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Distinguishing between display inverter and inverter cable problem.

Q: Distinguishing between display inverter and inverter cable problem.

I have a Toshiba Laptop... A week ago, my screen has started going black and coming back. Just two days ago, my screen went black and did not come back. I thought my screen was dead but then I figured that the back light of my screen was gone because when I look at the screen carefully, I barely see the things on my desktop....When I turn on my laptop, I can see my screen for 3-4 seconds, then it goes black again. Same thing happens when I log on after log off... It again gives me the light about 3-4 seconds after just logging on, then it goes black again. I finally opened up the screen, and found the display inverter... and it again gives me the light 3-4 seconds after I plugged out and plugged in the inverter cable. I am not sure whether the problem is the inverter itself of the inverter cable. I really need help.

A: Distinguishing between display inverter and inverter cable problem.

It sounds like the inverter may be sensing an overload on its output(s) and shutting down after a few seconds. Some possible conditions causing it could be 1) the backlight lamp(s) failing, 2) arching of the inverter output cable to itself or the frame of the LCD panel, or 3) a failure of the inverter's overload sensing circuit that makes it think it is being overloaded, when it really isn't.

WARNING: Use extreme caution when working around a CCFL inverter with power applied to it. Portions of it will have hundreds of volts of electrical energy on it. You could receive a nasty (and possibly fatal) shock if you come in contact with the high voltage.

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I have an HP laptop that screen goes dark on it after a while. If you get real close you can barely make out an imagine when it does this so I am guessing that it could be the inverter or the lcd cable.

However after taking the cover off I noticed something and wonder if this could have any impact. If you look at the 2nd pic the arrow on the right shows where a foil is all ripped up. Does this act as a ground and could this be part of the problem?

Also where the left arrow in the 2nd pic is pointing does that just pull apart to the left to unplug??

Thanks in advance for any help. I have never had the nerve to open up a laptop before.

pic 2

A:Laptop screen goes dark. Inverter or LCD cable likely bad

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I am working on a HP dv6000 with no display. It will power up, indicator lights are working, but no display. I tried the "flashlight trick" and tried to view desktop items under intense light, but nothing was visible. I believe the display inverter is bad, but I would appreciate information on any available testing procedure for this one before I order a new one. Any help?

Thanks in Advance

A:HP Display Inverter

if inverter is bad, you can still see the image on the screen. if you don't see, so there's lack of LVDS signal from MB to LCD screen. in this case, you should check connection between MB and LCD, and if your laptop has nvidia geforce7200/7300/7400 videochips or nforce 6150go video, you should repair this laptop via warranty service.

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My laptop's screen has gone dim and I need some thoughts on which is the most likely cause -
Machine is a Gateway M320 purchased in 2005.

One day at startup the screen had a pinkish hue and then went dim. Restarted again and the same thing. Screen is bright (with pink hue for a few seconds, then goes dark.)
After some research I came to the conclusion that the LCD inverter had gone bad. Bought one on ebay and replaced it, with no change.
This also happens when waking the computer - bright screen with pick hue for 3 seconds, then dim.

Hooked up an external monitor and that works fine, so I know the graphics card is fine.

So as I see it, possible problems are I got a bad replacement LCD inverter, the CCFL bulb is burned out, or the video cable from inverter to screen is bad. Or ???

I would appreciate any help.

A:Laptop screen - LCD inverter, CCFL or video cable?

Hooked up an external monitor and that works fine, so I know the graphics card is fine.Click to expand...

Not necessarily so. I know this sounds incredible; but, I had a laptop recently that would not run the built-on LCD but would run an external monitor. One would think the display controller just had to be good--not so!

I replaced the laptop's display controller and the problem went away. Just to be sure, I swapped back a few times, rechecking all my connections and the problem always came back when I put the old controller back in.

Here's the thread if you care to read it. Granted, this has to be a rare situation; but, truth is stranger than fiction:

Additional info: CCFLs can go bad gradually and pull more current from the inverter than the inverter is designed to deliver, overloading the inverter. Just a theory; but, I wonder if the CCFL is overloading the inverter. Maybe the inverter does fine for a few seconds, then overheats due to the overload.

Then, I have trouble explaining why that would cause a color shift. Usually, color shifts are caused by bad connections between the display controller and the monitor or a bad display controller.

CCFLs are very, very difficult to replace because of their delicate construction. It's just a smidgen larger in diameter than a standard wooden pencil lead and is as long as your screen is wide. And the glass is really, really thin... Read more

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I am working on a HP g7-1167dx Windows 7 Home Premium. The LED display backlight keeps turning off after a few hours with images. Then comes back on randomly. External monitor connects fine. No inverter on this computer, replaced complete LED screen twice and still same problem. Reinstalled drivers and updated BIOS as well. Only thing I can think of is a bad cable from the motherboard to the screen but is just real random when it turns off. Screen will light up by itself after 5 - 10 minutes, usually on restart will b fine. Any help would b greatly appreciated. No errors detected. Can anyone think of anything else to check before buying this cable. Running out of ideas.

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I see a lot of inverters advertised on e-bay for a Dell Latitude D520. Problem is the D520 came with two sizes of screens, a 14.1" and a 15".

I wonder if the inverters for Latitude D520 work in all D520 regardless of whether the screen is 14.1" or 15"

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I dropped my dell inspirion 1525 and now have very faint display on screen -- external monitor provides perfect display - computer functions fine.

I have removed the bezel (save for one stubborn screw -- for which i am going to the hardware to purchase a smaller screw driver) meantime -- i am not at ALL sure where to find what i am looking for ... I understand it may be the inverter or ccfl which is damaged -- but i'm not sure where these are. I have found a replacement inverter and am still looking for a ccfw.

Can anyone help me locate these parts?
Tell me how to determine if they are damaged?
Tell me how to determine what ccfl I may need, if mine is damaged?

Very much appreciate!

A:dropped laptop -- dim display inverter or ccfl?

The CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) is inside the LCD module assembly and there may be more than one. Your display uses one CCFL if there are only two wires going from the LCD module to the inverter.

The CCFL is miniature version of a fluorescent tube used for store and office lighting and is made of glass. If you can hear anything rattling around inside of the LCD module when flipped to different positions, it is most likely pieces of the CCFL that got broken in the fall.

If you can find a source of replacement CCFLs, getting to the CFFL inside the LCD module will require removing the LCD module from the laptop and then disassembly of the LCD module itself to get to the CCFL. The internal display electronics are rather fragile and subject to breakage while taking the module apart or putting it back together.

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Hi all. A friend of mine dropped a small dell XPS 1210 into my lap. The laptop is really nice in that it is very tiny, but it seems to have a wierd display problem. I originally attributed it to a worn inverter card, but I am not sure. Anyway, the laptop will boot and before Windows XP can finish starting, the display will go dark. YOu can still see the icons and the system will function normally, but the backlighting is dead.

However, when you hook the unit up to S-Video output, the screen's backlighting will work normally, and it will also output a display onto the TV. When you plug the laptop into the charging receptical, the screen will go dim, but once again, hooking it to a television will revive the display.

Anyone ever heard of this? This is really wierd.

A:Dell XPS M1210 display problems (i think inverter card related)

You are correct - the backlight power supply has failed.

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Fellow Techspotters,

I am currently trying to repair a colleague's Toshiba Equium U400-145 Laptop. When the power switch is pressed, the laptop boots as normal and you can hear the windows (vista 32bit) welcome sound. The problem is that the screen very briefly shows the initial toshiba logo screen then goes blank whilst it boots. You can still see a very faint image on the display and the display works fine on an external monitor.

I suspected that it was an inverter problem having 'googled' the problem - the majority of advice given on forums was that it pointed to an inverter problem. So far I have therefore changed the Inverter (twice); the first one worked for 3 weeks and then the same problem occurred. The second inverter lasted just 3 days. I am hoping that I have just been unlucky with the quality of Inverters that I have purchased (3rd one currently on its way gratis from seller), otherwise there may be another underlying cause for the screen display to keep failing (power surge, faulty ribbons?). Other forums mention CCFL failures but because the screen appears to be fixed with an inverter change (for a while anyway), I cannot see that it is the 'backlight' that is the problem. I may be wrong.

So my learned friends - anybody had similar issues or can offer some sage advice?
All comments and advice sincerely welcomed.

Thank you in advance of time and thoughts.

A:Toshiba Equium U400-145 blank display. Inverter or CCFL?

From what you have said, the LCD (CCFL) is causing the inverters to fail. Entire laptop LCD panels are not that expensive any longer. You can buy the panels including the back light. The inverters are separate. EBay is a good source for all laptop parts...

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I installed a new inverter on my Dell Inspiron 4150 laptop and now the resolution is too big, you cannot change it by going to display properties. When the laptop boots up the Windows logo is off center to the bottom right like its expecting a bigger screen.


A:New Inverter Resolution Problem

What resolution settings are available when you check the Display Properties?

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My laptop is about 5 years old. When it boots, it works fine, but after a period of time, the backlight goes out. I can still see the screen if I look at it at an angle with a flashlight or something. If I restart the computer, the backlight comes back on. A week or two ago, the light would go out after a few hours of use. Now, it goes out within a few minutes of booting. Is this an inverter or backlight problem?

A:Laptop inverter/backlight problem

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I have a Gateway 450SX4 that just went belly up. I turned my back on it and then when I went back the screen was black. I could barely see the imaging on the black screen if I squinted and looked really hard. Is there any way to tell if this is a CCFL backlight problem or a power inverter problem?? Also is it possible to replace the CCFL on a Quanta Display model QD141X1LH06 ?? It seems to be integrated in the LCD with an aluminum sealed cover. E-mail responses also welcome.

Thanks, Trafcon

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Sooooo.... I'm working on a free hand-me-down laptop. Had a hard drive problem, which I fixed and happened to find 4GB of RAM to toss into it... and what do ya know, the screen starts messing up as soon as I fixed it...

The laptop is not very old so I would like to fix it... onto my problem.

The screen sort of "flickers" and "moves around" and also has a pink tint to it every once in awhile. The screen is this way as soon as I power on the laptop, and having it plugged into the wall proves no difference. Another strange thing is, if I leave it on, after about 5-10 minutes its works perfect, but only for about 15 seconds, then back to like the picture above.

- Tried hooking it up to my desktop monitor, works great.
- Took this thing apart, checked the all of the wire connections, seem to be solid and fooling with them with the lappy on did no justice. I'm stumped basically.

So now I'm wondering, backlight or inverter?

EDIT: Oops forgot the laptop info
Acer Aspire 7520-5071
17" Dual-Core 4GB RAM
Any comments/help?

Thanks in advance,
So I tried an inverter.... no fix
Noticed that while messing with the video cable to the LCD made the screen go in and out.....
Ordered a new LCD cable.... no fix
Sooo I made a short video

A:Acer Laptop Screen Problem-Inverter or Backlight

Normally when the backlight goes out, it will affect the full screen. It can flicker or go out completely. This can be checked with a flashlight held up to a text area on screen and looking for the contrasting image on the LCD. From the way you describe the working then stopping, it sounds to me like the inverter is building up a charge then letting go.

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Hi think i have one that is destined to never be solved its trying my patience to the max and worst of all its 2 machines with same problem

can see image but faint so changed inverter and screen and cable to no avail but powered screen backlight from external power all is ok it just cant seem to get power from the motherboard is it possible i've shorted the motherboard but hard to beleive this with 2 machines the same.

thanks for any replies

A:HELP!!! Laptop screen dim but its not Inverter or Screen/Cable

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My hp omnibook xt6200 screen is dead, image there but can't see it because (I assume) of backlight or inverter problem.

I would like to be able to download a service manual for hp omnibook xt6200 so I could diagnose problem and replace the backlight and/or inverter if necessary.

Anyone know where I can get download the service manual, or specific instructions I need for this model. HP site has other downloadable service manuals, but apparantly not one for the omnibook xt6200.

Thanks in advance for any help

A:need service manual for hp omnibook xt6200 -- for backlight or inverter problem

Go here and click the "Buy Now" button. I scrolled down and they do have the Omnibook XT6200. If this is what you need, $5.99 seems like a reasonable price.

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Recently my Inspiron 8600 started booting with a black screen. Shining a flash light on it, I could see login prompt then XP desk top. This kind of thing usually points to the Inverter; however, both the CCT (Cold Cathode Tube) and wiring could also be the source of my problem. I have dismanteled the display down to removing the bezel and freeing up the LCD panel. Where do i go from here to be sure which component is the cause f my problem?

Thanks in advance

A:LCD inverter?

To be honest, the best way is by substitution of the inverter or the backlight. Whichever fixes it is the problem.

The high voltage produced by the inverter could be measured with an appropriate meter, but as it is effectively a ballast the results could be affected by the CCT backlight, it may be hard to deduce just which is the problem. Open circuit voltage would also be inconclusive, it could still be a defective inverter that falls over with the load and fails to strike the CCT.

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Does anyone know how to check a power inverter using a meter?
Most websites use the tried and true light bulb method.

Sony VAIO pcg-fxa49


Set the meter to 120 Volts ( 240 if you are in Europe ) and stick both leads of the multi-tester in the two slots next to each other

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Here's the problem -
4 year old Gateway laptop, LCD went dark suddenly (could just make out screen in certain light.)
I figured out it was the inverter, order a new one, and installed it.
Hooray, everything worked fine. Bright clear screen.
I'll say here that the drive was wiped, so when it boots it boots to "No OS found."
Booted it up and left it alone for it to charge battery. Sat for 1/2 hour with no problem with "No OS found" bright and clear.
Re-booted to begin install of OS and it lit up, showed 'No OS found" for 60 seconds, and then goes completely black, not even faint.

So I can't tell now if this inverter went, backlight is shot, or ????
Since it starts every time bright and clear I have no idea. It just goes black 60 seconds after I turn it on.

Any help would be appreciated.

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have an acer aspire 5920 lap top and i have sent my laptop to get repaired only to have it break down again. The trouble is the inverter or thought it was but when i opened up the top of the laptop to see if it was the inverter that was giving me trouble i found out that it was not that at all. On the left side of the inverter there is a plug which i believe goes to the video part. If i follow this wire which is attatched to the inverter i come across one of these plugs that attatch two wires together and also a ribbon wire which also has a plug on it. This is some what loose cos when i touch it the screen goes blank. What i want to know is what are these called and how can i fix them.
thx in advance


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I have a five year old Dell Latitude D520 that I think has a bad inverter. When I turn it on everything works OK, except the display flashes at a 3 or 4 times per second rate. An external monitor does not do this, so I think the inverter is bad.

Trying to decide if I should put another $20 into this laptop, as I have already replaced the motherboard, charger and two batteries.

A:Is It The Inverter?

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I'm working on a friend's laptop (Compaq Presario V2000). The display is dimmed (i.e. no backlighting), but if you lightly tap the "closed lid" button it will flicker to life again, but just as quickly fade. The bulbs, then, can't be completely burned out. Is this the inverter that's likely failing?

A:Backlighting or Inverter?

Its definitely a screen problem.You might want to have the bulbs and inverter checked out and see.

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If you have a problem with a laptop screen is there a definitive way of telling whether it is the inverter that has failed or the screen? I have seen a number of forums mention the possibility of either but no way of actually definitively telling.

I have a HP NX9105 where the display is extremely dim but is just visible in light and an inverter will cost a third of the price of a screen but I don't want to buy both if only one needs to be replaced. Have tried the Fn buttons and the screen button.

Any help greatfully appreciated.

Regards, stucuk

A:Inverter or screen - which is it??


How old is this PC??? Is it worth fixing or maybe cheaper to upgrade.

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Alright, I'm making a projector out of an lcd monitor, an overhead projector and some tape and a computer fan. But, I need to know if I need the inverter board and if I need the switch on the lcd frame. I have a Compaq fp7137 monitor and the backlight doesn't like to stay on. So do I need those two parts? Thanks.

A:what does an inverter board do?

The inverter basically gives the backlight power to light up if you don't need light on the backlight then you won't need it

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I'm repairing a friends Asus A6000 laptop Lcd and cannot find an inverter
for it. I've tried ebay but no luck.
Could someone please help.


A:need help sourceing lcd inverter

Asus themselves maybe?

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I want to get a power inverter to run my laptop in my vehicle. How do I know what my power needs are? This is basically for my kids to watch DVD movies, I want to make sure I get the right thing and don't blow my fuses or ruin my laptop, what is the minimum rating I should get?

A:Power Inverter

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I was given a slightly beat HP laptop when one of my customers upgraded. The video chipset still works (i.e. works fine when attaching an external display) but the screen itself is acting up. When the computer is powered up, the backlight turns on but there is just a single vertical line of colored pixels. I know all of the pixels work because if I tap the side of the screen they will display normally at any given time, but then the picture seems to get distorted or slowly burns out. So I'm thinking the inverter is junk, which is an easy enough fix... but I wanted to ask someone who has a bit more experience with this sort of thing. Any ideas?

A:HP dv5000 bad inverter?

The LCD panel itself might be bad, but you can check all cable connections before you purchase any parts. i really don't think it is the inverter

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Hey guys,
My toshiba has problem it's dark, I tried everything, so I concluded there is no problem with software, it's inverter or backlight, I opened screen, tried to test inverter with multimeter, then plugged it backed and sceen lights up, but after some time, problem comes up.. is this inverter problem or backlight? How Can I check with ordinary multimeter Inevter?

A:Inverter or Backlight?

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I have a DCL LCD19A 19" LCD Monitor. It went dark and when I unplug then plug it in it lights up for a few seconds then goes dark again. I paid $139.00 for the monitor, and when I queried the manufacturer, they said they won't sell me the part, but for $99.00 plus shipping they will repair the monitor. Since this would probably end up costing me more than the original cost of the monitor, I am surely not going to ship it to them. I have opened the monitor (I am fairly technical and a Ham operator), and I cannot find a separate inverter. It appears that the monitor has a single board. Does anyone have an idea as to where I can find a replacement? Any and all thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Ok here is my problem my model is a hp dv1010us

The symptoms:

The backlight is out on my LCD panel

What i have tried:
Well i hooked up an external monitor and it works no problem.
Ordered a new inverter replaced it but only half the screen lights up and only for a second. i am currently in the process of getting another inverter.

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Can anyone tell me what voltage I need for my notebook for the truck. I have seen various prices from 199 to 59 Cdn dollars. Best Buy, Office Depot want 170 to 199. Radio Shack can offer me a 175 voltage for 59 Cdn. Thank you in advance for your help

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I've had my laptop for around 3 years now and just last week, the lower half of the screen flickered for a few seconds. I never thought much of it but over the last few days, the problem has become more noticeable. I have done some searching around and this isn't an uncommon problem, across all makers of laptops.

I have been advised to hook up an external monitor to see if it flickers in sync with the laptop, if it doesn't then it is most likely a failing LCD Inverter.

Does anyone know how much one of these would cost over here in the UK, or if they are all compatible?

Best regards


A:Satellite Pro P - New LCD Inverter


The exact price is depending on your notebook model and display. Different notebooks have different hardware so there is no common inverter for all displays.

An exact answer you can get from an authorized service provider in your country. The guys have access to all Toshiba databases so they can tell you the part number and how much it would cost.

If you have more questions, just post again! :)

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Hello there,The inverter on my laptop needs to be replaced, but I have been unable to find one specifically for a Pavilion 14-ab066US. Does anyone know of an inverter that would be compatible?

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Can somebody explaine to me how I replace an inverter of a compaq armada E500 laptop ?
Or even beter if someone knows a good site explaining this.

A:compaq E500 inverter

nobody ?
the only thing I need to know is how to open up the screen, I can remove the 2 rubbers at the bottom of the screen, but do not know how to remove the 2 placed by the lock out of hard plastic.

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As you probably know, EL-Wire inverters give off a high pitched whine. I love the wire and don't want to get rid of it, however I do want to somehow dampen out the noise without covering it up with stuff (bad air flow, bad bad idea).

Any suggestions folks? I'm 18 and have good hearing so it's quite an annoying sound lol.

A:EL-Wire Inverter Whine fix?

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I have a Compaq 6910p laptop running Windows 7. Lately I have been getting a pink tint to the screen and have tried all adjustment to the display settings I could find. I removed the bottom portion of the LCD screen by using the instructions on the Compaq web site. I disconnected the inverter checked for any cracks or physical damage and could not find any. I put it back together and everything seemed fine. It worked fine for about a day. I am now getting a pink tint again when I start it up but it seems to go away after a little while. I am now getting a flickering on the screen It was flickering at a pretty fast pace when I started writing this. It has now stopped the flickering and the tint is gone but I feel it is just a matter of time. Would this be caused by a bad inverter or is there a backlight in this that could be waiting to die? While I was having the problem I hooked it up to an external monitor and it was fine. Thanks

A:Solved: Inverter or CCFL

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im not sure if this belongs in this forum but here is my problem

on my computer the backlight and backlight inverter went out so i bought new ones

i tried to install them but when i do the backlight flicks on the goes off in a second. i thought it was the inverter so i got a new one (didnt pay for it) so then i tried it again but same thing happens

the computer is an acer aspire 4720z

14.1" backlight
and this is the back light i bought
CCFL Backlight with Wire Harness Acer MS2204 4620Series(they said this is the one i needed when i asked if they had the acer aspire 4720z
backlight inverter is Acer Aspire 4720, 4720G, 4720Z, 4720ZG Lcd Inverter

please some one help me i need to get this fixed


A:Trouble with backlight inverter

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I bought my Spectre x360 in February 2016.  Everything has been fine, even through the upgrade to Windows 10.  However, last weekend we went to Yellowstone, and having no 120v at the campground, I used a 400w inverter my father in law had just given me to charge the Spectre. I plugged the inverter into the cigarette lighter in the truck and then the Spectre charger into the inverter.  Unfortunately, it didn't charge and worse now it won't charge when plugged in to normal house 120 volt.  It says "plugged in, not charging".  When it is plugged in it is not using battery power, but it won't charge the battery.  Suggestions on what could be wrong and how I might fix it?  Thanks.

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I guess this can go in here since it is kind of hardware.

I am looking into buying a DC to AC power inverter to use in my car so I can watch DVD's on my laptop for long trips. I was wondering if anyone has ever used one of these, and how well they work.

I am planning on getting a 400 or 600 watt one. And I just want to run my ibook off of it.

Any personal experience and notes is appreciated, as I would like to get one soon.

A:Questions about DC to AC Power Inverter

Really need one that powerful for just a laptop - or are you going to run something else off of it. Now I'm not real sure on this but I've seen it with car amps, if you run something that powerful you could need a better alternator than a stock one? I had a friend once who when his camero would idle you could literally watch the voltage on the battery decrease, he had to actually drive to keep the battery charged with his speakers going.

Maybe Stormbringer will have a real answer.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad and recently my backlight has been failing (you can still barely make out then screen but its all dark) and sometimes it comes on when i start the computer but this is getting rarer and rarer.

I can fix this but my problem is determening if the problem is the backlight or the inverter as i dont want to buy the wrong part. Is there a way to detect which is the problem or should i just buy both? which is it more commonly?

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I found to my dismay, after ordering the wrong part, that there is more to getting the right inverter than just knowing your laptop model number.

Please look at this attached image and tell me which number on this thing is the number I should use to find the correct inverter.

A:Need help identifying this laptop inverter

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So my laptop (same one I've been trying to get a mouse to work on) had a blank screen, at all times. I can vaguely see the desktop or whatever is shown by using a flashlight, but I'm confused whether this requires a new backlight, or simply a new inverter.

I've already found the thread concerning opening up around the screen to view the FRU and PIN numbers for my current inverter (FRU: 27K9951 EC, PIN: 27K9952, on an IBM ThinkPad R51), but I'm unsure where to go form here. After a few Goole searches I've found a few decent prices (best being around $50) for an inverter, but I want to be sure I'm buying the right part to fix my problem. Just some confirmation or helpful tips would be helpful from the community, thanks a bunch.

P.S. I have already found the thread with the pictures of removing the frame, and from it I've understood that it is the inverter I need to replace, but better safe than sorry, I suppose - don't want to buy a $50+ part I don't need.

A:Inverter vs. New Backlight Bulb?

That is a very high price for an inverter for an R51, but the R51 is a very rare computer... so you may have to pay it.
you need a very good quality #1 hard steel philips screw driver, great care in removing and replacing the screw covers, and the time it takes to remove and replace 18 screws. But the inverter just plugs in. Mark all your screws as you remove them as they are not all the same length or diameter. But the most important function is removing the screw hole covers so you can use them again. You will benefit from a very, very thin flat blade screw driver or other tool to lift the screw covers out and off. You will need a nice adhesive that remains soft when you replace them.
It is very rare for an inverter to go out in that model.

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Had a customer call me with an IBM G40 laptop with issues.

Faintly see the graphics on the LCD screen and no back-lighting. I popped the trim on the LCD and checked voltage out of the inverter, nothing. I did notice that the LCD will light for just about 1 second when power is 1st applied to the inverter so that rules out a bad panel.

Has anyone ran across such symptoms on LCD inverters? I guess I can swap out a $26 inverter & see if it cures the problem.


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Do you think this would have enough wattage to power a laptop?

It says it does, I just wanted to check before I ordered it.


A:Solved: Car Power Inverter

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Hello everyone.

So I've been attempting to fix an older laptop with a busted CCFL or inverter. The screen is totally dark, no weird colors or anything. I figured this would be a burnt out bulb so I ordered a new CCFL. I got everything apart easily and soldered the new one in. When I put it back together however the problem is still the same.

I looked for websites on how to test the inverter with a multimeter but I'm still not sure what setting to use. This site says to use the 1000VAC setting but with the risk involved I have yet to try it.

Another thing I was wondering is if it was possible that I soldered the CCFL with the incorrect type of solder. I used rosin core w/ silver solder. I doubt that's it but I thought I'd ask anyways. Also maybe I got the CCFL in backwards? I didn't see polarity marks on the light but again, possible?

Any help at this point would be great. I'd mainly like to test the inverter though as I'm 90% sure that's the problem at this point. Thanks!

A:Laptop CCFL and inverter.

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im not sure if this belongs in this forum but here is my problem

on my computer the backlight and backlight inverter went out so i bought new ones

i tried to install them but when i do the backlight flicks on the goes off in a second. i thought it was the inverter so i got a new one (didnt pay for it) so then i tried it again but same thing happens

the computer is an acer aspire 4720z

14.1" backlight
and this is the back light i bought
CCFL Backlight with Wire Harness Acer MS2204 4620Series(they said this is the one i needed when i asked if they had the acer aspire 4720z
backlight inverter is Acer Aspire 4720, 4720G, 4720Z, 4720ZG Lcd Inverter

please some one help me i need to get this fixed

A:Trouble with backlight inverter

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I want to buy a inverter for home use.Kindly advise me how to proceed for buying the BEST ONE

A:Inverter Buying advice

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Would any significant problems be expected if I was to try to run my M93Z off of a modified sine wave inverter? I know that pure sine wave inverters are recommended, but it also sounds like a lot of desktop computers have components that monitor and smooth out the power input anyhow. I don't intend to use anything too heavy like video games, just a lot of Excel. Any thought woukd be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!

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My EL Wire inverter gives off an annoying high pitched whine (they all do). Now I'm wondering, is there anything wrong with connecting it to the 5v line on my molex rather than the 12v? I've tried it and of course as expected I get a dimmer light and a quieter whine. However, I just want to check with you guys to see that it's allright?

A:Anything wrong with connecting my inverter to 5v instead of 12v?

From a strictly electrical standpoint -- other than the reduced output -- I wouldn't expect any problem. It's just a voltage multiplier and resonator basically.

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Hi guys,

I'm working on a Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop. The laptop suddenly went dark while in use and now the screen stays dark. In a dark room, with a flash light on the screen, you can kind of make out a picture. I wanted to confirm that this is most likely a power inverter issue before ordering the part. If anyone could help i'd really apprecaite it, thanks!

Here is the solution for anyone interested: As I did some troubleshooting I found that the screen had a pinkish hue which an article mentioned that that usually means there is a problem with the BULB, not the INVERTER. What had me confused is that unplugging the cable from motherboard to inverter brought the bulb on for a second, but unplugging the BULB from the INVERTER did not bring the bulb on, so I thought 'maybe it is the power inverter.' I then took out the LCD monitor from an old dell laptop and hooked it up the the bad HP laptop with the HP'S POWER INVERTER to rule out whether it was the inverter or the bulb. Monitor came on just fine, which means the BULB WAS THE PROBLEM AFTER ALL, otherwise the bulb would flicker just like the bulb from the hp laptop did. Cheers!

A:Solved: Is this most likely the power inverter gone bad?

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wire diagram(pin-out's) for 4 pin connector (ref. designator=ch.1),on the inverter lighting bar board

A:Gateway 400SD4 inverter (4 pin)

Did you have any luck with this... Were the connectors burned?

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I have a laptop, Toshiba Satellite A75-S209.

I want to be able to run it in my truck using Microsoft Streets with GPS. Which is better, DC Adapter or DC power Inverter? How much wattage do I need? Will it drain my truck battery?

Thanks for your help, Dee

A:?? DC Adapter or DC power Inverter ???

I can't imagine a laptop would need any more than 150 watts...

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The Intverter in my Audiovox FPE3206 has expired. Looking around I can't find the model inverter which is in the TV
(VIT70002.00). I can find a VIT70002.6. Can I replace one with the other?

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I am trying to diagnose this laptops inverter board. The symptoms are dim screen. I have seen that 9 times out of 10 it is the inverter board and sometimes it can be the CCFL that goes out. I tested 19 volts coming in on pin 1 from the M/B and tested with a CCFL that i purchased online. So my CCFL didn't light up so i order another inverter. well that inverter lights up my CCFL for like 2 seconds than turns off again. I take a part another laptop and use the inverter and the screen and could not get it to light up. However, i took apart a laptop with the symptoms of not powering on at all. I am confused.


A:Diganosing inverter board

Are you using inverters matched to the computer motherboard and to the CCFL?

Different CCFL tubes need different voltages to operate and also draw different amounts of current. The inverter output needs to march the striking voltage of the tube and also be able to support the amount of current being drawn. The inverter typically has a current limiting circuit that may allow a lamp that draws excessive current to operate for a second or two and then cut out.

Different inverters also have different DC input voltage and current requirements and some require additional control line inputs to control the dimming function. They may not put anything out if the control line is left unconnected.

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Hello, I am trying to replace the screen inverter for my latitude e6430 its a slightly older model 2012'ish . I am having trouble finding what screen inverter it is supposed to have. The problem I am having is that my computer is completely black screened, but if you shine a light on the screen you can see that it is still displaying there is just no back light to light the screen. While doing a little research online I found  the problem most likely seems to be the screens power inverter. If anyone could help me out in pointing me in the right direction for a inverter it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Grrrrrr, I just put in the second (1st one was generic) inverter board for my HP Presario M2000. The screen is still almost black, can faintly see windows when booting, then black. It works fine hooked up to external monitor. Anybody have any other ideas to fix the &%$ thing???

A:New Inverter board didn't fix dim screen!!

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hi  i'm having trouble to figure out where is the inverter board in my compaq 510 or they don't even have one after all? i tried to repair the almost black kind of screen when power on n after connected to a monitor it does display but nothing from the laptop screen. please can anyone help me on this issue pls tq

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I have an HP DV9000 which had no picture on the LCD. Well, it had a picture, but it was very, very faint as if the back lights were dead. Works fine when plugged into VGA or if you squint/shine light to see the actual screen.

So I replaced the screen with my friends old screen from the identical model, assuming the backlights are part of the screen assembly. Apparently not, because it didn't take care of a thing.

So then I figured it must be the power inverter. Replaced that, too, and exact same problem.

What could possibly be wrong? I know how to replace the parts, I did it right. I can still faintly see. Is the backlight a separate part from the screen? Why else would I have no light at all? I know his screen and inverter work fine.

A:Screen and power inverter replaced, still nothing.

Is the laptop motherboard supplying the correct operating voltage and dimming control signals into the backlight inverter?

And yes, the backlight lamps are built-into the LCD panel itself. They have their own power cables and connectors for attaching to the inverter.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 laptop and I believe the inverter for the screen has gone kaput! It powers up, gets drive activity light etc but the screen is totally dead.

Anyone with experience know how easy it is to check / replace an inverter?

I tried to have a look at it at the weekend as I willing to try and I have been building desktops etc for years, just have little experience with laptops. Took it apart as best I could (which wasnt much) but couldn't seem to find my way into the case at all! Removed Battery, hard drive, RAM, modem and all the screws I could find and still I couldn't get into it.

Any thoughts / help / info greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Laptop inverter replacement

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This unit's screen is barely visible (You can just about make out the windows logo on boot up). It works ok when connected to another monitor. The inverter has been replaced with the same fault? It has been to a repair shop who say it may be a micro switch of some sort??? I think it's just the screen.....Any ideas please? Many thanks in advance!

A:ADVENT 7211 Inverter Issue or not?!?!?


Well from that description you do not appear to have much faith in the repair companies diagnosis!

So, why do you think they are wrong?
Do you have a spare screen to try?
Can you test the micro-switch function?

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A while back, user "raybay" posted some guidance on replacing the backlight and/or inverter on an ibm thinkpad r51 notebook. Here is a quote:

That is a very high price for an inverter for an R51, but the R51 is a very rare computer... so you may have to pay it.
you need a very good quality #1 hard steel philips screw driver, great care in removing and replacing the screw covers, and the time it takes to remove and replace 18 screws. But the inverter just plugs in. Mark all your screws as you remove them as they are not all the same length or diameter. But the most important function is removing the screw hole covers so you can use them again. You will benefit from a very, very thin flat blade screw driver or other tool to lift the screw covers out and off. You will need a nice adhesive that remains soft when you replace them.
It is very rare for an inverter to go out in that model.​
What I'm wondering is, this sounds like instructions for replacing just the inverter, but what if my problem is with my backlight as well (or instead)? Apparently they can also be replaced, but I've read suggestions that this may involve soldering. If you are lurking, raybay, do you know specifically what is required to replace the backlight on this model?

A:Replacing backlight/inverter on thinkpad r51

You can get the inverter, new, on eBay for $9.95 on up to $20... DO NOT BUY A USED ONE, and DO NOT BUY ONE FOR A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT MODEL. It is the screen that determines the model number... and that inverter/backlight is part of that particular model number.
Your inverter and your backlight are basically the same thing the failure of one affects the other... or they are in the same device depending on the laptop.
None of the IBM Lenovo units need soldering... but you have to remove about 20 screws, and remove the rubberized screw covers... so making it pretty again when you are done is the hard part... as you have to learn how to reapply the screw covers and the rubberized stickum.
USE VERY GOOD, VERY TOUGH TOOLS. DO NOT USE TOOLS that wear easily. Cheap toosl will mar the screws and ruin stuff.
First you buy the backlight.
Second, remove the keyboard.
Third, you remove the screw covers with a very thin device like a 1/2 or #1 flat screw driver, only with thinner metal... and some tweezers to lift off and store the screw covers which are mostly very thin, round flat rubber disks.
You need some soft of bowl or series of cups where you can put the different size screws. You need to keep a chart of which size screws come from where... Unless you have a good mind for those sorts of things and nobody does.
You may find it easier to remove the back of the computer where the screen is kept... and CAREFULLY remove the ribbon cable for the screen that plugs in beneath the keybo... Read more

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I have bought a 12v DC to 240v 300w AC Power Inverter. Made by Nikkai. which plugs into the car cigarette lighter.
Would it be safe to use it for my Medion MD96500 Laptop in the car along with a surge protector?
First time user of Tech Support Guy forum so any advice would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Power Inverter for Laptop

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I have a Dell ATG-d620, that I use for field work. The screen has stopped displaying correctly, it is very dim. External monitor works fine. Self diagnostics tell me that the LCD Inverter Detection test failed. I wonder about trojans/virus etc because I have had a few on this machine, thought I got rid of them but... One symptom that I have not; when I hit ctrl+alt+del for the task manager, it does not display correctly, (no title bar, no tabs, little x in the corner to close it. etc) I am running Windows XP and a number of additional applications. anti virus: stopzilla, superantispyware 4.25, Winpatrol. Any help you all can give me would be greatly appreciated

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Does anyone know where I can buy an inverter for a Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop? Dell will only sell a kit containing the display, cable, and inverter for $429. Ouch! Thanks for the help.


A:Dell Ispiron Laptop Inverter

Hi Bob

There seems to be one here.

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ACDelco 100W Power Inverter
100 watt continuous output
Power Surge up to 260 W
Built in fan for cool running

Got so I can use notebook computer in car.

Are these safe to plug notebook computers into? Any assistance appreciated. Dorothy

A:ACDelco 100W Power Inverter

I've been using a ninety-five-watt version for about a year now with my Averatec loptop without detectable adverse effects. Mostly, I use it for charging; but, I have on rare occasions used it to run the system.

To be sure yours in sufficient to run the laptop you could monitor the state of the laptop battery's charge to see if it looses, gains or stays the same.

Example: If your laptop needs 130 watts and the inverter puts out 100 watts, your battery would slowly drain and the inverter would run hot and maybe fail after a while.

Frankly, I don't undertsand why so many people spend a hundred dollars or more for a twelve-volt power supply they can plug into a cigarette lighter when they can get one of these inverters for around 20 dollars or less. I got a package of two nintety-five-watt jobs for $20 at Sam's Club. That's only $10 each.

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Hi. I have a Sceptre S1902D-RV X9G-Gamer monitor. I am having the problem where, when powering the monitor on, it will turn on for a split second (and look fine) and then turn itself back off. Apparently this is because the inverter board is faulty, and replacing this board should fix the monitor.

I am having a hard time determining exactly which board is used in the X9G-Gamer, and also can't figure out where on earth I would go shopping for a replacement.

It seems like replacing one little board would be cheaper than trashing the whole monitor and buying a new one, and it'd also be kind of fun for me to crack this open and see if I can fix it ... but if it's going to be so much trouble to figure out, or just as expensive either way, I guess I should just get a new monitor.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

A:Monitor: Replacing an Inverter Board

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basically the title says it, my laptop screen still has an image but no light (except for the first few seconds upon booting)

so my question is is there a way to fix this manually or does it need to be replaced?

A:laptop screen goes black, do i need a new inverter?

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Hey Guys I ought a late 2007/early 2008 MacBook from CL for 30 dollars the other day. Powered on but no brought it home and shined a bright light on it and voila I see a picture now. Every so often I can get the LCD to light for about 5 seconds or so by playing with the bright ness switch on the keyboard. I had an "apple tech" look it over and he said the actual LCD has gone bad and not the that true?? I thought these were TYPICAL symptoms of failing inverter...PLEASE tell me im correct so I didn't just crap away my money??

A:Solved: Macbook 2007? Inverter bad??

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I recently sent in my old hp compaq to a service centre as the fan was making a noise, so I simply asked them to clean the dust out of the fan. I got a message from them 2 days later (!) to say that the screen inverter needed to be replaced. I replied to ask why, and they said it had stopped working and that it was nothing to do with the work they carried out as they only opened the back of the laptop to service the fan. My laptop went to them in perfect working order. Is it possible for the inverter to just stop working, seems too much of a coincidence to me. Does anyone know what causes the inverter to stop working? Thanks.

A:Old HP Laptop screen inverter damaged

You didn't take it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy did you?

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My laptop LCD has been out for awhile and I've been using with an external monitor, but I decided to fix the LCD so I ordered a new LCD screen for it. The lcd screen arrives, install it and picture still doesn't show up. I then thought maybe I just had a bad cable from motherboard to LCD so I replaced that.. still no luck.

I can see a faint image in the background, but it's very dark. Same with my original screen.

What's odd is before my original laptop would show a just scrambled picture of black and white-- which is why I originally thought it was LCD.

What would the next step be? To order a inverter? Do the symptoms above sound like it's a bad inverter?

A:Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Bad Inverter?

This may or may not answer your question.
How-to: Lenovo Laptop Dim LED Screen Backlight Fuse Repair

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My Inspiron 1545 laptop screen no longer works properly. The display is extremely dim (just about impossible to see) so I figured I'd replace the backlight.

But I'm not sure what I should try to replace first - the backlight or the backlight inverter?

Anyone have a suggestion? I know the backlight inverter is much easier to replace, but is there any definitive way to tell which one is causing the problem?

A:Inspiron 1545 - backlight or inverter?

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Working on a client's problematic is a Dell Inspiron 5105.

Laptop was having problems with being unable to power on, and with a darkening LCD when it did power on.

Disconecting the touchpad fixed the power-on problem.

However, the LCD continues to malfunction. I can't tell if the problem is with the inverter, the CCFL, or the LCD itself. The symptoms are as follows:

Sometimes, the screen works fine.
Sometimes, the LCD comes on, but the backlight does not.
Sometimes, the LCD does not function at all.
Video out to a CRT monitor works fine.

There seems to be no way of predicting whether the LCD/backlight will work or not. Just, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. I've checked to be certain all the connections are secure...

Unhooking and rehooking the connections seems to make little difference. I've reseated the inverter and CCFL, which also seems to make no difference.

Any ideas as to which of the four--inverter, CCFL, LCD or (detachable, ATI) video card--is the problem? Or know how I could determine which it is?

As mentioned before, the computer would not boot reliably until the touchpad was disconnected. Is it likely these two problems are related somehow? I've been assured the laptop did NOT take a lightning strike, but i have only the client's word to go on for this.

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I am looking for a backup solution for my desktop computer (read as: tight budget) which can notify through a software interface about time remaining till batteries run out.

I am trying to run a server on this machine which I'm planning to use to give a demo to some parties from remote location. So basically this desktop will be unattended. I have written a small utility to gracefully shut down the server in case of power failure so that it doesn't look as though it crashed . And this utility needs to read the time remaining till total shutdown from somewhere. So I am looking for a budget backup solution which can provide me this data. (It is doesn't need to log it or so, I'm just happy to scoop it from its process memory if I have to.)

Can you guys suggest any backup-solution or anything which can help me find the time remaining till this desktop shuts down, if running on backup power?


A:Solved: Need advice on power backup - UPS/Inverter

help me find the time remainingClick to expand...
If the UPS does not have a data cable that connects to the PC and software CD, then there is now way to determine this, most APC brand ups's will have this, unless it is a budget model.

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I've got a screen problem on my Qosmio X500-11D

When starting the computer, the screen displays the Toshiba Logo, and then swiotches off...
It remains dark, enven on Windows Logon page, or on my desktop page...
Beleieving this would be an inverter problem (sometimes, when closing/opening the screen of the laptop, I can see the actual picture on, for & sec or 1/4sec... and then switch back off)

I contacted Toshiba support which sent me an inverter but... the change did nothing...

I still have to use my second screen as a "duplicate image", instead of my "extended" option on Windows (7)

Could anyone tell me if they havce the same issue, and how they fixed it ?

Should I replace Neon, CCFL, complete LCD display ?

Where could I find the parts ?

(PS I'm in France)

Thanks All,

A:Dark screen on Qosmio X500-11D (not the inverter)

Wait a moment. I?m a bit confused.

If I understand you right you can use your Qosmio with external display, right?
When you use your Qosmio with external display I presume you use option to see your desktop on external display only.

When you use FN+F5 I presume you can see all options in flash cards for changing display mode, right?
What happen when you choose ?LCD display only? (notebook)? is there some reaction on the notebook?s screen?

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Hello, I am new on here, and have just been through Dell Hell once again. I have an inspiron 1200 laptop with a 15 inch screen, and my inverter or ccfl tube quit working. I have searched online, but am only finding parts for the one with the 14 inch screen. Maybe they are the same part, I am not sure, but cant take this apart, as I need my computer, so I am trying to find the part beforehand. Dell told me, after going through 100000000 hours of runaround, that I have to replace the whole screen. Does anyone know if this is true? If not, does anyone know where I can find out the part number? This is making me insane! I would really appreciate any help on this.

A:Dell inverter board part number???

I'm afraid that you'll have to replace the whole LCD panel, as Dell told you. The inverter is part of the LCD... Sorry- $350 from Impact Computers

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I have a compaq v6000 seris laptop and the bacilfht/inverter is daed what can i do to fix this problom as fast as posoble i works sometimes if you lightly tap/hit the back of the laptop and then will goout again shortly after

A:Compaq Laptop Dead Backlight/Inverter

is there anything that i can do?

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New guy to these forums.

I just acquired a used inverter for my van, to support my laptop,
and a printer. Unfortunately it did not come with a user guide,
or any other manual. It is also without the cables. Does anyone have
a copy of user guide/manual for this, or know where I might obtain one ?
This inverter is 1,000 watts, with 3,000 watts surge. The cables are just
the correct gauge wire, with ring terminals on both ends - I'm not sure
what gauge wire should be used - perhaps 10 gauge, or even 8 ?

Appreciate any assistance.


A:User guide - AC Delco Inverter (#59-210U)

Welcome to TSG!

A laptop is between 65-95 watts most often, so 1000W is a bit of an overkill.

Something to keep in mind if you think you might use the full capacity:

1000W at 12 V is 83 amps, assuming 100% efficiency. At 80% you're looking at 103 amps, with 300 amps during a 3000 W Surge.
Note that efficiency at low loads can be a lot worse.

I'd be looking at 6 or 4 gauge wire, or larger depending on the length of the connection. If you are 10 ft from the battery, 6 gauge wire at 100 amps will have a voltage drop of approx 0.4 volts per wire, so you'll lose 0.8 volts. * gauge wire will lose 0.62 volts per wire, or a 1.24 V drop.

See this table for current capacities of AWG wiring.

You can contact Delco by phone or email from their Contact Us page.

And keep in mind that even though your equipment may only draw 100-200 Watts, a partial short on one of the AC cords could draw the full 1000 W, but not be enough to trip any over current protection. If you wire it planning on only 200 W, you could end up with fried wires. The heaver wire is pretty cheap insurance.

If connected to a fused circuit, say 20-30 amps, you'd only have to allow for that current as a maximum.


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I have a Sony VGN NW20EF (model PCG-7185M) and suspect something wrong with the display

Can only see anything if I shine a light on the screen

Is this the inverter or the backlight and would I have to replace the whole screen ?


A:Solved: Inverter, Back Light or Screen

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Are there any Toshiba people out there who would know if ALL the M30X series Satellites used the same or virtually the same backlight inverter?

My model number is simply M30x with no dash and additional characters (looked on bottom and on box) and all the compatibility info I can find is for M30X-Sxxxxx or M30X-x0. I'd feel more comfortable ordering the part, knowing the affirmative. MoniServ claims to have a hardier new inverter that I 'm planning to try.

My screen went dark after 2 and a half years use. I can still see an extremely faint shadow of the desktop; so I know the problem isn't something more drastic. I suppose it might also be the backlight itself - if so can someone help in finding the right part to replace that? Is that something a gutsy non-professional can do? I can send more info if needed - just tell me what.

Thank you SO much,


A:Toshiba Model Number, Backlight Inverter

you can disassembly the LCD assembly and you'll see the PN of your backlight module. however,you should know, that there's can be absence of BACKLIGHT_ENA signal,which coming from the MB, thus, the inverter module replacing won't helps.

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I had a local computer guy replace the inverter for my laptop, because everything was working except the backlight (I used a flashlight lightened from behind the screen after I disassembled the screen. Everything worked great!)

I just went to the guy's house to pick it up. We had ONE test to see if everything was running ok. It surely was. Then, I just got home and turned it on the second time after it was repaired. Everything got so dark again. I could barely see things on the screen. Why?? What happened?


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I have an IBM Thinkpad T42. The screen does very dark while booting up, even has a pink hue at times, then goes very dark. You can faintly see the screen. If I move around the contact switch at the upper left corner of the keyboard, the screen will light up but will not stay. I replaced the inverter last night and it worked fined. I turned the computer off. This morning, when I attempt to turn on, back to the same problem again. If i wiggle the contact button, it lights up but will not stay on.

Can you tell me what the problem?


A:IBM Thinkpad T42 Black screen - replaced inverter

Will someone look at my post and help me???

Please... Thanks in advance

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Hello Everyone,
I recently purchased a new LCD Inverter for my notebook not realizing that the online help manual at HP doesn't get that involved. It only tells me how to remove lcd unit itself. Before I just start to dig in I thought I'd ask for some help. Any is appreciated. TY

A:Need too replace LCD Inverter Compaq Pressario 2500

Closest I could find:

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Hi guys,

I recently posted about trying to troubleshoot a power inverter vs a backlight. With some troubleshooting and help I was able to trace it to the backlight.

Now I've run into a slightly different problem. The screen is black (very dim and even looking at it in the light its hard to see the icons but you can very barely make them out). When I press the standy switch by the monitor it flashes on for a second with perfect colors (NOT purplish like in most ccfl bulb issues).

I took another ccfl bulb just to hook it up and the bulb did the same thing, flickers on and off. I hooked the laptop up to an external monitor and it works just fine (if i press standy I can see it going into standby on the external monitor).

I would say it is the power inverter at this point but would like a second opinion Thanks!

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I need to replace my inverter on my 8600 but I need the part number to get the correct replacement. Can you advise how I can find this part number?

Thanks, Joe

A:Need inverter part # for Dell Inspiron 8600

I would try the DELL website.

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My Dell Inspiron 8600 has the infamous "(almost) black screen" problem and it looks like the next step is to replace the inverter board. In searching for the part, I find that both LG and Hitachi make inverter boards for the 8600 with the 15.4" screen. I don't know which one to buy. Do I need to replace my inverter board with the same one that is in there now, or will either of the available boards work?

If I do need to buy the exact same board, is there a way I can tell what I now have short of taking the screen apart and looking at it? I realize I will have to take it apart to replace the board, but I don't want to do any more monkeying with it than is necessary. I am not a technical person, and I figure every instance of fiddling with the machine is another opportunity for it to break forever.

BTW, I thought maybe I could get information about who manufactured the monitor from Settings/System/Hardware and then order the corresponding part, but unfortunately there was nothing there, or at least nothing that I found.

Thanks for any help!

A:Are Dell and Hitachi inverter boards interchangeable?

is there a way I can tell what I now have short of taking the screen apart and looking at itClick to expand...

Answer: Take screen apart and look at it !
Basically Dell use different screens in same model laptops

Likely: Hitachi (but not confirmed)

Edit, no not interchangeable, sorry about that!

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Compaq Presario V2607CL laptop
Screen went so dim it was unusable. Decided it was worth a try to replace the inverter.

Installed the new inverter, husband turned on computer to see if it worked and it did. Then he turned it off to put laptop back together. The screen is now dark again. Does anyone know what may be wrong or what could cause the inverter to go bad so quickly?

Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: Replaced Inverter - worked briefly - gone again

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I'm about to go on vacation with my family and decided to bring my laptop along to keep myself entertained on the long car ride. My laptop only has a 4 hour battery and it's an 8 hour trip. So I bought a 12V to 120V power inverter so I could plug it into the cigarette lighter to power it. However, I noticed that the cigarette lighter port provides 120W of power and the inverter is 160W. My laptop only needs 90W to run (according to the manual). My question is: is it safe to use a 160W inverter when the power port only provides 120W? Would I just get the reduced wattage instead of the full 160W or will something fry when the inverter tries to pull 160W out of a 120W outlet?

Thanks to all in advance.

A:Solved: 12V to 120V Car Power Inverter Question

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I was having this issue with my laptop freezing or restarting. I started up my computer to try to fix that problem a few days ago and noticed that I could faintly see anything on my screen. I don't know what that issue is, but can that in anyway be linked to my random restart/freeze problem? Or am I just lucky enough to have two problems at once! haha

A:Can backlight/inverter cause random freeze/restart?

I'd say normally no.
I've seen a lot of inverter boards go, but no other fault associated

But it is possible I suppose

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Title says it all really guys, a friend has given me his Dell Insiron 1501 which still displays, however it's nearly impossible to see anything because the screen is just soooo dark, almost as if the backlighting has died, now the question is do I order a new 15.4 LCD for 75! or a inverter for 6? what exactly does the inverter do?

Thanks in advance!

A:No backlight in Dell Insiron 1501 - inverter or screen?

Anybody have any idea's?

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I'm having a peculiar problem. I've setup a small home network with 2 pcs (winxp). They are connected by a cat5 cable to a 8 port dlink 1008d switch. When cat5 cable connection is done - winxp shows 100 mpbs connection.

And a ADSL router (make: dlink 502T adsl2+) is connected to one port of the switch. They are all physically placed next to a 800 VA Su-kam inverter with 190 VA lead-acid battery. They all are placed at a height of about 6.5 ft on a wooden platform in a passage to the bedroom.

Below this wooden platform is the home's MCBS (miniature circuit breakers) 12+1 (big one). Each one is meant for a different circuit.

I've noticed that in this config ping from one pc to another looses between 50 to 95% packets. Router lights are 'on' properly.

adsl router worked for a while (half a day) when installed in this config but subsesquently even ADSL router's ADSL light and PPOE light does not light up i.e., I do not get ADSL's internet connection. When the PCs are connected directly to the ADSL router (without going thru the switch) - router's internet conection (ADSL light) does not work but ping is showing a perfect connection i.e., 100% packets are recd and sent by each PC.

When ADSL is tested separately - in a place about 10 feet away from this place - it works perfectly. I've not tried using it through the switch.

this Switch - when I tested at my office - it is working perfectly.

Could it be t... Read more

A:Can Inverter interfere with working of Switch and ADSL router?

I read you to say you are wired thusly;

flip the switch/router locations to be

You need the NAT feature of the router to control the IP addresses of all devices.
With the switch in your current location, you can have all kinds of conflicts.

As to your question re the inverter; A good device will have a UL and FCC rating
on the tag and these will identify the spurious radiation limits of
the device.

Your CAT5 cables should be ok. CAT5 is UTP (unshielded Twisted Pair) but is the foundation for historic Ethernet.

If it is an issue, go to cat5e or cat6 for those cables nearest the inverter.
see this reference for cable differences

There is a shielded CAT7 cable, but it is NOT RJ45 compatible

EMI stands for Electro-Magnetic Interference. It is potentially harmful to your communications system because it can lead to signal loss and degrade the overall performance of high-speed, CAT5e cabling. EMI is interference in signal transmission or reception and is caused by the radiation of electrical or magnetic fields which are present near power cables, heavy machinery, or fluorescent lighting.

Avoiding EMI is as simple as not laying your network cable within 12" of electrical cable, or if needed switching from UTP to more expensive shielded cable.

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Over the past year, since I upgraded the memory on my IBM R31 Thinkpad, I have had intermittent problems with my screen blacking out. It's not completely gone, just extremely dim, but I can make out the things on screen by using a torch. At first, I was able to trigger it back by leaving the lid open and never closing it, taking all the usbs and plugs out of the back, or re-starting it.

However, it seems like nothing I do will trigger it on now. I've done a search and apparently the commonest cause is that the inverter needs replacing. Would this seem like a sensible thing to buy?

The only thing I'm thinking now is, i've had this laptop for 5 years now!! I'm not sure if it's worth fixing or upgrading anymore. I mean, I love it, just cos it's lasted this long, i've upgraded the memory from 128mb to 384mb and i've bought a wireless card for it but would it be worth trying to buy and fix myself a new inverter or just buy a new laptop?


A:IBM Thinkpad - Backlight screen black.. inverter replacement?

Well the most common things would be the inverter board you linked to, or the backlight bulb itself.

If the laptop still suits your needs, in terms of performance than its much cheaper to just fix this one, than buy another laptop of similar quality.

The great think about IBM is the great support. Here is a link to the hardware manual for the R30 model.
It should tell you how to get at the inverter and bulb.

Even if you do get a new laptop, its still worth it to fix this one up as a backup laptop. 20-30 pounds and a couple hours to fix it isn't that bad.

And i believe its called a flashlight not a torch. You could burn the house down with a torch

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Hi all. Is there any brilliance in the house? I hope so.

The inverter on my Acer Aspire 5103WLMi died after 13 months.

No probs. I bought a new one, put the machine together again and started it up. Perfect... well almost.

What is happening now is that I cannot get maximum brilliance from the screen. All the Windows option settings are set to the max and the are no other user settings available I can make to chance this.

Ok you'll be thinking there is an issue with the inverter but I'm far from sure that it is. The picture is perfect apart from this issue.

Booting up Vista will have the screen bright and brilliant (max brill). Windows will continue to load and then as the machine continues to load the registry and gets to the bit where the screen brilliance is set the screen will dip and settle to about 75-80% of it's capable brilliance. I feel sure this is a registry issue because of the boot up procedure which is clockwork and 100% predictable.

Where can I inspect the reg to find these settings? They must be there.

Other suggestions?

Many thanks.

A:Brilliance issue after screen inverter replacement on Acer Laptop

Are there really no takers on this?? How dissapointing.

For those that don't know what an inverter is. inverters create a hi voltage charge and light the screen bulb(s) on your laptop or monitor. When it don't work you will see a perfect but dark n unlit image on your screen.

Cum on sum1 help me out for gawd sake!


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