SHB SCSI CdRom Device   hp DVD A DH16ACSH SCSI CdRom Device  Audio   IDT High Definition Audio CODECOperating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 Computer type: Desktop Installation Date: 6/6/2012 11:12:46 AM Serial Number: [Personal Information Removed]  Windows Security Center   User Account Control (UAC) Disabled  Windows Update   AutoUpdate Not configured  Windows Defender   Windows... Read more

A:HP Pavilion Desktop HPE, Model h8-1230z

Hello TNClodhopper44, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.  I have read your post on how you are looking to upgrade your computer, and I would be happy to assist you!  According to the HP Pavilion HPE h8-1230z Product Specifications and Configurable Options guide, the maximum amount of memory you can install on your motherboard is 16GB (4 x 4 GB) on your 64-bit OS. If you need to, you can use the Upgrading and Servicing Guide for steps on how to replace the RAM. For setting up an SSD for Windows 7 Professional, I suggest taking a look at this document About Solid State Hard Drives as well as How to Install an SSD (Solid State Drive). This should help guide you through installation and setup of your SSD. Unfortunately, I am not able to locate any modifications that would allow your motherboard to access devices requiring USB 3.0.    I hope this helps! Best Regards  

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hi i have a hp 11o desktop pccan someone ples tell me how to boot from a memstick ples

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Hi to all

Seagate Model: SRD00F2
Win 7 home prem... 64bit

I have had this external for over a year and it just recently started to respond very slow.

My aim is to save all the media files before this drive dies out or even solve the problem. Maybe it wont die out yet but never know what may happen. I have an older external and that still works.
When i plug the usb into laptop and other pcs, the drive used to appear quickly but now what happens is it appears in device manager/disk drives first but does not appear in my computer window. It takes a long while for the drive icon to appear. It normally shows also in disk management before it shows up in my computer window.
Next step is when its finally showing... when i go into the external it takes a long while again to enter the drive. The address bar turns green from left to right but moving very slowly as the external tries to open each folder.

I dont want to format or lose any data, its the first time i came across this problem. I brought a new usb cable and that did not solve the matter.

When it loads the files and folders, im trying to copy all the files to desktop to save everything. But the transfer speed is like below 10kb. Its very slow. The fastest its been is just over 1MB.

Another tip is when i plug in the cable.. the blue light turns on and the drive starts spinning and can hear the sound. I thought the drive seemed ok but maybe the proffesional guys on here will have a better understanding on how to... Read more

A:Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 3tb responding extremely slow

Is my external dying? It takes a long time for windows to recognise it in my computer. Its starting to not show up in disk drives and disk management.

If it shows up its after a long time.

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I recently upgraded to windows 10. I purchased a 5TB Seagate External to back up my computer, and Windows is telling me there is not enough disk space for me to back up 900Gigs. Seems a bit odd.  I have tried everything I can think of, but still I get
the "BackUp Failed " error message.  

The computer says the drive has 4.54 TB unused, but still not enough space for backup and system image?  What gives?

Please help.

Richard Brown 

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Hello, I currently have a pre-built Gateway desktop computer the model number for it is, SX2800-01c. It runs fine except the graphics card has a problem and seems to crash. The Gateway SX2800-01c has a 220w power supply. The graphics card is a:
NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 1GB DDR2 PCI Express (PCIe) DVI Low Profile Video Card w/HDMI & HDCP Support

part number 288 10N45 A20AC. The limitation to upgrading to another card is the power rating on the PSU. I would like to get the same exact card or an equivalent considering the power limitation on the PSU.

Thank you for sharing your advise on the matter.


A:Gateway Desktop Computer model SX2800-01c

u might want to upgrade the power supply......see here AND read the 1 review

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I am trying to determine how much work I have ahead of me.

A person at work is using a Dell Optiplex GX280 running Windows XP Pro on a 500 GB system drive. Lately, they are having problems with the computer randomly shutting down and rebooting after about 30 to 90 minutes of operation. SMART testing is enabled in the BIOS and no problems are being reported for the hard drive.

Can I just pull the drive from that computer and use it to replace the 80 GB drive in a refurbished Dell Optiplex GX280? I am concerned that Windows Genuine Advantage will have a a hissy fit and say the installation in the new computer is not valid. Both computers have Windows XP Pro COA stickers.

A:Solved: Swapping HD on Same Model # Dell Desktop

If the XP PRo is is a Dell oem version than no you won't have a problem.

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Readout on chip:

AXMS1500FWS3B | 9881995250216

Will post picture if needed..

Came from a laptop, but want to make sure it's not a desktop chip in a laptop (which does happen). Actually hoping it's a desktop chip..

A:Curious if this athlon is a desktop model of processor..

Core: AXMS Tbred/Barton Mobile 25W , AXMD 35W, AXMH 45W

It's a mobile chip.

Made 2002, week 17, Max FSB=200, 1.3v, max temp 95C, 256k cache...

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Have a Gateway Desktop Model SX2370, great system.  Ran the gambit of trying to upgrade to Windows 10, finally took it to Microsoft Store and they said Gateway has not released the Windows 10 drivers yet for this model.  So question is....when will Gateway/Acer release the Windows 10 drivers for this model.  If they are not going to do so please let me know also.  A clean install is not an option for me. Thanks for any help.

A:Have Gateway Desktop Model SX2370...when will Gate...

Acer doesn't support  the SX2370  for Windows 10 or for that matter 8.1.I wouldn't count on Acer beginning to support either in the future.

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My new HP computer includes an "Ultra Slim Tray SuperMulti DVD Burner", but I have been completely unable to find a model ID or specs on this device.  I did find a datasheet on the HP dvd940i device, but have no reason to believe that is the device in my computer.  Anybody know where to find out the details, hopefully without having to open up my computer. Thanks. 

View Solution.

A:HP ENVY Desktop - 750-150xt CTO - DVD model and specs

Hi, Please download and install the following tool, it will show you all: as shown:      Regards.

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Hi allI need drivers for HP 110 Desktop PC Series with model no. 110-216ixOS: Windows 7 32 bitThe HP driver page for this PC shows driver only for 64 bit version which doesn't work for meThanks

A:Drivers for HP Desktop Model No. 110-216ix for Windows 7 (32...

Hello KVar, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.I understand you are looking for Windows 7 32-bit drivers for your HP 110-216ix Desktop PC and only 64-bit are avaliable on the HP Website. Unfortunately, HP has not made drivers that meet your requirements. You can try to post the Hardware ID of the devices and I can attempt to locate drivers that are compatible. No promises, but I will try for you. I am providing you with a wikiHow page How to Find Hardware ID, to assist you with finding the hardware ID's. Please re-post with the requested information. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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Have a Gateway Desktop Model SX2370, great system.  Ran the gambit of trying to upgrade to Windows 10, finally took it to Microsoft Store and they said Gateway has not released the Windows 10 drivers yet for this model.  So question is....when will Gateway/Acer release the Windows 10 drivers for this model.  If they are not going to do so please let me know also.  A clean install is not an option for me. Thanks for any help.

A:Have Gateway Desktop Model SX2370...when will Gate...

Acer doesn't support  the SX2370  for Windows 10 or for that matter 8.1.I wouldn't count on Acer beginning to support either in the future.

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please help me, i reformat my HP 110 Desktop PC Series, but the problem is, the CD needed for installation was lost, how can i retrieve the Product Key? Serial Number : 4CE33904M1 / Product Numer : H6L44AA / Model Number : 110-012d / OS Windows 8

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Hello,, THANKS for your time, help, and advise!

Searching the forums for related items were not successful,,, And, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to discuss this issue.

We are supporting a Windows 98 Second Edition system with an old Seagate STT20000A (Hornet,,,I think.) tape drive and the Veritas BackupExec Desktop 4.5A. Several backup tapes have been created.

The system with the Seagate STT20000A tape drive and Veritas Backup Exec went "south". A new CPU and Hard Disk was installed with the Seagate Tape drive still on the IDE/ATAPI cable. The system was rebuilt with W98SE and is now up and running and the tape drive device was recognized by "CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM"! (Proper Drivers installed???).

Since the bad Hard Disk Drive had the BackupExec 4.5A and Seagate tape drivers installed these will require re-delivery.


o We Cannot find the customer's CD for the delivery
of the Veritas BackupExec Desktop 4.5A and
Veritas does not support this version any longer.​
As we understand from Veritas, the "Backup Exec Desktop" was farmed out to WWW.STOMPSOFT.COM. STOMPSOFT says we need:

"BACKUP MY PC" version 4.x <----> 5.0​
But, STOMPSOFT no longer has these product versions and they have pointed us to some "After Market" links like CDW, eBay, AMAZON.COM, etc.


We would like to get something--- "Veritas Backup Exec Desktop 4.5A", or "Bac... Read more

A:Seagate STT20000A tape drive and Veritas Backup Exec Desktop 4.5A

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Just purchased this Dell Desktop.  Attempted to Install a 2nd Internal HDD.  Not seeing a P4 Power connector off the PSU I contacted dell support (all prior Dell Desktops provided 2 to 3 of these add'l Power Connectors)......  Knew it would be a mistake to make the call, did so any way.  Explained the issue, should have been a 10 min call.....I got, you can't install a 2nd Internal drive in this model.  I pushed back, than why have 3 open SATA ports on MBO.  I got, let me check my resources.  The answer, there are power connectors off the PSU...exactly what I told them I couldn't find.  I explained the Factory Installed HDD has a different Power connection than any of my Prior Dell desktops (last one purchased 10 mos ago and it had 3 extra Power (P4) power connectors......this model has a Power cable that connects to the HDD and connects at the other end directly to the Motherboard.  I have never seen this configuration in the past.  I ten got, yet...let me check my is now 25 mins.  I got there are other power connectors on the MB....they are at the edge...I could find nothing.  I asked, does it require a special cable....let me check my resources.  They said it requires a SATA Power Cable to make the Power connection from the new HDD I wanted to install to the MB.....whats the part Number...they didn't know.  I am now frustrated, the call is 50 mins long...and I just had n... Read more

A:Dell Desktop model 3650 Install 2nd Internal HDD

See if the following thread can help, with installing an additional SATA HD in the Inspiron 3650:

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Hi - I am having issues updating to Windows 10. Once I get through the download and start the install I am taken to screen that ask for keyboard layout.

I select US and then hit a screen that wants me to choose between Troubleshoot PC or Shut down PC.

Not sure what is happening here but the update is failing at least 6 times a day on its own.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 10 failed installation on Lenovo Desktop S30 model

For the longest time I couldn't install Windows 10 on my Lenovo S30. The problem was that Windows 10 could not deal with the SCU hard drive port, apparently. Many forums will tell you to open your case and move your hard drive from the blue connector to the red connector. But now there are drivers that will fix the problem. I installed them on Win7 with no problem, and then the upgrade to Win10 proceeded flawlessly.

Intel RSTe SCU/SATA Management Utility for Windows 10 (32-bit 64-bit) - ThinkStation C30, D30, S30 - Lenovo Support (US)

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Dear Sir, Kindly sugeest a HP desktop  model number which has 110VAC selector switch.other specification equvivalent to HP 280G1 micro tower  GKG

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