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laptop connected to HDMI tv was working now keep getting no RGB signal

Q: laptop connected to HDMI tv was working now keep getting no RGB signal

I have a Toshiba satellite L305-S5875 I have it connected to my Vizio HDMI HDTV to watch netflix with. It has been working fine except for the past week. When I unplug the laptop to skype and then plug it back into the tv when I am done I get a, "NO RGB signal" message from the tv. I don't know why it is doing this, I have been able to use system restore to get it working again, but it is no longer working. Any ideas?

A: laptop connected to HDMI tv was working now keep getting no RGB signal

Try this:

Hold down the input button on the right side of the Tv. This is the bottom button
With the tv off, press and hold the bottom button (input)

When the TV powers up and you see the input menu, release and press the button
to change the mode to your preference.

Hope that helps.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3764 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1754 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463838 MB, Free - 265342 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway , ID59C , V1.05 , LXWLJ02009023BBCC42200
Antivirus: Bell Aliant Security Services Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

Okay, so over the holidays I received a brand new Hisense television and I was watching movies and tv shows on my laptop on the big screen through an HDMI cable for a few weeks. Before that I was doing the same thing with the big screen in our living room for months. I got up one day and wanted to plug it in but I kept getting a message saying no signal. I had had it plugged in the night before and it worked just fine. Yes, I checked to make sure it was on the right setting, HDMI 1. I also tried plugging it in the other HDMI slots on the tv and it didn't work in those either. It is doing the same thing to our tv in the living room and it just doesn't make any sense. The only thing I can think of is that my computer has some kind of driver that just needs to be updated or something but I have no idea which one. HELP PLEASE!

A:No signal message when laptop is connected to Hisense TV through HDMI cable!

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I've recently purchased a Samsung T23A750 monitor and to my disappointment when I try to watch a movie the built in speakers are not functioning. I have a Sony Vaio Z216GX connected via HDMI to the monitor (HDMI-DVI) port. I can definitely see the video, but no audio is playing from the speakers. The built in speakers are not at fault- I did a self-diagnosis of the monitor and the speakers seem to work fine. I also set the monitor as the default for the audio and even when Win 7 says its functioning properly, the speakers still don't work. Conversely, setting the default to my PC speakers work fine. I'm sure its not the HDMI cable- I used the same one to hook my pc to my tv with everything working fine. Any ideas??

A:Monitor Speakers not working when connected via HDMI to laptop

make sure you have the latest drivers for the hdmi can check by going to the windows start bar and right clicking on computer and choosing manage then click device manger and open the tab were it says sound,video and game controllers if you see somthing related to hdmi and has a yellow triangle then right click on it and update software if no yellow triangle is there try it anyways if that doesn't help then post here again, hopefully someone who knows more about hdmi can help also because i never had hdmi but ive had audio problems with my speakers before and this is how ive fixed it before

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I have been using an HP Z display as an ext monitor, connected to my Pavilion 15 notebook using the hdmi port.  Following an update 2 days ago, the monitor no longer receives a signal from the hdmi port.  (I know the monitor and cable are ok as they work on another laptop). Any help or suggestions how to resolve this issue will be great!

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I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 home premium a while ago and connected my laptop
to see some movies and all I see is NO SIGNAL.With Vista it was ok and now NO SIGNAL.
I checked my laptop and it detects my Vizio tv and show 1 and 2 monitors but no output
signal.Nvidia shows two monitors but no output.Been searching with no results.I've seen
a lot of views to my post with no replies.It looks like no one knows about this problem.Need help.

A:laptop to tv via hdmi NO SIGNAL

The proper input is selected on the TV? DVI 1 or DVI 2, etc?

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I bought a new HDMI cable yesterday, hooked it up to my laptop and TV and it worked just as expected. I unplugged the cable went away a few hours and when I came back to use it again and the TV was receiving no signal, Black screen with no sound. The laptop recognises the TV and says the connection is working properly but the TV shows nothing. The cable works between my Ipad and TV so it definitely looks like a setting issue on the laptop which is strange as I haven't changed anything manually between it working and then not. The TV is on the correct input and I have set the laptop to duplicate on a second screen. Tried a few things like changing the resolution and refresh rate but no luck.

Any ideas are appreciated. TIA

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Hello I own Asus u81a-rx05 laptop.

Today I wanted to watch a video stored in my laptop on my tv so I hook up the hdmi cable to the tv and my laptop.

My laptop detects my tv but no image is displayed on my tv.
It worked before but i dont know why its not working now...

Latop detects the samsung 1080p tv 60hz.

"no signal" is displayed on my tv even if i change it to extended display or just projector(copy whats on my laptop screen)

I'm 100% sure that the cable is not the problem because i tested on my ps3.

Any help would be nice. THANKS!

A:No signal with hdmi output from laptop

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Hi All,

I just set-up my new Asus computer with an Asus monitor. It seemed like a straight-forward task. I hooked up both the VGA and HDMI cables to the nVIDIA graphics card slot in the back of the tower.

I keeping getting this message "VGA No Signal". I tested the VGA cable by using it on my old computer. It works fine. I used my old cable on the new monitor and same message.

If I remove the HDMI cable from the graphic card slot the monitor works! I figured once I had Windows 7 set-up it would take the HDMI cable but no such luck.

Is there something wrong with this new monitor, the graphic card slot or I just missed something.

Also, I find the system is very slow to start-up even though the computer is much more powerful than my six year old computer.

Thanks, ms

A:ASUS VE248Q Monitor - No VGA Signal & HDMI not working

Hi All,

Solved this one myself. There was a short in the power supply at the back of the monitor.

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Hey There,
For about 2 years I have connected my laptop to my tv with an hdmi cord and it worked beautifully. I used extend display and configured everything with the Nivdia Control Panel. About 2 weeks ago the TV stop detecting the signal from the laptop. I bought a new hdmi cord thinking it had somehow broke - but the new cord still didn't work. The driver was already up to date so uninstalled and reinstalled it. I have done this several times and still there is no signal. The device manager detects the card and says it's functioning properly. The mobility center says the display is connected and the Nvidia Panel shows the Sony TV. But the TV is blank and say no signal - any suggestions? I'm not a computer genius but can figure things out if steps are given just not sure what to look for anymore.
Specs: HP G60 Notebook
OS: Vista Home Basic
Graphic Card: Nvidia 8200M G

A:No signal when laptop connected to TV


Look here & see if it helps: -

Re: HDMI issues G60-235dx - Intel GMA 4500MHD - HP Support Forum

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System has two HDMI ports and one DVI. The DVI supports a monitor and HDMI is advertised as supporting two monitors. Neither of the HDMI ports are working. Contacted HP support and was told to return for warranty work (1 day old tower). Returned to store for replacement contacted HP support with second tower and was told same, return for warranty work. Contacted online support from another company went through several operations, drivers different connections, both monitor and TV and finally was told tower #2 was also defective. HP Envy 750-197c windows 10

A:Dual monitors not working when connected to HDMI

Hello @77-77-77,I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works,this post has instructions. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!

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I have an Elitebook 8530p that I am trying to connect to my TV so I can view online TV on my TV screen. I can stream the online TV and watch it on the laptop ok, and I can connect the laptop to the TV with HDMI cord and I see the picture on the TV too, but as soon as I push the play button and it starts to stream the Laptop freezes. This happens on both TV's in our house with different HDMI cords which leads me to believe it is an issue with the laptop (not the TV's or cords). I have tried pushing the Fn + F4 buttons to clone it but that makes no difference. I have tried changing the display settings but I don't really know what I am doing! Another post said to choose full HDMI setting but even though the laptop has a HMDI port it didn't appear to have that setting. Is it too old?

A:Laptop freezes when connected to TV through HDMI

The problem is most likely the video card driver, so yes technically your laptop is too old, but luckily you can save that geezer! If updating the drivers doesn't work then you can try changing resolutions.

Solution found here:
a. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

b. Click System and Maintenance, click System, and then click Device Manager.
Note If Control Panel is in Classic View, double-click System, and then click Device Manager.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.

c. In Device Manager, expand Display Adapters, right-click the display devices, and then click properties and under the driver tab click on Uninstall.

d. When you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device, click OK.

e. Restart the computer.

After the computer restarts, the drivers will be automatically installed. Check after this procedure. Also check if you have any exclamation mark or cross marks alongside the display devices listed in device manager.
You can update the drivers using windows update. Refer to the below mentioned link and use the steps provided accordingly -

You may also check if there are any updates for the drivers at the manufacturer website. You may even install the latest drivers from the manufacturer... Read more

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I have just tried to set up a wireless internet connection on my laptop but even though my computer tells me that my wireless connection is working with excellent signal, internet explorer simply comes up with the message: Cannot display etc.
I am really rubbish with computers so please could you explain everything in extremely easy terms Thank-you!
I saw someone asking for this information on another post, don't know whether it will help........................

C:\Documents and Settings\Janina Luszowicz>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : dude
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : RP614v4

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : RP614v4
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Eth
ernet Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-0F-B0-8C-19-B9
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 15 September 2007 17:03:30
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 16 September 2007 17:03:30

C:\Documents an... Read more

A:Wireless connected with excellent signal but internet not working

Well, that is the IPCONFIG from a wired computer, the one from the failing computer is the one we need to see.

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I have connected my HP Laptop with Windows 8 to my TV through an HDMI port. I watch netflix and youtube. A couple times a day the sound will just quit working. I check the audio and it says it is still hooked up to the TV. The only way I can figure out how to get it working again is to restart the computer. This has never happened while audio was playing, just when it is not in use for a little while.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Laptop connected to TV through HDMI Sound turns off every now and then

HP has tens of thousands of different laptops. Which exact one do you have? The full model number will be on a sticker on the bottom and will be similar to DV9240ca or DV6-2130us.

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Hey guys. I have connected my PC to my HDTV (Sansui), and I cannot find an option in the TV for 1:1 Pixel Mapping. I need this because my TV is overscanning my laptops display and the taskbar and other images are cut off the screen. It is also quite blurry. I have the TV's manual here:

I could not find an option in the manual, but maybe you guys could.

Many thanks.

A:Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

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Recently my hard drive went out and I had it replaced with a solid state drive. The problem I'm having now is when I hook up my Samsung Smart TV through an HDMI cable (also tried a new cable with same results) I get wavy, scrolling lines on my laptop that go away when I disconnect the cable. The lines don't show up on my TV and this didn't happen before having my computer repaired.

The Staples tech wants to charge me again for diagnosing it after paying over $270 for a diagnostics and replacement of the hard drive. He said it's not possible for it to be a problem with the new hard drive so it would be another charge even though it didn't do it before having it repaired and my computer reformatted. I'm concerned I'm going to burn something out if I keep using it this way but I also don't want to pay more if it's something simple. He said it could be the motherboard or graphics card but I'm not sure whether or not to trust him. I'm a senior with little technical knowledge.

I want to use an HDMI cable so I can watch Xfinity programming that's available online only. I can live with it doing this as long as it isn't hurting my computer. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

MSI Laptop - 3 years old
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3886 Mb
Graphics Card: Int... Read more

A:Scrolling lines on laptop when connected to TV through HDMI

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Hi all,
Toshiba Satellite U400-157
Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core(TM)Duo CPU [email protected]; RAM 4.00GB
Display Adapter: Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family
Stage 1
Laptop connected to Panasonic LCD 42" with HDMI cable
Both LCD screen and laptop monitor diplay correctly
Able to change display settings and control cursor at laptop
Everything is working fine

Stage 2 two weeks later
When HDMI cable is connected, Laptop screen goes black, but the LCD screen works fine and the cursor appears on the LCD and can be controlled by the laptop

Stage 3 two (more) weeks later
When HDMI cable is connected, Laptop screen goes black, LCD screen is blank, no cursor visible
I right click laptop screen, go to Graphic Properties>Display settings and try and change the Operating Mode: from Single display to Two
Primary Device: LCD
But these choices are not available.
I go to Control Panel> Personalization> Display Settings
Drop-down menu shows
1. Generic PnPMonitor on Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family
Select down arrow
2. (Default Monitor) on Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family appears

Connected HDMI cable and try again
I have two Black Screens ...!
Have tried restarting comp then TV, and vice versa, before and after connecting HDMI cable, but nothing works.
(all other independent operations on the laptop and the TV work perfectly well)

Yelp, help, please ...
PS I did not post correctly, so I ... Read more

A:Black screen when laptop connected to TV via HDMI

Hello, Do you have another HDMI cable to try , if not, do you have a VGA cable to use ?

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Hi, new here. After searching for information on my problem I could not find a single thread with the same issue.
Having said that, here goes.

I just bought a new TV and attempted to connect it to my laptop via HDMI. I have used both the laptop and the cable with other TV's in the past with no problem but when I connect the two the laptop powers off as if the power has been cut. It will not boot when the two are connected and only happens when the TV is on. The laptop will boot into safe mode but it seems that HDMI out is disabled in safe mode so I cannot test it. I have checked and my graphics drivers are current. Hope someone can help! Thanks.

More Information: I have since exchanged for a different TV (Different Brand) for an unrelated issue and it doesn't work with this one either, same issue.

A:Laptop Shuts Down When HDMI Connected To Television

I found this article on the Forum not sure if it will be any help

Computer shuts down while TV is connected through HDMI

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Hey guys, I'm actually new here, so I am not sure if this is in the right forum page, but I need help. I have had a problem with my HDTV and laptop for a few months and finally decided to start a thread for help. The problem is that the HDTV is blurry and fuzzy when connected to my laptop via HDMI. However, I realize this is an overscanning issue, because in the AMD Catalyst Control Center, whenever I set the scaling for overscanning to 0%, the fuzzy text and screen is fixed, but the edges around the screen like the taskbar are cutoff the edge of the screen. I do not think my TV has an option for "Just Scan", but maybe you guys can find something I can't. Here is the manual:

Also, I am running Windows 8.1 with an AMD Radeon HD 7520G graphics card.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

Not sure I can help but I have the same thing. I have a cheap TV and I think it has more to do with that. I play videos is all and not an issue there, just desktop is expanded past screen.

My TV is only 720p.

I'd love to see if someone has a fix.

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I messed up display settings for when I attach a TV via HDMI to my laptop. I set the system to display only on the TV (OK, not a totally stupid idea) and then picked a resolution the TV doesn't support (that was TOTALLY stupid!) When I disconnect the TV, laptop display works as normal. As soon as I connect the TV, laptop screen blanks and TV goes to Invalid Format. I have tried to change display settings through the control panel with the TV disconnected, but as soon as I plug in the TV, it goes back to the bad resolution on the TV and no laptop display.

Is this stored in the registry somewhere? I want to reset the flag telling the system to display only on 2nd display.

Please help

A:Invalid Format when laptop connected to HDMI TV

Hi OldWraith, welcome to the Seven Forums.

This should work:Connect the TV, don't mind the Invalid Format warning
Press WIN + P to open Display Switch dialog. You don't see it as it's on the non-working TV display but trust me, it's there:
(Screenshot from our tutorial Display - Change Main Display)
Press Right Arrow > Press Enter to change from Display 2 only to Display 1 only
Now you should have the desktop on laptop's display, you can change your display settings as you wish

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My laptop is Asus u45jc-a1

i3 m370 @ 2.4 ghz processor

4gb ram but i recently upgraded it to 8gb ram

250gb ssd samsung

Last year i bought a monitor that is hp la2405x because it has 1920x1200 resolution which i need because i need it to play online poker. I would connect my laptop to the monitor by vga cable. I noticed that the monitor would keep on going to sleep. Example i would be on the computer for few hours or play poker for few hours, then this message would show up. Then my HP monitor screen gets the no signal and then go to sleep and when im playing, i have to wait like 1 minute or so, then hold the power button on my laptop for a few seconds then it turns off. The i press it immediately and then it would show resuming windows. This was the fastest way for me to get back on the tables when not sitting out longer.

However if i dont wait 1 minute or so and then i just press/hold the power button immediately, then i would shut down my laptop which is horrible because if im playing tables, then i have to wait a few minutes due to having to power up the laptop again.

I then wondered if this was my monitor or it could be my laptop as i read it has something to do with video card? Well what happened was later on, i didn't seem to have this issue anymore then after a while it came back again. This is very annoying when playing on pokerstars due to you going to miss out few minutes if you close the computer while playing because you going to be sitt... Read more

A:Monitor No Signal or Going to Sleep When Connected To Laptop?

Does this mean this is 100 percent my laptops fault then? Does anyone know what i can do to fix this issue? Does anyone know why is it that if you wait 40 seconds then press/hold the power button, after few seconds it turns off then you press it again, then it shows RESUMING WINDOWS but if you do this too quickly after the no signal, then press/hold the power button basically turns off the computer, then powering it on again makes you start windows as oppose to resuming windows which takes much more time?
Its very annoying when playing poker and many tables and this happens b/c im going to be sitting out tables due to this.
Another thing i notice is let say im on the computer most of the day but not playing poker, the monitor would go out once a day maybe or not at all. However when im playing poker all day, it will happen at least 1 time a day, sometimes 2 or 3 etc. Rarely does it never have the no signal.
Of course when im on the laptop only and dont connect it to any monitor, i never have this issue.
Does this mean its my laptop and probably the overheating or using too much electricity on the computer? The vga is plugged to my laptop so it isn't loose. Im really confused at this and i basically cannot play poker if this happens as there is going to be at least 2 minutes downtime each time it happens.

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Laptop audio works until I plug in HDMI cable to external monitor.  Looking for guidance on resolution.  Thanks,

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Problem started a little over a month ago on my HP laptop running Windows 7 64bit.

When I connect the laptop to my either of my TVs through an hdmi cord everything works fine. Videos run smoothly and the audio is in sync as if there's no problem.

If I try to watch a video on just the laptop though the problems start. If I try to play anything (songs/videos) in Windows Media Player then it says "Windows media player encountered a problem while playing this file".

When I play a video on YouTube the video runs smoothly but there isn't any audio to go with it.

If I go to control panel - sound - speakers and headphone properties and try to play a test sound it says 'failed to play test tone'

Attempted to update the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver but windows said it was up to date. Same thing with the Intel(R) Display Audio driver.

Thanks for any help

A:hp laptop audio and video problems (unless connected through hdmi)

Are you leaving the HDMI cable connected to the PC when you try to us the PC's sound (IDT)? Generally, when an HDMI cable is plugged in and detected the sound automatically switches from the "Speakers" (the IDT) to HDMI as the default audio playback device and thus no regular PC sound.

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My laptop is Asus u45jc-a1
i3 m370 @ 2.4 ghz processor

4gb ram but i recently upgraded it to 8gb ram

250gb ssd samsung
Last year i bought a monitor that is hp la2405x because it has 1920x1200 resolution which i need because i need it to play online poker. I would connect my laptop to the monitor by vga cable. I noticed that the monitor would keep on going to sleep. Example i would be on the computer for few hours or play poker for few hours, then this message would show up. Then my HP monitor screen gets the no signal and then go to sleep and when im playing, i have to wait like 1 minute or so, then hold the power button on my laptop for a few seconds then it turns off. The i press it immediately and then it would show resuming windows. This was the fastest way for me to get back on the tables when not sitting out longer.
However if i dont wait 1 minute or so and then i just press/hold the power button immediately, then i would shut down my laptop which is horrible because if im playing tables, then i have to wait a few minutes due to having to power up the laptop again.
I then wondered if this was my monitor or it could be my laptop as i read it has something to do with video card? Well what happened was later on, i didn't seem to have this issue anymore then after a while it came back again. This is very annoying when playing on pokerstars due to you going to miss out few minutes if you close the computer while playing because you going to be sitting out etc... Read more

A:Monitor No Signal Random Times Connected To Laptop?

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My laptop's screen goes black when I connect it to the TV via a HDMI cable, however this is completely new as it used to work fine. I can still watch things on my TV but I have to look at the TV screen where text comes up quite small and it makes it hard to do stuff, so I was wondering if anyone would know why my laptop's decided to start doing this, and how I can get it back to both screens working at once? The volume and everything else works ok, it's just a bit annoying is all!

I have Windows Vista Home Edition, not sure of the details, but I got it just when Vista first came out.


A:Help needed: Laptop screen goes black when HDMI cable is connected

do you have your drivers set to "clone mode" in your CP? (the bit where you set up multiple displays

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Spoiler (Highlight to read)  Unable to connect my compaq cq60 PC using my Hdmi port have troubleshoot hdmi cord using another laptop  and hdmi cord is fine and working so is the TV monitor a message is coming up Signal unknown how do i fix this???? Need for my Hdmi to work on my laptop  as i use this mostly for work any answers please!.. running windows 10 by the way.

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Unable to connect my compaq cq60 PC using my Hdmi port have trouble shooted hdmi cord using another laptop  and hdmi cord is fine and working so is the TV monitor a message is comming up Signal unkown how do i fix this???? Need for my Hdmi to work on my current laptop  as i use this mostly for work any answers please!.. running windows 10 by the way.

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Hey guys,

For the past few years I have been running a HDMI cable to my TV. I also have a DVI going to a monitor. I have it so when the HDMI is in, the screen is automatically on TV, if HDMI is out, it will go to monitor - ease of use when watching films on larger screen. Zero issues up until now.

Now though, the HDMI to my TV has 'No Signal'... But it is recognising that there is a HDMI source as when it isn't plugged into my PC it says 'No Cable Connected'

Seriously stressed out over this!

I have tried:

- Other HDMI cables
- Different HDMI ports on my TV
- Plugging HDMI into the back of my Xbox One's 'HDMI IN' port
- Updated my ATI drivers
- Booting with just the HDMI plugged in, no DVI

So PC folk, is this a Graphics Card issue, HDMI port issue, PSU issue, or hopefully simple settings issue?

Specs below:

AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
XPS 8300

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1
BIOS Date: 10/17/11 11:18:49 Ver: 04.06.04

A:HDMI not working with TV "No Signal" - do I need a new Graphics Card?

Sometimes TV's wont recognize the connection. Hook up the hdmi like always, with the computer off. While connected, turn on the computer and see if that helps.

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I have a Vizio monitor that I was able to connect to my laptop via HDMI cable last month.  I did this on a number of occasions with no issues, but less than a month later I tried to do it again and it doesn't work.  The monitor says there is no signal, whereas before it was a direct connection.  I don't know what happened.  Help.

View Solution.

A:HDMI laptop to TV not working

@ALN74, Please use the following and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.

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Will try to keep this simple.....

My DVI TV is not recognising my HDMI (Toshiba) Laptop when connected. (TV Screen showing: "No Signal" and F5 on laptop showing only "monitor" choice.)

However: Same TV works fine with my Husband's laptop. (Also HDMI Toshiba, but newer model)

and: my laptop works fine with another TV (which is HDMI.)

So, it seems there is some kind of problem specifically with the link between my laptop and this particular TV. Any ideas? Any help greatly appreciated as it's driving me crazy!

A:DVI TV to HDMI Laptop Not Working - Help!

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I have an HP dv3 series entertainment laptop.
When I first got my 32' polaroid HD TV about a year back, I began using an HDMI cable with the laptop to display it on the TV. It was simple really. Plug-n-play mostly. Just had to switch the input on the tv to HDMI-1.

In any case, last night I had no problem using my laptop with the HDMI to TV and it worked this morning also. However, last night I accidently pressed something on the remote and suddenly the tv's aspect ratio or resolution changed and my laptop's desktop was all out of wack! The icons were smaller and words were harder to read. Its like they all got shrunk down in size. So I goto my laptops resolution settings and changed it and then changed it back to the previous. NOW I cant even get my laptop to display on my TV!

My girlfriend has the same laptop as I do and when I plug her's in, it works just fine.
My xbox 360/PS3 both work with the HDMI.

I have used both cables on the laptop, 360, and PS3 and the only one that wont work is the laptop.
It just says on the TV when I plug it in "Not Support".

Please help! This is madness!

A:Laptop HDMI to TV not working.

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I'm sorry, I'm somewhat technologically impaired. I've been connecting my tv to my laptop via HDMI cable for several years and it's always worked fine. Today when I tried, the screens just turned back. My TV stopped saying no signal as if it recognized the computer, and the computer screen went black as if it were switching to the TV, but neither of them actually worked. I tried to go into my display settings to connect to a projector which I have had to select in the past, but it says no additional display was detected. When I tried to tell it to do it anyway, the laptop screen started turning on and off every few seconds so it was black, then back to my desktop, then black again.

The really wonky part is that when I tried starting up the computer with the HDMI cable already attached, it showed the windows startup and password screens on the TV as if it were working properly--but as soon as it loaded up the desktop it started turning the screen on and off again until I disconnected the HDMI.

I haven't changed any settings on my computer recently--the only new thing I've installed are some games off Steam. Something crazy's going on with my computer that has never happened before, could someone please help?


PS: This image should have the info for my computer please let me know if you need any other information

A:laptop HDMI to tv stopped working

Verify the screen resolution and refresh rate.

Aside from that, try manually updating or reinstalling the laptop video drivers. The drivers should be available from the laptop manufacturers website (and are the only recommended drivers which should be used).

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For some reason, when I tried to connect my laptop to my HDTV with the HDMI cable today, it did not work. Normally, as soon as I plug the cable into my laptop, my display immediately switches to the TV, but now my computer is not even detecting an additional display, or the HDMI plug. It was even working fine yesterday, but today, nothing. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the graphics processor, setting the computer to second screen only, using a different cable, different TV port, all the usual stuff, but for some reason my laptop just will not detect the HDMI cable.

Here's the basic information for my computer:

The computer is an HP Pavilion g6 laptop. Thanks!

A:Laptop HDMI Output Not Working

Test with a different monitor/TV. That will determine if its a PC or TV issue.

This is typically the result of a faulty port.

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after I updated from windows 8.1 to windows 10 sound will no longer go through hdmi to my tv. I tried to update the drivers it says the driver is up to date but it gives an error thatThis device cannot start. (Code 10){Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful.the hardware id is HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2807&SUBSYS_80860101&REV_1000

A:HDMI sound not working on laptop

Hi: What is the full model number or product number of your notebook? The product number can be found on the same sticker as the serial number.

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i have an acer aspire 5738zg with radeon hd5400 series, 6 gigas of ram, windows 7.
today when i turned on my laptop everything was working as usual then all of a sudden after a few minutes
the whole screen got covered in some zigzag lines yellow then pink and after that the screen went black.

i forced shutdown my laptop , tried to restart but the screen wouldn't turn on.
i tried unplugging the laptop , removing the battery and pressing the turn on button for 30 seconds. also tried removing 1 stick of ram then the other but it didn't work.

then i tried to plug my laptop to an external screen via hdmi. but it didn't work either, i know the laptop is on i can hear the sound and the hard drive light works.

what could be the problem ?
i don't understand why the hdmi is not working either, yesterday i plugged my laptop to the tv to watch anime and was just fine.

any help would be appreciated


A:laptop screen and HDMI not working

Based on the description of the failure, it sounds like the video chipset has failed.

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I've always used my HDMI cable to hook up an extended display of my laptop on my TV. Lately it will often not work. I typically end up figiting with it, unplugging and plugging back in the hdmi cable, turning the tv off then back on, closing my laptop and reopening it, etc... Eventually, it comes back on and stays on. I don't know why it's ever off in the first place. When it is off, my laptop doesn't recognize or detect that it is plugged in How do I fix this problem?

(Windows 7)

A:HDMI Laptop>TV not working anymore

Check cable, try different tv port.

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Suddenly my HDMI 2 connection with the LG TV has stopped working.

When I switch in Input to HDMI 2 it comes up on screen Connecting as usual but then reverts to no signal.

I?ve taken the lead out and in again but it still won?t connect.

I note when researching this problem some people are suggesting graphic driver updates and I did start with a Microsoft thing but cancelled cos I was worried in case it was not legit or virus etc.
I'm an oldie and nervous of this stuff.
I haven?t changed anything ? it was working earlier but just didn?t work when I switched as usual to HDMI 2
I do hope somebody can help me
Many thanks

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Hi Guys,

My Laptop is showing that it is connected to my wireless adapter but I can't access any internet sites, IE says cannot display page, Firfox won't connect and MSN messenger won't sign in. The network connections show as being connected, status is showing packets being sent and received (albeit very slow), and the icon states that I am connected with a very good signal strength but can't understand why internet isn't working.


Host Name........................:Gemma
Primary Dns suffix...............:
Node Type........................Broadcast
IP Routing enabled.............: No
WINS Proxy Enabled...........: No

Ethernet adapter Wireless Connection:

Connection-Specific DNS Suffix.:
Description............................: 802.11b/g Wireless Adapter
Physical Address.....................: 00-0D-F0-18-4B-13
Dhcp Enabled.........................: Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled.........: Yes
IP Address..............................:
Subnet Mask...........................:
Default Gateway......................:
DHCP Server............................:
DNS Servers............................:
Lease Obtained........................: 20 june 2008 19:04:56
Lease Expires...........................: 20 june 2009 19:04:56

Any help appreciated.

A:Laptop connected but internet not working?

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My laptop indicates that it is connected to our modem and that it has "Internet Access". However, I can't use the Internet on any of my browsers. I've tried turning my Wi-Fi on and off, and that did not do anything. I also tried restarting my laptop and the modem, but that did not do anything either. I checked the Device Manager to see if the NIC was working properly. That said it was working just fine. Unless it's lying to me. I connected an Ethernet cable to my laptop, but I still could not get onto the Internet. I ran my computer in safe mode with networking with an ethernet cable but still could not get to the Internet. I have no idea what the problem is.
Could someone please help me out here?

A:Internet not working although laptop says it's connected

Hi there, can you type "ipconfig /all" in the command prompt and paste the addressing information so I can assist with the troubleshooting?


ipv4 address
subnet mask
default gateway

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Trying to help a friend.  I am partially blind and just too much stuff on here to try and sift through!  Her Dell laptop says it is connected, but the browsers either don't do anything or Internet Explorer says something about no page.  She has done the troubleshooting and it says nothing found.  She was on vacation and it was working at first at her Aunt's and then it wouldn't work.  Any suggestions?  And neither one of us is very technical so please type slowly and in English. 

A:Dell laptop says it is connected, but browsers not working

Let's try the following.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 

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Out of the blue my wireless connection stopped working, my browser cannot connect, I don't know what to do. I have a Samsung laptop that's running on Windows 7. I thought it was the browser so I installed the Internet Explorer 9 and while doing so it was able to download the updates but when I open up the browser it still doesn't work.

I'm thinking that it might be a network problem but I've ran out of ideas. I have a netgear router that's connecting a desktop computer, two VOIP devices, my sisters Mac works but we have two laptop that aren't working. I've also tried connecting it directly to an ethernet cable from the router but it's still not able to open the browser.

Please help, my next move is to just save everything and completely reboot it.

A:Laptop wirless connected but browser not working!

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hey dear
my toshiba laptop has os windows vista
laptop is connected with wireless access point but internet is not connected while if i connect internet cable then it is working but wireless connection is not establishing internet.
error message is ... there is no communication with primary DNS number so and so. and if i repair then it is unable to repair it. and saying that your firewall is not allowing to enter although i dont have any ip addressed network. i have automatic ip settings.


A:laptop connected to DSL router but internet is not working??

please solve my problem as soon as now.

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Hi and thanks in advance for any help.
I am very confused with my problem, because I can not nail down where it comes from. I lost the connection of my laptop named above to a Panasonic TX28DTM1 TV. The most confusing is that I had achieved a fully functional connection using a scart (TV) to S-Video (laptop) cable and I have been using it for a while. Suddenly it stopped working and I can not get it to work again ever since.

I had not connected my laptop to TV in a while and when I tried to do it recently I realised the TV was not visible to my laptop, although I had sorted this problem in the past. When I had managed to get it working for the first time windows plug and play detected a new device (TV monitor) and automatically found and installed appropriate drivers. So when I found out the TV was not recognised from my laptop I did again a search for new hardware; windows detected it again but could not find any appropriate drivers. As I could not find any drivers from various Panasonic support web-pages, I decided to uninstall the "Unidentified new hardware". I was planning to upgrade to Windows 7 so I hoped after my upgrade Windows 7 Ultimate would detect the new hardware (TV) again and find the appropriate drivers. My upgrade was smooth and posed no problems, but checking for new hardware does not detect anything new now.
The only change between the last time I achieved the connection and when it stopped working was that I tried to address a conflict of my gra... Read more

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I have a new 40" LCD Dynex TV with HDMI connections and a one year old Acer computer with Windows 7, which has an HDMI terminal. I have tried to connect the two, using all kinds of combinations of plugging in the cable before and after the computer starts or the TV is turned on etc. I have gone into the display on the computer and see that the computer recognizes the TV as a device and it also indicates that it is working properly, but I get absolutely no signal at the TV. I have tried different resolutions and different recovery rates, but to no avail. I know that the connections are good and that the TV input mode is the correct one.
I see in the "display" function of the control panel that two monitors are shown - one for the TV and one for my computer monitor.
Can anyone help me?

A:HDMI - no signal

Start by calling Dynex and ask what "mode" the TV should be in to receive.

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I have an ASUS monitor and ASUS desktop with a graphics card not on board graphics. I have an HDMI cable from the monitor to the video card. Today for the first time while on the internet my screen froze and then went blue saying no HDMI signal. I tried everything but still no signal. I then tried my VGA cable and all was working. I then tried my HDMI cable again and it worked until this afternoon when I was watching a video on the internet and the screen froze and said no HDMI signal. also when this happened I could hear my fan running loudly. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

A:no HDMI signal

Happen to have another HDMI cable to try ? Chances it can be bad or connections on either end.

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I have just built a PC with the ASUS M4A88T-M motherboard which has Radeon HD 4250 on board graphics. OS is Windows 7 Pro.

I have installed all the motherboard/graphics drivers that were supplied on the CD, but I cannot get any video or audio output from the HDMI slot.

I know that there are sometimes issues getting the audio through the HDMI cable but there is no video signal either. The VGS & DVI slots are fine, and also using a DVI-HDMI cable works, but then I have to use separate audio cables.

Do you have to enable HDMI within Windows anywhere ?

I have tried two different TV?s with no signal on either, so it seems to be a PC issue.

Any help appreciated.

A:No HDMI signal

You can try to download the latest drivers from here:ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M4A88T-M/USB3

Failing that, You can try to exchange the motherboard (for OEM Windows 7 to activate the replacement board must be the SAME model), or look into getting a video card

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Hello everybody. First of all, I'd like to say that I am not very technically savvy, so I apologize for any ignorance on my part. I posted this issue and a follow up on another forum; however, that forum seems to be a little on the dead side, so I decided to ask you experts. For that reason, I am splitting this into the two days I have spent trying to figure this out (to no avail).

Day 1:

So basically, I've been connected up to this 37" Emprex HDTV for a few days (nothing great... use the nice Samsung for the PS3), with no problems... well, ok, one problem. While fine at first, yesterday the computer decided to stop picking up the HDMI audio, with Windows 7 listing it as "unplugged." I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and rolling back the drivers as well as installing new ones (Realtek... not sure if it had anything to do with anything, but it was worth a shot) to no avail. That was only the start of the problems however.

This morning, everything (except for the audio, of course) was peachy. A few hours ago, however, the TV decided to just stop reading the HDMI signal all together. No video, no picture, no nothing. All I get is a blue screen that says "No signal." I've tried numerous cables, unplugged and replugged countless times, uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers, and nothing. VGA works though, so that's what I'm using now. By the way, the problem occured after I had moved the TV to a new spot, so it's n... Read more

A:No HDMI Signal

when u connect the cable to your laptop, do u hold down the fn key and click on the monitor key up on top? I think its one of the F keys? As fas as audio goes, you will need to go to your audio setting and choose HDMI .Hope that works for u.

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Hi all, there is no signal coming from the G70-80 HDMI port to my LCD-Display.I already tried different HDMI cables, but no change. The display stays black. I had a look at the BIOS, too, but there was no option for the Intel graphics chip. In the Intel graphics options I can only choose the integrated display, there is no 2nd display.Pressing the "F10" key and selecting "duplicate display" or "exted display" does not help. Anything else I could try? Thank you! Regards,ayalala

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When I connect my PC to my TV Via HDMI Cable, my TV does not receive a signal. When I check in Control panel>Display>Resolution, My TV hasn't even been detected. My TV is an LG 50", Card is a GTX580, and my OS is Win7.

Also, when I connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI (Also on Win7), It is instantly recognised and automatically displays, so it has to be an issue with the PC itself.

Spent a while on google trying to find a solution, but unfortunately I couldn't find one. Thanks for any help on this.

A:PC To TV via HDMI. No signal.

Hi there
What do you get on your MAIN PC when you press the windows + P key. It should be settable to display on 2nd screen only.

It should allow you to switch monitors. The monitor probably isn't being recognized since your PC is set to display on your main screen only (by default).

Ensure the TV is switched on and the input set for HDMI. You'll probably have to change the resolution - laptops seem to work fine --desk tops seem to be different -- probably because of the difference in the graphics cards - especially built in ones.

Laptops recognize when a monitor is plugged in -- this isn't always the case with Desktop PC's so try it with the WIN +P key with the TV switched on of course and the HDMI cable plugged in.

If you DO get it to work don't forget to re-set the screen back to PC display before disconnecting or at the next boot if you don't have the TV plugged in you'll end up with a nice blank screen.


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hi. i have a laptop dell inspiron n5110. i am trying to connect hdmi output with a tv. nut i have not video+audio signal. from dbtv decoder to tv i have signal. so the problem is to the hdmi laptop output. i tried the option to connect to projector from windows 7 but nothing. any idea? thank u in advance

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I have a Gigabyte GA-MA785G-US2H mobo with radeon HD 4200 graphics. It has HDMI 1.3 and I have an old TV lying around which happens to have HDMI input. I just built a new PC so, I decided to hook up these 2 and make a Boxee box.

I have Ubuntu installed on the to-be boxee and on the new machine I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

When I plug in the HMDI cable, nothing happens, that is, no display on the TV. I even doubled checked everything-input, cable!

Am I doing something wrong here? The TV is a Hitachi L32S02A.

The cable is HDMI 1.3 one.

I even tried the new PC which has my Radeon HD 6770 on it-still nothing!

What should I try now?

A:No signal through HDMI

Change your resolution to 1366x768 or lower and make sure the refresh rate is 60 before connecting to the tv..? Set tv to hdmi1 or hdmi2 input.

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So I am starting to regret buying this system.  Latest problem: no signal from the HDMI port, the cable used and the monitor work perfectly well with other system.  Anyone know how I can diagnose potential problems or is suffering from the same? Thanks in advance.

Go to Solution.

A:P70 HDMI no signal

does the machine see your monitor? if it does whats your resolution set to? 

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I have an ASUS monitor and ASUS desktop with a graphics card not on board graphics. I have an HDMI cable from the monitor to the video card. Today for the first time while on the internet my screen froze and then went blue saying no HDMI signal. I tried everything but still no signal. I then tried my VGA cable and all was working. I then tried my HDMI cable again and it worked until this afternoon when I was watching a video on the internet and the screen froze and said no HDMI signal. also when this happened I could hear my fan running loudly. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

A:no HDMI signal

Happen to have another HDMI cable to try ? Chances it can be bad or connections on either end.

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Hello, just installed Revo M1-601.The monitor is Acer VK228 connected by HDMI cable.After a few minutes the screen goes black and shows "HDMI no signal" blinking. Does anyone have a solution.Merci   

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Hello, just installed Revo M1-601.The monitor is Acer VK228 connected by HDMI cable.After a few minutes the screen goes black and shows "HDMI no signal" blinking. Does anyone have a solution.Merci   

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I just bought a new asus monitor 2 weeks ago. everything was fine until yesterday. The monitor knows when you turn on a computer hooked up to it and turns on by itself. So yesterday when i tried rebooting my computer it said "dvi no signal" i tried to to change the input again to dvi and the buttons did not respond and i couldn't event turn off my monitor so i unplugged the power cable and plugged back again and this time it did recognize it. It also happens when i'm using my other computer with the HDMI cable! both cables are hooked up to the monitor but i don't use both computers at the same time! can anyone help me fix this issue? thanks!!!

A:New monitor DVI or HDMI no signal

It just turn on your monitor before turning on your PC.

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Hi all,

I am trying to use my Laptop with an ACER 272HUL Monitor via HDMI cable.

Whenever I plug in the HDMI cable, the Monitor Model (Acer K272HUL) and the correct max resolution (2560x1440) is being shown on screen of the Laptop (Screen resolution window).
Also, when selectimng the HDMI port I use on the monitor, the monitor does NOT say "no cable connected" which it does at all the other ports. So, seems that the principle connection between the Laptop and the Monitor works, but no signal is sent ... ???
After a little while, the monitor also says "No signal".
Now, I found on the web that the max. resolution of that monitor on HDMI seems to be 1920 x 1080 @60 Hertz, so I changed the resolution to that values but with no luck. Also reducing the repeat rate to 50Hz (by going to "advanced" and select it from the "mode" Button) does not help - monitor stays black.
Any help?

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getting no signal from TV running an amus hexacore, 64 bit win 7 system...

TV is a vizio 43in i believe 2 or so years old... has 4 hdmi slots and none of them are getting signal so im assuming its windows or my video card or something im not doing correctly to switch from my basic computer video cable to hdmi

ATI Radeon 2 5700 video cards

A:HDMI cable No signal

What is your make and model# for you Video Card? do you have an HDMI out of your video card? do you have TV out of your video card?

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HDMY1 and HDMI2 scannimng  No signal. Then goes into sleep mode. Noresponse ON ENVY 750st when placing the HP CD ISP Led Backlit Monitors

A:No HDMI signal received

Hey there @jim1200, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are having trouble with connecting a display to your computer and you are getting no signal. I am happy to help with this. Does your computer have a discrete graphics card installed? If so and if you are trying to use the two HDMI ports on the back of the motherboard of the computer instead of an HDMI port on that video card, then that is the issue. If a video card is installed, the integrated graphics adapter is disabled. Try using the HDMI port on the back of the video card itself. If this is not the case let me know, but if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.  

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I have recently hooked up two Samsung Syncmaster 2243s to my HP Compaq laptop at work (waiting on an email for the specific model for the Compaq and Nvidia Quadro video card). Unfortunately, the second monitor says "Check Signal Cable" and will not display anything. Here's how I have it set up:

The first monitor is hooked up to the laptop on the VGA port and works fine. I have used extended display with my laptop screen and Syncmaster with no trouble. I hooked up the second monitor to the HDMI port in my laptop with a DVI-HDMI cable. At no point (eg. when restarting) does the monitor show anything but "Check Signal Cable".

I have updated my drivers (windows and Nvidia) and tried removing my display adapter and restarting, forcing the computer to reinstall the drivers. I have rebooted with the second monitor attached and unatatched with no luck.

The key point is that the computer recognizes the second monitor (with the Nvidia control panel I can turn off the laptop screen and set both monitors as my extended display - second monitor still says no signal although the first monitor, which works, behaves as if it were part of an extended monitor). Further, the second monitor works normally, as it was used on a previous laptop via VGA. What could cause the "no signal cable"? I did buy a second DVI-HDMI cable with the same result. Any help would be most appreciated.

A:Second monitor HDMI no signal

typically, dual monitors is not done with VGA, or if so, is implemented using a 'Y' cable.

A video card built to support dual video out is usually DVI with Y or two DVI ports on the card.

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Hi people, thanks for reading,

I have just been using a vacuum on the fan of the computer and unplugged everything. I've now gone to use it again and the AOC monitor is saying 'no signal' I've connected the HDMI cable up just how it was before so I'm completely stumped as to why it's not working now.

I've tried quite a lot of things but would be interested to know what your suggestions are.

Many thanks again,

A:Aoc Monitor No Signal - HDMI

Could be hardware damage. Vacuums create static electricity. Static destroys electronics.

Test with a different monitor to verify the computer or monitor is faulty. Or test that monitor on a different computer.

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I've just recently had to rebuild my HTPC with a newer version of Windows 7. I have been using an ATi HD5450 card in my setup for over a year now with no problems.

However, with this new build I've put on, I am now not getting any signal to my receiver from my HTPC. However, as soon as I turn on my TV, I get a signal to the receiver!! So I can get audio but always have to have the TV on, which is not how I remember it working before.

I am no nearer to finding out why all of a sudden there is no signal from my PC to receiver. I have carried out a few tests that Yamaha have advised me to as I thought the issue was with the receiver but it looks like a problem with the Windows 7 and codecs.

I've just checked and I am running the latest drivers for my card as well.

Hope someone can help! Thanks

A:No HDMI Audio Signal

Do you have your playback device on the PC set to AMD HDMI Output?

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My Dell XPS 15 9530 from 2014 no longer seems to be able to connect via HDMI to TV or projector since I upgraded from Win 8 to Win 10. It worked before. I get "no signal" on the second screens.
Spent half a day already on this, googling and trying the following:
* Updating to the latest Dell drivers, Windows updates, and Nvidia updates.* Disabling either of Intel (HD Graphics 4600) or Nvidia (GT 750M) graphics cards* Rolling back to older versions of display drivers* Trying different HDMI cables* Running Dell's diagnostics tool* Lowering screen resolution* Restarting everything
But nothing works.
The external screens don't show up in Screen Properties. Pressing Fn+F8 brings up the four choises (Duplicate etc.) but nothing happens when I click any of those options.
Some posts I found via googling seem to suggest that Win 10 simply isn't compatible with HDMI in some laptop/graphic card/CPU configurations. Can this really be the case, or what can I do?

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I've tried 2 TVs (Samsung HL67A750A1 and LNT2653HX) and they both give the same 'No Signal' error. For 8 months this setup has worked without an issue with both of these TVs.

The original issue started with the ATI 4650. The PC would still display without issue, but it would randomly freeze and then a few days later the motherboard started giving a diagnostic error code that the video RAM check during POST failed and the computer would no longer boot.

I installed an ATI 4870 I had and the computer booted fine and no more lockups. I was glad I finally figured out the issue. But then the next day the LNT2653HX LCD said 'No Signal' when turned on. A reboot/reconnect cable/re-seat video card, etc wouldn't help. I connected the PC to the HL67A750A1 and received the same error.

Both TVs will work fine with another PC and XBox 360. I installed the 4870 in the other working PC and immediately received the 'No Signal' error. I placed my 5870 back in the working PC and while it wouldn't show POST, it did display once Windows 7 booted (interestingly when I connect through my Denon Receiver, the PC will show POST on the HL67A750A1 - just not when directly connected).

The bad PC with the 4870 will boot to Windows and I can even connect to it through RealVNC and gain access to the file shares. When looking at the display properties, it only detects a VGA connection (the RealVNC I assume). I installed Powerstrip and the EDID information it is pulling from the registry is... Read more

A:HDMI No Signal Error

I'm going to tell you that you may need to check your PSU, I wonder if it's putting out the proper power as this sounds likely that it is not.

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Alright, this is the second morning this happened and I'm getting a little worried. Basically, I turned the computer on and the LCD TV that it's connected to doesn't pick up its HDMI signal. What I have to do is take the plug out and put it in another TV, get a signal there, then put it back in my main TV, and then it picks up. I haven't installed any new hardware or software since I started having this problem, and I haven't changed any settings. I've just been playing minecraft. The TV doesn't give me any problems otherwise.

I'd appreciate the help.

A:Computer not sending HDMI signal right away

Try i diffrent HDMI. I had the same problem and it turned out to be the HDMI cable that stopped working.

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I just started having this problem on both of my laptops, Toshiba Satellite and an HP, and I have exactly the same problem on both of them. Both of them loose the signal as soon as windows starts loading so it has to do with windows 8 since I get a signal just before windows starts loading. I have tried to go to the display settings and on both of them will not detect my HDMI TV. I don't seem to be able to find a solution to this and it looks like there are quite a few people having the same problem but no solutions. Any ideas?


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I just started having this problem on both of my laptops, Toshiba Satellite and an HP, and I have exactly the same problem on both of them. Both of them loose the signal as soon as windows starts loading so it has to do with windows 8 since I get a signal just before windows starts loading. I have tried to go to the display settings and on both of them will not detect my HDMI TV. I don't seem to be able to find a solution to this and it looks like there are quite a few people having the same problem but no solutions. Any ideas?


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The last time I used my computer was last night and all was well, when I went to bed I put my computer to "sleep" like usual and went to bed. I get up this morning and "wake it up" and i'm getting a "no signal" screen on my TV. So I look at the display on my receiver and the HDMI logo isn't lit up like it should be. I restart the computer to see if that helps, as soon as the boot logo screen comes on the HDMI logo lights up and I can see the display normally all the way until the logon screen should come up, then the HDMI logo goes away and I get "no signal" again.

Now i'm in safe mode w/networking but can't get status of my video card due to being in safe mode. Does this sound like a classic case of a bad video card or am I jumping the gun? Any way, short of swapping out the video card, I can do some troubleshooting to confirm what the problem is?

A:No HDMI signal once Win7 loads

Have I finally stumped you guys? Normally you guys resolve my issues pretty easily.

Still in safe mode here, haven't figured out what the problem is. It can't be my HDMI cord though cause i'm still using that same cord ATM. Kind of thinking it can't be my video card either cause i'm still connected to the display via the HDMI on it. This is strange! I've been connected to my HDTV for months now, nearly a year, and all of a sudden this happens?? Baffling!

I still have my 22" display hooked up via DVI, i'm gonna restart my machine and see if I get anything to display on it once Windows loads......didn't try that this morning. If so, looks like I'll be getting a 24"+ monitor sooner than I thought cause my 22" is on the verge of going'll be fine for a while then the screen will get noticeably brighter for a few seconds before it blacks out. I can turn it off for a while then turn it back on and it'll be good to go for a little while but then it'll do the same thing.

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I'm trying to connect my new PC with a LG TV (49UF7077), but the TV keeps saying "no signal" no matter what I try. The TV sees that something is connected though. And the Geforce control panel quickly and correctly finds the TV and its native resolution and other options. Windows correctly allows extended desktop and other options. I'm using the latest Windows 10 Home and an EVGA GTX 1070 with the latest driver, and checked and controlled new HDMI cable.

What I've tried:
* restarting everything
* resetting the TV
* trying different HDMI ports (although this TV clearly has one certain one which is "the right one" in terms of color support)
* disabling "hdmi ultra deep color" (something which the TV suggests as a fix)
* outputting to TV only (I also have the regular monitor on the DVI port)
* lower resolutions (as if the hardware wouldn't support 4K60)
* connecting a low end Windows 10 laptop using the same cable - WORKS!
* contacting LG support (they couldn't give a solution)

Any ideas?

A:4K60 signal to TV over HDMI problem

Nvidia control panel -> Display -> View HDCP status - what that says?
how long HDMI cable youre using? is it 1.4 version?

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Hey guys,

I got a weird problem here concerning an Acer computer (AM5811-E1512) and an Acer monitor. The problem is that whenever I boot the

computer while the monitor is connected with an HDMI cable to the right HDMI output (the one from the graphic card, ATI HD 4350), I

get a *No signal* message on the monitor UNTIL it gets to the *Choose a User* screen. At that point, the display appears and

everything is fine. I tested the same monitor/computer with a VGA and a DVI cable and both worked fine and were actually showing the

booting screens. I work at a small repair store so I was able to test the monitor on another computer of the exact same model using

the HDMI cable and everything worked fine. So does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong? The computer is running Windows 7 and

everything is legit. Im just trying to figure out what could cause a *No Signal* message on the monitor until Windows is loaded,

which is stopping me from accessing stuff like the BIOS and Recovery Options when using an HDMI display.

I havent been able to find anything similar on the web...

Thank you for your time

A:HDMI: No Signal Until Windows is Loaded

I assume you've tried blind pressing whatever key you press to get to your bios, and it can go to the bios, but still no signal?

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when i connect a dvi or hdmi from my gtx 780 to my acer H274HL Monitor all works fine but when i want to connect display port cable on my gtx 780 and the other side is hdmi that goes to my monitor than there is no signal at all

i am running windows 10 64 bit enterprise and all drivers are up to date also windows updates are up to date

i have tryed everything and nothing helped can some one help me

many thanks

A:display port to hdmi no signal

You may need an active adapter like this:

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I have connected my Samsung Ultrabook operating on Windows 7 64-bit to an HP Compaq LA2450x monitor using the HDMI port on the Samsung and a converter to the DVI port on the monitor. The monitor is showing no signal for DVI and going to sleep. Consequently I have not been able to use the monoitor yet and am still working off the ultrabook screen. Do I need to change any settings on the ultrabook in order to create a signal? Is there something else I might be missing? I have switched both computer and monitor off and restarted several times without any luck. I followed the manual installation instructions for the driver and it seems to be correctly installed. Is there anyone who can help resolve this frustrating issue? 

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I use my HDMI cord all the time to project/extend my pc screen, ( like dual screen) until one day, it stopped working completely. help?

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ASUS VS24AH-P 24-Inch LED-Lit Monitor

I been using this monitor for many months connecting it to my laptop without any issue. However there has been times when i would see No signal on my monitor but screen would then work as usually. Recently when i started my computer, i got this message and monitor doesn't work at all. I use HDMI to HDMI as my laptop has hdmi port. Monitor doesn't work at all. I made sure i am in hdmi mode in monitor and still nothing works.

Does anyone know whats the issue here? It just stopped working.

A:Asus Monitor HDMI No Signal?

Sometimes this can be a "Handshaking" Issue. Try powering down the laptop and unplug the monitor. (never plug or un plug HDMI while hot) when you have the hdmi cable plugged in, plug power to monitor and restart, that may help.

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At some point last week I removed the HDMI cable from my video card to use with another device temporarily. Later, after plugging it back in I could not get anything to show up. I later hooked up an extra monitor I had laying around through one of the DVI ports and performed a system restore because the system apparently failed to boot. I have been unable to get the HDMI out to work properly.

When the HDTV is connected with the HDMI cable, both the TV and monitor hooked up via the DVI port behave as if there is no signal (e.g. displaying "no signal"). The DVI monitor does not go blank until what I assume is the Windows login screen shows up. At first all sound would stop too because I had set the HDMI out as the default sound device as well, but chaning to a different default sound device and plugging in the HDMI monitor no longer stops audio. I booted up in safe mode and the monitor plugged in via DVI port does not lose signal, but the HDMI monitor still shows nothing. I wasn't sure what do to from there.

So far I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for my graphics card, buying a new HDMI cable, and toying around with the card's settings in the Catalyst Command Center (although I barely did anything there).

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Hi, I have a Pavilion dv6 with windows 7 operating system. the cable works with my friends computer to the tv but not from mine to the Tv.

View Solution.

A:No Signal from my computer to TV with HDMI cable

Hi Zack1, Try this to see if it helps.  Download the Chipset driver and Graphics driver on the links below and save the installers to your Desktop. Chipset Graphics Driver Next, in Device Manager, open Display Adapters, right click on the Intel graphics chip and select Properties.  Click the Driver tab and then select uninstall.  When done, do the same for the for the Intel High Definition Audio Codec found under Sound Video and Game Controllers. Now return to the Desktop and install the Chipset driver and then the Graphics driver.  When complete, reboot the PC and see if this has helped.  Check in Device Manager that both the Intel Graphics and the Intel Hi Definition Audio codec have reinstalled successfully and whether you now see the HDMI Audio option under playback devices ( found in Control Panel, Sound ) as shown as the top option on the screenshot below ( ignore the fact that it's ATI, i just mean the TV icon option ). If it shows up correctly, try the HDMI connection and see if it now functions properly. Best wishes, DP-K

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I've recently installed a new graphics card and PSU around a week ago, everything was working fine until today when I tried to turn on the PC, although the PC appears to be running as normal the screen remains blank and displays the message "HDMI - No Signal".
Set Up:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
Cooler: Corsair H55 57.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
Motherboard: ASRock Z97 EXTREME6 ATX LGA1150
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-1600
PSU: EVGA Supernova 1000 G2 Series 1000 W
Video Card: MSI NVIDIA GTX 970
Monitor: ASUS VE247H 24"

Total power usage is around 700W

A:Monitor Not Receiving HDMI Signal

switch off remove refit graphics card and retry

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I recently purchased an LG - 50" Class 720p Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV
Model: 50PG20 I am trying to connect it with my pc so that I can watch Netflix streamed vids. My pc specs are

MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital AM2 AMD 690G HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Windsor 2.4GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 89W Dual-Core Processor
MSI NX8600GTS-T2D256E-OC GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card

I purchased 25 ft of hdmi cable, plus 10 ft, with a female female connector between them. The LG doesn't have much info other than it should be plug and play. The correct hdmi setting is selected on the tv, it says "no signal" I have tried to switch to dual monitor, I downloaded/installed Powerstrip 3.8 it comes up as LG TV in the ATI I read some infor here which was useful, I have also read a posts here but nothing about LG. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:PC to LG Plasma HDMI cable No signal

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I have a problem with my Lenovo Ideapad Z570 or with my TV Thomson 40FW3324. I'm trying to connect them with a HDMI cable. When I plug the cable in and extend or duplicate my screen nothing happens. I reinstalled my graphic card drivers (Nvidia 520M GT and INTEL HD 3000), it didn't help. I even bought a new HDMI cable to be sure that it isn't a cable malfunction. What should I do to get it working?

A:When trying to connect computer with HDMI to my TV I get no signal!

Have you selected the correct input on the TV?

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My monitor suddenly gets a "no signal" error when it's plugged it. It is sensitive to the cord because it turns on when plugged in but goes to sleep right away. It was working fine for a long time. The monitor is an HP Pavilion 23BW and the laptop is an Acer Aspire V3-571

Please help

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Hello guys!

I recently ran into a problem with my main LCD TV(I need to replace the power supply.) I use that LCD TV for my desktop computer, and right now all I have is my laptop. I use synergy to control both computers. However now it doesn't matter because I cannot see the desktop portion. Is there anyway for me to output my desktop computer to my laptop monitor?

Both my Desktop and Laptop have HDMI input. I also have the HDMI cord on hand right now I just don't know how I'd go about setting it up. I'd like to use synergy to control the desktop AND have it's output be on the laptop until my power supply arrives and I can fix my TV.

A:Solved: Output Desktop HDMI to Laptop (which has HDMI input)

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Hello. We have connected a HP 8200 Elite to our Samsung TV with a displayport to hdmi converter 1 year ago, and it worked well. A week ago we bought a new TV table and after reconnecting the HP 8200 to our Samsung TV we get no signal to the TV.Yesterday I tested to connect a HP monitor with displayport to the HP 8200 with a displayport cable, and it did work.Today I was and switched the displayport to hdmi converter at the Kjell & CO reseller, BUT WE STILL GET NO SIGNAL TO THE SAMSUNG TV. I have connected a monitor with the RGB contact / cable, and have tested to change the display settings to make it work, BUT WITH NO SUCCESS. Could a straight displayport to hdmi cable solve the problem? Regards Roger

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My HP 2511x now has a problem in that it won't detect HDMI.  It is able to detect VGA, however.  Is it likely a hardware problem within the monitor?  Is it something I should have repaired or is this monitor a lost cause? I purchased this monitor along with my desktop computer system from the Microcenter in Paterson, NJ in early 2013.

View Solution.

A:HP 2511x monitor won't detect HDMI signal

Hello @mouton89?, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how your desktop computer's display screen will not detect an HDMI cable connection, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter! I am providing you with some steps you can try below:Step 1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the monitor and the wallStep 2. Hold the power button down for at least one minuteStep 3. Plug the power cord back into the monitor and then into the wall outletStep 4. Press the Menu button on the monitorStep 5. Navigate to the Factory Reset option and select itStep 6. Try a different cable connecting your monitor to your computerIf the above steps did not resolve your issue you can try the monitor on a computer or other device to see if the issue persists. If the monitor is still not able to detect another device connected with an HDMI cable, please contact our technical support for further assistance in this matter by clicking the link below to get the support number for your hope this helps!Regards

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So recently just rebuilt my setup with some newer components and had it running for couple of days then i went to load up Dead Rising 2 and HDMI signal drops now i have no signal whatsoever.

Have tried diferent cables, different monitor, vga cable, pushing graphics cards in, clear CMOS but still nothing.

New components are not the issue as i was playing Dead Island Riptide yesterday morning for 7 hours straight and pc has been running for couple of days, all i changed was relocated everything to a new case and upgraded my cooling system with new pump, res, rad, fittings.

These are the main components Asus 27" 3D LED Monitor, Gigabyte-990FXA-UD3, Watercooled AMD FX8350, 2x Watercooled MSI GTX580, 16gb Corsair Vengeance RAM, MaxRevo 1500w PSU then all my pumps res etc.

Anyone have any views into why this happened? Also because of the state of my system its extremely hard for me to pull out cards and test them on thier own or test other cards as i have to drain my loop everytime i need to remove or replace a card, so i kinda want to avoid doing that unless all else fails it might be something im overlooking for monitors as this is the first monitor i've used (usually ran from a 32" led tv until recently)

Any help would be great.

A:Did my graphics cards just die? HDMI Signal loss

do you have the 27 and the 32 hooked up together?

if so it might have been directed to the 32 inch tv sometimes they not the Bigger tv as the main

I would just double check if both Monitors create a signal only way you know for sure

when your PC boots do you hear it post and beep ?

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Hello, I am pretty decent with computers but not an expert. I am having a little trouble with my home theater PC display flickering. My video card is a Radeon HD 6900 and the drivers are up to date. I have the HDMI out of my PC going to an Onkyo 7.1ch HT-R590 receiver and it's output going to my LG 42" TV. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate X64.

The system used to work perfectly fine but over time the display started to flicker at random times. I tried to hook my PC directly to my TV and it works perfectly fine, so I am 100% certain the problem is in the receiver. I did a bit of research and it appears to be a problem with my receiver over heating. I placed a 120mm fan on top which helped some but the problem is still there.

Now, if I run my HDMI to my TV, I cannot use 7.1ch surround sound. (Even after playing with Audio Return Channel) If I run optical to the receiver, my video card only puts out 5.1ch surround sound for some weird reason. So I did the next obvious choice, I ran a DVI to HDMI to my TV for video and HDMI to my receiver for audio. I thought it would trick it into thinking there was two displays but this does not work, I do not get audio.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any utilities that would allow me to output audio on one HDMI stream and video on my DVI port. I did a lot of looking around and it looks like DMCA calls for HDMI to be encrypted and you can't separate the stream. Or would I just be better off getting a separate audio card to connect to... Read more

A:Display flickering, need help spliting HDMI signal

No, as far as I've heard/read, you can't circumvent DMCA - HDMI either carries HD audio and video, or it just carries video and you have to output audio via toslink/stereo from your computer to your receiver.

Have you cleaned your receiver, ie: used compressed air to remove the dirt and dust? Have you considered sending it in for repair?

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Hi! Please help!

This was working fine before I had to format my computer. I'm about six hours deep in this it's killing me. I'll provide you with any info I can, but I'm far from knowledgeable about this kind of thing.

The problem:
My second display is recognized by my computer, but it receives no signal, showing a blank screen with no sound.

My setup:
Windows 7 64bit. I have a monitor as a main display and a TV connected as an extended display. The monitor is connected via DVI. The TV is connected via HDMI. The TV is a PDP-R04. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon R9 270X using the latest drivers (14.501.1003.0). The cable works tested on other devices with the same TV. The TV works. The source settings on the TV are correct.

Things I've tried:
- rolling back to previous display drivers
- uninstalling display drivers in safe mode and re-updating
- resetting CMOS to defaults
- booting computer with only the TV plugged in
- changing the TV's resolution settings
- crying

A:External HDMI display detected by PC, but no signal

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I just bought a 700 25ISH 90ED desktop and I am trying to use my television as the monitor. The TV is brand new, only two months old. I am attempting to connect them via HDMI cord but no signal is coming through. I tried connecting my laptop to the TV using the same cord and it works fine so the TV, and the cable are obviously functional. But the Lenovo desktop will not come through, all I get is a no signal message on my TV. I thought that the HDMI port on the desktop was damaged or not functional so I took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it for an identical model. But the same issue is happening. I ran through all the basic checks, everything is plugged in and on the right TV input setting, tried using all of the HDMI ports on the TV (which all work with other devices), tried swapping around the cord ends, and the computer is plugged in.

A:Lenovo Desktop 700 25ISH to TV via HDMI No Signal

Hi samwhys , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Based on what you have described , cord and monitor all ok with the HDMI connected with your laptop. 
Back on the 700 25ISH rear ports, would you have an additional graphics card installed as on the image ?
Will it say no image even when connected on the bottom HDMI port? What is the machine number for the PC?

Do you have a different HDMI cable available to test also ?
Update us how it goes?

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New build WIN7u64 updated.
Mother board --Asus A88X-plus
CPU--AMD/APU A10 6800
8GB duel mem
630watts PSU
Asus 1080 monitor.

New Win7 install , normal, install any version AMD catalyst drivers reboot..
after windows logo, screen go black, windows still loads to desktop.
monitor loses signal...stand-by,, black screen. repeat, then stays on stand by.

reboot safe mode. uninstall HD display adaptor ..reboot. IT installs Standard VGA driver.
works fine, still can do 1080 resolution. but not as it should be. in High Definition

AND tiny red dots appear, mostly in dark areas and in videos.

I have tried 2 APU's, both get same results.

PLease any input will help. Im new to this.

A:Lose HDMI signal when Win7 boots up

Hi Dexxmann, welcome to Windows Seven Forum.

Have you loaded the software for the monitor, or it may need a driver update.

Is this the only monitor connected to your computer, if it is you could try using the DVI connection instead of the HDMI one. The DVI connection is generally preferred as the better option.

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Hey guys,
So here's my set-up:
I've got to 2 monitor plugged in my computer (1 HDMI and 1 DVI) and I wanted to plug my TV as well (for watching movie and TV show). So I bought an HDMI splitter to split my off-screen signal to my second moniter and my TV. Seems to work perfertly except for one thing: I lost my audio that was coming trough my HDMI to either my monitor or my TV. Usually I use my headset but when I'm watching a movie or what ever I love to relax and remove my headset so this is a bit of an issue. Anyone else already got this problem? Did I bought the right thing (HDMI splitter)? Can an HDMI splitter even split audio?

Thanks for the help guys!

A:HDMI splitter losing my audio signal

Most likely just the way that particular splitter functions. Audio and proper HDCP support vary by brand/model.

I've not used one, so I can't make any recommendations.

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Hey guys,
I have done some searching but to no avail. I have tried everything I can find/think of with absolutely no luck.

I have a brand new Samsung LN46B750 which I have connected to my desktop for use as an HTPC. VGA works fine, but I would much prefer to use a digital connection. SO, I have an HDMI <> DVI adapter and a monoprice HDMI cable connecting my GeForce 6800 to the HDMI/DVI port on the HDTV.

I have tried 182.5 and the latest Nvidia drivers as well as the generic W7 drivers. It's all the same.

Everything works fine in the OS so long as I make it past the Windows splash screen. And unfortunately, that never happens. I believe that the problem lies in the auto adjustment of the screen when 7 starts loading. (If I boot without the TV connected, and then connect after the splash screen has loaded, everything is perfect.) Is there any way to disable the auto detection/adjustment of the TV and just have the OS always boot into 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz. I am really tired of the blank or black screen every time I reboot. This is a terrible bug with W7 or EDID and it needs to be fixed now Microsoft!

Thank you!

A:No Signal on Boot with Samsung HDTV over DVI/HDMI

I have a Samsung LNT4665F.

The problem actually lies in the Samsung - the I/O board is, well, been replaced a few times. Service warranty even replaced the entire TV after four failed repairs.

The good news - Windows 7.7600.16385 with an ATI HD3850 no longer gets caught by the Samsung oddity.

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I have an Asrock ION 330 HT BD with a Sony Bravia 720p attached (HDMI to HDMI). When I start up my PC, the screen remains black. Only after I plug in a second monitor, both screens work just fine. When I pull the second monitor out, the Bravia also stops getting a signal. Seems a bit weird.. How can I get it to work with just the Bravia attached?


A:HDMI to HDMI only working with second monitor attached

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you made sure your graphics card driver is up to date?

Have you tried starting your PC up in safe mode and seeing if the problem still persists?

Please ensure you have done both of these and then post back; it would also be helpful if we knew your system specifications which you can fill in under 'User CP'.

Also does the task bar appear on the primary monitor or secondary monitor?


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hi all - ive got a problem with my new viewsonic vx2753mh-led monitor. its got 2x hdmi inputs and one vga.

the vga works straight off the bat, but whenever I try and plug the hdmi in it just says no input signal detected and goes black

I noticed in device manager that this was installed as 'generic non-pnp monitor' so after jumping through some hoops i managed to install the driver as 'viewsonic vx2753 SERIES'
Anyway this doesnt seem to have made a difference. still no input through the hdmi.

I have tested to cord on my samsung tv and it worked fine so it can't be a problem with the cord or the graphics card....

just some general info that might be of use:
windows 7 x64
dual monitor setup

the graphics is integrated on the intel i5 chip
my display adapters in device manager says Intel(R) HD Graphics Family.
it has a dvi out, hdmi out, and vga out.

thanks for any help you can give!

A:Viewsonic LCD monitor not recognizing HDMI input signal.

I have a Viewsonic which I'm also trying to run a media PC to connected via an HDMI cable, and I have noticed the exact same thing.

It was working fine for awhile, but recently I have been receiving an error on screen saying the "HDMI to DVI cable as experienced an error" or something to that effect. Note: I am using strictly an HDMI cable, not an HDMI to DVI as the message states (can't explain why I'm getting that message). I did the same thing you did, tested the machine using the same cable on another tv, and it worked fine on the other tv. What's strange is I can connect the cable box to the tv using the identical HDMI cable and it worked fine. Tried again using the same cable from the PC to the tv, and either 1) blank screen, or 2) shrunken screen with the aforementioned error which will go blank once I open Media Center.

Sorry, I don't have an answer, but it seems to me Viewsonic hasn't made a good product in terms of connecting media PC's, for some reason. Of course, my tv is out of warranty at this point. If you find an answer, keep me posted, I'll do the same.

I have a Viewsonic VT2430 monitor/tv, and a Windows Vista 64, with ATI 4200 graphics chip PC.

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