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how to delete windows folder and program folder on old hard drive

Q: how to delete windows folder and program folder on old hard drive

I've brought a hard drive docking station, and I want to make my old hard drive an external one. I'm trying to delete the "windows" folder and the "program files" folder but it jut wont do it! i've tried changing the file permissions/ownership but with no avail!

please can someone tell me how to do it.


p.s I dont want to format it. even though thats probably the easiest way I have folders i want to keep.

A: how to delete windows folder and program folder on old hard drive

Formatting is the best way to clean off the old windows directory.
Copy the data you want to keep to the new drive first

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hello everyone ime new to this forum and ive got my self a bit stuck ime just clearing out some junk from my 250gb freecom usb hard drive and ive come across a folder called (bb8c0eefc72695f642ce933e) which is 24.1gb big it contains 2 other folders called (SP2QFE) and (update) in the first folder is files and folders with names like this (?k<O{q??."\?) and others which wont let me paste it some are 3gb some are larger and smaller i thought that this had something to do with service pack as from the first name of one of the folders but they ain't and ive been trying to delete them but it keeps coming up with and error message saying cannot delete the file cant read from source folder or disc if some one could help me getting rid of these folders ive checked the properties the read only archive and hidden are all unticked for all these folders and files any help would be fantastic ps ive also tried using lots of diferent file wiping programs wich dont seem to work either thanks

A:[SOLVED] cant delete a folder on usb hard drive

Do you have anything on that drive that you need? In other words, you can simply "format" the drive.

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I have tried without success to delete a folder from my separate hard drive which I beleive is corrupted in some way. I have copied it elsewhere and it runs fine. I have deleted all the individual files (jpgs) and the details show no files remaining. However I get an error message which tells me I cannot delete the folder as the the directory is not empty. I have tried chdsk and to show hidden files with the Tools command but without success. Any ideas? The folder seems to make my hard drive whir and run very slowly hence my desire to get rid of it. I am running Windows XP with SP2 but mt computer skills are limited!

A:Solved: Cannot Delete Folder from Separate Hard Drive

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I recently was forced to use system recovery (F10 at startup) on my XP Home edition Hewlett Packard Pavilion 540n computer. This was due to viruses, and all sorts of other malfunctions that I have come to expect from XP Home. In any event, when we did this, it made the entire folder of C:\Documents and settings\Owner (the username we were using) inaccessable. This was bad, because it had lots of our files that we needes on it. We downloaded PC Inspector File Recovery and it copied the files out of the directory and we saved them where they should go. Now here's the problem: when I right click on my c drive and hit properties, it tells me that there's 24 point something gig used, and 7.5 or so free, and a capacity of 32.9. Those three numbers all agree with each other, but I personally think that 32.9 gig is a somewhat strange number, especially since we are supposed to have a 40 gig Hard Drive. Now the aforementioned File Recovery program tells me that I have a 37 gig hard drive capacity which adds up to forty if you count the hidden partition that HP uses to store its system recovery (not system restore which is the roll-back feature). We seem to be missing some hard drive here. Also, as an added bonus, when I select everything in my C drive and right click properties it only adds up to about 12 gig. I seem to be missing even more space. When I right click on the C:\...\Owner, it tells me that it's size is 0, but since the File Recovery was able to get so much... Read more

A:missing Hard drive space, can't delete folder

Windows counts hard disk space differently than the HDD manufacturers. PC Inspector probably uses the HDD manu. numbers...that is resulting in the difference between windows and PC Insp.

Also if you have system restore on and haven't adjusted the settings, it is hogging 14% of your hard drive for the restore files. On top of that, Internet Explorer sets aside a large chunk of space (as much as 10%) of space for storing webpages and images. Also the Recycle bin sets aside space (again up to 10%) of disk space. SO that adds up to a possible 13.6 gigs of space inaccessable because it is reserved. ( I didn't even include the virtual memory set-aside).

To free up some space, right click on My Computer and choose Properties. Click the System Restore tab and turn off System Restore. Re-boot then repeat the above, and re-enable system restore. This will flush out the restore points. Then click the settings button and lower the amount of space set aside. 4% should be more than sufficient for about a weeks worth of restore points.

Next right-click on Internet on the delete files button to clear the cache. Next click on the settings button and reduce the amount of space the cache uses (1% works for me)

Last but not least, right-click on Recycle bin and choose global settings. Reduce the amount of space set aside for Recycle bin (again 1% works). Now check you disk space after a re-boot and you'll see much more available space.

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Hello, I want what's inside the external hard drive, to look the same no matter the pc it's plugged into.
So, I found how to change Folder Icons permanently from another thread,..
Now, what remains is changing the folder view, or else the icons won't be clear, so is that even possible?
PS. I know it's kinda OCD ..

A:External Hard Drive, Permanent Folder View (Folder Icon Size)

I did some research , and found that it was possible on windows xp via the "desktop.ini" through "FolderType=string" (eg: pictures, videos), but it seems it's impossible on windows 7.
The reason is that the " Show Common Tasks" in Folder options has been removed from windows 7.

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My friend (we'll call him David) created for some sick and twisted purpose a folder path that contained 107 (no joke) folders within folders, something in the order of, "C:\folder\folder\folder\folder\..." David is now unable to delete the folder directory. When he tried to delete it, it says "Are you sure you want to move the folder and all its contents to the recycle bin? (yes, yes to all, or no)." He clicks "yes to all" or "yes", and it says, "The folder contains items who's name is too long for the recycle bin. Do you want to permanently delete it?" He clicks "yes" or "yes to all" again and it says, "Cannot delete z: Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and filename."

Anyhow, does anybody know how to delete this file? Any assistance would be greatly apreciated.

A:How do I delete very long folder directories? (C:\folder\folder\folder\...)

open a command prompt,
type rmdir c:\folder /s

(assuming "folder" is the name of the main folder)

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Hello! A few weeks ago I undertook removing Antivirus XP 2008 from a friend's laptop. Using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Spybot SD, & Fixwareout, I was able to disinfect the laptop and remove the virus.

However, upon docking a WD external hard drive to the laptop to backup important files, the virus jumped from the laptop to the external hard drive. A sample list of the hidden virus' files follows:

setup.exe, autorun.inf, folder.exe, desktop.exe, autorun.bat,

As well as a directory called WD_Windows_Tools apparently containing backups of the above-mentioned files, as well as other files/executables essential to the virus functioning.

I had been able to remove nearly all of these files from the WD external hard drive in question, but the hidden files
folder.exe still remain.

I've attempted to use the !Killbox app to remove these files from the WD external hard drive, as well the FileAssassin option on the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware app, and both claim success. However, re-docking the WD external hard drive shows that the above-mentioned hidden files still exist.

Moreover, apparently other directories that once existed on the WD external hard drive are no longer there, particularly the System Volume Information directory as well as the Recycle Bin directory. This most likely happened when accidentally "open"ing rather than "open with..."ing th... Read more

A:External Hard Drive Virus? Can't Delete Autorun.inf, Folder.exe, Desktop.exe, And Desktop2.exe After Antivirus Xp 2008 Re...

I have docked the External Hard Drive to my PC in safe-mode, yet Malwarebytes' finds extraneous issues.
Are there other logs I should post? Thanks in advance. -b

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.28
Database version: 1150
Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3

9/14/2008 1:24:18 PM
mbam-log-2008-09-14 (13-24-18).txt

Scan type: Full Scan (C:\|)
Objects scanned: 93139
Time elapsed: 43 minute(s), 30 second(s)

Memory Processes Infected: 0
Memory Modules Infected: 0
Registry Keys Infected: 1
Registry Values Infected: 0
Registry Data Items Infected: 1
Folders Infected: 0
Files Infected: 0

Memory Processes Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Infected:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MediaLoads (Adware.Medload) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

Registry Values Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Data Items Infected:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\scrfile\shell\open\command\ (Broken.OpenCommand) -> Bad: ("%1" %*) Good: ("%1" /S) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

Folders Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Files Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

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Hi all,
I have a old copy of windows pro 7 on a D drive I'd like to delete it with-out formatting the drive. I have data that is essential to programs on the C drive located on the D drive. I was hoping I could delete these folders in Safe Mode but no good. What I guess what I need to do is change the permissions of the folders and files?? This windows OS version is dead it has no influence on any files installed on the C drive. How can I get ride of these folders without formatting the drive?

A:How to Delete the Windows folder on a non-bootable drive?


You say "I have data that is essential to programs on the C drive located on the D drive".

Then you say "I was hoping I could delete these folders".

If the data is essential, why would you want to delete the folders?

Please rephrase or otherwise clarify.

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Can you change icons on Program and Windows-folder in C:\ ?


A:Change Icons, On Program folder and Windows folder

Right click on the Program folder.... then properties ... then select the Customize tab.... and under Folder Icons "Change Icons"... then click on Browse and choose you .ico file

Folder Icon Change - Vista Forums

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Hi folks
Looking for some help - not particularly technical though.
I have an Inspiron 660 which was supplied with Windows 8, but I upgraded to 8.1 and then 10, successfully. A problem (caused by me, not Windows 10) caused me to panic and, rather than use the Windows 10 Restore options, I used the Dell Backup and Recovery options (Free version), which took me back to Windows 8. Yuck.
I am now back with a functioning Windows 10, but I have a 125GB Backup folder with lots of DATA_****.inp files of 0.6GB taking up a big chunk of my C drive.
Can anyone please advise me what to do with it? 
(Needless to say, I have no intention of using the Dell Backup and Recovery option again to go back to Windows 8! I have a Windows 10 System Image Backup, and Recovery Media, so I should be able to at least get to Windows 10 again without that torture).   
Would greatly appreciate help - need the disc space.

A:125GB backup folder in C drive. Can I delete it in Windows Explorer?

Try running a disk cleanup first to see if it removes them. If not, you can remove them.

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I installed windows 7 (Ultimate SP1) x64 on my machine. After installing some tools/apps when I looked at my C:\ drive I saw the following shape (left hand)! That is, there is one folder named Program Files (x86) folder! And I saw the right hand one when I opened that Program Files (x86) folder. I?m not sure do all of my tools were in x64 version or not but I tried to install those that I was sure about them. Is this x86 folder typical in C:\ drive of x64 or it was my fault of installing the x86 apps please?

A:Program Files (x86) folder in Windows 7 x64 C:\ drive

32bit programs on Windows 64 run emulated in WOW (windows on windows). 32bit programs end up being installed there by default, whereas 64bit programs get installed to regular Program Files.

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I installed windows 7 (Ultimate SP1) x64 on my machine. After installing some tools/apps when I looked at my C:\ drive I saw the following shape (left hand)! That is, there is one folder named Program Files (x86) folder! And I saw the right hand one when I opened that Program Files (x86) folder. I?m not sure do all of my tools were in x64 version or not but I tried to install those that I was sure about them. Is this x86 folder typical in C:\ drive of x64 or it was my fault of installing the x86 apps please?

A:Program Files (x86) folder in Windows 7 x64 C:\ drive,

It is normal to have both of those program file folders on a 64 bit OS.

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My Dropbox folder is huge and soon there will be no space left on the hard drive. I have many Adobe creative programs which projects have links to the Dropbox folder, so if i just move the dropbox folder to another hard drive, it will be a hell fixing all the missing file errors.
Is there an option to use another HDD for the dropbox folder but in the way that Windows will still think that it is on the same location it was before?

A:Folder too big for the hard drive, use another HDD for same folder?

How to Move your Dropbox Folder

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I have changed the location of some folders on my windows explorer, so that it makes more sense to me.
I want to delete a folder but get the message above.
It relates to a database that has been re-saved into a different location so the software works fine...but explorer thinks it still needs to be there
Is there a way I can over-ride windows and get rid of this unnecessary folder

Thanks in anticipation


A:Cannot delete a folder (open in another program)

you can find some software which will delete it all for you, but messing around with windows folders is abit stupid.

if you where to install some things it needs to find folders to put the files in, where as your moveing and deleting them i can't see how you can even attempt such a thing.

a well your pc do what you please

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Hey guys hows it going, first time posting here.

A couple of days ago my computer contracted some sort of malware/virus, and I did a full PC-recovery and backed up all my files. When the computer was functional again I did full system scams with ZoneAlarm, Norton, and AVG Spyware (all updated). A couple of viruses and malwares were found. but nothing too serious. Things were running alright until I tried to run my Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (installed before PC-Recovery).

First Time I ran Warcraft 3: Things were a bit slow.

Second Time: Warcraft 3 detected a sound bug, was able to run but did not provide any audio.

Third Time: The game ran (with audio this time), but when I quit the Warcraft 3 application I was not able to open any other applications (Command Prompt, Task Manager, Firefox etc). When I tried to they all gave me a "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002)" error. However I was able to run My Computer. I restarted the computer and everything went back to normal, but to be safe I followed a procedure I found on the internet regarding the 0xc0150002 error and enabled access to all users through command prompt.

I decided to uninstall Warcraft 3, it was uninstalled successfully. However the Warcraft 3 folder with a few downloaded maps/saved games still resides in My Program Files. I tried to delete the main folder, and even tried to delete individual folders/files. But they just wouldn't go away, no error messages came up or an... Read more

A:Cannot Delete Folder in Program Files

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There's a folder in Program Files that I want to delete but I encounter a variety of obstacles when I try.
If I try to delete it at the Program Files> root, Windows Explorer reboots.
If I try to first 'delete up from the bottom', working through a series of sub-folders to delete the innermost file, which has worked on other occasions, I get an error message saying that the file might not even be there, that it might be on another hard drive or a network.
Trying to delete any of the folders in between, earns an error message saying that nothing can be removed, because there are files being used someplace.

Not having used Safe Mode much, I wasn't sure what special thing to do while in there. I couldn't delete the folders, at any rate.

It must be an infection. The path is:Program Files > Google > Desktop > Install >
and then some numbers.
At the same time, AVG is detecting "CRYPT_s.CCD", "Luhe.sirefef.A", and "IDP.Trojan.5E976F8B".
I'm assuming the two issues are related.

Someone must've left a door open. How do I chase this thing (or these things) back out?


A:How to delete obstinate folder in Program Files

right click on Google folder and take ownership of the folder on the security tab, then set permissions to full for all users. Keep working on the security tabs to take ownership of the files, and change the permissions to full access, see if that helps you delete these folders. Also apply changes to all sub folders.

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Skype install failed with APPCRASH. Ran Skype uninstall from appwiz.cpl. Also tried File Assassin, Microsoft fix-it and revo. I have set all related permissions to Full Control; and the pesky thing still will not grant me access. Can any one please help?
Thanks for taking the time to read my post. My best to everyone.
Looking forward to a reply that may work.
Sincerely, Myron P

A:Cannot delete Skype program folder after uninstall

Try booting into Safe Mode by repeatedly tapping the F8 key when the computer is booting up and choosing Safe Mode with Networking, so you can still do research and reply to this post while in Safe Mode.
Once in Safe Mode, try navigating to the folder in Windows Explorer and deleting it.
Make sure that the Skype process is not running.
Reply if you need help.

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I have been trying to delete a folder under c:\program files and keep getting an error message that says "Destination Folder Access Denied. You need permission to perform this action." I am the administrator and thought I wouldn't need permission but this particular file must have something set so I can't delete it. Can anyone help?

A:Unable to delete a folder under c:\program files

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I had a suite of programs that I wanted to uninstall. In Control Panel I chose to install the suite. There was an error. I tried to reinstall the software but still couldn't uninstall a dialog box opened and said the suite was already uninstalled. and offered to delete the entry. None of the programs worked so i assumed they were correct. Now I want to delete this suite from the programs directory but Win 7 complains that there is a file from the folder open somewhere. I made a clean boot and tried again. I looked in System processed under task manager but there is nothing there.

So, to make a long story short, I want to boot in Safe Mode and see if I can delete the folder. The problem is, I don't know how to get that choice! I rebooted and held down the F12 key but all I get is a selection of drives to boot from. I am running an Acer X3910, Win 7 Ultimate in 64bit mode.


A:Unable to delete a folder in Program Files x(86)

Try pressing F8. If that doesn't work, press F12 then select your main dard drive where your OS is insalled then with that drive highlighted press F8. that should give you a choice to go into safe mode.

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How can I delete the PeoplePC folder from my Program Files folder?
I deinstalled PeoplePC some time ago using Control Panel, after having
manually deleted some PeoplePC files to resolve conflicting PeoplePC ISP
versions. I had loaded updated PeoplePC ISP, which did not delete or
overwrite the installed version. Conflicts resulted....
Now, there remains a PeoplePC folder (>60mB) in Program Files, which
when I try to delete it, gets to ScamGrd.dll and reads Access Denied.
Make sure disc is not full or write-protected.
Please let me know of a way to remove this folder...

A:Solved: Can't delete PeoplePC folder from Program Files

Hi and welcome. Have you tried deleting it in Safe Mode?

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I installed a program(Kapi_Monopoly- Monopoly Here and Now to be specific). I then uninstalled it after I decided I did not want it. Well after I uninstalled it, the folder remained. When I right clicked and clicked on delete, a normal windows box popped up and siad that it is no longer there even though I see it right there under program files. The same program is showing under programs from the start bar. When I try to right click and delete it there, there is no option to delete it. It opens to empty. Any help would be greatly aqppreciated. I have tried to unlock it but it didn't work. I do not remember how I did it and will try it again if someone thinks it may work and can tell me what to try.


A:Solved: Unable to delete folder in program files

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Alright, so I have a bothersome, empty folder on my desktop that doesn't seem to be deleting normally, and when I attempt to delete it, or change its name, it comes up with the message "Could not find this item. This is no longer located in C:\Users\username\Desktop. Verify the item's location and try again." I've searched around the internet for answers, but nothing seems to work.
Also, I've discovered something odd about this folder. I'm not sure if it happens to all "Item not found" folders, but whenever I place anything in this folder, it creates another with the same name, and when either are opened, they are both empty. Only when I delete one of them, does the other show its contents. All help and suggestions are appreciated.

A:A Hard to Delete Folder

It seems you have a Junction point on your desktop.
These junction point are virtual folders. They really don't exist.
Not sure how one got on your desktop.
If you search for the name/s of the file/s you placed in this folder you will find it in some other folder. That other folder is what that junction point is pointing to.

The only time I have seen this happen is when someone takes ownership of the ROOT of the C drive and changes security permissions on the ROOT of the OS drive and all child objects. People do this, including me on my first install of Win 7, to gain access to what looks like folders (really junction points) because we don't like being locked out of accessing any folder or file on OUR PCs.

I learnt very quickly and had to do a CLEAN reinstall of the OS.

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I recently fooled around with my permission for folders and files. Now I think I gave access to the computer 'System' to over ride all other access. Is there a way to fix this so that I recover 'Permissions?' I cannot access the "C" drive.

A:windows 7 hard drive is denying permissions to every folder

Quote: Originally Posted by waywaydj

I recently fooled around with my permission for folders and files. Now I think I gave access to the computer 'System' to over ride all other access. Is there a way to fix this so that I recover 'Permissions?' I cannot access the "C" drive.

Do you mean you can boot into Windows, but once there, if you go to file manager (My Computer) you can't access any folders?

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I am running Windows 7 via Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro. I want to copy a folder from an external network hard drive to the Windows section of this computer. If I navigate to the icon of the hard drive via Network, it appears in the Media Devices section and has a blue music note and a little film icon over it. If I try to open the hard drive, I do not get the directory of the hard drive. Instead, Windows Media Player starts running and shows me a set of available libraries. What am I doing wrong?

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Hey there guys, I'm new here. Wish it had been under better circumstances but hey ho.

I have searched the forums high and low before asking this so please try not to berate me too much!

I naively installed MSE then promptly uninstalled it and got something that offers better protection.

After uninstalling I noticed that the the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client folder was still present and had all the files still in there, including msseces.exe. Though the program seems to be gone and isn't shown under Control Panel, I'd like to delete this folder. I assume this is just Microsoft's inefficiency but I see no reason why this folder should hang around.

When I try to delete it I get the old 'You require permissions from Administrators to make changes to this folder'. Yes, my account is an admin account and I've also tried deleting it by enabling the administrator account in the command prompt, logging in with that account and it still doesn't work. I've also followed the procedure outlined in this video: and nothing seems to work.

I'm at my wit's end and need the help of you good people. Alternatively, maybe there's a good reason why this folder is still present, in which case maybe someone can apprise me. Oh, I've also tried this method ( Uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Community )with the .bat file and it won't delete the files, says permission denied.

Thanks for any help guys!

A:Cannot Delete Microsoft Security Client folder in C:\Program Files

In the few cases in my installs with MSE which still get infected, I have them upgrade Malwarebytes free scanner to Trial version and then to paid Real Time Protection. None of these have ever gotten infected again and they enjoy perfect performance which is rarely the case with any bloated AV. Just something to keep in mind.

As to the remnants of MSE, it normally uninstalls completely so I'd be tempted to reinstall it for the purpose of seeing if it will uninstall correctly. If not then you may have system corruption.

If all else fails go ahead and Take Ownership of the files needing deletion using Take Ownership Shortcut

I'd also run CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download Disk and Registry cleaners to make sure anything else left that's safe to remove is deleted.

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I've been working on a thorough system cleanup in an attempt to get my hard drive usage down to a minimum. The Windows folder (C: Windows) has been by biggest obstacle. I couldn't believe it was taking up 22GB of space even after running both CCleaner and Windows Disk Cleanup. I've been reading and researching all night, both on this forum and elsewhere and the answer appears to be that "winsxs" (inside the Windows folder and now at 11GB on my system) is designed to continue growing endlessly as it adds more dll files every time you install a program and it never deletes the files even after you've uninstalled the program. This explains why I see reports of people's Windows folder ranging from 10MB to 34MB. Wow, I remember just a couple years ago when WindowsXP, all my programs, documents, photos and audio files only took up 20 to 25GB.

I'm not inclined to be a complainer or criticize people who have built an entire operating system when I still struggle to point, click and make a program work. I'm thoroughly impressed with people who can design, program and create such an impressive and infinitely complex object as an operating system. Nevertheless, it does strike my simplistic, common sense mind as being a bit regressive to go from an OS (XP) that takes up 7GB on my old system to one (7) that takes up 22GB on my new system - and all to run pretty much the same software and do pretty much the same things, at least from a users point of view.

So if I'm understand... Read more

A:Windows folder size is huge and taking over my hard drive - by design?

hi and welcome to the forums

here is a good program to see what disk space is being used in real time, its called windirstat link >>>> WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

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Over the years my windows folder has grown so big that it is currently taking up 37.5 GB of my 55 GB hard drive. I have other HD's for my programs, this HD is used solely for the OS and a few programs that could not be installed elsewhere.

I am CONSTANTLY getting low disk space errors, but there seems to be nothing I can do. I have uninstalled unnecessary programs, used Disk Cleanup (including clean up system files), and downloaded CCleader which helps minimally.

So my question is this: WTF? Why is my windows folder so ridiculously large, and is there anything I can do to shrink it? All of my online research has told me NOT to mess with the windows folder, you can damage system files etc. I would prefer not to have to buy a new HD or do a new install of windows. Is there anything I can do?

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Hello, I have done a few google searches online to what these xerox folders and ms frontpage folders are doing in my c drive. Was thinking they were harmful. The cause for concern is that I am not allowed to delete them. After reading some of the searches I was confused with all the info and most of those posts were from 5 years ago (ancient history). I am wondering a couple things:

1) Is it possible to delete these folders (I want to because I'm rebellious and have spent enough time on the task to want to see them get demolished) and if so, how? I already tried safe mode and deleting, just comes right back on the reboot.
2) Why are they on my computer and after reading, everyone else's computers?


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Hi guys,
Hope you can help me with this

There is this folder in my C: drive that wasn't there before. When I try to delete it or even quarantine it with Norton Antivirus it gives me a message like this:
"Cannot delete file $shtdwn$.req. It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again."

The folder name is:

I ran CWshredder , Ad-Aware and Spybot but they did not capture anything. Below is a log of my last scan with HijackThis - maybe this will help:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 8:41:30 PM, on 5/4/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\PCMService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dell\EUSW\Support.exe
C:\Program Files\Visual Networks\Visual IP InSight\Sympatico Consumer\IPClient.exe
C:\Program Files\Visual Networks\Visual IP InSight\Sympatico Consumer\IPMon32.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\MUS... Read more

A:A folder in my C:Drive that I can not delete

Have you tried deleting the file in safe mode?

How to start your computer in Safe mode

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Dear Support,
i have a seagate hard disk but now i am face some problam now "i am not delete any file or folder in my hard drive becouse she now read only permision" i want to chang permision but not show sequirty tab in properties in hard drive please hepl
me becouse not i fomate now not deleted 


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I have a 40GB external USB hard disk where I backup my files. Now when I am trying to delete any file or folder I get the message

Cannot delete "file name":Access is denied
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in useClick to expand...

There is also a hidden foler $AVG8.VAULT$ which is unknown to me.

I am using windows xp sp2
thanks for help.

A:Cant delete any file or folder on my external USB Hard Disk

the external has NTFS on it and permissions restrictions.

login to an admin account
plug-in the external HD
dbl-click My Computer
find the external HD->right-click->Security
add <Everyone> to the permissions
then set Full Control on Everyone

click REPLACE permissions and Apply
(will take a few minutes to complete)

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post and aid me in my little issue I have here.

There exists a folder in one of my hard drives that I cannot delete.

I played around with the permission settings and gave all users "full control" to no avail. It still insists I do not have permission to delete it.
After using Unlocker, I found out that the folder is tied to 'scvhost.exe.' Aparently that file is what created this indestructible directory on my drive. The directory itself is only 800 bytes and seems to serve no purpose. Further, I cannot open any of the folders inside of it, but I am sure they are all empty.

I tried everything I could find on Google, yet still can't delete the directory.
Here is an album of screenshots of the directory, its permissions, and the errors: file prob - Album on Imgur

A:Cannot delete folder on drive, says I don't have permission (I do)

Post the screenshot again, follow Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

There are many processes that use svchost.exe.

It is possible you need to take ownership for the folder, however let us see the folder first.

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Okay so I'm Unable to delete corrupted folder on 1 of my external hard drives, I have downloaded the program Eraser and that has not worked, I have permissions and have 'taken Ownership' and still the folder will not delete. Chkdsk takes about 2 days to run so I have not ran it because I use the drive daily. Any other suggestions?



A:Unable to delete corrupted folder on 1 of my external hard drives. Help.

Welcome to TSG, Majikwiz1.
Only suggestion I have would be to take everything else off the drive, and try reformatting it. Then you can put everything back on.

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I have a folder that I created on my computer that only held pictures [no program files or anything]. I tried to access it to find it corrupt: "The File or Directory is Corrupt and unreadable." So, I tried to delete the file to find "Cannot delete 'filename', the directory is not empty."
I have tried rebooting the system, it didn't help.
I CAN rename it, but still can't delete it.
I can move it to different locations on my computer, but not to a flashdrive.
If possible, I want to avoid downloading any force delete programs.

A:Cannot delete empty folder, folder is corrupt- help?

Several possibilities I can think of.

HD errors. Run chkdsk and see if that fixes it.

Could be malware.

Boot to Safe Mode in order to get the "Security" tab under the folder's "Properities" and take ownership of the folder, and "replace owner on sub-containers and objects".

Then UN-click "Inherit from Parent permissions...etc..." under the "Permissions" tab, hit "apply" and exit to Normal XP mode.

You should be able to delete the folder if it is not corrupt.

If all this fails, install Unlocker and use that to delete the folder, on boot if necessary.

Report results.

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I was using Netbeans IDE and xampp,
It crashed when I moved a project using its function, and when I checked out the folder it had infinite folder in folder structure.
Its not possible to delete it ,
I can not open more than below . .

Folder properties says 86 folders.
I have tried to delete on deepest folder level , it shows error - "The source file names are larger that supported by file system."

I have tried using tool called unlocker, but it also failed .
I tried renaming to one character per folder , didn't worked.
Command prompt does show deleted but It does not work.
These folders does not have any files , its just 0bytes .

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
250GB HDD .

A:Not able to delete folder in folder infinite structure.

Welcome to the forums.

Dang, that's a new one. Tried the command line? Go to your E:\xampp\htdocs\ folder, then do a "rmdir /s P" and let us know what happens.

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'Folder in use! The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program. Close the folder and try again.'

This is the message I get, I want to delete the folder since I no longer need it. The folder contains ScpControl.dll and.ScpService.exe. I haven't found it in the Task manager processes list. Here is some background info on the folder in case it's useful:

I followed the following steps to use my PS3 dualshock 3 controller with PC games, It basically makes Windows recognise the DS3 as an xbox 360 controller.

While connected it flashes one red light slowly to indicate charging. But once I D/C it won't stop flashing all 4 red lights (presumably until the battery dies). I haven't used it wirelessly yet, only via the USB cable that came with the DS3. Holding the PS button for 10 secs worked as a temporary solution to stop the controller flashing.

Steam Community :: Group :: Steam Universe...

1: Download the official drivers for the Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft's site. I use the 64 bit version, but you should choose the appropriate Windows version here: DOWNLOAD[]

2: Install the Xbox 360 controller drivers.

3: Plug in your PS3 controller with USB. Also plug in your bluetooth dongle if you want to use that (and install the drivers if you haven't already).

4: Download the XInput Wrapper drivers from here: DOWNLOAD[]

5: Unpack the file and run the ScpDriver.exe file fro... Read more

A:'Folder in use!' message, I can't delete/move this folder, help!

Welcome to Seven Forums supashaka. You might download Lock Hunter and it will show you what is locking the file. Right click and choose What is locking this file? It will also let you try to unlock, and delete the files. You may have to restart if it cannot delete the file while windows is running. A Guy

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Unable to delete a folder on an external USB HDD. Tried with take ownership.
Tried Takedown, and some options on
Owner of Files and Folders - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

I booted from USB (WinPE/Paragon) and accessed command prompt from there.
Deleting the folder: invalid folder name.

Have no idea how to solve it.
I can rename the folder, but not move it.

Any suggestions?

As far as I can see I am the owner/administrator and having full control on the folder...?

W10 Unable to delete folder-invalid folder name.pdf

Have combined all screenshots into 1 PDF - else the post would be way too big.
never uploaded a PDF before.

A:Unable to delete a folder - Invalid folder name

Run chkdsk x: /r to make sure that there's no HD corruption.
x: is the drive containing the folder you want to delete.Try to delete the folder again. If still does not work, go to step 3.Download: Download - Linux Mint and create a bootable USB using: Rufus - Create bootable USBBoot up with Linux Mint and try to delete the folder again.
NOTE: Unlike WinPE. Linux does not have any Windows permission imposed to it so it is easier to delete.

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Cant Delete Folder in C Drive and Start menu

Well long time ago i download file(isnt virus) anyways i deleted file but everything got deleted expect folder. when i try delete i get such a error

Ei saa kustutada üksust fail: Lähtefailist või -kettalt ei saa lugeda.

Translated into english with google translator

You can not delete a file unit: source file or disk can not be read.

A:Cant Delete Folder in C Drive and Start menu

Try booting into windows safe mode and see if you can delete the folder there.

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Hello, TechGuy friends!

I have recently found a closed thread relating to a problem I have recently encountered on my own external drive. I have what looks like a Windows System Update temporary directory (0e46da52dbab5a16726bb0519fb766) in my external hard drive that I have been unable to delete since it first appeared on 03/17/2009.

There are 3 sub-folders under the root directory:
I have read through the previous thread on steps to clean or delete this folder but I am still delete the files and the folder. I have changed my security settings but it is still giving me an error of "Access denied" on deleting files and the folder. Could someone please help me? I just bought this hard-drive not too long ago. Thank you.


A:Solved: Can't Delete A folder in External Drive

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Hello, TechGuy friends!

I have what looks like a Windows System Update temporary directory in my external hard drive that I have been unable to delete since it first appeared on October 10, 2008. I've attached is a screen capture highlighting the said folder for your reference.

There are 3 sub-folders under the root directory:


Contents of the 1st two directories look IE-related. I don't use IE, and since the folder is just garbage among my personal files, any assistance in removing this directory will be much appreciated.


A:Solved: Can't Delete Temp folder in External Drive

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I have a number of files on my C drive with multiple letters and numbers. I've tried to delete these by logging into Vista in safe mode and making myself the administrator of the folder, but I still cannot delete them. When I try to delete them, a dialog box opens and reads 'destination folder access denied' 'you need permission to to perform this action' . The folders look something like this:2a5ef2f3d00d234b9650f5. They are taking up memory and I'd like to delete them. Can you help? Thank you.

A:Cannot delete folder on C drive with multiple numbers/letters

Most folders with alphanumeric names are created by Windows Updates and can't be deleted.
They aren't "taking up memory", they are taking up hard drive space, which isn't the same thing.

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I am trying to access Spywareblaster File within my Program File Folder but cannot find it even though I installed the program a year ago and keep it updated. I wish to add a text file to the Custom Blocking Page. Can anyone tell me how I might find this Spywareblaster folder or should I uninstall and then re-install the program? Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Hidden folder within Program File Folder

Go to search by the start button, type the name, then right click send to documents, then drag to desktop. You will have a short cut that you can use to access.
Once accessed, right click, properties and find the path.

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How do you delete the C:\Windows folder on a hard drive that is no longer used to boot?
It's an old hard drive that was in my old computer and I want to free up some space on it.

A:How do you delete "Windows" folder on old drive?

If you have an install DVD, this may work
How to: Remove or ‘uninstall’ Windows 7 (or any other installed OS) | Tips 'n Tricks | dotTech

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There is a file that I have no clue on what it is, it has only one file inside of it named $shtdwn$.req. I don't need it for anything and I have no clue on what it is. I never put it on the drive in the first place. If I try to delete the folder, it says I need permission from a user that is a random string of numbers. I am the only user of the computer and I am the only administrator. I cannot see why I cannot delete this folder and I have no clue what this phantom user is that is preventing me from deleting this folder. Please help me.

See attached screenshot

A:random unknown folder on my external drive refuses to delete.

Can you delete the file inside the folder first, then delete the folder?

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I have a backup script (.bat) that uses a software to send some files in a C:\Backup folder. The software creates a directory in C:\Backup with random name.
This folder C:\Backup is then sent to tape and I therefore have a tape space issue as it keeps on creating new folders in the directory. Ideally, the software should be able to overwrite the folders, without creating a new one instead, but this is not possible with this software.

My Directory structure is as follows:


Now, let's take the example of Monday, in the script that will backup, I want to tell him to delete the contents of C:\Backup\Monday\, and then backup the files, I will therefore have at this moment no folders in C:\Backup\Monday\, but with the command RD, it deletes the subdirectories and the directory itself !

Does anyone have a clue on how to do this?

Many thanks...


A:[SOLVED] Delete folder in a folder

Perhaps it would be easier to let it delete the directory, and then recreate it with mkdir since it will be an empty directory anyway.

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I have a folder that is full of a lot of files including some big .avi, .mp3, .wav files.

Something has happened and I cannot open the folder.

The error message says "folder is not accessible/error performing inpage operation".

I would like to open the folder but I would settle for deleting it. I cannot delete it. The error message says "cannon delete: the folder is not empty".

When I go to props props says it has 0 bytes, 0 files, 0 everything.

When the file is selected (such as to check props) I can hear the drive grinding and it takes a minute of grinding for anything to happen.

I know the folder is still taking up space on my drive because if I go to My Computer and look at free space the space used is the same as before this problem started.

I am using Windows 2000 Professional, 5.0.2195 Service Pack 2 Build 2195.

I have a 42 Gig hard drive NTFS file system.

Need help to either delete this folder and its contents to free up space or open it and get the contents out.

Please help.

A:[Solved] Cannot open folder "In page operation" erro; cannot delete folder

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I have a batch file to delete temp files but it will not delete folders.
DEL /s /q c:\"Documents and Settings"\Username\"Local Settings"\Temp
If I use the following it deletes Temp file also. I do not want that.
rd /s /q c:\"Documents and Settings"\BillandWezzie\"Local Settings"\Temp
I hope there is some other way, because I have other folders that I do not want to lose. I think the above folder will come back when needed, but I am not sure.

A:bat. delete Folders in a Folder not delete folder

I do that. Just follow the RD with a similar MD

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After upgrade to w10 anniv noticed a Windows.old folder on C: I ran cleanmgr/systems files it still remains. Went to the tutorial and tried all 3 options. Did not delete it. Option 3 once executed as admin, said access was denied. " Strange" thing about the properties is, that it is only 444kb.

Question 2. Also on C: is a folder "Windows10Update". Can that be deleted?

A:Can't delete windows.old folder

I did the disk clean up and it cleared most of the files in the folder but left the folder and a couple of driver folders. Also left a windows upgrade folder which I have never seen before. Wasn't sure about deleting that one so I cut and transferred to another computer on my network to see what would happen. The computer still runs fine. Only the Window.old folder remains.

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I was cleaning up my laptop by deleting empty folders etc and i couldn't delete this single folder. This is a folder with a few zips and a installer. If i want to delete the folder is says "the action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program". Which is cleary there isn't..

Any help please? thank you.

I'm sorry if i posted it in the wrong section.

A:Can't delete a folder in Windows 7

Usually, in cases such as this I've found I have to manually delete the items in the folder first. In some cases I've had to move files to a temporary folder so I could delete the folder and then delete the file in the temporary folder. Sort of a convoluted way to get around it.

I have been able to start in Safe Mode and delete the folder items then then folder, too.

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Hello everyone, please, can you tell me how can I delete the folder windows.old?
Thanks in advance
PS: forgive my English

A:how can I delete the folder windows.old?

Originally Posted by francox64

Hello everyone, please, can you tell me how can I delete the folder windows.old?
Thanks in advance
PS: forgive my English

hey friend..follow this link...
Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8

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Originally Posted by francox64

Hello everyone, please, can you tell me how can I delete the folder windows.old?
Thanks in advance
PS: forgive my English

Hey, Pisan, if it works, let me know. I've been trying for two days to delete it. The instructions are for deleting the windows.old folder out of Windows 7, and they don't work on Windows 8. I've saved everything I want, and I can't get rid of the rest.

A:Delete the Windows.old folder

Vince, you may have more luck when you delete the subfolders one by one and then see which parts are stubburn.

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I'm trying to delete a folder in Windows 7 and get a perplexing error message: "Could not find this item: This is no longer located in G:\Graphics. Verify the item's location and try again.

I'm using Windows 7; this folder is on an external hard drive. I've emptied the folder (there were items in it); I've scanned that external hard drive for errors. Trying to rename the folder yields the same enigmatic error message. The folder is empty.

How can I delete this folder?

A:Can't delete folder in Windows 7

There may be a Windows 8.3 name in there that's causing the problem. Open up a command prompt, go to the G:\Graphics folder, and do a dir /x. Hopefully the file you are looking for is listed, then you can do a rd with the 8.3 filename.

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For some reason, Windows 7 won't let me delete my Windows Media Player folder. Each time I try to delete the folder, a message comes up that says "You need permission to perform this action from [insert my user name for my Sony Vaio] to make changes to this folder. When i click "try again" it still pops up. It doesn't ask for a password or anything.

I went under properties and hit the security and clicked edit to change the permissions. I then un-clicked all the rights i had before under my user name, which deleted the user name from the security window. That still didn't work.

What am I doing wrong? I took ownership of the file before I intended on deleting it, and I think that is what has caused all these problems. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

A:Windows 7 won't let me delete a folder?

Hi there,

Let me know if this helps: Take and Grant Full Control Permissions and Ownership in Windows 7 or Vista Right Click Menu My Digital Life


Windows Outreach Team

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okay first let me explain why i want to delete this "Windows" folder i don't want to talk about the other reason why cause its a bit long story-short..the "Windows" is in my 2nd HDD which act as my extra HDD so i don't need the "Windows" folder which contains 10GB and i can't delete it i tried the special permission methods but before it gets delete i get this

File Access Denied

You need permission to perform this action

You require permission from TrustedInstaller to make it changes to this file
File description: boot file servicing utility
Company: Microsoft Corporation
File Version: 6.17600.16385
Date created: 7/13/2009
Size: 69.5.kb

anyone can help me about this?

A:How to delete Windows folder? (not old)

The correct way to delete an OS is to delete its partition in Disk management after deactivating it, using Diskpart Delete Partition Override command, or using a Partition Manager like free Partition Wizard bootable CD.

However if you have a lot of data on the partition which cannot be easily transferred out then sometimes deleting the Windows folder is done - but it is never easy and is like pulling teeth.

First gain ownership using this: Take Ownership Shortcut

Folders which won't Delete have to be stripped out from the lowliest file by rightclicking Security tab to full permission Everyone.

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in my windows 7 i am not able to delete a folder .it shows that
the action cant be completed because the folder or file is open in another program .
somebody help me in resvolving it".
and i tried to delete it in command prompt it shows
"access denied " fd.exe

A:cannot delete a folder in windows 7

did you try after restart your computer? sometime I have faced the same problem and I did manually run the ccleaner than restart the computer than I able to delete the folders or files.

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As simple as it sounds, it was an old hdd that had windows on it and there is a folder on it still called 'windows' with system32 folder in it, i have changed permissions and who owns it and yet i still cant delete it with admin rights. the folder has a lock on it but idk what else to try

A:Cant delete 'Windows' folder

Hello Skrillek,

Would formatting the drive be a viable option?

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How do I delete the Windows.old folder? It keeps asking me to be the administrator. I am logged in as the Admin.

Thanks for the help in advance.

A:Delete Windows.old Folder

I ask this question before until I found my own answer. I delete mine via the cleaning of OS, the procedure is:

1. after logging in as administrator, open up the explorer.
2. select the C: and then right click the c: and open up the c: properties
3. Under General label select Disk Clean UP
4. select system clean-up
5. You find the windows.old and other obsolete system files there you can delete them safely.

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Hello there, i recently tried out windows 8 and reinstalled windows 7. i currently have a windows.old folder in my C: disc. how do i delete it? wI have editted the priveleges for my user (admin).

when i delete it, it says;

i only have one user on my computer though, that user is called Tony..

Thanks for help !

A:Can't delete windows.old folder ??

Hello Tony, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if using one of the options in the tutorial below may allow you to delete the Windows.old folder.

Windows.old Folder - Delete

Hope this helps,

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I am new to this site so if i post on wrong section I'm sorry. Anyway i am having a big problem with my window 7 Pro. I can't delete some folder/files ect... If i try to delete the folder it say "You need permission to perform this action" but I'm the only administrator on this PC. I try looking everywhere but still no success finding what's the issue is here.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:i can't delete a folder in windows 7?

My guess would be that those are system files that could be owned by the trusted installer. Can you tell us wich files we are talking about.

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Just install windows 10, anyone know how to delete windows.old folder?

A:How to delete windows.old folder?

Right click on it and then press delete? It should then skip the Recycle Bin and then permanently delete (could take a while).

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I've upgraded to windows 7 RC from the beta and it created a windows.old folder. I've deleted all the files inside the folder that i was able to delete, but couldn't delete the windows and program files folder in there->not able to delete the windows.old folder.
When I try to delete the windows.old folder I get a message "You require permission from administrators to make changes to this file".
I'm an admin and only user on my system and already given myself all possible rights and ownership of the folder.

How can I delete this folder?

A:Can't delete windows.old folder

Issue still not solved.

Checked the checkbox saying "also change ownership of subfolders".

Still require permission. Changed owner to my current account. Now it says that I need permission from that account. The account I'm using to delete the files.

Help please?

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i cant delete all from that folder there is pop up " Files arent in this location" (something like that .I tried in safe mode but same result.Any suggestion?

A:cant delete windows.old folder

try Unlocker program..

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I just upgraded from Vista to 7 and am trying to delete my windows.old folder. However I am having trouble doing so. I keep getting messages saying I need permission from either trustedinstaller or system. I've tried to change the permissions by going to properties>security but I get an "Error Applying Security" access denied message every time. This also happens to me in safe mode as well. How do I get around this? Please help me out as detailed as possible! Thanks!


Try Unlocker.

Download Unlocker 1.9.1 -

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Hi all

I have a hard drive which I store music and films on (F:). Before this I used it to try a copy of vista on a few months back but promptly sacked that and switched back to XP on my C drive. So I never formatted this drive - I know lazy. I've manged to delete all of the other O/S folders from the Vista install but there is a 'Windows' folder in the root of it which won't delete as there are always multiple files where access is denied. I can't delete it from DOS as my floppy drive is broke so can't boot to a DOS floppy. It won't delete in safe mode either. This folder is taking up over 3gb so could really do with getting rid of it!

Any ideas?


A:Can't delete a windows folder have a couple of options here:

You can download a freeware utility such as Unlocker:

Once installed, you can right click on the folder and select Unlocker, choose Delete from the drop down menu and then click 'Unlock All'. This works best with version 1.7.6 as it will delete it instantly but will force Explorer to crash...but saves you rebooting, newer version usually require the reboot - so whatever is best for you.


You can change the ownership of the folder and subfolders and you should be able to delete it. To do this you will need to be running XP Pro (or you will have to do the following in safe mode):

Right click on the Windows folder, select Properties then select the Security tab (if you do not see the Security tab, you either have XP Home Edition or need to change your folder view: In Windows Explorer, click Tools, then Folder Options then the View tab, scroll down to 'Use simple file sharing (Recommended)' and remove the tick, click Apply then OK....then follow the first few steps above till you get to the Security tab. Click the Advanced button, and then the Owner tab, click your username and put a tick in the bottom box titled 'Replace owner on subcontainers and folders' click Apply then OK. Then click Add and then Advanced then Find Now, scroll to your name, highlight it and click OK then OK again. Put a tick in the box for Full Control under the Allow column, then click Apply then OK.

Now try ... Read more

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My Samsung laptop crashed 2 days ago and I tried for almost a days trying to repair it with no avail. It somehow change my login Icon Charlie to Samsung and needed a password for the Samsung icon. I decided to re-install and it created a folder called Old windows. Now that my laptop is up and running, I went and tried to delete the Old Windows directory and I got a prompt saying that I needed Administrator privilege to delete the folder. I am the only user on this laptop and I am the Admin. I think it is looking at the Old Windows admin password. Any ideas on how I can delete the old windows folder? It's is about 17gb.


A:Cannot delete OlD Windows folder

Hello Charlie, and welcome to Seven Forums.

An option in the tutorial below should be able to help delete the Windows.old folder for you.

Windows.old Folder - Delete

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I'm in the Windows Insider program and have updated Windows 10 several times now. Each time, creating a windows.old folder. Do I need to keep these, and if not, what's the best way of deleting them? This is probably a silly question, but better safe than sorry. Thanks!

A:OK to delete windows.old folder?

Not a dumb question at all.

You can remove it, my advice on doing so has been listed in the forums though.

In short, do a disk cleanup:

How do I remove the Windows.old folder?

Works in 10 though written for 7.

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I have been all over Google looking for an answer to a problem I'm having. I upgraded from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium with a clean install.

All went well and I feel my computer is working better now than it ever did. I did add a new asus mother board, a quad core processor 3.27, doubled the Ram, and put in a blue ray burner.

After the upgrade was completed I waited for almost a week to make sure all was working well and then set out to delete the windows. old file. I did as was suggested and did it through disk cleanup. All looked like it was cleaned until I went into my C drive and see that the Windows.old folder is still there. I can't delete it. I shows that it does the files do not exist on C: windows.old but the file is still there. There are three folder but nothing in any of the folders. How can I delete the foler windows.old. I've tried everything suggested but can't seem to find a way. I even went into the registry but can't find anything.

Thanks in advance. This is so frustrting. I can't understand why I can't delete a folder.

I appreciate any and all assistance.

A:Windows.old folder won't delete

Just open Windows Explorer and try to delete the folder from there.

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Can windowx xp installed that way? I want to completly install xp and format my computer but im not sure how to as im a beginner.

What will happen when i reload my computer after i removed windows, will i be able to install windows xp.


A:If i Delete My Windows Folder

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I'm in the Windows Insider program and have updated Windows 10 several times now. Each time, creating a windows.old folder. Do I need to keep these, and if not, what's the best way of deleting them? This is probably a silly question, but better safe than sorry. Thanks!

A:OK to delete windows.old folder?

Not a dumb question at all.

You can remove it, my advice on doing so has been listed in the forums though.

In short, do a disk cleanup:

How do I remove the Windows.old folder?

Works in 10 though written for 7.

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I instaled windows 8,i had windows 7 on the same drive.Now i want to delete windows folder in windows.old.When i try this i get permission error...
Can anyone help me to delete this folder?

A:How to delete Windows folder?

Hello IR123,

If you would like to delete the whole Windows.old folder, then the tutorial below can help show you how to.

Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8
Otherwise, you could take ownership of and set permissions to "Allow" your user account "Full Control" to be able to delete it afterwards.

Take Ownership of a File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

Having an annoying little problem with a folder that keeps going missing. It's not a number of folders (well to my knowledge there aint) that goes missing just this one. It's a huge folder that carries 30gb or files inside of it.

It's not being deleted as the folder which carries that folder still displays the size of the folder within it once you right click it. (hope that makes sense)

I can retrieve the folder through system restore but i would like to find out the reason why it keeps dissapearing, i've used the system restore tool far too much in the past couple or so weeks.


A:Folder keeps dissapearing on hard drive

Is it a folder that you've created or is it a system folder?

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I have 3 hard drives. One my D drive which is 160gb(This is the only partition, 1 big 160gb partition, no other partitions on drive), there is a folder called Files, that contains all my songs. I used windows file transfer wizard to transfer onto laptop so i had good backup and i burned them onto a dvd. Then oddly the whole hard drive was gone, so i had some partition recovery software which i used in a snap.

Then when it loaded back all my movies that were on the hard drive were there ( all 120) but my song folder ( D:\Files) was behaving oddly, first it would take 5 minutes to open and only to show songs a-c on there. So i re started my computer to see if it would fix it oddly enough, nope windows made me sit and wait for chkdsk to do its magic, so i waited but it didnt do anything only display segment XXXX unreadable for almost the whole time but it deleted a few extra things here and there.

So i made another folder called songs on my D drive and copied some songs i left it on cuz it said it would take 120 min but after a few it said cyclic redunduncy check and stopped.
then i tried to delete folder and it said its corrupt or unreadable

Then it wouldnt work at all so i opened up CMD and tried to CD into the directory files and it said Data Error ( Cyclic redunduncy check) and for the songs directory it cd'd into it but when i tried to do anything windows said to run chkdsk, i ran chkdsk and it didnt do anything at all.

SO what do I DOOO???

btw my operating syst... Read more

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I have a folder called music on my portable hard drive, which i am unable to acess.
I get the error message 'The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable.'

As you can see on the image, i am playing music from that folder, i right clicked Music and selected add to windows VLC media player play list.

I right click properties and it shows me how many files are there, help?

When i try to delete the folder i get this error message.

A:Folder Corrupt on hard drive

Have you tried to run chkdsk on that drive?

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When I access the F:\ hard drive (2nd hard disk), the windows recognize it as a music folder, which it should be and it should be recognized as C: drive. Here is a pic below. Any idea to fix it?

theme is 100% fine. I am using a sata hard drive, internal one. It was fine with the current theme I have then suddenly it changed. I know it doesnt has anything to do with my theme, its something else. Any help?

A:un-ordered F:\ hard drive folder

What makes you think the second drive should be seen as C: ?

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Okay, about 2 days ago, I was looking through google images and one of them lead to a damn virus. It was one of those viruses where the entire wbesite turns into a fake virus-scanner and bombards you with pop-ups telling you to download it.

I immediately ctrl-alt-deleted out of the website, and I run a full system scan on both Malware Bytes and Avira. Neither found anything, however, on my external hard drive, there's a mysterious folder named "6506a12a9cce3614cb46802cf625" that I've never seen before, and I didn't put it there. And it's full of bad things like 'setup', 'eula', and other unpleasantness. I'm almost certain this has something to do with the virus, because every couple of minutes, Avira pops up from the task bar saying "Autorun: Blocked", and there's a file in that folder called autorun. I'm almost positive it's associated with what happened a few days ago.

Anyway, now to the actual problem. I tried to delete the folder and it said it was read-only. So I went to properties and tried to uncheck that, and it keeps telling me that access is denied, and it won't let me un-read-only any of the folders inside of it. Therefore, I can't delete it, or any of the folders inside of it. I did manage to delete the single files that weren't in any of the numerous folders, but I fear that won't stop it. I even run rkill, but it didn't close anything related to this folder. Most of the fo... Read more

A:Suspicious folder on Ext. Hard Drive

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Is formatting the drive an option for you or do you have things on the drive you need to keep?

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First Of all i hope this is the right place for my question.

Have windows XP Pro SP2,

Latelly Find 2 Entries In Add Remove Programs, Reading 1 as "Upgrade (d:\Program Files \)" with Size of 21,177.00 MB and 2nd as "Upgrade (D:\Program Files\Upgrade\)" Size 21,635.00 MB.

Both these Entries have Windows Media Player Sign in the Beginning

And i Have not seen these before.

I try to look in D:\Program.. including Hidden folders and cant find it

Please Let Me Know Where these come from, And if i delete these from Add Remove, what Could happen, since these are using too much of hard drive's space.


A:Can't Find Folder In The Hard Drive

Hi Harmo and welcome to bleeping computer.

Do these read Window Media Player Hotfix or Windows Media Player system update? If they do then they are just updates from M$.

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Linksys/T-Mobile Hot Spot (wireless) ROUTER with Ethernet connections to 1) Home Phone, 2) iMAC PowerPC/OS X Leopard, 3) PC/Windows 7 32bit and 4) IOMEGA HOME MEDIA NETWORK HARD DRIVE (herein "NHD").

The NHD contains 1) a "BACKUPS" folder with sub-folders containing scheduled & unscheduled backups and system images from both computers and 2) specific folders e.g. MOVIES.

Upon attempting to open the "BACKUPS" folder on the NHD from the PC, a WINDOWS SECURITY panel opens 1) requesting a user name and NETWORK password to the NHD, 2) listing the PC name as a DOMAIN name and 3) a red "X" - Access Denied.

1) As User/Administrator, I have not set any "folder" security/passwords, 2) I can open, view, edit and delete any of the other folders on the NHD from the PC and can open, view, edit and delete ALL folders from the iMAC , 3) I have NO domain setup, only a WORK GROUP name, 4) Network access protection is OFF.

General Tab: &#9830;File Type > Share
Network Tab: &#9830;Computer Name > the NHD ?? &#9830;Computer Type > Windows NT 4.9 Server ??
&#9830;Work Group > "WORKGROUP" (Control Panel System Info shows true Name)
Security Tab: &#9830;Object Name > \\Iomega-....\Backups
"You do not have permission to view or edit this object's... Read more

A:Cannot Access Folder on LAN Hard Drive from PC

please do not duplicate posts
closing this post continue here

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I am not sure what happened but all of my harddrives except for c: open in a new window now!!! how did this happen and how do i fix it

A:Hard drive folder question

How many separate HD's do you have? Are they internal or external?

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I'm trying to create the UBCD4Win boot disk. I need to copy the XP CD contents into a new folder(that I create) so the build will run properly. Can I simply open up 2 MyComputer Panes (1 showing the D drive with XP contents and 1 showing the empty C drive folder I want to keep the XP files in) and just drag the files from one pane to the other? I tried it once and somehow screwed it up. When I dragged individual files they showed a small pane 'copying i386 to i386' (or whatever file was being dragged). Maybe I missed dragging a file cause the iso build failed.

A:How Do I Copy Xp-cd To Hard Drive Folder?

Yes, it should be that simple.however you need to be sure that you can see all the files.In My Computer, select from the menu: Tools > Folder Options > View tab. Check that the show hidden files and folders radio button is selected and the hide protected operating system files is unchecked. Now try Copying. Also, make sure the Windows XP disk is SP1 or greater. If not, then read this.The UBCD4Win is a fabulous, useful, indispensible tool. I love it! The creator(s) should win the Nobel Proze, in my opinion. Thus: don't give up! You want this CD more than you know!

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Hi experts,

I have a form name Folder_File with one unbound combo name CboDrive two unbound listbox LstFolders and LstFiles.

My CboDrive has this code (list of drives) C:\,D:\ so on..........

Private Sub CboDrives_Change()
GetFolders (CboDrives.Value)
End Sub

My LstFolders has this code

Private Sub LstFolders_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
GetFiles (LstFolders.ItemData(LstFolders.ListIndex))

My Folder_Form has this code

Private Sub Form_Load()

  CboDrives.RowSource = ""
    GetFolders (CboDrives.Value)

And I have this codes that I copy from the websites

Option Compare Database
Sub ShowFileList(folderspec)

' Show files of subfolder in the list box

    Dim fs, fl, f As Variant
    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set fl = fs.GetFolder(folderspec)
    Set f = fl.Files
    For Each z In f
       LstFiles.AddItem z.Name
End Sub
Sub GetFiles(fol As String)

' Add files of subfolder to list box

    Dim fs, fl, f As Variant
     LstFiles.RowSourceType = "Value List"
    LstFiles.RowSource = ""
    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemobject")
    Set fl = fs.GetFolder(fol)
    Set f = fl.Files
    For Each x In f
    &... Read more

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I can't seem to predict when XP Pro SP2 will let me move a folder from SharedDocs\My Videos
to C:\ and when it won't! I don't get it. If I'm Owner don't I own it already?

Sometimes I can just grab the folder that I copied from another machine and placed in My Videos and just
drag it with the Left Mouse Button into another folder on C:\ and it just moves it by changing the directory entries. Then sometimes when I do that, it copies all the files!! Well with video files that's pretty slow!!

Anyone have a clue? Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

A:Move Folder Out Of Shared Folder Same Drive Wants To Copy?

Hello MilesAhead,I'm not absolutely sure, but some of the phrases in your problem description seem to indicate that this might be a variation of the "XP + mouse movement + mouse buttons + keyboard keystrokes" behavior described in the following post. The post deals with the unexpected copying of files when trying to delete them, but I thought the same (or a similar) principle might apply with respect to moving files/folders. "Multiple Deleting Of Files Doesn't Work.":

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Destination Folder Access Denied
You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy to this folder.
<Folder/Sub-Folder Name>
Date created: <Creation Date>
I get this dialog files whenever I try to modify (copy, delete or edit) contents of the "C:\Program Files" folder or its sub folders. When I click the Continue button, everything goes on fine without any problem. Some programs give write errors when I try to modify a file inside Program Files with them (e.g.; Notepad++ gives write error when I try to edit a text file inside one of the sub-folders of the Program Files folder).

I'm the only user on this computer, and I'm already the administrator who installed this Windows. There is no other OS installed on this machine.

This problem has been occurring for a long time. At first I ignored it, but later it started to became bothersome. I don't remember how have it started, or what had I done before it first appeared.

What can I do to stop Windows showing me this dialog box? I want to freely modify contents of any directory in my computer. This is a home computer, I have no social privacy concerns.

(OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, Up-to-date)

A:"Destination Folder Access Denied" when modifying Program Files folder

You could try disabling UAC.

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings

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Making me crazy.  Mail will not populate my "Junk" box.  It keeps running around with the ....... circle thing.  It could go on for hours I think, without any results.  I want to empty my "Junk" folder, but it is not populating the junk emails.  I also attempted to remove a folder, and got the message "We couldn't make one or more of your changes".  Any ideas anyone????

A:Windows 8 Mail not able to delete folder

Hi UGHcomputers May I ask you if you're running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1? If you're running Windows 8, I suggest you to upgrade to Windows 8.1 as it will fix many issues present on Windows 8, one being the error message that you posted in your thread. You can upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free from the Windows Store, just make sure that you have all your "Important Updates" from Windows Updates prior to doing that. Once you're ready, you can follow the tutorial below to start the upgrade process. Also if possible, try to do it over a wired (ethernet) connection and not the wireless (WiFi).

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I recently just re-installed Windows 7 because basically it became very corrupt, now it's no longer corrupt and I have a Windows.old folder and I was wondering if it's even necessary to have it now? So is it safe to delete it? Because it consumes A LOT of space on my computer.

A:Is it safe to delete my windows.old folder?

If you are sure you don't want any files from it.

Windows.old Folder - Delete

It's a tough folder to copy to a backup drive. The only thing I found that would handle it is RichCopy

Otherwise you just watch Explorer counting the files for 5 hours.
But most of the stuff is files under the old Program Files and old system files. It won't hurt your system to delete it.

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I took off the TrustedInstaller ownership but when I add the ownership to my own account everytime I try to delete it keeps asking me I need permission from my own self to delete it. Which makes no sense at all. The ownership is also set to SYSTEM and user/Pentrazemine not just Pentrazemine/Administrator.

Anyway to fix this? It's asking me for my own permission and I still can't manage to delete it. It's taking alot of space off of my harddrive - very annoying.

A:Can't delete windows.old folder. [Major help]

Hello Pentrzemine,

You might see if using one or more of the options in the tutorial below will delete the Windows.old folder for you.

Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I bought a computer from my friends wife. It's a DELL INSPIRON B130 with windows XP. problem is ANY time I save something it's saved to a folder with her name on it. I cant delete it or rename it because it's required for windows to run properly.
At least thats the message I keep getting. I also tried to copy all items from this undeletable folder to a folder with name on it. And I tried taking off the read only access attribute. no success on any of this. The user administrative user account has my name on it though, so I cant figure it out, It's silly. Any suggestions??

A:Cannot delete user folder on windows XP

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guys my windows live messenger stopped working.. i uninstalled it from my program list... i deleted every single file because uninstalling it did not delete anything... i used zapmessenger... but still when i open the installer for windows live it says that it stopped working.. and i cant delete the windows live folder... any help?...

A:cant delete Windows live folder..

Originally Posted by davidedpg10

guys my windows live messenger stopped working.. i uninstalled it from my program list... i deleted every single file because uninstalling it did not delete anything... i used zapmessenger... but still when i open the installer for windows live it says that it stopped working.. and i cant delete the windows live folder... any help?...


does it say why? or just not let you do it? you might be running a background service that will not let you delete it, or you might not have the permissions.

If it is permissions you need to take ownership. instructions here Take Ownership of file

If it is a running service try booting in safe mode and deleting it then
hope this helps


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I recently installed an OEM Windows 8.1 as a dual-boot with Windows 7 from an installation DVD using this guide:

Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista

Everything is working perfectly, no problems at all. However, I noticed a Windows.old folder that appears to be empty. Is this just part of the setup? Can I safely delete it from within Explorer, without any adverse effects on the installation?


A:Empty Windows.old folder - OK to delete?

Yep, it's safe to delete.

Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8

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I can't delete a file in the c:\windows folder, even though it has a trojan in it (according to my virus scanner). It says that access is denied because it is being used or is protected.

I run Windows XP.

How can I delete it? Thanks.

A:Can't delete a file in c:\windows folder.

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I have a folder on my external hard drive (where I keep all my music files) that will not be deleted. Originally it contained a music album, but when I tried to copy it, I found I couldn't. I then took the mp3 files from this folder and placed them in a new folder. Then I tried to delete the empty folder, but it simply will not delete. If I place my cursor up to the empty folder name, it tells me it contains 16.5GB...when in fact it contains nothing at all. I have tried delete on boot, but it doesn't work...presumably because this is a folder, not a file. I must have copied this on to the external hard drive at some stage, but it won't allow any movement now. The error message says " Cannot delete BBBBBBBB.BBB: Access is denied." ( This is not the name of the folder, and I can still change the name)
I would really appreciate some help!

A:Can't Delete Empty Folder In Windows Xp

Since it says "Access Denied" you probably need to take ownership of it, HERE is a link telling you how to do that. You might need to do it in safe mode...

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I have a new install of Windows 7 Pro on a blank hard drive and there is a folder called Windows.old 22.6 Gbyte in size.
Can this folder and contents be deleted?

Kind regards,


A:Folder called Windows.old can I delete it?

Windows.old is where the installer puts an old copy of windows when upgrading.

Odd that it would be there on a completely clean install on a completely blank hd.

But yeah, look at the contents carefully and if there is nothing you care about in there is can be deleted.

Normally it would contain all your desktop and user files and settings (IE favorites mail etc). So just be SURE you don't need anything from it. But it's not used in any way by the newly installed windows.

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