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Solved: Exporting Graphic Paths from Flash

Q: Solved: Exporting Graphic Paths from Flash

I used Flash CS3 to make a handy, little graphic out of vectors, but I now can't export it to Fireworks. Every time I copy and paste it into another program, it pops up as a low-res and blocky bitmap.

I really don't want to redraw the thing, but I can't figure out how to export vector data. Please help!

A: Solved: Exporting Graphic Paths from Flash

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Hey everybody

A report that I have in access messes up when I export it as an Excel spreadsheet. I export it, and then go to open the excel file. When I open the file up, I get the error message "File error. Some formats may have been lost."

When this happens, I look at the excel file, and the some of the dates I have are numbers like "38848". The dates should be dates like 5/25/2006.

The odd thing is, all the dates aren't messed up. Any ideas on what is going on?

A:Solved: Access 2003 - Exporting Report to Flash causes Formatting loss

Hey smooth, for an explanation of the dates turning into numbers, check my signature (Access Dates and Access Date Conversions both have info). I don't know why it would happen with only some, but there must be a common trait among the dates that get swapped.


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Is there any plugin or utility available to export 3D studio Max files to flash swf?

In a desperate need.


A:Exporting from 3d Studio Max to Flash

I did a seacrh on "3D studio Max flash" and I guess you can get a plugin.

Have no way to check this out but I guess you can so good luck.

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I guess this may be a tiny bit off the subject here, but I am attempting this in windows 7.

I have a program file manager tool called 'Directory Opus' that is capable of calling windows external programs and passing them the current directory the file manager is sitting on.

So far so good.

Now I want to call a cygwin (linux/unix emulator for windows) terminal with that file manager.

Checking properties on the cygwin Icon I got the path: C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

So it is a path to a command and an argument to that command.

Actually I guess it is 2 arguments to a command since I think '-' in that position means to feed anything on STDIN to the command. At least that would be true in unix shell programming.

So using the Directory opus setup I pass this call:
'@async:C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico - <and here add {s}>'

So the call ends up:
'@async:C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico - {s}'

That call does just what it is supposed to. It passed the current file absolute address however cygwin terminal does not understand the windows path notation. If I were passing it: C:\subdir\blah\ It would just say 'No such file' Cygwin terminal wants to see /cygdrive/c/subdir/blah Or at least I think that is what is happing.

So to cut to the chase.... I'd like to put a little wrapper to Cygwin terminal in there with the code necessary to convert 'C:\subdir\blah\' to '/cygdrive/c/subdir/blah/'

But, I do not know how ... Read more

A:Dos paths and unix paths conversion

I would ask on specifically this forum:
General Software Discussion -

The reason is I know there are a bunch of DO aficionados, who also use Linux, on that forum. I've never tried DO myself. I have played around with CygWin. But it's been a few years.

If the site wants a donation to sign up just explain to Mouser why you want to post etc.. I think he'll be sympathetic.

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When I open 3ds max I get a number of error messages for example:
The fonts path D:\Program Files\W2KPrograms\Fonts does not exist. Use configure paths to set the locatioin to a path that does exist.
[These messages also include The Import Path D:\Program Files\W2KPrograms\Meshes, The export path D:\Program Files\W2KPrograms\Meshes, The Expressions Path D:\Program Files\W2KPrograms\Express, Previews Path D:\Program Files\W2KPrograms\Previews and Video Path D:\Program Files\W2KPrograms\Videos does not exist. Use configure paths to set the locatioin to a path that does exist.]
I would dearly love to do that but I don't know how???
Can anyone help me to find out how to 'configure a path?'
Many thanks.
J. Nabney

A:(Solved) How to configure paths?

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Hi guys.
I've just tried to use WinMX and found that it is showing the full paths as to where files are stored on the users' HDs.

Can I turn this off? It makes it really difficult to see the file you're looking for, with all this C:\My Documents\My Music\..... crap at the front.



A:[SOLVED] WinMX paths??


Go to the Search page. Then, look for a button that says:

Show Full Paths. Press that, and the paths should dissapear



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Well i running windows xp sp2 and i simply forgot how to set paths. For instance if i'm at the command prompt and wanted to use the "ping" command no matter what directory i'm in it would execute the command. Unfortunately i have no clue to what happened but now i have to be in the windows\system32\ directory in order to issue the command. Can anyone help me with this?

A:Solved: A simple question about setting paths

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Hey Guys, I have a program to clean the registry and when i do a scan it comes up with heaps of missing or invalid path errors but once I click cleanup it fixes them all but then if I do it again the next day I have a lot again..I'm just wondering if these are something to worry about? Or do they just come about from deleting files and are no problem?


A:Solved: Missing/Invalid Registry Paths

Usually registries are left over when you uninstall programs that don't completely remove the program registries. If it isn't affecting your overall performance, it shouldn't be a big deal.

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i'm sending this out from my iphone, so please excuse the format and lack of capital letters ;-)
i got a new hp pavilion laptop; os is windows 7 home premium 64-bit. when i booted it up the first time, there was already an administrator account on it, bearing the name of the company who had sent me the laptop. i renamed the user account and the computer to my name; but the paths connected to the user profile and the user profile itself (under "users" on the c drive) still have the old name. i did some reading and it seems that one has to rename the account back to the old name, then create a new administrator account with the name one wants and transfer the profile from the old account to the new one, then delete the old account if everything is working well; however, i believe that these instructions are rather for windows xp than for windows 7, and i have no idea how to copy a profile. i am not a computer geek and cannot fiddle around with the registry, and i'm new to windows 7. so: how can i rename the profile paths and my profile folder to MY name - or is it impossible to change, and will i just have to live with it? i also hope that if the situation cannot be changed, then this is simply a cosmetic 'bug' and won't cause any problems.

thanks in advance for your time and patience

A:Solved: Renamed user account, but profile and paths still have old name

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hi guys,

have 2 computers running xp
one has the sage database and the other is connecting into it.

we are busy upgrading the machines and i need to copy the data base to the new machine
and set up the other one to connect it was working but on newer hardware.

i cant see where to change the data path...i have the sage software package and am looking to run a clean install
on both machines and then point the one to the other

i know when setting up sage in a server environment this is accomplished by changing a setting in the odbc applet
and putting in the server path there...but my sage drivr in odbc says z:

i dont even have a z drive

any help appreciated...


A:Solved: sage line 50 version 9 data paths

If it isn't a multi user version it won't work. Ever hear of mapped use Z: \\computername\sharename

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I dont know all that much about illustrator, and I've got a logo I need to do some slight modifications on - all I need to do is combine the paths of two obejcts.

What it is across the logo there is two shades of blue which are two seperate objects, and I just need to combine the two into one object (not just group them).. I'm guessing this is pretty simple, but how do you do it?

A:Solved: illustrator - Combining objects/paths in vector image

Use the pathfinder palette; select the two objects and click 'add to shape area'.

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Please can anyone tell me is there a way to reset the java settings so that the paths etc. are ack at their original position thank you P.S i already tried reinstalling java

A:[SOLVED] Reset all java settings and paths to original position

Hello JoeLAD, welcome to TSF!

I'd suggest completely uninstalling and reinstalling the Java JRE in it's default location. Example: C:\Program Files\Java.

Afterwords, from what your trying to fix, you'll need to manually setup your system environment variables so that it will locate what it requires from the JRE. Please refer to this link for instructions to setup the environment variable to locate where your JRE is installed on your system.

If this wasn't helpful, please say so.

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please help me when i am trying to installing a game getting the following error
please tell me wt to do !

A:[SOLVED] Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are val


what game are you trying to install and what are you computer specifications i.e make and model, memory, etc


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hello can somebody help me

in my msi ms 7506 motherboard i just flashed bios to the latest version
and flash was successful

but after reboot my onboard graphic is not working

please help me?

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hello can somebody help me

in my msi ms 7506 motherboard i just flashed bios to the latest version
and flash was successful

but after reboot my onboard graphic is not working

please help me?

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i have been asked to make an excel sheet which collects data from other excel workbooks being updated daily on a shared drive.

I have several workbooks, each updated daily by different poeple. i want selected information in each workbook to be collated to the one workbook.

Each new day, the new information is updated in the original several workbooks. this new information is then to be saved again to the collated workbook, below the previous data.

what is the best way to go about this?

should a button be inserted into each of the workbooks being updated daily that when pressed, exports the data to my workbook or is there a more efficient way?

A:Solved: Exporting Data

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I have 2 colums that I need to export from excel into word as comma seperated values. Anyone have any clue how to do it?

A:Solved: Exporting data from Excel

You can save the data as a comma seperated file and then open with word and copy and paste into the word document where you want it.

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hi guys,

how hard is it to export mail from outlook express 6 (xp) to windows mail (vista)
i want inbox , outbox , sent (all folders) exported to my new vista machine...

is it difficult?


A:Solved: exporting mail to vista...

It would be import" (from Windows Mail)
It has an import facility which will do it for you.

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I`m using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 and am trying to export a film but it just says something like "no burners found". I have used Adobe before and have exported with no trouble (I had Vista then). Is it because I now have Windows 7? I did finally manage to import my film via Documents to Windows Movie Maker but I can`t get the film to show in widescreen on the TV. Can anyone help, please?

A:Solved: Exporting problem on Adobe 3.0

See this thread on the official Adobe Forum:

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I have several hundred email addresses that when I type a few letters into the Outlook 2011 (Mac) address bar, autocomplete. Outlook definitely knows those addresses. Because it autocompletes them.

However, these same addresses are not in my contacts list, cannot be found using a contacts search - and do not appear in the exported .txt file when i try to export contacts.

But I need to export them... with some urgency. Where are they? How can I get them in a long list so that i can send a mass email?

Does anybody know what's going on? Please help

A:Solved: Outlook contacts exporting

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I'm trying to export Yahoo Contacts on my mom's computer so she can switch to Windows OE. The problem is she doesn't have Excel. How can I convert her Contacts to a .csv file without Excel or any other spreadsheet program?

A:Solved: Exporting Yahoo Contacts

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Hi guys

I am using Office 2007 and am unable to find this information else where on the form.

Heres the scenario:

I have 3000 different excel files that I wish to extract data from, possibly using VB. This data will be used to put into a table in Access (however, it may be imported into an excel sheet and copied accross if easier.)

Each Excel file consists of exactly the same template, with different information enclosed in this template. I need a script that will extract the values of certain cells (the same cells everytime) in the sheet and input into the table (or final Excel sheet). This script needs to be able to run on every Excel file within a certain folder.

In addition to this, it needs to grab the last date in a date column and copy this into a single date field at the top of the sheet.

I know this a small request , but in theory if this is possible I would really appreciate someone to help me a little.

Please note, I have no previous experience with VB, only amateur excel formulas.

If there is anything else that would help people understand the issue I will be happy to forward any information.

I dont expect to be spoon fed but I am on a really tight schedule, I hope that the answer can be beneficial to other users.


A:Solved: Exporting Excel Data

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Is there a way to export an out look calander and import it to a web-based outlook?

A:Solved: Exporting Outlook Calander

I figuredit out!

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How do I export my contacts from Outlook 2010 to a new computer having Outlook 2013?

A:Solved: Exporting Contacts to new computer

Hi harry32

I found this site teaching how to export contact or files from new pc or new outlook Hope this helps you.

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Hi Guys,

I don't know to much about LDAP queries so I hope someone can help me out!

I have an LDAP filter which I can use in ADUC to see which users have Outlook Web Access enabled. If it helps, the filter is " (& (objectClass=user)(homeMDB=*)(!protocolSettings=HTTP񖶅ЁЁЁ)) ".

If I want to export the users who show when the filter is applied to a .csv file, I have to go to each OU individually and export each to a separate file. We have separate OUs for Branch staff and Head Office staff. The Head Office OU is further divided by department.

I have found a website explaining the use of CSVDE (here). It explains the use of the -f and -r switches (eg CSVDE -f export.csv -r "(&(objectClass=user)(sn=Thomas))" ).

I was wondering if it was possible use CSVDE with the LDAP filter to only export the filtered sample?
If it doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll try to clarify!
Thanks for any help.


A:Solved: Exporting AD Users using a filter

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Hi All,

Having some trouble exporting modules from code. Not sure why. Any help would be appreciated. I am getting Run-time error '50012' Method 'Export' of object '_VBComponent' failed. I am using an .xls workbook in Excel 2007.

My code is below, but the export breaks even when I do this:
strPath = "C:\ReplaceTaxCode"
ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents("ToolsA").Export "\" & strPath
Full Code Here:

Public Sub ReplaceCode()

Dim wkbCode, wkbReplace As Workbook
Dim strPath
Dim objProject As VBIDE.VBProject
Dim objComponent As VBIDE.VBComponent

Set wkbCode = ThisWorkbook
Set VBAEditor = Application.VBE
Set objProject = VBAEditor.ActiveVBProject

strPath = "C:\ReplaceTaxCode"

For Each objComponent In objProject.VBComponents
objProject.VBComponents(objComponent.Name).Export "\" & strPath

End Sub


A:Solved: Excel VBA Exporting Modules

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Hi ppl

I am trying to export attributes and all other kinds of data types from AutoCad 2009 to Excel, Access, etc. using VBA.

Can anybody help.

Many Thanks


A:Solved: Exporting Data from AutoCad

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Again, I have to tap the vast knowledge of the users. I would like to export my personnel database to a preexisting excel spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet there are a number of tabs for the various departments in our organization. I think that I will be able to export it ok, but is there a way to export to different tabs in the spreadsheet based on a selection (dropdown) in the database? Thanks for all your help.


A:Solved: Exporting Access to Excell Help

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I am following instructions to export addresses from Yahoo to Outlook 2000 per website
My issue is that I follow everything correctly saving my addresses as a .csv file and during the process of going into outlook and choosing "import address book from a .csv file" I get a prompt to download the import/export feature.

I no longer have my disk so cannot download the feature. I was wondering if anyone knew of any freeware that can override this issue.

Microsoft should have downloaded it initially when I inserted the disk, not prompted me to find the disk I got 7 years ago because it never loaded the first time. I recently changed to Outlook and subscribed for $20 to Yahoo Plus because Yahoo is having all these server issues on their end. Now I have to deal with this! Please tell me how to get addresses into Outlook if possible without the disk. If it's not just let me know so I can save my time!

A:Solved: Exporting addresses Outlook 2000 without a CD

I don't personally know. However, w/r/t this bit:

First, export information from your Yahoo! Address Book:

1. Open your Yahoo! Address Book and click "Import/Export" in the upper-right corner.
2. In the Export section, click "Export Now" next to the phrase "Microsoft Outlook."
3. A dialog window opens and gives you the option to save your Yahoo! Address Book to disk as a .csv file. Click "Save to Disk".
4. Click "OK". The .csv file will be saved to your desktop.

In Outlook Express, there's an option to File > Import > Other Address Book, which then has a Text File (CSV) option. I don't know if that works straight off (don't have a CSV to test with), if it does you can then export from OE to Outlook without getting the import/export feature prompt (because I just tried that part).

So ... do you have Outlook Express?

EDIT: actually I justed tested exporting my current OE address book as a CSV, and then importing it back. Worked with no prompts.

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Can someone advise on the following please ?

I developed a system for remote offices which do not have access to network drives.
I visited all these offices, and installed the mdb on their C drives.

Each month, they all export 5 tables, and email them to their boss here in Head Office, who then imports them into his own mdb.
He will then be able to run various queries and reports against all this data.

This works fine.

Eventually the remote offices will also be required to run queries and reports.

I have my own copy of the mdb, and have developed the necessary queries and reports, which will shortly be ready for installation.

My question is this :
How can I transfer any queries and reports from my mdb to those of others ?

I would have thought I could do this by exporting and importing, but this does not seem to work.

If I try to export a Report, what I get is the output from the Report, not the Source, which is what I need.

Or is this the wrong approach entirely ?

I have tried Googling the problem, and have seen something about Application.SaveAsText, which is an addon, but I don't have the necessary privileges to install this, and it would contravene corporate policy anyway should I attempt to.

Surely there has to be a simple way in MS Access to transfer Queries and Reports to and from mdbs !

A:Solved: MS ACCESS 93 : Exporting Queries & Reports

Hello, yes you take a copy of the Current database with the new queries and reports and paste it on the other computers that have the original databases.
Open the original database (without the queries & reports) and File>Get External Data>Import browse to and open the new database, select the queries and reports you want to import and when you have slected all you need click OK.

PS, you tend to get a quicker response to Access & Excel questions on the Business Applications Forum.

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Hi ,

I want to export the pivot table from Access to excel. I know the option of exporting with data. But i want to export only the pivot table without the source data. Can you please tell me if there is any option available in Access.

A:Solved: Exporting Pivot table from Access

HI all,

I am still waiting for the solution for this issue.

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Can anyone please tell me where I can get a simple set of instructions on how to export several colums of contacts in Excel 2007 into outlook 2007. Thanks Tim

A:Solved: Exporting from Excel 2007 to Outlook

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I am on the computer in one room, networking with a computer in another room.
I know you can export registry files onto your hard drive. Do you then have the other computer's regedit import that file?

A:Solved: Exporting registry files gives me the hives!

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I am having a lot of trouble with this. I am trying to export/transfer my emails from my live account (Exchange ActiveSync) to my Outlook account (also Exchange ActiveSync). I am running Windows 8 and have Outlook 2013 (32bit) via Office 365. I have Windows Live Mail installed and have been trying the instructions posted on the Microsoft website here:

The site mentions Exchange (not ActiveSync) so I don't know if this is a problem for me or not. Anyway, I follow the instructions and I get this error: "WLM was unable to export all of your messages. Your disk may not have enough space for all of the messages, or some of the messages you're exporting may be corrupted. Run Disk Cleanup or delete some files then try to export your messages again." I have plenty of space... over 300GBs and have run the disk cleanup. I have also been on the phone for 2 hours with MS's "tech support" but most of the time is spent repeating my name or trying to explain what my issue is.


Please and thank you!

A:Solved: Exporting emails to

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I have recently purchased and set up a new computer system, and successfully transferred almost all the necessary programs and data to it. My old unit was using Windows XP, whereas the new one is running Windows 7. What I can't work out is the correct way to transfer my email contacts list (about 200 items) from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail which is installed on my new system. I still have my old computer running separately in the meantime, so if anyone is able to advise me, I would be grateful. Many thanks.

A:Solved: Exporting / Importing Email Addresses.

Is this any help?


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Relating to a previous post:
"Exporting Word Form Data to Excel"
regarding the same form in many word docs esported into an excel sheet

My question is whether its possible to export repeated forms in ONE word doc so they collate into 5 columns.
(Would like the first 2 columns and 2 rows left empty )

My form look in word is thus:

Image: 01

Image: 02

Image: 03


Sample.doc is below

This macro obtained from:
"Solved: Export Word Form to Excel"
works well for the same form in many word docs exported to excel:

Dim vField As FormField
Dim fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim fsDir As Scripting.Folder
Dim fsFile As Scripting.File
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim myDoc As Word.Document
Dim vColumn As Integer
Dim vLastRow As Integer
Dim x As Integer

Sub AddFormFields()

If ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Count = 1 Then
vLastRow = 1
vLastRow = Cells.Find("*", SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious).Row + 1
End If
vColumn = 1

Set fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject

Set fsDir = fso.GetFolder _
("C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\CIKA 2004\Members\UnProcessed")

Set wdApp = New Word.Application
wdAp... Read more

A:Solved: Exporting Repeated Forms In One Word doc To Excel

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Just installed office 365 (Access 2013). DB created in 2010 seem to be working (haven't tested it all yet) Right now this code:

DoCmd.OpenQuery strQueryName, acViewPivotTable, acEdit
DoCmd.RunCommand AcCommand.acCmdPivotTableExportToExcel

Is producing this error 2046

The command or action 'acCmdPivotTableExportToExcel' isn't available now.

I have made the db location a 'trusted site' and enabled macros results are the same. MS website indicates .acCmdPivotTableExportToExcel is a valid but it doesn't appear in IntelliSense. Is this not available? Is there a different way to export a query as a pivot table?

A:Solved: 2013 Access not exporting Pivot table

Have you set the various VBA Editor Library References?
You could try "Linking" to the Query or even copying and pasting it.

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So I exported an audacity music file as an mp3, and I am able to play it with whatever program I choose (I mainly use winamp though) the problem is I can't make the selection to "always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

the selection is greyed out and cannot be selected.

Can someone please help me out with this, I want to be able to select the option to "always use the selected program to open this kind of file" so it always opens with winamp on default.

A:[SOLVED] After exporting audacity file to mp3 can't set it to open with a default pro

Go to Start > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program > Select .MP3 > Change Program (Top right) > Choose Winamp.

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Hi, I have a quick question. When you export the whole registry by exporting the computer key (see attachment), is that the same thing as creating a restore point? Or does creating a restore involve something more than just exporting the whole registry? If it is just like creating a restore point, is clicking and merging the backup registry file just like reverting back to the restore point?

Thank you in advance for whoever has an answer!

A:Solved: Is exporting registry - creating restore point?

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I've searched the forums for a resolution to this problem, the closest thing I could find was this post.

I want to archive my emails. My email server (campus email) used to support SMTP access, so I could get my mail directly through MS Outlook 2000. However, the admin disabled all SMTP access in favor of OWA. However, I can't seem to find a way to download, say, a particular folder, or a selection of emails, even to text files without saving each email individually per the linked thread.

Is there any way to do this? I noticed that most of the OWA threads were left unresponded...

Thanks for any tips,


It happened a couple years ago, and at time of posting I seemed to remember it being an SMTP issue, but that didn't make much sense so it must've been a POP issue...but it was one or the other.

A:Solved: Downloading/exporting folders using Outlook Web Access


Mods, is this thread in the wrong forum? Like I said, most of the OWA threads in Web & Email have 0 responses. If so, could you please move this thread to a forum that might be more able to address this issue?



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I just purchased a new computer and installed WordPerfect 11 and it is working ok except when it comes to using the address book. While using my old computer with WXP I exported my address book to a file and then transferred that file to my new computer. When I try to import, nothing shows in the import window so I can't navigate to the file I want to import. Likewise, when I try to export as a *CSV*TXT file there is nothing in the export window that will allow me to select a location to export.

I have tried a repair by inserting the WP11 disk and selecting "repair" but I then receive a message that I must have Internet Explorer 4 or higher. I have Interent Explorer 8 with Windows 7 Home Professional so can't figure that one out.

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Hi, I have a query that is being exported to XML. Everything works, except for expressions in the query such as:

[Forms]![find projects]![Find Projects Subform].[Form]![Budget]

When the query is just opened normally, the expression works but when the query is being exported to xml I am asked to specify the value for that expression even though the form is filled in with a value already. What do I need to change for this to work? Thanks!

A:Solved: Access 2003, extracting form contents while exporting to xml

I solved the problem myself by directly implementing the query the dynamic field utilizes

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I have new computer and want to xfer my Outlook Express info to new program ((Windows Live Mail) - I've clicked on the export tab but was unable to send them to a folder so I can make xfer - Has anyone been successful in doing this?

A:Solved: exporting messages/address book from Outlook Express

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Running WinXP and Office 2003

Hello. This is similar to

I tried using and tweaking that example but am having a hard time because there are several different things.

I will be having hundreds of word documents. The first page on each doc is just a form that a user fills out on the computer. I would like some help with the macro that would run and process a folder of these docs.

I would also like to have 3 sheets in the one excel file. The doc file will be filled out generally by 3 departments. Is there a way to have a drop menu in the doc to indicate which dept and also have this transfer to their respective sheets in the excel file? The rest of the doc fields should be the same. Also I need the hyperlink to the file in their respective cell.

Sorry I am new to code in excel and am starting to learn its power. Thanks for your help!

A:Solved: Exporting Word Form Data to Excel Spreadsheet

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Hi, i am noob in excel, i made an excel which fetch data from a stock market site which auto refresh at specific time interval, i want to auto export some specific data of excel in text format to my hard disk, i want to import new refreshed data in same file,document without deleting previous data.In my excel, time and date auto updates.
attached the excel, i want to export the data in range of c33,c34 to i 33,34

A:Solved: auto exporting excel data in plain txt format

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I recently put a coply of MS Office 2013 onto a friends computer for them and set up outlook and I cannot get it to export my email from Windows live mail. I have Outlook set as the default mail client and have exhausted the how to on the microsoft help site (used instructions from ) nothing worked.

I keep getting an error message stating that MAPI isn't setup properly and that I have to set outlook to be the default mail client before it will complete. I have done this and still keep getting the same message. I have also tried exporting the messages in their native formal *.fol but Outlook won't read them. (why MS insists on not building easy portability between its own programs in areas like this is beyond my scope of comprehension or why it cares if I have Outlook installed on that particiular machine or not what if a user wants to put the messages onto another machine that doesn't have live mail on it only Outlook????)

Griping aside I either need a program that can convert the exported *.fol files into a readable *.pst file or compatible format or troubleshoot why live mail isn't seeing that "yes in fact I do have Outlook installed and yes it is set as the default mail client both from Outlook itself and from checking the default program list, I set every file type I could see as default to Outlook and still nothing.

Thanks for your help you guys have never let me down.

A:Solved: Windows live mail not exporting to Outlook 2013?

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Hi All!

I'm not new to this forum, but havn't visited it for quite a while and lost my old account!

The query I'm looking for help/guidance with is....

Working in a Corporate IT environment, we often have issues with user profiles that we need to somehow extract from Documents and Settings on Computer A and import onto Computer B with all settings intact. Although I am aware this is quite easy using such tools as File and Settings Transfer Wizard, this tool doesn't keep any of the Office configurations.

We find that when restoring a user's profile onto a new computer, the largest ammount of time is taken setting up their Outlook profile, re-adding in all PST files and additional mailboxes. This is often made more difficult by users who arn't completely sure how their Outlook was setup prior to their profile being extracted!

I'm looking for a way, (possibly remotely!) to access a computer/HDD and copy the local user profile with all settings, customizations and Office configurations intact, of which we can then copy/import to a new PC to allow the user to log in without any configuration of their profile required.

At present, one way I can see of doing this (although I havn't had much success with this method!) is the following.

1. Copy profile from Documents and Settings to external HDD.
2. Export user's profile registry from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList to .reg file.
3. Use ... Read more

A:Solved: Exporting user profile from Windows XP (including Office configurations)

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I have the latest version of Firefox (computer runs on Windows XP Home with latest patches and service packs). I'm having problems with my Google toolbar and my booksmarks toolbar. They function just fine. Now, when I right-click, then I can choose which toolbars can be displayed or not. I encounter the following problem. If I don't want Google toolbar to be displayed, the bookmarks toolbar vanish. And if I turn off the bookmarks toolbar, Google vanishes. So obviously, there's a confusion between the toolbar-paths. De-installing Google toolbar and re-installing didn't help. How can I correct this problem?

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I have a dell Inspiron 15R N5010 laptop.
windows 7 64-bit OS  Recently I have face some issue so i re-install the OS
Now it shows Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.
now my display is not upto the mark. In screen resolution i used to get a resolution of 1366 x 768 in MOBILE PC DISPLAY MODE.
so now the display is really wierd and stretched.
So please help me to find the actual drivers which are needed.
plz reply back. :)

A:Dell 15R N5010 graphic shows "Standard VGA Graphic" and graphic stretched

You can click the link below to download the drivers for your computer. There is a link to driver install order as well. 
Inspiron N5010 Drivers Downloads and Manuals
How to install Drivers in order

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When I load certain websites with flash ads and such, everything goes smoothly, untill the flash object loads and starts playing - once it loads the screen flickers and gets kind of hazy. Nothing is really effected or harmed, but the slight haziness/fuzziness is rather anoying. Once I exit the web browser, everything goes back to normal.

It doesn't matter whether I'm using Iexplorer or Opera, so I'm thinking it is directly related to the Macromedia flash player.

A:Solved: Problems with macromedia flash - flash applications causing problem....

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i can't even begin to explain this, i will just have to show someone. if someone would volunteer let me know ill send you the .fla file that i am editing in adobe flash cs4. its bascially a flash menu with 5 links on it and some fancy stuff. for some reason i can't find way to change the text of 4 out of the 5 buttons. anyone?

A:Solved: Need help with Adobe Flash CS4. Can't edit certain aspects of flash file!

Are all five buttons an instance of one library resource ? Are you trying to change their content through Actionscript or the Flash IDE ?

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How can you copy one flash drive to another flash drive,on the same computer? Thank You
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3839 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 702932 MB, Free - 657555 MB; D: Total - 12368 MB, Free - 1523 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2AB1
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Copy one Flash to another Flash Drive

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I need to export data from an excel spreadsheet to be used by another program. This other program needs to the see the data in a .txt file that is comma delimited ascii. The values (or data in each cell) must have quotes around them to work in this other program, but I cannot figure out how to get quotes around the values when saving into .csv or other comma delimited formats. I only get data separated by commas.

Any help?

A:Solved: exporting excel data into comma delimited ascii with "quotes"

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Q: Paths


Sounds like your PATHS are wrong ?

This is always fun.

You need to ?locate? the nmake.exe and ensure that the path to this file eg, c:\myfiles\nmake.exe is listed in PATH

This is something someone told me i needed to do to finish compiling a program (anope IRC services)

Frankly I'm rather new to all of this and have no clue exactlly what to do

Any help would be greatly appreciated


This page has the full instructions for building Anope for Windows

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Can a bad or not good video games graphic in a emulator damage a computer graphic card?

I am currently play some games in a emulator somehow there are games graphic are not render as the original game I mean it change color or blur graphic does the game or emulator can damage my computer graphic card or something else?

A:Can a bad or not good video games graphic in a emulator damage a computer graphic car

Hello Stuckfree,

No, but I can't image it being good on your eyes or monitor.

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I had a graphic designer create my company logo last year. This logo was saved as a JPEG file and GIF file and sent to me. I now need to make changes to the text of this logo and don't know how to do this. I do not know what program the graphic designer used to create the logo. I need help to make changes to the text of my logo. Which program can I use to make these changes? Please help??

A:Editing a JPEG graphic image designed by Graphic Designer

Editing a rater image (jpeg, gif etc) would involve using an image editor like Photoshop.

On any branding work I have done I've used Illustrator to create a vector image (eg: vector PDF, EPS, AI etc), and then given that and raster versions to the client.

If you upload your logo as an attachment and say how you want to change the text, we can advise you better.

That said, if you can get the original file(s) from the designer it would help as well.

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Hi All

I have a medion laptop, running 32bit version of Windows 7 ultimate, 160GB Hard Drive & 1Meg Ram. It ran fine for about a year after upgarding from Windows Vista to the above system about a year ago.

All was fine until I installed some Nvidea updates which kind of came as auto/recommended updates via windows 7 updates.
Now when I turn the computer on it loads ok in normal mode but I have 4 small screens running length ways, (left to right) both at log in & once I've logged on which I can just about do.

I have tried the following;
1. unistalling the updates
2 also did a system restore back to before I installed the updates but that then re-installed the above updates.

The computer works fine except for the above it will update with windows etc Nortons all no problem, but I cant see what im doing too well!

Also another thing that happens is that the standy is greyed out & even if I go in settings & try to change this I cant.

I dont think the system is loading up 4 times...& my other thought is it maybe something to do with screen settings but just a guess...?
I can connect a external H/D & this will work on via the USB port but also get 4 views as per above.
Below is the full spec. I also have Malware anti-bytes & Super spyware installed & update & run them everyday & do regular scans. I keep all the Microsoft updates up to date. I use Firefox browser mostly. Hope this help!
I attach the screen shot, I've be... Read more

A:Screen/graphic or poss graphic problem - Help Please out of action for a month!

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Hello all,

I think I have only seen something like this once and the problem was attributed to damaged RAM. This time around, the RAM seems to be in perfect working condition (tested with Memtest) and the problem still remains. I am starting to wonder if the graphic chip is not having issues. Take a look at the attached photo and tell me your opinions. I ran FurMark yesterday on this notebook for 6 hours and did not see this happen, but the customer insists that this graphic issue still sporadically occurs. The Nvidia graphic drivers are the newest version.


Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook NP530U4C-S02DE

Intel Core i5 2537M 1.40 GHz / 8 GB DDR-3 @ 1033 MHz


Intel MH76 Chipset

1 GB Nvidia GeForce GT 620 with Optimus Technology

A:Strange sporadic graphic issues, graphic lock ups (with Pictures)

I think i read somewhere here in fact... that the newest drivers were causing a similar issue, try rolling back the drivers, and check if the newest drivers do support the GT 620. Ask if the customer installed drivers properly, and if the issue started with the install of the drivers. if so, you have the culprit.

Then you could try reinstalling the proper way, or leave it with the old drivers for the mean time.

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I'm trying to enter a registry value. However, the place to enter it is dimmed:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\

When I right click App Paths "New" appears and should allow me to left click on "Key". However, "Key" is dimmed so I cannot select it.

I am the admin and logged in as such. I have XP Pro SP3 installed.

How do I make "Key" available?


A:How to make xp app paths key available

Sounds like a permissions issue of some kind.

Right click App Paths then click Permissions
Administrators and System should have Full Control and Read access, Power Users should have Read and Special, and Users should have Read access. Creator Owner should have Special. These should all be greyed out, meaning they are inherited.

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there two windows xp professionals installe dmy pc .
How can I delete the second?

A:Boot Paths

Go to Start/Run and type msconfig go to the Boot.ini tab click Check All Boot Paths

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I am trying to show a friend how to use a used computer he purchased recently. I have done some exploring in his files and folders. My experience is limited to XP only; so some things look different to me. I found this path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\services.exe which seems odd. Is a temp folder where Vista would place services.exe, or does this indicate a problem?

Thanks for your replies,

A:vista paths

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Looking for a way to add a single file to an existing .ZIP file, but need to specify the path within the existing file structure.

Example - I ZIP a directory and it's subs with all of their files. It has about 6 different subs and each of them have up to 10 subs of their own.

I need to add 1 single file and tell it that the path I want it to go to is:

BUT - the file is not coming from the same directory on the system being used to create the ZIP.

Please help.


A:WinZip paths

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I recently had to get rid of of my slave harddrive, and therefore had to reinstall a few programs:

A problem occurs when i try to setup software using setup files that worked perfectly before:

---- 1607:Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime.

I check this out on net. Download the required isscript.msi, which should automatically install the required installshield again. But then i get it automatically pointing towards my old hd

---- Error 1327. Invalid Drive: G:\

Can someone please help me understand whats wrong and how to find a solution?



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Hello, I know (am pretty sure >.<) that there is a way to do this.

I am trying to set a file path for a folder, but I need the folder to go to the current username, instead of my username. For example..

C:\Users\Matt\Documents\ - Is my current path

I want it to be C:\Users\*THEIR USER NAME*\Documents\

A:Help With File Paths

Hello Anyok,

You can use the path below for a universal profile path instead.

%USERPROFILE%\My Documents

Hope this helps,

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I'm writing a batch file which calls a 32 bit .exe program. I want it to be compatible with the different Windows operating systems. The problem is that the path to "Program Files" is different depending which OS is being used. For instance:

I know the paths for these OS' since I use them:
- WinXP 32 bit: C:\Program Files\
- Vista 64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\

Could some kind souls please tell me what the 32bit paths are for:
- WinXP 64 bit:
- Vista 32 bit:

And for Windows 7 also would be nice:
- Win7 32 bit:
- Win7 64 bit:


A:Need help with paths in XP and Vista.

Environment variable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Look down in the section called "system path variable" for %ProgramFiles%.

Some other good stuff on that page as well.


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Applications won't run because the paths can't be found but the files and folders all exist

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Is it possib to delete the shared document and libraries from my Seven ? Or will windows keep generating new ones at each boot ? Can I stop windows from doing this ? or have i have to live with this ?


Packard Bell Imedia
4 gb ram



A:Paths , Librabries ?

You need to remember that library's only point to the actual file somewhere on the network or on your own machine in the "user" files. If you need to delate something from the library you should delate the file from the actual source "my pictures" My documents" "my music".

But there is a way to make it work like you want.

Just go into Windows Media Player, choose the "organize" tab then "options" then choose the Library tab and set it to "delate files from the computer when delated from the Library. Although I believe that only works if you are delating files from Library of the machine that contains the source files.

That should allow for delating from the Library, but only from the machine that the files reside on, I don't believe it will work accross the network. It think it still works best if you delate from the file source instead of the Library.

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I am using Parallels running Windows XP.
I try opening the run.bat file from there but it appears and disappears in a second. I managed to click it like crazy and see what it says. "UNC paths are not supported." I also opened CMD and dragged the run.bat file over into it. This is that I got...

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:UNC paths are not supported

I've posted this on 10 sites and all I got are witty remarks. People are just dumb these days....

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Im new to windows 10, i upgraded from windows 7. I am beyong annoyed with the File looking for is here, there, in that folder and dont forget the folder under it lol. I sync my phone to pc for Dropbox, Files starts to sync and im seeing the same file syncing over and over like 4 times, along with the annoying windows sounds each time. I look to see where they are going and one goes to a folder
Same file here
This PC-Windows C-users Branscum-dropbox

same file went here
and here
C-users-craig and lisa-Dropbox

i could go on but im confusing my self even more...Please i dont need all them access points for the same file ...Could some one explain this to me

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I did not know which forum to post in for my problem. Sorry if this is the wrong one.

I recently tried to relocate my data folders and something went wrong. When I was done I had dble folders. This is a picture of the results.
Attachment 171583

I moved them back to it's original place. I want to be able to move them a separate partician. I know that the problem has something to do with paths being incorrect.

When I click on the start menu and on my username icon it opens up my real user folders and not Libraries. I wonder if this is a clue. I have returned the start menu customizations to default and it still opens my user folders. Can someone help me figure this out?


A:Need to fix folder Paths.

Hi ariel5345

Have a look at this - Start Menu User Folder Buttons - Open to Users Instead of Libraries The second set of .reg files will reset your start menu open locations.

This should help put your user folders back to their default location - User Folders - Restore Default Location

Follow this excellent tutorial to help move your user folders successfully - User Folders - Change Default Location

Post back with any questions


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I was just wondering if there were a way to change the default cookie path in XP to another location; for example, my RamDrive...Thanks for any help! peace,

A:XP Cookies and Paths

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I am using Parallels running Windows XP.
I try opening the run.bat file from there but it appears and disappears in a second. I managed to click it like crazy and see what it says. "UNC paths are not supported." I also opened CMD and dragged the run.bat file over into it. This is that I got...

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:UNC paths are not supported

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I am trying to export my Outlook contacts in 2003 to another computer that is using Office XP. When I try to import them I get an incompatible message. Is there anyway to convert the file to work with officeXP?

A:Solved: Exporting Outlook 2003 to Outlook standard

Standard is not an Office version, it is a edition of Office applications. Such as:
Office Professional includes Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook.

Office Small Business includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook. (not Access)

Office Standard and Office Student include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. (not Access, nor Publisher)

The version would be like Office 2003, or Office XP, or Office 2000.

More detail can be found at:

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I can ping by name or IP address, but trying to connect via
\\name or \\ipaddress fails. IP v6 has been disabled on the adapter.  The error message is: 
\\share is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.  A specified logon session does not exist. 
It may have already been terminated.

Thanks for helping!

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How would I set up Windows 8 so that I can edit the `path` environment variable in a fixed pitch font such as `Console` or `Lucida Console`? I don't want to change the font for other parts of Windows - only where paths are displayed. It seems I've been doing this in a terribly inappropriate font for many years and my tired eyes aren't great for semicolons.

A:change the font for paths

Hi Broiyan,
In windows 7 it was so easy by going to control panel, but now is much harder(you`ll see what i mean):
As Far As i know go to regedit>>>>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>>>SOFTWARE>>>>Microsoft>>>>Windows NT>>>>Current Vision>>>>FontSubstitues>>>> thats all what i know now i need an MVP like brink to hep you with here.

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I can´t find a solution to this problem anywhere in the Net, so maybe you guys can help me. I just did a reinstall of windows 8.1 on my desktop using the option to keep all data AND program files. The process went on very well....BUT when I restarted some programs' exe files are not found by Windows when I try to open them (Ccleaner and Office 2010 are examples) Ccleaner I uninstalled and reinstalled but the message is the same " Windows cannot find [path], make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again...." Office 2010 I ran the repair option but the message came on again, so I reinstalled it and couldn´t open it because the message came on again. I think paths got messed up somehow because those files are certainly in my hard drive. Please can you help me out?

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I was wondering what would be a good career path to follow or combine with a mcse certification. Would it be better to go the cisco way and get the ccnp or with red hat and do the rhce? I am currently in South-Africa and been around to our local job sites but it seems that demand for both are low at the moment.

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ok this might sound stupid but, i have a wi-fi router that also has ports for wired connections.
my laptop is usually connected to the router through the wireless medium but if i connect the wire too then what path would the packets take?
the wired or
the wireless?

A:priority of routing paths

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Will the Windows Vista Upgrade path allow me to upgrade from 64 bit Home Premium to 32 bit Ultimate? I need to do this to use my legacy software without re-installing everything.

A:Vista upgrade paths

The last that I read, going from 32 to 64 required a CLEAN install. Based on that I would think that it would be the same for 64 to 32.

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So I've been trying to use system file checker, and encountered a problem where it can't repair a file. I found this page detailing how to manually fix the problem:

Use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7

I was fine until step 2, where it says

"For example, type takeown /f E:\windows\system32\extremely_simplified_example.dll"

The problem is, my CBS.log file says stuff like:

Cannot repair member file [l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"
Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSXS\Manifests\\[l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"

and I don't know how to translate that into a path to use with the takeown command. I searched for that file using explorer and found a dozen different copies, so I'm not sure which one to replace.

Semi-related questions: Can I just replace them all? I'm planning on using a copy of the file from a similar system that works, is that ok?


A:Help understanding CBS.log file paths

Hello Southbound, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Those instructions there are fine, but just a bit vague. OPTION THREE in the tutorial below can help give you only the SFC results to help make it easier to go through.SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Next, the tutorial below can show you how to extract files from your installation disc to replace any listed files that SFC cannot repair.Extract Files from Windows 7 Installation DVD
Before doing anything, please post back and upload your sfcdetails.txt file to see what all may be wrong, and if it any file that cannot be repaired is worth worrying about.Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
To help interrupt what it says to know the path:Cannot repair member file [l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"
Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSXS\Manifests\\[l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"
The first line says that SFC cannot repair the FWPKCLNT.SYS file.

The second line is the path of the file. "SystemRoot" is a variable "%SystemRoot%" that is actually just a shortcut for "C:\Windows". This leaves you with the file path as:C:\Windows\WinSXS\Manifests\FWPKCLNT.SYS
Doing a search on the C: drive for the listed FWPKCLNT.SYS file would help give you all of it's locations if needed as well.

Hope this helps for now,

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My documents are located in D:\Dropbox\MyOwnDocuments

I no longer use Dropbox; so I would like to move them all to D:\MyOwnDocuments

Problem is that I have many portable programs there, and also program files and program data for programs running from my C drive. Not to mention various other shortcuts to documents or folders in D:\Dropbox\MyOwnDocuments

Is there a quick way to check which programs / shortcuts need to be changed? Or (better) is there a way to change these paths automatically?

Thanks for any input.

A:How to change paths seamlessly?

Use subst cmd to fool things they are still in the same location Subst

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Since a picture is worth 1000 words....

I can't figure out how to edit booloader paths.

I had the triple boot working- 7, vista, WUBI ubuntu. Then I installed Snow Leopard and tried to add it in via easyBCD.....and all hades broke loose.

Anybody know how to fix? And how to actually set OSX to boot from windows, since there's no drive letter?

A:Edit Bootloader Paths

Open an elevated command prompt in Windows 7

IMPORTANT: make a backup of your bcd file first. To do that, type:


bcdedit /export C:\SAVEDBCD

For Vista:


bcdedit /set {*insert here*} device partition=F:

* insert the Windows vista BCD ID, too small for me to read (take out the *'s)

ok, Vista should be working now, please test it to make sure

For Ubuntu: - optional; this will rename "nst Linux Loader" to "Wubi Ubuntu"


bcdedit /set {*insert here*} description "Wubi Ubuntu"

* insert the "nst Linux Loader" BCD ID, too small for me to read (take out the *'s)

It is getting late, so try those, which should get Vista back on its feet, also go to the elevated cmd and type "bcdedit" please post back the results right-click the cmd prompt and select "mark" then highlight every thing, then post the results. Please copy the results, so i will be able to copy and paste

Also, what is the "EFI snow leopard" partition for???

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Firstly, context: My student edition of Autodesk Maya was not working (something about the license being invalid or 'not found', and so when I searched for the error message online, a solution was to go into Environments and Paths, and replace/edit or add one for C:/Autodesk. It didn't work, and I ended up just uninstalling and reinstalling the program manually for it to work.
However, apparently I screwed around really badly in there, because now important things won't open, such as my MalwareBytes program. When I try, a window will popup and say this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbam.exe
The system could not find the environment option that was entered."
So, naturally, I try to find/open the Environments and Paths thing again, right? Nope. I can't open that either:
"Windows cannot find '%windir%\system32\SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."
Even though I typed 'Environment' in my search bar to find it.
Then recently, Origin tried to install an update on my laptop, but it couldn't find the ProgramFiles, and so there was an error in installation. As a result of this, Chrome is not opening up immediately when I click it. It waits about five-six minutes after I've clicked it. I think it's what caused it, because it didn't do it before yesterday, when I tried to install the update.
So basically: how can I fix this despite knowing little to nothing about computers? How can I go into the Environments with... Read more

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Cant run any virus scanners I get "Windows cannot access specified device, file, or path." error.... getting horrid redirects and as you can see from THIS thread in the "Am I Infected" section we have tried a lot of things. DDS (Ver_09-07-30.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Vitamin SB at 17:41:55.32 on Wed 08/12/2009Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_13Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.958.614 [GMT -5:00]FW: Norton Internet Worm Protection *disabled* {990F9400-4CEE-43EA-A83A-D013ADD8EA6E}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroupsvchost.exesvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exesvchost.exeC:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\nvsvc32.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exeC:\WINDOWS\stsystra.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exeC:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\DMXLauncher.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\DLA\DLACTRLW.EXEC:\Program Files\Dell Support\DSAgnt.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exeC:\Program Files\UnHackMe\hackmon.exeC:\Documents and Settings\Vitamin SB\Desktop\dds.exe============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============BHO: Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper: {06849e9f-c8d7-4d59-b87d-784b7d6be0b3} - c:\program files\adobe\acrobat 7.0\activex\AcroIEHelper.dllBHO: AVG Safe Search: {3ca2f312-6f6e-4b53-a66e-4e65... Read more

A:Windows cannot access paths?

Hello YouMayLose,You appear to be infected by a new very nasty Rootkit infection associated with a Rogue antivirus program. See here for more info.==========Let's begin.....Download and run Win32kDiag: Download Win32kDiag from any of the following locations and save it to your Desktop. Download Win32kDiag (Win32kDiag.exe) - #1 Download Win32kDiag (Win32kDiag.exe) - #2 Download Win32kDiag (Win32kDiag.exe) - #3 Double-click Win32kDiag.exe to run Win32kDiag and let it finish. When it states "Finished! Press any key to exit...", press any key on your keyboard to close the program. Double-click on the Win32kDiag.txt file that is located on your Desktop and post the entire contents of that log as a reply to this topic.Next......Download and run a batch file (peek.bat): Download peek.bat from the download link below and save it to your Desktop.Download peek.bat Double-click peek.bat to run it.A black Command Prompt window will appear shortly: the program is running. Once it is finished, copy and paste the entire contents of the Log.txt file it creates as a reply to this post.==========With your next post please provide:* Win32kDiag.txt* Log.txt

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On my main PC i am running Windows 7 Homepremium 64bit. My Pc is connected via ethernet cable to BT Homehub3.

I have another PC running Windows XP SP3 connected via WiFi and a laptop also Wndows XP and connected vis WiFi.

I have a Kodak C110 AiO printer connected to the home pc via USB cable.

I have tried to set up printing on the other PC and laptop and the Printer is shown in the network map, but cannot and all my efforts have now disrupted the network; viz I cannot access shared files on the Network.

On the Home PC the network is called Network 2.

I want it to be the Homegroup or Work Group but cannot seem to make this happen.

Any suggestions please?

A:How do I reset my network paths

If I take it you want to print on the main PC from the other two ? I have a similar situation and set it up giving the main PC a fixed IP and then when adding the printer to the other two I used the local port method i.e \\fixed IP address\printer share name, having initially shared the main printer - you will need to install the printer driver on the remote systems. My main PC is ethernet and all the others are wireless.

Hope this is of help.

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There are still doubts about what the possible and legal upgrade paths are for Windows 7.

Below I tried to compile some information in a way which I hope will be helpful.

Thanks to my friend Kari for his valuable contribution
Any other additions or comments are much welcome

1) Upgrade: to move from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7
2) Custom or Clean Install: wipes the previous installation and install Windows 7 anew. Does not preserve user files
3) In-Place Upgrade: upgrades from specific versions of Vista to specific versions of Windows 7, preserving user files and programs.
4) Upgrade version: Windows 7 license for those who own a valid license of XP or Vista
5) Full retail version: Windows 7 license to install on any PC, independent of previous installations or ownership. Can be reinstalled on other computers (when activated the previous installation is no longer valid)
6) Full OEM version :Windows 7 license to install on one PC, independent of previous installations. Can only be re-installed on same computer and hardware setup

Upgrade paths
The chart below shows in what situations one can perform an in-place upgrade (e.g. from Vista Business to Windows 7 Professional) without the need to migrate files or programs, and the situations when one needs to do a Custom (Clean) Install and replace the data in the target disc. This is the case for all Windows XP owners or Windows Vista Starter. In this case you will need to migrate your personal files ... Read more

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Paths - FAQ


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How do you get to see the full path rather than have part of it cut off?

A:Seeing full drive paths

Take a look here:

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Hello! I recently upgraded my computer with an SSD for boot and main programs and use my 1TB HDD for general programs and media storage. The thing is I want it to by default install to my D:\ drive.

Now the only solution I see is editing the registry ProgramFilesDir - Which has some serious flaws. It will attempt to launch every program off of the D:\ drive even when it is stored on C:\ and about 9 out of 10 times, it still default installs to C:\.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

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I have Windows XP Pro, sp 2.

I've encountered paths like: C:\DOCUME~1\ROYON~1\LOCALS~1\Temp. Except the tilde is higher. I don't know how to follow paths when there like this. Can someone please tell me how to interpret this path?



A:How do you interpret paths like C:\DOCUME~1\...


This kind of path is contraction of the real folder or file names so that they are compatible with the old 8.3 DOS filename format. I don't know why it is necessary, but in (my) theory it works this way:
Long names are stripped of all spaces, even between words.
If the resulting string, without extension, is longer than 8 characters, the 6 leftmost characters are taken and an index appended, to distinguish between similar names.
So "ASDFGHJKLQWE" becomes "ASDFGH~1" while ASDFGHJKLRTZ" becomes "ASDFGH~2"

So the one you submitted translates to something like

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp
Where username is different for each user of the computer.

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I am using Oplisker program.

Oplisker (Open Source Play List Maker) |

How to create m3u file from mp3s in different folders on your computer ?

It seems to only create mp3 playlist only from mp3s in the same folder.

I was interested to create playlist from different folders with different paths
to save to one m3u file, not m3u file in each folder from the mp3s within that folder.

I know I can edit the file so it goes to different paths using notepad, but that would defeat the purpose of this program making it easier to save playlst from diferent mp3s in diffrent folders.


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Dear All,

One of my user is facing copy paths issue in window 7 enterprise . User get the following error.

Thanks & Regards,
Kashiram Sawant

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