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Solved: Dell monitor color is all messed up!

Q: Solved: Dell monitor color is all messed up!

yikes, i just turned my Dell "Ultra Sharp" monitor on and out of the blue, the color is all wonky. it seems there is no red. i can only see blue/purple & yellowish (kind of neon/highlighter yellow).

i have no idea where to start trouble shooting. here's what i checked so far:

if i pull up the main monitor menu i can see red color on there. i tried different settings but it doesn't fix it.
i tried pressing the factory pre-set for the color and that didn't change anything either.

my useless roommate used the computer before i got home and he said when he was using it, it was fine.

any thoughts on what to check/try/test??? any help would be greatly appreciated. i'm not super knowledgeable but i can follow instructions or answer any questions. i could do a screen shot but i have no idea if it would show up how i'm seeing it.

thanks in advance!!!!

edit: i took a photo of my screen with my phone and put it on photobucket...hope this helps

A: Solved: Dell monitor color is all messed up!

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Is this correct? This is a new bundled system and in device manager it just says plug and play device" We tried to play a scrabble game right off the disc and it said must have 256 colors. You would think the drivers would already be install. Thanks ahead if you have input.

A:new dell - monitor only has 16 & 32 bit color

Yes that is correct. Are you saying that the game wouldn't even load and play? I'm thinking that you must have a very old CD game - like early win95 - it should be even better played with 16 or 32 bit color.

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Hi, i have slight problem with figuring out my monitor. My mother and i just recently swapped computers because of 'graphic and audio differences' but i had a computer for barely 2 days the monitor just randomly out of no where while playing SIMS 3 just started doing displaying these transparency bugs and color problems on both external and internal monitors. my laptop monitor has these fuzzy red and blue pixels, mostly red when in dark areas or what seems to be lining of the objects. and blue on white or brighter color differences. this also loads up in the BIOS so its not a software or comparability issue. i opened it up once to check for a loose wire but didn't really find anything unusual, just re plugged everything in. and then it worked again. Now its been 2 weeks and i was on facebook and out of nowhere it starts happening again. and i noticed every time it happens a problem occurs on my external monitor to the left. (Only when the red fuzzy stuff appears) It stopped before and now its doing it again and i don't want to tamper too much with anything inside because im not exactly so familiar with a laptops motherboard. i am thinking it might have something to do with the graphics card or VGA input or something.. im not sure. any help would be AWESOME!!!

"A video down below i posted the problem and some pictures for help and more detailed info"

A:external VGA and regular monitor color problem on DELL Latitude D830

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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right rorum. I've done a little searching on the forum but can't pinpoint anything exactly. I have a new Dell Precision Workstation with a Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 video card. The left monitors color is much duller than the right one. If I place just a white background the one on the left looks grayed out, and the one on the right looks nice and white. I tried adjusting the brightness and contrast on it but that didn't seem to make it look the same as the right one. I contaced Dell and I am getting the monitor on the left replaced. I'm not sure if it's the monitor, video card or the settings. If someone could lead me in the right direction to correct this that would be great. Maybe if there's a software app out there that will adjust it or whatever. I even tried playing around with the Nvidia control panel. I'm just not sure what I'm doing.


A:Solved: Dual Monitor Color not the same ?

If both monitors are the same model, what happens if you switch their connections to the video card?

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I have a pb-monitor and having prob with getting it to 256 color... all though it says 256 it looks more 16... and un readable have tried every thing.. software is 3-d force agp 4x.... from jaton products....on windows 98. can anyone help?

A:[SOLVED] display/monitor/color

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I moved my Compaq MV720 from one room to another. Now the screen colors, which were bright and uniform before, now are grayed on the left side of the screen and gradually change to a light green toward the right hand side. Photo colors on the left side are not what they should be. Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] Monitor color problems

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I have really screwed up my computer --dell dimension 2400 – talk about a mess. I wanted to clean off the hard drive, so I tried to reinstall xp using a friend’s cd because the only xp cd I could find was an upgrade (from win98). I don’t know what I did wrong (or if the problem was with the cd), but setup got into a loop we could not get out of.

Since I had my xp cd to upgrade from 98, we tried to install win98. It did clean off the hard drive, but it failed to install completely and now the cd drive will not work. And when I click on IE, an error message “Msoobe” comes up and says it has perfomed an illegal operation and shuts down.

My brother also has a dell dimension 2400, and he thought there was a way to reset the computer to its original configuation. I tried the Control+F11 that he suggested, but the screen says it needs a device file to run that it cannot find. There is a line that reads
Is this the missing file?

I can’t find the resourceCd that came with the 2400, but I have a ResourceCD from a dell dimension xps t800. I don’t know if it will work for a 2400. And it can’t work now because the cd drive won’t respond.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? It seems that every step I took made it worse. I need expert help. Thanks

A:Solved: I messed up my dell 2400 - need expert help

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I have a Dell inspiron 9200 which is very old about 8 years. Anyway, the laptop screen died a few days ago.

I connected an external monitor and the windows xp booted up fine to the external monitor. So I assume it was making the external monitor as the primary display.

Anyway, I was tweaking the Display settings from the control panel and checked on the extend monitor box and selected monitor 2 and clicked OK.

Now when I boot up windows it doesn't show my main desktop. It shows only the wallpaper background. I tried pressing F8 key which controls the LCD but to no avail. I can't access anything so I can undo what I did.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: I messed up the multiple monitor settings

I fixed it myself. Before I was pressing F8 only. This time I press Fn + F8 at the same time and I got my main desktop back. Very happy person.

Now I can backup my data and bookmarks and get ready to buy a new laptop.

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Hope someone can walk me through a solution for this monitor problem.

Monitor: Pixi, Model DH-1764-770E
Motherboard: AMD K6-2
Video Card: NVIDIA TNT2 M64

BACKGROUND: Yesterday, I did a "windows update" for IE from 5.X to 6.0. Big mistake! As soon as I got the new version downloaded and installed, apparently, my drivers for my monitor and video card were wiped out. I downloaded the newest versions of the drivers and installed them.

The Problem: The display on my monitor is running at 16 colors with 640 x 480 pixels. Ugh! The settings in the "Display Properties" can be changed. Then, it immediately says that it needs to restart my computer to have the changes take effect. I do so. After it's back up and running, NOTHING has changed! I've tried several combination of "color" and "pixel sizes" and nothing works. Before I upgraded to IE 6.0, everything was working perfectly. The Pixi people swears that it has to be something with my video card. I can't contact the NVIDIA folks. Hmmmm....

HELP: OK, I'm sure that this is one of those operator malfunction things. Can anyone point me in the right direction???? This is driving me nuts!


A:[SOLVED] Monitor Color/Size Problem

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Hey everyone,

I am new to the forums and recently bought parts to build my very first computer. So i rarely have any knowledge about this whole thing other then putting it together and installing the softwares. (Built April 28 Thursday, not to long ago)

Now as for the problem I am having is after installing all the drives and such my monitor suddenly show pink (sometimes green or gray) horizontal lines or vertical lines across the whole screen. At first i thought i connected something wrong but everything was connected firmly and correctly. Then a few more times (so far 3 times) it happend again, all within 1hr of turning it on. For some reason if im playing games or, watching videos/movies nothing occurs (Have not tried more then 3hrs).
Also when my monitor does change I am able to move the mouse but i cant click on anything (USB Mouse).

Here are my computer specs:
ASUS P7H55-M PRO Intel i3 i5 H55 1156 Motherboard
Windows 7 64bit
LG W2240T 21.5 Monitor
630W Raidmax PSU

Thats pretty much what i beleive that should matter. Oh and another thing I bought all my parts 1 week berfore putting it together, so everything is completely new.

Some test that ill be doing is if it happens on another monitor and stuff. Anyways, if anyone can help that would be really great.

A:Solved: Monitor Showing different color Lines and more

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Can anyone PLEASE help me?
I’ve just replaced my CRT monitor, which displayed DVD’s (via PowerDVD) without any hassles, for a Samsung TFT LCD monitor. After linking up the monitor and installing the driver, a quick check showed DVD’s able to play 100%. I later installed two ‘color manipulation’ software packages (Natural Color & Magic Tune Pro) that Samsung said would improve color control better than the monitor’s ‘on-board’ controls. I ‘played around’ with these packages, & then let auto tune do the job to correct funny colors. I now found the color in DVD’s to be absolutely way out yellow-green. I uninstalled the two software programs, but no change. I then found the “reset” feature on the monitor and restored factory settings – DVD’s back to normal. I then re-installed Magic Tune and checked the colors & once again DVD colors were fine.

After a couple of days I tried a DVD and colors were wonky again. I uninstalled Magic Tune and tried the “Reset” feature, to no avail. I discovered some ‘color profile’ files that had been stored by Natural Color (& never uninstalled!) and deleted them – it still didn’t help. I tried a DVD via WMP 11, but colors are the same as with PowerDVD so the problem can’t be with PowedDVD. In ‘Display settings/color Management, I tested the available ‘Color profiles’, but this didn’t help either

DVD color (via PowerDVD) is fine on my laptop (OS Windows XP Professional), and if I connect the LCD monitor to ... Read more

A:Solved: Color problem with DVD replay on LCD monitor

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I have just had two computers built. The computers are amazingly fast, which is great, but now I seem a little disappointed about being able to adjust the colors to my satisfaction. This is a gaming video card. The colors may work for animated gaming color palettes, but it leaves me a bit dissatisfied and uncomfortable. So far I am trading forex charts, but I also do graphics and edit videos. I need something pretty accurate.

I think I now know all the ways to adjust the colors. I just wonder if I should have realized that there are better video card and monitor combinations depending on what you're after. I may come to the point of asking the builder to swap this card out for a better one, but I don't know where to start.

The card I have is an NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT and the monitors I have are two (2) HP S2031 Wide LCD. We picked this card for speed and also because it came with the right output plug (with four pins for analog color, I believe, rather than a fin only) which I need in order to utilize my KVM switch between this and the other computer.

If you have some tips on an outstanding video card and monitor combination that provides for easily adjustable and highly accurate color, I would love to hear about it. Perhaps the problem is the card alone or the monitors alone, that is also possible...

I'd appreciate any real knowledge you may have on this. Thank you very much.

A:Solved: Best Vid Card + Monitor combo for color

Color reproduction isn't a video card issue. It's all about the monitor.

Reading material:

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Hello, has anyone had this problem before? The colors look to be on the true color setting, but it is set to high color. Some icons it can't display, anyone have any ideas?
I am running on a GeForce 4 MX420 (PCI). I have the most recent drivers. This just started happening, I haven't changed any of the settings, it just happend for no apparent reason. Please, anyone offer their help, I would be most greatful.

A:[SOLVED] Desktop Colors all messed up, not a monitor problem.

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I what to check before i have to find a new monitor. Thank you in advance for you help.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:50:38 PM, on 7/5/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Mouse 4.0\mouse32a.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\AIM6\aim6.exe
C:\Program Files\AIM6\aolsoftware.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Works\wkswp.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Works\MSWorks.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Works\wkgdcach.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\hijackthis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Soft... Read more

A:Solved: I think a virus is messing with the color in my computer monitor

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My computer was working fine last night until I went to shut it down, then I got some sort of UI logon error and it wouldn't turn off. So I pressed the power button until it turned off. Now my screen is all messed up. I get a pop-up that says my resolution and color depth are set too low, but when I try to readjust it it remains the same. It basically looks like a greyscaled photo negative. However, everything looks fine in safe mode. How do I fix this?

A:Solved: Monitor resolution and color depth issues...

You need to reinstall the video driver for your exact model of video card or on-board adapter, whichever you use.

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I have two (2) HP S2031 Flat Screen Monitors. I had them connected to a WinXP 32-bit system where they worked fine. I had a guy build me a new 64-bit Windows 7 machine with a quality video card. Web pages format fine on the left monitor, but on the right monitor, the image refuses to format to screen size--no scroll bars appear and the sizing buttons on the upper right of the pages are somewhere off screen to the right. With guesswork, I can close pages and find the scroll bar, but it's impossible to find the reduce-down button. I shouldn't have to mess with this. I have tried scaling the image with the on-board monitor menu controls. I have tried using the controls provided by the Nividia video card. Neither of these things make a difference. I've been in contact with HP who guided me through some testing and suggested it could be my KVM. HOWEVER, I have connected the monitor in question directly to the PC, by-passing the KVM and the same condition exists. SO... any ideas?

ALSO...if I cannot get satisfactory color balance using either set of controls, I need to know what the problem or problems might be. I have spent hours trying various things to make these things right. Are there more adjustments somewhere? I wonder if something is wrong with the video card. I downloaded new drivers for the monitors. Am I missing something?

A:Solved: Dual Monitor: 2nd won't scale images & color is bad

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hi, i have an hp touchsmart desktop, its a 300-1003.  came with windows 7 on it but im sure we updated it a bit, i just dont know for sure whats on it now. we hardly ever use it as the touchscreen though, and havent for a very long time. i dont know too much about computers so please bear with me. my son used it this morning, everything was fine. turned it on tonight and the colors are all messed up. everything seems to be working right, we can open up any site, etc.- its just that the colors are all wrong, right from the start up  and log in screen. we did the usual- restarting it, and unplugged  the plugs from the back and plugged them back in.  did a system restore too and its still the same way. any advice is really appreciated. 

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Hey. My 4 year old niece was using my parents Dell PC Desktop. Its a pretty new computer. She must have pressed something because now the color is all screwed up. It has a red hue to it and the blues are too bright and the start button isnt green, its black. The resolution only goes to 32-bit. There are no other options. What could the problem be?

A:Color Messed Up

check the monitor's settings.. there should b some kind of buttons on the front of the monitor that allow u to change the color

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I have a syncmaster 920NW monitor and had the same problem as mentioned in the thread: Samsung 943NW monitor - Vertical adjustment is messed up.

After pressing the auto adjustment button the image repositioned downwards so much so that the windows task bar is half hidden. Repressing the auto adjustment button and trying to reposition vertucally through the menu button did not do a thing.

The other thread is closed without showing the solution. Does anyone know how to get the image right again?


A:Solved: Samsung 920NW monitor - Vertical adjustment is messed up

Solved. Under image and under OSD you can adjust the horizonal and vertical positions. Adjusting vertically under image did the trick. Apparently I only tried to adjust the position under OSD.

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Dell U2713H monitor
Mac OS 10.6.8
Macbook Pro 5,3
Connected via mini display port if that matters

When in applications where the lighting is frequently changing, such as a game or movie, the screen will brighten up or darken (more like go red and dark blue) numerous times over and over trying to compensate. Very difficult to look at. Not sure if a setting issue on the monitor, in the OS, or just the type of connection I am using.

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After disconnecting the HDMI (connected to my TV) from y50 while it's running,the color of my screen totally messed up, (it's on weird magenta to purple color, and streak of white lines in it. Like a bad instagram filter!).The touch screen function works but the whole color is off.I tried shutting down and resetting my laptop but it remained the same.I looked up all the options in control panel but unable to locate an option for it. Also, when I try to reconnect the hdmi back, the display color is okay on my TV.Help!

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I just received my XPS 15 9550 and it is exactly as I was expected.
However, it seems that I do not have the basic software suites, especially the Dell Premier Color software that I really wanted to try.
Is there something I forgot to do during the laptop configuration?
Thank you!

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Missing basic Dell softwares(Color Premier, ...)

If you ordered the software for your computer it can be downloaded from MyDellDownloads. The link is listed below. You will need to sign into the site with computer information.
My Dell Downloads
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

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I had my laptop hooked up to my tv an dead using it as dual monitors. I was listing to Pandora and surfing steam which I'be Done hundreds of times. Then my computer froze up an did turned it off for a bit. I turned it back on and I got a Windows error recovery. I ran start up repair but when it got to the Windows lock screen the login part was completely gone.

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Running dual monitors in Win 10 and when going through the Color calibration steps on monitor #2 (Control panel / Display / Calibrate color) the settings stick as long as the 2nd monitor is active.

If I switch to single display (Windows Key + P / PC Screen only) then the 2nd monitor loses its color calibration. Also anytime I reboot my PC (Even if I have both monitors active) the 2nd monitor loses my calibration.

The 2nd monitor has a fairly strong bias for the color Green so I can always tell right away.

I'm probably overlooking something and was hoping someone might of dealt with this before

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This one has me stumped, hoping someone can lend a hand.
(The rig in question is up to date in my system specs)

I currently run a triple monitor setup, all the monitors were purchased at the same time, and are the following model:
Asus VS247H-P 23.6-Inch LED Monitor

The three monitors are all connected to: XFX DD Radeon HD 695X (Cross-fired with an identical OEM/Model/GPU) All three are connected to a single card (which was tested out of cross-fire beforehand, and each card was tested separately)
The monitors are arranged as shown below:
1-DVI ========2-Display port to DVI (active adapter)======3-DVI
With monitor one being the far left, monitor two the center display, and monitor three the far right display.

The best way to describe the issue: There seems to be a single blue pixel on display 2 that stays in the same place, but this pixel does not show up when the color displayed is solid white, solid black, or solid red.
To rule out the usual suspects:
-All cables have been checked with new replacements (on two different rigs)
-Both cards have been tested and work properly (on two different rigs)
-The cards are NOT overclocked
-The display that shows the pixel has been tested as well (the pixel does not appear on my test rig)
-Disabling eyefinity does not resolve the issue
-Removing the second card does not resolve the issue
My question: What am I seeing? A stuck pixel? Artifacting?
Could the active adapter be causing the issue?
If it turns out to be a... Read more

A:Color anomoly on single monitor of triple monitor setup.

Sounded like a stuck pixel until you mentioned it doesn't show itself in solid black. It's possible it still could be though, have you tried any of the remedies?

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I have a Dell 17" LCD that someone gave me. It works for a short time, then the screen goes light and dark and is not usable. I would think that it is some type of loose connection inside which I might be able to fix but cannot get the back off. Is there anyone who knows a method to do this? I have removed the stand and there are now other screws or locking mechanisms.

A:Solved: Dell monitor

MSDirector said:

I have a Dell 17" LCD that someone gave me. It works for a short time, then the screen goes light and dark and is not usable. I would think that it is some type of loose connection inside which I might be able to fix but cannot get the back off. Is there anyone who knows a method to do this? I have removed the stand and there are now other screws or locking mechanisms.Click to expand...
Possibly the inverter (or screen). Usually not a loose connection and probably not user repairable

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I have ten computers at work. All of a sudden one of the monitors looks extremely purple. Nothing was done to cause anything like this. I tried adusting color on the monitor. Please help.

A:Solved: Dell monitor purple

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I bought a Compaq Presario monitor at a rummage and hooked it up to my dell computer and the monitor is working fine but it is acting like it is a 17in monitor instead of a 19in. It comes down about a in at top and in a inch on right side could someone please tell me what might be causing this.

A:Solved: HP monitor on Dell destop

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Hi - I currently have a Dell OptiPlex™ GX270 to which I would like to connect an HP monitor. The monitor has a VGA cable, a DVI cable and an audio cable (and obviously a power cable). The Dell has VGA input, and, as far as I can tell not DVI. Do I need to be able to connect DVI in order to use this monitor? Also, monitor has built-in speakers. I am assuming the audio cable for that would go into the same input that I currently use for my free standing speakers. The monitor has that Bright View Technology which looks quite nice. My system has 512 ram, Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz processor and plenty of hard disk space. Bottom line - is this pc up to the task of this monitor connection? Even though this Dell is sort of old, it still runs fine and I see no need to dump it at this juncture - especially since any new pc's only come with Win7. I like xp. Anyway, any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Connect HP monitor to Dell PC

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I just installed a driver upgrade for my NVIDIA GenForce 5200 Graphics driver, which in turn screwed up my desktop display. In trying to get that straightened out my Dell 2005FPW display now says "1.D-SUB Cannot Display this Mode" Nothing I have tried will get this thing to display my Desktop again. Any help would be appreciated. I have to use my laptop as I cannot the display has rendered my desktop un-useable.

A:Solved: Dell 2005FPW Monitor

Do you see the POST screen or anything else while the computer is booting up, before the desktop loads? If so, try starting in safe mode by hitting F8 repeatedly before Windows loads up, after that, uninstall the video drivers, install good-known drivers from nVidia site, boot back up in normal desktop mode.

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ok my monitor is messed up I posted on here the other day and decided that if it was a wiring problem I would just buy another monitor. Well I decided to try one more thing since there are 2 computers here I switched the monitor to the other computer and low and behold the monitor works just fine, So I put the monitor off of this computer and put it on the other one and guess what? It is purple also, so now I know that it isn't the monitor, it has to be in the computer some place. I am running Windows XP pro. Can anyone help me figure out how to get this problem corrected.

A:color in monitor still, but not a monitor problem

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ok my monitor is messed up I posted on here the other day and decided that if it was a wiring problem I would just buy another monitor. Well I decided to try one more thing since there are 2 computers here I switched the monitor to the other computer and low and behold the monitor works just fine, So I put the monitor off of this computer and put it on the other one and guess what? It is purple also, so now I know that it isn't the monitor, it has to be in the computer some place. I am running Windows XP pro. Can anyone help me figure out how to get this problem corrected.

closing duplicate, view this thread

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I just bought a new dell XPS 400 desktop with a Dell E196FP monitor. I've had it for 2 days and have been battling headaches the whole time I've been using the monitor. I'm sensitive to refresh rates and getting migraines. This is the first LCD monitor I've used other than my laptops that I use all the time.

I was told to use a DVI cable instead of the analog cable. My video card has that connection but it doesn't look like the monitor does. Any ideas or am I just stuck with analog?

Is there anything else I can change with the monitor that might help? I keep seeing on the web that the refresh rate on LCDs is not the same technology as the CRTs and its not that helpful with this issue.



A:Solved: Dell LCD monitor analog question

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Just got a Dell SVGA Monitor & don`t know where to get Drivers, have a HP Vectra 400 MHz PC & it does not have loaded drivers for this late Model SVGA,
Any help would be greatly apprecited. Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Need Dell SVGA Monitor Driver

You shouldn't need the specific monitor driver unless you are running some non-standard video settings. Monitor drivers just tell the system the capabilities of the monitor, most svga monitors are similar and the settings the video card picks will work. You might want to look up the capabilities of the monitor (search by model number or name) and make sure you dont exceed the specs, especially if you are running at high resolutions or refresh rates

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Help!!! My Dell E156FP LCD Monitor has been acting strange. Whenever my computer tells my monitor to turn off or stops sending a signal for standby or after 20mins or even after shutdown, my monitor starts showing a "slideshow" of colors. During this "slideshow" the monitor will not turn off unless unplugged. My warranty is up so that makes my life a heck of a lot harder too. Thanks for listening.

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I am trying to adjust the brightness (lower it) on my Dell monitor. The problem is that after pressing the brightness/contrast button on the monitor it seems that I am then required to make the adjustment useing a Dell keyboard with its - and + keys. I didn't like the black keyboard when I first got it and gave it away to continue using my old IBM white keyboard. Is there now another way to adjust the brightness on my monitor other than searching for another Dell keyboard? The automatic brightness is just too bright for me and is killing my eyes at night.

A:Solved: Brightness adjustment on a Dell monitor.

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I have got a Dell D825HT Monitor and I bought it second-hand so I didn't get any drivers with it. I know my monitor is capable of reaching 1280x1024 but all I can get it up to is 1024x768. My video accelerator supports upto 2048x1536 and it's got the most recent drivers so I'm suspecting that it's the monitor drivers what are the problem. Anybody got any ideas? I would appreciate any help.

A:[SOLVED] Dell D825HT Monitor Resolution

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I need the drivers for a Dell monitor P1130. The OS is Win2K


A:Solved: Need drivers for Dell P1130 monitor, Win2K

Try this one:

Also, on the download page, click the + button beside 'Additional Information' for info that refers to Windows 2k.
And the + sign beside 'Installation Instructions'.

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Hi, I've got a Dell Latitude D520 which is about 4 years old and I use for my studies. When I open it and start up the screen sometimes goes loopy, showing a variety of things. Sometimes it's like it's zoomed by various large amounts, plus gone quite fuzzy. Sometimes it goes into black and white horizontal or vertical lines. And sometimes it's ok. When it is having problems it has (so far) been rightable by banging it along the top edge, or changing the angle, or pushing the back of the screen - it's driving me nuts. There is also a dark patch the size of a baked bean along the right edge of it.
I went to the Dell drivers and downloads page but I can't think what it might be.
Is this something I can get fixed or should I give up the ghost?
Thanks for your help!

A:Solved: Dell Laptop monitor/screen going haywire

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Hello - i have recently purchased a new computer for office use. It is a HP PC. I didn't bother buying a monitor because i already have a Dell 22" wide-screen Monitor; however, when i plug it into the computer it doesn't recognize it is there and the monitor goes into 'sleep mode'. Please note that the computer doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, and only a VGA connector, so i have purchased a DVI to VGA connector in order to plug the monitor in.

Any help or referals will be appreciated, thanks.

A:Solved: Dell 22" monitor not working with new computer? Please help!

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So I recently noticed that when I close the lid completely, the monitor doesn't turn off, I can still see light coming from the gap. I've done a fresh install of windows xp recently, but I didn't notice whether it was from the start, or did I do something to fault it.

I have a Dell inspiron 1520. Well worth noting here that when I choose standy when lid is closed it works, so that means the lever mechanism works. That's why I put this in the software section.

Don't know what else to add. Help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Solved: Dell laptop monitor doesn't turn off when lid closed

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Hello all, the Mermaid is back. I have a new comp, Acer Veritron S460 and Dell Monitor, E228WFP, and I'm unable to change Resolution settings, am stuck on 1280x1024. Display drivers updated, (but Acer drivers are notoriously hard to find, for Win XP Pro ) any and all help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Acer Veritron /Dell Monitor Resolution Problem.

Here is Dell site for the Dell E228WFP 22" wide-screen LCD monitor.

The native resolution for that monitor is 1680 X 1050 and shouldn't be displaying at 1280 X 1024.

When you do a scan at the Windows Updates site, does it have an INF file available for that monitor? If it does, download and install it.


Here is the Acer site for the Acer Veriton S460 desktop.

According to the specs, it has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 graphics controller.

The Intel driver available at the Acer site for Windows XP Pro is version and can be downloaded from here.

Select "Desktop" and then "Veriton" and then "S460" and then "Microsoft Windows XP Professional x32".

When you click the orange icon next to the Intel entry, the file will start downloading. Since it's in a ZIP file, save it in an empty folder that you create on your desktop.

When you extract inside that folder, a new folder will appear. Double-clicking the "Setup.exe" file will start the install process.


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my monitor constantly flickers, either just as i start it up or after its been on for a hurts my eyes what is the problem?


what resolution is it running at?
what type of video card do you have?
what type of monitor?

I ask becuase it could be your running at a resolution that either your monitor or video card can't handle because the refresh rate (expressed in hz) is too low. Around 75 is flicker-free.

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Something funky's going on with my monitor. What I should see as gray comes out as purple. For example, #202020 gray comes out with a purple tinge. As far as I know, no one's used my computer so they couldn't have changed any settings.

When I started the computer, the monitor showed the "optimizing please wait" dialogue as usual but then it showed it every time the screen changed, which it didn't do before today. Also, the language was in Chinese for some reason (it's a conspiracy!). The only thing I can think of that might have screwed things up is that I installed Fallout 3 last night which had to adjust monitor settings but everything looked fine before I shut down.

I can't seem to get things right using the monitor controls and I'm trying to use Adobe Gamma but I'm not so sure what I'm doing or if I'm even suppose to be doing it.

A:Monitor is somehow messed up.

Look for drivers for your monitor.. Might need a update..

How old is monitor? What brand?

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today i just moved my computer from below my desk on to my desk and for some reason which i don't know. my monitor doesn't work. every thing is perfectly connected, my monitor has power but no signle. my computer turns on but my monitor just goes into standby mode which is suppose to happen when my computer is off. and after a few times of turning it on and off it says check analog signle but it is a digital connection using DVI. **** this sucks. my monitor is a samsung 203b syncmaster

A:messed up monitor

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I was playing with my sisters computer and I went to change the pixels on the monitor and now it will not come back to the desktop. It comes on a screen and says "OUT OF RANGE" and stays there for a few seconds and then goes into a power saver type of mode and will not come back on. What can we do?

A:Monitor is messed up

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So I hooked up a 22 inch LCD monitor as a 2nd monitor as I wait for my custom pc to arrive.

I had it working perfectly, then I started messing with settings with the ATI Catlyst Control Center. I hit clone the desktops and that wasn't right so I went back. But when I went back, the 2nd monitor was messed up!

The screen seems to be over to the left a bit and when I open firefox in it is seems stretched. Its still the same resolution of 1680x1050 but its all messed up.

Please help and thank you.

A:2nd monitor is messed up!

I restored it to the factory defaults and it was still messed up! Its like it is over to the left by a lot. The background is over to the left and there is a black line on the right. Stupid! What did I do in the CCC? How am I supposed to fix this because I had it working. It must not be something with the monitor but with the CCC.

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My computer monitor (a packard bell that is
3 years old) lost the blue color (of the
red/green/blue drives) . Is this an easy
repair (like a fuse?),... an easy adjustment?...or, throw it out and buy a new

A:color monitor

buy a new one, something went on the monitor and it isn't worth fixing a 3 year old monitor. My opinion anyway, you drag it in, get the problem fixed, and soon another problem takes it down.

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My monitor sometimes changes color, i.e The whites become green.As in the Gateway sign ion the white areas are all green. Put a new cable on when flickering was a problem and still have the color problem, but not flicker.
Any ideas ???

A:Monitor color

Whenever I've had that problem, the fault's always been in insecure connections at one or other end of the monitor cable.

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My computer shut down yesterday, When I got it back on my monitors colors were pretty messed up, I have tried in everyway to adjust the color (red, blue, green) but it will not adjust at all now the screen is purple I have got a Daewood, Low radiation 17" The word that appear are a bright pink instead of white.

A:color in the monitor

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I just installed WinME and only have "16 colors" on my monitor. Usually there are choices such as "true color" etc., but here I only have one choice and it's 16 colors. The graphics are grainy. How do I fix this? Thank you.

A:monitor color

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hey again folks...having a problem with my monitor...i can't get the reds to work on it properly....tried all settings in the monitor and can't seem to get anything to make it right...i just recently moved and everything was fine before the move, so i am not sure if something happened inside that maybe damaged it, i was very careful when moving all my comp is a tvm model as6s....any help would be appreciated!!!

A:color on monitor...?

Make sure the monitor cable is securely connected and you have no bent pins. Hovever, the red gun may be gone. Try the monitor on another system to confirm.

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The whites on my display are tinted purplish-pink. Have tried degaussing, and have turned up the brightness all the way....better, but still a little purple. Anyone seen this before ?

A:Monitor color

That usually means that your monitors picture tube is soft.Sometimes a short in the monitor cable will cause that to happen. I have had it happen both ways

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Acacandy: I did what you said to find out info. about my video card and hopefully be able to locate a driver to download. Here it is. Does it help? This is an IBM, 366mh, Celeron, 320 MbRAM. Any help would be appreciated.

IRQ 0 System timer OK
IRQ 1 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard OK
IRQ 2 Programmable interrupt controller OK
IRQ 3 Communications Port (COM2) OK
IRQ 4 Communications Port (COM1) OK
IRQ 5 Creative AWE64 16-bit Audio (SB16 compatible) (WDM) OK
IRQ 6 Standard Floppy Disk Controller OK
IRQ 7 ECP Printer Port (LPT1) OK
IRQ 8 System CMOS/real time clock OK
IRQ 9 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering OK
IRQ 9 Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) OK
IRQ 10 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering OK
IRQ 10 Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller OK
IRQ 11 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering OK
IRQ 11 Macronix MX98715 Family Fast Ethernet Adapter (ACPI) OK
IRQ 12 PS/2 Compatible Mouse Port OK
IRQ 13 Numeric data processor OK
IRQ 14 Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller OK
IRQ 14 Primary IDE controller (dual fifo) OK
IRQ 15 Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller OK
IRQ 15 Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) OK

A:monitor color

Closing duplicate, reply here:

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On start up, my monitor changes colors. It may turn green, red or yellow. Ten minutes later, it may revert back to its normal color.

I've checked the drivers (monitor & video card) and they seem to be OK. I've also tried resetting the refresh rate, display colors, etc. but no solution.

My monitor is a 3 year old PanaSync E21 (Panasonic) and my OS is Win 2K. V. card is GeForce2.


A:Monitor Changes Color

Hi millsp, Welcome to TSG !!
Try degaussing it first. Should be in your monitor menu button on the front of the monitor. If that doesnt help the monitor may be going out.

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I can't see any red colors on my monitor...Red just shows up as black, and my colors are all messed up..otehr than that I see most the other color's except Red. Can someone help me fix this, or tell me whats wrong? Thanks

A:No Red color on monitor

Do you have a deguass option or reset button on your monitor, if so, try it.
Do you have another monitor available to try.
Also might want to check your video card settings in display properties for anything unusual. Some cards have options to readjust the colors and gamma.

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I have a dell inspiron 5160 and i had a problem with it and shipped it to dell to fix it cuz it had a power problem and they fixed that. So they just mailed my lap top back and so i turned it on and it was working fine and beginning to load up but then the screen turned blue and had an error and it said that system32/drivers/ntfs.sys was courrupted. So then i quickly shut off my computer and treid to restart it but ikept getting teh same error message. So i looked online on how to fix this and they said to put in the XP cd and click repair. So i put the cd in and it began to load and it said loading debugging something and it just stays on that screen. I left it to load for over 14 hours and nothing changed. Now when i start my laptop it just shows that dell screen and loads that white bar then the screen turns black. I can't go into safe mode or chose most current configuration. i can't do ANYTHING. Hooww the heck do i fix this??? PLEASE HELPP:

A:My dell inspiron is messed up

Send it back to Dell... It should be under warranty

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Can anyone tell me by the picture included if my monitor is dead or can be repaired? It has been flashing off and on for a few months now and then when I turned it on the other day I received what is in the picture. If anyone has suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. The monitor is no longer under warranty. Could this possibly be the video card as I have no other monitor that hooks up to DVI to test it.

Thanx for any help!

A:Monitor is messed up...pic included

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My monitor is buzzing and my monitor has waves of black flickering. Please help me figure out what is going on.

A:Monitor and Display are messed up

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My computer is an HP dv2500 it got knocked over.
About 1/3 of my monitor is white with colored lines
going up and down the screen. Could there be something
that came loose or is my led messed up. The other 2/3s of
the screen are fine. In fact I am using it to send this.

A:laptop monitor messed up

Can you take a picture?

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Just installed Windows 8.1. Both my monitors have a resolution of 1920 X 1080. Both have DPI set accordingly. My right hand monitor is fine, my left is fine when running the desktop and desktop apps. However, whenever I run an app on the second screen, it seems to be larger than normal (zoomed in). I think this is a DPI issue, and Ive tried tweaking the registry but to no avail. I have all the latest drivers. The start menu only displays 4 rows, yet when i move the resolution down to around 1600, it shows 5 rows. Weird.

Need help!



A:Messed up DPI of modern UI on one monitor

Hello Alex,

You might double check to see if DPI is set properly for the Modern UI (Metro) screens for the size of your monitors to see if that may be the issue.

DPI - Change for Modern UI in Windows 8

Hope this helps.

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I have a HP computer and I had it for a few months now. Recently, while i'm surfing the web, playing games, or just doing something on the computer, my monitor goes idle or receives "no signal". the monitor still has power because the you can turn it off and on, and the computer seems to be on because all the lights are still on. However, I can't see what i'm doing so I don't know where the problem lies. I have to turn it off, wait a while, then turn it back on for it to work again, but it has a habit of doing it again. What can i do to fix this?

A:Monitor or Computer messed up?

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My friends laptop is broken and im not sure whats wrong with it. The monitor is/has been "broken" for a while now and she just told me. For the moment its hooked up to an external monitor but the laptops monitor is so dark you can barely see and not read anything on it. I first thought it was just the brightness but that didnt help, then i updated the drivers...nothing...its dark even through the startup. It is a Dell Insperon 5150 and it about 2 years old. I was told it didnt slowly fade either, it was just like that day upon startup one day. Thank you in advance.

A:Laptop monitor messed up

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I cannnot make monitor show mor than two settings
for color. Ive tried all the help suggestions and nothing
works. Its win 98 ibm monitor.

A:monitor color selection

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When I boot up Windows, from the start the Gateway splash looks off color and then when Windows loads, the color is still a greenish-yellowish and remains that way. I know its not the monitor because when I press the button on the monitor to change the color settings, the colors look normal. And i went to the display tab from properties and its 32-bit. I tried to reinstall my video drive but no luck. When my friend connected his monitor to my system it looked fine. Im STUMPED.

A:Monitor OK. Color of Windows BAD

When my friend connected his monitor to my system it looked fine.Click to expand...

So did you connect your monitor to his system?

Question and Answer time
-How old is it?
-CRT or LCD?
-Is there any magnetic devices near it?
-If its CRT, did you try degaussing it?
-check the cable connected properly on both ends? Wiggle if necesary.
-Refresh rate on the right setting?
-Anything you remeber doing before/during/after you noticed it?
-Other troubleshooting you've tried?
-Any environmental changes? hardware, software, surrounding it...

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Hi! I'm running an ATI Radeon X600 Pro video card. It's over a year old, but I haven't used the computer very much---I use another one primarily. All of a sudden, when I boot the computer, the splash screen has a reddish purple tint, and windows retains this color after it boots. I have been using this conputer lately in addition to the primary one, but I've been using the same monitor for both computers---switching the connection to the computer I'm using at that particular time. I'm not hot-switching---I connect the monitor when the computer is turned off. I can connect the computer with the color problem to another monitor, and there is no issue---it works fine. The first monitor has no problems connected to other computers. The X600 computer has no problems connected to another monitor. The monitor that suddenly has a problem is a dell d1226h 19", at 60 hz. Any ideas as to what is occurring? I haven't added any programs or any other hardware, Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Has everyone seen this website? It lets you calibrate your monitor for the best color display. I tried it and like the results. The white colores are more white now.

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just re-formated and reinstalled Win 98 because of a KLEZ virus. Now my monitor displays color in a bit fuzzy and photos are particularly bad. Any ideas?

A:Monitor color problem

Welcome to TSG!

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the correct video display drivers installed.

please post some more system info so that we can advise a bit better!

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I just installed WinME and have only one choice in display settings: 16 colors. The graphics are terrible. From past responses it seems that the integrated video card was not recognized?? I don't have drivers for this computer as it was acquired used with no documentation or OS on it. Below is what I have. Can anyone tell me how to go about fixing this problem? I've posted before but no one seems to be able to give me an answer. Thanks.

Here's what I have per Belarc if it's any help.

Computer Profile Summary

Operating System System Model
Windows Millennium Edition IBM 6285G1U
System Serial Number: 23HVFZ1
Processor a Main Circuit Board
366 megahertz Intel Celeron
32 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: IBM 6285G1U
Serial Number: EHGVHFXZQ1Y
Bus Clock: 66 megahertz
BIOS: IBM PDKT21AUS 02/08/99
Drives Memory Modules
8.41 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
7.65 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")

Generic IDE hard disk drive (8.41 GB) -- drive 0 320 Megabytes Installed Memory
256 Megabyte Module Size - 1 Installed
64 Megabyte Module Size - 1 Installed
One Memory Socket is Empty
Local Drive Volumes

c: (on drive 0) 8.41 GB 7.65 GB free

Network Drives
Controllers Printers
Standard Floppy Disk Controller
Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) None detected
D... Read more

A:monitor color shortage

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I have a CRT monitor, and it keeps changing colors. The screen is bright and then it turns yellowish, then back to bright, then yellow. Can someone help me fix this? What is wrong with it?

A:Monitor Color Trouble

What is the brand name of the monitor?

What is your Operating System?

Do you have access to another monitor that you can use to see if the problem still occurs?

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I just moved my computer from one room to the next. No big deal. Hooked everything back up just like I had it. Now my color and clarity are messed up. How did that happen and how do I fix it? Please help!!

A:monitor, color and clarity

welcome to T.S.G hlfpnt.
could be a dozen reasons,need more info...system specs operatiing much as yoU can give us.


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My Samsung monitor "SyncMaster 753s" changes color frequently to white to green and then back to white.

I checked the cables and those are not loose and dont have any another system to check. Please tell me there is any way of checking that my monitor tube is ok or not. My monitor is out of warranty now "3 years 2 months"
Please help....

A:Monitor changes color frequently

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After installing the updated driver for my Nvidia 6800 gt graphics card I noticed my screen had become a little brighter with slightly more red and some icons and words looked slightly hazy. My monitor (hp w2338h - using AVG plug) has and "auto" button on it that automatically detects the correct color/shading/brightness etc to make my picture always perfect. After the update I saw my screen wasn't right but the monitor auto-adjustment is not fixing it. What fixed it was uninstalling my nivdia cards and letting my computer install the factory drive and my desktop coloring looks fine. Any idea why when I update my graphics driver it is making my computers color different? Perhaps it's the drivers themselves? Im running Vista Home premium 64 bit(default installed OS), and my graphics card is Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT(default video card)

A:Monitor color problem

Have you try installing the drivers a second time after the problem first occurred? Maybe something wasn't installed correctly. Also make sure your using the right driver for your graphics card and OS. If that still doesn't help you can always go into the Nvidia control panel and adjust the colors there.
By AVG plug you do mean VGA right? In which case if you monitor supports DVI I would suggest getting a DVI cable to replace your VGA, this isn't 100% necessary but it helps with color settings and sharpness sometimes.

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I don't think. I tried a new monitor from another pc and the colors are still messed up. I only have blue, yellow, black and white. Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Problem with color on my xp. It isn't the monitor

Right click the desktop>settings and set color to highest 32bit and see if that helps.

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I recently purchased a used computer. I did a clean install using Windows 98se. The computer includes a Dell D1626HT UltraScan 1600HS Series 21" monitor.

The problem is that I can't get it to shift from the 16 colors to 256. The Display Properties menu has only two colors listed under the Colors menu, 16 and 2. The display listed on the menu is "Default Monitor on Standard PCI Graphics Adaptor (VGA)"

I reset all the cards but the problem persists. I noticed on the System Properties screen there is a yellow ? next to Other Devices. When I click the Other Devices I get three more yellow ?. One is next to PCI Card, PCI Multimedia Device and the third is Unknown Device.

Is it possible that I need to reinstall the driver for the graphics card? I'm not sure which of the cards in the computer is actually the graphics card, so I'm not sure what brand the graphics card is.

I've got 256 megs of memory, using a Pentium 3 at 800.

Any suggestions/help is appreciated

A:Monitor stuck on 16 color

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I have a Compaq V3010US laptop with an AMD processor, XP Home and a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 display adapter. The problem is that the color on a second monitor is far too green. I have tried two different monitors and both are too green but both show perfect color when connected to a different Vista equipped laptop. I have downloaded and tried using the Windows Color Applet but no matter what color style is chosen the picture is still too green. Please help me find a fix, even if it means inverting the situation so that the monitor has correct color and the laptop LCD screen is too green. Thanks. Lester P.

A:Color problem on second monitor

Does anyone have an answer?

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My monitor, a sony tinitron 21" multiscan G520 crt, is driving me up the wall. After it's been on for about 30 mins or more, the color temperature changes. White, for example, flickers from white to beige to ecru, and it never fails to irritate me. What's more, the control buttons at the front don't respond anymore.

I'll be using this monitor for video editing so I can't tolerate this problem. It doesn't happen with my other 14" AOC monitor so I have a feeling this monitor is the one to blame and not the video card.

I already brought it to the repair center and they didn't find anything wrong with it. I'm guessing they didn't have it on long enough for them to see the problem. Please, can someone tell me what's wrong with it and how I can fix it?

A:color temperature of monitor changes

Yeah I'd guess it has something to do with heat buildup but the monitor most likely has other problems as well or it wouldn't happen. You could try putting a room fan next to it blowing through the monitor to see if it still happens but that would just let you know for sure it is heat.
Most monitors these days aren't worth fixing as the cost of a repair is as much as a new one if not more. I think it is time to get another one. I know, $$$. Wait around and see if anyone else has any ideas.
I am assuming you have it set in a position where it can get airflow and you have nothing sitting on top of it or blocking any of the holes, no magnets around it etc.

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I do a lot of graphics and when I scan a picture it appears on the screen very cose to original color. HOwever, when I print it out, it does not look like what I am seeing on the screen. Color is usually too red and dark. I have a PB monitor, OpticPro Scanner and Canon color bubblejet. How do I adjust so that what I see on the screen is how it looks when it is printed?

A:Callibrating monitor color

Not at all easy to do. Most high end graphics programs have color matching utilities built into them to help you with this problem. In many cases, you can't get it to work with a lower end printer though - the printer just doesn't have the capabilities required.

You can check in your printer setup (Start, Settings, Printers - right click your printer and choose properties) to see if there is anything in there.

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I leave my monitor on all day, and shut it off at night. It is 3 1/2 years old. Today, I noticed this light pink area, very light, in the bottom left corner of my screen. It was very noticeble with a white background behind it. I turned my monitor off for a couple of hours, turned it back on, and so far, 30 minutes later, there is no pink area, YET.

Does it sound like the red color tube is going out? I really doubt this is a Window's OS issue, right??


A:Is my monitor's color tube going bad?

I doubt it has anything to do with windows. Do you have anything magnetic near the monitor? This can cause that. It does sound like there is what they call a degaussing coil in it and that is probably straightened it out when you turned it back on. I won't worry unless it becomes a persistent problem.

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Hi all :

Recently i installed a WinXP pro in my computer. but its weird that where the color suppose to be red my monitor just won't show it, instead, it shows light green or light blue. i used another computer which the same xp installed to hook up my monitor. the same problem. i don't know why. can any one out there help me???

Thank you


A:Red color missing on my monitor

I would try the monitor on another computer running any other OS than Windows XP. I'll bet that the monitor will act the same. It sounds to me like the RED color gun has failed in the monitor. The reason that our monitors are called RGB, is from the fact that they use RED, GREEN and BLUE electron " color guns" to create the colors on the phosphorescent video tube which is the monitor screen.

I do not know to what degree the Windows XP operating system may be able to control the video behaviour and will defer to other experts in that regard.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


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It's been a few months now, and I've been unable to fix this issue.

Monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 2220LM,
OS is Win 7 32b

In the image below, look just to the right of the checkerboard, the colors are 'spilling' to the right. It's most noticeable with high contrast colors.

After some research, I decided to buy a new VGA cable for the monitor, it helped, but the issue is still there.

From what I've gathered, it's mostly the age of the monitor and there's not much to be done; still if you know more than I do, I'd like to know if it can be fixed or if it's just better to start saving money for a new monitor, since this one is almost 5-6 years old now.

Also, after exchanging the cables, my monitor now doesn't have the option to go up to 1920x1080 like it used to, for some reason the maximum resolution is now 1600x1200. I would appreciate any help with this issue as well.

A:Monitor Color Issues

I don't see any color spill on my monitor. But it's not an old monitor or running over VGA . I'd say replace it with something newer that has at least DVI instead of VGA so you can get a better digital signal rather than analog (VGA).

As for the resolution... according to the specs, the max res is: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz
If you were at 1080 before, then it was probably running at a different refresh rate (the 60 Hz at the end is the refresh rate). You can change this under the Screen Resolution menu -> Advanced Settings -> Monitor tab.

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I own a Dell E228WFP monitor. It's a good monitor with some minor problems but for the price I got it for, I can't really complain.

Anyways, I can't seem to configure the monitor to get satisfying colors. I'm running a dualscreen set up with my older monitor and my white, compared side by side, has a green tint I can't get rid of. When I adjust the settings on my monitor, my whites will become either a little blue, green or red.

Are there any other ways, besides using something like Pantone Huey color corrector (I'm on a tight budget atm), to fix adjust my colors to get satisfying results?

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I was having a problem with my monitor, apparently a bad power cord because it kept flickering on and off. Well, in the course of trying to fix it, I plugged up an old monitor. The picture quality was really horrible, but it let me figure out if it was my monitor. Anyways, when i plugged up my original monitor and got it to work, it still had the same look on screen that the other monitor had. I'm not sure if plugging in the other monitor changed some settings somewhere or whatever...but in the course of trying to fix it my screen has taken on a green tint that is very annoying. I am not sure what I did to cause this, but I think I remember adjusting something and this was the result. I should have known better than to play with settings I didnt understand...anyways, any ideas on how I can correct this?

A:Monitor color problem

I changed the cord, same thing, so I know its not a cord. What could I have done to change this color in this way?

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Does Win 7 allow calibrating color on each monitor separately on a dual monitor setup? 

A:Calibrating color on second monitor

Have you tried the controls on the monitors themselves?

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I went to watch a DVD on my computer yesterday and for some reason it froze my system so I restarted it. When it rebooted the screen went into the "Invalid Frequency" mode. So I rebooted under safe mode and adjusted found out that my driver for my card was for some reason gone. So I downloaded the latest driver and was able to get the screen back up but now the color is washed out. So I tweaked it using the utilities on My Nvidia ti4100 card and was able to get the color and screen looking somewhat back to normal but as soon as I would move the mouse it would go back to the washed out look and when I would open other applications such as games then the screen would be to dark or to contrasted. I went and rolled back the hardware to it previous setup and that didn't help either. I've messed with the controls on the monitor also and that hasn't helped either. If anyone has any suggestions, I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you

A:Monitor not holding its color

you might want to use a detonator destroyer to remove all entries to the previous vga driver.

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I hv got Samsung monitor, wch is 1.5 yrs old. Recently its color started fading while running. Sometimes the screen colour becomes yellowish and then all of a sudden, gets all right.

Pls suggest me what should i do?

Thanks in advance.

A:Monitor color fades

G'day Chandangc, that is a shame, those Samsungs are usually a really good monitor.
I have several here that have been terrific. Yours description sounds more like a monitor dying but it may well be the video card in the computer so you have to try to determine which it really is.
I would be inclined to try the monitor on another machine and see if the defect recurs.
This will give you an idea which track to follow.
If the problem stays with the monitor, you might best consider getting a new one.
If the problem is not apparent on another system try altering your video card parameters and see if that might have effect..colour depth different rates.
Cheers, qldit.

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I have a 21" Samsung SyncMaster 1100DF monitor. Since the first day that I got this monitor for Christmas it's been constantly changing its hue. Sometimes the color shifts slightly, other times it flickers - constantly changing the hue, as though the monitor was cycling through various color schemes. It can operate fine for hours at a time, and then unexplainably start switching hues.

I do not see a pattern to this problem, meaning it does not appear to happen at specific times. It occurs both while in Windows and when in games. I've played with different resolutions and monitor refresh rates, right now it's at 1280x1024 and 85hz.

There are no magnetic speakers near the monitor and I've degaussed it. I've reinstalled my video drivers and the drivers that came with the monitor. I've checked the monitor cable and its connections.

If anyone has any ideas before I hook this up to another computer, it would be greatly appreciated. I want to exhaust all troubleshooting options before taking this back to the store, it weighs a TON!


A:Monitor's color shifts

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I have a CRT monitor, and it keeps changing colors. The screen is bright and then it turns yellowish, then back to bright, then yellow. Can someone help me fix this? What is wrong with it?

A:Monitor Color Trouble

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HP Pavilion with Windows vista pre installed. HP w2207 LCD monitor. I upgraded to Windows 7 and all was fine for a while. Now color on monitor appears washed out. Every once in a while the vibrant color will come back on for a while but then washes out again. I have downloaded the latest monitor driver from HP website so that is not the problem. I purchased a new LCD monitor and hooked it up but the color again faded on the new monitor after several hours use. To me the problem is not the monitor. Do I need a new graphics (?) card installed on the Pavilion., new video drivers, or any suggestions on what is the problem is and how can I solve this?

A:Need help with color on monitor washing out

Based on what you have already done, I think it is most likely the video card; but, before spending the money, is there a place/person from where you might borrow a card for a test?

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I received a replacement LG monitor W2242T. I connected the monitor and began to use it. About 5 minutes after I started the colors all went crazy. What caused this and what can I do about it? What are the normal settings I should start with?

A:LG Monitor Color Settings

Can you be more specific about "the colors going crazy"? So, did your monitor display wrong colours?

Have you tried to reset your monitor to it's manufacturer settings(there should be a button in your monitor which will bring up a menu, then you can select to reset your monitor's settings). I am afraid to say that either the replacement monitor or your VGA/DVI Cable is faulty, If you had no luck with the hardware reset that was suggested above.

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I have a 19 inch Dell flat screen monitor. Recently, vertical streaks of color started showing up. It starts as 4 vertical rows of pink rectangles. As I scroll through a screen, the rows turn solid pink.

I thought the monitor went bad. I bought a new monitor and the pink streaks are still there. What can I do to fix it?

A:What to do - Streaks of color through monitor

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