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screen capture of video images

Q: screen capture of video images

hi there,
I used to be able to do a print screen(from a video clip) and then copy the contents into MS Paint and edit the image. Recently, I dont seem to be able to do that anymore? Without using additional s/w can anyone advise?

A: screen capture of video images

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I was wondering if there was a way to capture still images from an S-Video line that is connected to a dental camera on the other end. Currently we use an S-video printer but we can't get paper for it anymore so were going to try to run the s-video cable to a laptop (s-video to USB cable?) and then somehow have the images save on the laptop so we can print. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

A:Print/Capture still images from S-video?

I would suggest you talk to the camera provider. Usually there is software assocated with the camera that would do as you desire.

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I've got a website with my own domain name through Yahoo and use Sitebuilder. I've also started experimenting with some free websites. On the free ones I've been using my Sitebuilder program as a tool to edit images by dragging them where I want them and then snapping them all as one with screen capture. (I use MWSnap) I then save the captured image and insert it in the free site where you can't just drag images around. Is there a faster or more efficient way to be doing this?

A:Solved: Dragging images around in Sitebuilder and screen capture

robert23 said:

I've got a website with my own domain name through Yahoo and use Sitebuilder. I've also started experimenting with some free websites. On the free ones I've been using my Sitebuilder program as a tool to edit images by dragging them where I want them and then snapping them all as one with screen capture. (I use MWSnap) I then save the captured image and insert it in the free site where you can't just drag images around. Is there a faster or more efficient way to be doing this?Click to expand...

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I need to record my screen and save it as gif instead of video format, it doesn't need any audio just video,
please tell me what is the best software to use
I will use on powerpoint presentation
Thank you

A:How to Screen Capture VIDEO as GIF

Why use a gif when powerpoint can handle many video formats anyway?

but to answer your question, it would probably be best to use a standard screen recorder and them convert to .gif afterwards.

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I saw a awesome video and I want to capture one of its stills and save as jpeg or bmp so that i can set it as wallpaper, any free software available that can help me.

A:Screen capture for video

Have you tried AutoScreenRecorder? This allows you to save streaming video as a movie, then you should be able to take a screen grab from a single frame.

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Hi every one,
I like to collect movie trailers to a folder on my computer but not all trailers are downloadable. Question: Does anyone know of a freeware program that would allow me to "capture" the movie trailer from my computer screen?

A:Video/Screen capture

yeah theres a program called HyperCam try googling it, its only a trial but i dont think the full version is that much allthough the trial does allow you to do all you need, just not at a very big resoltion, hope this helps,


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I am looking for a good screen capture program so I can record video of the desktop.

Unlike many people who need something like this I need specifics.

1. Must be able to capture a full 1920x1080 display at a decent frame rate preferably 60 fps.

2. Must also be able to capture video in the highest possible quality.

3. Must be able to record "what you hear".

I want to record some tutorials for photoshop and other adobe apps and some for video editing software like sony vegas. This calls for the highest quality I can get really because the vids will be offered in full HD. I need the audio for the obvious reasons.

So far I have tried fraps with monitor aero desktop enabled and a variety of different setting. While it does capture in awesome quality it does not do it with a good frame rate. I get the choppiest video you have ever seen. It also has issues with 2 displays enabled. I only want to capture one not both and I don't want to disable one to do so.

I also tried snagit 10. Also good quality but poor results. Much like fraps it is resulting in choppy video. It is able to capture one full display by clicking on that region before recording which is great if it would work right.

I know this machine has the horsepower to do this so it is not a matter of not having the brute strength. It could be a matter of me not knowing what settings to use though. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that I just don't know what I am doing since I never tried actively capturin... Read more

A:Screen Capture (Video)

Double Post FTW! LOL actually being the self help kind of guy I am I managed to solve this before I got a reply. I wanted to share my solution in case anyone else sees this and needs the same thing I did.

Camtasia which I have used years ago back on version 5 has actually come a long long ways. I am not beyond giving any particular software multiple chances to impress me.

Going back to camtasia this is what I found. Within less time than it takes to instal the program you can also learn basically everything you need to know about it. In under 1 minute I was able to make a test recording and play it back with outstanding results.

I was impressed by the way the application was able to recognize my main display the one i want to record on that is. Select it and also place the recording controls exactly where I would have placed them in the bottom corner of the secondary display. Seriously they thought of everything you would need.

I was impressed by how easy it was to output my video exactly the way I want it and with so little effort I was unsure it would get everything right. It did and it did it in record time at that.

You really couldn't ask for more from a piece of software. It is that damned easy and fast to use. I am totally happy with this and I imagine others would be also.

My test recording was absolute quality and with perfect speed. No loss of quality full 1080 HD. The resulting file is light for full HD as well. You can also do ALL of your edits within the app... Read more

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I found the site on web with a walking man and I wonder is there a software
like a (capture video screen) or something. ? Please help I need it badly.

A:capture video from screen

If its a gif just right click and choose the save file as option

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Does anyone know of a free video capture software that will record screen on windows 10 like fraps used to record on windows 7... A software that does not run on windowed mod and that shows mouse pointer and will record screen when gaming at least 30 FPS... Thanks

A:Screen video capture for windows 10

Have you seen this? Built in. I've not tried it.. maybe it meets your needs.
Windows 10 Is Hiding a Great Video Capture Tool

See also: Game Bar - Record and Take Screenshots in Windows 10

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I was doing a screen capture of a video on You Tube when this bsod occurred;1st since updating to windows 10 Pro. This bsod was a light blue color with very little writing, but didn?t get error code/report as to why it happened but did disable auto reboot.

A:BSOD screen capture of video

No dumps in the zip file you uploaded. Do you run any kind of hard drive cleaner, like CCleaner? If so stop using it until this problem is resolved.

Please make sure your PC is configured for small dump files:

How to Configure Windows 10 to Create Dump Files on BSOD

If you get another BSOD, check C:\Windows\minidump to see if a .dmp file was created there. If yes, run DM_Log_collector again and up[load zip here.

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Hi Guys if anyone knows of a program that will capture a video of what I am doing on my screen. I am wanting to make some short videos of how do apply layers and transitions in PhotoShop and Premiere, the audio is not important as the video is for deaf students. I want to be able to load them onto a CD so the student has a demo of the process they can work with in their own time thanks if you can help

A:Solved: Screen Video Capture

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I watched the intro video and wondered whether anyone knows of a freeware or shareware application that I could use to capture processes on screen and save to a video file as a training tool?

Thanks all!

A:video capture of screen activity

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I'm using AutoscreenRecorder 2.1 Pro (trial) from Wisdom-Soft for screen video capture with sound. I would like to know, what is the best setting to get the highest video quality and audio possible? Attached are the options. I'll be capturing streaming videos from to make a compilation. I will need to use Windows DVD Maker to burn these as well on to a DVD so swf is not an option.

What compressor options also?

Some videos (from other sites) are also HD DVD quality streaming, so I need to try to live up to that as well.


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I want to capture screen flow in video or image on windows 7 64 bits system, with NVidia Quadro 600 graphic card (driver is up to date). I use lib "VLC" for video capture, or "print screen" button for image capture.
When I try to capture a fullscreen opengl application, or a QML application, or WPF application, the captured image is black. It seems that graphic card content can't be acquired...
It is the same for each computer which is under windows 7.
This manipulation worked on windows XP.

what are the changes on screen capturing between windows XP and windows 7 ?
how can I resolve this problem ?
is there any option to activate in system ?
is there any software which could work (with an API) ?

Thank you very much,


A:Video and screen capture: problem on win 7

Why dont you use a software called "Snipping Tool"?

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Yo guys.

Lately I have been producing lots of training videos. (desktop videos, about 40-60 minutes in length).

I have been using camstudio, but the files are so massive. (my latest 30 minute video was 500+ mb)

I was wondering what your favorite video recording software is?

Camtasia seems the best, but it's so damn expensive.

camstudio is free, but the files are too damn big.

Jing is cool, but the free version only has like 5 minute cap lol.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for any opinions

A:questions about screen capture (video recording)

I use Camtasia and Fraps. you can play with the settings to reduce file size. focus on file format, screen resolution and frame rate.

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i'm looking for a free programm that captures videos from my monitor. Something like fraps, but free! i already got one, Taksi screen recording, but i dont works for the game i would like to capture from, freelancer.

Anyone got an idea?

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Occasionally, I would like to capture an on-screen video. I have downloaded and tried three and so far this one I like best of those I tried. If anyone has recommendations based on personal experience and personal use, I would appreciate your comments.

Here are my requirements:
I am willing to pay up to $50.
It has to be free of ads.
It has to be free of trial restrictions.
It cannot be a web-based program or require an internet connection to run.


A:Need recommendations for video screen capture software

I just used LiteCam HD and It's quite fast and easy to use .The only downside is that there is a visible watermark and side control panel when recording with this software. The recording quality is in clear HD.

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I need a video-capture utility that will also let me record sound from the speakers. I want to capture a webcast for later review. (It's an online class that I teach, but I want to "sit in" on a class with a more-experienced instructor and learn from his presentation. He's fine with this. I've tried to get him to just record his presentation but he's busy and hasn't gotten around to agreeing to it.)

I've tried several utilities that claim to do this, but I can't make it work on any of them. I can record with the microphone, but the mic doesn't record the speakers very clearly. I'd much rather get the audio right off the sound card.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is even possible with my hardware. Apparently many manufacturers are blocking this capability to prevent people from ripping music illegally. I've tried it on an XP Home SP3 system with a Realtek HD card, a Vista Home Premium SP1 system with Conexant HD SmartAudio, and an XP VM in VMware. None of them seem to offer the speakers as an input option -- only the mic.

Is there any way to do this, if the mic is the only input shown? Would it work to patch the headphone jack into the mic jack, or is the signal the wrong level? I'd try it but I don't want to risk damaging my mic input.


A:Solved: Screen video capture with sound from speakers?

I kept digging on this, and I figured out that my VMware XP system has a "Stereo Mix" input device. This input device will allow me to record from the speakers. My XP SP2 desktop and my Vista laptop don't have equivalent devices, so apparently they can't record the speaker sounds.

Now I just need to find a capture tool that actually works. I tried CamStudio and it was unusable. Within 20 seconds of recording, the audio and video were 8 sec out of sync. I just hope that's not a limitation caused by VMware scheduling, or I'm hosed.

Worst case, it appears to be safe to patch the line-out (headphone) jack into the mic jack. I might have to do that.

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Does anybody know if there are any capture cards that are actually recognized by the Vista OS?

I recently got my laptop from dell and vista works fine its just the fact i would like to get a USB port Capture Card.

Anybody have any advice for me?


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A little while ago I started to notice glitching on the screen of little divs flashing about on my browser. I just ignored it and now it is gone haywire.

This is what it does.

I also don't have Windows 7 installed. It was a custom build and I wasn't really thinking when it came to the OS so I bought the upgrade version. What is the cheapest way to activate, for lack of better understanding.


A:Glitching screen/multiple images (Video)

I have tried to reinstall Windows 8 but once the installation was finished it told me it could not complete the installation.

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I recently purchase a DIY desktop computer but it does not come with a firewire port. I installed one on the pci slot and it was detected by the computer.
Now when I pluged in a 6 to 4 pin firewire cable to my DV cam, I could not do a capture in either the Movie Maker or Premier Elements. It says 'no capture device detected'.
I checked on the hardware under device manager, and it shows that the firewire card is working properly.
I also tried using the USB port on the DV cam to capture, but it was not detected. I heard that it requires a seperate driver from JVC manufacturer. My Cam model is GR-D270.
I would appeciate alot for any answer to my problems.

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In WMP 10, I could capture screenshots by reducing the "Video Acceleration" and pressing ALT and PrintScrn. But by unchecking "use overlays" and pressing "CTRL+I", I got a far higher quality of screenshot capture.

In WMP 11 though, the "CTRL+I" method doesn't seem to work anymore - with the same media files.

Am I doing something wrong now, or is the "CTRL+I" method not possible anymore?

A:Capture images from WMP 11

Mark, CTRL+I is not included in the valid key shortcuts for WMP11:
Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP*Keyboard Shortcuts
However, we will definitively know only when WMP11 moves from Beta status on to End Product.

So, do you have a method in place for taking screenshot captures now that WMP11 is intalled on your PC, or not?

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Does anyone know how to capture still images from a .wmv file? I have several .wmv files that I would like to capture still images from.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:How to capture Still images from a .wmv file

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Hi guys!
I have got a task of writing a program to capture images from a camcorder..
I would like to know if it is possible to write a software which would capture images from "any" image-capturing-device connected to the USB port?

which would b the ideal language to write this software?
How to capture the raw data from the cam's memory into my comp and then display it?
How do i go about it.....please let me know if u have any links or references.

A:how to capture images from a camcoder

subbu_subbu said:

Hi guys!
I have got a task of writing a program to capture images from a camcorder..
I would like to know if it is possible to write a software which would capture images from "any" image-capturing-device connected to the USB port?

which would b the ideal language to write this software?
How to capture the raw data from the cam's memory into my comp and then display it?
How do i go about it.....please let me know if u have any links or references.Click to expand...

Thats a rather complex task for someone who appears not to really have much experience either programming or with capture utlities. Why dont you go to the virtual dub site and pick the developers brain.

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Hi there! I needed some help somehow ...

How do I capture websites as images, like jpegs and as a whole, using Firefox Add-ons?


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We have about 20 Thinclients and a win 2012 R2 server with HPDM 4.7.2610.23043 installed on it, i already found all clients and i can shut them down and WOL them how i like but the status task status stays blue even if the task is already finished like a restart and i cant capture images there the task status stays blue too.The clients are t620 thinclients with thinpro 5.2 installed The Version of the agent is 2.6.3670.22274.

A:HPDM cant complete some Tasks and cant capture images

The HPDM Agent version on the units is older than your HPDM 4.7 Server. Have you tried update the Agent? How long does the status stay blue? Will it ever end by itself? When the status issue even is with "easy" tasks like a restart or "Get Device Asset Information" I would think this might be a port forward issue. Have you opened all neccessary ports between as shown in the Admin Guide?

I am an HP Employee.My opinions are my own and do not express those of HP.**Click the Thumps Up Button on the right to say Thanks**

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I am currently trying to connect my analogue camcorder to my computer.
I have the necessary cables and program, but I have doubt about the S-Video hole on my computer. It's a newish computer and the S-video hole (sorry about the word 'hole', but it's the only one that's come to mind at the moment) came with the computer (right next to were the monitor connects, so I'm assuming its part of the graphics card).
I'm also assuming that it is part of a video capture device (yer, I'm confused). I've tried connecting my camera with the aid of the software, but it doesn't detect a video capture device after I tell it I have connected all the wires and switched on the camera.

So does a S-Video hole mean that the computer has a video capture device, and if so, how can I know what type it is to download any extra drivers if needed? And is there such thing as an "on" button on one?

No documentation about it came with the computer which I find odd.


A:Solved: S-video means video capture card?

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Toshiba Qosmio G30-155 Video capture does not work through the ports of the video in (Windows Vista Ultimate x86) BIOS version 3.90 win
Video capture is not working in Windows Media Center, even if selected as the input port composite or s-video ports in the settings of Windows Media Center.

In BIOS settings version 3.90 via esc-F1 may select only this options: NTSC (USA), NTSC (Japan), PAL (S-video).

It is noticeable that the laptop is supposedly in capture mode NTSC for composite input

Somebody turned on to make this model of laptop video capture via composite video input with the new version of BIOS (version 3.90 win)?

A:Qosmio G30-155: Video capture does not work using s-video in port

Can you please explain to us what do you want to do exactly?

Long time ago I had this old Qosmio with TV tuner and antenna in port so I used it to transfer my old videos from VHS format and burn movie DVDs.

For this purpose I didn?t use Windows Media Center. Why you don?t use some other recording application. I think anyone is better than Windows Media Center.

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I was just wondering what the best video capture device was for cheap and where i could get it from it has to be usb also... i want audio and video with remote.

NOw for the video card i would like something thats great for graphic design and video editing so i need to know what kind to get and how to install it....

hp pavilion 750n
120gb hard drive
512mb ram ddr pc 2100/pc1600 2 slots (upgrading to 2gb)
non integrated video card
need anything else?

A:Need video capture device/How to up grade video card

Check They have great prices and most products have user reviews.

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Please bear with me as this video lark is all new to me.

I recently got a Sony TRV245E camcorder and was wondering what the best format is when capturing images on the PC?
I seem to have the choice of AVI or MPEG-1.

The camera does this via USB but also has a 'DV out' connection, would this improve quality at all?

I did a test VCD and when I played it on my DVD player it looked horribly pixilated. I had to use NERO to do this as the Pixela ImageMixer software that came with the camera wouldn't recognise my CDRW drive.

Also as this camera has no 'DV in' is there a way of getting images back ot of the PC and onto VHS tape?

A:Video capture and video transfer PC to VHS question?

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HI Everybody..
My name is shan and iam new to this forum.
i have a issue with my images and video not on the whole computer but the images which is transfered from a mobile. the message what i get is "this is not a valid image file" and "no preview available" with any image editor.
i erased the data on the phone and i have the data only on my hard disk.
i tried to upload but could not upload the files since it give an error as invalid image file or mp3 file.
Please, I need your help in fixing this issue...
let me know how to post those files and guide me in fixing this issue.

Thanks in advance

A:images and video dosent display(image & video corrupt)

what is the file type? if you right click on the file and click on properties it should pop up a screen and it would should something like this.(check my attachment for a visual aid =D)

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I am a DJ and I wish to on my website make a video which is going to be a still image with my audio track playing at the same time. Windows Media Player don't like me at the moment so is there any free solutions or advice someone can give me?

Many Thanks.

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I have need of assistance. I am looking for a pci card or pci-e doesn't matter as long as is add on card connector. anyway. i need something that will plug into the back of my computer and the back of my cable box so as i watch a tv program on my tv the computer will also be "watching" it and record it so i can watch it on my computer as well. please help. i am not sure what forum to post this on so i chose here please tell me where i can get the best help. thx so much.

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Where could I get drivers, with out buying them, or some spam download area. I have a DVR video recorder and I want to extract video for windows movie maker. I have the usb attachment. Any solutions?


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hi, i have this new laptop with windows XP and have succesfully captured video through it's firewire conection from my camcorder using 'Windows movie maker'. I am unsure of the video capture capabilities of this laptop.
In hardware devices under computer properties it shows ..

'Legacy video capture devices'.. 'wdm video for windows capture driver (win32)'

Just want to know a little more about what this is and what other software is available to capture .avi files as the windows movie maker files i made wouldn't play in other players.

PC also has.Also has..

M7-P Radeon Integrated AGP 4 x
64MB external DDR Video
IEEE 1394 Firewire 400Mbps(for digital video)


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Not sure about the hardware classification of this but here goes..

Ive got a GF4 MX440SE with an RCA video in port. Im trying to retrieve images from a Sony Digital Handycam for a project. Im Just wondering how this works? Im sure its video in because I tried it from the RCA to my TV with no results.. so Im guessing its video in. It has an S-video port too. I maybe being naieve about this but Im in a bit of a rush, Im on a deadline and what I thought was going to be easy isnt. What software do I need if any? Will I need to install cam drivers or should it just recieve the signal so long as I choose the right option? I could go USB but Im not sure of the availability of the USB lead for the camers, its a polytech version and all the cables have mysteriously gone missing..
Anyways.. any help greaty appreciated!

A:Video capture help?

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I have a Strong Model SRT5022X Set Top Box. Not HD
When I connect a S-Video cable from yhe box to my video capture unit all I get is black and white pictures
The connection to the tv is excellent
Why is this so and how do I get a colour picture

A:Capture Video

Hi prhutcho, and welcome to TSG.

Are you testing using the same S-Video cable and switching it between the capture unit and the TV? S-Video uses separate signal lines for the color information (Chrominance) and the brightness information (Luminance). You end up with a black white picture if the Chrominance line is broken in the cable.

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i'm using a tv tuner/capture card to record old vhs tapes onto the computer then burn them onto cd's.
on the comp i save the files as avi (has colour and sound) then i burn them onto a super vcd using nero6.
the cd plays with coloour and sound on the comp but when i use it on my dvd player(wid the tv) it plays in black and white with sound.
i've tried using different cd brands but still the same problem....


A:video capture

02098 said:

i'm using a tv tuner/capture card to record old vhs tapes onto the computer then burn them onto cd's.
on the comp i save the files as avi (has colour and sound) then i burn them onto a super vcd using nero6.
the cd plays with coloour and sound on the comp but when i use it on my dvd player(wid the tv) it plays in black and white with sound.
i've tried using different cd brands but still the same problem....

thanxClick to expand...
I think you should take a look in the NTSC or PAL configuration.

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hi there i have purchased a video capture external device
make is super digital video dazzle seriesi am running windows xp homemy pc is pent 4 1.8 gigthe software is tv plus 3.0 im not sure bout drivers

the problem im having is the pic quality is not very good and when i watch the video on my pc i have sound but when i record to dvd there is no sound im i only have usb 1.1 could this be the problem or is it in the settings iv tried all settings i can figure out so im lookin for some insite
any help would be great
im new here so bear with me if i dont give enough info

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is any one aware of somthing that will record the video of what im doing on my computer. i need to capture my computers video not like a video camera. please if any one knows tell me

A:video capture

You mean a screen recorder?

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I have some golf analysis software and Tivo Desktop.

I would like to capture video from both sources.

I've tried Jing which works great but not with videos.

Any ideas?

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I am contemplating buying a geforce fx 5200 video card. It has an s-video connector. My question is, can I use this card for video capture?? I'm new to this, but I am looking for a card that will allow me to get videos from my VHS ccamcorder, and convert them into VCD's. I know I will also need software, but I just wanted to know if this card is capable of video capture?? Thanks for all input!!!

A:video capture??

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I would like to capture video and audio from a device to my PC, my computer has composite plug ins for this, so I searched Video Capture Software in google and it came up with a program called Blaze Media, so I downloaded the trial. I chose the correct video Input, but it wouldnt me select anything for audio input other then the input plug on the back or a microphone, when there is an audio 2 right next to the video 2 that I plugged it into. Is there any other software I should try or is there a way to get the video/audio to work with the program I downloaded?

A:Video Capture


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Can anybody help me out. I want to record programs from cable tv or a vhs onto VCD. The guys at the computer shop tell me I need a video capture card, a good cheap one might have the Pinnacle brand but nobody at the shop has any actual experience having succesfully recorded anything. They also say I need lots of hard disk space for a 2 hour film or so.

Am not much tech-oriented, so I'd appreciate layman-type explanations please. I'm also looking for an inexpensive card, just for to make simple vcd's. What kind of software should I use or does it come with the card. Also can I record from VHS with this.

Hope somebody here can help out. Thanks in advance.


A:How Do I Video Capture

Look at this thread. There is a link there that might be of some help.

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Is there a usb cord or a pci card that you can plug the red, yellow, and white cords from a vcr, dvd player, or xbox into? I was looking at Newegg but it seemed like none of them were what I needed? Please explain video capture. Basically I want to record from my xbox onto my pc. Would it be possible to use my monitor as a screen for the xbox?

A:Video Capture on PC

There's something called Dazzle that does that through USB... it's kind of a dumb name, but a useful device...

I don't know how well they work, but there are 100 other things out there that do something similar...

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Hi! I am trying to install an old video capture card out of a Toshiba into my newer computer.

3139 147 13391P
SV20 9641

It has a phillaps logo on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:OLD Video Capture

What problem are you having installing this card?

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Can someone here give me good advice???.
I am wanting to buy a cheap capture card. All I want to do with it is capture video from a video player and convert to DVD. Can anyone advise on the best one to buy for just this purpose??


A:Video capture.

I'd advise getting a hardware encoder, which means the card does all the hard work and your PC if free for you to use.LeadtekI've got this.HauppaugeFrom what I've read the Hauppauge cards have a macrovision decoder inbuilt, which means you shouldn't need a seperate box to remove macrovision. Just search for Provision Macrovision on I'd stay away from the cheap software encoders at about ?25-?40 and get a slightly more expensive hardware encoder.

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I have a Compaq Presario SR5219UK with a Windows Vista operating system. When I first connected my Canon Camcorder to it via Firewire I captured the video no problem, but not inexplicably it does not. It simply does not seen to recognose that the device has even been connected, so can any one help?

A:PC will not capture video

1.) Do you have any other firewire devices that you can connect to rule out "bad ports"?

2.) Do you have a different computer with firewire ports that you can connect the camcorder to, to see if it works?

3.) Is your camcorder detected in "My Computer"? (if not... was it before?)

4.) Did you make any changes such as: install any software, update Windows, install hardware - etc...prior to the problem occurring?

5.) In "Device Manager", do you see any yellow exclamation marks next to the Firewire ports under hardware? (IEEE-1394)

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I would like to d/l this legal video but when I right clickon it I find that it is not down loadable via real player, does that mean it cannot be d/l at all?

The Complete Mahler Symphonies ? Christoph Eschenbach

A:Video Capture

Would this be of any help?
How to Download a Video in Vista |

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I want to download this video:

Can you please help me?

I've tried the following with NO success:
- DownloadThemAll
- Orbit Grab++
- FlashGot

A:How to capture this video??

That's apparently copyrighted material (the whole page is) so we cannot help you.

There is one video you can get and that one you do need to provide an email etc to get as you probably can see.

Why not ask the owner whether you can have a copy of the video part you want to embed somewhere, like a blog. You WILL need permission is all I can advise.

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I have a problem with my video capture software I can capture the video but when I go to record it my system will reboot it and I start over,I am using AVER DVD EZ maker with my VCR plugged into my pc via a USB capture cable,I also have DAZZLE,REPLICANT,VIDEO WAVE lll AND NERO DVD PLUS 4, I`ve been using the AVER DVD EZ maker mostly. I do not know were I am making my mistake . my system is:
60 GIG HD with a second MAXTOR 40 GIG HD
TOSHBIA DVD + burner
48x12x48 CD burner
MSI NVIDIA 4 MX 440 video card
CREATIVE LABS 5.1 sound blaster

NORTON SYSTEM WORKS 2003 I am trying to save my VHS tapes to DVD the software says it will do this,maybe for someone else but not me now,anybody have a idea? THANKS for reading this countrynu

A:video capture

As soon as I saw the names 'Dazzle' and VideoWave I knew what the problem was. There's no easy way to say this but this combo rarely works, and with rare support from Roxio. If you want less hassle reinvest; Pinnacle, Ulead and Sonic Foundry are good progs, and Canopus capture cards are good.

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I'm in need of a good video capture device, any recommendations for a good capture card or device? I don't need anything of production quality, I just need something I can use to make decent quality files from home movies of my son to send to my dad

A:Video Capture?

Decent quality can be achieved with any Bt8x8-based video card. I've had quite a good results with Pinnacle PCTV Rave. Hauppauge Win/TV models are also good. Some videocards have video-in, too (look for "VIVO" models).

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Will a Canon zr10 allow analog to video passthrough to vista 64bit with firewire inputs? My first post! Thanks

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I recently bought a new camcorder from sony. The editing software i have will capture the video but won't display it or let me do anything with it. Also the windows media plyer does not work anymore. it is installed but won't play. We have also been having trouble with our sound. it sometimes will not play because it appears to have un-installed its self. We are also getting a weird message whenever we log on to an account teo boxes come up as the desktop is loading they both say "The app or dll C:\windows\system32\devenum.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check against your nstallation diskette." I have no idea what this means. I trid followin the link but the "devenum.dll' part won't open. The message is also coming u when i start up the editing software or plug in the USB conection cord to he camcorder and computer. I dont know if all this is related but thought it might help. Any info would be appreciated. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Can't capture video

What operating are you using, Win-XP, 98, Me ????

What editing software are you using ???

When did the problem first start???

If you are using XP, I would suggest doing a system restore to get your machine back to normal.

Click START, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM RESTORE, select a restore point prior to the time your problem started.

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Hey, this is my first post here, and I'm not positive on whether or not this is the right place to be posting this, so if not, please tell me where it should be. Thanks!

Anyways, basically I have spent countless hours getting nowhere with this video capture thing. All I want to do is play my Nintendo Wii, and somehow get it recorded onto my computer into digital video. My computer is new with Windows Vista, is HP, and has many functions, some of which I don't even know what they do. But anyways, back to the main point.

Whenever I plug the Wii's AV cables into my computer, i get this message (on various capture programs such as DScaler, WMM, and Sony Vegas)

"The device 'Hauppauge WinTV 418 Video Capture' could not be opened. Please make sure that it is turned on and is not being used by another application or user."

What's really weird is that I have been able to play my Wii on the computer before, but one day, it just said that, and since then, no programs will take my AV things. Furthermore, I have tried connecting my VCR to the computer, and to no avail, I get the same message.

Does anyone know what is wrong??? I'm really confused, and this thing has been driving me up the wall.

Thanks for any help.

P.S. I don't have a digital camera or camcorder, so don't bother asking.

A:Help With Video Capture!


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I have a Kworld xpert dvd maker and when I capture from video tapes the picture is very dark. Anybody out there know anything about this problem

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I posted a few weeks ago about some problems with capturing video, with no luck. Basically, I took back the AVC-1100 and got the AVC-2210. My problem is that everything seems ok, however when I try to capture video all it does is capture a black screen with no audio. The preview is also always black. I tried it on a new VCR and TV with the same results. So, now that I tried 2 different VCRs, and two different video capturing hardware, it must be something in my computer. I wrote adaptec, and they weren't much help. They said it could be something with my video drivers, they had me do start->run->dxdiag go to display and then try and download drivers (which i could not do....i couldn't find anything and im not sure what im looking for. i have NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 with AGP8X). My computer is a HP Pavilion 775y, I have Windows XP as well. That's about all the info I can provide off the top of my head, if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks!

A:Video Capture

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I am trying to capture digital and analog video. But, before i can push the capture goes to large screen and i can not see or move the control buttons. very frustrating as it does this in all of my capture video i missing a software maneuver..should i turn something off...thanks.

A:Capture Video

what are you using to capture?

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So I recorded some video with this camcorder that doesn't have a computer cable. It just has one that goes into the TV. One of my friends said I would have to get a video capture card. I'm looking for some info on them, recommended brands, and some instruction.

A:Video Capture.

Does the camcorder not include the cpu cable or does it not have a cable plug in?

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does anyone know where i can change my default video capture device to my web cam in xp. i noticed that there is no multimedia in the control panel to setup my default. at the moment the default is my ati radeon video capture. i would like to change it if i can. i just don't know where xp keeps it. sorry for all the questions.

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I am using a Dazzle instant DVD recorder and running an Acer Aspire 5100 notebook with a AMD Turion 2.0Ghz processer with ATI Radeon Xpress 1100....with windows XP.

When I try to capture video onto my hard drive, or even direct record to DVD the Video is in double time, like its in fast forward. And the audio plays in real time, so of course the audio is not in sync with the video and it's terrible. Any ideas?

A:Video Capture- Video is captured in double time-audio real time

Dazzle is reknowned for being crappy. Canopus or Hauppauge are good.

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Watching a video in Windows Media Player...I wanted to get a screen of a part of the video. So I press PrintScreen...and travel over the MSPaint. Hit paste..and lo and behold...the screen is there...except the video is still playing! LOL

I tried to pause the video..then save. But when I reopen, where the video should be it is black. Is there a way to make screen grabs of videos in WMP? Thanks

A:Windows Media Player: Screen Capture (black screen)?

I think this question has been kicked around before, I just don't remember what the answer was or how to query the search base here for it.

I'm going to move this to the All other Software forum, since it is really a Windows Media Player, not an XP question; I will edit the topic also.

Perhaps one of the denizens there will recall this one.

Here's one I remember: try IrfanView, it worked when I tested it.

More suggestions here:

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Does anyone have a suggestion on a good video capture device that will copy vhs or tv to the computer so they can be burned to dvd? Preferably one that comes with all the software you need too.

Thanks in advance!!

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I am trying to figure out how to get my IEEE 1394 firepath card to be listed under video capture devices. I have a sony dv camcorder hooked to it and it works fine with the MGI Videowave 3 program that came with the 1394 card. The card is listed in the device manager under 1394 Bus Controller as Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host controller. How do I get it to be listed under video devices in multimedia? Thank you, Ted. [email protected]

A:video capture device

One post per topic please.

Closing duplicate.

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Hello Tech Support Guy gurus !!!

I have a Video Capture card that came with an egg camera on a system that I got about 6 years ago. It's not that great, but I wanted to install it on a friend's computer because she doesn't have a camera and wanted this one badly. The problem is, when I got it originally, the drivers came loaded on the hard drive, no CD or floppy ! Now I can't seem to get Windows 98 on her pc to recognize it. I did a search on yahoo to see what I could come up with, and got lots of pages back, but none of them led me to a driver for the card. I thought I'd see if any of you can help me.

The chip on the card reads:

217 9710

There's a sticker on the back of the card


Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks !


A:video capture card

Found this on drivers guide, I selected this one as it states for aopen and I am assuming the ao in the number is aopen
Device Type:
File Name:
254566 bytes
Windows 95 & Windows 98
[FCCID=IPLCP848] This will work for the AOpen
Video Decoder card BT848KPF.

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Oh, I hope someone can help me. please bare with me as I try to explain what I have gone through to get to where I am..
I built my computer in Sept 2002, purposely got a Pent 4 so that I could eventually edit video from my analog camera and burn onto a DVD.

about a month or so ago, I FINALLY had enough money to buy my DVD burner, and thus my journey began.

After the burner purchase, I needed a video card. I was told Roxio was the BEST.. so I bought it. well, when it arrived, I was shocked to find it was only the program to capture/edit WITH.

So.. another purchase of a video capture card. Bought the AverMedia EZMaker PCI. Got everything hooked up, and attempted to capture video..

after a few seconds of capture, I had dropped more frames then I had captured!

so.. again, another purchase because someone told me that if I capture to a second harddrive, it might work better.

Ordered a 120gb Maxtor hd, (already have a 120 western digital) when I received it, I found I was only shipped a 80gb. so they offered to upgrade me to a 120 SATA drive. so I jumped (thinking it was a better/faster drive) well.. it IS better/faster, but NOT compatible with my computer!

so.. another purchase, this time for a SERIAL ATA Controller.

I received that.. hooked everything up just fine, and STILL dropped frames!!

soo.. off to look for drivers. tried to update the Roxio, no updates found. I updated my Intel chipsets (something about the update was so it could use the higher speed drives)
... Read more

A:New at video capture.. having a crisis

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I just installed a new version of windows7 to my computer my webcam was working fine now it gives me error message no capture video hardware it is a kross KR50WC how do i get it to work tried there web site and got nothing

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I have EasyCAP which is capture device that capture video and audio from composite or S-video source. It is connected to the computer using USB.

I have installed the driver and it is working fine. "Ulead VideoStudio SE DVD" software came with device CD but you have to set the appropriate video and audio type. I also have noise because I didn't know how to set the audio.The video is working fine.

I want a program that can detect the video type (PAL,NTSC.) and audio type.

-my device can capture both PAL and NTSC videos
-I work with PAL and NTSC devices
- I have windows 7 ultimate 32bits

A:Capture video sofware

I have a easycap and it is working fine, Which easycap do you have ?
I know that this is a good programme:

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hi i just bought a new web cam and installed the cd and it keeps telling me i have no video capture hardware when i go to use it.I updated the driver and everything and it still wont work can someone please help ive had this problem for 3 weeks trying to figure it out and i just had enough please help thank you.

A:no video capture hardware

Hi macho8, and welcome to TSG.

I am not sure if I can offer any assistance on this topic. However, someone else here may have a much better chance of helping you if they knew what operating system you are running on your computer and the brand and model number of the web cam.

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I was wondering if anyone knows of any good video capture software? Specifically, I'm looking for one that will allow me to record videos while in games. My friends and I currently use FRAPS, but since we haven't bothered to buy the full version, we only get 30 second clips. Anyone have a program they'd recommend?


A:Video Capture Software

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I have Xp Home Edition, with an ATI All in Wonder Card. I was able to capture using Movie Maker, Nero and MGI vido WaveIII, before a malfuction that caused me to have to re-install xp. Now with exceptions of MGI(which I just put back on cpu) moviemake and nero will not capture and keep giving me this:
"X The video device is currently in use. Close any application that is using it and try again.Click to expand...

" OK
"XThe video device cannot be used at this time because there has been an error when starting the device"Click to expand...

I have tried to trace and check everything I can think of ( which I don't know what I'm looking for). No other program to my knowledge is on..I can't figure out who is using my device to close it. I have search the net for answers to no avail..please can someone help?

A:Video capture problems

Not sure if this will help or not but Microsoft from the link below suggests from troubleshooting to disable the Media Center Receiver service when you get that error:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. In the Open box, type services.msc to open the Services console.

3. Click the Media Center Receiver Service.

4. On the Action menu, click Properties.

5. On the General tab, click Startup type, choose Disabled, and then click OK.

6. Restart Microsoft Windows.

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Does anyone know if the Dazzle Video Creator 80 is the same as the DVC90? I want to do this with it

And I can't seem to find the 90 anywhere. I just need to know if the configuration will be the same with both the 80 and the 90, and what the differences are between them.

A:About Dazzle video capture

heres a link to the spec comparrison -

basically it looks like the 9.0 only works on newer 2.0 usb, has a better resolution and supports more outputs. None of this hsould matter when it comes ot the actual capture of footage (except for the resolution).

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i am considering getting a video capture card for when i play socom II online on ps2 with my clan. I wanted to know if anybody had any suggestions for a cheap but good quality card. (or what a good brand is)

sorry, i just realized that i put this in the wrong forum.

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Hey guys,

I am trying to hook my VCR to my computer to record some VHS video to digital. I have hooked up my vcr to my pc like instructed and I cannot get my computer to recognize it. Heres what I've done:

Hook the video out (on the VCR) from a composite video connector to a s-video adapter into my ATI Radeon 9800XT. I then ensure the VCR is on and then turn my PC on. According to the manual that is all I need to do, however when I open windows movie maker or adobe premier when I look for the video capture device it says <none>.

Do I have to hook the VCR to a TV to get this to work? Or can I just hook the vcr up and use my original monitor to do the work? I need some advice please!

System specs:
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
Asus A7N8X-E deluxe MB
1G of 3200 Corsair RAM
ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256 Video
Sound Blaster Platinum 5.1
2 WD 100GB hard drive in a RAID 0 array

Thanks for any help


A:Connecting a VCR to PC for video capture

Are you SURE that card has video in? I know it has s-video out.... but I don't think it comes with video in.... could be wrong.

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Please help me, i am trying to install a webcam and constantly get the message " no video hardware capture devices installed." What can i do to verify i do indeed have it? The camera is a 2.0 from ArcSoft. I am running windows xp as my os.

A:video capture hardware

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My basic goal is to transfer some VHS tapes to DVD. I want to capture the video out the back of my VCR (RCA jacks) and into my PC so I can edit it and then burn to DVD. Can anyone recommend a good pci video capture card to do this?

Also, I have a 1394 firewire card in my system which I use to dump my camcorder video prior to burning to DVD and works great. I tried using my camcorder, but the AV jack on my camcorder (Panasonic PV-GS15) is for AV out only to play on a TV or something like that. Some units have jacks that are for both in and out, mine is not. However, there is the DV jack on the side of the camcorder. This is the port I use to transfer video out to my hard drive into my 1394 firewire card. I have talked with Panasonic and they confirmed I am able to record both audio & video through this DV port. At first, I thought great, all I need then is a cable with RCA phono jacks on one end to connect to my VCR out, and a DV connector on the other end to go to my camcorder. Then I realized, the "VCR output" is analog, and the "DV input" is digital. D'Oh!

I tried the Plextor digital video recorder device, but it didn't work well at all. I was dissapointed because I'm a Plextor fan of other products. Anyways, after upgrading both the firmware revision and the software of the device to the latest revs it worked better, but still poor video quality by anyone's standards.

I know they sell devices which have both a slot for VHS ... Read more

A:PCI video capture card

TV capture cards will also act as analog video capture devices. I think this is an older card in OEM format Ė you have to download the drivers and software. But the price is right and Hauppauge is one of the best.

Iíve been wanting an inexpensive TV tuner for the computer and ordered one myself. If you want to wait a week I can tell you how well it works. Only my first 99 channels are analog and I donít really need the digital input for the computer. I bought a HDTV for that, but it might be nice to grab CNN on my second monitor.

If you donít want to mess with OEM this looks to be a complete kit:

If you are sure you donít want a TV tuner for the computer you might do better with a pure capture card. You could look through Pricewatch for a good price on a name brand capture card: Quite a few of the cards listed under capture are Firewire cards that assume digital input. You canít use one of those and it appears the cheapest capture cards are also TV tuners. My guess is that you get what you pay for as far as download speed, but there is only so much throughput you can get with a RCA plug. I had an old off-brand tuner card that couldnít be upgraded to XP, but it worked fine as a TV tuner.

If nobody here has a specific capture card they can recommend you might try here: http://epis... Read more

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I'm looking to get an External Video Capture Card so that I can do this. It will be used on laptop, hence it will need to be external.

Does anyone know of a decent (not too expensive) product? I'm not going to buy now, just want to see what is available.


A:Video Capture Card?

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I was wondering what software I could use to capture incomming video and audio? I wish to hook up my video camera... video in to video in on video card and audio to the audio in on audio card, and then copy the video to DVD.


A:Capture Video in and Audio in

Your video card should have come with suitable software?

I use InterVideo Wincoder, which came bundled with the PC (CDs were supplied, not loaded)

Also look for the Windows NVidia WDM driver for your video card off the makers site, it should allow access to the default video capture abilities under XP.

Otherwise your intended method is fine.

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Hi everyone,

First of all , I am trying to transfer video off my Sony Camera through USB, but I can't seem to find a software.. I tried Windows Movie maker but the quality was terrible...

and secondly, I have some home made cricket videos and I would like to find out a way in which I can edit them easily, like real televised cricket.

and finally, I have tons of WAV files which I want to overlap , join etc,to make a longer file, so does anyone know of a program that allows this easily..

Thanks to everyone and any help is very much appreciated

A:Video Editing and Capture


I use this.

you can add as many tracks as you like, overlap them etc.

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What is it? Where do i find it? Please help if you can. Bought web cam plugged it in did everything it said do. Then had to download driver. Did that, now it says no video capture hardware.

A:video capture hardware

What is the make and model of the webcam and where did you get the drivers?

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Let's say I wanted to transfer video from a VHS or 8mm to some kind of computer format. I am not interested in movie-type editing. I just want to get it into some kind of electronic format for permanent storage so that it doesn't degrade over time.

Does one have to spend $300 and up for this task or are there other alternatives that are satisfactory?

What are the pitfalls (if any) of the various methods and types of video capture cards?

A:Video Capture Advice?

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i understand that there are two types of avi files. files created by firewire and those created with conventional capture cards.
i use software that will only accept conventional avi files.
now that i have a new computer with firewire how do i capture and create conventional avi files. the software that came with the computer wont do this.

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what software can i use to capture video onto my PC using the AV instead of the firewire? any suggestions are appreciated. thanx

A:video capture software

if you have windows xp, you can try windows movie maker.

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Are video capture cards different from graphics cvards? I am assuming yes.

Are they used just for obtaining, capturing, video from peripheral sources, digital cameras, vidoe camers, tv, vcr, etc?

How does one pick a good one while still being able to pay the rent for the computers apartment?

A:video capture card

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I have an ATI Radeon AIW 9000 video card. I have my cable running into it and I am able to watch tv on my computer screen. This ATI software (that came iwth my card) allows me to schedule and record programs. Whenever I record something, it saves where I specify it to do and then closes (which I believe it what is supposed to happen). When I go to the directory and look at its contents, this is what I find:

The file is there, and looks normal (saved as a .mpg). If I look at the properties of it, it is usually a pretty large file (4gb for 1 hour or so). When I try to watch it (using winamp) it comes up in my playlist and shows 0:00 minutes. I cannot play it no matter what I try. It just acts like it is a file with no length at all. I have also tried to play it in WMP and get similar results. It attempts to play and just gives me some error.

I do know I did this in the past (maybe 2 years ago) and I was able to play back the files. i have no idea what would have changed. Anyone know what might be causing this? What do you think would happen if I tried burnign it onto a cd as VCD? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Video Capture problems

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I need a program that will allow me to capture video from a DVD and save it in a format that will allow me to put it in a Power Point presentation.
Anyone know what to use to do this?

A:Video Capture Program

Check this out:

After you convert from mpeg to avi, you will probably want to re-render in a format that Power Point supports.

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My wife has some stuff recorded on our DVR and wants it made into a DVD.
I can not hook the DVR up to the PC, it's old and has no usb connectivity.

I guess I need a video capture card?
Hook up the video and audio from the DVR to that?
Then use windows movie Maker or Roxio to create/burn a DVD?

Is this correct, all new to me, what card is recommended, other advice?

Thanks, Bill

A:Video Capture / DVD Need advice

Hey Bill, by the way, my name is Bill ... yep, you got it , take those and burn an image to dvd, then upload to computer . Piece of cake. Search in the tutorial section of this forum and check out stuff to use. You are gonna love this place, trust me.. Post back if you need further guidance, as most of us are in different time zones. someone is always around.

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I tried using the search feature but couldn't find a Windows Movie Maker question like mine.

WMM used to work fine on my PC with XP. Here's what happens now when I connect my camcorder to my PC via firewire:

WMM comes up and ...

I select "Best quality for playback on my computer"
I select "Capture parts of the tape manually" (and indicate "Don't show preview during capture")
I "Start Capture"
I "Stop Capture" at the desired ending point.
I select "Create clips when wizard finishes"
The last thing I do is select "Finish."
Then in the "Collection" box, instead of the clip appearing, I get one or two boxes with a red X. Then the Xs go away and I only have one or two short pieces of the clip I was trying to capture. I have been unable to capture the entire clip, as desired.

Maybe this is the culprit ... Yesterday I downloaded at "" to try to convert a WMV video to AVI. I also downloaded Aglare WMV to AVI converter through CNET. But those didn't work for a particular video that I was trying to convert, so I uninstalled them.

Could these downloads have messed up my WMM?
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

A:WMM - Won't capture entire video

There might be a buggy video codec which might be giving you problems.

If there is a video codec in WMM that you can manged delete the onces that was recently installed by date when you downloaded the converters.

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Hello peoples!
Does anyone have an opinion on how to capture an online video clip? Is there a freeware program I could use?
I watch a lot of horse races from web sites and I was wondering how I could somehow download them and save them.
Thanks in advance.

Doctor Gallop

A:Video clip capture?

See the replies from year 2006 in Nvidia Dawn (fairy) demo on ATI cards.

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Greetings all.
I would like to capture digital video from my camcorder onto my external hard drive and edit it from there using Roxio before burning a DVD. The external drive is a 120 Gig Maxtor One Touch using USB 2.0 (it is about half full). Is this a possibility or, do I need Firewire? If my external drive is not OK, any suggestions as to a manufacturer and specs for an additional one would be appreciated.
If Firewire is needed, any suggestions on a good card would be appreciated as well.
I will be using a Dell Dimension 8250 with 2.4 Mhz P4 and 1 gig RDRAM.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:Video Capture on an External HDD

Using USB is fine. Whatever program you are using, you just need to "Save As" to the Maxtor drive.

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I'm looking for a little advice about video input cards. I need one for under $50 dollars to capture home movies from VHS and then burn to DVD. At the present time I'm using a Dazzle* DVC 80 USB interface and the software I'm using is Roxio DVD builder. However the output video quailty is nowhere as good as the original VHS tape.
I think this is due to the slow USB interface even though I'm recording in MPEG2 format. The truth of the matter is, I don't know much about video capture. For example is MPEG 4 better then MPEG 2 . All I want is for the output video quailty to be at least as good as the original VHS.
I have been looking at a card from CTX industries (CTX DVD Studio Xtra Model MD001) but before buying, I thought someone here might have a little advice.


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