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RAM Upgrade Dell Dimension 1100

Q: RAM Upgrade Dell Dimension 1100

I have some extra DDR2 memory, would that work in my Dell Dimension 1100?


A: RAM Upgrade Dell Dimension 1100

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I have a Dell Dimension 1100 that I would like to upgrade, if possible.. I need some advice on what exactly can be upgraded.

So far I have ordered (but not yet received) an extra 2GB RAM (1GB x 2)
Apparently that's all it can handle. So I assume if I wanted more RAM I'd need a new motherboard? And if I get a new motherboard what else will I have to upgrade?

I'd also like a bigger hard drive...but would that mean I'd need to replace the one it's already got? and put everything on the new hard drive?
At the moment it has 80 GB partitioned in 3, so the main part with all the programs on it is 20 GB and it has 1GB free.

As for price range, obviously the cheaper the better.

I have very limited knowledge of computers so I'd appreciate your patience with me.
Thanks in advance,

A:Advice on Dell Dimension 1100 upgrade

2GB is the max for that system. Installing a new motherboard can be a mixed bag with some dells. Sometimes they use proprietary connectors or parts that make replacing the motherboard difficult or impossible.

There appears to be only one drive bay for a hard drive although you could always put one where the floppy drive goes or into a free 5 1/4 slot with the appropriate spacers and cable if needed.

If you were going to replace the drive, you could use something like Acronis True Image to Copy the 3 partitions to the new drive and leave the remaining space blank or you could do something like clone the boot partition to a large partition and manually copy the data from the other 2 partitions to the remaining free space.

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Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 1100, 512 MB Ram, Intel Celeron D 2.6 Ghz. I was wondering weather it was PCI-Express or just PCI. I called Dell today and the guy on the phone didn't make any sense and he wasn't much help.

Can somebody tell me weather or not the Dell Dimension 1100 from Dell Canada ( is PCI-Express?

A:Dell Dimension 1100

looks like it has 3 pci slots only

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this is horrible cpu went to slow to not even booting on. see i was doing something i did numerous times was switch ram slots well explaining to someone where the card was also checked wiether there was any promblem then for the first time it want boot after doing so and i will admit it was a mess in the exterior of the cpu got a bug problem managed to get them out all of them where in the power supply ewwww! but the source of the promblem isn't the power see the cpu has this diagnostic lights from the back of the cpu it looks like this that werent mentioned in the manual maybe is the power dunno:


unsure maybe a memory promblem maybe need a replacement was hoping to upgrade this pc with the little money i have to what it can possibly handle since its old also any suggestions on upgrade ram card, hardrive, etc plz help very appreciated

A:Dell Dimension 1100

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dell dimension starts but shuts down before windows xp starts,,tried to start in safe mode with f7 but as soon as safe mode comes on monitor it again shuts down,,,thanks for any info.

A:dell dimension 1100

it may be getting HOT, it would be worth cleaning out the fans etc

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Hi guys.

I'm having problems finding the correct drivers for my friends Dell Dimension 1100.

He installed a new copy of XP and wiping everything he had but has lost a lot of the drivers and cannot get online or the display sorted.

I have listed the controllers required below. I went onto Dell website however the drivers page has 'page error' on every driver I try. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ethernet Controller
Multimedia and Audio Controller
SM Bus Controller
USB Controller
Video Controller - vga compatible.



A:Dell Dimension 1100 Help?

I put this in wrong forum. Sorry - please close.

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Hi I was just wondering if u can even upgrade a Dell Dimension 1100 With a new video card. but it only has PCI slots... also wondering what would be the best PCI card to buy for gaming?(To run the sims 2) With in around $100 or so canadian...

I heard that u cant disable the intergraded video card on dells is this true???


A:Need some help upgrading a Dell Dimension 1100

Please don't start multiple threads on the same topic.


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I was just on the Dell website configuring systems for cost comparisons. I started with an E521 then tried a Dimension 1100, which was listed with a base price $100 less than the E521.

After I ran the configurations and added the features I wanted they came out to exactly the same price!

Considering they are the same price, which is a better system?


A:DELL E521 or Dimension 1100

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Hi for my bday my son and his girl brought me a brand new dell dimension 1100/B110
I just received it oct 19 2006...

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name PATSIE
System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation
System Model Dell DE051
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~2527 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Dell Computer Corporation A01, 1/3/2006
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2562 (xpsp.040919-1030)"
User Name PATSIE\Patricia
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Total Physical Memory 256.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 70.47 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.95 GB
Page File Space 624.93 MB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

Now my problem is that I dont know that much about dell computers ( i do use one on my job) but start up seems to be slow.. after the beginning screens come on when clicking on
a browser it takes about 2 to 3 mins to open... after the browser opens everything else works fine.. I am just wondering is this a dell thing? I have dsl and I used the msconfig to get rid of the backgound stuff....i have mcaffee protection on this ...I am thinking that is what the slow up is... thanks

here is the hijack file
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:39:... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 1100/b110

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Hi, my friend wanted me to re-install xp on his Dell Dimension 1100, I tried Ctrl+F11 to access the recovery partition, but there isnt one on his drive. Anybody know of a way to get hold of the restore cd for this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Re-installing Xp on Dell Dimension 1100

What's the service tag number on that Dell Dimension 1100 desktop? It'll be on the sticker on the case.

Is there a 25-digit product code for Windows XP on a sticker on the case, and is it for XP Home, XP Pro, or XP MCE?

(Don't post the product code here. Just advise if it's present.)


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Hi guys.

I'm having problems finding the correct drivers for my friends Dell Dimension 1100/B110 .

He installed a new copy of XP and wiping everything he had but has lost a lot of the drivers and cannot get online or the display sorted.

I have listed the controllers required below. I went onto Dell website however the drivers page has 'page error' on every driver I try. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ethernet Controller
Multimedia and Audio Controller
SM Bus Controller
USB Controller
Video Controller - vga compatible.



A:Dell Dimension 1100/b110 drivers

Since he is having some issues with loading the Dell pages... I took the liberty by downloading the drivers, unzipping it and put it all together in a zip file for you.

here you go man

About 27MB for 4 drivers. - Click here to get it!

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hello...I dont really know much about video cards to start out just recently got a Nvidia GeForce 6200 OC PCI video card to play the sims 3 and WoW. The sims 3 would give me the blue screen of death saying I was caught in an infinite loop or something...I could always play WoW with my onboard card but ever since upgrading/downgrading WoW crashes randomly...mostly in the city of dalaran..but anyways I was wondering what a good upgrade would be for my video card to end these problems.

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a dell dimension 1100 shuts down after about 10-20 seconds and wont turn on again until after 5 minutes or so.. i have added thermal paste to the cpu and replaced the memory...any other suggestions as to what i should do ??

thanks in advance

A:Dell Dimension 1100 shuts down after 20 seconds

Sounds like a heat issue, or a cpu that does not have adequate thermal paste between heat sink and cpu fan.
It is old enough to require a replacement hard drive... Good to test with another hard drive.
Is the screen any different when booted to SAFE MODE?
Do you have a separate video graphics card, or is it connected to onboard graphics?
Power supply could be failing. A power supply tester costs $10 to $15 on up to $15, but just exchanging with another power supply would satisfy that inquiry.
Other items to consider on that model: CMOS battery might be failing.
One simply test is to remove and reseat all cables. Consider replacing the EIDE 80 Connector 40 conductor cable from board to hard drive.
Clean all dust, dirt, fiber and hair out of the heat sink, if not already done.

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Hi again.
I have a problem with my Dell Dimension 1100 desktop PC: when I run a graphics- and sound -intensive programme (by my standards anyway), the system restarts spontaneously quite regularly . It reboots with one of several messages that tell me to contact Dell and report the failure to reboot at the checkpoint named. The checkpoints are usually Imsi, Poke, PnP4 or (once only) Time. These mean nothing to me, and all attempts to advise Dell have failed. Maybe someone here can help.

Here are some details about my system:
(I'm a novice at this, so much of this info may be irrelevant).
I have a Dell "Dimension 1100" Pentium desktop pc running under MS XP-SP3.
The total Physical Memory is 1G, total Virtual Memory is 2G, and the Page File size is 2.41G (whatever all that means).
It uses a Soundmax Integrated digital sound system from Analog Devices. The graphics controller is Intel, with Radeon 9200 and Radeon 9200LE (Primary and Secondary) adapters. Drivers are ATI2dvag.dll (
Can anyone help with this very frustrating problem please?

A:Dell Dimension 1100 spontaneous restarts

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i am formating a dell dimension 1100 for a friend, ive formatted 1000 times in the past, but this pc is giving me trouble, the ONE harddrive seems to be spilt into 2, one peace being 70GB and the othe rbeing 8GB, and if i install windows on the 70GB it wont boot right and fails and if i try and install on 8GB it says i cant install it on it, how can i merge it back into one? thanks

look at pic to see what i mean by spilt.

A:harddrive problems dell dimension 1100

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I am trying to boot from the floppy drive in a dell dimension 1100 running xp pro but the bios says:
"floppy drive (not installed)"  Not sure what to do.  
Another option would be to boot from the optical drive, but the computer will not boot from a new cd (which works on other computers)  that has Ubuntu on it.  It will boot from the windows xp os cd though.  Is it possible to get older cd's so the computer will boot from them. If so, how do you find these older cd's.

A:"floppy drive not installed" in bios in dell dimension 1100

If the computer is an old one then it's possible it is non-PAE. Later versions of Ubuntu do not support a non-PAE CPU.
For the floppy problem open the computer and see if the connections are secure, both the data and power cables. Unplug the power cord. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Open the case and touch some bare metal first.
Are you trying to install Ubuntu on the computer? If the CPU does support PAE it is possible to boot Ubuntu from a USB flash drive using Rufus and the Ubuntu iso if the computer supports it. Attach the USB flash drive with Ubuntu and tap F12 at boot to select your boot device or make sure USB boot has top priority in BIOS.

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May seem like a dumb question but I've never had a dell before and this one is getting on my nerves. Ok short story is I inherited this PC from my late mother in law. She had only 256 ram so I bought 1GB and installed it and it still ran slow. Now my 7 year old downloaded a trojan virus which made the PC run even slower. I got rid of the trojan and it still runs slow. I figured I'd be better off just reinstalling windows but everyone wants atleast $80 to $100 to do it, I'd figured I could do it myself but have no idea how to with a Dell. It's an Dimension 1100 Series, has Intel Celeron CPU 2.53 Ghz, DVD/Cd-Rw, that's about it. I've download the drivers and backed up important files just need alittle more info to get going. Your help is greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Need info on how to reinstall windows xp on dell dimension 1100 series.

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I have Dell Dimension 1100 desktop computer that is seven years old.

The computer is turned on 12 hours per day and is used on average three hours per day, mainly to send / receive emails, surf the web, use Word Office software and stream movies.

Last year it went very slow, but after a service and the insertion of an additional 1GB of RAM, it regained a reasonable level of performance. It now has I.25 GB of RAM.

My question is this. What is the average life-expectancy of this type of computer.

Sometimes Dell offers a trade-in deal in respect of old computers (provided that they are functional).

If I could estimate when my present computer was almost at the end of its life, I might be able to take advantage of such a deal.

A:What is the average life-expectancy of a Dell Dimension 1100 desktop computer

I'm sure Dell have some life expectancy figures, but not likely in the public domain , even with an average time you need to know the distribution of those figures

so 10 years - you could have 50 untits fail at 5 years and 50 units fail at 10 years , would give a number of 7.5yrs - which would not help you really

i would say seven years old is a quite old for a PC these days , the mechanical parts , harddrive may likely to failure

I assume you have all the data backed up anyway

Not sure you would get much of a deal from Dell - but with the deals available this may not actually save you anything

Staples often have great deals - also Curry/PCworld are doing deals over Easter

Not really an answer to your question though

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This forum has given me alot of advise on speeding up my laptop. I have upgraded my chipset driver and tried to configured my Internet security (Kaspersky 7.0) so that it would not scan on startup and stopped my mail and spam watch since I don't have Outlook. This helped some, but I still have issues when I'm on the internet and downloading files or multi-tasking with other windows open. I also have received what you call the BSOD 3 times in the last month when I have had multiple windows open and the internet running for a long time. I do not know what the screen said, and after seeing the forums on the BSOD I know to see what the problem is when or if it happens again.

I was thinking of upgrading my memory. Right now I have 2 slots with 128mb in each. I was going to upgrade to 1G. After looking at my system configuration I found that I only have 11.37% of memory left. Do you think this will help my laptop run faster? It was also reccommended to upgrade the BIOS - I did this from A21 to A32. I would eventually like to upgrade my Windows XP Pro from SP2 to SP3. Should I do this now or get the memory upgrade and then do it. Any advise would be appreciated and please I'm not that computer savy so be specific.

One more thing I was trying to spell check this, but found that I needed to download iespell. I tried to do this and it would still not work - so I uninstalled it. I then decided to go to the iespell website and try again. When I tried... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 memory upgrade

I figured since I started here I would keep going...I've decided that since I'm upgrading the ram and might as well go the HD too...I have a Toshiba 30g ATA and I'm thinking about going for a Western Digital Scorpio 120G ATA. I read reviews and think this is a good product, but a trust you guys here so I would like your opinion.

I'm also going to clean the Cooling Assembly while I'm inside the computer...This will be the first time I'll do this all myself so if there is any tips or advise that anyone has it would also be appreciated. Thanks again

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I have a Dell inspiron 1100 portable with a celeron processor. Is it possable to upgrade the computer with a pentium 4 processor? If so, is it possable to use a pentium from a desktop computer? I have not done much with portables so I don't know if desktop &
portable cpu's are interchangeable?

Thank you,

A:Dell inspirion 1100 cpu upgrade with desktop processor?

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I recently received a new video card as a birthday present. The card is an VisionTec ATI Radeon HD 4870 that requires a PCI Express x16 and 600 watt power supply.

First, my Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2 contains only a 420 watt power supply.
Second, there are no PCI Express slots (only AGP and PCI slots).

It is worth upgrading my current machine's motherboard and power supply?
Would it be cheaper to buy a new machine to support this new video card?

I'd like to use the machine both for games (like Crysis) and for home video editing.

A:Should I upgrade my Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2?

Your computer is a proprietory manufacture make and model
Do not update the Motherboard to some new brand
The support page for your model tells you what it currently has (see here)

You are best to update the entire computer

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I want to add more ram to my pc. Is there a less expensive way to do this? If I order from Dell they claim I will need 2 modeules which should run over $200. I currenly have 512mb and I would like to go to a gig. I have been looking into getting Geek Suad to do this but it would cost a fortune. Can someone give me directions?:

A:Upgrade for a Dell Dimension

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I was wondering if a Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 2.8GHz Socket 478 Processor would work with a Dell Dimension 2400 motherboard that has a intel Celeron 478 pin processor 400Mhz Fsb? Will it work if the Pentium 4 processor is 533Mhz? I'm not that good with computers so help me out. Im just trying to upgrade. Thx ^_^

A:Dell Dimension 2400 CPU upgrade?

Yes, it should be perfectly fine.
The key points are that your board supports only northwood core cpus(not prescott), and that it can take only 400 an 533 fsb cpus(not 800fsb).

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As you can tell a Dell Dimension 9200 is kinda old this generation of computers, but i want to max upgrade my PC and from my calculations, when i upgrade this baby to the max, it might possibly better than today's PCs, so my first most important question:
1: Can i upgrade my PSU? My current PSU has only 350w, am i able to upgrade this to 500w by installing a new one? Is it possible to even install a new PSU in my PC? If so which company is the most reliable?

Thank you for you help, once this question is answered, i think my PC is gonna be one game munching PC

A:Dell Dimension 9200 MAX UPGRADE

Yes, the power supply can be upgraded to a 500w+ unit.
The Dimension 9200 does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, you can install most standard ATX power supplies with a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector and this can be purchased from most local, or online computer stores. The 9200 has an open back panel, a power supply with or without the on/off switch can be installed. Note: You need a power supply, with six SATA power connectors.When buying a power supply, check the manufacturer's warranty, longer the better, look for one with a minimum of three years.  Personally I prefer Corsair PSU's.

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Hi all,
please please could somebody give me a defintive list of possible cpu ugrades as i've been searching forums to get a definitive answer and so far been unable to find one!!!

basic system
dell 5150 dimension
xp sp 3
psu 550w
currently p 4 2.99 Ghz
motherboard unknown (how do i find this info?)

i know it's an old pc and i should buy a new one but just getting a quicker cpu will help alot....MW2 system requires 3.4 Ghz!!

many thanks in advance

A:cpu upgrade for dell 5150 dimension

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I have an old DELL DIMENSION 9150
CPU PD 820 2.8 Ghz 800 FSB  2MB Cache
I have 4 GB RAM
I upgrade on OS Windows 7 32 bit
There is a video card ATI RADEON X600 256MB Hypermemory.
I want, if it's possible upgrade on OS Windows 10 32 bit but the video card is not compatible.
There is a video card compatible with this CPU and Windows 10 ?
Thank you in advance.


Asus Silent HD6450.

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Hello i have a dell dimension 9100 and i ordered a Pentium d 945 3.4 ghz and the system give me a solid yellow light  and the fan gets loud Please help!

MB Model 0x8582
intel pentium 4 cpu 3.00GHZ

A:Dell dimension 9100 cpu upgrade

Prior to installing the new processor, did you update the BIOS to the latest version?
The latest BIOS version is A03, when support for newer processors was added.

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I want to upgrade the 80 Gb HD in my Dell Dimension 2400. I already use an external drive for most of my storage but the internal drive appears to be going bad. I believe the maximum capacity for the unit is 160 Gb but can anyone confirm that? If I install a larger drive than that will it cause any problems even if not all of the drive is accessible? Is there an update that can be done to change the limit?

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Dell Dimension 2400 HD Upgrade

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I want to change the motherboard on My Dell Dimension 8200 PC in order to upgrade the RAM and CPU. Do I need to change the casing as well? What else do i need to change?

A:How To Upgrade The Dell Dimension 8200

Hi mmlgoh,

I don't have that model but most of the time branded Desktop PC comes with pretty small casing. Thus, making your life difficult when you wants to upgrade some hardware. Thus, I suggest you to change to a more spacious casing. I'm not that sure about the spec's of 8200 but if it only support AGP and your new motherboard supports only PCI-e. Then you have to get a PCI-e graphics card too. I may be wrong somewhere, wait till other experts gives you their opinion.


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First off, let me introduce myself to this forum as I am a new member, My name is Nath Williams, from Bristol, England and i'm 23 years of age.
Okay now thats over with I am in need of some help which I hope you guys can help me with.

Does anyone own a Dell Dimension 9200, have you upgraded it?
If so I hope you can help me with some questions.

I'm hoping if I can to slowly upgrade my new computer bit by bit, i'm hopefully going to be getting a new graphics card for it first, then maybe something else and something else.. etc.

Also if anyone knows much about upgrading these machines it would be awesome if you could help me in advice on where to get parts and upgrades.
I am not at all good with computers, I want to hopefully by the time ive upgraded it quite a lot to have a real great performance machine.

Kind regards
Nath Williams

A:Dell Dimension 9200 Upgrade Help

i didnt no u cud upgrade them, a computer techniqion told me that dell built them so people could change parts in them? :S, unless they was 'dell' parts

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 case, what PSU will fit in the box and work with the stock mobo?


A:Looking to upgrade PSU for Dell Dimension 8400

IF Dell is stil using proprietary connections for the PSU's then your only option is with PC Power&Cooling. they make Dell compaitable PSU's. I havnt checked Dell's llately but I had heard that they were no longer using Proprietary connections, in which case you can use any retail PSU.

Dell should be able to tell you about the PSU and whether or not you can use an off the shelf one from any retailer.

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i am new member and really need some help
my dell dimension 9100 which i bought approximately 4-5 years ago needs upgrading.
i dont know anything about upgrading my computer
i need the computer for gaming and so need to upgrade everything probably
the one thing i do know to upgrade is the memory from 512 mb to 4 GB.

any help is much appreciated

A:Dell Dimension 9100 upgrade

Upgrading everything means a new computer. I wouldn't even bother salvaging the case since it probably won't work with a new power supply. If you're going to go with all new parts, there's no point in buying memory for the current system.

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Hello everyone, I just upgraded my dell demension 2400 cpu from a 2.4 celeron to a 3.06 pentium 4. Works fine. I enabled hyperthreading in bios. My queston is why does it say the clock speed is 1.60 instead of 3.06. I know my motherboard supports the chip. It works fine. I just don't know why the clock speed says 1.60. Shouldn't it say 3.06 or is it supposed to say 1.60. It's a northwood p4 533fsb/512/3.06. Thanks.

A:Dell Dimension 2400 CPU upgrade

Is it listing the CPU in BIOS as the correct CPU you now have fitted.

It sounds like it hasn't fully recognised the CPU to me.

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I've done a lot of looking all of the internet and haven't really decided if a CPU upgrade for Dell Dimension V400 can be accomplished or not. Perhaps someone here has had an experience with this.

The Dell Dimension V400 is a SEPP Celeron processor running at 66MHz FSB. The motherboard is from what I can glean from various articles a Slot 1.

Can I jump over to a Slot 1 processor and set the FSB to 100MHz or is the 66MHz the limitating factor here? I've looked into the PowerLeap options and it seems that they are geared to the 100MHz FSB also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:CPU upgrade for Dell Dimension V400

Hi Autoeng

It looks like these boards will only support these processors and speeds. Specs here.

IMHO Dell boards are pretty proprietary not much chance of being able to upgrade one.

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ok i have a dell dimension 3000 comp. here are the specs

System Information
Time of this report: 2/1/2009, 11:57:10
Machine name: D6GTKN81
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp.080413-2111)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation
System Model: Dimension 3000
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A02
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz
Memory: 254MB RAM
Page File: 414MB used, 3826MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.5512 32bit Unicode

Card name: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Chip type: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller
DAC type: Internal
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2572&SUBSYS_019D1028&REV_02
Display Memory: 96.0 MB
Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (75Hz)
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200
Driver Name: ialmrnt5.dll
Driver Version: 6.14.0010.4363 (English)
DDI Version: 9 (or higher)
i want to play games like cabal,rohan,ace online,World of warcraft and other not into fps at all...thats what i have a ps3 for. my question is. sh... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 3000 upgrade

its so bad i'd say just build a new computer

sell your psp for 100 - 150 and hope to get around 300 bucks

use some parts from your dell and build a new one =] thats what i would say

i'd reccomend a

e5200 $72

asus p5ql pro $60

ram 2gb $21

gfx 9800gt $121

psu $25

your total is around $178

just use your old case and etc [hopefully you have a sata hd]

also assuming you live in the us

and those are just some suggestions on parts, but anyways, if you can go find cheaper for those parts, go for it, but yeah, just showing you

have fun!

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Hello, I have a Dell Dimension E520 which I am looking to upgrade, my budget is from ?100 to ?300. I'm looking to upgrade only the processor and the graphics card. Now I am in the middle when it comes to computers, I know allot but not enough to find out what is compatible. The Stock system specs are below:

Model: Dell Dimension E520 - Dell DM061

System Type: X64-Based PC

Power Supply: 305 PSU

Ram: 2GB (Mother bored can only handle 4GB)

Processor: Intel Pentium D CPU 3.40GHz, 3500 MHz, 2 Cores, Logical Processors

Graphics Card: 128MB Geforce 7300 LE

Hard Drive: 232GB

So I am looking to upgrade my processor and Graphics card, I know the best option is to buy a new computer since this one is outdated, although at the moment I am about to go to collage and right now this computer works, so I'd rather upgrade it. Any help would be most appreciated.

Best Regards,
Sean Hall.

A:Dell Dimension E520 Upgrade

You would be better off abandoning trying to update the old Dell and put the money into a new PC. Even if you upgrade it (and it will be limited) you will still have the old technology E520. This is an obsolete BTX style motherboard (I had an E510 with a D925CPU). Replacing the motherboard is just about out of the question as there are very few BTX style motherboards available and Dell uses a proprietary and undocumented front panel connector, not the standard "ATX" connections so that too limits using a different motherboard.

With only 4GB max, you won't need the 64 bit OS as the big feature of a 64 bit OS is that it can address more than 4GB of RAM. If you use a 64 bit OS, it will address the full 4GB but you will still wind up with only 3 to 3.5GB of useable RAM, the same as you will get with a 32bit OS.

You can upgrade the Video card, but you will have to use low power video cards unless you replace the Dell power supply with a higher wattage model. The Dell power supply does not have a PCIe power connector that is also needed for many newer video cards.

But the best "bang for the shilling" would be to upgrade to the full 4GB of RAM, add a new video card and power supply. The E520 uses a standard ATX style power supply, its not a Dell proprietary. A "modular" type power supply is recommended as it eliminates most unused power leads (you won't have to stuff them inside the case). Crucial Memory is recommended as it is guaranteed to wo... Read more

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Struggling to determine compatability. Want to increase HD to about 80G; presently 10G and max'ed out.

System is Dell 4100 Dimension, Intel Pentium III 800. Have traversed Dells's site high and lo and can't find any discussion of what might be compatable. It has the Pentium III, I cranked the RAM up to 512 and upgraded to XP.

1) How do I decipher what might fit into this bad boy?
2) Seagate? WD? Whom do you like?
3) Any other pieces of cabling, hardware I would need beyond the HD to upgrade?
4) Is this a tough install? I have put in CD-R/W's, RAM, etc.
5) Does any site/retailer out there 'guarantee' their fit on HD's the way www.crucial stands behind their RAM?

Thanks in advance

A:Upgrade HD - Dell 4100 Dimension

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrade

I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.
The Dimension 4600 will support up to 4gb [4 x 1gb modules] of DDR RAM, but may only address 3gb-+ of it due to the 32-bit operating system:
Also, if you are using the 4600 for internet browsing, best to replace XP with a more current operating system eg Win 7.
You are no longer able to update Windows XP, more information about this, can be found Here:

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Hi all

I have an 8 year old Dell Dimension 2400 with Windows 7 on. I decided I wanted to bring a bit more life to it as it will be used again for a while. So I want to upgrade the graphics card, CPU and ram and also maybe a faster IDE hard drive, I do know quite a bit about computers its just that I don't know whether the following graphics card will work in my Dell properly.

The graphics card I found is a ATi Radeon HD5450 PCI not PCI-E I don't see how it wont work. but any suggestions will be appreciated. But I would like the graphics card to be able to run Windows 7 Aero. Which this card does support. I have also found some graphics cards with the same GPU but less memory 512MB DDR2 would this graphics card be more compatible with my Dell?

Also the CPU I have in my Dell is an Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz I would like to upgrade this to an Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.06GHz which I have had a look around on various websites and the Dell website and I think this will work?

Any help about the graphics or any suggestion will be appreciated


A:Dell Dimension 2400 Upgrade

Being that its an 8 year old computer i think you would be better off getting another newer computer than putting money into a computer that old.And by a newer computer it doesnt have to be brand new theres lots of good used or reconditioned refurbished computers out there that might have what you are looking for and will be a lot faster.I had a dell dimension 2400 at one time and if i remember correctly it came with windows xp.Running windows 7 on it might be the problem right there as well as the age of the computer itself.If all the ram you have now is 512mbs im amazed that windows 7 is running at all because thats the minimum for running xp properly.

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Alright, I was thinking about getting a new computer but I'm on a budget. Right now I have a demension 3000 which is getting kinda old and out of date. It's slowing down on me on the simple processes. And frankly I'm wondering if it's going to crash on me soon. But I knew that i could probably salvage it a little bit. If the hard drive is wiped. But, I would also like to do a parts upgrade. I know I would like a bigger hard drive (80 gb at the moment) and more ram (512 mb currently) and I was wondering if that would be enough. I would really like to get into some video editing and this computer handles it ok... just well with it's celeron processor that's that only thing that it will be doing. I was wondering if i could upgrade the 2.40 Ghz celeron processor to something that's still intel...

Or should i just say forget it and get a new computer all together?

A:Dell Dimension 3000 upgrade?

duet_mimas said:

Alright, I was thinking about getting a new computer but I'm on a budget. Right now I have a demension 3000 which is getting kinda old and out of date. It's slowing down on me on the simple processes. And frankly I'm wondering if it's going to crash on me soon. But I knew that i could probably salvage it a little bit. If the hard drive is wiped. But, I would also like to do a parts upgrade. I know I would like a bigger hard drive (80 gb at the moment) and more ram (512 mb currently) and I was wondering if that would be enough. I would really like to get into some video editing and this computer handles it ok... just well with it's celeron processor that's that only thing that it will be doing. I was wondering if i could upgrade the 2.40 Ghz celeron processor to something that's still intel...

Or should i just say forget it and get a new computer all together?Click to expand...

If you're serious about upgrading the CPU, make sure you visit Dell's support site for the Dimension 3000 and download the BIOS update (A01 to A03). This update enables the PC to accept the larger CPU's. Visit either Ebay or for the best CPU prices. If you're on a budget and don't want to spend a lot on the CPU, then don't bother with the Hyper-Threading CPU or the newer Norwood chips. Research on Prescott vs Norwood (HT and non-HT) shows that there isn't a significant increase in CPU... Read more

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I've got some games (Age of Empires III) for my kids that they can't play because of the factory graphics card on my Dell Dimension 2400. (No AGP slot)

I'm looking to upgrade the video card and memory. I went to and they suggested some cards like the EVG NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256-P1-N399-LX. I went to and they suggested
DDR PC3200 • CL=3 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR400 • 2.6V • 32Meg x 64 ( I have only two memory slots)
As you know this is not a brand new or top of the line machine and I just want it to play the kids' games so I'm not looking to spend a lot of money. I'd like to do some comparison shopping on bargain sites like,, Butt I'm not sure which of those cards or memory sticks would be compatible. Based on the suggestions these other sites have made does anyone have any advice on how I can tell which memory/graphics card would be compatible with my system and the Age of Empires III game? Or if you have a specific bargain graphics card or memory deal please let me know.
Thanks for all the help,

A:Upgrade Dell Dimension 2400

First for RAM, if you are unsure your best bet is to visit and run the memory test on the site and buy the exact RAM it recomends... you should be able to buy what crucial suggests with the knowledge it is compatible.

As for graphics card, can you give us the minimum spec for the game? (on the back of the box). I think that you need atleast shader model 3 and I don't think this is a vailable on a PCI video card which may stop you playig the game alltogether...

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What's the best CPU that I could purchase for this desktop? I can update the BIOS if necessary. I'm currently on a Pentium D. I forgot

here's a link for some information on it:

Thanks in advance!

A:Dell Dimension 9100 CPU Upgrade

Either the Pentium D 950, or the D 945 should work in the Dimension 9100.
Prior to upgrading the processor, you need to upgrade the BIOS to to the latest version, A03, when support for newer processors was added.
The 9100 does not support any Intel Core 2 Duo, or Core 2 Quad processors.                                          The Core 2 Duo CPU, require a different motherboard, that's the reason for the Dell Dimension 9200 system.

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I have four Dell Dimenson 3000 desktops with only 256mb RAM. I want to increase RAM with at least 1GB RAM each.

I purchased four-1GB sticks of "CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWINX2048-3200C2PT" and now I understand that this stick is NON-COMPATIBLE with my computer.

I performed a 'memory search' on Cosair's website and it only came up with one 1GB stick that IS compatible: VS1GB333, DDR-333 (PC-2700). BUT, an examination of the RAM in the computer already reveals it is a 256MB of DDR-400, PC-3200U.

Question: Why does a stick of DDR-400, PC3200C2PT NOT work and why does Cosair's site suggesting a stick of DDR-333, PC2700??

Question: What RAM SHOULD I get to upgrade my four desktops from thier existing measly 256MB RAM existences??

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I have been asked to upgrade this dell to improve performance as it has a Pentium 4 processor that runs at 2.66GHz and I think 512-MB Ram. So my Question is...What motherboard should I get, ram etc and would i need to change psu depending on the new equipment you suggest?
Ideally it would be under ?150

A:Upgrade a Dell Dimension 2400

Where are you buying from and what's the PSU in this computer? And what is the computer going to be used for?

At this point, I would suggest an AM3-based system; maybe an Athlon II X4, a cheap AsRock (or similar) motherboard and a 4GB RAM kit. Depending on where you buy it from that should add up to just about ?150. But then again, depending on your needs, maybe a Sandy Bridge based system would be better; it would be good if you gave more specific details of what you need.

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I have a Dell Dimensions 2400 purchased in 2005. Can I install Windows 7? The thing is running very slow and I was wondering if it would be better to do a clean install of Windows 7 or just reinstall windows xp

A:dell 2400 dimension upgrade

Hi fleogran. the quickest and easiest way to see if you can run Win 7 is by running the upgrade advisor: Download details: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

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Hello, new to the forums here and need help figuring out what to upgrade my Dell Dimension 8400 with.. I bought it Aug 2004 and the specs are:

XP 32 bit
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPU's?) - does that mean 2 processors?
3 gigs of RAM
RADEON X300 series

Thats about all the info I can find atm... I am pretty sure it is using a 300watt Power supply...

Ok so like I said, I would like to do an upgrade so I can run high end video games. I know I might not be able to get the best FPS, but im sure anything would beat the graphics card I have right now right? lol.

So for a Power Supply, I was thinking this 500watt Dell PSU. Anyone know of a cheaper one maybe?

As for a graphics card... well this is where I am troubled. I read that some graphics cards will not fit in the Dell Dimension case. I am guessing this is true. If so, what PCI-E 16x cards will fit? I am ok with either ATI or NVidia.

As for cooling.. Well with the Dell Dimension, I see no 80 or 120mm fans besides the Power Supply fan. Would I need to fabricate an intake and outake for added airflow and cooling?

Is there anything else I need to take into consideration here?

Any help will be GREAT!! Plan on ordering the hardware from Newegg once we get this figured out. Thanks ahead of time for your help and if I left any information out, please ask and I will investigate asap.

Thanks again!

A:Dell Dimension 8400 upgrade?

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I just bought this game battlefield 2 and I really want to play it and some other games. I have already upgraded to 2 512 sticks of RAM. I was thinking about getting a new mobo so that I could get a good video card because I read that PCI video cards are not that good. I know that my comp has a Pentium 4. Any suggestions would be appreciated. In depth would also help cuz I am kinda new to this stuff and tryin to learn. Thanks.

A:Dell Dimension 2400 upgrade

Hi, welcome to TechSpot!

replacing the mobo and adding a PCI-express video card (or even an AGP card) may also require you to upgrade your PSU as well.

while it is true that PCI video cards are crap compared to PCI-E and AGP, you can get one that will allow you play most games on low settings. This will by no means make it a gaming rig, but it will allow you to play games for a while at least. When DirectX10 games start to come out, no PCI card will be able to play them

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Wondering if it was possible to upgrade the memory (RAM) on a 2004 Dell Dimension XPS. What is compatible with this computer and where is the best place to get it? Does Dell offer memory upgrades?

A:Memory Upgrade (Dell Dimension XPS)

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I have a Dell Dimension 4500 and would like to upgrade . It has a CD-Rom Drive and I was wondering if I can upgrade to a DVD-Rw ? Can someone let me know ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Can I Upgrade To A DVd-RW in Dell Dimension 4500?

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I want to upgrade an old pc of mine for use as part of a home media centre. Its current specs are:

CPU Type Celeron, 3066 MHz (5.75 x 533)
Motherboard Name Dell Inc. Dell DV051
Motherboard Chipset Intel Grantsdale-G i915G/GL/GV
System Memory 502 MB
BIOS Type Phoenix (04/04/06)

Soundcard: Creative SB X-Fi

I'll be running XP Pro (or maybe Vista HP if it runs smoothly) and streaming to an XBox.

I don't want to spend too much money and I saw this kit online

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.6GHz Socket AM2 1MB, BOXED m/koeler
MSI K9N6PGM2-V, nForce430+GeForce 6100, Socket-AM2+, m-ATX, DDR2, LAN, PCI-Ex16
Corsair Value S. PC5300 DDR2 2048MB Kit w/two matched Value Select 1024MB

The kit including delivery is ?138 ($183 USD).

My question is, can I fit this kit without changing my motherboard, and if not, would I be better off getting an Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor such as

Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2,5GHz, (?79 E, $104 USD)

and add the graphics card and memory separately.

I really want to keep cost to a minimum, and make the upgrade to a dual-core as hassle free as possible.

Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated.

A:Upgrade a Dell Dimension 3100

Not 100% sure here, (Check your documentation...)
but I think you will find that your MB will support either
your Celeron D (current configuration) OR
Pentium 4 with HyperThreading.

Hopefully someone else will weigh in here shortly.

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Hi there,

I am trying to work out what my options are for upgrading the CPU on my existing Dell Dimension 8400 machine. ie. keeping the motherboard and just replacing the CPU. I have recently bought a high end consumer camcorder and I want to edit AVCHD footage using Sony's vegas Movie Studio, but my existing CPU does not seem quite up to the task when it comes to previewing my edits. As far as I can tell below is the exisitng machine spec. Any answers greatly appreciated.
Processor type
Intel® Pentium® 4 with HT Technology

Level 1 (L1) cache
16 KB
Level 2 (L2 or L3) cache
512 KB, 1 MB, or 2 MB (depending on your computer configuration) pipelined-burst, eight-way set associative, write-back SRAM
Computer Information

Intel 925X Express or Intel 925XE Express

DMA channels
Interrupt levels
Integrated network interface capable of 10/100/1000 communication.
System clock
800- or 1066-MHz data rate (depending on your processor)

A:Best CPU upgrade for a Dell Dimension 8400 please?

It's not a matter of "the best" rather than a matter of what options the Dell proprietary BIOS version will support. Dell should be able to tell you that, as the model shipped with several different speed CPU's as a choice.

Problem is nothing in what you have shown above indicates what speed CPU was fitted to your model.

Most large PC makers restrict the "upgradeability" by BIOS limitation to only allow the PC to have the combinations that they know will work compatibly, and will work with the Power Supply. Otherwise call center staff can be run ragged trying to help with non approved and unknown mixes.

Generally I would never "expect" a Dell or HP etc to always be CPU upgradeable, it would only occur if there were choices at purchase time and the slower choice was opted for, it's quite possible that a faster CPU (but within the original range available) would work OK.

Remember that you can't just upgrade the motherboard either, as the Windows version is tied to it, requiring a new copy of Windows.

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i want to restart my computer from stracht like it was when i got it i know it F-10 or something like that when its loading buit im not sure can someone help ?

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Hey guys I'm new to the boards...

I've owned this dell 2400 for about 4 years now and I currently have a 80 gig harddrive and I only have about 5 gigs left on space. I don't really want to delete anything and was wondering if its possible to install a 2nd harddrive on it.
I'm preferably looking for a 160 gig harddrive.

also what do i need? i heard that you need a windows xp boot disc or something...

can anybody tell me where i can get the most for my money? not looking to spend over $100

thanks in advance

A:Dell Dimension 2400 HARDDRIVE UPGRADE?

You can add a second drive, but you'll need to get a special bracket to hold the second drive. I've seen these brackets on ebay by third party companies for pretty cheap. You'd also need a new ide cable that supports 2 drives(the factory one only has one plug for 1 drive), but that's no big deal, only a few bucks. Almost any ide ata 100/133 drive(not sata) should be fine, you can install it as a slave drive and not have to install windows again if you just want extra storage space, or you could get an external hard drive if you're not the hardware upgrade type, like a western digital "mybook."

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Hi I would like to answer a question or two about memory.

I use a Dell Dimension 9200 with a quad-core q6600 2.4GHz Viiv CPU, 768MB 8800 GTX graphics card and 4GB 667MHz memory. I use Home Vista 32bit and know that even though Vista only uses 3GB ram, all 4 modules are being used. I am really wanting to play the game Flight Simulator X at high settings mainly (which for those of you who are familiar is extremely demanding).

Firstly I know what overclocking and such is out of the question and that doesn't concern me and I know Dell are quite rigid about upgrading but say I wanted better memory... Where should I look and what should I do?

Say I bought 4GB of memory (1GB modules) at 800MHz instead of 667MHz. Firstly will my p.c. accept the memory? And secondly will it make a difference. I have heard that there is some relationship between cpu and ram. With the cpu I have got will it actually run at 800MHz or what? How about that super powerful Corsair memory that runs at 1Ghz+? How would that effect my system if it is accepted?

Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.

Btw for those of you who know about the Windows Experience Index, my p.c. has 5.9 for cpu and graphics and 5.6 for ram - overall 5.6.

Also my motherboard is a Dell Inc. 0CT017 with Intel P965/G965 chipset if that helps at all.

A:Memory upgrade for Dell Dimension 9200

I really doubt if increasing from 667 to 800MHz would do anything for you. The motherboard in your system may be the weak point, or bottleneck

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I'm new to community and this is my first Post Article
I own and use C521 /E521 Bois version 1.1.11 8/2/2007 and SMBIOS 2.4 Legacy
E521 use Amd Athlon64 X2 4400+ 2.4Ghz 2Mb Am2   Winsor
C521 use Amd Athlon64 X2 5600+ 2.80Ghz 2Mb Am2  Winsor                            
and I went to Upgrade to
Amd Athlon64 X2 6000 3.0Ghz 2Mb Am2  OR/AND
AMD Athlon64 X2 6400 3.2Ghz 2Mb Am2                                               
is AM2 Socket support  TDP 95W, OR/AND support TDP 125W.
I'm not familiars with the terms TDP 89W, 95W and 125W
can someone of the community explain what is the deferent, and which is the best to use in my systems.
I appreciate any comments about this article.

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Friend at work wants me to order a new 19" LCD monitor for his wife for christmas.She has a Dell Dimension 2400 couple years old.I worked on it one time and added some more memory.Now has 512 mb DDR 333.I know it has Intel integrated graphics with no agp port.Dont remember how much memory was alloted in bios for onboard graphics but i would assume 64 meg would be max.Surely the Intel integrated would allow the monitor to run at the native resolution of 1280x1024 @60hz wouldnt it? Computer came with a 17"crt.Going to order a monitor with dvi but of course wont be able to use it till i build her another tower someday.

A:Monitor upgrade on Dell Dimension 2400

digger747 said:

Friend at work wants me to order a new 19" LCD monitor for his wife for christmas.She has a Dell Dimension 2400 couple years old.I worked on it one time and added some more memory.Now has 512 mb DDR 333.I know it has Intel integrated graphics with no agp port.Dont remember how much memory was alloted in bios for onboard graphics but i would assume 64 meg would be max.Surely the Intel integrated would allow the monitor to run at the native resolution of 1280x1024 @60hz wouldnt it? Computer came with a 17"crt.Going to order a monitor with dvi but of course wont be able to use it till i build her another tower someday.Click to expand...

Hi digger
Yes it should work fine But if she picks up a PCI GPU with DVI out it will be better there are some 250 Mhz going very cheap these days.
Merry christmas

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Dell Dimension e521 with the following:

AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.00GHz
2.00 GB DRAM
Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
NVidia GeForce 7300 LE

it is a secondary computer in our house, used by the kids. Its starting to show its age a bit, though, and I'd like to see what I can do to allow it to run older games without spending more than $200 and without upgrading the power supply (if I can avoid it).

Looks like I missed my window of opportunity a bit on the CPU and video card, though. In both cases, the recommended upgrade choices for this model no longer seem to be available, though I can get a valid CPU upgrade option from for about $80 (looks to be retail, including fan). But, I'm not sure on the video card, and not sure about the memory. So, any advice would be welcome.


A:Dell Dimension e521 upgrade options?

If it's over 5 years old I would forget trying to upgrade it.
Standards and component fitting-types have changed since then, so much of what you would need to fit the existing motherboard is no longer being manufactured or stocked, warehouses have been cleared to make room for the new generation of upgrade components which won't fit a 5-year old motherboard.

Having a new motherboard fitted into to the existing case, then having new components fitted to that, whilst physically possible does not economic sense. The cost would be something approaching that of a new PC unless you bought the necessary parts and did all the work yourself. The bottom line is that a new PC would make much more sense.

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I bought two 1GB PC3200 samsung memory sticks for my PC and my PC originally comes with 512mb PC2700. I have read the maual so the samsung memory is compatible with the PC. Also, i read that u can mix PC2700 and PC3200 together but it will run at slowest speed. So, I just added the memory to dimm3 and dimm 4 slots and when i turned the computer on it start to make a beeping sound and it wouldn't do anything else. Then, I tried it without the original memory it still didn't work. THere a 4 dimm slots on the motherboard and the max it can support is 4gb. SO, anyone has an idea whats wrong. I currently have two 256mb PC2700 installed and they work with the original memory combined. But, the two 1GB ones wont work.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 memory upgrade

Check here:
Older Dells are finiky with compatible ram. Crucial has a memory scanner, it will tell you what you have, what is compatible, what they have, and is garanteed to work.

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Although my research says that the best PCI cards are the FX 5600 and FX 5700LE, I have been unable to find them anywhere, including eBay. I have been able to find the FX 5200, 128 MB. Cost is approximately $90 CDN. I would be interested in comments as to whether installing the 5200 would result in a significant improvement over the existing Intel integrated graphics. I have been advisaed to stay away from Radon cards for this particular PC.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

A:Dell Dimension 3000 - Upgrade with FX 5200

it's not like any graphics card running in a pci interface would really boost your performance. in fact, the limitations of the pci bus often result in the add-in card lowering performance when compared to the integrated graphics, which use a faster bus. i advise against trying to mess with your dell to add performance. even if you were able to get a graphics card properly installed and working, the performance returns would be dissapointing at best.

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I currently own a Dell Dimension 2400 with 1.25 Gigs of Ram, a Celron 2.2 socket socket 478. I also have a GeForce4 MX 4000 128 MB, S-Video/TV out and a regular monitor out. There is a sixty gig hard drive. I have purchased a P4 2.8 I have yet to install. I have been looking for the best PCI video card for the money. The best one I have found is the eVGA GeForce 6200; the problem is my case is 50 watts shy of the 300 mark.

I found some other 256 MB one that was OK. I need TV out as it currently goes out analog to a 27 inch TV. I am getting a new one with S video. I also plan on getting two gigs of ram.

I am hoping for some suggestions on how I can best spend a hundred dollars to upgrade this computer. The processor cost $6, a new video card I am willing to spend about fifty, and another GIG of RAM is about $20. What would be the obvious motherboard upgrade? I really am content to push the original motherboard. It is an OG1548. I am going to throw in a $20 DVD burner and an old hard drive I have. The lowest setting of youtube staggers, though Netflix streams fine. I want, at most, play Bioshock or Half Life II. I understand DIablo II is pretty much out of the question. Starcraft II would be a dream, because I have a logon. I am also curious if my motherboard would allow the P4 to be overclocked, and if not, what third party program would allow for suck tweaking? I read one guys post how he overclocked a 2.8 to 3.5. I'd just like to know what is realistic performanc... Read more

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My E521 came with the AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4400+ processor and I read on some other threads that the AMD Athlot 64 X2 Dual-Core 6000+ should work, as long as I got the 89w version.  I purchased the following:
AMD ADA6000IAA6CZ Athlon X2 6000+ AM2 3.0GHZ 2MB 90NM 89W 2000MHZ TRAY
I am running the latest BIOS (1.1.11), running Windows 10.  However, my system doesn't recognize the new processor.  It boots, but still shows the 4400+ processor when I view the properties under "This PC" and also in device manager.  I even try scanning for new hardware in device manager, but the system doesn't see it. Another strange thing is that the 4400+ processor shows up twice in device manager under processors.
What can I do to get it to recognize the new processor?  

A:Dell Dimension E521 Processor Upgrade

Boot into the bios. How is the CPU listed in Processor Info? Boot back into windows. Download and run CPUZ. How is it listed?The Dell internal parts page for this model does not list a 6000+ CPU. The highest validated are =DR246 AMD Athlon 64X2, 5600+, 2.80GHz, 1MBX2, Dual Core, 89wPU630 AMD Athlon 64X2, 5600+, 2.80GHz, 1MX2, Dual Core, 89w

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I have a Dell 4300 with a pentium 4 1.5 GHZ processor and 1 GB of ram.
I also have a Dell 4600 with a pentium 4 2.9 GHZ processor.
I am not computer illiterate, however, I am processor illiterate, is it possible to just put the 4600 processor into my 4300? I really just dont know if it will be compatible with my 4300.

Any halp will be greatly appreciated!


A:Dell Dimension 4300 Processor upgrade

No, you can't use the processor out of the Dimension 4600 in a Dimension 4300. The fastest processor the 4300 will support is 2GHz.

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Hi all

I had a bad stick of RAM causing BSOD's on my Dell Dimension 8400. (8MZQT51) I removed the offending componant and the computer is working fine now. Since I have to replace it, I figured I would upgrade at the same time. It had 1GB DDR2 RAM, in the form of 2 sticks of 512 mb, 533mHz PC2 4200, 240 pin memory. The motherboard has 4 dimm slots, it has a 3.0 g pentium 4 processor, and running a 32 bit system. Based on my research, I should be able to upgrade to 4GB max RAM, based on what I read on Dell's site for my computer.

Here is my question...will any 4 sticks of the same style 1GB, 240 pin RAM work, or do I need to concern myself with things like mHz, etc?


A:Solved: RAM upgrade for older Dell Dimension

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I have a Dell Dimension 4500 and want to add more RAM. When go to many websites, it said I can have a max of 1G RAM. However, when I went to and do their website scan, it said I have the capacity to upgrade is 2G. This is actually the capacity the 4500 can go to. Who do I believe?
I am hoping to find two 1G PC 3200 Chips (maybe find them on ebay) to max the computer out with 2G? If this is possable, what type of chips should I look for?
Thank you,

A:Max memory upgrade for Dell Dimension 4500

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Can you install Windows 7 Ultimate on a Dell Dimension 8300 Desktop?
Will it run correctly?

I saw Windows 7 Ultimate on a Dell Dimension 8300 Desktop. I was thinking it may be a bogus copy of 7 on the PC. Any ideas?


A:Upgrade Dell Dimension 8300 Desktop

Yes it should do fine.
is my 2004 Dell Dimension 8300 Windows 7 Compatible? - Microsoft Community

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I have a dell Dimension 3000, and been wanting to upgrade it, but since the mother is a peice of **** its hard to upgrade it. Is there any possible way to put i new mother board in this comp with a PCI-E slot or even an AGP8x slot.

My specs.
Pentium 4 3.0ghz
768mb ddr ram
Intel Graphics
80gb harddrive
Soundblaster, sound card

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Hi -
I've got a basic Dell Dimension 4300 that I've had about 5 years. It is now a second computer, but still serves an important purpose for my household. I want to upgrade the mobo so I can have more than 512MB RAM, but I'm afraid of choosing a mobo that won't fit the case or will have the wrong cabling interface. Can anyone suggest a mobo that would work? I'm willing to splurge on a new processor too if necessary, but I don't really want a Celeron. I'd like to be able to have up to 2GB RAM. Needless to say, since I'm upgrading instead of buying new, I want to keep cost to a minimum, although I know a new mobo + RAM will be costly, but still hopefully less $ than a new machine with all the fixin's. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

A:want to upgrade mobo on my Dell Dimension 4300

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I have a dell dimension 4600i with 2.80 ghz processor running windows xp and 3 gigs of ram. Also has Nvidia geoforce fx 52 with 128mb onboard. I just added the additional ram. It has a dell motherboard OF=4491. Is there thing I can do to upgrade it further in order to run vista or windows 7.

A:Dell dimension 4600i upgrade question

How old is the machine? Some of the older ones came with a 5400 rpm hard drive. This won't specifically help with Vista, but a 7200 rpm drive would help overall performance.

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i am thinking of upgrading my dell dimension 3000 to a HIS ATI RADEON HD4350 512MB PCI 4350 graphics card

would this card be compatible with my computer? i know the dell is old and shitty but i just want to get some good, faster graphics on it for a little bit of gaming. on the dell website it says that the D3000 has a maximum 32-bit graphics option but this new card is 64-bit. would it work?

cheers, if you need specs i can put them up later

A:Dell Dimension 3000 graphics upgrade

All you need do is check that your PC matches the minimum, or better, system specs at the bottom of this page.

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Im currently looking to upgrade my dell dimension 3000 from integrated graphics by getting a pci card. I've read a number of forums and reviews and heard good stuff about the Geforce 6200, and also a bit about the Radeon x1550. Looking on ebay I also found these:

Geforce FX 5200 256mb - £25.99 buy it now price

Radeon 9250 256mb - £17.50 current bid price

I would post links but not allowed as my post count is too low. How annoying.

And also a few 128mb versions of these two for cheaper. I'm not looking to spend loads, and will prob just look out for one on ebay if I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My PC spec is:

Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
System Model: Dimension 3000
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A02
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz
Memory: 254MB RAM (Will be upgrading to 1Gb soon!!)DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DVD drive: Model: TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E
Graphics: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller
HD: 80Gb
Networking: Linksys Dual-Band Wireless A+G PCI Adapter ver 1.2
PSU: 250w

Can't find info on MOBO spec. The Machine has 3 PCI ports i think. It's neatly tucked in corner of room and couldn't be bothered with hassle of getting at it to open it and check.

If you could recommend which card would be best suited would greatly appreciate it.


A:Dell Dimension 3000 PCI graphics upgrade?

either Geforce 6200 or the Radeon x1550 would be good cards. Stay away from the Geforce FX 5200 256mb or the Radeon 9250 256mb as both are old and not going to help u much.

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I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with Pentium 4 (2.0 GHz), 512 RAM, Nvidia 64MB DDR GeForce3 Ti200 graphics and an Intel 82850/82860 Processor to AGP controller. I like to play Battle for Middle Earth and even closing out every other resource on the computer the game was still slow and crashed often.

After looking around a guy at CompUSA (yeah, yeah...I know) recommended the ATI Radeon 9550 video card (256MB, AGP). In reading the installation manual the first step was to make sure your AGP drivers were current. I wasn't sure how to determine that so I used the Dell online tech support feature. Here's that conversation:

ME: I am about to install an ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card and want to make sure I have the correct AGP drivers for my motherboard/chipset (Intel 82850/82860). How can I tell whether I have the most recent drivers and if I don't where can I download the current drivers?
DELL: Is it 64MB card?
ME: no, 256
DELL: The ATI card compatible to the system is ATI 32MB RAGE 6
ME: so I can't install the Radeon 9550? I need a graphics card with at least 256mb and DirectX 9 capabilities. Is there a different board that you recommend?
DELL: The mother board is system specific.
ME: I don't understand
DELL: The system board is cannot be upgraded and is model specific.
ME: are you talking about the motherboard? Why can't I just replace the GeForce3 Ti200 graphics card that's in the system with the ATI card?
DELL: The cards compatible wi... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 8200 Video Upgrade

Hi Meltar,

I currently have a pc identical to yours and have ordered a Radeon Ati A9600XT 128MB. I hope it will fit! I have heard that our boards won't be able to take higher then 128MB though?! Does anyone know any better?

Anyway, I don't know what that Dell bloke was talking about because I've already upgraded to an nvidia geforce4 4200 Ti 128MB card on this board. (I wanna play battlefield 2 and its just not powerful enough) I didn't update any AGP drivers on the motherboard though? Just the nvidia drivers. Its run fine from day one so I guess I can but try the new card!

Let me know how you get on!


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Hey people, I need some help here, Im tryin to upgrade to Win2000 Professional from Windows 98 (DONT LAUGH) and I have some compatibility issues.
Could anyone tell me how I can get a Dell Windows 2000 Migration Kit?? (Im in the middle of the no Dell Shops here)
If anyones had a similar problem please let me know.......You can email me

Ant help accorded will be highly appreciated

A:Dell Dimension L667r Win2k OS Upgrade....Help

Welcome to TSG!

I hope this advise is not too late, but you should never upgrade from 98 to w2k. All you will get is problems. Back up your data and perform a clean install (you don't have to delete the old windows folder unless you need the disk space). After the clean install, re-install all of your apps. You can then copy your favorites and documents from the windows folder to the new folders under Documents and Settings, or into winnt folder if needed. If you aren't sure you will keep the w2k install, don't change the disk format to NTFS, leave as FAT32. If you want to convert later for security or performance, that is easy.

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I find reading & writing very hard. So please forgive me. I would like to load Windows 7 Home Premium onto my Dell Dimension 5000 that is running XP but my c drive wont let things start. I have backed everything up followed the instructions but stop at part 1 of the 3 part install. Can someone please talk me through this?

A:how do i upgrade my dell dimension 5000 frm xp to windows 7

Is your Windows 7 installation disc burned, borrowed, purchased from a store, or???

If you want to do a clean install, the general process is:

1: disconnect all peripherals, such as printer, external drives, etc. All you need is monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Disconnect any hard drives other than the one that will receive Windows 7.

2: Boot from the installation disc in the DVD drive, rather than from your hard drive. You do that by choosing the DVD drive from a menu or by setting the PC to boot from the installation disc in the PC's BIOS. Which of these have you done?

3: After booting from that disc, you should come to a screen asking you to choose a language. Shortly thereafter you will come to a screen asking "where do you want to install Windows".

At that point, you would delete all partitions and continue to follow the prompts.

Which of those steps fail for you? What error messages come up on screen?

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* What are you going to use the PC for? - Gaming
* How much is your budget? - £200
* Where are you located? - London
* Are you willing to buy online? - YES
* Are you going to re-use any parts from anearlier build? Yes,my RAM
* Do you need other peripherals like a monitor, keyboard and mouse, among others? - No
* Have you already bought any parts? Apart from RAM, No
* Do you have an Operating System (OS)? Yes,Windows XP Jome
* Will you need any aftermarket cooling, such as a CPU\GPU cooler or a watercooling setup?No Chance
I currently own a Dell Dimension 2400, I have updgraded the ram to 1.5 GB, I'm running a Intel Celeron 2.4G Hz. Currently using on board graphics.
However I'm still not experiencing the performance I need.

I would like to upgrade this PC so I am able to play certain games such as BioShock or Sims 3 and Black And White 2.

I know this a lot to ask of my little machine as it is so old it doesnt even have a AGP slot!

If needed I'm willing to upgrade the motherboard.But I'd prefer not to. The form factor is Micro ATX I believe.

I want to spend under £200.

Ideally I would like the best PCI graphics card and the highest CPU supported.
But only if this will allow me to play high spec games. Otherwise I guess I have to upgrade the mobo.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

A:Upgrade options for a Dell Dimension 2400?

get this card

and this dvd burner because most (the games you want to play) games come pc-dvd standard.

$115 usd, 71 british pounds without any shipping.

$142 usd, 88 british pounds with basic international shipping.

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My Dell Dimension 8100 is with 2, 64Mb cards. I wanna upgrade it to bit higher level. Im having a 512Mb card. Im wondering, is it possible to plug da 512Mb and 64Mb card as pairs in da Sokets 1 and 2 (I have 2 dummie cards for socket 3 and 4) ?

As i checked with da Dell support web, they provide a hint :

" If you upgrade the memory, the RIMMs must be upgraded in matched pairs of identical MB capacity in both sockets 1 and 2 or sockets 3 and 4".

So, in my situation, do i have to match da socket 1 and 2 with same 512Mb or is safe to plug 512Mb with 64Mb in da specified sockets? I dont care about da optimum performance, least 512Mb is enough for me.

thanx in advance.


A:Memory upgrade - Dell Dimension 8100, plz help

Your Dell uses RDRAM and those must be installed in matched pairs only, as the instruction from Dell plainly states. You will not be able to use your single 512MB module unless it is RDRAM (not SDRAM) AND you can pair it up with another identical one. Ordinarily you can only buy RDRAM in pairs regardless of capacity so I suspect your 512MB module is not RDRAM and, therefore, you can't use it.

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Folks here is the short of it, I am entertaining the notion of buying a new video card. I would just like some advise on what card to pick up and maybe a why attached to the recommendation.

My Dell's motherboard accepts PCI-e video cards, up to x16 speeds. My system is not an exotic one, pretty simple.

Windows XP Professional (SP3) (64bit)
Intel Pentium 4 (H/T) @ 3000 MHz
Patriot DDR2 RAM @ 4000MB's
3.5 Inch Diskette Drive
80 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive (Primary)
1 Terabyte External WD Hard Drive (Secondary)

Currently using the Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family (on-board) video adapter at a max power of 224MB's!

Motherboard Spec's, if you need them...

Manufacturer: Intel ( OEM for Dell Dimension 5100C and 5150C )
Dell Compatible Part#: J8888 0J8888
Socket: LGA775
Expansion Slots: PCI Express x16 x 1 / PCI Express x1 x 1
Other Features: Hyper-Threading Technology Support
Connectors: (5) USB 2.0 Ports, (1) Firewire (1) S/PDIF 10/100/1000 LAN
Peripheral Interface: (2) Serial ATA (SATA) Interface
Other: One IDE Channel Supporting ATA-66/100/133 and One Floppy Port
Video: 1X16 PCI Express Slot and Onboard Video
Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound Audio System
Supported Memory: DDR2
Maximum Memory: 4 Dual Channel DIMM Support for up to 4 GB of memory

Thing is I want to get back into some serious video gaming. Right now with my current setup I can only play (old school) based games like Quake III, UT 1999, Half life a... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 5100c graphics upgrade?

$50.00 and low-profile aren't usually associated with serious video gaming, unfortunately.
A LOT will depend on what gaming (screen) resolution are gaming at...which seems to be the only spec you haven't listed.
Probably you will be looking at a HD6450 1Gb card (the Sapphire version here).

Here's how the card fares in CoD:MW, and Unreal Tournament III
If you can squeeze another $5 into the budget (and if you believe in mail-in rebates) then this GT430 (or this ECS version for $50 after rebate, as is this EVGA version) would offer a better level of gaming over the 6450, as you'll note from the review links.

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removed by author......................


A:Memory Upgrade - Dell Dimension 8100, plz help

I answered your identical post elsewhere. You shouldn't post multiple identical posts as it leads to confusion when different people answer each one.

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Dell true to form has made the cmos non-upgradeable for use with WIN8. So, with regrets, I need to know what motherboard, cpu and sound cards, memory, etc, I will need in order to upgrade this elephant.

Then of course, I need to know if my graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce 6200, power supply 250W, etc are sufficient. The power supply is welded to the frame of the box, so will be a pill to change out. I also need suggestions on which Sound card, since there isn't one now. It too is part of the motherboard.

I guess I should also ask if this upgrade is even possible. Is WIN 8 backward compatible with xp software? I hope so, since it would be cheaper than purchasing a new machine and software.

Any and all advice will be appreciated.

A:What is needed to upgrade a Dell Dimension 8300 XP to 8.1?

Easiest way is to run "Upgrade assistant" : Upgrade Assistant: FAQ - Windows Help

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I know nothing, I don't know my RAM from my CPU but my Dell Dimension 5150 is a bit slow on the internet and running out of virtual memory (what ever that is). I have 2 children and at the moment we runs SIMS 2 which takes for ever to load up, otherwise just use it for surfing the net etc. We do though need to put Word and Excel on it at some I upgrade (if so what with or do I buy a new computer (if so what)...any suggestions appreciated

A:Dell Dimension 5150 5yrs old do I upgrade ?

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Hello! My Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop is now over 5 years old (purchased October 2003). At times it can be really slow and takes about 15 minutes to boot up, but overall it is reliable and I don't do much to save some money I thought I would upgrade instead of replace it. I need some help on how exactly to do this since I have never done anything before.

Here are the basic specs:

2.4 GHZ Pentium 4, 533
256 MB RAM, 333 MHZ, NON-ECC, Dual In-Line Memory
64 MB Video Card, NiVidia 18, Dimension
2 Internal HDs: 40GB, 120GB

So the first obvious thing I thought to do is add some RAM. From what I read it seems like I will want to buy 2 separate identical modules. I was thinking of purchasing these:

Does anyone see a problem with these working in my machine? Will I want to leave the old RAM in as well or remove it completely? 1.0 GB RAM vs. 1.3 GB of RAM. I have also been looking at some RAM on EBay, but I have read about people having trouble with Lo vs. Hi Density RAM. How do you know which you can use with your PC?

The next thing I was considering upgrading was the video card, but as I said I don't do a lot of gaming. The biggest thing I would hope to gain by updating the video card is increased video streaming ability, such as watching TV shows on Hulu,, etc.

Will a better video card (64 MB vs. 256 MB) allow for better streaming vid... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrade Help (RAM, Video, etc.)

Would it not be a better idea to just start from scratch?
I think stating fresh or building a machine would be batter for you.


That RAM should be fine. Baring in mind its only DDR so its not going to give fantastic improvements.
You will have to open your case to see if you can leave the old sticks in. If you can then you may as well leave them in.
Also i always try and deter people from buying RAM or other components from Ebay. It could be old and leave you with a BSOD when you turn on. This can then be blamed on your other hardware and thus would not require the user to give you a refund.

I think that graphics card should work with your PC. I doesn't need PCI-e so that's fine with your PC.

The best ting to do would be to download system info

Then tell us what it shows for RAM.Memory. Slots type currently installed etc and also for video adaptors.
Then you can better determine new parts but at the moment what you have would be fine, but i would say an upgrade would be better.

Also take a look at these two guides Ive written to address speed:

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My PC has never been upgraded and is rubbish. I am wanting to make it so I can run the latest games without a new system. How much would it cost for adding about 1gig of RAM, a better video card, a new HDD and would a copy of Windows 7 run on the machine after the upgrade and what type do you recomend I buy. Thanks in Advance

A:Solved: How much to upgrade a DELL Dimension 8300

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Okay, I have a Dell Dimension E310 that I have been wanting to get CPU upgrade for.
I currently have the CPU that came with the machine, ?an Intel Pentium 4HT [email protected] 2.8GHz with 1MB, L2 Cache, and 800MHz FSB, using Socket LGA 775.?
I have done some searching on for a small Core 2 Duo CPU that will fit this computer. I made sure to find ones that should be compatible ?Socket: LGA775 and 800MHz FSB?
These are the 3 I am looking at.

Does anyone know if these processors will work with the machine I have?


A:Dell Dimension E310 Processor Upgrade

Well they look like they will. Like you said make sure to keep your fsb to 800MHz.

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I currentlly have windows xp but would like to upgrade in order to use the media available on windows 8. can I do it?

A:can a dell dimension 2400 upgrade to use windows 8 ?

Check your PC for Windows 8 readiness with upgrade assistant

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After looking on the Dell Support forums I was advised that my system:
Dell dimension 8200 uses RDRAM PC800
So I went and bought 2 x 128 (I understand RDRAM has to be in pairs)
SAMSUNG Memory 800-45

They fit in the slots fine, but when the PC boots its beeps and displays and error saying the memory is incompatible, please replace with memory 40ns or faster!

Please advise!!!


A:Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Upgrade

Did you get an upgrade on the motherboard or processor?
The Dell 8200 base model might use PC800, but if you upgraded it might take some faster RAM. Check into that and post back.

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My ram upgrade nightmare . . .

I have a classroom of 24 Dell Dimension 4100s PIII 1Ghz machines that are getting a ram upgrade. They require PC100 or PC133 non-ECC x64 chips and can handle up to 512mb total. They were running on 256MB of ram consisting of one 128MB PC133x64 (high density? chips on one side) and one 128MB PC100x64 (low density? chips on both).

After checking compatibility, I order 48 Kingston Value Ram 256MB PC133x64 non-ECC (high density?) and try to upgrade my first machine. It fails on memory check before bios launches even. I upgrade the bios and it recognizes both chips and continue to upgrade systems.

50% of the machines take the upgrade without problem, but the other half fails with half of those accepting one chip and the other 6 failing to recognize either new chip.

RAM that works in one machine will fail in any machine that fails to recognize the chips so it doesn't seem to be bad chips. The old RAM still works in machines that failed the upgrade so it also doesn't seem to be the motherboard. All of the machines are the same age with the same setup built in the same batch at Dell.

Any thoughts?

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Hello, we have a Dell Dim 3000. I read an article that says that you cannot upgrade the integrated graphic card because the motherboard has no AGP or PCI-e slot. Is this true or is there a way to upgrade the graphics?


A:Graphic Card upgrade in a Dell Dimension 3000?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

While it is true your computer doesn`t have AGP or pci-e slots, it does have 3 pci slots.

So, a pci graphics card upgrade is possible and would be far better than your current onboard graphics chip.

Take a look at this excellent thread HERE.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Apologies if this question has already been asked but I searched and couldn't find it.

I have a Dell Dimension 5150 which runs XP Home and is 3 years old. I pre-ordered Windows 7 but the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says my onboard graphics adapter won't support the Windows Aero User Interface. I don't play games on my PC but I would like all the fancy visual features of Windows 7. How do I go about choosing a graphics card that will do the job for me?

Thanks in advance...

A:Graphics card upgrade for Dell Dimension 5150

Marty welcome to the forums.

Before buying a new card, wait until you get Windows 7 and install it. There is a good possibility that it will work (the upgrade advisor for the most part is a piece of junk, I have seen it flag components as unsupported when I know full well that it is).

Once you get 7 installed this,

ATI Catalyst? Legacy Display Driver

will be about it for a driver. If it doesn't work and you still want to get a card let us know and we can recommend something. If nothing else according to the specs for your Dell,

Dimension 5150 Desktop Product Details

you have a PCI-E 16x slot, which is good. It only has a 305W power supply which isn't so good, but there are still lots of cards that will be OK on it.

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I have finally decided to upgrade my ram and video card for my PC.

I own a Dell Dimension E310

I'm running a 128MB (Total Memory) Video card and would like to upgrade this to either a 512MB or 1GB. I found this one before coming to this forum
(sorry bout space in link)

The reason I like that one is because in the first reveiw it is stated it works with my PC model. It also is a 512MB, 64-bit.

Now when it comes to software and PC work once its turned on, i'm a whiz. But once you get to hardware: I just am simply left in the dark.
Anyways, I would like to have a 1GB, 128-bit, fanned card.

I get confused when it comes to ports on my computer. When I searched on Newegg I think I searched for something called PCI? I found this one other than the one that I "know" works with my model:
(again sorry)

I will happily upgrade the power supply as I need my computer and if a power supply will lessen a chance of anything happening then I will do it.

Can someone please inform me whether the 1GB card will work with my model and ports. Thanks.

On a side note im going from 512mb of ram to 2GB. (There isnt much of a choice for my model).

Again thank you so much

A:Dell Dimension E310 Video Card Upgrade

Looked up your model, it has pci express, which is a faster interface than "pci," I'd advise this

It has what you want and will perform everything you need, along with a 15 dollar mail in rebate.

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I want to install a larger hard drive into my Dell Dimension 8100. Does anyone know what is a compatible hard drive or how to find out what is a compatible har drive?

A:DELL Dimension 8100 hard drive upgrade

Welcome to Techspot!
My Dell 8000 took a toshiba 40 Gig upgrade, with no hitches.
You can go to and use their upgrade system to find out what HDD's go in your's.

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Well, my Dell owners manual leaves me wondering...:rolleyes:
about a planned upgrade to this PC.
The Dell Owners manual says that "SATA HD's" connect to the system board connectors labeled SATA-0 thru SATA 3 and CD/DVD drives to the PRI IDE connector.
My question is, can I hook up a LG GSA-H62L 18X DVD +/- RW DL SATA Drive w/LightScribe to the SATA connectors instead of the IDE connectors?
I have a extra SATA power connector on the power supply cord to the single HD with just enough length to reach the upper drive bay for a workable power connector. I'll have to order a SATA signal connector cable though.

My minds eye says yepper rooney, it's a doable thingy.
Just crossin' my "T's" and dotting my "i's".
How about it guru's?

ARE Any 'MB set-up' configurations that would be needed?



A:2005 Dell Dimension 8400 SATA DVD +/- RW DL upgrade

yes you can do that. im sure when the manual was written there was no SATA CD/DVD. you sould have no problem installing the LG GSA-H62L DVD drive

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mainly for gaming, i am looking for a cheap graphics card (hopefully under $100.) i have a dell dimension 4700 2.8Ghz 512mb ram 40GB. my graphics card that came with the computer is (i think) Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 Video Card.
i have one PCI express slot and 2 of the other slot....forgot what its called...
please help me find a cheap graphics card for gaming, thanx a lot.

A:want to upgrade graphics card for dell dimension 4700

Please post the website where I can see the specs of the system.

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