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CD/DVD not recognized BIOS wont boot from USB

Q: CD/DVD not recognized BIOS wont boot from USB

I have a Toshiba Satellite a85-s107 running Windows XP Pro, I have no floppy either

I cannot get the cd/dvd to be recognized even after reinstalling all of the drivers from the rescue cd using an external cd/dvd drive

If I could just get this dinosaur to boot to the external CD/DVD I'd be golden

My only choices in the bios are;

Any ideas??

A: CD/DVD not recognized BIOS wont boot from USB

I don't seem to understand your problem.

You say your Windows doesn't recognize the DVD drive, right? Why do you need to boot off the DVD drive, then?

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I've built an 128gb Samsung (830 Series) SSD into my Acer RL70 Nettop. It was empty and when I tried to boot the nettop there was only the message "ERROR: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed". Then I connected the SSD to another computer and installed windows on it and it worked on that PC. When I put it pack into the Nettop i got the same error again. In the Bios, it shows the SSD correctly.

I also tried booting Windows or any recovery tool from a memory stick, but the error message appears before anyting else can load. The memory Stick is shown correctly in the bios and also it works with other computers.
I've tried the options IDE and AHCI as well as different booting priorities.

I don't know what else to try. If the memory stick can't boot, shouldn't it be a problem within the bios then?

Here are a few screens:

Thank you for your help and excuse my English skills

A:Built in SSD, recognized in Bios but doesn't boot

system specs please, use speccy or cpu id

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I have a Dell 700m running XP. Tonight I was streaming a movie online and took down my ad block program to view the video. A little while in firefox froze and I couldn't get it to close (even with ctrl, alt, del). Then I got the blue screen of death (i didn't write down the codes). I tried to restart the computer and keep getting the blue screen of death.

When I try to restart in recovery mode I get the blue screen saying to check for viruses on the computer computer. And to run CHKDSK/F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.
Techinical information:
***STOP: 0X0000007B (0xF7BFE524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000.0x00000000)

I tried to boot in safe mode and got the same message but with a slightly different code.
***STOP: 0X0000007B (0xf7b16528, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000.0x00000000)

When I tried to run the XP setup disk it stated "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer"

Is there any way I can fix this without losing everything on my hard drive? What do I have to do to get it to recognize the hard drive again? (I read about putting the sata driver on my computer by putting it on a disk and adding it during the boot up process with F6 but I didn't know if this would delete the contents of my hard drive and also I don't know where to find the proper sata driver.) I know a bit about computers but not too much. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide me. Thanks!

A:XP wont boot, hard drive not recognized - Help!

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Hey there.

I'm trying to reformat my friends computer and i'm running into some serious problems.

Basically :

My friend has TONS of viruses and spyware (even got a call from provider threating to cut off the internet) and basically wants a reformat.

Now I have the XP CD in and go into the BIOS and change the boot setup to CDROM --> HDD (It won't lemme actually put my boot menu in my own order, just from "Basic" Which is HDD --> CDROM and "advance" which is CDROM --> HDD)

Now I did not get ANY message saying "hit any key to boot from CD"

As well, I hit F10 for Boot Menu and choose the CD ROM and still nothing happens and it continues to load from the HDD.

Now when i'm actually in XP, it's funny, I look at the CD ROM drive in My Computer, and even though the XP disk is there, it shows NOTHING on the disk, it doesn't read it (and it worked before), I try to populate the drive, and I get nothing.

I have reformatted this computer before and it was easy, now, the 2nd time, it seems impossible.

Any Tips?

A:BIOS Wont Boot From CD

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Ok so, I got my hands on a free old PC. Its an Intel Celeron 328. It was running windows 98, but I took that off and began installing XP. While it was installing I hunted down some left over RAM chips that I had sitting around. It currently had one 64 mb chip and two open slots. I went out on a limb and filled both with 128mg chips... Except one was PC100 (same as the current one) and the other a PC133. (im guessing those are speeds)

Another piece to the problem might be that I turned the computer off to install the RAM while it was rebooting to finalize XP installation.

So, now the computer will turn on, and everything runs, but it wont even boot to the BIOS screen...its just black.

Did the faster RAM mess something up? Did not letting XP reboot mess something up? Or was it neither and the computer just died???

A:Wont even boot to bios

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Well at first hello to everybody.M english are a bit rusty anyway.
So i bought some new stuff
motherboard Asus P5Q3
RAM OCZ ddr3 2x1G (7-7-7-24) 1600mhz

i also got a core duo 1.86Ghz and a 600watt power supply

As i installed the new stuff everything worked fine but after some day i pressed the power button and the bios wont start the screen shows like when the PC is off so no signal on screen,the hard disk led is constantly on and the dvd drives (the drives after a while stop turn).the fans all work(cpu,chassis,graphic card,power sypplier).After some tries the bios booted and the PC worked properly.But today i just cant get it to start.I disconnected the dvd drives then the hard disks then the internal USBs but nothing.So anything you suggest please start from the (not buying new stuff).
Also if it matter at all i got a new multy socket power syplier that has overvoltage protection on it and its 1400joules.

Update played a bit with the 2 memory sticks.
One ram stick is not working i found which one i got only the one now i ll see if i get return it to the store

A:Bios wont boot

Thanks for the update :grinthumb

I was going to say have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
But you may be ok now

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I have a custom built desktop and an asrock 970M Pro3 mobo. I have windows 10 and I noticed that today my computer was being really slow. I would open google chrome and when I would look something up it took at least 1 minute to load anything. I have an program called rainmeter and a few other addons for it that told me my cpu was at 100%. Long story short my cpu was running at 100% constantly even when (besides for windows programs) I only had skype open. I looked online and saw people were having the same problem. They said to update the bios and the original creator of the thread would always say something along the lines of "Thanks it worked my pc is back to normal!" So I downloaded an update for my motherboard bios and then after I started it my screen went black. Ive tried restarting the pc and dont know what to do. Please help!

A:PC Wont Boot After BIOS Update

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i have a xt3 and been having issues of no power/not booting. wont even let me into bios. i was having problems with the time and date so i thought the cmo was going bad so i replace it with a new one. the issue got worst. tried the ram bar trick and nothing. some times i can unplug the cmo and put it back in and will boot kinda. but when powered to a clod boot it dies again.

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Replaced my motherboard on a PB 150 with a new board and 233hzCPU. I have 64mg ram running win98 with a C:&D drive and a cdrom (G). The c& d HD have an exact copy of each other. It seems the system wont boot the operating system after the bios loads.Can I change the boot drive in the bios and see if the system loads from The D: drive? What else could be wrong??
Thanks in advance.

A:wont boot past bios.

You will have to determine yourself by going into the bios and checking itf it allows bootup from specific drives or not. You say you replaced the MB an CPU, did you reformant and reload the OS and Programs over again or simply place the old HDs into the new system? If you did not do a clean install, the old paramaters for the board and system are still listed in Windows and there is a conflict between what was and what is now seen on bootup. You state that C:\ and D:\ drives are exact copies of each other. If your saved information is indeed identical between the 2drives, I would use a Win98 boot disk, Fdisk, Format and reinstall your OS on the C:\ drive. When setup the way you want, simply copy over the data from the D:\ drive. You will still need to reinstall the Programs as they dont just copy from one drive to another. If the old system was still available, while in Safe Mode, you could have gone onto System>Device Manage Tab and near the bottom, remove everything under System then transfer the HD from the old to new. Windows would have then looked for the misssing system components and installed the new stuff. Just curious also about the comment that you have a C:\+D:\ HDs and G:\ Cd-rom. What happened the the E:\ and F:\ drives?

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I just bought a new nvidia 9500 gt pci
Put it in, tried to boot it up went past the bios and then nothing happend.
Black screen but the monitor was still on and still had a green light
I looked everywhere and the only thing that I have is it might be the power supply but other than that I have heard nothing

A:New gpu wont boot freezes just after bios

What is the brand, and wattage of your PSU. Also include the make and model of your machine. If custom build what is the make and model of your mother board. Check the voltage also in BIOS.

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I have a dell XPS (one of the first versions from the early 2000's) running XP Pro . It has crashed alot recently and I was advised that it was probably a RAM issue. I ran 2 different RAM diagnostics (one Downloaded from microsoft one on the Dell Diag disk). Neither found a problem. I have had corrupted files and the windows repair wouldnt fix so I have had to do clean installs of windows.

Now the computer eont even load the Dell boot screen. All I get is the lights (three lights in middle above keyboard) come on the one with a letter A (I believe its a capslock light) flashes 5 times and then it shuts off. Never boots to even the Dell Bios screen.

Anyone know whats wrong?

A:XPS Wont even boot to bios screen

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Hi everyone, firstly I have an old (but still very spry) AMD 850 Duron 20gHd, award Bios with XP Pro Sp1 updated to Sp2 via updates.
Well silly me was reading about overclocking (which I know nothing about), and decided to change a setting in the bios to Enable, ummm the " CPU temperature shut down" ?? not sure exactly what it was called but something very close to that. When I hit "Y Enter" the screen went black and thats how its been ever since. Ive tried tapping delete on startup and the XP CD but nothing .. just the black screen! Any sugestions on what I can try? Thanx

Ps I've since read a number of reports refering to AMD chip tempretures being misread by bios's, sounds related maybe??

A:XP Pro wont boot after bios change?

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I have a pretty big problem. My friend bumped my computer desk kinda hard (tripped on it) and it somehow reset the power to my computer. At the time, I was playing a pretty intensive game. The computer rebooted, and now the hard drive light is on constantly and the computer hangs at the menu screen before the BIOS. There's no power to my keyboard, so I cant press any function buttons to even try to access the boot menu. I've checked all the connections on everything - nothing fell out or got loose. I gave the computer about 10 minutes to cool down, but everything was running very cool to begin with.

If it's a hardware problem, I have recently (in the past week) installed a new slave hard drive and changed the thermal paste on my processor. And the RAM in my computer is kind of old, but the BIOS usually indicates bad RAM with a couple beeps. I'm perplexed. Any ideas? I can't afford a new computer.

A:Power out, BIOS wont boot

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heres the problem history:

-I wanted to install a PCI video card on this Socket 478 mobo and for some reason when booting with the new card ON the pc would freeze.

-So I checked the Bios Version and was an old one so I did an upgrade with the new version of the Bios. After flashing correctly as indicated in the mobo's manual I went in the CMOS settings and set it up to Optimal Settings and rebooted.

-the result: The system keeps asking me for the floopy disk with system to boot up and I noticed this message:

"CMOS/GPNV checksum Bad"

and I know most of the people would say try replacing the battery and I did and still getting the same problem so its not the battery.

when in a:/ I try to go to c: or e: and wouldnt recognize it. I also tried rebooting and going to the BIos again and tried to set the HD manually and its not there!

Any help would be appreciated

I am running Windows XP pro
P4 1.7 GHZ
256 RAM
40 GB HD
the pc is 1 year old

A:After Flashing Bios PC wont boot up

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Hi, was wondering if anyone can help, I haven't tried anything yet so im open to suggestions.

The other day I left my laptop unplugged whilst running a game and it ran out of batteries. Usually if this happens it will give me the windows didn't shut down properly message and the normal boot options when I restart the computer.

This time however all I can get to is the press f2 to go to setup screen, I can get to the bios but when I exit or if I don't go to the bios, all I get is a blank screen with a flashing underscore in the top left corner.
No boot options, nothing.

The really important stuff personal pics movies ect. I have backed up but there are some usefull programs Ive found over the years which I don't want to lose.

I didn't recieve any disks with the computer, but my girlfriends machine is up and running and I can download anything nessasary.

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Vista wont boot, just bios

tap f8 when booting and from the options try

last known good configuration

safe mode

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I've changed same settings (UEFI to CSM and boot priority: USB FIRST) in Bios and Saved them, now laptop won't boot up, I can't enter BIOS anymore.. Just seeing a black screen.. I tried to remove batter and power, clicked on the power button 1m but nothing changed..

I can I fix this please

Laptop model: Toshiba L-70-B

A:Toshiba Satellite L70-B wont boot to BIOS or OS

Any help please?

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for the past few months, my computer doesn't want to boot. I tested my RAM, graphcs cards, blu-ray burner, and HD, the only thing I couldn't test were my psu, motherboard, and cpu. hopefully the problems lies somewhere in there. I did get a BSOD and looked at the dump and it pointed to my RAM, so I ran memtest overnight and it didnt find any problems so I'm wonder if my motherboard RAM slots are faulty? I also used a cooler masters psu calculator to see if my system was underpowered. I have 750w and it said I needed at min. of 786w, but it suggested the same psu that i was using. anyways, every once in awhile I can get my computer to boot if I remove and reinsert my hardware. Once my computer boots, I have no problems. The problem happens when I have to shutdown the computer. Once I shut it down, it wont boot. and suggestions?

A:computer wont even boot to BIOS menu

If you are pushing the limits of your PS it could be causing your problems. Try running with one graphics card for a while and see if the problem goes away.

Let's start with that and see what happens.

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Hello all, first time poster although i often come to the boards to find solutions. You'll have to bare with me as I'm not that computer savvy (even though i think i am). Basically I have a Fujistu Esprimo Mobile v5505. I got fed up of Vista and thought i would install my old XP pro. I partitioned my drive and installed XP, i then formatted the drive that Vista was on. I came back and when i turned on my computer i got the NTLDR is missing error, now i would be able to deal with this but I cant even enter the bios to change boot options (which were set to flash, cd, HD). Before I fiddled with my laptop I had the options on the Fujitsu load up screen to enter BIOS/change boot options etc not anymore. I hope someone can shed some light on this matter.



A:Laptop wont boot + Cant access bios after changes

remove the bios battery if you can get to it.
on my laptop it is located when i take off the hard drive cover on the bottom.
If yours is not check the other covers by unscrewing them.
The battery is a small circular battery like a watch battery.
Leave the bios battery, and notebook battery out, for about 5 minutes, and dont forget to remove the charger plug too.

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First congrats on an excellent forum and helpful members. I have used the info this site loads of times before reading past threads and until now have never needed to post...

So here goes.
I have just installed a fresh (not new) hard drive in my system which is;
Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo P5600
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
2GB Ram
160GB SATA Hard drive
XP Pro SP3

The drive had XP already installed but was configured for an Athlon Dual Core system so i did a clean install. Deleted all partitions then created a new partition with NTFS file system (the slow method to check for disk errors)

Then i installed XP pro Sp2 all done from Fujitsu operating system recovery CD.
All went flawlessly and was working great.
Next day i went to boot and the splash screen came up with Fujitsu Siemens on it and the F2 or F12 options and the blue progress meter. The progress meter got to half way and then hung for about 2 mins and a black screen came up with a load of writing on and the message;

pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable
operating system not found

I did read a thread on techguy about this but it didnt solve my problem and my symptoms are quite different.

If when i see the splash screen i immediately press F2 to go to bios setup i can enter setup and view all settings. The HD is present and boot priority set to Hard drive. I then exit without saving or changing anything and it boots into windows and works fine.

If i do a restart from windows it boots fine. Its only when i shut down and re... Read more

A:Computer wont boot past BIOS

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P8P67 EVO mobo will not allow me to boot into bios with my external hd connected. The computer will keep reseting itself, trying to boot the external hdd. I can only set the internal hd as 1st priority boot when the external is not in. Therefor I cant change the priority of the external. Stuck ><

A:Wont boot into bios with external HDD connected

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I have a computer that I am putting together and when I put in one power supply the cpu fan turns on by itself but no bios beep and no display on the monitor, when i put another power supply in and push the power button nothing happens, the power switch cable is in the right spot. I have the motherboard out of the case with just the cpu/ram/power supply hooked up to it, the mobo is lying on the static sheet so there is no possibility of it grounding out. I dont know what the hell is wrong. The mobo is a chaintech 7KJD, does anyone know if there is a special jumper that is protecting the CMOS that I am not seeing?

A:NO BIOS beep, computer wont boot

Firsly, "static sheets" can be very conductive. Thats how they equalise/dissipate static.

They are NOT an insulator in many cases!

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Okay so I had this PC (acer aspire x1300) since 2010. It worked fine until one day my pc wouldnt boot into windows. I played around with it and did some troubleshooting, and found out that my SATA connectors on my motherboard werent working. Only way i got my computer up and running again is to use a USB to SATA adapter for my hard drive, and did a fresh install of windows 7. it was fine at first but my computer ran WAY slower than it usually does, so after a month i got really tired and wanted to find out how to fix the SATA ports on my motherboard. I thought updating my bios would do the trick, but it didnt and i had THOUGHT I did a bad flash. I tried literally EVERYTHING to get it to run, and the most i got from it was it powering on for a few seconds, no beeps, no video, no bios, and it would shut off. i gave up. I left the computer sitting in my storage room since 2011 (the cpu, ram, cpu fan, power box were all disconnected for these four years) and yesterday i decided to try to fix it again. So i plugged in everything, installed the cpu, cpu fan, one stick of ram, a brand new power box, plugged in my monitor and my keyboard and mouse, and i booted it up. I was surprised when i heard one beep, followed by two beeps, and it booted into my BIOS. As soon as i seen it boot up, i ran upstairs to grab my laptop to find out how to fix it/how to diagnose whats wrong with it, and by the time i came back down, it shut off. Ive tried resetting my bios via jumpers and removing and r... Read more

A:PC wont boot into bios - ADVANCED USERS ONLY PLEASE

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My computers been untouched for a couple days now and when I went to turn it on today the BIOS screen loads up and post screen comes up but after that nothing happens!
All I get is a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner! I took out the small battery to reset bios but that didnt fix it. Any suggestions would help!

A:HELP!!!!!!!! Computer wont boot or anything after BIOS and Post!

Safe Mode not working either? Jazz

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Ive went & updated to the latest bios on the DFI site & now windows wont start? I used the floppy,made 2 copys but like a fool didnt back-up existing bios.
The bios flash was a success took out the floppy ,pressed F1,went into bios & set optimized defaults. I got a message saying new data was ..OK !
When i startup after the bios screen i get-
Verifying DMI data pool
AMD data change. update new data to DMI !
Back up CMOS ..OK!
Now i have tried reflashing the bios (4x) It will boot from cd & ive installed Vista x64 again but as soon as install was over & back to boot windows i get this message again.
Ive only had my mobo 2weeks
build- LP DK 790fx-M2RS, x2 6400+, 4x1gb OCZ plat, xfx 8600GT, WD 320 AAK,WD 500AAK, pioneer 215,dvd-rom, Antec500W Earthwatts PSU, Kandalf.
Please has anyone any ideas why it stops & wont boot vista from HDD

A:vista wont boot after bios flash

Ok...perhaps this is a dumb question.. but is your HD showing in the Bios? as a bootable drive? Just a thought.. as mine didn't appear and I had to get it showing as a bootable drive...

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I am building a computer, placed the mother board in, booted it up without anything attached and it went to bios fine. Then I put everything in and it will boot up sometimes and then freeze. Other times it won't even go to bios. I have unplugged everything to see if it would go to bios. Nothing. HELP PLEASE! Thanks

A:Building computer and wont boot to anything, even bios...

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I wasn't sure if this should be in the XP forum or hardware bios forum, so forgive me for making a double post.

I flashed new bios and now my computer wont boot. It gets to the loading windows screen, then flashes a blue screen so quick I cant read it and reboots.

Is there anything I can do to get it up and running again?

I'm running windows XP with a Pentium D, and AOpen i945Pa-PLF motherboard.



A:Flashed New Bios, Now Computer Wont Boot. Please Help!!!

Welcome to TSF....

How to perform a Repair Installation of Windows? XP.

Two things are needed here, just a bit of old technology, an ink pen and a piece of paper to write down any special settings that might have to be changed back after the repair-installation is completed.

Please Note: Performing a "Repair Installation" in this manner should not delete any Personal Files, it should 'repair' the core of the installation but to be safe with your data you should follow the next two paragraphs.

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or external hard drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable. and do the following:


The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible. :

Here is a link to a registry backup program that is absolutely fantastic it is called ERUNT and you would use this to backup the registry after running the r... Read more

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Motherboard: Asus p8z68 v-le
Ram:1600ddr3 2x4gb kingston
video card: gtx460
CPU: intel5 2500k with hyper 212
PSU: basiq 550w+
OS:windows 7 professional 32 bit(going to upgrade to 64 bit soon)

i just finished building my rig and i dont get any beeps except for one which indicates the successful post. my problem is my motherboard go's straight to bios and when i exit bios it restarts and go's right back. ive checked all the cables, had the ram replaced, cpu fan was installed correctly, everything is normal. i don't know why it wont continue forward. although i dont have a cd-drive because my old one is a IDE cable version and the new motherboard i got doesn't support it, could this be a problem? i always booted from the harddrive also.

A:motherboard wont boot past bios

If you don't have an optical drive, how did you install the OS on your hard drive for the new computer? If you are trying to boot to a hard drive that has Win 7 installed on it while it wa in a different computer, it isn't going to work anyway, New motherboard requires clean istallation of Windows 7.

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One of my clients desktops supposedly was working fine and then wouldn't start up past what they described as the bios boot screen. ive try geting them in to the bios but it doesent seem to be responding. Ive told them to unplug it till I can get a chance to look at it.

its a Dell insparon wth windows XP SP2 that I sold last month, and it was working flawlessly when it left!
2 hard drives
P4 2.0GHz
512MB Old Ram
no clue about the power supply but I think its around 250W

Any Ideas would be helpful Id rather not have to spend any money on a computer I sold for $50 yes It was way to cheep but being a dell I just wanted to get it out of my workshop it was a trade in and I just wanted to break even, not with my luck

A:PC wont boot past bios screen

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Hi Guys,
Hoping someone here can help me with some ideas for fixing my problem.

I have a Toshiba A70 notebook and the thing wont boot up and it has had various other issues like the power jack was broken. I ordered another motherboard and replaced the motherboard. I also have tested the locked screen and connections on another identical computer. I also tested the keypad and touchpad on another notebook and they all work fine.

I have also tested the hdd and optical drive and they work no problems on the other notebook.

In desperation I swapped out the processor for another one I had and same problems. The processor in there was a 3.0ghz processor and the one I swapped it for is a 1.8ghz.

So I turn the unit on and the light around the power button goes on and the fans and drive sound as though they are spinning up and three seconds later it goes quiet as normal. On a working computer this is when the Toshiba splash screen will come up but nothing is displayed. I tried using a torch to see if it was the backlight and I have confirmed that the lcd unit as a whole works. I also tried the vga adapter and an external monitor and same.

So if anyone is familiar with this issue or has any suggestions then they would be greatly appreciated.

Some Information.

Ram is on board
No ram in slot.
Lcd screen works on another computer
Hdd works on another computer
Motherboard battery is soldered to board, not tested.
keypad and touchpad work on other screen.
Power Jack is charging t... Read more

A:Toshiba Notebook Wont Boot To Bios

Did it work before you put in the new processor?

Does it work if you put back the old processor?

The problems you are facing are probaly a result of whatever you changed. You could need to flash the bios to handle the new processor.

But it does sound like a LCD Backlight problem but you confirmed it's not.

Try checking the processor compatability.

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I have 8gb corsair vegeance RAM, I bought a new pair of the same type and when I tried to install it to my PC and when I powered it on, the monitor menu said nothing is connected, the PC kept turning on and off and I couldn't even turn it off manually, I had to turn off the power supply.

I took out the new pair of RAM, and my PC bios gave me an error screen (detecting hardware) and said "overclock failed" and to reset the bios settings.

I didn't overclock the RAM or the processor so I don't understand why it said that.

I have an asus z97m-plus motherboard and 2x4gb corsair vengeance RAM, the new pair of RAM is also 2x4gb corsair vengeance, all of them are clocked at 1600mhz.
What I noticed though is that my RAM is clocked at 1333 mhz by default (I didnt change anything) which is weird because and it should be 1600mhz (?).

So how can I make the new pair of RAM work? I couldn't do anything with the new RAM because the screen was black - didn't even get to post probably - so yeah.

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Hi, Need some help. I was prompted for a BIOS upgrade last night through HPSA. After installing it, the system wont boot now. I have tried the Windows + B key during power up but nothing. The power light stays on with no fan sound. Please help. It is a HP Pavilion 11-n032TU.

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So I made a usb stick as I normally do.

Laptop detects it fine and can boot of it, laptop is old style of bios.

I tried to disable fast boot, disable secure boot, but still its bypassed.

Ironically a older usb stick I have with a 32bit windows on boots fine.

I noticed in the asus bios, on the drag drop boot order page the usb stick has [uefi] written next to it and isnt an option to boot it without [uefi] is this related to the problem?

The dvd drive has 2 boot devices one with uefi and one without.

Note I dont want to make a specialised uefi boot media, it has to work on old and uefi bios's.

A:uefi bios wont boot win7usb stick

UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

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Hi All,

PLEASE HELP!! I have a laptop containing important information thats not booting...

I think the problem is with the BIOS chip for the following reasons, i hope im wrong but appreciate any help ye can provide...

RAM: have removed ram and get CAPS key flashing constantly. replace RAM CAPS flashes once then stays off.

MOBO: CDROM drive flashes for a couple of seconds then goes out...

HD: HD access light flashes and goes out.

FAN: i can hear it!

The display shows nothing at all.. so i dont get the BIOS display or cant enter SETUP

The laptop fails to boot from a windows 2000 CD (win XP was the OS)

i used to hate people that kept posted please help messages... now i sympathize...

A:Inspiron 6000 wont boot due to BIOS problem??


Well it does sound like its a faulty Motherboard, if the info on the drive is important then either put the drive into another I6000 or use a 2.5 to 3.5 adaptor cable and read the drive contents on another machine.

Laptops by nature arent repairable by the common man and need specialist tools to determine cause of failure, that said if the unit is in warranty then ring Dell asap and get them to help you.


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I earlier on the day it died a bios update for my system from the motherboard provider incase thats important.

i was using some software for a device attached by sata (had turned sata on at motherboard) and the software crashed....i restarted but my comp wont get past the advertisement thing for the errors show it just accends into darkness at the point it is supposed to load windows xp.

i tried recovery disc after changing the bios to boot disc first - it boots but says its looking at the system settings then does nothing

i have tried to get some other form of recovery pressing every f number del etc i can think of nothing changes. i was in and out the bios all day trying to get sata to work and thought maybe i had done something unknowingly...i reset default bios settings but nothing has changed so i dont kno wwhat to do im stumped :( I need my computer to do my work too have had to borrow a mates laptop to look up how to fix it in the mean time so help is really really appreciated!!! my email is my msn if anyone has any further questions.

A:BIOS Maybe? Destroyed Comp :( Wont Boot OS or Recovery


Check this article out

Warning for you: Don't do this unless your technically savvy, take it to a pro, but this should give it a hard reset and see if it works.

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Pentium 4 1.7 GHz, 1024 mb [2*256, 1* 512], Compaq.

Found this machine without HD or memory.
its misbehaving-
Added an old HD and booted one time to XP but I couldn't pass the admion login screen without the password. With other HDs it had various problems. It said a few times an error with the IDE cable. I tried 4 different ones and kept getting the same error, so I doubt its that.

I removed the battery and reset the CMOS then replaced the battery. On startup the memory counts up and stops at 832 mb and a message says there is a problem with the memory and to try removing memory sticks to isolate it. That is 192 mb short of the total: Is that relevant?

Now it gives 2 beeps at startup, which if what I have read on these sites in correct means a memory error.
So I tried the different sticks separately but with all it gives a 2 beep code at startup.
I swapped the HD again, and maybe that is another separate problem, as an IDE DPS self test says it failed completion code 7. Now when I try to boot I get "NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart".

Also, when I go to BIOS, often the boot order has changed by itself. Also, one of the first times I went to BIOS it didn't even recognize a hard drive but then booted from it anyway!
I am not offered in the bios any Voltage analysis of the system to check the PSU.

I am no expert, but suspect possibly dusty contacts in the memory as it was empty and dusty when I found it. I vacuumed the inside. Since I have... Read more

A:Wont boot past BIOS. P4 1.7 GHz compaq, 1024MB

That is 192 mb short of the total: Is that relevant?Click to expand...

Very much so.

Experimenting with the memory makes no change in result so I doubt it's the memory. These are the possibilities I see as most likely, main board, processor and power supply.

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hello, running my computer on windows vista home premium 64 bit, and i wanted to create a new partition on my harddrive, but then i dont know what i misclick, but the computer started to restart and now windows fails to load
I try using my windows cd, and cant install vista or do a system restore.,

am i missing hard drive drivers?

any help appreciated thanks!

A:hard drive detected by bios but wont boot?

when i try to repair pc with the vista cd it tells me to choose harddrive but theres none listed, and it says if theres none listed to load a driver to access hard drive .. would these be located on the cd or on the cd that came with the computer?

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Helping a friend repair her pc turned into a nightmare, met my match as a pc tinkerer.
Anyway, processor had the pins bent after a bad heatsink removal and wouldn't boot.
Replaced processor with what I thought was a compatable one, now on startup it reads:
microcode failure, update bios, F2 to continue
I cannot get into the bios set up menu.
Is there a way to update bios with a boot disk of some sort or clear the bios and start new??
Compaq Presario SR 1403WM
original CPU: AMD sempron sda3000aioba
replacement CPU: AMD sempron sda3000aio2bx-n
Mobo: Asus K8S -LA

A:Solved: wont boot, need bios after processor change

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I have a AMD64 3500 CPU
512MB DDR Ram
Geforce 6800GT
420W PSu
However my pc recently would not boot. As this is my second day of owning it i am somewhat perplexed. The hdd and dvd drives spin the power led lights and so does the HDD access led yet nothing happens and my monitor registers no signal. I have reset the CMOS and still get the same problem.
The HDD led remains constantly lit as if the mobo is trying to constantly accessing the hard drive.

Any advise would be much appreciated.


A:Pc wont boot into bios or OS HDD access led remains on constantly

exact same problem

I am having the exact same problem with a new computer.


AMD64 3500
ATI Radeon video card (but also tried an older ASUS GeForce)

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Ive got this old computer thats been working ok for years. i went out for a hour, and when i come back, its got the windows 2000 version of a bsod. its not the first time ive seen this screen, so i rebooted the computer. but when the motherboard's boot screen came up, i heard a click-whirr-beep sound eminate from the box. it sounds like it comes from the hard drive, im not sure though.
it then shows "f1 to retry boot f2 to setup" or something like that. f1 doesnt work, just reprints the same thing; f2 takes me to the bios.
any help would be appreciated.

oh, system specs: windows 2000 pro (i forget which service pack i last updated it to), p4 1.5ghz, 256 meg ram, geforce4 ti4200 64 meg video card, soundblaster live! value. its an old dell computer.

A:Computer wont go past boot screen/bios

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My laptop is a Acer aspire 5738z running windows 7 home premium 64 bit and my problem is my laptop will not start. When I turn my laptop on it starts to run like normal: GPU fan starts, Disk drive kicks in, and the LED for the on button is working but nothing on the screen. I've tried too do alt + f10 for a restore, nothing happened. I've also tried to plug it into a monitor and my tv. Before this occurred it had been turned off during boot (don't ask why, I cannot answer that) and I preceded to take it apart(to fix the overheating issue due to acer not putting fan holes on the bottom of the laptop ((thanks Acer -.-)) and I didn't realise something was wrong with it until I reassembled it and tried to turn it on. So I'm not sure whether is corrupt BIOS, a hardware problem, or corrupt MBR (my own personal diagnosis, don't know whether it's right or not). Also I have tried turning the laptop off taking the battery out letting the motherboard discharge then pressing the power button for a minute, leaving it for a minute, putting the charger in then turning it on.

Thanks. =]

A:Laptop wont boot Black screen no BIOS

You may need to take it apart again and make sure everything is connected properly. Did you follow steps to keep yourself grounded while working inside the system?
As you add and remove hardware, follow these steps for ESD safety:Shut down and turn off your computer.
Unplug all power supplies to the computer (AC Power then battery for laptops, AC power for desktops)
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and ensure all power drains from components.
Make sure you are grounded by using proper grounding techniques, i.e. work on an anti-static workbench, anti-static desk, or an anti-static pad. Hold something metallic while touching it to the anti-static surface, or use an anti-static wristband to attach to the anti-static material while working. If you do not have an anti-static workbench, desk, or pad, you can use your computer tower/case by finding a metal hold in it, such as a drive bay.
Once these steps have been followed, it is safe to remove and replace components within your computer.

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Hi. I have a lenovo y50 running windows 10. It did some automatic update, shut down and when I powered it up again, I got the update being prepared screen then after a while it rebooted and was stuck on the lenovo logo for a long time. I force shut it down and again it froze on the lenovo screen. After powering  it up again, i got a bsod and it again rebooted. Now,  when i power it on i dont get anything on the screen, its totally blank with the leds powering up and also the keyboard backlighting. Any help guys? 

A:Lenovo y50 wont boot. Can't access bios, blank scr...

Hi nikar15 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Would you have the machine number? Check on the machine number from the sticker or check it from here ,just keep your serial number confidential.
Was it previously on Win8.1 ? Did you manage to create a recovery media ?
It would have to power drain the machine by removing the charger , battery and harddrive and to press and hold down the power for 12 seconds. 
Without the harddrive and battery , try going to the BIOS by FN + F2 or use the Novo button to start. If you manage to get the BIOS set up screen , go to the Exit Tab and load optimal defaults and save and exit. Turn off and put back the battery and harddrive and check.
Update us how things go. 

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the problem is when i boot up the computer, the busy light is constantly on and it will not show anything on the screen. i changed monitors and the same thing occurred, something is not allowing my computer to boot, maybe a virus, but how do i do a virus scan when the computer wont boot? i changed hard drives and the same thing occurred. i am sure that the problem is not monitor related but something else. all the wires and cords are connected and nothing seems obviously wrong. i put in a boot disk but it wont recognize it. any help would be great, if you guys need more information just ask, thanks

A:XP: computer wont boot, will not go to bios, blank screen

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Hello I currently have a HP Z840 workstation that will not boot past the BIOS screen and will nto allow me to enter the BIOS menues. There are no error messages or beeps.  I have done everything i can think of to resolve the issue including, clearing the CMOS (both via the button and removing the battery)Trying each stick of Ram seperatlyTrying new CPU'sTrying New memoryTaking everything out but the CPU Memory GPU and OS Boot diskTryed different GPU Tried with only one processor and one stick of ramTried with no drives at allTried a different outletTried with a different front usb hub and power button Tried checking the cabeling for loose of broken cables I tested the power supply seperatly and the fans run and the light lights up so that is not the issue. I tried 2 different keyboards so the keyboard isnt the issue.  I am currently at a loss as what to so, i would like to try updating the bios but i cannot even acces the bios setup menu.  My hardware configureation is/was before testing 2 xeon E5-2699v313 x 64GB DDR4 and 3x32 gb of DDR4 ram2 tesla K40 gpu1 quadro k4200 gpu 3 8tb 7200 rpm sas drives1 400gb sas ssd boot drive 1125 w power supply like i said the error continues to occur even when i drop it down to one processor and one stick of 8gb ram.  what else could the issue be? 

A:Wont boot past BIOS on Z840 Workstation

i know this is an old post ,was this issue ever resolved  im experiencing it now thanks

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Hi guys.

Been having BSODs almost every day for 2 months. Today the computer won't even boot to bios, even though I can hear the fans and maybe harddisk running.

Before the bootproblems i ran the following tests:

Memtest86: 7 passes with no errors
Memtest ( inside windows 7: Showed errors right away
CPU and GPU temperature measurement: Normal temps

The BSOD i got before the system stopped working completely are attached.

I would really appreciate it if someone took the time to help me, been trying to solve this problem for weeks on my own.

I think it might be the RAM, but it could also be the motherboard, cpu, harddrives etc right?

A:Lots of BSOD, now the computer wont even boot to BIOS!

If the system won't boot to the BIOS, you have a hardware problem. You'll have to fix the hardware problem BEFORE you can do anything else (all of our diagnostics rely on being able to see something in the screen).

Although I'm not a fan of the HCIDesign test, it tells us something that MemTest doesn't.
You'll have to test the individual RAM sticks one-by-one to see if you can isolate the problem stick(s).

What happens when you try to boot to the MemTest disk? Does the system work with that? If so, then there's probably not a problem with the video card. But, if it doesn't work with that, then it's time to look at the video card.
Double check all cables, then try another graphics card to see if that's the issue. If you don't have a graphics card to try with, then see about purchasing one from a place that will let you return it.

There are 34 memory dumps dated 15 Jan to 11 Mar 2011
13 different BSOD error codes
and 11 different causes blamed
This is most likely a hardware problem (as described above).

Once you get back in Windows, please do the following:
- Please update these drivers from the device manufacturer's website - or uninstall/remove them from your system. Reference links included below.
- DO NOT use Windows Update or the Update Drivers function of Device Manager.
- Please feel free to post back about any drivers that you are having difficulty locating.
- Windows Update exceptions may be noted below for Windows dri... Read more

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The computer has a blank screen but the fan is working. The caps light blink twice, then pauses and does that sequence over and over. I read that it is a corrupt bios and have tried windows key with "B" but it does not work. I need a bios file to put on usb to try it that way but can not find one on HP site, help please

A:dv7-3065dx wont boot/ black screen need a bios file

 Hi @lasernat,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community!I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx Notebook and it having startup issues.  Try performing a BIOS reset, restore the settings to BIOS Factory default settings.When performing a hard reset please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.Here is a link to computer won't start for Windows.Plug the power adapter directly into a different wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.Try to connect to a monitor to see what happens.Have you tried reseating Memory and the HDD?Please let me know how this goes.You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below!.Thanks. 

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I have tried to boot without the ram i get a series of beeps ,The screen is blank ,i tried shining a bright torch at the screen to see if i can see the bios page but nothing.

A:satellite L850D wont boot to bios,no start beep.

You can't boot to BIOS without RAM.

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I just restored my computer to factory settings and it had me do an asus update (its an asus laptop) and now when ever I press the power botton I get a blank black screen no cursor or anything and my fan spins at full speed. I've had this problem in the past,but I do not remember how to fix it. I've tried unplugging everything and holding the power button for 30 seconds to a minute but that did not work.

A:Computer will not boot bios/hard drive wont spin up

Make sure the monitor cable and adapters connected securely. Can you login to BIOS setup utility screen, does the computer display any image or text on the monitor soon as you start the computer. Can you remember name of the update was is BIOS firmware update.

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I just reformatted a friends Compaq Presario 3000 laptop with win xp pro. Everything was working fine on it until I updated the bios. Now the computer starts to come on and then shuts down after about a second. I have tried draining all the power but get the same result. All ideas welcome. Thank you.

A:Compaq Presario 3000 wont boot after bios update

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Hello. My aspire 4752g wont boot after the bios update was interrupted. I just finished formatting my laptop and decided to reinstall the drivers but ended up i flashed the bios instead. As i was updating the bios, it stays in "blank screen" for quite a long time and i was so worried that i decided to force shutdown the laptop. When i try to boot it again, it stays in 'blank screen' with power indicator on and fan running. Are there any solution for my problem? Pls help me. Im using windows 7 home premium with 4GB x 2 sticks of RAM installed. Thank you in advance.

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Hi, My G460 wont boot after i tried to update BIOS. There was an error message during the BIOS update and bad that i failed to note down the error code. After reboot, the system is not starting. The RAM light is not blinking. System starts with 3 led and then shuts itself. No display and I am not able to enter BIOS setup too. 

A:Lenovo G460 - BIOS update failed - wont boot

Default BIOS settingsGo to BIOS and press F9 save and exitUnit should boot to the OS

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo! I dont know what Kudo does but anyway xDThere is nothing like

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hey guys.
my pc was working fine last night, switched off before bed as usual, woke up this morning, switched on and the machine would not boot up to windows from post. i accessed bios but my cd/dvd drive does not show up there, my hdd does but it will still not boot from startup :/ this message is displayed on the right hand side of boot section of bios 'A device enclosed in the parenthesis has been disabled in the corresponding type menu'. my hdd is listed in brackets, which from what i have discovered so far is not meant to be the case, not very pc literate so i'm beginning to pull my hair out over this..i can get into windows but i have to go into bios, then exit it and it boots up that way, altho it seems to boot up a lot slower. i cant for the life of me get my cd/dvd drive to show up or even work,it does however have power etc, it just doesn't register on the pc so no hope of me doing a full reinstall at mo either :/ any help with this would be much appreciated as im slowly going insane, lol last thing the pc did before shut down last night was a windows defender update, i tried restore but hasn't changed a thing

A:help PC wont boot past post, cd/dvd drive not registering in bios etc.

Hello chizeru and welcome to Seven Forums.

One of the Forum experts prepared this Failure To Start troubleshooting tutorial. See if it helps.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

You might also consider a clean reinstall to remove factory installed bloatware and get an optimized machine.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I tried to do a BIOS update on my DX1210 last night to version 1.5,
During the update there was a write failed error message and now the system won't boot.
Is there a way to reflash the bios when a bios update fails?
I've got all the bios files extracted on to a USB key but I'm not sure what to do to initate a bios recovery?

A:Qosmio DX1210 wont boot - Bios update failed

Well, BIOS problems can be solved only by an Toshiba authorized service partner.
I assume the ROM module where the BIOS is stored, has not been flashed properly.
The Rom module can be flashed again using an special crisis disk.

Therefore I see just one real option for you: get in contact with the service guy to get it fixed.

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I have an hp g72 and I encrypted my hard drive with truecrypt and I am unable to to anything with my computer now for the most part. In truecrypt setup i chose to not encrypt the startup files (I ask asked if i wanted to encrypt them and it said some computers need theses to be unencryted and some work fine without). If the HDD is plugged in, I cant do anything at all. I tried to get into bios and it recognizes that i press the key by saying something along the lines of "press f10 to enter bios" where it had said "press esc for options", then it goes to a black screen where I can not type. When I remove the HDD I can access bios and I changed the startup delay to 5 sec (to possibly give me more time to enter bios) and i changed boot order to boot from cd (my truecrypt recovery cd) but neither helped. Now my computer will boot from the cd if there is no HDD but I have the same problem when I put the HDD back in. I have also cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for 5 min. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Computer wont boot or access bios with HDD attached after encryption

It seems very odd that a hard drive would prevent the BIOS from operating in the way you mention. It does sound like an error has occurred with truecrypt and the boot loader section has been damaged.

I suggest you read through the truecrypt rescue instructions and see if you can restore the drive.

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I have an hp g72 and I encrypted my hard drive with truecrypt and I am unable to to anything with my computer now for the most part. In truecrypt setup i chose to not encrypt the startup files (I ask asked if i wanted to encrypt them and it said some computers need theses to be unencryted and some work fine without). If the HDD is plugged in, I cant do anything at all. I tried to get into bios and it recognizes that i press the key by saying something along the lines of "press f10 to enter bios" where it had said "press esc for options", then it goes to a black screen where I can not type. When I remove the HDD I can acces bios and I changed the startup delay to 5 sec (to possibly give me more time to enter bios) and i changed boot order to boot from cd (my truecrypt recovery cd) but neither helped. Now my computer will boot from the cd if there is no HDD but I have the same problem when I put the HDD back in. I have also cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for 5 min. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I am having problems with direct booting into Windows 8 installed into a VHDX file.
This is a four-partition UEFI boot on a GPT drive. EFI files are residing on a second partition of disk 0 (the ESP partition) in the EFI folder. The boot virtual disk is residing on the fourth partition of that disk 0.
When I turn on the PC, it shows black screen after the BIOS POST screen. No Windows 8 boot menu, no other information is displayed. However, if I press Shift+F12 (or F12) to start Dell BIOS Boot Menu and choose Windows Boot Manager from the UEFI part of
the boot menu, Windows 8 starts to boot without difficulties.
How do I make Windows to boot automatically without having to select Windows Boot Manager in DELL BIOS boot menu?
I believe I messed up with boot sector somehow... What needs to be fixed provided that Windows 8 will boot into VHDX file?
Thank you.

Well this is the world we live in And these are the hands we're given...

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I realized some days ago that my system was slow in responding. But not long i got the blue screen with white writings about 'crash dump things'. So i press the power button to switch off and on again. I enter windows normally. So fast forward to 3 days later. The system was responding very slow again so i used the power button again. On putting it on, the system will just stop with a blinking cursor at the left top corner(after the bios page). So i used the recovery cd that came wt it to try repair. The only option that worked was 'startup repair' and 'command prompt'. The 'system restore', 'image restore' from the menu did not respond to selection. So i used the startup repair option. On finishing, i restarted the system. But now, after the bios page, what i got was a blinking empty screen with the fan blowing simultaneously as if it wants to work normally. The f8 thing isn't responding at all. Please any solution?

A:System wont boot to windows. Got a blinking screen after bios page.

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

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The other day I updated my laptop which is a Dell Inspiron 17R running Windows 7 home premium, when I updated the computer booted ok took longer than usual, I restarted the laptop but this time it wouldn't boot up, it came up with a black screen saying repair windows(recommended) or start windows normally, I clicked repair windows it said searching for problems, attempting repairs this took about an hour and a half but unfortunately did not resolve the issue I sent the error report to windows, I restarted the laptop again,  attempted booting it in safe mode no luck and the same other various options I can try but no luck they all just crashed the laptop and began restarting it,  tried repairing it again and this time it took my to a screen with various options like load backup open cmd and format my hard drive, loading the backup did nothing and  wasn't sure what to do with cmd so decided to part ways with my stuff and format the hard drive, I did this and the laptop was formatted but the OS was still on the hard drive and it was like the first time I opened it all of my personal things were gone but win 7 home premium was still there, I set it back up again installed AVG anti virus etc downloaded a few movies ran fine the next day it said windows updates need installing so, I  did , 145 updates were made  turned my laptop back on and again it was booting up and crashing followed the steps I mentioned before noting was working after messing around wit... Read more

A:Computer wont boot, wont boot in safe mode, wont load repair centre

Hello there,
It seems like you did not perform a clean installation of Windows and that's why your system is acting up. 
Follow the steps below to install a new copy of Windows:
1. To format your hard disk during Windows 7 installation you will need to start or boot your computer using the Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive. Insert your Windows 7 disc in your CD/DVD drive. Please note: will need to restart or turn on your system with the disc in the drive. 
2. After turning on your system with the CD in the drive go ahead and press any key when prompted during your computer post routine and then follow the instructions presented on screen. If you don’t see this go back to step 1 to setup your BIOS to boot from CD or USB flash drive depending on your installation media.
3. On the Install Windows page simply enter your preferences and click next.
4. Accept the Windows license agreement.
5. On the “Which type of installation do you want” page go ahead and choose the “Custom” option.
6. Select Drive options (advanced) on the “Where do you want to install Windows” page.
7.  Select the partition that you want to change, choose the formatting option you want to perform and then follow the instructions.
When allocating space choosing the default MB size for your drive is typically the best for most users since you want to take full advantage of all your disk... Read more

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Its a packard bell laptop, and the system started to freeze for no reason. No viruses. Now, I can usually only move the mouse pointer-if it lets me start windows at all (xp). As of tonight, the system wouldnt let me even pass the startup screen, it kept asking for a non existent system password to continue! The system bios clock seems to reset itself too, so I believe the whole problem to be related to the cmos battery.

My main question is, how much should I roughly be expected to pay for a cmos battery and installation from a general pc repair store? The laptop is out of warranty, so I dont really want to be spending £30+ just for Packard to find and install one either. The reason I need someone else to do it is because this particular packard system has the most awkward setup, and therefore access to the battery is next to impossible..

as you can see from my (slightly blurry) photo-

there are only 3 panels on the back of the machine that you can remove- 1 hard drive, 2 ram, and 3 wifi card (I think!).. the cmos battery (the circle!) is to the right of one of the panels, under the casing. I have tried removing the entire casing, all screws and connections, and even from the front, trying to get to it by removing the keyboard, but it proved impossible to me, so Id rather get someone else to do it. No doubt the difficulty is on purpose so that you would always send it to packard for repair, and for a high price, bu... Read more

A:wont boot, bios/clock errors-how much to replace a cmos battery to fix this problem?

If there's a dismantling guide for your laptop online you could try to fit a new battery yourself.
If you're ok with that post the exact model of your laptop and I/we will help you look.

Otherwise to get the best deal I would phone a few small local computer shops and compare their prices with big chains like PC World.

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Hi, i bought a 6150b from a company auction. Everything worked perfect for the longest time. Then last week i went to go turn it on, and all it does is run the CPU fan for a couple seconds, flash the AC LED about 7 - 8 times, and while thats flashing the power and hard drive LEDís stay solidly lit. Then it completely turns off. This all lasts about 3 seconds at the most. Thatís what happens when on battery power.

When on AC power, the same thing happens, except it continues doing the cycle over and over again until I unplug it.

I think it might have something to do with the LCD monitor, since it does not even show a slight flicker at all. No color change like it would from when turned off to a black back lit screen when turning onÖ.simply nothing.

I opened her up (no warranty anyways) and checked all the connections for the keyboard, monitor, DVD drive etc....also reseated them as well, with no luck.

Pulled the both RAM modules and reseated them as well, nothing.

Pulled the battery as well, no change. Still cycles the same over and over again while on AC

There are no audible errors codes (real nice HP...), and im lost at this point.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

A:Compaq Presario 6150b wont boot - no BIOS screen - powers on and off repeatedly

I think instead of just pulling and replacing the CMOS battery you might purchase a new one and install it. Proceed from there. If you get a screen and it's still has a problem try a new PSU. Jazz

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I have an old PC (Compaq Presario Desktop 7470 ) that i purchased from a yard sale. I removed the old HD and replaced it with a quantum 30gb at Lct 20 HD that had Windows ME OS on it. I booted the pc and it booted fine except windows booted up in 16 bit color. I shut down and booted again. same thing. i shut down a third time and checked BIOS settings, then set them to default. Now BIOS doesn't recognize the HD or the CD-ROM drive. I have checked all connection, reset BIOS, removed the CMOS battery, I literally have tried everything I can think of to get things going on this old PC, but I am at the end of my rope. I will say that scandisk will recognize the HD and says it is OK. I have also taken the HD out and hooked it up to another PC and it boots up Windows ME just fine. I have also tried every jumper setting on the HD and Cd-rom to no avail and the only drive that shows up in BIOS is the 3.5 floppy drive which will boot up a Windows ME Boot Disk. I don't have a problem installing a fresh OS but want and need the PC to recognize the drives before i can do that correct?
I am ready to pull my hair out!! Can anyone please help me?!!!?

A:HD recognized by scandisk but HD not recognized by BIOS

probably the booting sequence is wrong due to the fact that you told the BIOS to load the preferred defaults. If you have a standard BIOS:

*go to advanced BIOS settings.... your going to see a big list of options .

<< check this picture for visual example>>
*take a look at the first , second and third boot device and change them to:

1- HDD - 0
2- HDD - 1
3- HDD - 2

Alternate them accordingly.

**probably the reason why your pc booted up at 16 bit the first time , may be
because you haven't installed the drivers for your video card yet.

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AMD Phenom 9850 Black
4gb PC6400 ddr 800
ATI Visiontek 3870 512mb
500gb western digital HD
700w OCZ Game X StreM PSU
Windows Vista Home Premium 64

I started witha a barebones system and built it up from there. I worked perfectly for 3 weeks. I was playing WoW and I kept getting so memory errors and had to restart the game. Other than that the system worked perfectly untill a few days later, it simply wont boot. All of the fans are working except the one on the video card. The optical drive is lite up but it will not open. I dont not get any beeps. Here is what I tried thus far.

First I reset the CMOS by jumpers and battery removal.
2. I replaced the motherboard (still did not work)
3. Replaced the old 600w psu with the one mentioned above (still did not work
4. Replaced the video card (still did not work)
5. Replaced the memory (still did not work)

I have re- set the cpu with some OCZ thermal paste (still did not work)

I have tried to work forwards and backwards from barebones to complete and still nothing.

I do not have an onboard video option.

I had spent a decent amount of money on this system and just to have it diagnosed will cost $100 so I hope someone can help me out.

A:PC wont boot to BIOS, just a "no input" screen

I had something like "no input" , the last time i short-circuited my Mobo. Are you sure your mobo supports the rams ( You should check for the compatibility of your board on the net, because as far as i know not all rams are supported by a particular board. if you can get us what kind of mobo you are operating maybe we could be of help.

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So my co worker asked me to look at her laptop its a toshiba tecra m2. The boot keeps hanging up on the system32 file agp440.sys . I went on the internet and found a windows xp pro disk to try and replace the system32 file using recovery. After a learning how to add SATA drivers to the windows xp boot I was able to detect the hard drive and just before windows setup screen comes up the computer blue screens with a 0x0000007B stop error... I read that the battery could cause this so i carefully took apart the computer and replaced it with no change. I put a windows 7 disk in to see if i could use the recovery console in it and suprisingly it booted no problem, i was able to use command prompt but with no idea what the problem is i have no idea what to do with it. If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. Thanks for reading the problem hope someone has an idea. any more info needed just ask


A:Windows wont boot hangs up on agp440.sys and wont complete boot off the disk :/

Info on 7B STOP errors..., scroll down to 7B in left column.

IMO, you have compounded the situation by using a "downloaded" version of Windows, since I suspect that such may contain embedded malware as part of the package.

Any number of things may have caused the initial hang, as you can see by reading the data at the Aumha website.


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Synopsis: PSU died, replaced PSU with different model, system boots to bios successfully but does not recognize any devices in SATA ports, nor do those devices appear to be getting power. Now can't even get to BIOS, entire PC flicks on and off repeatedly as soon as I turn the PSU on regardless of whether I hit the power button on the front of the computer.

System Specifications

Original PSU that died: SeaSonic M12II 750 SS-750AM 750w PSU
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz
GPUs: ASUS 670 non-top version, SLI (2x)
MOBO: ASRock Z77 extreme 6
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2 x 4GB) SDRAM DDR3 2133
Optical drive: Sony AD-7280S-0B 24x SATA Internal DVD+/-RW Drive
SSD: SanDisk Extreme 240GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch (OS is installed here)
Storage drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III (This was not connected when power supply died)

Detailed explanation:About a week ago my PSU (Seasonic 750w) died randomly while the computer was left running in sleep . I RMA'd the dead seasonic. In the mean time I happened to come accross an extremely good deal on a new PSU, so I bought it (Thermaltake smart m850w PSU) to have a backup and to get my machine working again.

I hooked up the new PSU to GPUs, CPU, fans, ATX power connector, and to all of the SATA devices, (the SSD, the HDD, and the Optical drive). I made sure to connect the data cables to the SATA devices in the same configuration they were in when working properly. The computer boots suc... Read more

A:PSU died, new PSU, bios wont recognize SATA devices, now wont turn on

I had a similar problem when I had an Antec PSU die on me. After I replaced it, my Biostar mobo's BIOS would no longer retain settings, and both my Pioneer DVD burners were completely dead. Not recognized in the BIOS, they would not acknowledge any discs inserted, nothing worked. I also started getting BSODs pointing to a corrupt BIOS. Replacing the burners didn't help. Putting the Pioneer burners in a new machine didn't work.

It turned out that the dying Antec PSU had wrecked the Biostar's BIOS chip and both Pioneer DVD burners. Replacing the BIOS chip was more expensive than buying a new motherboard, and reflashing the chip wasn't possible because the flash utility told me I already had the latest BIOS version. I ended up trashing the board and buying an ASRock board and Samsung burners.

If you get a new motherboard (or try another known-good working PC), and you connect your present SATA devices and they don't work, then the dying Seasonic may have burnt them out, too.

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I am having trouble trying to figure out why this is happening to my system. I have four HDs connected to my machine. I have two of them connected to a Promise ATA100 PCI card, and the other two are connected to the Primary and Secondary IDE controller connections on my MB. When I boot up my system, all four drives are detected by BIOS. When I get into Windows XP Pro (SP2), only three of the drives show up under the My Computer screen. I have rebooted several times, and sometimes, the fourth drive does show up in WinXP. I have run chkdsk /f on the problem drive, and it comes back as clean.

Can anyone speculate as to why the HD is not detected correctly every time?

Thanks in advance.

A:HD recognized by BIOS, not by Win XP

Thats a tricky one. Maybe you should try a raid format.

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Okay, first let me mark down my system:
AMD64 3000+
Crosair 512 MB DDR PC3200
Sapphire Radeon 9800xt
Asus K8V deluxe
HDD1: Hitachi 120gb S-ata
HDD2: Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 (80gb) IDE <= trouble maker!.

Okay, here is the problem. I just bought a new system and want to move all my files from the old on to the new one. The old one will still be used so it cannot be formatted. I plug it in (jumper still set to master) and it boots from the IDE disk (winxp pro), now I don't want this, I want it to boot from the s-ata disk, on which my configured Windows XP pro is installed.

So I change the settings of the IDE disk to slave. It boots from the S-ATA disk (whoohoo) but fails to see it in windows/bios (DOH!). What am I doing wrong and what can fix it.

Confused? So am I.



A:HDD not recognized (not even in BIOS)

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On an Asus Desktop M32AD. At boot, the F1, CPU fan error screen. I threw a new power supply and a gtx 950 in there. No problem. But I reconnected the hdd and DVD drive backwards in the 3/6GBS ports or whatever and my only hdd was showing up as removable media in the notification area. So I fixed that and now I get a CPU fan error at boot and my BIOS doesn't recognize the cpu fan even though it runs and everything is connected properly. I can just disable the CPU fan monitoring in the BIOS, but that's pretty weak. Any idea of what's going on here? Tons of threads, but nothing of value to me.This is a new computer, all new parts, putting the GPU and Power supply was easy, and there has been no issue with those and I've connected everything properly. I keep checking and trying to find out what the deal is. Really don't feel like sending my computer in. I'd buy another fan if any of you think that would work.

A:CPU Fan not recognized by BIOS.

I recently had a similar problem with a Compaq Desktop running Vista that had a noisy CPU fan. I found out that the computer required the 4-pin [conductor] fan, wouldn't work properly with a 3-pin fan although the fan did operate. Apparently it's all about the signals back to the motherboard about the fan being at the right speed, the CPU is properly cooled, etc.

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After leaving my comp. on, I came home to a blank screen with a message that comp.was shutdown because of heat issues, (I use 3 working fans)
Well, XP is not seen and comp.tries and tries to reboot. Cant safe boot. Cant even boot to bios. Am about to install Windows 7RC to 2nd drive (only one of two recognized). Cable connections seem to be good on both.
Whats going on here people? Is this MOBO fried?
Asus P5B-E
Intel E6600
XP Home

A:BIOS not recognized

If the other drive is not recognized,that hard drive may have failed.
Disconnect it and try your install on the detected drive.
It may be that the fail drive is also hanging the bios.

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I was restarting a computer and when it booted up it said to put in a bootable disk. So I tried a 160 gig hd with xp on it and it found it.
But when I tried not 1 but 2 new 500 gig WD hd it does not see them in the bios.
This is a windows 7 home premium computer. I am not sure what to do to get the laptop to recognize the hds.

Also I put the 2 wd harddrive one at a time as a secondary hd in the desktop computer I had and it would not recognize them either

I am not sure how to fix this

A:New HD not recognized in Bios

Hi! What do you see in Disk Management? You may have to assign it a drive letter.

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I am unsure if this is the right board to post in, but:
Last night I accidentally dropped my Dell XPS L401x (oops). It has had worse falls, but now when I try to boot it up there is a whirring/beeping noise as the machine tries to load, and it shows an error message:

"Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Series v2.35 (06/14/10)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable"
and later
"Reboot and Select proper Boot device"

When I enter the BIOS I notice the Fixed HDD says (0.0GB).
I've already tried to disassemble the machine but I do not have much experience and have no idea what might have gone wrong, so I put it back together.

What should I do?

A:HDD not recognized in BIOS?

Welcome bootwes

It could be this fall actually damaged the HD making it unreadable.

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Back to the table of knowledge again! Think I have two problems, maybe one is causing the other? Hard drive is not being recognized...on startup I get "inaccessible boot device". I go into bios and see there is nothing listed for a primary HD and also note that it also says "CMOS battery low" and "CMOS memory size wrong". The PC has been sitting in the attic for about three months since my son gave up on the HD issue but ol' computer impaired here thought I would give it a try. Would sitting with no power cause the battery to drain off?

MOBO is an ECS(?) K7S5A
HD is one that was left over from some other unit. My son said I had to change HD's so's not to loose his info on the original. HD is good cause I put it as slave in my PC and it worked fine. Not sure how much memory installed but the stick is in the DDR slot.

I know..kinda sporadic info but maybe can give someone as idea of whats wrong?

Thanks for viewing this thread!

A:HD not recognized in bios

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Hello all,

I had two machines. A dell and an Hp which I received from an office. The hp was more up to date. The dell had my software on it. I am fairly facile with hardware so I opened the case and tried to add the dell HD to a what appeared to be an extra bay below the Hp Hard drive.

I adjusted the jumpers to CS and poof, nothing. So, I took out (disconnected) the dell drive. Then I had the Hp drive up and running in windows internet ready etc...Well, so I figure time to try the other hard drive again.

No dice. It won't boot and seems only to want to recognize the older HD as Primary master. I tried switching the cable order -- nada. I tried changin the jumpers to master/slave appropriately. Nothing. So, I decided to just go back to barebones.

Well, now, it's not even recognizing the HP drive. "There is no boot drive present...please insert boot disk or drive..." It is not recognized in BIOS at all. Even with P/P OS turned off. If I disconnect the harddrive, I can get the windows repair CD to boot, but since it doesn't recognize the harddrive that's somewhat moot.

My next attempt will be to download maxtor's diagnostic test and see if it will find and test the drive. If not, maybe somehow it got screwed up. Otherwise I am out of options besides, replace that drive.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. B/C as of now I have 2 machines that both worked in front of me, however both of the are just glorified paper weig... Read more

A:HD Not being Recognized by BIOS

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Didn't see my issue covered in the forums.

I recently built a new machine, installed a new SATA HDD with windows and everything runs great. Tried to connect my old IDE E drive after installation to avoid any unnecessary formating. BIOS does not even recognize the drive. Checked cables, tried every possible jumper combo (see

I originally had this connected through an IDE to SATA converter but it was not recognized then. Tried the alternate jumper adaptations and the only one that showed up was a slave drive on IDE that had zero space and no name, still did not boot or show up in windows.

Any suggestions?
Old IDE hard drive is not being recognized in bios


A:IDE HDD not recognized in BIOS

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Have XP v. 5.1 build 2600 running on P IV 2.53 with 2GB ram on Intel D845PEBT2, 80 GB HHD IDE, 500 GB SATA and 400 GB Firewire External. I am trying to install a new Seagate Barracuda 1TB Internal and it is not recognized by the bios. I have tried multiple SATA cables and tried downgrading with the HDD jumper. My SATA ports are onboard the MB. Have tried removing all drives and trying only the new drive and it's still is not recognized. Any Suggestions?

A:1TB Barracuda not recognized by BIOS

The typical solution is to update the BIOS if a new version is available. Until the BIOS can recognize the HDD, Windows cannot access it. The Seagate tools disc may have a software workaround. Have you tried running the Seatools application? It may work from within Windows, if not, you could boot from the CD.

And this post should likely be in the hard drive forum.

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I have 500gig seagate drive that will not show up in BIOS
Tried on 3 different motherboards
Its a SATA drive

Does anyone know of any good utility programs that will scan the SATA controllers in an attempt to locate this drive
the drive was working yesterday without issue
no power surges etc..... just decided to not work during a update/reboot of system.

I have tried some utilities but without it appearing in BIOS, I guess there is not a whole lot I can do
Was hoping someone may know of a utility that will search the SATA controller for anything connected to it etc..


A:500gig HDD not recognized by BIOS

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I have a Dell Demension 8300 (Windows XP). I was getting an error that the battery was low. I replaced it and now my DVD drives are not being recognized in either BIOS or in the OS at all. The drives have power and open and close and seem to be spinning but the computer is not recognizing them.

I am wondering if this is a problem in BIOS since i replaced the battery, or maybe if the cable needs replacing. The DVD drives worked fine before I replaced the battery. Could this just be coincidence that the cable went bad too?

I would appreciate any help with this.

A:My DVD drives are not being recognized by BIOS or OS

Just to cover this base, make sure the data cable didn't come loose while you were changing the battery.

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We have a model HP z820, very powerful machine, with the basic hp image we have on there, win7 32, windows recognizes the DVD in windows but in the Bios it does not recognize it.

Note, this is SATA and the bios was already updated.

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Since I got my Inspiron 1525 with Windows vista from Dell, it has never worked without the power cord. The battery is not recognized by the system and has never worked.

A:Battery not recognized by BIOS or OS

Hi and welcome to TSG.

I would have been contacting Dell technical support as soon as I noticed the problem.

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Recently whenever I go to start my computer the bios will get to the screen that reads "Dell" and says f10 for setup, and so forth. It gets half way loaded and just stops. When I let it sit for around 15 or so minutes it says "Cannot find bootable drive." or something like that. What is odd though is that the first time it happened I just restarted my computer and it let it go. The next time it took four reboots to load, then six, and so on. I reset the bios by shorting the jumpers and it fixed the problem for a bit, but it is back now. Any ideas?

A:Solved: SSD not being recognized in bios

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Hi everyone,
I have a seagate hd, it's set to single/master, it's the only harddrive in the machine, but my bios doesn't seem to see it.
I'm totaly stuck! if anyone every had this problem, i'd appreciat any help!


A:Harddrive not recognized by bios

First thing to do check to see is the ide cable is bad try another if so, make sure your hard drive is attached to the master not the slave end of the cable, also if you have another hard drive swap that out to see if your seagate HD is good. be patient more is on the way.

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I recently installed Windows 7 onto my computer and one of the hard drives is not displayed in Windows.

It is listed in the boot sequence and in BIOS.

Does anyone have an idea as to why it would be in the BIOS but not available through Windows 7?


A:HD Not recognized in Windows 7 but in BIOS

- by a process of elimination - and starting with basic principles..
- firstly,
- have you checked that all the drives are properly connected?
- press each connection firmly into it's slot on the HD and on the motherboard, as well..

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Okay at first it could sound very simple on how to fix it but it's a bit more complicated than that so please hear me out
First of all im very new to this so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section.
Okay so went shopping and asked some computer technicians to build me a computer and all now that I'm trying to install windows 7 32 bit ( or 64 bit) when i get to the part " where do you want to install windows 7 "
i see this : Disk 0 unallocated space 3.9 GB
okay now the thing is there are 10000 of threads like mine but the difference here is that i have a 500gb hardrive , why on earth is only showing this one with only 3.9 GB ?!?!?
there are no more partitions and all the options such as " delete , format , etend and so on are disabled ,
only " New" is available which whatever i try prompts with an error and cant change anything,
i checked my BIOS ( now im a bit noob ) and on SATA settings the only thing i could find was my Optical Drive i couldn't find my hardrive listed there
now i've tried IDE, ACHI as well same thing.
Please help me out here
here is some spec details on what I'm using :
Motherboard : Asus Mainboard INTEL S1155 H61 P8H61 B3
Memory : 2x 4GB Ram DDR3 PC1333
> HARD DRIVE > : Seagate HDD Desktop SATA III SV35 500GB 7200RPM 32MB
Graphic Card: SAPPHIRE VGA PCIE ATI 7850 2GB DDR5 256BIT
CPU: Intel processor S115 CORE i5 2500k 3.30ghz
Any help would be appreciated
UPDATE: This is an absolute raw harddrive installin... Read more

A:HDD is not recognized by Bios and Windows

Hello Raeion. Welcome to the forum.

When the hard drive is not recognized in the BIOS it means that either the drive is defective or there is a connectivity problem.

The first thing to double check is connectivity. This is how I would proceed:
(Please use proper static precautions!)
Disconnect the hard drive (I assume there is just one) - power and data cables.
Boot the machine and go into the BIOS settings > set SATA mode to AHCI and leave it there.
Reboot the machine, check the BIOS again. Should be in AHCI mode and you should see the DVD drive listed on it's port.
Shut down and carefully connect the hard drive again. Recheck the data cable connection to the motherboard.
Start up, go into BIOS settings and see if the hard drive is listed (when you start up, listen for the drive to spin up)
If not listed, shut down and try a different SATA port on the motherboard
If still not recognized, try a different data cable (the one on the DVD drive is known good).
Let us know what you find.

If you had this machine built for you then you may want to just take it back and get the technicians to fix the issue. Don't leave the store until you can see the drive recognized in BIOS.
If you were to damage something doing your own work you might void any warranty.

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The title says it all. Why is this. (Windows XP)

A:CD drive not recognized by bios

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Hello All You Brilliant Brainiacs. My son is a budding brainiac and he's driving me bananas with his half knowledge. He installed a 40g hard drive into our computer and it refuses to recognize it. I can't do much on the computer since it keeps telling me it's low on disk space. Even simple printing is asking it too much.
So after reading on the forums a bit I realized perhaps we need a bios upgrade. My computer is a Pentium II.
We have no sound now, and for 3 days the colors were all goofy. We're fixing one problem at a time, but I'm wondering about what I need to do to get the pc to recognize the HDD we just installed. THank you!!!!!!!!!


A:HDD not recognized, new bios upgrade?

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hello, i got a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 mainboard some time ago i noticed by accident that my windows only showed 2 gb instead of 4gb i dont know exactly what caused it anyway. i tried putting in each of the 4x1 GB ram modules by one and tried every slot by one, too every stick worked and also every slot, however, then i tried adding one more at a time and it kept showing 1gb - until i put in all 4.. then it only showed 2 GB instead of 4 (in BIOS and windows 7 64bit) i tried buying a new battery since ive read that a low battery could cause it. didnt help though also bought 4GB new ram (yes its supported, checked it). and its still the same, it only shows 2gb ( or 3gb when i put in 4 of the new and 2 of the old) i also did the latest bios update, and used default bios settings nothing of that helped in bios when my pc boots it also shows "ram modules used 2 and 3" when 4 sticks are in - or " 0 and 1" when only 2 are in.. id really appreciate help

A:Only half of RAM is recognized by BIOS

Most common cause would be unsupported RAM. Aside from that motherboard fault or BIOS issue.

I assume you've check the RAM support list here:

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I am trying to upgrade a hard drive on a desktop pc (Advent T9306 - Motherboard: MS 7091 Ver:2). The problem is the drive is recognized in BIOS, but not when trying to perform a fresh install of either Windows 7, or XP. Both programmes tell me no HDD is detected.

So basically, the computer works no problem at all until I try to plug in one of my sata 1tb HDD's. One of them is Hitachi, the other is made by Samsung. Both 1tb, both sata. The Samsung is brand new out of the box.

These 1tb drives work in my other desktop pc no problem.

Now, when I plug one of my many old sata 40/60gb HDD's into the machine it recognizes them completely!?

Could this be that the computer does not recognize drives of this size as it is old? I have tried changing all settings in BIOS with no joy. I have even installed XP on one of the drives using another PC, then plugging it into the problem computer. It starts to load XP then restarts, and continues in a loop.

Please help as I have wasted my weekend off work on this!

Many thanks.

A:HDD not recognized by windows, but OK in BIOS?

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This question is for "JIMBEAN & CRJDRIVER" on your thread for HDD recognized by BIOS but not Windows.

You mentioned that you used O&O Disk Recovery if the HDD do not get recognized by Windows how will the O&O Disk Recovery recover the data??

Your help in this matter is much appreciated

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So I unplugged the Drive to spot out some problem with windows not installing correctly and now the Drive isn't being show in the Bios or on boot, it has power cause it opens the tray correctly and I tried resetting the bios to defaults.

How do I fix this. And I'm in the process of reinstalling Windows so I'm limited in what things I can do.

Thanks For Reading.

A:DVD Drive not Recognized in Bios

It would seem to be a connection issue. If necessary, try a different connector. A Guy

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I have Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500 GB, it's maybe about 6 months old. It was working fine this morning, but after a power outage (behind surge protector) and a reboot, I got an error "hal.dll" is missing. So I went to work and looked it up and saw that IE 8 might be the culprit. So when I got home, I started to go through the process of recreating the boot.ini file that I thought was destroyed by IE 8.

Well come to look closer, I couldn't even find the drive in the BIOS. My secondary HDD was there, but not the one I was looking for. I tried in 3 other comps, and no dice, nothing shows up. The platters were spinning, but it's almost as if the firmware isn't responding or the driver for the drive, or something.

The data isn't so important that I'm willing to pay $1000's of dollars to get it back, but I would like to know if this is something anyone has experienced, a HDD to just die with no wawrning or anything. Also, if I get a HDD witht he same firmware etc, is it possible to just switch the electronic part, my pc board part, and possible have it work, just throwing out ideas.

Any comments or thoughts appreciated, thanks!

A:Solved: HDD not recognized in BIOS

If it is only 6 months old it should still be under warranty

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This happen after when i ignored a AVG update as im working in middle of spreadsheet which need to be done in this week and when i tried to copy and paste and the laptop were freeze and wont let me able do anything so i press "off" button to shut thing quick rather as i set my off button to hibernation mode.

When i turn on, The acer logo show then blank page. Tried pressig F8 to go Last Known Good Config and still the blank page. Also with Safe Mode. Blank page!!!

I perfer if you can change your method if i need to insert CD as it's netbook and it dont have CD drive and also i have blank USB ready to add for booting.

Thanks for any help in advance

A:Windows XP wont boot, Also wont boot in Safe Mode

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Its always something.

Now that my HD works my CD-RW wont read anything. Device manager says its working properly. I've tripple checked all the connections.

A:CD is recognized but wont read

What brand/model is your CD-RW?

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