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Which software program do i need? Please read..

Q: Which software program do i need? Please read..

I'm an insurance broker out in CA.. one of the major issues i have with people that are doing my flyers/postcards/posters are that they never get the idea/image that i want..

What software do you recommend for designing this sort of things?

Someone recommended Illustrator but it's a 600 dollar thing..

Any other advice?

It has to be high quality

A: Which software program do i need? Please read..

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Just like speech to text is there a software that will read you the text in a documnet?

A:Is there a software that will read to you

Yes. An IT guy at work who is blind uses Jaws:

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I can't figure it out but for whatever reason, my computer won't read any disks other than music cd's and movies. I spent over 2 hours trying to install TurboTax onto my computer the other day only to find that I can't load ANY of my cd-roms.

Hopefully it's just something wrong with the settings but I can't tell.

If it helps, when I open Device Manager, I see this:

Disk Drives

DVD/CD-ROM drives

I tried updating the driver for both and got nowhere. Thanks!

A:PC will read cd's & dvd's but not software.

the auto-play may not be checked,
or some other setting you may have altered,
or any number of other reasons,
a 'work-around' you might use though,
from 'my computer' > right-click your cd / dvd unit > choose 'explore' > and in the right pane of the window that opens > choose 'install.exe' or 'install turbo tax.exe' [whatever it may be called] and double left-click it, then follow the prompts as in any install

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Loading a couple of games from a burnt cd and it worked a few times ;however' know they won't install .I've tried about7 times and I get about 6% done or 50% done .Can't figure it out is my cdrom hoopped or is the cd buggered up.

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I'm running XP and found the following on the "Project Gugenberg" site, but don't know which program to use to read the books. Does anyone know. Thank you.

It wouldn't open with Acrobate Reader.


A:What Program to Use to Read e-Books?

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I have put the Win Cleaner usb program in several times and it just won't pop up on my screen so I can input the serial number and activate it. For some reason when go to My PC it just won't show up. It is getting very frustrating that no matter what I do that I can't get this program to download so I can run it. I need some assistance and any advise would be really appreciated, thank you.

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W2KPro + SP4, Wintel P-4 2.4G system, 1G RAM, dual mirror RAID 36G Raptors C data, old E data, F OS partition; LiteOn 1633S DVD R+W, Avast 4.0, AdAware 6.0.

WinStar, a 16 bit program, suddenly won't run; click on icon, nothing happens. Tech Support sent new autoexec.nt, no help. Audio CD's stopped auto-playing on insertion, now must select from Media Player. Start/Run "command" shows very brief screen before failing. Right clicking on program shortcut, and choosing Properties/Compatibility, run in Compatibility mode does not work.

Went to W2K troubleshooting page. The autoexec.nt files contain all the command lines that are listed in the article. The first thing the software tech support had me do was check the autoexec.nt file. I have 3 partitions: C is the RAID data drive. E is an older data drive. F is the OS drive partition. Search shows autoexec.nt in 5 folders:

F:\ WINNT|repair
F:\WINNT\System 32

Autoexec.bat search shows 2 folders:

E:\ Clicking on this one opens a window that closes very rapidly.
E:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EBD Clicking on this second opens a window that shows code lines--that rapidly closes (like the Start/Run/command)...but it doesn't close quite so rapidly. I was able to do Control/C to freeze it. Here's what the lines say:


Preparing to start your computer.
This may take a few minutes. Please wait...

^CThe device is not ready.
Terminate batc... Read more

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I have never had problems with XP until I bought a PC (HP) which came pre loaded with XP. I ran it before but it was a comp that I built. I think due to the settings that HP has in place I am having trouble changing a file for a program that I installed so that it is not read only. I have half a clue about it but not enough to go into things and make changes. The tech rep from the software co said that I need to load safe mode to make the changes that need to be made. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

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Most people may think I'm crazy, but why can't I read my own usernames & passwords on logins when I type them--or read them on the program auto login when I enter so I can remember them?

I know the ********** symbols are supposed to be protecting my from some hacker, but if a hacker is in my system, don't they already have, and use, hacker programs that record my keystrokes? So I can't read them, but they can? What's wrong with this picture?

Somebody watching over my shoulder? Why should my computer care if I am an imbecile? I'm perfectly capable of making sure no one is watching in whatever environment I'm in. If I make bad decisions, then that's on me. Frankly, I seldom have anyone in my home who might be watching my logins. And if I should have someone in my home office and they want to steal my login info on my subscription to the NYT or to NBA. com, big deal. Most of my logins have nothing to do with any serious websites where I might use a little more care--but that still should be my decision, not the damn computer's.

And finally, If even I can't see what I'm typing, then I can't get into whatever program I'm trying to open if I make a typo, eh?

I hear some of you saying, "This moron needs a automatic password keeper that will automatically enter the username/password." I have one. It works well sometimes, but if I have two Verizon accounts, or two gmail accounts, or two bank accounts, ... Read more

A:Program that will let me read my passwords

when someone installs a keylogger to get your password, they don't care about the masking anyway. try this:

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Answer Match 43.68% using a program called eazy vcd to make back up copies of my dvds..ive used it in past on another pc. with windows xp and sp 1 update..and it worked using same program on another pc and it unable to read my dvd has windows xp..but not the spi update..i have installed the atapi files that the program needs but it still wont work..dont want to have to download sp1 if i dont have to..takes to long to download it..but do you think it is the sp1 update that is preventing it from reading the dvd discs..??

A:eazy vcd program cant read my dvd..??

Try reading a disc that you have already successfully read on the other computer, there is something about CSS that the one you are trying to read now might have and that the others didn't.

For more info you can goto PCMAG's site. It is under Solutions; Software; Copy DVDs.

Content Scrambling System. The program that deals with it is DVD-X-Copy, and another that can read from them is dvddecrypter @; it is freeware. Hope some of this helps....

BTW: Is the ASPI the latest version? Is the Software the Same version on both PCs (Not windows updates, but the DVD Copying SW)? There have been legal battles about the CSS decryption being used in software, DVD X-Copy is I think the only one still using it and still fighting for our right to make legit back-up copies of DVDs we buy.

Could also be the DVD-ROMs or DVD-R/RW that you are using, as a good quality one will deal with errors better and a poor quality one won't..... Learned that from game back-ups...

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Ok I just went to modify a text file in 'Program Files' and realized that its read only..

This is something that just 'turned on' within the last couple of days, as I have modified files there quite often in the past without having to get around the 'read only' BS.

Ive found the easiest way atm to get around that is to copy>paste the file to another folder outside program files, edit, and copy back over, but that can get quite annoying when I have to do little 'micro edits'

The actual program files folder is write protected like so:

Gyazo - 4420eaadbf896f6fc57c2c1977d247a1.png

I've tried turning off write protection for the files in question, and then the folder containing the files, but niether option worked, so I was gonna turn off write protection for the entire program files folder, then realized that will take a good half hr to process. (yea my computer is slow)

So will that actually turn off write protection for everything?

And while im here.. Why did it suddenly turn on write protection??? I have not turned it on, nor have I created any user profiles on windows (I'm admin, only user)

I was reading on this for windows 8, which seems to be a huge PITA, but I havn't found much relating to this issue on windows 7...

btw this is on windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit.

thanks. Hopefully it can be turned off. I hate being restricted on my own PC.

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my cd rom has this issue, it can play cd and dvd but when i put a software disk it doesn't read it, it just freezes my computer and nothing works until i remove the disk. i cant change my cd rom. please is there anything i can do to fix this?

A:cd rom refuse to read software

Welcome to our forum daniel2k.

What is one the CD/DVD and how did it get there?

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Hi !

I am wondering what is the best database software able to do this specific function.

for exemple if there is 4000 entries or cards... that have an information regarding schedule and time of operation and non operation... the database will be able to sort or signal the entries that are suposed to be ON at 3 pm, 30 mns before, for exemple in function of there field of activity or location or any other details.

Just mainly the database should be able to run automaticaly with the clock and sort differently in function of the present time or another detail.

Sorry if my words are weird or unprecise, I'm not anglo native and not really programmer ...

But in advance thanks for your help

A:WANTED ? software able to do that

Calendar or scheduling program would do it. Most any relational database can do what you want as long as you can program it do do what you want.

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I was wondering with newer SSD's if it is correct or not that programs can read the temperature of an SSD.

Like you can with a HDD.

I am using a program called AIDA64 notice at times my two internal SSD's read 44c.

Two i have are:
Crucial MX100 CT512MX100SSD1 2.5" 512GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive
Crucial MX100 CT256MX100SSD1 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive

Most say they do not get too hot or not really hot at all, due to no moving parts and less power consumed.
Never remember my HDD reaching past 37-38c

2.5" to 3.5" bracket i have fits 2 SSD's and makes them sit close to each other, one above the other in a 3.5" bay.
Pretty open around it, i have two case fans, nothing else it getting too hot, but it is summer time here and i do notice a difference compared to winter with rest of the components.

A:Can software read temps on SSD

They have a sensor built-in like HDDs that software can read. Speccy reads my Adata SSD. Always seems cooler than my hard drive, does warm up a tad if doing some intense read/writes. As long as S.M.A.R.T. reports it is within tolerance then shouldn't be anything to worry about.

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I exported the whole registry hive from another computer to a .reg file. Is there a software (ran on another computer) that can open this file similar to how it is viewer in regedit?

Please help. Thanks.

A:software that can read .reg files

Hi Kevin,

Try this Registry reader

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Hi, can anyone link me to some software that will read my GPU's temp as i'm gonna overclock it and need to know when enough is enough, lol.


A:Software to read my GPU's temp????

if you're overclocking your GPU you're best to see when it starts causing screen artifacts not by how hot it is. Motherboard Monitor might be able to read the GPU temp if it has a sensor but it really depends on whether the plugin has been coded & whether your GPU has a sensor on it.
Also it would help to specifiy which card you have or even if its a Radeon or GeForce based card.
I use ATiTool for overclocking my Radeon. It is very easy to use & has some very good features (like Find Max Core & Max RAM speeds) and it has a built in Artifact Tester.

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Guys, i have searched for webcam software and a lot of programs just showed up, so my question is :Which Webcam Software should i use?????

A:Webcam Software (just read)

Not enough information. What do you want to use your webcam for?

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I was trying to delete Advance Virus Remover because it was obviously a virus or a spyware. I saw instructions on deleting it manually from this link but I couldn't open Task manager in the first place. I searched information on how to get task manager to open and I stumbled open this which is in this forum.

I got information about using Combofix from this link. And I read that I have to have a helper read the log if there could be anymore problems.

So far, I dont see the Advanced Virus Remover showing up, which is a big relief.

This is the in the log. It would be great if someone can take a look at it.

ComboFix 09-08-10.06 - fguillermo 08/13/2009 11:21.2.1 - NTFSx86
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1033.18.447.171 [GMT -7:00]
Running from: c:\documents and settings\fguillermo\My Documents\ComboFix.exe
FW: Trend Micro OfficeScan Enterprise Client Firewall *disabled* {748EA0F2-9629-4255-A37C-0018B268925F}

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

c:\program files\AdvancedVirusRemover
c:\program files\AdvancedVirusRemover\PAVRM.exe
... Read more

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This program, Tortoise SVN, worked like a charm before I decided to install the latest version. When I had installed it though, I noticed it wasn't in the context menu for windows explorer when you right-click, or whatever you call it (this is the place you're supposed to use it from). So I tried to repair it. Well, it turns out the folder and everything in it is read-only. I tried turning this off, but they wouldn't have any of those shenanigans. I tried to make sure that every file was "owned" by me (I'm the only user of this computer), that I had administrator priviliges and stuff like that, but seemingly to no avail. I tried turning on the administrator account or whatever you call it, so that when you log off there is an account that you can log in to which is simply called "administrator" and where you hopefully can do stuff like that, but the files in those folders were still not impressed by my priviliges.

I tried using CMD for Subversion (SVN), but that doesn't work now either (I'm pretty sure it worked before I installed Tortoise SVN again). It recognizes the command ("svn"), but it simply says something to the effect of "acces denied" or "no access". Maybe Subversion itself is also embeded in Tortoise SVN? I do have another Subversion program installed, simply called Subversion. This doesn't seem to have the paranoid read-only troubles, so maybe I could set the environment variables for CMD or whichever to point... Read more

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I think a securty update that was downloaded recently is effecting some software I have. I have a program that sits in the Program Files area and one of the folders needs to be read/write since other computers in my network are accessing the data file inside here- however, when I go into the properties Read Only has a green marker in it. I uncheck it and a dialog asks something like "This folder and the ones under it?" Which I agree to. However, when you go back and look at the properties the green marker is back as read only. How do I fix this issue????????


A:Read/Write in Program Files?!?!?!?!


Sounds as if there are permission levels set for the folder you are talking about. To change the permission level you must have the authority to do it of course and this link will help you define what to set it to.

Take Care

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I bought a used Compaq Presario, as my HP hardrive had died.
This is a 32 bit system with Windows XP SP3.

I put in my data from flash drives, and proceeded to put in the programs.
All went well until I put in Photosuite 4 and nothing happened. The dive flashed its green light and then stopped.
I waited and waited - nothing.
So I went to the next program...all went well and the next...all well.
Tried again with photosuite - still nothing.

Then I tried putting in AT&T voices Crystal and MIke.
This is a 2 disc affair. Crystal goes first and then Mike.
Crystal has the "engine" they call it. So it appeared to take Crystal and got to the window that said "Finish".
Next I'm to put in Mike - so I did and I get a Message saying that Windows cannot find Crystal!
Also retried this several times.

Does anyone know what the problem is here?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Drive won't read certain program disc

Copy/Paste the Photosuite install software from your flash drive to your desktop & attempt an install from there.

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I'm trying to make sure I have all the Right Drivers... But I wanted to find a program that can tell me each piece of hardware. I used Belarc Advisor... Its ok. But is there a better one?

A:Looking to find a Program to read all my Hardware..

Everest or SIW. Both are free downloads.

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I am trying to install my programs from the "old" computer to a "new" one.
Two went on OK.
Now I try to put on program for Canoscan, put disc in and nothing happens, neither with scanner plugged in or not. I did manage to download the scanner drivers, but the disc has the other packaged programs - like "Presto Page Manager" which I need, unless I scan to Photo Suite which doesn't take multiples for doing a single fax.

The computer- and HP Pavilion running Windows XP.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Computer won't read program disc

Can you see the files on the CD and open folders on it?

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My nine month old Toshiba Satellite Laptop A105-S4384 came with Windows XP Media Center Version 2002 Service Pack 2.After I installed the Toshiba Windows Vista upgrade, I started getting BSOD's on a regular basis.The BSOD problem finally got so bad, I put in the Toshiba restore disk and went back to Windows XP.Ever since then, the MATbleepA DVD-RAM UJ-841S DVD/CD-R drive will not read any disk but the Toshiba restore disk.For instance when I tried to re-install Norton Ghost 12.0 , I got an error message that reads:The request could not be performed because of an I/O device errorI subsequently used the Toshiba restore disk three more times to see if it would clear up the problem, and it didn't.The Toshiba technical support technician told me to go to this Microsoft web site: and follow the instructions to remove the Upper & Lower filters from the Registry.That didn't help with the problem, so I did a Google search and found this link:Toshiba Support - Optical drive stops working after upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista (WinDVD Creator)Optical drive fix for Windows Vista I downloaded the above Toshiba support file, my optical drive started reading program disks again for just a few hours, before it reverted back to showing the The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error message.I tried re-installing the Optical drive fix for Windows Vista and it didn't fix the problem like... Read more

A:Dvd/cd-r Drive Won't Read Program Disks

Have you tried uninstalling the InterVideo WinDVD Creator application, and then applying the fix (if necessary)? It would seem that the Intervideo files are the root of the problem - so an uninstall may remove the problematic files.

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hey i just received a computer from my friend and i have no idea what the insides are. im quite honestly too lazy to crack open the computer and take a looksie for myself so i would like a program that can tell you everything from sound cards, graphics, video, ram, processor speed/type just pretty much everything.

i know theres many manual ways but i just want a nice and easy click click done type of thing.

anyone know of such a thing?

A:Solved: Need a Multi program... please read.

System Information for Windows (SIW)
Belarc Advisor
Mitec System Information

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Hi forum,
Is there any built-in program in Win7 which can self-read an article with different language selection ?  I would like to use it to read some articles in a good machine voice.

A:self-read Win7 built-in program ?

Yes, there is a text to speech application called Narrator.
Click on the start orb, type in narrator in the search programs and files box.  It will appear in Programs above, right click on narrator and click on Run as administrator.
Have fun.

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Hi all I have a bit of a problem wondering if someone could help, I am running windows7 64 bit It's just coming up to a year old, I had this same problem when i uninstalled Norton but I called someone and they help me remove the key that was stopping the dvd rom from working, I Now am having the same problem scince I uninstalled avg and reinstalled it. I would do what I was told to before but I cannot remember what i have to do again :/ I know it is in regedit some where but not sure on where to go after, Any help or advice would be great thank you. It will play cds but not dvds :/
thanx in advance

A:DVD will not read DVDs or DVD software but will play CDs

Do you have a Windows Vista or 7 install disk? Or even a restore disk if its a branded PC. All of those should be DVDs, so see if you can boot the computer from that disk (you won't actually go through any of the install process, just see if it boots from the disk). This will ensure that your dvd laser didn't die. The laser for cd and dvd reading are different, so it is possible that one could die while the other is still good.

You may be exactly right with it being a registry thing, but if you have a bootable disk that is a dvd we can easily rule out a hardware issue.

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I have a HP Pavilion m7750n and the dvd drive reads and burns dvds just fine but no longer reads cds or software disks. I have tried many disks. I put them in it runs for a little bit and then nothing, if I just the computer window it does not show a disk in the drive. if I click the dvd rw drive it says "please insert a disk".

I recently did a full system restore to original settings due to a different issue and I had this problem just before the restore as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

A:DVD RW drive does not read cds or software disks

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Hello and thank you beforehand.

The story goes like this: once I had to submit a school project and required VMware to emulate Linux (since I was given a Toshiba laptop with the condition of not messing up with it beyond installing programs), and first VMware DID NOT work at all, and then the CD/DVD drive stopped working. I know it has to be VMware because I installed it in a desktop PC and the same thing happened, that, until I uninstalled the damn thing (which turned out as such a blessed remedy!). When I tried to uninstall in the Toshiba laptop it won't allow me to do so. I even entered into safe mode, but as you may know, Vista does not allow permission to use the uninstaller... in safe mode.

I've been trying everything, but I can't mess around in the system since it's not mine. By the way, if this helps as a hint: every time I get a disk into the drive, nothing happens until I reboot, kind of like it only reads BEFORE Windows is fully running.

That's all and thanks to everyone again.

A:Can't read disks and I'm sure to blame software

Which kind of VMware?

VMware player?

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I've had this read-only problem before but this is different.

Usually turning off the UAC does the trick

This time I added Phtoshop Lightroom to my system. For a couple days everything was working fine.

For some reason today when I went to use it an error screen appeared saying it couldn't use catalogs that were in folders that are read-only.

Since then I've tried everything under the sun to get them to not be read only but nothing works.

The frustrating thing is that people keep saying that it doesn't matter that the folder is read-only because the files are not read only. This is true but as long as Lightroom thinks it is it won't load.

What do I do? Why would this happen suddenly? Do I change the folders? If it's a problem with LR how do I get around it. It just won't load without a catalog, and all of my folders are the same (read only).

Thanks in advance.

A:Software won't accept folders because they are read-only

Hello Daniel,

Welcome to the Vista Forums.

Have you checked to see if you have proper permissions to make changes to the folder. Sounds like somehow, I haven't a clue how, the folder/s may have gotten there permissions changed. If you want to check right click the folder/properties/security tab. What I would do is to try taking ownership of the file first. Info here if needed: Context Menu - Take Ownership

Hope this helps,

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For some reason, my cd/dvd player has stopped working. Now my dvd player had always been finicky about which things it liked it play--after several years i found the need to reinstall windows, and then i installed the latest firmware from sony style, and, presto, everything worked fine.

i was able to install adobe creative suite no problem. that was a few months ago. in the meantime, i can tell you that i had a nasty hacktool.rootkit infection--which i seem to have gotten rid of. although i still have some issues (such as my symantec antivirus is running but wont show up in the taskbar, and i don't always get the required pop-ups when putting cds or usb drives in). i've also recently installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled iTunes.

so since i noticed yesterday that out of nowhere my cd/dvd drive wasn't working what so ever, i checked the device manager. no problems. i then uninstalled the hardware, and scanned for hardware changes. that led me to the yellow exclamation point on my cd/dvd drive, and this message:

Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

I googled this error message and came up with this thread:
--which says iTunes may have caused it. and it recommends deleting some registry files to resovle it.

So I go open regedit--to:
Hkey Local Machine
... Read more

A:The Mystery of One Software CD That Wont Read

If you've always had problems with the drive, why not replace it?

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Alright so I've noticed people with blue screens often upload a dmp file and I wondered what program would be good to read these. I do wanna contribute into helping others solve problems. I'm not that great at all so I'll do what I can. :wave:

A:Good software to read DMP files.

Take a look at this short tutorial HERE. It has most everything you need to get started.

Regards Howard

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I put a hard drive that was not accessible into a USB case an I can now see it. I'm guessing that something is corrupted on the HD rendering it unreadable. In the past I had software that could read a drive in this condition, but I can't remember its name.

Anyone know of anything free that can do this?

When I try to access the HD I am prompted that I need to format the drive. If I quick format the drive, then use an scanning/un-delete software will I then be able to see what is on the dive?

A:Software to read corrupted HD needed?

Anyone know of anything free that can do this?

Recuva MIGHT be able to read the drive and allow you to recover files and folders.

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I'm trying to get some old software called Larson's Middle School Math to run on some newer computers in a computer lab, but it does not work. It will run sometimes, but will always give the following error when entering the program, or after using it for a few minutes, but sometimes will run just fine after going through the error a few times. Here is the error I get:

MSM232: MSM232.exe - Application Error
The instruction at "0x7c910cae" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program

If I click OK or cancel, it closes the program.

I have some other XP computers with less memory that this runs perfectly fine on. So far I've tried messing with the virtual memory settings, also tried turning off virtual memory, but then I get a different Director error saying machine requires at least 3MB of virtual memory that won't even let the program run. I've tried setting virtual memory to 3000, still didn't work. I also tried the various compatibility modes with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions to try?

Thanks for your help.

A:Getting old software to run...memory could not be read error

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I installed a dvd software which was working great up until 2 days ago..i kept getting the msg that it encounted a problem and needs to close...i done a system restore and still its closing down when running. maybe something has been deleted.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 01:17:33, on 27/11/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\UPHClean\uphclean.exe
C:\Program Files\Ulead Systems\Ulead Photo Express 5 SE\calcheck.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\QCDriver3\LVCOMS.EXE
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\jusched.exe
C:\WINDOWS\S... Read more

A:Can someone read my hijack log...Having a software issue

Reinstalling the software should fix it if it has become corrupt.

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Hi, have an almost ridiculous problem involving all my storage discs, internal and external. Found a suspicious Permission on one of the drives that started with an S and included a long string of numbers and other letters. (Sorry, I didn't write it down.) So deleted that permission and scanned the drives with both Avast and Malwarebytes. Avast found three "threats" on the drive first infected and I deleted these. Not everything works fine.....I can write, delete with no problem. Even SyncToy will write and delete with no problem. But all of my storage media, both internal and external list their properties as Read Only. When I open my desktop 3tb WD hard drive I get a message "No writable paritition found" even though I can write and delete whatever I wish.

I've tried everything, including the Chkdsk procedure (all the drives are listed as read/write and the delete write protect doesn't help), and changing the Registry StorageDevicePolicies key WriteProtect to 0. Nothing has changed the Read Only designation of the storage media. The permissions are all good. Further virus/malware scans have turned up no further defects.

I use Win 7 64bit on a Dell XPS 8700 with a Samsung 128gb SSD and 24gb of RAM.

Any suggestions for reliable software that find and delete malware/viruses that cause Write Protect for storage volumes? Please?


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Before my problem came out. my e: drive cannot be opened due to change in I/O thing as stated.... so i cannot use my cd drive now.... i absolutely have no idea bout this. This happens when an I.T. personnel from my work place tested a hard disk for servers... he said he just want to try if the disk can be detected by my pc since i ran xp pro sp2....

anyone can help me solved this problem. im afraid my pc might crash one day with this.I suspected also this reason.. im fun of trying new software in the net "the crack one", so i always download stuff from unsafe zones.. but i always update my security features.. i have avira free edition and superantispyware free version... i always update this and run for bugs and viruses and found none. But lately from frequent install and unsinstall of stuff a pop up came out stating that - " c:Program corrupted cannot be read please run scan disk".. but when i ran scandisk it will not continue... i use my pc disk doctor from my corrupted tune-up utilities 2008 to do the errors.. but it just happen that the program and my zonealarm firewall was removed or uninstalled without me uninstalling it after a restart from my scanning....

can anyone help me figure it out or solved this....

any suggestion please..... what should i do?... how to fix this corrupted error of c:Program

tnx in advance...


A:C:Program corrupted cannot be read run scan disk

Welcome to TSF....

Since you are downloading from unsafe zones and apparently using a P2P networking program like Kazaa, Limewire or the like to do so I do not think there is a good chance that you are not infected with some sort of virus, trojan or the like please to follow the instructions below carefully.

Also having the recovery/restore software for the computer would be a great help, if you do not have it please contact the manufacturer of the computer and order it ASAP....
To get Expert Help with malware removal:

I recommend that you read this article… (Simply, click on the links to be re-directed.)

"Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? - First Steps";

Please follow the instructions very carefully; then, post all the requested logs and information; as instructed, in the
HiJackThis Log Help Forum.

Please ensure that you create a new thread in the HiJackThis Log Help Forum;
not back here in this one.

When carrying out The 5 Steps,

if you cannot complete any of them for whatever reason, just continue on with the next one until they are all completed.
However,it is extremely important to make mention of the fact that you could not complete any of the steps in your post to The HJT Help Forum;

where an Analyst will assist you ... Read more

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For some reason my computer won't read the programs discs in the D drive - I can burn CD's and can read these programs discs on my other computer but not this one. I am trying to install Nero Express & my HP Printer. Specs on my computer (don't know what you need)

Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz 1.0 GB of RAM
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SErvice pack 2

Under "Device Manager" It says

DVD/CD-ROM drives

Hope someone can help


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I recently accidently deleted a file needed for my Norton program.....It was called S32FATE.DLL.....I was wondering if anyone can send me the file.....If you can send it to [email protected] or post it here.....Thanx in advance to anyone who helps!!!!

A:Need help ASAP!!!! Norton Program issue!!!! Anyone and Everyone read!!!!

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Go to the link below for bad news!

Any recommendations for anti-trojan software?


A:A MUST READ//Recommended anti-trojan program?

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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the C:\Programs Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders under W7 RC 64bit:
these folder have the read-only attribute set on and I can't unset it.

Whenever I tried to unset this attribuite even if W7 seems to comply the folders actually remain in the read-only mode.

Is there a way to unset this attribute?
I need to do that at least for a subfolder, since this contains a program which modifies files every time you open it.


A:How do I unset the Program folder read-only attribute?

I think this is s security setting and cant be changed.
I would give the program that keeps changing things Admin rights when it runs inside of the compatibility tab and see if that works before removing the read-only attribute in the Program folder.

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Hi, Hope someone can help. I've spent about 3 hours (and a hundred bucks) on the phone with HP support, with no solution.

I have an HP Pavilion laptop, running Vista 32 bit, SP2. My optical drive, a DVD/CD read/write device, has worked fine for the past couple of years. Tonight, for the first time in a couple months, I attempted to watch a DVD. The DVD would not "load"--that is, when I put it in the drive, the drive's light flashed, and I could hear it spin--but nothing happened. The auto run window did not pop up. I then tried an audio CD--with the same results. I then tried a program disc (a card game)--and while it appeared a bit slow, it loaded and installed the software just fine.

Device manager says that everything is ok with the drive. (See attached screen shot). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver--to no avail. Vista says there is no updated driver available, and I can't find one on the HP web site.

Searching the web, I found several posts relative to deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry. I did this (and unfortunately screwed up the registry back-up)--it did not resolve the problem, but broke my iTunes program. (It complains that these settings are missing). I ran the Microsoft "Fix It" tool found at:

It said it found problems, but could not fix them.

During my time on the phone with HP, we did some tests with the command ... Read more

A:Optical drive won't read CD or DVD, but is OK with program discs


It was, believe it or not, just cleaning the lens on the drive. After just about giving up, I thought, as a last ditch try, to very gently swab the lens with a swab dipped in alcohol. That worked like a charm.

I don't understand why the software disc(s) read ok, but not the CD or DVD. If anyone has thoughts, I'd like to understand it.

But to all those who read this, thanks for your time!

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I have a question about a particular situation involving an application that always seeks to read the CD-ROM to activate. I can access and copy the relevant app files to another location/drive and wish to achieve the following to re-direct/convince the application that it is reading from the CD ROM but actually is redirected to a folder on my hard drive C:\temp\ to execute the relevant data/exe's that are stored on the disk ? This one is bugging and would be great to effect a solution to as the CD-ROM's can become scratched and unreliable over time.

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Hi.I Have a problem yesterday i was able to burn dvds.But today Heres My Story.

first i put the disc in,It show that it read it cause a pop up,pops up saying what do u want to do with the disc.But then when i open up my dvd backup program it always says insert writable disc ..well i have a writable disc in there that has nothing on the disc.I dont get it ?what can be the problem?I know it aint the problem with the program cause i've tryed 6 diffrent programs today but the same on all of it? WHy is this happing?What could have happen to it from yesterday to today ?

A:My DVD BackUp Program Wont Read My DIsc

Is anything on this Microsoft guide of help?


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So i've just changed my cpu cooler and thermal paste from the ocz tempest to the zalman cnps 9500 nt with some nice smoooooth as5. Before my readings in Nvidia's "ntune" were 51/52c were all i got out of it, i tried "Everest" it reported the same, i then checked the readings in bios, this revealed my cpu was actually running at a much more believable 31c. I failed to realise it could have been a software problem.

Now that i've changed my cpu cooler, the software still reports the same 51/52c reading but the bios reports a more nicer figure of 25c...what's going on? is it a software problem? if it is what can i do about it? how come the bios reads a more believable figure? thank you for any help provided.

A:software failing to read cpu temps correctly

Sounds like the software to me. One logical explanation is that while your OS is loaded and lots of processes are running, your processor would probably be doing a lot more than it does while in the BIOS (when no OS is loaded). However, twice the temp is definately a big difference!

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Hey folks,

So many devices these days come with a driver on a mini-CD. My laptops (Acer and Toshiba) take forever to access them, then think they're blank and ask to format them.

In Googling this I found a guy who said he fixed this problem by reinstalling Roxio. Said his computer came with it but he'd uninstalled it cause he never used it. That it must "turn on" a feature in W7 or something, cause after he reinstalled it, his computer could read mini's.

When I got both my laptops I wiped all partitions (including the hidden "recovery" one), re-partitioned the way I wanted, and reloaded all drivers and W7 (64 Ultimate). The DVD players in both laptops have a central spindle, so they are designed to read mini-CDs. They DO detect them, but again, think they are blank.

Anyone heard of Roxio or other software being required to read mini's? Thanks much.

PS I have a lot of media software installed but not Roxio. (Nero, ImageBurn, Handbrake, Ashampoo, etc.)

A:Is Media Software Required to Read Mini-CDs?

Windows should be able to read your mini-CDs . You might want to eject the CD and place it in the middle . It will take a few seconds to read the disc due to it size. I never had an issue with mini-CDs being read.

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installing a reputable software app failed and now my c drive is read only and although i can use most of my original programs, i cannot change anything, cannot choose a restore point as it say the administrator (me!) has stopped me doing this.

I cannot start my acronis to get my latest backup (on external drive), yet i can access my email and other programs.

The windows system is actually on a small ssd drive for speed although my C drive is on my normal harddisk.

i get the fault code 0x800704b3 when trying to access programs such as Wise 365.

My Hyper drive manager will not work either

I can copy and paste and am copying all of the files in My Documents to an external hard drive (where all my Acronis backups are.

I have a sinking feeling that the only option left to me is a complete reinstall somehow as all the options seem to be blocked to me (Restore, Refresh etc)

Getting C unlocked would be a bonus.

I know it's a long shot, but if anyone can help i would be grateful.

Thanks in advance


A:C drive read only after software install fails

Ok lets give this a shot...

disconnect from the internet

disconnect the external harddrive

uninstall the software that started the problem

if you are unable then reboot and start the computer in safe mode then uninstall that program

restart the computer with internet and external harddisk disconnected

do you have access to your system now?

Create a restore point

reconnect to the internet

reconnect the harddrive if you wish

Check operation of your system, make sure everything is ok now..

If you want to try to re-install that software, go ahead.

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Hi there all.
I have a big problem. I have downloaded a evaluation version of RealChat Software from RealChat website and i have installed correctly. But when i start the server, it has an error. I looked on the Documentation for help on and it said that the default PORT for realchat server is 8080 so it must be in use on your computer. The solution is to change the default settings on the realchat software to a different port number.

What Port number would i change it to?
I have tried using some random numbers in as the PORT number, but no luck.

Can anyone help me with this problem?
I have no idea about PORTS.

Thanks alot for you help and support.
- Lee

A:RealChat Software Help! - Read if you understand PORTS

yeah, great help. thanks

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I have Googled up SIM card reading and SIM data recovery software and I haven't found any freeware. Before I fork over $$ for something, I would like to have recommendations from user experiences with whatever software you might use.

To be clear, I want opinions from users on software they have experience with.

If it make any difference, my phone uses a t-mobile SIM card.

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

A:disk read/write reports software

Closing Duplicate

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i recently download a software which has chinese words inside, but i am unable to view at all the words and with some werid characters like '?' is there anything that can be changed inside the control pannel which allow me to view the chinese words... or is there any software that ned to be download?
i am using a Vista Home Premium , acer aspire 4530


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I am looking for a program that like fps frograms show the vaues while you play the game.

thank you

A:Memory monitoring software.....anyone know any? read my post

there are several public domain memory managers. Problem is most of them will be hidden while you play games. FREERAM XP Pro is a great one and like the name says.... it's free.

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I need to upload a album with the indiviaul tracks whice are .mp3 to TuneCore : Digital Music Distribution
abd these are the requirements " Before you upload, please make sure that your files are 16 bit (sample size), 44.1 kHz (sample rate) and 1411 kbps (bit rate) wav files."

So what free program i can edit/convert the current mp3's to the
requirement? thanks

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Hi. I'm trying to clean up my little brother's computer. He has a fairly new Windows 2000 computer. The problem is that he has gotten spyware so many times, and has installed shareware from the internet so many times... that he now has strange error messages popping up at system startup and shutdown.

I ran the standard disk check / defrag / virus check and cleaned up all that crap. But still these things happen:
At startup:
1) An error message says "Error: Program execution failed."
2) The recycle bin opens (???? I know eh)
At shutdown:
3) Some unknown program freezes and I have to click "End Program"
4) There is a file "sbw9xup.exe" on the desktop that refuses to be deleted or moved... it says "There has been a sharing violation." so its stuck there.

I have attached my HiJackThis scan below. Can somebody PLEASE PLEASE look at this and tell me what might be the problem(s)? Also I don't know how to get a list of the startup programs in Win2000... I used to just go to msconfig.exe but there seems to be no such thing in Win2000.
Logfile of HijackThis v1.95.0
Scan saved at 10:59:39 PM, on 12/26/2004
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WINNT\system32\spoolsv.ex... Read more

A:*HELP* Strange program errors & seizures - Read for more details!

That system is so riddled with viruses and trojans, it is almost unbelievable.
Having no active Antivirus on that PC is even more stupid!
Go here first and follow the instructions:

Then go to my post How to remove Begin2Search / Coolwebsearch
and follow everything EXACTLY.
Then post back with an "attached" hijackthis.txt with the .txt extension.

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I have a uses about .5 MB when resident but not doing much. When it actually starts processing it reads somewhere between 50 and 70 files (depending on what it's going to do) and grows to about 4 GB. This period of reading files takes about 25 seconds on Win7 and about 5 minutes on Win10. The Win7 box is a bit more powerful - i7 4771 @ 3.50GHz vs. i7 930 @ 2.80GHz. Both read from SSDs, but the Win7 box SSD is has a SATA-III connection while the Win10 box SSD has a SATA-II connection. Process Explorer shows long periods when the application is not reading anything but shows a nearly constant 12KB/sec "Other" I/O activity. The Win10 system shows nearly constant reads (like around 50 MB/sec, but it varies a lot). I have tried using Resource Monitor but it seems to show I/O activity averaged or accumulated over a 60 second window. I can tell what files have been opened, but not which currently have activity. Somebody on suggested it might be paging activity that is delaying the program, but I have 12GB ram (vs. 16GB on the Win7 box). I don't think that is the problem. Can anybody suggest what I should look at to diagnose this? I really don't want to upgrade my current Win7 system until I understand what is going on.

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I have a CD-RW that is formatted for the InCD program that is bundled w/ Nero... it formats the CD-RW so I can add, move, and delete just like a floppy disc. I was mvoing some files off my HD onto the CD-RW -- it moved the 1st file and most of the 2nd file. Then it stopped and said it couldn't find the correct path for the 2nd file. It looked like the file had already copied to the CD, but it was also still on the HD. So I assumed it had a problem deleting the file on the HD after it was moved.

When I tried to access the files on the CD-RW to make sure they were both there, the computer crashed. I rebooted, and now it won't read any of the files that are on the CD-RW It appears to be a blank CD. When I try to open it thru InCD, all it does is ask me if I want to format the blank CD. So my guess is that the program isn't reading the header on the CD becuz the header was corrupted when InCD was trying to re-write it after adding the 2 additional files.

So how do I gain access to files that are on the CD-RW? I had a lot of stuff on there I don't want to lose... I'm sure it's all still there, it's just a matter of getting the program to recognize that the files are there.

A:InCD packet-writing software from Nero won't read CD

ISOBuster may give some access to the CD, but this is one reason why you should never use packet writing unless the data is of no consequence.

It is the most unreliable form of data storage, one for which the CD was not originally designed. A CD-RW means ReWritable (erase and re-use) not Read-Write. They are OK in that latter mode generally.

I suspect you are quite right in your diagnosis that the TOC is corrupt, which means there is now just a heap binary data on the CD with no easy way of determining the start and end of each individual file.

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

A:disk read/write reports software (2.5.2002)

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My PC has a lot of errors suggest me a free trusted and of course spyware free software for error clean up and please no spamming soft. spam free soft! i dont trust when online they say clean your pc with this soft because I just dont trust them !! Plzz Help


What kind of errors?

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

A:disk read/write reports software (2.5.2002)

closing duplicate,
view this thread

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I am running Windows XP and cannot load the software purchased from Adobe: Premier Elements which is the video editing program. I have the XP version, the drive checks out with other disks, etc. Also cannot read the software from ULead.
Any suggestions?

A:CD Drive will not read Adobe Premier or ULead Software

Is it legal?

Also, did they put it on a DVD-RAM disk or on a reg CD? Also, can you go to My Computer and Click on the drive and find the "Setup.exe" files? Does the AutoRun start?

I need more info to see if I can solve this. It does other CD's Fine, Right?

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I have a follow-up question to a thread from May in the HijackThis forum.Last week (July 12) I was starting a new backup of my system -- the first full "start from scratch" backup since my incident in the thread above. (I make a full backup, then do incremental backups to the core backup set.) I use Dantz Retrospect for backups.Dantz Retrospect showed 1 execution error occurred during the July 12 full backup. Checking the Backup Operations Log for that backup showed:File "C:\WINDOWS\system32\xydzyh.exe": can't read, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)"xydzyh.exe" was the suspected culprit file that infected me originally (see the May thread). I was never able to upload it for forum members to examine (see May post #3).Checking Retrospect's Properties for this July 12 error showed:------------------------------------------------------xydzyh.exeFlags: Hidden, SystemType: ApplicationSize: 32 K total (30,208 bytes used)Location: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Created: Saturday, May 19, 2007, 8:59:35 AMModified: Saturday, May 19, 2007, 4:00:09 PMAccessed: Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 3:39:55 PMBacked up: Thursday, July 12, 2007, 12:55:46 AM------------------------------------------------------As in the past, when I use Windows Explorer to view the contents of C:\WINDOWS\system32 with "Show hidden files and folders" selected, I cannot see xydxyh.exe.Is this anything to be concerned about? Or does it simply mean the executable file (xydxyh.exe) is present, but it can't run becaus... Read more

A:Backup Program Sees Spyware Found Earlier - Can't Read It

Hi smileandwave,

There are several ways a file can resist being deleted and it should no longer be active because of the reg pointer being removed. But if ti is still hidden you *might* still have a rootkit on your system.

I think random/random may have missed email notification that you had posted again in that HJT thread. Unfortunately he has just gone off on a vacation and won't be available. I've looked over the thread and will go ahead and take it over as I have some other things for you to try, but it will be later as I have a few other things to do first.

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the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. ok i recently had issues with a music torrent that had malware attached to it under the guise of a microsoft protection program wanting credit card for assistance. complete load. i dont notice issues with it anymore since i ran scans with a payed for norton 360 and downloaded 30 daytrail of avg. i mention all that because it has to be the cause so anyway one of the profiles on this laptop is feeding me the message at the top for try'n to access anything from itunes to internet explorer. anybody?

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Has anyone the driver software for this ARCHOS unit, please? The ARCHOS site has up to date drivers for free download but, unfortunately, my 2001 unit does not feature in these. Probably too old! Another site,, features the software but the link is broken! Having just bought the drive (cheap fortunately) from eBay, would like to get it running with Windows XP, if possible.

Email me if possible: [email protected]

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this.


A:Driver software for ARCHOS MiniCDRW GS2 read-write USB drive

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N455 @ 1.66GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1013 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228588 MB, Free - 195356 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, PBU00
Antivirus: Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper, Updated and Enabled

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Hey, I'm looking for a software that does what the task manager in Windows 8 and 10 does for monitoring disk activity which is basically just to break down disk read\write or i\o usage down by the individual hard drives.

I spent a while searching for such a software on google and downloaded and installed over 10 applications including Microsoft's Sysinternals Suite, Crystal disk info, IOmeter, OpenHardwareMonitor, Process Explorer, and several more, and none of them seem to have this function. I was surprised that I wasn't able to find any such function over many google searches but it's possible I was just using poor search terms.

Does anyone know such a software\program\utility that will monitor my disk read\write usage and break it down per drive so I can monitor it during backups, transfers and other disk operations?


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Hello to all

I am hoping that someone here can help me with my problem. I have tried other sites and did a search in Google and I have not found an answer to the problem at hand.

My system:
I have a clone computer with:
ASUS motherboard A8N-SLI DeLuxe
2GB Corsair RAM Memory
2 Nvidia 7600LS Video cards
2 Western Digital 250GB hard drives set on a RAID 0 configurations.

The problem:
Some time ago I purchased Acronis True Image version 8.0. I never had the chance to use it until this week. My computer slowed to a crawl and then it crashed. Days before, I had made a backup of my OS so I decided to restore it from the backup that I stored in an external HD. I have two Western Digital 250GB hard drives configured as RAID 0. The program restored the image successfully so I restarted the computer after it finished. Unfortunately now the computer will not boot up. The hard drives are okay, no problems at all, however I keep getting the following message:

?A Disk Read Error Occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart?

My questions are these: Has anyone encountered a situation similar to mine and if so, what did you do about it? Can anyone tell me if it?s possible to purchase two new HDs identical to the ones I have, recreate the RAID 0 and then plug in the two hard drives that I have problems with? Will my computer recognize them and allow me to get my data? Or can I reload Win XP Pro on a new HD and then use a program like OnTrak Data Recovery to recuperat... Read more

A:RAID 0 Disk read error after restoring from an external drive using Acronis software

How old are the harddrives? Is there a chance one of them failed?

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I like so many other people feel that I have a book inside me just waiting to get out. It does not seem logical to use MS Word for this purpose. If I am correct in my assumption which program do writers prefer to use, to produce their Books?

A:Which Software Program would I use?

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I would like some advice on good software to run In safe mode to clean my pc of adware/ malware. thank you.

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I would like some advice on good software to run In safe mode to clean my pc of adware/ malware. thank you.

A:software program

We have a set of scans to cover all types of malware etc PCHF System Scans its best to post results as some require knowledge to interprate

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How can I delete software or programs that my computer does not use any more?Like Weblink,Softex,Spam Subtract,Microsoft works,encarta,popup blocker,ommi pass and so on. Manuel

A:Software or Program

Control and then Add/Remove. This will list all Programs on the PC, Simply scroll through the list and remove them.

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I am wondering if there is any software which will process scanned, hand written documents into typed text.

A:Looking for a software program...

Not for the PC, handwriting is so varied, a database for it would be huge!
I would imagine the postal service would have some form of OCR for postcode or zip code handling but this doesn't help you much!

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Can someone tell me what software is being used in this video?

A:Software Program

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presently I am not on my own computer so I haven't run TSG Sys Info and included info of my system. I will do so if needed including my printer.
My inquiry is about having a photocopied sheet (from previous work from an older computer which died) which I can scan on my printer, I then want to transfer that info (lots of typing and some sheets have info in table format) onto my present computer and be able to edit or change the layout if necessary. There are lots of sheets so it would be too time consuming to retype. Is there a suitable program I can install to do this? I once heard of OCR but not sure if this best or if there is something better or newer on the market that I can use?
Thanks in advance for your input.

A:what software program do I need?

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I cant get help from this forum because I cannot even download any fixes (heck I can't even get to this forum using my son's infected computer - right now I'm using my daughters computer.

Infected computer is a Dell desktop - tried using ctrl F11 to reach recovery partition. Did not work. Probably since I had already re-partitioned after another nasty infection. I'm just not computer savvy enough to even try (nor undestand) how to use dsr fix. I see it I have only a few more options left.

I do have the reinstallation disk - could go that route, but again, I'm not sure I will do it correctly - or - Is there a decent software program out there I could purchase that would clean this mess up (suspect it is malware since I am getting re-directed and cannot run security programs (heck can't even get to to install megabytes malware - and if by chance I do, it does not run.) Reluctant to even purchase anything since I'm worried that whatever is on his computer won't even let me run any software I might purchase.

I even tried downloading megabyte to a disc (from a clean computer,) but this darn nasty infection would not let me run it that way either.

Any suggestions - I know you are all very busy (as evidenced by how many requests for help you're getting). Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Is there any software (program)I can buy to fix this mess

Problem fixed, I did a complete new re-install of windows XP. downloaded all the usual security programs, including AVG, Spybod S&D, Spyware Blaster, Megabytes Anti-Malware and thoroughly scolded my son. If it happens again, he can kiss his computer goodbye.

Thanks. Everyone here does a super job. I only wish it were'nt so hard to fix things when they get so out of hand

p.s. - I'm pretty sure he may have downloaded something via youtube. so to all of you out there, be careful.

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Hi there,

Quick question, but maybe longer answer.

I have a desktop at work connected to a test device. I want to set this PC to boot the test program instead of booting Windows. I have heard this can be done, but am uncertain as to how.

Thanks in advance.

A:Boot to software program only

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I am using a digital imaging software program(Photoimpact) I can scan and work with images with no problem but when I attempt to save an image clicking
( as) the program shuts down...disappears from the screen.

I am unable to save anything I work on. Any suggestions?

A:software program shutdown

Hi steles !

Have you tried to completely uninstall then reinstall the program ?

Do you have similar problems with other programs when you are trying to save some file on the disk ?

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I just got hired by a company and it is an accounting firm. They currently do not have any way of pushing updates out to there users. They make instruction for them and tell them were the exe is located. We all know how that works, people don't do the updates and then are behind 5 or 6 versions. They use WSUS for windows update. I am not familiar with any software distribution packages that are out there. Can someone help me out.


A:Software Distribution Program help please

We use Ignite

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Can anyone recommend a free program uninstall software please. I started to un-install my Sunbelt firewall via "add/remove programs" when after about 2 mins my PC crashed. When I re-started it, I went to "add/remove programs" to continue the un-install and Sunbelt wasn't there. I went to "Control Panel>Security Centre and there was Sunbelt apparently still working. Sometimes the icon appears in the system tray, sometimes it doesn't, but in Security Centre it always tells me it's on. There is no un-install exe in the program folder. So I need un-install software that is known to work. Thanks.

A:Program un-unstall software

Before you try uninstall Sunbelt go to Taskmanager and make sure all Sunbelt services are stopped then try uninstall it. I use Ccleaner to uninstall any software I don't want.

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I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of how to UNBLOCK a program and allow it to run using Win7 Home premium. When I click to start the program I get, "This program is blocked because of compatibility issues". I tried to run it in the three compatibility modes "XP, Vista, Win7", no go. I disabled "Application Experience Service & Program Compaitbility" in services no go. I then enabled these services. Still no go. So, is there a way to unblock a program so it will run?


A:How to unblock a software program????

No way. You tried all you could. Keep that AE service enabled or you will run into errors when deleting files, eventually. They will re-appear.

At least this happened in our beta testing. Unsure how it is now since I never tried disabling since.

What program are you talking about?

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Hey everyone, im new here and need some help. Every time i install any new software that was downloaded a pop up comes up and says program error with and exclaimation point inside a yellow triangle. There is no other text in the box except for program error. It gives me the "ok" option and thats it. This is getting really bad and annoying. Help is greatly appreciated.

A:Program Error with all new software

SuperHighOutput said:

Hey everyone, im new here and need some help. Every time i install any new software that was downloaded a pop up comes up and says program error with and exclaimation point inside a yellow triangle. There is no other text in the box except for program error. It gives me the "ok" option and thats it. This is getting really bad and annoying. Help is greatly appreciated.Click to expand...


Sounds like some kind of malware or virus, go to the security section here and read the stickies then follow the instructions.

Be seeing you

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I had to buy a new computer that is running Vista Home Premium, 64bit, SP1.

I have a program from back in the Win95/98 days that I would like to continue to use. It is no longer supported by the maker. This program runs fine with XP and Vista 32bit. (I can run it on my laptop), but it is not compatiple with the new Vista 64bit.

Is it possible to run this program with the new operating system?

Thanks, JSawyer1

A:Help Running Old Software Program

If it is a 16bit program, then no, it will not run on x64, they removed the 16bit subsystem in Vista x64.

You may be able to run it using DosBox.


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I have an Dell Inspiron Computer running XP Home. I do not have a problem with Windows programs but the one program I need most - Business Vision Encore 3.2 has all of a sudden become unresponsive.

I can get into the program - no problem but once in it just hangs and finally a message comes up saying " this program is not responding ".
I do not understand what has happened. This occurred on Dec. 18/11
and I have tried everything I can think of but still no result. Since this is
an older version of the software the manufacturer will not offer any help.

I tried reinstalling the software and then adding the data files but this hasn't changed anything either. I also tried " system restore " but apparently it does not work on my computer . Perhaps if I could correct that problem - it would fix this one . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Software Program Not Responding

Hi Mistyblue22,

Try un-installing the software again and this time, also delete the registry keys that deal with the software in the registry. When you do this, make sure to make a backup of your computer registry. Then, try re-installing the Business Vision Encore 3.2 software again and see if it will work for you. How much would it cost for a software upgrade, if you don't mind me asking?

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Somehow, I have ended up with a program advertising for MalwareWiped, a supposed spyware/adware removal program. Don't know how it got on my box, but I can't get rid of it. Have tried the control panel remove, dragging from programs on C drive, etc. But it keeps giving message that it can't be removed.

Any suggestions?



A:Program Software Removal

Here you go malwarewiped removal tool

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Hello. I want to ask about the program for the software inventory on the corporate network. Interested in a remote access function, data storage about all software licenses, detailed reports, online tracking. Previously, I worked with software license management but do not buy a license, I want to ask anyone any advice, you may be able to share his options. My question is addressed to experienced system administrators. Thank you.message edited by georgeclike

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Where can I download a software program that can check to see if I have any bad sectors (I'm not sure of terminology) in my RAM? I'm having a problem with a Dell 8300 where it just shuts down during operation. Screen turns blue and I get a message that says "drivers not equal" and some other crap. Sometimes happens several times a day - sometimes not for several days. Seems to only happen when I am active on the Internet either with Windows Explorer or Jukebox. Dell says its probably something I loaded causing it but I have reverted several times to my configuration the day i bought it. A tech friend told me this is a common problem with Dells and to look for a software program that can detect if I have a RAM memory problem. Help please....

A:Need a RAM checking software program

Welcome to TSG,

Try this outfit :

And - Happy New Year.

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Good after noon, I have been searching for a free download of a Face Aging program and would like to know if someone out there can lead me in the right direction? Thanks.

A:Need to Help find software program.

Have a look here Ken

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I'm sure this issue has been addressed before but I am unable to find it on search.

I have a 32 bit Spanish dictionary that I would love to install on my 64 bit computer.
I've googled the issue and searched this forum but can't find an answer. I would appreciate any work around or help to install this program.

A:32 bit software on a 64 bit win7 program. Possible?

Well, when you attempt to install, what errors do you get (if any)? Additionally, what's the name of the program?

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Does anyone know how one might go about doing this? Instead of installing the program to the hdd from the disk, install it so that it would run from a cd? I was just wondering if this was possible. Thanx


A:Ok, how to install a software program to cd?

I think the only way is to go to your HDD first,,I always click save instead of run from the current location and I save it to my desktop,,Then when I get ready to put stuff on a cd I copy the program from there.

Hope this helps

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I was just wondering how safe is it to use those internet washing your histry programs. Inparticular this one Windows & Internet Washer Pro
Unless you know of a better way. They say it will remove files that don't realy get uninstalled, and will clean your surfing habits. Is this true? and is it safe?
Thanks for helping a PC Dummie.

A:Question on a software program

A popular one in this forum seems to be the free Ccleaner:

You can go through and set all the options. The one recommendation I have is that you uncheck the cleaning of Windows log files. It seems to delete install.log files and prevents some programs from being uninstalled.

There are plenty of these things, so I wouldn't spend any money on them.

If you want to see what is saved on your machine, try Exposed!.

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I can capture vhs tapes and make a mpg file on my hard disk. Once it is a mpg file, I can import in into Pinnacle Studio 10.8. I have on my motherboard firewire input/output capability but even though it sees my Panasonic dvr, I get the yellow "i" and it it is looking for a driver which Panasonic doesn't supply. I prefer using my external dvr recorder not my internal dvd writer because on this Panasonic DMR-ES25, I have the ability of getting almost dcvd quality in 4 hr. mode and I would like to combine many vhs tapes to make 8 gb files before burning.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hey everyone,

I'm bored right now, there is nothing to do today. I was just wondering if anyone needs a simple program made. If you do, then I can do it for you. And if you would like, I will also create a YouTube video on myself doing it.

Just leave a reply if you would like something made.


EDIT: Whoops sorry, didn't notice the sub-category for this kind of thing.

A:Does anyone need a software program made?

You could make a tool that handles the stuff the MSE uninstall process misses.

Unable to cleanly uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

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