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Solved: Dell Latitude cpi

Q: Solved: Dell Latitude cpi

Hello, A friend just gave a Dell Latitude cpi because he shut it down with the reboot to start up in dos mode. He didnt know how to change it back so he gave it to me. When its turned on, the screen says Invalid system disk replace the disk and pres sany key. I have xp to put on but no key code for this computer. It has windows 98 on it. I dont have that disk, is that the only way? I would just like to get it back to the previous setting that worked, not in set up either as far as I see, so I can use it for games or what ever.


A: Solved: Dell Latitude cpi

I'm pretty sure that if you don't have the original disk, you are pretty much going to have to start from scratch.

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hello i have both these laptops well i have bought a e6420 for my girlfriend as the other one she has is crap.well i have read that these e6420 get warm and well i found out they come with one pipe heatsink well i heard u can upgrade the heatsink to a 2 pipe one.(DUAL HEATPIPE heatsink DELL P/N - TYP01) i was wondering what else do i need to do this as when i get this laptop its second hand i7 pro in it 2.8ghz im going to clean it out and put new paste on it put i hear people are on about this copper shim to put on it.can this be done and well can i upgrade my dell latitude e6430 i5 pro 2.6ghz heatsink with the double heatsink as i know that one only comes with one you guys info if you guys can help me would be class thanks

i got this info here GPU Temperature 103C on Latitude E6420 - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Community

A:Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420

Joseph mate best leave as is after all it was made to function as it came. Now for the compound and copper shim personally I would not bother with the copper shim I can see no good reason for it the dual pipe again if it was made to work with one pipe then leave alone.

It is better if you renew the compound using a decent cleaner and compound and I can recommend these for that job

Arctic Silver Incorporated - ArctiClean for thorough cleaning and preparation and Arctic Silver Incorporated - Arctic Silver 5 for the compound.

Now it depends on who you listen to but I always use these products and after the old compound is thoroughly cleaned off and the surfaces prepped I spread the compound very thinly and across the both entire surface of the CPU and the heatsink with my finger inside a vinyl or latex glove and then place a rice grain sized piece of compound on the CPU and replace the heatsink. If you touch the surfaces after clean and prep then redo it.

While you are in there do make sure the fan and the radiator are really spotless and I sometimes relube the fan bearings to make sure the fan is running at full tilt when needed.

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im a new member so im a little lost at the moment. i have a dell latitude 510 that wont start up. it has started once for me but then shut down again The lights come on 3 near the screen 2 down the side on the top and the network plug flashes i have replaced the memory,removed the battery and removed the dvd still no good any ideas


A:Solved: dell latitude

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My wife has a Dell Latitude D520 laptop. It is about 6 years old. Last night we had a storm and the power was out a short time. The laptop had been left on. My desk top showed no ill effects from the storm. My wifes laptop however, when she went to use it, showed "low battery" and started to boot up but then just shut off. It was plugged into an outlet as it almost always is. I am not sure if this is a battery problem since the battery is 6 years old even though it has seldom been used or is something more serious. I was told that the computer should run on AC even with the battery removed. I have 2 choices it appears. Buy new battery or take it to a shop. Would appreciate any advice.

A:Solved: Dell Latitude won't boot

Yes, it should run on A/C power with the battery removed (it is suggested for long term A/C use, to remove the battery).

Get a multi-meter onto the A/C plug/tip, and see if it's putting out voltage. If it is not putting out, the adapter needs butter (cause it's toast).

If it is putting out voltage, then the A/C input to the motherboard might have only a fried input jack, which you can replace yourself, or at least test yourself, with the multi-meter.

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I'm using a Dell Latitude D630 computer with XP on a network and when I close the cover it doesn't talk to the network. I've checked and set all settings in XP, Bios, and the Registry for the laptop to stay on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D630

Go to Control Panel - Power Options.

Since you have a laptop, there should be a setting that's associated with closing the lid.

Set it on "Do nothing", then apply the change, then restart the computer.


You might also want to set the power scheme on "Always on" and set all the other settings on "Never" and turn off hibernation.


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I have an old Dell Latitude CPx J750 running Windows XP Pro that was given to me. I solved a RAM problem with help from this forum and hope for an answer to this. It has a single USB 1.1 port with an Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller. Another friend gave me a Hi-speed USB hub with four ports so I could use a DSL Modem, printer, mouse and keyboard when necessary. When I plugged it in Windows found it and said that it would run at lower speed. I'm not having any problems but the DSL speed is way slower than expected. It doesn't have a network card but there is a slot for one and I'm considering getting one for the DSL connection but they are kind of pricey for me. Is it possible to change or upgrade my USB controller? That sounds like a cheaper solution. I searched Dell, Google and this forum and found solutions for desktops but not laptops.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Solved: Can Dell Latitude's USB 1.1 be changed to 2.0?

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This is the only laptop I could get with a modem for dialup, Windows 7 installed ok, registered ok. It came with disk. It is refurbished but looks like it was never used.
I am used to XP so I have a lot of questions, entered Internet connections but it only connects and does not go anywhere.
Do I need Java? Comodo says, it cannot be installed, Malwarebytes cannot update. Firefox installed ok without any add-ons.
Can I install WOT on W7 ?
Can I install Malware Search?
Can I install NoSquint? Dr.Web?

I have to get to the point where I can go onto the web to get Superantyspyware and update Malwarebytes (had it from a USB, older version).
I managed to fix my old laptop here to be able to ask questions but I need the newer one, this 10+ year old gets too hot fast.
Any help is very much appreciated.
Please do not send me to youtube, a 2 minutes clip takes 2 hours to get through the phone.

A:Solved: Need a lot of help with new Dell Latitude E6400

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I've got a Dell Latitude C610 and it had 256mb of ram im looking to update the ram to something bigger but dont know what type it need's any suggestions\answers.



A:Solved: Ram For Dell Latitude C610

The Dell Latitude C610 laptop supports a maximum of 1024 MB(1 GB) of RAM.

It uses 144-pin PC133 SODIMM modules.

Since it has 2 slots, you can add a maximum of 512 MB in each slot. C610 Series

(These are the 2 sites that I use for purchasing RAM modules, so I can personally attest to their reliability)


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My daughter has a Dell Latitude D400 laptop, whose 7-year-old hard drive recently expired and is apparently too corrupted to clone. The Windows installation CD won't run because the new hard drive won't talk to the external DVD drive (in a Dell caddy with a 2-pronged connector) or a flash drive in one of the USB ports. The technician says that loading Windows onto a new hard drive in another laptop and then swapping it into the D400 wouldn't work because it would be set up for different graphics card etc.

Is there any way to get this machine working again please?


A:Solved: Resuscitating Dell Latitude D400

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my dell 610 wireless light for wifi is not on and there is no connection for wireless since ive restored my system, i have tried downloading the driver but the driver has an exlamation point with a yellow bubble around it...
if you can help me id greatly appreciate it

A:Solved: dell latitude 610(wireless not working)

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I am trying to run World of Warcraft on a Dell Latitude C840 with an Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go graphics card but am experiencing serious flickering on start-up and so have not progressed beyond the Registry Screen. Can anyone suggest a solution? Do I download the Video Adaptor Bios and the Video Adaptor Driver from the Dell Site ( or what might I do to overcome the problem?

A:Solved: World of Warcraft and Dell Latitude

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Three weeks ago I reinstalled my Windows . I installed my drivers, and BIOS update.
When the BIOS was in update I closed the laptop and then when I opened it he wont work. I mean a black image . By the way he made a "beep" when I opened it

A:Solved: Problems with DELL Latitude D620

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I have a Dell Latitude C840 Laptop with added RAM to 1G. Recently, to the accompaniement of some "whining" noises, one of the two cooling fans stopped working. Since that moment, I appear to have a serious CPU Usage problem. On initial start up, the laptop runs normally - however, as soon as the remaining fan starts up (usually after just a few minutes), the CPU Usage flatlines at 100% and everything slows to a crawl. Running WOW over a broadband connection for example is impossible.
As the problem coincided with someone else using my laptop to access an email site, initial investigation went down the software/malware avenue, but that route now appears to be clear, so I am left with a possible hardware cause?

1. Is the malfunction of one of the two cooling fans likely to be the source of the problem?
2. If so, where can I get a replacement (I've tried the Dell site to no avail)?
3. If I can get a replacement fan, how the heck do I get inside the laptop? I've tried getting the bottom off but it doesn't appear to want to come off and I'm wary of forcing it.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

A:Solved: Dell Latitude C840 - CPU/Fan Problem

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I'm considering purchasing a Dell Latitude E5410 laptop and have two questions:

1. Reading the specs on the E5410 the four USB ports are 2.0, correct? Is there any hardware enhancements or external hardware that would step up the USB speed to 3.0?

2. Reading the specs I can not determine if the the external video connection provides only a VGA mode and or a Digital mode. I do have a larger monitor that I would like to connect the laptop to and it can receive/dispaly in digital. If the external video port is VGA, nothing can be done to convert/semi convert it to digital, correct?
Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Dell Latitude E5410 specs

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Hello. My friend bought a used Dell Laptop Latitude D610 and the hard drive got fried by a virus then while trying system restore the battery ran out so that 4 sure ruined what was left of the hard drive. What I need to know is can we put a generic hard drive in or does it have to be a Dell hard drive? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Sheila

A:Solved: Dell Laptop Latitude D610

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I just purchased a refurbished Dell Latitude D610. I noticed that some video in Windows Media Player view as thermal images. How can I fix this? Plus the audio is not clear sort of muddled, do I need a new soundcard? Sound is Sigma Tel C Major Audio.


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My oldest teenage grandson is in need of a "cheap" laptop, so I bought him a refurbished Dell Latitude D630 from NEWEGG for $215.00 plus shipping.

It has a 14" display, an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 60 GB hard drive, a DVD/CDRW drive, and Windows XP Professional.

My decision to buy this laptop was based on Dell being more reliable than most other laptop brands - according to some members here.

Any input from the members here would be very much appreciated.


A:Solved: Need Input On Refurbished Dell Latitude D630

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Starting today, my older Latitude c840's mouse pointer has started drifting. I thought it was my usb mouse had gone bad but I unplugged it to use the touch pad, it still drifts. If it matters it just goes toward the top of the screen. I tried reloading the driver but to no avail. Anyone have an idea?

A:[SOLVED] Dell Latitude c840 - Mouse Has it's own mind

Do you have a pointer stick in the middle of the keyboard? I have heard that disabling that may solve the problem.

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hello i just bought my daughter a computer a dell x300 it was working great..until she downloaded a program..i end up deleteing it...i was told to do a system restore..everytime i go to restore freezes..I have tried to go threw accesseries and tools than to restore and boom its is there away to do it as i boot up..i tried just makes a loud beep and boots up..please help..i will try anything..ive been trying to fix this computer for hours..thanks..

A:Solved: just bought a dell latitude x300..need help asap

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Issue with video driver for Windows 10 64 bit solved.

Used this driver and it worked.

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My Dell laptop shuts itself down after running for about ten hours. The power option in settings is set at "Never shut down" because it's used for CCTV detection and recording.

The most likely cause has been reported as overheating due to a clogged fan and heatsink. So, to avoid wasting time, I bought and fitted a new fan and heatsink and cleaned out the inside of the case whilst I had it in pieces.

Unfortunately, that hasn't solved the problem.

Any other ideas gratefully received.

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D600 undemanded shut-down

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I have two older Dell C840 laptops that I plan to give away. They both are in good working order. While cleaning them up I had this problem. The optical drives (CD only) stopped recognizing when anything was placed in the drive. Control panel shows the drives as "This device is working properly". Yet when anything is placed in the drive it never starts and when I check I get the "Please insert a disk into drive D" message.
I deleted several old games (Hoyle card games, Mah Jong, Hoyle board games), I also changed the log on name to the name of the person(s) the machine(s) were going to be given to. Everything else continues to be ok with both machines. They boot up (Windows XP Pro SP3), they did the latest Windows updates, AVG updates, everything is normal. Autoplay is "on" for both machines. Is there anything else that I need to check or is this just a bizarre coincidence that both drives have the same problem at the same time? Oh yeah, I tried switching the drives from one laptop to another but they still do not read media inserted.
I'm stymied on this!

A:Solved: Dell Latitude C840 optical drive

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Hi guys, I have a Dell Latitude D620 whilst doing a clean install, onto a clean HDD, with Win 7 Home Premium, full version. A problem occurs after the (Custom Advanced) clicked option I am presented with (Where do you want to install Win) I get a dialog box that says
Disk 0----- Partition 1------ 119 GB
when I click next , I get the message ( setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See Setup log files for more info?) (I do not know where setup log files are? )
I clicked load drivers however I do not have a clue what that means or where to find any drivers that I might need? Does anyone know what is happening here? and how I can resolve it? any, and all help with this matter appreciated.
The machine is a Dual core 1.8 , 2 GB memory, 120 HDD

A:Solved: Dell latitude D620 win 7 installation problem

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Hello Experts,

I am being bothered with some issues which I give up trying to fix.
I have got a go ahead from the security guys in this awesome forum and I think I am free from virus, Trojan, Malaware etc.

I have the following issues:

1. When I shutdown a weird end application called "Sample" is prompted to end without which the shutdown doesn't happen. please can some tell me how to fix this.
2. When I click on control panel, It takes a lot of time and then a window appears with message IPC error: no connection. (SM_RC_ENOCONN)(11).
Tried all the options found in google .. Not sure what is Inter Processing call or server related .. any help would be appreciated. Error screenshot attached.
3. I tried to delete few unwanted application and could not get my MSN messenger work so after a struggle was successful removing it from my system and installed it again however when I reinstalled I cannot login as immediately get error code: 80040154 error I tried without success the following options here Error: 80040111 or 80040154 | Messenger Support Space

4. As advised I have SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot search and destroy, Winpatrol, Scotty and Snoopfree along with ESET anti virus running ..
ESET is set to scan in smart mode only during idle however during my startup, anti virus starts and it takes a 4 minutes before SuperAntispyware starts and only then wireless starts and only then I can access any task in the system. .Is that cost I pay... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Windows XP Issues. Dell Latitude D505


I removed a link from your post - as I believe it's a scam site, luckily, your AV did alert and prevent you from downloading.

Did you try to reregister the .dll files per the instructions found here? What step did you fail on?

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Hello all! My Dell Latitude D520 won't boot. It shows the the bios screen then repeats itself. I have not made any changes to software/hardware and I was using it 3 days before. Please help!

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D520 with Windows 7 won't boot

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Hello, I have re-installed XP Pro on a friends D610 for her. I installed all windows updates and used the Tag# 11K0T91 on the dell driver site to load all the drivers in the order they specify. The problem is that when I installed the PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network connection driver it installed the software but gave an error that the driver was not installed. I've tried it a few times now and am just baffled.

Here is the ipcong /all :
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\Keerin>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : kdhome
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Cont
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-15-C5-0D-2E-44
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Tuesday, January 18, 2011 6:03:27 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . ... Read more

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D610 wifi problems

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I've got a Dell Latitude D600 which I acquired just in the past year, which is running Windows XP Professional. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have to go on a business trip to Hawaii, and given the duration of the flight - I invested in a second laptop battery. While on the trip, when the first battery began to run low, I wondered whether it was possible to "hot swap" out the old for the fresh battery. After saving all my work that was in progress, I swapped out the batteries as quickly as possible - and the system remained on somehow. I did this probably 3-4 times over the course of the trip, all with consistent success.

On a more recent trip though I tried it, and got the exact opposite result - with the laptop obviously losing all power during the 2-3 second transfer. What's going on there now? Any speculation on what the problem is. In the absence of factual information, all I can do is speculate that on the earlier trip the laptop had somehow gone into hibernate or some other standby mode, and the teeny, tiny onboard energy cell that maintains the clock/calendar and other settings was able to briefly sustain the O/S during the battery swap. Any other theories out there. I've searched online for more information, but all I get is lots of ardent statements that this "hot swapping" is unequivocally impossible - but unless the laptop was somehow energized just by virtue of my electrical personality, these folks are just plain wro... Read more

A:Solved: Hot Swapping Batteries - Dell Latitude D600

Okay, although a few folks from some other parallel bulletin boards have gently urged against trying this practice of hot-swapping the laptop batteries, apparently it is both possible - and usually successful, if you just use a little care.

The trick is to ensure that the Hibernate mode is enabled on your laptop and to ensure that the laptop has fully entered the Hibernate mode. Then you can swap out a depleted battery for a fresh one, and the on-board power source will hold the O/S in a powered on state for at least some period of time (a few seconds?), but long enough to get another battery in place - unless you've got twelve fingers and it takes you five minutes, I guess.

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I bought a used Dell Latitude C510 laptop. I want to add RAM. I have searched the dell website and tried to ind how many slots, and though I found the original configuration, it doesn't say what the max RAM is and how many slots. I know what KIND of RAM, but need the other info, too.
Thanks so much.

A:Solved: How much memory and how many slots in Dell Latitude C510?

Here mate: C510 Series

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Hi, when I try to use my latitude, the cursor and highlight are extremely erratic. When I try to enter the start menu, I can barely click on the right application because the highlight keeps rapidly switching from side to side and when I click it opens whatever was highlighted. I can't get into my System Properties because the tabs keep switching and as soon as I try to get back to the tab I want, it does a cycle through all the tabs. I can't use the arrow keys to control the highlight. Reinstalling the touchpad driver didn't help at all.


A:Solved: Dell Latitude D630 Cursor Problems

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I switched my Dell Latitude D630 on yesterday morning and the WiFi light wasn't lit, and I am unable to connect to any network. I'm completely baffled why this has happened. I was using it the previous night, streaming some music on Spotify, then I turned it off as normal, and when I tried using the internet the next day...nothing. The bluetooth light is lit as normal but the WiFi light stays off, and I've tried turning the external switch on/off to no avail.

Can anybody suggest what might be causing this, or any remedies?

Many thanks.

A:Solved: WiFi light not lighting on Dell Latitude D630

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I checked up on Google but there's no concrete solution.
Also checked Dell Support site but there's no driver for webcam.

I'm running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 on my laptop.

Please help..

A:Solved: How to get my in-built webcam working on my Dell Latitude D630 ?

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I have a Dell Latitude D620 (1490 WLAN mini-card) running Windows XP SP2 that refuses to connect to my Westell (Verizon DSL/Wireless router combo) router.

Some details:
1. My network is secured by WEP 128bit and both SSID hide and MAC address filtering is turned ON. HOWEVER, when I did turn off all filtering and WEP, the Dell found the network and listed it in Wireless connections but still did not connect when I tried connecting to the unsecured network. (The HP connects in the unsecured case as well).
2. I have another HP Pavilion laptop that I am able to connect to this network. I compared all wireless network settings and couldn't find any differences between them (other than the network cards are different between the two laptops).
3. I did uninstall and reinstall the 1490 from device manager - no effect.
4. I did update the driver for the 1490 router - no effect.
5. I tried turning Windows firewall off - no effect.
6. I do know that the wireless card on the Dell works since it connects to my network at work.
Any help will be much appreciated.


A:Solved: Dell Latitude D620 does not connect to my wireless router

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I have a Dell Latitude D180 with windows XP. Sometimes my computer will turn on just fine. But most of the time it doesn't. When i try to turn it on only the power symbol will light then turn off. However if i keep trying to turn it on it might work. Sometimes it can take 3 tries other times it can take 20 or more times. I just want it to turn on the first time. Its not the battery. I have switch the batteries with someone who have the same exact computer.

A:Solved: Windows XP dell latitude D180 turning on problem

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Hi everyone, I recently closed the lid on my laptop a little too hard (although nowhere near hard enough to damage the screen, at least I thought) - however it now has a crack in the corner. That will teach me for being heavy handed.

I'd like to buy a replacement screen and fit it myself, but I am struggling to find the correct model and part. I could take it to a local shop to repair but it will cost me twice the price and I have been inside electronic equipment before so I think I should be OK.

Can anyone help me determine what screen I need to buy, or where I can find out - and also if there are any online video guides to help with this sort of job?

Thanks for reading

A:Solved: Replacement screen needed for my Dell Latitude E5400

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How could I try to recovery Dell D610's bios by its internal boot block?
I can enter the boot block mode by the key "End", while it seems that I have no put the right ROM image file on the floppy, the recovery will not start, just shutting down.

Anyone know what file should I put on the floppy for this recovery?
*.hdr, *.rom, or exactly filename.ext ?

A:Solved: How could I recover my bricked Dell Latitude D610's BIOS?

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My Dell Latitude C610 laptop is reporting "primary hard disk 0 not found".
I would like help to see if there is something we can do to get it back.

A:Solved: dell Latitude C610 laptop - no hard drive

moving this to the virus section of the forum. It started to boot in windows, and then died.

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Hi there.

Just wondering if anyone has struck the same issue I had.

Dell Latitude D820 running Vista (SP1) and Quatro NVS 120M video (512M)

I thought I'd install the latest drivers from Dell.
Went to the site, downloaded the driver, installed ..... and .....
Lost access to many of my programs (ie 'You do not have authorisation', or similar message).
WTF !!!!
Ok...just restart and see what happens..
Cant restart...'I do not have permission'
Kidding right ???

What's changed...hmmmmm...that download from Dell.
Force machine to shutdown (finger on power button till lights are off). mode ..... select just a normal windows drivers..

Right then...back to a previous restore point.....good....selected it
restart....hey presto....laptop working again !!!

Anyone struck this at all.

I have contacted Dell..awaiting their response.

My view is ....
There is NO WAY downloading a Dell supported/supplied video driver should disable a legitimately purchased laptop. NO WAY.

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D820 with Quatro NVS 120M Video

Safe mode then using System restore solved my problem.
Plus, the driver I downloaded is no longer on the site.
So hopefully, others will not experience my issue.

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I have a Dell Latitude D610 laptop with an Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for graphics usage. I absolutely despise this configuration. I'm pretty much unable to do anything with it with regards to gaming and image manipulation. I can't really afford a new laptop. I was wondering if there is some way to upgrade the graphics card to a dedicated one (preferably 128 or 256 MB). Is this even possible?



A:Solved: Video card upgrade on a Dell Latitude D610

It's rare for a laptop to have a separate Video adapter slot. The video adapter is generally incorporated into the MB, proprietary and the final answer is that it is not possible to do what you want to do.

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i have a dell latitude laptop and the touchpad started behaving crazy from last week. i didnt notice when it started to happen and don't know what might be the cause.

in the synaptics tray icon when you right click there is a set of options that you can choose, and one of the options is called a pressure graph (there is also a mood pad next to it), and when i click on this pressure graph it gives me the following message: "Sorry, this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics TouchPad Device Driver." and i'm pretty certain i've got the driver for it, and i've got the correct driver for it; but i can't be sure whether the installation is damaged or not. how can i check this? could there be something in the registry that prevents this from working or perhaps a conflict with another device? i tried reinstalling - it didnt work.

So it could be either hardware or software and I need to find out as soon as possible because I'm getting little annoyed by this mouse business.

Anyone with a solution?

A:Solved: dell latitude touchpad malfunctioning - possible driver issues

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I have a Dell Latitude D620 and have all the drivers installed, but for some reason my wireless adapter isn't seeing my wireless connection I have here at the house. I am running Windows XP Home. I'm at a loss of what it could be. Any advice would help.

A:[SOLVED] Wireless Netowrk not working on Dell Laptop; Latitude D620

Has this laptop ever connected at home?

Lets take a peek at your network environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.


Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again.

How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found here's how.


with the pc connected to the router, Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type type the following command: IPCONFIG /ALL and press enter.

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter. Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB drive, or a CD-R disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

then please Download and run this Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework.

To post... Read more

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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop and when I try to do quotation marks, I push shift and the quotation mark key, but nothing shows up on screen until I type the next letter. When I had my old computer (which had Windows XP as its OS) there was no such delay.

Also, if the next letter following the quotation mark is an I, my computer does this:
That comes from me pushing the shift and quotation mark key, and then pushing the I key. Why doesn't it just do "I"? (in order to make it do that I have to type the letter I first and then go back and put in the quotation marks around it).

Does anyone know how to fix this so my quotation marks just show up immediately when I push the shift and quotation mark key, or how to make my computer stop doing this: ?

Thank you!!

A:[SOLVED] Weird quotation marks on Dell Latitude E6410 with Windows 7

Welcome to TSF!

Go to Control Panel | Clock, Region, and Language | Region and Language
Check your Location and Keyboard settings, sounds like it's set to a Non-English keyboard which uses that method to type the various diacritical marks (like the umlaut ?) over letters.

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Someone I work with has a Dell Latitude D620 and the screen blanks while booting in normal mode when in the dock. Laptop boots normally when not docked.

When I try and boot (in normal mode) when docked, I see the black "XP Pro" screen loading (but don't see where I can press F2 to get into setup or F12 for boot menu) and then the screen goes blank.

I thought it may be a screen resolution issue and I backed off the resolution from 1440X900 to 1280X800 but still no luck. Refresh rate is 60hz I do get video when I boot into Safe mode, but not normal mode. Any ideas here?

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D620 - screen blanks upon boot in dock

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Got a basic question (or 2) about my D510 for ya all - Today, I've been getting some odd screen shut-off issues - I'll be surfing or watching a video, and the screen just shuts off (like it did just now - SIGH!). to turn it back on, I simply press the little switch-pin at the pivot point for the screen. It's annoying as hell.

The first question is this - lately, after opening the lid and turning on the screen (this laptop rarely shuts down), I've been noticing a red hue that fades away quickly once the screen lights up - am I looking at a screen failure in process?

Second - in checking my Device manager, and looking at the Display Adaptors listing, should I be seeing 2 of the same Mobile Intel Display Chipset listings, or just 1? And if only 1 should be there, how do I get rid of the unwanted one (if nessessary)?

Thanks guys,


A:Solved: Systems Question on a Dell Latitude D510 Laptop Display

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This isn't really a call for help, but a general THANK YOU to Tech Support Guy Forum. I found a posting by Landrover that was answered by several of you...AND MOST SIGNIFICANTLY by SINS! The problem I encountered was getting a message EVERY TIME I tried to access the CONTROL PANEL on a fresh load I did of WinXP Prof to a Dell Latitude D610. I would have to click out of the error message TWICE and then the Control Panel would finally display. Well, you all pinned it down to running a REGISTRY CLEANER (I was running Eusing Free Registry Cleaner) and it apparently was messing with the TPM Tool. The Post in Tech Guy was specific to HP machines, but the tweak to the registry by ADDING a key that SINS provided for the HP's (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Infenion\TPM Software" and inserting a string value named "C_SpURsDll" with the contents "C:\Program Files\ProtectTools\Embedded Security Software\IfxSpURs%s.dll" [both without the ""]) allowed me to go in and FIGURE OUT (by looking at the keys in my machine) an equivalent string value that WORKED ON MY DELL, I.E., string value with the SAME name and this content: "C:\Program Files\Broadcom\Security Platform Software\IfxSpURs%s.dll" IT WORKED PERFECTLY...AND THEN, as SINS, ALSO RECOMMENDED, I PUT THIS IN EUSING'S IGNORE LIST (after I first ran it and saw that it was going to mess with that key if I didn't!). Sooo, long story short. THANKS TO ALL...and HOPEFULLY this info... Read more

A:Solved: Resource file C_spursdll not found! DELL Latitude D610

antyc1 said:


I've got another recommendation, don't use Eusing Free Registry Cleaner at all. It's a very aggressive registry cleaner and can cause problems, as you've already experienced.

Registry cleaners don't improve performance and can do a lot of damage. It's just not worth the risk of running them.

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First of all thanks for looking at my problem, all of your contributions are much appreciated! But basically I'm trying to fix my friends laptop they had loads of viruses etc and I have removed all of these however the computer is showing it is connected to the internet but whenever you launch a browser google or any other website "internet explorer cannot display the webpage" which is a little frustrating!
I'm not overly technical and have tried a few things like the TCP IP stack repair but nothing is helping.

The IPCONFIG/ALL is showing

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : User-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : lan

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : lan
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Con
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-13-CE-3A-3D-AC
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::7448:8cfd:8634:9d69%10(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . ... Read more

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D610 shows internet connected but browser will not work

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Before any criticism for a cross-post: After continuing to be frustrated by this issue along with lack of any replies, I believe this is likely an error in registy &/or permissions. Gut tells me the solution will be obvious to an experienced troubleshooter when you consider sentence 3: re having no issues mounting USB hard drives.

Issue is only on this PC, running XP SP3, as all my PC's do. Have latest Bios and all drivers are up to date. Plugging in a USB hard drive is no problem. Automatically mounts and when removed the drive letter is removed. Issue is only on inserting any of 4 different USB 2 thumb drives. Drive is immediately recognized and will appear in Device manager. However, I have to use Disk management to assign a drive letter. Then it will appear in Explorer, but will take a while to show up in My Computer. If I remove the drive and reinsert it, the assigned drive letter remains, but is no longer assigned when the drive is reinserted. Have to give it a different drive letter. After removing the dirve any number of times, all of the assigned drive letters remain unuseable, until I restart; at which time they are removed from My Computer. I have 3 other platforms, desktop and notebooks (none of which are Dell's). All run XP Pro SP3. Have never had this issue on any other PC running any version of XP. This isn't an issue with work desktop which is a Dell. I have gone through Group Policy editor with no luck. In TweakUI, I tried assigning autoplay to all rem... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Dell Latitude D820 Won't Mount USB Thumb Drives - Orig posted in Removeable

Reference: regarding needing to delete UpperFilters and LowerFilters of a particular key. In my case there was no LowerFilters value. The only app linked to deleted UpperFilters was phylock from Terabyte. Had to update to most current version anyway. Hope this helps someone.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1400MHz, x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1279 Mb
Graphics Card: MOBILITY RADEON 9000, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 28615 MB, Free - 17570 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corporation, 0X2034
Antivirus: None

(Note: I will install Avast! Antivirus, once I can get this computer's wireless working...)

I replaced my hard drive last night. There is no more wireless in my network connections folder.
I went to, I installed new drivers, then after re-boot, It said that my ethernet/modem were also now gone??? Confused, I did a system restore, back to June 2005.

My Dell Service Tag is: 2BWWT31

After system reboot, I went back to dell, and entered the service tag, and I installed all recommended driver updates, which included BIOS A16.

I still have no wireless ability. In device manager, under other devices, there is a yellow exclamation point for "Network Controller".

I've looked for hardware changes, and i've tried to update driver from device manager, and no success. It wants a cd installed. This laptop was bought used from my boyfriends old co-worker, and given to me as a gift. I don't have any operating cd's at all. I have been trying to update this computer myself and am getting frustrated. Money is tight, and then I found TechGuy... Read more

A:Solved: New Hard Drive, Network Controller Lost, Can't Find Driver, Dell Latitude D60

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I would like to ask for your assistance because I'm already out of ideas how to resolve this issue. Right after I powered up the laptop, it will get past the DELL logo screen, then it will be completely just black screen. I wouldn't even hear any activity from the CPU fan, HDD and pressing the Caps Lock doesn't lit up the LED. The LED indicators on the side are only displaying the power indicator, but none for HDD, Battery and Wireless.
Here are the steps that I have done so far:
1) Removed the HDD and Battery, then press & hold the power button for at least 45-60 seconds to disperse the internal voltage. Then attach the Battery, but not the HDD.
2) Press and hold Fn and then the Power button, hoping to boot me up to the ePSA Diagnostic Utility
3) Press F2 or F12 while booting up
4) Re-seat the memory and also clean with a dry tissue
These are the procedures that I have done but nothing has changed. It still displays blank screen right after the DELL logo.
I do hope that you could assist me on this. Thank you so much!

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Hey guys.
Pretty much what the title says - Dell's new, recently-released ControlVault driver (version A19) does not successfully install on a Dell Latitude E6330.  I followed the driver installation order from the "Dell Business Client Re-Image 'How-To' Guide" and installed the Dell ControlVault driver last.  It did not work.
Attached is a screenshot of what I got, and the Windows Installer log.


A:Dell ControlVault A19 installation fails on Dell Latitude E6330 with a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit


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I installed Windows 7 64-bit on my Latitude E6400. I cannot seem to find any way to install Dell Control Point. I got the Driver Pack to install. I found one download of Security Manager that worked, but I would like the Power Manager one.

I've looked on this forum a few times and any links I click on just redirect me to the Drivers and Downloads page. I get errors saying that my service pack is not supported.....I'm on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I also got some 32-bit errors, but that's my fault for downloading the 32-bit version.

Does anybody have a link to the full Dell Control Point package (Power Manager, Connection Manager, Security Manager) that will work on 64-bit Windows 7?


A:(Dell Latitude E6400) Dell Control Point on Windows 7 64-bit

Here is a good article on reimaging the Latitude E6400
The Win 7  Control Point System Manager files are a bit tricky to find, but they can be downloaded from the following link.
This should help if you have installed the correct drivers in the correct order.

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Hey all. 
I've got a Dell Latitude E6320 where the driver installer for the Dell Wireless 1530 wireless card fails.  I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, the computer boots in UEFI mode, and I've installed all of the drivers according to the Latitude E-Family Re-Image Guide.
I've got a log, as well, it says this:
[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Dell Update Package Execution Start[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Original command line: E6320-NIC_DRVR_WIN_A01_R294111.EXE  /s[09/13/16 16:24:47]    DUPFramework version:[09/13/16 16:24:47]    User Command: unattended[09/13/16 16:24:47]    DUP Capabilities Value: 6291455 (0x5FFFFF)[09/13/16 16:24:47]    DUP Vendor Software Version: A01[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Local System OS Version:[09/13/16 16:24:47]    OS Compatible with this Package? Yes[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Local System OS Language: EN[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Language Compatible with this Package? Yes[09/13/16 16:24:48]    Identified Behavior : unattended[09/13/16 16:24:48]    Temporary payload log file name: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\dell\drivers\E6320-NIC_DRVR_WIN_A01_R294111\DUP9B64.tmp[09/13/16 16:24:48]    Translated Command Line : setup.exe /s /v" LOGFILE=&q... Read more

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for the basics and schoolwork
and which is newer 

A:which is better dell latitude e5440 or dell latiude e6430

The E6430 has a metal case and is more robust, but uses an older CPU and chipset.
The E5440 is a plainer chassis with a newer generation CPU and chipset.
The E6440 is the concurrent update to the E5440.
There are too many possible configurations to definitively say which is better -- it depends on the CPU, GPU, etc. in the specific model (or that you choose when you order one, but since the E6430 isn't a current model,  you may be looking at used systems).

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I have a Dell Latitude D630 laptop that has issues. Sometimes the touchpad works, and sometimes it doesn't. I've noticed when it doesn't work, the icon in the tray has disappeared or never booted up to begin with. Sometimes it boots up and sometimes it just doesn't even boot up to the tray at all. And at other times, it does.
(Along with this, maybe it's just a coincidence, but I've been working on this for days and days but when the touchpad doesn't work, the keyboard acts up too!) This might have nothing to do with it at all.

I've done a complete reformat of the hard drive, installed Win XP Professional, reinstalled drivers over and over. Been to the Dell website and have all the newest drivers.
When I reinstall the touchpad drivers, it does work once again, but this seems to be short lived.
The laptop is 4 years old...seems strong otherwise, can handle multiple tasks fairly well, has a dual core installed.
I can't figure it out.
Can anyone help?

Thank you!!

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D630 touchpad icon in tray disappears, so does touchpad!

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Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D620 with a Dell Wireless WLAN. I connect to my wireless connection at home fine, but any time I take my computer to a wifi hotpsot, it cannot connect. I SEE that there is a network there, I click "connect" to that network, and my computer doesn't do anything. My Wireless is set to obtain IP addresses automatically, so that is not the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might try to fix this??


A:Solved: Dell Latitude D620 not connecting to wifi, but connecting at home

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I own a Dell Latitude E6430.   I am looking for a Dell Companion 12000mAh or 18000mAh type of device to power and charge my Dell Lattitude E6430 when I am traveling (no outlet available).   When I view the compatibility list for both the Dell Companion 12000mAh and the 18000mAh I don't see the Dell Latitude E6430 in either list.  I went and purchased the 12000mAh and I am attempting to use this to charge and power my Dell Latitude E6430.  It powers my Dell Laptop for about a minute and then quits.   Is there a solution for this problem?   And/or is there another Dell Companion type device that I can purchase that is listed as 100% compatible with the Dell Latitude E6430?   I would like to either get this solution working or purchase the product that is listed as 100% compatible.  

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Hi everyone,

This is a long shot ... I've got a machine from about 1998 here and am hoping someone might be able to remember something about them. It's small, black and very chunky - the Dell Latitude XPi CD ( 166mhz! ). I needed something with windows 98 so I 'upgraded' the drive from 2 gb. to a Samsung HM100JC ( 100 gb. ) Basically I've got some games that don't work with compatibility in XP at all ...

All fine and dandy with swapping the hard drive, but the underneath of the machine gets universally hot as hell! I don't seem to be able to detect a fan, much less any cooling vents. Would I be right in thinking that it was fine with the 2 gb, and it needed neither a fan or cooling vents, but that my latter day 100 gb. drive runs that much hotter? I actually love this laptop, but want to 'waste' neither it or the drive, so any suggestions much welcome!

I've tried the Dell site but the documentation I found wasn't hugely informative about the specific problems I'm having ( though to their credit, all of the setup files were there for download ).

Many thanks,


A:Old Dell Latitude XPi - very hot

If your new hard drive is higher RPM than the old drive, then that would explain the heat. Your old drive was probably 4500 RPM, and the new one 5400 or 7200. If that is true, there's not much you can do about it short of buying a new drive.

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Hi,I am new here and need help.
I have a laptop(dell latitude cpi) my kid entered a password and now I can't access windows.
Every time I turn it on a message comes on saying:This computer system#xxxxx is protected by a password authentication system you can not access the data without the correct password Please type in the primary or administrator password.
My problem is that my kid does not remember what password he used.
Does any body Knows how to remove the password since I can not access the bios either?

A:dell latitude cpi

sorry we cant help u with passwords as we dont know the intent involved.i hope u understand.

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Dear Sir,
i've dell latitude X1 laptop. Its become unfortunately BIOS protected.
Tag # DSPHH28X-595B

Plz help me in this issue, how i can break this password.

I tried my best to break this but could not.

can any expert help me regarding this matter.


A:Dell Latitude X1

Any Latitude ending in 595B has been handled by Dell. Contact them for a solution.
Also, search the files on this forum for Dell Password, and Password commentary. There is a lot of useful information.
I have not seen any X1 password fixed... except by Dell.

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Hey there ive got a friends latitude XT here just put 7 on it and its working perfect apart from the tablet buttons.(the ones that rotate the screen and things) they dont seem to be working and im not sure what drivers to get for it or what, its fully up to date now and still nothing.
please help me xD

A:Dell Latitude XT

HERE is the Dell Lattitude XT drivers. They have Win 7 64 bit and 32 bit drivers. Select the OS bit you have.

Keep in mind the correct and required install sequence for a Dell (and many others) is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Dell Laptop System Software (3) Install motherboard chipset drivers (4) Install device drivers including video, sound, ethernet, etc.

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hi there, thanks alot for reading this, this is my problem,

the pc = Dell latitude D610
Windows XP home
intel centrino

the problem =
when i boot it takes me to the page i have an uption to either enter in a safe mode or just the last pace windows wokred properly...this started as a result of when i was syhuting down the system and i had to remove the battery since the system hang after which i used the spare battery i had but still no start up when it start the windows logo it then goes back again to start up of notification that seems the system was shut down or windows encountered an error or the reset button was pressed etc...i then enter F12 to diagonise the system and the followoing information was passed

i run the dell diagnostics from the system setup and get this.

error detected on "start DST short test"
error code: 1000-0146
Msg: 0: IDE status failed, stats byte: 64 control code = 1 Msg: No additional Sense Infoormation.

also, at the end of the diagnostic it says
Test result = fail
error code = 1000-0141
Msg: No drive detected.

it further request i run dell drivers and utilities CD which i misplaced a long getting such a Cd is now a problem...i need any assistance i can get as my office job for over a year is all in the system and i dont know how to go about it

ok, thanks for any help/addvice you can give me.


A:Dell 610 latitude

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Ok, so here's the problem.

I have a Dell Latitude CPx J65OGT BIOS Revision A08.
I also have the Windows XP Pro Reinstallation CD with Service Pack 2.

The original problem was upon bootup the computer gave a STOP error:
***STOP:0x000000A5 (0x00000002, 0x81BD9810, 0xE104B780, 0x81BB0AD8)

I tried booting from the Reinstallation CD and this is what happens:

At Windows Setup it gives me -artition [Unknown] 9856MB(9585MB Free)

It gives me the following options, and I have provided the information on what happens when I try each of them:

Create Partition, C - Nothing Happens

Enter, Run Setup - An error has occured while Setup was updating partition information on: 9586 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR] Setup cannot continue. (Then the computer restarts)

Delete Partition, D - The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant. Please contact your system vendor or visit for an updated BIOS. If you are unable to obtain an updated BIOS of the latest BIOS supplied by your vendor is not ACPI compliant, you can turn off ACPI mode during text mode setup. To do this, simply press the F7 key when you are prompted to install storage drivers. The system will not notify you that the F7 key was pressed - it will silently disable ACPI and allow you to continue your installation.

Recovery Console does not work either.

What I gather from this is that the partition is not assigned a prompt (For example, C and I cannot figure out how to give it on... Read more

A:I really need help with my Dell Latitude...

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about an hour ago my computer screen just froze and these vertical dotted lines appeared all over the screen. Now I can only start the computer in safe mode and i need an easy fix. ive already tried a system restore but the blue lines appears on my desktop again.

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Hi, I have just brought a Dell Latitude CPx back from the dead and it is working wonderfully apart from the fact that the Function (FN) keys don't 'function'.
Any ideas please?

A:Dell Latitude CPx

Humm... old.

When you say you brought it back from the dead, how so? Did you have a Dell recovery disk, or did you install an OS from a box into it? Was the keyboard okay before hand, or was it part of the reason for it being DOA originally?

The CPx series were one of those 'semi'-Dell machines, since the same notebook could be purchased in a number of liveries, including HP and Gateway (your machine looks exactly like my Solo 1400). If you loaded an operating system into it that wasn't from a recovery disk, then you probably need to download the drivers from the Dell website into it. Otherwise, the keyboad may be out of sorts, and may need replacing.

If you can find the service tag number (on Dell laptops, they tend to be on a thin white label and are only 6 to 8 digits long), you can punch it in here ( to find out what was on this beastie originally, and what can be downloaded to it.


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I stumbled across your site and noticed a thread where you helped out a non-techie like me and I thought I would register and give it a shot. My daughter asked me to fix her Dell Latitude cpi which she uses for her college work. That was the easy bit it was a dodgy on/off button. Then she asked me to get it connected to the internet through her cable modem. I thought that would be easy too but I have spent hours on the internet trying to find what sort of adapter is needed because there is no direct socket connection to fit the modem. I would be eternally grateful for any help you can offer and it would make me look good in my daughter's eyes.

A:dell latitude cpi

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every time it trys to run windows xp a fatal systems error c000021a

screen say the windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly
with a status of 0xc0000006 (0x00000000 0x00000000).
the system has ben shut down

i tied safe mode and tried to reinstall but driver wont pull up system repair disk

A:dell latitude help

post the mini dumps


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Hey whats up
I have a dell latitude cpx laptop, and I broke the two keys letter "Y" and "6" also the metal bracket that connects the key plate to the actual laptop. Anyone know where I can get this. the problem started by the keys not working when pushed down. Any ideas on why that happened as well.

A:Dell latitude cpx

sc-strapped said:

Hey whats up
I have a dell latitude cpx laptop, and I broke the two keys letter "Y" and "6" also the metal bracket that connects the key plate to the actual laptop. Anyone know where I can get this. the problem started by the keys not working when pushed down. Any ideas on why that happened as well.Click to expand...

Thats a normal problem for those keyboards. You could probably have gotten those keys working again by reseating the cable from the motherboard to the keyboard. Now it sounds like you need a new keyboard. You can probably get one from Dell or possibly find a used one from ebay. Replacements can also be found online like this.

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I have an old Dell notebook, that do not have a cd-rom. I am thinking if I can change the BIOS, so that I can boot from an external cd-rom? I have the floppy drive, but do not have the cd-rom drive. If I can not, I must buy the cd-rom.


A:An old Dell Latitude C610

I would be surprised if a unit of that age allowed booting from a USB connected device?

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First I must say hello all I have had a browes around seems I might fit in here nice place folks.

Now my quest I have been given a named above Dell, It runs very very slow OS is XP Home, now it has a
system memory 128MB Internal cache 256KB video memory 2.5MB H/Drive 6495 MB

Is there away I can adjust the 300 mhz to go either 450 or 500? If so can someone guide me on how please. ?

What happens is it will load to windows desktop in 90 seconds when I try to access from Start control panel it takes for ever to load or open anything come to that any help or advice welcome. Please don't say throw it away LOL

A:Dell Latitude CPi 300 MHz Pentium II

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This morning attempted to start laptop and nothing. The screen is black. The battery is warm. No beeps, nothing. The caps light does not work. Any suggestions?

A:Dell Latitude D810

Pull the battery and plug in the power adapter. See if it starts up.

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I am new here and will jump right into this. I do have this posed on the Dell Forums but theye are a little slow to suggestions. I have had a terrible time with this Laptop and am desperate for help with a solution.

I bought a Latitude Cpi from a co-worker. This Latitude worked fine for about 2 weeks and then will not work correctly. This has been a problem now for 1 and a half months.

Specs of the laptop:

Latitude Cpi D266XT


64 Megs Ram

Bios A12

Intially when I got this Laptop it had Win2K. The co-woprker had this loaded for the past year and it worked fine with no problems. During the first two weeks I had this laptop I had no modem so I borrowed a Microcom 28.8 modem. Before this my co-worker never had a modem in this laptop. After he bought his new laptop he gave me the Xircom Cardbus 10/100 and 56K modem. When I installed this modem is when I started to see some problems. At this time the BIOS was at A04.

Win2k would load but would not take all the way. It would lock up about halfway through trying to load. I then would shut down hard and restart and it would not load at all. It would run through the BIOS but would not load Win2K. I decided to wipe the hardrive and did a F Disk. I reloaded Win 2K with about the same results although it did fully load one time.

I next tried Win 98. I did this after I formated the harddrive again. Win 98 loaded a couple times and then did the same thing. First it would lock but then I would just get a cursur in the u... Read more

A:Dell Latitude Cpi Won't Work

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I had to reinstall windows xp professional home edition on a Dell Latitude D800. It works perfectly for the moment. The instant I try to install netzero dial up internet it starts freezing and I can't even get it to connect to the internet. When I cancel out of the netzero install/setup, it will still freeze just by clicking on something as simple as the start menu. I have reinstalled windows a few times, and every time I get the same result. Does anyone know what could be causing it to do that? Is it possible that the xp professional home edition is too much for the laptop to handle? Or is it that I might not have all the drivers installed that I need? Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Latitude D800

Hi Cappi106, you said you reinstalled XP but did you formatt it first? You also say as soon as you try to install.............the software, have you first installed all of your drivers? e.g. audio, video and network drivers? Here is the link to Dell, you will have to go through and find what you need.

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Been a while since I've posted here, but I'd like some help please. Dell Latitude CPt (Laptop) running W98. Insert a CD in the drive, and it flags up

D:\ is not accessible

The device is not ready

I've checked in Device Manager, and everything seems correct for the CD drive.. drivers, device etc. all working properly with no conflicts. Drive is a TEAC CD-224E

Under Other Devices however, two entries are flagged with the yellow !. These are..

PCI Communications Device


PCI Multimedia Audio Device

Neither have drivers installed, and tell me in brackets Code 28.

I've tried to reinstall the drivers with the handy Reinstall Drivers button, but they aren't on the HD.

Two questions, apart from the obvious what do I do next..

1. Are the two related, I'm guessing they are.. and

2. If so, how do I go about getting the correct drivers for it. I've had a quick look on Google, but no luck.

For background info, this happened when I cleaned up this Laptop for a colleague at work, just to make a bit of space on the HD. I assume I've somehow (don't ask) inadvertantly deleted something I shouldn't have.



A:Dell Latitude CPt. CD-ROM not working.

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I have a Dell Latitude D520 Laptop and am having problems with the display... I am running Windows XP SP3. When I switch the Laptop on all starts fine and all the Icons appear as they should. However, after approx 5 mins the Display goes off and no matter what I do I can't get it to come back on. After Restart the same thing happens. I don't think this is a Software Issue as it all starts as it should and the problem persists after I've tried re installing Windows onto it. When the screen Dims it is still possible to see everything very dimly in the background.

Any help would be greatly appreciated????

A:Dell Latitude D520 HELP!!!!

Is the power adapter attached when this happens? Laptops by default dim after 5 minutes of inactivity when the power adapter is not attached to save power but it should come back on by either pressing the power button once, or tapping the Enter key. Is the battery being recharged when the power adapter is attached? You can try this without the battery in, and just using the Power Adapter to test if the battery is the problem.
You can adjust the power settings by right clicking a blank space on the desktop/Properties/Screen Save/Power. You can change the time and what the power button does. (ex) pressing power button once to wake from sleep etc.

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Just got a new Dell Latitude d600 laptop. I used it today at work sometimes without power cord and sometimes with. I left it up for about 1 hour and later today for some reason it wont power up. I suspect the battery has run down but I have a power cord and it still wont power up. Does anyone have any insight on how to trouble shoot to see what the issue is?

A:Dell Latitude d600

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I'm in the process of looking at new laptops and want to see if there is a consensus on what would be a better choice.

*Latitude or Inspiron?
PIII 1.0 GHz
*Display: XGA, SVGA, or UXGA (any real difference between the 3?)
10/20 gb ultra ata hd (guess they are 5400rpm, doesn't say)
256 mb RAM
*USB or PS2 Mouse?
Xircom Realport if possible
Doesn't a second battery take up a cd/a: slot?

Laptop will be docked while in office and is used by Legal Director who will be on the road with it during the Legislative Session. Medium use.
We've gone with Dell Desktops and have been pretty happy with them. We've also done Latitute/Inspiron laptops:
Inspiron 7000 (C366)(P366) and Celeron don't mix, the PII works fine.
2 Latitudes C600 (P850) with Win98/Win2000 are very reliable.
Latitude C800 (P1.0) with Win2000 is so-so (BUT, I didn't put it together, a non-tech person did, but it's hers, so there).

Latitudes are about $2600, whereas the Inspirons are about $2000 (also with Office XP).

Thanks for your inputs.


A:Dell's Inspiron vs Latitude

Inspirons are more powerful but more bulky

Latitudes are classed as ultraportable but they are not as portable. They often come with more connection possibilites

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I have a Dell Latitude 620 laptop, running XP pro. A few months back it would not boot nor charge the battery. I assumed the problem was the battery so I bought a new battery from Dell, it installed nicely and I let it charge for about a day. Now either on battery power or with the AC connected the laptop will not boot. Upon pressing the start button, the green 'power' light comes on and the 'disk' light, (this is what I call it, it looks like a stack of platters, and is located right beside the power light) comes on very briefly, maybe 1.5 secs and then goes off. No beep, no whirr of any drive, no noise and nothing on the screen. Any suggestions? How do I troubleshoot this? Any advice at all would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!

A:Dell Latitude will not boot, help??

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i ha ve an dell latitude d620 but i can recover the bios password
the service tag is GLFYQ2J
any one help me plz

A:dell latitude d620

take a look at this thread and see if it helps

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I'm looking into buying an affordable small travel notebook/laptop. My budget is fairly low, only consisting of a few hundred Dollars.
I have found this specification list from a local used store:
I haven't found any new condition sellers so far. Also, a few questions I had were:
- Is this notebook capable of running Windows 10?
- As I'm a designer, can this notebook run Photoshop cloud edition?
- Is shipping notebooks overseas possible and safe?
it is really hard for me to determine what's wise or not. Because I'm inexperienced in the hardware field.

A:DELL Latitude E6400

This is a nice reliable computer. Unfortunately, there are no Windows 10 drivers available for download. That does not mean it may not run it. It is that Dell did not verify this computer to run Windows 10 and did not create any drivers. 
Looking at the system requirements to run Photoshop Cloud software; the computer meets the requirements.  
As far as shipping notebooks overseas it should be fine as long as it is packaged well toh avoid being damaged. 
Dell has some reasonable priced laptops that may meet your budget located on our Dell Outlet website below., Even with Windows 10. 
Dell Ooutlet
Also, check our sales site in the section labeled "Deals" at the link below. Plus, they come with warranties.,  **Do an internet search for discount coupons on Dell Computers** 
Dell Deals

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Hello, I borrowed a Dell Latitude 630 because my Compaq nx9420 can hardly even boot up now. I'm not sure if the sound stopped after I installed a game or after I plugged my headphones into what I was pretty sure was a headphone port. I don't remember, but all I know is that I can't play World of Warcraft and I'm freaking out. Can someone please help me? It has XP.

A:No sound on Dell Latitude 630

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Dell Latitude CPi laptop. Worked fine earlier, knocked it off a monitor it was sitting on and now it doesn't work, go figure. It was off and closed when it fell. The biggest clue I have is this: When I hit the power button, the light comes on, screen stays black, but as soon as the battery charge light comes on (blinks periodically to let you know battery's charging) the light goes off. Nothing on the screen. When I try to turn it on without being plugged in, the power light blinks and screen still black. I've been working on this laptop for a while, and would like to get it working again. anyone have any ideas? I'd be happy to give any more information if needed.

A:Dell Latitude CPi Troubleshooting

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I have a Dell latitude D610

My problem is that I want to use a second monitor and my laptop screen at the same time, but I want them to be in different resolutions.

Is this possible?

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Hi there,
I just purchased a Dell Latitude E4310 and have installed Windows 10 on it. Sadly i a just discovered that Dell doesn't support windows 10 Drivers for this Laptop. 
This is actually frustrating as i had the option of going with a HP but chose DELL for superiority.
Will Drivers for Windows 10 (HD Graphics , Audio etc) for this make of Laptop be available & how soon or not so i can go for other options that allow the full functionalities and resource for Windows 10.

A:Dell Latitude E4310

Unfortunately, I have no information if Dell will be creating Windows 10 drivers for this computer.

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my laptop turns on,but then a black screen,after a while it says windows could not start successfully,please start in safe mode etc.,but no keys will do anything.also it will say file missing or corrupt,please reinstate,but when no keys will work how can i do anything what it tells me to.i was using laptop and it just suddenly went off,and then the above messages come on.i can also hear a clicking it time for the scrap yard or will it be worth having it fixed. thanks any help will be appreciated.

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Well its like this, all is not good at this point !!!!!!!
1: can't boot up from disk , all I get is it asking for the location of the COMMAND.COM INTERPRETER
2: Once I do get it to boot what do I need to get dos to recognize the external CD ROM that is connect to the USB port, so that I am able to install Win XP.
3: Or is there another way to connect the external ROM to the laptop rather than using the usb port.

Your help on this matter would be greatly accepted.
cheers CODAN

A:Dell Latitude 610 boot up to usb cd rom

Howdy codan...

You might try here Bootdisk, download the XP boot disks, once downloaded, double click on the downloaded file to create the floppies...

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HELLO , can somebody help me to have password to my laptop
Bios password , i have try many things but not succed

A:Dell Latitude D600

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Take a look HERE

Hope it helps.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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OK my brother has xp pro on his dell latitude d620 and it runs like crap I have a disc of xp pro from the store but its not the one that came with it can I just use majical jelly bean finder to get the product key and just install windows and worry about drivers after I have windows installed or do I need to put drivers on a cd now and can I use a flash drive

A:dell latitude d620

No. Only a version from Dell will work with his product key. And the one found by Jelly Bean is the wrong one - it is used on all Dell machines of that model and won't reinstall from the Dell disk. You need to use the number on the sticker on the machine. If his recovery partition is still there, restore using that.

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hi i have a dell latitude D620 and it has a novell client password and wont let me log in it asks for a username and password how can i fix this problem i need help please

A:dell latitude D620

read the FAQs please:

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My friend gave his laptop to try and fix because I am pretty tech savvy, although had virtually no experience with laptops. His has the problem of not turning on, I couldn't hear the hard drive stating to spin so I took the one out of my laptop and put it in his. Nothing changed but then when I put my hard drive back, my screen wont turn on, just the lights and I cant hear the processor, or harddrive start up. nothing but the little power lights. I really need you help guys, I am selling this laptop to friend of my brother this week

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A:Dell Latitude won't turn on

Remove the HardDrive again from your laptop (I think we are only talking about your Laptop)
Remove the Power Adaptor and Battery
Hold down the ON button for 30secs (dispersing all internal voltage)
Put the Power Adaptor back in (No HardDrive yet!)
Turn On
Does it now show a display?

If Yes. Turn it off, and put the HardDrive and Battery back in.
If No, Remove the Power Adaptor again
Disperse the internal Voltage again
Remove and reseat the Ram (sometimes blowing out any dust too)
With the Ram back in, Put the Power Adaptor back in
Turn on

Did it work?

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I am new to this site and joined because I have a technical problem with my 3 year old Dell Latitude 600. When I press the start button to start it, the little lights light for about 2-3 seconds and then shut off. Nothing even comes to the screen. Any ideas?

A:Dell Latitude won't start


Sorry to be so long answering, ive been a bit busy, usual cause is faulty memory chips or ones that have just worked loose, if you have 2 chips try either in DImm1 socket and see if it works, failing that the board is going bad, do an Ebay search on the board and see what it costs to replace it.


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Have just Re-installed XP Pro sp3 on comp for friend where bios was locked,got around that,but now No audio on laptop at all!Tried D/genius,d/loaded drivers from Dellsite,all to no avail,Realtek AC97,sigmatel stac,nothing working!! any and all help REALLY Appreciated.Thanks.Bob.

A:Dell latitude D530

It is because the audio is not realtek its Sigmatal

Download the audio drivers here.
Download the the chipset drivers here and install first here
Also look for any other updated drivers here.

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Hi all,

I have been given one of the above notebooks, problem is, it is an old machine used by my friend in his office, it has Windows NT loaded on it, so I formatted another laptop HDD with Windows XP and change the one in there.

The problem is, on boot up it searches for Windows NT, not found and it returns to the POST state. How can I stop it searching for Windows NT and constantly rebooting?


A:Dell Latitude C600


What type of system did you build the other laptop drive on. Is the processor type the same? Also have have you checked your BIOS ssettings to determine if NT is defined there as the OS to look for?

I would do this:

Boot the current hard drive from an XP CD (full install mode) and load XP from scratch on the system you have the drive in. I have found that an XP load for an AMD for example will not boot a system that has a Pentium or Celeron. Also make sure the hardware you have, has XP drivers for all the necessary pieces.

Happy to provide more information if you need.


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